Encounter (2018) Movie Script

(SIGHS) Use lethal
force if necessary.
SHERIFF: Move in!
- On the floor!
- It's mine!
- He's got a gun!
- It chose me!
- Drop your weapon, sir!
- I won't let you take it!
OFFICER: We've got the pod.
another balmy Georgia night
with temperatures
in the low 80s.
Hopefully you're increasing
the heat personally
here Augusta with
someone special.
Hey, if you're by yourself,
Bo Christine here sending this
one out to you on 95 Rock.
She left me.
Does that really surprise you?
No, I guess not.
Which girl are we
talking about here?
Rachel or the new
girl from Reinhardts?
Because of that new
girl from Reinhardts.
Amen to that, brother.
Rachel never liked
me anyway, so...
Good riddance.
Aw, that's not true.
She liked you a lot, bro.
Please, please!
She was always bothered by me.
Everyone's bothered
by you, Marcus.
We just tolerate you.
Did you know that?
Well, I know now.
I mean, at least I get
a free beer out of it.
But you know what, you gotta
stop being so damn cheap
and get us some real beer
instead of this piss-water.
I'm on a budget.
What's it like
having your wife
wear the pants of the family?
I don't see you
workin' neither.
I'm self-employed!
Just another word
for unemployed.
What are you laughing at?
Last decent job you had
was cracking the skulls
of horny lowlifes
at Crazy Eight's.
Will and I had a good
laugh about that one.
Speaking of which,
you have any thoughts or plans
on what you gonna do with 'em?
We already had
this conversation.
We're not having it again.
I'm just concerned,
that's all.
I know you're concerned.
You've made that very
clear, over and over again.
Look, all I'm saying
is the current situation
might be making it worse.
Mopin' and paintin' all day.
Maybe he might benefit from
going to see a therapist.
There you go again, Marcus!
We're done talking
about it, okay?
Hey, what's up?
I just...
- Yeah, I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
WILL: I just
dropped the bottle.
Yeah you did.
You're burning the
midnight oil tonight.
Did I wake you?
Uh, no, I just
got home from work
about a half hour ago.
Late shift, huh?
Tonight was my last night.
Her regular caregiver is back
from vacation tomorrow morning
so I have a bit of a break
before I go back to
my regular shift.
I'm sure the overtime
doesn't hurt either, right?
No, thank God for that.
Hey, get out!
Look, I'm sorry to
bother you anyway.
It's totally fine.
I was reading, it's
not a big deal.
Besides, I can't really
sleep until Brent gets home.
Especially when he's
out with the boys.
He's been doing
that a lot lately.
Yeah, he's got
a lot on his mind.
Hey, you got a picture
of this new girl?
I don't think I know her.
Course you do.
It's the redhead from
last Tuesday night.
Man, that's too steep.
I'll show you a picture,
trust me, you'll remember her.
Timeline, hold on a sec.
Signal's for shit out here.
I got zero service.
Your cellphone carrier's
just like Brent's beer.
- Cheap.
- Hey!
Good Lord!
What the hell?
Was that a plane?
That's too small for a plane.
Let's go, let's go!
Hey, cooler, cooler!
I told you it wasn't a plane.
Either of you
getting any service?
We should call the
police, shouldn't we?
Don't worry about it.
What the hell is it?
BRENT: Can you
feel that heat?
Oh yeah.
Grab the cooler.
We'll ice it down.
You better stand back.
No problem.
On three.
One, two, three.
What the hell was that?
Is it a satellite?
Since we're both awake,
do you want a rematch?
So you can win back those Oreos
you so poorly,
embarrassingly lost to me?
That was pathetic.
No, I'm just gonna stay up.
I'm gonna finish this I think.
What are you working on?
I thought it'd be nice to
paint her younger, you know?
Thought Jess would like that.
Maybe I could give it to
her in person, you know?
Do you know what
Jess would really like,
- well, is...
- What, Terry, what?
What would she like?
- Over there.
- Is everything okay?
Hey, hey, hey,
what are you doing?
Hey, hey, hey, stop!
What are you guys doing?
We need a table,
bro, we need a table.
Yo, yo, yo, come on!
What is going on?
You guys are scaring me.
You might want to
grab your inhaler.
Why do I need my inhaler?
We brought you back
a little something.
- This had better be good.
- We might have another...
AGENT: I said we
might have another one.
What, this soon?
Tell me you're joking.
AGENT: When have
you ever known me
to have a sense of humor?
Augusta, Georgia.
Atlanta has already sent a
team to lock down the site
and set up a field office.
(SIGHS) All right.
Give me a half hour.
So wait, you didn't
call the police?
We couldn't get a signal.
No one's calling the police.
Okay, but what if it's a...
What if it's what?
A satellite, a
piece of a rocket,
a piece of the
International Space Station?
It's definitely none of those
things, I can tell you that.
How do you know?
I watch the Discovery
Channel, Terry!
We should still try
and figure it out,
I mean, there's a chance it
could be dangerous, right?
Will could be right.
What if there's some
kind of disease on there,
radiation or something?
Well if that's the case,
we're already screwed.
We're already screwed?
I didn't wash my hands.
Did you guys wash your hands
after you touched it, or...
No, I didn't...
John, he's messing
with you, just relax.
You're a douchebag.
You know, we did
find it though,
so there's gotta be
something to that.
You mean like money?
So before we do anything
stupid, like calling the cops,
we need to figure this all out.
Are we agreed?
MARCUS: Yeah, sure.
Yeah, yeah, I guess.
So what do we do?
You know, maybe we
should all get some sleep.
You guys want to go home,
or you want to crash here?
I'd rather stay.
You know, protect
our investment.
It's a good point,
me too, I guess.
Okay, well, Terry will set
you up in the living room.
Are you guys serious?
How are you gonna
be able to sleep?
I mean there's a whatever-this-is
sitting right here.
I guess you've got
first watch, then.
No, it's cool, bro,
I'll take first watch.
No, it's cool, I got it.
No, seriously, I got it.
Matter of fact, why
don't you take the couch?
I already said I wasn't tired.
I said it's cool.
It's not cool, okay?
Why don't you tell us
what you really think?
- Marcus...
- No, no, no.
Will can take it.
- Ain't you, Will?
- Yeah.
Okay, let's see, um...
Maybe it's the fact that you
live in your sister's garage,
painting pictures all damn day.
You see, this the shit I've
been talking about, man.
When was the last time this
dude had a decent rest?
Wish I could get
up out of this chair
and punch you in the mouth.
You know, brother,
hand in my heart,
I would love to see that.
Okay, it's settled!
Will gets first watch.
Yeah, it's fine.
- Goodnight, Will.
- Goodnight, John.
Healing takes time, Will.
Lights on or off?
Oh shit.
God damn.
Oh shit!
No, no, no!
I can't stay Will!
- Let me go!
- Please don't leave me!
Will, I can't!
Help me!
Get him out of here!
What are you doing,
what are you doing?
You have to take me
back in there now!
Do you think we should
take him to a doctor?
And say what, he was
attacked by an alien?
It didn't attack me!
Well that's not what
it looked like to me.
It didn't attack me,
you have to listen!
Look, that's what
I call an attack!
- Listen to me!
- Hey guys, come on fellas!
- Break it up!
- Chill out!
Listen to me, I
can feel my legs!
Will, Will, let me go!
Terry might be right.
Ain't no telling what that thing
could have done to him in there.
It didn't do anything
to me, all right?
Were you guys not in that room,
did you not see
what just happened?
Brent, I can feel my legs.
I can feel it, okay?
I can stand.
Take me back in there, please.
Just take me back in for
one more moment please.
I'm fine, okay.
Until a baby alien pops
out the back of your neck
and tries to eat us!
Marcus, anyone ever tell
you that you stick your nose
into a lot of places
it don't belong?
Many of times.
But this doesn't
change the fact that
that thing could be in there
doing some body
snatching shit on you.
Oh come on.
I mean, how do we know
that Will is even real?
He could be
pretending to be Will
so he can take us over.
You're not seriously listening
to this bullshit, are you?
That's probably what
an alien would say!
That's exactly what
an alien would say!
No one asked you John!
Will you all calm down?
Hey man, I'm just saying...
I said shut the hell up!
I can't think!
Marcus, if I am an alien,
I'm gonna eat you first.
You hear that?
- John, John.
- What?
Is there someone from
Payne College we can talk to?
What, what do you mean?
Like one of your teachers?
Dude, I'm taking
auto shop classes.
What the hell would those
guys know about any of this?
Yeah, but there's
gotta be other teachers.
They teach a lot of
science stuff there, yeah?
Yeah, I dunno, yeah, I guess!
Think, there's
gotta be someone!
I thought you said you
didn't want to tell anybody
about any of this until we
got this all figured out!
Well, the situation's
kind of changed, hasn't it?
Hey, hey, didn't you
take some astrology class
a few years ago
when you was trying
to be an astronaut or some
stupid shit like that?
No, it was an astronomy class.
I never said I wanted
to be an astronaut.
Yeah, right!
Look, if it's anyone,
it's my old biology teacher
we should be talking to.
Okay, whatever,
what's his name?
It was only a few
years ago, John!
I know, I know, hold on!
Well what's his name, dumbass?
Jesus Christ, give
me a second to think!
Hey hey hey!
Chill out with the
blasphemy, bro.
- Westlake.
- What?
Westlake, it was
Professor Westlake.
Are you sure?
Yeah, I'm sure.
I mean, but who knows if
he's still there or not?
Yeah, he is.
Do you need his cell
phone, email address?
Text it to me.
Let's go.
Wait, no, now?
No, I don't think that's
such a good idea, Brent.
And why not?
For one, he failed me.
And for two, what
are we gonna do here?
No offense, but I don't
particularly feel safe
being alone with um, him.
You're going back to the field.
And why would I do that?
To see if we missed anything.
That's a good idea.
Go, go.
I'm staying with Will.
Are you okay with that?
I promise I won't eat her.
Yeah, right.
I'll be fine,
okay, I'll be fine.
A gun, really?
Just stay out of
the garage for now.
I hope that's not for me.
You would do the same.
No I wouldn't.
I won't be long.
And you...
Stay out of the garage.
MARCUS: Next time
I got first watch.
This dude's taking
about eating people...
- Shut up Marcus!
- Shut up!
BRENT: (knocks) Hello,
Professor Westlake?
Come in, in here.
Did we have an appointment?
There wasn't any time.
What can I do for you?
We need to talk to you
about a private matter.
Are you students of mine?
He used to be your student.
Yeah, it was a few years ago.
I wasn't here very much.
Well, what do you want, then?
What private matter?
Oh, I do remember you.
Johnathan Brandt, right?
Unfortunately, yeah.
You know, I only failed you
because you were
constantly absent.
You actually showed
some promise.
I just don't think I
was cut out for biology.
I assume you went on
to grander things, then?
Well... (MUMBLES)
Why are we here?
We're here because
we found something.
We found it in a field
not far from here.
Something otherworldly.
I thought you guys
were all done by now.
Aren't you with
those government folk
who were messin' my property?
Well, I was actually coming
to ask permission to look at
your field, the one back there.
So government people came
to look at your field?
Out here this morning
with their damn trucks
making a whole racket.
Digging up the place
and testing the soil.
Only left about an hour ago.
Thought you were one of
them back to annoy me
or to dig up my field again.
Can we just go look
at your field, please?
I coulda sworn
it was right here.
You know those
things will kill you.
Big boy's awful interested
in that field, isn't he?
Could be a farmhand.
My gut says go with
the peanut farmer.
My gut says...
Save me some of those fries.
That's a pretty wild story.
Well, that's the
way it all happened.
I would need to see it.
We figured that.
Could you come with us now?
No, that's impossible.
I have classes
until this evening.
Well, tonight then?
All right then, all right.
My address and cell.
You wouldn't be making fun
of an old man, now would you?
Text before you come.
Are you sure you don't
want something to eat?
No thank you.
You really should
eat something.
Can you just get
my wheelchair please?
Brent said that we should
stay out of the garage.
Always do everything
he tells you to do?
I'm sorry, I just...
I want my chair,
I don't want to be on
the couch anymore, okay?
I am sure that he
will be back soon.
It's not gonna
hurt you Terry, okay?
Just let me go back
in there for a second.
I really don't think that
that's a good idea, Will.
Just let me go back in there.
Let me just see it for a second.
It's probably frightened.
Please don't make
this difficult.
I'm not making it difficult...
You are making it difficult.
Then just go in there
and get the chair.
It'll take five seconds.
Why don't you understand...
I just don't want
to do the wrong thing.
God damn it!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Terry.
It's okay.
Hey, do you think I could
get some fresh clothes?
I've been wearing these for days
and I'm all sweaty,
I'm starting to stink.
It's just driving me crazy.
Okay, you want me
to draw you a bath?
Yeah, you know what,
that sounds great.
Yeah, I'm gonna need
your help with the...
Yeah, of course.
Hey, what's up sweetie?
Hey Terry.
Look, I'm sorry to bug
you again about this,
but I got another notice.
Oh, the bill for
the physical therapy.
Yeah, I'm so sorry.
I spaced on that.
I promise I'll take
care of that right away.
Honey, are you okay?
You don't sound like yourself.
You want to go grab a coffee?
I could probably break from
this place in about an hour.
It's not a good day, really.
I can't leave the house.
Can you hang on a sec?
Yeah, of course.
Is everything all right?
No, I gotta go!
Will, Will!
No, Will!
Will, open the door!
Will, open the door!
Will, please open this door!
Open the door please!
Will, please open the door!
Please open this door!
So you're telling me you've
never seen this man before?
You have no idea who he is,
you have no idea why he
came out to your farm?
You have no idea why he
was asking you questions?
I told you, I don't know who
he was or why he was there!
Mr. Cobb, you actually
expect me to believe
that you didn't find it odd
that a perfect stranger...
AGENT: If it comes to
it, I've got authorization
for a full tactical strike, I'm
talking ashes on the ground.
I understand.
Just keep me posted.
To tell you the truth,
I find it more odd
that that hole
wasn't there anymore.
Maybe it's you who should tell
me what the hell is going on!
What was that?
Would you excuse
me for a second?
I'll be right back.
This guy knows crap.
Well, obviously.
Then why are you wasting time?
What got up your ass?
Just heard from
the guys in the lab.
Things are getting pretty weird
with our new friend
from Briar's Bluff.
Like shit-your-pants weird.
What does that even mean?
Means we need to contain this.
We are gonna need more
firepower than a SWAT team
to save our asses this time.
You all right?
All right.
What do we got on
the mystery gang?
We have an address.
We got a lot more than that.
It always creeps me out
when you smile like that.
Hey, it's okay.
I'm sorry.
It's all right.
Okay, it's all right.
It's okay.
This is not your fault, okay?
I know you're scared, but
you don't have to be, okay?
You don't have to
be afraid anymore.
It's not gonna hurt you.
Not gonna hurt you.
I promise, Terry.
I promise it won't hurt you.
You're such a disappointment!
You see what you
make me do, see?
BRENT: Terry?
Terry, where are you?
What the hell is going on?
What did you do?
Brent, it's okay.
- It's not okay!
- It's okay!
I told you to
stay out of here.
You don't need to
worry about anything...
- That thing was touching you!
- Yeah.
- What did it do to you?
- Relax.
- What did it do to you?
- It didn't do anything.
- What did you do to my wife?
- Nothing.
- What did you do to my wife?
- Stop!
Make it stop, make it stop!
- Did you not hear that?
- Hear what?
You hear that, right?
What the hell is going on?
Am I the only one
scared shitless right now?
Where's my gun?
- You don't need your gun.
- I'll decide.
No, I will.
You don't need it,
Will was right.
It's not trying to hurt us.
It didn't try to
hurt me, it's not...
Well, it certainly
tried to hurt me, Terry.
That's because it thought
that you were gonna punch Will.
I wasn't gonna
try and punch him!
No, I know, but it thought
that you were, that's all!
Oh shit, she's one
of them now, isn't she?
Shut up John,
you're not helping!
Dammit, I just can't get used
to you walking around again.
- It's...
- I know.
It's amazing.
Mr. Doyle, FBI, we'd like
to have a word with you.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Slow your roll, Geronimo.
Easier way to do things.
Listen, what happened
with the professor?
He's coming over later.
Okay, good.
How did he take the news?
How do you think he took it?
I thought the man was
gonna have a stroke.
Should we be worried
he might tell someone?
He won't.
You guys ain't gonna never...
Holy mother of God!
What the hell?
Please tell me you guys
are still you guys.
I am.
Where have you been?
I think we got a problem.
Mr. Doyle, FBI, we're armed
so please announce yourself!
He's not home.
We need the kit.
- Whoa whoa, easy killer.
I'll get the kit.
You take a Valium.
Good Lord.
BRENT: How do you know
you weren't followed?
I just act like
I was in a movie
and made myself hard to find.
Yeah, that must've been easy.
You might wanna
take that up with God
if you have a problem
with the way that I look.
You might want
to rethink that.
Do we really gotta be
in here with that thing?
I mean, why can't we just go
and talk in the living room?
Because unfortunately
I'm not wireless.
I mean, doesn't that
shit creep y'all out?
Look man, I'm still not
convinced that that thing
is the beginning of
some kind of invasion.
It's not.
Oh, and you know?
I know because it showed me.
What did it show you?
Things about itself.
About where it comes from.
You see that?
This the shit I'm talkin' about.
Please, Marcus!
Do you know what
he's talking about?
Did it show you that
stuff too, or...
I'm not sure.
What does that mean?
I saw flashes of something
when it touched me,
but it was so fast I
couldn't make sense of it.
Like a dream that you can't
remember in the morning.
I still see it.
You guys, you gotta see it.
Just let it touch you.
Hell nah!
Man, I ain't going
near that thing.
Did it hurt?
It actually made me feel better.
Yeah, like I could
breathe easier.
Well, then why were
you shaking on the floor
when it touched you?
I mean, you were
flailing around in pain,
I saw it, you were in pain!
No, it was trying
to figure me out.
My injury confused it.
I don't get it.
The doctor said you'd
never walk again...
I don't have
the answers, okay?
Trust me when I say
that you'll understand
when you bond with it.
No thank you.
I don't trust that thing.
Isn't this what they
teach you in church?
Blind faith?
Look here, bro.
Don't talk about miracles to me,
'cause this ain't even
in the same ball park.
Why can't this
be a miracle, huh?
Why can't this be God?
You better talk to
your brother, man.
I don't appreciate him
questioning my faith.
You know, next
time we might have
to test your little
miracle theory
and see if you can talk with
a broken jaw, how about that?
Relax, Marcus.
That's not what
he's trying to do.
That's not what you're
trying to do, right?
MARCUS: I'm outta here.
And where are you going?
I'm going to feed my cat!
Just let him go.
Are you coming back?
Since I'm the only
sane one amongst us.
Well, if he's got it, it's
sure as shit not here.
Westlake's coming
over around 5:00 pm.
You hungry, want
to eat something?
Maybe something small.
- I'm starving, thanks Terry.
- Yeah.
- Will?
- I'm fine.
Hey, I'm starting to
smell like that thing.
Do you mind if I
borrow a fresh T-shirt?
- Sure.
- Thanks.
You know...
I really hope you know
what you're doing.
Let me show you.
- No, no.
- Please.
Get some sleep.
I'm not tired.
What's that?
Maybe this guy knows where
we could find Mr. Doyle?
Let's track him down.
Sure, sure.
One of us should
probably stay here though
in case Mr. Doyle comes back.
In this really nicely
not-stupidly-hot apartment.
We should flip for it.
I take heads.
- You always get heads.
- I do.
What the hell?
Mr. Doyle, this is Agent
Tevis, I'm Agent Banks.
Mr. Doyle, we'd just like
to ask you a few questions,
if you don't mind.
What the hell?
There's one here that
I wanted to show you.
I used to love going here.
It's been a long
time since I've been.
such a perfect day.
It's such a perfect day.
It's too much.
It's too much.
Professor, nice to meet you.
Ask him anything you want.
I think you guys have
a lot to talk about.
Oh my...
You found this in a field?
Yeah, they did.
It's grown since we found it.
Have you ever seen
anything like it before?
Could I get a drink of water?
What do you think
that it wants?
Give the man a second.
It's okay, it's
not gonna hurt you,
so don't be afraid.
Thank you, thank you.
It's just marvelous.
Simply marvelous.
I'd like to examine it.
I'd like to examine you all.
You played for
Georgia Southern, huh?
I know you did, I saw you play.
Division one AA
national champions.
Four out of six years,
'85 through '90.
And that was some
of you, my friend.
Don't strike me
as an Eagles fan.
Oh, hell no.
Georgia State all
the way. Go Panthers!
No, seriously, you
were good, man.
This dude right here,
one of the best tied
ends in the conference.
Why didn't you go pro?
Yeah, why didn't you go pro?
That's right, the injury.
What a shame.
All that raw talent
gone to waste.
From all-American to
peanut farmer like that, huh?
Mr. Doyle, why
don't you have a seat
and tell us what you were doing
at Roger Cobb's
farm this morning?
I'd rather stand.
No, you're gonna sit down.
So that's not causing you
any abnormal sensations
or discomfort?
Even in your legs?
It's like I was
never paralyzed.
Physiologically, this
is quite impossible.
You do know that?
Of course I know that.
(SIGHS) Always hated needles.
Yeah, me too.
What do we do about you?
I'm not ready for that yet.
I think it would feel
reassured if it could touch you.
Why do you think that?
It's just a feeling, I guess.
Did it tell you
to let it touch me?
It's more like a suggestion.
It's hard to explain.
I'd like you to try.
Okay, well, it's like...
He says it shows him things.
Right, Will?
That's what you said.
Is that true?
It shows me things, yes.
Shows you what?
It's kinda like memories.
Your memories,
or its memories?
It's confusing most of the time.
Some things are
clearer than others.
Professor, you'd understand
if you just let
it bond with you.
I'd be lying if I told
you I wasn't scared.
I was scared too, but I
actually felt better after.
That's not exactly reassuring.
You see, the rational
side of me says
it's pumping you full of
endorphins or who-knows-what.
It could be giving you the
illusion of euphoria...
There's really
nothing we can say
that's gonna convince
you, is there?
There's nothing you can say
that I can't explain
away with science.
How can science
explain me walking?
Almost nothing, yes, I...
You have to ask
yourself, Professor.
When faced with the unknown,
do you step away from the void?
Or do you dive in?
I've already faced the void.
Pancreatic, stage four.
I'm sorry.
I've had a good
life, I just...
I wish it could've
been a little longer.
What the hell was that?
Did you see it?
Tell me you saw it!
I saw it, I saw it!
I saw it.
- Will!
- Will, come on!
- Get out of there!
- Come on!
It's getting larger.
It's marvelous.
Just marvelous!
Look, I already answered
all your questions.
Only thing you're doing
is repeating yourself,
so I think you're done here.
Oh, I don't think we're done.
Tell me Marcus, have you found
any unusual bruises
on your body?
No, but you about to.
Easy, Mr. Doyle.
Look, I just want
y'all to leave.
All right.
Oh, but there's so much
more to say, Mr. Doyle.
All right, look,
let me just talk to my
partner for a moment.
Think we should let him go.
I just rattled his cage.
Come on, let's see
where this thing leads.
Have you ever heard
of the fourth amendment?
Screw the fourth amendment!
The pod is not here,
we are wasting time!
Look, I am telling you
my gut says go with this.
(SIGHS) We're gonna give
him some breathing room.
Do you really think
that that's gonna help?
Yes, yes I do!
But for the record, I disagree.
Thank you very much
for your time, Mr. Doyle.
That's all we need for now.
Don't let the door hit you
in the ass on the way out.
So what do you think this
thing is doing to Will?
I don't know yet.
Haven't had a chance
to run all the tests.
Ah, well, you must have
some kind of opinion about it.
I'd like to think I'm
a little more empirical
than just giving you my hunches.
Can I tell you what I think?
I think this thing
is studying us.
Like, I don't believe
all that Invasion of
the Body Snatchers crap
that Marcus seems
so concerned about.
I think it's using Will
to gather information.
For what purpose?
You think it has
nefarious intentions?
I hadn't thought that far ahead.
But that's an
astute observation.
You know, I might have to
revisit that grade I gave you.
Well, I think it might be
a little late for
that, Professor.
There's one thing I've
come to realize, son.
Nothing is ever too late.
Yeah, well...
School administration
might think otherwise.
(LAUGHS) The hell
do they know, anyway?
Good job loser,
I think he saw you.
Calm down, he didn't see me.
Oh, he saw you.
Come on Brent,
answer this, man.
reached Brent Fleming.
Leave a message.
Brent, hey man...
Call me as soon as you get this.
I gotta figure out a way
to get up outta here,
so I think it's best
that I leave the car
parked at the restaurant.
Come and get me, man,
soon as you can, bro.
TEVIS: What part of I told
you so didn't you understand?
I got it.
Just keep an eye on his car
in case he decides
to make a run for it.
- You're not going.
- I am going, I am!
No, Brent, if he said
that we're in danger
then you're not going!
He didn't say danger,
he said there's trouble!
What is the difference?
Oh, so you just want
me to abandon Marcus?
Is that what you want?
I am not saying no.
Why doesn't Marcus
just come here?
I told you, he
doesn't think it's safe!
He said they could be watching!
Okay, and how do you expect
to not be seen by them?
I'm a lot smarter than
you give me credit for.
That's not...
Brent, you're not going!
Can you do something?
What am I supposed to do?
TERRY: Talk to him!
Talk to him?
Thanks, thanks.
(CHUCKLES) Talk to him.
I haven't seen any
movement for a while.
He's gotta be in there.
See, told ya.
Hold up, we got a car coming.
Maybe it's that friend of his?
- Yeah, okay, run the plates.
- On it.
I have a vehicle
registered to a Jay Lou Park.
26 years old, 5'7, black
hair, brown eyes, no priors.
Are you Marcus?
Sir, get out of the car.
Get out of the car right now.
Banks, what the
hell are you doing?
Don't shoot, don't shoot!
- Please don't shoot me!
- Get on your knees!
Sorry, I thought you
were the guy who called!
He's a goddamn Uber driver!
Oh son of a bitch!
Here, have a nice day.
I'll just wait here.
Hey, come on, it
was your bright idea
to give him breathing
room, remember, huh?
You know what, let's just
go find out where he went.
That's all we gotta...
WESTLAKE: Huh, well
that's encouraging.
What's that?
The good news is that
none of you show any signs
of unusual toxins
in your bodies.
No radiation damage.
Not even Will and Teresa?
Completely normal.
Is there any bad news?
For you, there is.
Your cholesterol is
through the roof.
You should probably
get that checked out.
Can I help you with anything?
And are you warm enough?
I don't suppose
you have any weed?
Are you being serious?
Purely for medicinal
purposes, I assure you.
Yeah, um, I'm more
of a beer guy myself.
Maybe Brent might
have something.
Don't worry about it.
Are you afraid?
Are we all?
Marcus believes that we see
all our loved ones after we die.
Then there's gonna be a
lot of people waiting on me.
You believe that?
I've noticed you've taken
a liking to my butterflies.
Maybe that's what
death is, a rebirth.
Maybe we all become butterflies.
Metaphorically speaking.
You know, if you
really want to help,
there's a notebook
out there on my desk.
If you could grab that
for me I'd appreciate it.
I just talked to Brent,
he's getting Marcus.
They're gonna get here
as soon as they can.
Okay, that's good.
John, it's gonna be okay.
I don't know what to do!
Just try to calm down.
Can you please come too?
You know how those guys can be.
John, I don't think so.
Please, Terry!
I really need you.
Hey, what's going on?
Yeah, you know what, okay.
Yeah, John, we'll
come right away.
What's that all about?
It's the professor.
John had to take
him to the hospital
and we need to go right away.
We are?
I'm not going.
- What?
- I'm not going.
Will, I'm not
arguing with you.
Terry, I don't need to
go and I don't want to go.
Will, are you coming?
I said no.
Forget it.
Hey, you know...
I've been thinking...
I have a really
interesting thought
that I wanted to share with you.
What do you think?
What do you want, Will?
Hi Jess.
So good to hear your voice.
I just got off of work
and I want to go home.
Is this something we
can talk about later?
There's something I
really need to show you.
I'm really tired, Will.
Jess, I can't explain
it over the phone.
Please just drop by.
I promise it's not
another painting.
You sound better.
I am.
I'm a lot better.
Is everything okay over there?
Something happened earlier.
Something happened when I
was on the phone with Terry.
You'll understand
when you see it.
Come on Terry.
BANKS: I don't see his car.
You sure this is
where he was going?
TEVIS: That's
what the driver said.
Rhinehart's Oyster
Bar, Washington Road.
BANKS: I'm starvin'.
Can we eat here too?
Bro, how close are you?
BRENT: I see you, I'm
pulling in right now.
Oh, I see.
- Hey, you okay?
- Yeah, I'm okay.
BRENT: John called, we have
to meet him at the hospital.
MARCUS: Hospital?
How you doing?
Rachel Clark?
I'm Agent Tevis, this is
Agent Banks with the FBI.
What do you want?
Want to ask you some
questions, if you don't mind.
I'm working.
We won't be long.
What do you want to know?
Your colleague over there
says that you are friendly
with a Mr. Marcus Doyle?
What about him?
We happen to believe
that he might be here.
Well, I haven't seen him.
You positive?
It's pretty busy.
He's kinda hard to
miss, don't you think?
TEVIS: Don't get snippy.
It's a touchy subject.
I dated his buddy and
it didn't end well.
Once a cheater, always
a cheater, right?
It wouldn't happen to
be this guy, would it?
Yep, that's him.
What's his name?
Johnathan Brandt.
We're looking for him, too.
Well, I haven't
seen him, either.
He's probably with Brent.
Brent who?
He wouldn't be a friend
of Marcus too, would he?
These are good guys
and I don't want
to get them into
any kind of trouble.
Darlin', they're
already in trouble.
Yeah, we're trying to
get them out of trouble.
Look, I promise you
we're here to help them.
You know what, let's
start with an easy one.
What's Brent's last name?
You sure?
You hesitated a little.
Brent Fleming?
I want an APB
on a Brent Fleming
in any vehicle
registered in his name.
Hey, could you get me a
Diet Coke to go, please?
Thank you.
- Hello?
- In here.
In the garage.
Hey, thanks for coming.
You sounded...
It concerned me.
So good to see you.
I can't believe
it's been a year.
Where are the others?
I thought they'd be here.
I don't know,
they're not here.
They left you
here by yourself?
Yeah, I mean, I'm a grown-up,
I can take care of myself.
What did you want
to show me, Will?
I can't stay long.
Still so hard to
look at me, huh?
This is not the time for this.
Haven't I been
punished enough?
That's not fair.
Fair to who?
Since when is any of this fair?
I don't want to do this.
Jess, wait.
What are you doing?
What's it look like?
That's what I'm
gonna show you.
This is amazing.
Oh shit.
Apparently he doesn't
have any family.
It's just him.
So what do they
expect us to do?
The way the doctor explained,
it's just a matter of time.
And John's with him?
Yeah, room four.
He was so alive
just a few hours ago.
- You don't think...
- No.
The nurse said he was taking
a lot of pain medications.
I know what you're thinking.
This wasn't caused
by anything we did.
Or it did.
Then how can you be so sure?
Let's just get
this over with, okay?
My goal was to die teaching.
But you already are a teacher.
No, I mean
physically teaching,
right in the middle
of a class, boom!
Go out in a blaze of glory
in front of a whole lecture
hall full of students.
Yeah, that sounds
a little crazy.
Yeah, but it's got a
certain amount of panache.
Knock knock.
Oh, what a pleasant surprise.
I wasn't expecting company.
This is our friend Marcus.
He was one of the people
who found the object.
I've got someone
else to thank.
Thank you, Marcus.
We just want to let you
know that we're here for you
if you need anything.
Great, let's start with
getting me the hell out of here.
What are you doing?
I am not spending
the final hours
of my life in a hospital.
I don't think that
you can do that.
I can do anything I want.
That's the privilege
of the dying.
TEVIS: We should
just go inside.
Don't get your
panties in a twist.
He'll be out in a minute.
Visiting hours are over.
We don't even know
if they're in there.
Oh, he's in there.
You know?
It's a gut thing, cops have it.
I trust your gut like
I trust your smile.
you know the type.
Feel like he got one over on us.
Instead he got sloppy
and make a mistake.
We should just
go in and find out.
BANKS: Let's just see
how this Brent guy fits in.
Look, we're wasting time,
and you know we
don't have the time...
(CHUCKLES) You should really
trust my gut more often.
Hey, hey...
It's okay, it's okay.
I'm so sorry, that
was really uncool.
What is going on?
You were standing.
Were you standing?
And what was that thing?
Just go easy, okay?
You fell and hit your
head, so take it easy.
- You were standing!
- Yeah.
You were standing, I saw you!
Yes, I was standing, okay?
It's a miracle.
Please tell me
what is going on.
I'm sorry, I'm not
trying to scare you.
I'm really not trying
to scare you any more.
I'm so sorry.
(MUMBLES) What is going on?
And what is that thing?
I'm gonna explain
to you, I promise.
This could be a
new start for us.
I really think that this
could fix what we lost.
No, Jess...
Don't look at me like that Jess.
- Don't touch me.
- Listen Jess...
No Will, don't touch me!
Don't touch me!
What are you doing here?
What is she doing here?
I screwed up.
Can we deal with
this later please?
Can someone please just
tell me what is going on?
Where should we put him?
On the floor, by the alien.
- Uh, really?
- What?
Just do it.
Easy, Professor.
I can't really explain
it, but it's amazing.
It's amazing.
Will, Will, I discovered
something amazing.
It's collecting your DNA.
Our DNA.
The samples I took,
they contained strands
from you and from her.
I don't understand it, but
it's there, it's there.
I don't know, I'm not sure,
but I have a theory
that I wanted to test.
What is it doing to him?
It's helping him.
But it wants our help, too.
What do you mean our help?
Hard to understand.
It's telling me to
let it touch you.
Telling you?
- Terry...
- I want you to do it too.
We're gonna do it
together, all of us.
Look, I know you're scared.
Damn right!
Yeah, well, I was scared too.
I've been scared all my life.
I'm not gonna keep
living in fear.
And whatever this thing is,
I don't believe that
it means to hurt us.
That's what I believe.
Marcus, you have your faith.
You know what I'm talking about.
So stop being scared.
Bro, do you believe this?
I guess I do, yeah.
I guess I do, too.
If I'm right about this...
No, I have no idea
what's going on!
No, no, Will!
It's time.
I always wanted my life
to matter for something.
To mean something.
And I was afraid it
was too late for that,
and I was afraid that I
was going to die alone.
And look how lucky I am!
He's gone.
It killed him!
Did it kill him?
This exactly why I said I
should've had first watch.
What's happening, Will?
Do you know?
I don't know.
Maybe part of its life cycle.
Maybe he needs to grow.
I don't know.
What, you telling me this
thing's gonna get bigger?
Are you okay?
Will, what is it doing?
Hold on, hold on.
What do you mean hold on?
Is it hurting you?
It wants to touch...
It wants to touch you.
Oh, I don't give a shit
what that thing needs.
Please just...
Why is it hurting you?
It's not hurting.
It's just telling me so much.
For some reason this
is important, though.
- Please?
- No!
We'll understand
what all this is about.
- Please, just please.
- No!
- Please!
- No!
Fuck all of you!
FBI, get on the floor now!
Don't move, get
down, don't move!
Whoa, whoa,
whoa, hey, be cool!
Don't touch my wife!
Don't touch me!
I don't wanna be here!
She needs her
inhaler, asshole!
Get your hands off me!
- Get back!
- Don't move!
Shit, just lost picture.
Screw it, I'm going in.
Cease fire, cease fire!
Hurry, hurry!
Come on, baby.
Just listen, please
just listen to me.
There's no time.
I need you to let it touch you.
No, please, no, Will, no.
Please, I can feel
it slipping away.
Sorry, I can't!
WILL: There's no time.
No, I'm sorry, no!
I need you.
I don't know what to do.
I don't want to
be alone anymore.
Why did you leave me?
I need you.
I'm so sorry.
WILL: Please don't leave me.
Hurry up slowpoke.
Around, around...
See, that's it, you'll get it.
- Get some napkins.
- Do you have to ask?
That's my girl.
Sweetie, why don't you
hand your ice cream to Mama
while you get buckled, huh?
- I can do it.
- Listen to Daddy sweetie.
- Don't take a bite.
- When do I do that?
You always eat my ice cream.
- Oh, you mean like this?
- Mommy, stop!
Daddy, don't let
her eat my ice cream.
I can't stay, Will.
I can't stay!
Please don't go.
- I'm sorry.
- I am so sorry.
It wasn't your fault, I know
it wasn't your fault Will.
Banks, Banks!
- Good?
- Yeah, go, go!
You need to come with us.
What have you done?
I don't understand.
Who are you?
I'm all of you.
Please don't leave me.
Remember when you
walked out into the rain
The railroad and the sky
were calling your name
Can you hear them whisper
Come and get lost with us
You've been chasing
shadows in your hometown
Searched for answers that
refused ever to be found
So you compromised and
found a new horizon
Ever since you left
you're always on my mind
So here's to you if
you care to listen
Here's to you, let
me cross the distance
Even if you're not here
I'll reach you,
I'll reach you
Even though you're
away, I'm near
We'll forgive and forget
I'll reach you
Seven years and seven
days you've been gone
Seven years of changing
faith and opinion
Would you recognize me
If you walked beside me
I would keep on waiting
It's been too long
Here's to you if
you care to listen
Here's to you, let
me cross the distance
Even if you're not here
I'll reach you,
I'll reach you
Even though you're
away, I'm near
We'll forgive and forget
I'll reach you
I'll reach you