End Trip (2018) Movie Script

- I really like you, is there a
for me to get you back?
I mean not in a weird way, just.
- If I'm in your area and I'm on
and I'm the closest one to you,
that's kind of how it works is
it just
requests the closest driver to
- So I can't just like call you,
have special code. Like uh-
- No I don't have like a
referral code
that I can give out.
- That is so disappointing
I was thinking about
calling you tomorrow morning
to get my car which I have no
where it's at actually.
- Oh you need to get
back to your car, I see.
Yeah, no I'm probably gonna
drive pretty late tonight
and then I won't really be on
until real late at night again.
It is a little bit too early in
the night.
- Your tag is out.
There you go.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Is it fixed? Thank you.
- I can't stand tags being out.
- I see that.
Well I hope you make it
to your car tomorrow,
I hope you get a good driver
- Thank you, you're sure
I can't get your number,
I can pay under the table,
like twice as much.
- That is a very generous offer.
- It's just in case 'cause
some driver are crazy.
- Yeah, that's true, that's
They don't really vet us that
- That's here.
- Here you are.
- Well that was fun.
- You have been a delight.
- I'll put you five stars.
- Thank you, I'll put you five
stars too.
- If I could put six I would.
- That's very nice of you.
Have a good night.
- You too, bye bye.
- And we're out.
- Unfortunately the
police officer out there
wasn't willing to help me hail a
even though I can't see very
and there were these small group
of people there's two girls and
a guy
that walked by and the guy was
to give me his number and I
well that's kind of strange, you
So I said no no no it's alright,
I appreciate the offer.
As he was walking away
I yelled out, peace.
And so the girls started
and the guy was like peace,
peace to the middle east.
- So you made a friend.
- Yeah, yeah exactly I
turned a negative situation
into a positive.
- Yeah, that's good
that's really good.
Okay, here we are.
You need an arm?
Hey, fuzzy.
- Hey, how's your night
- Good, you got good timing
I'm in between rides.
- Are you making
millions of dollars.
- Millions and millions.
- Alright snuggle
me good when you get home.
- Always do.
- And don't forget, Simon
is coming over tomorrow.
- Got it.
- Okay, I love you.
- I love you too.
- Night.
- Good night, fuzzy.
Don't ask so cynical,
When harder times start to
come around
At this moment it's critical
But you lost your self in the
And that feeling gets to show
We're too young to wait too
I can give yes I can change
That I'll prove to you some
Oh I do it for the girl
Glory in a sinking world
Do it for anyone who's ever
hurt you
- Oh god, fuzzy?
Steph, hey, it's me babe.
Can you see me?
You hit your head.
You hit your head pretty hard.
Easy, it's okay.
It's okay, alright.
Calm down, it's okay, catch your
It's me, fuzzy, look look look.
You see me?
Okay, do you want me to
take that off your mouth.
Okay, just shh I don't want to
hurt you.
Just trying to make you calm
and you're gonna hurt yourself.
It's alright.
There, remember?
Do you remember?
Okay, here, there.
I'm sorry, I didn't want
to do that, I'm so sorry.
I made you a little surprise
I'll be coming at you
like an atom bomb,
I've been digging all
my life on the run
I've been burning out
like a setting sun
In the rain I soared
Kiss left me satisfied
One more turn and then
I'll give you a ride
I've got 100 things on my mind
You you and I
- I'm about to cancel on your
ass, dude.
Is that you, Judd?
Jesus Christ, yeah.
Scared the hell out of me.
- Yeah, sorry.
Let me ask you something is this
your first fare, your last fare?
- I'm toward the beginning,
- Alright, so here's the thing,
I really
have nowhere to be and I just
don't want to be at home.
So if you're okay with it, let's
keep the meter running
and drive me around a bit.
- Where?
- Your call.
What's your favorite place in
the city?
- Really?
- I mean maybe not your favorite
if you don't want to
give it away but whatever
I mean just you know, I really
want to be at the house so yeah,
I'm free.
I mean not free, I'll
pay you obviously but.
- Yeah yeah you got it, sure.
- Alright.
- What is happening?
How do you have Brandon's phone?
- Babe, it's me.
Look, that's you and me.
Everything's okay.
I can feed you.
- I'm not hungry.
- If you don't eat, you're
gonna be really hungry
and you're not gonna feel good.
- I'm okay.
- I know how you get.
- I don't eat breakfast,
you should know that.
- You always breakfast I bring
it to you most the time.
- I never eat breakfast.
- Fuzzy, you almost always
eat breakfast because--
- I never eat breakfast!
- How's your night going?
- I've had better weeks
but the night's not bad,
it's getting started, right?
- Right.
- Really just needed to clear my
get out for a bit.
I like to take a brain break
every once in a while.
- Brain break, everybody
needs a brain break.
- No.
- I'm gonna back up, look.
Okay, just have a little
breakfast and relax.
You want me to cut it for you?
- God dammit.
- What's going on?
- Megan, she wants me to
come over there tonight
and I just, I don't honestly
know if I'm ready for that.
- Like, literally two weeks ago
was the last time I spoke to
All he'll do is text me,
I tried to call it went
straight to voicemail.
I mean he's just going through
and we just need to talk
in person and we can figure this
- I've been living with my lady
for probably about almost two
- Yeah.
- And we've been on rocky ground
for a couple weeks now so I've
been kind of staying with my
friend now
to let it, let it air out.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- Are you gonna make it through
or do you want to or what?
- I don't actually know.
- Gotcha, gotcha.
- I mean we got in a fight
but I found a gay dating app on
his phone.
- And what about you, mate?
- Well I am in a functional
for probably the first time in
my life.
- For how long?
- We are at the three year mark.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
- I mean that's astounding to
- Three happy years, too I have
to say.
I mean there hasn't been any
than just a couple of spats.
I mean we've had our serious
fights but
it's really amazing how the next
we're always just able to kind
wake up and forgive each other.
- Come on, breakfast is
important, you need to eat.
Come on, fuzzy.
Here, take it, okay.
- What do you do for work?
- Photography.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
- And how did you meet your
- Okay so long story short,
whether it's gonna be long I
don't know
but long story I guess.
We met during a photo shoot
- Oh, okay.
- Yeah and she's stunning, just
Caring, sweet, smart, and we met
and we didn't leave each
others side for two weeks.
- One of those where you're
just like instantly connected.
- Right, absolutely and we've
been living
together ever since.
She had been wanting it
to get to go the next step
and I've just been a little
hesitant to--
- Threesome?
- What, no.
- No I'm just kidding.
Kids or marriage?
- Marriage but my lady and I had
a bit
of an argument, life changing
and she doesn't really
understand my work.
You see, when I take a
photo, my job isn't to just
take the photo you know.
It's not to just get a pretty
- Right.
- It's to evoke emotion.
I need to be able to say what is
on with your life, I
need to be able to feel
what it is that's coming from
And as soon as a I figure that
I knew how to handle people.
And it was all human
behavior more than anything,
it was just like I knew
how to get something
from you, you know, no matter
what it is.
- Alright.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Simon.
- Who is Simon?
- Our wedding planner Simon is--
- Oh god, I totally forgot.
- Coming over.
- Okay.
- Simon, Simon.
- Let me here, let's take this
right here.
Don't want you to make a mess
- Just a second.
Yeah, Simon.
- Here we go, yeah that's fine.
- He's supposed to be coming
- Okay, I don't wanna hurt you.
- Oh my god.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
- I don't want you to look all
- In my business you need to be
sort of like a chameleon in
to connect with people.
- Yeah.
- And it's not a whole lot
than what you probably do,
I mean you probably act
a little bit different
every time you have someone
in your vehicle, right?
- Absolutely, I feel like I have
to change
my personality for
every new person I meet.
- Brandon?
- Yeah, Simon?
- It's nice to put a face with
- Ditto.
- Pleasure.
Thank you.
- Come on in.
- But this time I swear, I mean
Megan is being completely
I mean we would have arguments
some time
but like stupid little
arguments, you know.
Like leaving your spit in the
instead of rinsing it out.
- Yeah, no me and my
fiancee have the same fight,
I think that's just part
of a healthy relationship.
- You said fiancee.
- Yeah I did say fiancee.
- Wow.
- If you come right here
to the left actually
we just finished a lot of this.
- I love it, love it.
- You've got some style I see it
- Yeah I was actually listening
to a podcast that explained
how green is like an energy
so it kind of gives you
a little extra, you know.
And then some cool masks we did,
this was kind of my favorite
- Awesome.
- Some of the shells actually we
a little trip to Hawaii not too
long ago
so it was nice.
- Nice, beautiful.
- And I brought some
some stuff back, just memory.
Oh and, kitchen let me
show you real quick.
I did, we have this thing
about directions it's so weird.
But anyway so we did some
green throughout 'cause
I thought it would just
kind of pop, you know.
And of course, the beautiful
- So now that I know
that you have a fiancee
and you know a little bit about
well if you don't mind me
stalking you,
can I find you on social media?
- Oh, yeah, Brandon Scott.
- Scott, that's a neat name, I
like that.
- Yeah thank you.
- Have a seat, Simon.
- Hi, how are you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you so much for coming.
- Thank you for having me.
- I know it's a pain to
come to the house so I
appreciate it
- I have no problem
making house calls, trust
me, it's totally fine.
- Thank you.
- I know you may feel
nervous, I want you to know
that I'm gonna help guide
you through everything, okay?
- Yeah.
- Good.
- What's her name by the way?
- Steph.
- That's nice, what is your
thing about Steph?
- I've always been
aimless, relatively aimless
in my life and I think she
that in me pretty quickly and so
able to kind of steer me
or help me steer myself,
it's definitely not a control
like she's just able to kind of
who I am and help me
find how to get there.
- So let's start with a few
pictures of wedding cakes.
- Great.
- Yeah.
- Favorite color is blue.
- Brandon.
Brandon loves chocolate.
She loves the color blue.
- Chocolate and blue.
- Yeah.
- Okay guys, look I understand
what's going on here.
This is a big step.
- You guys have some really cute
- Yeah, yeah we try and be
- There are like a list of
photos here
where neither of you are
- The Hawaii ones?
- I don't know.
- Yeah that was, we took a trip
to Hawaii
and now we're saving up
to go to Machu Pichu.
We like to go to really
beautiful places
and take pictures looking
as miserable as possible.
- So have you all thought
about a destination wedding?
- We thought about escaping
somewhere to
not have to deal with family.
- An escape is good.
- Right.
- It's very very manageable
and not as expensive
as you would think.
Any places in mind, beach,
- You know everything that I
love so.
- She has mentioned Machu Pichu
That's a possibility but that's
little more expensive sometimes.
- Let's see if we have
anything lined up inside.
- Oh yeah she is a little cutie,
you guys are adorable together.
- Oh thank you thank you.
- You've made me a huge
admirer of your life.
- Let me show you all a few
that way we can get an
understanding of what you may like.
- You know what, Simon let me
stop you
for a second, we have been so
we did not offer you anything to
Are you thirsty, I'm
actually really thirsty
I would love some more water, if
- Do you want some water.
- Sure, I'll take a glass of
- Sure, ice?
- Ice water's fine, yes.
- Maybe some lemon in
mine too would be great.
- Yeah and here I'll
actually take the plates.
- In the mean time I'll
just show her some things
and wait for your opinion
when you get back.
- For sure.
- Okay, so this kind
of what I was thinking.
- Simon, that's not Brandon.
Listen to me, look under the
You've got to get me out of
Simon you need to call the
- Yeah, let me show
some photos on my phone,
that way maybe we can get a
better idea.
- Come on, hurry.
- I'm trying.
- Just hurry up.
- What some type of
destination or place you.
- Fuzzy, look what you did.
- I love you.
- Where are we actually going?
I'm just driving, I mean I feel
that we're just driving around.
- It's fine really, I really
have anywhere specific to go.
- But this is on your
dime, I mean you're paying
by the mile and the minute right
like I feel bad.
- I really just don't want to be
home so.
- I'm sorry, if I'm talking too
just let me know.
- No you're fine, hell
do you have anywhere
you want to go?
- I mean yeah, I've got a place
that I go
when I just need to think.
- I like it, let's check it out
- Sure, that sounds good.
- This is really nice.
- Yeah.
- And the water's almost like
- Yep.
- How did you find this place?
- When you drive for a living
you find a lot of random hidden
- Fair enough.
Did you drop someone off
that lived in a boat.
- I actually did.
- Well I'll be damned look at
- Weird as that sounds and I was
"so how do you get your mail?"
He said it just goes to the dock
it wasn't a very climactic
- It's nice though, it's good.
- This is the closest thing I
find in the city to complete
so if you need to let
anything breathe, breathe.
- So earlier, maybe I wasn't as
as I should've been about Megan.
But you know we're real friends
you've shown me your spot.
- We're no longer in a URYDE
Well Megan found this
dating app on my phone
and I met this guy out for a
it wasn't like a date, I
mean not really you know.
Well yeah, okay it was a date.
It was a date at that point.
- Yeah sounds like a date.
- Goddammit.
So I met him out and he
was really a nice guy
I mean just interesting
and we chatted for a while.
And it started getting closer to
literally seconds before we
touched lips
I froze up because all I could
think about
was Megan and what it would do
to her.
I guess I came to the
realization that I
shouldn't throw away something
this good
just to try something different.
- Yeah, it sounds like you have
like an innate curiosity but
that you
still feel an overwhelming
drive to be with her.
But kind of like you're not
ready to commit yet, maybe.
- You've got a way with words,
You should start writing or
- Thank you, thank you.
- Or giving relationship
advice, whichever one.
I don't know I mean it feels
you make me feel better about
like I don't know.
Maybe I should go tonight.
- Alright, progress, baby steps.
- Yeah, I mean if all
else we figure it out.
We're not wasting our time for
to figure out whatever
the hell I want to do.
- That's a big step.
- Okay.
- Shall we go tackle the beast?
- I don't know if I'd call,
if I call Megan a beast--
- I wasn't calling Megan a
- Well you kind of said tackle
the beast.
- The situation is a beast.
- Okay.
- The scenario's a beast.
- Do you ever tell Steph, hey
let's go tackle the beast?
- I do, it means a very
different thing in that.
- Jesus, alright, I'll
meet you at the car.
You're gonna finish up whatever
you're doing out here, nasty.
- Okay.
- Look see here we go already.
She is coming back texting me
again about,
well I'm gonna tell her that
I would like to come see her.
- Yeah, I think that's what we
I think that's the next step.
- Alright, said aye alright.
She said, I'm welcome to come
Alright so.
- Do you feel good about it?
- Yeah, I do really.
- Good.
- Because of you mate, thank
- Absolutely.
I think it got weird there.
- No.
- It got weird a little bit.
- No weird is like, that's
- This is a fast friendship.
- That's friendship right there.
- Fast friendship right there.
That's pretty, I think I
don't know if I've ever gotten
not to use the word close,
but I don't think I've ever
- Inserted.
- Well okay.
I feel like you should bring her
a gift.
- Okay, what about, what about
- Champagne?
- No no she's not really like a
- Chocolate.
- She loves chocolate but
I don't know if like--
- It is almost three in the
- Yeah I don't know if
she's gonna appreciate
like a Snickers bar.
- I don't know if we're gonna
find that.
Yeah, from a gas station.
- What about--
- Flowers.
- She does like flowers.
- She does?
- She does like flowers.
- Okay, okay.
- So flower shops stay open til
3 AM-ish
most of the time or did
you know somewhere that--
- No I was thinking we steal
some flowers.
- You want to go steal flowers.
- I was thinking about it.
- From where?
- What are you doing with your
- This is my devious face.
- You can't make that face
if you're gonna do it.
- It's my devious face not
my relationship helper face.
- What is the--
- I have a completely
different face for that.
- Show me that one.
Let's just stick with the
Do you usually bring
Stephanie flowers when--
- I think that Steph probably
gives me
some pity smiles because she
prefers something else but
she's always fine with them
I mean she's happy, it's
the thought that counts.
- I was just--
- What?
- I was just enjoying how both
of you
settle for shit if the other
one's happy.
- I guess that's the sign
of a good relationship.
- So flowers, flowers.
Omelets with avocado and kale.
Favorite color is blue, what
does she do for a living?
Did you tell me that?
- She's a psychology major.
- Oh wow, alright.
- Yeah.
- And she's smart, I like that.
- Yes, oh yes, very smart.
Smarter than me probably.
What is your plan?
- Now it is get flowers.
- Right, flowers are good,
how do you explain the app.
- I'm hoping that if I can
to her what I explained to you,
I realized that I didn't want to
lose her
because of how important she--
- Nailed it.
- I thought, like start with
how important she is, right?
- Yes, nailed it.
- Yeah, because when I
was explaining it to you
I really didn't hesitate, well
I hesitated for a little bit
because it's kind of scary
a complete stranger that
you have a gay dating app
on your phone and went on a
- I hey man, to each their own,
I am not on this planet to judge
- Well that's fantastic but I
have not
been in a committed relationship
with you
and I'm not bringing you flowers
that my URYDE driver stole
out of someone's yard.
- This is my URYDE protection,
Steph insists I keep it in here.
Come on.
- Alright.
Do you really need a knife.
Alright, okay I guess
we're really doing this.
- Are you gonna, am I doing
this by myself or what?
- What is that, what are these
- I don't know I didn't take
- Save that one.
It looks like--
Yeah well she does like
purple and that's purple
so that's actually.
- Here.
- She's gonna love this and
just like you bought it from a
She's never gonna know.
- I don't think you're
supposed to eat the flowers.
- It's Kale.
That's really good Kale.
- Should I bring Megan a
- That's good, this is a good
That's pretty.
- It is very pretty.
- That light just come on?
- And then we just disappear
into the cover of night and
even knows we were here.
- Thank you.
- I'm nervous for you.
Is this the place?
- This is it.
I've got my flowers.
- Flowers in hand.
- That was an and.
And I guess this is
where we slay the beast?
- Tackle.
- Tackle the beast.
This is where we tackle the
- Yeah.
- Yeah slaying is something else
isn't it.
- Yeah.
- Alright.
- You okay?
- Yeah I think so.
- Is this the end of our road?
Do I finally end trip?
- Actually let's do this here.
Thank you, okay.
- Yeah absolutely.
- You've been fantastic.
- Thank you.
- Alright, I'm gonna make this
- Do I wait?
- If this goes well, I get to
move back
into my own home, if it does not
I will be back here I guess.
- Okay, how long do I wait?
- Twenty.
Fuck, fucking hell.
Shit shit fucking hell.
Why the fuck would she do that?
We can go.
- Okay.
You okay?
- Yeah, yeah I'm fine.
- So you broke up?
- Yeah I mean I just--
- But I mean that's okay right,
I mean that's okay that's--
- I don't know I don't know if
it's okay
because I don't know that
that's what I wanted to do
in the first place and I don't
know if.
I need a fucking drink is what I
I need a drink.
- Done.
- What?
- I'm buying them for you.
- You're not buying my beer.
- I'm buying these for you,
it's the least I can do.
How's your night going?
- Good, how are you?
- Wonderful, thank you.
- Just swipe your card there,
- Yes, sir.
- Your beers.
- Your beer, you keep that one.
- I'm gonna jump in the
back, charge my phone up.
That fine with you?
- Yeah, I can't drive with this.
- Yeah you can.
- So where are we headed?
Should I just take you
back to your buddy's
where I picked you up?
- Yeah, that's fine.
- Want to talk about anything
that happened at Megan's house.
Kind of interested to know what
that was.
- I don't really want to talk
about it.
- I mean, I'd look at it this
You can go on whatever
kind of date you want to,
with whoever you want to now.
I mean, when you got in the car
you barely knew whether you
the relationship to work or not.
So you know silver lining.
- You're not from here, right?
- No.
- Where are you from?
- Wyoming.
- Talk to your parents often?
- No, maybe three four
times a year at this point.
- What was it you said
you called your lady?
- Ms. Fuzz, or Fuzzy.
It's funny, right?
- Yeah.
- You want me to turn the
radio on or something?
I feel like you just kind
of want me to shut up.
- Yeah, I like the silence.
- The key to making
a perfect kale omelet
is to keep the temperature low.
- Shirt. Open shirt.
That's good. Stop.
Stop it.
It's fine it's fine it's fine.
Everybody knows the truth,
everybody knows you're.
Fucking queer socks too, man.
Put your fucking clothes
on, you god damned queer.
Fuzzy it's okay, it's me, it's
me, fuzzy.
Fuzzy shh.
It's okay, it's me.
It's me, fuzzy.
You just hit your head really
and I don't want you to hurt
Please stop.
Look I made you breakfast.
It's alright, it's me babe.
It's me.
Okay, hold on.
Okay, alright.
It's okay, it's okay.
Don't, don't you're gonna hurt
- Brandon!
What did I just say?
It's me, fuzzy look, I
made you breakfast, okay.
I made you breakfast just relax,
look I just don't want
you to hurt yourself okay.
Slow down, slow down, alright.
Okay, here.
Just slow down, okay,
just slow down it's okay.
Your decision.
You don't need to scream.
Stop the scream.
Man, oh man, oh man.
You're gonna have to
calm down baby, alright.
Hey, look at me, either you eat
or I'm gonna make you eat it.
It's a kale omelet with avocado.
- Where's Brandon?
- It's your favorite.
- Where's Brandon?
- Here, okay, look.
- Brandon.
- I'm Brandon.
Okay, just shh.
Don't want to hurt you, just
to make you calm down or
you're gonna hurt yourself.
It's alright.
There, you remember?
Do you remember?
Okay, here.
- I'll eat.
- Okay, just have a little bite.
Do you want me to feed you?
- No.
- Just really worried about you.
Came home and hopped in the
and got all the drunken
passenger stink off of me.
And then when I climbed in bed,
I just helped you back in bed
and let you try to sleep it off.
Then I got you up and got
you dressed for the day.
It's one of my favorite sweaters
on you.
- Does my omelet have any salt
on it?
- So stupid.
Do you want me to get some?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, okay.
What are you doing?
- I was just looking
at this picture of us.
- Yeah, no it's just one of
my favorite pictures of us.
- I don't remember where we took
- It was in Hawaii babe, on
- Guess I hit my head
harder than I thought.
- Tell me when.
- When.
- There you go.
Come on, take a bite.
Take a bite.
- Okay.
- Is it good?
- Sorry, my head just hurts.
Can I have some water, sorry.
- You want ice?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, okay.
Here you go.
- Thanks.
- Easy.
- Oh my god.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
- I can't believe we did that.
- I didn't mean to make you do
I didn't mean to make
you do that I'm so sorry.
- It's okay, I mean he was
really nice.
- It was my fault.
- No.
- I'm so sorry.
- No, fuzzy it's okay.
- Will you come sit by me.
I'm so sorry.
- Oh god.
- Look at me.
- Yeah.
- Okay, will you take my hand.
- Yeah baby.
- Take my hand, hey.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- I'm okay, will you come sit by
- Yeah I think put this thing
- Don't worry about that.
- No no it's fine let me just,
- Come sit by me, yeah.
Hey, will you get me out of
I don't feel good, will
you get me out of here?
Please, just take me on a dive,
You were protecting me.
Hey, take my hand, take
my hand, take my hand.
Look at me, will you look at me?
- Yeah babe.
- Hey, you were protecting
me just now weren't you?
- Well yeah I mean he
was a pretty big guy.
- He was gonna hurt both
of us and you protected us.
- He might have.
- Yeah, we need to get out of
- Where, where do you want to
- I don't know, take us to our
- You want to go to our spot?
- Yeah, will you take me to our
Can you take me to our spot,
- Do you feel better?
- Yeah, I feel better.
- You sure?
- I just want you to take me to
our spot.
- I don't want to get you--
- Yeah I just want
to get out of here.
- If you don't feel good.
- I feel good, will you untie me
please untie me.
Please untie me, hey it's me.
It's me.
It's me.
Just take me to our spot, okay.
Just take me please.
- Okay.
- Just untie me.
- Alright, you're a little
stressed out,
I don't want you to feel bad.
Just stay here for a sec
alright, be right back.
Better baby?
Sorry you got so scared.
- It's okay.
- I'm glad you're feeling better
- Thank you.
- What did you do yesterday?
- Drove most night, I didn't go
as late
as I normally do though, it was
somewhat busy but you know once
the fare
started getting really high
kind of backed off even more.
- Did you pick up anybody
- Yeah, there was one
guy that was kind of.
He was funny, like you know?
- Where did you pick that guy
- I don't remember the exact,
location but you know.
- What was his name?
- Derek, I think.
- Derek?
- Yeah, he was nice, you know.
- Anybody not nice?
- No.
- It was not what it looked
like, I was just saying hi.
Will you look at me please
It is not what you thought it
I was just saying hi to
the little boy, okay.
- Just don't.
- Where are we going?
- I thought we were gonna
go get something to eat
we're gonna go get something to
eat, okay.
You okay?
- Babe, don't.
- Where are we going?
Talk to me, where are you taking
Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.
I was just saying hi to that
little boy.
- Just stop, I'd rather just get
'cause I know you're not
feeling so well today.
- No, I'm fine, I'm fine,
I feel completely okay.
- Let's just go to the
house for right now,
get you some water you
can relax for a second.
- I thought we were gonna go to
the spot,
that would make me--
- Stop.
- Hey, hey, help, help.
- Yo, yo.
Hey, hold on.
- Oh god.
Oh god.
I swear I'll be good, I swear.
You don't have to do this,
I swear I'll be good.
I swear.
I swear I'll do what you tell me
to do.
- I don't want to kill you.
- You don't have to, you don't
have to
I will be good I swear.
I swear.
- You're gonna make this fun,
Yeah, baby.
Keep running baby!
- Little girl little girl
little girl, come on.
Smell you, fuzzy.
Pissing me off, fuzzy.
What you did, what you did, what
you did.
- Brandon?
- Yeah.
- To the airport.
- Alright.
- Thank you.
- How's your morning?
- Good, good, thank you.
- Alright buddy, have a good