Emeryville (2016) Movie Script

- It's a classic reaction.
They're like animals.
And they want me to
become one of them.
- Man, you shoulda seen him.
God, his face.
Must of aged 10 years in
just a matter of minutes.
- Mr. Gisbourne's computer.
The vault guardian himself.
- Okay, well to his credit,
it took over 87 seconds
to crack the vault.
You know what's the
longest it's ever taken me?
- You know there's an
official term for this, right?
It's called hacking.
- It's also called
living on the edge.
- You know you could
go to jail for that.
- Not until your caught.
And just for the record,
our great nation was
built by curious minds.
- Well, wasn't is curiosity
that killed the cat?
- That,
only applies to small minds.
You okay?
You know I worry about you.
- You don't have to.
- Yeah, I do.
You're my girl.
- Feels like I'm going crazy.
Think it'll come back?
- I think that
one day you'll figure it out.
- It's been three years.
- Jesus, haven't we
been through this?
I'm sorry I didn't mean it.
- I guess sensitivity
isn't something you can acquire.
- Sensitivity?
You know let me think.
I know someone,
a super good kid on prom night.
What was his name?
Oh yeah, Billy.
Poor little Billy.
- I was sick.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, wait a minute.
You asked bill
Grotowski to prom?
- It was middle school.
- Wait he didn't know that?
- You're such a jerk, Cole.
- I'm so sorry.
I thought everybody
knew about it.
- Great, that makes
me feel real good.
- Are you mad?
- Yes, I am.
- How mad is my baby?
- I'm pissed mad.
- I like it when you get mad.
- Could you stop?
You know this doesn't
look like a road anymore,
are you sure we're
going the right way?
- Yes, the GPS says two miles.
- It's been saying that
for the past 20 miles.
- No, it hasn't.
- Here,
try that.
- Are you kidding me?
- Go ahead.
- Same thing, two miles.
- Well it would help if
you held the map straight.
- I am holding it straight.
- Give it to me.
- Hey!
- You guys are already
acting like a married couple.
- Look out!
- Whoa!
- You okay?
- Did, did we kill him?
- I'm really sorry man.
I'm really sorry.
- Are you okay?
Go get water!
Water, now!
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Are you okay?
- If my mother saw
this she'd be very upset.
- Your mother
should have warned you
about those blind spots.
Well, this is Reagan,
Christie, and Cole.
And you've met Justin.
- Ethan.
- You okay?
- I think so.
- It just,
I mean, we got lost, and,
Justin was Tryna,
- uh, no worries.
No harm done.
- Well what the hell are you
doing in the middle of nowhere?
- On my way to the next town.
- May, maybe you can
help us get there?
- Check the car.
- Well?
Are we screwed?
- Yep.
We're screwed.
- Alright.
Call for some help.
- Not happening.
- We've been driving for what,
30, 40 minutes?
- Yeah.
- When's the last time
someone saw a car pass by?
- Not me.
- Well, shoulda stayed
with the highway.
- GPS showed this
was the shortest way.
I was Tryna cut the distance.
- Cut the distance?
Doesn't look like we
did that now, does it?
- Oh Jesus guys, not right now.
Let's just try to stay positive.
Does anyone have any ideas?
- Well, it's a long
way back to the road.
- Guess that's
good for starters.
Any other ideas?
- We could start walking.
Find our way to the highway?
- Do you even know how
far the highway is?
- Uh, yeah.
The GPS said two miles.
- Right, the GPS, two miles.
- Oh you're map said
the same exact thing.
- My map?
- We just looked at it.
- You have no idea how
far the highway is, okay?
It could be,
- it could be way farther.
- Yeah, it just said,
- all I'm saying is if,
- two miles.
- Just wait here for two hours.
- No way.
- Or we walk for a
mile, to go find help.
In Emeryville.
- Emeryville?
- Emeryville?
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
wait a second, okay.
There's no mention of
an Emeryville here.
- Maybe it's too
small for the map.
- Too old to be on the map.
But it's worth the shot.
- Exactly.
I already like the
sound of it already.
I know.
A Marie ville.
- Okay, I'm not leaving the
road for some ghost town.
I just have a bad
feeling about this.
- Okay, and when
was the last time
you had a fire in your belly?
- Okay you clearly
haven't seen wrong turn.
If we go in there,
we may never get out.
- Justin.
The world is not out to get you.
- Okay, I see what
you're trying to do.
- I'm not trying to do anything.
We just,
we need help, and
there's people in there
that could help us.
- Does anybody else think
that we shouldn't go in there?
- He's right.
- Are you kidding me?
- See.
You should hand
out with her more,
than just going to those
malls all the time.
- Okay.
Fine, let's just wait it out.
- Hey did
anyone else just hear that?
Come on, we can't just sit
around here, and do nothing.
- For once,
I'm with her.
- Okay, how about
a show of hands.
All those in favor
of Emeryville,
raise your hand.
Do you really think it
could get any worse?
- There is another option.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Okay, I'm not betting my
life at a toss of a coin.
- Heads, we go.
- I'm not going anywhere.
- You just agreed, we all did.
- No, I didn't.
- It's not a bad idea if
somebody just stayed behind,
and kept a look out.
Alright, let's get outta here.
- You okay to walk?
- Hey, you guys.
- They all died the
same day they were born.
- Some kind
of infantile disease.
- Jesus.
You don't look too good.
- Guys we have to turn back.
- We can't.
Look around, there's
no where else to go.
Where are we?
- 1898.
- There's a reason
why it never made the map.
- Oh my god, are you okay?
- I just,
save my baby.
- What?
- Someone just get a doctor.
Jesus, don't just stand there.
- Is she okay?
- Hey wait, no, no,
no, I'm not done yet.
- You're done.
- Hey I'm not done!
- Hello?
Anybody home?
Is there a mechanic around here?
Does he talk?
- Once dead.
The car is turn cut.
If a god or,
- enough Andy.
What can I do for you fellas?
- The radiator of
our car shot and,
we thought,
is there a mechanic?
- Not within a 20 mile radius.
- Safe to assume you guys
don't have much car trouble?
- We don't.
No motor vehicles here.
Never had 'em.
Don't need 'em.
- Can we use that?
- That's for emergencies only.
That's house rules.
- Are there any other
payphones around here?
- House rules doesn't mean
I can't make that call.
Who are you calling?
- Triple a.
- Triple a?
- Mechanic.
- Guess that can be arranged.
Howdy bird.
There's some city folks here.
Sure would appreciate
some help with their car.
Guess it'll have to
be tomorrow morning.
- Tomorrow's too late.
- Guess we'll have to
look for help elsewhere.
- Elsewhere's more than a walk.
- You folks wanna stay here.
- Not a choice, okay.
Sorry, let's go.
- Do you know what a pack of
hungry coyotes can do to you?
- What do you mean?
- A few weeks ago,
Aaron, our blacksmith's son,
wandered off in them woods.
Guess curiosity got
the best of him.
Village folks went
looking for him.
Took three days
before we found Aaron.
Or at least what
was left of him.
- We'll take your offer.
- No we won't.
- Yes, we will.
- You people have
made a wise choice.
Folks around here call me Smith.
- Is there something about
this town that we should know?
- You think we're crazy?
- No, it's not that.
It's just,
the way everyone looks at us.
- Place like ours,
outsiders are a rare treat.
Hope you folks like pork chops.
Trevor here kills, and
puts food on our table.
I believe you met scar.
- Yeah.
Sure knows how to treat a lady.
- Now Bertha,
she woulda hurt herself,
if it wasn't for scar.
Tell Bertha there'll be
four additional mouths
to feed tonight.
- Five.
I'll get Justin.
- You guys lived here long?
- There is no smoking
in the village.
- What are you guys
afraid of cancer?
- We have them rules.
Without rules, there's chaos.
- It's okay to smile.
- Pick 'em up on your way out.
- Now we know why they're
stuck in the past.
You guys go 'head,
I'll catch up with you in a few.
- Where are you going?
- Tune in to some town gossip.
- Justin!
- Ah!
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Did you find the mechanic?
- Barbaric, ain't it?
- Guess it was.
- What can I do you for?
- How 'bout a shave, Nathan.
- That ain't my name.
- It says it right there.
It's quite a place
you have here.
You hiding from someone?
- The government.
Hiding from our government.
- Well, how long
have you been hiding?
- You think our government's
doing the right thing?
- The right thing?
- Yeah, the right thing,
with those witch hunts.
Hoover's FBI.
It ain't no secret.
McCarthy's got 'em breathing
down everyone's neck.
- We're talking
president Truman?
- Hell yeah president Truman.
He's given a free run to
both McCarthy and hoover.
They think they can
get away with murder.
They hunt you down like rats.
They tap your phone, listen
to your conversation,
they follow you
everywhere you go.
An honest man can't take dump,
without 'em looking up his ass.
No privacy!
You know what I mean?
- How'd they find you?
- Huh?
- Hoover's FBI.
How'd they find you?
- They got those device on ya.
They hide 'em on your nails.
Dude I got back at
them sons of bitches.
- Never look to town gossip.
- Your orders are to retreat.
- I repeat, retreat.
- All units head out.
- Why you still here boy?
- We were sent to
protect them, sir!
- Alright move!
We gotta go!
- No!
- What'd you say soldier?
- There are women
and children, sir!
- Not ours.
- Bad dream?
- Yeah.
- What was it about?
- Same thing.
- You know uh,
dreams have nothing
to do with our future.
- There's never enough wood.
That's quite a job
you did on Bertha.
- It wasn't much.
- You a medicine woman?
- You mean a doctor?
No, I'm not quite there yet.
I mean I volunteer at
the children's hospital.
Saint chapels.
- You like those?
- Yeah.
All they need is more red.
- Dwarfy here aspires
to be a painter.
Good music's a cure
for a crazy mind.
- Can we have the dinner please?
- Sarah.
- Her name is Reagan.
- Sarah Blake.
- These kids are from the city.
- It can't be.
- My apologies.
Our medicine man, doctor,
has not been himself lately.
- No worries.
- He's been acting odd.
- Know what else is odd?
Where are all the kids hiding?
What did I say something wrong?
- That's one thing we don't
talk about in Emeryville.
- Oh.
Guess it's my turn
for an apology.
- You didn't know son.
Now, let's enjoy the music.
Someone get that
noise out of my head,
before I fuck somebody up!
- I need some fresh air.
- Me too.
Something isn't right
about this place.
- I mean, doesn't
this scare you?
- There's worse out there.
And yes, it does scare me.
- You hide yourself pretty well.
- Must be in the gene pool.
My old man was a poker player.
- Was he good?
- The best in
paradise, Pennsylvania.
Problem is,
that's just about the
only thing he was good at.
- When'd you see him last?
- He was at my fourth birthday.
Got me that chocolate
chip ice cream cake,
from Robinson's,
with a cherry on top.
- You still remember.
- And a million other things.
- Must be hard on you guys.
With him leaving and all.
- Mom said it was
better that way.
The town got to him.
- Is that why you
chose the army?
- It wasn't much of a choice.
- And now you're headed back?
- There's someone
waiting for me.
- She must be worth it.
- Yep.
She is.
It's my mom.
She's dying.
What about you?
You and Cole,
how'd you guys meet?
I'm sorry, you don't
have to answer that.
- No, I want to.
Cole found me,
took care of me.
- Found you?
- There was this accident,
about three years ago.
Last thing I remember was
waking up in the hospital,
without a past.
- What about your family?
- If there was one.
No one filed a missing
persons report.
- Is that why you get those?
- What nosebleeds?
No, no.
Deja vus.
I guess a few of them are
too strong for my mind.
- Sometimes it's not such
a bad thing to forget.
- Have you noticed something?
We've got so much in common,
and yet we're so far apart.
- How's that?
- Our past.
Except you run from yours,
and all I got are Deja vus.
- What is it?
- These tracks.
They're not more
than a few days old.
- And?
- Smith said
there's no vehicles.
- Where the hell have you been?
- Getting some air.
- Uh, with him?
- Yes, with him.
- Okay, what'd you talk about?
- Cole, nothing
that concerns you.
- Did he tell you he was
dishonorably discharged
from the army?
- You went through his stuff?
- Did he, huh?
His dark fucking secrets.
- It's none of your business.
- Aw man, you know it
became my business,
the moment you took my
girl out for a walk.
He's a coward, that's why.
He probably got people killed.
- It wasn't like that.
- You know, I bet it was worse.
- Come on!
You guys.
We're in the middle of nowhere,
surrounded by weirdos.
If y'all can't be friends, can
we just pretend to get along?
- She makes a good point.
- Wasn't like that.
- Where are you going?
- To get some air.
Are you coming?
- It's kinda getting
late to be out there.
- You know she's right man,
you should just stay behind.
- No, no, wait, wait,
I'll go.
It'll be okay.
- It's time for a town haul.
Get the doctor.
- You guys serious?
- Yeah, yeah man.
I'm feeling those vibes.
She's the one.
- You guys make a great couple.
You love her, she
clearly loves you back.
- Yeah, sometimes
it's a bit too much.
- Do you know how it feels
when you're in love with someone
and you feel nothing back?
You don't wanna know.
Every time you gaze
into their eyes,
a part of you dies.
I've been dying for
three years now.
There's no such thing
as too much love.
Justin, Justin!
Did you hear that?
Are you okay?
- The baby.
They killed my baby.
- You're not making any sense.
You need to rest.
- No rest without the baby.
- Where is everyone?
- Praying,
for someone to help
us save the babies.
- It won't work.
- What's the
worst that can happen?
- They could die.
Just like the last ones,
and the ones before.
- It's called evolution.
You taught us that.
- I did?
- Our legacy, it must continue.
- Legacy?
You call this a legacy?
We're stuck here,
without a past,
and no future.
- You say we let 'em go?
- Yes, we let 'em go.
- So they can come back?
With people, with cameras.
- They'll never find us.
- They found us the first time.
We got lucky once,
with that little
friend of yours.
We live by the rules,
we survive by the rules.
And the first rule is?
- No one leaves.
- No one leaves.
They have a better
chance with you.
- And what about
the second rule?
We'll keep the ones we need.
- The medicine woman.
She dreamed with the children.
- She won't remember.
- If not her medicine,
her compassion we can use.
Perhaps we can make a deal.
- Deal?
- We tell you your name,
and where you come from.
- That would be nice.
- If you pray god will listen.
You just have to pray hard.
- No.
- You're our only hope!
- Justin!
Let me in!
Open the door!
- Christie?
- Did she say anything?
- She said something
about some sounds.
- But nothing else?
- No.
- You know Christie
and how impulsive she is.
She probably just
went for a walk.
- Yeah, she's impulsive,
but not stupid.
We need to go out there.
We need to find her.
- And start where?
- I don't know.
I don't know,
- no, I think it's
best if we just wait for her.
- What if it was Reagen, huh?
- You're overreacting.
- Hell yeah I'm overreacting.
I'm surprised you're not.
Where the fuck have you,
- They keep the ones they need.
- Pumpkin?
Pumpkin, what's wrong?
Hey, hey, hey, are you okay?
Hey pumpkin, hey it's me.
Say something, say anything.
Come on you're scaring
the shit out of me.
- Is she okay?
- I don't know.
Come on, say something.
I don't care what
you guys think,
but that's not Christie.
Did you hear how she sounded?
It's like she was possessed.
Something happened
to her out there.
Someone did that to her.
- Where are you going?
- To get some answers.
- From whom?
- I'll start with Smith.
- And how do you
expect to get them?
- Well Mr. Wesson could
be pretty persuasive.
- Where did you get that?
- Does it matter?
- Cole.
- Open up.
Open up you motherfucker!
I know you're in there!
- Ain't it too late
for you city folks?
- What happened to Christie?
- Something wrong with her?
- I don't know, I was
hoping you'd tell me.
She goes for a walk
in the village.
Next thing you know she comes
back like one of you people.
- Village after dark
can become a dangerous place.
- I need that.
- Like I said, house rules.
- I'm sure we can move
around them rules, can't we?
- How many bullets
you got in there?
- I got enough to
get me to that phone.
- You sure about that?
I hope your friend feels better.
- We need to get out of here.
- Can't we just
wait until morning?
I mean it's only a
few hours before,
- a few hour before
we're either dead,
or we turn into one of them.
- What if we just
locked ourselves in here?
- Look, you guys were right.
You and Reagen both.
We shouldn't be here.
But man it's too late.
What I saw out there is evil.
And it's sooner or later
before it comes looking for us.
- But if that's the case,
I mean aren't we
safer locked in here?
I mean,
come dawn we can just catch
a ride with the mechanic.
- If there really is one.
- What do you mean, we all
heard him on the phone.
- We heard his side
of the conversation.
- Cole, I'm not leaving her.
- Who's with me?
- What about Christie?
- We'll come back for her.
- No, Cole, I'm not leaving her.
- Yeah, well what
if they kill her.
- If they wanted her dead,
we wouldn't be
having this argument.
- We made a pact.
Friends don't leave
friends behind.
- We were kids.
We were stuck in the tree house.
- We made that promise.
You, made that promise.
- Yeah, you're right.
- There is one other option.
One of goes to find help.
- It's another
one of your brilliant ideas.
- No, no, let's hear him out.
- Earlier, when
we were out there,
we saw tire tracks, right?
And I'm telling you,
those tracks were not more
than a couple days old.
- Yeah, and what's your point?
- There's gotta be
a vehicle somewhere.
- Talk about some crazy idea.
You know, and even if
there is some escape
vehicle out there,
how are we gonna find it?
- We follow the tracks.
- We follow the tracks?
In the middle of the night?
- We have these.
- Yeah, and you also have
an entire fucking village
watching you!
- I'm not sure there's
much of a choice here.
- I can't leave Christie.
- Tails, you leave.
- It's my turn.
- How do we
know you'll come back?
- I'm afraid you'll just
have to take that chance.
- You know the rules.
Without rules, there is chaos.
- Leave us alone!
- Others?
- Not very far.
- They can't all be the same.
There has to be an odd one out.
- What you mean like, someone
with an ounce of sanity left?
- Yeah.
- Like a minority would work.
- Where do you
think you're going?
- In search of sanity.
- I thought you'd never come.
- There's so many questions.
- There are no
answers, I'm afraid.
See that?
People believe a dream catcher
holds destiny to their future.
Ironical as it may same,
I'm looking for a past.
- I don't understand.
- For as long as I can remember,
which is not a lot,
I've been living in
this godforsaken place.
A few scraps of memories,
a flurry of dreams,
that's all I got.
I was hoping you could help
me make sense of it all.
- What makes you
think that I can?
- 'Cause you're always there,
in those dreams.
- Well what was the last
thing that you remember?
- Waking up.
- How long ago was that?
- Uh,
I've run out of space.
You're gonna have to help
me make sense of it all,
I'm afraid.
- I,
uh, okay.
Um, um, you got me.
You're Kowalski, um,
Dr. Kowalski,
quiet and compassionate.
- Yes.
Why would I kill you?
- There was an accident.
- What is your name?
- Reagen, Reagen.
- See for a moment,
you had me convinced.
All I wanted was your manual.
Goodbye Sarah Blake.
- No!
- What happened?
We gotta get outta here.
We gotta get outta,
we gotta get Christie!
We gotta get out of here now!
- Justin, calm down.
We can't get to the
house right now.
We have to wait for Ethan.
And we're still alive.
- Being alive doesn't feel
so great, now does it?
- Man do you
remember that party?
After senior prom?
Making out with those
Mckinnie sisters upstairs,
and their dad showed up?
What was his name again?
- Mr. Mckinnie.
- Yeah, Mr. Mckinnie.
Came hunting after us
with that double barrel?
- Yeah, yeah I remember.
- Do you think
that this is any worse?
- Nothing could be
worse than Mr. Mckinnie
staring at us with
that double barrel.
- Now you wait.
Ethan's gonna be driving
down that road at any moment.
We'll be on our way.
- Ethan's not coming back.
- You chose to come here!
- We made a mistake.
We have to deal with it.
- Maybe I don't want
to deal with it.
- Justin wait!
- For what?
For death?
Or to become like one of them?
Right now I'm not sure which
one is more attractive.
If you find Christie,
when you find Christie,
just tell her
something for me, huh?
Tell her I found that fire.
You tell her I took a stand.
- Gonna be a long night.
Long and wet.
- Do you think
Justin will be okay?
- I don't know.
- Now what?
- I don't know.
- Come on, Cole.
You always find a way.
- I'm sorry to disappoint you.
- I must look terrible.
- No, I don't think you've
ever looked prettier.
- I don't think now's a
good time for compliments.
- It's never a
bad time with you.
How long have we been together?
- I don't, I don't know.
- It'll be three years tomorrow.
And there's something
I've been meaning
to say for a while now, I just,
I couldn't find the time.
you're the best thing
that's ever happened to me.
And I know,
that I'm hopelessly
flawed to deserve you.
- You've got a good heart Cole.
- No, I don't.
The truth is,
ever since I saw you,
I wished you'd never
remember your past.
- There's gotta
be a good reason.
- It's just,
what if there was someone else?
Someone, who cared about you,
more than me.
I'm just so scared
of losing you.
- You don't have to
worry about that.
- How 'bout,
as soon as we get
out of this place,
we can start over again.
We can, ya know, go on our
first date and everything,
what do you think?
I'm gonna need therapy
after all this is over.
- How does
greasy Chinese takeout,
and a cheap bottle of wine,
and a kung-fu movie
at the drive-in sound?
- Greasy Chinese
food, and cheap wine,
sounds great.
We should call in.
How about this week.
Uh, oh, phone.
- Hm?
- We have to get to the
saloon, to the phone.
- How do you plan on
doing that exactly?
- Oh god, I don't know.
Just give me your phone.
- Cole, you know
it doesn't work.
- It'll work just fine.
- Who is it?
- It's me, city boy.
They found this place.
- FBI?
- I'm afraid so.
- Tracking device.
- There's more where
this came from.
- What do you suggest we do?
- Can I come in?
- Ethan, is that you?
Come on man, it's
not the time to be,
- no rules,
- funny.
- There's chaos.
- See what I mean.
- No.
I'm afraid I don't.
- Operator.
- Look at their hooves.
Don't they look funny?
You can't see that?
Look at it?
Look at the hooves!
Don't you get it?
Whoever's out here!
He's been in here!
- Get a hold of yourself!
- They're out here!
Because of hoover!
They've been out here!
Look at 'em, look at 'em!
See how they,
- them stray folk
put you up to this?
- No!
I knew, the moment
I laid eyes on you,
you were with the FBI!
Where are you
hiding that device?
- Shh!
- God may never forgive me,
for what I've started today.
These people may
be mentally ill,
but they're still human.
And no amount of electricity
can make them human again.
We don't always make
the right choices.
For all we know,
in those moments,
are the result of bad memories.
Wm3c4 erased declarative memory,
while leaving
procedural memory alone.
In other words,
physiologically they
remain unchanged,
behaviorally however,
the subject becomes
an empty slate.
is a declarative
memory reset button.
Three months now,
the treatments are going
better than I anticipated.
Several subjects have
started forming new memories.
A few have started
inventing memories.
Their behavioral instability
used to be a concern.
First success,
someone who could
actually rationalize,
control impulses,
separate right from wrong.
This one, fit for
the real world.
Something ain't right.
A few of the subjects
are continuing to exhibit
random aggressive behavior,
that's outside the
normal patterns.
It's rubbing off on others.
The in law inside them
is, it's contagious.
I'm beginning to think
you can't tame what's
meant to be wild.
And it was the first
sign of trouble.
When Ms. Blake
reached her full term.
It's a classic reaction,
they're like animals
and they want me to
become one of them.
- There was no
infantile disease.
No one showed 'em
how to handle babies.
The cries got to them.
- What are you talking about?
- It doesn't matter anymore.
Christie was right.
They keep the ones they need,
and they don't need us.
- Hey, there's a way out.
- Yeah, uh,
Justin, Justin, Justin,
we have to get, Justin,
- look at me!
Look at me!
- Give me your hand.
- Can I let go?
- You came back.
- You didn't think I would?
- Just for a moment.
- Listen,
there's still a couple
hours 'til daylight.
I know it doesn't sound right,
but get some sleep.
- I'll take you up on that.
- Bad dream again?
- I left someone behind.
Her entire family.
- So that why you were
dishonorably discharged,
leaving 'em behind?
- For trying to save them.
- Oh my god, Chris!
- Come on, we can't stop!
- Chris!
Oh my god, Chris!
- Her name is Casey.
- It's not her name.
I don't have time to explain.
Chris you have to come with me.
- Just come.
- Casey will
help her family.
Raise children,
our legacy.
- You're not her family.
- Oh yes, but we are.
- Casey, tell her
who's your family.
- This is my family.
- Hey.
Come on,
come on, come on.
We gotta go.
Come on, we gotta go.
Go, go, go!
- How much more?
- Come on, come on.
Get in.
- Okay.
- Get in.
- We're not getting outta here.
What, what?
- You drove a stick before?
- Come on get inside.
- We both won't make it.
Not with the stuck gearbox.
I'll lead 'em away.
- No, I'm not
leaving without you.
- There's not much
of a choice here.
- What about your mom?
She's been there before.
Fair enough.
Tails, I leave.
Heads you go.
- I'm coming back for you.
- Don't.
- Remember what you
said last night.
How I fight to forget, and
all you have are Deja vus.
Well guess what?
I'm tired of fighting.
Now go.
Before I change my mind.
- You're dead wrong
about your dad.
He wasn't the best
poker player in town.
Poker face.
There's never enough wood.
There you go, good.
- I'm gonna go
ahead and start flowing.
- You can stop.
You can stop.
I don't know where the coin is.
- You are rolling?
- Forget the
sun, I don't need the sun.
Let's just go.
- Yep.
- Yep.
- Okay.
- Alright that
is a wrap for the night.
- That's a wrap?
- That's a wrap.