Empathy, Inc. (2018) Movie Script

[mystical space-age music]
[pensive music]
- To thine own self be true.
At least that's what
I used to think.
Now I wonder if it isn't
something more insidious.
Like a curse or a joke.
Of all the different
people we are inside
who are we to be true to?
Maybe they're not home.
- Hey, it's gonna be okay.
Temporary, remember.
- So how was your flight?
Oh, I feel terrible
you had to fly coach.
You should have said
something to me.
We would have bought
you a better ticket.
- Mom, coach is fine.
- When's your
stuff getting here?
- [Jessica] What stuff?
- Your furniture.
- I told you, Mom, we sold it.
- What, why?
- 'Cause they had to get
the hell out of Dodge.
Am I right, Joel?
[all chuckling]
- I guess I still don't get it.
I don't even know what
GTI stands, or, stood for.
Joel, what happened, exactly?
- You know what, Mom,
let's not discuss this.
- It's all the papers
are talking about.
- Guys, we just got here,
let's enjoy this amazing meal.
- Alright, honey.
But Joel, you wanna give us
your side of the story, right?
Otherwise, we're gonna
think all the bad things
they're saying
about you are true.
- [Jessica] How
about some wine, Mom?
- It's fine.
GTI, Genesis
Technology Integrated.
My partner, Craig Vine,
developed a process
that could catalyze water.
No pollution, just steam.
We were gonna save the world.
Al I had to do was
raise the money.
[tense music]
- [Joel] 30 copies by
11 o'clock, please.
- [Secretary] Sure, I'll
get started on that now.
Oh, and your wife's on line two.
- Hello, Mrs. Eastman-Green,
are you ready for
this afternoon?
- [Jessica] Oh, shit.
Um, did I forget to tell you?
- What?
- [Jessica] The realtor
moved the closing to 11.
Does that work?
- Oh, babe, that's
when we're closing GTI.
- [Jessica] Shit,
I'm sorry, I forgot.
You know what, don't
worry about it.
I can handle it.
We'll celebrate tonight, though.
- You know what?
I'm gonna do both.
I'm gonna run Sonny
through the agenda,
let him get caught up to speed,
he can take care of the rest.
- [Jessica] Babe, are you sure?
- [Joel] I'm gonna be late,
but I'm gonna be there.
- [Jessica] Oh, that
is so great, okay!
- See you in a bit.
Sonny, I'm gonna need a favor.
- Joel, we need to talk.
[copier beeping]
Joel, did you hear what I said?
Craig faked his results, the
Board's withdrawn support.
- I don't understand.
- Now, I know how
much you put into GTI,
both personally and
all your friends,
but the Board's exposed here.
This is a, it's a scandal.
And Ventura needs
a firewall or a lot
of people are gonna
lose a lot more.
- What do you mean, firewall?
- There's gonna be
a press release.
You'll be named; cutting
corners, looking the other way.
And, hey, one bad egg sounds a
lot better than bubble, okay?
There's so much more at
stake here than just GTI.
- I'll lose all
my relationships.
No one's ever gonna
trust me again.
- You'll bounce back.
- Bounce back?
I don't have time to
bounce back, Sonny!
I'm buying a house in an hour!
What am I supposed
to tell my wife?
- I need you out of
here by the weekend.
- Wait, Craig's still in
town, let me talk to Craig.
- Dude, it's over!
- No, it's not, gimme a day!
An hour, gimme one hour
to figure something out.
- Fine, you save GTI by lunch
I'll take it back to the Board.
[tense music]
- Let me in, Craig.
- You don't wanna
come in here, man.
- How do we save GTI?
- We don't, it's over, Joel.
- No, it's not!
I'm gonna lose everything.
What did you fake?
Did your process ever even work?
- Look, early on I
had a partner, okay.
He didn't exactly do
things above board.
As long as he was
cutting me checks
I needed to show results.
The whole thing just
kind of snowballed.
I knew if I got Ventura involved
I could buy enough
time to figure
out how to make
the process work.
- Help me save GTI.
- Bro, you're not
hearing me, it's dead.
- That's unacceptable.
I don't care if you have
to fake more numbers,
I'm gonna lose my house!
Do you understand?
Ventura is pinning
the whole thing on me!
- I worked on this
thing for 12 years,
Joel, you've been on it for two.
My old partner,
that guy's probably
looking for me right now.
My wife is suing me.
I'm outta here in two hours.
I don't know where
I'm sleeping tonight,
so I'm sorry that you
lost your reputation!
Word of advice, Joel; don't
believe everything you see.
- When I told Jessica
I lost our savings,
our home, and was responsible
for a 90 million
dollar screw-up,
she said we ought
to come back East.
- It's all gonna blow over.
He's gonna find something else.
- The goddamn media
blows everything up.
- They said you
took people's money.
That's ridiculous,
you lost everything!
- Thank you.
So, what's everybody
else been up to?
- I got an audition already.
- Really, honey?
Well, that's great!
- Yeah, it is.
I think that I'm gonna
do really well here.
The theater scene is big, so,
you know, fingers crossed.
- I love seeing her onstage.
- I can't wait, but it's
gonna take a lot more
than acting to get you
two back on your feet.
- She's right, Joel.
Tomorrow you and I
should hit the links.
I might know a couple of guys
that could use a
financial advisor.
We could talk about it.
- Thanks, Ward, but
I'm pretty tired.
- Come on, fresh
air'll do you good!
- That's okay.
- Yeah, we're still on
West coast time, Dad.
- So, push through it,
that's how you beat jet lag.
Trust me, Joel, we'll warm
up on the driving range,
we'll go for $20 bucks a hole.
You might even make some money!
- Maybe this weekend, huh?
I'm pretty tired, probably
just gonna sleep in.
- Am I missing something here?
You lose everything,
you run out of town
and you wanna sleep in?
- Dad!
- I'm serious.
I know what it is to be
depressed, I was a cop.
And you gotta be proactive.
You gotta get out of your head.
- I'm not depressed, Ward.
- You don't know what you are.
I'm gonna call and
set up a tee time
for 7:30 tomorrow and you will
thank me when we're out there.
- How do you even afford
club dues on a cop's pension?
- Pension, nothing.
We got a million and
change in mutual funds.
Don't worry how I pay my dues.
- Okay, could everybody
just please relax?
- We just don't want you two
to run out of time to have kids.
- Kids?
Mom, that's our business.
- But you gotta
lay the groundwork
and you gotta be aggressive
and you can't sleep in.
- Right.
- Tell them about the house.
- There's a very nice house
for sale across the street.
Very modestly priced.
- And we could help you guys
out with a down payment.
- It'd be even easier
with grandchildren
somewhere on the horizon.
- [Ward] That's
all we're saying.
- That's all we're saying!
Just think about it.
So, what do you think?
- Thank you both, very
much, but we really
don't need all this
extra pressure right now.
- You're right, Joel.
This is too much pressure.
We need to relax.
- Thank you.
- Tomorrow morning, bright and
early we can get up and we--
- I'm not golfing
tomorrow, Ward!
- [Jessica] Calm down.
- Me, calm down?
- Just, why don't you just golf?
- It's fine.
- You know what, maybe
I am a little wound up.
I'm gonna go for a walk.
Thanks for dinner.
[soft, tense music]
- Joel?
It is you.
- Veazy.
- How you been, Joel?
I didn't know you were in town.
- Sleazy Veazy.
You still slingin' apps?
- No one calls me that anymore.
- Sorry.
How you been, man?
- Amazing.
GTI, huh?
You okay, buddy?
- Well, everyone I know hates
me and I live with my in-laws.
Other than that,
yeah, pretty good.
- You moved here?
You know what, good for you.
Fuck Silicon Valley!
Perfect's not good
enough out there.
You know, back here
people understand.
You go up, you go down, but in
the long run we're all dead.
So, who gives a fuck, right?
- Thanks.
Let me buy you a drink.
- Joel, let me ask
you a question.
If you had the inside track on
the next big thing
how much do you think
you could scrape
together, hypothetically?
- Nothing.
Everybody I know
got burned on GTI.
- Me and a friend of
mine, an engineer,
we started something that
we think is pretty unique.
Right now we're just
trying to close the gap
on product testing
before we go live.
- What do you make?
- It's a service, actually,
we sell virtual experiences.
- That's great, Nick, I'm
glad you're doing well.
But, uh, right now I have
no access to capital.
- [Nicolaus] None?
- Until I can rebuild
a stable of investors.
I need a day job.
- Damn.
- Yeah.
- All we're looking for
is a million and change.
We're not just offering
this to just anybody.
I want to work with
someone I know.
- Why just a million?
Isn't VR supposed
to be big boys only?
- Yeah, well, we're small,
but our tech is revolutionary.
It's called XVR and it's realer
than anything
anybody's ever seen.
- That's what everybody says.
[Nicolaus laughs]
- You don't
understand, XVR feels
and looks as real
as this conversation
we're having right
here, right now.
Taste, too.
Smell, touch.
See Lester, the
engineer, he's a genius.
And that's just the tech part,
most people are more
intrigued by our applications.
- What's that?
- We allow high-end
clientele to experience
what it's like to
be underprivileged.
- Empathy.
Why would anyone want
to feel underprivileged,
don't people want to feel rich?
- No, people want to be rich.
What they want to feel
like is different.
Think of the most
successful people you know.
Are they happy?
- I don't know anyone
that's happy, rich or poor.
- Fine, fair enough.
The point is,
people are miserable
because they forget
what they have.
Me and Lester help
them remember.
- How?
- Perspective.
You know when you're
having a bad day
and you think your life sucks?
And then you just found out your
neighbor's son just
killed himself.
And then you think, damn, my
day wasn't that bad after all.
In fact, I had a great day.
That's the service we provide.
You ever read the Bible?
- No.
- Yeah, me neither, but
there's a verse I memorized.
There is one who pretends
to be rich and has nothing,
another pretends to be poor
and has great wealth, Proverbs.
- It's a good slogan.
- It's the truth.
Walk a mile in the shoes
of the less fortunate
and when you wake up,
no matter what problems
you have in your real life,
feel that much better.
- There probably is
a pretty big market
for something like that.
[cell phone buzzing]
- Oh, sorry.
Now, this is gonna
take a minute.
I'll see you around, okay?
Yeah, I'm in a bar, hold up.
- Hey, Nicolaus, wait up.
- Yeah?
- I, uh, I actually might know
a couple people who could help.
A retired couple
with a nest egg.
I could test the waters.
- [Nicolaus] Call
me anytime, Joel.
- Hey.
- [Jessica] Hey.
- They asleep?
- Yeah, where'd you go?
- Some bar.
- I would have gone with you.
- I know, sorry.
I shouldn't have left like that.
- There were out of line, too.
But they're not wrong, we
need some sort of plan,
otherwise they're
gonna drive us crazy.
- Actually, I
might have an idea.
- [Jessica] Yeah?
- I ran into an
old friend tonight.
He has this virtual
reality start-up.
It actually kind of
sounds interesting.
I haven't seen the tech
yet, but if it checks out,
I might help out with financing.
- I thought GTI ruined all that?
- I thought it did, too.
But, all I'd have to
do is raise a million,
which is nothing,
and there's still
a couple people I could ask.
- Who?
Mom and Dad?
- Why not?
- Joel, no.
- Why?
- They don't have the money.
- Your dad was
just bragging about
his million and change
in mutual funds.
- Yeah, in retirement,
they need that.
- I'd check it out first.
I'd only ask if
it was rock solid.
- It's a start-up, Joel,
anything could go wrong.
You know that from GTI.
And if it went bad
they would blame you
and I can't even imagine
what that would do to us.
- Yeah, but what if
it went really well?
- They're family,
it's too risky.
Promise me you won't ask.
- [sighing] Okay.
We'll figure something out.
[water spraying]
[electronic music]
[ball cracking]
- You were right.
Feels good to be out here.
- I told you.
You got screwed, kid.
You just need to
blow off some steam.
- So you said you
got some friends
that might need a
financial advisor?
Nicolaus, thanks for meeting me.
- [Nicolaus] Are you kidding?
You got news for me, right?
- My client is ready
to pull the trigger,
but first I need
to see XVR work.
- Lester's very secretive
about his process, Joel.
- I need to meet him, too.
You ever regret it?
- Regret what?
- Playing it safe,
back in the day.
- Why, you got something
we should be looking at?
- Look, he's also busy.
XVR isn't exactly finished.
Once we have the capital
he'll work out the bugs,
then it'll be ready to demo.
- Do I look like an idiot?
I'm not investing my client's
resources sight unseen.
Well, to be honest, something
did come across my radar.
And it could be a
good opportunity for
the right investor.
- I understand your
need to be thorough,
but you're not the only
guy we're talking to, Joel.
The offer's not on the
table indefinitely.
We need a commitment now,
or we're gonna go
with somebody else.
- Then good luck, Nick.
- Joel, wait a second.
[ball cracking]
[panel beeping]
[tense music]
- It's a work in progress.
Lester Cooper, founder.
Joel Eastman-Green, our backer.
- Nice to meet you, Lester.
- Yeah.
Yeah, yep, you too, you too.
Okay, let's get this going.
Over here on this side we
have your alternate reality.
Over on that side,
it's you, the user.
- So, what does XVR stand for?
- Extreme Virtual Reality.
He made it up.
[computer beeping]
- [Joel] Let's go.
- Okay, listen up,
'cause there's rules.
Number one, the code is unstable
so stay in the environment
you wake up in.
Don't go opening
any doors, alright?
This is for your own safety.
Number two, don't
underestimate XVR.
It's gonna feel
like your real body.
It's not your real body, it
can be kind of disorienting.
Number three, avoid
mirrors at all costs.
Seeing yourself in
somebody else's body
can kind of fry your brain.
- [Joel] I should mention I did
just have a big
meal before this.
- I'm serious.
It can cause anything from
delusions to flashbacks.
You don't want it.
Alright, I'm gonna be
monitoring your experience.
You break my rules,
I will unplug you.
I'm not gonna risk
everything I worked for
just because he gets
curiouser or stupid.
One more thing.
Everything in this room
and everything in here,
it's proprietary.
If you betray that there
will be consequences.
- I got it.
[syringe squelching]
No, no, no, whoa, whoa!
What is that for?
- It's what makes it work.
[needle pricking]
[Joel yelping]
- Jesus!
- Count back from a hundred.
[computer beeping]
- 100.
[Joel mumbling]
[high-pitched droning]
[Joel breathing heavily]
[knob rattling]
[door creaking]
[people chattering]
[siren blaring]
[tense music]
[Joel breathing heavily]
- [Nicolaus] Well?
- It felt real.
- [Nicolaus] And the cat?
You like the cat?
- It was moving.
- [Lester] Well, you feel
sick, dizzy, lightheaded?
- I, uh, I cut my toe
and I threw up, but,
I feel fine.
- [Nicolaus] You're not
confused about who you are?
- Actually, I feel
more like myself
than I have in a
really long time.
- [Nicolaus] See, I
told you it was ready.
So, you in?
[change rattling]
- Thank you, sir, thank you.
Have a nice day.
[Joel humming]
- Hey, how's the play going?
- I'm not a bad actor, am I?
- What?
Of course, not, why?
- That audition that I
got, I didn't get the part.
I asked the director
why and he said
that I wasn't committing.
I wasn't believable.
Believable, what
does that even mean?
- It means he's an idiot.
You're great at what you do.
Maybe his play sucks.
- It's Shakespeare.
- Oh.
Well, you know, why don't we
just take a break tonight?
Have a little fun,
a little wine.
A little more fun.
- No. [laughs]
I'm gonna practice.
I'm gonna crack this thing.
And then I'm gonna go
down there tomorrow
and ask for a re-audition.
- Well, if he thinks you
don't have commitment
that will certainly show him.
[glasses clinking]
- Will you help me?
- I would love to.
- You're in a good mood.
- Am I?
Hadn't noticed.
- Yeah, something's different.
What did you do today?
- Nothing.
I was looking for work.
Come on, let's do the scene.
Who am I?
- Milk, three Splendas.
- Oh, Joel, thank you so much!
Have a nice day!
- Bye bye.
- Thank you.
[tense music]
- [Nicolaus] Joel?
- Hey, I brought us some coffee.
And I thought I might
take another spin
in the, uh. [whistling
and chuckling]
Is the chair open?
- No, it's not, Joel.
Did anyone follow you here?
- Why?
- XVR is for clients only.
You're not a client, Joel.
You need to leave.
- Nicolaus, I'm protecting
my client's investment.
- Lester and I
appreciate you coming
through for us, Joel, we do.
And when we start making
money, so will everyone else.
But the financing phase is over.
- Come on.
I think I'm entitled
to see our progress.
- You know how it works.
You need to leave.
- How about we let
Lester decide, huh?
If he wants me out of
your hair I'll scram.
- Lester's busy, and I'm not
bothering him with this, Joel.
And frankly, I got a
lot of work to do, too.
- Okay, okay, alright,
you know what?
I apologize.
I did kind of barge in here.
- It's fine.
I know you're anxious,
but you gotta let
us do our thing
and I promise you
won't regret it.
- You're right, it's
just that, you know,
doing that the other day,
it really affected me.
- And I wanna hear
more about that.
Why don't we grab
a drink sometime?
- Yes, drinks, let's get drinks.
- [Nicolaus] Next week.
- I'll call you.
- [Nicolaus] Okay!
- Enjoy the coffee.
And keep up the,
you know. [chuckles]
- Alright.
[panel beeping]
[suspenseful music]
- Hello?
[tense music]
[computer beeping]
Oh, fuck.
[syringe squelching]
[computer beeping]
[Joel breathing heavily]
[sinister music]
[upbeat music]
[people chattering]
[horn honking]
- [Policeman] Hey,
hey, kid, hey.
You pay for that?
- No.
- [Policeman] No?
- Fuck.
- Hey, hey kid,
I'm talking to you!
- Fuck off!
- Fuck off?
Gimme your hand.
You little!
You're dead!
Screw you, little punk!
[dramatic frantic music]
- Holy shit!
- You're dead!
You're fucking dead!
[siren blaring]
[water dripping]
[dramatic music]
[door crashing]
- No!
- [Jessica] And the director
didn't want to see me either,
but I would not take
no for an answer.
I was so nervous I was shaking.
I didn't get any sleep
the night before.
And I just,
babe, are you okay?
- Huh, what?
Then what happened?
- So I got up on the stage and
I looked the director right
in the eyes like it
was just me and him.
I don't remember
what happened next.
All I know is that
I got the part!
- Hey!
- That's wonderful, honey.
You know, Joel, I was reading
an article the other day
about a tech bubble and
they said that the kind of
thing that happened at
GTI was like an epidemic.
That's what they called it.
You don't think there's
anything to worry about, do you?
- Even if there is a bubble
there's good ideas, too.
People that are leveraged
in those will watch
their investment
grow, you'll see.
I wouldn't worry about it.
- Technology, it's
so complicated.
It moves so fast.
How can anybody
keep a bead on it?
That's why our money's
in an IRA, right honey?
- Exactly.
- It's people we
have to worry about.
Did you know the Richardson's
had their house broken into?
This is supposed to be one
of the nice neighborhoods.
I don't know what's
happening to this city.
- Mom, some people
don't have what we have.
- I know, because
we work for it.
- [Jessica] We have that
opportunity, others don't.
- And what, that's our fault?
- It is if we ignore
the circumstances
that they come up in.
- Please.
At least your husband has
a head on his shoulders.
Joel, tell her about
that hobo you got rid of.
- What?
- That old homeless lady
harassing people on the street.
Oh, she is an eyesore!
- The one by the cafe?
She's nice.
- Joel, I saw you and
her in a shouting match.
You don't have to be ashamed.
- When was this?
- The other day.
I was having lunch
with some people
who wouldn't have
approved, otherwise,
I would have gone over
and congratulated you.
- That's ridiculous, I like her.
I don't make a point of
harassing people I like.
We ought to do more for
people like that, a lot more.
- Joel, I don't know
why you're denying it.
I know what I saw.
- Mom, it wasn't him.
And you're being ignorant.
- Ignorant?
This from the actress?
- What's that supposed to mean?
- It means other
people foot the bill
so you can play dress up.
- Mom, you guys
got me into acting.
You took me to lessons,
paid for my training.
- Well, I didn't think you'd
take it this seriously.
- Wow, Mom, maybe you should
take some acting lessons.
It might do you some good to
walk in someone else's shoes.
[tense music]
- I hope I didn't
keep you waiting.
- Hey.
- We just got a new client.
He loves XVR, but
he's a handful.
- Who is he?
- Client privacy's
the cornerstone of
our business, Joel.
That's what they need to feel
in order to work with us.
You know what?
I never gave you a finder's fee.
- [Ward] Is everything okay?
- Yeah, great.
I, uh, just put something
in your account.
- Already?
- Yeah.
And, uh, there's gonna be a
lot more coming soon, too.
- Wow.
Enough for a down
payment on a house?
- Sure.
You getting into real
estate after all?
- Just the house
across the street.
For you and Jessica.
- Ward, this is your retirement.
You need to hold on to it.
- Well, didn't you say that
there'd be more coming soon?
- Yeah, but you shouldn't be
giving it away, not even to me.
- Well, it's not a gift, Joel.
It's an investment.
We want our daughter and any
of our grandchildren close by.
And the way I see it,
this is our best shot
at making that happen.
It's yours if you're
willing to stay.
[upbeat jazz music]
- They're not bad.
In small doses.
They're just a
different generation.
And they do, they love us.
- What's not to love?
- And I, um,
I feel like I could make
something of myself here.
There's more options.
I could have a career.
- Me, too.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I don't miss the
West coast at all.
- I don't either.
Okay, then it's settled.
- I, uh, have a little
surprise for you.
- A surprise for me, what is it?
- I want to show you.
Hang on.
- [Jessica] Where are we going?
[both chattering and laughing]
- You pushed me.
- I'm sorry! [laughs]
Where are you taking me?
- Walk straight.
- Okay.
- Straight ahead.
Eyes closed.
- They're closed.
And your hand is over my--
- Alright, alright, shh, shh.
- Okay, okay.
- Go for it.
- Oh, my God.
It's beautiful.
What is it?
- It's ours.
- Ours, what, how?
- Okay, so you
remember that little
opportunity I told you about?
Well, I moved on it and
it's going really well.
- Where did you get the money?
- From your dad.
He saw an opportunity and
he wanted to help us out.
- But I asked you
not to do that.
- I know, but I had
to jump on this.
For us.
I mean, look at this place.
It's beautiful!
Wait till you see the kitchen.
Jess, I'm sorry, but,
it all worked out.
You know?
We got the house and your dad
is in line to make
some serious money.
[cell phone ringing]
- Just take the call.
- [Sonny] Joel, hey, it's
not too late to call, is it?
- Sonny, I don't know why
you're calling me at all.
- [Sonny] Look, I'm
sorry, it's just,
I'm in the city
I wanted to meet.
- Sonny, I'm not interested.
- [Sonny] Joel, please,
I'll come to you, man.
Let me buy you lunch?
[Joel sighing]
- Hey, what happened
to the nice old lady
that used to hang
out out front there?
- Oh, Miss Miriam?
She's dead.
The cops found her
in the park, beaten.
It was brutal.
Whoever did it deserves to die.
Wait a minute.
Weren't you yelling
at her the other day?
- What?
Of course, not.
- No, yeah, it was you.
What's your deal, man?
You fucking yell
at homeless people?
- Hey, hey, hey.
It wasn't me, okay?
You're confused.
Keep the change.
- I'm just saying
I, uh, I should have
had your back on GTI.
- Thanks, Sonny.
What can I do for you?
- I came to ask
your forgiveness.
- Forgiveness?
- Yeah, it's just
something I needed to do.
You know, after GTI,
Ventura got skittish.
They're talking about
investigating everything.
We've all got a black
spot on our records now.
I can't find a job.
- Tragic.
- Yeah.
You heard about Craig?
Shot himself.
- What?
- Yeah, blew his brains
out in his wife's car.
- Jesus.
- That's what made me
wanna talk, you know.
It made me think about
how I left things.
- Really?
- So what have you
been up to, man?
I gotta tell you, you look good.
- Yeah, I found some work
pretty quick, actually.
- See?
I, man, I knew it.
You're already
downtown, aren't you?
Killin' it!
What, are you working
at a hedge fund?
- No, start up.
- Oh.
- One that actually makes money.
- Really?
- It's pretty
exciting, actually.
- What are you gonna do?
Wait, wait, let me guess.
No, uh, health care?
- No.
- [Sonny] Cloud storage?
- Jesus, stop.
It's VR.
- I have always wanted
to get into that.
It's so cool!
Who you working with?
- It's a small
shop, just two guys.
One of them's the neuro
engineer, Lester Cooper.
And the other's
just the money guy.
Guy I went to school with,
actually, Nicolaus Veazy.
[dramatic music]
- Veazy?
Yeah, I did a deal
with Nicolaus Veazy.
- So?
- You remember secured email?
So like, six years ago,
Veazy's out in LA pitching
this app that's supposed to
make your phone unhackable.
He had all these A-list clients.
I was in for half a million.
Then we come to find
he's using the app to spy
on the very people he's
supposed to be working for.
He was blackmailing them.
- Bullshit.
- I got the emails to prove it.
And when I threatened
to go to the cops that
son of a bitch blackmailed me.
He put the app on my phone
without my knowing it.
I got skeletons in
my closet, Joel,
so I let him take the money.
- Sonny, you're
fucking with me, right?
- I got no reason
to lie to you, Joel.
Nicolaus Veazy is a
straight up con artist
who will do anything
to make a quick buck.
We used to call
him Sleazy Veazy.
- Hey, what's going on?
Thanks for calling first.
- Sorry.
There's something I need
to talk to you about.
- You know what?
Perfect timing.
I need to show you something.
Why don't you come inside?
- Do you know Sonny Seagraves?
- Seagraves?
Yeah, I fucking
know Seagraves, why?
What did he do, slander me?
He's got an ax to grind
because I bested him in a deal.
- He says you blackmailed him.
- Yeah, and he threw you
under the bus at Ventura.
You gonna listen to him?
Come on, let's go inside.
- How did you meet Lester?
- How'd we meet?
- It's a pretty simple question.
- Look, Joel,
getting any business off the
ground is a delicate operation.
And, in my experience,
it's right when
things start to heat
up that partners
start second-guessing
each other.
That tends to put everyone's
investment at risk.
But I completely understand
your inquisitiveness, though.
It's what makes
you a shrewd guy.
But when the dice
finally do roll your way
you've gotta learn to enjoy it.
- Bring both of them.
What about that steak place
on Broadway your dad likes?
- [Jessica] Isn't
that place expensive?
- [Joel] It's fine, I'm buying.
- [Jessica] Okay,
I'll talk to them.
What time do you
think we should meet?
Joel, are you there?
[train dinging]
Joel, hello?
- Hey, Jess, I'm gonna
have to call you back.
[ominous music]
[subway rattling]
[people chattering]
[suspenseful music]
- Hello?
Joel, are you here?
What a frustrating rehearsal!
This director keeps
giving me the same note
and I'm like, what
do you want from me?
He said I need you
to be more like Tom.
Tom's the other actor.
He's a drunk and
miserable to work with.
But it's true, he walks onstage
and he completely transforms.
Last night I had a dream.
It's opening night
and I walk offstage
and I can't get out of Viola,
like I'm trapped in her.
And it was really scary at first
because I couldn't
stop thinking like her,
talking like her.
But then the next
night, I steal the show.
Are you okay?
What is this?
- It's a real guy.
- Did you know him?
Joel, talk to me.
What's going on?
- I was him.
- What do you
mean, you were him?
- It's not a simulation, XVR.
They're using real people.
- The company you work for?
- Jess, this is
gonna sound crazy,
but they are somehow
allowing their clients
to inhabit other
peoples' bodies.
- Joel, what are
you talking about?
- They do whatever they want.
They jump out
whenever they need to.
I bet none of those
crimes were even his.
- Joel, do you hear
yourself right now?
This is insane.
You sound like a lunatic.
- I did it.
You sit in a chair,
you put on a helmet.
You get knocked out, you wake
up, you're somebody else.
You think it's
fake, but it's real.
I know because I went there.
- Okay, even if you could do
this, why would anyone want to?
- If you could be someone else
without consequences
imagine what you could do.
- Joel, you need
to call the police.
- They have your parents' money.
If they find out that I
know that money is gone.
- I asked you not to
get involved with this.
You didn't listen.
- I didn't know it was
gonna turn out this way.
- Call the police.
Where are you going?
- To get the money.
- How, Joel?
- They don't know I know.
Privacy is their weakness.
If I can get my hands on the
client list Nicolaus will deal.
[suspenseful music]
- I fucking told
you what I'm doing!
Ow, goddamn it!
[men chattering]
I'm fine!
I'm fine, no.
Yeah, I'm walking
into the lab now.
I told you, yes
Nicolaus, you fucker!
Did you listen to what I said?
Did you listen to what I said?
I'm just fucking
walking into the lab!
[Lester chattering]
Yeah, yeah.
Well, is the weather nice?
Don't, no, no, no, don't
interrupt me, okay?
I'm thinking.
No, not with you out seducing
the rich and depraved.
Yeah, yeah, Bridgewater.
No, no.
It is not secure that is what
I've been fucking saying!
We need guards with
guns, like yesterday.
No, no, I could not find him.
What the fuck did I
just say, Nicolaus?
I just fucking said
I couldn't find him!
I don't know where he is!
And you, you've gotta
stop fucking taking any
new clients before we get
this shit on lockdown.
I swear to fuck!
Anyone we do take on
we've got to screen them
more thoroughly than
that nosy fucker, Joel.
[dramatic music]
I gotta go.
Well, [gun clicking]
speak of the devil.
What the fuck are
you doing back there?
- Lester, I'm sorry, I, I--
- [Lester] Huh?
- I had to check on the--
- Did you?
Shut up, get the fuck
out here, come on.
- I'll wreck it!
- You'll wreck my chair, Joel?
That's okay, we
got other chairs.
- Look, I'm sorry.
I shouldn't be here.
- Shut the fuck up.
Come on, come on.
- I'm sorry, I--
- Shit!
Fucking damn it!
I'm gonna fucking kill you!
Fuck you!
[dramatic music]
- [Operator] 911,
what's your emergency?
- Hello?
I need a car.
Someone's after me.
- [Operator] Who do you
think is after you, sir?
- I just want my
family to be safe.
- [Operator] Sir,
you gotta explain
to me what's going on first.
- Fuck.
- [Operator] Are
you still there?
- Oh, fuck.
[phone whooshing]
- Look, all I need is
my in-law's money back
and you'll never
hear from me again.
- We still need it.
And I have no guarantee
you'd keep your word.
- I'm not asking.
Those names will go public.
People are gonna be after you.
Do we have a deal or not?
- Okay, what's
wrong, what's wrong?
What are you doing?
I see that.
Joel, come here!
Talk to me!
Joel, Joel, don't,
no, don't do that!
No, please!
No, don't!
- I'm sorry, lady!
[Miriam screaming]
- That's not me.
- It looks like you, Joel.
Sounds like you, too.
- I didn't do that.
- I know that.
He knows that, but
nobody else ever will.
- Who the fuck is that?
- When you become someone
else they become you.
You didn't know that?
I'm sorry, I didn't know
what you figured out
with all your snooping around.
I said, clients only!
And as far as the Green's
money goes, it's gone.
And if I or Lester ever
hear from you again,
including whatever
leverage you think you have
with that list,
this will go public.
[somber music]
- I already told them.
- There's, um, more
you don't know.
- More than everything we
own tied up with criminals?
- It's, I can't get it back.
It's gone.
- What do you mean, it's gone?
- It's gone.
There's nothing I can do.
- Get out.
- Jess, I'm so so--
- Get out!
[somber music]
[engine revving]
[dramatic music]
- No, no, no, no, no.
[tense music]
[subway rattling]
- Yeah, white rice.
Cancel that.
- Where'd you move them?
- Oh, shit.
- [Joel] Where's the equipment?
- That's all you need.
You know, a little
more time and I
wouldn't even need the chairs.
- Have a seat.
- No, no, no fucking way, man.
- Have a fucking seat.
Where's Nicolaus?
- I don't know.
[cat meowing]
- Tell me where he is
or I strap in the cat.
- It doesn't work like that.
- Let's find out.
- Okay, wait, wait, wait!
Wait, just, he went out West.
Don't switch me with
that fucking cat!
- [Joel] Where?
- [Lester] Menlo Park.
Now would you let me go?
- [Joel] Why's he out there?
- I don't know, some conference
or fundraising or some shit.
Look, you don't need me.
What are you even
gonna do with me?
I told you what you
wanted, just let me go!
Whoa, whoa, you don't know
what you're doing with that.
Put that down, come on.
- This was just to
knock us out, wasn't it?
Then you could move us
around, do whatever you want.
- Fuck you!
[dramatic music]
[computer beeping]
- What the fuck
are you doing, man?
Fucking chair.
You fucking cuffed me to
the fucking chair, man?
What the fuck?
Lemme the fuck out of here, man!
Where's the fucking key?
Where's the fucking key, man?
What the fuck?
- Okay.
[cell phone ringing]
- [Nicolaus] What's up?
I'm busy.
- We need to talk.
- [Nicolaus] Okay, what's up?
- In person.
- [Nicolaus] I'm in California.
What's going on?
- It's Joel.
He, uh, he's out of the picture.
Whatever deal you
made, it didn't stick.
- [Nicolaus] Dead?
- He was snooping around
our Bridgewater location.
I didn't have any choice.
- [Nicolaus] Jesus, Les!
So what's the problem?
- Is there any way you
could come back sooner?
- [Nicolaus] Financing
takes time, Les.
Not everybody's as greedy
and desperate as Joel.
- Okay, then I'm
coming out there.
- [Nicolaus] I can hear you
just fine right now, Les.
What's on your mind?
- Ever since I had to,
uh, handle Joel, I just,
I don't know, I'm
a little shook up.
I just, I don't
feel right anymore.
- [Nicolaus] Since when do
you care about feelings?
- I told you we
needed to have guards!
I told you we needed to
hit pause on this thing!
Fuck, Nicolaus!
You didn't listen to me!
You left me to do
all the dirty work!
- [Nicolaus] Okay,
okay, calm down.
- Don't tell me to calm down.
I can't do this shit alone!
- [Nicolaus] Get a flight.
[plane whooshing]
[speaking foreign language]
- $200,000.
Look, I have to call you back.
Jesus, Lester, you
look like shit.
- Fuck!
[tense music]
[breathing heavily]
[dramatic music]
[liquid trickling]
- So, tell me, Lester,
how many people did
you fuck in that thing?
Or kill?
What, suddenly you
got a conscience now?
- It was different with Joel.
- Yeah, but you hated him.
- I know it sounds crazy,
but when he was
begging me for mercy
I looked into his eyes and
I saw something familiar.
I can't explain it, but I,
I felt bad for him.
- Well, I don't feel a
bit of guilt about Joel.
I told him to stay away
and he broke the rules.
- What about the others?
- What do you want me to
do, justify everything?
- I think I need to hear it.
- Okay, fine.
For one thing, if society
actually cared about
these people we'd never
be able to do what we do.
So whose fault is that?
And two, if they
end up in prison
at least there they
get three square meals.
Hell, half the time
they're better off.
- Jimmy Dale's mugshot
didn't look too happy.
- I never said happy.
I said better off.
- And when we kill them?
- It's a mercy.
You know what it feels
like to have nothing?
I mean, to really have nothing?
I know I'd rather be dead.
Feel better?
- A little.
- Hey, what the fuck?
- You know, before coming here
[gun clicking] I didn't know.
I didn't know if I was
gonna kill you or what.
- What?
Come on, man, I did
everything you asked.
- Not everybody's as
greedy and stupid as Joel.
- Where's Lester?
- You are gonna
wire that money back
into my wife's
account, all of it.
- Joel, now wait a minute.
- Now!
And the video of
me and Miss Miriam.
- Who?
- The woman you killed.
Erase the video.
- Okay, listen, Joel, I wasn't,
what I said, look,
I was just saying
what I thought you
wanted to hear.
I mean, I thought
you were Lester!
I don't believe in
any of that stuff.
I'm a good guy!
- Shut up and get on with it.
- There, see?
It's done.
It's in her account.
- And the video?
- I deleted it.
I swear.
- How do I know there's
not another copy?
- There's no more copies.
You gotta believe me!
[tense music]
- I do.
I do believe you.
- Thank you.
What are you doing?
Okay, now wait a minute, Joel.
I admit it, okay?
I'm greedy, okay?
I'm a greedy motherfucker.
But Lester, he's a psychopath!
It's gonna take both
of us to stop him.
After that I'll turn myself in.
I'll come clean, I'll
make it right, I promise!
But for the good of everyone
now, let's work together.
- I'm done making deals.
[gun firing]
[breathing heavily]
[cell phone ringing]
- Jessie.
- [Jessica] Joel.
How've you been?
Are you there?
- Yeah.
- [Jessica] You sound different.
- I know.
I'm not feeling like myself.
- [Jessica] Where are you?
- Don't worry about me, Jessie.
Listen, I really need to go.
- [Jessica] Joel, I, um,
I saw the money and I
just, I wanted to say,
thank you.
[somber music]
- I just wanted
to make it right.
- [Jessica] How did
you get it back?
- It's complicated.
- [Jessica] Jesus, Joel,
now I'm worried about you.
Look, I'd like to see you if
you want to see me, I mean...
- I can't, Jessie.
Too much has changed.
- [Jessica] Changed,
Joel, what's changed?
Listen, if you're in
trouble I wanna help you.
- It's too late.
- [Jessica] No, it's
not, whatever it is.
I need you to know
I still love you.
- [crying] I don't deserve you.
- [Jessica] Joel,
I wanna see you.
- Can I help you?
- It's me, it's Joel.
- What?
- I know, it's crazy,
it's a long story.
But it's me.
- I believe it's you,
I think, I don't...
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
It's you, Joel.
- I'm sorry for
hurting your family.
For hurting you and
for losing us and, [crying]
becoming this.
- Can't we get you back?
I mean, the old you.
- He's gone, he took the chairs.
There's nothing we can do.
I'm stuck.
- It's okay.
It's gonna be okay.
We'll figure it out.
I don't know how, but we'll
figure it out together.
- Nothing.
- Am I doing something wrong?
- No, no, it's just--
- Joel.
I've missed you.
Oh, I've missed you.
- Jessie.
I've missed you too, but--
- But what?
- It's not,
I'm not me.
- Yes, you are.
- Hold on!
- Joel.
- Wait.
[Jessica gasping]
- I want you.
- Uh, Jessie, it's too soon.
- I know it feels that way.
You just have to get into
character, this'll help.
Just get into it, come on.
- Jessie.
- [Jessica] Why aren't
you getting into it?
- Okay, come on.
- No, Joel!
- What is wrong
with you, Jessica?
- What's wrong with me?
What's wrong with you, Joel?
I've accepted you.
I've forgiven you.
- But I am not me!
- Is it because I'm not
beautiful enough for you?
- No!
I mean, yes!
- Good, because I want you.
I want you.
I want you!
[gun clicking]
I was very happy
when you had Nicolaus
put the money back
in our account.
I never had more
fun at the bank.
[Jessica laughs]
- Lester.
- Lester!
- Where is Jessica?
- You don't recognize
your own wife?
Well, I'm right here, sweetie.
- Where is she?
- Guess I'm a
better actress, huh?
- Look, I'll do
anything you want.
Just please don't hurt her.
- You mean, don't do this?
- No.
- Or this?
- Stop it!
- Shut up!
You know, I'm mad at you, Joel.
I wanted to have some fun,
but you ruined all that.
Do you know how good it
feels to fuck yourself?
There's nothing like it.
But if you don't
wanna play along
we can move on to the final act.
Now get up.
I want my body back.
[dramatic music]
Keep moving, Joel!
- Jessie!
[muffled crying]
- Hey, get away from her!
First, I'm gonna reboot us all
back to our original bodies.
Then I'm gonna kill ya.
[muffled screaming]
Shut the fuck up!
[computer beeping]
[ominous music]
[heart beating]
[key tinkling]
[dramatic music]
- Wait!
Why'd you do this?
- You know when I was a kid
they told us we could be
whoever we wanted to be.
I actually believed it.
[gun clattering]
[computer beeping]
- Shit!
Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck!
[dramatic music]
- Joel!
[both grunting]
[gun firing]
[Joel screaming]
- Oh, my!
[gun clattering]
- [Lester] Fuck!
[gun firing]
[somber music]
[Jessica crying]
- Shh, Jessie.
You're okay.
Jessie, just wait.
Jessie, just wait.
- It's too late to stop it.
- No, no, no, it's
gonna be fine.
- Joel, please.
- I'll just call
an ambulance, okay.
- Babe, please!
- Jessie, Jessie, Jessie.
[computer beeping]
[tense music]
Forgive me.
[breathing heavily]
[somber music]
- Joel.
Who am I now?
Who was I before?
And when I leave this stage
who will I be?
I thought the future
would be cooler
I thought the future
would be cooler
["I Thought The Future
Would Be Cooler" by Yacht]
Crowd sourced cults
All lit up on LED
Next thing you know
You're sippin' on a battery
Infinitely scroll
Through a SWAT team
on the sidewalk
Sudden death by
remote control
And unrestricted sidearms
I thought the future
would be cooler
I thought the future
would be cooler
I thought the brave
world would be newer
I thought the future
would be cooler
Loving comes easy
But liking it ain't free
We save our face in public
While we erase each
other privately
Got my broken heart
I got it sold
right back to me
By an algorithmic
Social entity
I thought the future
would be cooler
I thought the future
would be cooler
I thought the brave
world would be newer
I thought the future
would be cooler
I thought the
future would be
Looking for the edge
of our unrendered world
I don't know what we'll find
Oh, here comes tomorrow