Eminence Hill (2019) Movie Script

Good mornin' to y'all.
And to you, ma'am.
Beggin' a pardon
for the imposition
but a few words
need speakin' on.
Won't you come inside then?
You'll have to forgive us,
we're not used to
seeing folks out here.
Is the water to your likin'?
Very much so, thank you.
Yeah, well, it's
the darnedest thing,
the well out there's
all full of sulfur
but ya set a pitcher of it
out in the sun for an hour
and it seems to fix it right up.
Word had it it was
just the two of you.
Our daughter, Ruth.
How you manage to
maintain yourself.
My apology, ma'am.
Quite a nice piece of
land you have here.
Secluded, a little isolated.
Well, we make do, don't we?
Still, man's a complicated
and fickle creature.
Once he grows accustomed
to having something,
it's hard to learn
how to do without.
Simple things, the slightest
diversions of convenience
gives him a sense of reprieve.
Now myself, I find that
paramount to our existence.
Amen to that.
I spent most
of my life on the trail,
far from the amenities
of the gentrified,
a fresh cigar, a
smooth shot of whiskey,
or the warmth found between
the thighs of a fine woman.
At least with that last one,
you're not having to do without.
Are you, Isaac?
Name's Meechum.
James Meechum.
Well, forgive my error.
I was told that this
was the homestead
of Mr. Isaac Ackerman.
Six of 12 and
foreman in the trial
of a man by the
name of Jake Tullis?
The word is that Mr. Ackerman
and his fellow weren't content
to simply snatch the
life from old Jake
but left him on a
rope past sundown.
Left him there for the
better part of a month.
So birds picked out
his eyes from his skull
and the flesh off his bones.
Go tend to your chores, Ruth.
Do no such thing.
I regret this not being a tale
such innocent ears should hear.
If I may...
Now, Tullis was no angel.
That much is true.
But whatever could he have
done to warrant such cruelty?
And at the hands of such
fine and upstanding people?
I've asked this question of many
and still have yet to get
an answer that satisfies.
So I inquire to
you, Mr. Ackerman,
what great cruelty
befell those good people
that would cause them
to behave in such a way?
This turn out any different
if I spin you some fancy words?
Good man.
Hard and steady to the last.
Can't say the same
for any of the others.
But it's only fitting,
seeing as how you're the final
notch to carve in the iron.
Last of 12.
Oh, I figured you heard.
But maybe you hadn't, seeing
as how far you were in.
But just to move things along,
I find you guilty.
Let her go, please.
Oh, it's a precious
thing to behold.
The love a father
has for his child.
Nothing runs so thick as blood.
Were you there that
day, Mrs. Ackerman?
Imagine you're proud
of your husband.
I beg you, please.
From what I hear, it
was quite the occurrence.
Brought in folks
from miles around.
All endeavoring to steal a peek
as Isaac here, the
duly appointed foreman,
rose to his feet and
read aloud the verdict.
Condemned to death my brother.
Did it make you proud of
your man, Mrs. Ackerman?
This last one's not rhetorical
and I'm expecting a reply.
Now you're thinking this can
only end bad, you're right.
But tell me the truth and
maybe I'll let the girl live.
I was proud.
Proud that my
husband could deliver
what he thought was justice.
Thank you, ma'am.
Do you bleed?
Are you a woman yet?
She comes with us.
No, no, no, no, no, no!
Who the hell are you?
Given the fact that I took
the trouble to send you a wire,
I was expecting you
would already know that.
Are you here for Garret?
Rise and shine, you
got yourself a visitor.
I don't know you.
Quincy Hollis Foster,
United States Marshal.
What can I do for you?
Would you be so kind as
to give us a moment alone?
You gonna state your purpose?
Thank you, I'll
wait until you've finished.
Right to it then.
Tracking a man of
your acquaintance.
Agree to help me find him,
and you walk out of
here tonight a free man.
I amuse you?
Not in the slightest.
What are you doing?
I'm going back to bed.
And if you plan on stayin',
I'd appreciate you cutting
down on the chatter.
I've just stated that
if you agree to help me,
I will secure your liberty.
You want me to help
you find Royce Tullis.
And I hear he's been keeping
you boys pretty busy of late.
Yes, I want you to
help me find Mr. Tullis.
And Gretchen James, Samson
Sullivan, and Cyrus Pope.
A few days ago, they crossed
the final name off their list.
Man by the name of Ackerman.
Killed his wife too.
But they had a daughter.
Might still be alive,
though if that be the case,
by now she's likely
wishing it wasn't so.
You can't be this simple.
They're cutting me
loose in a day or so.
So help you or not, I'm
flying this rat's nest.
Ever heard of a
town called Macon?
Folks there sure know the
name of Carson Garret.
Army scout and tracker turned
rustler and highwayman.
Carson Garret, otherwise
known as Marcus Tunstell,
otherwise known
as Carson Miller,
wanted for the crimes
of horse theft, larceny,
and lewd and lascivious conduct
of an uncivilized nature.
Sounds like you had
yourself quite a time.
What are you pitching here?
A pardon for past offenses,
granted by Governor
Safford's office.
A chance at some redemption
for an ill-spent life.
And a pleasant thank you.
Going up against Tullis?
Nothing short of
a death sentence.
Certainly was that
way for a town marshal,
a territorial magistrate,
and 12 good citizens
that gave his brother the swing.
But at least this
way you get a chance,
albeit a slim one, to slip a
fate so earnestly deserved.
There's a town not far
from here called Silvermill.
You know it?
Passed it on my way here.
There's a saloon
there, hard to miss.
There's a fine woman of
less than honest repute.
You get me outta here, a hot
bath, some fresh clothes,
a ride on that beauty,
you got yourself a deal.
It's not exactly what you
call an ample sucker, is it?
Now that little
birdie over there
would rightly satisfy
another kind of hunger.
Get it outta your head, Cyrus.
We'll reach Creekside tomorrow,
then Stonetrees a day after.
And you can eat till
your guts burst,
fuck till you can't walk.
You keep your hands
off the blondie.
Sell her intact.
Blood Feathers.
What the hell for?
That little stranger
fetch a better price
with the savages than
just about any place else.
I hate those fuckers.
You're more than free
to stay at Creekside.
Leaves a better split
for the rest of us.
I'm not staying.
All right.
It looks about done.
Got plenty of thirst.
I ain't getting that again.
I do got the right of it though.
Don't even think it!
You know Royce
wants her unspoiled.
Care for a little swallow?
Hell, come now.
Please, I just wanna go home.
What do you think will happen?
The hell is that?
Come here.
Give it to me.
He's off now.
Put it away.
Put it away!
Fuckin' whore.
Stick a blade on me, will you?
I will.
Listen, you goddamn...
Hey, hey!
Oh, shut up!
You just walk it off, Cyrus.
He's just.
No true hold.
We all get some sleep.
We break at sunrise.
Goddamn it!
Shit, fuck, filthy
fucking savages!
- The hell, Cyrus?
- What?
Blood Feathers and everything.
Oh, we were just relieved
of our means of travel.
No fucking way!
Yes fucking way.
Well, they weren't
Blood Feathers at least.
How do you know that?
'Cause our throats
ain't split open.
Hey, bug-eyes.
I know you saw 'em, didn't ya?
Yeah, you saw and you didn't
think to warn us, did you?
I'll make you learn!
Hey, she's worth
less without her teeth!
Weasel, hang the weasel.
This little piece of
strange is bad luck.
That's all?
Plain and simple.
Cyrus, you are one
simple son of a bitch.
Keep on pushing me!
All right?
We're on foot from here.
Gear up what you can
manage, all right?
It true?
You hear them creepin' up?
No, sir.
I hope not.
Because bad as
things were for you,
they just got a whole lot worse
now that we got to
cross the land on foot.
All right, let's get out.
That's it.
Should grab what you can.
So would you be wanting a
little filly yourself then?
Thank you, no.
Are you sure?
You seem a bit wound up.
I'll be just fine.
Thank you.
What'll you have, friend?
Some tea would satisfy.
Haven't got tea.
But I could put a
fresh pot of coffee on.
Thank you, no.
Is your water clean?
Pulled from the
well this morning.
I'll have that then.
There you go, sir, one water.
Thanks for that.
You should be thanking
the dude that paid.
Hell, thanks, dude.
Who is he anyway?
Oh, some flat-foot lawman.
You going square on me, Garret?
That's just a cat's paw.
He's enlisted me to track down
Royce Tullis and his crew.
Well then.
Well then, I guess
this is goodbye.
Hope you enjoyed
yourself, Mr. Garret.
Little romp in
the bush might ease some
of that tension
you're holding onto.
I don't keep with whores.
Well, that ain't no fun.
You know, I was thinking.
Since we're going up against
the most dangerous gang
in the territory, you could
like purchase me a six-shooter.
Hell, a rifle even.
That won't be necessary.
Will it not?
Don't expect you'll
need to do any fighting.
We gonna just ask old Tullis
to come along peaceful like?
- All you need to do, Mr.
- Garret, is lead me to him.
I can handle the
matter from there.
Okay then.
Wow, 2,000.
Double what they were
offering a week ago.
You know that much metal's
gonna draw some attention.
That it will.
I swear this
don't make no sense.
What do you mean?
Well, we was on the
right trail Creekside,
then this hill'd
be Banshee's Peak.
But it ain't.
How can you tell?
Well, if this here
was Banshee's Peak,
then down there would
be Canners Walk.
I don't know what that is down
there, but it ain't Canners.
We're lost!
- You bitch!
- All right, goddamn it.
Dimwitted and he don't
know where he's taking us.
Ease up.
We're gonna figure this out.
Smoke down there.
Few wisps, like
someone made camp.
Could be Indian.
Apaches maybe.
Hell, Blood Feathers even.
I don't think so.
That smoke could be
seen for miles around.
Blood Feathers never
call attention like that.
All right.
What say you, Jonah?
Is it about done?
I agree.
Well, speak up, man, if you
want me to share with you.
Oh, Jonah, you leave
me only the lamb share.
Well, I need to relieve myself.
Try and resist the temptation
of your larcenous nature
while I'm gone.
That chop looks awfully tasty.
You wouldn't happen to have
another piece to spare?
Would ya?
Allow me to interject, sirs.
Poor Jonah here
hasn't even the power
of the simplest of speech,
but luckily for him, I
confabulate well enough
for the two of us.
What's confabulate?
Means to talk.
Oh, that's a good word.
I'll remember that one.
This the road to Creekside?
Creekside must be 90
leagues from here.
You've quite a
lengthy ride, sir,
if that's your destination.
What did I tell ya?
Sorry, boss.
It's 'cause the storm and all.
Where's this road take us?
The nearest proper town
would Stark Ridge Hollow.
Not more than two
hours at a trot.
Follow the road,
it'll lead you there.
Well, we'll be off then.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
That one is protective.
Friends, stop.
Jonah, my good
man, curb yourself.
Don't get involved in things
that don't concern you.
You should listen to him, Jonah.
I can take him.
Fuckin' hell, Cyrus!
You want that little
piece, she's yours.
Just ease up on that trigger.
Jonah, please.
Heroics are detrimental
to your health.
That little birdies
don't fly from me!
Goddamn it.
Get off me, half-wit.
Can't run from me, girl!
Hey, ma'am!
Please, help!
Easy now.
She ain't worth so
much as a corpse.
Come now, Athaliah.
On your feet, bitch!
Boys all right?
You all right?
Good day, friends.
Nothing to concern
yourself with.
Boys are gonna
want to hold back!
Same to you.
Welcome to Eminence Hill.
Sir, help!
Girl's a thief.
Caught her trying to
part with my purse.
A thief, you say?
She hasn't the look of one.
Don't let her youthful
visage fool you.
Turn her over first
lawman I come across.
We're all lawmen here of a sort.
And what sort would that be?
No, no!
Stop, help!
Ah, God's law.
There's no other kind.
No argument here.
You got a name?
I'm Dathan.
He's not faring so well either.
I can barely fucking walk.
You should unencumber yourselves
at our Father's house.
Fresh water for you and
yours, food and respite.
Tend to that wound of yours.
It works for me, boss.
I guess I can't rightly refuse.
Lead the way, friend.
Come then.
I don't mean to question
your proficiency, Mr. Garret,
but we seem to be heading
north rather than south.
Well, is that so?
Macon lies to the south, as
does the Ackerman homestead.
You wanna find Royce Tullis,
he ain't in Macon or
the Ackerman place.
No, but ought we not try and
pick up his trail from there?
How else do you
intend to track him?
If you wanted
yourself a tracker,
shoulda hired
yourself a redskin.
If you wanna find Tullis,
we're headed north.
You know where he is then?
I've got an idea.
Better than backtracking,
in any case.
Well, you say he
has a girl with him?
Only one reason
he'd have a girl.
Oh, and it ain't what you think.
Old Gretchen cut his balls off.
No, he's got an eye
toward selling her.
Selling her?
Yeah, they fetch a good
price, they got all their teeth.
And where would he go to
broker such a transaction?
Well, you got old Mexico,
but that's crawling
with headhunters.
Fetch a better price up north.
My bottom dollar says
he's headed to Stonetrees.
Never heard of it.
Blood Feathers territory.
Blood Feathers?
Know 'em?
Name rings out.
Indians, Apache and Navajo
renegades along with other sorts.
Hardest killers
in the territory.
Put the Mongolian
hordes to shame.
I see.
And that's where you
believe Tullis is headed.
I do.
Very well then.
Hey, the reward,
cut it right down
the middle, right?
We do not.
How do you figure?
Well, you made your terms
plain enough back in Riley.
A bath, fresh clothes,
and a turn in the velvet.
You're shitting me!
I have met my obligations
and you will do the same.
Well, I bet you don't
make many friends, do ya?
Folks are friendly.
A little too friendly.
Doesn't smell though.
I mean, he's good too.
I don't like it.
You never like it.
People seem kinda weird.
That means a lot
coming from you.
You the one they call Father?
I'm Noah.
Welcome to my ark.
Fine spread you got here.
Thank you.
Rejoice, Father.
Oh, Sister Wilhelmina.
Looks wonderful.
That is one tasty-looking bird.
Problem, sunshine?
Let us have some
words before we partake.
As we bow our heads,
let us thank the
Lord for his bounty
and may this harvest
give us strength
so that we may serve him better.
For we know that
only through service
and worship of him
shall we have salvation.
Amen, let's dig in.
That's some flavor.
I'm glad it's to your liking.
Where do you hail from?
Well, uh, there and about.
So it's only by happenstance
that you're here in Eminence?
Despite our thief,
wouldn't come across
this place any other way.
Yeah, I can't say I ever
heard of y'all before.
I mean, I ain't ever
seen a map, you know?
We keep to ourselves.
You know what'll go
great with your bird?
A little bit of old Taos.
I beg your pardon?
Beer even.
Well, I'm sorry.
We never partake in
spirituous libations.
That's just plain uncivilized.
I feel dizzy all of a sudden.
Me too, I feel...
It's best not to fight it.
Let it take you.
Days are warm but I do
mind how cold it gets up here
when the sun goes down.
Hey, hand me that.
You hear that?
Something's out there.
Coyotes probably.
Hey up there!
Who's out there?
Name's Garret,
coming in friendly.
Got the law with me.
We don't want any trouble.
How's about both you boys
step on down from those horses?
As you like.
You tell your boy back
there no sudden moves.
We just come for a
simple passage of words
and a little warmth
by your fire there.
All right, pop a squat,
but I'm gonna keep
my eyes on ya.
Don't mind if I do.
Thank you, partner.
Where are you fellas headed?
Nowhere special.
And you?
Of a kind.
Just a ride about.
A ride about, you say?
We're headed the same
place you boys are.
But we're looking to split
that reward four ways.
I don't know what you mean.
Is that so?
What about you, Foster?
Call yourself the law now?
That badge must have
cost a tidy sum.
I'm sorry, you seem to
have me at a disadvantage.
You don't remember me.
Sure as pain I could
never forget you.
Take a good look, boys.
Got a real legend in our midst.
Quincy Hollis Foster himself.
You heard of him?
I have.
That so, Charlie?
Why don't you tell us
all what you've heard?
He's a killer.
Boys, that man's close to
Armageddon in the flesh.
Make you shudder to hear half
the things they say he's done.
Things I've done.
The past tense
underscores the lack
of importance this subject holds
to the present dilemma.
Which is?
From what I've been told
of Mr. Tullis and his crew,
the thoughtful money would be
on him wiping you boys out.
There's little sense
in taking a chance
after such efforts have
been spent on my part.
What, you just think
you're gonna run us off?
Well then.
Fire's very pleasant.
If you don't mind, I think
I'll make my own bedroll.
Do as you please.
What's going on?
Rise and shine.
Know who you're mixing with?
You know who you're mixing with?
That's the question
we first need answered.
Then we can talk of
how you came upon us
and if we should anticipate
any more visitors.
But for all in proper
order, who are you?
I'm Royce Tullis.
Name's not foreign to me.
That's never a surprise.
Because if I knew
who I was holding,
I'd be a fool to misuse him so.
Soon as I get out
of a bit of a situation here.
I give an offer to
release my people, me.
We agree to look beyond this.
I'm not interested in
looking beyond anything.
I'll knock the
devil out of you, boy!
The strike was
for the blasphemy.
If you're able to refrain,
then you can keep the
rest of your smile.
Now please, answer the question.
You're a dead man.
All of you.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Left hand.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
You'd rather a
right hand gunslinger?
No, hold on!
What, goddamn it?
Last time.
How'd you find us?
It was, it wasn't planned.
We were chasing down a child.
She broke away from us
and came upon y'all.
By the looks of her, she'd
have issues stealing a chicken.
Who is she?
What could you possibly
care about her?
You abducted her.
From where?
And is anyone liable to
come looking for her?
No one's gonna
come looking for her
because we left none alive.
But the manner in which I
left her people is nothing
compared to what's
going to happen to you
if you don't cut me loose.
It's gonna be a long
night for you, Mr. Tullis,
but we'll break
this defiant streak.
Be easy on that,
needs to last all day.
Hell's got to be colder.
You know, if we push through,
we'll make it to Sharon
Springs by nightfall.
And if we stop for a respite?
The only source
of fresh water for miles.
We stop before then, we die.
I take it you're used to
these horrendous conditions.
I am.
Myself, I fear I
never will acclimate
to extremeness of
weather, hot or cold.
Well, I wouldn't grow too sour.
Seems like you've developed
a comfort for other things.
Suppose that's true.
It doesn't unsettle you at
all, does it, killing folks?
I do only as my
obligations dictate.
And that's how
you reckon with it.
You know, for a
man who once rode
with the most vile
outlaw in the territory,
you seem curiously judgmental.
I've done my share
of bloodletting,
just never took to it the
way men like you have.
You find that amusing?
There are no men
like me, Mr. Garret.
Well, I know of one.
If fates were kind, you'll
wind up ending each other
before this thing's over.
World would be better
off for it, I suppose.
Hey, Royce, Royce.
Is Royce in there with you?
You sons of bitches.
You sons of bitches!
Cyrus, goddamn it, answer me!
Pig scum!
Just you wait.
I'm gonna delight in
making you suffer.
Hey, where are you taking her?
Oh, can't ya hear me?
Swine fuckers!
Good afternoon.
Apologies about yesterday,
but today will see you
fare better, I believe.
Thanks to you, brothers,
but I can take count
of her from here.
I am Sister Abigail but
you may call me Abby.
By his blessing, may she
share my harvest and home.
"Where you go, I will go."
"And where you
stay, I will stay."
"Your people will be my
people and your God my God."
Recital of your namesake, Ruth.
Pure of heart and
friend of God's people.
See now, Athaliah,
what a meager amount
of tenderness can achieve in
restoring the wayward lamb.
Yes, ma'am.
As with all things, only
possible through the Lord.
And why is that?
Because the righteous
only act in...
In the furtherance.
Furtherance of his will.
Quite right, child.
"And as they
continued to ask him,"
"he stood up and said to them,"
"let him who is without
sin among you be the first"
"to throw a stone at her."
How lovely you look.
Thank you.
Brother Dathan waits
for us in the parlor.
Sister, would you give
us a moment of privacy?
Yes, Brother.
Have a seat, please.
Where should we begin?
I don't know...
Why not start with how you
came by such sordid company
in the first place,
and more importantly,
how you found us.
It wasn't anyone's intent.
After they...
They came to our farm one day
and killed my mother and pa.
All on account of Pa
having sat on a jury
that found Mr. Tullis'
brother guilty of murder.
Mr. Tullis was out for
revenge for his dead kin,
so they killed him and took me.
While on the road, we
came across two men,
one white and one colored.
The colored man helped
me make a break for it
and I can only figure
they killed them too.
I see.
I wasn't looking or paying
heed to where I was going.
My only aim was to get away.
But by the time
Gretchen caught me,
I was here with you folk.
I believe you.
And it seems you've
suffered a grave injustice.
Good day to you, miss.
What's gonna happen now?
Father will preside over
a trial in the morning
for your companions.
After which it's highly likely
you'll never have
to see them again.
So you're gonna kill them?
They will be called to
account for their sin.
What fate awaits
them is up to the...
If that be so, I'm glad
and I thank you for it.
Some may call it wicked,
but my desire for their
blood weighs heavy on me.
No, miss, not wicked,
but vengeance is
the Lord's alone.
Why you stare at him like that?
I've never seen anybody better
than Mr. Tullis
like that before.
Hell, he break free
and want more, do you?
Man's only flesh
and blood after all.
What do you reckon
they'll do to us?
Nothing pleasing, I'm certain.
They're gonna
torture us, ain't they?
Sever our fingers.
Are you scared, boy?
Of course he is.
Be a fool not to be.
Can you hear me, darlin'?
Ain't no shame in it.
No man alive's
above the jitters.
Yes ma'am.
That one.
Come on, boy.
Down, boy.
Leave him be, you cunts!
Garret, you've led us
directly into an ambush.
Somehow you've managed to
descend even lower in my esteem.
That really stings, boss.
Hold on, boys, we
don't want any trouble.
Not looking for trouble?
That's a first for you, Garret.
Silky Foal.
Sylvia now.
I don't care about the
handle, I'm glad to see ya.
Who's your friend?
He's a...
US Marshal Quincy Hollis Foster.
You bring the law
to my camp, Garret?
I didn't know
you were holed up here.
What's he telling her?
Hey, we've got money.
We'll gladly compensate
for bed and board.
You bring this man here,
this is most unwelcome.
Ma'am, if I may...
Whatever your crimes may be,
I can assure you I have no
intent on being a bother.
As your friend Mr.
Garret rightly said,
it's fresh water and
some cooked food,
that's all we're after.
What do you pay with?
Whatever your preference,
silver or paper.
Got more than enough of both.
What will you take then?
We ran out.
It's your lucky day.
This is the best wildcat
this side of old Mexico.
Not much here.
But every drop's pure heaven.
See our friends get to camp.
Tell Alejandro I
said care of 'em.
I thought you were dry.
Drink beer.
'Cause a fool sold the
last bottle of whiskey
to a frumpy old man.
Two bottles of medicine.
You can't get drunk
off of medicine.
Alejandro, my good man.
Is that the scent of whiskey
I smell on your breath?
Go away.
And what of you, fine sir?
Have you any spirits?
Oh, fresh out.
I'm disappointed.
So fine.
Like rays of sunshine.
Your hair, it's lovely.
Thank you.
I think Father Noah
intends for you to join us.
I'm glad.
And what if I
don't want to stay?
Where would you go?
Your folks are gone.
Are they not?
Besides, no one is ever
permitted to leave.
Father says that
those who know of us
must never be able to depart.
For it's only that the sinful
know not of our sanctuary,
that we thrive in the
light of the Lord.
How'd you come to find us?
By chasing that little cunny.
I swear.
That'll suffice.
What's your notion?
They've all said the
same thing more or less.
We still have one more
but to bedevil a woman
would put a strain
on my conscience, Father.
It's not necessary.
Eminence Hill is safe.
Your friend doesn't
look so happy.
He's not one for fine company.
Or company of any sort.
Sad part is, he's
the one with the money.
Oh, thank you.
No change?
Something regarding
your personage
is awfully pressing
on that man's mind.
It would seem so.
Quincy Foster?
Not the slightest.
Mason Mills, Staff
Sergeant, Third Cavalry.
As was.
Fascinating, what
can I do for you?
Carson Garret, the Southern.
That was a long
time ago, partner.
Yeah, I used to know a lot
of the boys from the Southern.
It's sad to see that
you're taking up
with such a sordid character.
You just need to
leave it, friend.
Advisable idea.
But some things need to be said.
We all have our history.
Yeah, none of us are angels.
Hell, I'm just a bounty
chasing road dog myself.
But I tell you, in 100 years,
only a time or two has hell
spit out a man such as this.
A fellow with a coldness about
him that just ain't human.
A creature that takes a life
as simple as drawing a breath.
And one who don't discriminate
about whose life
ends at his hands.
You make me sound
quite the monster.
Maybe you should ask your friend
to talk to those people at
Beacon's Hope about that.
You do remember Beacon's
Hope, Mr. Foster?
Quiet place, as peaceful
as you would like,
until they found
gold in the creek.
And those folks musta thought
that they had struck fortune.
That is until the Hurst
Mining Company came in,
sent Mr. Foster.
It was a business transaction
with some regrettable
Hurst kinda did pretty
well with it, didn't he?
Because he ended up
seizing the mining rights
because there wasn't a soul
left to deny his claim.
You see, Beacon's was founded
by Kansas abolitionists
as a safe haven
for former slaves.
And when Mr. Hurst got the word
that there was
color to be found,
that brought on the furies.
Your vivid depictions
loosen the memory.
Though the years
have not been kind.
But Sergeant Mills here,
along with other cavalrymen,
was hired to assist
in the suppression
of a renegade
colony of ex-slaves.
Now I am sorry if acting
with accord of your duty
has caused you some
personal regret.
But it has been a
day of some exertion
and I'll be taking my leave.
Don't you even.
Just cool them heels.
Calling me out?
Here we go.
I'm calling you a
lower than scum murderer
of helpless women and children.
I'm not calling you out.
As sorry as I feel for
the people of Beacon's,
I have no intention of
rushing to join 'em.
I just needed to say my part.
Quincy Hollis Foster
is a child killer.
And with that, I take my leave.
Come on, partner,
let it roll off.
You gonna force me to draw?
Your call to play, Sergeant.
I've come to purpose.
If you're gonna shoot me,
it'll have to be in the back.
Look at me!
Open your eyes and take sight!
As all of you can attest to,
I did not stab this
man in the back!
Christ, woman,
that's depressing.
Pretty fuckin' lamentable.
You and me tangled here
like a couple of hogs
awaiting slaughter.
Hey, Royce.
We ain't getting out
of this one, are we?
I don't think so.
The evening progresses
and still we find you troubled.
What are you about, old man?
You should know better
than to sneak up on
a man in the dark.
My apologies, sir.
I simply thought you
might like some company.
You know, most people
that track off by themselves
are trying to avoid it.
Still, after the
horrific incident
that took place back
there, your friend.
Hardly my friend.
Hired me as a guide
and the sooner I get
him where he's going,
the sooner I never have
to set eyes on him again.
And where is it
that you are headed?
For your sake as well as
mine, I'll avoid an answer.
Naturally, wherever a
man like that is headed
is a place best avoided.
I thought someday
he'd meet up with a man
that was faster and colder,
give him his just desserts.
I thought there was such a
man at the end of our journey
but I think even Royce
Tullis'll find himself wanting
when he squares up with Quincy.
Royce Tullis, you say?
Need to keep that
under your hat.
As you say, but I do
believe he's the fellow
I had the misfortune of
encountering a day past.
Was traveling with a good
woman, two fellows, and a child.
Where'd this
crossing take place?
On the road from Stark Ridge.
My companion tried to assist
the child in their company
and they cut him down.
Stark's only a ride
and a bed from here.
Chances are he's
not there by now.
Couldn't have traveled far,
doubling back by Creekside.
Don't say a word of this
to anybody you
hadn't already told.
Sorry, ma'am.
No need.
But it is time you wake.
Father Noah has called
an assembly at the church
and the entire community
is obliged to attend.
What's happening?
The trial of your
companions, of course.
And you must be Ruth.
I'm Liam and this is
my sister Margaret.
Is it true?
You were taken
prisoner by savages?
- Come now.
- Sorry.
Hold strong, son.
Show no debility.
The accused will refrain from
talking amongst themselves.
I recite from the
book of Genesis.
"Now the earth was corrupt
in the sight of God"
"and the earth was
filled with violence."
This is the word of the Lord
and just as salvation was
granted to Noah and his family,
so too has the Lord seen us
fit for our own sanctuary.
But once again,
brothers and sisters,
the agents of the devil
have found our sanctum.
Of all of those who have stumbled
upon our ark in the past,
never has there been
such wretched creatures
as the ones that stand
before you today.
Royce Tullis,
a heathen paramount in
sin, more beast than man,
and then he gorges
himself drunk on the blood
of any who would oppose him.
What say you, Mr. Tullis?
Seek his salvation, Mr. Tullis.
It is the Lord Jesus Christ
who teaches us compassion
and forgiveness.
He tells us of the
repentant sinner that may,
only by the grace of
God's mercy, yet be saved.
Sir, I wish for absolution.
Restrain yourself, Mr. Tullis.
I will not!
A morbid game is all this is.
Probably the way this
old pecker gets firm.
Speak up, young man.
Do you wish to confess?
As do I.
This is a glorious news.
For what sins do
you seek atonement?
Well, as been said, sir,
I've done a whole heap of evil.
Kinda hard to know
where to begin.
Have you murdered?
I have.
Have you stolen?
Have you spoke falsely?
Many time.
Do you speak falsely now?
No, sir.
It is the Lord's truth.
And you.
Same as Cyrus.
And more.
I see.
Would that I could
absolve you myself
but alas, only God can judge
whether your confession
warrants forgiveness.
What's that mean?
Damn fool!
So what happens next?
Tullis's handiwork?
That's that feather's dead mute.
Look, the tracks are going west.
Why would he venture off trail?
Well, I don't know, but he did.
Fear not, for you confessed.
Please, please, no, no, no, no.
No, please, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
I'm sorry.
I've got no money, I'm
just taking what I need.
Be needing a fast
horse as well then?
Anything will suffice.
I'm told that Stark
Ridge is just up north.
Not only did Father take you in
but he passed the Lord's credence
on those that wronged you.
I just can't stay,
after seeing what
they did to them.
But you are not to blame.
Any child born into the
darkness of this world
will cast off the
radiance we offered her.
Goodbye, Abigail.
Deliver me, Lord,
from every evil!
Though I walk through the valley
of the shadow of
death, I will fear...
It's always Psalms.
Girl, can you hear me?
She's done, leave her.
She's not and I won't.
Welcome, strangers.
There's no need
to bark thunder, friend.
We're just here to
bid you welcome.
Where are we exactly?
We call this
place Eminence Hill.
We are a small community
of the faithful,
put down in a territory full
of lawlessness and violence.
We find that our best defense
is casting a small shadow.
I'm called Father Noah.
US Marshal Foster.
I'm happy to know you
but I'm saddened to see that
one of our flock has fallen.
What happened?
I shot her.
That woman damn
near killed this here child.
I see.
So it was all in the
line of duty, huh?
We're on the trail
of some bandits,
tracks led us here.
Any help you proffer
would be justly rewarded.
Hey, Royce?
We need a plan.
You hear me?
You're always so good at that.
Remove any notion of
walking away from this.
So I've resigned myself
to the fate that awaits.
But I'm not going out
like Cyrus and Sam.
And not that I have
much of one left in me,
but I'm putting up a
fight, come what may.
I just hope I can take
at least one of 'em
before they get me.
I don't think I'm ready to die.
No one ever is.
I suppose it's customary
where you're from
to offer a spirit but we in
Eminence Hill never partake.
Nor do I.
I was beginning to think
no man beyond this town
knew the value of a clear mind.
Oh, Sister Wilhelmina.
You've outdone yourself again.
Gashes are deep.
Wounds won't close on their own.
Athaliah, would you be so kind
as to bring a needle and thread
and some fresh
water from the well?
Yes, Brother.
So Marshal, tell me about
these men you're chasing.
Let's move forward.
I'm going to assume you know
exactly who it is I speak of
and for reasons of your own,
you have sought to delay me.
You're a very perceptive man.
I'd suggest you eat your
roast before it goes cold.
But if swine's
not to your taste,
I can have Sister Wilhelmina
fix you something else.
Royce Tullis.
Where is he?
Traveling with three others,
among them likely a
girl, not yet a woman,
who was taken captive by Mr.
Tullis not farther in years
than the child my
associate now tends to.
We've offended you
and for that, I ask
your forgiveness.
But let me put your mind at ease
in the case of Mr.
Tullis and his brigands.
We have it well in hand.
This is growing tiresome.
They say that poison
is a woman's weapon.
Or a coward's.
Watch carefully now.
It's a painful way
to die, gut shot.
Slow to be sure.
But it can always be made
worse with helping along.
Where are they?
Tell me!
Sorry, darlin', I don't
think we're welcomed here.
Where'd those damn
horses get to?
You gonna cry out so
those people come running?
You gonna hold quiet?
Good girl.
Where's the stables?
I'm gonna need another horse.
Much obliged.
Heaven help us.
Find Nathan and Rufus
and tell all the people
to go to their homes
and not come out
until we give the signal.
I'll not leave you.
No, you must.
No, you...
Stupid boy.
Kid's gone, so are you.
You can save the rest
of these good folks.
Tell me where you got Tullis.
My people ain't afraid to die.
There's a better
world waiting for 'em.
You gonna be all right?
I'm gonna go find
us some saddles.
Hey, who's that there?
Carson Garret.
No words for my astonishment
finding you here.
What the hell'd they do to you?
Guess I'd be hoping too much
if you were here
to spring us loose.
Come now, Garret, see
reason if not charity.
Name your price,
spring us loose.
I ride with the law now.
Ain't much different
from riding with you
but I'm bound to it.
You don't know these folks.
They murdered Cy
and young Samson.
They tore them apart
from limb to limb.
Whatever you want to
pin on me, I'll wear it,
but no man deserves
to die like that.
This lawman you ride
with, anybody I know?
Quincy Foster.
That's who they sent after me?
Ain't no lawman.
He's a damn killer.
The only thing you're
gonna get from him
is a back full of
lead as he makes sure,
damn sure, come
hell or hard rain,
that he's the only
swinging dick left alive
to tell the story.
You spring us loose,
I'll be saving your life.
You and me may not
have always seen common
but I've never stated
falsely when it counted.
Cut me loose and I'll
give you my word.
I won't follow.
I'll take care of Foster.
What if it's him that
gets the better of you?
In such an outcome,
at least you get a head start.
We need to help him!
No, no.
What's that?
You're gonna cry for me, Tullis?
You hold quiet, girl.
Just you and me, Foster!
They're all dead now!
This one's holding on.
Would you like the privilege?
I would.
You're sending
me from this world
to the arms of the Lord.
I think you're in for one
hell of a disappointment.
Just know this.
It was all for naught
because once you're
gone, I swear to you,
I'm sowing out the hellfire
and consigning this whole
goddamn place to the ashes.
His will be done.
You've been wounded, Mr. Tullis.
It's a shame that our
paths have not crossed
when you were in better health.
You don't appear to be in
the best of sorts either.
Just a scrape.
Same here.
I'm still just standing.
Just to make things fair.
Now that's just a misfortune.
So well, I think it was me,
I got the better deal in this.
Godspeed, Mr. Tullis.
Yeah, godspeed.
What weighs so heavy, Garret?
You believe in God?
Shit, sorry I asked.
I suppose so, of course.
You believe he saves
people from their sins?
That's what's told to us.
I used to have nightmares.
Things I've seen,
things I've done.
Used to keep me
up for all hours.
It was hell.
Man without rest is
like a wounded animal.
Makes mistakes and...
And loses his way.
Then the nightmares stopped.
Not that they're replaced
by good things or nothing,
they just stopped.
I guess I should be
grateful for that
but it's like another
piece of me died.
Something got awful
in your craw today.
Hell, maybe we read too
much into these things.
Maybe there ain't
no God or devil
or good or evil and we're
all just walking around,
trying not to get
eaten by each other.
Like animals in the wild.
Yeah, well, I hope
we're more than beasts.
So do I.
Are you looking for
some company, big boy?
Morning, Henry.
Good morning.
A little hair of
the creature, maybe?
Oh, coffee'll suffice.
Foster, what the hell
are you doing here?
Royce Tullis is dead.
Others too, as
far as I can tell.
All that remains is for us
to conclude our business.
Your pardon, Mr. Garret,
does that no longer hold
an interest for you?
You rode all the way
here to secure my pardon.
I find that a little more
than hard to believe.
You'd find your
suspicions well warranted.
Alas, I have come to
yet another impasse.
In order for me to
collect my just reward,
Governor Safford's
office has demanded
that I deliver them the child.
Alive preferably, but any
condition will satisfy
the terms of the contract.
She's not here.
I daresay that looks putrid.
My health should be of no
concern to you, Mr. Garret.
Surprised you haven't
found some doctor,
lop that off for you.
I found one who tried.
He regretted that effort.
It's a hard fate for
a man such as yourself
to lose use of his shooting paw.
The girl, Garret!
Don't you turn from me!
Goddamn it, Garret,
don't turn from me
when I'm talking to you!
Foster, this is our goodbye.
Can't be.
Quincy Hollins Foster.
I don't know you.
Name's McKellips.
Edward McKellips.
Brother of the late Thomas.
Surely you remember him.
I remember.