Elvis and Anabelle (2007) Movie Script

White on white
translucent black capes
Back on the rack
Bella Lugosi's dead
The bats have left the bell tower
The victims have been bled
Red velvet lines...
I've rented the house
on Haunted Hill tonight
so my wife can give a party.
There'll be food and drink
and ghosts.
And perhaps even a few murders.
You're all invited.
If any of you will spend
the next 12 hours in this house,
I'll give you each $10,000...
or your next of kin,
in case you don't survive.
Ah, here come our other guests...
Undead, undead
Undead, undead, undead
Virginal brides
File past his tomb
Strewn with time's dead flowers
Bereft in deathly bloom
Alone in a darkened room...
Hey, coach. Remember me,
Elvis Moreau?
I used to Play on your baseball team,
the Cubs.
I was the lame-o you used to shout at
every time I dropped a fly ball,
which was pretty much any time
one was hit in my direction.
It sucked.
But you know what really sucked?
Was you...
and your big stinking mouth.
I can still hear you
howling from the dugout.
Who's got the last laugh now, asshole?
All right, now.
Say cheese.
Excuse me.
Mr. Moreau?
- Mrs. Van hook.
- Elvis.
I came by to thank your father
for the lovely job
he did on my husband.
Thank you, ma'am.
I'll be sure to tell him.
Is he around today?
Oh, no, ma'am, he's...
He's occupied at the moment.
I hardly see him anymore at church
since your momma passed.
- Mmm.
- Is he all right?
Oh, he's fine. He's just fine.
Thank you for asking.
He certainly did a marvelous job.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
How'd you do?
That's great.
I didn't get under 72.
You'll get it.
Gotta get under 72.
You'll get it.
Wait for me, wait for me.
Hurry, Mom, before somebody comes by
and laughs at us.
Dumpling, squinch up to your mom
so I can fit everything in.
Just take the picture already!
We're gonna be late.
Don't call me dumpling.
Jimmy, how hard can it be?
Just take it, Jimmy!
Oh, shit, somebody's coming.
Smile, princess, and don't say "shit."
Did y'all get a look at those two?
Okay, which one you want?
Colored or regular?
Well, hmm.
All right, how about big ones?
I know you like the big ones.
Okay, how about this?
While you decide,
I'm gonna go get dinner.
- You want anything?
- Moon pie.
Moon Pie? All right.
- Elvis?
- Yeah?
Don't forget the moon pie.
I heard you.
I heard you.
You like marshmallows?
I like marshmallows too.
I like marshmallows.
Hey, man, sorry,
is there a problem?
- No, there ain't no problem.
- No problem?
Come on.
The flowers.
Marry me, marry me
Please marry me
I hate to break
the news to you folks,
but Anabelle and I
have decided to elope.
It took a lot of convincing,
but he finally agreed.
Let's get together
and give her a big hand
and send her off
with our best wishes.
Come on.
Oh, thank you!
Hi, how are you?
Good to see you.
Just a minute, please.
"Baron von Cleopart heard the man
screaming outside
the door of his castle.
He could feel the anger
coursing through their veins
as they collectively lunged
at the large doors.
He calmly moved
to the top of the stairs..."
"...and watched them scurry
toward him like a pack of rats.
They stopped in their tracks
as he opened his cloak
and unsheathed
a long shiny sword."
See, I'm not sure if he
should use a sword
or one of those long poles
with a hatchet on the end.
You know what I mean?
Which one you think?
I like it.
Maybe I'll give him knives
on the inside of his cloak.
I like it.
I like it too.
When you gonna get a gal?
When you gonna get a gal?
I heard you the first time.
I don't know.
I haven't met anyone.
You ain't gonna find her
in the grocery store.
Your company does me just fine.
I wouldn't mind having a grandbaby
running around making a mess.
I'd like having me a little grandbaby
running around
making a mess here and there.
- I heard you.
- You mad at me?
No, Dad, I'm not mad at you.
I like your story, Elvis.
I like you, Dad.
I like you more, Elvis.
I'm gonna go to my room
and work on this some more.
You need anything?
- Night, son.
- All right.
You change your mind,
just holler.
Okay, arms back, chest out.
Oh my God, did you pack
the miracle bra?
No, Momma, I decided to go topless
for the evening gown competition.
Stop cutting up.
Did you bring it?
Of course I did, Momma.
Not that your breasts need a miracle.
My God, you are so beautiful.
Get over here, right now.
Hey, you have to carry yourself
with that confidence.
Momma, you saw Miss Panhandle.
She was gorgeous.
She's nothing.
She's nothing.
Repeat it.
"I am the most beautiful girl."
"I am the most beautiful girl."
"Pure as the driven snow."
Say it.
Oh, Momma.
Well, you are...
Am what?
I don't even have to ask.
I know.
Baby, I can't find
your curling iron anywhere.
It's in the blue bag.
You look.
How you doing?
Got butterflies in your belly?
Little bit.
How 'bout a good luck hug?
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
That's it.
You're gonna be fine.
Just fine.
You kick ass out there now.
I love you.
Oh, God knows it hasn't been easy,
but I tried to show you a better world.
It's all right, Momma.
No. No, it is not all right.
You listen to me.
This moment, right here,
this can change your life.
Do you get that?
We're talking lunches
with the governor
and scholarships
and modeling contracts...
The works.
I mean, true freedom.
That means never having
to count on some
jackass of a man like...
Like your stepfather
for your happiness.
That's what it means.
But only if... and I mean only if...
You truly believe you can win.
So do you?
I do.
All right.
Now you get out there, baby,
and you shine.
You shine, shine, shine.
Ladies and gentlemen,
let's have a big round of applause
for our contestants.
Aren't they beautiful?
Let me tell you guys,
am I the luckiest man alive or what?
Two minutes, ladies.
Just slow down, Momma,
you're gonna rip it!
Your tummy is bloated.
Excuse me.
Anabelle, if you could
have one wish come true,
what would that be?
If I could have one wish,
it would be that I could save
all the abandoned
children of the world
from neglect.
Thank you.
That means Miss Panhandle
and Miss Cameron County,
one of you will win
a $50,000 scholarship,
the crown,
and a chance to compete
in the national pageant.
Ladies, hold tight.
The first runner up
is Miss Panhandle!
Miss Texas Rose, Anabelle Leigh!
They're waiting for you, Anabelle!
Go up on your floor.
A night of pageantry turned into tragedy.
We don't have a whole lot of details
so far on exactly what happened.
However, what I can
tell you at this hour
is that miss Anabelle Leigh
was pronounced dead at 1:00 Am.
Doctors determined
her cause of death was
a cardiac arrest
due to complications
from an eating disorder.
As we get more details
about what happened...
Come on, Dad.
Let's go to bed.
We had her frozen.
We were gonna check
into cryogenics.
Honey, we said we weren't
gonna bring that up.
I don't wanna bring it up.
We heard your father
is one of the...
best embalmers around.
I'm afraid he wasn't
available for this appointment,
but I'm the funeral director,
and I'll certainly relay
any requests you might have.
Did you know Anabelle?
No. No, ma'am.
I did not.
I reckon y'all would've...
spent time in different circles.
All I ask...
is that you make her beautiful
one last time.
I can guarantee you that.
Oh my God.
Holy shit.
Holy shit.
Holy shit.
Holy shit.
She's alive.
She's alive.
She's alive.
She's alive!
She's alive.
She's alive.
Dad, wake up.
Wake up.
What's the ruckus?
I have an emergency.
I'm at the Moreau funeral home.
I'm a mortician.
I was embalming this girl...
My Dad was embalming a girl.
She suddenly woke up.
Who woke up?
I'm up Route 409,
I'm in Coward, Texas.
Am I what?
Lady, I ain't fooling.
Send paramedics,
send an ambulance,
send something.
Okay, Dad, listen.
What's all the commotion?
I was working on Miss Texas Rose
and she just suddenly popped up.
I don't think she's dead.
- Miss Texas Rose is here?
- I told you that earlier.
Where's your suit?
We need to get you changed.
Okay. Ow!
You gotta tell them you were working
and she came back to life.
- Understand?
- Who came back to life?
- Miss Texas Rose.
- Oh.
Okay. We need to make you
look all nice.
- Why?
- TV crew's coming.
I'm gonna be on TV?
She... woke up.
Did she say anything?
What were her first words?
She just woke up...
and her heart was beating.
It's not the first time
this has happened.
In 2002, Charlotte Jenkins
laid six hours in a body bag
in the morgue of st. Cloud's hospital
before an attendant noticed
the bag was moving around.
In the case of Anabelle Leigh,
because the body was frozen
in what must've been
a comatose state...
Miss Leigh,
Anabelle needs to rest.
Her body's been through
an incredibly difficult ordeal.
I'm sure you understand, she's gonna
have to take some time to recover
before she can go out in public.
So if you don't mind?
You better believe it.
Momma's gonna take good care
of her little baby.
Look at me.
Look this way.
Look here, look here.
Look at me.
Come on, look at the lens!
She's gonna be back in five minutes.
We're just gonna
take a little break, okay?
Would you mind?
Thank you.
Thank you.
Okay, Channel 5 called,
they want to do a piece on you.
- Aren't you excited?
- Mmm.
And are you ready for the icing?
Guess who called
about a half hour ago?
- Marilyn Manson.
- Marilyn...?
- I don't know, Momma. Who?
- Oprah.
They want to fly us first class to Chicago
to be on the show.
Geneva, I don't wanna go on "Oprah."
Are you... are you crazy?
This is...
Princess, why on Earth
are you calling me that?
'Cause that's your name?
My name is Momma.
And my name's Anabelle.
Oh. Hey, y'all,
do you guys mind if I join in?
- Anabelle.
- I haven't done this in a long time.
- Oop!
- Anabelle.
Coming up next "real America,"
a miraculous story
of tragedy and triumph.
A small town beauty queen
comes back to life
on an embalming table
after collapsing on stage
just seconds after being crowned
"miss Texas rose."
I'd Put money down
she thinks she's
God's gift to mankind.
Royal pain in the ass,
I'm telling you.
I'll be right back.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Um, I'm looking for Charlie.
Mr. Moreau.
You were just on TV.
Oh, yeah.
So where's Mr. Moreau?
He's occupied at the moment...
Charlie's my Dad.
Can I help you?
Actually, I need to talk to him.
It's... do you know who I am?
You were just on TV.
That's right.
So where does he do
the embalming?
Inside, why?
Can I see?
- I don't think so.
- Okay.
Maybe I'll just come back
when Charlie's available.
He's Pretty busy these days.
I'm sorry, do I know you?
I swear, you just...
You look so familiar.
Did you go to Edison?
I'll tell him you came by.
Okay. And tell him
I won't take much of his time.
I'll see you then.
I'm Elvis, by the way.
My name is Elvis.
Oh. Really?
I know.
That's right.
- Bye.
- Bye.
How are her eating habits?
She's been eating like a horse.
- Oh, good for her.
- Not good.
She keeps going on like this
she's gonna be competing
in "Miss Large and Tall."
It's just not like her to take off
without saying anything.
- Where could she have gone?
- Near deathers often have
a deep-seated need
to alter their lives.
- Anabelle!
- Anabelle!
Leave me alone!
They're driving me crazy!
Anabelle, this is Dr. Putnam.
- We asked her to stop by.
- I can't go anywhere in this stupid town
without somebody taking my picture.
But you love to have your picture taken.
Ma, I can't take this!
I just... I can't do it anymore.
- I'm done!
- Good idea.
Good idea. Why don't you get some rest?
Tomorrow's another day.
We got "Good Morning,
Houston" coming at 8:00.
I said no more interviews!
We told them we'd do it!
You told them!
Don't do this to me!
- Smile!
- Smile, honey.
- Smile, princess.
- That a girl.
For the camera.
That a girl.
You look beautiful.
Pretty girl. That's it.
Good girl.
Oh my God!
Good Lord,
you scared the crap outta me!
Jesus Christ, what are you doing here?
How'd you get in?
I'm sorry.
Would you put that thing down?
You don't walk into
people's houses like that.
Just calm down, okay?
It's not like I was stealing anything.
What are you doing here?
- What?
- I just wanted to see if I could remember.
Remember what?
This is where it happened, isn't it?
I guess, but call or something.
Let us know you're coming over.
It's okay.
Did you remember anything?
It's kinda hard when you're
about to be bludgeoned
with a golf club.
Hey, Dad, it's okay.
You can go back to bed.
You're Mr. Moreau?
You remember Anabelle?
Have we met?
My name is Charlie.
Okay. Can you just
excuse us for one second?
Dad, this is the girl...
The one I talked to you about.
The one who came back
to life on the table.
- She is a foxy mama.
- She wants to ask you
some questions
about what happened.
- When?
- Dad, I don't have
my embalming license, remember?
Oh, I understand.
Yeah, so just go back to bed.
Let me talk to her.
- Okay.
- I'll go, I'll go.
I'm sorry about him.
He's got some sleepwalking problems.
You just woke up.
You just woke up
and your heart was beating.
You sure are pretty.
- Ain't she pretty, Elvis?
- You look tired, Dad.
Let's get you to bed.
I guess I'll go back up to bed.
Yeah, it was a long day.
I guess that's all he remembers.
His memory's kinda whacked.
So you should probably get going.
Guess I'll just take off then.
It's so dark.
It's 4:30 in the morning.
There was a moon earlier,
smarty pants.
Do you want a ride?
Oh, it's fine.
I don't want you
to go out of your way or anything.
Is it okay if I at least come inside
and wait an hour or so
until the sun comes up?
I guess.
Thank you.
Who are they?
That's my Granddaddy
and my Great Granddaddy.
The kid's my Dad.
All morticians?
Is that what you're gonna do?
Thank you.
- You gonna eat?
- I'm not hungry.
Thanks for breakfast.
And again, I'm sorry for intruding.
It's okay.
- Bye.
- Take care.
You too.
I don't wanna go.
I can't go home.
Why not?
I just can't, that's why.
Look, I just need
to disappear for a while...
From everybody I know.
What, here?
Don't you have like a barn
or some place I can hide out?
Just for a few days.
We don't have a barn.
I don't think that's a very good idea.
I'll just find a motel or some place.
Bye now.
Come on...
Are you sure?
Thank you.
These are beautiful.
Yeah, they belonged to my mom.
These are some of my old clothes.
I think they'll fit.
Thank you.
I'll leave you to change.
So I didn't make a noise or say anything
or anything like that?
Nothing at all.
You just woke up.
That's it?
You woke up
and you stretched your arms.
And yawned.
That's it.
Wait... nothing, it's fine.
It's fine, it just doesn't make sense.
You just said something
completely different.
You said I sat up.
It just doesn't make sense.
- Hi.
- Hey, I thought you had work to do.
I thought you were gonna stay in the den.
What the hell are you doing out here?
I asked you to stay in the house.
My Dad, he isn't well, all right?
- I'm sorry.
- She's a good little golfer.
Come on, son.
Show her how the Moreau boys
play golf.
All right, gimme the club.
Ooh, nice one, Charlie.
Your Dad's precious.
Is he okay?
Yeah, he's fine.
A couple of years back
some kids from Madison
threw a beer bottle
at his head while he was
walking on the side of the road.
Friends of yours, I'm sure.
Wait, friends of mine?
How's that?
Bobby Jackson, Johnny Parker...
That crew.
Aren't you all buddy buddy?
No. Why would you think that?
You were a cheerleader,
weren't you?
So does that mean
all my friends are jerks?
Doesn't it?
You know what?
Your Dad is such a sweetheart
and you're just such a...
Somebody should hit you in the head
with a beer bottle,
get you to lighten up a little.
Good Lord.
See that, Elvis?
I shot a 74.
I heard you already.
What'd you get?
He got 100...
on the front nine.
Hear that Elvis?
You got 100...
On the front nine.
Okay, that's enough.
I think I'm gonna
go inside and rest a spell.
Thanks for the golf game, Charlie.
Nothing to it.
I'll be right in.
So you help your father with...
his prep work.
I'm still training.
So you didn't see the whole thing
that happened with me?
No, I was asleep.
Your Dad can still work?
Doing all that mortician stuff?
The doctor said his brain's
like a bike chain
with a few missing links.
It slips off the sprocket
and he forgets things.
Any reason this place looks so spooky?
It just doesn't look cared for.
How 'bout a coat of Paint?
It'd be better for business I think.
We have all the business
we can handle.
We're the only funeral home for 50 miles.
It just looks like death.
Nobody's making you stay.
Hey, I'm sorry.
Elvis, I didn't mean...
Where is she?
What the hell are you doing?
Don't do that. I'm over it all ready.
Come on down.
Where'd you get the paint from?
I'm gonna need some more.
"The baron had thrown
his last dagger,
but the men kept coming.
He flew up the stairs,
his black cape flowing behind him.
He dashed into Ana Lisa's room..."
Where did she come from, Elvis?
She wasn't in the villa the other night.
I told you twice.
He saw her hanging out there.
"She looked petrified,
but she kept on running."
Good Lord!
Do you always have
to creep up on people like that?!
Only people who snoop around
without permission.
Look, I wasn't snooping, okay?
I was just...
looking around.
Why are you so
obsessed with this place?
I don't know, I keep having
these weird dream
flashback things
where I start to remember
what happened here
and then it just... it goes away.
The feeling I get...
You have no idea.
Is that your Mom?
She's beautiful.
You look just like her.
She made that kite.
So how did...
How did she and your Dad...?
What was she doing
with a hunchback?
I didn't mean it like that?
It's okay.
My Dad didn't always look like this.
His back was barely
bent when she met him.
Look, we should
probably get outta here.
My Dad doesn't like
people snooping around.
I'm gonna watch TV,
if you wanna come?
Why do you beat my son so hard?
He's a beast, an animal.
Some day I shall
have to destroy him.
My poor son.
Why was he ever born?
You can stop now.
I've got three more walls to go.
This is the first day of my life
Swear I was born
right in the doorway
I went out in the rain,
suddenly everything changed
They're spreading blankets
on the beach...
Nice shirt.
What's wrong with it?
Nothing, I said it's nice.
Here, let me see it.
I've never seen anything
that can't be fixed
with a little white paint.
But I realized that I need you
And I wondered
if I could come home
This is the first day of my life
I'm glad I didn't die
before I met you...
Thought you'd wanna see this.
She knows I ran away.
It says authorities
throughout the state are on alert.
Oh, great.
What if they come 'round here?
What would I be doing here?
Wait, that's not what I mean.
You ever grow anything in that field?
Nothing grows
worth a damn 'round here.
It's shitty dirt.
What do you use
that tractor and planter for?
Golf course.
I can't believe it.
We are doing this ass-backwards.
We need to be
planting the seeds now
so they can grow while we paint.
Can you lend me some money?
Wait, what seeds?
You can't plant anything now.
What's gonna grow in the heat?
A miracle.
Can I help you, ma'am?
Yes, sir, I need about 10 bags
of these, please.
Dusty, load up.
You out at the Moreau place?
I seen you pull up
in the hearse with Elvis.
Yes, sir, I'm Charlie's niece.
Charlie's niece?
That's right.
Helping them clean that dump up.
They'll check you out right over there.
Thank you.
Get everything you need?
Yup. You?
Took you long enough.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Is that your Dad?
He's my step dad.
You'd never know it after
he gets a few drinks in him.
Would you get back
to painting or something?
I mean it,
you're making me nervous.
What are you doing?
What's she planting?
I don't know.
She went in the Feed and Seed
and got a bunch of seed bags.
Made me Promise not to Peek.
Can't grow nothing
but weeds in this heat.
I already told her. She said she was
in some 4H club at school.
Nothing but weeds.
Holler at me when you see her come
back to the house.
I don't want her to see me working.
I'm gonna keep up the good work.
That's right.
Good to see you there, Charlie.
I have nothing to say to you.
About to go crazy looking
for that missing beauty queen.
You doing all right after
she came back to life on you like that?
I'm doing all right.
Hey, Elvis.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I'm just talking to your Daddy here.
- You doing all right?
- He's doing all right.
Uh-huh. Y'all ain't seen no trace
of Anabelle around here, right?
Is that a yes or a no?
That's a no.
Who's that boy on the tractor?
That's Arturo.
He's new.
He wanted to Plant some corn, I think?
Corn? Ain't no corn gonna grow now.
No, that's right.
Ain't no corn gonna grow now.
That what we said to Arturo.
Didn't we, Elvis?
We said, "Arturo, you can have the crop
if anything grows."
The whole crop we told him.
He's from Guadalupe.
But he was raised in Zihuatanejo.
He said they grow lots of corn
in Zihuatanejo.
All year long.
I don't like corn myself.
It gets stuck in my teeth
unless Elvis cuts
the kernels off for me.
If y'all see that girl anywhere,
you give us a call.
- Sure thing.
- All right.
Sure thing.
How did you do that?
I figured you learned
your storytelling
from somebody.
You amaze me.
Whoa, sorry.
It's okay.
What's up?
You see that cop?
Told you nobody'd recognize me.
What if he did?
I'm not worried about it.
Why should you?
I don't want to be an accessory
or accomplice or whatever.
You didn't kidnap me.
I'm staying here
on my own free will.
If you want me to leave,
it's fine, just say it.
No, it's not that.
It's you just...
You can't be out here
in the open...
On the tractor,
painting the house,
hosing yourself down.
- Hosing you down.
- Hey.
Think this is funny?
- Think you're funny?
- I think I am hilarious.
You do?
Good Lord, he laughs!
A genuine laugh.
I don't believe it.
Somebody get a camera quick!
"She believed this was the only way
to rid the sorrow.
Regrets to her were something
holding you back from the future."
Can I see it?
I'll read you the rest tomorrow night.
Good night.
Are you gonna marry her?
Am I gonna...?
Dad, I only just met her.
If you want to move out
with her, it's okay.
Your Aunt Haley can move in.
I'm not going anywhere.
You could both live here if you want.
You can have my room.
Dad, what are you talking about?
Hey, hey, hey.
What's wrong?
You are my favorite boy
in the whole world.
- Come here.
- My favorite boy.
I love you too, Dad.
You okay?
I'm okay.
Try and get some sleep.
I'm okay, Elvis.
- Elvis.
- Yes.
- I'm okay.
- Okay.
I couldn't find
any other clothes to wear.
Is it okay if I wear this?
It looks good on you.
I heard you reading
that story to your Dad.
It's just a stupid
thing I've been working on.
You wrote that?
You think maybe
I could read it sometime?
Sure. It's not very good,
but you can read it.
So what are you gonna do?
I was gonna...
watch some TV or something.
- What are you doing?
- Nothing.
Do you wanna go out?
We could see a movie
or something.
Maybe in like, Timmonsville
or something like that?
Some place we won't run
into people I know.
We'll run into people you know.
Okay, fine.
You wanna go for a walk?
I'd go for a walk.
See that spot right there?
That's where they found my mom.
I'm so sorry.
Why'd she do it?
I don't know.
She was tired, I guess...
of people or something.
How old were you?
- Mmm.
- My father, he just lost it after that.
He started taking
these long walks all the time...
mumbling to himself.
It was right around then
the kids threw a bottle at him.
Nothing but assholes 'round here.
I'm sorry.
Damn, I haven't looked at the stars
in a long time.
Isn't it amazing?
Here we are,
lying on this big ol' ball of planet,
spinning round and round in space.
All these stars floating next to us.
Nobody even thinks twice about it.
I don't know.
After all the terrible
stuff that happened to me...
it made me realize
that for every terrible
tragedy in this world,
there's an equally miraculous thing
that grows from it.
You know?
I can hear you smirking.
Let's just say the shit
outweighs the miracles
around here.
Oh yeah?
Well, then,
hit me with some shit.
Mother offing herself on Christmas day.
There's one.
Yeah, it's a popular day for suicide.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so...
I can't do this.
It's not you, Elvis.
Look, I mean it.
You just proved my point.
Get down, get down.
Oh, shit.
Oh, I'm sorry, Elvis.
I'm so sorry.
- Dad, it's okay.
- They said they knew she was here
and I might as well admit it
so nobody gets hurt and goes to jail.
- You did good.
- I did?
Of course you did.
- Listen, I'm gonna take off.
- Wait, wait, wait.
- How?
- My bike.
I have a friend that lives in Padre Island.
I'm sure she wouldn't
mind if I stay a few days.
No, you're not riding your bike.
It's fine.
I'll take the back roads.
- Where did you tell 'em we were?
- I just told 'em
Anabelle had been here,
but then she took off in our Cadillac.
- What Cadillac?
- The one parked up alongside the house.
Dad, we don't have a Cadillac.
They don't know that.
Listen, I really should get going.
- Thank you both.
- No, let me figure this out.
- It's okay. You go.
- You sure?
I have everything I need right here, I do.
I don't wanna leave you alone.
It's okay, son.
You go ahead.
It's all right.
I love you.
- Come on.
- Thank you, Charlie.
Thank you so much for everything.
- Bye.
- You take care of him.
Hey, what's wrong?
I'm fine.
I just had so much fun at your place.
Then it hit me...
I haven't lived.
I mean, really lived...
Enjoyed one day
in my entire stupid life.
Who has?
Why don't you use this here?
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
You ever thought
about doing what your mom did?
You know, offing yourself like that?
Who hasn't?
No, I mean really thought about it.
I could never do that to my father.
You ever even think of it,
I don't care where I am,
you call me, okay?
I don't care what I'm doing.
Promise me that.
You really think you're gonna give
a shit about me
after you take off?
You know what?
You can be so cool
and then be such a jerk.
Fine, whatever.
Keep thinking
your depressed
and shitty thoughts.
You'll have a depressing, shitty life.
What do I care?
Love comes at dawn...
Charlie said she borrowed a car of theirs
and took off.
He said they didn't say
anything earlier
'cause they promised Anabelle.
Let's search the Place.
Judge won't give us
a search warrant for a runaway.
Who says she's a runaway?
You said so yourself.
This makes no sense.
From what y'all been telling me,
she ain't done nothing
that makes any sense lately.
Am I right?
What are you doing?
Open the door.
Open the door.
Say you're sorry.
Sorry for what?
Being a jerk last night.
- I'm sorry.
- Like you mean it.
Open the door, Anabelle.
Guess I'm leaving.
Okay, I'm sorry
for acting like a jerk last night.
Actually, jerk's too nice a word.
- Asshole?
- Keep going.
Anabelle, open
the goddamn door already.
Okay, I'm sorry,
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- I was an asshole.
- You were.
Okay, I'm driving.
Come on, get in.
So what is your friend like?
- My friend?
- Padre Island friend.
The one we came to see.
Oh, I don't know
anybody that lives down here.
Then what are
we doing down here?
Whoa, where are we going?
I decided we're going to the beach.
What are we doing?
Come on, it'll be fun.
Jesus Christ, woman,
what are you doing?
Come on, try it.
- No.
- Do it.
I swear you'll feel so much better.
- No, I don't want to.
- How fast you think this thing'll go?
I don't know, 5, 10?
You have a nice smile.
Anybody ever tell you that?
- Don't look at me, look at the road.
- What road?!
It's wonderful, it's wonderful
It's wonderful,
good luck, my baby
It's wonderful, it's wonderful
It's wonderful, I dream of you
It's wonderful, it's wonderful
It's wonderful,
good luck, my baby
It's wonderful, it's wonderful
It's wonderful, I dream of you
It's wonderful, it's wonderful
It's wonderful,
good luck, my baby
It's wonderful, it's wonderful
It's wonderful, I dream of you...
Anybody home?
- Hello.
- Where is she?
Have you decided
what you're gonna do
about the whole...
national pageant thing?
I don't know.
I don't really wanna talk about it.
Then don't.
If you could do anything in the whole
world, what would it be?
No idea.
Come on, quick, just say the first thing
that comes to mind.
I like writing horror novels.
But I don't know
if I'm very good at it.
Oh come on.
I bet you'd be great.
So why are you training
to be a mortician then?
Is that something
you really wanna do?
Not everybody gets to do
what they wanna do.
There are responsibilities in life.
Ohh, what are you responsible for?
A lot of things.
My dad.
Taking care of the family business.
Keeping a roof over my head,
food in my belly.
Things you don't have to think about.
- What?
- Nothing.
Dj vu.
All right.
All right.
Come on, let's move.
Excuse me,
do you have a restroom?
Thank you.
Hey, hey, let me explain.
Please tell me.
Tell me you didn't do this.
- Let me explain. It's not how it looks.
- How could you do this?!
I didn't do anything!
- How could you do this?!
- You were lying on the table...
- What?!
- No matter how I explain,
- this is gonna come out wrong.
- What is wrong with you?!
- You were lying on the table...
- What did you do?!
- I didn't... what?!
- Son, give me your hands.
- You called the cops?
- What are you doing?
- Your mom is coming to get you.
- Anabelle!
- Anabelle! Hey!
- Stop it!
Where are you taking him?
Come on over here.
Watch your head there, son.
Watch your head.
So you collected these pictures
of dead people.
Goddamn, Elvis,
whatever happened to baseball cards?
You never violated any of these corpses?
I only took pictures.
Look, I know you're
not gonna believe me...
Who said I don't believe you?
There's no law against taking photographs
of dead people.
The only question I have...
is about that one right there.
Yeah, it's... it's a long story.
I got nothing but time.
Tonight on "Texas in view,"
we unearth the shocking details
behind the story of Elvis Moreau,
a necrophiliac mortician
and Anabelle Leigh,
a resurrected beauty queen,
and the reigning miss Texas rose.
"Texas in view" brings you exclusive
in-depth analysis of how a seemingly
innocent teenager,
- once a model son,
- I don't care what that boy did to you.
- ...became a deranged monster.
- None of it matters anymore.
You're home...
and you're safe.
While neighbors described
Charlie Moreau
and son Elvis as standoffish...
these events have shot
tremors of disgust
and distrust throughout the community.
Oh, no.
- No, no.
- That's it.
- Get on out of here.
- I'm gonna call the police.
We've got nothing to say today.
- Go on. Go on home.
- Go away.
I wanna know what happened.
You already know what happened.
I'm a crazed necrophiliac.
I have sex with geriatrics.
Stop it!
I wanna know the truth.
I'm not gonna press charges.
You can go now.
I want you to go home
and take care of your father.
What do you care about my father?
Elvis, I'm gonna tell you this,
and then I don't
ever wanna see you again.
I think deep inside
you're an incredible person.
But you just need some help.
- Please.
- Elvis, you have had so much help from me.
- What do you know about me?
- I know you!
Now you're gonna analyze my life?!
You have no idea what happened...
What I did or didn't do!
Tell me.
What's the point?
I thought you were
so much more than this.
Join the club.
No, you know what?
Fuck you!
God, I am so sick of your victim crap!
Yeah, I know people
have made mistakes
that have hurt you
or scarred you or whatever.
But here you turn around
and you do the same thing to me...
To somebody that you
acted like you cared about.
But am I gonna make that
the focus of the rest of my life?
No. You know why?
Because I chose
to forgive and move on.
I kissed you.
I was doing the embalming.
My father, he can't do it anymore.
You were lying
on the table in the room.
I looked at you...
and you looked so...
And I kissed you.
I didn't do anything
more than that to you or anyone.
I have a camera in the room.
I use it to take
Pictures of the People
after I finish embalming them.
I didn't mean to take a Picture of us.
That was an accident.
I would've told you
what happened before...
but I figured I'd end up
right where I am.
When I came back on the table,
were you there?
I was about to start
embalming and you moved.
You sat up.
After you kissed me?
You wanna know
what the saddest thing is, Elvis?
After all that,
you still didn't believe in miracles.
Maybe you're right.
Wake up.
Help me!
Help me!
Wake up.
Wake up, Daddy.
I'll Pick him up.
Russ Williams, News 25.
Can I get a statement?
I got a 12-gauge
to empty in your chest.
How's that for a statement?
However, with strong
opposition to the proposal,
and what opponents of the plan
call "irresponsible spending,"
high school students will
be forced to stand in line
just as they always have.
We'll be right back.
Are we rolling?
- Get ready.
- Here he comes. Here he comes.
You don't go to a drugstore
or supermarket
to get your haircut,
why rely on a drugstore
or supermarket
for your hair color?
Treat yourself.
Protect your hair.
Trust your stylist.
Welcome back.
We have some breaking news
to tell you about
in the recent
funeral home scandal.
We're going to take you
live to the scene,
with Greg Coller.
Elvis Moreau has finally decided
to come out of the funeral home,
and oddly enough,
is now painting.
What the hell are you doing?
I don't know.
Waiting for you to get here.
Isn't it the most beautiful thing
you've ever seen in your life?
Your eyes...
They have this ring of yellow
between your pupil and the blue part.
It's beautiful.
Don't look so forlorn
'Cause something's gonna come
I don't know where from
I don't know where
Don't you look at me
Like things aren't gonna be
The way we thought they'd be
'Cause we've got love
Love always
Love always
Love always
Love always
Love always
Love always
Don't you turn 'round
Have faith in what you choose
'Cause life can sense your attitude
I don't know how
You've got to realize
That hope looks in your eyes
Look away, it flies
Let's look forward
If you still believe
Things are gonna be
Like we hoped they'd be
Then we'll have love
Love always
Love always
Love always
Love always
Love always
Love always
Love always