Elvis (2005) Movie Script

He is coming. So I want you
to give him a big, rousing welcome,
cos he will be here.
He actually is coming.
He's backstage,
and he's gonna be out here.
What's goin' on, Elvis?
I'm sorry, Steve.
- I can't do it. I can't go on.
- What?
This whole thing
was just a bad idea.
I haven't played in front of a
live audience in more than seven years.
Oh, I don't know if I can do it anymore.
And what if they don't like me?
Don't like you? Oh, my God.
Elvis, you created rock 'n' roll.
You were the king.
You step out there,
you're gonna be king again.
It's like ridin' a bike, Elvis.
Once you get on the stage,
it's gonna be like old times.
[Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup:
That's Alright Mama]
But that's alright
That's alright
That's alright now Mama
Any way you do
Well my Mama she done told me
Papa told me too
They like your livin' son
Now women be the death of you
But that's alright
That's alright
That's alright now Mama
Any way you...
Yeah man...
Two weeks is all I'm askin'.
Two weeks. Come on...
Elvis, you're gonna be late
for school, baby.
Baby one and one is two
Two and two is four
I love that woman, man
But I got to let her go...
Oh, baby, don't you look nice.
Only thing that would make me happier
is if I had the two of you.
I know.
I love you.
He's gonna fine us a dollar a day
till we pay rent.
A dollar a day? Lord, how we ever
gonna get out from under that?
Where'd you get the money
for that getup?
Malansky's. I put 50 cents down,
I gotta pay 25 cents a week.
Vernon, don't you give him a hard time.
If he's got money for that,
maybe he can help with the rent.
- Elvis, go. Go to school, baby.
- Goodbye, Mama. Bye, Daddy.
And don't fight now, you hear?
Someday I'm gonna buy you a house.
And Cadillacs. Bye.
George Klein.
I appreciate your vote.
George Klein. Senior class president.
- Nice guitar.
- Thanks a lot.
- Oh, my Lord.
- Hey, Dottie!
Hey, Presley, how you doin'?
- Hey, George.
- Nice outfit.
- Thanks.
- George Klein for president!
How's school today, Elvis?
They don't cotton too much to me there.
Well, I don't doubt it.
Those clothes you wear and that hair.
Don't you start in. That's his style.
Everyone's gotta have a style.
You used to have a style, Vernon.
Woo-wee, your daddy was a looker, Elvis.
You're right about that.
Still is when he sets his mind to it.
Boy, could he dance.
Play your guitar,
maybe your daddy will dance with me.
No, no, no, no.
I'm not dancin', I'm eatin'.
- ls there any more?
- No.
It's all they'd give us
down at the pantry.
You eat any more tonight, and there
won't be enough for the week.
No, I'm really not hungry.
Put that back down, Vernon.
I'm done, Mama.
Really. I'm not hungry.
I'm goin' out with Gene and Junior.
- Mama?
- It's all right.
Good night, Grandma.
Tell your cousins
I expect 'em in church Sunday.
Their mama didn't raise atheists.
- OK, Grandma. I'll be there too.
- I know, honey.
Good night, Mama. Daddy.
Good night, baby.
Hey, man, look at them outfits!
What about 'em?
The one with the pink trim?
That's slick.
Elvis, you ain't right, man. Come on.
I heard the news
There's good rockin' tonight
Gonna hold my baby as tight as I can
Tonight she'll know
I'm a mighty man...
Boy, that Wynonie Harris can sing.
Hey, cous,
how do you know all these guys?
I listen to 'em on the radio.
Howlin' Wolf, Arthur Crudup, B.B. King.
WDIA, mother station of the Negro.
Broadcasting to all of Memphis
and beyond.
Elvis, you're not right. You know that?
Man, like it's one big party
all the time.
If I was a Negro,
I think I'd hang myself.
Why'd you think they call it the blues?
That's what I'm sayin' right there.
Everyone's got someone's foot
on their neck.
- No one's foot's on my neck.
- No?
Our daddies worked shares
for old man Bean.
Well, they sharecropped with Grandpa.
Ask him who his daddy worked fields for.
Ain't as much difference as you think.
They all end up workin' shares
for the guy in the big house.
One day,
I'm gonna be the man in the big house.
Hope you do.
[Bill Monroe: Blue Moon of Kentucky]
Blue moon of Kentucky
Keep on shining...
I'm sorry. Sorry, Dixie. Sorry.
- You crossed the line, Elvis.
- I know, I know.
Nothin' six inches above the knee, and
nothin' below the belly button. I know.
- And no chest!
- I got it.
Not till we're married, anyway.
I got it, I got it. I'm sorry.
I was thinkin' about makin' a record.
Down at Sun Records. They do it for you.
I was thinkin' about it
for Mama's birthday.
Her birthday was last April.
You just wanna make a record.
So? And then a lot of people could hear
it and maybe, you know... I don't know.
Next thing you know,
you'll be on the radio like Bill Monroe!
Now, sit on your hands!
- All right.
- Come on! Put 'em under your keister.
Blue moon of Kentucky
Keep on shining
Shine on the one
that's gone and proved untrue...
- Can I help you?
- Yes, ma'am.
I wanna record somethin'
for my mama's birthday.
- You do that, right?
- Yes, we do.
- It's 3.98 for a two-sided acetate.
- I know.
You can also make one in a booth
over at WT Grant's for a quarter.
Oh, no, ma'am. I heard them kind.
They don't sound professional.
Ma'am? This is where they make all those
R & B records, right?
- Rufus Thomas, The Prisonaires?
- That's us.
Oh, ma'am.
I like those records a whole lot.
I was wonderin', ma'am, if...
if anyone needed a singer or somethin'.
- Well, what kinda singer are you?
- I sing all kinds.
- You sing hillbilly?
- I sing hillbilly.
- Country?
- I sing country.
OK, who do you sound like?
Well, I don't sound like nobody, ma'am.
- Go on into the middle of the room.
- Yes, ma'am.
- ls that Mr Phillips?
- That's him.
Now, sing a few bars
so he can set the levels.
Yes, ma'am.
Evenin' shadows made me blue...
Now don't be shy, son. Bring your head
up and lean in close to that mike.
Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.
- ls Mr Phillips going to come out?
- I don't expect so.
I was kinda hoping to say goodbye.
- Here it is.
- Oh, thank you, ma'am.
Marion. Marion Keisker.
Elvis. Elvis Presley.
Ma'am, I was wonderin' if...
if I could drop by from time to time,
see if anyone needed a singer.
Sure. But we'll call you
if anything comes up.
- Maybe the right song'll come in.
- Thank you, ma'am.
- Thank you very much. Bye.
- Bye.
- Sorry.
- That's all right.
[Elvis Presley: My Happiness]
Always thinking how...
My happiness...
I knew God spared you
for a reason, baby.
Million years it seems
Have gone by
Since we shared our dreams
But I'll hold you again
There'll be no blue memories then
Whether skies are gray or blue
Anyplace on earth will do
Just as long as I'm with you
My happiness
A million...
We got 20 minutes before Mama
realizes we're gone.
- Hurry up, I wanna hear these guys.
- I'm hurryin'.
I ran into a friend who's in
a professional band with Eddie Bond.
They need a singer.
I got a tryout on Saturday night.
Elvis, that's wonderful.
It's at the Hi-Hat, on South Third.
The Hi-Hat? Isn't that a night club?
Yeah, but come with me, Dixie.
I'll ask Gene to come too.
I need you. Hurry up, I love these guys.
Stand up for the Lord...
Welcome, brother.
Stand up
Stand up for the Lord...
So you're a singer, huh?
Yes, sir.
- What's your day job?
- I drive a truck.
For Crown Electric.
Well, let's see what you can do.
Yes, sir.
If you find your sweetheart
In the arms of a friend
That's when your heartaches begin...
Why, that boy's as green
as a tomato worm.
- He's nervous.
- Ha! Nervous?
He's about ready to have a heart attack.
He better stick to drivin' trucks,
darlin', cos...
...he ain't never gonna make it
as a singer.
...heartaches begin
We've had people look down on us
our whole lives. Ain't nothin' new.
We don't pay it no nevermind,
cos we got family.
You got a mama who loves you,
your daddy, Dixie too.
I thought Elvis was good.
I don't know a guitar player
worth a hill of beans.
Maybe now
you'll put that damn thing away.
- Think about a trade, settlin' down.
- Yes, sir.
Those folks down at Crown Electric
like you well enough.
They'll hire you as an electrician.
They earn good money too,
you get in the union.
- But you gotta work at it.
- Elvis won't have no trouble.
He's a smart boy,
he can do anything he sets his mind to.
Mind you,
you can't be daydreamin' all the time.
Else you'll wire somethin' up wrong
and burn down somebody's house.
- Dixie, when you goin' to Florida?
- Day after tomorrow.
What will you lovebirds do
without each other for three weeks?
- We'll visit each other in our dreams.
- Oh, please. Not in front of my mama.
- Sorry to interrupt.
- That's all right, Ms Hughes.
Elvis has a phone call. It's some woman.
She said her name is Marion Keisker.
- From Sun Records.
- Thank you, Mrs Hughes.
I'm sorry, sir. I can do it again.
When they first sent me that song,
I thought maybe you'd be right for it.
But sometimes a song and a singer
don't necessarily go together.
Maybe another time.
I know a lot of songs, sir.
Gospel, hillbilly, pop.
Well, what the hell, we're already here.
Let me hear a few.
- All right, Scotty?
- Yes, sir.
- Bill?
- Yeah.
Thanks, guys.
Now I know lonely nights
For all the while
my heart keeps praying
That someday harbor lights
Will bring you back to me
That sounded something like Bing Crosby.
Trouble is, we already got us
a Bing Crosby.
The one before, well, we got us
a Eddy Arnold and a Hank Snow.
Son, give me...
Give me some of you.
Give me some Elvis Presley.
Easy, Sam.
- Yeah, the cat can sing.
- And you can play.
But all I'm getting
is some second-hand Chet Atkins.
Let's take a break.
I'm sorry, Mr Phillips,
I don't mean to waste your time.
That's all right, Elvis.
That's all right.
Why don't you get yourself a soda pop?
With Sam, it's always all right,
just not good enough.
That's alright Mama
That's alright Mama
That's alright with you
That's alright Mama
That's alright with you
That's alright Mama
Any way you do
But that's alright
Baby that's alright
That's alright now Mama
Any way you do
Well Mama she done told me
Papa done told me too
That girl that you've
been messin' with
She ain't no good for you
But that's alright
That's alright
That's alright now Mama
Any way you do
- Woo-hooo!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Wait, what the hell was that?
I don't know, sir. Just messin' around.
- You been holdin' out on me, boy?
- What do you mean, sir?
Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup.
You know more of that music?
Yes, sir. Lots of it...
Damn, what the hell you been
wastin' my time for?
Come on, back it up,
find a place to start and do it again.
What exactly does he want?
I guess he wants you
to do what you just did.
Tell you what, why don't you just start
playing? You maybe wait two beats.
Come in on that first little fifth.
All right.
Why don't we do it a little faster?
- [tape: That's Alright Mama]
- That sounds awfully rough.
Yeah. But it's different.
I don't know, it's something else.
That there song is a hit.
A hit.
Old Scotty's right, they hear this
and run us out of town.
Get the cotton out of your mouth
and put it in your ears.
Dixie is gonna kick herself
for missing this.
- You sure that's him?
- You heard the man.
- It don't sound like him.
- Just listen.
I can't believe he's in a movie theater
right now.
- He's just shy.
- That boy...
Shush, shush. Shush up.
Do you just ride around, or do you
go on some sort of a picnic?
Picnic? Man, you are too square.
I have to straighten you out.
You don't go any one special place.
That's cornball style.
You just go.
Elvis, baby?
Elvis, where the hell are you?
What are you doing? Mama?
He played it seven times in a row.
Eleven times. You already got
47 phone calls.
- He wants to interview you.
- On the radio. Right now.
He said, "Get that son of yours
down here now, he's got a hit."
I need your lovin'
That's alright...
- Hi!
- Boy, were we wrong about that or what?
We knew nothin' like it
exists on this earth.
Oh, you knew! Oh, ma'am.
- Bill.
- I know this:
We ain't got a record without a B side.
We need something fast.
Let's get to it
while the day's still young.
Elvis, grab my guitar.
We'll play that again.
Maybe we don't have another one in us.
Maybe it was a fluke.
Like you said, never existed before.
It exists now. And I know,
I know he has it in him.
How about Blue Moon?
I've always wanted to do that one.
No, no, no, I don't want
any of that slow crap.
I want some of that fast
and biting crap.
Of course, of course,
what about a fast, biting waltz?
How about Blue Moon of Kentucky?
Blue moon of Kentucky
Won't you keep on shinin'?
Blue moon
Blue moon
Blue moon just a shinin'bright...
How about it like this?
Blue moon of Kentucky
Won't you keep on shinin'?
Shine on the one
that's gone and left me blue
Blue moon of Kentucky
Won't you keep on shinin'?
Shine on the one
that's gone and left me blue
Well it was on a moonlit night...
- Sam, no, this is terrible.
- No, that's what I'm talkin' about.
- It's gotta be fun, original.
- Bill Monroe will kill us.
He'll be too busy counting his money.
Honey, I'm over here.
Come over here.
Oh, man, Mr Phillips. My knee's shaking,
I can't stop it.
- I don't do well in public.
- They're gonna love you.
These folks came to see Slim Whitman.
I'm not singing hillbilly.
Elvis, that is called an understatement.
Here we go.
Now we have a young man with a record
that's quite popular here in Memphis.
Here he with his latest recording,
Elvis Presley.
Go get 'em, Elvis.
Blue moon
Blue moon
Blue moon
Keep a shinin'bright
Blue moon keep on shinin'bright
You're gonna bring me back
my baby tonight
Blue moon
Keep shinin'bright
I say blue moon of Kentucky
Keep on shinin'
Shine on the one
that's gone and left me blue
I say blue moon of Kentucky
Keep on shinin'
Shine on the one
that's gone and left me blue
Well it was on one moonlight night
Stars shining bright
Whispered on high
Love said goodbye
Blue moon of Kentucky
Keep on shinin'
Shine on the one
that's gone and left me blue
Try and have a little more fun.
Well it was on one moonlight night
Stars shining bright
Whispered on high
Love said goodbye
Blue moon of Kentucky
Keep on shinin'
Shine on the one
that's gone and left me blue
What do you think? Maybe the boy
can make a living at this for a while.
Whatever makes him happy.
- What was they hollerin' at?
- You shaking your leg.
Slim Whitman.
How's he gonna follow that?
- Who was that up there?
- I don't know, sir, but I like it.
Yeah? Well, you're gonna like this too.
Billboard Magazine has us number three
on the Memphis charts.
And I placed a phone call to a friend
of mine at the Grand Ole Opry...
Are you wearing makeup, son? Mascara?
Helps people see me better on stage.
Actors use it all the time.
- Screw that, what about the Opry?
- We are on.
And then we are going down to Shreveport
and the Louisiana Hayride.
We are ridin' in high,
high cotton now, boy!
Well I heard the news
There's good rockin' tonight
Well I heard the news
There's good rockin' tonight
I'm gonna hold my baby
as tight as I can
Tonight she'll know
I'm a mighty, mighty man...
I heard the news
There's good rockin' tonight
I say meet me in a hurry
Behind the barn
Don't you be afraid
I'll do you no harm
I want you to bring along
my rockin'shoes
Cos tonight I'm gonna rock away
all my blues
I heard the news
There's good rockin' tonight
Well we're gonna rock, rock, rock,
Come on and rock, rock, rock,
Well rock, rock, rock
Let's rock, rock, rock, rock
We're gonna rock all our blues away
Now, now, settle down.
All right, settle down, now.
Settle down.
We still got more acts to go.
All right, so settle down, all right?
He's left the building, OK?
Elvis has left the building.
We're tourin' with Hank Snow
and Ernest Tubb, he's nice, Mama.
And the Louvin Brothers,
Carter Sisters and Mother Maybelle.
- Oh, you should see cute little Anita.
- You behavin'yourself?
- Yes, Mama.
- No drinkin' or runnin' around.
- You don't wanna go to hell.
- I'm bein' good.
Gladys, let the boy grow up
for God's sakes.
I'm just worried is all.
All that drivin'.
Every time I hear on the radio about
some accident I just pray it wasn't you.
I've been having nightmares, Elvis.
It's rainin' out,
you and your brother Jesse
are lyin' on the side of the road.
- Bleedin' and everythin'.
- Mama, don't do that.
I'll be fine. Look, I gotta go, Mama,
I got an 11:00 show.
- Tell Dixie I'll call after the show.
- All right, I will.
- You call your mama too.
- It'll be awful late, Mama.
- I'll wait up, you know I will.
- I know, I know.
Goodbye, baby.
Oh, you being a real good boy!
- Damn right I am.
- Well, this little girl thought so.
You guys see that fat man with the hat
standing in the back again?
I seen him.
He was at Shreveport too, and Houston.
It's Colonel Tom Parker,
used to manage Eddy Arnold.
- I think he's with Hank Snow now.
- No kidding. Eddy Arnold, huh?
That's Colonel Parker?
I heard of him. He's as much colonel
as I am General Eisenhower.
- I heard he's from the carny.
- Then why's he at our shows?
You know the carny, Elvis.
Always looking for a freak show.
Who do you think you are, Tom?
Call me Colonel.
I discovered the boy. He's a raw talent.
He didn't even know what he had
when he first came into Sun.
- Look how far he's gone.
- How much further can you take him?
Can you compete with RCA, with whom
I've had relations over the years?
Do you have the wherewithal
to take him national?
I have contacts in New York,
Los Angeles,
music, film, television, you name it.
I know you like the boy, so I know you
won't stand in the way of his dreams.
You need the money, Sam.
I checked.
I'll think about it, Tom.
I heard he got Eddy Arnold into movies.
You seen any of those movies?
They suck so bad, they leave hickeys on
the bottom of your feet when you leave.
Have a seat anywhere, boys.
Colonel Parker, I'm Scotty Moore.
- I've been managing Elvis...
- Elvis and I need some privacy.
- All right.
- Yes, sir.
Young Mr Presley.
What do you want... off all this?
What do you want?
I wanna buy my mama and daddy a house.
And a car.
No, your secret dream.
Everybody's got a secret dream.
Deep in your heart of hearts,
what do you want more than anything?
I've always wanted to be an actor.
Like James Dean.
Or Marlon Brando, maybe.
You know, don't you, that I got
Eddy Arnold into some movies?
I heard that.
You wanna be in the movies,
I'll get you in the movies.
But are you ready for the big time, son?
- Do you want it enough?
- Oh, I want it, sir.
Call me Colonel.
I think you do.
I'll get you movies.
Are you ready for a big record deal?
Sam, he's got good intentions.
But he's local. He thinks local.
Me, I think nationwide.
I think worldwide.
I dream in Technicolor.
I'm not gonna shine your brass, son.
I don't get your music.
I'm more of a Lawrence Welk
kind of fellow.
You don't like it?
Well, it's not liking it or not, I just
don't get what all the fuss is about.
But there is a fuss,
and I can surely understand that.
And I can sell it.
I can sell anything.
I can sell a wino the sweat off a grape.
And I know I can sell
the hell out of you.
- How much you makin' now, son?
- I do pretty good.
Sometimes I make $100 a night.
Well, son...
...you got a million dollars worth
of talent.
A million dollars?
Sounds like a lot of banana oil to me.
Elvis is already working too hard.
Look how skinny he is.
I'm eating everything
you've been putting in front of me.
And it ain't work. I like it, it's fun.
The time to sell the apples is when
they're on the tree, not on the ground.
This boy, he's ripe now.
So he has to work hard
for a couple of years.
He's young, he can handle it.
Then after a couple of years
raking in the cash
he can take it easy, do what he wants.
You can retire on a million dollars.
All this TV and movie bushwa.
That's all in New York City
and California.
Who's gonna look after my boy there?
I don't trust them kind of folk.
Now, Sam Phillips,
he's a nice enough fellow,
but those big-city boys
will eat him for lunch.
Me? I'm one of you.
And where is it you're from, exactly?
I've wandered the land.
Much like a gypsy.
Well, thank you for stopping by,
Mr Parker.
We'll let you know.
If you would call me Colonel, Ma'am.
I will take my leave now.
But let me just say that,
whatever your decision,
it has been a pluperfect pleasure
to be the recipient
of your most gracious hospitality.
See ya, son.
Come on, Mama. Please.
I want this so bad.
And the Colonel
can make it happen for me.
Please, Mama.
I don't know a thing about
this so-called Colonel, Elvis.
I think he'd sell the paint
off his own mama's house.
He talks funny.
Come here, I wanna show
you something. Come on.
Come on.
Remember when you scrubbed floors
at the hospital,
and every night you talked about
something you'd seen in the parking lot.
Oh, my Lord.
Oh, my baby.
Elvis, you're spending money
as fast as you can make it.
Well, I guess I'll have
to keep on making it.
That's why I want the Colonel. You heard
him, he said I'd make millions.
And now he's going to help organize
my next tour.
Let's just give him a chance, OK?
Let's try him for just one tour.
What about Sam, Elvis?
I like Sam, I can talk to him.
I like Sam too, Daddy.
I owe everything to Sam.
He just doesn't have the connections.
He can't take me
as far as the Colonel can.
Maybe we're just afraid
of how far that might be, baby.
I missed you so much, baby.
It's so hard, with you away like this.
Are you going out with other people?
Well, with friends.
That's not what I meant. You're not
going out with other guys, are you?
I don't want you going out
with other guys.
Let's not fight.
Of course I don't.
Oh, baby.
- It is Presley.
- Hey, Elvis.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey, Dixie.
- Hey, Red. Hey, George.
- That's a slick set of wheels.
- You like?
- Pepto-Bismobile?
I hear you've been tearing it up
all over. You're famous now.
Well, I don't know about that.
- What are you boys up to?
- Just riding around. Hanging out.
Come hang out here.
Red, you should come on the road
with us. My cousin Gene's going.
To watch my back. Some gorilla will
get mad cos his girl likes my singing.
That's why they get mad?
Sorry, Dixie, I was just joking.
That sounds like fun, man.
I think I'd like that.
Well, all right.
You'll meet Hank Snow, the Louvin
Brothers, the Carter Sisters.
- George, you come too.
- Can't. I got a good job at WMC.
All right. Well, if that ever changes...
I don't know. What would I do?
Oh, man, what couldn't you do?
- Elvis.
- I'm sorry, baby. Give me a kiss.
Now, everybody get off my new car.
Boys and girls, let's give a
big Odessa welcome to Elvis Presley.
RCA, meet William Morris.
Boys, meet our future.
Oh, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby
Baby, baby, baby
B-b-b-b-b-b, baby, baby, baby
Baby, baby, baby
Come back baby
I wanna play house with you
Well you may go to college
You may go to school
You may have a pink Cadillac
But don't you be nobody's fool.
Now baby come back baby come
Come back baby come
Come back baby
I wanna play house with you
Now listen and I'll tell you baby
What I'm talkin'about
Come on back to me little girl
So we can play some house
Come back baby come
Come back baby come
Come back baby
I want to play house with you
Now this is one thing, baby
That I want you to know
Come on back and
let's play a little house
And we can act like we did before
Come back baby come
Come back baby come
Come back baby
I want to play house with you
Hit it.
Well listen to me baby
Try to understand
I'd rather see you dead little girl
Than to be with another man
Come back baby come
Come back baby come
Come back baby
I want to play house with you
Baby, baby, baby
Baby, baby, baby
B-b-b-b-b-b, baby, baby, baby
Baby, baby, baby
Come back, baby,
I want to play house with you
- Wait. Whoa!
- It's all right.
Hi, darling. Got a pen?
All right.
Can I have an autograph too?
I don't have any paper.
- Can you sign here?
- Sure.
Excuse me.
Give him some room.
You got something
you want me to sign, honey?
I need more than an autograph.
Well, come here, baby.
Was that as good as hers?
Come on, I was just having fun,
giving the girl a thrill.
Uh-huh. I haven't been getting
much of that lately.
Just calls from you
telling me not to mess around.
Don't, baby.
I need to spend some time with you.
I just can't right now, Dixie.
We got to drive south. These cats
have us booked back to back.
I've lost you.
You haven't lost me.
I could be back driving a truck
next year. I have to grab what I can.
For us.
Not for us, Elvis.
You got what you always wanted.
Good luck with it.
I love you.
It's not going to be like this forever.
Then call me when it's over.
It's just too hard this way.
I'm sorry, man.
Everything ends.
Well, I guess that's true.
You know I have a twin brother?
Jesse Garon.
He died when I was born.
I still talk to him sometimes. That's
why I think I've got such good rhythm.
You know,
I had a back beat there in the womb.
- Two hearts beating.
- Yeah.
Me and Jesse.
That's why Mama frets so.
She's just afraid
she's gonna lose me too.
That's not gonna happen. I promised
your mom we'd take care of you.
And you have, man.
And I appreciate that.
I know you do. Let's get out of here.
Come on.
- Let's go.
- All right.
My baby's exhausted.
He's been in riots.
He even lost his girlfriend.
That your idea of good management?
Well, as to the girlfriend,
I think he'd prefer
I didn't undertake to manage that.
As to the other, I understand
your concern, Mrs Presley.
If I had the boy's contract
I could work it so that we wouldn't have
to book him into these small places
where they can get at him.
He wouldn't be driving so much.
This boy, he's like a son to me too.
And I guarantee you, I promise you,
that as long as I live,
I never want to see anything like a riot
happen again.
All right.
I set the price at nearly twice what
anyone's paid for a singer before,
figuring he'd just go away.
I guess they think you're worth it.
And you are, son.
You know, I opened this studio
to give coloreds a place to record,
cos I truly believe their music
comes from the very soul.
And I believe if enough people listen to
'em it can't help but to connect us all.
And I always knew
if I found a white man
who could sing it I'd
make a million dollars.
Somebody else will be getting that,
not me.
No, first they're gonna try
and clean you up, son.
Then they're gonna try and slick you up.
You stay true to yourself.
You know what you're doing now.
You stay true to yourself, you'll be OK.
We're going to do great things,
you and l.
Guess what's next.
- We're booked on TV.
- TV?
The Dorsey Brothers Stage Show.
I've got big plans for you, son.
And they all hinge on the whole country
seeing you, body and flesh, on the TV.
Then after that, we're going to
get you a Hollywood screen test.
You'll learn that when I say I'll
do something it will come into being.
Oh, Colonel, I don't know
how to thank you.
There's only one way. Loyalty.
I'm investing a lot of time
and effort in you, Elvis.
I hope you don't leave me in the lurch
when you get famous, like Eddy Arnold.
Colonel, us Presleys
are as loyal as a milk-fed dog.
You do what you say you're going to do,
I'll never leave you.
You have my word.
Good enough.
Elvis. Welcome to RCA.
Colonel. Elvis, I would like you to meet
Barry Shultz, head of RCA Records.
And this is Anne Fulchino,
head of publicity.
Ma'am. Sir.
Very funny. That may be big in Memphis,
boys, but it'll never work in New York.
It's never going to work in New York.
So, Elvis, this is Chet Atkins,
who'll be producing.
I'm a great admirer of yours, Mr Atkins.
Well, thank you, son. Thank you.
This is Scotty. All right, D.J.
- Billy.
- So the clock's ticking.
Oh, yeah, right.
- Hell, these guys can't take a joke.
So, Elvis,
I sent you some demos to check out.
Which would you like to record?
Actually, I want to do something else,
by Mae Axton and Tommy Durden.
It's called Heartbreak Hotel.
Gee, Elvis, that's
an awfully moody song.
We were thinking something more
like what you've done in the past.
Oh, yeah, but this here is a great song,
Mr Sholes. Great song.
Mr Atkins, is there anything special
you want us to do?
Sometimes Sam would...
You just keep doing
what you've been doing.
Well, this ain't no Sun Records,
so this must be the big time.
What was it they told you? Whoever
buys Presley is going to get stuck.
Imagine us on
The Dorsey Brothers Stage Show.
Imagine us being on TV
at the same time as Perry Como.
Perry Como's a square, man.
What you talking about?
I like Perry Como, son of a bitch.
- You're on, Mr Presley.
- OK, baby.
This is it, men. This is TV.
All right.
Well since my baby left me
Well I found a new place to dwell
It's down at the end of lonely street
At Heartbreak Hotel
I've been so lonely baby
Well I'm so lonely
I'm so lonely I could die
Now the bellhop's tears keep flowin'
And the desk clerk's dressed in black
Well they been so long
on lonely street
They never ever look back
Well they're so lonely, baby
Well they're so lonely
Well they're so lonely they could die
Oh if your baby leaves you
And you've got a tale to tell
Well just take a walk
down lonely street
To Heartbreak Hotel
Where you will be
Feelin'so lonely, baby
Well they're so lonely
They'll be so lonely they could die
Long live the queen.
- You got to be kidding me.
- That's right.
I swear you cheat, man.
- Hey, Colonel.
- Where's Elvis?
Entertaining some fans.
Get up and take a pee.
The world's on fire.
You know, I really appreciate you boys
keeping Elvis out of trouble.
He don't like to be alone,
if you know what I mean.
Look, what you have here
is what you call a gravy train.
You want to do everything you can
to keep it on the tracks.
Boys, give me and the Colonel
some privacy.
- You look like hell.
- I'm exhausted, Colonel.
I've been touring everywhere
from Tampa to Tulsa.
Everyone is just plain tired.
You oversell the shows,
then we get double-booked.
Why are we playing
these small theaters anyhow?
It always seems to be full, and
there's a bigger venue down the road.
That's what we're after,
that line around the block.
That's what they'll write about.
You promised Mama
less traveling and bigger venues.
Elvis, I'll take care of the business,
you take care of the songs.
You think I don't know
what I'm doing, huh?
No, sir.
Did I not say that you'd make
a million dollars?
- Mm-hm.
- Well, you're on your way.
Heartbreak Hotel
just sold a million copies.
You got your first gold record.
- I got to call Mama.
- Now, hold on.
Did I not tell you
that TV was the place to start?
Yes, sir.
And because he was knocked out by your
performance, which he saw on Stage Show,
a movie producer, Mr Hal Wallis,
produced Casablanca,
wants to fly you out to Hollywood
for a screen test.
While we're out there
we're doing Milton Berle.
- What happened?
- I'll be back in a minute, baby.
No, no, no, no.
Son, we got an investment here,
and we got to protect it.
Now, I'm not one to interfere
with your personal life,
but what you do on the other side
of that door can mean big-time trouble.
No. More than one showboat's been sunk
by a pretty face with a ready cooch.
Come on, Colonel.
I was just having some fun.
That kind of fun can lead to jail time
and end a career.
Your daddy spent some time in jail,
didn't he?
Yes, sir. But that was for a bad cheque.
Did he say it was a good thing?
No, sir.
Boy, you ever do anything to make me
ashamed of you, and we're through.
Stars come and go,
but a manager can work forever.
Cut. Print.
That's a wrap. Great job, Elvis.
ls he sure? I can do it again.
No, that was fine, kid.
Trust me, that was a good screen test.
It was great, in fact. Are you sure
you haven't had any training?
I've trained for this my whole life.
In the seventh row of the Memphian.
I've seen every film there is. I've seen
Rebel Without a Pebble seven times.
Rebel Without a Cause. It's a joke, sir.
Whatever you're doin', it works.
You're a natural, kid.
Mama, it's with Katharine Hepburn
and Burt Lancaster.
I'd be perfect for the part
of the brother. I know I'd be perfect.
And guess what, Mama,
I wouldn't have to sing.
Oh, man, I am so excited.
Tell Daddy and Grandma Minnie, will you?
Listen, I gotta go, the Colonel's here.
All right. I love you too, Mama.
I'll speak to you tomorrow.
OK, bye.
We don't want it even if we got it.
Why not? Burt Lancaster
and Katharine Hepburn, they're doing it.
Exactly. Nobody's going to pay
any attention to you.
We'll hold out for something better,
where you're the star of the show.
The star? Who's gonna make me
the star of their show, Colonel?
I let you down yet, Elvis?
No, sir.
Then let me play
this Hollywood game for you.
The director said I was a real natural.
A natural? How hard can it be?
Shirley Temple did it
when she was four years old.
I guarantee that more people will see
this one night of the Milton Berle Show
than will ever see
that Burt Lancaster movie.
Now come on. Uncle Miltie's waiting.
You ain't nothin, but a hound dog
Cryin, all the time
You ain't nothin, but a hound dog
Cryin, all the time
Well you ain't never caught a rabbit
And you ain't no friend of mine
When they said you was high classed
Well that was just a lie
Yeah they said you was high classed
Well that was just a lie
Yeah you ain't never caught a rabbit
And you ain't no friend of mine
You ain't nothin, but a hound dog
Cryin, all the time
You ain't nothin, but a hound dog
Cryin, all the time
Yeah you ain't never caught a rabbit
You ain't no friend of mine
"Popular music
has reached its lowest depths
in the grunt and groin antics
of Elvis Presley,
who put on a suggestive
and vulgar exhibition
that was tinged with
the kind of animalism
that should be confined to dives
and bordellos.
What amazes me is that Berle and NBC
should have permitted this affront."
Daily News.
Did that guy ever even see the show?
Debra Paget was on that show with
that little feather thing on her ass.
Bumping and grinding
all over the damn place.
- I'm like Little Boy Blue out there.
- Here's one.
"The sight of Presley caterwauling
his unintelligible lyrics..."
Gene. Cool it.
They're going to run me
out of the business.
Are you kidding?
With free publicity like this?
Just keep doing what you're doing
and watch your sales grow.
This is gonna be like
cowpies on clover.
- I told you TV would make us.
- I don't know, Colonel.
It scares me.
I'm the one in the crosshairs here.
They could shut us down.
Nobody shuts down a money machine
like this. Not in America, they don't.
Everybody's gonna want a piece of you.
Ed Sullivan says he wouldn't touch me
with a ten-foot pole.
The good folk of Jacksonville
have serious concerns
about your performance tonight.
Your Honor, I really can't figure out
what I'm doing wrong.
I'm a good Christian.
I don't drink, I don't smoke.
I don't take the Lord's name in vain.
The music just kind of moves me.
I know my mama
approves of what I'm doing.
Well, son,
I can't speak for your mother,
but I can speak for
the mothers of Jacksonville.
Now, they don't want any of your
lewd movements when you perform here,
or there will be warrants
for your arrest, young man.
Do not wiggle.
Don't be cruel
To a heart that's true
I don't want no other love
Baby it's just you I'm thinking of
This week is record-breaking week
here on KWK.
After this week there will be
no more rock 'n' roll played on the air.
What do you think of the
obscenity of Presley rock 'n' roll?
The obscenity is obviously a means
by which the white man and his children
can be driven to the level of the
Negroes. It's obviously Negro music.
I believe that it is a contributing
factor to today's juvenile delinquency.
I know how it feels when you sing it.
I know what it does to you.
And I know that evil feeling you feel
when you sing it.
And I know that lost position
that you get into.
And the beat, the beat, the beat.
Baby it's just you I'm thinking of
Don't be cruel
To a heart that's true
Don't be cruel
To a heart that's true
I don't want no other love
Baby it's just you I'm thinking of
I'll see you girls backstage.
- Let's try again.
- We've already done 25 takes, Elvis.
- It's four in the morning.
- I don't care how many times.
We keep doing it until I get it
the way I hear it in my head.
Why don't I bring in
some session boys?
We have people that can play anything
any style.
The best in the world.
Classically trained.
Yeah, bring in some pros.
This is costing RCA a lot of money.
My guys may not be classically trained,
but they play with feeling.
I don't care if it's note-perfect,
if it's flat or the timing's off.
It's just gotta feel right,
and it doesn't with take 25,
so we're gonna keep on doin' it
until it does feel right.
We straight with that, Mr Sholes?
- You're the boss, Elvis.
- Yes, sir.
If I'm the boss,
get the world off my back.
Hey, sir.
Sir, could you check my gas tank?
I think I might have a leak. I've been
smelling fumes through the AC.
- I think it's him.
- Let's go, let's go.
- You're Elvis Presley.
- I guess I am.
- Can I have your autograph?
- Sure.
My sister went to Humes,
the year behind you.
- Was she as pretty as you? How are you?
- Good.
- What a pretty bunch of girls.
- Move this thing,
I've got other customers.
I don't see any others, sir.
Don't give me any lip.
Just move the land yacht.
- We don't like your kind around here.
- Oh, man, lay off of me.
Watch out, Elvis!
- Get off me!
- He's got a knife!
Whoa! Take it easy, take it easy.
You take it easy.
Son, I find you at no fault.
You have to understand, wherever you go
now, you will attract a large following.
You need to avoid crowds where
businesses would be interrupted.
I understand, sir.
But it's not so easy for me.
It's getting so I can't even
leave my own house.
- You boys heard from Red?
- No. He's gettin' shot at, probably.
I ain't heard nothin'.
Sure he's all right.
Red's a tough character.
Probably shot his own foot off.
I doubt that now.
Oh, Mama.
You're goin' straight to hell.
Now, Elvis,
Gene and I are gonna have a beer.
There's no harm in havin' one or two.
I need somethin' to steady my nerves.
Mama, it was nothin'.
Even the judge said I was innocent.
Innocent people get hurt all the time,
Elvis. It's a miracle you didn't.
What if some nut
comes after you with a gun?
- Gene'd take the bullet, won't you?
- Heck, no.
I just couldn't go on livin' if
somethin' happened to you.
Oh, now, Mama.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Why you keep goin' out there, Son?
Enough is enough.
Why is it so important to you?
Baby. Why don't you
just quit it all right now?
We got a wonderful house, we got cars.
You can make yourself a good livin',
get yourself a furniture store.
You could marry a nice girl,
have a baby nearby, and I can visit.
I could help you raise it.
You would make me
the happiest woman in the world.
Please, honey.
Look at me, Satinin'. Look at me.
When I'm on stage,
I'm a different person.
I am. It's hard to explain it.
I've got goose bumps all over my body,
only it's not goose bumps.
There's not a chill either.
It's like a surge of electricity,
only stronger than that.
Sometimes it's so strong
I feel my heart's gonna explode.
No, Mama. No. It's a good thing.
It's a real good thing.
And I don't know
what I'd do if I had to stop.
And I'm gonna be a movie star, Mama.
I'm gonna be a real serious movie star.
I can't stop now, Satinin'. I can't.
But you can't go out no more, neither.
Not like normal folk.
So? I got Gene, Red, Junior.
I got plenty of guys to hang with.
Red done joined the Marines, Elvis.
OK. You remember that guy Lamar Fike?
That big fat funny man?
And George Klein, from Humes High?
You love him.
- I do.
- He's gonna join me.
And his friend Hog Ears.
Elvis! Elvis! Elvis!
We wouldn't be here without 'em, Mama.
Come on. Let's go sign
some autographs and give 'em a thrill.
Come on. Bring some cookies.
Maybe while I'm doin' the movie,
you can find us a place
a little bit more private.
Come on, baby.
Well, come on. Back now.
Cos my Mama's here.
All right, all right, all right.
Come on, Lamar. Come on!
Come on, boy! Come on, boy!
- Watch it!
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- So you're Elvis Presley?
- Guilty as charged, ma'am.
- I'm sorry for bumpin' into ya'll...
- You look a lot like you do on TV.
Well, thank you. Well, I think.
Listen, my friends and l,
we're real sorry for bumpin' into you
and roughin' you up.
We'd like to make it up to you ladies.
Would ya'll like to join us later?
Ya'll? Where ya'll goin'?
Oh, you know, just go.
The idea is to have a ball.
If you wanna be cool,
you gotta put somethin' down.
You gotta make somethin' jive.
Oh, you know what I'm talking about.
I know a five-and-dime Brando
when I see one.
Didn't I read that you're on your way
to making a million dollars this year?
Yes, ma'am.
All that money.
You ought to spend it
on some acting lessons.
And paying someone to
wash the back of your neck.
- So did you get their numbers?
- Yeah.
Those girls were beautiful, cous.
I liked the one in the purple dress.
And I think she liked me.
What do you think?
I think she really liked you too, Gene.
- Think so?
- But she's got a guy.
- Actually, they both do.
- Oh, damn.
Now, come on.
- Wow.
- Here it is.
Elvis, the movie star. Who'd a thunk it?
Elvis, Hal Wallis.
Nice to see you again.
- Good to see you, sir.
- You brought friends?
- We're his posse.
- OK, boys.
- Ready for your first movie?
- I been ready my whole life.
He's memorized the whole script.
His part and everybody else's.
That true? You know, we're only
counting on you for your own lines,
and lyrics, of course.
Tell that New York Irishman it's
50,000 cash, take it or leave it.
Yes, cash. I don't want to
end up with warm spit in my ear.
It seems Mr Ed Sullivan has lost
his ten-foot pole. You're on the show.
What's the matter, Elvis?
Why aren't you out there emoting?
They told me I've gotta sing
in this movie. Love Me Tender.
Hell, they're even changin' the title to
that. What did you know about this?
Well, we signed a contract, son.
We do what they tell us to do.
But the acting's important to me,
I wanna be taken seriously, and
nobody takes a musical actor seriously.
Put the world's biggest singing star
in a movie, and he don't sing?
- What kind of sense does that make?
- It's a damn Western.
They're gonna try to
turn me into Gene Autry!
Elvis, let me work
this movie thing, huh?
So you sing. Sell some records, make
some money. That's what you want, right?
The money? Movies, Ed Sullivan,
and now look at this, huh?
Seventy-two different items.
The same fella does 'em
for Roy Rogers,
Lone Ranger, he's doing 'em for us!
You'll be a millionaire by Christmas.
Living like a king!
It was named after the
seller's Great Aunt Grace.
- You can call it anything you want.
- Graceland. I like it, Mama.
We'll put chicken coops
and hog pens in the back.
Mama'll put in her garden. We'll do
her bedroom up in pink wallpaper.
They said they could have it
all ready by September.
Don't it look just like Tara
in Gone With the Wind, baby?
Mama, you remember I told you I'd buy
you a house? Well, now you got a palace.
Come on.
Oh, man, it's so beautiful, Mama.
Isn't it?
Give it here, Elvis.
I'm just usin' it to wash down
them diet pills the doctor gave me.
- They make me feel all jittery.
- Mama, what's wrong?
I don't know.
I miss my neighbors.
Folks just stoppin' by to borrow sugar,
Those bastards at Audubon? They wanted
to run you off for hangin' out laundry.
No, baby,
the folks at Lauderdale Court.
The projects? Oh, Satinin', we can't
go back there. It'd be a circus.
- But it was nice before.
- Before what, Mama?
Before we had money?
Squabblin' over a pork chop?
But I always knew
you'd be home for dinner.
And Dixie was there,
and we'd all go to church together.
And I didn't have to worry
whether or not you were safe.
Or if I looked good enough
for all them reporters.
Oh, Mama. You look just fine.
I just want you
to be proud of me, Elvis.
Proud of you?
Satinin', you are so beautiful.
Now, come on now, look at all this.
Isn't this what we always dreamed of?
Oh, Mama, this should be
the happiest time of our lives.
Sometimes I think our kind
weren't meant for happiness.
Life's pleasures were
meant for other folk.
Our kind was born for misery and pain.
That's God's plan.
Then I wanna make you happy.
Now what'll it take, Mama?
I'm happy when you're happy, Son.
Are you really happy, Elvis?
Mama, I'm on top of the world.
Rock 'n'roll smells phoney.
Sung, played and written,
for the most part, by cretinist goons.
And by means of its
almost imbecilic reiteration,
with sly, lewd, dirty lyrics,
it's the martial music of
every sideburned delinquent
on the face of the earth. It is the most
brutal, ugly, desperate, vicious form...
- Turn that crap off.
- Sinatra, man, can you believe it?
Damn. Damn. Damn!
Well, why didn't they come to me?
And where's their friggin' loyalty?
If they'd have come to me
I'd have worked it out for 'em.
Scotty and Bill quit.
- That's a tough one, Elvis.
- Give 'em a call.
- Maybe you can still work it out.
- Never.
Oh, they're probably
workin' for Ricky Nelson by now.
Money. It's always money.
Why would they do this to me, Mama?
I been with 'em since the beginning.
- I can't do it without 'em.
- Sure you can, baby.
You talk to the Colonel. He's
supposed to be handlin' these things.
- I don't talk business with him.
- You're Elvis Presley, honey.
Without you,
none of these people are nothin'.
You go ahead, and you talk to him
about any damn thing you want.
Yes, Mama.
It's not that bad, Elvis.
How bad is not that bad, Gene?
It was terrible. Come on.
OK, the guy's a great guitar player,
I'll give him that,
but he just didn't nail it
like Scotty does.
It just didn't feel right. Nothin' does.
Where's Marion?
Oh, she left me, Elvis.
We had a fight a while back, and
she took off and joined the Air Force.
I'm sorry, man. It's gotta hurt.
Well, we're both gettin' used
to that kind of thing, huh?
So, Sam, is this how it ends?
No, son.
No. You just talk to 'em.
They'll do anything for you,
you just ask.
Seems the higher I climb,
the lonelier it gets.
You remember the
last time I was in here?
You said you were in it for the music,
not the money.
There's a spirituality deep
inside the music. And inside you.
Are you bein' true to yourself, son?
You're doin' what you love.
You gotta be strong, Elvis. Vigilant.
You can't compromise
what your heart knows. No, sir.
- I wish you'd come to me.
- We knew business is with the Colonel.
We talked to him. He told us to
stick it where the sun don't shine.
$200 a week on the road and
$100 a week at home isn't enough.
Not when we're responsible
for our own expenses.
No outside work.
No cuttin' our own instrumental records.
We can't tour on our own.
He had us locked in, Elvis.
And I'm in debt up the wazoo.
- I don't know about that stuff.
- It's somethin' you could look into.
- You gotta start bein' the boss of you.
- Oh, I don't know.
The Colonel's taken me this far.
I owe him everything.
No, sir. You took you this far.
All I know is, I want you guys back.
You're kinda crossin' the line,
aren't you, son?
It has a lot to do with the music, sir.
Those guys are second-rate musicians
who hold up the recording sessions.
I've seen the bills. That goes against
our take. Well, to hell with them.
There's a million guitar players, Elvis.
RCA doesn't want 'em,
and I don't want 'em.
They've been with me from the beginning.
I owe them.
Come on, Gene.
ls that all you got, baby?
I'm gonna beat you
like your daddy did, baby.
Oh, I'm gonna mess his hair now.
Hey, Lamar, hold on to him.
Hey, Colonel.
I had Nudie Cohen make this up for you.
It's like the Liberace outfit.
- Oh, that's some suit, Colonel.
- One hundred percent gold lam, boy.
Cost $2,500.
Treat her gently, my friend.
No gymnastics tonight.
You happy?
Yeah. I'm happy.
Good. Knock 'em dead.
Well it's one for the money
Two for the show
Three to get ready now go cat go
But don't you
Step on my blue suede shoes
Well you can do anything
but stay off my blue suede shoes
Well you can knock me down
Step on my face
Slandermy name all over the place
Well do anything that you want to do
But uh-uh honey lay off of them shoes
And don't you
Step on my blue suede shoes
Well you can do anything
but stay off my blue suede shoes
Let's go, cats!
Walk the dog!
Well you can burn my house
Steal my car
Drink my liquor from an old fruit jar
Well do anything that you want to do
But uh-uh honey lay off of my shoes
And don't you
Step on my blue suede shoes
Well you can do anything
but stay off my blue suede shoes
Well it's blue, blue, blue suede shoes
Blue, blue, blue suede shoes
Blue, blue, blue suede shoes baby
Blue, blue, blue suede shoes
Well you can do anything
but stay off my blue suede shoes
Oh, man, we killed,
Scotty, we killed!
I thought the Colonel would hemorrhage
when you went to your knees.
You must've left $50 in gold
on that stage.
Boys, I'm so glad to have you back.
I missed you guys.
We're all stubborn people.
You can be stubborn longer,
you got more money.
Well, we do now.
Fifty bucks a week.
We're struttin' in high cotton
like you now.
That there's all just
water under the bridge.
We're together again, right?
Four Musketeers.
Hey, Colonel, do you wanna drink?
Lamar, fix the Colonel a drink.
Relax, Colonel. Scotty and me
picked up all them gold flakes.
That could be our bonus!
Memphis Draft Board has classified
you 1-A. They're lookin' to draft you.
What does Uncle Sam want with Elvis?
Why kill the goose that lays the golden
egg? He pays a fortune in taxes.
Why they draftin' people anyways?
Ain't no war goin' on.
- Lord, what if there is a war?
- We gotta get us a good lawyer.
Elvis, you met the governor.
He could pull some strings.
Now's time for you to
earn your money, Colonel.
Hold on a minute.
Now, this may not be such a bad thing.
What? Are you crack, Colonel?
It's gotten ugly.
We're up to our hip boots in bad press.
We even got the Catholic Church
pickin' on Elvis now.
You said it was good for business.
That was when we thought this
was going to be a flash in the pan.
Now we're learning that this
music and you have some legs.
Maybe we can use this cooling off period
to our advantage. Clean up the image.
Broaden the appeal.
Broader appeal means bigger audiences.
And that means more money for everybody.
I'd be gone two years.
I wouldn't be cool. I'd be cold dead.
Not necessarily.
No, see, I've been thinkin'.
Now, we could record a bunch
of stuff. Parcel it out, bit by bit.
That'd keep the record sales going.
Do another movie.
That could tide us over for a year.
Mama? What do you think?
It could get you away
from all them crazies.
Maybe all that would die down.
America's most famous citizen
trades his blue suede shoes
for marching boots
as Elvis the Pelvis
becomes Private Presley.
l, Elvis Presley, do solemnly swear
that I will support and defend
the Constitution of the United States...
Hair today, gone tomorrow.
- I miss you, Satinin'.
- I miss you.
- I waited up all night for you to call.
- We went on an all-night bivouac.
I just got back a while ago
and cleaned up.
They treating you right?
They don't treat you decent
I'm going to call that President myself.
They're treating me fine, Mama.
Some of the guys gave me some static.
When they see I'm like everybody else,
they cool down.
It's all over, Mama.
They're not gonna remember me
when I come back.
Of course they are, baby.
You just got to trust the Colonel.
I miss you, Elvis.
I miss you, Mama.
Mama, I gotta go now.
The drill sergeant wakes me up
about the time I used to go to bed.
You really got to go?
I guess not.
I ain't got a lot to say though, Mama.
You don't gotta say nothing, baby.
Just don't hang up.
Hey, Presley.
There's this rule that lets enlisted men
live off-base with their families
if they're nearby.
This house is going to do just fine.
They're gonna like it. We're gonna
line one up in Germany, right?
- I want 'em there, too.
- It'll be taken care of.
This general asked me
if I wanted to work for the USO.
- Entertain the troops.
- For free?
I got a call like that.
From the White House.
Would Elvis like to sing for
the President? "How much?" I asked.
Does the President work for free?
No, we stick to our principles.
Meanwhile, I piddle away my career.
Our career. I built it, I can keep it
going whether you're out there or not.
Your name's in the paper every week.
Magazines every month.
Your records are selling
as I parcel 'em out.
King Creole is doing well, and
I'm negotiating a couple more films.
You got no room to complain.
Hi, Daddy.
What's wrong?
Oh, my God. I'm on my way.
- What's wrong?
- Mama's in hospital. It's her liver.
- I gotta pack and get to Memphis.
- Now? You can't do that.
Why the hell not?
You think you'll get special allowance
because you're Elvis Presley?
- Quite the opposite, in fact.
- I'm going.
- Go AWOL, and they'll ruin you.
- Don't you give me that crap.
You say you're the great snowman,
go snow 'em.
You brag about being able to twist
everyone around your pinkie finger,
you work your magic, Colonel, and
do it now, or, by God, we're through.
Come on, let me see
that beautiful face of yours, baby.
It's gonna be all right.
She's gone, Daddy.
Our Satinin' is gone forever.
Why would God take her away from us?
- [Elvis Presley: Loving You]
- Winter, summer, springtime too
Loving you
Loving you
Makes no difference where I go
Or what I do
Doesn't she look beautiful?
She loved you guys very much.
Oh, Red.
I'm so sorry, man.
- I'm so sorry.
- I know.
Look, I'm out of the Marines now,
so I'm back if you need me, OK?
Thanks, man.
Look who I found out at the gate.
Oh, she loved you, Dixie.
We all loved her, Elvis.
I killed her.
All that worry about me traveling.
She wanted me to quit and kept asking me
over and over, and I wouldn't quit.
She's gone, man.
America's latest export to Europe
is not the Hula-Hoop or Coca-Cola
but the king of rock 'n'roll.
Elvis Presley has changed
his Hollywood limousine for a tank,
as he patrols in Germany
with the Third Armored Division.
America salutes you.
Just keep your hands
away from his mouth.
We're having a party tonight.
Some of my Army buddies are coming.
Currie Grant, Esposito
and Charlie Hodge.
Charlie Hodge.
Don't he just act like he knows it all?
- Thank you, Grandma.
- That ain't funny.
Where you been all night, Daddy?
Out with friends.
Friends my ass.
You were with that Stanley woman.
- I know what's going on. She's married.
- It ain't none of your nevermind.
It's been just three months.
- You're cheating on two people.
- Look, Elvis.
I loved your mama
as much as a man can love a woman.
But I'm tired of crying.
I'm a lonely man.
It's an insult to her memory.
You watch your mouth, son.
I know what you've been up to with
those French hooch dancers in Paris.
What would your mama say?
I'm the one who pays the bills.
Don't ever forget it.
How can we forget it
when you keep reminding us
every time you
don't get your way?
Thanks, babe.
- Elvis, you ever listen to opera?
- What?
Sure. Yeah, I love Caruso.
And what's the other guy?
The Lion. Titta Ruffo.
Listen to this.
- Yeah, I love this.
- You could sing this too, you know.
You got the register and the range.
You love gospel.
Not much difference.
Well, what do we have here?
This is Priscilla Beaulieu. This is
the girl I've been telling you about.
Hi. I'm Elvis Presley.
Come and sit down next to me.
- So do you go to school?
- Yeah.
And what are you? Junior? Senior?
- Ninth.
- Ninth what?
- Grade.
- Ninth grade?
- Man, you're just a baby.
- Well, thanks a lot.
Well, the girl's got spunk.
- Do you have to go?
- It's way past my curfew.
My daddy's gonna kill me.
I'm sorry to hear that.
- Good night, Priscilla.
- Good night.
Good night, Currie.
See you on the base.
Did you see that face? Those eyes?
I've been looking for that woman
my whole life.
- She's really young.
- That's OK.
That just means I can raise her
to be the woman I want her to be.
God Almighty, man, she's as cute
as a bug, but she's just 14.
You could go to prison for life.
It might be worth it, Daddy.
Love me tender
Love me dear
Tell me you are mine
I'll be yours through all the years
Till the end of time
Love me tender
Love me true
All my dreams fulfill
For my darling I love you
And I always will
I'm so glad you came back.
I didn't know if you would.
- I didn't think you'd ask me.
- Oh, honey.
I want to be alone with you.
- Well, we are alone.
- No.
I meant really alone.
Would you come upstairs to my room?
Don't be afraid.
I would never do anything
to harm you, Priscilla. Ever.
I'll treat you like my sister.
- All right.
- All right.
You go on up first, and I'll be up
in a minute. It'll look better.
It was nice to talk to someone.
I miss that.
- Gets lonely here.
- Are you going home soon?
In six months, yeah.
But we won't quit then.
I feel like we're close.
How I just wish Mama'd
been there to meet you.
She would have liked you
as much as I do.
I wish I could have met her, too.
There's this photograph of her
when she was your age.
Oh, man.
You look an awful lot like she did.
Same eyes.
Beautiful cheekbones.
My father says if you expect
to see me again he's got to meet you.
I'll meet any man to keep you.
Slow down.
We've plenty of time, little one.
Sir, right now I'm driving a jeep
for the Third Armored Division.
I guess you're very anxious
to get home, huh?
Yes, sir. Only six more months now.
How do you like being stationed here?
We love it.
Couldn't be happier.
We're gonna be here three more years.
Let's get down to brass tacks, Elvis.
You got women coming at you from
every direction, all over the place.
Why do you want to date my daughter?
Well, sir, I happen to be
very fond of your daughter.
She's a lot more mature than her age,
and I like her company.
It hasn't been easy for me,
bein' away from home and all.
I guess you might say
I needed someone to talk to.
You don't have to worry, Captain,
Mrs Beaulieu,
I'll take good care of her.
No, please, I want to do it.
Please. I love you.
I've learned to love you.
But Daddy keeps reminding me
of your age.
I could get into a lot of trouble
for this, Cilla.
- Maybe when I go home...
- I don't want you to go.
I'm kinda mixed up about me and you.
I mean, maybe me being away
will help me to figure things out.
That's all the more reason
for us to do it.
At least I'll have that
to remember you by.
Some day but not yet.
You're just too young.
Come on, it's time to go.
I promised your daddy.
Are you tired?
No, I'm OK.
I'm tired cos you and me stay up so late
and I have to be at school by seven.
How you doin' at school?
Finding it hard to stay awake
in some classes. Like in algebra.
I got a D.
If my dad finds out
he is going to kill me.
If you get tired, take these.
They'll help you stay awake.
No more than one,
or you'll be doing cartwheels.
- What are they?
- Don't worry, they're safe.
They give them to us on maneuvers.
Put them in your pocket.
Don't tell anybody.
Don't take them every day.
Only when you need energy.
I love the way you take care of me.
I don't want you moping
after I've left.
- I don't...
- Try and have a good time.
- And write me every chance you get.
- I'll write every day.
Get pink stationary and address them
to Joe, so I know it's from you.
I want you to stay
just the way you are.
As I left you.
I will.
And I don't want to see
that sad little face.
Now give me a smile.
I'll take that with me.
I want you to have this.
So everyone knows you belong to me.
Oh, God, Elvis.
This is it, baby.
Come on. Come on, baby.
Don't worry.
I'll call you as soon as I can.
Bye, Cilla.
I love you.
Has sobering Army life changed
your mind about rock 'n' roll?
Sobering Army life?
No. I was in tanks a long time.
And they rock and roll quite a lot.
You break any hearts in Germany?
No special one. There was a little gal
I was seeing quite often over there.
And there was some stories.
"The girl he left behind."
Yeah, but no big romance.
I got to be careful
how I answer that question.
Any plans, details
you can share with us?
I guess I got to cut some more records.
Then I'll take a train to Miami. I'm
doing a TV special with Frank Sinatra.
And I'm really looking forward to that.
I guess I have one new fan.
As well y'all know,
Frank was no big fan of rock 'n' roll
before I went in the Army.
- Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
Hey, man.
- How you doin'?
- Boy, I missed you guys.
- Good to see you.
- Good to see you, too, Elvis.
- How's Bill Black?
- He's selling some records.
- Good for him. Steve, how are you?
- Good. And you?
- Real good.
- Good.
I got these demos for you.
There are some real rockin' hits.
- I got Stuck on You...
- Skip the rockin', I ain't into that.
We're gonna do opera.
You're kidding, right?
[Elvis Presley: It's Now or Never]
It's now or never
Come hold me tight
Kiss me my darling
Be mine tonight
Tomorrow will be too late
It's now or never
My love won't wait
It's now or never
Come hold me tight
Kiss me my darling
Be mine tonight
Tomorrow will be too late
It's now or never
My love won't wait
It's now or never
My love won't wait
It's now or never
My love won't wait
Colonel, I want to talk to you
about West Side Story.
Have a seat.
It's a big classy film,
and they want me for the lead.
I can act the hell out of it.
Have you seen the shooting schedule?
Six months.
We could make five films in that.
But it's a chance to do something
special, something really good.
Elvis, let me give you a lesson
in economics.
G.I. Blues. Your first movie back.
One of them blame musicals
you always gripe about.
A blockbuster. Made us millions.
Your second movie.
Flaming Star.
An ambitious drama. Well reviewed.
Made zilch. What does that tell you?
Why don't you tell me?
You're chomping at the bit.
Folks live sad lives.
Your job is to give them 90 minutes
to forget their pitiful circumstances,
not rub their faces
in some phoney, righteous misery.
What they want to see is some paradise
that they can never afford to visit,
lots of pretty girls and Elvis Presley
fighting and singing a half-dozen songs
that we can stick on a soundtrack album.
That's our bread and butter, son.
You stick with what sells.
You don't see the snow-cone man
switch from cherry juice to prune juice
just because he's got some blockage
in the poop chute.
Didn't everything work out like I said?
While you were away playing soldier?
Hasn't everything worked out
exactly like I said it would?
Yes, sir.
You are the money maker,
I am the money finder.
Let's do our jobs.
Yes, sir.
I take your bags.
I got another shot. I got another shot.
What you got on me here, Red, man?
- Twenty bucks you choke.
- Twenty bucks I choke you.
There she is. It's Priscilla.
Oh, baby. It's about time.
Where you been all my life?
I've been missing you.
- Let me take a look at you.
- You like?
I do, baby, you look beautiful.
You look so grown up, baby.
You look so beautiful.
Everybody, this is Priscilla.
I haven't seen her in two years.
This is Gene.
What a girl, she sure is one pretty.
Smith, away you stay.
God, I missed you so much.
I couldn't get you off my mind.
- Did you wait for me?
- I told you I would.
That means a lot to me.
Wait, baby.
- This is getting out of control.
- Don't you want me?
Yes. But not yet.
I don't want to spoil you.
It's got to be the right time
and the right place.
- Time to go.
- What?
I told your daddy
we'd do this thing proper.
Otherwise he'd make you go home.
You're staying at the Barrises'.
They're good people.
How would you like to go to Vegas
with me tomorrow?
We could head out about midnight,
sleep all day, then hit the shows.
- So, what did you think of the song?
- I liked it. It's really sweet.
I prefer the fast songs,
like Jail house Rock.
Why don't you do more songs like that?
I didn't ask you to tell me how to sing!
I just asked you if you liked it!
I get enough amateur opinions.
I don't need one from you.
I'm sorry, Satinin', come here.
Come here.
Come on.
I'm sorry. I just finished
that recording session,
and I'm real proud of it, that's all.
That was better than the hogwash
they give me to sing in them movies.
Stupid movies. Stupid songs.
Each one makes more money than the last,
so I don't even get to tour.
I'm sorry.
I'll make it up to you, I promise.
When we get to Vegas I'm going to get
you the best dresses money can buy.
Lamar. Red.
Charlie. Gene. Joe.
- Pretty slicky.
- Not bad, Elvis.
Won't it be strange,
being dressed alike?
Hell no.
You all look like an organization.
All right, go and get dressed.
Now, come on, now, guys. Go on.
Gene, I said get going.
You make that dress
look like a million bucks. Turn around.
Charlie, get tickets for Red Skelton.
See if you can get someone
to do Cilla's hair and makeup for her.
What's wrong with my hair and makeup?
There ain't nothing wrong with it.
This here's Vegas.
You just need more makeup on your eyes,
make 'em stand out.
I don't want you looking plain.
And I like makeup.
You look amazing, baby.
Why do you always have the TV on?
...that resulted in new pledges to
China by the United States.
It keeps me company.
...Mr. Eisenhower made to Taiwan...
But I'm here.
...provides shelter for his host.
A warm, candid vignette
of two world figures in a friendly...
Leave it on.
President Eisenhower's office
in Gettysburg
is becoming a must-stop for
distinguished visitors to the country.
Chen Cheng, Vice President
and Premier of China...
Can you believe it, baby?
Who'd ever thought we'd pull this off?
I don't want it to end.
I don't want to think about
you going away.
We'll have a good time.
We'll think about that
when the time comes.
Congratulations. You got three
of the top grossing films this year.
See what happens when you pay attention
to the Colonel?
But I also see that West Side Story
got ten Academy Awards.
Try to cash one of them at the bank.
But people remember who won, Colonel.
- You think people will forget you?
- If I keep making the movies I do.
They won't as long as I'm alive.
Elvis, I need to talk to you.
Yes, Grandma.
- It's been two days.
- She's tired. She's been sleeping.
- For two days?
- It's OK, Daddy.
- She's not used to the lifestyle.
- Lifestyle?
Priscilla? Honey, it's Grandma.
You all right?
Priscilla, hon?
- What'd you give that young 'un?
- We oughta call a doctor.
Oh, hell, no!
We're not calling any doctor.
Look, she's comin' to.
She's gonna be OK.
- What's wrong?
- Baby, you had us scared.
You been out for two days
on those Placidyls I gave you.
Two days?
But that's two days off of my trip.
What's today?
- Twenty-eighth.
- Elvis!
I leave in three days.
Baby, we still got plenty of time.
I promise I'll make it up to you.
One huckleberry, two huckleberry,
three huckleberry.
You know I love her.
Her daddy's concerned about
her being back for school.
What do I care about school?
Why don't you put her in a school here?
Son, she's gonna have to go back.
You had an agreement.
- Screw the agreement!
- You know better than that.
Presleys do not back out
on their word.
She's goin' back to Germany,
we're goin' to Graceland.
Look out! Oh, got it, oh...
Smith, get these folks out of here.
Me and Priscilla want some peace
and quiet. And take Honey with you.
Get the ball.
A cows purple,
Cilla and me one fix.
On that.
What is that?
A purple cow is vanilla ice-cream
and new grape soda. You'll like it.
No, I mean that way you're talking.
Well, that's our secret language.
We've been doin' it since we were kids.
You take the last word and put it up
first, and the first word up last.
Like... loves Cilla Elvis.
- Kind of childish.
- Yeah?
Why don't you try it?
Much Cilla loves Elvis very.
Oh, that's it. Now everyone will think
we've been talkin' nonsense,
and it'll just be our own
secret language.
Private code. It'll be our very own.
A secret for our world.
- You and me?
- Me and you.
Go I don't want to.
Neither me.
Cry I want to.
What's wrong?
I was just telling Mama how much she'd
have loved Priscilla. She would, Daddy.
Yeah, she would.
You gotta help me get her
back here permanent.
Help you?
Son, I think this here is a bad idea
all the way around.
They buried Jerry Lee Lewis
for these shenanigans.
You gotta help me find a way, Daddy.
It's important to me.
She's important to me.
- Aw, hell, she's a miserable as I am.
- Yeah, I know she is.
Maybe her daddy'd go for it
if we found a good Catholic school
for her here to finish her senior year.
And have her stay some place other
than Graceland.
That's a great idea, Daddy.
Catholic school.
Oh, man, I love them uniforms.
Wake up, Elvis. I'm home from school.
I got 'em making you breakfast.
Orange juice, home fries,
a pound of bacon, burnt,
and a Spanish omelet. Right?
Coffee. Coffee first.
Honey, do you really need
all these pills?
Placidyls, Seconals, Guinals,
Dexedrines, Quaaludes.
I know what I'm doin'.
This here explains
everything that I take.
Ingredients, side effects, everything.
Ain't nothin' I don't know about 'em.
And I'm not dependin' on 'em.
I use 'em like a doctor does.
You could use a few Dexies.
Help you lose some weight.
And don't slump.
And don't wrinkle your forehead.
That's a bad habit too.
- How's school, darlin'?
- It's good.
I need money for books. Getting a dollar
out of your daddy is like pulling teeth.
That's Daddy. He's pretty tight.
That's why I have him pay my bills.
I don't trust anybody else.
You gotta understand,
Daddy came up hard.
But I'll talk to him
about giving you an allowance.
I've gotta go to LA
to do this movie, Satinin'.
Who's in it with you?
Now don't be getting jealous.
It's just another Hollywood starlet.
Redhead, this time.
She was in that movie that made fun
of me going into the Army.
Bye Bye Birdie.
- What's her name?
- Ann-Margret.
And foot. And foot.
That's it. Now turn her in.
That's great. Great.
It'll be fabulous. Get some lunch.
- That sure was fun.
- Sure as hell was.
- You can move, baby.
- You can sing, baby.
This is one movie I might enjoy makin'.
She's like a female you.
Now Odetta's Tomorrow Is a Long Time
is a great song.
- You should record that.
- We tried but couldn't get the rights.
Elvis Presley? Why not?
They wouldn't accept the Colonel's deal.
Every song I record,
the songwriter's gotta give up
50 percent of his royalties.
- Colonel does a good job, doesn't he?
- No, that's outrageous!
- We give them a big hit all the time.
- You don't make enough money,
You have to go rob some poor songwriter?
No wonder you have no decent songs
for your films.
Oh, come on, Rusty,
why you being so hard on me?
I'm hard on you
because someone has to be.
Elvis, you are a great singer.
You deserve great songs.
For me?
- What's the occasion?
- You and me together.
Isn't that enough of an occasion?
Oh, yes, it is.
Open it.
All right.
- Bob Dylan.
- Yeah.
- You know who that is, right?
- Of course.
See, maybe if you change your contract,
you could record some of this new stuff.
- You know, maybe like the Beatles.
- I don't wanna hear about them.
ls baby jealous?
I hear they treat their fans like crap.
You think they should be treated
with love.
- That's right.
- Well, baby,
I think you should show me
some of that love.
Cos I'm your biggest fan.
Elvis! What prompts this rare pleasure?
I have Ann-Margret outside.
I want you to manage her.
...she's a wonderful talent. I could
certainly do something with her.
Of course, it'd take some time,
some work.
But I think I could do it
without neglecting your career.
- Neglect?
- Certainly.
I'd have to donate half my time to her.
At least at the start of things.
That much?
To do her justice, yeah.
Look, son,
you know where my loyalties lie.
I was just talking to the director
of this here masterpiece.
Have you seen how much
he's putting her in the film?
All them close-ups of her?
He's in love with the girl, I swear.
Don't he understand that this
is an Elvis Presley picture
and that all that extra shooting
puts us over schedule,
which means over budget? That's
stealin' money out of our pockets.
- I'm not worried about money.
- You shouldn't be.
That's not your job, it's mine.
How deep are you in
with this showgirl, Elvis?
That's a personal question, I know,
but you crossed the line
when you asked me to represent her.
Do you love her?
I like her. A lot.
Well, don't you have
some responsibilities
in Memphis you're forgetting?
You made some commitments there,
and I know you to be a man of your word.
I am. I am.
How would it look?
You toss aside this 16-year-old child
that you have moved into your home
with promises of marriage?
Could raise a mighty stink.
Maybe threaten your career.
She's not 16, she's 17 now.
I have to get back to set.
This Ann-Margret representation idea.
Think long and hard if it's something
you want me to do.
Oh, just forget about it.
I never thought I'd get
too serious with an actress.
They're always into their own careers.
And their men always come second.
I couldn't be second place to anybody
or anything.
Maybe you just haven't found
a woman who can handle both.
Baby, don't I make you feel
like you're number one?
That you do, Rusty. That you do.
Tell me,
how far you ever gone
on a motorcycle?
Gentlemen, start your engines.
I really wanna see you.
Now's not the time to come out.
There's a problem on the movie.
- What kind of problem?
- All hell's broken loose.
This crazy director's in love
with Ann-Margret.
He's given her all these close-ups
and wants her to sing with me.
You'd think it was her movie.
The Colonel almost crapped
cubes of blue marble.
How are you and her getting along?
She's OK. Typical Hollywood starlet.
I've been reading about you and her.
I told you about reading
those gossip rags.
- ls there anything to it?
- Hell, no.
I wanna come out there now.
No, not now. We're wrapping soon.
I'll be home in about two weeks.
You just keep your cute little ass there
and keep the home fires burnin'.
The flame is burning on low. Someone
better come on home and light the pilot.
You're beginning to sound like me.
I better watch it.
Look, I'll be home soon.
You get everything ready, OK?
That is an outrageous lie!
I can't believe she'd say that!
- So it's true.
- No. We're not engaged.
But you're seeing her.
Those gossip rags were true.
Why doesn't she take her ass
back to Sweden where she belongs?
Look, damn it!
I didn't know things
were gonna get out of hand.
I want a woman who's gonna understand
that things like this might happen.
Are you gonna be that woman or not?
It's over, Cilla.
I swear to you, it's over.
Forgive me.
I'll go to LA,
get this thing straightened out.
Mrs Kennedy, Caroline,
Little John-John,
saluting the President's casket.
The caissons, followed by
a black-jacketed riderless horse.
A pair of boots strapped backwards
in the stirrups
signifies a fallen leader...
I heard the news in London.
It's so sad.
You have to know, I didn't tell
those reporters anything.
I didn't. I don't know
where they got the story.
That bastard Colonel Parker set me up.
It'd never have worked anyway.
You have your career, and I got mine.
I have commitments.
It was December 1956 when one artist had
nine concurrent hits in the top 100.
That artist was Elvis Presley.
His record was shattered this week
as the Beatles find themselves
with 14 hits in the top 100 and
Can't Buy Me Love at number one.
And here it is, Can't Buy Me...
Thanks. Oh, Red, go put that up.
You guys read that jive?
Hal Wallis says
he only puts me in pictures
so he can afford to make classy movies,
with Peter O'Toole and Richard Burton.
Double-dealing son of a bitch.
And the Colonel ain't no better.
Why don't they put me
in a classy production?
Those bastards are riding my career to
hell in a hand basket. Come on, Joe.
Red, I'd move if I were you.
- Where's Cilla?
- She's gettin' her hair done.
I'm bored out of my gourd.
Come on, let's go shopping.
Come on, Red.
I'll take this and let each fella
pick what he wants.
- Whatever you say.
- You don't have to do that, E.
Maybe we can get some burgers.
Your daddy told me...
- You tryin' to tell me what to do?
- No, E...
Then shut up. Go get yourself
some wheels, damn it.
We got 'em all...
Vernon's gonna be mad.
Lamar, this has big enough seats
even you could make out in the back.
How do you do, ma'am.
My name's Elvis Presley.
Oh, I know that! I'm Katie Day.
How do you do, Katie Day?
- Are you looking to buy a Caddy?
- In my dreams.
No, I'm just window shopping.
I used to do the same
when all I had was dreams.
Howard, I want you to take a pink
ribbon, put it around that car
and hand the keys to Katie Day here.
What? Oh!
- Thank you.
- Drive safely now.
- Take care now.
- I will.
- God bless you, baby.
- Oh, no, God bless you.
God bless you, Elvis!
Do you know how much money
you spent last month?
Over $500,000.
And more the month before.
You're gonna break us,
put us in the poorhouse.
- I can always earn more money.
- Why can't you just stop buying stuff?
Cos I like the look on folk's faces
when I buy 'em somethin', Daddy.
You remember when we were dirt poor.
How nice it would've been
if someone bought me a car.
I ain't sayin'
that it ain't a nice thing,
but you keep this up, and we're gonna be
livin' in a Tupelo shotgun shack again.
I gotta take a nap, Daddy.
Where are my sleeping pills?
You're nodding off already.
Do you need 'em?
- Nice shot.
- Yeah!
- Gene, honey, I wanna go home.
- When we're finished.
- Gene...
- Damn it! Turn that crap off!
I'm sick of this English Invasion jive.
Why don't you listen to the originals?
Like Muddy Waters?
Now there was a singer.
The hell with these Beetle Bugs
or Rolling Rocks. English critters!
Don't mind him,
it's just the pills talkin'.
That's OK, I'd be mad too if those
English guys put me out of business.
When was the last time
you had a hit, Elvis?
Nobody talks to me like that, you bitch!
- What the hell are you doin'?!
- Oh, God!
I think you broke her ankle, E.
Get her the best doctor you can find.
And buy her a car. A Cadillac, T-Bird.
Whatever you say, E.
Find my anti-depressants, Charlie.
I've been lookin' everywhere,
and I can't find 'em.
- None of you bastards hid 'em, did you?
- I'll see if I can find them.
- I'm worried about you, Son.
- Why?
What are you looking at me
like that for? I got a zit?
It's the pills, E.
We're concerned about your health.
I know what I'm doin'.
- I'm just tryin' to help you, Son.
- I don't need no advice from you.
You work for me, that's it. Understand?
- I'm your daddy.
- And I'm of age, old man.
I don't need a daddy anymore.
- So, Larry, what are you into?
- What do you mean?
You know, man,
what rocks your boat?
Like me, I'm into... Aw, hell, I don't
even know what I'm into anymore.
Music, obviously.
Karate. I picked that up in the Army.
Yep, I like karate.
Jeez, let me see.
Well, I'm into hair, obviously.
But, you know, last few years I've been
thinking about the big questions,
like where do we come from?
Why are we here? Where are we going?
Oh, man, just keep talkin', man.
Keep talkin'.
- What do you mean three hours?
- Just like I said.
For a trim?
I swear to God, man,
no one knows how empty I feel.
I mean, no one knows anythin' about me,
man, least of all me.
And what is this emptiness?
I have no right to feel this way.
- What do you want?
- E, are you OK in there?
- Everything's fine.
- You've been in there four hours, man.
I said everything's fine, damn it!
Leave us alone!
- He shoots...
- That's it. Go, baby, go, go, go, go!
He's got it!
- He's gone, he's gone.
- Twenty, 15, ten...
- Elvis, what are you doin'?
- Listen to this.
This is how God works.
"I may be expressin' through you
beautiful symphonies of sound,
color and language,
that manifests itself as music.
And which so affect others
as to cause them to acclaim you
as one of the great ones of the day
and hail you as a wonderful preacher
and teacher."
Don't you get it?
Ever since Mama died, I been trying
to figure these things out.
Why God took her away from me.
Why He gave me this success and fame.
Why out of all of the millions,
He picked me to be Elvis Presley.
These books are explaining things to me.
Why is there so much suffering
in the world?
Why am I not happy
when he gave me all this?
Don't we make you happy?
No, Lamar, you don't. None of this does,
that's the whole point.
You gotta read these books.
If it don't have Batman in it,
it ain't in my library.
- Or naked women.
- Amen.
Oh, the hell with the lot of you.
Wake up, wake up,
I wanna read you somethin'.
Oh, Baby, it's 2am.
All right, Larry.
I just want the damn truth, man.
I mean...
What the hell am I doin' wrong?
- Or maybe God doesn't love me.
- Come on!
Hey, you shut up or get out of the car!
All I wanna know is the truth.
To know and experience God.
But ever since we started,
I haven't had one experience.
Nothing. And I believe, man.
I really do believe. And I want it,
Larry. I want it so bad, man.
What the hell is wrong with me?
It isn't a prize, Elvis.
It's not something one earns.
Nobody knows when that moment
of revelation might come.
It could take your whole life.
For some, it never happens.
ls this thing gonna work or not?
We're runnin' out of highway.
That's funny.
It'll be up in just one sec.
Can we start that playback, please?
Cut! Cut!
Sorry about this.
Just get the damn thing workin',
will ya?
Man, that bites, huh?
Go on, guys.
You're startin' to look
like a kettle of crap.
- That's none of your business.
- But it is my business.
No one's gonna pay
to see a burned-out Elvis.
Now, you've been late to the set.
More than once.
That's not like you at all.
Have you even read this piece of crap?
Do you know the lines I gotta say?
You wouldn't hurry up
to get here either.
It's not professional, son.
You signed on to do this,
you owe them your best.
I signed on to do this movie
cos you told me to.
- I need the money.
- You do.
You spend like a drunken sailor.
Now, that's none of my business,
but you show up on time, say the lines,
stupid or not, that is my business.
Yes, sir.
Now what's this about
some religious kick you're on?
How dare that son of a bitch?
He doesn't know the first thing
about my life.
It's not a kick, it's my life.
It's real.
And what happens in this house
is my own private business.
It's none of the Colonel's affair
or anybody else's.
My God, if I ever catch the traitor
in my own house!
- What are you looking for?
- My Dexies.
He's bitchin'
because he thinks I look beat.
- Where are they?
- You've already had a fistful...
Maybe they're in the can.
Honey. Honey, you're OK.
No, you don't wanna look at that, honey.
Come on. Vernon!
What's the matter with you boys?
What do you think your job is?
Someone has to be with him
24 hours a day.
I don't care if you have to go
into the donica with him.
Look at him. If they have to stop
the film because of this,
it's gonna fall on you boys' heads.
There's going to be some changes
around here.
First, all them religion books
is to be carted out of here and burned.
Some of you think
that maybe Elvis is Jesus Christ,
that he should wear robes and walk down
the street, saving the world.
- But that's not who he is.
- He's not trying to save the world.
He's trying to save himself.
Second, from now on,
everything goes through Joe,
who will be present
at all hair-cutting sessions,
which will be limited to one half-hour.
Elvis needs to concentrate on his work.
I don't want him reading any more books
or involved in things
that clutter up his mind.
We've gotta take care of business.
Now get the hell out of here.
Why are you doing this to yourself?
This religious kick, the drugs?
What is it you want?
You said that to me
the first time we met.
I remember.
Rich and famous.
You wanted to be a movie star.
Well, I got it for you,
so I'm asking you again.
What is it you want now?
I don't know.
Are you just bored, is that it?
There's that.
I get so lonely.
What about that little girl
you've got cooped up in there?
She make you happy?
- Sometimes.
- Well, son,
that's more than most folks ever get.
Why don't you latch on to her
before she wises up?
The whole scene
is starting to get unseemly.
You hear me?
She's legal now,
so what are you waiting for?
The right time.
If that's the case, I'd check my watch,
because if ever there was a time
to set things straight, it's now.
- Congratulations, Son.
- Thank you, Daddy.
- It wasn't how I imagined your wedding.
- I know what you're saying, Mum.
When the Colonel said he would take care
of it, I thought it would still be big.
Yeah, it got out of hand with him.
He didn't want it to be this big media
event and excluded half our friends.
Red went home furious.
I'm sorry, Mama.
Come on.
We'll be late for the press conference.
Come on, baby. Sorry, Mama.
Press conference?
That's a real low-key event, yeah.
The Colonel would sell tickets
to the honeymoon if we let him.
Cilla, my wife.
I love you.
They got me singin' to a dog.
At least it's a talkin' dog.
There's a bunch of fans out at the gate.
We best fly below the radar
so we get you to the airport pronto.
- Can you believe I'll be a daddy?
- We can.
We just can't believe
Priscilla's gonna be a mom.
Hit it, Joe!
Just a few more seconds, E.
We're passin' through a
mob of fans here at the gate.
Little Lisa Marie.
- Isn't she the most beautiful thing?
- I know.
Oh, she's a miracle.
I can't believe
I'm a part of this beautiful child.
She's so perfect.
Let's face it, Elvis. The movies
ain't doin' what they used to,
and the records,
they're not doin' much better.
It's the material you shove down
my throat. You can't polish a turd.
Now don't go pointing blame.
The way you go through money,
we can't just sit and wait
for good stuff to come along.
You bought a ranch, couple
dozen pickup trucks for your pals,
I don't know how many horses,
and now a house in Beverly Hills.
- You need the money, boy.
- All right, all right.
What's the deal?
Elvis, we need to
kick-start this career of yours.
We started big in TV,
and we can restart big in TV.
I done made this deal with Singer
sewing machines for a Christmas special.
No, now this is an
important opportunity, son.
And if I flop, we're done.
- You won't flop.
- Oh, come on, Colonel.
It's one thing to flop
in a film that's been done.
It's another to fall
on your face in front of...
- How many saw The Ed Sullivan Show?
- Fifty-two million.
Just meet the director.
He's a young hotshot that's done
a couple of rock 'n' roll shows.
You don't like him,
we get somebody else.
All right. I'll meet him.
Let's be frank. I don't think most kids
know who the hell you are anymore.
It's the '60s, man. You hear
what they're playin' on the radio?
The Mamas and the Papas,
The Stones, Marvin Gaye...
I know, I know. I listen to everything.
The Rascals, Aretha Franklin.
There's a song out right now, MacArthur
Park. Richard Harris sings it.
- Would you have sung that tune?
- Damn right. That there's a great song.
Jimmy Webb, he can flat-out write.
Here's what I have in mind.
We tape it over three days.
The first day is in front of a live
audience. Elvis' big comeback.
Now, I know you'll be nervous,
so we'll just get that out of the way.
The next two days,
we tape several staged numbers,
drawing on your own
personal and musical life.
- I like it.
- There is a problem, Elvis.
The Colonel and NBC want you
to sing just Christmas songs.
I think that's too limiting
and the exact opposite
of what you should be doin'.
What do you think?
I think let's do it.
It's gonna be great, Steve.
- All right, man.
- All right.
He's backstage, he'll be here.
What's goin' on, Elvis?
I'm sorry, Steve.
I can't do it, man. I can't go on.
- What?
- This whole thing was just a bad idea.
I haven't played in front of a live
audience in more than seven years, man.
I don't know if I can do it anymore.
And what if they don't like me?
Don't like you? Oh, my God.
Elvis, you created rock 'n' roll.
You were the king.
You step out there,
you're gonna be king again.
It's just like ridin' a bike.
Once you get out on stage,
it's gonna be like old times.
I just went out there.
Those are your fans, Elvis.
You can't let 'em down.
You have never let the fans down.
- That's true.
- And some of 'em are lookers.
I ain't gonna lie to you.
If nothin' else, just do it for me.
It'd be one of the few times I get to
play to your face instead of your ass.
Don't worry about a thing.
It's just a jam session.
You're just sittin' with the band.
- Come on, E!
- My boy, my boy.
- Oh, my, boys. Been a long time.
- Long time. Yes, siree.
- It's been a while.
- I forgot what you looked like.
Oh, did you now?
- All right, good night.
Well, what do I do now?
- Play us somethin'.
- Well, all right.
Oh, wait a minute, wait a minute.
Something wrong with my lip.
Remember that one, baby?
I done 29 pictures like that.
- And the finger, Elvis?
- The finger, that's right, the finger.
I was down in Florida, and the state
police decided to come and film my show.
I had to stand still, and all I could
move was this little finger here.
It got more applause than I did.
Hey, Elvis, sing me that song
about Lawdy Miss Clawdy.
Twelve years I've been
on stage with this man,
and this is the first word
he's ever said to me. First word.
And for that now I'm gonna take his
guitar. Come on, Scotty, give it up.
That's all I got to say.
Well lawdy, lawdy, lawdy Miss Clawdy
Well you sure look good to me
Well please don't excite me baby
I know it can't be me
Well I give you all my money gal
But you just don't treat me right
You like to ball every morning
Don't come home till late at night
I will tell, tell my mama
Lord I swear to God
What you've been doing to me
I'm gonna tell everybody that
I am in misery
I said bye
Bye bye baby
Girl I won't be calling no more
Goodbye to little darlin'
Down the road I go
Da-da-da da da da-da
Thank you very much.
That was a beautiful thing, man.
Did you hear 'em?
My ears are still ringin'.
- Just like the old days.
- Old days? Just listen to us.
We're young. There's days ahead.
I'm gonna go down to Nashville.
- Still got that studio?
- Yeah.
We're gonna woodshed like we did before.
Come up with stuff and cut records.
- I love that idea.
- Once we're done, we'll tour again.
- I'm talkin' Europe, Japan, Australia.
- What about the Colonel?
I thought you never toured
because he was an illegal alien.
I don't know. Screw him.
We're gonna do it, brother.
We'll be waitin'.
Ready, willin' and half able.
Go on, D.J. I'll see you guys later.
Red! Come here, man.
Get the car ready.
We're done for tonight.
- Steve, that was great.
- Congratulations. You were great.
- Thank you, brother.
- Hey, look at that.
- New beginnings.
- Yeah. A new beginnin'.
Let me ask you, do you ever think
about gettin' rid of the entourage?
It's not an entourage.
One is my driver,
one takes care of appointments,
and there's bodyguards.
You think you need the bodyguards?
I get bothered every time
I go out so, yeah.
Really? No offense, but when
was the last time you went out alone?
It's been a while. It's been a while.
I bet you, if we went out
to Sunset Strip right now,
you wouldn't get bothered at all.
- You think?
- I think.
I'll take you up on that bet. All right.
- Stairway's secure. Ready, E.
- I'm gonna go downstairs with Steve.
- I'll get the boys.
- No, just me and Steve. It's all right.
Come on. I'm gonna get changed.
Hey, how you doin'?
- Hey, how are you, man?
- Peace, man.
Hey, how you doin'?
It's 1968.
The times, they're a-changing, man.
You can change, too.
He's still dressed.
That's OK. I like to unwrap my presents.
What's wrong?
- I'm just goin' through some things.
- You worried about the TV show?
- Yeah.
- The hardest part's over, isn't it?
The audience loved you.
Only two days of taping,
just like making a movie.
Why don't we make our own movie?
We can't do this. It's too soon.
- Oh it's OK. The doctor says it's OK.
- It's not that, Cilla.
It's just...
I've never been able to make love
to a woman who's had a child.
- I don't believe that.
- It's true.
Cos I'm a mama,
you can't make love to me?
I'm not your mama, Elvis.
Satinin', I love you.
And we'll be OK, I promise.
It's just...
I just need a little bit more time.
I got a lot goin' on right now.
I know you do, baby.
We have the amusement pier
and the bordello set.
Here we're gonna
build the road to nowhereville.
- Oh, man, I been on that road before.
- I hear that.
You two! Come here.
This is supposed to be
a Christmas special.
That's what we sold the sponsor.
Elvis feels we can not
have a proper Christmas special
unless we have at least one
Christmas song. Right, Elvis?
Yes, sir.
We're having somethin'
written for the finale.
- A Christmas song?
- Something special.
- Elvis insists on a Christmas song.
- I haven't heard that from Elvis.
I'm telling you that Elvis
wants a damn Christmas song.
Isn't that what you want, Elvis?
- Yes, sir.
- All right. Glad we got that settled.
Why do you put up with him
bullying you? Treatin' you like a child?
I've thought a lot about
that over the years.
I'd try to explain it to you,
but you just wouldn't understand.
- I think I do.
- How?
You know nothin' about
the world I come from.
Actually, I know a lot about you, Elvis.
It's my job.
You're not that poor kid from Tupelo
anymore. You live in the big house.
You could be your own boss man.
And you've certainly
outgrown that old carny.
I gave him my word.
Besides, before me there was
no such thing as a rock star.
He wrote the book on how to make one.
Anyone else I'll hire
will just have read it.
Well, maybe it's time
to write a new book.
Your own book.
I'm gonna get me a boss man
One who's gonna treat me right
I work hard in the day time
Rest easy at night
Big boss man
Can't you hear me when I call?
Can't you hear me when I call?
I said you ain't so big
You're just tall that's all...
- Cut, cut, cut!
- Was that all right?
- All right? Man, that was perfect.
- All right.
We're gonna go into the
Guitar Man sequence after that.
- I like it.
- That's great.
All right, all right.
What now?
What's this?
That's the demo for the finale.
Where'd you get it?
It's not a Christmas song.
It's one of them
hippie, communist,
American-hatin' protest songs.
Actually, it's more like a gospel style.
It's a new direction, Colonel.
I like it, and I'm doin' it.
What's going on here, Elvis?
Oh, just a few other new directions,
I'm gonna tour again.
Europe this time.
I don't care that you got
some birth certificate problem
or you're an illegal alien,
as some say.
And after Europe, I don't know.
Japan. Who knows?
Why are you being like this?
Cos I don't want to be bored anymore,
I don't want to sing
another song I don't believe in
or make another
movie I don't care about.
This TV thing has me excited
for the first time in years.
I'm havin' fun,
and I don't wanna lose that feeling.
A feeling? I'm not sending you out
on some cockamamie tour
just because of some feeling.
Then I'll find somebody who will.
Son, let me explain some things to you.
We have a contract...
You always told me a contract can be
re-negotiated. Broken, if need be.
Maybe it's time
we tore up this contract.
That's what you want?
After all my years of dedication
to you and your career? All my work?
- You ungrateful hillbilly!
- Watch your mouth!
- Get out of my office!
- I paid for this office!
- You're fired.
- You can't fire me. I quit!
I'm holdin' a press conference
to tell 'em you're fired.
Go ahead!
But if you wanna end
our business relationship,
you have to pay up what you owe me.
Fine. Write me a bill.
Oh, I was expecting something like this,
so I prepared some documents.
There's money I've advanced you.
Then there's bookings that I haven't
taken my full commission from.
Then there's expenses, future
monies to deal with, movie profits,
I get a percentage of the residuals
on them too, and the records.
Then there's other
items of mutual interest.
So you wanna be free of me, you're
going to have to pay for the privilege.
Where we gonna
get millions of dollars?
I'll talk to my agents.
They in cahoots with the Colonel.
I'll get us a lawyer,
figure something out.
Lawyer's steal faster
than a man with a gun.
We could lose everything, E.
What about your word?
You made a promise. He kept up his end.
Lately his end's been draggin',
and I been doin' all the heavy liftin'.
I'll figure somethin' out.
Please, I'm dyin' here.
- I can manage myself.
- But how is all I'm askin'.
You can't handle money.
I got the bills to prove that.
You don't even carry any money.
You don't know your phone number.
How you gonna manage yourself?
- I'll get somebody else.
- Who? Who, Elvis?
I was thinking about
our conversation yesterday,
and if you want to tour,
well, I'll set it up. We'll tour.
What about the movies?
Well, that's going to
be a harder nut to crack.
We're obligated to three films,
and the next has been set up.
It's called The Trouble With
Girls and How to Get Out of It.
Sounds like a winner.
What about this?
Oh, that. Trifle.
- So where we gonna tour?
- Las Vegas. I cut us a hell of a deal.
Mr Presley, we need you on the set.
Think about it, son. Vegas.
Guess what, Steve?
I'm touring Vegas.
Can I get a marker ready, please?
And we're ready.
Quiet on the set, please.
- You ready, Elvis?
- Yeah. Yeah.
If I Can Dream, scene 18. Mark it.
There must be lights
burning brighter somewhere
Got to be birds flying higher
in a sky more blue
If I can dream of a better land
Where all my brothers
walk hand in hand
Tell me why?
Oh why?
Oh why can't my dream come true?
Oh why?
There must be peace
and understanding sometime
Strong winds of promise
That will blow away
all the doubt and fear
If I can dream of a warmer sun
Where hope keeps shining on everyone
Tell me why?
Oh why?
Oh why won't that sun appear?
We're lost in a cloud
With too much rain
We're trapped in a world
That's troubled with pain
But as long as a man
has the strength to dream
He can redeem his soul and fly
Deep in my heart
there's a trembling question
Still I am sure that the answer
Answer's gonna come somehow
Out there in the dark
There's a beckoning candle
Oh, yeah
And while I can think
While I can walk
While I can stand
While I can talk
While I can dream
Please let my dream
Come true
Right now
Let it come true right now