Enchanted Christmas (2017) Movie Script

oh hey neighbor
you have any idea what time it is here
in Bulgaria what all right I'm just I'm
still on Bulgarian time
obviously you're not on California time
I mean you're walking around in heels
and music blasting and right above my
head I promise I'll try to keep it down
that would be great
one of the comrades home anyway I'm just
house-sitting for a few weeks but hey
trust me
I'm normally super quiet just working on
my thesis okay
being quiet would be great
and that would work so much for the past
3 o'clock awesome morning Roxy morning
absolutely day thank you William Quin
resorts and spas how can I help you
Oh Molly hey I hope I'm you're keeping
your thesis no how long are you here
until my next research trip yes of
souvenirs from Bulgaria what you're
working on bro
nothing doesn't look work-related to me
it's more like one of your landscape
designs I'm supposed to be your office
doing work right now what are you gonna
tell Dad that you quit in the corporate
life so you could do landscape
architect's your full-time I'm not
telling them anything right now
okay it's not the time besides I'm busy
right my best man speech for your way no
rhyming poetry please must you bet
here's what I got roses are red - my
favorite sisters what are you guys doing
here your pistachio cake is exactly what
my menu needs I kind of actually think I
could ace this presentation today and
tell me what this is for exactly a
corporate contract with William Quin
Resort and Spa
mm-hmm they're redoing their entire
Northern California menus if I get this
job my catering company could actually
like work Wow
the first things for I have to take this
delivery I have to come back and box up
the entire menu before my interview and
stick to the interview well I'll do that
you make your delivery and I'll stay
here and make sure everything's ready
for the presentation well you
okay I have to run I'm already late go
all right there I got there okay
what is this we're doing five events
this week wedding week was mom's
tradition yeah you know how mom liked to
make memories last now look over the
list you could have emailed me this I
did and I texted it to you wanted to
make sure you could attend all the
events why we might have a surprise for
you guys aren't trying to set me up with
someone are you no of course not just
make sure to clear your schedule anyway
we're offering mani-pedi with the bride
by night
don't look at me I don't know what
they're up to do you think Jason's gonna
freak out you set me up with Robert I
set you up with Henry we set up to him
in there Cole we're three for three
he's gonna thank us yeah I think Cassie
and Jason were so great together and
they will be again I hope so ready
what's right ei my van broke down what
are you gonna do I don't know I'm gonna
have to call a cab or something I'm not
gonna have enough time to pick up the
food before the interview can you pack
it up and drop it off yeah sure some of
you dress
ow hey Jase hey good work on the spire
innovation project come you brought it
in on time under budget
that's impressive we got a busy weekend
look at this you know I know your mom
would want us to add more events I mean
her enthusiasm could light a spark in a
rainstorm I hate to tell you something
though ever since you came on board you
may be very happy why I'm not beer happy
I'm happy
Hey here right the cab still hasn't
showed up yet
gotta be kidding me what Ben's here next
worst timing ever right
maybe it's perfect timing well you have
didn't date him for two years I gotta go
hey you're gonna make it right yes stop
I'll be here hi Ivan what are you doing
I just left an event and I saw your van
on the side of the road let's be fate or
a coincidence can't believe she's still
running it's ready to go except today
need a lift
yeah all right cool we can talk okay
we finally get to treat the bride-to-be
to lunch this so glad you invited me to
your wedding Nicole once the sorority
sister always sister Cassie well we
stopped that too so did we
that's why you're coming to the wedding
we've fun as an honorary family member I
can't wait so is Jason seeing anyone
actually we were hoping that he might be
seeing you again to be honest I think I
I mean we may have made a mistake ending
things we never understood why you two
broke up in the first place
I mean you're offering me a job as well
as I'm away to see you
short-term just one week I just needed a
it's a catering contract for
Cosmopolitan Children's Museum it's a
fundraiser and it's big well I have
something big am i working on and I'm
really late for itself oh you're gonna
be later down to one lane you've got to
be kidding me
in canoes or something sorry signal
hey this is Molly Davis I'm not
available to take your call
are you from Molly Davis catering yes
ready I'm just waiting for my business
partner we are on a tight schedule
cut another interviewee whisk it balance
deadlines today and near the last
hey Roxanne down my desk on a conference
call so I'll take this bottle interview
okay good
this our executive of operations is
ready to see you you Molly Davis Carrie
I'm Sarah I am their food culturalist
food culturist
I'm an outsourced contract okay follow
me Thanks
okay good well as you can see our food
speaks for itself
really you do know that we're looking
for a healthy lifestyle menu for
Northern California locations yeah yeah
of course I do
do you just you just got here and you're
on Aryan time I think time is irrelevant
when people gather to break bread sounds
new agey your chia seeds and flax aren't
exactly what my dad's looking for she
creates wholesome homespun meals that
really yeah see that phrase homespun
makes me think of butter and
unfortunately wrong with butter because
actually in Tibet they use yak butter
mixed in tea and then they had salt and
water which makes a frothy drink that
keeps people hydrated and supplies
richly needed nutrients and high
altitudes so that's what you do late at
night you look up info on yak butter
actually I was up late baking this
pistachio cake which is sugar-free and
rich in omega fatty acids yeah I'm sorry
I just don't think this is gonna work
you know what Jason maybe if you
loosened up a little bit you would see
what's right in front of your face
so I should try your yak coffee no it's
yak tea and the Tibetans call it coach I
have a little bit and warm yourself up
you forgot your cape all right let's see
what this tastes like
I can't believe it I ruined your
interview the best chance you had at
buying your own space was it really that
bad it was worse I guess there's nothing
we can do now look it's not ideal but
been offered me a job working with Ben
again isn't his business taking off yeah
that's the worst part he's off doing
these museum catering jobs and I have a
van that cost more to fix and it's even
worse I'm so sorry Molly look it's fine
I can just buck up and take this job
with Ben no I'm not giving up your food
is the epitome of health look at what
are you gonna do I'm gonna get you a
second chance okay
I can't believe you're taking the plunge
man my younger brother need a snorkel
you laugh but if our sisters have
anything to say about it
you bunch of next I knew something was
up okay out with it okay
Cassie's been invited to the wedding and
wedding week she's not a part of the
family well apparently she's the
exception for our sisters ever since she
moved back Amanda Lisa had been
determined to get you guys together I'm
not getting back with my ex our sisters
are trying to play matchmaker so you got
to beat them at their own game
how bring a date to the wedding I'm not
gonna bring a date to the wedding take
someone that doesn't like you
should be easy
I think you need to give Molly Davis
catering a second chance
I messed up but if you give her another
chance you'll see that Molly's menu
ideas are amazing this is just one of
her specialties that I put together okay
that cake was really good but my dad is
the one who needs convincing well maybe
I could talk to him I'm sure I can
convince him absolutely not he's really
busy this week all I need is five
minutes I'm sorry I might live my
brothers getting married this Saturday
he's booked solid
unless and that's what well there is
just one thing but it's kind of out
I need a
to your brother's a wedding yeah I need
to get my matchmaking sisters off my
and if you show up to some of the events
with me as my girlfriend then that
shouldn't do the trick how does this
help Molly well you'd have the chance to
try my dad so I'd get the chance to talk
to your dad really sell him I'm Molly's
catering absolutely
okay I'll do it
great kickoff dinner is my night I'll
see you around for good night
okay what can we do to help all right
out the Quinns sisters need any help we
just be getting in the way
mm-hmm that's very true yeah all right
well Robert should we find a game on or
something yeah that's a football game
all right
so you'll get the pinata yes and the
cake topper we have to make sure Cassie
sits next to Jason by the time this
wedding week of fun is over those two
will be love birds at the reception
no I hope so they really do make the
perfect couple
molls what's shakin bacon hey I'll do it
great it's this Thursday then that's
like so soon we have to get started on
the menu like now that's what I got you
for I couldn't be happier I'll see you
tomorrow okay
did I miss a home renovation memo while
I was in the shower making room for the
baby oh did the agency call no not yet
well then why honey we got to create the
life that we want that way if we make
room for the baby then there's actual
room for the baby so you know that's not
actually how adoption works right
technically no it's not I can't hurt
if we build it he or she will come right
trust me I love you I love you too tell
Jason I'd meet him here
I cannot let you these fake girlfriend I
want to help besides it's only a few
nights okay okay it's a week you must be
Molly from Molly Davis's catering and
you must be the fake boyfriend Jason
mm-hmm I'm sorry a week mm-hmm since
when because I only agreed to some
events like dinner tonight in the
wedding those are just two of the family
events okay
use your oh by all means yes so as we
know tonight is dinner at my dad's
Tuesday is scavenger hunt in the park
Wednesday is leg day Thursday is a
Friday is rehearsal dinner Saturday of
course is wedding day that that's
wedding week and that's wedding ly
that's wedding week but we should
actually get going because my dad lives
on the other side of town
it was really nice sweet boy oh boy
something always smells good when you
guys are here it's mom's recipe for a
roast beef vinegar garlic mashed
potatoes heavy on the sauce nothing
you're the bride's be good he's not
gonna be here for the for the wedding
week I know but they're gonna be here
for the rehearsal dinner no oh good okay
gasps he's coming Jason started shooting
courtesy they can't stop the Quinn
sisters Jason doesn't know what he wants
that's why he has a true
okay cucumber between your salad salmon
skewers okay hold on no flame kebab okay
now you're just making dishes out okay
you see this box yes think outside of it
okay okay well we should get started
just do it here all right hey Sara these
are my sisters Amanda and Lisa this is
my niece and nephew Kate and Sam it's so
nice to finally meet you guys Jason
talks about you all the time who we
can't say the same are you on Oh Jason's
girlfriend yes I am Oh
how long have you guys been seeing each
other a few much enough
we've been official for three weeks but
we've known each other for months now
right practically fell for me on this
boat come on in
oh hey Robert this is Sarah my
girlfriend say this is Robert cuff it I
thought cassia can't see you made it
Oh Jason you're looking well thank you
Cassie this is hey refreshments this
absolutely after you that's good and
I'll see you
who is that you don't know idea
it's great but but what we need Azure
there's gonna be a lot of trendsetters
there right yeah we need to be trend
makers look can we just focus on the
menu please maybe some inspiration let's
try okay hey please let me help
I'm the extra plate here Jason should
have told you guys I was coming but you
know Jason we do so do you and Jason
hang out a lot
oh yeah spending every moment we keep
them together really my madness office a
lot I've never run into you there well
hey always teasing me with horrible
terms of endearment guilty let me
introduce you to the bride great I can't
wait to meet Noel it's Nicole
I'll tell you one thing I don't know
what I would do without this man right
here makes my life easier but I'm glad
that he found the time to meet someone
it's important to have a good work-life
balance mom always made sure that for me
mom also said it's important to love
what you do right Jason uh-huh she did
hey Sarah did you know Jason helped
design the landscaping at the house I
didn't I didn't
mom did all the designing for the garden
I did some of the digging that's all but
uh after dad did you know that Sarah
works for Molly Davis catering no I
didn't know that yeah she dinner is
all right after you well let's get well
it's hot yeah good I'm starving hey guys
sorry what do you think about that
because I think it's for the aliens to
make space to land their mother sure I
think so
well I am I'm so glad you're all here
and girls
I think outdid yourselves this time so
let's dig in come on dig it dude she
said have some chicken tikka masala I
made it just for you
thank you thank you there's no way she
made that just for me at least my family
liked it I've never heard so much praise
over chicken tikka masala before alright
yeah I warned you about my sister's do
your parents live in California
no they're sort of everywhere right now
actually they're surgeons for physicians
United oh so they set up clinics
worldwide right yes yeah we moved around
a lot when I was a kid moving from place
to place it must be really hard it was
and now it's in my blood
anyway about Molly maybe like you could
talk it Molly all you want but the key
to my dad's heart is through his stomach
I have a lot of work to do yeah don't be
doing the too late my under feet
wait 300 more dollars I thought you said
the repairs would be kept in reason it
just keeps growing that's all
yes yeah I want the van repaired I'll
figure something out yeah thank you
everything okay yeah that's just you
want to take a break I'm starving let's
go over to Angelo's you know cozy up in
our old bit let me say oh we have that
early morning tomorrow yeah okay cool
hey come on sorry I'm running late
oh that's okay Wow
yeah I like plants you don't say you
just give me one second will ya oh that
is quite a balcony is that nutmeg
myristic of fragrance excuse me
it's the binomial name for a nutmeg it
was actually coined by the Dutch
botanist Martin Houghton in 1774
you're like a botanical dr. Doolittle
not really
hmmm this is gorgeous
thank you anyway we should go yeah
you're right
you got the list yeah they're in the
backseat why are you buying baby stuff
was on sale okay but we've exhausted all
avenues in our application still out
there I know this is gonna come through
for us but you don't know what well
maybe we're all the family that we need
just you and me
look there they're gonna be here soon I
talked about this later oh no we can
start so we drew names from a hat for
the teams
but since Nicole and Tim had to cancel
what why they're meeting with the
minister just got moved up I want to be
on Thursday yeah me too
okay everybody has 30 minutes to read
the clues find each treasure that leads
to the final treasure don't forget to
use your knowledge of the bride and
groom to your advantage
good luck let's do it lead the way buddy
what are you doing
people watching and this is great and
all but we have a lot of work to do we
have an entire menu to prep I mean the
menu sounds boring well I don't think so
it's missing something
today if I watch the water long enough I
can get inspired it always works
you should probably just give it to work
hey guys the next clue is if you stand
between this and a hard place you'll be
I'll just say okay guys listen carefully
my rings are not of gold but they do
tell my age I know a dream track okay
wait I see if you stand between this and
a hard place you'd attract Branca is the
sake cigars trout I got a feeling we're
think you oughta stop that this is it
yeah this is neat
smart man
I'm empty on the inside but when you
fill me up kids love me
sandwiches I'm so sorry
there's some garbage bags in paper
towels in my car I'll get it okay I'll
come with oh I'm so sorry it really did
look good it's all right
your am so sorry don't worry about it
honestly you know my ink super clumsy no
it's been great spending time with your
family again I've missed these
get-togethers yeah I mix the potato
salad with the macaroni just like your
line these two oh no here take mine
thanks dad so
I mean you alright yeah
okay because my king dad powers of
observation are in full force today and
I couldn't help notice that you and
Henry aren't quite yourselves we're fine
we're just
bahding heads over home renovations oh
rod made your mother a promise that I
would gently nudge never interfere
why was she were here right now well
we may not be able to see her but she is
here in everything we'd help and I'm
here for you
so whenever you want to talk about it
I'm here for you
Oh alrighty then I'm sorry you know
you'll get another chance I promise my
dad's always hungry your dad likes
Cassie your whole family likes Cassie
and she likes you she's pretty smart
little clumsy but lower than that she's
are you meeting me here I should just go
I'm not interested your sister is
willing Chicago don't you listen to my
sisters okay they're rock they're
stubborn but they're wrong
I really want you to say
it was a deal I guess
I think you might actually like her I'm
not a hundred percent convinced anymore
I know exactly how to get it so about
tomorrow I think that we should just all
right let's do it
come on hop in the car don't forget to
put your seatbelts on
all my life I've been searching for
somebody like you now your girl and I'm
praying that just can't be true
okay the museum added 20 more people to
the list that means we got go big or we
go home
what how about a six-foot Alaska that's
baked and hey we're gonna be fine okay
and we can't do your 6-foot Baked Alaska
okay look this is why they come to me
giant ideas maybe I'd played it so safe
we'd like what then I'd have these big
crazy ideas like you you want to know
why we broke up this is why
because you have these big crazy
out-of-the-box ideas I was always the
one who had to make him happen
sometimes I feel like that's all I was
to you
okay guy fine do it your way
let's it
all right kids don't touch me okay hey
Sara you really don't have to put up
with this anymore when my sisters are
around I don't mind
hey I told you guys not to touch
I wonder if fell over I mean like all
the roots are shriveled up yeah sort of
a plant killer I'm not on purpose guys
like aren't you a house sitter so how do
you buy new plants and I replace the
ones that I kill well we can fix their
plans right uncle Jason yeah so hey why
don't you go down soon as you get those
tools all right we'll take care of this
plant killer another one these plants in
just two weeks
these are watered a lot well over
watering them can be a problem I mean
you see us from here anthracnose that's
that's why the tips were yellow these
two plants right here have bacteria drop
see uncle Jason's unnerve mega nerd
you look like a tropical princess thank
you doesn't Sara like my sympathies
on that note time to get you to bed
stana talking we can't leave yet I mean
Intel where'd you learn that word I
heard mom say that we need to do intel
now do you understand
hey bedtime
see you tomorrow we make it
Hey hi Sam didn't want me to let you
sleep alone tonight
so he asked me to bring you mr. Bunny
man what kids had a great time I did too
I should get back down there the they're
eating these bedtime snacks so there's
probably cereal everywhere
good night good night
hey do you think I play it too safe no
of course not I mean he may be a bit
cautious and the risks that you take
okay you open your own business if you
played it too safe and you never would
have done that where's all this coming
Ben Ben a place for business and affairs
of the heart converge this may no stick
around no I've got plans plans change
not for me it's always go go go you know
speaking of which I have a really long
day tomorrow so I'm off to bed okay
did you have fun at Uncle Jason there
makes the best fruit salad oh you got
that written fruit and mr. bunny man has
sleepover at scare eyes
Sam was like you you know what's mr.
bunny man out of sight he was hungry
me let's go get something to eat so is
fishing yeah Tim hey Josh beat you for a
minute and Jack can you help Sara bait
the hook yeah absolutely
send her in Hey do a great boy Kate said
they made googly eyes all night I guess
they really are in a relationship are we
gonna talk Cassie and I don't know come
well usually I use worms but today I'm
gonna use a lure you do see just get the
oh there may be spinning like five or
six times
pull that tight and you're ready to go
that's it Wow like that that was great
that was really impressive
did you sleep here coffee marshmallow
roasting corner there's a patio which I
will be in charge of not you mini
chocolate fondue yes we can't do your
chocolate waterfall thing I made sure
every table had a fondue scent you took
my ideas and made them realistic ya said
go big or go home
so I want medium this is amazing we
still a ton of work okay I'm on it and I
promise to work with you it's time it's
good to hear
I was now's the time to talk to dad no
way I'm gonna tell him after the wedding
I don't wanna ruin his mood by telling
him to quit don't underestimate yourself
anyway Mollie Davis catering uses the
freshest fish from the market I'm
talking caught they up she really cares
about all the ingredients oh oh you all
right fine really
no pain no gain right that's my wife
used to say all right I'll tell you what
why don't you and Molly put together a
little proposal and I'll take a look at
it on Monday thank you so much mr.
Quentin William thank you William
you know we work really well together
are you like this in your kitchen now my
staff usually does mostly prepping but
you know it's a whole lot more fun when
it's just me and you we have a we have a
lot of stuff to transport tomorrow and
my van still in the shop that's fine we
can just take mine and make two trips
how do I have none what you know it's
all in your wrist you'll get one I can't
believe you've never gone fishing on
your travels no my parents were too busy
saving other people's lives to ever take
me fishing
well my parents took us all the time
your family does a lot together
you're lucky I mean you're the one he
gets to go out and travel the world no
one answer to live your own life what's
nice I just got a job offer last week
for a landscape architecture firm they
want me to start next month Jason that's
fantastic I mean the money's not that
great at the start but I see a lot of
opportunity for advancement well I bet
if you told your dad he would be over
the moon for you I can't just like up
and run on him right now the designs are
breathtaking if you showed him I know he
would say the same thing
whoa Jason hey soon it's all right
actually that hardly got me well I'll be
chipping you know get you want to
promise okay that was so close
okay does your brother-in-law Stu look
at that car dealership yeah if you text
it to me that'd be great awesome re
thank you for later
that was fun no next time okay hey hey
what is this hey good news hmm William
is willing to look at your proposal on
Monday no way what changed his mind
Sarah's charm hmm so your your time with
the wedding week right no the deal was I
knew her for all yeah it's true I should
finish out the week mm-hmm so lemon you
should be prepared and I say we go big
or we go home
look at you're not playing it safe Wow
Williams giving us a second chance but
it's no guarantee so we have to make
sure your proposal is history okay yeah
brunch yeah my mom raided her garden she
would make a huge brunch for my sister's
weddings so we'll do the same my sisters
were gonna go to the deli to get food so
now we can get some herbs and spices for
my balcony garden instead yeah or we can
wait the farmers market cool sounds good
to me
I'm super busy with this museum thing
but I probably have like an hour oh
great well I'll let you two put the
meeting together and then Sarah and I
will take it from there
oh yeah it's so beautiful it's gonna be
oh I forgot the Garter
I think if Jason and Cassie hey Jason
what's up okay I will let the family
know okay let the family know what
Sarah's making brunch tomorrow oh I am
so sorry Cassie I guess we were wrong
about Sarah and Jason I should skip too
much no you're still like family we want
you to come to the brunch I should let
Amanda know
hello hey it's me
so Sarah would like to make us all
brunch tomorrow
Oh Cassie hey Uncle Frank I need your
this menu is going to knock him over I
wish I could help more but I see my
yes you know he's actually gonna help
prep and loadout tomorrow
Wow he's compromising that's kind of
well you do a good for each other okay
we're only pretending okay whatever you
anyway I have to leave for Thailand next
week I've had to work on the thesis yeah
well hopefully you'll finish soon you
know maybe you could settle down but
Travel list is long okay I don't know
when I'm gonna be done well you have to
finish soon right I mean the house
hopping is not a sustainable career
anyway just a few more items and we're
good to go
okay lemons lemon - - okay where are you
making right now gardeners pie instead
of shepherd's pie I need you to start
doing it polishes this is going it's
coming along well what's it about food
is culture a sociological study on
culinary history and its influence on
society well that's a mouthful food
creates culture and it gives us a sense
of being so you are focused George it
was a thing
when's it due the scholarship money runs
out or when I'm done traveling but I
gotta say that once my dad sees the menu
and tastes this food
Molly's gonna be pretty busy it's gonna
be so great
yeah it's a shame that her sister won't
be there to witness it I'm not leaving
the planet I'm only going to Thailand
can't just do your research here you
know I don't think so
California has great food you're really
nice culture yeah it has a lot of great
whose Wow yeah we should probably get to
work on it better think about that one
that's it hey guys
brunch is served Hey alright look at
this fantastic did you you did all this
era oh she sure did and it's all made
from scratch with recipes from maui
davis catering oh dad tell oh all right
this reminds me of mom
well guys dig in save some room
you did it we did it you know this is
the first wedding without my mom I was
just worried that there wouldn't be any
spark but you brought the spark back and
I really appreciate it
there you are Jason your dad needs to
speak to you it's important
I should probably go before you do that
why are you saying you've known Jason
for months when you've only been here
for three weeks you've been away for two
years the Queen's are good people I'd
hate for them to find out that you've
been lying look Cassie it's not what you
think we own crane resorts and spas is
merging with the costing group a chain
of golf courses my uncle owns up and
down the west coast
Jason is spearheading this merger I see
your phone's been ringing oh thanks
apparently I've stunned you both Jason a
merger and it's awesome dad is huge yeah
I mean this puts our company into the
future for decades to come
what's the timeline I'd say with
contracts lawyers negotiations I say
we're about a year out but with you at
the helm it's gonna be a smooth
transition for all of us all right I'm
gonna go celebrate
congratulations dad all right
I don't want to fight Amanda neither do
i I'm just trying to process the fact
that the life we planned isn't the life
you want to do more I'm just gonna go
for a walk
anything I can do to help we've had
three adoptions fall through I didn't
want to tell anybody why not because of
that look that you're giving me right
now you feel sorry for us I don't feel
sorry for you I feel sorry for the poor
kid that's not gonna get adopted and be
with these incredible parents I just
didn't want my disappointment to meet
the families that's what family's for
I don't know what made me think of this
right now but you remember the first
time I took you to swimming lessons no
dad not really I walked you over the
side of that pool and you let go of my
you jumped into the water with fierce
so where's the determination now
okay dad
hi-yah I'd like to taxi to 531 all right
you're late sorry I lost track of time
I can't believe you you're doing it
again just like the Brinkmann wedding
you're off networking and I'm here doing
all the work it's not like that look
okay this guy he's really thought this
time it was gonna be about us
when am I gonna be a priority to you
boss since you left me to do all the
work the way so you can do is transport
it okay
okay so you're upset not because I left
you holding the bag but because you
think you didn't come first for me no
I'm gonna talk about both no I thought
we could be partners but I really did
but all you care about is making
connections and I just end up being an
afterthought to you why didn't you tell
me this is how you felt because there
was no point I know where I was
we're negotiating a deal on a new van
for you with my connections
what you know an afterthought walls
well I think about
why do you think I asked you to be a
part of this museum party
because I thought if we could just work
together and maybe you would see but
you're right I'll just go ahead and set
you know they say silence is golden but
I never really got why they say that or
who they actually are say what sorry I
was going over my speech not the merger
how do you know about the merger
Cassie go how does she know uncle cause
she's part of the deal
that's why she's back the only reason
she's back you can talk to me Jason well
there's just really not much to talk
about this deals pretty big for my dad
yeah what about for you
Tim's right you should tell your dad I
can't abandon him what wouldn't he want
you to follow your passion passion has
nothing to do with this being a
landscape architect is what drives you
it gives you purpose if you don't have
purpose then you're just wandering in
your own life it's just coming from you
what is that supposed to mean
you could just pick up and leave on a
dime and my family its family comes
first that's just the way it is you
don't understand that
that's how you really feel then I
probably shouldn't come to the rehearsal
dinner tomorrow
only pretending anyway right
Henry can you prove it to the Dan
what are you doing
just fixing our life
what they don't tell you is how much you
fall in love with that little baby every
time and three times now I've had my
heart broken
but now I think what if the fourth times
a charm
you know what if our almost baby becomes
a real baby wouldn't help me paint your
what I help you paint yeah I'm gonna
help you with everything
do every one of those days where you
just want to eat your way into oblivion
mmm my whole week how was the museum
party open and I had a disagreement how
do you agree to disagree
no it's a little too late for that how
was your brunch you'll be all set to
meet with William on Monday but aren't
you coming with me gotta prep for
Thailand hmm so Jason and I ended our
deal all right guys were hitting it off
it was just pretend Molly or maybe
you're just scared
making connections is hard and you've
had to pick up and go your entire
childhood because of mom and dad what if
I'm just hardwired to leave because
everyone leaves I just decide to leave
I bet if you tell Jason how you feel he
won't he's already made up his mind
about me besides adventure awaits can
you not see that you've been on an
adventure this entire week with Jason
being with him and his family was
it was nice to belong even if it was
pretend then showing you have us back
what if I try and I'm wrong but you're
not gonna know if you don't try that
advice goes both ways it's different
with Ben
is it
chocolate good idea
my broken
I'm chase
I got the time
I realized it's for him but it's an
emergency this is not acceptable my
wedding is tonight that's impossible
will you have to what's going on
Panther we just lost the caterers
there's a giant flood and everything's
it's a mess can I help no I want to help
can you create a three-course from me
only twelve hours and decorations and a
wedding cake why not
Molly's a caterer and I know that we can
come up with something something great I
don't know this is asking too much for
you know it's if Sarah and her sister
can work a miracle so we go for it give
me two hours then meet me at the house
Sarah hey yes sir hey this isn't part of
the deal Sarah you're off the hook how
do we do this
thank you for getting up so early in
rushing out I know we have barely any
time but the two of us can do this right
I think I could actually get a third
person text me the address okay perfect
Thank You Molly
oh hi ah did I wake you
it's okay look I know that I don't have
the right to ask you this but can't
think of anybody else
I need your help
wipe that grin off your face I didn't
know that's all my face because I know
you and you know me so
name it
hey hey I got it I was giving good
directions your van guy called you
negotiated a really great deal I still
can't believe that you would do that for
me I made a couple phone calls and I got
waiters on the way and chairs and tables
are coming and I'm so sorry you were
right and I should have just told you
how I felt
I'm sorry too answer work driven and I
missed the signs carry away okay but
when I get a crazy idea go for it
maybe we could try walking with it
instead that's a good idea yeah look my
job means everything to me right now
so do you we both know you're crazy
about me
what am I gonna do with you
I can think of one thing
go big or go home right right right I
don't know if you have the Something
Borrowed Porsche but just in case are
those moms yeah she lent them to Amanda
to Lisa and I wanted to do the same
being that Tim doesn't wear earrings so
happy thank you so much I can't tell you
how happy I am that you were part of
this family him well I guess that's
three down one to go
I really hope Jason holds on tight to
Sarah because I think mom would have
loved her I think she would have too
polenta cakes infused with basil from
your garden a sound good well Sara Molly
no food
Sara knows more than just food Amanda
and I are giving up the matchmaking
business really well I believe that when
I see it no it's true we figured we must
not be that good at it if we're forcing
our little brother to fake a girlfriend
Tim told us everything including the
merger and your job offer the job you
were born to do this
merger is a game changer for our company
are you leading it isn't a deal breaker
you have to go after what makes you
happy Jason and that includes Sara
because what we saw was not fake you
liked her babe
maybe they called the caterers the
adoption agency little baby what I mean
not a physical baby but the paperwork
for a baby so we have a baby girl yeah
but we got to go we got to sign the
papers now now are you sure now yes oh
sure okay put the wedding Ruby first
wedding second go right here there's
plenty of time okay promise okay guys
congrats Thanks
it's great hey there anything else I
could do sure we can always find
something it's beautiful you all did
this we thought we'd go big and go home
now all this wedding needs are the bride
and groom don't get married about the
three of us we're not here to steal your
thunder but we wanted to introduce
everybody to the newest member of the
family we are thinking migrant violet
Robinson after mom that's a great choice
when'd you guys get her hopefully soon
yeah we've already converted the den
into a nursery and we're thinking about
expanding wait looks like it ahead of
ourselves okay all right you're right
you're right
hey we should go get ready bud
I'm getting married tonight
yes you are there you go
she came Jason says she can guess the
SUP gentleman's you're pretending now
guys deal deals change
she's living soon anyway I think when
people cancel travel plans all the time
if they have a reason good enough to
see empty yeah hey love you man
thank you our unit yes it's okay thank
hi beautiful wrapping
when the hills are all flat and the
rivers run dry when the trees blossom in
winter and the snow falls in summer when
heaven and earth mix not till then will
I apart from you
and power invested in me by the state of
California I pronounce you husband and
when kisser
I want to make a little speech we are so
happy to have you as part of our family
and Nicole he'll get better with age I
promise so now wish you both joy love
throughout your marriage be happy the
patient be compromising and maybe the
most difficult of all but probably the
most important and most of all be each
other's steady rock okay love you guys
congratulations to the happy couple
dad those are really good speech oh
thanks son
short and sweet I was going on you seem
a little preoccupied no I can't wait
yeah you want to talk in private
no so any wedding will be here we get
back you got something on your mind I
want to know about it come on
hey hey you still owe me a dance
you're still me we're gonna make it a
slowin okay I'm so glad you two finally
figured things out we work well together
but we're taking it slow
he is his catering business I have mine
separate speaking of that I have some
marijuana meant by you
you're quitting you're doing so well
you know when mom passed
I just wanted to help you
and I just figured if I join the company
then it'll family be happy
at the expense of your own happiness
well your mom wouldn't wanted that and I
don't want that
and that green tell me you got that
that's uh that's a testament to your mom
so you're not angry be king it's a
surrounded by people I love people who
love me what do I happened to be angry
about and how I got a caterer that I
gotta find that because I've got a job
for them okay exam I'm good
were you discussing the merger with your
dad it's exciting isn't it Carrie great
working together I quit Jesse I'm sorry
I should have said something from the
like we had something once but it's in
the past
I was hoping that you brought Sarah to
make me jealous
but the way you look at her should have
been my first clue look it's a wedding
have fun enjoy yourself I hate to admit
it but Sarah's food is amazing yeah good
luck with everything Jason
mr. Quinn you will not regret this thank
you so much William okay and anybody who
can put all this together at such a
quick notices is more than qualified no
no Holly Davis catering they are well
over koala oh hey wait a minute we
haven't ironed out the contracts yet you
know it's too bad you're leaving you
guys could all work together ah what are
you gonna do yeah I resigned
hey yes your that what it's our song hey
you did a wonderful thing for my family
you went above and beyond
sir I'm very sorry for what I said the
other day I was out of line
no you were right I'm a wonder a nomad I
had no right to tell you how to live
your life
so you're off to Thailand soon don't
forget to send me a postcard actually um
Jinja plans my thesis is almost done so
I think I'm gonna stay here and help
sir it wasn't all pretend for me
having you as my fake girlfriend has
probably been the most real thing in my
this past week has been an adventure
unlike anything I've ever been on before
I knew it all along
meet you hey huh I'm shaking dance for
sure do all right
and try these pieces Thanks
all right here we go Wow this book you
ever had I'm glad you like it
the secret ingredient is yeah really oh
yeah yeah let's go