Emma and Eddie: A Working Couple (2024) Movie Script

You do not have my permission
to use this scene. Go on.
From here, you do. Okay.
As the audience can tell...
I'm disappointed in myself for making
the decision to marry this woman
- and have her in my life.
- I feel like the same way.
- And I'm trying to let it go.
- It's okay.
- She'll be out of here soon.
- This is my apartment.
- You'll be out of here.
- I'll get her out
and never have to argue again.
Get out as soon as you can.
Before we moved in,
I told you I am moving in here.
- I am signing a lease.
- I told you, shut your bitch-mouth.
- I'll do what I want.
- So what?
Mooch off of me
and live with your wife?
No, I'll bring a bunch
of sexy young thoughts.
I'll fuck them all day,
and you'll leave.
No one's allowed to come to my house.
- Says who?
- I'll call the police.
When the police come,
I'll be having an orgy.
No, you won't.
No one's allowed in.
Who's gonna stop me?
They won't come in when they see me.
- They will.
- No one is coming to my apartment.
You're gonna come home to it.
Hey guys! Oh, my God, life update!
We'll go to Hungary.
We're gonna expand the business.
- Did you hold your breath?
- No, I didn't.
- That's bad luck.
- No, it's not. Ready, hold breath.
- You can't do it halfway through.
- Whatever.
- We'll go to Budapest and we'll grow.
- Other end.
And we're out. Dogs are all good.
Next time you guys hear from me,
I'll be in a new country. Yeah!
Kisses to you guys.
Yeah! See you guys.
If you squeeze my leg again,
I'll punch you.
- It feels squeezable.
- I'm gonna punch you in the face.
I'm on a frozen lake!
Wow, look at this.
I can't believe David
doesn't even know her fucking name.
- Are you joking me right now?
- I'm so pissed off at David.
Who else has...
Is this the only person with the key?
Gabor, come help, please.
Is this the key?
Is she the only person who can open?
I know, I know. I can do it for you.
I can do it for you.
Look at me.
- Who has a key to get in?
- The girl.
- The only person? No one else?
- No one else.
Can Bence take care of it?
He is not an amateur like David.
Who... Okay, what are you gonna do
about this?
Are you gonna fix this? Am I supposed
to just live on the street?
- I don't know.
- Really?
- Do you need translation?
- Yes, help me.
The owner says she doesn't want them
to move in.
Because Emma sent her strange
text messages...
Who is her boss?
Find out who is in charge of this.
He says that you are sending text
messages and she feels threatened.
I sent her a text
and told her to come here.
- She didn't want to.
- I told her...
- An apology might help things...
- I didn't say anything scary.
You texted her this much?
You got us into this mess
by texting her all this shit.
Why the fuck would you tell her,
I'll call the embassy!
What the fuck? Now she won't come
because you scared her.
- She was like that way before.
- You texted her 100 times!
Why are you talking to her at all?
Way to scare the shit out
of this lady.
Babe, good job.
Home, sweet home.
Dude, this is semen.
Chewy, don't step in it.
This is semen. A fucking sex house.
God damn it!
Oh, my God. It's cum. That's cum.
They came on the bed. Did you see it?
And the drip? It's like drop, drop...
- There's like four.
- You made a joke
- that this place was covered in cum.
- Literally.
I'll show the housekeeper
and she can clean it.
- You look so cute. I love your hair.
- Look, I'm handsome.
I would totally swipe and fuck.
- Swipe and fuck. Nice.
- Swipe and fuck?
- Okay, she's Russian.
- #Model #Makeup.
Let's make sure she's real.
Yeah, she is.
Is this the same girl?
I like her a lot.
So what is the plan with these girls?
What are we doing this thing for?
I'm looking for girls who'd be
my girlfriends while I'm in Hungary
- and girls that we can work with.
- Fuck, I accidentally swiped no.
I'm only friends with
the people I work with.
Whoever I spend the most time with.
So I wanna find someone that can be
my friend and someone as my model.
I'm looking for a friend and a model.
Must be model, must be friend,
can't have just one or the other.
Oh, no, it's not focused anymore,
what did I do?
I'm Emma, CEO and founder of Emma...
If you are an outgoing girl
and like to get paid...
Do you need me to hold it?
You'll get to work in a clean,
safe, comfortable environment.
Hi, I'm Emma Lovett, CEO and founder
of Emma Lovett Adult Models,
a female-owned and operated
webcam modeling agency
that I started in Arizona
five years ago.
We just moved to Budapest
and are now hiring new models.
If you're a fun pretty girl who like
to get paid for a few hours of fun,
you can check out my site,
You can check out my site,
to learn more about becoming
a webcam model with us.
I'm Emma Lovett and I look forward
to hearing from you, Budapest.
Forty-five seconds.
I'm Emma Lovett and I need
a lot of plastic surgery on my face.
Can you describe to us
what you like and don't like?
- Please, it's such a long list.
- Can you?
What I don't like, okay.
You can probably see it.
See how this, like everything
below my lip right here,
comes out further than
everything below my lip.
- So this is like right here.
- You just said below my lip.
This comes out more,
and also my nose is a big bump.
My chin comes in
and I have like fat...
We're not at the doctor's.
You won't...
He asked me what I don't like,
so I'm telling him.
Yeah, just anything that comes up.
And on this side,
I think it's just the nose.
But both sides like complete profile
is just terrible.
Like this,
I think I'm beautiful this way.
This, ugly.
- The ones I like are this and this.
- Okay.
This, this, everything else, ugly.
Yeah, so frontal things are not
so common in documentaries.
- Only when you talk to the camera.
- So like this.
- Let's start the show. Ready?
- Let's start camming, logging on!
- And I'm live. Okay.
- You're live?
I'm live.
- Oh, my God everyone, welcome.
- Live for the first time.
- Live for the first time.
- Oh look, my shirt matches the wall.
- We have so much pride in here.
- America.
- You've a red eye.
- I have a red eye?
- Look at Emma's eyes, guys.
- Is it red?
Budapest is the capital of porn,
the capital of girls being slutty.
So we came here, where girls
are more sexually free and open.
And they'll be webcam models,
which they already are.
But either way, you are gonna have
some fresh faces come in your way.
Live on the show in this apartment.
We'll be jizzing on fresh new faces.
Hide your wives, your girlfriends,
your daughters.
- Emma Lovett is in town.
- Hide your moms.
- We're fucking everybody.
- All right guys.
Wanna start the show?
Let me give you a timer real quick.
Well, let's do it.
Oh, that feels good.
- Hello.
- Hey, Mom.
- What's with the facial hair?
- My mustache?
- Don't you have... Don't you shave?
- Sometimes.
Is that a new thing there
or you're just lazy?
It's a Hungarian thing.
They love having facial hair.
All the women,
they go crazy for a mustache.
Why do you care about all the women?
You're married. You need to not...
So, because I'm married,
I can't look at other women?
- You can look, but that's about it.
- And they can look at me, right?
- What are you doing?
- I'm gonna do a...
It's a limited liability company
like in Arizona,
but it's gonna be a webcam studio.
You know the thing me and Maria do?
I'm gonna hire girls to do that.
- Yeah.
- Is that legal?
Yes. Prostitution is legal here.
- It's legal there?
- Yeah, prostitution.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I was gonna be a prostitute,
but then I decided
I should do a cam studio instead.
I think that's better.
You think I would make
a good prostitute?
- I don't think so.
- What? Really?
- Am I too pretty? Is that why?
- You should stay away from that.
I won't do that, Mom.
I won't sell my body.
I'll sell other women's bodies
via the Internet.
When we start
the first part of the show,
you wear all your clothes
and just have fun, nothing sexual.
And then when the sex show starts,
it's a short seven-minute show.
And in the first show,
there is no sex.
Just get naked and look pretty
in the first show. That's it.
Yay, perfect. I'm done.
Okay. I'll go upload this.
- You can put away your ID, that's it.
- Okay.
See this right here?
This is a little timer.
You can come. Look.
It tells you how much time
until the show starts.
- Okay.
- When it gets to zero, it's showtime.
This is the people in the room.
- They're watching and here they type.
- They're watching...
Hello, everyone. Welcome.
I hope you're having
a happy Thursday.
We'll get naked
and we'll touch each other
- and it's gonna be a lot of fun.
- You're gonna touch each other?
- Oh, my goodness, touching.
- Touching.
You... Touch.
There you go.
You're good. You're good.
I think I'm gonna leave Emma
and take off with this younger woman.
She's so much nicer,
and she doesn't talk so much
like Emma.
The perfect girl.
I'll take a photo for Twitter.
I was having a dream that we had a...
We hired a model and that you guys...
Were friends and went to the salon?
No, that you were... One was taken
my dick out of their mouth
and putting it in the other's mouth
and then back.
I can't wait to replace you
with another male.
- Why?
- You enjoy it too much.
- Neh.
- Should not be enjoyed.
Bitches on my dick,
sucking on my nuts
We'll mutiny.
We'll mutiny, we'll get rid of you.
Guys, we're at Studio 20 Budapest,
doing a tour of the best studio
in the world.
- So, you said you have 16 rooms?
- Yes.
And how many models
come through the rooms?
Right now we have only seven.
- So this is open 24/7?
- Yes.
- Wow, that's a cool camera.
- Oh, wow. This is awesome.
- Let me show you the pink one.
- Pink one, yes.
- Wow.
- Oh, dude.
Wow, it really looks like the people
when you watch them on cam.
- That's dope.
- That's so HD. Oh, my God.
I'll tell the girls in the beginning
to sit in here and talk with a TV.
We've now
a very good English teacher,
but their levels are like
around zero.
We tell them, first is the English
and after that is the money.
- Yeah.
- We thought, we'll be webcam models
for a few years
then we'll open a studio.
When it came time to it,
this is actually pretty hard.
It's so much easier
just being a webcam model.
So much easier.
Come, see me live on cam.
My 4:20 special is still going on.
And the only way you get my attention
is by...
What is it? Opening up your wallets.
Yeah, I sell panties.
Go to the link that I attached
to this post,
and you can browse all my panties
in my shop there.
Hey, guys!
I'm at Bucharest Summit right now,
in Bucharest, Romania.
Just checked in
and I'm so excited to tour the place,
see all the booths they got set up.
Let's see what's going on out here.
Can you jiggle them? Oh, my God.
Dude, I can imagine you with big ass
titties, that would be so cool.
- Jiggle them all day.
- Yeah.
And then your exclusive is nineteen
or nine?
- Nine or nineteen.
- Cute, cute, cute.
Oh, wait, who's that?
Hey, I'm Eddie Lovett.
I do a couple show
with my wife on Streammate.
The main skills that I need are
to get an erection on command.
And then the other skill
would be to come on command.
Because like we do gold shows
that last seven, eight minutes,
and I need to be able to come
when there's 50 seconds left
in the show.
So it's like a precise time thing.
I would say,
I see a lot of guys on cam
with their girlfriend or their wife
or whatever.
And that's not good.
It should be only the girl.
The couple should be
in the background
and be the support structure
for the main performer.
Thank you.
- Wow.
- Are you fancy, huh?
Look at you. You look glamorous.
Dude, I'm choking on hairspray.
Say something, so I can put it out.
Can't wait for the Bucharest
Summit Awards.
Get ready and we're off.
Good evening everybody, here we go.
Let's start the show.
First of all, I would like
to call the jury.
And now, for the next category.
Best live-cam model.
Let's see, the nominees.
First one, hottyteen69x.com.
- Littleredbunny.com.
- Lovettemma.com.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the winner is...
This girl is really cute, babe.
Oh, my gosh, she fucking does
some crazy ass scenes.
- Oh, she has two dicks in her ass.
- Double anal.
Oh, my God, this cute thing
does double anal, look.
Wow, she's hot.
She has two dicks in her ass
in the picture right above her.
She's used to getting fucked
in the ass, while she sucks a dick.
It's a nice ass.
Poor girl.
We can do this to her, too. #anal.
Now look at me. Both of you.
- My name is Emma Lovett.
- I'm Eddie Lovett.
- And this... Good one.
- I'm Shona River.
First show with Shona ever
and it starts in seven minutes.
- Are you ready?
- Hey!
- Not without my coffee.
- She needs her coffee.
Then I go and get it.
- So sugar but not milk, right?
- Yeah. Just a little bit of sugar.
Are you ready for showtime?
Thanks, Sanders.
And the people who are four
have spent over 1000.
And the people who are five
have spent over 5000.
- You rarely... I've never had a five.
- Do you have five?
I've fours, but not a five.
- Are you gonna fuck my friend now?
- I guess it's really happening.
- We're ready to get naked and fuck.
- Vivid, yeah. Go, Vivid!
What if he accidentally comes in her
and then they have a cuckold baby
and I'm left to take care of it
after they ran away together.
No condoms. Double blowjob.
Oh, you guys are killing me.
We're 93 away.
Eight more people to start the show.
- Hard work, cool.
- Hard work.
What does Emma do? Nothing.
Hey, don't talk shit about me.
You just fucked my best friend
the least you can do
is be nice to me, okay?
I don't like that you want to go out
to dinner without me.
- That's really mean.
- I'll take her out on a nice trip.
- A romantic trip to France.
- France?
- You never took me to France.
- She does something to me.
She makes me feel that type of way.
Your hair smells good..
Seriously, if you can't have kids...
What if me and her have them?
And then we'll raise it.
We'll raise the child.
- Yeah.
- Yeah. Would you be cool with that?
- Yeah, right? Two people you love.
- Go ahead.
- She's got good genes.
- Why are you being so weird?
It's not weird.
You don't want to have my baby?
I wanna have a cappuccino, baby.
Yeah, she does. She wants my baby.
And pull to the side the orifice
of the urethra.
Yes. Pull to the side, slightly.
- Oh, God, okay.
- Don't worry. Don't worry.
- I'll take a sample from the orifice.
- Oh, God.
That's it.
Do you know if gonorrhea
of the throat can start by itself
or how does somebody get that?
- By oral sexual contact.
- Oh, she got it from someone.
- And then gave it to us?
- Yes, it can be.
- You're in there. Yeah.
- Yeah.
Everything was going good.
I was like, Budapest, yay!
Budapest gonna be awesome.
And now it's like Budapest...
My first STD from Budapest.
And it's like I paid this girl almost
two grand for a few days of work.
I give her lots of money for nothing,
she gives me fucking bacteria
in my penis.
When it comes to work,
I'm just gonna work normal
and tell people I'm on my period.
When you're not doing your thing,
I'll be doing my thing. And we can...
We'll see who earned what,
so we can divide that off.
- What do you mean?
- When you're done doing your shows,
I'll do mine.
- And then...
- What shows are you doing?
I'm gonna hire people
to perform webcam shows.
- Make a profile, do your thing.
- No, I'll use our profile.
No. I'm not gonna pay taxes
on your thing, no.
- I'll pay the taxes.
- I don't care.
I don't want it to be like that.
Start a profile.
- I don't want to start a profile.
- Well, no.
- I don't want mine to be used.
- Well, I'm gonna use it.
- No, you're not.
- I'm not asking you for permission.
- Now you're making me angry.
- I don't care if you're angry.
All right.
I'm the account holder,
I'll email Liz and take care of it.
You won't use my profile
without permission.
- It's our...
- That's my profile,
under my social security number.
That's mine, it's not ours.
It's a solo profile belonging
to Maria. That is me.
- Why don't you start a profile?
- I have one.
It's my profile with my fans,
who like me, me!
Not a guy and a bunch
of other people.
Make Eddie's cam-house,
make a new profile.
All right.
That makes sense.
Get in there, Leroy. Good boy.
I should put Fiona.
Good dog.
All right, let's do it. Right.
Alright, and remember to try
to sound very natural and talk slow.
- Make lots of pauses.
- I'm memorizing it,
so we'll get to that later.
No, you should get to that now.
So by the fifth take,
it'll sound natural.
Real slow, natural pauses.
I'll forget the script
because of you.
- Every second that goes by...
- So go, c'mon.
- You're just standing there. Okay.
- Action.
Hi, I'm Emma Lovett.
I'm the CEO and founder
of Emma Lovett Adult Models.
If you're ready to start a career
in the growing adult industry,
sign up for our studio today.
I'm Emma Lovett and I look forward
to hearing from you, Budapest.
- The modern adult industry.
- I said that.
You said the growing adult industry.
The start is the growing live cam.
And then
it's the modern adult industry.
- One last time, and then I'm done.
- One last time, and?
Like, maybe a little happier.
I think we can get a better one.
Hi, I'm Emma Lovett.
Don't mind the awkward silence,
I promise it'll go away.
I'm a schoolgirl today.
I just got out of class.
Let me tell you guys a story
about what happened today.
Hey, babe, do you love me?
Mrs. Lovett.
Okay, can I work and make money?
I actually have to make money.
- So we can pay bills.
- Okay.
What's stopping you
from making money?
You, distracting me. Every time I get
in the groove, you distract me.
You need to be professional.
I'm logging back on,
stop distracting me.
No, you need to just deal.
- Jesus, finally.
- Finally.
Jesus Christ, no more boy-girl.
Only solo for the next few days.
I don't like cam sex every day.
I'll do it twice a week.
You'll do it when I tell you.
- You'll take big black cocks.
- Excuse me?
You want to do anal now?
I'll call my friend Jerome to put
his big black cock
in your tight asshole.
- Call him over.
- Stretch that hairy asshole out.
We all know you love big black dicks
in your ass.
- Save it for the show, okay?
- You save it for the show.
Anyway... Welcome back, babies.
Posting title.
Emma Lovett in Budapest.
- No... Who the fuck is Emma Lovett?
- They'll find out.
No, do what we did in Arizona,
that worked.
- Now hiring new girls or...
- No, that's what everyone does.
That's stupid.
Emma Lovett in Budapest is better.
Emma Lovett is a brand
and we need to put it everywhere.
Okay, do you understand?
All right... What should we write?
Here I think...
- Okay.
- I'm sorry,
I really don't feel like being fun
right now. I don't feel good.
- You can't just sit and do this?
- No, because I know I look terrible.
I feel like my privacy is so fucking
disrespected right now.
I'm sick. I'm on my period.
No one gives a shit about me
or how I feel!
You're sick and on your period,
we understand.
Fucking Gabor who'll make a movie,
but doesn't even care
that I'm a human being.
- You... Gabor, please.
- Emma...
Anything you say
she'll fucking yell at you. Please.
You're a fly on the wall.
- Okay, Emma.
- Hey, Gabor.
So, the thing
I wanted to talk about...
- Nothing special just...
- Okay.
This issue, sort of,
because while making a movie...
- Sorry, it's so funny.
- It's awkward for me as well.
I don't do such things,
but we'll work with that.
So I never experienced when my film,
or myself or the camera,
the team is causing a headache
for a person like...
You know like anxiety
or just upsets people.
That's not you, that's me.
Any stressful situation
causes me anxiety.
If I run out of paper towels,
it'll get anxious.
It's not the paper towels' fault,
it's just me.
- Okay.
- It's not your fault.
You guys are so nice, that's me.
But let's just talk a bit about this,
what can we do?
Because it doesn't make sense
to make the film if it's bad for you.
If you're... If your life experience
changes dramatically,
because we are constantly around,
and we freak you out.
It's not changing.
I've had it for years.
You've seen my scars.
I've had anxiety for years.
No, I haven't. You have scars?
- They're self-inflicted scars?
- Yeah.
- I haven't seen it.
- That's from like six,
almost seven years ago.
I just had such bad anxiety.
I took a knife off the counter
- and did that on my leg.
- Really?
- Like a big, big, knife. Yeah.
- Shit.
You know, we can always stop.
It's not...
I don't want to force anything
on you.
Trust me. If I didn't want to,
this wouldn't be happening.
I'm doing it for myself,
I'm already in it.
So I wanna make myself look
the best I can,
because I don't really look the best
up to now I guess, but...
- Yeah. I'm okay with that.
- So you're okay if we go on.
Yeah, I'm okay with that.
You won a kiss! You get a kiss.
Happy Valentine's Day.
And we finished number one!
Good job, Eddie.
We are about to board this plane,
you all.
We're gonna find a margarita
How did you get them
to make it to go? Oh, my God.
Happy Birthday
Oh, my God!
- Sparkle, sparkle.
- Sparkle.
- That's one day's work.
- Full cam shift.
- Full cam shift.
- Look how cute you are.
- You bitch.
- So cute.
I just got my badge, you guys. Badge!
This is my friend, Gabor.
He's the director of my movie.
And it'll be awesome.
Are we gonna make a good movie?
- I think so, but...
- You think so?
- No, Gabor...
- Our fans will tell.
Our fans will tell. You get to tell
if it's a good movie or not.
- How excited are you for tonight?
- Super.
- Are you super excited?
- Yeah.
- I'm super excited.
- Are you guys excited?
About tonight?
So you're about to do the big reveal?
- Look at the back.
- Oh, shit.
You forgot your pants.
Let me see you.
Looking good. Looking good.
- Am I good, Eddie?
- Yeah.
Hi, I'm Emma Lovett
and welcome to the Livecam Awards.
We're nominated
for best live cam couple again.
And I hope we win.
- Yeah. Newsletters, okay?
- Did you do that? Email marketing?
What do you know about it?
Best couple live cam action:
Jay Cardy and Dared Michael,
Rico and Dakota69,
Emma and Eddie Lovett.
And the winning couple is...
Emma and Eddie Lovett.
Thank you everyone.
You guys are awesome.
First, I want to say thank you
to my amazing husband, Eddie.
Thank you, thank you so much
to all of our amazing fans,
who have been supportive,
loving, and caring.
Thanks to everyone who voted.
- Are you married, guys?
- For six years.
- Six years.
- Yeah.
I was always curious
how it is to work as a couple.
- How is it?
- It destroys relationships.
It's fun, you're never by yourself.
You always have someone else.
And the more people the merrier,
it's more fun.
It comes with its own challenges,
but we bond over it.
- So, it's kept us strong.
- It's kept us strong, yes, it has.
I like to share my husband
with my girlfriends. It is more fun.
She is very... She likes to share.
Sharing is caring.
- Like this award we share.
- You are lucky for that.
- I mean, what can I tell?
- I'm a bit jealous.
I would never allow her to do that
with another man, ever.
- Do you need me to do something?
- No, you know how I am.
I like to do everything.
No one can do it like I can.
- What the fuck.
- What the fuck did you do?
The door fell apart.
- Do you wanna see something gross?
- What?
Come look at this. We should
have asked for new mattresses.
- It's like a bloodstain.
- I'll text him.
- Get closer, that's too far away.
- Yeah, okay.
Yeah, be like
"Hey, did someone die on this bed?"
Gotta figure out this bed situation,
it's stressing me out.
He read my message, telling him,
"A new bed is $1000."
- You said that?
- In a polite way.
God, you're annoying.
Stop texting like a crazy ass.
You can't text someone
like 10000 times.
- Okay.
- I'm taking your phone. Where is it?
I don't know, actually.
You're not allowed to talk
and communicate with anyone, okay?
I tell you that all the time
and you don't listen.
Okay, before we start unpacking,
things need to get cleaned out.
- Shut up! Where is your phone?
- Oh, no. Oh, it's in here.
Before unpacking,
we need to clean.
I'm putting a new code, so...
- Don't be annoying.
- You're annoying.
I don't like this.
Give me back my phone.
- No.
- Give me back my phone.
- Don't treat me like this.
- I don't care.
- You don't get to use this.
- That's my phone.
- No.
- Stop acting like that.
You're like
an obsessive ex-girlfriend.
You just texted once, twice,
three times, four, twenty times.
- Don't you think that's annoying?
- No. What is it?
- Dude.
- Okay, it's four twenty.
Six six six.
No, it's not.
Now I'm locked off. What is it?
- That's what it is.
- Four two zero six six six.
- No, it's not.
- That must not be it.
- Maybe it's something else.
- What is it?
- Here let me try.
- What is it?
- I said you can't do it. Let me try.
- Four two zero six six six.
- No. What is it?
- Let me try.
- What is it?
- I just told you.
- What is the code to my phone?
- Dude. You sound crazy, bro.
I'm going bad shit
and insane right now!
I'm angry with what you are doing!
I'm really angry!
- What is the code?
- I don't like when you're angry.
I don't like when you do shit!
What is the code?
I won't fucking tell you
if you're yelling at me.
- I want the code to my phone!
- Here, I'll unlock it for you.
I want the code! To my fucking phone!
It's okay. Calm down.
You're so fucking funny! Aren't you?
Leave me alone!
I've a lot of work to do!
Leave me alone! Don't touch me!
Don't touch me! Don't touch me!
Don't touch me!
As you relax, you begin to hear
the crash of water in the distance.
It grows louder, until you, yourself,
are standing on the banks
of an enormous waterfall.
So yeah, my husband
and I made up again...
And I just feel so embarrassed
and stupid,
because every six months
we get into a bad fight,
and I think we'll break up,
we're fighting,
we don't talk
and then things are okay again.
We're best friends again,
we're so happy.
And I'm afraid in six months,
something's gonna happen again.
Because that's how it keeps going.
But it's hard because I love him.
And when things are good,
we're like best, best friends.
I can't explain it to you.
Then when things are bad
and we fight, we're like...
We're both really bad to each other.
What's good, YouTube?
I missed you guys. Did you miss me?
Shit. She's home. Everybody,
stop talking shit about Emma Lovett.
Here she comes.
But yeah, she's such a great wife
and I love her so much.
- Hi, woman. Nice to meet you.
- Don't touch my face.
Nice to meet you. I'm Eddie.
What's your name?
- Emma.
- Come here.
See, the touching is very good.
You wanna touch?
Make her feel calm
like everything's okay.
I feel the opposite. I'm so afraid.
But anyway, once she is calm,
then you just choke that bitch.
You like that? Slap her. Oh, fuck.
This, great book.
This, also.
I used to be a natural alpha
when I met Emma.
And then after seven years
of her robbing me of my manhood.
I became a beta bitch.
Then I had to like relearn game
and all that. So...
Because of that terrible experience,
I can help others.
I like it when you're in it.
You should be.
You can't do it without me?
Shy on camera?
Someone got the shivers?
A little shy on your first day...
No, it's a really good dynamic.
- I like when both of us are in it.
- Yeah, I'll help you.
- Tell them bye.
- Bye, guys.
- Tell them to subscribe.
- Bye, beta bitches.
Keep watching and maybe
you won't be beta bitches after all.
Or women like me will bully you,
for everything you got.
Take it all, so there's nothing left.
And you're alone and sad and broke.
Okay. Beautiful.
I don't care if you don't eat
for a week.
I don't care if you run out of money
or if you're broke.
I care that you feed
your panty addiction
with every last penny you have.
Drain every account, touch that 401K,
bust it open, go get the pennies
out of your piggy bank,
just to feed your panty addiction.
This pussy and this panty
is what you live for.
I make a lot of addict losers
like you.
Addict losers like you,
fund my fabulous life.
You work hard, so I don't have to.
Did you ever know
that you're my hero?
- Am I?
- You're everything I'd like to be.
- Oh, that's a song.
- I can fly higher than an eagle.
Because you are the wind
beneath my wings.
- All right, you ready?
- I've been ready.
- Where is it? Which one of these?
- Mr. Skin?
- You don't know? Did you add them?
- You added them. Oh, I did.
- I added them, really?
- No, I did it.
It's Chris something.
- No...
- Chris M?
I think so.
Are you sure that's the right thing?
- Let me check my stream.
- I love how you didn't do this.
You've been emailing them
and they tell it in the email too.
- Yeah, you told them you added them.
- I did.
- So where are they?
- I don't remember everyone's name.
Jesus, you're so annoying.
- Am I supposed to remember their...?
- It's in the notes!
You can't accept you've fucked up.
I did it!
Okay, but the evidence points
to the contrary.
I'm not arguing.
You're fucking annoying.
I'm annoying?
Aren't you the one that's annoying
for not doing anything?
- I did it!
- So where is it?
Why do you keep saying I did it?
See, friend request sent.
Contact sent, November, 3. I did it.
Okay, jeez, calm down.
That noise is bothering the dogs.
Who's making tea?
What is that noise?
Are you making tea?
The noise is annoying.
- Oh, I'm making tea.
- Can you get it?
Yeah, I'm gonna get it. Just a sec.
I wanna see how long you can take it.
Is it bothering you?
Don't touch me.
Is it bothering you?
Can you pour my tea?
And put the tea bag in the thing?
- Gonna buy a...
- Hey, Tube!
Fuckboy, shut the fuck up. Okay.
Hey, Tube! What's up?
Emma Lovett here for round three.
You'll get hit in the balls.
Real hard. I learned from the finest.
- You're gonna get...
- Do it.
I'm gonna kill you, stop!
Hey, Tube! All right.
For the third attempt, here we go.
- Femdom. A good one.
- Wow.
All right, so femdom is female
- Yeah.
- So we're gonna dominate Max.
Cause he's a little bitch
and he'll do what we say.
- Aren't you, Max?
- Give us a nice close-up
of that tiny little thing
you call a cock.
Oh, my God, look at it.
It's like a little thumb.
It's like a little thumb coming out.
- It's even the half of my...
- It's so tiny.
- It's like a half-finger.
- It's a half-finger or half-thumb.
Have you ever seen such a tiny penis?
- I've never seen a smaller one.
- No.
That small? No.
With this small dick you cum a lot?
Or just a little?
He's got the shot glass ready,
he's coming in the shot glass.
Oh, wow!
- It's so funny. It's hilarious.
- Can I make a photo?
- Who's the hottest man in the world?
- Eddie.
- That's right.
- You're torturing me!
I don't wanna do this!
Leave me alone!
Look at this, bro. My wife just threw
an ottoman at me and stormed off.
Unbelievable. Twisted my finger, too,
almost broke it.
All right, where's my fucking coat?
So I'll sit next to these girls
and what's gonna happen?
Oh, my goodness. Oh, fuck.
True love.
I'm sick of you flirting with her
in front of my face.
- I'm sick of you cheating on me.
- I've never even touched her.
- You flirt with her.
- I flirt with everyone.
No, you said
how you're so in love with her,
and you have to see her every time,
every fucking weekend.
You go to the gym every time
before you see her.
Look, I go to the gym every other day
for my health.
Babe, I put it on Leroy's life.
I had no idea she was coming.
Yeah, you definitely did!
That's why I'm not allowed there.
- You are. I told you before I left.
- No!
First, you said
I'm not allowed to be there.
Always Michael, Marci
and the bitch you're in love with!
First, and what did I say second?
What did I say before I left?
I said, come. Didn't I say that?
Yeah, only because I told you
I'm going to Yellow.
I saw you're having
a mental breakdown
and I didn't wanna be mean to you.
You saw me, and you abandoned me?
So, I can get kidnapped?
That's why you ignored my text
while talking to Renata?
And ignore me
as I'm having a breakdown.
I need to be ignored while you flirt
with your home-wrecking side teen.
And record me
and make fun of me?
You don't care about me!
You don't care about me!
If I didn't care,
why would I bring you your shoes?
You're not! You're here to make fun
of me! You don't care!
Here put your shoes on.
- Hi, son. How are you?
- Nothing. Chilling, you know.
Having problems with my wife again.
- You're there again?
- Yeah.
Every year, every week.
Once a week at least, yeah.
What are you guys fighting about?
You don't have kids to fight about.
It's always something with her.
I don't know.
You two should have kids
then you won't have time to fight.
- Did you think about that?
- Maybe, maybe that's the solution.
Yeah, you should do that. I think
that would solve your problems.
But I hear kids create more problems
than they solve.
- No, they don't. No.
- So you're saying,
your kids weren't problems?
No, you guys were never a problem.
If I didn't have you,
I don't know where I would be.
I wouldn't be alive.
- Do your cats ever scratch you?
- Yeah, all the time.
You know my wife scratches me.
Look at this. See this?
- Why did she? That's not good.
- Nope.
- What did you do to her? You...
- I was trying to hug her
and hold her close to me tightly,
when she didn't want to be touched.
- You must have done something before.
- Yeah, I did drugs.
She said, don't do drugs,
and I did it anyway.
- Then that's it. Stop doing drugs.
- So you think I deserve it?
Think about... You really can't...
Listen to me.
- Yeah.
- If you really care about
what she thinks and how she is
and if you love her,
you'll do what she tells you.
I'm gonna do what she tells me? What?
If you love someone,
you will obey them.
You will obey everything they say.
If you wanna stay with her,
you do whatever it takes.
What the fuck?
Do your parents accept you
for what you are?
- Of course.
- Mine too.
As they should as parents.
Did they though? At first?
They always love me and accept me.
It was hard for my parents
to get used to having a daughter
who is a sex worker.
It's hard for everybody's parents.
But once you get used to it
and you see your daughter enjoys it,
this is liberating, this is fun,
it's not in any way bad for her,
let her be her.
- Do you think they think that?
- Yeah.
What causes you to believe
they think that way?
- What do you mean?
- Why do you think that?
They see me living a happy,
positive life and having a good time.
My job doesn't determine my persona.
Is that how you see it
or how they see it?
I'm sure.
They don't talk to me about my job.
Exactly. So how do you know?
They tell me they love me
and I'm beautiful and this and that.
I remember the first...
They accept
my plastic surgery desires.
When I showed my mom
the list of plastic surgery I want,
she was like, no,
don't do this to yourself.
Now she accepts it.
She's like "Eye fillers?
Cool. Make sure they're safe.
Get the best and love yourself.
You're beautiful no matter what."
I'm like, thank you.
I remember the first years
after we got married,
your parents disowned you.
They wouldn't talk to you.
I think your mom would see you
but she'd try to get you home,
and they didn't accept
at all what you did.
They completely denied you
from the family.
- Remember that?
- No.
You don't remember that?
It's the trauma you bury deep
in your mind.
I remember very vividly.
I remember you crying
almost every night
because your parents didn't love you.
I'd have to support you
and pat you on the back.
And you're just crying,
until you fell asleep,
and you were super depressed.
All you wanted was your mom and dad
to love you and talk to you
and let you be in the family.
And they just wouldn't do it
because of your career choice.
- No, I don't recall it.
- Really?
It was all normal. Yeah.
- They denied you.
- No, they didn't.
Then why did I comfort you for years
and years when you would cry to me
because your parents wouldn't
let you be part of the family?
- I don't know what you're on about.
- Seriously?
- Next question?
- There is no next question.
We need to get over this lying
and bullshit.
I know it's in your DNA
to be an abusive piece of shit but...
It's in your DNA
to be a fucking lying bitch.
You are a boy
that has severe insecurity issues.
It's not insecurity,
it's disrespectful to lie,
and say things that aren't true.
- Is it lying that you hit me?
- Yes!
Is it lying that you hit me?
You didn't hit me so hard
my ears were ringing
- and I couldn't see 10 days ago.
- Nope.
Emese had to come.
I don't know your experience.
You didn't hit me when
I was standing there, you didn't?
I slapped the back of your head.
Slapped my head so hard
that I couldn't see...
- You're a pussy.
- my ears were ringing?
Why did you throw stuff out?
You could've hurt somebody.
Am I supposed to let you do
whatever the fuck you want?
Endanger people's lives
without any repercussions?
You're a shameful person.
Shame on you.
- Why are you upset?
- I want to be alone.
I want you to leave.
You promised me,
I have an email that says
your last gift to me will be
you leaving
- you'd be gone before my birthday.
- I changed my mind.
- How can I make you leave?
- What do you always say?
Oh, I love you, babe.
I say such things out of anger.
Leave my apartment.
Get out of my life.
- So hot outside.
- Okay.
So as I know you want to talk to me.
I'm a psychiatrist
and psychotherapist.
May I ask you to tell me one by one,
why do you want or why do you want
to talk to a psychotherapist.
- Which one do you want?
- You wanna go first?
- You can go first.
- Well, our marriage is on the rocks,
but when we were intensely fighting
and trying to...
Our marriage was hanging
on by a string...
Those are the moments when we need
to be able to communicate the most.
I want her to be able to do that.
That's my plan.
Her to communicate with me.
- So you want something from her.
- Yeah.
Because I can't. If I try to talk
to her, there's just a wall.
So I feel like a third person,
a qualified professional,
can help tear down those walls
and open things up.
Okay, and...
So let's do this that
one of you tells something,
and then the other will tell his
or her opinion about yours,
and don't interrupt, so let her talk.
Okay. So...
What is your...
Do you have any problem
with your relationship with him
or do you have any concerns or...
In the past,
I was not being treated
like the queen I am.
But recently, within the past month,
he has opened his eyes
and started to become the gentleman,
which he needs to be,
and hold me very, very high,
like the queen that I am,
and he's been doing that recently,
so there's no problems.
Thank you.
And what do you think about this?
Well, I think that it shouldn't be
that I should hold her up
and she's a queen.
I think we should be equal partners.
And we should both...
If I'm working on being nice,
she should work too,
and we should both try to keep
the marriage going
and keep it functioning
in a healthy way.
And I feel it's not...
It doesn't help for one person
to feel like they should be like...
I should do everything for her
and I'm just lucky to have her.
That's what I get.
I need to put in all this effort
and then my reward for that
is that she stays with me.
I don't think that's a healthy way
to have a relationship.
We've never had
a healthy relationship.
He used to be abusive,
both mentally and physically
for six and a half years.
And I snapped, and I said,
no more, get out of my life, bye.
And if he wants to keep me,
he can change, which he did.
But I am a queen,
and I will settle for nothing less.
Okay, so...
So as I understood
between being a queen,
the other level was an abused woman?
Who was treated badly?
- It's not a normal relation?
- I'm strong.
- I'm dead inside, but I'm strong.
- Yeah.
- So can you tell me what way...
- Are you okay?
Babe? Are you okay?
Do you need to get some air?
This happened last time
we went to a therapist.
She like hyperventilated,
but then it was okay after that.
This is what I want to talk about.
First, can you tell your version?
What happened on those two days
when things got physical.
You know that's crossing the line,
that's crossing an important line.
Both days she was pissing me off.
The first day in the old apartment
in Klvin tr.
That's when we went to kos' birthday
and I drank way too much.
And I was just shitfaced.
And when we got home,
everything was good.
It was four in the morning
and then she told me...
I was like, where's your ring?
She told me how she threw her ring
off the roof a few days before
when we were fighting.
And that just pissed me off so much
that she would throw away
the wedding ring I bought her.
But so far, what we see
if we put together the material...
They will see that you're abusive.
Okay. I am abusive. That's how it is.
That's the truth. You're documenting
our lives and I am being abusive.
There's no way around that.
You're trying to sugarcoat it
and make it seem like it's not real?
Emma's abusive to me. So what?
What's her abuse
towards your direction?
She punches me in the face.
She slaps me on my head.
She kicks me in the balls.
That's the physical abuse.
And then the mental abuse
is just like...
Just trying to dehumanize me
and put me down and say,
I'm worthless and nothing and like...
And tell me I have a tiny dick
that can never please her.
I'm not a man, I'm a boy child,
I don't do anything with my life,
and just saying anything
she can think of to debase me,
and degrade me and disrespect me
in any way she can.
And that's way worse
than the physical abuse.
Pretty much anything I've ever done
physically with her...
To me, it's not anything severe,
because my dad beat my mom,
so I know what actual,
real abuse looks like.
And I know I've never even come close
to that with my wife.
I feel like I'm a non-abusive husband
compared to my dad.
Maybe not compared to you
or like a normal person,
but compared to what I witnessed
in my childhood with my parents,
- I'm not abusive at all.
- What did you witness?
Just physical abuse all the time.
The times he would beat me,
I'd only remember
when he would make my nose bleed.
Those moments I would remember.
Like, if my nose would bleed a lot,
then I would remember it.
Because that only happened like four
or five times.
Okay, we are all aware of the scene
where I went crazy psycho bitch
and made Eddie look like
he's the worst in the world.
I wanna say, not just
to the audience, but like anybody...
I'm really sorry
about the things I said.
A lot of what I said was not true.
I was very angry and very upset
and very hurt.
I just wanted to get back at Eddie
by pretty much ruining his reputation
in front of the world.
I said things that were fucked up
and really not true,
and I apologize.
My husband is not a woman beater
in any way.
He has never left a bruise on me
or a scratch or anything.
And I'm sorry I made him out
to seem like this horrible person.
Maybe he'll push me,
but I'll push back.
If he was physical,
I'd stab that motherfucker.
I don't take shit like that.
Verbally abusive?
We're both verbally abusive.
I've said a lot of nasty shit
to Eddie,
he's said mean things to me
in return.
I think mine and Eddie's verbal
abusiveness that's not...
I mean technically it's verbal abuse,
but it's not.
It's just two people cursing
at each other
and saying mean things,
which people do all the time.
Watch any reality TV program,
and you'll see people talking
like that
at one point or another.
It's just normal behavior I guess.
Yeah. He's gonna call me
a dumb bitch,
and I'll call him an abusive asshole,
even though he's not.
It's just like a mean thing to say.
- Cheers to seven years.
- Cheers to seven years.
You know, it's so funny.
After seven years,
things are so different.
You used to provide me
with things like,
fun and good times and feelings.
But now, you provide me with...
a sense of peace
and security and comfort.
- Aren't those things nice, too?
- Those are so nice.
You provide me with a sense of safety
- Your dessert.
- Oh, what is it?
- This is the pumpkin.
- Oh, the pumpkin.
Thank you.
Thank you for this opportunity.
You're the best husband.
Shave my legs.
- Can I get more wine, too?
- Yes, ma'am.
- Anything for you, my love.
- I love you.
I'm logging on right now.
See you live in five minutes.
You're such a fag. You're a gay fag.
You need cock. You want cock?
Gay, faggot, homosexual.
Maybe an Instagram opportunity
for me...
50K subscribers!
You are officially my most followed
social media account, YouTube.
Is that right, fuckboy?
Wow, it's beautiful, babe.
We are backstage
and it's about to be showtime.
As you know, they were voted
five times the best live cam couple.
Ladies and gentlemen,
it's our pleasure
to be your host this evening.
My name is Emma Lovett.
This is my beautiful husband
Eddie Lovett.
Tonight, we're gonna be celebrating
and honoring the best of the best
in our industry.
The one, the only... Come on up here!
Let's see the nominees.
Ladies and gentlemen...
Hey, Eddie.
- Hey, can you guys hear me?
- Yes.
- Can you hear us?
- Can you hear me?
Yes, I can hear you.
How is Emma, by the way?
Is she there?
- She's on the couch, eating chips.
- Would be nice to see her, too.
Come on, come on. They missed you.
When was the last time
you saw these guys?
Okay. I got her.
- Hello.
- Oh, she's been eating a lot.
- Hey, Emma.
- Hi.
How does it resonate with you that
we're gonna have some extra time
to finish the movie
because of the virus.
Wait, I'm sorry, I'm getting word
from Emma that she's not on board,
that she's not okay with it.
What'd you say, babe?
Wait, slow down. She said contract
expired a year and a half ago.
I'm done filming.
I've been done filming. Bye.
She's sick of your shit.
- What is she doing?
- She's sick of your shit.
- Sick of the shit.
- Sick of this shit?
- No, she's sick of your shit.
- Why is it our shit?
What's our shit?
She said you're so foreign
you don't understand English.
Why? Why is that?
We don't understand.
Babe, can you just talk to them
for like, two seconds?
Okay? Just two seconds, please.
Just tell them how you feel
in a nice way.
- Come sit on my lap.
- Let me just say something.
I might be in a bad mood,
but let me say something.
Imagine how you would feel
if you were me.
Imagine if you give three years
of your life to something,
your most intimate moments.
You let people literally ghost
their way into your house.
How would you feel if I recorded you
for years,
and you have no idea
what it looks like,
you didn't get anything out of it.
You were just used.
You feel used, like a dirty mop,
you threw in the garbage.
That's how I feel about you.
I feel used and exhausted.
Like exhausted, up-to-here exhausted.
Like... Exhausted.
- Pretty exhausted.
- Very exhausted.
We have shown you footage.
It's not true
that we haven't shown you footage.
Gabor, you know what?
Fucking suck my dick.
You're never getting another scene
out of me. Goodbye.
- What's happening?
- We lost connection.
We lost connection..
- Why?
- Are you there?
Everything's gonna be okay.
I know this is
the last stressful thing,
and then I can start my new life
and relax.
I'll go to the bank now, and put...
I'll put like 400 dollars for you.
Wow, that's almost the whole moving.
Okay, well,
I don't want you stressing out.
Well, that would be a huge help.
Yeah, I don't want you stressing out,
just take it easy.
And It's gonna be okay.
Last night, it was just me,
and it felt so weird being alone.
Well, it's not easy.
You'll get used to it.
I love you so much
and I believe in you.
I love you too, Mom.
Thank you so much for everything.
- Okay, bye, love you.
- Bye, love you.
I think it's been like one
and a half years since we last met.
Last time, you guys were fine.
Everything was okay.
And then Kristf tells me,
he saw it on Instagram
that you moved
into separate apartments.
So, what happened?
What were the events?
- Just irreconcilable differences.
- Okay.
I'm choosing to keep my personal life
private at the moment.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
I was kind of checked out
of our relationship.
Because I don't know.
I wanted her to be a certain way,
do certain things,
live a certain way,
and she didn't want that.
You can't change a person.
So I would cheat on her,
I would go out on benders,
doing drugs and partying
for like days and make her worry.
And she would just get mad at me.
But then, like, forgive me.
But I don't know.
I wasn't satisfied in our marriage.
So I was like...
But I wasn't confronting the issues,
and I lied.
I lied to her about what I was doing.
I just kept proving to her,
I will not change.
I just kept doubling down
on my shitty behavior.
And she gave me chance
after chance after chance.
She tolerated so much
and eventually, like...
And why did you do this?
Something deep down in me knows
that she's not right for me.
Knows that we aren't right
for each other.
I think...
Yeah, let's try maybe
some other topic.
How about webcamming?
You still doing webcamming?
Yeah, I still webcam. OnlyFans.
I've my same job going the same way.
- And I guess you do it alone, right?
- Yes.
- No more couple shows.
- It's just me. No, no. Just me.
Like exactly a year ago,
a year and a month ago,
so like, yeah, 13-14 months ago...
What happened?
She came home crying
and said she's pregnant.
And I was like, why are you so upset?
Like isn't this good?
We can have a child,
that would be nice.
She said, "I don't want it.
You're not ready to have a child."
That's the first thing she said,
I'm not ready to have a child.
And I didn't push the issue.
I regret not pushing it more.
But this is the one decision
that is her decision.
We made an interview like this,
with Eddie previously,
and he said right about a year ago
that you guys almost had a child.
But in the end, you guys decided
not to keep her.
I have no comment on this matter.
How did you feel?
I guess just like anger
and disappointment.
That it couldn't have been like, different.
That you could have kept the child?
That we could have kept the child,
but that she could have been someone
who wanted to keep the child.
That I could have chosen a wife
who was right for me.
And who wants
to have a family with me.
We don't know if it was her. But...
You know, sometimes things
in life happen
and I think people reserve the right
to make their own decisions.
I'm not gonna play dumb,
because Eddie talked about it.
Okay, whatever.
Yes, we did end up getting pregnant
and there is a saying
where your first reaction
is usually the right one.
I'm thinking about it and I'm like,
I want to be a mother.
I want to have a family and a baby.
I'm 29 at this time.
I feel like it's a good time.
And it's really sad
because I know I can't.
I was like, I can't have a baby.
I don't feel safe.
Like it's just not the right person
to have a baby with.
And it's like...
You don't think about it much,
and I'm at the point now
where I just realized it
just wasn't meant to be.
It was like a gift from the universe
and I had to return it
because I wasn't ready to accept it.
And I think that baby, that soul,
got reincarnated into another baby.
And probably into a family
where it was safe
for that baby to be.
- Do you want to take a break?
- No.
And I'm gonna have my own babies
one day.
With the right person.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
There's a lot of construction
across the street.
We can't hear it I think in the mic.
But yeah...
Come here, Chewy.
Come here.
Yeah, Pepe.