Empire of the Sharks (2017) Movie Script

That is yours alone to use.
8 o'clock?
Keep on practicing.
Keep that out of sight.
Tustin, my tests worked.
It will scale up.
We can make our own fresh water.
- We don't have to...
- Now is not the time.
That's it?
You know what? I think you are
holding some back for yourselves...
...or else you're selling it outright.
I can assure you, sir, we haven't.
That's right. You know why?
Because the great Ian Fien owns this ocean...
...and he graciously allows you
and your people to live on it.
And in turn, all he asks
is that you pay a tribute...
...and in turn, he gives you fresh water.
I don't think you're keeping up
your end of the bargain.
Mr. Scrim, sir, we need more water.
Double your tribute by tomorrow.
We have exhausted all the resources nearby.
It will take time to gather more...
...but without water, it's impossible.
So what you're saying is
this amount of water...
...isn't enough for the population
you have here?
- Exactly, sir.
- Oh. Hmm.
By the authority of the Warlord Ian Fien...
...I will reduce your population by 10%.
Take five, six healthy ones, girls.
Willow, this isn't the time to fight.
You want to honor your father, stay alive.
- But what about you?
- I never had a father. Go.
Mr. Scrim, sir, that's not what I meant.
Double your tribute by tomorrow
if you want your people back.
You can take me...
...but release my people.
There's too many.
People of Korotoa...
...prepare for the wrath of Ian Fien.
Gentlemen, please.
And now the retribution...
...of Warlord Ian Fien!
Hey, where are you going?
The fun's just started.
Oh! Hi, kiddies.
Now hear me.
You'll have double tribute by tomorrow...
...or your people will become
the permanent property...
...of Warlord Ian Fien.
Thank you very much.
- What are you doing?
- What's it look like I'm doing?
- I'm taking this!
- You can't.
- I can.
- What about the sharks?
I'll go deep where they won't see me.
Have you even soloed in that thing before?
I made a promise to look after Willow.
I'm keeping that promise.
What are you waiting for? Let's go.
I've never seen anybody do what he did.
I've seen something like that before...
...a long time ago...
...but it was different.
- What do you mean?
- It's hard to explain.
I was just a little kid.
There was someone who was similar...
...but he respected the sharks.
He didn't use them like that.
I always thought it was just a fairy tale
to make the kids feel safe in the water.
It was true.
- And where are they now?
- Long dead.
But there may be another.
You're sounding like the elders now.
Enough with the fairy tales.
- How are we gonna stop him?
- One step at a time.
First, we have to get Willow back.
We have to rescue our people.
Why are we surfacing?
We have to get as close to the stern
of that trawler as possible.
- Take the wheel.
- What... what are you doing?
I'm getting Willow out. Stay hidden,
and if you get in trouble, dive, okay?
You can't do this alone!
Stowaway! Guys, over there!
We... we won't be able to take much
of this. They'll sink us.
- We have to get out of here now!
- What did you do?
- Me? What are you talking about?
- We've got no thrust!
I didn't do anything. It...
It's loose.
Okay, we're good! Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!
- We can't stay here much longer.
- A little further.
We can go deeper than they like to.
I don't think we can stay here much longer.
Are we clear?
I don't know.
We have to go up.
We can't stay here much longer!
We've got to go!
Okay, let's ascend.
I'll have the rest of the tribute
by tomorrow, I assure you.
The people of Korotoa,
they've been specially motivated.
Stop! Stop!
Oh, I heard that the ship
bearing the components...
...that we need for the wave energy
should be docking in Nauru any day now.
Now, with those components, we can go
over to kinetic energy from the ocean.
We don't have to use people
anymore, human power.
The sooner we can end this
inefficient situation, the better.
We'll still need captives for the sharks.
All right, keep going.
Whoa! Stop! Stop!
Just keep your hands on the wheel, child...
...and you keep pushing. Don't stop.
You just keep one foot
in front of the other, child.
You keep pushing, no matter what.
- The Warlord is too powerful to fight.
- What about our people?
If we do as he says, they will be returned.
- You don't know that.
- Timor, you're young...
...but when you're older,
you will think differently.
They need us to power the machines.
Killing us is not in their interest.
Besides, we need the water they provide.
If a few of us are to be sacrificed
so that the rest of us can live...
...then that's a worthy sacrifice.
What have you got?
Where'd you get those?
There are benefits to being
the one who cleans the oysters.
Must have been some kind of life.
You sure you want to do this?
I made a promise to look after Willow.
- I can't ask you to come with me.
- You don't have to ask, 'cause I'm coming.
It's not a good idea.
- Do you want those pearls to barter?
- Of course.
Then I'm coming with you.
I've only seen one of those before.
Who gave you that, child?
Was it your father?
Don't worry. I won't tell anyone.
Did he teach you the old ways?
He taught me how to navigate
by position of the sun.
But did he teach you
the secret of shark calling?
He was a shark caller.
Most of us here survived the first days
of the flood because of him.
He died when I was young.
This is all he left me.
There must be a reason he left it with you.
You have to help us.
Your face!
- Hold up, buddy. What's in the bag?
- None of your business.
We don't allow weapons or contraband in here.
Oh, really? Uh, what's that?
This? It's only ceremonial.
- So's the bag.
- Give me that!
You're asking for trouble!
Great. What do we do now?
I'm keeping this for my trouble.
Do you know who that was?
- You're Ann Aldrin.
- Been called worse.
We have an opportunity,
a unique charter. We need...
You need a few more bags like that
to start that conversation.
I'm not interested.
Come on!
Come on!
Where you going with that?
And the rest of it?
I'm finished with this.
You're finished when I say
you're finished, honey.
That's my tenth run today.
I'm winning this place dry.
How long before all these suckers
realize they can't win?
You'll just have to be
a little more creative.
I work best at 50 fathoms.
I do wet work, not dry.
You're the idea man, I'm the free diver...
...and right now you're not really
adding much to that equation.
I got me ear to the ground for a big score.
There's a freighter inbound
with some serious cheddar.
In the meantime, we're gonna need
some more pocket money, honey.
From now on, you'll be getting
your own pocket money.
We're done.
That was pretty good...
...for an amateur.
And I suppose you want to challenge me?
I want to offer you more for your time...
...an opportunity to get out from under
whatever hold that lowlife has on you.
- What kind of con is this?
- It's no con.
It's the opportunity of a lifetime.
Yeah, I've heard that before.
Listen. Someone with your skills...
...shouldn't be wasting it on drinking money.
Do you want to spend the rest of
your life with your head in a bucket?
How 'bout I put your head in a bucket?
No offense...
...but you're better than this.
Go on.
You know Hawksbill Fortress?
We're gonna crack it open.
What do you say?
I'd say you're buying me a drink.
Come on. What are you doing to me?
Is that thing for real,
or is it just for show?
- Depends who's asking.
- That would be me.
In that case, it's real.
I saw what you did.
What did you see?
- You pinged the shells.
- Excuse me?
You know, like a dolphin would.
It's acoustics and sonar.
We're not on the water...
What really struck me is the skill
it must have taken to miniaturize that.
- What do you want?
- I have a job opportunity.
I'm retired.
I noticed you gave away your winnings.
If you really want to strike
back against the big man...
...this is the job for you.
I'll give you five minutes.
So you want us to help you break
into Hawksbill to rescue your people?
That's right. Edgar here will use
his sonic tech to ping the fortress.
We can use his data
to map out the structure...
...work out where all the captives are,
and see what other threats we may face.
Toby, in his deep-sea
salvage suit, will go in...
...crack open the weak spot in the fortress,
and that'll give us a way in.
What will I do?
You're a free diver. Your job will be to
lure the sharks away from the fortress.
You'll get the Warlord's sharks
to chase you to a terminal depth...
...giving us a clear shot
of infiltrating from below.
The sharks will follow you,
but only to a point.
We discovered that
when we were in our submersible.
Once you get to a certain depth,
they won't be able to follow you anymore.
And, uh...
- ...what's in for us?
- Yeah.
I'm sure that, uh,
some of this commands a high price...
...in the outer atolls, but, uh...
...I'm not sure if the rewards...
...match the risks.
The Warlord's been gathering tribute
from the neighboring villages...
...for as long as we can remember.
He's got a ton of loot, fuel,
and his own desalination machine.
The Warlord has the means
to make fresh water...
...more than any of us could ever need.
Once we have that,
we can name our price anywhere.
Okay, I got a question.
Am I gonna be able to blow things up?
Now hear me out, 'cause...
...you know, uh, dive salvage,
that's... that's my specialty, right?
But, uh, demolition...
...boom, that's my reason detra,
like the French say.
- I know my French.
- Raison d'tre.
Anyway, do you think...
...I, Toby, will be able
to give the big boom-boom?
If the opportunity presents itself...
...it's likely.
Mm-mm-mm. I'm in.
Yeah, me, too.
This is against my better judgment entirely.
- I'm in.
- Excellent!
Now all we need is a boat.
See you haven't lost any limbs yet.
- That's encouraging.
- Thanks for helping us.
- You don't belong here.
- We want to hire you and your crew.
I'll give you the same answer
as before. Not interested.
- You haven't even heard our offer.
- I don't need to.
One look at you two tells me
everything I need to know.
- You don't know the first thing about us.
- Oh, yeah? You're fishermen, right...
...from some little village, God knows
where, from the looks of it, Korotoa.
Someone did you wrong. Came here
with a big plan to make things right.
Seen it before. Big plans from little
people end up getting people killed.
And I, for one,
am not interested in dying today.
So I suggest you return
to your home while you still can...
...and next time you need saving,
I might still be around.
Hey, there's plenty of other captains here.
Hawksbill? The fortress?
The one filled with enough sharks
to make Poseidon piss himself?
Oh, boil your heads, you monkey halfwits.
For sure.
I'll take you to Hawksbill Fortress.
I drop you right off at the gate.
I'm sure the Warlord would be happy
to reunite you with your friends...
...and then feed you off to his sharks.
Okay, just so I understand,
you want to hire me and my boat...
...to take you to Hawksbill Fortress?
I know how this all ends.
You're all gonna die.
No. No, thanks.
We got a boat.
How'd you do it?
You know, we can be persuasive.
Um, introduce me to the captain.
I want to go over the details of our plan.
- That'll be you.
- What?
The boat is ours.
What do you mean, "The boat is ours"?
- Where is everyone?
- Ah...
...they're a bit, uh, tied up.
Indisposed, I'd say.
- You stole this boat?
- You know who you hired, right?
The less you know, the better.
- This is what we do.
- This isn't what we do! Right?
Before you get all high and mighty...
...you better take a look and see
what's down in the hold, eh...
From the manifest...
...looks like it's all bound
for Hawksbill Fortress.
- What is it?
- This is a kinetic-energy harvester...
...for their desalination machine, it seems.
This looks like some kind
of kinetic-energy generator.
This is Hawksbill Fortress.
Can you repeat that again?
We have your boat and your cargo.
Check call signs. Confirm.
Release all prisoners unharmed...
...and you can have your boat back.
This is Mason Scrim. To whom am I speaking?
None of your concern.
Release all the prisoners, and you
will have your precious cargo back...
...or we will deep-six it.
Now listen to me carefully.
You will return the ship and the cargo...
...belonging to the Warlord immediately...
...or I will send our sharks
to destroy Korotoa.
- Where?
- Korotoa.
- Never heard of it.
- I repeat...
...release the cargo and the ship,
or I will destroy Korotoa.
Can he do that?
You have five seconds to decide.
I'm keeping this.
The minisub will only hold two people.
I don't think your salvage suit can fit.
What about your sonar rig?
What kind of space does it need?
It works best on a boat. It could be
redesigned, but that will take time.
- How much time?
- I'd have to source new parts.
Two, maybe 3 days for it to work in your sub.
Then I'll have to teach you how
to use it, and that will take time.
We don't have three days. There's no
guarantee our people will still be alive.
What do you think, Edgar?
Can you mount your sonar device on this?
- Well, it's...
- This is Korotoa to Timor. Come in.
- Go ahead.
- Timor, what have you done?
You need to return those items you stole.
Listen. The Warlord is threatening
to kill all the hostages...
...unless you return the cargo
you stole from them immediately.
We returned that cargo.
That's not what they're telling me.
You better do something and now.
Give me one minute.
You did what?
- We kept their stuff.
- Why?
We're thieves by trade. Also, you're
gonna need that stuff as leverage.
They are going to kill the hostages!
They're bluffing.
You didn't see what they did on Korotoa!
They have an army of sharks!
If what you said is true,
when they get this stuff back...
...they will no longer need the hostages.
This cargo will make the machine
run without humans.
- What will they need the people for then?
- We are in charge of this operation.
We hired you.
- You are gambling with our people's lives.
- No! We're saving them.
I'm sure that was your motive.
You need to bring this cargo back right now!
- It's too late.
- What?
To give the stuff back, it's too late.
The mistakes you are making... will cost you.
Mr. Scrim, sir...
...I didn't know the cargo was removed.
This was not my intention.
This is some kind of fubar snafu
that we are rectifying right now.
Release the cargo...
...or the captives will die.
Don't do anything.
I'm getting your cargo back.
- This wasn't me.
- It's... it's too late.
- What are you talking about?
- Boom. Boom!
I put explosives on the boat, man.
That's what we're trying to do, right, guys,
I mean, overthrow the Warlord?
Look, you told me if an opportunity
presented itself, and I took initiative.
You need to get your people off the boat now!
- 5, 4...
- Move!
- Move! Get out!
- ...3, 2, 1.
You're dead.
You're all dead.
Stand by for a message
from the Warlord Ian Fien!
People of Korotoa, you've chosen to defy me.
Now you must pay the consequences.
The ocean is my dominion...
...and now I shall use it...
...to smite my enemies.
Who's your Daddy?
What's wrong with the system?
- How do we get back online?
- Well, the connections are all good.
Something else is affecting the sharks.
Oh, take him out.
Bring him in.
Take her.
This was given to me by my father.
Now I'm giving it to you.
Take care of it and it will take care
of you and your people.
When you think of me,
I'll always be with you.
- Is the system working?
- Everything is a go.
It's her.
Bring her out!
Somehow you're interfering
with this, aren't you?
- Take her away.
- No!
- Willow?
- Timor?
- Willow!
- Timor!
Listen. I want you to bring back
all that was taken...
...or all your people will die.
- I will.
- I want you to meet Scrim...
...at Nauru in one hour,
and if you want your people to live...
...make sure all the cargo is intact.
I need everything back
that you stole right now.
...your cargo will be at Nauru docks
with the harbor master.
Everything will be there.
Is this everything?
That's it, then.
Any agreement or contract we've had...
...is dissolved.
Sion, let's go.
We're still with you if you want.
With what? There's nothing to be with.
We're giving up. Sion and I
are going back to Korotoa.
This whole thing was a mistake.
No, it wasn't.
I heard what they did over the radio.
Exactly. So you know why we have to go!
An hour ago, I would have agreed with you.
Not now.
You have your little crusade
against the Warlord.
Leave us out of it.
Listen, you know when they get these parts...
...they'll have no reason
to keep the hostages alive.
They will use them for shark food.
They will be able to make
fresh water without human labor.
What use will you be of to them?
We have this one window now
to rescue your people.
And once that is done?
If we succeed...
...what then?
We fight, all of us!
We made the mistake of letting
the Warlord grow powerful.
We allowed this menace to grow while
everyone sat around and did nothing.
He couldn't have grown so powerful
without everyone turning a blind eye.
We have to get him now...
...while we still can!
Listen to them. They're right.
If I agree to this, no more lone-wolf stuff.
We're a team.
We do this together...
...or not at all.
Nobody blows up anything...
...without my say-so.
No hidden explosives. No stealing.
Can we do that?
We are 24 nautical miles southwest.
I'm currently pinging at 2,576 fathoms...
...and that sounds...
...like a Xinjiang tropical coelacanth.
We confiscate anything from the Warlord,
we split it after fuel and expenses.
Oi, Warlord wants to see her.
But if you don't want to talk...
...that's not gonna help anybody.
Now, you're from Korotoa, right?
But that is not your original clan, is it?
The world was hit with the flood
not long before your time.
People were scrambling
to get onshore of mountaintops...
...that you could still see
above the sea line.
The masters of the mountains pushed
the people back into the sea.
Battles were bloody,
and the blood drew the sharks.
I was trapped in a group
of thousands of people...
...and we were scrambling, trying
to get on that last piece of land...
...but it was already occupied,
and we were pushed back into the water...
...and the water was filled with sharks,
and it was a massacre.
...there was... there was one man
who did something amazing...
...one man who crawled above.
And then with some power he had...
...some source of energy...
...he was able to turn the sharks back.
A few of us, a small group,
were able to survive.
It didn't mean anything, because when
the sea calmed and we looked around...
...everything had gone underwater.
I never forgot this man.
It was his ability that...
that inspired me to create...
...my system of dominion over the sharks...
...a system that I believed
was unique to the world...
...until today.
How do you do it? How do you stop the sharks?
I didn't do anything.
So how does it work?
It's nothing, it's only a keepsake.
If you share your information with me...
...the world is yours.
Tell me how it works...
...or I will send my sharks to Korotoa,
and they will destroy that settlement...
...and every living person in it.
Scrim, once you pick up the cargo,
I want you to head to Korotoa...
...and wait for my orders.
- Please don't do it.
- You can do it! It's easy!
- I can't.
- All you have to do...
...is give me what I want.
I can't.
My assistant just came up
with an excellent idea.
If we cannot get it from you directly...
...we can get it indirectly.
I'd like you to meet my favorite guest here.
Tiger shark. It's amazing what they can eat.
They've found things
like license plate, a reindeer...
...suit of armor in their stomach, so
I'm sure she'll have no trouble with you.
You know what I also heard?
That she's hungry.
It works at close proximity.
Now we just need to find out
if it works at a distance.
Take her off the float!
Bring her up here!
- I'm in position.
- Wait for my command.
Bring her here.
We're standing by on your command.
If you want to save your people,
you're going to have to do more.
Now's your chance.
...I may have a way to uncover her method.
What is it?
If she won't freely divulge
the information we need...
...there are ways to get it out of her.
See, all I need is, uh...
...to record her brain waves
while she's interacting with the sharks.
Then we can look through the recordings,
and maybe I can decipher her method.
You have my permission to do it.
I mean, it's gonna take a minute.
In theory, it should be pretty simple...
- ...but it's gonna take a minute...
- Just be quick about it.
Without her knowledge, this thing is useless.
What I want is more
than just how she did it...
...but I want to know
what her capabilities are.
We can see she could be defensive,
but can she also attack?
If you want to save your people...
...you need to do more.
I'm not here to collect tribute.
I am here under orders of Ian Fien.
On his command,
I will release our army of sharks...
...who will destroy your city.
Now, this is a rightful...
...action by the authority of Ian Fien...
as he does have dominion
of all those living on the water...
...so nothing you can say or do...
...will stop me.
Prepare to die.
If you could just be patient for a moment.
I'm waiting for his command.
Thank you.
Willow, I'm going to give you a task.
I'm going to ask you to have the sharks...
...attack a target...
...this target.
Now, if you want to save
your people, you'll do it!
Please, don't make me do this.
Do it.
Scrim, on my command...
...I want you to take them out.
- ...7...
- Do it!
If it'll save them, do it!
- ...3...
- I can't!
You have to! My life doesn't matter!
Do it! Save them!
Scrim, stop the attack!
Return to Hawksbill now!
All hands on deck! We're coming about!
Sir, I need more time to capture the data.
We're getting somewhere.
A few more sessions and I'll have enough
information to decipher her method.
We'll have time for that later.
Right now, I have to deal with the intruder.
What about the prisoners?
Put them back in their cells,
and bring her pendant to me.
How close do we have to be
for your system to work?
Closer than this.
We get too close,
we'll be in range of their catapult.
- Did you say catapult?
- Catapult?
Medieval fort device
that utilizes two elastic bands...
Yeah, yeah, Caesar.
I know what a catapult is!
- I thought you'd been here before.
- We were in the submersible.
Got at least one catapult.
Takes about a minute to reload.
They don't have unlimited ammo, but if
we take a direct hit, we're going down...
...so we gotta stay out of range.
If you're gonna do something,
you better do it now.
I don't have the amulet. Even if I did know
how to use it, I don't have it anymore.
You have to try something.
You were given that for a reason.
I'm not a shark caller, but I don't think you
need to be near the amulet for it to work.
You just need some kind
of connection, and it can work.
You need to try.
All right.
Fire on my command.
Don't think we can get closer than this.
- I don't have a decent scan.
- What do you mean?
We're too far out.
You said they take a minute
to reload the catapult.
I'll draw their fire. While they're
reloading, you gotta get in close.
Otherwise, we have no idea
what the layout of the fortress is.
Take him out now!
We got about 30 seconds,
and then we have to get out!
- We need to get closer.
- I'll do what I can, but this better work!
- This is not an exact science.
- What do you mean, not exact science?
Calibrate yourself.
How 'bout you calibrate
that machine of yours?
Silence, s'il vous plait!
Take out that vessel!
- Hey, you got it?
- No! We need to get closer!
We have to get out of here! Now!
We can't stay here any longer!
Have you got it?
- No! Nearly there!
- Come on, man!
Got it!
Hold on. This is gonna be close!
- Get the ladder!
- Drop the ladder!
- Open the gate!
- Okay, check.
Get Timor!
Take my hand! Take my hand!
Get Timor!
Nimue, get Timor!
Timor! Hold on!
We still have to go through with the plan.
I have a pretty good view here.
I'm not certain, but this looks like
a place where the prisoners are kept.
What about a way in?
This is where the sharks come in.
It's a portal.
There's not a good place to enter.
Is there any other option?
Unless they walk you through
in the front door... no.
Then that's the way I go.
Toby's gone.
I'm getting Willow out.
They're too far out. Halt the trebuchet.
Think you can get away from me?
I've got something else for you.
I have a task for you.
I want you to prepare...
...the Kamikaze Shark.
- Yes, sir.
- Hah!
This thing isn't exactly sharkproof.
- I'll have to be fast.
- This is suicide.
You got any better ideas?
Didn't think so.
We've come this far. I'm not
giving up now. We have to get in there.
- What are you gonna do when you get inside?
- Might have a Mai Tai.
I'm taking the whole place down,
starting with the power.
Trust me.
They won't know what hit 'em.
I'm going with you.
How will you get back?
Let me worry about that.
You can do it. Come on.
Come on.
- Something is coming our way.
- What is it?
I shouldn't be able to detect
sharks on the sonar...
...because they don't have air bladders.
It's definitely a shark, but it's peculiar...
...and it's moving towards us.
Sion. Sion, take the wheel!
Everyone, abandon ship!
Abandon ship!
Nearly on target.
No! No!
She's doing something.
Just hold on. Hold on. Okay. Okay.
We can make it.
Bring 'em all to me.
It's working!
I'm getting lots of data here.
This is amazing.
It's beautiful.
There's only room
for one of us in this world.
Timor, behind you!
I'm gonna saw your head off.
I hate to break up
this little reunion, but...
...would you like to get us out of here? Huh?
We have to get our people out of here.
I emptied the ballast tanks.
- The fortress is sinking.
- We'll... we'll commandeer their boat.
- They owe me a new one.
- The prisoners are this way.
This way, come on!
Get them out!
Are you doing this?
I don't know. I... I don't think
they're under anyone's control.
Timor, what about the desalination machine?
We should take the key components.
It's the one thing of value here.
We'll secure Scrim's boat. You go help them.
Okay. Okay. Come on, Sion. Come on.
- Can you stop this?
- I don't know. There's so many.
- You have to do something!
- I can't. He destroyed the amulet.
- The source of my power is gone.
- That's not true.
I don't even know how or what I did.
I... I can't do it!
The power resides within you.
The amulet resonated with your power.
It was never the source.
You are a shark caller.
You must believe in yourself.
Get her now!
When you went out on your own,
many thought to banish you.
We would have lost everything
if it wasn't for what you have done.
Thank you. Thank you all.
May the ocean embrace you.
This belongs to the shark caller.
It would have made your father proud.
Thank you.
Now your real training can begin...
...if you are to follow
the path of the callers.
- Are you ready?
- Yes.
Now we begin.
You know, you're gonna need to up your
skills if you want a chance with her now.
Thanks for the encouragement.
It's just an observation.
I mean, what can you do?
You may recall the, uh, legend...
...of the fisherman who took on
the baddest Warlord in the ocean.
- Heard that one before?
- Sounds like a tall tale to me.
He didn't do it alone.
He had a lot of help...
...from his friends.