Emmanuelle IV (1984) Movie Script

Why did I decide to go
to this reception?
I don't know.
Maybe it was to escape Marc.
I never want to see him again.
Jim really wanted to come with me.
I've been with him for some time.
He's friendly and harmless.
I had been really troubled by
Marc's love. I wanted to escape it.
I was looking for new people to meet.
And maybe new adventures.
Can women ever seem to forget
their grand passions?
Hello, Sylvia.
Last Thursday, at a reception
at Delgado's, I met a guy I liked.
He said: "Can I see you again?"
"To make love to you. "
"Why wait until next time?
Let's do it right now!"
Believe me or not,
but he ran away just like that.
Well, I like being a woman.
What about you?
It was her.
I finally met her again.
I was sure it was our fate
to meet again.
They say that grand passion is
impossible, but I'm sure it isn't.
Grand passion survives
boring everyday life.
You'd like
to escape from love, Sylvia.
Try as you may,
it will be impossible.
You'd like to escape love, Sylvia.
But I will always be able
to find you.
Love is an eagle, with claws
clutched around our hearts.
Once it has got a good hold,
it will never let go.
Where can I go? Where can
I escape? What shall I do?
How do you forget the face,
the body of someone
who's got such a hold
on your heart?
Wouldn't I have to become
another person? Another woman?
How do you find yourself again
once you've surrendered
both body and soul to a lover?
I hesitated...
I was facing a decision that
would completely change my life.
But when changing to another body,
will all memory be changed as well?
All you are
will be turned upside down.
You'll be sure
to ruin your life, Sylvia.
I'll take the responsibility.
Don't you worry,
my mind's made up.
Are you sure you know what you're
doing? What you're going into?
Yes, absolutely.
- Come in.
I did this instinctively.
And my instincts never fail me.
Think closely about it first.
You'll never again be the same
person, and you know it.
I've spent a part of my life
submitting to others.
I'm doing this assignment.
Not only
as you've never seen it before
but maybe even
as you've never imagined.
But be careful,
it will be dangerous.
I know. I'll call you when I wake
up tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.
The paper will handle your change
of address and take care of things.
That won't be necessary.
I'll take care of everything myself.
I have to go. Goodbye.
I'll go to this new country,
thinking I'll be a new woman there.
A new country, opening up to me.
Pictures of a new face, a new body
that will soon be given to me,
if all goes well.
I should be afraid,
but I feel calm and determined.
Is it possible to go on living,
being the victim of vicious love?
No, that's no way to live.
Better to shed this skin,
better to become another woman.
There isn't just one man in the
world, there are different men.
And anyway,
it's the same embrace.
I'll always keep the same memory.
But the man I loved will never know
where to find my heart.
I'll be reborn.
What countrysides, what faces
will I find on my way from now on?
You'll appreciate the difficult
techniques involved.
But we've just about mastered it.
Doctor, that's your business!
The only thing that worries me
a bit is the psychological aspect.
You want a new appearance?
I can't make you more beautiful
than you are.
I don't understand
this desire to change.
But you want new eyes,
new lips, new nose, new cheeks.
Yes, doctor,
that's exactly what I want.
I advise you to stay in Brazil
for some time.
Such a fundamental change will
have an impact on your mind.
And I think you should consult
a psychotherapist to assist you
day and night, for three months.
If I have to live with a man
day and night for three months
I will have physical problems.
Do you have anyone in mind?
Why did Dr. Santano summon me?
Ordinarily, he would only
summon me in case of trouble.
Well, I had been in a few fixes.
I did not feel this new encounter
would lead to a forbidden adventure.
I had been in love with a few men,
but I never knew
I could fall in love with a woman.
I thought I would be swept away
to faraway places.
I'm of the same opinion as you,
Dr. Santano.
This young girl
is an extraordinary case.
It is a milestone
in cosmetic surgery.
I'm sure you'll handle it very well.
I'm very impressed, doctor.
We'll start tomorrow morning.
- Yes.
She's so determined that I could not
persuade her to give it up.
She has given you her reasons.
- Yes, she wants to write an article.
Is that her only reason?
Who knows?
Oh, do come in, everybody.
Okay, we'll start
where we left off yesterday.
This should be adjusted.
We'll have to count on two months.
It depends on the skin
and how supple it is.
As soon as I saw this impressive
body, I was touched.
The shape of this young woman
was extremely seductive.
And at the same time
imbued with a calm beauty.
Although Dr. Santano could only
slightly improve on her beauty,
we may soon see an extraordinarily
beautiful being, a new Eve.
What I wanted was now done.
My destiny was coming together.
I would reappear in this world
in a new body. I would be reborn.
How is it?
- It's brilliant.
How would I talk? How would
I walk? How would I act?
The professor has performed
miracles before.
But believe me:
This time he has surpassed himself!
Can I see? I want to see.
Patience, it's too soon yet.
Out of a simple woman
I have created a goddess.
You are my life's masterpiece.
Professor, I ask myself if you
are a great surgeon or a poet.
You be the judge, Dona.
I'll be back in your office
in 10 minutes.
We don't know each other well.
Do you know who I am?
My name is Dona.
I'm a psychotherapist.
My name is Emmanuelle.
Will you be by my side,
day and night?
Yes, that's right.
And now, you must rest.
Do call me,
for any reason whatsoever.
What was my new destiny
with this face?
This shape that was my existence
from now on in the eyes of others?
With this appearance,
searching my innermost
would I find the same emotions,
the same fantasies?
Look in this window.
What do you think?
- They are nice.
What are they for?
- Making presents.
Be sure to make the right choice,
or you could be tricked.
Take your time.
How many do I take? Several?
As many as you like.
They are all for you.
Do as you wish.
Should I undress myself?
- Do as you like, it's your choice.
He may take off your clothes,
or you may do it by yourself.
In that case,
I prefer that he does it.
Do it slowly.
The shirt, and at the same time,
take off her trousers.
That's right. Slowly...
Slowly undress this body
that will soon be yours.
It's very nice.
Now what shall I do?
Touch and experiment.
Try skilled touching
to bring out the desire.
Always smoothly.
Never force things.
The softness of your touch
gives him the rhytm.
He will follow your strokes.
That's right.
That's good.
Kiss him.
Don't forget that it's your kisses
that disclose your desires.
With your lips you tell him
how you'd like to be touched.
Your favorite spots,
the way he should take you.
No, softly.
Touch him softly.
Let him take you.
Yes, come on.
You should learn
how to hold back your desire.
Slow it down
for even more pleasure.
Let go, to guide his passion.
Stay in control,
or you will succumb too fast.
Here we are
at the transfer of powers.
Yes, I've made a masterpiece
out of her body.
Good luck, Dona.
Her spirit is yours.
Come, Emmanuelle, you still
have to learn to live again,
with this new body of yours,
thanks to Dr. Santano's magic.
I'll have someone pick up
your luggage.
Stay calm. You must rest.
You are still frail.
I have only one wish, Dona:
My freedom.
But you may do as you wish.
- And what if I decide to?
Decide to do what?
- To make love to all of Brazil.
So I offend you.
- No, you don't offend me.
I'm here to listen and help,
not to judge you.
If you find me pretty, tell me.
I need it, you know.
- Yes, objectively, you're pretty.
What does that mean?
Do you never get involved?
Instead of answering,
you avoid it every time.
That's not my business.
I'm not here to talk about myself.
We have the same age.
Answer me,
do you find me pretty?
We'll have to go now, come.
I'll take care of your luggage.
My luggage? It's my past.
I knew what they had done to me.
I understood what she told me.
I had a new body,
so I had a new soul.
Only my memory was the same.
Marc, Marc, even changed like this,
how could I ever forget you?
Would I at last escape you,
now that I had become Emmanuelle?
Now Emmanuelle's soul had to learn
to live again in this body.
To help this process,
she had decided to stay here.
I always knew,
worst among us are the virgins.
Come with me.
Whether or not I really was
in this bar, I would find
what deep down
I was looking for: A man.
Wait for me.
Escape Marc.
Escape from the man I loved.
But would I find myself,
having done so much to lose myself?
But you are a virgin.
I'm so ashamed
of coming to her like this.
Come. It's a delicious place.
You will meet fantastic people.
Can I stay long with Marie?
- As long as you like.
Madame knows you're coming.
To forget about Marc,
I would sleep in a snakepit.
You won't be harmed here.
- I will summon Madame.
I'll only be a minute.
Wait for me here.
I was joking. But deep down
I really didn't know what to do.
What was I doing, so far away,
in this strange house?
A young girl sleeping there
seemed to have the face of an angel.
But maybe she was possessed
by demons deep down.
The very same I could feel
moving about deep down inside me.
Hello. And welcome. I'm Maria.
- Emmanuelle.
I've talked to Maria, and she's
suggested you two go to a samba.
I'll join you this evening.
After the samba, a quiet evening.
What do you say?
You know Rio better than me.
I trust you.
- I'm sure you'll have fun.
A handsome friend of mine
will be joining us.
Darling, lend her one
of your dresses, just for tonight.
I entrust you with her as she is,
almost naked.
See you later.
- Don't worry, Dona.
Emmanuelle will get
everything she needs.
See you later at Raoul's.
- See you.
Alfredo is my fianc.
But be careful.
He has a big appetite for sex.
Nothing wrong with an appetite
for sex at times with no love.
Here we are.
Dona told me you were coming.
She said
you wanted to make an article
on a subject she didn't want
to reveal, but that concerns us all.
It's an article about love,
isn't it? Right?
I'll fetch something for you
for our little party.
It's at the school of samba.
And a skirt...
The skirt to go with it on top.
I'll help you.
Don't move.
I was doubtful about your
beauty, but not any more.
You are magnificent,
really superb.
You'll be a hit
at the samba school.
See you tonight.
Yes, that's a great idea.
Come with me, we'll dance.
- I love you.
I'm going.
- Okay, have fun.
This is Carlota.
- Hello.
See you later, Suzanna.
I left the noisy hall.
What was I doing there?
Where was my resolve to escape
the memory of Marc taking me?
Maybe I was on the way
to discover myself?
So I went from party to party,
trying to forget Marc.
But love, real love,
when you've found it
is it something you can leave
behind, no matter how long the road?
Jim told me
I'd find her there, at Raoul's.
Sylvia had not only
gone into hiding.
She had evaporated,
as if by magic.
She seemed to have disappeared
from the surface of the earth.
But something in me kept saying that
I would find her again some day.
I had followed her by chance,
I had a premonition that tonight,
she would reappear unexpectedly.
I'm looking for a friend.
Maybe she's here.
What does she look like?
- Like a beautiful girl.
A very beautiful girl.
- Then she's definitely here.
What's her age?
-35 years, 4 months, 3 days...
And 1 hour.
She has an audacious look.
A reserved appearance,
hard, yet soft.
What's her name?
- Her name is Sylvia.
No, she's not here.
If you do find her, introduce me.
If I find Sylvia again,
my life would regain all meaning.
I'd recognize the necessity of love.
If I find Sylvia again
I will never let her escape.
It's him, believe me, I'm afraid.
I don't want to see him.
But darling,
he won't recognize you.
I'm afraid of him, and of me.
He'll recognize me, he loves me.
- You're naive, like a ten-year-old.
Santano's really
rejuvenated your spirit.
You're a different woman now.
He'll recognize me.
I'm sure, Dona.
I wanted to humiliate you.
I wanted to hit you.
Punch you drunk.
I wanted to whip you, like you'd
whip the back of an animal.
You shall know
who your mistress is.
Pardon me. What's your name?
- Rodrigo.
I like you.
See you later. You'll see.
Good evening.
My name is Emmanuelle.
- I'm Marc.
You're a pretty boy.
Can I say that?
- Sure. I'm very fond of simplicity.
I like your shirt.
- It's from Paris.
I like wearing men's shirts.
Do you like me?
Do you find me seductive?
I will ask you a question,
that no woman asks a man:
Do you make love
with the lights on, or in the dark?
Can I be that nosey?
Maybe you won't answer?
Probably in the dark.
- Really?
Without seeing
the woman you love?
Without seeing her body,
her breasts, not even her privates?
I don't really believe it.
It can be seen with your mind's eye.
I must talk with you.
Something drives me
to confide in you.
To divulge my thoughts
without reservation.
Do you know what I think of you?
A simple stranger.
A man I see for the first time.
I think you are a man
who hides a secret.
Do you love love?
Does it love you?
The soft dizziness of bodies,
the climax of a dream.
The satisfaction
of even the silliest dream...
...when you let go.
Yes, to show one's true self.
Give in to the flesh, to the heat.
To be burned,
when you let down your guard.
Hands and limbs clenched in battle.
Breasts, the stomach, the crotch.
To give deeply and penetrate
the cunt, penetrate it deeply.
Turned inside out, the naked flesh.
The embrace that takes us
far away from this world.
The cry of ecstasy that tears you
away from yourself.
All that I'd like to live out with
you, but not yet, my love, later.
You must think it over. One day
I will find you again, my love.
I would learn this strange pleasure:
The man I love will betray me
one day - but with myself.
So, did he recognize you?
- No, I don't think so.
You sound as if you're sorry.
Well, he didn't recognize me,
but he's not yet ready to forget me.
Where's Rodrigo?
- There.
I hope I haven't been too long.
I'd like to know you, I'd like to
make love with you, for a long time.
I want to make hard love with you,
I want to find the pleasure.
For both of us love will be fantastic.
You will feel the same.
I want it now, here and now.
- Where?
Follow me.
Let's go to my room, come.
- No...
The magician is here.
Oswaldo, may I introduce my fianc.
Since when did we become engaged?
- Right now.
Why not? After all,
Brazil is a country of contrasts.
She looks like you.
Like the day looks like the night.
Well, we complement each other.
- Like night and day...
Would you like me
to hypnotize your fianc?
Here she is.
- Come, I will take you somewhere.
But without going anywhere.
It's you, I'd like to hypnotize.
- I don't want to.
I don't believe in that rubbish,
I'm a Westerner.
You'd be better off
with a true Brazilian, like Maria.
I defy you to resist me
for more than 30 seconds.
Is it true you want to leave?
Yes, there's a man
I don't want to meet.
I hope it's not Rodrigo.
- No, him I like.
He lives in the Amazonas, he works
there with his assistant Suzanna.
And what does he do down there?
- He's a doctor.
Come, we must leave.
The bestiality of this scene
troubled me. Maybe even excited me.
I was even surprised
at the effect it had on me.
Do you find me pretty?
More or less pretty, desirable.
I would have liked to see her
down in the dirt as well.
Unless she herself
hadn't dragged me down.
It would be soft and gentle,
in the dirt.
You open your mouth,
spread your legs and your lips.
Let yourself be entered
by this limp tepidity
that so easily mixes
with my own similar feelings.
Little girl, do you know we have
lips down there, and lips up here?
They are the ones we adorn with
the greatest care, and sometimes
while thinking about
the other ones...
Do you feel pretty?
I saw her coming towards me.
Take it off.
I couldn't resist the temptation
of the body offered me.
Maria, is it not fair to say
that dirt is feminine?
I find you attractive.
But I don't love you.
Escaping my love, escaping Marc,
I was now in the wilderness.
I was escaping myself. Sometimes, I
felt like throwing myself into solitude.
Sometimes, it seemed that no man
I met would be able to satisfy me.
I wanted them all,
and I had flings with all of them.
With Nelson,
the father of Maria's fianc.
Am I bothering you?
- No, on the contrary.
Tonight, when the moon rises,
I will wait all alone in my room.
Naked, under the sheet,
just for you.
Afterwards I will disappear.
But do not look for me.
You will think of me as a dream.
After the father, I had a longing
for the embrace of the two sons:
Alfonso, Maria's fianc, and Miguel,
his brother who Maria also coveted.
So, Maria, you want to make love?
You, the fianc of my brother!
You want me to fuck you?
If my woman did that to me,
I'd kill her.
To fuck the brother of your fianc.
So, you like him, huh?
I found the feeling I had, watching
Nadine being fucked in the ass.
I never liked Maria much,
but I really hated this man.
What did you tell my mate, bitch?
And I wanted even more
that my friend had pleasure
out of the humiliation
he submitted her to.
He was very brutal, but I was ready
to follow him at his wish.
During this inner journey
that seemed like an initiation
I never stopped asking myself
who I really was.
If Marc gives me a sign,
I'll run to him.
I run after pleasure.
I seek it everywhere.
I don't find happiness.
Even though I'm 30 years old
I don't know how to use my face
nor the young body
they've made for me.
Listen, in your new life,
when were you most happy?
When I saw Marc at the party.
Always Marc...
Do you want to see Marc again?
- No.
What do you want, then?
- I want to leave.
If only I knew what to do. Bye.
Where are you going?
- I'll call you every day.
In front of this defenseless body,
overwhelmed by sleep
I let myself get carried away
into fantasies.
An enormous river carried me away
under a sky heavy with passion.
Carried away, toward what end?
They say you never bathe twice
in the same river.
Water changes relentlessly.
But the river moves, true to itself.
Los Angeles.
My meeting with Marc.
My decision to disappear,
to become another, in another body.
It was impossible to forget who I
used to be before this new body.
I saw again the milestones
that marked my journey.
We were going up a small,
canopy covered river.
As if in the embrace
of a luxurious vegetation.
Dona had urged me
to find Rodrigo again.
He was a doctor
in a brushy outpost.
She probably wanted me away
from Marc and closer to her.
Suzanna, his assistant,
took me to him.
How long yet
before we are with Rodrigo?
Not much longer now.
- Good.
So, I was finishing yet a chapter.
Was I getting further away from Marc?
Maybe I was on my way
to get closer to him.
Suzanna, wait for me.
I'd like to know
how you used to be before.
I was both the same and different.
I was a virgin just before I met you.
- What are you saying?
No matter.
I'm here, with you.
And I want to make love... now.
But, here?
They put you in prison for less.
Prison? For a bit of fun?
In the middle of the street, yes.
- So, let's take a walk.
It's dangerous at night.
- Yes, but more exciting.
And you are here to take care of me.
Rodrigo, there's no danger.
Are you sure about that?
- Yes... What's that?
Nothing. Let's go back to the hotel.
- No.
Rodrigo, this is fun.
- Emmanuelle, let's go now.
I was afraid. I saw myself
being caught in this evil place.
By these horny youths, coming out
from the dark, like wolves.
I chose the most savage
and primitive one.
I must confess something.
On this bed of garbage,
in the arms of this brute
I had the most shattering orgasm.
I discovered joy.
I hadn't seen Emmanuelle
for a month. She was gone.
I often asked myself
what had become of her.
Had she tried to return to the past
searching for what she was
in her first appearance?
What's going on?
It's very bad, she's been
locked up for three days now.
You should have called me.
- She didn't want to.
If you can get her to talk, fine.
She doesn't even eat.
She only gets cigarettes and rum.
I'll go upstairs and talk to her.
I couldn't forget who I was.
As I couldn't forget Marc.
I'm often tired of
too easy adventures.
Pleasure that escapes
just as quickly as it comes.
Can a woman enjoy
men's bodies without love?
In some cases, I think so.
In others, it seems impossible.
Yes, sex is heaven
and it is hell.
I was going to see her again.
I was going to see the one
who made me forget the world of men.
She, who took up all the place.
You're not doing so well?
Please, talk to me.
Leave me alone.
But Emmanuelle,
I'm here to help you.
What's going on?
I don't know.
I can't get a hold of myself.
Just be yourself, but above all,
don't destroy yourself.
I'll try.
I had found Emmanuelle again.
I don't know if I had recaptured her.
Is that ever possible with women?
Anyway, I was with her again.
We were alone in this world.
I felt that right now,
Emmanuelle was mine alone.
She seemed to have renounced
her infernal quest for pleasure.
Like innocent children, we passed
our days walking, and loving.
The most beautiful fruit
was the one at my side.
It was humid, intoxicating.
Everybody was friendly.
I could feel Dona's desire.
I might respond to it.
But I was thinking about Marc.
Yes, Dona,
I was determined to leave you.
Once more,
I felt desire fill my body.
In my breasts, my stomach,
in my innermost.
Okay, yes, I understand.
I'll call you in 10 minutes.
I have something to tell you.
- What?
You'll see.
- A surprise?
But first, you must undress.
I was all over this woman,
who had given me so much pleasure.
But I was convinced
my adventurous life was finished.
Dona was already far away.
I knew for certain that
this new body, I had given myself
from now on belonged to the man I
had so desperately tried to escape.
I seemed to be with Dona still.
But already thousands
of kilometers separated us.
I was gone for a new life.
But one difficult task waited:
I had to hurt somebody.
Reveal my departure to the one
that will be most hurt by this.
Three more seconds,
and I will hurt you.
I must talk with you.
I know.
- You know?
Yes, you're going to Paris.
Yes, I have to see Marc.
You're not mad?
No. Emmanuelle.
It's important that you see Marc.
It's important for you.
Are you looking for someone?
Are you Marc's secretary?
- Yes, may I help you?
Marc is waiting for you downstairs.
Is Mr. Chambais waiting downstairs?
- Yes, I'll wait here.
In this office that I knew so well,
I was suddenly aware of myself.
I was going to offer Marc the new
body he had had a glimpse of in Rio.
Was he going to like it?
Am I dreaming? This strange woman
that I had met so far away!
Emmanuelle, the only one in the
flesh who can make me forget Sylvia.
If forgetting Sylvia is possible.
I'm so happy to see you again.
It's already been too long.
Are you back from Rio?
No, I've been even further away.
Tonight, only we will be here.
I thank you for being here.
This strange meeting attracted me.
Who are you?
The woman of your choice.
Maybe I'm too ambitious.
I could say the woman
you'd love to have.
It's true I want you,
and that since I met you...
Do you know the poem: "An unknown
woman I love, and she loves me. "
"And each time is neither quite
the same nor quite another"?
Have you already been in love?
She was so different from you.
You do not look
the least like her.
I loved this woman so much,
and one thing bothers me.
You see, I think of you
as much as of her.
Love looks like love.
But do you love me?
This woman,
I made her suffer horribly.
She carried all the weight
of our passion.
Those mistakes
I will never make with you.
But, we will surely
make other mistakes.
For better or worse.
Better for love,
and worse for love.
Emmanuelle, I love you.
One day, one day I'll tell
you an incredible story.
Stories are told by night.
Okay then, one night.
By escaping him,
I found him again.
Where will we go together?
Where will love go?
But is love still love
when you can measure it?