End of Term (2021) Movie Script

[dark music]
[soft music]
[liquid flowing]
[dark music]
[door creaking]
[soft music]
- [Narrator] The image
of the tortured artist
is a common one.
Like all such cliches,
it is overused,
but there is truth in it.
There are those who believe that
in order to create great
art, you must suffer.
Now, this is errant nonsense.
This is the belief of
another more disturbing
but happily irrelevant group
who maintain that just
because you suffer,
you can create great art.
The poet Byron once said
the greatest gift of life is
sensation to feel that we exist
even in pain.
As a romantic,
he understood the value
of pain and suffering,
but he also knew that
it was not a necessity.
Those who believe that art
can only derive from pain,
who would perhaps be best
advised to go to the place
where they can experience
this at their endless leisure.
[dark music]
[siren wailing in distance]
[people chattering]
[phone ringing]
[siren wailing continues]
- Sorry to have kept you.
We got a bit behind.
I'm Detective Sergeant
Stacy Harcourt.
You can call me
Stacy, if you like.
And this is Detective
Inspector Burman.
- Hi.
- Thank you for seeing us.
I know it's,
it's a bit soon after
what happened, but
the more we can find out now,
the sooner we can get
hold of whoever did this.
- You have no legal
- Do I need it?
- [DI Burman] It is your right.
This is a murder inquiry,
so I'm sure somebody
must have explained.
- Am I a suspect?
- At this stage we just--
- No.
You're not a suspect.
As far as we can
see, you are a victim
and a witness.
So that's why we
need to talk to you.
- Then I don't need a lawyer.
- Okay.
Now we're not gonna
take a sworn statement.
This is just a, an
informal interview,
but we would like to record it.
Is that okay with you?
That just helps us with a,
with a formal witness statement
when things move along.
- Can you wait outside, please?
- Interview with Melissa
Ryan commencing at 15:19
on the 22nd of May, 2017.
For the sake of the tape,
could you state your full
name, address, and age please?
- Melissa Jane Ryan.
I live at the old
Rectory Student Hall,
Ford Barrington
School of Art, Boley.
I'm 22.
- And what is it
you do for a living?
- I'm a student.
I was a student.
I just graduated.
- Okay.
All right, the first thing
we'd like to do is
you tell us as best you can,
what happened at the school
and then at that
house, the old rectory,
on the 19th of May,
which is two days ago.
- What do you mean?
- Just tell us what happened.
- All of it?
- All of it.
We just want to know the facts.
- Facts?
Don't know where to start.
- The beginning.
Start at the beginning.
- What do you think
is relevant, Melissa?
- You mean when
I heard somebody screaming?
[dark music]
- Well, if yes, if you
think that's relevant.
- The party,
the exhibition,
[people applauding]
the morning when you woke up?
- Should get going.
- Sure.
- It's okay, Melissa,
just take your time.
What's the first thing
that you think is relevant?
[dark music]
- I guess it was when my sister
came to the graduation show
the night before.
- Eva Francis Ryan?
- Eva,
my sister.
[dark music continues]
[knocking on door]
- Hello?
[door creaking]
[uneasy music]
Is anyone here?
[uneasy music continues]
[door creaking]
[dramatic music]
[all laughing]
- [Eva] Not funny.
Fuck's sake.
- How's it going?
- Bunch of assholes.
- Wow, your sister's
a queen bitch, Mel.
- Who the fuck are you?
- Don't listen to him.
- Wasn't planning to.
- [Mel] It's good to see you
and you try and
be nice for once.
- Like that's gonna happen.
I'm never nice.
- Come on.
You're an idiot.
- [Housemate 1] We
gonna go for a drink.
- [Housemate 2] Did you
see the look on her face?
She was absolutely terrified.
- [DS Harcourt] So did
you and Eva get along?
- Of course,
we're sisters.
- I don't always get
along with my sister.
- You haven't met
DI Barman's sister?
[people chattering]
[phones ringing]
- So you two are
okay together, yeah?
- We have the odd like
difference, but yeah.
You decided on where
you're going next year?
- Not yet.
- You know you should seriously
think about coming here.
If it's art you're
interested in,
you won't find anywhere better.
- Well, I'm sure dad
would be delighted
to fork out another 20K a
year for that privilege.
- Don't call him that.
- That's what he's about to be.
- To you, maybe.
Not to me.
- Looking for something?
Come on.
It's been five years
since he passed.
- Yeah.
Thanks to the stress of finding
out mom was cheating on him.
- That's neither true nor fair.
- Cheating on him
with Mr. Hargreaves.
AKA, your new dad.
- So you'll be RSVPing?
- In the negative.
- You've got to forgive
mom before the wedding.
It will mean a lot to her.
It will mean a lot to me.
We lost dad, I don't
wanna lose my sister too.
- You're not gonna lose me
whether I'm at the
wedding or not.
[birds chirping]
- Good morning.
- Morning.
So where's everyone else?
This place can't
just be for you guys.
- Only the graduates
hanging around this week.
- Where's my sister?
- Oh, she's in the
basement with Lizzie.
- I think she was a bit
freaked out by the prank.
I don't think she was
expecting something like that.
The house was really
big and empty.
I think she was a bit like
- So, like unrelaxed
or unrelaxed?
- She seemed like
she wasn't relaxed.
- Who else was in the
house that morning?
- There was only
a few of us left.
- [DI Burman] Mm, who exactly?
- Ashley, obviously.
- [DI Burman] Why?
- What?
- But why obviously?
You said she was
obviously there.
- She always was.
She was always in
the center of things.
she was.
- I, I tell you what we've got.
There's an accommodation
list from the school office.
So I'll just go through it
and you tell me
who is there, okay.
So Ashley Vogel,
Daniel Tanner,
Andrew Duff.
- Yes.
- Brandon Fuller.
Elizabeth Pearl.
- Lizzie.
Lizzie Pearl,
was in the basement with her.
- And was there
anyone else there?
- Everyone else had left.
It was the end of term.
- So it was just you lot
in that big old house.
- You were down in the
basement, you said.
Did you often go down there?
- She was showing me
her graduation piece.
She created this
BDSM torture chair thing.
All about fear
and sex and death.
It was way too big to
get out of the basement.
It's typical of her, really.
She had to make a
maquette out of it
to get it to the exhibition.
Lizzie is crazy,
brilliant but crazy.
She called it,
'Love is a bitch.'
[people yelling in background]
- All about fear
and sex
and death.
- [indistinct shouting
in background]
- Curious?
- Yeah, you know,
I always wondered
what it'd be like
if sadomasochism met dentistry.
- Oh, come on, I'll show you.
Strap me in.
Okay, that goes through there.
- [Melissa] Like that.
- Come on, Melissa,
tighter than that.
Okay, now this one.
- Where did you say
you got all this?
- Okay, don't forget the neck.
- Would you like some
nipple clamps as well?
- Do you have some?
- I'll check, I think
they're with my Billy bags.
- Okay.
And the mask.
[dark music]
- You all right?
- [Lizzie] Yeah.
Okay, now press the
big pink button.
- Really?
- Just do it.
[machines humming]
- [Machine] No evil.
See no evil.
Speak no evil.
Fear no evil.
See no evil.
Speak no evil.
- Subtle, just like you.
[dark music]
- So this
is art, is it?
- Yes.
- [DI Burman] How?
- What do you mean?
- How.
How is that?
- It's all about the idea.
That doesn't matter so much
as the idea that
Lizzie came up with
that created it.
- Surely it matters
to the poor buggers
who have to look at it.
Like me, for example.
Why would I, I choose to go
to a gallery and look at that?
- It's not the point.
You just witness the concept.
What you think of
it doesn't matter.
- It's a bit
convenient, isn't it?
You don't have to actually
learn how to do anything,
how to paint or,
or carve or anything.
And you can all call
yourself artists.
Well, sorry--
- Sir.
I think we might be straying
off the point a bit.
- You're mistaking
craft for art.
- Oh, am I?
Oh, well, I'm very sorry.
you all erm
call yourselves, oh
god, what's that word?
Conceptualists, do you?
- Mostly.
Ashley wasn't.
anti-conceptualism is a concept.
She was always about
being in the moment emotionally.
Then she started to go
on about Garth Stroman.
He sort of became a hero to her.
Stroman and,
[speaking in Latin].
- What does that mean?
- Oh, it's, it's
something about--
- Through torture comes truth.
- Sorry, who is Garth Stroman?
- I've worked on the
Garth Stroman case.
He was a maniac.
He was a very dangerous man.
- Jesus.
- Some people thought
he was brilliant.
- He's a load of bollocks.
He wasn't an artist.
He was a psychopath.
- Should we carry on, sir?
So Melissa,
how did you and Ashley get on?
I'm sorry, is that a
difficult question?
- No.
- Melissa?
- We slept together a few times
in second year,
but it was over.
It had been for 18 months.
[uneasy music]
[knocking on door]
- [Ashley] Melissa?
- Just a moment.
Shit, do you mind?
- Oh, sorry.
I thought you said come in.
- It's all right,
just close the door.
[gentle music]
What's this?
- A gift.
- Ashley, I can't.
- Yes you can.
It'll be a symbol of
the bond between us.
- Ashley.
- Let's not make
this a big deal.
- We should get going.
- Sure.
[uneasy music]
- So there was the
graduation show.
- This was at the college?
What was the atmosphere like?
- Mixture of excitement
and anti-climax.
- Anti-climax?
Sounds bitter.
- Three years of hard
work for one night.
It was okay.
- Ladies and gentlemen,
students, friends and
family, thank you.
Welcome to the Ford Barrington
Annual Graduation Exhibition.
[audience applauds]
This exhibition has
become a leading event
in the art school community.
Going from strength to
strength, year after year,
as we nurture and encourage
the talent that this
university attracts.
To our benefactors
who have supported us,
to our artists we
have developed,
can I say from the
bottom of my heart,
please keep on doing
what you've been doing.
Thank you.
[audience applauds]
[audience cheers]
[people chattering]
- I didn't know you were
going for this sort of
abstract expressionism
kind of thing.
Bit of Jackson Pollock,
bit of de Kooning.
- So smarmy Eva.
- Seriously, Mel,
your work's amazing.
- Thanks.
And don't call me Mel.
- And yours is
really fucked up.
What's wrong with you?
- Thank you.
Don't hold back
on your critique.
- Yeah.
- And that is the best
review he's given all day.
- [Melissa] Where have you been?
- Parking the car.
I've got something for you.
- These are first class.
- [Scott] You deserve it.
- [Melissa] How can
I possibly thank you?
- [DI Burman] Scott
Goddison was there?
- Was Scott your boyfriend?
- Yes.
He was an ex-student
of the school.
He set up the
gallery when he left.
He does this sort of
platform over the summer for
Ford Barrington graduates.
- Trust him?
- Yes,
he's my boyfriend.
We're moving in together.
- Goddison Fine Arts
closed about a week ago.
Went into administration
on the 14th of May.
Didn't he tell you that?
[uneasy music]
- Who moved her?
- Ah, Self.
It's so nice to see you again.
Still spreading the
joy wherever you go.
- Well now Scotty,
I hear that people
are just lining up
to get into your new gallery.
- Oh really?
You, you've heard that.
- Debt collectors,
unpaid artists,
unsatisfied customers.
- It's the pity the
limit of your creativity
is your cutting wit.
Otherwise, you might have
made quite the artist.
- Mm, the skills, Scotty,
is to recognize the limit
of your own limitations.
That was your alpha I
saw outside, I assume.
Well, I hope it's leased.
- He seemed nice.
Who was he?
- Damien Self.
The most priggish,
unpleasant critic
you're ever gonna come across.
- Priggish.
That's what I was gonna say.
- Scott.
Glad to see there's
at least something
of our fine academic
traditions to lure you back.
- Professor, looks like you've
found a new star graduate.
- They'd become good friends.
The show was a great stepping
stone for the graduates.
The more recognition they got,
the better it was for
Professor Leigh, I guess.
I don't understand.
- You don't understand what?
- They got on so well.
- What don't you
understand about that?
- I want to see Eva.
- Well, before we do that,
I just want to ask--
- I'd like to see Eva.
- [DC Harcourt] I'm sure you do.
[phone ringing]
- This,
this sister of yours,
you're not really
sisters, are you?
- You mean 'cause I'm adopted?
- Yes.
- How did you find out?
- It's on record,
nothing sinister.
How did Eva
feel about that?
- Why are you delving
into my life like this?
You said that I
wasn't a suspect, so
how is that relevant to this?
- Just
that sort of thing can
be a source of tension,
friction between siblings.
- Well, it isn't
between us.
- You sure about that?
- Yes.
She didn't know.
- Your parents didn't
tell her you were adopted?
- They didn't even tell me.
I found out by myself
when mom had her affair.
I was pissed off
and I wanted to find
out some dirt on her.
And I found out that.
- Did you tell her?
- No.
I don't want anything
to do with her.
She betrayed my father.
- It killed him.
- You loved your dad?
- Of course I did.
I loved both of them.
I couldn't believe she would
do something like that.
- [DS Harcourt] And
how long ago was this?
- Six years ago.
[uneasy music]
I had to wait three
fucking years to get away,
to get away from her,
and that man she wanted
me to call father.
- Oh, there's just
one more thing.
Do you,
do you know who your
birth parents are?
- No.
They don't tell you that.
I tried to find out,
but they said they
had to ask the parents
and they never got back to me.
- Okay.
Moving on.
So you were at the exhibition.
[uneasy music]
Tell us a bit more about that.
- The Sands of Time set against.
- In permanence of life in
context, he called the--
- And he literally stared at it
right in his face.
- [Melissa] How big was it?
- Well, do you
remember the horse
that used to be in
the field next door?
[indistinct chatter]
I'll catch up with you.
[people chattering]
You okay?
- Oh, I'm just fine.
- Nice work.
- No, it's not.
I'm the worst
artist in this dump.
- I like it.
- [DI Burman] So
this Brandon Fuller,
[uneasy music]
is there something between
him and your sister?
- No.
They'd only just met.
Though there could have been.
He's exactly the sort
of guy she goes for,
- Crushed?
- He had a really
hard time with Ashley.
He thought he was special, that
she really liked him.
So when she dumped him, he
felt particularly badly hurt.
But he was just another
person and a long line
of badly hurt people.
[soft music]
He just wasn't tough
enough for her.
- But you were tough
enough for her?
- Yeah.
I guess I was.
- She didn't hurt you at all?
- Not then.
- I'm sorry?
- She didn't hurt
me when we split up.
If anything it was
the other way around.
She kept trying to
start things up again.
She wouldn't leave me alone.
Kept saying how special we were.
- Really?
- Yes.
- You know, I still think
we should get a place
together in London.
We could do great
things together.
- I'm sure we would.
But Scott and I, we're--
- Oh,
Scott and I, that old record.
- Look, Ashley, I'm flattered.
But you know I
don't feel that way.
- But what we had--
- Was fun
and brief a long time ago.
- I don't believe you
don't feel the same.
[uneasy music]
- [DS Harcourt] So
you may have hurt her.
- Her pride, maybe.
That didn't stop her going
after anyone in her path.
- Hmm.
So she,
she had a lot of lovers?
- You could say that, I guess.
- [DS Harcourt] And do
you know who they were?
[uneasy music]
- How long have you got?
[uneasy music continues]
Although there was
one particular person.
[uneasy music continues]
- A member of staff?
- You know?
- Depends who you're
talking about.
- Who are you talking about?
- I'm afraid we
can't tell you that.
- Professor Leigh.
How did you know?
- It was reported to us
on a couple of occasions.
There's nothing we could do.
He isn't on the Sex
Offenders register, and
they were all consenting adults.
Very young consenting adults,
but adults nonetheless.
- So he'd got around then?
- He was careful.
That sort of thing's a
matter of academic protocol.
Like I said,
nothing we can do.
[uneasy music continues]
- I think that's tragic.
[uneasy music continues]
[people chattering]
- Congratulations on
your graduation piece.
- Thank you.
- I'm expecting great
things from you.
- Mr. Self.
- Yes?
- I would be very interested
to hear what you
think of my work.
- Really?
Would you?
- Yes.
Your opinion is very
highly regarded.
- And you are?
- Ashley Vogel.
- Hmm.
Yes, your work displays a,
an exuberance of an
energy of a kind,
I suppose.
And it's
nothing if not eye catching.
And there is a,
a smidgen, a scintilla,
however tiny, however nominal
of technical ability.
- That's dangerously
close to a compliment.
- However, mediocre
the execution.
Well, I haven't meant
to upset you, my dear.
It's the art I'm
considering, not you.
- Surely art is merely an
extension of a great artist.
- Well, I'm meant to hold back
from using words like great
when talking about yourself.
- You don't have
to listen to this.
- Oh dear.
I constantly forget how
thin-skinned the
youth of today are.
It true.
Your gallant, though naive
defender is perfectly correct.
You don't have to listen to me.
Though do bear in mind the
rest of the art world does.
- You never fail to remind
me where the expression
bastard" comes from.
- Descartes said, "I
think therefore I am",
I am a critic,
therefore I critique.
I am not a counselor
or a wet nurse.
And if people can't
take criticism well,
they might just as well
get a job in a supermarket.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
[uneasy music]
[whistling Mozart]
- This is
- This is Garth,
Garth Stroman.
- He looks hideous.
- Garth Stroman is
more than hideous.
He's a legend,
a great artist,
until things took a
turn for the worse.
[dramatic music]
- [Eva] What do you mean
took a turn for the worse?
- He was celebrated,
but he felt like a fraud.
There was no
honesty in his work.
So he took on a new ethos,
that truth could
only come from pain.
[uneasy music]
He believed his art
would take him to a higher state
beyond mortality.
You wanna hear something
really interesting?
Garth's house was
left to the university
on condition it became
student accommodation
for budding artists.
Rumor has it, his spirit
still walks the corridors.
[uneasy music continues]
But I don't know.
Is that sort of
thing really art?
[whistling Mozart]
- Am I in the presence of
a fellow Mozart devotee?
A tone deaf one.
[whistling Mozart]
Who's there, hm?
[whistling continues]
Oh, how juvenile.
[dramatic music]
- Do you mean Self?
- Yes.
He was killed by
a blow to the head
- Him too.
- Sorry?
- Nothing, I,
I'm just a bit,
you know.
Was this after the exhibition?
- Well, yes, obviously.
- Melissa, can you
think of anyone
who might have wanted
to kill Damian Self?
- I think a list of people
who didn't want to kill
him would be shorter.
he has,
he had a lot of enemies.
He was a very harsh critic.
He hated what Ford
Barrington stood for.
People listened to him.
He was very influential.
He ruined people's careers.
Their lives.
- Whose?
- What?
- Whose life has he ruined?
Give us an example.
- It's just what I've heard.
I can't think of anyone.
- What about Garth Stroman?
Damien Self wrote a really
nasty piece about him
in the International
Arts Review,
calling him out,
saying he was a fraud,
saying that he was guilty
of every kind of crime
under the sun,
including murder.
For Stroman, it was the
beginning and the end.
Him and his weirdo followers
in their masks and robes.
Vigilantes got him.
Never found the body.
- I'm sorry, I,
I don't know anything
about that all.
- Right, we, we can
come back to that.
So after the exhibition,
what then?
There was a a party back at
the house, is that right?
- Everyone was off their heads.
It was the final night.
It was a relief that
it was all over.
[uneasy music]
[engine rumbling]
[upbeat music]
[upbeat music continues]
[people chattering]
[upbeat music continues]
- All right?
You seen Melissa?
- Inside.
- Enjoy the party.
[upbeat music continues]
[people chattering]
- Two queens.
Is that good or bad?
[upbeat music continues]
[people chattering]
- Hey guys, what we doing?
- Playing strip poker.
We saved you a seat.
- It's all right, I let you
guys play with yourselves.
- I've missed you, Scott.
[upbeat music continues]
[people chattering]
[electronic music]
[people chattering]
- Well, time to circulate
amongst my friends, I suppose.
- Am I imagining things
or is there something
strange between you two?
- [Melissa] We have a
unique relationship.
- Today, we are academics.
Tomorrow we are
officially unemployed.
[all cheering]
[upbeat music]
[people chattering]
[electronic music]
- What's this?
I'm not sure if it's
an homage or an insult.
Who made it?
- [Brandon] Who'd you think?
- Sorry.
Big mouth strikes again.
So is random sex
compulsory in this place?
- [Brandon] Great artist
always get the girl.
- [Lizzie's Friend] I would
love to see your bedroom.
- I can make that happen.
- [Eva] And she's a
great artist, is she?
- [Brandon] It depends
what you mean by great.
[people chattering]
[electronic music]
[uneasy music]
[distorted electronic music]
[uneasy music]
[heavy breathing]
[strange music]
[heavy breathing]
[strange music continues]
[kisses smacking]
[shower head spraying]
[clock ticking]
[strange music]
[strange music]
[strange music continues]
[pleasureful moaning]
[pleasureful moaning continues]
[door creaking]
[lights buzzing]
- Give it a break guys.
Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, go fuck yourself!
[doors slamming]
[dramatic music]
Guys, this isn't funny.
Dan, Andy.
Stop it.
Stop it!
- So Melissa, where was
Eva during all this?
- She's well, around.
Where is she?
Has something happened to her?
- No, now just hang on.
- Something's happened
to, hasn't it?
Tell me.
- Melissa, we just need
to do this in stages.
So just stay calm, okay?
- I am calm.
I just feel like there's
a fuck load of stuff
you're not telling me.
- No, you are the one who's
telling us what happened.
We weren't there, remember?
- Look, I don't have to be here.
I want to leave.
- Melissa, we're just
trying to help you, okay?
- It doesn't feel like it.
It feels like you think
I'm guilty of something,
that I've done something.
I thought I was the victim.
- You are.
Look, would you like
to take a break?
I can get the officer to
bring you some tea, coffee.
- No.
I don't want anything.
- Listen, you leaving right now
is not gonna help us
find out who did this.
Right now, you are
our best chance.
So please,
can we just carry on?
[sirens wailing in distance]
[sirens continue wailing]
- We were talking about Eva.
- You were.
Look, I was asleep
and the house was quiet.
I thought I heard her.
[uneasy music]
- [Eva] Stop it!
[uneasy music continues]
[people chattering]
[soft music]
[strange music]
- I thought she might
have got off with someone.
[uneasy music]
- [DS Harcourt] Have
you seen this before?
- In Eva's room.
[clock ticking]
[uneasy music]
- Ashley?
[screaming continues]
Don't do that.
You okay?
- What do you think?
- Have you seen Eva?
- Why does she
have to flaunt it?
- Because she can.
I don't know.
- You said earlier that Brandon
would never hurt Ashley.
- I'm not sure I said that,
but I don't think he would.
- Well, you said he was
very upset about Ashley.
So would he hurt anyone else?
Someone he was jealous of, say?
- Well, you never know
with people, do you?
- And where was Elizabeth
Pearl at this time?
- Lizzie?
No idea.
- Where are we going?
- You'll see, come on.
It'll be worth it, I promise.
- [Lizzie's Friend] Ooh, spooky.
What is this place?
- [Lizzie] May I present
my graduation piece?
Love is a bitch.
You like it?
- Wow.
- Ready?
- [Lizzie's Friend] Born, ready.
Turn it on.
[uneasy music]
- Let's go.
- [Lizzie's Friend] Oh
yeah, that is terrifying.
- What the fuck?
- Okay, not funny.
What's going on?
- Stop!
- Why fucking doesn't it stop?!
- [Machine] See no evil.
Speak no evil.
Hear no evil.
See no evil.
[uneasy music]
[muffled music in headphones]
[clock ticking]
[glass breaking]
- Oh fuck!
[dark music]
[dark music continues]
- I don't know.
I heard a scream,
someone screamed.
- What did you do?
- I,
I freaked out.
I was asleep.
Scott wasn't there.
- And so what did you do?
- I locked myself in my room.
[strange music]
[strange music continues]
[phone ringing]
[strange music continues]
[glass breaking]
[strange music continues]
[person screaming]
- [Brandon] Quick.
- I don't know.
I couldn't see properly.
It was a man, he had
this long coat on.
And then I heard Brandon,
he was shouting,
calling for help.
- [Brandon] Hey.
Oh my.
Come here, quick.
- He was in Ashley's room
and the door was shut,
which was really strange.
But I forgot all about
it when I saw the blood.
Oh God.
- [Andy] What the
fuck's going on?
- [Melissa] Where's Eva?
[dark music]
Oh my god.
- What's happening?
Where's Ashley?
- Fuck this.
There was someone outside.
[uneasy music]
- Eva!
- Ashley.
- Eva!
- Ashley!
- [Dan] This is not cool.
- [Melissa] We have
to call the police.
- I'm gonna find my phone.
- Me too.
- Maybe they took Eva and
went to another party.
- No, because the
cars are still here.
There was blood all
over her bedsheet.
Something is wrong.
- Anything?
- I couldn't find my phone.
I, I'd left it
charging, but it's gone.
- Where's Andy?
- [Brandon] I don't know,
still looking, I guess.
- [Scott] Melissa.
- [Melissa] Scott,
where have you been?
- There's a power cut.
- I tried calling you.
- I left my phone
in the kitchen.
- What's wrong
with the fuse box?
- [Dan] Andy?
- Fuses are gone.
- Wait, they've blown?
- They're gone.
- Andy!
- [Melissa] Gone?
- I can't find them.
What the fuck is going on?
- Wait, what?
What happened to your hand?
- Cut it on a broken glass.
- You sure that's
from broken glass?
- What are you trying
to accuse me of?
- Let me be very clear.
- I don't know
what's going on here.
- If you've done anything
to Andy or the others,
I'm gonna make sure
that you regret it, pal.
- I don't like to be threatened.
- Scott.
What's happening?
- I have no idea
why he was there.
- No idea at all?
- Maybe Scott called
him, I don't know.
- And it didn't
strike you as odd.
The dean of the school
turning up at the student
hall of residence at what,
2:30 in the morning.
- He runs the place.
He can do whatever
he likes, I guess.
- Did nobody think to ask?
- Look,
we were looking
for Eva and Ashley.
happened in Ashley's room.
We were scared,
worried, I was,
I was kind of glad to
see him at the time.
If only I'd known.
- Let's just get
the facts straight.
There are no reported injuries.
Just a few students
that left the house.
I'm not gonna go to
the police with that.
- Someone's taking
my fucking phone.
- And what about the blood
we found in Ashley's room?
- Have you considered this
may be something else?
- Like what?
- Do you think I don't know
about the Garth Stroman pranks
that happen in this house.
- This isn't a fucking prank.
- There's something else.
[uneasy music]
I found this in Eva's room.
I thought it was a joke.
- [Leigh] Well, that is Stroman.
- Someone was
watching me earlier.
- Right, we're
going to the police.
What'd he look like?
- Like, like Andy when he
was dressed as Stroman.
- And you don't know
where Andy is now?
- That wasn't what she meant.
He was with me all night.
- [Melissa] No.
Not when he went to
look for his phone.
- For 60 seconds.
- How would you know?
- What?
- How would you know he
was with you all night?
You were asleep.
- I'm telling you
it wasn't Andy.
And what about you?
You were the last
person to see him.
- Where were you all night?
- Oh, I'm sorry, Mr.
blood all over my hands.
You're pointing the
bleeding finger at me now?
- All this Stroman
talk is nonsense.
- Look, who cares.
My sister and our
friends are missing.
We need to find them.
Maybe it was a shit prank,
but it didn't feel like it.
I couldn't think straight.
Nobody could.
No, please don't go.
- I'll be back before
you know it, okay?
Stay here, safe, together.
- This is ridiculous.
Why are we just waiting here?
- What's the alternative?
- We go out there
and look for them.
Andy would never just
walk off like that.
- [Brandon] Are you
joined at the hip.
- Well, you two just sit there.
But I'm gonna do
something about it.
- Dan, don't.
- Just let him go.
- Brandon, it's
not safe for him.
- I'll keep an eye on him.
[uneasy music]
[dog barking]
- [DI Burman] I'm sorry.
Who went to the college?
- Professor Leigh and Scott.
- And you didn't think
that was strange?
- I think,
I think maybe they,
they had gone to call
the police or something.
Our phones were missing.
- Yeah, it didn't take
two of them did it.
- I know.
Maybe Professor Leigh,
maybe he killed Damian Self.
Maybe he'd gone back to cover
up the evidence or something.
[uneasy music]
- Back to the
scene of the crime?
Why would a respectable
man like Leigh--
- Respectable?
- Well you know what I mean.
He had an image to uphold.
Why would he risk killing
a high profile individual
like Self in his own backyard?
Why would he kill
anyone Melissa?
- I don't know.
That's for you to find out.
- Well, if Scott was with him,
that would make
Scott an accomplice.
- I don't know.
I wasn't there.
I don't know.
- No, you stayed in
the house, didn't you?
- Why?
- Well weren't you
afraid about being there?
- We couldn't leave.
What if Eva had
come back or Ashley?
We thought it was a sick prank.
- Oh, so you stayed
there for Eva and Ashley.
[uneasy music continues]
When was the next
time you saw Scott?
- You know.
- Why don't you wait here.
[uneasy music]
[alarm sounding]
[tense music]
- Professor Leigh.
Professor Leigh.
[tense music continues]
- Okay, so Ms. Ryan,
what would you say if I told you
that we already had
officers at the school?
- I don't know.
- Someone called us to tell us
that something had
happened to Damien Self.
Do you know anything about that?
- No.
I didn't know he was
until you told.
- Is that so?
- Yes.
- Self's body was discovered
just after you all alleged
Scott and Professor Leigh
went into the same building.
- What am I supposed to say?
I wasn't there.
[uneasy music]
- Melissa.
- It's Leigh.
- What's Leigh.
- It's him, it was all him.
He was Stroman's disciple.
- What are you talking about?
- This.
Professor Leigh was
Stroman's disciple.
- What the fuck?
- And Scott's with him.
[tense music]
- I'm so sorry
it's come to this.
[tense music continues]
- I was running up the
stairs and I saw blood,
lots of blood.
And someone was lying there,
I think they were dead.
And then I saw it coming for me.
[suspenseful music]
[banging on door]
[dramatic music]
[uneasy music]
- Mel.
[uneasy music]
[dark music]
- It was her.
- Who do you mean?
- Ashley.
She did it all.
She was in the basement
with Professor Leigh.
They're creating the
[speaking in Latin].
They were creating
Stroman's last work.
[housemates screaming]
- Please, help.
- Please let me out.
Please, stop.
- Please.
- [Scott] What are you doing?
No, fucking, no.
Fuck you.
- No!
- Fucking don't!
Don't do that!
Fuck you.
Fucking hell.
Fucking don't.
Fuck you.
[dark music]
[dark music continues]
[dark music continues]
- No!
[dark music continues]
- [Brandon] This
has gone too far.
No one was supposed to die.
No one was supposed
to get this hurt.
- [Ashley] Well,
Brandon, sweetie.
Of course they were.
- [Brandon] It's not
too late for us to stop.
- [Ashley] Dan's awake.
Now we can start.
Would you prepare Dan, please?
- [Leigh] Brandon.
Brandon, you idiot
give me a hand.
- [Ashley] Help him.
[dark music]
- [Lizzie] Please, don't.
[muffled grunting]
- [Dan] No.
Get the fuck away from me.
[Dan screaming]
Go on.
Get off me.
- I love you.
I love you.
[dramatic music]
- [Lizzie] Please stop it now.
Brandon, stop.
Please stop.
[soft music]
[dark music]
- Please tell me
you're impressed with
the graduation piece.
Someone's got to
suffer for their art.
We were something, you and I.
- You're crazy.
Totally fucking crazy.
- What great artist
isn't a little?
How can you not understand?
I need you to open your eyes.
See the bigger picture.
- You're not gonna
get away with it.
- Baby.
I'm counting on that.
Is anyone here?
- What the hell are you doing?
- [Dispatcher]
Restricted channel over.
- [Ashley] Hello, I'm
reporting a multiple homicide.
- [Leigh] Jesus, Ashley,
this wasn't part of the deal.
- [Ashley] No, what deal
was that, professor?
- [Leigh] I've done
what I said I do.
- [Ashley] Yes, but
you didn't think
it would really
end there, did you?
That's not what Garth
would've wanted, is it?
- I have no desire to
spend the rest of my life
rotting in some
fucking prison cell.
- You'll find us at
the old student house
on the Ford
Barrington Art campus.
See you shortly.
[uneasy music]
- So what happened next?
Can you tell me?
- No.
- [DS Harcourt] Why not?
[uneasy music continues]
- You wouldn't believe me.
- We will.
What happened?
[uneasy music continues]
- He was there.
[uneasy music continues]
- Who was there?
[uneasy music continues]
- No.
You have to stop it.
[uneasy music continues]
- What's happening?
[sinister music]
Take her.
Take her!
[intense screaming]
[sinister music continues]
- [Brandon] No!
[sirens wailing]
[uneasy music]
[soft music]
- I've gotta say, Ms. Ryan,
your story is quite
difficult to grasp.
- I said that you
wouldn't believe me.
- But before we,
I just want to sum this
up so that we're clear.
So we receive an anonymous
phone call on the 19th of May
to say that Damien Self is dead
at the Barrington School of Art.
We dispatch two officers
who gain access to the
place around 3:00 AM
They eventually
find Mr. Self's body
and as they're
calling for backup,
they spot somebody running
out of the building.
We then get a radio call
on a police frequency
from a woman you
identify as Ashley
claiming there's been
a multiple homicide
at the school's
halls of residence.
An armed team gets there
and finds you all alone
in the basement
tied to a chair, beaten
up and hysterical.
The place is covered in blood
and there's evidence that
an act of considerable
violence has taken place.
And yet--
- There,
there are no other witnesses
and no bodies.
Strange, no?
- I told you,
they're all dead.
- But where are they?
- I don't know.
- Okay, so
what is he
a ghost or something?
- I don't know.
I don't know.
- Do you believe
in ghosts, Melissa?
- No,
I didn't.
I can only tell you what I saw.
- Well try and look at it
from our point of view.
It doesn't really
stack up, does it?
- So
now you think I did it.
You think I killed
all those people
who were my friends, by the way,
you think I killed them,
hid their bodies
and tied myself to a
chair and beat myself up.
- We are only aware
of one death so far.
- So you think I
killed Damien Self?
- No. There's CCTV of
you leaving the building
before he was attacked.
- So I'm not a suspect
and I can leave.
- Well, you haven't
been arrested, so
yes, you're free to go.
- Though we probably will
want to ask you some more
questions at some point.
- Interview terminated at 17:52.
would you like me to arrange
for you to talk to someone?
Because it appears to me that
you are in considerable shock.
- I'm fine.
- Come.
Your stepfather's here.
Are you happy about that?
I thought you told us
you didn't like him.
- I don't.
I just want to leave.
- Melissa.
Think about what I said.
[phone ringing]
- She must have thought
we were born yesterday.
- Do you think she killed Self?
- No.
Well, I think this is
part of something much,
much bigger.
Wait until we get
the DNA analysis
on the blood and
remains in the basement,
then we'll have something
to throw at her.
- You don't think she's
just a fucked up kid?
- Oh, how often have we had
that one as an excuse, Stacy?
Have you been able to find
any of the other students
or Professor Leigh?
- Nope, nobody.
- See, it's weird.
You think we'd have come
across at least one of them.
She's our only witness
and certainly not a
very reliable one.
- I'm just waiting on something
to be brought through.
- What?
- Well, when she
said she didn't know
who her birth parents were,
I sent a P1 request
to the adoption agency
via the database
just to get clarity on
where she came from.
- No, we'll get that later.
Come on.
I'm buying.
[people chattering]
[uneasy music]
- [Melissa] Remember,
art isn't just about what
you put on the canvas.
It's not just the imagery
you see in your mind's eye or
the technique required
to manifest it
in a form for others to see.
It's also about knowing where
your inspiration comes from.
It should be a struggle
because for art,
or anything for that matter,
to have meaning,
you must suffer for it.
Experience the pain and
the anguish of its creation
because through that,
art becomes truth.
[uneasy music]
Trust me,
I speak from experience.
[people screaming]
[strange music]