En Route (2010) Movie Script

We're going down, Pagosa Center!
Mayday, Mayday! Pagosa!
We're losing altitude. 16 000 feet! 15 000 feet! Pagosa Center!
Pagosa, Tango three one niner crossed GRETA at two four five...
...flight level three seven zero, estimating MARKO at two three zero three, SUZEY next.
Harry, how long is our layover in Boston again?
You hear me?
We miss you, honey.
For God's sakes, Harry!
Your daughter doesn't even know you and she's 14 years old!
I just can't put up with this anymore.
She's all yours.
I gotta take a leak.
...crazy here today.
Say hi to Daddy, Becca!
We miss you, honey.
...training, systems. Few more in the flight simulator.
You're looking at three, maybe four months before you're in the cockpit.
Welcome to Titan Air, kid.
Alright, get ready to take us up!