Emulator (2019) Movie Script

(mystical music)
(crowd chatters)
Old Deacon Splivin
his flock was giving
The way of living right
Said he no winging no
rag time singing tonight
(lock clicking)
- Oh man, come on just, just, just.
- Hey pal.
Everything okay?
She said
Hey I said is everything okay?
- You see I'm gonna go
meet up this girl later on
and I don't know if this
is the proper scents.
I mean you look like a
dapper gentlemen yourself,
is this something right
here you would go for?
I can't refuse
When I hear
The melody they call the blues
Those ever loving blues
Just hear Aunt Hagar's
children harmonizing
To that old mournful tune
It's like a choir from
on high broke loose
If the devil brought it
The good Lord sent it right down to me
Let the congregation
Join while I sing those
loving Aunt Hagar blues
(sirens blaring)
(sirens blaring)
(eerie music)
(dramatic music)
(gavel bangs)
(dramatic music)
- All right, here we go.
- We the jury find the
defendant Charlie Paul Sorland
guilty of all charges.
- The witness testimonies we've heard
for your crimes leaves no doubt
in my mind nor in the public's mind.
For the first degree
murder oF Robert Tornim
I hereby sentence you to
death by hydrogen cyanide gas.
For the first degree
murder of Kay Frothington
I hereby sentence you to
death by hydrogen cyanide gas.
For the second degree
murder of Pearl Gladly,
and you got lucky on this one,
I hereby sentence you to 80 years.
You'll be housed at the state prison
until the moment of your last breath.
We can only hope that my hunch of
your responsibility for more victims
than just these three is wrong.
(gavel bangs)
(dramatic music)
- Dr. Sorland.
We've been reviewing your case closely.
As has most of the country.
And I must say it is the
most impressive example
of rehabilitation I've seen in my career.
Perfect conduct record.
The phycology degree as well as the degree
in general education you've
earned while incarcerated.
Is nothing short of miraculous.
- Thank you sir.
- Tell us Charlie what would you do
if we were to grant you a
conditional parol today?
How would you get along out there?
You are the first person
in California history
to survive 50 years while
sitting on two executions.
- Well I'd continue to do
everything I've done in here.
There are 100s of men
out there functioning
as productive members of open society.
Men I helped change
right behind these walls.
I'd aim to make it thousands.
- Dr. Sorland we believe that
what you've done to not only
turn your own life around
but that Midas touch you seem
to have for correcting troubled men.
Probably think you'd be an asset out
there by putting your
abilities to wider use.
What would you say to that?
- I'd be greatly honored sirs, ma'am.
- Of course this would come
with certain provisions.
You may very well end up back here again
with a loss of all the
things you enjoy in here now.
Do you under stand?
Take a detour on the wrong
street without permission,
cozy up to the wrong person and that's it.
- However we will be releasing monies
from the sales of your book
to you for the purpose
of sustaining your self.
So you can give your full
attention to the cause.
I'm going to suggest that
you seek a financial advisor
and a new attorney who specializes
in well I'll just say it
celebrity life styles and situations.
No offense Ralph.
- No offense, thank you your honor.
- We will arrange for some courses for you
to transition you to function
competently in today's world.
- Thank you, thank you.
- Do you have any
questions for us Charlie?
- Not at this time.
- Well I have one.
Could you sign this Dr. Sorland?
This is for a friend of mine
down at the youth detention center.
(gentle music)
- [TV] Kathy, hello?
Hello are you there?
I'm here.
I just wanted to see
her, just one more time
to tell her I'm sorry for
crashing us that night.
I thought I was to tough
to tell her I love her.
(dramatic chord)
- Yeah we're once again here
at Glen Hill's book store
in West Hollywood where
former death row inmate
and recent parolee, Charlie Sorland
also known as the Century city killer
is today signing copies of
his DVD Violence Is Obsolete.
- Yeah, yeah.
- [Charlie] What brings you out here?
- Just your DVD and your book,
and just everything you do is amazing.
- It's a DVD that has become
a very powerful tool with law officers
and school counselors
during the last year or so
as they try to curb the aggressive
behavior of troubled youth
and to reform adult offenders.
And now with the release of the
DVD Dr. Sorland doing a
very different kind of time.
Trying to reach an audience
that thus far law enforcement
sponsored programs have failed to address.
Lots of folks out here today
including Yolanda Washington.
Ms. Washington if I could let me
ask you what brought you out here?
- Charlie Sorland just has to sing my DVD.
I have my son back
and I don't mean I got
my son back from them.
I got my son back, my real son.
The one I always knew he could be
and I owe it all to Charlie.
- So clearly you're okay
with Charlies release.
- Okay?
Okay, his release is the reason why
we're gonna have less
people killing one another.
He's paid his dues.
He set out the truth and
the truth set him free.
- [Mike] We appreciate you talking to us.
That certainly seems to be the case
during a recent news conference
a Los Angeles police
department head quarters
Captain Harry Theabald assured
the public that both he
and the states parol board
have complete confidence
in the effectiveness
of Charlie Sorland's
anti violence program.
A program to which Charlie
has now dedicated nearly
50 years of his life.
Earlier today we spoke to world renown
criminal psychologist
Dr. Kaye Ann Williams
and this is what the doctor had to say.
- And let's not forget the
law enforcement community,
the phycology community
and quite frankly the civil sectors
are firmly behind this landmark decision.
Charlie Sorland began his own,
self imposed rehabilitation
the moment he left that
court room in 1953.
His remorse was well documented
the day of sentencing.
His dedication and strong history
of transforming law breakers
into peace makers cannot be disputed.
After all isn't that the
point of incarceration?
To rehabilitate rather than to discard.
- So there you have it, the
DVD is Violence Is Obsolete.
And now the one time
Century city killer playing
a very different role in West
Hollywood, I'm Mike Watkiss.
We'll throw it back to you.
- What the hell?
This old ass man has been
killing people for 50 years?
- Nah babe, 50 years ago.
This guy, get this, this
guy killed a bunch of people
back in the 1950's or some
shit and got busted for it.
Then he went to prison, he
changed a lot of other people
and himself, now he's famous for it.
- So what did he do?
Go trigger happy or something?
- No get this, he made people
smell the cologne bottle
but it wasn't really
cologne in the bottle,
it was poison fumes from chloroform.
Then when they're knocked the hell out,
he stabs them slowly in the heart one time
so the blood doesn't spatter everywhere
it just kinda gutters out slowly.
And then he takes some
money and the shirt.
- Where you there or something?
How do you know all this?
- [Boy] He talked about
it like a million times.
It's what I've heard in interviews.
- [Woman] Interesting.
- Yo Stitch, Jackie never heard
of the Century city killer.
- Where have you been?
We learned about charming
Charlie back at BCC.
Actually the news was over at
his house he'd been living
at since he got out.
Think it's the second to last house
on Canyon Lake drive before Park Trail.
that status looking number.
- Yeah whatever.
You didn't even finish at BCC's so.
- Cause I learned my own chemistry.
- Jason why do you kick
it with these kids?
You're like older than all of them.
- I went to this frat party once.
- Do you really think the way
he pulled those off will work in 2003?
Don't think so, they got
DNA and everything else now.
Wouldn't make it past the first
body without getting popped.
Yo, you aren't blowing on
Stitch's stash are you?
- No man I'm not trying
to put floor cleaner
in here to rot my teeth out.
I'm all about the powder.
And you got the best man.
- [Man] It's true.
- You know somebody could
just start killing again
in the same style this guy used to
and they might think that since
he's out he's the one doing it again.
- That'd be messed up bro.
- Yeah, for real.
- Yeah, 100.
You uh, really into this
serial killer stuff huh?
Every time I'm here you up in here
watching something about serial killers.
- It's just like the guy was stupid,
I mean that's why he got caught.
I could do it even better.
I mean if I did get
caught at least I'd sell
records out of the deal instead of books.
Yo Stitch hook me up with
some of that chloroform man.
- Chloroform?
What the hell man, You can't
buy that shit since forever.
Besides why buy when you can make?
- Make?
You know how?
- Duh man, it's just some cheap whisky
and chlorinated lime mixed just right.
It smells good and look like water.
Or else you could just
try sweet talking her.
Instead of trying to knock her out.
Take your pick.
- Really?
- Yeah.
(dramatic music)
Tell me what you want
- Hey, hey.
Do you, one of you know where
the after, after, after,
after, after party is?
Tell me now what you want
Want to do to me
Tell me now let it show
- Another loser.
Hey, don't get caught
pissing in public dude.
- I'm not pissing, I'm nervous.
- Good cause last time I did that
I got 150 dollar fine.
Hey Mia hold up.
- What?
- Why are you being weird?
- I'm supposed to meet
a girl here tonight.
But I don't exactly look like
my pictures on the internet.
- Oh, you are weird.
- Come on Allie, let's go.
- No, no, wait, wait, wait, wait.
- I'm going to get the car,
pull around and you better be ready.
I swear that girl.
- Listen at least tell
me if this cologne smells cheap or not.
(distant upbeat music)
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
(engine rumbling)
(eerie music)
(phone ringing)
(eerie music)
- [Man] So the guy was homeless.
Wait a second you're just now
telling us this a whole day later?
- I wanted to see if maybe
she went home with him
or something, give her time to get back.
She does those kinds of things sometimes.
- In which case he probably
wouldn't be homeless.
- No, I mean he could have
been, he looked like he might be
but he said something to
her about meeting a girl.
He had a cart of junk, he was really odd.
- Did he have anything like a cellphone?
- Not that I saw.
He did have what looked like
a small bottle or something in his hand.
Or maybe it was something else.
I don't know.
I was smashed okay?
- It's okay, calm down.
So other than the shaved
eyebrow, nothing else stood out?
Tattoos, facial hair?
- It was dark and I wasn't
exactly standing next to him.
His arms were covered, his
face was in the dark mostly.
- Okay.
You're not going anywhere soon are you?
I may need you to come back.
(cellphone rings)
Excuse me for one second, I'm sorry.
Detective Lowe.
On my way,
listen I gotta run, we have
each other's information.
Oh Nina.
- [Nina] Yeah what's up?
- [Lowe] Mia, this is Detective Kline.
She'll get more information,
finish up for now.
- Okay but what about?
- [Lowe] We'll be in touch.
In the mean time, be safe out there.
(sirens blaring)
(dramatic music)
- All right but we gotta
get this processed,
tell me what you got.
- I'll be using this.
- Right, good, good, good.
(dramatic music)
(radio chatter)
Good, so we're done here,
I got one over to this
side, one over this side,
I don't know what else, it's
kind of a crazy scene tonight.
- I got it.
- All right.
- Detective Lowe.
I found this in a
dumpster right over there.
- Good job.
Thank you again, appreciate.
- Okay, sure.
- Cassidy, how'd you get here so quick?
- Never mind that, here,
what do you make of this?
- Any ID?
- No not yet.
- Got a purse.
- Well scratch that.
- Thanks.
Ah hell, Allie Gershwin.
- What?
You know her?
- No but I know who she is.
What, what's so funny?
- Allie?
In an alley?
I don't know, sorry.
- This very case ended
up on my desk today.
It was nothing but a missing
party girl until now.
- Hope you can find that son of a bitch.
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
(party music)
- Dude last night some chick
was found dead right behind my apartment.
- Whatever dude.
- Seriously.
- No I heard something about that to.
Some dude stabbed a chick
right in her cantaloupes.
- Really?
- For real?
- What a shame.
I mean if she was gonna go out she might
as well have stop at my place on the way.
- Well maybe she stopped by Jason's.
Somebody test that girl for chloroform.
- What the hell man?
- They did say he had green eyes
and a chin bush, I'm just saying.
- Any day now.
- All right Sonya's getting
short, let's run this.
(party music)
- Yeah, well those law books
are a real inconvenience,
it's not like there aren't
a half a dozen cameras
in the room at those events,
already logging my face.
- Charlie I know I don't have to say this
but when I advocated your release into
the program we both knew
that there'd be some time
required to satisfy them.
- Yes, I know.
Well here's to my elusive pardon.
- Pardon?
- I'm an optimist.
- Well I'm an optimist to.
(dramatic music)
- But how did you pay for all this?
I know you didn't win
this much from my boys.
(dramatic music)
I know you didn't win this
much money from the boys.
(dramatic music)
But how did this happen?
But how could you pay for all this?
I know you didn't win
this much from the boys.
- Sir, would you like some cologne?
- Man I'm sorry I got, you
know I got this to get.
- Are you sure, it's really
good your might even like it.
- It's really good stuff.
- Yeah.
- Here you go, check it out.
(dramatic music)
- Here in the Hollywood
hills this morning,
Hollywood Park found the body of well
known celebrity Rodger
Harletin missing shirt
and ID from the scene yet found close by.
Knife wound through the chest cavity
with minimal blood spatter.
(upbeat music)
- Yeah, another one.
He's going high profile now.
He's Rodger Harletin.
- Who the hell's Rodger Harletin?
- You know that actor from
the sitcom about the guy
and his pet raccoon.
- Oh yeah, that show sucked.
- Yeah same style as the
Gershwin girl in West Hollywood.
And I just got word that
there's one or two more
just like it, one on Fairfax,
the other in Griffith park
over the past couple days.
I'm not liking this.
- Shit.
All right call Jack Howard.
Get with him tomorrow at
the Santa Monica station.
He's dealt with every
major serial in Los Angeles
and Ventura county.
Keep this between you and him,
we don't want the press to get involved.
- Hey while I got ya do you remember
the Charlie Sorland
murders of 1951 to '53?
- Hey watch it, I'm not that old.
- No I mean do you know of them?
This is really bothering me
because if I'm not mistaken
the Century city killer
murders looked just
like this according to
case files we've studied.
The missing shirt, the ID from
the scene yet found easily close by?
The knife through the heart
with minimal blood spatter?
By all accounts a homeless
person always around?
The only thing that was missing
was a bottle of what was it?
Ether or something.
- Chloroform.
I already thought of that.
I've also noticed that
the press hasn't caught
the similarities between him
and old Charlie boys methods.
Thank goodness for that,
no more details outside the department.
- Yeah that's the only
thing that doesn't add up.
- He did have wat looked
like a small bottle
of something in his hand.
- All right well get
him over to toxicology
and get those samples from
the others over there to.
- Will do Cassidy, hey you mind
if we finish this up on the way.
I just thought of something.
- Oh, hey, hey, hey.
Hey are you still working
that undercover homeless meth case?
- No, why do you ask?
- Cause you look like shit.
- You gonna try to get
some golf in this weekend?
- I'm gonna get some golf in
tonight before the storm hits.
- Yeah this weather changes fast.
- Yeah, all right let's do it.
- [Man] Hey I heard Cassidy's
getting ready to retire?
- [Lowe] Yeah Cassidy is
getting ready to retire
and Lt. Howard I really appreciate
you taking the time to meet with me today.
In spite the weather conditions.
- [Howard] Yeah no problem.
- [Lowe] Yeah, good
resource for me to talk
to about some killings
that have been occurring.
- [Howard] Oh really?
Well okay.
- You may have heard of
them come across the wire.
It's some serious stuff.
Very similar mass IMO to some killings
that took place back in the
50's from Charlie Sorland.
- Charlie Sorland, yeah.
- You know the name?
- I sure do.
- Sargent Cassidy said
that you'd be a good person to talk to.
- It was a very intelligent
man, well studied.
He's definitely someone who
could really help you guys.
I spent a lot of time
working with him back then.
- [Lowe] I wanted to see if
you might be able to provide something.
Insider information.
- [Howard] Yes, I had the opportunity
to work with Dr. Sorland on many cases.
(dramatic music)
(door bell rings)
(dramatic music)
- Hello, Dr. Sorland?
Detective Brent Lowe
with L.A.P.D. Hollywood.
- Now everyone down there is fully aware
I am not to be contacted without
accompaniment of my parol councilor.
- Yes I apologize but this
is an unofficial visit.
Off the record.
Looks like you're making
the best of your release.
- Yes well the leash is
better than the bars.
The warm sunlight through
the window is better
than the cold blue light
on the concrete ceilings of Alcatraz.
- I thought you were
housed at San Quentin?
- No, that's correct.
Just looking for a little sympathy.
- Dr. Sorland I.
- Charlie, Charlie please.
- Very well then Charlie,
I'm not sure if you're aware
but some things have
occurred over the past week.
Some troubling things.
- There was a girl right?
Allie Gershwin?
Similar to my old modus operandi right?
- You read?
- Yes and although not every aspect
of my old MO was in the news story
I assume it was all
there by your account
which is why you're here.
- That's right, all accept
for Harletin who's shirt
and wallet we couldn't find.
I happened to recognize him.
Now I'm not saying you know
anything but I have to ask.
Do you find it curious that for
the first time since 1953 four murders
this past week have occurred?
in the same area, in the same style?
- Four?
Not just the one girl?
- Remember we're off the record.
Yes, four, three since Allie's,
two the press doesn't know anything about.
Well except for Rodger, he's a big name.
But they don't know all the
details about how it was done.
- Look detective Lowe.
- Brent, please.
- Brent I have something
of a miracle going here,
a unique situation that affords
me to be sitting here right now.
I am 70 years old, I am not about
to jeopardize being free for
the first time in 50 years,
this is so different from me
I don't even know where to begin.
I'm not gonna.
- Charlie, Charlie before I
came here today I checked your log.
I know that you were volunteering at the
Gate Way shelters half way house
off La Brea at the time of Allie's murder.
You were in meetings at
Stine Berg Publishing
at the time of Rodgers.
The time of the murders weren't even
with in several hours reach of you.
You're in the clear.
- Well then why the secret visit?
- I want your help.
- Well I'm always willing
to help, you all know that.
- I mean I want your help.
Not the station, no agencies,
no other authorities.
I mean I want your help personally.
If this gets out it becomes
a commercialized situation.
It'll be like a circus coming to town.
Are you willing to help me?
- So no latten prints?
No fibers, no DNA, no witnesses,
no forensics of any kind to
help you along with this thing?
- To be honest no.
All I have is a description of a man using
what appears to be your
old MO almost exactly.
- So no real evidence to connect anyone.
Well look detective I'm
not an investigator,
now sure I've been active
in the phycology world
and in education but I'm not a cop.
- I don't need your
investigative insights.
- Then what exactly do you need?
- I need you to get into
the mind of this guy.
He's obviously effected by your work.
- Former.
- My apologies, former work.
He's duplicating your old style.
You could work up a profile
and into the head of this guy.
- I don't know.
I do have a penchant for
helping on this side of things
but on that side of things I don't know.
- You'd be working with me and me only.
No official record.
Cassidy wouldn't even know.
- [Charlie] Cassidy?
- My boss.
- Look detective Lowe I have spent
the last 50 years of my life struggling
to dissolve those grains of
sand from life's hour glass.
- But you do that all the time I'm sure.
I mean with your books and your speeches,
those memories are necessary
to do what you need to do,
to say what you need to say,
to help those people out there.
- You're right.
I haven't forgotten
everything which is part
of the equation as to how my system works.
Blessing and a curse it is.
- There are innocent people
are being killed out there
just so some psycho can get
his kicks pretending to be you.
- But if he's not pretending.
There are 100's of well
documented cases like this.
If he actually he believes he is me
then I'm not safe, I need
some serious protection.
- All the more reason.
We can protect you.
- Catching my own copy cat killer?
I'll think on it.
- Wardens and FBI agents have been
trusting your advice for
over 20 years Dr. Sorland.
Here's my card.
I'm up early.
- Detective Lowe how did you connect
the old MO similarities so quickly?
It was a long time ago.
- I'm very familiar with your case sir
and I've studied it even closer lately.
(dramatic music)
- [TV] That's funny,
I think I know why we adopted you.
For your humor.
(dramatic music)
(TV chattering)
Saudi got that sauce
Midnight in a valley
trapping trying to get in pop
It's a full moon I'm just feeling good
It's a feeling in the air
wish they would hold me
Tour to 12 clock in I don't clock out
Midnight midnight
clock strike midnight.
- Fibber?
Sit tight sit tight bonafide his might
He write he write
clock strike midnight
He nice look at that ice
Cute little guys, those
Boston terriers or pugs?
- It's okay Gus and Wimbly.
I guess ignorance comes with the job.
Boston terriers?
A damn pug?
Their french bulldogs man,
can't you tell you hurt a dogs feelings?
- Their feelings or yours?
Do they speak french?
- Hold up, he wants to
know if ya'll speak french,
you got anything to say to him?
Huh, what, what you say?
Hold up, hold up, one at
a time, one at a time.
- What does that mean?
- Look it up.
So you're the guy I'm
working with now huh?
- Yeah Santos wen tot
another jurisdiction.
He sent you to me.
- All right, here's what up.
I heard jack about them killings
from one of my junkies when
we was at this party last week
and he was talking about
scoring some more blow from me.
News reported about that guy, the old man,
killer that went straight?
Anyways he couldn't let that story go,
soon he started talking to
some other guy about poison
and chemicals and all this shit.
He's a little too into
killers if you ask me.
Maybe he's one of those morbid types
that get off on that type of thing.
- Did he actually say he
was gonna kill someone?
- Nah, I didn't hear straight talk
like that just him being all into it.
I don't know nothing else.
- You're an informant so
where's your information
other than putting someone on the line
for reacting the same way thousands
of other people probably did?
- I don't know, that's all I got.
Take it or leave it.
Damn man.
Sometimes I think this shit isn't
worth it just to keep me out of a cell.
I aint trying to get locked up again.
- Using your own stuff,
the stuff we gave you?
- What the hell man, do
I look like a tweaker?
I don't use, I just sell
like I'm supposed to.
- Why do they call you Fibber?
Do you have a tough
time telling the truth?
- One of those naive, the world
is as it seems, go getter cops.
Nah, it's one of those ironic names
that describes the opposite of actuality.
You know, like a big dog named Tiny,
or a little dog names Zeus.
They call me Fibber but
I always tell the truth.
- So who does that work out for?
Your customers or for us,
because you can't be telling
the truth to both of us.
Name and address.
- Jason Lutra, he's a singer
of one of those gothic rock bands.
Fake black hair, drive a sweet ass Vibe.
He was on the second floor,
first corner apartment behind the beaner.
I'm not the boogey man but
I got 'em shook in here
It's not a doodoo
man I an not a rookie
Everyday I'm on my bands
trying to up my catch
Trying to bust it out no
limits like in up in Vegas
- Babies.
Fake ass cop.
Well he's gone now it's okay, it's okay.
(dog growls)
His punk ass is gone.
I bet it one I bet it all
I wanna be apart of that burning ship
(TV chattering)
- Jason Lutra?
Detective Brent Lowe, .L.A.P.D.
Mind if I hold you up for a second?
- What's up?
- I know about your habit.
But I'm not concerned about that, relax.
- Why are you here then?
- I'm investigating
somethings in the area,
some very bad things.
I heard you were into
serial killers and stuff.
- Who the fuck have you
been talking to man?
Everybody talks about them,
everybody watches them.
Those forensic crime
shows are hot, so what?
- Let's take a walk.
(door clicks)
- Yo Jackie, we have a visitor,
Detective what's his name.
Don't worry it'll only take a minute.
All right we're here.
- That's yours?
The shirt.
- Yeah, so what?
- Just seems a little big for you,
doesn't seem to fit the whole tough
guy motif you're going for.
- Who in the hell are you
to tell me what I wear
and what I don't?
- I'm not here to tell you anything,
I'm here to ask you something.
Who's your friend you've been
talking to about chemicals?
- What chemicals?
Nobody man.
- I heard your a fan of Charlie.
- Charlie who?
- Look the more you play stupid with me
the more questions I ask.
- Who the hell have you been talking to?
How would you know about any of that huh?
It's just small talk.
Just like everybody else in this city's
probably been doing since
the old man got cut loose.
Don't be putting that shit on TV
if you don't want people talking about it.
- What's that cart used for?
- Groceries and stuff.
I use that store that's
right around the corner.
For shopping.
- Professional Murder Music.
That seems fitting, is that your band?
- No it's a killer band you
wouldn't know anything about.
- Well I guess I'll be heading on my way.
You guys wanna get on my good side
let me know if you hear of any talk.
- Don't wait around for me,
cause I don't know those types.
- You're file Jackie down at
the station might suggest otherwise.
I'll have to check you guys out sometime.
- You've doing enough checking out.
It's not your crowd anyway.
By the way I like your hair the other way
you had it, like in your mug shot.
More suiting for ya.
Well guess I'll see myself out.
(door clatters)
- What was that?
- I don't know.
He's not concerned about the blow though.
Somebody around here has been talking
about too much bullshit
that doesn't even matter.
- Not me.
Stich, Fibber, and what's her face were
the only ones paying attention when
that shit was on the other night.
(TV chattering)
- So how are you on leads?
- I got nothing, nothing solid.
Meanwhile there's another
body found early this morning.
- Same as the others I presume?
- Yeah and the only real lead
I have that has any weight?
Is this guy in a band.
- Why him?
- I got a tip that he had
taken a liking to your case.
Not the guy you are now
but the guy you were.
I went there I saw somethings,
they got my attention
just a little too much.
- Look Detective Lowe
this whole thing may be
way over my head, I don't
see how I can help you.
- Look I can give you full
case reports with evidence,
witness accounts, locations, anything.
- No suspect list though.
- I need a blind work up.
To see if your profile truly matches mine.
- I don't know.
- Look, I'll make this worth your while.
If you can help me get this
guy before he kills again
I can get you a full pardon hearing.
Do you know what that means?
No more parol, no more
looking over your shoulder.
No more watching what
you say or where you go.
You can travel in leisure
without permission or trace.
No more log books, complete
release in the states eyes.
- Well that certainly is tempting.
It's the topic of a lot
of my dreams most nights.
- I can make it happen.
I know people, hell my father
still advises for governor Travers.
- I know, I remember dealing
with your dad back in '84.
How is he by the way.
- He's good, thanks.
Good enough to back me up.
What do you say?
All right I'll put together
this case report for ya
and get you on your way.
Here you go kind sir.
Think everything you need's right there.
Let's see if we can catch this guy.
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
- Hey Paule, get a sound check going,
I'm gonna go outside for a minute.
(suspenseful music)
- Hey.
(suspenseful music)
(dramatic music)
(phone rings)
- Brent Lowe.
- Detective Lowe, sorry to catch you
at the end of your night,
we have a 187 behind the pub
Night Rock club on Sunset
and Orange, can you dispatch?
- I'll be right there.
(upbeat music)
- It's finished, all alone at the scene.
Very little external
bleeding, most precise yet,
no collateral injuries, only a
struggle, though superficial.
(suspenseful music)
We're both to blame
It's over we're unaware
We couldn't change
You worry till it's over
You took my soul
You burned it you have burned it
The world was changed you
have fallen we have fallen
The dawn has come to
take the night away
A new era coming here
in a perfect wave
(dramatic music)
The dawn has come to
take the night away
A new era coming in a perfect wave
(dramatic music)
We're both to blame
it's over we're all over
We couldn't change you
worry till it's over
The dawn has come to
take the night away
A new era coming in a perfect wave
Lay me down your hate is killing me
Lay me down your hate is killing me
The dawn has come to
take the night away
A new era coming in a perfect wave
Lay me down your hate is killing me
Lay me down your hate is killing
(dramatic music)
- What the fuck?
- What the hell man?
- What you running for?
- Cause you're gonna try to point your gun
and pop me in front of everybody.
No I wasn't I was gonna
pull out my cellphone
and call my guys to guard all the doors
so you couldn't run before I had a chance
to question you bout another damn murder
that happened right behind
the drum set over there.
- I don't know anything.
- Yeah, you just happen to be here at
the exact time that somebody got killed
in the same style that
you've been killing them.
- I didn't do it.
- I got witnesses who saw you there.
- You don't have any witnesses saying
this song would kill
anyone though do ya, huh?
Do ya?
Yeah course I'm here, my bands playing.
Yeah and I have witnesses
saying I was here all night.
Jenny Valenor.
- Who?
- That's her name, she had a life.
We found a bottle that
didn't smell quite right.
And when the prints, blood, skin samples,
or even a flick of dandruff come back on
that bottle or on her and it's yours?
Well have a good set.
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
- After going over everything
here's the profile.
I'm not making any promises
but I think it's about as
viable as any that I've done.
- Male, of course.
Late 20s to late 30s,
I'm with you on that.
Lives in a busy area of the
city, probably not suburbanite.
May have knowledge of chemistry
or access to a chemist.
Charlie, so parallel to
my own profile, obvious
and safe at best.
- Turn the page.
- Probably colored hair
and other alterations to
his body or appearance
to hide who he used to be, or
to become who he never was.
An artist such as an actor or musician.
What led you to this part about
appearance and artist type?
- 70 years experience in being me.
Sadly I don't believe our guy
ever killed anyone before these events.
And that makes me feel sorrow
and guilty with a portion of the blame,
I don't think he ever
would have killed anyone
had it not been for his
exposure to my unfortunate tale.
- You're not gonna believe
this but I have a prime.
He fits the profile to a T.
Not only his profile
but the circumstantial
evidence is near overwhelming.
If I brought this guy in for questioning
would you sit in on the interview?
- All right I'll do it.
Mhm, right, Dr. Williams
this is completely out of my wheel house.
So, no I admit, I admit when I was down
at that station I snuck
a peak at this guys file
and I gotta say after seeing what I saw.
He could be the one.
No I would never, no.
- No everything in this case
points to you and no one else.
Not a single person is on
my radar except for you.
Why is that?
- Maybe you're attracted to me.
You like brunettes, should I have my head
and bring you outta heat?
Ironic, you're trying to bust me for
the very thing you wanna
do to me right now.
What's the matter,
run out of kids to pick
on back in high school
so you go get your badge
so you can continue it?
- I have a blind criminal profile work up
of the Century city killer copycat done
by a well respected criminal psychologist
who knows a thing or to
about people like you.
Do you wanna what type
of guy he came up with?
- Enlighten me.
- You to a T, not by name
but by description of who
you are and what you do.
And believe me he knows your kind.
- Well he sounds charming.
That's it, Charming Charlie.
The man himself.
Well I've been watching him real close to.
So he did the profile huh, on me?
Charlie, Charlie.
Can I get a picture with ya?
So you drag me in here based
on a maniacal killers words.
Man can I go now?
The next time you think of
harassing me I'm getting a lawyer
and I'll have you on the new so fast,
faster than you can change your mind.
I mean a big case like this would
get a huge cover story on the news right?
I'm outta here.
- I could easily get a warrant
for a home search for drugs.
I could hold him for that,
it would buy me some time
but he could raise this up,
make everything crumble.
This whole thing between me
and you, it would be a PR
suicide for the department.
- Well how about surveillance?
- I could do that but if anyone
in the circle catches on even one time?
- Right, how sure are
you that he's the one?
- About 80.
- All right now I know
this sounds sacrificial
but maybe we wait, see
if another body turns up.
He may be scared straight now knowing
that you're all over him
he might just consider
it a win at this point,
cut himself out.
- Yeah but I could put together case
enough to charge him for
the victims we do have.
Detective Dougan, I
thought you were off today?
- Not with the stacks on my desk.
- If you make it to Sunset my seven
you can stop Molly from going to heaven.
- I wasn't expecting that.
Look can you pull up a census sheet
on everyone named Molly between Wilshire
and Hollywood Boulevard
and Santi and Normandie?
- Yeah, I could do that.
- Good luck detective.
- I'll let you know what happens.
- [Jason] What gives man?
Something aint right.
You're laying low, what's up?
I'm talking to you.
- What you talking about my dude?
- I got cops all over my
ass talking about stuff
that nobody should know about
accept for Jackie, Stitch, me and you.
- Good, that leaves me out
then cause I aint to snitch
and I aint no bitch.
- You got me that shook shook?
- Soon, real soon.
And I should make you pay
double just for this shit,
you're lucky I got restraint.
Calling me trying to punk me out.
If I was the old me you would
have got touched already.
Aren't you supposed to be
locked up or something?
- What would I be locked up for?
What's that supposed to mean?
- Man these cops man, they
be hovering around here,
knocking off everybody for petty bullshit.
- Obviously I'm not.
- Okay, all right man
I got stuff to deliver,
you messing up my business.
I'm a get your stuff asap
so be at your crib in a bit.
- Yeah whatever, I'm gonna get my car,
I gotta go somewhere first.
(dramatic music)
- Okay I'd like to ask
you a few questions.
- [Woman] Yeah.
- How long you been smelling
the smell over there?
- About a week.
- About a week, okay.
Ms. Paulison I appreciate you bringing
(phone ringing)
this to our attention
we're gonna have a unit out to investigate
it as soon as we can
and do you mind if I
take this for a quick,
I'm sorry I'll just be a minute.
- Okay of course.
- I appreciate it, thank you.
Yup, yup.
- Any info on the Molly situation.
- Yeah I got six unharmed, ready to go.
- That's exactly what I need to hear.
- Yeah, I'll have all 13 Molly's
in that perimeter rounded up
and taken to my house,
you know, for safety.
- What's the missus
gonna think about that?
- All right I'll have them
brought to the station.
- Tell those black
and whites not to over
patrol, we need discretion.
- Oh suddenly you're the
one giving orders now?
You know you're gonna make a nice
replacement for me when
I'm gone next year.
- Nobody could replace you Cassidy.
- All right, 104.
(dramatic music)
Could it be all I've seen
Is just a joke that they've played
So I am turning to something new
Regrets will come from deep inside
And push me so close to the edge
I see everything I want
I see everything I want
Chasing me through my dreams
And it just will not end
Found a way to this day
And there's no turning back
Could it be all I've seen
Is just a joke that they've played?
So I am turning to something new
I don't think I'll ever forget you
And the things that were promised
I see everything I want
I see everything I want
Chasing me through my dreams
And it just will not end
Found a way to this day
And there's no turning back
Could it be all I've seen
Is just a joke that they've played?
So I am turning to something new
I don't think I'll ever forget you
I don't think I'll ever forget you
I don't think I'll ever forget
Chasing me through my dreams
And it just will not end
Found a way to this day
And there's no turning back
Could it be all I've seen
Is just a joke that they've played
- Where you going?
- What the hell man?
- Who's Molly?
- Molly the fuck who?
- Don't play anymore stupid
than you already are,
who's Molly and where is she?
- I don't know anything.
- You been sending me FAX's lately?
- Yeah I have, I got one coming
in for you just right now.
- I'm working on your alibis.
One of them is gonna come up flat.
And when that happens, I'm gonna find
the holes in the others,
you can bet on it.
- Well don't hold your breath.
Yeah you're already out
of breath, look at ya.
- I get two legal hours to hold you
and I'm gonna do it right now.
Yeah, let's say till after seven.
- I knew it.
- You knew what you little punk?
- I knew you were a fag.
- Let's go, you're coming with me.
(cuffs clicking)
I'll be sure to give my beautiful wife
the message, let's go.
- Yeah.
Hey Cassidy, yeah we're
half way back to my car now.
- How do his alibis look?
You've got no wiggle room,
you can't hold him right now.
You got nothing.
- He was just off Sunset.
Right where I thought
he'd be, it's too perfect.
You got nothing but trouble
coming our way, let him go.
- He has drug paraphernalia at his house,
I can hold him for that.
- Well then you're looking
at probation in a few years at best.
If you really think this is the right guy,
you gotta be in it for the big haul.
- Dammit.
- If there's so much as
one girl with one hair
out of place tonight I'm coming
for you myself without a badge.
Got it?
Now get up.
(cuffs clicking)
(dramatic music)
- Hey baby, what's up?
- They always come around.
- Yes we sure do.
- So what's it gonna be?
- Oh I don't know let
me see what I got on me.
Oh look at that.
Hey where ya going honey?
I love this job.
(dramatic music)
- Jason, where have you been?
Stitch has your candy and Fibber
has the money for the show.
I also have something for you.
I think you're going to like it.
- That's great baby, can't wait
but it'll have to wait I got
something I gotta do first.
(car door bangs)
(dramatic music)
(engine rumbling)
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
(tense music)
(crying out)
(tense music)
(water running)
(tense music)
(knife clatters)
(plastic rustles)
- Sit on your hands.
Sit on your hands.
- What is this?
- Whoa look what the cat dragged in.
- Why?
- To know you've still got
it, that is age defying.
I must say when I learned
of those first two murders I was flattered
but then the competitive
side of me just came out.
Quite frankly I can't have
you cluttering up my legacy.
I can't have you stealing my thunder.
- Molly?
- Prahket, Molly Prahket.
- you're messed up old man.
- To think that one can send
a picture like that from a mailing store.
It's a shame even my warning to our friend
Detective Lowe couldn't save
Molly from going to heaven.
Oh I'll show you mine
if you show me yours.
There's Molly, Melisa Myers
at Melrose and Fiarfax.
Steve Windra, Griffith park.
Karl Ravishaun, he is an Easter egg.
Still undiscovered it seems
and Jenny Valenore at the night club.
You're turn.
- Allie Gershwin, 101 on Vine.
- Mhm.
- Reggie Harletin.
- That's right, all acounted for.
You're two to my five,
or your three to my four.
I bested you, barely, you bag
a big star in Rodger Harletin.
I'll give you double points for him.
- But.
- Hands.
(engine rumbling)
(car door bangs)
- How did you do Jenny,
what's her name, Valenor?
- Oh about her, she was
just too good to pass up.
When I saw you throw away your bottle
in the dumpster signifying
what, that you'd taken
yourself out of the game.
(dramatic music)
I knew the cops would have
you on the hook for that one.
I had to take the freebie.
- I always thought you'd be smarter.
- Oh I am.
- That cop Lowe?
He's looking for this.
You're done now.
(suspenseful music)
- Oh I might be if I were like you.
A two dimensional thinker,
just cause and effect.
See in three dimensions I can improvise
yet unpredictable scenarios
like this one here.
Puts me inside your head.
Your showing up now means you'll be famous
for all seven jobs just as you fantasized.
Plus you need to be stopped
and I need my full pardon.
- Charlie.
- Pardon me.
Pun intended.
Doors open detective.
- Charlie put down the gun.
What the hell?
What happened here?
- He brought this into my home.
He held me at knife point, made
me watch while he did this.
Luckily for me he was so,
so sickly entranced I was
able to get my protection.
I know, I know, I know it's a violation
of my terms to have a gun
but after this man began
killing with my name
on his victims I just had to assume I'd
be facing a sinister
situation at some point.
I'm sorry, I apologize detective.
- He's lying.
He did all this.
All right I admit it, I did the first two
but he did the rest.
Check them out.
- Well the knife in the clothes
will tell the tale Jason.
He's a poor soul, that boy.
- Get up.
Put your hands above your head.
Do it slowly.
(dramatic music)
(cuffs clicking)
- They're gonna find out, believe that.
- Dr. Sorland you need
to come with us sir.
This is a hot crime scene,
we can't have you in here.
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
- You know he admires me
for all the wrong things
I've done and detests me for
all the right I've done since.
Can you believe that?
- I was recently told I
was naive for believing
the world is as it seems.
I'm sorry Dr. Sorland
but we wouldn't have found
that poor girl if it wasn't for you.
It's finished, I know this didn't end
the way either of us imagined it to.
- Well I can't take all the credit.
- I'll work on that pardon.
It looks like my Sargent
Cassidy just arrived,
he'll work on your processing
and they're gonna clean things up.
You take care Dr. Sorland.
- Detective Lowe.
Hey brent got another minute?
(dramatic music)
Look at my neck look at
my ice look at my cheque
Look at my knife looking
so lit looking fine
Get off my dick get off my life
End of Benz which they be driving
Come over here let's
give me the rocket
Midnight striking in on the rock
Do it for the good of the nihilist
Midnight glow right full life
Sit tight it's a movie
Clock it on T for me
All right mostly let's live
I just live free and I
don't even like to think
Look over there be beside
me that's party rocking mink
Bread aint in the kitchen
got the golden sink
Hey gang strong if
you know what I mean
And it's funny
Aint never thought
I'd amount to nothing
Now I'm out here doing what I feel
Not for real though let me tell them
Let me tell them how it is
Starts at midnight midnight
And our car crash at midnight midnight
Midnight hear the clock
strikes at midnight midnight
Midnight yeah the clock
strikes at midnight midnight
Yeah they're ops at midnight midnight
Fucking ops cause
it's midnight midnight
Midnight midnight midnight
Sit tight sit tight sit tight
It's midnight with a (pops)
(dramatic music)
Saudi got that sauce
(dramatic music)