Empire State (2013) Movie Script

It is the biggest cash robbery
in U.S. history...
$8 million taken
from an armored-car company
office in New York City.
There may have been close
to $30 million here yesterday,
all in cash,
mostly 50s and hundreds.
A task force of FBI agents
and New York City detectives
are trying to solve
the biggest cash robbery
in U.S. history.
FBI and New York City
police investigators
swarmed over the roof
of a Bronx armored-truck company
after thieves cut a hole in the roof
and made off with the largest
cash theft in U.S. history.
Police also said that a television
camera pointed at the vault
had been moved,
leading to speculation
that the burglars
had inside help.
At this point not one penny
has been recovered.
But FBI officials say they're
working on a number of good leads
and are optimistic
about finding the money.
If I knew, I would be out there
with a shovel looking for it.
We really don't know
right at the moment.
Eddie, Eddie, Eddie, Eddie.
Two questions for you, Eddie:
Where's Chris?
And where's the money?
I quit.
Fucking douchebags.
- Naw, you're fired.
- What?
- You're fired.
- No, bro, I quit.
You can't quit. You quit every week
from somewhere different.
- You're fired.
- Yeah, that's right.
- Yeah, I fucking quit, all right?
- Oh, shut up.
- You're fired.
- What? What's that?
Yo, you want me to pick up trash?
What fucking color do I look like?
- You are the trash, you little fuck.
- Motherfucker.
Yo yo yo Yo Y-
What, you want some?
- Get going, get outta here.
- How about that, you fat fuck?
- Come on.
- Get outta here, get going.
- Come on, let's go.
- And you're fired!
- You're fired!
- I quit, motherfucker.
No no no, you're fired!
Yo, what the fuck?
- That was your boss?
- Yeah.
Yeah, he wants me
to clean up garbage.
I'm like, "Yo, what color
do I look like to you again, asshole?"
I hate Italians, bro.
Nothing's worse than working
for Italians, let me tell you.
Only thing worse than working
for Italians is working for the Greeks,
and I have to go back and work
at that stupid diner again.
Bullshit. The guy's
a straight-up douche, bro.
He's telling me he thinks
I'm stealing and stuff.
You said you were.
I was, but he's still a dick.
How about that?
Only thing worse is the Greeks.
Hey, what's up, ladies?
Yo, any of you girls
wanna do me right now, I'm down.
Eleni must be real stupid
marrying you, idiot!
- Suck it!
- Douchebag!
There's a rainbow
over my shoulder
When you came,
my cup runneth over
You gave me your heavenly love
And if one night
you hear crying from above
'Cause heaven
Must be missing an angel
Missing one angel child
Because you're here
with me right now
Your love is heavenly
Heavenly to me, baby
Oooh, heaven
- Oooh, heaven...
- Enough with the chickens, Karen.
You gotta stop with the chickens.
She's crazy about the chickens.
- Eh, fucking bit my lip.
- Hey, give me a hand with this.
Son of a bitch.
Bit my lip.
Hey, are you really
gonna marry Eleni?
- You sound like my mother.
- You're not gonna marry nobody.
Not for nothing, bro, but if they make
a statue of me, I want big balls.
- Know what I'm saying?
- Hey, Ma!
- We come bearing gifts.
- What's this?
I got you a statue...
the statue you wanted.
- Nice.
- Hey.
Do I get a kiss?
Thank you.
- Where did you get this?
- You could put a plant in it.
- What, you don't like it?
- It's nice, it's nice.
- Put it right there.
- Put it over here?
- Yeah, right there against the wall.
- Okay.
- Nice.
- I'm just saying if you don't like it,
- we can take it back.
- I like it, I like it!
- It's nice.
- Where, over here?
- You want it on this thing?
- Mrs. Potamitis...
- Hey, Ma.
- Please be careful with those plants.
- Stand it up, stand it up.
- You want it somewhere...
- You like that?
- That's good.
- There we go. How about that?
- You like that?
- Ma!
- It's good, I like it. It's beautiful.
What do you want me
to do with the turtle?
Would you like me to tell you
what to do with the turtle?
- Put it down and don't break it.
- You don't like it?
- Put that over there.
- Thank you, Chris. It's very nice.
- You like that, Ma?
- Thank you, yes, thank you.
- We got presents for you.
- Good good good.
You be good today, all right?
Be careful, all right?
You want me to move it,
I move it again.
You don't like it, we'll take it back.
- Go go go.
- You don't have to do it, you know?
All right, enough! Go.
Okay, love you, Ma.
Hey, Spiro.
My father around?
In the shitter, kid.
- H6Y-
- H6Y-
They got you doing everything
around here, huh, Pop?
You know, this is what happens
when you have too many skills, right?
So where's the girl?
Uh, I don't know.
I was just seeing
if you need a ride home.
- You know, checking up on you.
- Come in here on a Friday night
- to give me a ride home?
- No no, I didn't say...
I'm worried about you.
What are you doing?
Just stopping bY
What, I come in,
everybody goes quiet?
No no, we were just talking.
You don't like that fat asshole
talking that way about your father.
Chris doesn't need
to worry about his father.
No no, you're right, Tommy.
I'm sorry.
But we agree
he's a fat asshole though.
I come here with respect.
He should do the same.
Respect. Bravo.
Respect... who gives a shit?
You sound like your father now.
- Hey, Spiro.
- Now, Tommy, I understand him.
- I know what you're saying.
- Get your hands off him, okay?
What the hell are you doing?
What the hell is that?
- Wow.
- I'm sorry, okay?
You don't need to touch him.
Are you kidding me?
Is he kidding me right now?
Okay, just... you don't
need to touch him.
I just want to know, so you don't
want me to touch your father?
- You don't need to fucking touch him.
- Spiro!
- Get him outta here.
- Stop it, enough!
- Who you want me to touch?
- Enough! Spiro!
- No, it's okay, it's okay.
- What are you doing?
I just want to know
who it is that I can touch.
- Just calm down, take it easy.
- Whoa whoa whoa.
It's okay, we're fine.
The kid's just excitable.
He's all right.
It's okay, just got excited.
- He'll be okay.
- Go.
Go. I said go now.
I said go! Go 90!
Spiro, listen,
you're a powerful man.
You gave me a job that I need,
but you don't speak with me
like that in front
of my son again, hmm?
Or you just don't.
Let's hope it doesn't
come to that, okay, Tommy?
We'll be fine, no problems.
That's kids, right? They're excitable.
How you doing? Okay?
Yeah, I'm all right.
Are you okay?
Me? Yeah sure, fine. I'm fine.
Yo, Vicky, put some clothes on.
What's wrong with you?
- Hey.
- Shut up, just checking the mail.
- Hey.
- Ma, you see what Vicky's wearing?
- Mind your business.
- Shut your fucking face, Chris.
Hey, Victoria,
watch your mouth.
- Looks like a tramp dressed like that.
- Hey.
Chris, don't talk to your sister
like that, come on.
Vicky, go upstairs,
put on a dress or something nice.
None of the girls wear
dresses any more, Daddy.
I don't care if the other girls
dress like tramps.
- Thomasos, please.
- Gotta dress like a decent person.
- It's too early for this.
- I want her to dress nice.
- Leave her alone. And you.
- She's got no clothes on, Mom.
What'd I say?
I can't win. Unbelievable.
In my own house.
I know you hate working
for those jerks at the club, Pop.
It's okay. Everything's good.
- You gotta do what you gotta do.
- Yeah.
I know.
But I want to help.
You know?
And when I get this job with the police,
I can put the whole family
on the insurance, you know?
Yeah. My son the giant.
Come on, Dad.
I'm being serious.
You know, when I was
a policeman back in Greece,
my first arrest was
a man beating a chicken.
That's a true story.
Made you feel good though, right?
- What, the chicken?
- Come on, I'm serious.
- It made you feel good though, right?
- I felt good.
That's good.
It's what I wanna do, you know?
I wanna be a cop.
I wanna do what you did, Pop.
- It's all I wanna do.
- Okay.
You concentrate on that.
That's good. You'll get that.
That's nice.
See, now you're wearing...
some clothes. This is good.
- Like a decent gir... young lady.
- Nothing!
That's a beautiful, uh, shirt.
- Yeah.
- That's nice... Vicky!
Oh shit.
- What is this?
- It must be the date to take the test.
Ah, see, good things.
This is good.
You gotta be kidding me.
Officer Potamitis,
when's the big test?
- I don't know. Jerk-offs here?
- In the back.
- Smells like an open asshole back here.
- Hey, shut the fuck up, Eddie.
Maybe you should be
keeping your old job,
if you don't like
how it smells here, eh?
It smells like dogshit.
What's up, bro?
Yo, you see Mike's
new DeVille outside
with the hydraulic system and shit?
Stereo cassette?
Fuck him.
- Yeah, it's a pussy magnet.
- A lot of pussy.
- I gotta talk with you.
- Me?
- Come on.
- Hey, where'd you get that?
Smith and Weston's.
You gonna turn us in,
Officer Potamitis?
Huh? Don't worry, we only use it
for Colombian insurance.
Yeah, tell him the shit you got
with the Puerto Ricans.
- There's... it's fucking... I'm serious.
- Colombians, okay?
And when you have money,
Eddie, you're serious.
Until then, here.
Have some more fries.
- Time?
- Yeah, speaking of Colombians.
We gotta go to Papagalo's.
Oh yeah? Cool.
All right, boys.
See you boys later, all right?
What, they got fries.
Those assholes are
swimming in money, bro.
Look at us looking for bullshit jobs...
you studying to become a cop. For what?
I'm trying
to do something with my life.
Now a waste of time
'cause you're a stupid shit.
- What did I do?
- The fucking Black Sabbath concert.
Now 'cause of that
I can't even apply to be a cop no more.
Black Sabbath concert was
like a million years ago, bro.
It stayed on my record.
I should fucking kill you for it.
- It's a fucking joint, bro.
- You think I don't know that?
Yo, that sucks, bro.
I'm sorry.
Let me take you to Papagalo's,
buy you a drink.
- You ain't got no money.
- I got money, come on.
I'm gonna go do a piss.
- Yo, I'm sorry bro.
- Yeah.
Honestly, that sucks, bro.
- Come on, drinks on me.
- You ain't got no money.
Call me later.
The rain is miserable.
Sorry I'm late, Mr. L.
- Hey, Nance.
- Hey.
I saw Vicky. She said you're not
taking the cop test no more?
- Uh...
- Because of Eddie?
Yeah, you know.
And my mother got
a thing for him, so.
- Yeah, he's an idiot.
- Yeah.
All right, well,
if you need anything,
an umbrella or whatever, I'm here.
Okay, thanks, Nance.
All I can say is I've already
got a weapons permit.
I can work nights, weekends,
whatever you want.
I've been studying to be with the force
since I was old enough to read.
Yeah, I'm sure the boss would
be real impressed with that.
Look, my friend,
this ain't the NYPD.
I hope you can understand that.
Yeah yeah, I understand that.
And are you okay
with the $200 a week?
Yuh... I was making
50 a night working at a club.
Well, you've already got a job!
How lucky are you?
Hey, Mary, let's send
somebody else up here, okay?
Uh, the club closed,
so I'll take it.
I thought so.
Okay then.
Welcome aboard.
Is it hot enough for you here, huh?
Frigging air conditioner
ain't working.
They're gonna fix it. They keep
telling me they're gonna fix it,
but who the hell knows?
You keep playing with that thing,
you're gonna blow your balls off, man.
Or worse... mine.
Yeah, sorry. I just, uh...
You can't believe they gave you
a gun on your first day, huh?
Yeah, I mean I never even shot
anything before, you know?
Just remember, the vest is
for your heart, not your balls, so.
You're Chris, right?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, that's right, yeah yeah.
I'm Tony.
Well, I told you that already.
And this...
Marie and Giana.
That's my wife and little girl.
They're the only thing keeping me
from driving this over the border.
So anyways, we do about
eight to 10 pick-ups a day.
Then we drive around and drop it off,
drive some more, get some more,
the owners take some off the top,
and then Wednesday morning
we go back to the Reserve.
Done. Beautiful. Brain surgery.
Wait, the owners are taking money?
Yeah well,
it's the bosses' rule,
but hell, they can do whatever
the hell they want in here.
A lot of monkey business
all I know is going on.
Knowing too much will
drive you crazy, anyway.
Just keep it simple, do your job,
find a girl, buy a house. Okay.
So this is how it goes.
We pick the money up,
we lock it in the back here with you.
- Lock in the back.
- We're only talking
83 grand or so.
That's it. One of these bags
can hold 250 easy.
Biggest load I ever had
was six million.
- It's crazy, huh?
- Hey, you want to shut the...
No no no, it's fine.
Just stay on your toes.
You stay out here.
I'll be in and out quick.
- Hey, Sal!
- Yeah yeah.
Oh what, did you get a haircut?
Hey, officer.
- Hey, kid.
- Whoa whoa whoa!
- What, are you crazy?
- Whoa whoa.
What the hell's the matter with you?
Wait till I tell your father about this.
- You could have gotten yourself killed.
- Hey, partner.
Try and not let
somebody sneak up on you.
- Yeah yeah. Sorry sorry.
- Yeah, all right.
When we're hauling loot, you're gonna
be on shotgun duty back here.
- All right, back here.
- You got that?
- All right.
- All right, good.
All right, so guard it like
it was your mother's 83 grand.
- Want me to stay back here?
- Yeah, do what you want.
- Okay.
- A lot of salami in those bags, huh?
- Yeah, no kidding.
- Trust me when I say
I know what
you're thinking back there.
Trust me, I do.
Cash makes people
do some crazy shit.
- You gotta keep your head about you.
- Okay.
It's hot as hell back there, right?
Uh, no shit.
Yeah well,
you'll get used to it, buddy.
it's my daughter's birthday,
so I gotta get out
of here early, okay?
- Okay, sounds good.
- While they sort through the bags,
do whatever the hell they do,
I'll walk you through the process.
Coming in!
Wait, they're not gonna care that you're
leaving me alone to put away the money?
Who, the boss?
A bunch of criminals up there.
Don't worry yourself over it.
We just do our thing up here.
so the keys to the lock up
- are kept right here.
- Whatever you say.
Minimum wage.
Come on,
I'll show you the good stuff.
Anyway, this... this is okay?
I don't know. Ask him.
One, two, three, four.
They're not very creative here.
Yeah, no shit.
And there it is.
$25 million.
- That's $25 million?
- Give or take a couple of 'em.
Of a million?!
Hey, whoa whoa whoa.
Watch out.
There's a camera right there.
- Oh, okay.
- Yeah.
Okay, so after
they're done upstairs
we drop it in here,
it piles up until it's full.
Half the time the drivers
don't even bring it upstairs first.
So how do they know
how much is in there?
They don't.
- They don't?
- No.
- So if some goes missing...
- If some goes missing,
it wouldn't be the first time
around here, pal.
Oh hey hey!
- Hey, come on.
- There's a dog in there?
Yeah, there's a dog.
Come here, this is Barney.
I forgot to...
he's deaf as a doornail,
- the poor old guy.
- What, he lives in that?
He lives in there with the money.
Come on, go ahead.
- It's crazy. No shit.
- Go back to bed.
Hey, that's Maria now.
Come on.
I gotta lock this up.
Now remember, your partner here
came down with a severe head cold.
- Got it.
- All right?
- Yeah.
- You gotta get my back on this one.
- You got it.
- Put those keys back behind the desk.
- I'll see you tomorrow.
- Okay.
Fucking dog.
Boy, what, are you taking
a night off, Pop?
No, I was just taking
a little break.
Well, good for you.
- What's going on here?
- They let your father go.
- What?
- After 10 years, no warning.
- Enough, dear. Enough, dear.
- Nice people, huh?
What, because of that thing
in the bathroom the other night?
- Mm-hmm, of course that's why.
- It's fine, really, enough.
- That's it.
- No no, it's not fine.
- He had no right.
- He's the boss, he has the right.
No. Why? Because you stood up
to that jerk-off, that's why?
Of course that's why.
The bunch of hoodlums
- living their lives like criminals.
- Enough.
- Enough, both of you.
- No, that's not enough!
You've been there 10 years and what?
He's just gonna say,
"That's it, no more"?
- Mm-hmm.
- That's exactly what they're gonna say.
And they can and they did.
And that's all.
10 years my father's
working for these people.
And what has he got
to show for it? Nothing.
No retirement, no insurance.
You know what?
I worry about that stuff, you know?
Yeah well,
we all worry about that, kid.
What are you gonna do?
Come on, let's get to work.
Oh, your date was good?
It's the circus.
What are you gonna do?
Giana loved it.
There were clowns and things.
You know, they had a unicorn
and some craziness.
- You know?
- Oh yeah?
Hey, so what's the deal at Empire?
You know,
far as insurance or retirement?
Again with the retirement? You're
too young to worry about retirement.
Especially with those hoodlums,
believe me.
Ahh, you keep saying that.
What's the deal?
They're crooked, right?
Huh, always in that room?
Yeah. They ain't playing
Tiddlywinks in there, pal.
You just wait out here, okay?
You're like that cartoon thing...
you worry too much.
Hey, guys, how you doing?
Trust me, from here out
you'll be doing the heavy lifting,
I guarantee you that.
They don't pay me enough to do...
Get your hands up!
It's okay, whoa whoa whoa.
Shut the fuck up! Shut up!
Shut the fuck up!
Come on, come here,
you motherfucker!
- Motherfucker, motherfucker!
- I'll kill you, no!
Get the fuck...
No no, hey!
Yo yo, hey!
Get the fuck outta here.
Let's go!
Fuck the money!
Let's get the fuck outta here.
Kid's lucky
he was wearing a vest.
If not, game over.
- No doubt.
- The kid's named Potami or something.
He's right over there.
I'm gonna go talk to him.
Mr. "Potami".
I'm Jerry Ransone, cop...
detective, you know.
Is he dead?
Yeah. High probability.
Listen, Mr. Potami...
hey hey. Whoa whoa.
Listen, if you had anything to do
with this whole whatever-just-
went-down... listen to me,
now's a better time than later
if you want to shoot straight with me.
I'm giving you a chance.
Sound fair to you?
Listen, I'm not gonna
waste your time,
I don't want you to waste my time.
I got a life too.
- I got a lot of shit to do, okay?
- I already told the other cops.
Okay? I had nothing
to do with this.
He's a good guy.
I liked him. He had a family.
Fucking break already, okay?
It's all right.
The kid's clean.
He's clean.
The kid's clean. Let him go.
All right, I'm gonna go.
My motherjust wanted me
to stop by,
make sure you were alive.
- You should stay.
- I'm still here.
You Okay?
Yeah, I... you know.
Feels like I got kicked
in the ribs or something.
Yeah, except it was a gun.
Yeah, thank God
for that gun-protector thing.
All right, I'm gonna go.
- No, don't.
- Don't you want to eat?
- Sit down, eat something.
- I've gotta go to work.
I'll see you guys later.
Glad you're okay, Chris.
- Thanks, Nance.
- Good night.
- She's a good girl.
- Yeah.
- Very nice girl. I like her.
- Like a sister that I like.
- Shut up.
- Hey.
The main thing is
that you're safe, thank God.
- That's the main thing.
- And your partner?
The job will take care
for his family?
- That's what they said.
- Then that's what they'll do, right?
That's what they said.
Oh hey!
Fucking-a, malaka.
I thought your dad was
the man of steel, right?
- With the mouth.
- Oh, I'm sorry. Excuse my language.
What happened?
I mean a fucking bomb?!
- His friend was just killed, Eddie.
- I know, that sucks.
- Are you kidding? I mean...
- None of this would have happened
if it wasn't for that thing
with you smoking pot and all that.
- In the Led Zeppelin show.
- No, I know.
- Chris would be a police officer now.
- I know, I feel terrible.
Yeah, you're talking about
Black Sabbath, by the way.
Trust me,
I wish we saw Zeppelin.
What the fuck happened, bro?
- Oop.
- I'm gonna go.
- Where are you going?
- I'm gonna go lay down or something.
Going to lay down?
Why would everybody...
everybody leaves when I show up?
Yo, what channel's cable?
A botched attempt
at an armored-car robbery
left one man dead
and a slew of questions,
as a pipe bomb was detonated
in broad daylight
at 125th and Lennox Avenue
in Manhattan.
Police are investigating
the robbery as two suspects,
both wearing masks, fled the scene
in what's being described
as a blue van.
- Yeah?
- So you'll be working nights here now.
What? Why?
We give our guys
on the streets guns
to shoot people
who show up with other guns.
I had Tony's back, okay?
Great. So you'll be
working nights now.
You can go.
There he is.
Dirty Harry-
Yeah, good job with that.
Aren't you supposed to bring
the money inside at night?
I don't know, are we?
- I'm just asking.
- So are we.
The money will be fine out there.
Exactly. Just keep an eye
on the monitors and we'll all be fine.
Got that?
Let's go.
The bosses don't give a shit.
Why should we?
Exactly. Fuck that.
I got kids at home.
The fuckers are giving
Tony's wife 5,000
instead of 50. I know
they're stealing it, trust me.
- What, the owners are?
- Fuck yeah, the owners.
Everybody's up to shit in there.
Yeah, everyone except you, bro.
Yeah well, the place is a joke.
Oh, let's cross. Fucking...
I don't want to deal with those guys.
- Let's cross.
- What, your father working today?
- No, he...
- What?
- They let him go.
- What?
After 10 years
they fucking let him go.
- Fucking assholes.
- That's it, no more. Fucking...
Thinking they're big shits
in their Cadillacs, right?
- Fucking big shots.
- Excuse me?
I'm just saying you fire this guy's
fucking father after 10 years?
Sorry, I'm not sure
I'm hearing you right.
I think the least
you could do is be a little loyal.
Let's go.
- I don't know what you're saying.
- Fucking big shots
in their Cadillacs, right?
Big shit.
- I take the trains, yo.
- Asshole.
You know what? You should rob
that place where you work.
You say the place
ain't got no security, so.
Yeah, you're right. I should.
Yeah, I am right! What,
you don't think they'll screw it over?
They screwed your friend over.
Look at him.
Fucking widow.
Think about that.
Think about his kids, bro.
Yeah, I should rob them.
Yeah, you should.
We'll fix them, right? Yeah.
This is Chris. Code 18249.
Yo, this is Honeywell.
Got a reading the gate's open there?
Yeah, I don't know. The...
the light was blinking,
but it looks good now.
All right. Cops say we get
a signal, we've gotta call.
No worries.
Call if there's a problem.
- Okay.
- All right.
All right, bro, just let me...
- show it to me one more time.
- Just keep your fucking voice down.
- Let me see one more.
- Cut the shit, all right?
Holy shit!
And they won't know?
They don't even
count it half the time.
Jesus, holy shit.
The camera doesn't even see the door
when it opens. The place is a joke.
Like I even want to fucking take it.
- You know, fuck it, right?
Do you understand?
You gotta get me a job at this place.
Do you know what I could
do with $25,000?
I could pay for my fucking wedding,
my fucking car.
Shh, keep your fucking mouth down.
Calm down, okay?
Trust me,
I did this for a reason.
- Yeah, to take the money!
- No, it's just fucked up,
what they did to Tony's family.
The guy had a fucking wife,
- a little girl.
- Yeah listen, I feel terrible too,
but you know what?
Can we go out and party already?
- All right, yeah. Fuck it.
- Thank you. Jesus.
- Have a bit of fun every once...
- I gotta make one stop before we go.
Hey, let's go.
Get your fucking eye...
- Why?
- Let's fucking go!
Why, you leaving $100?
Why are you stopping?
I don't wanna be a dick, but really?
- Mrs. Cappolitti?
- Yes.
I, uh...
I was a good friend of Tony's.
I wanted to give this to you.
- Excuse me?
- Please just take it.
I'm really sorry.
We, uh, good to go now?
Yeah, let's do it.
All right!
In my dreams...
This place reeks of Aqua Net.
Hey, right here.
This is our spot right here.
- All right.
- Can we get four kamikazes
and a bottle of your most
expensive champagne, all right?
- And a round of Long Island ice teas.
- I want a white Russian, Eddie.
- A white Russian for the beauty queen.
- Everyone should chill tonight.
- Just chill.
- Just do it!
And where the fuck
did you get all this money?
- Chris stole it from the money place.
- Hmm?
Relax, bro. Everybody knows
I'm just fucking around.
Come on, who thinks
you stole from where you work?
- Shit, I need smokes.
- Right?
- Let's go to the bar.
- Where are you going?
- I'm going to get cigarettes.
- Get me some, all right?
- Fuck you, Eddie, get your own.
- You smoke all my cigarettes.
Fuck off.
Yo, this place is the shit
when you got cash, right?
You know, you really gotta learn to keep
your mouth shut, you know that?
- It is a lot of cash though, right?
- Fuck yeah, it is!
- A lot of fucking cash.
- Fuck yeah, it is.
Yo, look who it is, bro.
Mike and Jimmy, look at them.
Yeah, big shots in the bullshit room
thinking who they are, right?
- Couple of jerk-offs.
- Who are they with?
Puerto Ricans from Jackson Heights.
Thank you, sweetheart.
- I know what that is, right?
- Puerto Ricans, huh?
Gonna say what's up.
Yo, where are you going?
Where are you going?
- Yo, it's VIP only.
- Yeah, exactly.
Whatever you guys need too,
just talk to me, Jimmy.
- We'll take care of you.
- Ho ho!
Big shit, nice!
You can see the whole
fucking room from this place.
- Look, I can see Chris!
- What the fuck you doing here, Eddie?
What, I'm just here, bro.
I'm just hanging out.
'.Qu pasa, amigo?
HW are YOU guys doing?
- Okay?
- We were discussing business,
- uh, you know. So can you go, please?
- Yeah yeah yeah, what?
I'm not a businessman?
I don't look
like I can conduct business myself?
I'm all business, bro.
That's what I am.
I'm here to party.
Are you guys here to party,
you know what I mean?
I got the champagne,
you guys got the coke.
Come on, let's make a deal.
What do you want me to do?
Right? These are the guys you were
telling me about at the diner.
- The Puerto Ricans, right?
- Colombians.
- Who?
- Syrians.
You fucking have
a funny guy here, huh?
What'd you say?
I said you think you're
the funny guy here, huh?
All my...
I'm the funny guy?
I'm sorry, bro. I can't understand
a fucking word you're saying.
Holy shit.
Yo, you actually talk like that?
- Like for real?
- Eddie, Eddie, come here.
- Somebody tell me who this idiot is.
- Shut up, come here.
- I like this funny guy.
- Thank you.
Eddie! Come here.
- What?
- C'mere, here.
- You can pay me later.
- Oh, come on!
I'm not that kind of...
who do you think I am?
Come on, bro.
This guy.
He thinks he can fucking
just pay me off.
- You want the champagne?
- Just go.
Enjoy that, guys, all right?
- Thank you.
- All right,
I'm gonna go take care of this.
You know what I mean?
- I'll be right back.
- Yep.
Fucking room...
fancy shit, wow.
- The guy's an idiot, you know?
- Retarded.
Since when do these jerk-offs
have so much money?
I was just thinking
the same exact shit.
Chateau de Shit.
Asshole blows enough lines,
he'll be talking all night.
All right!
There's like $25,000 in each bag.
And each bag is locked
behind this fucking gate.
The camera doesn't even look,
and he's the only fucking security guy
in the whole place at night.
Uh, yeah.
- Where the fuck were you?
- Chris.
You know, Eddie was just
telling us about the 25Gs.
That true you're
the only guy there at night?
We were just talking, bro.
Yeah, so, you know,
I'm just curious,
you know, how can... how can you take
that much and they don't know nothing?
- Hmm?
- Tell them how they leave
the truck outside overnight
with the fucking money in it.
- Enough, Eddie, okay?
- Tell them that.
Whatever you guys
are thinking, forget it.
Guys, he doesn't know
what he's talking about.
- Chris, it's... it's a simple 1-2-3...
- Enough, okay? Enough.
Eddie, why would you say
anything to those people?
I mean, it's like
you're retarded. Mike...
I mean, he's a maniac,
you know that.
We were just talking, bro, relax.
You already said that.
Besides the fact,
they work for Spiro!
Fuck Spiro.
They don't give a shit about Spiro,
nobody does.
You know you didn't tell me
that they leave the truck
outside overnight for no reason.
You know you wanted me
to put it in action, bro.
Put what into action?
Listen, you idiot,
get whatever stupid idea is
in your head out of your head.
Seriously, let me ask you, what's
the worst that could happen, what?
What did Georgie get that
one time for auto theft, a year?
And a year ain't worth
a chance at a million dollars?
We're not talking about
robbing a car, Eddie.
I'm not cleaning lambjizz
the rest of my life, bro.
My father died when he was 42.
Your father... no offense,
but he just got canned
- for cleaning Spiro's toilets.
- Watch your mouth.
All right,
I'm sorry. Look,
all I'm saying is think about it, okay?
Just think about it when you go
to your house tonight, okay?
Worst-case scenario, I go to jail
for robbing a fucking truck,
you know, for a year.
Anything else, we're set.
We're set.
Fucking think about it.
We're set, bro.
Hamilton Bohannon, 1978.
Have a great night, New York.
Look at you, buddy.
Sitting in there with $25 million.
That's a lot of money.
Okay, Eddie, the diner, tonight.
Look, Chris, I just gotta know that
this asshole can keep his mouth shut.
If Spiro finds out, we're dead,
- me and Jimmy.
- Why, you don't trust me?
Listen, no more bullshitting, okay?
This is serious.
And Mike's right.
Nobody but us knows anything
about anything, okay?
What's his problem?
I just... I just think
if we're going to do this,
we should let Spiro in on it, no?
You tell Spiro, he'll want it all.
Yeah, but we don't have
to give it to him all.
See what I'm saying?
Eddie's right.
He's trlos, but he's right.
Spiro can't know nothing.
What, you don't think
he's gonna find out?
No, I don't.
Okay, Jimmy.
I'm serious.
We're serious.
Are you good with that?
He's asking you a question.
Eh, I'm out.
- Fuck it.
- You're out.
You don't need me for this.
You got two guys anyway.
I was going to do construction
at the movie theater this weekend.
All right?
I'm gonna go.
Look, I'm still in
for the Colombian deal.
All right?
However that goes down,
but this...
it's... no.
No, I'm gonna go.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
Fuck him.
More money for me then, right?
Don't worry, all right, Chris?
Don't worry.
He knows I'd kill him.
We're good.
Okay okay.
Okay, this...
is Empire.
Okay, Thursday night
I'll be the only one there.
Eddie, off Boston Road
there'll be a fence.
At the top of the fence,
there'll be a camera.
I want you to break it.
The next night... Friday night...
- the guards will be out by 8:00.
- I'll see you tomorrow.
Nobody gets overtime, so believe me,
they'll be out like clockwork.
8:00 sharp.
There's a phone booth
two blocks away on Jerome Avenue.
You and Mike will go there
and you'll wait.
I'll go inside,
so I'll make sure everything's cool.
But I'm serious,
you stay out there and you'll wait.
And nothing happens until I call you.
Nothing... until I call.
Hey, whoa whoa whoa, hey!
He's okay, he's okay, he's okay,
he's okay. Anyone else here?
- Is anyone here?!
- What? No.
- All right.
- What's going on?
We got a tip a crew's coming in here.
You know anything about it?
- Do you know anything about it?
- No no.
All right, get up on the roof.
Staircase's right there.
Secure that door.
Check the perimeter.
Everyone, move!
I've been upstairs,
downstairs, all over the place.
Nothing in here.
Camera look like it's out of order,
but hey,
what you gonna do, huh?
Other than that,
not a mice stirring.
Do you have any idea how many
violations are going on in this place?
- It's crazy.
- Yeah yeah,
it's about as secure
as a candy shop.
- Hey, it's only money, right?
- Yeah, exactly.
All right, I'll take one
last look around the premises.
- Just holler.
- For sure.
Mind if I do a few sets
on your thing over there?
You know,
knock yourself out.
'Cause it's Nautilus by the gym
over by my place.
You know what they say?
Dead weight,
that's the only way
to really get
that size on, you know?
Gotta feel that burn.
- Yeah.
- Little hard work,
no big shirts.
You know how it is.
The fucking cops are here,
you hear me?
- Are you fucking kidding me?
- Fucking cops...
- they're already inside and I fucking...
- Yo!
Hey hey hey,
what was that there?
- That?
- Yeah, what was that?
Naw, I was just, uh...
you know,
I was talking to my mother.
- That was your mother?
- No, she was...
I don't know, she was doing
some cooking or something.
- I'm gonna go use the bathroom, okay?
- Yeah, it's right down there.
You sure you don't
want to call her back?
No no, that's okay.
That's what I'm talking about.
I think we got
something out here, boss.
Roger that.
On the move.
Let's roll.
Enough with the weights.
- Everyone move!
- Let's go. Move!
How are things going out there?
Come on, talk to me.
Two perps,
both armed, masks on.
- One just slipped the fence.
- Anyone else?
Roger that.
- You ready?
- Ready.
You stay.
- You ready?
- I'm ready.
Let's do this.
Freeze! I said freeze,
drop your weapons!
Ah shit, get back.
Stay down, stay down. Don't move.
Johnson, call for backup.
Call for backup.
There's shots fired down here!
- We need backup!
- What do you see, Ronny?
Talk to me, buddy.
Talk to me.
The bald perp's behind the trucks.
No eyes on him.
If they move, I got 'em.
Okay, you see anything,
you talk to me, you got it?
Roger that.
- Johnson, get to the back.
- Roger. I got it.
Stay here, don't move.
You hear?
- What are you...
- Don't move, stay there!
Any visuals, Ronny?
Huh-uh, nothing yet.
we've got guns fired here.
We're gonna need backup at Empire.
Situation just got real.
10-71, code two Jerome Avenue.
- Yeah.
- We need backup! We need backup here!
Got eyes on one.
By the gate, by the gate!
No hits, sir.
One's still behind the truck.
Roger. Stay the course.
Two cars headed over.
On their way.
Roger that.
We've got a real situation here.
Tommy, what's your 10-39?
Turning onto Jerome Avenue now.
Hold tight.
Talk to me, boss.
What do you need?
What do you need?
Talk to me, what do you need?
Still no visual on the perp, sir.
Still no visual.
Boss, I'm getting
no response here.
Lost eyes on the one
behind the truck, sir.
He's definitely armed.
Ronny, talk to me.
Do you have eyes on the situation?
Backup, we're gonna
need some backup here!
Somebody's gotta give me
something out there.
Talk to me! Talk to me!
What do you
need me to do, boss?
Shots fired, shots fired.
Backup, we need backup,
we need backup!
Shots fired, shots fired!
Shots fired, we need backup!
We need backup! We've got officers
engaged in gunfire here.
What's the ETA?
Coming into Empire now.
Boss, what's
the situation out there?
- We've got cars arriving.
- All clear, everything's all clear.
10-26 all clear.
Backup arriving
on the scene right now.
Roger that.
What the fuck was that about?
It's about somebody with a big fucking
mouth I'm gonna have to shut.
- F... there he is.
- It could have been a coincidence.
Ain't no such thing
as a coincidence, Eddie.
Mike, what the fuck
you doing here?
- What's up, Jimmy?
- Mike, wait...
Want to rat me out,
you fucking scumbag?
- Mike, I didn't...
- Fucking do it.
Get up.
We ain't calling quits
on that Empire place neither, okay?
Get the fuck in!
Yeah, he shot the guy.
He's a hero.
He saved the cop's life.
He could've died.
MY 5", my son...
There he is, there he is!
My hero.
- Say hello.
I'm gonna go talk
to Eddie for a minute.
- Eddie.
- I'll come back, I'll come back.
Oh, now he's a hero
he has no time for his mother.
Where you been?
I was calling you all morning.
Where was I?
Where the fuck were you?
How crazy was that shit last night?
Another crew comes to do
the same fucking shit?
What? What's up with you?
Where were you?
Well, Mike killed Jimmy
last night.
That's where I was.
- What?
- Yeah.
Thought he ratted us out, now he wants
to go back in and rob Empire again.
- What, are you fucking crazy?
- It's not me, it's him!
Jimmy had nothing to do
with what went down last night, okay?
- It was a fucking coincidence.
- I know. You know what?
It's too late.
Killed him, so.
What the fuck's Spiro gonna do when
he finds out about this?
You know he's gonna
fucking kill us, right?
That's why I say
we gotta go back in there
and take the money
for ourselves before Mike,
- before him, before anybody else does.
- What?
Are you fucking crazy?
- No.
- They're not gonna leave the money
- on the street any more anyway, okay?
- So we go inside and get it!
Just fucking forget it.
Forget everything.
There's cameras
at every door, okay?
So why am I even talking?
I'm not even... I'm not...
Cops won't expect it.
Nobody will.
Shut your fucking mouth.
Will you please shut your fucking mouth?
- I'm doing it with or without you.
- Oh really?
- You gonna do it without me?
- Yeah yeah, really.
And when I get there, you can call
the cops, you can fucking shoot me
or you can say "Fuck yeah, Eddie,
I'm with you." But you know what?
I'm doing it.
And I'm not doing this shit any more,
bro. I'm fucking done with this.
- I'm done.
- Watch your mouth, okay?
You watch it.
I'm doing it, Chris.
I know it's just you after 8:00.
...And it was sayonara
New York for sunny California.
Albert Hammond in 1972.
Got on board a westbound 747
Didn't think before...
What to do
Oooh, that talk
of opportunities
TV breaks and movies
Rang true
Sure rang true...
He's fucking crazy, right?
You know that Chris
Fucking crazy,
I'm always fucking crazy.
Well, here I am, right?
- You know how many fucking times...
- Fucking Eddie.
Fucking unbelievable.
Say I'm fucking coming, right?
Totally won't split it.
How about that?
Nobody around wants to
fucking believe me, right?
What the fuck?
I told you I was
coming, right? Yeah.
No one ever wants
to believe me, right?
Well, here I am, boys. Whoo!
Whoo yeah!
- What the fuck?
- Whoa!
What, are you fucking crazy?!
I told you
I was fucking coming, bro.
How about that?
What'd I tell you, right?
I told you.
Where's it at, huh?
I ain't leaving without it.
Brother, I'm not leaving
till I get that money.
I ain't leaving without it, okay?
Look at you,
you look like a lunatic!
Yeah, that's right, yeah.
Answer the phone, go ahead.
Answer the...
you answer the phone right now!
You might as well shoot me
dead right now, okay?
I'm not going to jail.
I'm not going to jail, bro!
- I am not going to my shitty life...
- Shut up, shut the fuck up!
- Shut up!
- I'm not going to jail.
- Shut up, shut up.
- I'm not going to fucking jail.
I'm not going back
to my shitty life right now!
- Answer the phone, go ahead.
- Shut your mouth. Shut it.
Yeah, this is Chris. 18249.
Hey, it's Honeywell.
What's going on over there?
We got a reading. There's some kind
of a disturbance or what?
You fucked me.
We can fucking do this right now.
We can fucking do this.
Hey, are you out there or what?
Yo, you want me to call this in?
- Chris, Chris?
- Yeah, it's okay, Duffy.
My... my lights on here.
Everything's fine.
- Fuck!
- All right, go back to sleep.
- I'll try not to wake you up again.
- Yeah, okay.
Open this. Come on,
I know you've got the keys.
Open this right now.
Where's the key right now?
Give me the key, come on.
Chris, gimme the key!
- What the fuck am I doing?
- Open it.
- Open it, open it.
- Yeah. Yeah.
How do you open this?
Open this right now.
How do you open it? Open it.
Come on, open it!
Come on, open it!
- Un-fucking-believable.
- Holy shit.
Put your fucking mask on.
What the fuck am I doing?
Fuck shit!
What the fuck?
You shot the fucking dog?
Yeah, thanks for telling me
there was a dog, asshole!
- Fuck.
- Dick!
What am I gonna fucking
tell people, huh?
You gonna help me
carry this shit out or what?
There's a fucking camera, you idiot!
Oh, what are you doing?
That's fucking great, Eddie.
What am I gonna tell people, huh?
You tell me, what am I gonna
fucking tell people now?
You're on the camera and you're
talking to me, you fucking idiot!
Damn, we got clowns
in every room here.
Aww shit.
Hey, you might want
to go holler at your boy there
before these FBI clowns
take over from him.
Looks like your party got
a little out of whack here.
Look at this place, huh?
God, look at you.
Yeah, I, uh...
I was on the phone
- and then...
- You were on the phone?
You were on that phone
right there?
- You make a call there?
- No no.
- I, uh...
- Not that.
I don't know.
My head's all messed up.
Three times in a month is crazy.
Man, what are the odds of that, huh?
Three times.
What are the odds
that the guy knew exactly
where the keys were too, huh?
The dog passed out from fear.
9mm must have scared
the shit out of him.
They found it unconscious.
They thought it was dead.
They thought the dog was dead.
- I'm Detective Ransone.
- Yeah, I know who you are.
Listen, so what have we got here?
We've got three break-ins
on the same premises,
we've got two men dead,
we've got no arrests.
Does anybody here
have any idea how many
dollars that disappeared
from this spot?
Uh, Detective Ransone
or Mister...
how do you pronounce it?
...Patemi, is it?
See, now you know why
the FBI is rolling up in here.
Yeah, so.
Mr. Potamias,
you got Santa Claus
coming through
your ceiling, right?
They break in your gate,
shooting a 9mm
within proximity of your dog
and you're unconscious.
Yeah. No, I, uh...
I don't know. I was making
the rounds. I come back
and I guess somebody hit me.
You weren't on the phone?
No phonecall? Didn't you tell me
you were on that phone?
Honeywell called and you said
everything was okay.
- Was it okay?
- Yeah, like I said...
no, I was making the rounds.
I come back and some...
Somebody hit you.
Nothing caught your eye?
Nothing seemed out
of the ordinary at that time?
The camera outside's broke,
so the only visuals I had were
on the money room and the doors.
Yeah, and somebody's
coming through your ceiling.
That's a brilliant move.
- Very clever.
- It's really clever.
Very clever,
very tricky.
Wow, these guys are
something else, huh?
- Excuse me, sir.
- So you got anything else for us,
- Mister...
- Potami.
Detective Ransone,
any more questions?
No, I think you guys
covered everything.
No? Good.
So we're done here, right?
Somebody get this kid to a hospital.
- Unbelievable.
- Mmm.
Mr. Potamatis,
Ernie Anastos.
It's been reported that
over $9 million were taken
in last night's heist.
Do you have anything to say about that?
Can I just ask you
a couple of questions?
Five minutes?
Keep shooting.
Keep shooting.
God damn it, Eddie.
Hey hey-
- Hey.
- What's going on?
Nothing, I was...
I need to go for a walk.
Go for a walk?
Where are you gonna go for a walk, huh?
Where are you gonna go?
I'm just going for a walk.
Where you gonna go? The police
are out there looking for you.
- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm sorry.
- I just... I'm sorry.
- What's going on?
- I gotta go for a walk.
- What's going on? What's going on?
- Nothing. I'm fine.
- You're not fine.
You're not fine.
Come on.
You were out all night. The police are
here all day looking for you.
Your face...
come on, tell me.
Tell me, tell me.
- Talk to me.
- Nothing. No, I...
- I'm gonna go for a walk.
- No.
- I'm gonna come back. I'm okay.
- You're not okay. Listen...
- You're not okay.
- I'm okay, Pop. I'm all right.
Don't walk away! Listen to me.
I'm talking to you. Chris!
- Chris, listen to me!
- I'm sorry.
If goddamn Eddie has
something to do with this
to make the police come for you again,
I'm gonna kill him, you hear me?
Listen to me!
U.S. District Attorney Giuliani,
- Agents Nugent, Marichal.
- Hey, how you doing?
- Hot enough for you or what?
- Good to see you.
How are you doing, fellas?
So how much are
we talking about being taken here?
Yeah well, the newspapers
are downplaying it,
but we think
it's upwards of $10 million.
- Jesus Christ.
- The largest one in history.
And the security guard,
there was only one?
Only one guard, but he doesn't
really seem that capable
- of much of anything, sir.
- Well, seemed capable of shooting
a would-be robber two nights prior
according to this report here.
You're right about that,
sir, but listen,
we think that whole thing
might have been a decoy.
Because we've got the guy
on surveillance tape, right?
Two nights prior, he's disabling
a video camera in the back.
So you think the two are connected?
Yeah, but talking about
details, manpower...
there's no doubt about it...
we're talking Cosa Nostra.
And the detective who's been
on since the beginning...
Detective J. Ransone?
Yeah, he's setting up
a makeshift interrogation
over at Empire right now.
- You find that funny?
- Mr. Giuliani, there's no way in hell
that that greaseball guard could
pull off this job on his own.
It's just too big for him.
I'm willing to put my badge on it.
Well, no harm in letting him follow
through with the workers,
but I tend to agree
with Marichal here.
This thing stinks of organized crime.
- Agreed.
- Go after all five families.
Someone's gonna talk.
Under District Attorney
Rudolph Giuliani's orders
members of all five
of New York's crime families
have been arrested to be questioned
in regard to the Empire heist.
You missed some shit on your upper lip.
- You should shave that off.
- Now believed to be the largest
since Lufthansa.
- $8 million, 9 million, how much is it?
- Hey, how you doing?
- No one seems to know anything...
- Hey, back off!
- ...Other than this is...
- Where's the money, Giuseppe?
...The biggest heist in U.S. history.
Ladies and gentlemen,
someone out there has a lot of cash.
It's your half right there,
every penny.
- Told you we could pull that off.
- You fucking ass!
That's for breaking
my fucking face.
How else were you
gonna say you had
nothing to do with it, huh? Fuck!
I talked to Mike.
He wants to, uh...
Mike wants to meet with us.
You fucking...
What was I supposed to do?
He called me.
He said we go in with
the Colombian deal on him and that's it.
He won't say nothing
to anybody, so that's it.
- There it is.
- I'm gonna get in my car.
You come around me again,
and I'm gonna fucking kill you.
- What else was I supposed to say?
- I will fucking kill you.
- You understand me?
- I just handed you $8 fucking million!
You didn't hand me fucking shit,
you understand me?
- Get the fuck...
- Didn't hand me fucking shit.
And you walk the fuck away
and you tell Mike to do
the same or I'll kill you both.
- I'll fucking kill you.
- Yeah, fuck you!
I should have shot you when
you came through that fucking roof.
Fucking prick.
This fucking cocaine.
You know I should kill you, right?
Slit your throat...
for backstabbing me like you did.
I mean,
that's why I'm here right now.
I'll pay you back.
And your friend?
He had nothing
to do with it. He just...
didn't rat me out, so.
That's it.
I'm not an asshole, Eddie.
Fucking look at me, okay?
Listen, I'm in.
I'm all the way in, so.
But Chris stays out of it
and that's the way it's gonna be.
You could shoot me, you could do
whatever you want to do,
but you know what?
Kill me, you don't find out
where the money is, and...
you know, and I'll tell
Spiro about Jimmy, so.
You know?
It goes down tomorrow then.
Don't disappear.
- Not going anywhere.
- Yeah.
Now get the fuck out.
All right.
- You got something?
- Somewhere in here.
Got it.
- Let's get outta here.
- What, we stepping out?
- Yeah.
- Okay, let's do this.
Michael, where's, um...
- Where's what?
- Where's Jimmy?
Where's he been lately?
- Jimmy's working.
- No, I know, he hasn't been here in...
it's been like almost a week.
He's always with you.
I'm just wondering.
I'm just wondering where he is.
I think he's got the...
the construction thing.
- Oh yeah yeah.
- He's been working at that movie house.
- Mm-hmm.
- So it's been real busy over there.
Yanni, that looks good. Can you
turn it on? You can't turn it on?
There's a lava
in the back I think.
It looks good anyway.
Where the hell are you going?
Use the bathroom.
Hey, I'm looking for a...
Spiro Stravakis.
- Stavrakis.
- Stavrakis!
That's good.
Are the police asking?
- What, that obvious?
- Only if you're the police.
Yeah, we came here
about the Empire heist.
Just curious if anybody
knew anything about it.
The Empire heist in the Bronx?
- Mm-hmm.
- And you're here looking?
I thought the papers said
that was the Guineas.
- You know, the real mob.
- Ah, you know.
Big-time lowlifes,
small-time lowlifes...
it's all the same to me.
Ain't that right there, Michael...
Did I say that right?
You come into my place
and you start saying people's names,
- but you never said your name.
- You're right.
- We didn't.
- And what are you insinuating?
That maybe Michael here had
something to do with this robbery?
Just want to ask your boy
if he have any ideas on it, that's all.
My boy, detectives,
has the good fucking sense to know
that if he or anyone around me had
anything to do with something like this
without my knowledge,
that they'd lose their balls.
So no, you can be certain
he has no ideas on this.
So you're answering for him?
- I just did.
- He's answering for you.
Okay. Well, we got nothing else.
- Yassou?
- Yassou, yeah.
All right.
Michael, have a seat.
Look at him,
he's talking to someone.
- Son of a bitch.
- You sure?
I'm positive.
He's looking right at the camera.
I've been looking
at this thing all afternoon.
Ah, here he is.
Son of a bitch.
Hey, Chris.
Hey, man.
- Hey.
- How you doing?
Come on in.
Hey, guys, give me the office for a sec.
- Sure.
- Hey, listen, I never got the chance
to properly thank you
for saving my life out there.
So thank you.
Yeah, I'm glad to see
you're doing okay.
Yeah, me too.
Here, grab a...
grab a seat, sit down.
Listen, uh, thanks
for coming down, man.
You know, any time something
like this happens
we gotta bring you down,
we gotta talk to people.
It's all the procedural bullshit.
You know the drill.
- Yeah, for sure.
- Okay.
So I gotta ask you...
nothing seemed out
of the ordinary? Not a thing?
Uh, I know it sounds crazy,
but, you know,
I was making the rounds,
I went to the bathroom.
I didn't hear anything. I come back.
That's it.
You know these guys?
That guy's a Michael Dimitriu
and another guy's
Eddie Papastratos.
They're small time criminals,
but I wanted to know if you knew them.
- Yeah, why?
- I was just checking, that's all.
I mean I haven't spoken
to them in a while, you know, if...
you know, I'm sure they had
nothing to do with this
- if that's what you're saying.
- I didn't say that.
But okay.
Okay, so,
you have any more questions
or is that it?
You said that there was
only one guy, right,
- who broke in, the robber?
- No no, I didn't.
You know,
I didn't see anyone, so.
You know we got this video here
and, uh, near the money room
right before the guy
with the ski mask
looks up and he smashes
the surveillance camera,
it's like he's talking to someone.
Then he looks up
like someone told him
where the camera was.
It's the weirdest thing.
Like I told you,
I didn't see anyone, so.
Yeah, you said that already...
a few times.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Okay, you don't know nothing.
Okay, are we good?
Yeah yeah yeah.
We're done.
Okay, great.
I thanked you
for saving my life, right?
- Yeah.
- Okay, good.
But that don't mean
for a goddamn second
that I won't hesitate
to drag your ass in
if I find out you've been lying
to me about all this shit.
Do you understand?
Yeah, I got it.
All right, we're cool.
Now you can go.
Spiro wants to talk.
Get in.
Yo, Orlanda.
Please, sit down, yeah?
You're late, huh?
So this is where
we hang out, huh?
The big time.
Please, no secrets.
Put your bag down
right next to ours.
It's cool.
Eight mill, all there.
The coke pure?
Why do people always
ask that, huh?
It's the movies, yeah?
Of course.
Of course.
Now you must have
serious financing
for Mike to make you his partner
instead of Jimmy.
- Right?
- Yeah well,
listen, Jimmy ain't
a part of this no more.
Let's count it.
And now we wait, huh?
It's a lot of money to count.
Christo Christara.
Wow, you've been through
a lot lately, huh?
Some couple of fucking days.
We got something for you.
where's our special guest?
Anybody know where
our special guest is?
- Taking a piss.
- He's taking a piss?
He's taking a piss.
Hey, he's taking a piss.
Okay, so.
Before you tell me where the money
from the robbery is in the Bronx...
and you're gonna fucking tell me,
which is the only reason
we don't bash your
fucking head in right now...
but before you do,
there's somebody I want you to meet
who's been telling me about a robbery
you didn't want to include me in on.
Spiro, listen,
I don't know what
you're talking about, okay?
Hey, I understand. I understand!
That's why I'm saying
I just want you
to meet somebody first.
It's not a big fucking deal!
And here he comes.
We don't have to wait any longer.
Our fucking special guest...
Mr. Jimmy back
from the fucking dead.
Unbelievable, right?
Next time you want to kill somebody,
make sure you fucking kill him!
How you doing now, Christo, huh?
Now go get my fucking money.
Eddie Papastratos
working tonight?
Not tonight.
How about his friend, Chris Potami?
Who's asking?
How about some menus?
Naw, it's all right, honey.
We really are cops though.
If it's okay,
we'd like to look in Eddie's locker.
Is that all right?
Eleni, come here.
These guys say they're cops
and they want to look
in Eddie's locker or something.
You're cops, the two of you?
- Those real?
- Yes ma'am.
- Yeah.
- What'd he do?
Well, we're hoping nothing.
All right then.
Come on.
- Just follow you?
- Yep.
Go ahead,
do what you want.
- Which one?
- Middle.
- It's okay?
- Mmm.
Find any shit about another girl
in there, you hand it over to me.
Yeah, you got it.
No goddamn way.
Is eight.
Eight million.
It's all there.
Here's 400 extra.
It's yours.
you can go now.
- What are you talking about?
- Stand up,
turn around and walk
out that door.
What the fuck
are you talking about?
It's not hard.
Stand up...
turn around
- and walk out the door.
- Sit still.
What the fuck are you
talking about, walk out?
- Whoa whoa whoa, relax relax.
- I said turn around,
- and walk out the door, yeah?
- What's going on?
- Turn around and walk out the door.
- Okay, chill.
Put the gun down,
put the gun down.
- I said do yourself a favor.
- What the fuck is going on?
Walk out the door.
- Go!
- You shot me in my fucking mouth?
Get the fuck out!
Go now!
Get the fuck out of here now!
- Get the fuck out now!
- Are you fucking serious, huh?
- In the fucking mouth!
- Heavenly Father
Save the people
Save their souls
- Save our father...
- Come on, come on, come on.
Save our mother...
Oh! Fuck!
- Save the people...
- Get us our fucking money!
Save their souls...
It's over.
I'll talk to him.
Eddie, Eddie.
Eddie, Eddie, Eddie.
My DA's got half
the Italian mob on lockdown,
my lieutenant's wondering how
half the missing Empire money
landed in the lap of some
mid-level Colombian cocaine dealer
and I'm thinking you and your friend
know where the other half is.
So before I let you go...
and unfortunately I have to...
I've got two questions
for you, Eddie:
Where's Chris?
And where's the money?
Chris, Chris, what is going on?
I'm being serious right now.
You need to tell me what happened.
Shit, my father.
- Fuck, come on.
- Chris, I'm being serious.
You need to look at me
and you need to tell me what's going on.
Whatever happens, you check
the fucking statue, okay?
- You check the statue.
- Chris, what?!
- The money's in the fucking statue.
- Chris!
Yo, Chris!
What the fuck are you doing here?
They know everything.
They fucking know everything.
- What, who?
- The cops know everything.
- They got the fucking map.
- You come to me?!
- Oh fuck.
- What do you want me to do?
It ain't that easy, bro.
It ain't that easy.
Hey, you told me Jimmy was dead.
He ain't fucking dead, Eddie!
He's alive.
What are you talking about?
I saw Mike kill him with my own eyes.
Well, he ain't dead, okay,
and we're fucked!
All my money's gone.
All my money's gone right now.
- I need some money.
- Oh, you need some money?
- I need some money, ple...
- I thought you said the cops need it?
- Now get the fuck outta here!
- You gotta give me that money
right now. I know
it's in here somewhere, bro.
- I don't want to do anything.
- I'm not gonna give you
any fucking money, Eddie!
I don't want to do anything
right now, okay? Don't make me do
- anything I don't want to fucking do.
- The fuck are you doing?
Don't make me fucking do
anything right now, okay?
I'm so fucking serious right now.
Just show me where it is right now.
Just show me where
the fucking money is, okay?
- My money's for my family.
- I'm fucking sorry!
- For my parents to get a house.
- I don't want it all!
You could buy 10 fucking houses
with that fucking money!
What about me, okay?
Don't think I won't do it.
Don't think I won't fucking shoot!
Oh fuck!
- Fuck.
- Hey, Pop.
Get up, Eddie.
- The next one kills you, Eddie.
- Fuck.
- The next one kills you. Now get up!
- Aw fuck!
- Hey, come on, Pa.
- That's it, get up.
Come on, get up.
- Fuck!
- Come on, Dad, please.
The fucking cops
are coming, Mr. P.
Yes, here they come.
Yes, they're coming.
The cops are coming,
Dad, come on.
Yeah, they're coming now.
You happy now?
- Come on, Pop. Come on.
- Shut up!
You stay right here.
- Yeah yeah.
- Aw fuck.
The cops are coming, Mr. P.
- Yes, here they come.
- The fucking cops.
- Fuck!
- Don't you fucking move, Eddie!
This is over now.
- This is over! You stay right there!
- Freeze freeze!
- Don't you move!
- Put that gun down!
- No, he's my father, my father!
- Freeze freeze, you put that gun down!
I said drop that gun.
D"P the gun!
- Please.
- I said put it down.
- Please, come on.
- Put it down!
- Please, okay?
- It's over now.
It's clear!
Hey, you fuck!
Hey, you fuck, hey, watch it!
Off off, hands off!
Hands off him, hands off.
Hey, he's my father,
don't you fucking hurt him!
Hey hey hey, Chris, no!
Hey, take it easy.
- Ow! Fuck! Ow!
- Hey! Fuck, Johnson!
Take it easy, take it easy.
Oh fuck!
It's okay.
It's okay, Christo.
It's over now.
- I'm sorry, Father. I'm sorry.
- It's over now.
- Fucking... I'm sorry, Pop.
- Let's go.
I'm fucking...
I'm fucking sorry.
- It's okay, Christo.
- I fucked up.
It's over now.
Ah fuck. I fucked up.
Yeah. Yeah, you did, Chris.
Yeah, you did.
Hey, boss, still got a lot
of money unaccounted for here.
And don't you know it.
You think your boy's gonna talk?
I think he'll come to his senses.
The FBI said today
that the man whose job
it was to protect the money
stole it:
Christos Potamitis.
We spoiled his vacation
where he's been
sunning himself by the pool
most of the afternoon.
It was a matter of me trying to get
a bag to come to me.
The building's landlord
said he was amazed
the burglars could get
through the roof.
Uh, we specifically made this roof
to have steel construction
because we wanted to have
the security in there.
Just dollar signs,
you know, coming at me.
You know? "Here we are."
More arrests are
expected says the FBI,
as is recovery of the 11 million,
which is still missing.
And the money still to this day is gone?
- That's correct.
- Vanished?
Just vanished.
- Into thin air?
- Into thin air.
The way it disappeared
out of the money room,
it disappeared out of our hands.
You looked like you were
about to say something.
Seems it never rains
In southern California
Seems I've often heard
That kind of talk before
It never rains in California
But, girl, don't they warn ya
It pours
Man, it pours
Out of work,
I'm out of my head
Out of self-respect,
I'm out of bread
I'm underloved, I'm underfed
I wanna go home!
It never rains in California
But, girl, don't they warn ya
It pours
Man, it pours
Will you tell the folks back home
I nearly made it?
Had offers, but don't know
Which one to take
Don't tell them
how you found me
Don't tell 'em how you found me
Gimme a break
Give me a break
Seems it never rains
in southern California
Seems I've often heard
that kind of talk before
It never rains in California
But, girl, don't they warn ya
It pours
Man, it pours.