Empire State (1987) Movie Script

What about her?
Do we sort her out too?
She don't know nothing.
Just some old
scrubber he picked up.
Come on, let's get out of here.
Welcome to Metropolis.
Please take a seat.
Someone will be
with you shortly.
The train
just arrived at platform 5,
is the 5:20 from Newcastle.
The train just
arrived at platform 5,
is the 5:20 from Newcastle.
Who is it and what do you want?
I'm a friend of Mick's.
Come back to bed.
What's the matter, hey?
You still got plenty of time.
You know who that was?
Someone asking about Mick.
Who was it?
Well I didn't ask him
for his name and address.
What you got to
worry about, hey?
You got me.
I'll look after you.
Leave me alone.
Just go make some coffee.
We're out.
We're what?
We ran out.
I was going to get some...
I must have coffee
in the mornings!
There's no food.
We're out of toothpaste.
The light's gone
in the bathroom.
Even the loo flush don't work.
You can't even take care
of the simplest things.
It's not exactly what you
promised me Danny-boy.
Look I'm doing my
best to turn this place
into some sort of home for us.
That costs money.
You don't seem to
appreciate that, Cheryl.
And it takes time.
Well time's running out.
Getting out of here.
I'm getting out today.
What you want to get out for?
I said I'd do the
place up for you.
You'll forget Mick
was ever here.
Just pick out the
colors you want, hey?
I'll find a way to pay for it.
I always find a way.
I got you the kitchen
cupboards, didn't I?
Got you the video.
Oh I see they're on the list.
What were you going to do?
Frame it and hang
it over the bed
so I don't forget how
much you've spent on me?
Look things are a lot worse
than we thought, Cheryl.
A lot worse.
What you and I bring in
it doesn't even cover
the interest on the bank loan.
If I can't find a way to
borrow another grand fast
they're gonna cut out the phone,
the gas, and the electric.
That's how bad it is.
Then we better do it tonight.
We always said a Friday night.
Last week there
was over 10 grand.
That'll do us.
I'm not coming back here.
Not after that phone call.
That was trouble,
for both of us.
This American, how much is
he thinking that you're worth?
$3 billion.
Lot of money.
You know, Johnny, there are
people who move about the world
with no more than a
pen in their pockets
smelling out investment.
We've got one in town today.
You what the
shakedown's going to be?
How much money is going
to move around this city
while that
signature's still wet.
Well we're going to
grab a nice little piece
of that for ourselves.
Might even put a bit of it
your way, if you're lucky.
In the meantime, you can
get out on the streets
and earn me some money.
I'll drop you off
at the Trocadero.
If I shuffle things around a bit
we'll probably be all right.
I'll go see my brother.
He must be making
a nice few quid.
I'll borrow some off of
him, open up a new account,
and overdraw on
that a few hundred.
Look, I can't take
much more of this, Danny.
I told you.
It'll be dead easy.
It'll be 3:00 in the
morning, no one about,
and he'll be plastered.
Same as every Friday.
Look if we play our cards right
we won't have to go
through with this.
It's stupid.
I'll only get caught.
I'll pick you up same
time as usual, hey?
5:00 sharp.
You can be such a fucking wimp.
Don't ever call me that.
I'm, uh, 22 years
old and quite good looking.
Natural blonde.
Nice body.
I used to go to
aerobics classes,
but now I switched to
the Alexander Technique.
I'm 5 foot 9.
I like all kinds of music.
I read quite a bit.
Mysteries, thrillers,
that kind of thing.
Got my own little car.
Sometimes go to the pictures
if there's anything on.
Weekends I like going
to clubs and bars.
I love cocktails.
Champagne cocktails
are my favorite.
I'll be wearing a blue dress.
I've got blue eyes so anything
blue looks good on me.
It's got a split up the side.
Shows off my legs.
I've got good legs.
25 quid, man.
I mean I don't come
any cheaper than that.
It ain't worth it to me.
I tell you.
Ain't gonna get nobody
cheaper than that.
Some of these boys they won't
even give you a lick for that.
Settle it now, yeah?
I don't do no fucking.
No weird stuff.
Strictly an hand-job, you know.
For this kind of money.
Where we gotta get to?
Oh hey, money for a cab.
I've got to get back in the
West End for.
Is it with you?
No worries.
You'll get a good 40 minutes.
You must forget about what
it used to be like here.
There's a new Britain emerging.
Hungry to compete.
Ready to assert
itself in the world's
financial and commercial arenas.
A new nation that needs
a new kind of city.
So we're building it.
The whole of the
East End is being
cleared out and cleaned up.
Streamlined with new
roads, railways, airstrips.
Wired up to the
new technologies.
What about the unions?
They've been given a sound thrashing
and now they're seeing sense.
What we are attracting here
is a new breed altogether.
Anyone who wants to stay in
the race in the 21st century
is moving in now.
You better get going.
No way.
I just want to see what a
man like that looks like.
Introduce me.
Not now.
Later, I'll try and
bring him along tonight.
If I can.
That flash bastard
make me nervous.
There was another
fire last night.
It's all over the papers.
I've told you before, Tim,
we have to move fast if we
want to cash in on all this.
But 3 people died.
You knew it wouldn't be easy.
That's why I brought him in.
He's done a good job and he's
persuaded a lot of people
to put their money in with us.
I'd like to see some of it.
You'll meet them tonight.
Don't worry.
It's all going to be OK.
Is everything ready here?
They've got the contracts
laid out inside just
waiting for his signature.
Pleased to meet you
after all this time.
A pleasure meeting you.
Had a good trip?
Very good, thank you.
We're entering phase 2 now.
Converting the rest
of the warehouses.
Catering to the new population
was arriving here in droves.
Now over there's going to
be a new public school.
Oh, I want to thank
you again for last night.
It was an excellent performance.
Very good seats.
I never tire of Shakespeare.
It's my pleasure.
You know gentlemen, this
young lady can fix anything.
She even found out what
my favorite bourbon was.
There was a bottle
of it in my room
last night when I got back.
She certainly does her job well.
Can I introduce you to...
What's on the menu for tonight?
There's a banquet at the
American Bar Association,
or a boxing match, then
perhaps a quick visit
an Eastern nightclub.
Sounds good.
- James Lee.
- Mr. Lee.
How do you do?
It's a pleasure.
Here it is.
It's incredible.
How do you plan on
getting all of that
through your committees?
We can get anything
through here.
It's El Dorado.
The basic idea is to
extend the canal system.
Not in any functional way, but
to turn this part of London
into a waterway city.
A Venice for the modern era.
But we have Venice, mister?
Wellington Horne-Ryder.
Wellington Horne-Ryder.
And I think we'll have
Venice even in the modern era.
I don't know that London
needs to become another Venice
or Paris or New York.
Of course I didn't quite mean
it in that, uh, literal, sense.
Venice is crumbling into the sea
which doesn't make it the best
advertisement, does it?
No, I didn't mean
it quite that way.
It's remarkable.
It's a fine model.
Wonderful sense of proportion.
Thank you.
And I see, you've,
uh, you've managed
to blow up those
housing projects,
which would be unsightly.
Oh the Council Estates.
If we could blow them up,
but people do live in them.
So what I've tried to do,
through wholesale landscaping
of the area, is to effectively
screen them from view.
So that the hotel, and
the apartment complexes,
which are to be stepped and
terraced from the water,
will have...
Will have a picturesque view
of the river and the harbor
which you've also included.
I'm much obliged mister, uh...
Wellington Horne-Ryder.
Wellington Horne-Ryder.
And much impressed.
Well I've seen the contracts,
and I've spoken to my lawyers.
And they've seen
the leases, and um,
I've read a pile of reports.
And Mr. Cavendish here
has familiarized me
with his projections,
and... Well.
The champagne is ready.
Although no one is
signing anything yet,
I think everyone would
appreciate a glass.
And uh, all I have to do
now is, think about it.
Of course.
And it's being such a
glorious summer's day.
Yes, they said it's
going to be in the '80s.
I think I should like,
if you'll excuse me,
to take a walk
through your city.
Oh, we'll get you a car.
Mr. Cavendish,
I have seen London
from planes, helicopters,
and all manner of limousines.
I think I just like
to stretch my legs,
and see it at my own
pace, in my own time.
Yes, of course.
And I will give you my answer as
soon as I've made up my mind.
Thank you gentlemen.
Good day.
So while he spends
the day sightseeing,
we've got to sweat it out here.
Isn't there anything
else you can do?
Not before he gets
back to the hotel.
Ten's all I could manage.
I'll pay you back.
Got a back.
There you go.
Someone's got to
support the arts.
Why won't he take
your story then?
Not violent enough.
He wants more blood and guts.
You'll have to give me
a few more pointers.
Ah ha ha, not me mate.
You've had all you're
going to get out of me.
Make it up.
People will believe anything
you tell about the East End.
They'll love it.
You got to make a
few compromises.
That's what I keep telling you.
Sort out your bills
get some things
in your club on your back.
Then write your
great British novel.
Not bad.
Here you go.
Get us a round of drinks.
Couple of lagers
and a pint of beer.
How'd it go last night anyway?
What was he?
From Peru.
I love them.
They're not spending their
fucking money on anybody else.
Mind you, do you know what the
exchange rate was yesterday?
I'll tell you.
I'm put my rates up.
They're robbing me blind.
I've gotta get enough
to give and get
out while it's still time.
You should have
more fucking sense.
Talented geezer like you.
College education.
Scratching around for pennies.
If you think it's going
to get any better here
you've gotta be
living in dreams.
It's going to get worse,
worse, and fucking worse.
Where are you off to, then?
America, man.
Where else is there
to fucking go?
50 million people can't
just hop on a plane.
Fuck the 50 million.
I'm talking about me.
Total gay.
I'll get there.
I'll get there.
Don't you worry.
Over there.
The jail bait.
Sound him out.
I'm serious.
I know we're scamming.
This would be one main scram
before the lights go out.
They're all running
down to the big city
grabbing out of the raft.
Take that kid over there.
I bet he got in this morning.
All new cars
one of those places.
He's got about 20
quid in his pocket.
Don't know no one.
Got nowhere to stay.
He's going to be a
station with a park bench
till I see he gets lucky.
Not that head
now but winter's on it's way.
You're a cynical little bastard.
I bet you've never
been out of London.
What's the fucking point?
They're all coming down here.
It's the truth.
I'm supposed to be working.
I'll see you later.
How's it going bro?
Fancy a career on the stage?
Check you like that.
What you after?
Beer money in your pocket?
Maybe I can help you out.
I don't need any help.
I've got money.
A few quid.
Money don't last too long
down here, believe me.
What about a roof
over your head?
That's going to
set you back a bit.
I've got.
He'll say I'm all right.
Oh yeah.
What does he do?
Works in a club.
What one's that?
Who do you know down there then?
Fellow called Mick.
Never heard of him.
Good friend of yours?
He's my best friend.
You been down to London before?
No never.
Stick with me if you want.
I've got a few errands to run.
Let me show you around.
You might learn something, yeah?
I'll be your guide.
Don't worry about it.
Unbutton your top.
If you are meeting
someone tonight
you got to do something
about your hair.
I just had it done.
It's all wrong.
Shows up your face.
Change your make up it
up here look in my bag.
There's a little kit in there.
Eastern Promise.
What you need is a
complete overhaul.
You know there going to
put anyone looking at that.
You don't have to
look like a tart.
Oh of course.
You gave up.
I'm not interested in kids.
This one tonight
is more my type.
How much money does he owe
and what car does he drive.
That's what's important.
Palm Beach is it?
What did you give him in there.
Insight and keep him
happy over the weekend.
Do you recognize him?
MP from up your way.
Took a shine to you
is what happens.
Nice shirts.
It's 20 quid.
Every time you let him put
his head between your legs.
Flat 22.
Remember that.
It might come in handy if
ever you're in trouble.
You can't bottle out now, Danny.
I've got the tickets.
I've booked a hotel.
Everything's organized,
everything's done.
There's no other way.
I'm not going back to
the flat when there's
a friend of Mick's in town.
I'm not going back.
Look if you won't go
through with this,
I'll get someone who will.
What the fuck
are you doing here?
You going to takes this one
I don't want him
anywhere near Billy.
What's he doing back
round here anyway?
All right?
Hello Danny.
All right, Frank.
All right.
Got a winner here tonight.
Look shit hey Danny?
Real fighter.
Let's go have a drink.
- Upstairs.
- You look fit.
Strong as a fucking lion.
I'm up at 4 every morning.
I run 4 miles, then I'm in here.
5 rounds on the bag.
5 rounds in the mirror.
10 rounds in the ring.
Especially my fucking spine
to pieces.
Took after that.
I don't drink and I don't smoke.
I eat good foods.
Sell it.
Sell it.
Juice it.
Look at his teeth.
I'm gonna tear that fucking
bastard apart tonight.
What you doing here?
I'm in trouble, Bill.
You're always in trouble.
Trouble's your game.
Is that why you come down
here cause you're in trouble?
Did you know I was
fighting tonight?
I'm fucking desperate.
Get out of here.
Second towel.
Eighth round.
And now the cuts are so
bad that he's come out
of the corner with blood
still oozing from the eyes.
What's up, Danny?
Spot of Money?
What you need?
It doesn't matter.
You are cutting
in our little deal.
There a lot of money
going on Billy-boy.
Never say no to money son.
You'll be doing yourself a favor
if you put it on your brother.
Good luck, Bill.
Don't waste your
time with these mugs.
Come on.
Should give you
a lift home later.
All right.
He'll be all right.
He's my live in.
Then give me a lift
home then can't ya?
Look, I need
about a grand, fast.
A thousand quid.
You must be joking.
Wait a minute.
Did you see my picture all
over London before you come
down here and grab a piece?
You are my brother.
Ah, all of a sudden
I'm your brother, am I?
Listen, Danny.
I've got a very
important fight tonight,
and you're bringing me down.
It's just not fair.
I've tried everywhere
else, now can you help me?
You're not even
listening to me, are you.
I don't have any money.
Mom and dad look after the
money, I do the fighting.
That's the way I like it.
Well can't you borrow some?
I don't have to
borrow any money.
You've got a
girlfriend, haven't you?
Borrow some off her.
A couple of hundred.
For Christ-sake.
You're just bringing
me down, Danny.
Now shut up and get me home.
Can I help you?
I'm uh, looking for Cheryl.
She left early.
Her boyfriend picked her up.
Why's it have to be tonight?
Why not next week?
I'm in trouble, Vince.
I'm scared.
People in town are
asking about Mick.
Why not tonight?
Your wife's not going to
get any more bearable.
And I've had it with Danny.
He's driving me crazy with
his fucking calculator.
Look, if we make
it through tonight,
this time tomorrow we'll
be sitting on the beach
watching the waves.
There'll be no going back.
I don't want to go back.
I just want to get away.
That's it.
That's the night safe.
He always drops the takings
at the end of the night.
He'll be on his own.
There's never anybody about.
Really, Vince.
It couldn't be easier.
How old are you?
You're still a virgin?
Pretend you are.
Nothing turns him
on like a virgin.
It's a bit more cash in it.
You get to know everyone's
weaknesses in this game.
You got to get in now.
Turn into your advantage.
You could do all right.
He used to pick me all the time.
Now get a bit younger.
Only to be expected, I suppose.
After you, ladies.
That's terribly sweet of you.
Thank you.
See you later, pop.
I gotta leave you now.
I've got a rather
special appointment,
and I'm running a little late.
Tell you what.
Meet me in the lobby of the
hotel I showed you earlier.
Give it an hour and a half.
I'll take you for a bite to eat.
We'll go to a Carvery.
I'll do a good spot
and let you in there.
Two grand.
Who the devil are you?
I'm Johnny.
Didn't I give you a call?
- The agency.
- What agency?
Do you mind if I
fix myself a drink?
I'm fucking parched.
Yeah go ahead then.
Took me all afternoon
to find this.
If you're thirsty it's
better to add some water here.
I'm surprised you're
staying in a dump like this.
You can get a much better
view from
places in Park Lane.
Yeah, but there's nothing
to look at in Park Lane.
Just grass.
I like watching people.
You can learn a thing or two.
What can you learn
from looking out there?
Fucking desperation.
I'm told you like it rough.
Not too rough.
But rough.
What else did you hear?
That you're an important man.
Bit a money to spend.
How'd you make
that kind of money?
Heh heh.
By keeping sentiment
out of business.
That's been my downfall.
I'm too much of a nice guy.
I've got to be harder.
You're gonna draw
Would you?
Put some smiles on a few faces.
I won't get much out of it.
I won't get nothing out of it.
Money down the drain.
You'd be better off
putting it in Hong Kong.
It's all changing
out there you know.
Which way?
A lot of people are
moving their money out.
It's gotta go their way.
Biggest market in the
world on their doorstep.
All this talk can give
someone a bad idea of a day.
How much is this
going to cost me?
It's taken care of.
Except for tips.
Then you better start
earning your money.
What's wrong?
You're hardly touching the
crime end That was supposed
to be the core of the piece.
It's not a bad little
piece on the bars,
but nothing much
seems to happening.
I want gangland, mafia
connections, drug running.
I don't know that there's
that kind of story at all.
Small time.
One to one stuff.
What about these burnings?
3 warehouses in six weeks.
Jesus with all
this money sloshing
around the East End something
must be going on down there.
You know what the trouble is.
You spend too much
time in this office.
You ought to be out there.
Poking your nose around.
Saturate yourself in it.
Bring me back a
racy, edgy piece.
An American detective novel.
Dashiell Hammett!
Why... Well I thought you wanted
a fairly realistic account.
I want it to live
up to the pictures.
I mean take the Empire State.
The real house of horrors.
Two kids found dead in
the toilets in that one.
No one charged.
Shootings, stabbings.
What is chopped up and fed to
the fishes for all we know.
I mean what do
you want me to do?
Write it for you?
Get down there you cunt.
Hi, darling.
She's been in
there half an hour.
What all she does in there?
Well, takes her that long
to cover up the cold sores.
God, you're such a bitch.
What you say about me
when I'm not around?
That you're a slag.
Which you are.
At least I got better
taste than she has.
I do.
That's why she get's
away with everything.
Ah, I guess more money too.
Didn't you know?
She gets paid more than you.
Have you seen what
they've written
about you on the wall in there?
Oh, it's all right, love.
I wiped it off.
Anyway, some of it
wasn't even true.
Come on girls.
Get a move on.
Let's get this show on the road.
Hey, pop.
You seen this?
You got the regular
advert in the advertiser.
And you've got this one
here in capital gain.
Well we're gonna have 5
crowds turning up tonight.
That's you're bloody headache.
Ha ha ha!
Do your best.
Try and keep the
gays downstairs.
Get the rest upstairs.
Shouldn't be no trouble.
Just make sure that it's all
set up nice around the back
for the lads after the fight.
I want the big
table by the window.
Right, I'm off.
Oy, Gaynor.
Get me a gin and orange.
And give Cheryl
a nudge, will ya?
Tell that server I'll laugh
and call it.
Oy, Cheryl.
Gotta do some work.
Half a lager.
Make it a pint.
What time does it open upstairs?
10 o'clock.
That's where you had
the fire, isn't it?
Expect you'll be busy tonight.
That'll be 1.40.
A lot of people on the streets.
Friday is always
our busiest night.
No, no.
It's not the detail,
it's the long term
projections that worry me.
They're going to run out of
oil, everyone knows that.
Soon it'll be 5 or
6 million people
out of work and running riot.
Now who knows what
kind of a government
that's going to throw up.
Right, I could find
my money stuck here.
So, dump Sterling, buy Yen.
I'll be in Tokyo
Tuesday, and tell
my wife I'll be home tonight.
Ha ha, right.
All right.
Let's go.
I've got a plane to catch.
Come on, up and at them.
Ooh, dear.
I was going to show
you around later.
Take you to a club.
I'm off.
- Can I grab a shower?
- Plane's at 10:00.
I'm checking out of
here in half an hour.
I'll come down to the
airport with you, yeah?
Let's go.
You found it all right, then?
Listen, I'm not going to be
able to make dinner after all.
Got some business to
finish off at the airport.
But I'm going to help
you out a little bit.
The keys to the city.
The keys to my apartment.
I'll bring the
address out for you.
It's a nice little place
just off the Bays All Road.
You can take it or leave it.
Comes with a called Josie.
You'll be doing me a favor if
you say goodbye to her for me.
And a sugar daddy called Derek.
He's got a set of keys too.
Nice old bloke.
No way.
He would take
you out for dinner,
and all he needs is a
service once a week.
No rain, no worries.
And the job of the agency.
That'll keep you in
clothes and pocket money.
It's the best I can do.
It's not a bad life.
You'll see a bit
of London society.
It will be an introduction.
I haven't got the taste for it.
My friend will sort us
out without all that crap.
You'll get the taste
for it, believe me.
And take my advice.
Forget all about
this mate of yours.
Pretend he never existed.
I've got to go.
Good luck, kid.
Aw fuck.
Come on, Vince.
Push em up.
Come on.
Push it, come on.
Push it!
One more.
All Right.
All right, I've got it.
That was fun.
All right.
Managed to borrow 500 to
put on Billy-boy tonight.
Is no just knocked a few over.
Ah, Billy-boy'll have him.
Round 5.
I guarantee it.
I've been watching him training.
He looks real sharp.
I'm going to be late.
I'm not missing my sunbed now.
Been waiting nearly
half an hour.
Don't worry about it.
You're getting all
hot and bothered.
I'm trying.
Get a bit of color yourself.
Might improve your chances.
Here's trouble.
Are we ready?
Yup, fine.
I've seen him before.
Probably on the telly.
Actor is he?
Is that what you call it?
We've all seen the videos.
Boy With the Golden Ass.
You seen that one?
He thought he
destroyed them all.
But I got hold of a few copies.
What's going on?
I wish I knew.
I thought he was barred.
It's a good job
Frank's not about.
I got to get him out of
here before he gets back.
And how you gonna to do that?
Frank wouldn't have let him in,
What's happening?
What's he doing down here?
He's been asking about Johnny.
So where is Johnny tonight?
Says he's got an
important job on.
You haven't introduced
me to your new friend here.
This is Pete.
Fresh in from Newcastle.
Come down to the big city
to be corrupted, have we?
I've come out to see Mick.
What time does he start?
No one called Mick working here.
I know he works here.
I know everyone.
There's no one called Mick here.
See that kid over there?
Which one?
What about him?
He's a friend of Mick's.
From up north.
Half a lager.
Empire Special.
Wonderful around here isn't it?
Bit of old East End atmosphere.
Bit of charm.
Lovely ladies who speak proper.
Oh I do like it.
Mmm, I should check your change.
They always short change.
And if you're out of work
as often as I am, darling,
you do have to count the copper.
I've just seen a friend of mine.
Sorry guv.
I'm sorry, guv.
Didn't mean to offend you.
Is there anyone sitting here?
It's bloody loony over there.
Didn't I see you at lunchtime.
With Johnny.
Thought he might
be here tonight.
Introduce me to a few people.
He knows them all.
You on your own then?
Came out to see a mate of mine.
Tell us he doesn't work
here, but I know he does.
He sent us this.
Tell us he's working in this
place and earn tons of money.
Do you know what he does here?
Works on the door,
he's a bouncer.
Wouldn't have thought you'd earn
that much just on the door.
Told us you can make a lot
of contacts working clubs.
There's something
funny going on here.
I'm going ask around
about my friend.
See the manager.
If he won't tell us I'll
go and see the police.
You have to be careful
in a place like this.
Why don't I ask
one or two people.
I'm a reporter.
I'll see what I can
find out for you.
Do you mind if I
hang on to this?
I want it back.
There's a guy over there
asking questions about Mick.
- Who is he?
- I don't know.
Well find out
who the fuck he is.
How's the fight going?
Oh, they're well into the 5th.
He's going all over the place.
The ketchup's really flowing.
Heh, that's what I like to hear.
Good old Billy-boy.
How much you put on Billy-boy?
A lot, mate.
Yeah, well you can
kiss that goodbye.
Any word from Johnny?
Not yet.
I've heard you've got
a little surprise for us.
That the American
is coming here.
Yes, well not a
surprise now, is it.
How did you pull that off?
Friends in high
places, Margaret.
I'll see you in a minute.
Excuse me, sir.
He's clean.
Can't come in like that, mate.
You got a reservation?
Just wanted a look.
Mick on tonight?
He hasn't worked here for weeks.
Why's that?
Knew him pretty well, did you?
He's a good friend of mine.
It's that business
with the kids.
What was that then?
Didn't you read about it?
Two kids died.
Designer drugs.
Found dead in the
toilet up there.
He wasn't involved
in that, was he?
Well Frank, you know,
the manager, he went spare.
He quizzed all the
staff and someone must
have put the finger on Mick.
Cause he'd get a bunk.
Nobody's seen him since.
Not even Cheryl.
One or two people here reckon
that she's the that told Frank.
I think so.
Why would she do that?
That's what I say.
Mind you couldn't be much
fun living with a junkie.
I don't know the last
time you saw him,
but he was getting pretty bad.
I heard he was on the needle.
Johnny call in yet?
Not yet.
How about your
address in New York.
Just in case I pop over there.
84th street.
This for real?
No, I couldn't give you
that, but got my signature.
This isn't worth
much where I'm going.
It's been a pleasure
doing business with you.
Have a nice trip.
Say hello to the wife for me.
Take care.
I'll look after myself.
Don't you worry.
What's the cheapest
ticket to New York?
Regular or standby?
Thank you.
There you go, love.
Probably came and left again.
Got checked with somebody else.
He might be upstairs.
Hello, Doreen.
Gimme the girl in the blue.
Stop playing with your hair.
For you, love.
Who is this?
Is that you, Harry?
Who is it?
Right behind you darling
getting a lovely view
of your little bum.
See me now?
I'm the good looking fellow
staring right at you.
I'll be right over.
God, he's awful.
It's finished.
Get me a drink.
I'm not serving you.
Look at the state of you.
Get me a vodka and tonic.
Keep your voice down.
Give him a drink
for Christ-sake.
I'm all right, Vince.
I'm all right mate.
I've got money.
I've got money.
That's the last one you're
getting and then you go.
Everything's going
to be all right.
You're gonna be
fucking proud of me.
Yes, what do you want?
Roy, wait.
Who's that?
Some cunt from the north.
He's been asking
after Mick all night.
I'm all right, mate.
I'm sorry.
It be a
chaps I'm all right.
On your way then.
You still
Do me a favor.
I'm a married man.
Fuck off!
You knew the result of the fight
before it was started.
What did you find out?
From what I've heard so
far, I think you'd be better
off forgetting about Mick.
It's what everyone
keeps telling us.
Well, it's not good
enough, and I'm
not leaving it at that, right?
I'm going to find
out what's going on,
and I'm going to do
something about it.
And I though you we're
going to help us, eh?
Hold on.
In my office, now.
Um, there's a bit of
your East End charm.
Excuse me.
Everyone seems to
be moving down here.
Do you think I should sell
my house in Holland Park?
I bought a studio just
down the road a year ago.
It's already doubled in value.
Nobody fixes my
fights except me.
He lost.
He had things on his mind.
Like a fat back-hander
from your mom.
I want it back.
All 40 grand of it.
And then I want you out of here.
And you can pick up your
scumbags crawling all
over the place peddling drugs.
This is my place,
and I run it clean.
I warned you after
those kids died.
You can't put that one on me.
Any 13-year-old with a chemistry
set can get a buzz these days.
They're making this
stuff in school.
I break anyone I find
selling that filth in here.
And your poncey
friends in there.
I don't know what
they're pushing.
I want them out too.
I've had enough.
If I don't have that 40 grand
by the end of the night,
there's going to be trouble
Oh really.
What are you going to do?
Take me down a dark alley
and have my kneecaps busted?
Or get out the thumbscrews?
Well how would you like it?
Bit of high tech?
You just don't
understand, do you?
You don't even know
those people are.
They own this place.
Like fuck they do.
Checked your lease lately?
14 months.
That's all you've got left,
and it won't be up for renewal.
You've been terminated.
I'll be running
things around here.
You see, Frank.
This part of London is changing.
It's coming back to life.
There's a new class
of money moving in.
This place will be pulled apart.
Brick by brick.
And put back together
again with a bit of taste.
And a bit of style.
For people who appreciate it.
I thought I'd have you stuffed.
Put in a glass case as a
little reminder of the past.
You put a coin in the
slot, and you hear
it all pour out your mouth.
All the old East End chat.
The filthy language and the
threats of the old violence.
This is the new class, is it?
Designer suits.
200 quid nickers.
Nautilus body and
Barbados suntan?
Exotic women running around
your warehouse apartment.
I dare say if I don't like
see You haven't got class.
All you've got is the trappings.
Everything you've
got, mate, is bought.
And you sold your ass to get it.
I mean you really put it
Even I've had it.
Yeah well now we're even.
Because now you're fucked.
I'm sorry to have
kept you waiting.
What time is he
coming, the American?
You don't rush a man like that.
How was supper?
I'll show you around
the rest of the place.
This will be the only club
in the world with a river
running through it.
This will have to go.
Oh, this side
will be ripped down.
You'll probably find some
bodies behind the walls.
We'll down these, sport.
And then we'll go
upstairs and break
a few tubes of Foster's lager.
Will you fuck off
and leave me alone.
I've had enough!
That bastard's moved in
on most of Frank's business.
Seems to be
doing all right on it.
Started that in Piccadilly.
Frank's looked after
him since he was 16.
Practically brought
the little fucker up.
Got him to look over
some of his businesses
and he ends up running
them for himself.
I'll bet you he was the one
blowing those bad drugs.
Yeah, when Mick had was
a good night for
Ken, we need you, mate.
Do you realize I spent
50,000 having those drawn up.
I did nearly 120 into this thing
now you're telling me it's off.
I thought you had
this all sewn up.
What about the money I gave you?
Now listen, you will
all get your money back.
What are you going to do?
Rob a bank?
Or mug somebody, pimp?
You're out of order.
He spent all of our money.
What did he put in?
I bought the fucking lease,
that's how much I've put in.
What with?
Hard cash!
What did you do,
you stupid bitch.
I did everything that
we agreed I should do.
Well it wasn't enough.
Stop it!
Well, seems that someone was
going to put a bit of business
their way in Scarpard.
Must've burned their
fingers badly because they
fighting over the bills.
They're talking
hundreds of thousands.
Tell Darren to get on
the phone to Big Red.
I might just need
him here tonight.
Looks like we might have
a bit of fun after all.
Young Paul will be back
on the rack at Piccadilly
when I'm through with him.
That little matter we
were discussing earlier.
I've arranged a little
something for you
and your friends on which
you and I can settle,
a point of honor, shall we say.
We love animals.
Up here.
Not interested.
Listen mate.
You might have had it all
your own way with Billy-boy,
but this time we're
going to do it my way.
Still my club yet, you know.
It will give us all a chance
to get our money back.
We kick off with 40 grand.
That should warm
everyone's cockles.
Honest fight.
No nonsense.
What does he mean animals?
I don't care what it is.
- I need something.
- I want my money back.
That's all I care about.
You are gonna have to
get me my money back.
What do we get out of this?
- Come on let's do it.
- Money.
Give us our money back.
All right.
Try your luck.
40 grand.
For God's sake.
You don't know what
you're dealing with.
This is what you want?
Get me Stevie Kwon.
I don't care if you have to
comb the whole fucking city.
You get me Stevie Kwon.
What are you going
to do about Frank?
I'm going to pulverize him.
He's finished.
I'm going to grind
him into the dust.
Where's Johnny?
Come on where's Johnny?
I told you, I don't know.
Sit her down and shut her up.
Come on what do I pay you for?
Right, you go to Johnny's flat.
You wait for him.
You give him a good hiding
and you bring him to me.
Come on then.
That's the one who
was asking about you.
The reporter.
Oh right.
So you think you're gonna
write a story about me, do you?
If I see another fucking word
about me in your paper pal,
I'm going to have
your bollocks off.
Don't let him out of your sight.
What did he tell you?
What did you find out?
Just leave me alone.
- What happened to my mate?
- Look I told you.
Forget about him.
Do you know what he was?
He was a fucking junkie.
You've had me running
around all night asking out
for a stupid, gullible,
penniless, kid, who you
thought had all the answers.
Well where is he?
What have they done to him?
He's dead.
He's probably at the bottom
of the fucking river.
Where you'll be too
because you're just as
stupid, and just as gullible.
But he was my best mate.
He was a nothing.
He was a nobody.
Just get out of here.
Just go.
I'm sorry, man.
Shut up!
What you gonna do now?
New York.
One way.
It's better over there, yeah?
Excuse me.
If I give you the money
would you buy me a drink?
I'm lonesome.
I'll have to make a move.
I've got work to do.
Oh, fuck it.
Why not.
Mind if I buy us
both one out of this?
Go ahead.
I'd like the champagne cocktail.
I'll have a whiskey.
Thank you.
You're a writer, aren't you.
That's right.
Are you coming with us or what?
I don't know what to do.
I told you.
We can stay at my place.
Lend me 20p and we
can get the night bus.
Fuck him.
Let's go.
They're sweet, aren't they?
I was talking to them earlier.
Are they involved in your story?
I'll tell you later.
Why don't we have a dance.
We can't talk here.
This really is
exciting, isn't it?
Being a reporter.
I always wanted to be
a writer, you know?
I won a short story
competition once.
Ended up working
in a bloody bank.
Have you got a car?
I'm in trouble.
Can you help me get out of here?
When the lights come on, let's
leave with everyone else.
What's going on?
I'll tell you the whole
story once we're out of here.
I have to get back to
the office, and write.
We'll both type the story, then
- we can go back to my place.
- OK.
I'm afraid you'll have to drive.
I'm far too drunk.
I've never driven
a car in my life.
Don't worry.
It's easy.
I'll tell you what to do.
Go on.
Calm down.
I'm all right, mate.
Do you want me to get you a cab?
No, I'm all right.
I'm all right.
Do you want to wait for Cheryl.
Cheryl, what do you
want me to do with him?
Let him cool off in the river.
Right then.
Taking up training?
They give your brother
a few pointers?
Fuck off you pervert.
You're gonna tell me how to
drive this bloody thing or not?
He'll probably save us the
I want you
upstairs for another hour.
We've got a little bit of
entertainment up there.
Played on.
Come on, Frank.
40 grand we want
to offer you, mate.
That's just for start.
Up it to 50.
And I'll have you betting over
the bar before I'm finished.
Ladies and gentlemen.
You'd like to make
your bets now.
Now, George here, George
will run the book.
OK, nothing less
than 100, please.
Now betting will continue
right through the fight
until the best man wins.
Now you've come for a
gape in the old East End
so we've arranged a little
old fashioned entertainment.
No rules.
No limits.
No refs.
No stopping for injuries.
Points for blood.
Points for pain.
Extra points if we
get an ear bitten off
or an eye knocked out.
A fight.
Nice and dirty.
More or less to a finish.
All right?
Now, we've got Big Red here.
Come on, Red.
Just fresh from knocking
out Jimmy William's teeth
last night.
And we've got this Chinese
kid over here who fancies
himself as the next Bruce Lee.
All right now.
Let's have some
money in the bucket
here for these
bastards to fight for.
Now we're moving.
I'm gonna raise the stakes
against my old mate over there.
I'm going to put my
Jag in the kitty,
against his little motor.
Give it to the missus,
do her shopping in.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on, Stevie.
That's the spirit.
I love that nice suit of
yours too, while I'm at it.
Clean me ass with it.
Save me buying paper.
I put my best suit against that.
Fucking, get up.
Get up.
Right, you fucker.
Let's do this properly.
I want your ass.
Match that cunt.
I want your door
keys on the floor.
Know what?
Get them in there.
Let's get these
bastards fighting.
That's enough.
It's getting out of hand.
Stop playing with him.
Hurt him!
I like your lady friend on
the floor, while I'm about it.
Wouldn't mind a
piece of that myself.
- What's she worth?
- I've had enough.
I'm going.
You sit down.
You go when I tell you.
I want the night's
takings to cover that.
He's sick.
Let's go.
Get me out of here.
I've got a ton
riding on this one.
What are you doing?
We've blown it.
There's always next Friday.
Just get me a cab.
You're going back.
Where else is there to go?
To Danny.
Why not.
Let me take you.
Go on, piss off.
Come on.
Piss off.
On your bike.
On your bike.
Go on then.
Move it.
Move it.
There's a fight over here.
All right mate.
OK, You want some?
Come on then!
You want some!
You want some!
Welcome to Metropolis.
Please take a seat.
Someone will be
with you shortly.
Welcome to Metropolis.
Please take a seat.
Someone will be
with you shortly.