E=mc2 (2002) Movie Script

/Subs dedicated to my dear fiancee - Joanna./
Real photo of the call-girls.
This one's empty.
Have you seen Landryna?
-He's somewhere around here.
Andrzej, give us some change...
Why do you always give them?
-All in all, they are my old pals...
How about your lady?
-She finishes her studies.
You know, women's needs are growing,
they need self-realization,
make a career...
Otherwise they get problems with orgasm.
"Why" what?
-Why they get problem with orgasm?
No one knows why.
It's just that her "promoter"
is too interested in her.
You know how he's looking at her?
-One could poison his dog..
How do you know he has a dog?
It's a fucking long corridor!
-Like in Kafka...
There are no such long at Zdzisiek.
-I mean Franz!
The one from "Dogs"?
-No from Praha!
It's here.
What was the party at Victoria hotel for?
-I thought, she wants to be a model.
Besides, I also looked good
at the TV.
Yeah, in police cuffs...
-When I think, that this
photographer touched her...
Are you jealous?
-I only take care of her future.
It's here.
Not now, I beg you.
2 hours later...
You got nomination to leave our team
-It's no more Landryna, his name now is Liar.
You don't like pipe-sucking?
You see, in the life parts
change like kaleidoscope.
-"C'est la vie"?
Take it out, it's difficult to speak like this.
-Where shall I put it in?
Take it out, we need to talk to him.
What is your name?
Didn't I tell you?
It's a Liar not a Landryna.
Get out, you got half a minute,
the man downstairs will pay you.
Get out!
Just don't suck him, he's on duty.
Well then, where is our
20 kilos of papers?
I don't have, have no.
In the name of God I don't have.
Got money to pay for whores, coke, roulette...
But you don't have any for us.
I know that, I failed. But I will give back.
You thought, that you are big time,
Landryna. But you are just a liar.
But you can't lie to me, candy.
Yes, Ramzes, I lie, I lie, I always lie.
Maybe at least now you told us the truth.
Well, Landryna...
Well, Liar.
Your time's up...
Wait, wait, wait. You'll stain my new jacket.
Look how nervous Mr Liar is.
Hey, we were just joking!
4 hours total.
-Here is for 2! Get lost.
You can't believe to a liar.
What do You think, when he just said
that he was lying, was he lying?
He lied. Liar always lie.
It's dirty. Stains won't wash off.
Landryna!!! Landryna, come out.
I am pissed off for the stains on my new jacket.
Come out!
You were told to warn me,
but you wanted to be sly.
You thought, that when Arnold shots me down,
you wouldn't have to give money back?
What do you say, Ramzes?
Who's that?
O Jesus!
Can you fly, asshole?
It means, that you can, because you
always lie. We'll find out soon...
Yes, yes, I can fly.
I fly better than stork.
You see how conscious he is?
He understood that he has to answer
always the opposite word, because I know
that he is always lying.
Yes, yes. Ramzes, You are always right.
But, guys, get me out of here.
All right, come here sweet.
Fuck. I can't do it.
-Pull him up.
-I have no pipe.
-Pull him up onto the roof.
-Well then, come on.
Oh Mother.
You have one month to repay your debt.
From today you will lie to Arnold.
It's only truth that you will tell me.
Get the fuck lost.
I will do anything for you, Ramzes.
-Get the fuck out before I change my mind.
Do you believe him?
-Can't you see, that he has full pants? He's mine.
He'll be mine someday.
Fuck him, let's pay attention to Arnold
before he shoots our asses out.
Good morning.
Describe Haraclit's views in ten words, please.
How many?
-Let's say... 10.
10... Well...
One never steps into the same river...
Everything flows, nothing lasts,
for Heraclit everything is like a river...
You have used 18 words already.
-18? Did You count?
I didn't have to.
You quote the text-book.
All right, but how is it possible
to describe anything using only 10 words?
It's possible.
Everything, that can be said,
can be said simply.
What one can't say,
You have to keep for yourself.
Fire is rule of the world... Everything flows...
Unity of contradictions.
Better, a little better.
But it's 11.
-One word too much... Try the next week, please.
Thank You.
-"And" what? Chicken butt. I failed.
He haven't fucked for a long time
and catches all the faults.
Why have I attended his classes?
I should have gone to Makowka, not to...
Excuse me.
Is it really that easy to pass at Makowka?
-When you're a girl, yes.
I prefer him then. He's catchy,
but at least you'll learn something.
You fucked up? You came here to learn?
Or you came to college?
You got that right.
Good morning, mister dean.
-The roof is leaking, doctor.
Ministry of Education thinks, it's easier to
philosophise under an open sky. But it's no Acropole here.
Leaking roof over my head...,
and where is the moral law?
What a times...
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
I called you yesterday, about private lessons.
My name is...
-No names please. Total discretion...
Mr Adam mentioned about it.
-Is it a name or a nickname?
Eh, it's not important.
-Is it a name or a nickname?
Unfortunately a name, my mom insisted.
I study pedagogics.
-Yes, right.
I finish my studies, actually and I have to write
graduate's paper under supervision of professor...
No names, please..
Professor Professor.
And, You know, I think I won't manage
it myself. I missed a lot of classes
and I got a difficult topic.
What is it?
-Archetype of "Red Hood" in
actual pedagogical research.
"Archetype of "Red Hood"...
I think I know what
your promoter looks like...
Bald, tall, about 1.90m.
Unfortunately I have to warn You
that he is very uncooperative. He will require lots
of corrections. It makes the whole thing complicated.
Don't worry about the money...
How much?
I don't know, maybe 8.000.
Well, have you got any materials?
Notes? Ideas?
Oh yes, students are very busy now.
Solarium, cosmetician, gym,
who has time to study?
When is the deadline?
We have much time.
It's in three months.
How will we make contacts?
Visit Mr Adam's website in 2-3 days.
You will find a
picture of a dwarf there. When You click it,
You will find a place and time of the next meeting.
You are very mysterious.
-Good afternoon.
-Good afternoon.
Nice chick. I thought You will never finish.
Have You got it?
Yes, first chapter. But I need 2
more days. Now I have lots of work.
Listen... Mister... Excuse me...
What is your name?
-Mr Kondzierski, for me it's a case of life or
death, understand? I promised it to
minister that I would defend my title.
Mr Minister promised me an embassy.
With a title. You understand mister...
What was your name again?
Kondzierski, Mr Kondzierski,
I attend English classes.
The results are very good.
This embassy is in New York, you understand.
It's no Bangladesh or Ulan Bator
or other shit. This is New York.
Do you understand? You can imagine
what would happen when it came in public?
That me... Oh mister, I don't even
want to think of it.
An outline is necessary.
Do you understand?
The day after tomorrow.
-And not a day more.
Strange is, this shrimp, isn't it?
Overgrown, mister... What was Your name again?
My dear, the situation of the school is
difficult and changes are necessary.
In the best case, you will be transferred to
the institute of the modern philosophy, if there are money.
What about the worst?
-Excuse me, I got to go, I am very busy.
Bye, my dear.
-Well, they washed us away.
-In this case, I quit, just like
I said before, mister dean.
Honestly, I expected this situation.
And you colleague, you still hope to
get this grant from European Union?
Yes, it could save our institute.
Such help is a lot of money,
it's over $1 million.
-Very well, very well.
By the way, could you lend me 100 Zlotys?
I don't have it with myself.
-Just like I thought.
But you dream about millions of dollars.
I know nobody in Brussels,
maybe except for Hergasson.
But he suffers from advanced Alzheimer.
He might not remember me.
Mr Dean...?
You were at his funeral last year.
What you say...
Poor one.
Well. I would like to receive a good
references from the Institute.
I have to send these documents
to Brussels.
Of course doctor. Goodbye.
What references did he mean...?
They write about us in newspaper.
-I don't like it? What if they catch us?
Don't panic.
-No no no, I am finishing with it.
For this girl only, this is my last time.
-O Jesus!
/How I love girls like that one./
People would pay their last money to get
the diploma. And you? Got your own place?
How long are you willing to live
with your mother?
It's all about big money.
Knowledge and ideas are best merchandise nowadays.
I told you I want to emigrate.
-Go, but you can make money here and now.
Even much more.
-It's not just about the money.
What is it about then?
You think that you are for higher things?
No, But I can't find my place on
earth lately. I think I'm getting older.
You know what you really need?
Good, mild, well-groomed, nice,
tolerant, warm, honest, innocent ass.
-You bet... Are there any like this?
Sure there are!
Well, that's what I heard.
Max - Homepage
meeting: May 12th 6:00 PM, the same place
This fencing was a great idea.
She's fantastic.
Did You see her timing dad?
What's up doggie?
It's time for us to go.
Will You come today, dad?
-The question is whether you will come?
-Cool, I wouldn't write it like that myself.
Miss Stella, don't you play such ...
That's not what I wanted to say...
-What then?
Modest... You are a smart girl...
-I got to go.
Talvez possamos deixar a internet
e as conspiraes em paz. Encontramo-nos logo?
I am busy.
I meant scientific matters, of course.
-I'm sorry but I can't.
In that case, I see you next week.
We'll discuss the next chapter.
Do You do it often?
From time to time.
I heard that You write papers
on any subjects.
Yes, almost.
-You must be a genius.
Don't exaggerate.
I will have a free afternoon of Thursday.
When are the games?
-Next Thursday.
If I win, I will go to Paralympics.
That'll make your grandpa happy.
-And you?
I am very proud of You,
my daughter.
Are you going somewhere, dad?
-I have an important meeting.
But I remember of Your birthday.
Give me five.
Are you dating someone through
this computer or what?
I can't, I feel indisposed.
You also seem... tired lately.
-Got any problem with that?
Not enough for you?
You have all you want.
Yes, yes, I know. You bought me an apartment,
mobile phone and you pay my bills.
Do you always have to remind me?
When is the divorce?
Did you hear what I said?
We decided not to talk about
my family anymore.
In that case, I can do
whatever I want. I am free.
Kick it out of your beautiful brain,
or my bodyguards will follow you
even in the restroom.
-It could be interesting.
Don't provoke me!
It's okay now.
My king, my pharao.
It's me, your Nefreteti.
Well here.
3.000 pay for the next semester.
I have to go home.
I know.
Today is Sonia'a birthday.
Nefreteti was never a wife of Ramzes.
They have never met.
Andrew bought a gas station.
He has plans.
You don't seem to be very happy.
I am worried about you.
Behave! Finish the jelly.
Bugger off you cow.
Dirty butt.
Stefek will give you a lift home, dad.
-I don't like it.
You don't like Stefek?
You can go to bed with any teenie
you want, but family is most important.
And I like that idea with
gas-stations, very much.
You can't run with a gun
like a low-class mobster a whole life.
You will be proud of me, dad.
I hope so.
I still can't see any similarity.
Remember, people have to respect you.
And they need a reason to do it.
Great party.
Move your ass.
You were late even on this day.
-I have businesses.
Business? Who was that teenie
you were with at "Promenade"?
In "Promenade"?
Ah... Stella she's a girl of...
But Stefek has no girlfriend.
Now you see.
I was surprised too.
Why aren't you sleeping
now? It is very late.
All right then... Apologize your dad.
Are you leaving tonight?
-Me? Why?
It's night time,
one should stay at home.
I never thought, that this subject
may be that interesting.
See. In the third chapter
we will refer to "Red Hood".
But there is no prince in that
fairy tale. There's a wolf instead.
A wolf?
-Good night.
Good night.
Excuse me... What's the problem?
Have we ever met?
What are you doing?
Let me go or I'll call the police.
I don't like when someone picks up
my girl. That makes me mad.
This must be a mistake.
-If you touched Stella...
Stella? No, I'm writing a
final paper for her.
What about that body?
-What body?
Wait... What paper?
-Her master's degree paper.
Archetype of "Red Hood" in
actual pedagogical research.
Stefek, apologise this man.
I'm sorry.
I heard.
It's okay now.
Who's that?
He looks... strange.
How's the progress
-It's almost finished.
It's a very interesting subject on the one hand,
but on the other it's idiotic.
You know that this baldie is not
her promoter anymore?
-He's in hospital.
He tried to fuck her and got an accident.
Finish this paper for her
and don't try to...
Oh no, no... I don't even like her.
How come, you don't like her?
I like her and you don't?
I mean, I like her,
she has interesting personality,
interesting opinions,
she is nice, fit...
But there's nothing between us...
except for "Red Hood".
You are a real philosopher...
All right, off we go!
I am not going anywhere.
I thought about it for some time:
supposed we have a liar,
who is always lying, when he says "I'm lying",
is he lying or saying the truth?
It's a classical example
of liar's paradox.
-"Liar's paradox".
We come to a point when liar is lying
and telling the truth at the same time.
It's a inconsistency.
That's what I know too.
But how do we explain it?
It's not possible to explain
this in an easy way.
Hm, maybe I'm too stupid
and I won't understand it.
Tell me...
that Ramzes is too stupid to
understand "liar's paradox".
Say it the fuck!
-Shall I take the body?
Not yet.
-It's Geddel's enunciation about
unsettlement of logical systems.
-You should have said it before, I knew that.
You told me, that you
are not playing bowling.
I'm not!
All right, no more throwing.
I don't like, when someone beats me.
I'm sorry.
-All right, no need to worry.
You lost by a walk-over.
When is Stella's paper ready?
-Second chapter on Saturday.
The rest depends on new promoter.
I'll come to your place for that 2nd chapter.
-I don't receive clients at home.
And, when I come...
you tell me more about that theory.
You can invite him too.
-He's Austrian.
We have lots of time till Saturday.
He'll come by plane.
But he's dead.
-Nobody's perfect.
3 St. John's Street, apartment 5
-You know my address?
See you on Saturday.
You really look weird,
in this track-suit.
-"How" how?
Like a track-suit guy.
You have real problems.
I don't want to worry you,
but this guy has half of the city in his pocket.
The police have no proofs against him
He's the one, who has some proofs
against the Police.
What am I to do?
-How the fuck shall I know?
Come later, please.
Why did I agree
to write this paper?
He... he didn't ask about me...?
Why should he?
-One never knows, what is
I head of such an animal...
Do you hear me?
I am talking to you.
What are you saying, mom?
-I am saying to you, that I'm talking.
What am I saying?
Aaah, this Hare called...
He was very nervously
asking about his paper...
You failed all deadlines...?
And who is hare?
He's a diplomat, a candidate for one.
He's from Self-Defence
/(Polish farmers and jobless people party)./
A diplomat...?
Oh, mister Stefan...
This is a real art piece.
You should see, what I have at my...
-No thanks.
That's where you work?
Is this Stella's?
-Yes, 1st chapter and a part of 2nd.
I'd like her to finish her studies
with the best marks, just like me.
I bought it yesterday.
I asked this guys about a doctorate,
they said that they ran out of.
-They ran out of?
Isn't that strange?
You can buy everything, but I thought...
one shouldn't make it that easy.
You must be kidding, mister.
-Of course I must.
I want this to be
a real doctorate.
Excuse me...???
Don't listen, think!
It could even be doctorate...
of this...
Honoris Causa.
No, it's impossible.
Each conferment like this is a great
event in history of the University.
It's publicized by the media.
What is this, that I am worse
then Walesa? What is that?
Do you know what kind of people
I am seeing?
I don't know.
-Well, better for you.
I want my doctorate.
This is a cool flat.
Thank you.
To get a doctorate,
you need to be a research student.
Well mister... You have already
bought master's degree...
What mister?
Max, what mister?
Umm, kitty?
What's its name?
Nice. I see, that you are
familiar with Brazilian soccer.
Give it back, please.
Mister, you have...
You have to get a promoter,
become a research student, prepare some articles.
And defend your doctorate.
Takes at least 2 years.
If you know right people, 1 year.
See? Can't we do it
little faster, maybe next week?
A year!
-I don't know, don't know, don't know.
And one more thing.
In what domain would it be?
This whole Wedel-Gedel "Liar's paradox".
I like that.
My promoter will be this drunkard
professor Sowa. -How do you know him?
He boasts of you.
But he said, you are little skulkingly.
You didn't say him...
-That you write papers for money?
Who do you think I am, Max?
You know what did I learn?
That you, brains of the nation, earn a shit.
That's strange.
Really very strange.
I really started
liking you, Max!
O, sorry. You see, I don't
want anything bad to happen to you.
Will you write this doctorate?
/--We have another one to arrest...--/
/--Roger, we're coming back...--/
You say, doctorate?
And what?
What "what"?
He's a gangster.
Now it's you, who is
making laugh of me.
Mister... it's easy to accuse someone.
Did he threaten you?
Directly, no.
-Doctorate is a good thing for society.
Everyone knows who he is.
Heniek, do you know Andrzej Nowicki?
-Tell me his name!
Andrzej Nowicki.
-No, I don't know!
You see mister!
Write this doctorate paper for him.
It's a total paranoia.
It's good story for newspapers.
Listen mister,
education is not our business.
Ah, by the way,
do you help in writing papers?
I attend some lessons,
increasing my competence.
Unfortunately I have no time.
What a pity.
You told me, that computers
haven't become helpful here.
-No one was able to use them.
They all just played games.
Good times are gone now.
-Jerzy, get over here.
What's up?
I jumped 280 metres in Slovenia.
-Which jumper?
What a question?
Malysz of course.
Show me a replay.
I failed to land...
When I throw you away,
you won't have time to confess,
even when you'll have a priest
flying after you.
Who will finish fuckin' Stella's paper...
...if you throw me away?
Max, mind your vocabulary!
Like a bandit.
Will you write this paper for me?
-All right, I agree.
But I have 2 conditions:
I am the leader and he... he doesn't touch me.
Finally! You are beginning to
think logically.
We're starting tomorrow.
I have a nice and cosy place.
Max my son, why are you receiving
these gentlemen at the balcony?
We're waiting in the living-room,
with the apple-pie and Mr Stefan.
Hi Max!-
Good morning.
Did anything happen?
-Not yet.
You didn't mention about your boyfriend.
He's a very nice guy.
Mrs Ola, can I talk to Mr Dean?
-Not now, doctor. You came in a bad moment.
But I have to send it today.
-You do what you think.
We have a great scandal here.
Good morning.
There you are. Fantastic.
I called You because...
Why did I call You?
Maybe You wanted to hand me this
opinion I asked You for.
Yes, opinion, right.
Opinion. Here it is.
Thank You.
-Did You hear, that I had to send
a letter to rector, referring to
removal of doctor Kuczka?
-Word is, he was writing final papers for his students.
What a times, colleague.
There is a wind.
That opens woman's lips.
There is a wind!
-Excuse me lady, I'm looking for Ramzes.
I'll suck you for free boy...
No, thanks.
-What a pity.
You want something to drink?
-Yes, a mineral water please.
Good vodka.
-What do you say?
This is meant to be
this nice and cosy place?
Yeah. My bar.
I met Stella here.
To learn you need
silence, concentration... solitude.
Right... right...
Let's set the rules of our cooperation.
You rule the city, I rule your education.
At least until the exam.
-But this is just between us, you know, the boys...
All right. At first,
you need to get some good manners.
Max! I read.
I read a lot.
Yes, right, but Penthouse, Playboy...
It's insufficient.
Let's start from the basics.
Which country is the motherland of philosophy?
Come on...
It's very easy.
OK, I admit... I forgot it.
Remind yourself then.
I know it, I know! Cradle of civilisation.
Skeleton of Pitagoras has been discovered there.
Of course Greece.
I had this on the tip of my tongue.
Why didn't you say that?
How is this connected with
writing of my doctorate.
It is!
It's about context.
-A cultural context.
-Cultural con... Hey!
Listen, do you know the name
of the best Greek sportsman?
Wayne Greek (Gretzki).
Ramzes, do not change the subject.
Come here for a while please...
Here is a list of readings.
You know what? It's too silent here.
I just can't concentrate.
Let's go.
Come on.
Am I supposed to read that all?
-You don't have to if you want to be discredited?
I'm listening!
-All right, this is your schedule.
National Opera, Old Theatre in Cracow,
museum of Czartoryskis and writings.
Let's say... from Homer to Milosz.
As much as you can.
Are you fucked up? I prefer cinema.
-Very well, Ramzes.
You have to know a lot
about it.
World's newest films are on HBO.
It will be your home cinema
from today.
/Dearest one! Why didn't I trust You?/
/Aha! This is what's going on./
/I work at lumber-mill.../
/...like an animal, fulfil all your caprices.../
/But for you it's still not enough./
/Now I'll give you a present/
/for your whole life./
-Come here. It's starting.
-Let me put my lenses on.
Buy yourself a pair of glasses!
Yeah, and don't show yourself downtown.
I told you to pay the bill?
/No authorisation to watch this movie./
/Call the Service Centre./
You missed the test again.
-Studying is a serious thing.
No need to hurry.
-Education is not a beer. It doesn't have to be full.
All right, finish up.
We have to repeat chapter 'Antiquity'.
Three more series.
And abdominals too.
Hurry up.
Did you read Aristoteles' poetry?
It's bigger than brick.
I read only summaries.
Hey friend. Classical poetry
should be read in original, not in summary.
What was the name of this shit,
that increases your muscle weight?
-Watch out. You won't get a hard-on with that.
9 months later...
We have the date of
the degree defence set.
It's in 2 months.
Maybe we'll go and see Becket's,
'Waiting for Godot'.
Boss, Golota is finished.
It's no use to wait.
Niggers kicked hiss ass.
Not Golota, but Godot.
I don't know him.
He must be in other weight-class.
Speaking about Golota, Vietnamese say
that Tyson was to bite his dick off,
in 4th round... Andrew consciously
ran out of the ring in 3rd.
I didn't expected this
to be that complicated.
Axomats, logical rules, antinomies.
You chose the subject yourself.
You could have chosen something more humanistic.
Majority of students...
-I am not majority.
All right.
Describe the ideas of antinomy.
Logical antinomy, or paradox.
Appears when without making a logical error,
we can substantiate,
two thesis conflicting with each other.
What are you still doing here?
It's Saturday night,
maybe we'll go to...
-I have my norm: 100 pages per day.
-We have not been out for so long.
Go out without me.
What did you say?
-Go without me.
Where shall we go?
-What? Wherever you like.
Stefan will give you a lift.
Maybe I'll drop in later.
Are you ready?
What will you set?
-The usual stuff.
Watch out for this wise guy.
-You mean Max? Why?
Inductive logical empiricism.
-Come on. Let's go.
I hate this life.
Slow down, Max.
I've never driven that fast.
Slow down!
You are driving fucking fast.
You'll get fined.
We're going now.
Good night.
/RMF-FM news: Warsaw./
/Explosion in bar "Sami Swoi".../
-That should give him a lesson.
-I wouldn't under valuate Arnold.
It's not about him.
There is someone else, much stronger.
Doctor X?
-And? Is he very upset?
-He wants a meeting.
-Tomorrow, at dawn, the same place.
-Didn't I tell you?
-Lookout Ramzes, he's never been that upset.
-The meeting may be an ambush.
-I would tell you if it was.
You're lying.
I was joking, Landryna.
Just a joke.
Get lost.
Max, you have a night off.
I am leaving, business stuff.
Then go to the cinema alone.
I heard it's a good film.
An old guy on a lawnmower
riding through American continent.
-I don't like it.
-We'll be all right.
I don't like your doctorate.
Man on the higher ground
has to stand upward on the ground.
Why are you hanging out with him?
You got this moment of sincerity?
I came to study in Warsaw.
My parents gave me 400 zlotys per month.
Room at the dorm costed 450.
My friend got me a job
in a bar. You know where.
What did you do there?
-I was a waiter.
One day, boss didn't come to work,
and in the evening new owner appeared.
It was Andrew.
Ramzes, right?
At the beginning it was nice...
I even fell in love.
But he has a disabled daughter.
He loves her so much.
He'll never leave them.
Daughter and wife.
I can't leave him too.
I got lots of luck.
His brother could have picked me up.
You're not his property.
Leave him.
You leave him first.
Mr wise guy.
You think, that you can change him
with your philosophical lectures?
You belong to him, just like me.
Stella, listen up.
Finish your master paper.
Alone. With no-one's help.
You are a smart girl...
-...for a whore?
-That's not what I meant.
You are... I really...
I am really glad to know you.
Max, you're a great guy. Unfortunately
we met in lousy circumstances.
I'll write this paper myself.
I don't want to buy it for his money.
And you, hold on.
Keep away from me.
-Damn, you don't want such life.
-It's my life and don't play with fate.
Are you sure to delete
"Archetype of Red Hood""?
Are you sure you want to delete me?
-You're stubborn.
-May I?
-Nice place.
-I designed it myself.
Why did you come?
It does not make any sense.
He won't forgive us.
-He'll kill us.
-I don't care now.
Wait a moment.
Do you still like me?
Well well, look who's that!
We thought you won't come.
My bus was late.
We're all here,
let's come to point.
You made fireworks,
in my bar.
-It was on my ground.
-Since when this is your ground?
From now.
Ramzes, people say strange things
about you. You begin studies...
I write my doctorate paper
in philosophy.
Are you making laugh of me?
In philosophy?
-You probably don't know what philosophy is.
Filosofia, it's from Greek:
loving of wisdom.
We wouldn't be driving our Mercedeses
and BMW, without these Greeks.
Nor staring at flat screens
of plasma technology TV sets?
-Maybe cable TV is also their invention?
-They put spiritual foundations for these cables.
And I can put you 5 kg of plastic
explosives under your car.
Say what?
Dirty butt. Mr Guye says, that
you shouldn't make laugh of educated people.
His brother is a professor
at the university of Hanoi.
Socrates, Plato, Aristoteles.
But for you, Nietzsche should be enough.
Will you also be so funny
at your funeral?
I will be extremely serious at yours.
Right, gentlemen.
There is always time to fight.
We have a problem of Arnold and Ramzes.
We need to find a consensus.
I mean talk.
Hey, excuse me gentlemen.
Can we make a photograph?
We should do something with this wacko,
before he does this to us.
Is it here?
Doctor X.
I see that you're surprised.
This meeting is on neutral ground.
I am very glad, Andrew.
You are widening your horizons.
-This doctorate is a great idea.
-That's what you want to talk about?
Change the rules.
Became less visible.
The most precious thing,
is usually hidden.
Like Alosza says.
Arnold and others like him are red-necks.
But red-necks are also useful.
You need to know how to use them.
People will respect you.
You deserve it.
Doctor Nowicki, sounds well.
-What are you occupied with now?
-You know, business.
Scientific stuff?
A great branch of knowledge.
Take this number,
in case you need help.
-We see each other.
-I separate business
from family life.
You should do that too.
Respect your family.
Can you explain this to me?
Wait, wait, wait...
My God!
It's so easy.
Very easy.
Sonia will be proud of you.
And you?
-Good night!
See you tomorrow.
/Come, please, come with me./
See you.
So, you claim, that it
was just a gas explosion?
Of course. What else could it be?
-So where did these shells come from?
Maybe one of our guests
returned from holidays at the seaside.
Maybe ocean...
And, of course, you don't have any
enemies gentlemen...
Enemies? What enemies?
Look at us, please.
I was lucky.
We should have finished him then.
Stand still.
Explain me something please.
What do you need this doctorate for?
-Do you want to be a senator?
Philosophy is a great thing.
Can't you feel that?
Have you ever wondered about sense of our life?
Where we came from, where are we going?
Where did world come from?
Your problems with world will be over,
as they plant flowers at your face.
There is such a theory.
World ends when we die,
because only I exist.
Everything around me is just a dream.
Have you seen "Matrix"?
You are really fucked up.
Man, you should be protected against yourself.
You better check what is
your princess doing with the doctor.
No no, don't tell me
that you want it once again.
Stop, or I'll shoot.
Jesus!!! Are you crazy?
Where did you get it from?
So, will you make love
to me, or not?
You could always say
that I had you on the trigger.
-When I imagine, that he's touching you...
-He doesn't come here often.
Come on! Get up my philosopher...
-Stop it!!
-All right. I'll tell you.
Wait, wait. Wait a moment.
He doesn't do too well?
-Simply, not too well.
-Say it logically, yes or no.
You can't partially get off
the running train.
-Not the train...
-You mean, he is not always able to...?
Ahh, he is trying to compensate.
A gun as a extension of a dick.
-You became very vulgar.
-It's not me, it's Freud.
I got to go.
I don't like you with this
colour of your hair. I told you that.
I noticed some inconsequences...
In Wilghenstein's philosophical treatise.
You disappointed me.
You disappointed me very much.
I try to solve the mystery of being,
and you are fucking my lady?
You can't do it like that, Max!
-I fell in love.
-What a sad story! I will cry soon!
What can I tell you?
Only the truth...
What is truth, heh?
I read lots of your books
and I still don't know!
I don't know what are we living for.
And what is after our death.
At least you will know it soon...
I know, what they may ask you
at your degree defence.
"Executioner's paradox".
Convict is to be hung next week.
At noon, not knowing about it
on previous morning.
-And what?
-Can this execution be made?
-And where's the paradox?
-It's not as easy as it seems.
-This execution can not be made.
-Every execution can be made.
What if...
It's not in the logical norms?
Don't say bullshit, Max.
-They are raiding at your next bar.
Gather the people.
There will be fireworks at the inn.
Malvina will kill me,
she put crystal mirrors there.
-Are you coming?
-I have something to do now.
They are out.
Wait here, please.
It looks like the execution can be on any day.
Let's look at it from the back.
We can't do it on Sunday.
If he survives until Sunday, he'll know
in the morning that he dies that day.
But we promised him,
that he wouldn't know.
Now Saturday is the last day
when we can hang him.
And it cant be from the
same reasons as Sunday.
Saturday is excluded,
next is Friday.
And also Thursday,
Wednesday, Tuesday and Monday.
It seemed, that execution could be on any day,
but when we looked from the other side,
it appeared that it is not possible at all.
-Yes. we call it "Executioner's paradox". Or...
Untie him!
Stay out of this, darling.
Do it...
You missed?
I am so close!
I won't miss the next shot.
-You're learning fast, you're talented.
-Just like you, Ramzes...
...in science.
-This is a real paradox.
Let's go, Max.
You forgot one thing, Max...
You can't leave me alive.
You have to make a choice.
If you shoot me, you risk your eternal life.
If not, your present life.
I'll find you anywhere.
It's a classical example of
Pascal's dilemma...
My friend.
Max, we're going.
-Let's assume that I can forget it all.
-At least for now.
-Don't listen to him. He wants to win some time.
-They will be here soon.
-You untie me and I'll think.
Do you want me to ask
you an easy question?
Let's say, that I'll feel
better with you by me.
What if you pass,
your doctorate defence?
I will be thinking more.
And if... you fail?
I think, that you have no choice.
Your position is weakening.
You should have decided yourself earlier.
Well, well, well.
I wanted to get rid of you,
together with your buddies.
Now I see you set yourself.
I've been waiting for this.
And you are still a liar, Landryna.
-C'est la vie.
They'll soon be back.
Give them a good welcome.
You always say this bullshit
about Greeks and philosophy...
Why are you so quiet now?
-Spare your words, Arnold.
I won't say goodbye,
although it is our farewell.
Max, do something.
You know what your problem is, Arnold?
You are a dumb-ass.
And you learned so much,
but there is no fucking use of it?
300 seconds later...
Easy boys, no sudden movements!
This inn-raid was a joke...
You have to understand one thing.
World is going ahead fucking fast,
there is no time for soldier games.
You can't get by
only being a bandit.
You like or not, but in order to be a big fish,
you have to use your brain.
And now I'm giving you a chance,
just... don't forget about it.
I knew, that it won't work.
I thought, that doing something
irresponsible will change the situation.
You will always return to your
daughter and wife.
Someday, you'll get bored
and you buy yourself a new lady.
And I will be alone again.
I thought, that I can try with him.
He didn't care, that
I'm with guy like you.
If he wasn't afraid,
maybe he could love me.
But it's you, who is
always the winner....
Listen to me.
You go to him now,
and we'll never meet again.
Everything you get in your life...
has to be paid for.
Money is an easy form of payment.
It's worse, when the payment is your faith.
Principles and perfections. A man who
loses his faith, is no longer human.
When one has rich and open soul,
accepts suspicious compromises faster.
And survives them.
Remains a human.
What if evil is attractive?
Suddenly everything is clear and easy.
Doubts disappear and...
Instincts start to rule,
reactions, basic rules.
It's you, who sets the frontier
that you can't cross.
As long as you do good things,
you can sleep safely.
But remember,
a frontier is just under your feet.
what is this doctorate about?
It's difficult to say it
in just few words.
You think I won't understand?
Philosophy is a question
about everything that surrounds us.
It's an attempt to explain
what seems to be unexplainable.
They say, that philosophy was born in Greece,
and I say it was much much earlier.
When a first human looked
in the sky and asked himself,
"What is all that for?".
-Dad... why did this happen to me?
This question...
I'm still looking for an answer
to this question, darling.
I know.
An accident.
Yes, an accident.
Well, we have to go. Are you
nervous before your tests too?
Sit down, please.
Respectable audience.
We're glad to announce
that Mr Andrzej Nowicki,
passed his doctorate exams.
Accordingly, examination committee
made an unanimous decision...
to grant him a title
of Doctor of Humanistic Sciences.
Thank You.
Great dissertation.
my congratulations, doctor Nowicki.
Thank You.
Professor, this is my voluntary
examination payment.
For building's renovation.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to
dedicate this to my great daughter...
and my wife.
Thank You.
Well, money don't stink.
In this amount.
You got the vest?
-Who are these "Men in black"?
-These are Wachowski brothers.
-They look like clones.
-They deal with computers an web trade.
Can you feel these millions
in virtual transfers?
Ests a pensar que
eu os vou materializar?
Internet is a victory of
spirit over the matter.
That will be your new address.
Understand? By the way, Polish
education needs some investments.
What about Max?
It's all right.
Everything is arranged.
What now?
-I am free.
-Maybe you'll be interested...
-No more papers-writing.
Mr colleague!
What did I want from you?
Oh, I remember now.
A letter came for You.
From Brussels.
This your liar's talk,
is a bullshit.
Not bullshit, but a paradox.
Something exists and not exists in the same time.
I thought lately...
E=mc2, right?
-Theory of relativity. E = m x c2
Energy is dependent from the mass .
There is nothing to think about.
It's easy.
Big man, like Schwarzenegger
has lots of power... energy.
And a small and thin one
like this... Woody Allen...
The movie man...
director or what...
He's thin and I'm sure he's weak.
-What about Malysz?
Malysz what?
-He's only like quarter of Schwarzenegger but...
He has lots of power.
This mass and energy is shit talk.
-"Keys" what?
I'm not going.
You can do it yourself.
You are a clever guy.
See you!
See you!
Jarek, give us some change...
Something happened?
I'm hungry.
I want to eat dinner.
With you.
What are you looking at?
Eat before it gets cold.
Ramzes gave me something for you.
I passed my secondary school final exam.
JM Broda