Emperor of the North (1973) Movie Script

[Whistle Blowing]...
...[Whistle Blows]...
...[Train Chugging, Approaching]
Easy. Easy. Easy. Hold it.
Hold it. Hold it right there.
- [Brakes Squeaking]...
...[Engineer] Spout it okay?
[Engineer] How far down?
- Just about half.
Three quarters is enough.
- Okay. Three quarters.
[Water Continues Pouring]...
...[Engineer] Almost there?
- It's just about three quarters.
Let's get her goin'.
- Okay.
[Metal Clangs]...
...[Engineer] Ready to go, Shack.
[Whistle Blows]
- [Train Chugging]
Goddamn bo.
[Yelps, Whimpering]...
- [Screaming]...
...[Screaming Continues]...
...[Whistle Blowing]...
...[Whistle Blowing]
All right. Bring 'er back.
Come on.
Back, you old bastard.
Come on. Come on.
Hold it.
- [Clatters]...
...[Train Idling In Distance]...
- [Shushing]
[Boy]Jump him.
- [Chicken Squawking]...
Hey, kids, get that damn chicken.
- [Grunting] Geez.
Get the chicken.
Get it. Grab him.
[Boy] I'll get it. [Grunts]...
...[Train Whistle Blowing]
[Whistle Blows]...
Get out.
[Bolt Clattering]
[Whistle Blowing]...
...[Rattling Bolt]...
Son of a bitch.
...[Whistle Blowing]...
Hey, look. It's the 19.
- Hi, engineer. Hi.
[Car Horn Honks]
Who are you callin' a fool?
You call me a fool,
I'll push your face in for ya.
[Whistle Blowing]
Oh, I get a hold of that Shack,
I'm gonna bust his ass bad.
[Crossing Bells Ringing]
You ain't gonna light up here?
Well, why not?
- Well, you'll burn us down.
Don't make no difference, kid.
We're gone, no doubt about it.
Ah, it's nothin' but a old pig car.
Uh, pigs eat corn.
This here's hay.
Well, it's nothin' but a old steer car.
Ah, so long, kid.
You croak first,
I'll pray over ya.
Ah, don't pull that crap.
Let me tell you somethin'.
What do you mean, 'So long'?
Well, they'll be loadin' steers
in here in a couple of hours.
Well, what of it?
Steers got horns, kid.
You don't have any.
Ah, they wouldn't do that to us.
What do you mean, 'us'?
- I'll call a cop.
Ninety days on the rocks ain't horns.
It ain't the rocks, kid-
not in this part of the country.
And it's not 90 days either.
You're paroled to the bottom of a pit...
...while the sheriff pockets the two dollars
that he's paid every day for your keep.
And that's no ghost story. This country's
in the midst of an economic depression.
Two dollars a day is a lot of money.
Even the law is sweatin' hard times.
Country's gone to hell.
Ah, they couldn't get away with it.
Not with old Cigaret,
they couldn't.
[Crossing Bells Ringing]
- Old Cigaret?
You remember Hee-haw Mike, all right.
- Oh, the old-time yegg.
Well, uh, I ain't tryin' to scare ya...
...but you ain't seen Mike around, I guess.
I heard he got his neck
broke down in Texas.
Ya heard right.
You the guy that chilled Mike?
Now ya know me.
[Chicken Clucking Softly]
How was Texas?
Still there. So's he.
Hee-haw Mike got it in Frisco.
Shot full of holes by nobody knows.
[Whistle Blowing]
- [Crossing Bells Ringing]...
- Well, how we gonna get outta here?
Well, don't worry, kid.
I won't leave you to face it alone.
We'll die game, you understand?
[Chicken Clucking]...
Come on. Come on. Hey, hey. Damn.
[Muttering] Hey, hey, hey, hey.
You Rhode Island Red son of a bitch.
Them horns won't take us alive, kid.
[Strikes Match]
You loony. Geez, you'll get us- [Yelps]...
...[Continues Chortling]...
...[Chortling, Cackling]
Hey, Captain.
Oh, he's gonna be a mean
son of a bitch now.
What was he before?
[Chortling, Cackling]...
- [Grunts]
Get outta here, you.
- Jesus Christ.
Close it. And lock it.
Goddamn bo son of a bitch.
[Man] Mr. Logan, number 19's on fire.
- Holy mackerel.
Don't you understand?
The 19 is on fire.
[Men Shouting In Distance]
- The 19's on fire.
Son of a bitch.
You ain't cuttin' out on me.
Come on. Get some water up there.
Bring some water.
Come on.
On your feet, bo.
- [Cigaret] Oh, hey. Aw, come on, you guys.
Oh, wait a minute. Hey, wait. Wait.
- Move.
Oh, wait a minute. Aw, come on, you guys.
- That oughta keep you.
Yardlet. Yardlet.
Get them fire extinguishers.
Wait. Wait.
Get some water buckets.
Water buckets.
Wait. Wait.
Sand pails. Sand pails.
I got a train on fire.
George, get that fire extinguisher. Come on.
Get it next to that oil tank,
and the whole yard'll go up. Holy smokes.
What the hell are ya playin' around for?
All right. Brake it.
Slow her down.
Get ready to kick it.
Get some hand pumps.
Hand pumps.
[Shack] Come on. Come on. Brake it.
Goddamn y-
- Okay. Stop her.
Come on, Bill. Get out.
Okay. Kick it.
- [Man] Get all the buckets you can.
- Kick it.
Okay. Hold it.
- [Brakes Squeal]...
...[Man] Come on.
That's straw in that car. Get that fire out.
[Men Shouting, Chattering]...
...[Continues Coughing]...
...[Yardlet Laughing]
- [Shack Blowing Bubbles]...
...[Yardlet Continues Laughing]...
...[Yardlet Continues Laughing]...
...[Sirens Wailing]
Who forgot to grease those journal boxes?
Next time I pick up an empty,
I'm not gonna have it burned...
'cause some damned yardlet
forgot to grease the journal box.
Now you clean all those housings.
Oil the bearings, wedges, everything.
You don't ever hand me another fire.
Th-That's not what happened.
- I don't care.
You never let it happen again.
Never. Say it.
It'll never happen again.
Now you get that engine
down to the tower...
...and you fill it with water,
you understand?
I'll fix him, so help me, God.
Get your goddamn hands off me.
- Wait a minute. Cool off.
We're tryin' to tell you somethin'.
What to you want for Christmas, Leach?
I'll tell you what:
The one thing that's never been done
to the Shack-Think, Leach.
A tramp haulin' that son of a bitch
off his high almighty-...
A miserable bastard hobo
ridin' his train.
Ah, it'll never happen.
Maybe it has.
Look. Any you fellas Baptists?
Well, my old man's a Baptist.
I'm tryin' to get home to see him.
He's dyin'.
You're goin' for a year on the rocks.
- Up yours.
You gonna let that loudmouth
talk like that to you?
Yeah. He's right. Look here, you little squirt.
- Cut it.
How'd you make that train?
- Easy. It's like any other.
Nobody makes that one.
- It's a local. It's nothin'.
Nineteen ain't just a local.
- Haven't you heard of the Shack?
The 19 belongs to him.
- So?
So you ain't gonna live through the night.
It was easy. Train come off a curve.
I found a blind.
Well, I just laid down there.
I see the train man, his coattails flyin'.
Of course, I was curious, so I jump on
to give the big man a stare in the face.
And you can figure,
we didn't gab much.
He's wavin' his hammer and swearin'
like a big-ass Baptist...
...so I just ditched him,
settled down in the empty.
Had him beat all to hell too.
Well, this sorry lookin' bo...
...come draggin' his
ass through the transom,
got us both locked in.
So I had to burn my way out.
He's cinders now. That's for sure.
Leach, like I told ya.
You're gonna get a Christmas present
in October.
Well, we're bettin' on a sure thing.
Let's put it to 'im.
What time does Shack's train pull out?
7:00 in the morning.
I wouldn't miss this. I've
been waitin' for years.
You ain't alone.
Hey, don't forget Cracker.
He oughta be good for an easy 20.
You're tellin' me.
- [Man Laughs] Yes, sir.
It's like money in the bank.
I don't know.
Somethin' ain't right.
[Man #2 Chuckling] Stop worryin'.
You said it yourself.
We're bettin' on a sure thing.
Yeah-like bettin on yesterday's horse race.
You keep your mouth shut...
...till we've had our fun
and we collected our money.
And you get your ass down to that junction.
You tell your bo friends...
...that we got a new king of the road.
[F.D.R. On Radio] My friends, the most
effective means of preventing such evils...
...in this work relief program...
- [Snoring]
Will be the eternal vigilance
of the American people themselves.
[Continues Snoring]
I call upon my fellow citizens everywhere...
...to cooperate with me
in making this the most efficient...
...and the cleanest example
of public enterprise...
...the world has ever seen.
- [Knocks]...
- It is time to provide a smashing answer...
...for those cynical men
who say that a democracy...
...cannot be honest,
cannot be efficient.
If you will help,
this can be done.
I therefore hope that you will watch
the work in every corner of the nation.
Feel free to criticize.
Tell me of instances
where work can be done better...
...[Chicken Flaps, Squawks]
Or where improper practices prevail.
Neither you nor I want criticism...
...conceived in a purely fault-finding
or partisan spirit.
But I am jealous of the right
of every citizen...
...to call to the attention
of his or her government...
Examples of how the public money
can be more effectively spent...
...for the benefit of the American people.
Never since m- [Switches Off]...
- [Stops Snoring]
I heard ya comin'.
Y-You beat the Shack.
Rode in on 19, eh?
- Well, that's not exactly it.
Mmm. Say, it figured.
You had to try him sometime.
Twenty miles in an empty stockcar
ain't exactly tryin' him.
That's just coppin' a feel.
- Ah, you're still A-#1.
- [Chuckles] Wha-
It's only a week old.
Ah, ha-ha.
Ah, it's a sweet-thinkin',
fast-truckin' man ya are.
Shack hurt ya?
Never laugh at the devil.
- I ain't laughin'.
Well, now- now you beat the Shack...
...climbed the sky, slept with the stars,
why the hell don't ya settle, huh?
Like me. Look.
I talked with F.D. R...
I fought with Pershing,
slept with Harlow- [Chuckles]
Tamed tigers, drunk poison...
...seen the elephant and gone over the falls.
I've been on the road and with it...
...and haven't moved my ass
more than a foot from here in the last year.
That ain't a question.
- Got an answer.
Oh, I, uh, lost my bindle
to a couple of road kids.
Well, shall we go among 'em?
Let's go among them.
[Clanging Metal]
- [Smile] Quiet, all right. That's right.
Listen all of you guys.
Come this way.
Gather ye round.
I got the news.
I got the message. [Laughs]
- [Continues Clanging]
Come on. Open up, you stew bums
and alkie stiffs. Get in here.
Open up, ya shovel bums,
fakirs, mushers and gray cats.
Ya think you're the road, do ya? Ha-ha.
Well, he's the road.
He's the Emperor of the North Pole.
He came in on a 19.
[All Cheering, Chattering]...
...[Smile Laughing]
Come on. Come on.
[Chattering Continues]...
...[Man] I saw the Shack
throw Casey Shine under the wheels.
I once saw a shovel bum he got close to.
Why he used his hammer or somethin'.
Some say he's finished off 11 boes.
How close were ya to him?
Close enough to ride.
[Others Laugh]
- I got one eye and one question:
Did he use his hammer?
Hmm, the hammer's mostly for show.
Scares some.
It's the hands you gotta watch out for.
And the brain.
No tramp ever rides with the Shack.
It ain't never been done. Never.
Well, you're lookin' at the man.
- [Man #2] See what we tell ya?
Well, you're lookin' at the man.
- [Man #2] See what we tell ya?
We play it right,
we can get a month's pay outta Cracker.
Well, you better keep this.
You're better lookin' than me.
Hey, A-#1.
Come on over and have
some of my mulligan.
I've been brewin' it for three days.
You never tasted the like.
Hey, that's a good idea.
Boiled garbage is all it is.
You'd do better on a plate of hot cow chips.
What do you think it is, your birthday?
- [Smile] Take it easy, Gink.
He beat the Shack.
He rode the empty in on the 19.
Aw, the hell he did.
Some punk kid beat the Shack.
They got him down at the yard.
[Man] Kid?
He screwed it up.
- What kid?
No one 'cept A-#1 could take the Shack.
What about it, A-#1?
Careful. He carries a knife.
- [Smile] You ain't tellin' him...
...nothin' he don't know.
Son of a bitch is gonna do it.
- He's gonna do it.
[All Chattering]
- [Man] Good luck, A-1. Good luck.
[Train Chugging In Distance]...
Give 'em somethin' to remember.
- Hey, bo.
Where to?
A-#1 to Portland on the 19.
But- But that's Shack's train.
Mark it.
[Smile] That's the way, boy-[Laughs]
In great big letters.
Sure sounds pretty fishy to me.
I- I just can't believe that.
You mean, you're tryin' to tell me
that nobody's ever ridden on Shack's train?
- Aw, come on.
I just don't believe nobody.
- Nobody?
- Aw, somebody.
[Yardlet] Who?
- Skysail Jack. He made it.
Huh. Your butt, he made it.
- Sure, he made it.
Huh. Ask him.
- What?
Go on. Tell him if Skysail Jack
ever rode Shack's rails.
Skysail Jack? In a coffin.
...[Other Join, Laughing Loudly]...
...[Laughing Continues]...
...[Screams With Laughter]...
...[Laughing Continues]
Oh, every train can be beat.
That's all.
No, no. Not Shack's- not these guys.
See, it no more than you can whup
Jack Dempsey.
[All Laughing Loudly]...
...[Laughter Fades]
Somewhere there is a bo
than can or has done it.
Oh, yeah?
Well, five says there ain't.
Ten says there is.
...[Bills Rustling]
Fifty dollars. Match it, or eat it.
You're covered.
- [All Chattering]...
...[Chattering Stops]
Yeah. Well, get to work, you guys.
Cracker'll want an extra man.
- [Shack] I got my crew. No students.
Was tryin' to see
you don't take on company.
I don't take on company, yardlet-
not even you, if you ain't got a ticket.
Who you lookin' at, mister?
I learned my trade on a tough road,
and that's a fact.
You ain't no bo.
- The hell I ain't.
[Yardlet] Talk up, boy. Tell him.
You're a tenderfoot.
- Bullshit. He came in on the 19.
Bought himself a free ride on the special.
They saw him get off.
[Train Whistle Blowing In Distance]
You know what I do to people
who say what you've done?
I did it.
I rode your goddamn train.
There's only one bo
that's got the stuff to try me.
You ain't even on the list.
Any tramp that sets foot on my train...
I'd hold him out
and shake him to death like a snake.
Yeah. I'm onto you, kid.
You're nothin' but a lousy little bum.
I rode your train free,
and I wasn't the only one.
- Tell me about it.
Don't matter.
- Oh, it does to me.
Let's you and me take a
walk down by the crick-...
And discuss this, just you and me.
A- #1. A-#1.
- [Cigaret Choking, Whimpering]
His name is on the tower. I seen it.
The gink said he'd come in on the 19.
He's goin' back out in the morning.
Northbound to Portland.
A- #1? Who's A-#1?
Never met him... yet.
[Train Whistle Blowing In Distance]...
Five dollars he makes it
all the way to Portland.
[Yardlet] Five dollars?
What are ya talkin' about, to Portland?
The kid was a fluke.
Now, he was a cinch bet, but no hobo
is gonna ride Shack all the way to Portland.
That- It'd take more than a miracle.
A-#1 ain't just any bo for five.
You're covered.
- Let Jack hold it.
Okay. Here.
- Not me. I want no part of it.
Who's gonna hold the money?
- Okay, okay. I'll handle the money.
Now look. I- I hate Shack
as much as any of you guys...
...but that bo ain't even gonna make it outta...
...the yards, and here's
another five to prove it.
Five too? Take it.
- And he's got a chance if there's fog.
You're covered.
[All Chattering Loudly]
- [Man] Put me down for seven bucks.
[Chattering Continues]
Tell the telegraph operator
to let the boys down the line in on it.
Tell 'em in North Plains
what they got comin'.
Tell 'em in Eugene, Albany, Salem.
Tell 'em.
Cottage Grove will cover
all bets up to $600...
...on or against A-#1 riding
the Shack to Portland.
Attention, Cottage Grove.
North Plains bets $85 on the Shack,
$78 on A-#1.
This is Albany. $177 on A-#1.
Attention: Portland advises
it's a federal crime...
...to use the telegraph line
for the purpose of making wagers.
Portland also advises
we are betting $255 on the Shack.
Okay, fellas. I got a week's pay
on the Shack's big nose.
A whole week's pay?
- Twenty dollars- any or all of it?
You got a customer. Remember
me? I'll take half.
You're covered.
Hey, don't take all of it. Give me two.
- You got it.
I'll take 75 cents Put me down for 75 cents.
- [All Chattering]...
No trust, Harry. Put up or shut up.
- Give me 50 cents.
You're on.
The other side. Go on.
[Metal Creaking]...
...[Overlapping Chatter]
- Try the awls.
A hatpin.
It's only got two tumblers.
- What do you know about tumblers?
Come on.
- Gently, gently, gently. That'll do it.
You know, Cracker and that Shack
really baitin' the trap today.
Shack'd rather kill a man
than give him a free ride.
That's it. Easy, easy.
Goddamn Shack's gonna put this down
in his bad-day book.
He sure is.
- Easy, Smile. It's like a woman.
Opens wide with an easy touch.
[Smile] There she goes.
Ha-ha. [Laughing]...
...[Smile Continues Laughing]
- [Others Chattering]
I'm proud of this bastard.
Magic fingers gets you stuff like that.
- [Chattering Fades]...
...[Cheering, Laughing]
- Shh.
[Smile Shushing]...
...[Cheering Fades]
Right. In the trenches. Out of sight.
Come on. Come on.
- All set.
Wish I was goin' with him.
- Me too.
[Steam Hisses]...
Almost makes me wanna
go back on the road.
She's a big ride.
Treat her right, bo.
Turn her upside down,
says, 'made in hell.'
You've got your work cut out for ya. There's...
...a fast mail going through
the junction at 7:10.
That's 11 minutes.
- I'll be there in four.
Three miles?
Not at yard speed you won't.
I won't be goin' yard
speed. I'm gonna highball.
The hell you are, Shack.
- I'm not givin' away another free ride.
I can't even see the end
of my train in this fog.
I'm gonna have 20 miles an hour under me
before he has his first chance.
If he wants to try to deck that,
he'll end up sellin' pencils.
This is my yard, and I'll give you the clip
on how you go, or I'll telegraph Division.
Well, now, you telegraph Division.
And what are ya gonna say- that you're
gonna open up this road to tramps? Ha.
- 6:59.
[Whistle Blowing]
- Here she comes.
[Whistle Blows]...
Come on, Shack. We got
our money down on ya.
[Workers Shouting, Chattering]...
All the way, Shack. All the way, Shack.
- That's it.
You're a loser, Shack.
A- #1's gonna ride your back all the way.
[Shouting, Chattering Continues]
Forget it, Shack.
A-#1 's gonna ride ya all the way.
That son of a bitch is gonna highball.
- What did you expect?
Yeah, he's gonna highball in the yard.
- Naturally.
But in the yard?
That's great. Faster.
Goddamn you. Faster.
Shack. Shack, she's old.
She oughta be in the shop.
Shack. Shack, she's old.
She oughta be in the shop.
Shack, her cylinder packing's
wearin' through.
[Engineer] Shack. Listen, Shack.
Keep it open. Give her steam-all she'll take.
Shack, her side rod's poundin'.
Can't you hear it?
Shack, can't you hear it?
She's bindin'.
She's gonna bleed.
- [Shack] I can't hear nothin'.
Now, you keep it open.
You hear me?
You keep it wide open.
[Engineer] She can't take it, Shack.
She can't take it. Shack.
[All Shouting]
- Come on, Shack. A-#1 's waitin' for ya.
Here she comes.
- Get down. Get down.
And there she goes.
- [Others Laughing]...
...[Wheels Scraping]
Close the throttle.
Shut that throttle.
[Brakes Screeching]...
...[Stoker] Lord have mercy.
Holy jumpin' Jesus.
...[Whimpering] Christ.
[Smile] Guess who, Shack.
It's the big, bad bo, Shack...
...and he's gonna bite your big, bad ass.
[Hoboes Laughing]...
That switch is turned.
- [Man] Hey, Shack, we spoil your day?
[All Laughing]
Where the hell is Shack?
Damned if I know.
He's outta sight up-track.
7:02. Eight minutes. Shit.
Shack, you ain't so high
and mighty now, are you?
[All Laughing]...
Doesn't Shack know we're
runnin' out of time?
Boxed in, Hogger-...
...out of track front and back.
Ain't never heard of such a thing.
Highballin' outta the yards,
bustin' through switches. Geez.
Hey, Shack,
you left your caboose hangin' out.
I hope you've got
your pension paid up, Shack.
Holy shit.
Hey, cover man, now you know
what ass-whuppin' is all about.
- S-Six m-minutes.
Don't worry, Shack. It ain't so bad.
We'll keep a place for you in the jungle-...
...six... feet... down.
Hey, back her off.
She ain't clear.
You get a chance,
you use this, understand?
Hurry up. Let's get this
goddamn thing outta here.
[Hoboes Laughing, Hooting]...
...[Laughing, Hooting Continues]
Hey, Shack.
You have as much chance...
...as a one-legged man
at an ass-kicking contest.
[All Laughing]...
...[Smile] A-#1 ain't any old bo, Shack.
- [Laughing Continues]
Hey, Shack.
You got a big surprise comin' to you.
[All Laughing]...
We'll save you a place on
the bread line, Shack.
Cap', we only got four minutes.
Take her out- up-track.
- What if we don't make it?
We got no choice.
Two miles back, one mile up. Move it.
[Steam Hisses]...
Bye. So long See ya.
- [Cracker] Shack.
Shack. Shack. Shack.
Right side. Right side.
...[Shack] Hey. Hey.
Stop the train.
Stop the train.
Hogger, back it up.
Back her up.
[Train Chugging]
Hey, bo. Hey, bo.
Hey, are you listenin'?
In three damn minutes,
you're gonna hear a whistle...
...which'll mean a fast mail
comin' down through the junction.
And it'll mean a head-on
with 10 people aboard.
Sounds like a ghost story to me.
See you around, Shack.
Come on. Come on.
Get this goddamn train movin'.
All right. Move it.
Come on. Come-...
...[Train Whistle Blowing In Distance]...
She's stalling. She's stalling.
- Sand. Sand. Give her sand.
Easy on the throttle, Shack.
Easy on the throttle.
Move. Sand. More sand.
Goddamn you.
Move, you son of a bitch.
Move. Sand. Sand.
[Train Chugging]...
...[Train Whistle Blowing In Distance]
[Train Whistle Blowing Louder]...
...[Whistle Blowing]
Shovel, you black son of a bitch.
Shovel. Shovel.
[Whistle Blowing]...
...[Whistle Blowing]...
...[Whistles Continue Blowing]...
The junction. The junction.
- Pour it on.
Pour it on. I want speed.
More speed.
Get more coal down.
[Whistles Continue Blowing]
[Loud Clattering]...
...[Brakes Screeching]...
...[Screaming, Moaning]...
All right. Move it out.
I said move it. Now.
- I didn't see nothin'.
You didn't see nothin'?
Well, check it again.
Move it. Goddamn.
[Crossing Bells Ringing]
Goddamn, you one dumb son of a bitch.
You wanna pick one, you got it.
This ain't no game.
Hell, it ain't.
You look like a sore loser to me.
Get grease on that.
Grease from the journal box.
[Crossing Bells Ringing]...
Son of a bitch.
...[Crossing Bells Ringing]
Give me that.
[Crossing Bells Ringing]...
...[Chugging Slows]...
...[Chugging Stops]
All right. Bring her back.
[Chugging Slows, Stops]...
...[Shack] What about it?
Nothin' so far.
[Shack] Anything in the empty?
[Cracker] He ain't in here neither.
[Shack] Are ya lookin' careful?
Sure, I am.
I'm lookin careful.
Come on back.
I don't know why the captain
don't stop messin' around.
He know them boes ain't no account.
Hold it. Hold it.
- Hold it.
[Brakes Squeak]...
- [Door Slams, Latches]
Okay, bring her back.
- You're damn right, nothin'.
You never seen nothin'.
I did.
- A hat.
A goddamn hat.
- Comin' off a car goin' fast.
A rag. Some axle packin'.
- No. Shit.
Goddamn newspaper.
That's what you saw.
- Maybe?
I don't know.
Somethin' or nothin'?
Which did you see?
- Bullshit, nothin'.
You saw a goddamn hat.
[Cans Clattering]
Ow. Ooh. Ah. Ow.
Oh. Oh, Gero- [Screams]...
...[Crashes, Grunts]
Like I was tellin' you,
there was a day a dump had quality.
But by God, the trash in this country
has gone to hell.
You son of a bitch.
Well, I thought we was buddies.
Leave me to get messed up.
On your feet.
Regular out-and-out?
- Yeah, you'll remember it.
Well, then, I guess the game is up, hmm?
To the finish.
I'll do my share.
Drive away.
You ever ride the Cannonball
on the Wabash?
Come up on the C&A from K.C.
When there ain't no steps to grab?
Ah, wait a minute.
Wait a minute. Listen.
No, wait a minute. Listen.
Let's give 'em somethin' to talk about.
Take the 19 and break Shack's neck.
Hell, who knows this business
better than we do?
Look. Why don't you give it up, kid?
Walk on to the next town
and buy a ticket out.
Hit the French country- Montreal.
Why, you rub your stomach up there...
...and those nuns'll give you
a slice of sow belly and a crust of bread.
Even let you sleep with the mules.
I've bummed this country five year.
I got my moniker written on towers
from Seattle to Miami.
I been where it's mean,
and I want it that way.
You ain't stoppin' at this hotel, kid.
My hotel. The stars at night- I put 'em there.
And I know the presidents- all of 'em-
and I go where I damn well please.
Even the chairman of the New York Central
can't do it better.
My road, kid. And I don't give lessons,
and I don't take partners.
Your ass don't ride this train.
Hey. Ohh. Ow.
[Mutters] All right.
Get out of my way, you miserable-...
Yeah, that's fine.
Not the gunwales.
Try the roof.
Didn't you hear me, kid?
Yeah, I heard ya.
Don't mean a goddamn thing to me.
Not to old Cigaret, it doesn't.
[Crossing Bells Ringing]...
...[Clattering Louder]...
...[Thudding Against Flesh]...
- [Cigaret Yelps]
Ah. Ah. Ah.
- Ow. Ah. Ah.
[Cigaret Screaming]
- [Continues Laughing]
Ah. Ah. Ah.
...[Yelping Continues]...
...[Train Whistle Blowing]...
Give me your hand.
- No.
Come on. Get your hand on the rod here.
Hold on.
Give me your other hand.
Come on. Swing it across.
Come on. Let's go.
Now swing your ass over the rod.
On the rod. Come on. Now off it. Get up.
- [Whimpering]
Old Hee-haw Mike never taught you
to ride down trains, did he?
Come on.
Get your other arm up.
[Cigaret Whimpering]
All right. Keep on goin', right up to the roof.
Go on, kid.
- [Whimpering Continues]
Don't stand there.
Keep goin'. Go on.
[Gasps, Grunting]...
...[Screams, Whimpering]...
...[Train Whistle Blowing]
- [Groans]...
...[Train Whistle Blowing In Distance]
Now, look. If you think I'm-
What the hell are you doin'?
Teachin' you.
I'm still workin' on that.
[Train Whistle Blowing In Distance]...
- Huh?
[Chugging In Distance]...
...[Chugging Approaching]...
...[Engine Sputtering]...
...[Man] What the hell's goin' on here?
[Sputtering Continues]...
...[Woman] What are we stopping for?
Everything's okay, folks.
Just stay on the train.
We won't be here long.
All right.
Everybody back in your seats.
Mr. Collard, we've got a schedule to keep.
They greased the rails,
the goddamn tramps.
I don't give a damn if they're democrats.
Get this moving.
Give her sand.
[Conductor] Get back to your seats there.
We'll be movin' right along.
[Cigaret Giggling]
More sand.
Give her more.
Goddamn tramps.
[Chugging Continues]
Look, do exactly what I do.
Nothing more.
Don't like it. Just do it.
- Over here. Here.
Come on. Grab on.
Oh, shit.
Don't listen to the wheels, kid...
...unless you're tied down,
and you wanna sleep.
Then when your blood starts to get thick...
...you edge over and take a look at 'em.
It'll start to flow again.
Sure is nice to be eatin' standin' still.
Yeah, you're right. The
way things are these days,
it's good to be eatin', period.
[Whistle Blowing]
Nice sight, huh, kid?
[Cigaret] We'll ride that bastard yet.
Oughta keep you alive till we get to Salem.
...[Bell Ringing]
- [Man] Here she comes.
[Horn Honks]...
Stay back from the train till it stops.
Hurry up, dear.
It only stops for a few minutes.
I'm coming. Just wanna get a newspaper.
[Conductor] All aboard. All aboard.
[Woman] Hurry up, dear.
[Passengers Laughing]...
- [Nervous Chuckling]
What's the matter?
Ain't you ever seen nobody shave before?
[Conductor] All aboard.
- [Man] What do you know?
All aboard.
- [Woman] Good-bye.
[Turkeys Gobbling]
- [Man] Have a good trip.
[Woman] Good-bye.
- [Train Whistle Blowing]...
...[Woman] Good-bye. Bye-bye.
[Woman] Bye-bye.
- Bye.
[Turkeys Gobbling]
I'm trustin' you, kid.
Cover for me.
- Hey, you, come back here.
Let go. Let go of me.
...[Officer Shouting]
Hey. Stop.
Stop. Stop.
[Turkey Gobbling]
Hey, hey. Come on.
Hey, look who it is.
Goddamn. It's A-#1.
What's he doin' here?
- What's goin' on?
Shh. Quiet.
Stop. It'll be the rock pile for you.
Come back here.
Come on.
In the caboose, kid.
In the caboose.
He must be crazy.
He's gotta be crazy.
I guess he ain't here, all right.
You tell him it's 90 days on the rocks
if I get my hands to him. He's sent up.
...[All Laughing]...
...[Turkey Gobbling]
- He's sent up.
Now, you just give me that.
- Uh-uh. The sale was final.
Well, you can keep the turkey,
but I'm takin' the kid in.
Turkey? What turkey?
Who sees a turkey?
Well, this here's a dog.
[All Barking]
I'm only doin' what I'm told to do.
You gentlemen ought to understand that.
[Turkey Gobbles]
- Look what you've done.
What have I done?
- Now he thinks he's a turkey.
[Men Laughing]...
Better bark for him.
- What?
Bark for him.
[Barks Softly]
- What?
I must have wax in my ears.
[Barks Loudly]...
...[Howls, Barks]...
...[Howling Continues]
- [Laughing]...
...[A-#1 Cheers] Hey, okay.
- [Men Laughing]
Hey, a drink for this great lover of dogs.
That's all right.
I'm- I'm a man of temperance.
Well, so am I.
You could nurse a baby
with this stuff, right?
[Man] Go on. You only live once.
- [Men Laughing]...
...[Laughing Continues]
Must be a sign of the times. The governor...
...in this state can steal,
and an honest man can't.
And we get a cop who don't drink.
[Man] How'd you come in?
Private compartment
of the Great Northern mail.
They was crazy
to think they could knock him off.
Ain't no shack alive can take A-#1.
No, sir.
Show 'em their best ain't good enough.
- All right, boys.
How about a little doggie for supper?
- [Cheering, Chattering]...
I'll get a pot.
- [Chattering Continues]...
I'll get a pot.
- [Chattering Continues]...
...[Man] Get that fire goin' good.
[Chattering Continues]
You look like the president
of the railroad, kid.
Why don't you take your hat off?
You come in here like you was a millionaire.
Well, you're not.
You're a casual.
You ain't even seen a first-class hobo yet.
Where you been sleepin'?
Straw stacks and barns.
You've slept out.
Why don't you say so?
You got any money?
- Couple of pennies.
Willing to be searched?
You're a punk, a deadbeat.
No bum worth a damn is gonna
let himself be picked over.
How long you been out?
Thirty days?
Where do you think you're at?
You let some two-bit cop cut you down,
and now you're gonna come in here...
...and figure on cuttin' me
and Shack down at the same time?
Damn, boy.
You ain't even ready for a half-grown girl.
One of those New Orleans women
get a hold of you, you'd cry for your mama.
But it's plain you've already
cried for your mama.
Get your head up.
What have you learned?
Spit it out. How much?
I'm gonna tell you once, never again,
so listen tight.
You've got a chance to be a good bum.
You can be a meat eater, kid-
I mean people,
not their garbage.
I wanna see you rough as a jungle cat.
Keep on goin' the way you are.
Keep gettin' knocked around...
...in the same places
till the knocks don't hurt anymore.
Then you run with the train.
Remember it.
But don't ever grab
unless you're sure you can hold on.
If you ever let go,
she'll throw you under.
Want some new togs for the kid?
How good a thief are you?
- Huh?
Are you any good at stealin'?
- ##[Hymn: Trumpet, Drum]...
Are you any good at stealin'?
- ##[Hymn: Trumpet, Drum]
For God so loved the world
that he gave his only begotten son...
...that whosoever believeth in him
shall not perish but have everlasting life.
## [Continues]
And so I say unto you,
do not displease God.
Would he say unto you,
'Well done, thou good and faithful servant,:
Thou hast been faithful over a few things,
and I will make thee
ruler over many things'?
No, brothers and sisters.
The master said...
'By thy words thou shall be justified.'
## [Singing Hymn]
- For God so loved the world...
...that he gave his only begotten son.
And if it's good enough for Jesus,
it's good enough for Paul.
It's good enough for you and me,
brothers and sisters.
For here I find the door
of hope and salvation.
Do you rejoice in God, sister?
- I rejoice.
Hallelujah, brothers and sisters.
Hallelujah, brothers and sisters.
- Hallelujah.
Oh, hear my prayer, Blessed Virgin Mother.
##[Singing Continues]
- Reveal thy wisdom.
How beautiful is thy revelation.
- Amen.
Lord, I have sinned.
- Strive for perfection, sister.
Confess your adulterations.
Confess your wanton waywardness.
I confess my sins, O Lord.
Hallelujah, brothers and sisters.
[All] Hallelujah. Hallelujah.
##[Singing Continues]
- You're in God's name...
...pure of soul indeed.
Praise the Lord and give me another sinner.
You're next, brother. You're next, brother.
- ##[Singing Continues]
And Jesus said, 'Come unto me,
all who are weak and heavy laden.'
O Lord, is there truth among us?
Sanctify thy truth.
Have you sinned, brother?
I have sinned.
How, then, can the Lord sanction
such neglect?
I will immerse you...
...rather than have you
go to the Presbyterians.
Save me from the Presbyterians.
O Lord, give the world to this poor sinner.
Jesus Christ.
- That's right. Trust in the Lord, brother.
I feel his workings within me.
- He is your savior.
Jesus hears you.
Confess, sinner.
Are you resolved to devote your life
to Christ and his work?
The Lord is my tabernacle.
And his ship is filled with gold.
Well, set sail for the pearly gates.
Hallelujah, brother.
- Hallelujah.
[Man Shouting] Reverend. Reverend.
Some son of a bitch stole our clothes.
[Excited Chattering]...
...[Reverend] After him.
After him. Catch him.
Don't let him get away.
Find the thief.
After him.
All right.
Now you listening?
Are you listening?
- Yeah, I'm listening.
You tighten your belt, turn up your collar,
do everything you're told...
...you can be Emperor of the North Pole.
You don't,
then you are out, O-U-T.
Emperors know a lot, huh?
- They know plenty, kid.
A-#1 knows more.
Let's go.
Come on. Let's go.
It was like that all the way.
He was crazy thinkin' he could take us.
Thank you, Cracker.
- Shit.
Goin' up against the Shack
is like goin' up against Dempsey.
He was lucky the Shack let him live.
Jesus Christ. On the tower.
On the tower.
[Excited Chattering]...
...[Chattering Continues]...
...[Man] Takes a lot of guts, I'll tell ya.
[Man] He must be some bo, that A-#1.
He goes all the way to Portland,
he makes history.
Okay, I'm givin' odds on the bo.
Eight-to-five, A-#1 makes it.
[Chattering Continues]...
...[Man] You're on. Ten bucks.
[Chattering Continues]...
I suppose you wanna highball.
No, I don't wanna highball.
Regular speed.
[Whistle Blowing]...
...[Train Whistle Blowing]
Ain't we gonna highball?
No, we ain't gonna highball.
Just regular speed.
Just look like you're searchin' the train.
Look like you're searchin' the train.
Do you understand?
Sure. Search the train.
Well, move it.
[Crossing Bells Ringing]...
...[Clattering Continues]
Ah. Hey.
- [Yelps]...
...[Grunts] Grab the rope.
[Thudding Against Flesh]
- Well, grab it.
[Thudding Continues]...
...[A-#1 Yells]
- [Brakes Screeching]...
...[Screaming Continues]...
...[Groans, Panting]
[Indistinct Shout]
Goddamn you,
you Cracker, son of a bitch.
You stupid idiot.
When I tell you to do-
Useless bastard.
Wait a minute. I'll get some oil.
- [Groaning]...
...[Stoker Wailing]
- Wait a minute, Coaly.
Easy now. Easy.
[Wailing Continues]
- Easy, Coaly. Easy. Easy.
[Grunting] Damn.
What's the matter?
You look broke up to me.
I can fight like a house afire.
I'm ready.
Ya are broke up bad.
You're quittin'.
Drag your ass back to the Jesus shouters.
Tell 'em they got a stew bum for the choir.
This bo's headin' out.
He's on his way.
And that ain't just to look around either.
I'm gonna parade.
High mucky-muck of everything.
Tramp royale.
Emperor of the North Pole.
Slashing left and right with my razor.
Puttin' my fist into more faces
than you can figure.
Till they so damn played out,
they surrender to me...
...unconditionally, on the spot.
There'll be some stories
about me 'fore I'm through.
Ain't a jungle I walk into
where they won't know my name.
I'll have kings and queens
and royal flushes...
...and I'll be chief of all.
And nothing's gonna be too good
for this big fella.
There's gonna be some bust-in heads.
I'm talkin' straight.
You better listen.
I ain't stickin' with you anymore.
You ain't good for bummin'.
You ain't mean enough for it.
You can't handle this Shack.
Get off his road.
Easy. Easy. Easy.
[Wailing Continues]
- Easy now, Coaly. I know it hurts.
Oh, God, it hurts.
It hurts.
Get your ass over here.
Now you get us the hell outta here.
[Groaning Continues]
- Now.
[Stoker] Oh. Help. Oh.
[Train Chugging]...
...[Stoker Continues Groaning]
You son of a-...
You bastard.
[Shack] Got yourself a game leg, huh, kid?
You should've jumped off.
That would have been
the smart thing to do.
[Laughs] You should've jumped, kid.
I gotta hand it to you, kid.
Yes, sir.
You played both sides against the middle.
Had yourself a high old time while it lasted.
Yeah, but now it's lasted long enough.
Oh, you can keep runnin', kid,
but you're runnin' out of train.
[Laughs] And there's no place to hide.
My brakey's cracked his neck,
the hide's peelin' off the black...
...and the Hogger's ready for the loony bin.
And all because of you.
That's a pretty fair day's work
for a tenderfoot.
But now I'm gonna show you what happens...
...to people who ride on
my train without a ticket.
Too bad you didn't get me too, kid.
Too bad you didn't let that pin bust you up
instead of me.
'Cause now I'm gonna spread your ass
all over these tracks like manure.
Your fight's over here.
- Jesus.
...[Screams, Groans]...
...[Both Grunting]...
...[Grunting Continues]...
...[Gurgles, Exhales]
Don't belly up on me, bo.
You promised me a fight.
Ghost story, huh?
Pick it- Pick it up.
[Shack Laughs]...
...[Grunting Continues]...
...[Shack Screams]...
...[Grunting Continues]...
- [Panting]...
You wanna play?
You wanna play, huh, bo?
[Laughing] Come on.
[Whistle Blowing]
- Smart-ass.
- [Grunting]
Oh, no, you don't, Shack.
Like you said, I promised you a fight.
Now, get your ass up here...
...you dirty, miserable,
no-good son of a bitch.
Oh, damn.
- [Shack Screaming]...
Hey, bo.
- [Panting]...
...[Shack In Distance]
You ain't seen the last of me.
You ain't seen the last of me.
Yes, sir. Gee whiz.
Me and you,
if we ain't the team.
Well-Well, we can go to prison
and free the cons.
We can capture Mexico.
We can do in Rome as the dagos do.
Knockin' down everything we see,
all stuck on ourselves.
[Laughing] Cigaret and A-#1.
[Laughing Continues] Yes, sir.
Kid, you got no class.
Stick to barns, kid.
Run like the devil.
Get a tin can and take up moochin'.
Tackle back doors for a nickel.
Tell 'em your story.
Make 'em weep.
You could've been a meat eater, kid.
But you didn't listen to me
when I laid it down.
Stay off the tracks.
Forget it.
It's a bum's world for a bum.
You'll never be
Emperor of the North Pole, kid.
You had the juice, kid,
but not the heart.
And they both go together.
You're all gab and no feel.
And nobody can teach you that.
Not even A-#1.
So stay off the train.
She'll throw you under for sure.
Remember me for that.
So long, kid.