End of Sentence (2019) Movie Script

good morning
- Name please - Yes,
Anna and Frank Vogel
- (Vogel)! Yes
I have no name but Anna Vogel
Never take off the shoe
Do not take off any jewelry while...
Headgear is forbidden
Do not remove any
jewelry while you are inside
Electronic devices are prohibited
Loose pants are forbidden
- Hello - (Sean)
You, touch is forbidden!
Alabama Correctional Institution
Alabama Correctional Institution
I am glad to see you
I came to see you off, Shawnee.
Do not let the past dominate you
Attach yourself, Sean.
Alabama Correctional Institution
Alabama Correctional Institution
- "Entering money and electronic devices
..." The killers are the best prisoners
- Exposes you to arrest, accountability, and denial
of visits - They are smarter and they behave better
What about thieves?
"Entering cash and electronic devices exposes you
to arrest, accountability and denial of visits."
The traditional thief is the worst
He refuses to listen
He also refuses to work while
he does not respect the laws
And when they leave?
I read somewhere that 87
percent of them go back to prison
Indeed, the solution is to reintegrate them
The best way to stay out
of prison is to find a good job
It doesn't make sense to be so hard,
It is almost impossible
Thank you, sir. Thank you
take care of yourself
How is he doing?
Thank you so much, thank you
- Frank, condolences.
- I'm glad you came
I will be fine,
I will be fine Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
- God bless you - Thank you
"Crushed with the return of memory"
"It was really difficult without losing me."
"I was attached to hope."
"It was really difficult without the cost."
"Dancing to the rhythm of your lover"
- (SB2) - "The funeral
was really beautiful."
- "Walk with rhythmic feet" -
"I wished you could come..."
"Do a dream I made."
But you made enough to ride the wave.
"You're too young to lose you."
"Do not die on the cross"
"Corned beef 25 minutes at a
temperature of 350, I love you!"
I do not know..."
- "What do you want to do?"
- "Alabama Correctional Institution"
I wish you had spoken to me.
I found another way to live.
"Difficult living doesn't seem like a good thing."
"Very difficult to get out of the woods."
I do not know..."
what do you want to do"
End of Judgment
SB1 "Khartoum Range"
Alabama Correctional Institution
State of Alabama
- "Director" - What am I
supposed to do with 20 dollars?
Send some flowers to the governor
You can exchange your clothes in the room (C1)
good luck
Alabama Correctional Institution - No,
Make him sign here
Open the gate!
Who is that?
"Entering cash and electronic devices exposes you
to arrest, accountability and denial of visits."
Nobody matters
good morning
Listen, I brought some local cakes
This is some of your old clothes
You could have said,
"I don't want to, thank you."
What are you doing here, Frank?
I came to take you
no thanks
- Listen... - Sir!
I am his father
- Want to go with
your father? No
You can't force him if he doesn't want to
Excuse us
This is for your mother. We
have to do something for her
what do you want?
When she approaches her death...
I made her promise that you and I would go
together on a trip to spread her ashes on a lake
- Which lake? Lake
(Alan) in the east
In the east, why?
- Good... - Where?
New York)? Massachusetts? No,
no, in the far east
In the far east, man...
Why would my mother want to
be buried in Ireland originally?
I dont know,
she was dying and she was breathing
Some things are not to be
called into question, they just do
No, you're not the only one who doubts and does
Listen, if we do this you will
never have to see me again
I will not go anywhere with you I
must be in California after 5 days
There is a lot of time
It will take us only 8 hours to
drive to the lake for a few hours
And that is all in the wrong direction
Isn't flying one of your concerns?
See! We both make sacrifices
I have carefully planned this.
It will take 3 and a half days
After that, I will pay you the price of
the plane ticket wherever you want to go
Not interested, do it yourself
No, no, we have to go together
Had a very plate on it
Look, while we're there, we can
take a look at the house you left for me
which house? An old family
home that you inherited
- How much is it? I do not know
I didn't even know she had it,
but if you came with me
Whatever it is, it will become yours
Looks like a good deal, Vogel.
Then you go
Wait, Shawn!
(Sh...), (Sean)
That was her last wish
I promised her
You shouldn't make promises
that you can't keep, Frank.
- Wait, Sean...
- Good sir, you have to back off
Last 3 years as a tourist bus
driver you are more than qualified
I only need someone to
drive a car to Los Angeles.
I can't wait to start working
Most people want a return card,
why don't you want it?
I'm actually planning to move
to the West Coast for a job, so...
This is in everyone's interest, then
I need a reference or two
Yes, yes, definitely
Of course...
Yes, I have their phone number here then
If you have any other question
Great, great
How about a local?
From (Evansville) for example
Yeah, yeah, sure, you know...
In fact, a few names...
I got a few names,
but I think they are out of town right now
Where are you son?
I think one of them is on vacation, the other...
No, no, no, but you?
Look, I have to...
I really have to be in
California by Monday
Limestone or Decatur?
What do you care?
Listen, what do you think about giving me the price of fuel
only, and forget about the daily meal and overnight expenses
I can make one call and find out
car theft
Check out the all-new car with
seven passengers on the 2018 model.
(Modine Motors) for selling
used cars 2052316200
I have 5 days to go to Auckland.
We should act immediately
- "Fresh coffee, tour of the (United
States)" - When is my return date?
Sunday morning at 10 and 50 minutes
Damn! What?
I told them not to add anything
Give it back to them
There is nothing wrong
There is quite a bit
It is not what I asked for
Here she is!
Now it is
Do you know? Have some courage,
go and tell the teenager behind the counter
"You have spoiled my order"
- If I had spoken to my
father this way - your father...
He was drunk enough to understand
Let's just enjoy
our meal. Right!
You can say it
You can do that.
That guy was a villain
We agreed? He was despicable
My father was
And I respect him
You must gain respect.
You have disagreed
Do you respect me because I am your son?
Can't we just enjoy our meal?
you do not respect me
Right, why don't you admit things?
It's not like that would ruin our relationship, Frank.
I did my best under
the circumstances
Sometimes it is predominant
Sometimes it is the knock
This is life
Dust off and move on
I went ahead
Do you know what is said? The
boy is bound to become like his father
- I don't think it will ever happen - Yes,
but if it does...
Here we are, first
We are about to hang 30,000
feet above the ocean in a tin can
It is driven by someone who
is not likely to get enough sleep
Listen, you can withdraw at any time
- And change my ticket to (Auckland) - No,
I'll be fine
I hope we can watch a movie
Platform 1
Four doors, air conditioning
and manual transmission...
Excuse me, madam,
are all cars automatic?
I cannot drive with a manual conveyor
No, this is a special request here
We do not currently have any
automatic cars in your vehicle category
- You will have to hire a higher category -
OK, we'll take the same manual conveyor
- I'll take the lead - we'll
take a car of a higher class
Do you want to make the fuel choice
so you don't have to fill up your tank?
No, we will stop every hour so...
I will cut our long journey in stages
This is the stupidest thing I've ever
heard, it will take us twice as long
It will take us longer to run out of fuel
That was a little
obvious. Don't you think?
What? The way
you stare at her chest
I did not stare
Having some respect in the
women's section won't hurt you
women section! where is he?
Is he next to the household
items? Is it in the seventh corridor?
You have to show respect to be respected
I should know I spent
my life working in sales
You're about to give me advice
on dealing with women, aren't you?
Open the door for them and give them your jacket
I carry their bag for them
You have to keep this in mind
when you sell stolen cars in California.
What do you do?
Okay, step aside
See what you did now!
In any case
For your information only...
this is not the way to win hearts
I will have no problem winning hearts
thank you very much
I look forward to the time when
you will teach me about relationships
Yes, now that we are past the sales lady
It looks like we'll get to that house...
- By tonight! - Tomorrow
we have to stop in Dublin for that thing
Thing? Anything? - That dinner
For the sake of your mother with some of her relatives
Damn it! I don't even know these people
We have to
They could not come to the
funeral and wanted to meet here
Who's the damn genius who told
them about our coming to Ireland?
"Wayne's Hotel"
What is wrong?
I prefer modesty
Do you mind that?
Your suits are in the bag
No, I will not wear this
I was in high school and
was not even accepted then
Well, wear what you like
Prepare yourself here
No, I don't think I saw
you one day without clothes
Why are there two buttons on this toilet?
I dont know, this is my first visit to this country
I got it,
the big button for need number two
So, we stumbled upon our exit from the intensity of our drunkenness
We could barely go to the next bar
20 years have passed and I am still
suffering from the effects of drunkenness
Do you know? We were in the 1940's
I don't think I've heard this story before
She was one of the nicest
students I have ever studied
She always played
with eccentric children
Or have lunch with the untouchables
She was very sympathetic
to the Lamentmene in life
Frank, Frank...
Thank you
Excuse me please, I have to...
I have to take care of something
What beautiful!
You were not the first to
leave the party early, right?
We didn't really go to many parties together
I must have made the same
old jokes every time I meet her
And she always laughed
as though it was the first time
Isn't it a coincidence that you know
this who is with her at the motor bike?
I have no idea
Not one of those here, I think
Just another fan of the distant past,
I suppose
Your health
Come on! Come on! Come on!
Come on! Come on! Come on!
Come on! Come on! Come on!
Come on! Come on! Come on! Yes!
The next cup, man?
the guard"
Going to the bathroom
He is human like us in the end
I cannot identify him
Look who I found...
Glued to the bar
The prodigal son!
I haven't seen you since I was small
Before you get lost
Who is this raging young man? Do you remember him?
Similar to the young (Marlon Brando)!
That almost made him worthy
of a bike ride all that distance
What distance?
Ronan, that's right!
Did they go on a trip together or something?
- Yes, you can say that
He was the one who ran away with him
Go north, to Donegal, I think
- Did you never mention that?
- No, no
I don't think I've ever mentioned that,
do you, Frank?
Maybe I mentioned it at some point, I'm trying to remember
Was their relationship
serious? no no no...
It was not like that
It just went through a wild period
Come on, let's go back to the bar
I hope we haven't said anything annoying,
not at all
If you wanted to know more
then Brigid came from Kinvara...
You can always try to ask her
Brigid! No...
No, it's okay
It doesn't really matter
It is absolutely true!
I'm Frank... Vogel.
Will you allow a moment of your time?
Ronan Quinn?
I met him when we were in Galway.
We did not know him well
He was not a student or anything
And when her parents asked her
to refrain from seeing him, Hassan...
Know our dear (Anna)
She really had an adventurous side
Yes, indeed
It was her little secret
For her alone
It was not like everyone else
where is he now?
His family was raising horses in Connemara.
But I have no idea
if he's there or not
And when she used to come back
here to visit, would they ever go...
You can tell me
I am sure this will not happen
Why are you still awake?
I got tired after traveling
When I was young, I accompanied
your mother here on these visits
Are you sure she never mentioned
Lake Alan or... or anything...
No, no, you didn't
But I am tired and want to go to
sleep. Can we sleep, I want to sleep
Well, good
These meetings, for your information, may be
more enjoyable if you drink from time to time
I thought you were tired
Where are you going?
I `m back
I saw you
I was standing there
I smiled, so she smiled at me
- Maybe I thought so. - Yes
Maybe she smiled
My name is Sean
What a luxurious name!
Will you stay here tonight?
Are you staying in the hotel?
This is possible
Will you buy me a drink?
Yes of course
(Jameson) without snow
Two please, 214
What brings you here...
I mean to Ireland
I'm going from Alabama to California...
Northwest Ireland
You chose the scenic road,
then, right?
However, I came for a real estate transaction
I have to complete it while I'm here, thank you
Your health
Your health
Do you live here? Do you
have a home in Dublin?
I even had a home...
This morning
Today I find my way to escape
Oh really? Well then, escape from what?
A very violent ex-friend
A person who does not seem to believe
the laws against domestic violence...
Do not apply to it
Come on...
Follow my words with a good courtship
One is dominant, and sometimes defeated
This is life
Maybe we should have another cup of this?
I think so
over there
From this direction
Really? Yes
How amazing! I tell you that this man...
- He loves to stop every hour to fill
up or urinate - Yes, she told me that
I swear if I were driving we
would have arrived within 3 hours
- Yes, of course. - Yes
- (Sean) Are you
sure it is your car? Yes
- Sean, come on.
- I don't want to wake up the keys to take my dad
I am done!
We are ready
ladies First
I didn't offer...
I have been doing this since I was 15
And that was in a Daihatsu.
I have no idea Daihatsu, but...
I tell you,
Audi will be really beautiful
What is that?
What? Bad tattoo?
No, it's more like...
Too bad
That man used to act harshly
after drinking a few glasses
He liked smoking the Masters cigarettes.
Was it burning you?
- This is very brutal
- not important
I apologize, I feel slight dizziness
I need to breathe some air.
- Yes
I apologize
I apologize
This is not my best first date
Not the worst for me
You don't have to
stay if you don't want to
As you know
I know
- Is that him? Yes
Well, you know what to do?
- Can you do this? Yeah,
I think I'll get it done
- Good morning.
- This is Jules. We'll take it our way, all right?
I apologize,
we cannot transport the intrusive travelers
Not an intrusive traveler
Not an intrusive traveler,
but I met her last night
She is going to that...
where are you going? - (Larn)
Larn... (Larn) It's close to the lake
I apologize, miss
She is running away from a difficult situation, okay?
We can't do that
Do you know something? Not bad, I
was not the least intrusive traveler either
- Wait, just wait - no,
it's okay
Just a moment,
give me just a moment, okay?
do not go
"Speed limits 10 km per hour"
The place is close to our destination
what is your problem?
We can't do that. Is that what you
consider to be respect for women?
Wait, wait, right!
Are you coming or not?
Don't want to see your
home? There is nothing wrong
Yes, let me guess
- She turned on the radio
all night? I did not do anything
Sorry, would you like to
lift the engine cover? What?
Engine hood My dad is mechanical
It's okay, miss, I have rental insurance
Just lift the damn cap!
Would you like to try it on?
The battery wires were only slightly oxidized
Let your flight be truly safe
Make sure to stop every hour or two
Because that makes the long journey look shorter
"Like rain pouring down the ground,
it calms me when I touch my hand."
"It feels so beautiful."
"Yes, very beautiful."
Frozen Dairy Products
"That visible smile on her face can
warm the room and set fire to the place."
Yes, you can do that.
"You know she can do this."
Maybe you can fix it?
You knew it was this way all the time,
I didn't even know that she had a home here
Among other things
I have 3 days to reach Auckland.
3 days for a sample
Its location is good as you see
It is at the end of this road towards Athlone
and then follow the signs and take us there
Have you ever visited that area,
Mr. Vogel?
No, miss, I didn't
But my mom was there, right?
What is this anyway then?
You two are father
and son on a fishing trip
Initially we all sorted out between
the father and his son somewhat
Only pay the bail
can I repeat that? I couldn't hear you
I said, unless I counted the payment of the surety
Pay the warranty, good
I was fifteen years old
My friends and I took that car on a tour
Call the police and report the theft
The police caught us in two minutes
They threw us in prison and
everyone's parents came at the same hour
As for this man, he came after 24 hours
His mother was in the hospital again
I was dealing with that and trying to deal with it
So I was the reason for my father's nervous breakdown
- Sorry, I wasn't...
- It wasn't a nervous breakdown
I was doing my best
in a very difficult time
But my son couldn't understand this
You wanted a parent like Clark Kent.
I had Clark Kent but
I wanted Superman!
We only wanted a naughty boy
But instead of watching him playing
baseball, we had to visit him in prison
Criminal acts...
Car theft and fires...
- Making fires? Fabricate fires!
- and possession...
Do you want to talk about making fires?
Remember when I told you how my grandfather
used my shoulders as an ashtray?
That guy was just standing
there and watching it happen
That's not true. I had no idea
he had had a drink for years
In a moment like that!
What kind of father never does anything?
I could not see anything!
I saw you, you just passed by
- I pretended you hadn't
seen - I couldn't see anything!
I was not fully aware at the time...
- And you could have done
something with that - I couldn't!
It's okay, Frank.
How did your stomach become?
- She is ill
(Kelty Klhoher) Road No. 283
Where are you going, heaven?
Why are you turning here?
Leave the keys, we want to listen to the radio
Is that...
Is it more important than Auckland?
Why the wheel?
I have work in an electronic repository
Seriously, real work with a real salary
Others will get the job if I
don't get there by Monday
What then?
Wouldn't you just be
able to find another job?
It is not that easy
Do you know what is the first
reason people return to prison?
Because they are committing more crimes?
Because they cannot find work
I will not come back
You are the first person...
A long time ago I loved...
Love to talk to him
I am glad to talk to you
Sorry, can I help you?
I knocked on the door of the house,
but no one answered me
Are you (Ronan)?
Excuse me, who are you?
I'm Frank
(Anna) was my wife
No, (Ronan) was my brother
He passed away 30 years ago
Is this your wife?
Come, let me see you something
(Triumph Thunderbird) model 1963
It took me a long time
to find the whole piece
After Ronan's death,
I tried to reassemble it again
I really don't know why
Did he ever mention my wife to you?
No, no, as I remember, but...
We weren't really connected at the time
Well, I should just let you go
back to your horse if I can...
Right, yes
Thank you. Take care of yourself
you too
Sorry, one thing yet
Where is your brother buried?
He was not buried, but was burned
To spread his ashes over a lake
in the north
Listen, Frank!
are you OK?
- Yes, you're getting wet
We both get wet
Let's go
Are you sure you are fine?
Are you not hungry? no thanks
We should be able to
get to Donegal tonight
What is that?
- Your wife? Yes
She is very beautiful
Where did you pick up?
Somewhere during their honeymoon
Honeymoon with...
Mr. Motorcyclist?
Yes, before he gets lucky and
dies in a tragic motorbike accident
Bring it! Forget it, man
Yes, but she married you
You settled with me...
But she never forgot him...
His ashes roam the surface of
that lake and I am just a delivery boy
My mission is to bring them back together
There are about 10,000 lakes in
Ireland. Are you sure it is the same?
I do not know
Where did you meet?
On a bus in Detroit
A book fell from it and I picked it up
I never told her that I...
I took that bus in the wrong
direction daily for three weeks
I am waiting for her to expect something
How foolish I was!
Listen, I will tell you this...
We may have experience with the rebels...
But those with good hearts are
those who spend our lives with them
"I met my love"
I love this song
Near the wall of the gas plant.
And I dreamed of a dream
"Near the old canal"
"I kissed my love"
"Near the factory wall."
"Dirty Old Town"
"Dirty Old Town"
Do you want to join us, my dear?
- No, no, you are better off without me -
Come on, they are tired of my old voice
- No. - Come on, don't be shy
"The clouds pass"
"Versus the moon"
And cats roam according to their will.
Spring is a girl.
"From the streets at night"
"Dirty Old Town"
"Dirty Old Town"
(Perfect Report)
"I met my love"
Near the wall of the gas plant.
And I dreamed of a dream
"Near the old canal"
"I kissed my love"
"Near the factory wall."
"Dirty Old Town"
"Dirty Old Town"
Thanks for our nice singer over there
(Guinness) beer
Heard you sing while...
Thank you
you have a nice voice
Thank you
"Dramcross" Inn
You're a very kind man, Frank.
That is why I fell in love with you
You make...
The girl feels honored
Thank you
Do you mind sitting in the foreground?
Because I felt dizzy in the car before
not at all
magical touch
I will not steal it
See you at half past six
right Now? Hassan
Thank you
good night
Is it still raining outside?
The sun will rise tomorrow,
that would be great
Bring it...
Where is my mother?
I thought you would bring it with you
Do you know something? We
will start our journey early and...
Indeed (Ireland)
So I guess she'll be fine,
How did Jules pay for her room?
You will send me a check
Well, I want my own room
and I'll send you a check
No, you will not
It will not send you a check
how do you know that?
- She will not send you a check
Did I tell you that?
It is just another person who takes advantage of you
She does not take advantage of me,
but this is my choice
Just another person... just another
person taking advantage of you, right?
Just put that out of your hand,
stop what you're doing for a moment
Put your toothbrush from your hand, come on, man
What do you do? Raise your hands,
I'll teach you how to fight
I do not want that
- I'll teach you how...
- No, no, it's too late!
I just want to go to sleep,
it was a long day
What do you do? Here you are
- Raise your hands -
What are you doing?
- That's good, come on. - No!
Come on, it's fun,
isn't it? What is that? No
Hey, listen, listen, listen
- If this is about Jules...
- What do you mean about Jules?
what are you talking about? stand up
Come on
- What are you going to do?
I will do it, what will you do?
What will you do?
What do you do?
- Come on, get up
- Get your hands off me,
enough - Sit down, come on, hit me!
- What will you do? Would you not do anything?
- I saw you both in the hallway,
I saw her kiss you - What? I'm not...
Do you like it? Do you want
to have a relationship with her?
Do you want to take revenge on my mom for betraying you?
leave me alone!
Bring it!
I am tired of this
I am sick of you
So we will finish this
In the next lake that I see...
We will get away from each other
Where... where is Jules?
I do not know
no no no
- Right! Damn!
Sorry, Aves' service arrived.
No, madam, this looks like a
car with a manual transmission
They were supposed
to send an automatic car
Just a moment
Thank you
I will need that airline ticket
- And the taxi back to Dublin.
- You can just accompany me in the car
What are you talking
about heaven? You will stay
No, the insurance covers the rental car
Who cares about the rental
car? What about my mom?
what about her?
You have to get it back
To get it back...
How will I get it back?
I brought her to
Ireland. That's enough
I think she deserves a little more respect
than saying "You brought her to (Ireland)"
I thought one had to gain that respect
She took care of you for twenty-eight
years, I think she earned that respect
Maybe you should take the bus
How will you pay the costs now?
What costs?
That phone call from your room
No, madam, we didn't make any calls
that's wrong
Do you mind seeing this?
Where is this number located?
Seems like it belongs to Northern Ireland.
Thank you
Good day
I found it!
I called a guy
repairing cars in Belfast.
Let's go find her
I thought you should go to Auckland.
Let me worry about this, okay?
and what? Do you think this is
a big misunderstanding, that...
She did not intend to lie to you or steal
the car and she loves you in its depths
- And you'll ride...
- Okay, stop, stop
Forget it all, forget it
Someone stole your car,
which contained your wife's ashes
Doesn't that make you angry?
Will you come or what?
I don't know how to drive a manual transmission
(Belfast) Township,
Industrial District
"Belfast" Auto Service Workshop
Either elections or
weapons will come today.
Daban Auto Parts
This is the place
"Aleser" will always be British,
not surrender.
It might be a stolen car workshop
What do you do?
This encroaches on private property
Let's go through the front door and ask them
if they bought any stolen car today, okay?
What do you think about doing that?
let's go
- Let's go - it's a dead end
I will raise you, let's go
- Okay - wait
- Do you see it?
- I see number plates
No car
Just be quiet
Just keep calm
Stay calm
We are ok
Run away! Run away!
Run away!
Come on! Come on!
I'm trapped!
I got you! Come on!
Let's go!
I usually try to dismantle the
stolen car as quickly as possible
Unless you want to go somewhere
Larn, I mentioned (Larn)
We will search for it in a map
- And we discover a good path together.
- Yes, I think she was lying
- No, not about that
anyway - that's the hard part
Try to find out if everything
is a lie or just most of it
What do you do?
I'll get you something for your leg,
do you have some money?
- It's okay - Just give me some money,
come on
Don't be weak like that, okay?
Did you find Larn?
in the north
(Hi-Tech) Mobile and
Computer Services
Yes, this is it
I will find a place to park the car
Okay, let's break up
I'll go from that direction,
okay? We will cover such a large area
We trust Harper's pub.
Harper's Pub.
Thanks man, I am very hungry
Here she is
The Harper Pub, the port cabin of
the Autol brothers, was founded in 1831.
Has anyone seen a
girl driving an Audi A4?
Didn't any of you see anything?
Did you find anything? No
And you? No
This is what your mother and I
would have been traveling for a road trip
The opposite of an automated bike
What is the reason for that crowding?
Gateway probably
I will check it out
if not...
Come back soon, come and bring me, okay?
Customs Checkpoint Stop
Ticket please
Customs Checkpoint (Superbrig)
Carna Cargo
Radio 1, to the head office
- "Larnah Port" - A
man got out of the car
Are you going
somewhere? no no no
You know my mother is still in the back,
Very sorry
By seeing her it was too late
I was going to send it to you
I swear to you
Is this what you want?
You wanted a silly car from the start?
All the time?
Was any of that...
Honest? Was any of that real?
what do you want me to say?
We go to prison for trivial thefts
And I'm not (Mother Teresa)
I had to get out of here
Then she gave me the same opportunity
It was that simple
It was nothing personal
It provided the same opportunity
Tell me why you are here
Why am I here?
My damned car was stolen,
that's why I'm here
Just for a moment
come with me
We can pretend that this never happened,
we can...
We can be together
on a boat for a few days
Then we will see where that will lead us
Then what?
You become a free man
Just consider it...
As an opportunity
Take care of yourself, okay?
"Printrans Transport Company"
Come back here, son!
Surface No. 4
Stop right there!
the police"
Surface number 3, the police.
Hey! Get back here now!
"Warning: Beware of injuries
to the roof of the wagons"
Surface No. 6
"Printrans Transport Company"
It is on the roof
It is on the roof
Hey, stop!
pick it! No! No!
Stop where you are!
Hey! the police! Hey!
I caught it now
That is my son!
Come on, let's go!
Put that thing out of your hand, whatever!
Hey! Come back!
We will search for you all over the country!
Let's go! What should I do?
"Slow down the road."
Are we still safe?
All is well
Jam (Hillside) with blueberry.
At least we recovered some of them
what is this?
- It is your ticket
You're ready,
you'll be able to get to Auckland in time
What about my mom?
Let me worry about that
That guy probably
had nothing to do with it
Perhaps not the lake itself
how is your hand?
It hurts me badly
Yes, it will hurt you in the next
few days. It was a heavy blow
Thank you
I mean, right, you...
You restored my mom, that...
I was proud of you
Taxi Cabs.
Go to the airport
Good morning,
Mr. Vogel. This is a wake-up call.
Are you done
Yes, I'm done
Have you canceled your flight?
Are we going to finish this then or what?
Just a moment
What is wrong? the battery?
No, I ran out of fuel
Well let's go!
It will not be far
- Do you hear that? Yes
It's beautiful
Still not working well I think
I can hear the vibration
"The Lord is love"
- Can I help?
- Yes, we apologize for the boycott
We're looking for Lake Alan.
Do you have an idea if we are in the right neighborhood?
Yes, but I fear that you are both in private property
Hassan, his mother... and my wife,
(Anna Vogel) passed away and...
She asked to spread her ashes there
- Anna Vogel? - Yes, this is it
I deeply regret her death
Did you know her?
From i'tikaf only
We have a spiritual retreat here
We rent rooms from the monastery
I stayed a few times over the years
Did she ever tell you that?
Perhaps that was a
personal subject for her, then
This little private
oasis is not uncommon
She was a nice woman
It really was
When she came here she
would spend a day in the kitchen
That was her way of contributing
We were all sitting that night and
enjoying a delicious meal together
- Sorry for your
loss - Thank you
The man she was with
Is there a way to find out if
his ashes are here somewhere?
I fear there is no way there
are hundreds of lakes here
Why would you like to know that?
In fact...
Lake (Alan) is the lake
that the deer liked to cross
Its landscape is very picturesque
The problem is when the fog fills the place
The deer cannot see the other side
And gets confused
And it continues to change direction again and again
To eventually drown
You are so close that she is there
after the hill and around the bend
Be careful of fog
"My mom said to me, Lift your
head from the sieve of your hands."
"My mom told me that this
pain will eventually go away"
Beware your mistake there
"But the shock waves
on my bones will remain."
"Like your ghost here on my bed."
"When I got lost I saw that I was pretty"
Sometimes I think of you asleep,
so sleep for a while.
Sometimes I ask myself who does this with love
And to the tops of the white mountains going up.
"Oh my God, you put me on the side of this path."
"It's cold here and I
don't want to walk alone."
"I carry inside you a bottle of your blood."
"A beggar prayers on the tip of my tongue"
Jam (Hillside) with blueberry.
Do you want to bid it farewell?
"My mom said to me, Lift your
head from the sieve of your hands."
"My mom told me that this
pain will eventually go away"
my love...
we have arrived
we are here
Receive love from you...
Was the greatest...
The greatest privilege...
in my life
That is in addition to being a father...
nothing else matters
nothing else matters
What do you do?
I will go swimming with your mother
Will you come or what?
Impossible, the water is too cold, man
that's it
Damn it!
So what will you do now?
I dont know, maybe I will stay here for a while
I travel intrusively
To see where it will take me the way
That open distance is all good now
I returned to your knowledge
I went back to face your grandfather after burning you
I knew exactly what I was going to say
I was in the middle of it, and I attacked him strongly
Then he just started laughing at me
I didn't know what to do
So I got out...
The car drove away...
I never saw him again
You did not see him either
Is this what my mom wanted to see then?
The place is really beautiful here
It really is
"Gray hills in midnight green."
"As the sun overlooks the mountain peaks tonight."
"I almost touch it."
"Birds pronounce words like I said."
"The songs sleep on the river floor tonight."
- "Akkad..."
- "The End of Judgment"
"To hear it"
Sometimes I wish I were you.
"I walk around your secret lake and I melt"
I wander with you.
"I wonder if you think about"
Or if you know how
heavy I feel tonight
"I can almost hear you"
"All the money I had."
"I spent it in good company."
And all the harm it did.
"Unfortunately, no one but me."
"And all I did was because of my fools."
"For a memory I can't remember now."
"So, pour me a cup of separation."
"I wish a good night and happiness to all of you."
"All the comrades I accompanied."
"I am sorry for my departure"
And all the granules that I loved.
"I wish I could stay another day"
But since this was my share
"I have to get up
while you don't"
"So I will rise kindly and call gently."
"I wish a good night and happiness to all of you."