End of the Rope (2023) Movie Script

[melancholic music]
[thunder rumbles]
[crickets croaking]
[vague music playing]
[music intensifies]
[SINGING] I left my
jawbone sitting on a fence.
I ain't seen nothing
in my jawbone since.
Walked on home and take
it along and came South
to the big room song.
Who's been here
since I've been gone,
pretty little girl
with a red dress on.
She took it off
and I put it on...
Nothing to be
afraid of, old man.
[SINGING] I got into
some trouble with the law
because I did,
because I helped myself.
Jacobson, you made it.
What's that?
About to get drunk
as a sailor, my friend.
Hey, darling.
[SINGING] Hands all out with
the bottle in your hand, one more
day with [inaudible].
What do you say, Iris?
Third time this week.
You got a beer in
your hand, Sheriff.
Just being polite, Sam.
Nothing polite about the
illegal consumption of alcohol.
These people here have
all had a really long day.
How about you?
You're not doing good
deeds again today?
Harvest time, just trying to
pitch in, help out where I can.
You could pitch in
a little at the office.
It's a funny thing,
I went by there
and someone had
already left for the day.
Oh, thinking for that, uh...
All right, you two,
no shop talk tonight.
Time to make good
on that promise, Sheriff.
Well, I'm sorry, ma'am, I
don't recall making any promise.
You are dancing with me...
Mrs Jacobson, you're far too
pretty to spend all your time
with these sticks in the mud.
Come on, dance with me,
with your husband's permission,
of course.
All right, Jarvis, but if
you step on my toes,
I'm having you arrested.
Wouldn't be the first time.
What'd I tell you?
These folks all look to you to
set the example, even Jarvis.
Wouldn't worry about him.
He's harmless.
He's just trying to
make Iris jealous.
[crowd cheers]
Don't think it's working.
Where are your girls at?
They're at the house.
You should let
them have a little fun.
I thinking my farmhand,
he got beat up again.
Name the kid.
I don't know why he wastes
his time with that riff-raff.
If anything, he's
is beyond help.
That is not your responsibility.
Sam, what if everyone
thought that way, huh?
I have barn kittens that have
better parents than that boy.
Come on, follow me.
No, no, no, no,
no, you stay here,
make sure no one has any fun.
I told you this is
going to be fun.
Oh, I never doubted you, Albert.
You made me twist
your arm hard enough.
You ever take that thing off?
Go ahead, take it off.
I'm starting to feel guilty.
We don't want that now, do we?
If you just try to enjoy all
this, the key to being happy
is just recognizing when
things are going good.
I mean, look at
where we're sitting.
We're sitting in
the County seat,
mercantile store
just got finished.
According to the
County Commission,
there's three brand new
business proposals on the docket.
Main Street next
spring, it's going
to rival any town out There
You think so?
Yeah, don't you?
We'll see.
You are worse than my wife.
You know when she
said to me the other day?
She said, in 10
years, there will
be no Schafer
under her intuitions.
I don't care what she says.
When we get together like
this, it's just hard to explain,
you know?
It's something special.
Old Shafer, I love this place.
That's called
being drunk, Albert.
[both chuckling]
You better catch up.
[door shuts]
[dog barks]
[unsettling music]
CA, is that your farm?
[horse neighs]
They need me!
Sheriff, wait, they're gone.
Nothing you can go, CA.
They didn't make it, CA!
Hannah, i'm coming!
They're gone!
Help me!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It was an accident.
It was an accident!
[music playing]
Well, I pulled your file and had
a few words with my manager.
And I'm not sure we're going
to be able to make it happen.
And why is that?
Well, you're behind on your
payments on the previous loan.
And I've been
instructed to tell you
we're going to need
payments on that loan
by the end of this month.
I'm sorry, Mr Jacobson,
my hands are tied here.
[door creaks]
CA, it's been a while.
Morning, Sam.
I see your mail
come in, but it always
seems to vanish from the
office before my next shift.
Starts a man to wonder
if he's being avoided.
Any mail?
You know, I'm starting to
wonder if you might just up
and move away like
all these other folks.
County Commission is
going to meet next week.
They're planning on
appointing a new Sheriff,
at least till next election.
Well, I can tell you right
now, if you want the job again,
it's yours.
It might help with those bills.
Is this part of your job now?
Going through people's mail?
Let's just say it happened
across my eyeline.
CA, lots of folks here miss you.
Just look around, this
town could use your help.
Hell, it might be
good for you too.
Don't worry about me.
I'm doing just fine.
Whatever you say, Sheriff.
Sorry, old habit.
[door closes]
Get him, Mary.
Get him.
Get him.
[kids laughing]
The prodigal sheriff returns.
Lulia, CA is here.
Come here, kids.
Come here.
You remember Leland.
This is your uncle CA.
I supposed y'all
don't remember me.
Remember Mary?
He marched those two
crooks to the old Schafer jail
and he locked them up
covered in dirt, sweat, blood.
Looked like one of them
heroes from your picture
books, Daniel.
He locked them up.
And then he turned
to the door to leave
but he stopped because he heard
those two crooks just guffawing
at him.
At the same
time, he felt a cool.
Breeze He reached
around [gasps] and he
realized he had split
his britches wide open.
He had been making the
world safe for democracy
with his skivvies flapping out.
Best Sheriff this
County ever had.
Wonder why?
It's easy to be tough.
Anybody could do that.
But this man, he truly cared
about the people he served.
A no good scammer like you.
Come here.
All right, all right,
hey, that's enough.
You'll wake your little brother.
All right, go
finish your chores.
Daniel, will you put another
pot of coffee on for Mr Jacobson,
Yes, ma'am.
Come on.
Good girl.
Oh, we miss you around here, CA.
Kids barely recognize you.
You ain't even met the baby yet.
You know, we
think about stopping
by your place from
time to time, but we don't
want to intrude or nothing.
No, it wouldn't be
an intrusion at all.
How is Sara?
Is she well?
She, uh...
What brings you
here tonight, CA?
My tractor broke down.
I was hoping I could borrow
yours in the weekends.
Tractor is yours.
Just got a new
one, in fact, I'll
have Daniel bring it
over to you tomorrow.
Thank you.
Anything else we can do for you?
CA, how much you need?
$150 by the end of the month.
You know I'm on the
County Commission.
We're still looking
for a Sheriff.
You need the money, don't you?
Schafer could use you.
The way things are,
we need somebody
who's going to hold
this place together.
Well, I can't spend my time
worrying about an entire town.
I'll be right back.
Lulia, I'm sorry to bringing
my troubles into your home.
You and Sara are
our friends, CA.
Knock on our door any time.
I appreciate it.
CA, I have something
I feel I need to tell you.
We've been fortunate
during these hard times more
than most.
And we've been looking
for a new farmhand.
You know Albert, he's
generous to a fault.
And well, this young
man came to us
asking for help
getting back on his feet
after he's been
gone for a few years.
And even though
I was against it,
Albert insisted, so
it's Charles Bannon.
I hope this helps, CA.
I thought he should know.
Come, let's give him a minute.
Brannon kid came
to me looking for a job
and I gave him one,
not without hesitation.
Nobody deserves to
starve on the street.
I don't know what you
expect me to say to this, Albert.
The fire was an accident,
CA, everyone knows it.
Try telling that to Sara.
We are all children
of circumstance, CA,
every last one of us.
That's what Lincoln said.
That Bannon kid's been kicked
around, beat up his whole life
by his own mother.
I showed him some compassion.
Times like these, we've
got to look out for each other.
CA, this is for Sara.
Thank you, Lulia, that's sweet.
It's nothing.
I just... I don't know
what to do for her.
You just tell her
that not a day goes
by where I don't pray for her.
I appreciate that.
CA, I've been carrying
a terrible feeling
about all of this.
I feel it's best I say
it to someone since I
can't tell Albert.
He's never thought much of my...
uh, well, my visions.
That's probably
what's best to call them.
If anything ever
happens to me, it
would be Charles
Bannon that did it.
From Lulia Haven.
When did you see the Havens?
It's just been a while, so I...
How is Lulia?
She OK?
She's fine.
I saw the notice from the bank.
There's no shame
in asking for help.
I saw Millie at
the market today.
She could use some help.
There's more mending
to do than ever...
No, not right now.
You'd rather the
bank take the farm?
That's not going
to happen, Sara.
The Shannons for clothes.
You have the Walkers...
Just let me handle it, OK?
I'll handle it.
I am running out of
things to care about, CA.
It'll be fine.
Just need to make the harvest.
Don't ask me to lie down
on the tracks with you
and pretend I don't
hear the train coming.
[distant brawl]
You stay down there, buddy.
Roll over here.
I'll run him over.
I'll run him over.
Ma'am, do you need help?
I just need to sit.
You all right?
I just need to sit.
I don't want to see
you with another drink.
Hey, don't walk away from me.
Jacobson, what the
hell are you doing here?
I'm going to help Iris home.
Hmm, not your job
no more now, is it?
You both need to sober up.
You keep your
hands off my fiancee.
Tell the Sheriff, sweetheart.
Come on, baby, let's get up.
Get your hands off of her.
Well, what?
Are you going to do
something about it?
Yeah, yeah, knock me on my ass.
Do it.
Do it.
Come on!
Yeah, you know, the
man I used to know
would have already done it.
Looks like your girls,
they weren't the only thing
that died in that fire.
Stop it.
CA, stop it!
He's sorry.
I swear, he don't mean it.
He don't mean it!
You're an animal.
Are you OK, baby?
You know what?
You're right, you're not
my problem anymore.
Damn you, CA!
Morning, Sam.
I was just thinking about you.
Is that right?
The County commissioners,
they met last night,
voted on that new Sheriff.
Who'd they vote in?
Don't worry, I already
told them you don't want it.
Fact is, I couldn't think
of anybody better qualified
so job is yours.
All you have to do is accept it.
I've got something for Albert.
It's money.
Can you get it to him?
I guess you could
add it to this stack.
There's a month's worth of mail.
He wasn't at the
County Commission vote
last night either.
Frankly, I'm a little concerned.
When's the last
time you saw Albert?
I don't really make...
Any of the Havens?
[mysterious music]
A man came in here the
other day from Minnesota,
William Brickner.
He told me a strange story.
He claims that he owns the
farm adjacent to the Havens'.
He doesn't work it anymore,
but he leases it out to Albert.
He says he's been trying
to get a hold of Albert
for a month or so, but
never heard anything back.
Albert's busy.
Yeah, but Brickner came all
the way out here all the way
from Minnesota.
That's how worried he was.
Went up to the Haven
farm, knocked on the door,
that Bannon kid answers it.
He's been working
the land for him lately.
He says Bannon was acting
mighty strange when he asked him
where the Havens were.
Then Bannon had him come
inside, told him to follow him,
took him to the cellar
door, opened it up.
He said he wanted to show
him something down there.
He said, why don't
you go in there first?
Brickner refused, of course.
Hell, if that didn't scare him.
Quick as he could, he packed
up, came by here to tip me off
and hightailed it
back to Minnesota.
Did you go out to the farm?
I'm just a state's attorney,
not the, you know.
Neither am I. I'm
sure he's fine though.
Take this out to him.
[flies buzzing]
Albert's not here.
If you need something,
I can tell him.
Where is he?
I told you, he's not here.
OK, well, did he say
when he's coming back?
That's difficult to answer.
I wasn't told.
No one tells me
much of anything.
Where's Lulia and the kids?
Oh, they all went to town.
I was just in town, Charles.
They're not there.
I have their mail.
I didn't mean Schafer.
I meant a different town.
It's in Oregon.
They left me in charge until
they come back, a month ago.
It's all here.
What's that supposed to be?
It's a contract,
signed and dated.
It's legal.
Let me see that.
Uh, it's not yours.
I have something I want to
show you, though in the cellar.
I can take their mail for them.
God, Bannon, what did you do?
Charles, what did you do?
I'm going to ask you to get
off my property right now.
You is trespassing.
[indistinct chatter]
Sam, where's my old gun?
It's in the desk.
Excuse me, folks.
Everything's fine.
I got an idea.
How about you tell
me what's going on
so I can stop guessing?
He's trying to take
the farm or something.
He's waving around a contract,
saying the place is his now.
Albert wasn't even
there, none of them were.
You can't just go commandeering
County firearms like that.
I'm going to need your car too.
Come on, let's go.
Well, did you get a
look at this contract?
It could have been a
grocery list for all I know.
What Bannon have to say
about the payments Havens?
Let me get the contract,
get him in a room,
I'll find out where they are.
He'll talk if he's scared.
CA, are you sure
you're not getting
a lot of different things
mixed up right now?
What does that mean?
Is this is getting too personal?
Well, all right, but
personal or not,
this is still a serious
legal situation.
I'll bring him in.
You make it legal.
What exactly do we
got going on here?
Because I hear we got a problem.
Sober up, Jarvis.
It's only half past ten.
Well, look at that.
Take your hands off of me.
You look serious.
Thought you was just
a lonely, old farmer.
Now he's a cowboy.
Now look at you.
We're just paying
a visit to the havens.
That's it.
This is County business.
It don't have nothing to do
with that Bannon freak, hmm?
I told you, I'm handling this.
You leave it me.
It's about time, Sheriff.
We've let that bastard linger
on this town long enough.
There's nothing to indicate
that there's a problem.
This is a routine...
Wait with that weak legal shit.
If this is about
Bannon, I want in.
There's nothing to get in on.
You hear me?
There's nothing here for you.
There's nothing to get in on.
You need to get
on home, all right?
You're spitting lies.
You go on home, all of you.
Go on now.
Come on, boys.
Give me the keys and let
me do the talking from now on.
Oh, so you are in charge now?
I don't need everyone
in the town in on this.
That's what I've
been trying to tell you.
Doesn't matter anyway,
charging round like a damn fool.
If there's foul play, let's get
some proof, something that we
can actually arrest Bannon for.
If you are hell bent on rushing
into this, you will be sorry.
Albert and Lulia Haven
and their four children,
Daniel, Leland,
Mary, and little Chaz.
It would have been sometime
in the last month or so,
going to Oregon.
CA, CA...
I don't believe I saw them
here, but I could sure check.
What are we supposed
to get from this?
The only thing you could
prove here is that they did leave.
Am I supposed to show
the absence of a train ticket
to a judge?
We need something tangible so
we can question Bannon legally.
It doesn't look as though
they've been through.
You could try the
station in Oregon
or you might try the
postmaster there as well.
Thank you.
CA, I've got an idea.
It would have been a
contract between Albert
Haven and Charles Bannon.
Well, Mr Taylor, we're
not really at liberty
to disclose any
personal information...
Just between us, Mr Smyth.
Well, what I can say is that
we haven't seen Mr haven
in person in several months.
All right, thank you.
And quite frankly,
we're a bit concerned.
We haven't received any
mortgage payments from them
in all that time.
Well, there's nothing to
be concerned about yet.
If Haven had signed a
contract with Bannon,
he would have had it notarized.
That's just Albert's way.
This could go a long way
towards proving the contract's fake.
Arrest Bannon
and get the contract.
We're going to need a lot
more before we can justify that.
I still don't like this guy.
They would have passed
through there maybe a month ago.
Family, a family of six.
Albert Haven, his wife,
and his four children.
About a month ago,
maybe a little longer.
Please check.
Thank you.
Yeah, coming from
Schafer, North Dakota.
It's the Haven family,
H-A-V-E-N. I'm CA Jacobson.
I'm calling on
behalf of Sam Taylor.
OK, well, if you get
any information at all...
I'm looking for a family.
I've already contacted them.
No, we don't know,
that's what we're looking.
I've called them as well.
Very urgent matter.
No, it's an entire family.
Look, if you hear
anything at all,
just let us know immediately.
Thank you.
I don't think you missed a
single postmaster from here
to the Pacific Ocean.
Here, double-check that.
Drought, depression, this
would not be the first time
that a family just
packed up and left
in the middle of the night
for somewhere better.
People don't just disappear.
Look, this may not
be my place to say,
but I wonder how Sara
is going to take this news.
This is quite a shock to the
system, really, for anyone.
You go on home.
I'll finish up here.
It's just this bit of paperwork.
We're not going to
solve this in one night.
All right.
I'll be back first
thing in the morning.
I'll be here.
Oh, oh, I'm sorry.
No, I should have
watched where I was going.
Well, have a good night.
Did you... did you
need something?
I was glad to hear they
appointed you Sheriff.
Schafer needs you.
No, I'm just helping
Sam with something.
This is temporary.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Did he send you?
He won't stop drinking.
He's so bent out of shape
about the Havens, a lot of us are.
Everyone's worried sick.
Thought you might talk to me.
Look, I'm sorry I misled you.
I am, but I just thought if
he found out everything's OK,
he might settle.
Maybe if you told him directly.
He respects you.
He's covered by a mile
of dirt, but he's there.
He's been at it such
a long time now.
I can't make him stop.
What do you want me to do?
Just stay away from him.
He needs my help.
There's nothing you can do.
You have a good
night, Mr Jacobson.
Listen, Sara...
I'm helping Millie.
I know it's not what you
wanted, but I need this.
Rather you heard it from
me then see me around town.
Are you upset?
I'm just thinking about
something Sam said.
I need to take the air.
Where's that bundle
of mail for the Havens?
It's on the desk.
You know, when I said
paperwork, this wasn't
exactly what I had in mind.
Oh, CA, you can't just go
opening other people's...
I can't build a legal case
through illegal means.
Let's just say that it
crossed your eyeline.
Paid a good price for them too.
That's why I sent
him that letter.
Did Albert deliver the hogs?
No, he had his farmhand, that
Bannon boy, bring them over.
Did he usually
send his farmhand?
Hell, no.
And this was when?
About a month ago.
Well, the first time.
Yeah, it happened
again last week.
Ain't I a damn fool,
let it happen twice.
Did Bannon deliver those?
Sure did.
Brought a note from Albert.
I guess I must have scared
him with all my questions.
There's something
not right with that kid.
I still got the note here.
Could we see that, please?
Thank you.
Here you go.
Everything OK?
We hope so.
You know, it's the damnedest
thing, but all these years,
my dog, he ain't never
been scared of nothing.
That Bannon kid walked in.
He stuck his tail between
his legs and hid in the corner.
When did Bannon say Haven left?
A month ago, would
have been July.
There's no way he could
sign this on August 5.
How do you spell Haven?
It's H-A-V-E...
Stupid son of a bitch.
Thank you.
I'll drive.
Be careful out there.
Follow my lead.
I'm not sure that
anybody is home.
[loud thud]
It's open now.
So much for being subtle.
I'll go check upstairs.
CA, get up here.
They wouldn't have gone
to Oregon without packing.
Where the hell is Bannon?
He's got folks, don't he?
This looks about right.
You put this on for
appearances' sake.
Mrs. Bannon?
Who's asking?
I'm State's Attorney
Samuel Taylor.
This here is a Law
Officer CA Jacobson.
We need to talk.
Well, what an honor, such
important people coming
to my door.
So what brings you gentlemen
out to our little corner heaven?
Is your husband home?
Left me.
Went to Oregon with some floozy.
Well, I'm sorry to hear that.
Keep your sympathy.
Good riddance is what I say.
Have you seen your
son Charles lately?
I can't remember.
You're telling me
you can't remember
the last time you saw your son?
He's an ungrateful
shit just like
his worthless little brother.
Has he tried to
communicate with you
at all in the last few weeks?
Not once.
He's been working for a
family, the Haven family.
Yeah, I know about them.
Snobby folk.
Well, now Mrs Bannon, the
Havens have actually gone missing.
People pack up and
leave in these days,
greener pastures, whatnot.
You... you already knew that.
Charles told you.
Doing some fishing, lawman?
Thinks I ain't got no brain
because of where I live.
There are smart people
here too, not about what words
you put next to one another,
but in a different kind of way
like maybe tell you
when a storm is coming
or what kind of mess someone's
in just by looking at them.
Seems to me this
ain't the first time
that poor Charles has
been blamed for something
that he had no part in.
Mrs Bannon...
That fire a while back,
thought you didn't remember.
Everyone's all shook
up looking for somewhere
to put all that hate.
Lands on Charles.
But they don't
really hate my boy.
They hate the world for
being so cruel and senseless.
They're burning up little
kids for no good reason.
Ma'am, we are trying
to talk about the Havens.
Yeah, I know that family.
They is mixed up in a
way you don't want to know.
And what's that
supposed to mean?
Exactly what you think it means.
You got a warrant, lawman?
Then I'm going to ask you to
get off my property because right
now, you're trespassing.
You don't pay her any mind.
She doesn't know what
the hell she's talking about.
Son, are you all right?
[mysterious music]
What is it, CA?
Charles, been living here.
I plan to do the right...
R-I-T-E... the rite
thing with the havens.
That's Bannon, all right.
Yeah, and we missed him again.
Maybe not.
We need to get back to
the office right now, send
an alert to Fairview Station.
If Bannon is trying
to leave town on foot,
we can maybe stop them
before he gets to cross state lines.
CA, this is a good thing.
She coached him, Sam.
He said those exact same
words to me at Albert's house.
And now he's headed to
Montana to catch a train?
We both know what this means.
He killed the entire family.
We don't know that yet.
Come on.
Are you mad?
Me too because this ain't right.
This is our town.
We keep each other safe.
We protect one another.
We need justice for the
Havens because this ain't right.
What's going on here?
Justice for
Schafer, for our kids!
Hey, hey, what are you doing?
This is a time for courage!
I'm taking this badge off
and putting it back for good.
How about you help
me deal with all this, CA?
Don't reckon I'm cut
out for this anymore.
It's too late for that now, CA.
Where the hell you two been?
It's time that we do
what is right, we keep...
That son of a bitch Jarvis
is damn near starting a riot.
It's time that we take
this into our own hands.
They're all talking
about a manhunt.
And they've been making threats.
All right, Oliver,
Bannon is on the run.
We need to get inside the
office, make some phone calls.
If you can just keep them
occupied long enough.
Hold it right there!
Where's Bannon?
I told you before,
it's County business.
And none of you all even
need to worry about it!
You're a liar, Taylor.
Bannon killed the Havens.
You don't know that.
Yes, I do.
Come on, let's go.
What are you planning, huh?
I'm not planning
anything, Jarvis.
Yeah, fuck, because that
looks an awful lot like a badge
to me.
We want to know where Bannon is!
Clear out!
All of you!
How are we even supposed to
anything, with him carrying on?
What happened?
You aren't supposed to be here.
Do you want me to
take Jarvis's word for it?
Bannon is back.
It's the Havens they're
missing and looks like Bannon...
we think he might be involved.
Jarvis is going to
tear this town apart
if you don't get out
there and do something.
He'll call himself
when he's sober.
He's got a right to be angry.
A right to be angry?
He's as dangerous as
Bannon, and you know that.
Sara, let's go home.
This isn't our responsibility.
You sure about that?
What's the call, CA?
Call Fairvew Station.
The hell what kind of town
has this become anyway?
[music playing]
I need the Fairview switchboard.
And tell them to hold
Bannon if he arrives.
We're going to do everything
in our power to catch him
before he gets there.
Listen to me carefully.
Bannon has at least a couple
of hours head start on us,
but I'm leading a posse,
we're going to go find him.
He will be lawfully arrested
and then held for questioning.
He will not be harmed and
he will not be threatened.
This is an official
legal pursuit
under the authority of the
McKenzie County Commission.
I'm going with.
So are my men.
Give them badges, Sam.
Swear them in.
They're going to
follow us anyway.
Taylor and his crew
will drive half of you
Northwest towards
the confluence.
You'll head south
on foot from there.
Rest of you, gonna
ride with me straight west
to the Yellowstone river.
We'll converge
at Fairview Bridge.
Try to cut them off there.
Any questions?
Yeah, I got one.
Bringin' any rope, Sheriff?
Nobody's bringing rope.
And these are for self defense.
We do believe Charles
Bannon to be dangerous,
but we will not initiate any
sort of violence upon him.
When we catch him,
we will catch him.
He'll be returned
here immediately,
and you will turn in your
guns and your badges.
Is that understood?
Yes, Sheriff.
Yes, sir.
[suspenseful music playing]
Half of you with Taylor.
Rest of you, saddle up.
All right, fellas, let's move.
[suspenseful music playing]
Where's Jarvis?
Well, he took off, sir.
He's going to cut
Bannon off upriver.
Damn it!
Come on.
[suspenseful music playing]
Bannon, stay where you are.
Give me a shot.
Come on.
Come on.
That' enough, all of you.
Get him up.
Back off!
Hey, who threw that?
He'll stand trial.
Unless you all want to do
the same, go on home now.
All of you.
We ain't done, Bannon!
I swear, if I wasn't...
I swear, I never
would even know.
Go on home now.
Folks, go on home now!
Go on!
Please believe me, I
never wanted to start a fire.
I ain't hurt nobody, please.
Clean yourself up.
I got questions.
Bannon has always been trash.
Ever since he
was a little brat kid,
he's just downright dangerous.
Burned down the Jacobson house.
He burned it down.
I ain't forgetting it.
Combs has got
that under control.
All things being
the same, I wish
we hadn't closed down
the old jail, though.
Take a look at this.
What do we have here?
Bannon's personal belongings.
Mostly scraps, lots of them.
Drawings and a lot
of nonsense in here,
letter to his mother, and then
a letter from Daniel Haven.
It seems to be the contract
that you were mentioning.
I think maybe we ought to
just let things cool down a bit.
You get a good
night's rest, both of us.
I need to run at him
tonight, get him talking
while he's still scared.
You find something
in all this to trip him up.
[suspenseful music playing]
Where are Albert and Lulia
Haven and their children?
They told me to
take care of the farm
when they felt it
was better to leave.
To leave where?
I already told you,
Colton, Oregon.
They're not in Colton, Oregon.
We contacted the train
station and the postmaster.
Nobody's heard of them.
And the closets are full
of clothes and their shoes.
Did they go to Colton barefoot?
I don't know.
They didn't tell me.
No one tells me
much of anything.
They're not in Oregon,
so where are they?
I have a contract.
He took it from me.
I'm giving you a
chance to tell the truth.
Did you kill the Haven family?
I made a promise.
You say the truth
right now and it's
going to go a
lot better for you.
My mother will
come with a lawyer.
I'll talk to the lawyer.
You think your
mother's coming for you?
Nobody's coming
for you, Charles.
How do you think we
found out where to find you?
Whatever agreement you
had, she decided to abandon...
I'll speak with a lawyer.
It says here, "Charles,
watch your step.
See that everything is right."
What does that mean?
Answer him!
Your mom showed us
your little hiding place.
Yeah, the root cellar?
Your little drawings
and your writings.
Seems like she's trying to
put the whole blame on you,
Why do you say this?
"Mrs. Haven is doing no better."
Did you do something to her?
They left for organ.
I don't... I don't know why.
No one told me.
No one tells me
much of anything.
Was she ill?
What does that mean, no better?
I promise not to speak of it.
You promised who?
What does that mean?
What is "She was
no better" mean?
I can't really say.
See, Ms. Haven, she's
supposed to not be mentally well.
Says who?
There were doctors at the house.
There were many
doctors throughout her life.
What exactly do these
doctors say was wrong with her?
She would sometimes
become very upset.
There are two types of thoughts.
This, this is what I
mean when I say two.
Now, I am someone
who can see that there
is a type of thought like
that, but I don't respond to it,
but I see others.
I see others.
I see others that do.
And Ms. Haven, she was
engaged with the second kind
of thought, and it made her
very different than everyone else.
No doctor could explain.
You ever heard so much
gibberish in your entire life?
You got a wife, CA.
She needs you too.
He'll crack tomorrow.
[suspenseful music playing]
I should have told you.
Things were moving quickly.
I swear, it seems
like no matter what
I try, I end up right back
where I don't want to be.
[music playing]
God damn.
Beauty, ain't she?
You're stealing cars now?
Why not?
Law's soft on murder, so
probably soft on thieves too.
This one here, belongs
to your visitor in there.
Damn it, Charles.
The Havens are no...
What's going on in there?
His mother is here.
And you just let her in?
Well, she had a lawyer with her.
CA, you can't go in there.
To your life!
Excuse me, sir.
Attorney-client privilege.
I'm going to have
to ask you to leave.
Mr. AJ Knox, attorney at law.
Williston, North Dakota.
He's a good lawyer.
How did she get him so quick?
Maybe it'll work
out for the best.
Maybe you can convince
him that the best thing to do
is confess.
She's the only woman in this...
Is that what you would
do if you were his lawyer?
I think I'd try for an
insanity plea, honestly.
Let me show something to you.
Here, bottom of the contract.
Havens misspelled again.
That's twice.
Can we nail him with this?
It's the most tangible
piece of evidence we've got.
I mean, no jury would
believe that Albert
would misspell his own
damn name, much less twice.
Well, maybe if we can get
Bannon to misspell the name again
and write the other
misspelled words
in the contract in
front of witnesses.
Or we can get him to confess
in front of his own lawyer
if we do it now.
That might be something.
And we caught him
trying to flee the county
and he resisted
arrest, all of that.
But it's just beating
around the bush, CA.
We either need a flat out
confession from Bannon
or we need hard
evidence against him.
OK, like what?
[glass breaking]
What is it?
I need that bag.
What is going on out here?
What is going on out here?
Oh, that's a good question.
Yeah, how nice of you to ask.
Well, let's see.
It looks like we got a
town full of folks wondering
what kind of horseshit Bannon's
lawyer is cooking up in there.
The law says he's
entitled to an attorney.
Not about entitled or not.
It is about scared folks
out here, the people
you're supposed to protect.
I think... I think we're
all just a bit curious, huh?
Why is our Sheriff taking
the side of a child killer?
I am not taking his side.
Then take our side, damn it.
What is that, Jarvis?
Just hate to see what all
these nice folk might do if they
lose faith in your system.
Unless you want to get
booked for inciting a riot,
I suggest you get off my street.
Everybody quiet down.
CA, I need you a minute.
This isn't over.
Yeah, damn right it ain't.
What's that about?
They want to make a statement.
August 12, 1931.
I hereby state that
the following is true.
This letter was written
by attorney AJ Knox
as I have spoken it.
June 25, 1931.
I started doing chores
7 or 8 Sunday evening.
Me and Dan Haven, we had
supper after chores were done.
Ms. Haven cooked us a hot meal.
Ms. Haven was
sore too at Mr. Haven.
A man arrived.
Whose face I could not see.
He was always there
when Ms. Haven had a spell.
But he did not speak to
Mr. Haven, and not to me.
He never did.
And then... and then...
then the next...
Charles, speak.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
The next morning, I
woke up and Mrs. Haven
had killed their baby.
She had killed him
in the night, then
she went to look
for the other kids.
Daniel was shot first
as he was milking cows.
Leland was shot second.
Mary backed into
the corner of the barn
and waited till Mrs.
Haven came into the barn.
I yelled, "Look out!"
and she shot her twice.
I dragged Mr. Haven
from the house,
where he had been shot twice.
I was given $100 to drive
Mrs. Haven to the Williston train
station, and she told me to
make a contract for the farm
and sign it from Albert.
I have told the truth that I
promised I would not tell.
Signed, Charles Bannon.
Charles has drawn a map.
This is where you'll
find the bodies.
Stop right there.
Nobody crosses this fence line.
Start at the back left corner.
[music playing]
How are we supposed to
know, if none of these people
even say anything?
Whole town's on our side,
even if they say otherwise.
Look, I got to
figure it out, OK?
No one's going to
know who's who.
He better be.
Question me one
more time and you
guys will not be a part of this.
This is all going to be
a floozy doozy, all right?
No one's going to know
we're going to throw him.
We're going to hang
that son of a bitch.
[suspenseful music playing]
Not seeing anything yet.
[suspenseful music playing]
Oh my God.
Is that him?
That's Daniel?
Exactly as described.
All right, gentlemen, let's
get these bodies into the truck.
Five bodies.
No Lulia.
I hate to be the one to tell
you this, CA, but this one's
real support to Bannon's story.
Knox is going to ask
that he be released.
A day after tomorrow,
they're going
to have state officials up here.
They're going to take
him back to Bismarck.
Lulia takes the blame
and Bannon walks free.
I'm not saying that it's right.
Hers is the last
body they can't find.
They dug up half the farm.
Sometimes you just have
to look at the evidence.
[music playing]
Damn it!
I told you to stay out of here.
Control yourself.
I'm going to find
Lulia's body if I have
to dig up this entire farm.
I've known the
Havens my whole life.
A gentler kind of
family never existed.
So true.
Then this scumbag Bannon
wipes them off the face of the earth.
I say he hangs for it.
And let that
bastard burn in hell.
All right.
All right, everyone.
Please, Mrs. Pearson,
watch your language.
Sorry, Reverend,
but foul language
is the last thing that we
got to worry about right now.
The safety and future of
Schafer is on trial tonight.
[suspenseful music playing]
What do you want?
There's a meeting at the church.
Jarvis is planning something.
This is our chance,
huh, to speak
our mind without lawyers
and sheriffs breathing down
our necks.
Come on, who else has
something to say, huh?
Stand up.
I'm worried for my family.
How am I supposed
to put my kids to sleep
at night if we let a child
murderer loose on the street?
What are we talking about here?
Hell, I'm more scared of
this mob right in front of me
than I am any Bannon.
Bannon has been a troublemaker
from the day he was born.
This is our community,
and it's up to us to defend it.
We don't need no
jury, no lawyers, no trial.
All that shit just
gets in the way.
Yeah, North Dakota don't
even have no death penalty.
Best case is a jury
give him two years
and then he's
back on the streets.
Our streets.
He's got to swing.
Swing him up.
They're trying to
recruit a lynch mob.
And if anyone gets in their
way, I thought you should know.
I know about the meeting.
If they want my
badge, it's theirs.
Turn it in the
second I find Lulia.
I thought this
town was different.
People are supposed
to look after each other.
I can't fix this.
Our Sheriff's giving that
murderer the royal treatment.
I say we take a vote.
Let's take a vote on removing
him before it's too late.
That' right!
If he ain't going to protect
us, we do it ourselves.
There's no other way.
I know you're angry.
That's right.
That's right.
So am I. You ought to
be ashamed of yourself.
Let's let CA do his job
and handle this thing
the right way.
Bannon has brought a
great evil in this community
for the last three
years, and it's
been spreading every damn day!
Everything we've worked
for, everything our parents
worked for will be gone.
If you love this town, you
stand up for what's right.
Stand up.
You stand up for what's right.
Come on!
Stand up.
[suspenseful music playing]
Take him back for now.
Try to be quiet.
The town out here seeing this.
Cover him on up.
Keep him covered.
Nothing you can do, CA.
[music playing]
This was tied to the rock.
I think we ought to
get you inside, CA.
Got a bit of a situation here.
Word is that Jarvis and his gang
are coming for Bannon tonight.
I'll be right back.
Well, you've looked better.
You here to save the day?
I'm going to look for Sara.
She walked out.
Sorry to hear that.
This kind of thing has
a way of dividing folks.
Makes you feel any
better, Iris ain't exactly
talking to me no more either.
She probably just doesn't
want you to throw your life away,
She's weak-minded that way.
She's got this silly
idea that everyone's all
going to get along one
day, skipping, dancing
through the streets, singing.
She didn't understand what's
behind a nice, peaceful street.
What it takes to protect
good people from evil.
I guess I can't stop
thinking about Leland.
What was he, 10?
It could have been you.
Or me standing there
while her parents was killed.
I'm grateful Bannon
killed them all.
That ain't a memory any
kid should ever have to carry.
You'll never live this down.
The blood on your hands
it won't just wash away.
It'll stay with you.
I know that.
You should know people are
going to do whatever they got to do.
[music playing]
Bismarck officers
aren't going to be here
till tomorrow morning.
That means Bannon's
going to be in our hands
for the next 24 hours.
[suspenseful music playing]
We both need to
stand aside and now.
Jarvis and his thugs, that
mob of theirs, they all go to jail.
The officers, they'll
be here tomorrow just
in time to lock them up and
they won't be our problem.
[suspenseful music playing]
I'm gonna need to use that
car of yours one more time.
We need a safer
place to hold him.
Jarvis is going to follow
you wherever you go.
I'm counting on it.
[music playing]
They got Bannon in the car.
They got Bannon.
Let's move.
Where do you they
think they're heading?
Cut them off cross country.
Let's move.
[music playing]
The hell is this?
Everybody out of the car.
I said everybody.
Come on, what are they
doing in there, Taylor?
See for yourself.
Step away from the car.
Where did they go?
You better start
talking, lawyer.
I know where they are.
Let's go.
Come on!
[suspenseful music playing]
That's right.
No, no, no, let's move.
Get up!
Come on.
[suspenseful music playing]
All right, you made
your choice, Jacobson.
You two stay.
Nobody leaves that building.
Let's go.
Take this.
Thank you.
Are they coming back?
They are.
They're coming back.
I have something for you.
[music playing]
I wrote it.
It's a poem.
[music playing]
"Alone he wanders in the world.
His head bowed in grief.
His sorrow deep.
A river."
I don't want to hear this.
I don't want to hear this.
I just...
I wanted... I just...
I just... your daughters.
Don't you do it.
If a person like me dies,
and they're a type of thought,
even a lie, what the living
believe is the law and death.
Stop talking.
According to the
laws, they can attack
with a thought like that.
Stop talking right now.
I... your girls...
I swear...
You took them from me.
You took them from me!
I swear it was an accident.
I swear it was an accident.
Help me.
Help me.
The fire was an accident.
I never sensed there's a shadow.
And my life is what
other people say.
Because of the thoughts
of others, you understand?
Your girls were the only
people ever treated...
only people that ever...
they were good people.
Thank you.
Leave me.
Please, I... I can't go
in to hell with this too.
[music playing]
Did you kill the Havens?
Write down everything
that happened, every detail,
and draw a map where
we can find Lulia's body.
[music playing]
What are they going to do to me?
[music playing]
[suspenseful music playing]
Bismarck switchboard, this
is state's attorney Sam Taylor
for Mr. Woodland.
Mr. Woodland, we can't
wait until tomorrow morning.
You need to get your men
up here right now, tonight.
Mr. Woodland?
[suspenseful music playing]
Take these.
Because that door
is not going to hold.
They're going to have a hell
of a time busting in the cell.
Take 'em.
Tell them that I am here.
[suspenseful music playing]
Where's the key?
Where are the keys, CA?
Where are they?
Give me the gun.
Where's the key, CA?
I have them.
Let him go and I'll
give them to you.
Hand them over.
Come on.
Go and get him.
Get him out of here.
Jarvis, stop this.
Too late.
[music playing]
Any last words, Charles Bannon?
You all started this.
Now you've got to finish it.
May God have mercy on
your soul, Charles Bannon.
Somebody help me!
Would you like to jump or would
you like one of us to push you?
[music playing]
Somebody help me.
[music playing]
Drug the river last night.
Found the mother.
What happens to
Charles' little brother?
An orphanage maybe.
Who knows?
Probably end up
just like Bannon.
[music playing]
Those officers are going
to be up from Bismarck.
Coming tomorrow afternoon.
They're going to
want to talk to you,
get the names of all people
you suspect that took part in it.
You were the only one there
when they stormed the jail.
They're counting on you.
[music playing]
CA, they're waiting on you.
So what?
Turn in an entire town?
What's that going
to get us, Sam?
It won't be our problem anymore.
They done this to themselves.
You took an oath to uphold the
law in Schaefer, North Dakota.
I tried.
Sam, I have tried.
[music playing]
You're not going to
keep trying and you
won't to uphold that oath?
You don't deserve to
wear that badge anymore.
[music playing]
standing by my window
on a cold, cloudy day
when I saw the hearse
come rolling for to
carry my mother away.
Will the circle be unbroken?
By and by, Lord, by and by.
There's a better
home awaiting here
in the sky, Lord, in the sky.
Well, I told the undertaker,
undertaker, please drive slow.
For that body you are hauling,
Lord, I hate to see her go.
Oh, will the circle be unbroken
by and by, Lord, by and by.
There's a better home awaiting
in the sky, Lord, in the sky.
Oh, I followed close behind
her, try to hold on and be brave.
But I could not hide my sorrow
when they lay her in the grave.
Oh, will the circle be unbroken
by and by, Lord, by and by.
There's a better home awaiting
in the sky, Lord, in the sky.
In the sky, Lord, in the sky.