Endangered (2022) Movie Script

I think the greatest thing
is the newspaper business.
I think you really feel
that you can go out every day
and ask proper questions
to people in power.
Real question here is,
what is the role
of the newspaper in this society
and the role
of the young reporter
in this society?
The press is the enemy.
The press is the enemy.
No reporter
from "The Washington Post"
is ever to be
in the White House.
Had it not been
for two young reporters
of "The Washington Post,"
Richard Nixon
might still be president.
A lot of young people
write to me and say,
"Gee, I want to be
a reporter as well."
You cannot have
a healthy democracy
unless you have
freedom of the press.
Press freedom
should be the concern
of every human being.
Freedom of speech,
freedom of the press:
isn't that an ideal
we can all agree on?
No! No!
Brazil is a young democracy.
We don't have
very strong and established
checks and balances,
so freedom of the press
is fragile.
Two years ago, I covered
President Bolsonaro's
illegal attempt
to influence the election.
But since he became president,
he has started to attack
specific journalists
and specific media outlets.
So for half
the Brazilian population,
I am a whore
who trades sex for information.
It's the president of a country
saying that a journalist wanted
to give her "hole"
in exchange for information
against him,
and it's part of the strategy
to discredit journalists
and especially women.
It's like everybody feels
authorized to harass me.
"Prostitute called
Patrcia Campos Mello
works in the whorehouse
Folha de Sao Paulo."
"Sex in journalism."
"Everything for a hole.
Do you want my hole?"
Random people
sending me messages
saying, "So how much
do you charge to fuck me?"
"You should be raped."
"We Bolsonarians
do not accept prostitution
in our ranks."
They're spreading stuff
that is gonna be forever
in the internet.
How many jobs you got?
You need seven jobs
not to be lazy.
- A thousand.
- A thousand jobs?
Give me one job
that you do every day.
- Cook.
- You cook?
And how many jobs
do you think I have?
Come on.
You think
I only have three jobs?
You know who has a lot of jobs?
Squirrels got a lot of jobs.
You know why?
They always look
like they're busy.
Hey, Orlando.
Carl, question.
there's a protest at 3:30.
I think
you'd better stay there...
- Okay.
- Depending on what happens.
All right,
let me go and check it.
- Okay, thanks, Carl.
- All right, no problem.
- Thanks. Bye.
- Mm-hmm. Bye-bye.
Come on, Milesy.
Papa gotta go to work.
George Floyd!
- Say his name!
George Floyd!
- Say his name!
George Floyd!
- Say his name!
George Floyd!
- Say his name!
George Floyd!
- Say his name!
George Floyd!
- What do we want?
- When do we want it?
- If we can't get it...
Shut it down!
If we can't get it...
Shut it down!
If we can't get it...
Shut it down!
Whose streets?
Our streets!
- Whose streets?
Our streets!
- No justice!
No peace!
- No justice!
No peace!
No justice!
No peace!
- No justice!
No peace!
- If we don't get it...
Shut it down!
If we don't get it...
Shut it down!
Hey, I'm just keeping
an eye on this.
The police department
dispatched a patrol unit,
and they have
a couple of officers
in unmarked cars and ATVs.
- Okay, thanks, Carl.
- All right? No problem.
- Arms up!
Don't shoot!
- Arms up!
Don't shoot!
- Arms up!
Don't shoot!
Oh, shit.
You must leave the area,
or you are subject to arrest.
Failure to comply
with this order
will subject you to arrest.
Do you have anything?
If you can pick
just, like, one, that's great.
Okay, want me to do it
right now? Okay.
And then we can get it online.
- No problem. I'll do it...
- Yeah, get it right now.
It's all right.
Just bear with me, all right?
What you doing, son?
Just chillaxing.
- Chillaxing?
- Yeah.
- All right, you cool?
- Mm.
All right.
Yeah, go ahead, Orlando.
Are you out on the street?
No, and I'm doing something
for Nick.
They need a time stamp
of one of the pictures I shot
during Fort Lauderdale.
Apparently, the police
gave some false reports
about this protest,
and my picture might
be able to contradict
whatever they said.
- No problem, thanks.
- Okay, brother.
It's this one here.
The police said
that there was a distress call
around 6:50:34,
and that is not the case
because they're already out.
They already was engaging
with the crowd.
By now, we have tear gas
being sent out.
People running.
This journalist
got caught up in it.
As journalists,
we can't let the truth down.
We are moderators of fact.
We're moderators of falsehoods.
And this is why newspapers
like the "Herald"
are so darn important.
Because, you know,
you have to begin to believe
in what you see
and what you hear.
And the last 15 years, 20 years,
you're beginning to doubt
the very thing that you're...
That you're watching
and hearing.
Good morning, everybody.
Let's get started.
We have an update from Mexico?
Yes, good morning.
Ongoing protests against
police violence in Mexico.
The local police are using
very, very severe terror
on journalists in order to block
any kind of information
getting out there
that might affect them.
A photographer was murdered
brutally here in Mexico.
We still don't know why.
The investigation
was never done properly.
And that would be
the third incident
in the past four weeks.
Well, look, I think
we're at a critical moment.
Are we talking to the people
on the ground there?
It's a very scary situation.
And as a result, you know,
there are entire areas
basically turning
into silent zones
where traditional newspapers
are stopping
their publications altogether.
That is a very bad sign.
But this is happening,
you know, widespread also.
Harassment, threats, everything.
In India,
the government has tried
to blackmail news organizations,
and they're trying
to track down people
based on their mobile signals.
In Belarus,
four journalists are in jail
for covering rallies in support
of an opposition candidate.
We had two journalists
killed yesterday.
One in Kenya,
another in Somalia.
The journalist
Sajid Hussain's body
was found in a river in Sweden.
It's not clear
how he ended up there,
and I've been in touch
with the family
to try to figure that out.
Governments attacking
journalists is not new,
but it's getting worse.
We're seeing record numbers
of journalists
in prisons around the world.
We're seeing the full power
of the states deployed,
you know,
against journalists like,
you know, Jamal Khashoggi.
But the problem is,
this is just one aspect.
If you're in the United States,
what about the news deserts?
What about the collapse
of local media?
What about, you know,
the lack of public confidence
and trust in journalism
and in experts
and in information?
That profound crisis
is not going away.
This is where the press
used to be.
It used to be
a three-story press.
This was all owned by the paper?
Yes, yes, oh, yeah.
Can still smell the ink.
When I joined the newspaper
in '79,
big staff, press runs, trucks.
You know, it was like,
this was no different
from any other daily newspaper
being published in any city.
But this had a 150-year history.
Every community needs
a newspaper
to tell you what's going on
in your town,
to tell you what's going on
in government,
to expose government corruption.
And so the question
that needs to be asked is,
what happens to a country
that does not have
strong newspapers?
So the paper in Youngstown,
"The Vindicator,"
closed down recently,
meaning that Youngstown
is now the biggest city
in America
without a local newspaper.
Are you upset by that?
No, it's just a sign
of the times.
They're a dying industry
because they are
so left-wing progressives.
We are not
left-wing progressives,
so we stopped buying
the newspaper.
We stopped them just having one
point of view, the Democrats.
Why am I gonna pay for a paper
that calls me all kinds of names
I'm a conservative Republican?
That's why they're
a dying industry.
Don't you think, though,
that this community has a right
to have accountability
journalism in it, though?
Because that's what
the function of that paper was.
It was to hold
the powerful to account.
No, I don't believe they did.
I'm not gonna buy a newspaper
that doesn't reflect my views.
I moved to America
in November 2014.
As a journalist,
I've always been fascinated
by just how unique
American democracy is.
But I have witnessed
a lot of change
from even just
four or five years ago.
Good afternoon.
We continue to move the needle
for Youngstown.
Ladies and gentlemen,
help me introduce
Congressman Bill Johnson.
Well, thank you, Mayor Brown.
What you see here today
are the results
of some of the investments
that have been made
at both the federal, state,
and the local level
to move Youngstown forward.
We've got the promise
of an ethane cracker plant
that is gonna transform
our entire region,
and the jobs that
that's gonna create,
the jobs in the manufacturing
that's gonna come back
to our region
is gonna be unbelievable.
Hi, Congressman,
I'm here with "The Guardian."
Do you pay attention
to the U.S. Census numbers
that came out recently
that shows
that the poverty rate
in Youngstown is increasing
and it's one of the highest
in the country?
I didn't think this
was gonna be a political event,
but I think we need to focus
on what's happening here today
and the positive news
to revitalize industrial sites
for redevelopment.
Congressman, can I just ask
one more question?
He's a U.S. congressman
in a public space
taking questions.
You can ask whatever you want.
Principle one of First Amendment
of the U.S. Constitution.
I'd assumed more of the people
at that event were journalists.
But when you turn around
and you realize
that most of the people there
are politicians
and only two other journalists
turn up for it,
it's surreal,
and it's deeply disturbing.
Come on, Milesy.
Good morning, good morning.
Thank you, brother.
Thank you so much.
Can I get a cup of ice?
Thank you.
A new pandemic peak.
On Friday, more than 30 states
reported seeing increases
in new COVID cases,
Florida among them.
The Sunshine State reported
nearly 9,000 more COVID cases
on Friday...
I'm with the "Miami Herald."
- Hey!
- Whoo!
Trump 2020!
Why do you support
Donald J. Trump?
Stacy, let's start with you.
Trump 2020! Trump 2020!
You got two minutes
to talk to "The Guardian"?
- I can't hear you. What's up?
- I'm with "The Guardian."
Can I ask you
a couple of questions, Owen?
- Sure.
- Yeah?
So where did you
come in from today?
I'm sorry, what's that?
Where have you
come in from today?
Can you take the mask off?
I can't hear you, man.
No, got to keep it on,
I'm afraid.
All right, then I'm out.
You don't want to talk to me
'cause I'm wearing a mask?
- I can't hear you.
- You can hear me.
What do you want me to say?
You can hear exactly
what I'm saying, come on.
You know what?
If you want to talk to me,
you can take the mask off.
So that's the condition
of you giving me an interview?
- Yeah.
- That I'll have to... okay.
I'm not gonna interview, then.
- All right.
- All right.
Enjoy your slavery.
Enjoy my slavery?
Excuse me. Hi there.
With "The Guardian" newspaper.
Mind if I ask you
a few questions?
- Sure.
- Yeah?
Thank you.
You know "The Guardian"?
You read our stuff?
Occasionally, okay.
When you're telling the truth.
They're all the time beating
us up on COVID, you know.
Are you worried
about the risks of COVID-19?
You know, since March the 1st,
there's only been
two death certificates
that says
"cause of death: COVID-19."
All of the other
death certificates
says "coronavirus-related."
Do you not believe
that the virus is deadly?
I believe
that most of those deaths
are something else:
heart attacks, pneumonia, flu.
All of that other stuff,
and it's thrown in there
to make people like you folks
be scared all the time
to wear a mask.
Thank you very much.
Nice to meet you both.
Sometimes it feels like
when you talk to people,
you're living
in two different realities.
And that is really difficult
to engage with
as a reporter.
If I write something
and it's read
by a certain person,
it will be discredited
and distrusted
even if I have put in, you know,
months of effort
or days of effort
to establish a fact
or to tell a particular story
that was incredibly hard to get.
Like, you know,
to lots and lots of people now,
that just doesn't matter.
Our streets!
- Whose streets?
Our streets!
- Whose streets?
Our streets!
- No justice!
No peace!
No justice!
No peace!
- No justice!
No peace!
- No justice!
No peace!
- If we don't get it...
Shut it down!
If we don't get it...
Shut it down!
- If we don't get it...
Shut it down!
Oh, my gosh, we're moving.
We're moving.
We need to move!
They opened fire.
Look at them.
They're aiming their fire now.
They're working towards us.
They're working...
Get back! Get back! Get back!
No, I'm a journalist!
I'm a journalist!
Who were they aiming that at?
Now they're shooting
at the photographer.
At us! Like, directly at us.
- Get down! Get down!
- Move!
Move! Move! Move!
It hurts. It hurts.
- Press, press.
- Inside now!
I am press.
I don't care. Get down.
Okay, I'm down. I'm down.
- Stay!
- Go inside!
I'm press.
We are live on the air
at the moment.
I'm sorry?
You're under arrest.
Okay, do you mind telling me
why I'm under arrest, sir?
Why... why am I under arrest, sir?
That is an American
television reporter,
Omar Jimenez, being led away
by police officers.
He clearly identified himself
as a reporter.
He was just taken
into police custody
live on television.
In my 30 years
of experience as a journalist,
I have not seen
this amount of harassment.
It's not even harassment.
It's intimidation.
They knew the cameras
were rolling,
and they wanted to make a point.
But freedom of the press
is absolute.
And that is one of the few
things in that Constitution
that is guaranteed.
It's guaranteed
more than equality.
But the rules are changing now.
Good morning, everybody.
Let's get started.
What's the latest
from the U.S.?
There have been protests
every single day now
for at least two weeks.
More than 500 assaults
of journalists documented.
Nearly 140 detainments.
That is utterly unprecedented
in the United States.
We're trying to help,
but there is lack
of safety training
that American reporters have.
They're going into these
situations without anything.
We didn't want to contemplate
that there could be a scenario
like the one
we're living through now,
but I'm concerned
that press freedom
in the United States
is starting to look
like many other countries
around the world.
Hayd Valdz Solano.
Concepcin Victoria Gonzalez.
Dulce Janet Moreno Santiago.
Veronica Andrade Salnas.
Fernanda Snchez Velarde.
No, no, no, no.
I mean, I love working
for the "Herald."
I love what I do.
Been working there for 31 years.
It's the only job I've known.
Damn, it's been
the majority of my adult life.
When is this documentary
coming out?
I might be gone
from the "Herald" by then.
Oh, yeah. I think so.
I don't know.
I just have a funny feeling.
Just have a funny feeling.
It's my father,
Viter Juste.
He was a journalist.
He made his own newspaper,
"Ayiti Floridad,"
which he sold and printed
and sold out of his record store
just couple of miles
north of here.
You know, me and my dad
didn't get to throw ball.
We sat down
and watched CBS News.
Well, he made me watch it.
"Frontline," "Montage."
I mean, I could go down
to "20/20."
That's where we...
That was our intersection.
He would sit down
and talk to me,
and he would ask me questions
about the news
and current events
and how I felt about it and...
why do I feel that
it's being reported that way?
Kind of like defining
the angles, you know?
That's the legacy
he's left for me.
Hello, can I ask you
a couple of quick questions?
I'm a journalist
from "The Guardian."
Do you understand
the impeachment process?
- Yeah.
- You do?
Being from England,
you understand
the impeachment process?
- Yeah, I do, yeah.
- Okay.
So you understand
that you can impeach
a president for anything.
Where do you get
that information from?
What news source?
Doesn't have to be
any news source.
Go on YouTube and look it up.
Ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome
the 45th president
of the United States,
Donald J. Trump!
And I'm proud to be
an American
Where at least
I know I'm free
And I won't forget
the men who died
Who gave that right to me
And I gladly stand up
next to you
And defend her still today
'Cause there
ain't no doubt
I love this land
God bless the USA
We love you!
We love you!
We love you!
We love you!
We love you! We love you!
We love you!
We love you!
- And I love you too.
I love you too.
We're all in this together.
Well, look at all the press
at this time,
and just look at that.
The fake news following us.
CNN sucks! CNN sucks!
CNN sucks!
CNN sucks!
CNN sucks!
Globalism will not win!
Fuck you!
CNN sucks! CNN sucks!
CNN sucks! CNN sucks!
Fake news coming through!
Four more years!
Four more years!
Four more years!
No more fake news!
You are the enemy of the people!
Fake news, go home!
Fake news, go home!
Fake news, go home!
Fake news, go home!
Fake news, go home!
Fake news! Fake news!
Fake news!
Fake news! Fake news!
Fake news! Fake news!
Fake news! Fake news!
Fake news!
Fake news!
How's Mum doing?
I'm just, yeah, a bit tired
and, yeah, burned out.
Block it out and try
and do your job.
I have a lot of competing
and conflicting emotions,
you know, being in this country.
But I really believe
that the work that we do
is more important
than it ever has been.
And I've been trying to sort of
stay focused on that.
I have driven thousands of miles
throughout this election season,
and it has often felt like
in two parallel dimensions
where objective facts
have given way
to disinformation
and flat-out lies and mistruth
have become mainstream.
I'm still unsure
whether any sort of victory
has the power to reunite
this fractured nation.
Good morning, everybody.
Good morning.
Bonjour, bonjour.
Is the poochie barking
for Biden?
Hello, I'm from
"The Guardian" newspaper.
Are you worried about
votes being counted,
given that Trump has said
that he might not trust
the outcome of this election?
I don't either.
I'd say
they're popping champagne.
All lives matter!
All lives matter!
All lives matter!
All lives matter!
We must fight for our country.
America first.
Joe Biden did not win
this presidential election.
You know it. I know it.
We all know it.
We're gonna fight.
We're not gonna let it happen.
Four more years!
Four more years!
Four more years!
I want to ask you guys
to stay in these streets,
to stay out here every day
until we get
these election results.
We need to fight.
This is
the most important election
the United States has ever seen.
Whose streets?
Our streets!
- Whose streets?
Our streets!
- Whose streets?
Our streets!
God bless America,
and God bless
President Donald J. Trump.
Excuse me, hey,
do you mind if I have
a quick chat with you?
- Yeah, of course.
- I'm with "The Guardian."
You're with the Proud Boys,
I'm the chairman.
You're the chairman
of the Proud Boys.
What evidence is there that
this election has been stolen?
The unprecedented number
of turnout
that we had in Wisconsin,
90% turnout,
which has never happened.
We're seeing, in Michigan,
the same thing,
the recount, overcount.
We're seeing people...
Overcoun... what do you mean
by overcount?
What we're seeing
in Michigan is,
people that are dead
are on this voter roll,
and we've seen already
a couple that have voted.
What do you say to people
who say that you're spreading
dangerous and baseless
I don't care about those people.
Those people, to me,
I consider them retards.
Yes, I do consider them retards.
People that think
that I'm a danger
or there is a danger...
No, I said that the information
that you're spreading...
Or disinformation that you're
spreading is dangerous...
And it's designed
to stoke up anger and hatred.
Well, I could tell them
to go fuck themselves.
People like you
don't have the facts,
and you ask these questions
without doing your research.
That exact reason
is why we fight the media
and that why we say
"fake news."
Good morning, everybody.
North America.
There is a large MAGA rally
planned for D.C.
I mean, it could be nothing,
but it could also very easily
spiral into something awful.
It's probably worth sharing
protest advice.
You know, this is a very,
very difficult situation
to advise on because you just
can never tell on the day
what threats are gonna
materialize on the ground.
The American people
do not believe
the corrupt fake news anymore.
Over the past several weeks,
we've amassed
overwhelming evidence
about a fake election.
People are not going
to take it any longer.
Fuck you! Fuck you!
Let's go!
Fuck CNN!
We'll see you later, fake news.
You guys can piss the hell off!
Whoa, whoa, hey!
Hey! Hey!
I will not tolerate
fake news no more!
Calm down.
Hey, hey, hey!
I've seen that video
a few times,
and I still find it shocking
every time I watch it.
But this has been stoked
for the past five years.
And I think if anybody says
that they're...
That this is an aberration,
it's just not true.
I mean,
it's the culmination of...
the war Trump has waged
on the press
for his entire tenure in office.
It's so difficult to know
whether what happened
at the Capitol
is the end of an era
or the beginning of something
even more sinister.
And I honestly don't know.
It's just kind of, in my view,
impossible to predict.
This doesn't go away
with the swearing in
of a new president.
Looks like a Klansman.
I just gotta make
one beautiful frame.
This is what I want.
Eva, good morning,
and it will be an inauguration
like we have never seen before,
all of it playing out
against the backdrop
of a raging pandemic
and increased threats
of violence.
Hey, Orlando, I shot
some stuff at the Capitol,
as close as I can get.
I'm gonna move the pictures
to you right now.
- Okay.
- Okay?
Send it over.
Come on, baby Black Jesus.
Come on.
Here we go.
Let me see.
Trump is gone,
but he's left ashes.
And that soot stays with us.
It's not something that,
you know, you could dust off.
It is something
that stains your hands,
that is in your lungs.
And I think
we have to learn
to at least live with it
for a little while.
I am at the twilight
of my career.
I've been very blessed
to be an asset
to the fourth estate.
But the mantle
has been passed on
to these younger journalists,
and that gives me encouragement.
All: Happy birthday,
dear Miles
Happy birthday to you
Blow, blow, blow, blow, quick.
Ah, my face!
Are you sure
you should light that inside?
- Yeah.
- It's fine.
That's the fire alarm.
Oh, here it comes.
Here it comes.
This is your birthday sunrise.
This is God's candle to you,
my man.
You think you'll be doing this
with me when you're 17?
Only time will tell.
Hey, Orlando.
Hey, Carl, are you out
on the street already?
Hi, Councilman Pritt,
this is Oliver Laughland
from "The Guardian" newspaper.
- What do we want?
- When do we want it?
- What do we want?
- When do we want it?
It's hard work.
It's a difficult job.
But we can do something
to better society.
If you're interested,
let us hear from you.