End of a Gun (2016) Movie Script

Hello, Decker.
I'm at Chateau Nightclub,
on 17...
with some of
my girl friends.
Are you coming tonight?
I can't wait to see you.
Text me when you're out, bye.
Decker, just seeing if you
got my message about tonight.
It would be great
if you can text me.
That's me, Michael Decker.
Ex-pat, ex a lot of things,
but none of them for the
reasons you might think.
In my life, nothing ever happens
for the reasons you might think.
Hey, what's going on here?
- What was that for?
- It was money for you!
For me, it was my fucking money,
so give me my fucking money.
Don't buy jewelries
with my money, girl.
- Hey.
- What?
Leave her alone.
Get your hands off the lady.
We're fine, man.
We're good, okay.
We're just having
a little, fuck...
How do you say,
a little, disagreement.
- Come with me.
- No, no, no.
I already told you, man.
Alright, we're fine.
We got no fucking problem.
We don't need any
fucking around, alright.
This stupid bitch.
The lady's coming with me.
So you're a fucking American,
is that...
Come with me,
I'll take you home.
The fuck...
come back here.
Mother fuck...
We're done here.
He's got a gun!
What the hell
happened to my car?
That's my car!
Just wait.
We will take care of everything.
The shooter's over there.
He says he would only speak
with you. Says he knows you.
Girl over there is a witness,
backs up his story.
Look what the cat
dragged in, Michael.
- How are you doing?
- Doing good.
But I've been better.
How's Delphine?
Oh, you know how it is.
We are getting older.
But she keeps herself fit,
can't complain.
I think, uh, some folks are
gonna want to look at this, now.
Didn't turn out
very good but...
Is that all you are carrying?
That's it.
By the way, you know,
he did have a gun
and he was shooting
at me, and if I hadn't
had that, I'd be dead now.
Obviously I can carry gun
wherever the
American flag flies,
but I do have a
special arrangement
here once in a while, so.
You didn't answer
my question, Michael.
What's your question?
Are you carrying another piece?
Okay. Let them conduct
the investigation.
Well, you know,
please keep in mind,
like I said,
if I hadn't been armed,
I'd be dead right now
and there ain't nothing wrong
with self defense,
even in France.
Michael... Yes.
Still, believe me
when I tell you
that that shooting team over
there is going to watch long
and hard at you,
because of your past.
But I was exonerated.
That doesn't mean you didn't put the
the scumbag into a bag, does it?
No, it doesn't.
Well, come on, let's get some
coffee down at the station,
while I fill out
the paper work.
I need to ask you a few
questions about last night.
Mademoiselle, please.
Mark and initial any
correction, and sign it.
Why are you getting so motherfucking
formal with me, man?
I'm a fucking ghost
over here, man.
I don't exist.
Michael, I didn't know you
were working undercover here.
Well, that would be the
reason for being undercover
is to not tell people
you're undercover.
Whatever, just sign
the goddamn statement.
Sun is coming up and I'm tired.
What the girl said...
I can't discuss that with you.
I just wanna know
if she's backing up my story,
you know, if she's sharing the same
version that actually happened.
Hmm, your version?
Hey, man, no two people remember
the same shit the same way.
I can't tell you
what the other witness said.
Look, man,
I killed this guy tonight.
All I want to find out
is who he is.
'Cause I'm stuck here
and I can't get
to my people to
find out nothing.
Michael, listen to me.
How long have we been friends?
Back when you was young,
dumb, and full of cum,
and had a fucking
full head of hair,
and you were about
50 pounds lighter.
Funny. Long enough for me to know
you got a bum wrap from the agency.
I get it, I get it.
American style, fuck the police.
You know what? I would have
felt the same way, too.
Old school guys like you and I,
are the only one left who
still respect each other.
So, read it and sign it.
Let's go home.
Why in the world
would I shoot some dumbass
white bitch in the
fucking parking lot,
to blow my fucking cover and
get me into all kinds of bullshit.
You typed the motherfucker
up, you sign it.
And by the way, that's my favorite
fucking gun y'all took.
It's evidence.
Since when do you give a
fuck about the evidence?
It's a justifiable
shooting, man.
It's procedure, Michael.
I'm sorry.
You took my favorite gun.
Ronnie Martin, Ronnie Martin.
Thirty-two years old,
born in Houston, Texas.
I already stole that
shit off the reporter.
I don't need you no more.
Owns a nightclub.
Owned, I guess I should say.
Yeah, you should.
That's trouble right there.
In my life,
trouble always comes
in a small black dress
and legs for days. Always.
- Long night, huh?
- Yeah.
But, then again, it's a new day.
Sorry about your boyfriend.
You seem completely
torn up about that.
Well, we were only
together for a short time.
I see.
We met at the club
where I used to dance.
He made me quit dancing
and ended up buying the club.
Hey, can we smoke out here?
It's France, man.
You can smoke, like,
in the Louvre.
You can smoke anywhere here.
Ronnie had money, too.
A lot of money.
A lot of money, lot of money.
Where do you think
he got all that money?
Lieutenant said you used to be
a cop back in the States.
Something like that.
Well, then, I shouldn't
have to spell it out for you.
Yeah, but you see, folks can make a
lot of money a lot of different ways.
They can make money pimping hos,
they can make money
killing people. They can...
He sold crystal meth.
Or at least worked for
the people that did.
And during his hard
schedule of selling drugs,
he also beat you up, didn't he?
Only when I was bad.
Why'd you stay with him?
He kept me from being bad.
So what do you think
you're gonna do now?
I wanna get his
car and go home,
but the police
won't let me have it.
And that's why you're here,
because you need a relative
like a wife or someone, right?
Could you get it for me?
What are you talking about?
His car.
I have a spare set of keys.
What if I give you something?
I'll probably pass
on that at the moment.
Ronnie had a lot of
money stashed away.
How much is there?
Two million.
I'll give you ten percent.
Technically, it's not stealing.
Ten percent of
two million that's in his car.
That's not stealing.
- It's kind of stealing.
- But they're bad people,
and they don't
deserve to get it back.
What do you think's gonna
happen if we don't steal it?
I think it'll go back
to Ronnie's bitches
and they'll put the
drugs on the street,
which means it's better
if we steal it,
because at least
less people will be hurt.
Let me ask you something.
You sure the money's there?
He liked to brag.
Thought it got me hot.
It did.
Do you have any idea
what he did with the money?
Once a month, he'd drop
a bunch of it off at the bank.
- Do you know what bank?
- I don't know.
I'd go shopping while he did it.
Do you know who's money it was.
Who cares? Some cowboy that
lives in Houston, Texas.
They call him Mr. Vargas.
- Mm-hmm.
- They're bad people.
They don't deserve
to get it back.
If we take it, we'd be
doing society a favor,
and you would be doing your job.
Yeah, boss.
He's not saying anything.
I'm working on him all day.
- Where is he?
- He's inside.
Hi, Mom.
Yes, I know about
your doctor's appointment.
You reminded me yesterday.
Two o'clock, right?
I'll be there at 1:30.
That will give us
plenty of time.
Yes, Mom. I know you like
to be there on time.
Mom, listen...
Alright, I'll be there
at one o'clock, okay?
No, I won't be late.
Bye, Mom.
I said bye, Mom.
Hey, hey, Trevor.
Trevor... Hey, wake up, man.
Wake up, man.
Someone wants to talk to you.
Mr. Vargas wants you to give
back what you took from him.
I swear to God, Gage,
I didn't take anything.
Hey, hey, Trevor.
Trevor, hey.
Wake up, man. Wake up, man.
Excuse me.
Hello, Mr. Vargas.
Ronnie is dead.
Got into a fight with that
girlfriend slut of his from the club.
Lisa killed him?
No, he got himself shot.
We all know you took
the money, Trevor.
What happened to the money?
Technically, it's not stealing.
Ten percent of two million
that's in his car.
I don't know.
Neither does the lawyer.
That's why I need you there.
Okay, I'm talking to Trevor.
I don't
give a shit about Trevor.
I want you to find
the fucking money.
What do you want?
We're friends, yeah?
I would never take
anything from Mr. Vargas.
I'd slit my own throat first.
You won't have to
slit your own throat.
Gage, please, I didn't do it.
I swear.
Give me that.
Clean this up.
Hey... what was that about?
Another problem.
Oh, yeah?
- Listen, I gotta ask you a favor.
- Sure.
My mother has a doctor's
appointment at two o' clock.
- I'm supposed to take her.
- No problem.
Make sure you get there early.
She can't stand to be late.
And, uh, tell her
I'll call her tonight.
Sure thing, boss.
- What?
- Nothing.
You think he did it?
So why'd you uh...
- It's my job.
- Yeah.
In this business,
you're either the guy
hanging somebody
from the ceiling
or you're the guy
hanging from the ceiling.
- Nice ride.
- Thank you, babe.
- On a cop's pension.
- What pension?
- So where are we going?
- Back to my apartment.
Wait, I thought you said
we were gonna go get the money.
Money's in the car, and the
car's in the impound lot, right?
You don't have a plan, do you?
Yeah, my plan is
to go get the money.
You're gonna stroll into the
impound lot and take the money?
- Yeah, I am.
- Yeah, I'd like to see that.
You're about to.
You're about to.
Why don't we stay in my office?
We're good here.
I knew you were in town,
but I didn't know
you were coming here.
Oh, well.
I'm to understand
Mr. Vargas is concerned about...
Hey, that's my dog!
I understand Mr. Vargas
is concerned about...
He wants his money back.
I tried to do everything I can
to understand what happened
after all these things.
The only thing that matters
to Mr. Vargas is results.
Trying... well,
it just gets you killed.
- I've got some preliminary...
- Where's Ronnie's car?
The police have it.
I believe at the impound lot.
You believe?
You believe or you're sure?
I'm sure.
Did they find the money?
I believe... No, no.
They have not.
When can we have the car back?
I spoke to the
man who oversees...
- When?
- Tomorrow.
Why not today?
'Cause the captain
leaves at five.
He can't be the only
one who can release a car.
To next of kin. He wants to see
a power of attorney,
signed by Mr. Martin's wife,
Tell him I'm Ronnie's brother.
Unless you have a driver's
license in the name of Martin,
I'm afraid we'll have to wait.
Then I wanna know
everything there is to know
about the man who shot Ronnie.
They haven't released his name.
- But they will.
- Of course.
But I believe not until morning.
You have two hours.
Two hours, it's...
By the way, you just
stepped in dog shit.
Okay, so what's
this plan of yours?
First, I need you to tell me
exactly where the money is.
It's in a black 2013 Jaguar XF.
It has to be guarded.
Oh, it is guarded, darling.
It's guarded.
The money's in the trunk,
underneath a bunch of junk.
It's all there.
Two million, cash.
I hope you're right.
Is that a real badge?
Sure enough it is.
Listen, I spent a long
time in the military
and a long time
in law enforcement.
I can make this happen.
I really can,
if you listen to me.
I've got a plan.
You gotta do everything I say.
If you go off the res,
you will fuck shit up
and get us caught
or killed, alright?
Even if this shit looks
like it's going sideways,
it ain't, I promise you.
- Can you do that?
- Yes.
All right.
Now, there's gonna be
one cop in the office.
He'll have a manifest for all
the impounds as well as the keys.
But I told you,
I have a set of keys.
And that's why he ain't
never gonna see me.
I got the guy's name.
Michael Decker.
8965 Rue Monge.
Apartment 74.
That was fast.
Wait, there's some more.
He's an American,
used to be a federal agent.
Can you believe it, DEA?
Shit, that's not good.
Used to be, because he was forced
to retire without benefits.
I don't need to hear
his life story, man.
Without benefits
means no pension.
So they guy needs money?
A lot of
accommodations and a lot
of dead drug dealers.
The guy is dangerous.
Okay, what do we do now?
We wait.
We wait?
That's the plan?
- You know why?
- Why?
Because it's about to get dark,
and you understand
something, sweetheart?
Darkness is our friend.
Oh, yeah,
darkness is our friend.
Ronnie had money, too.
A lot of money.
I wanna get his car
and go home,
but the police
won't let me have it.
Could you get it for me?
I'll probably
pass on that at the moment.
What if I give you something?
What time is it?
Well, I'd say it's time for me
to tell you that I'm in.
I must have been good.
You were really, really good,
but I'd like to be partners.
For half.
- Half?
- Yeah.
- I'm not that good.
- Really, really good.
That okay?
- Okay.
- All right.
You weren't so bad
yourself, Decker.
So when are you going back?
Well, the graveyard guy
comes in about 10:30,
so I'll go in around 11 or so,
give him time to get to sleep.
You're funny.
You know what,
you're not gonna be able
to go back after this,
don't forget that.
Yeah, you already said,
but what about my apartment,
all of my stuff?
Million dollar
buy a lot of shit, baby.
What about you?
I'm gonna have to
disappear, you know.
Before the police start
coming look for me saying,
"Man, you know, I think
the guy who shot Ronnie
is the same motherfucker
that broke into this car
and stole all the money.
If you say so.
So where are you
gonna disappear to?
I got a friend,
lives down in Key West.
He's trying to
set me up down there.
- Maybe it's time to go home.
- Florida?
I've never been to the States.
Maybe I can come with you.
Come on.
Pretty please?
I promise I'll behave.
Unless you don't
want me to... behave.
Let me think about that.
Why won't you take me with you?
I mean, I just don't
know why you'd wanna come.
I'll just wait in the car.
Because you'll wanna help,
right? Is that it?
Yes, I want to help.
I'll probably be a lot
better off without you.
You know...
And, uh, waiting in the car,
I don't think
it's gonna help anybody.
I think you wanna
do it just to keep
an eye on me, is that right?
It's not that.
It's just...
Then why?
- It's because it's my...
- It's your money?
- My idea.
- Your idea?
Well, that is true,
but, you know,
I'm taking a little
bit of risk here.
Not if I come with you.
I just think you're
gonna be in the way.
And what am I supposed
to do until then?
Bake cookies?
I love the fuck out of cookies.
Come on!
I'll be your lookout.
I'll bake you cookies
when we get back.
I guess you don't
trust me to come back?
No, I trust you.
It's just, I wanna be there.
If I wait here, I'll go crazy.
Remember I have a plan.
Believe it or not.
Go pack your shit,
'cause we can't come back here.
Hop in.
Do you have any idea
how hard it was to find you?
You still have a connection
at the phone company?
Yeah, sure.
I want to find out where
Ronnie's girlfriend is.
- Why?
- Got a bad feeling.
Alright, listen.
You're the lookout.
You keep the windows cracked
so you can listen
for any trouble.
Don't play the radio.
Don't talk on your cell phone.
That way you can hear
if someone is coming.
You're expecting
someone to sneak up on me?
Nah, man, I just need you to keep
your eyes and ears open.
You're here to help me.
It's pitch dark outside.
That's our friend.
Remember what I told you,
the night is our friend.
Well, what do I do
if a cop drives up?
Just flirt with him, man.
Offer to bake him some
cookies or something.
Hey, man,
what are you doing here?
What are you doing here, huh?
Did you get it?
All of it.
Yeah, now you owe
me some good pussy.
Can't go back to my place
so we're gonna lay
up here for the night.
It's not a five star, is it?
Here, not even gloves come on.
So now what?
We hang around in this room.
Lay low for a minute.
I should have kept
my room at Hotel Jolie.
You should have.
But you came with
a bad man like me.
So, when can we get out of here?
I'm just in the middle of
making some arrangements.
What time is it?
Time for you to see if you could
close those blinds for me,
Trouble always starts
when you get your hands
on the money.
Like I said earlier,
no two people
see the same event
the same way.
I promise you that.
We're rich.
What do you need?
We're here for a car.
- Let me guess, a black Jag?
- Yes.
An asshole stuck in last
night and broke into it.
He beat the hell out
of couple of guards.
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
What the hell
is his problem, huh?
This is a release signed
by Captain Dardou this morning.
I don't care,
the car is evidence now.
This was signed an hour ago.
Unless the break in
you mentioned
was more recent than that.
This authorization
supersedes any need you have
of the vehicle as evidence.
Who the hell are you?
Who do you think?
Ronnie's girlfriend?
She's the only one who knew.
- And Decker?
- Definitely.
But he's not an agent anymore.
I'll be right back.
Can you bring me
back some breakfast?
I can.
Are you taking the money?
Just a little bit.
It would be safer here.
It's safe with you
and even safer with me,
'cause I got the gun.
- You don't trust me?
- I do.
Trust isn't an
all or nothing proposition.
It takes time to grow.
We got a decent start,
but we've only known each
other for about 30 hours.
- So you don't trust me.
- I do trust you.
Why don't you stay?
You don't have to go.
I will be right back,
and here's the thing:
I've got a plan.
It's an unusual plan,
but I got your back.
You'll see.
You'll see what I got.
He's here, boss.
Antoine, Plummer.
What's with the hat?
Mr. Vargas said you need help,
going up against some American.
Yes, I do.
Who's this fool?
He's my cousin, Pee Wee.
- No shit?
- Really.
- Yep.
- Alright.
Come on, get in.
Hey, stupid.
Lose the hat.
Well, this is the address
Chauvin gave us: Michael Decker.
Lose the fucking hat.
Check the bathroom.
What do you got for me?
Great, thanks.
Tell me.
It was my guy from
the phone company.
That bitch used her cell
phone 20 minutes ago.
- Where?
- Chef Monteur at Rue Galmain.
Google shows a little fleabag
hotel out... out that way.
Wait for me.
Hey, I need two tickets
out of here tomorrow morning.
If my plan comes together.
Of course, what's going on?
I don't know, man.
Key West sounds good and warm,
doesn't it?
So you need an exit route.
Well, I'll call you back
within 24 hours to confirm.
I miss you, too, brother.
I'm looking for
a man and a woman.
He looks like a cop,
she looks like a stripper.
Sorry, but I cannot
help you with that.
- See that wall behind you?
- Oui.
It will be splattered
with your fucking brains
if the next words out of your
mouth aren't a room number.
372, third floor.
Third, trois.
Put that down.
Put it down.
They don't have enough
cops in this city
to stop me from killing you.
I'll knock.
Luc, cover me.
And you keep that thing put
away until we get inside.
Yeah, but what
if he moves on me.
You let me and Luc
worry about that.
You just shut the door behind us
- and keep your eyes open, okay?
- Okay. Okay.
Got my breakfast?
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
Check the bathroom.
Pull that shut.
Where's the money?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
I'll ask you again.
Only this time,
if I don't get an answer,
this gun will be the
last fucking thing
you will ever have the pleasure
of wrapping your luscious
lips around, hmm?
Where's the money?
Is that him calling?
I don't know.
You don't know.
See what number it is.
They hung up.
Give it here.
Let me see.
That was him.
Where is he now?
How am I supposed to know?
- Bonjour.
- I'll have a juice.
Boss, found it.
Holy shit!
Move away.
Where's the rest of the money?
I don't know.
Keep looking.
Where's Decker?
I don't know.
You are starting to bore
the hell out of me, Lisa.
Get out of the car.
Take the bag.
What's going on?
Where's Pee Wee?
Dead, same as Luc.
- What do you mean, dead?
- I mean dead.
- Like he ain't breathing.
- What the fuck?
Exactly, he fucked up, and he
got himself fucking killed.
What the...
Here's 30,000.
Take it.
Bury your fucking Pee-Wee
and keep what's left.
He was not my
favorite cousin, you know.
Get the girl.
Gage, do you
know what time it is here?
Sorry sir. It's just that...
I said, do you
know what time it is here?
It's late, sir.
Yes, late, Gage,
which means this better be good.
I've located your money, sir.
Good start.
A better start would be to
say you have my money, Gage.
- That would be better.
- I have half of it.
I'm about to get the other half.
Then I would
say this very late phone call
is very premature,
wouldn't you say?
I'm not calling
you about the status
of your money, Mr. Vargas.
Then why the
fuck are you calling, Gage?
'Cause I want to tell you that
the man who has the other half
is a former
DEA agent from Texas.
Michael Decker.
Does the name ring a bell?
- Gage?
- Yes, sir.
Get my money
from this Michael Decker.
I don't expect to
speak to you again
until this entire unfortunate
incident has been resolved.
One way or another.
Where's the rest of the money?
He took it with him.
I don't know.
I don't like killing women,
but I'll do it if I have to.
He's going to Key West.
Key West?
Key West is a little
far from Paris.
What if I can get
him to come back?
I'll call him.
Why would he answer your call?
Why do you think?
He took half the money
with him.
He didn't trust me to hold it.
Smart man.
I was going
with him to Key West.
I figured somewhere
along the way,
I could get the rest of
the money and ditch him.
You wanted it all, huh?
- Not for me, for Mr. Vargas.
- Mr. Vargas?
You went to all this
trouble for Mr. Vargas.
I went to all this trouble
to get him off my back.
I promised Decker ten percent,
and a great piece of ass
if he helped me.
Ten percent?
I don't think
he did it for the money,
if you know what I mean.
He stole money from us,
and then he stole
half of it again from you.
I think you got it wrong.
You'll never
understand this, Gage,
but Decker
could have taken it all.
He didn't.
He's a decent guy.
I'll tell him
you're gonna kill me
if he doesn't
bring back the money.
Make the call.
Well, you better come inside.
Jean is waiting for you.
Decker, leave a message.
Michael, it's Lisa.
Look, you're a decent man.
I know you are
and I'm begging you
to please help me.
They want the money back,
not us.
Everything can go back
to the way it was.
We can still go to Key West,
just like we planned.
If they don't get
the money back, Michael,
they're gonna kill me.
Please, help me.
This Mr. Vargas
is an evil man, Michael.
Hiding with the Sinaloa Cartel,
not much of a footprint
here, you know,
but most definitely on the radar
of some of your former friends
in the DEA back home.
Probably the FBI, as well.
He's one of the bad guys.
Well, we love to
get rid of the bad guys.
We really do.
I don't give a fuck what
happens to the bad guys.
Michael... you remember this?
I sure enough do.
How could I forget?
It would have been a lot worse
had you not taken
the second bullet for me.
I owe you my life.
It ain't nothing, man, really.
- We're even.
- No, no, no, mon ami.
I get to say
when we're even, not you.
That's the way it works.
Michael, it's Lisa.
Look, you're a decent man,
I know you are,
and I'm begging you
to please, help me.
They want the money back,
not us.
Everything could...
You think he'll show?
What? Sure.
Won't he suspect a trap?
Of course he will.
What about me?
What about you?
We have a deal, right?
Yeah, we have a deal.
See when you're forced
to trust your partner in crime,
in my experience, is when
things usually start to go bad.
Call it human nature
or some shit.
You ever think
about running away?
You mean, like,
uh, to Key West?
I hear Argentina's nice.
- Is it him?
- Yep.
Shouldn't I answer it?
- Hello, asshole.
- She all right?
For now.
Let me talk to her.
Not until I have all the money.
Y'all realize I don't
know this girl much at all.
You have a million
euros, you can always run.
That's not what I do.
- I want the rest of the money.
- I want the girl.
- How do we do this?
- I think I'll come and get her.
274 avenue.
I know where you are.
So Michael, remember, the bag
without the tape has the money.
The one with the tape goes boom.
Right, what's the blast radius?
Twenty feet, beyond that,
I'll still duck.
I figure you're probably
going to need
your favorite gun
for this one, n'est pas?
Thanks, what about you?
Moi? I have this.
Where are you two guys going?
Well, like I said.
I'm just taking him
out for a little lunch.
- For lunch, huh?
- Yeah.
It was
really great to see you.
Nice to see you.
Make sure he comes home safe.
I will.
How far is it?
It's about two blocks.
Where you gonna set up?
Somewhere they won't see me.
Boss wants to speak to you.
- I'd like to speak to him.
- I'm gonna need your gun.
Yeah, well, we all
got weapons around here.
Unless we're gonna throw
'em all in a big pile,
we're gonna have to
live with this here.
Boss man wants you
to step out of the car.
I said, get the fuck out of the car.
I said back up or next time
I'm gonna fucking shoot you.
Come on, ladies,
always one more.
Ah, there you are.
Do I know you?
I doubt it.
I don't know, man.
You, uh, you look familiar.
Maybe I got one of those faces.
Yeah, maybe.
Why don't you
put your piece down.
You know,
like I told your girl, man,
everybody got guns
around here, man.
That's the way it is.
You're surrounded.
Well, it may seem
like that to you,
but it might could
be an illusion.
I will say this for you, man.
You've got balls.
Well, thank you
for noticing that.
My girl, here,
she knows that for a fact.
- Did you bring the money?
- I did.
Don't open it.
Put it down.
Open it.
Give it to me.
Feels light.
Well, that's kind of normal.
It feels light because...
I need my girl.
Send me the girl.
Get down.
Oh, no, you don't.
Get down.
Stay down.
Lisa, get this.
Get down!
Okay, you son of a bitch.
Turn around, drop the bag,
and kick it to me.
Why'd you come back?
You could have walked away
with a million in cash.
I'm not all about the money.
I'm all about the honor.
You're an honorable man.
I respect that.
But in this business,
you're either
the guy hanging somebody
from the ceiling...
Or the guy hanging
from the ceiling.
You know, I used to hear that
back at headquarters
once in a while,
which reminds me, now that we've
had all the shit out the bag,
I do remember you,
you were Danny's CI.
You were Danny's high level CI.
Ain't that right?
Piece of advice.
The dark side, doesn't suit you.
I agree with you.
Sounds like we both
used to work for assholes.
That's for sure.
Rest of the money's
in the trunk.
My end was five percent,
I've already taken that out.
And you're giving me the rest.
- Thanks.
- You all right?
Yeah, it's bad enough,
but if I get to a hospital
I think I'll live.
Long night, huh?
- Yeah.
- Give me the money.
I gather Key West
is off the table.
That money's mine,
and there's not enough to share.
Not with you or anyone else.
I, uh, risked my life for you.
Just on the odd
chance you might see
there's somebody out
there who's not bad,
who's not crooked,
who's straight up.
I don't really care about money.
I care about honor,
and no matter how this goes,
at least I showed you that.
The real treasure in life
are people who love you,
who are willing to die for you.
See you in the next life.
I'm really sorry
it turned out like this.
I really am.
You know what
a friend of mine used to say?
Never trust a stripper.
The only thing she really wants
to see coming out of
your pants is your money.
You smart mouthed
motherfucker, you.
Can we go now? I really think
I need to see a doctor.
I finally get to take
a bullet for you.
You're a funny motherfucker,
too, hey?
How you holding up?
I'll make it,
just roll me to the ER.
I'll have them call Delphine
and I'll tell her,
I get drunk and robbed.
You're an asshole.
Well, I'll make sure
you're taken care of.
Don't be an idiot.
You need to be gone
and stay gone.
Key West, remember?
I already got you the ticket.
Did you stash the rest of
that money back to my place?
I did, it's in a garbage can
outside the back door.
Mmm, how much?
Five hundred thou.
Now we're even, mon ami.
So once again,
the real treasures in life
are all about
the people who love you,
that are willing to
take a bullet for you.
If it's all about the money,
you're bound to find yourself
at the end of a gun.
Decker, Decker, Decker!
Where have you been?
I've been calling you for the
last couple of days and nothing?
We're back at Chateau tonight.
Are you coming?