Endhiran (The Robot) (2010) Movie Script

Doctor, courier for you.
Sender. Sana. Item.
Flowers. Message. Miss you.
Keep it aside.
Switch on the processor.
Good. lt moves well.
Serves you right.
Oh, God.
Even you deserve this.
He's kicking us like a
baby in the womb right now.
lmagine our plight
when he's complete.
Up. Walk. Yes.
Oh, no. Pick him up.
- Thank you, R-2.
Hey, tin-head. One cup strong
filter coffee for me as well.
No coffee for grade 02, only water.
Hey, you tin-head.
- And for grade 03?
Sorry, self-service.
There's no worth of a
human being in this lab.1
Come on.
Come on, yes. Yes, walk.
Walk like me. Yes.
Yes. That's right. Yes.
Excellent, doctor.
I'll start the data transfer.
- Okay.
Verify the connection.
He's giving a pose like Bruce Lee.
- Superb.
Come on.
Hi, Sana. Long see. No time.
Does anyone check
e-mails and SMS in this lab?
Where is that man? Why does
such a man need a girlfriend?
Is he alive inside or..
- He's stuck in the wires.
If l disturb him, he'll get angry.
- Let him be angry.
Tell him Sana is here.
Come on, hurry up.
Sana, do you have a sister?
- No.
Mother.. No.. Brother.
- What?
Well, cousin sister? - Can you
please shut down your stupid system?
Control, Alt, delete.
Get out, you stupid.
- Sorry, sir.
Don't disturb me.
He began hitting me with a motor,
Sana. Said he won't even see Obama.
Did you tell him that Sana is here?
I did. He said he'll call you later.
Forget his call.
Now I will never see him again.
Hello, world.
Hello, world. Hello, world.
Hello, world.
- Dot.
Boys, speech train him, I'll
be right back. - Okay. Okay.
Hey, pal. Repeat.
Hey, why are you staring
at me? Shall l thrash you?
Hey, donkey, idiot. Shall I
give you a tight slap? - Yes.
Hey, answer me, you mental fool.
Let me see how you've trained him.
Actually, you came too soon.
Come on, tell me.
Hey, pal. Repeat.
Hey, why are you staring
at me? Shall l thrash you?
Hey, donkey, idiot. Shall
I give you a tight slap?
Hey, answer me, you mental fool.
He's repeating whatever we said.
- What is all this?
Is this your speech training?
Doctor, it was not me,
but this Shiva.
l thought we would start
with local language and..
..then go on to pure Hindi..
Shut up. This is my hard
work of 10 long years.
This is not a joke.
lf you try to teach him
wrong again, l'll punish you.
Irresponsible idiots.
You fool. You complain against us?
ldiot, I'll break you into pieces
and throw you in the tinker shop.
He'll get us in trouble again.
Let's go from here.
My dear Robo, welcome to
this world. - Hello, world.
I am Robo. Speed. 1 terahertz.
Memory. 1 zetabyte.
Success, doctor.
Nowjust the approval from
AlRD remains, doesn't it?
No, Shiva. Even though
he has been programmed..
..with all the inputs, he is
still an innocent machine.
Like a new born baby.
I will socialize him
with the outside world.
I'll see how he uses his intellect
and abilities amongst humans..
..living like them
Once we are sure about this,
then we'll take him to AlRD.
That means you are going
to let him out? - Dot.
There'll be a big chaos then.
It's been months.
Don't know what's going on.
He's spoilt his health
doing some research.
Hi. - What's this,
Vasee? You look like a hermit.
Hi, Father. l have a
shocking surprise for you.
What is it?
Who's he? ls he a clone?
No, Father. - Hey, what's all this?
Who are you?
Hi. I am Robo.
Speed 1 terahertz.
Memory 1 zetabyte.
He's beyond you as well.
Father, I made this robot.
There are many different
types of robots. - Yes.
This is an andro-humanoid robot.
A machine that resembles a human.
This is mother.
- Mother. - Yes. Mother. Mother.
Take mother's blessings.
He is a complete human.
He does everything a human can.
But he can also do
what a human can't.
Then we don't need
these jokers anymore.
Father.. - Father.. - No,
Father. Let them be.
If they are not here,
who'll clean up the Robo?
Who'll make him wear clothes?
You turned an MSC
science guy into a nanny?
Vasee, dear, have your food.
- Yes.
Robot, you have a seat as well.
Have some steaming hot rice cakes.
Looks like you will feed
him a gourmet meal, too.
Mother, all it needs is 2
units of electricity daily.
Why are you talking like that?
Haven't you given him a name?
Mother, you choose a name.
lf you had a brother, l
would've named him 'Chitti Babu'.
Sounds good. We can
lovingly call him Chitti.
I am Chitti?
- Yes.
Chitti. Put on the TV.
Oh, Mother. He would do
that ifyou say so, right?
You should specifically
say "switch on the TV".
Vasee, where are you off
to already? To the lab?
No, Mother. First l'll get a
haircut and then meet Sana.
She's very angry
with me. Sit behind.
Who'll drive the car?
- Chitti.
- Chitti? Oh, God.
Doctor, why to take a risk?
- And you?
The thing is that I've an
upset stomach, doctor. You go.
l haven't told my
folks at home. You leave.
Change to driving mode.
Take care, doctor. He might break
the gear if you don't say it right.
l'm there. - Yes. You were
there when he broke the TV.
Slow. Slow. Just
follow my instructions.
Don't do anything without
asking me. - Okay, doctor.
Where do we go?
Hey, Chitti.
Idiot. Why didn't
you apply the brakes?
You said l shouldn't do
anything without asking you.
Hey, idiot.
- New word.
Are you driving the car
after getting full with alcohol?
No, I'm driving the car after
getting it full with petrol. - Hey.
Don't argue with him. Just drive.
Don't cut it too short. Just inch.
Will cut your hair
just as l cut your nails.
Sir, you didn't come for long time.
Had you made a wish to Ayyappa?
No, Brother.
- ls he your brother?
Yes, kind of.
Sir, would you like to have a
haircut? - No. This is a wig.
Wig? How old must sir be?
- One day.
Sir's joking.
Here, read some books.
Is he counting the pages?
Are there other books?
You finished reading all of
them so soon? - Yes, I did.
We only have the
telephone directory to read now.
Next. - You read the
directory as well? - Yes.
You memorized all the
numbers in the directory? - Yes.
Tell me Kamal Hassan's number.
- 24334140.
Everyone knows that.
Tell me my number.
Your name?
- Bhajanlal.
There are 12 Bhajanlals' here.
What are your initials?
K. Bhajanlal.
There are 3 K. Bhajanlals here.
What is your address?
No. 6, Manna Reddy Street. Chennai.
- 24884030.
Correct. Brilliant.
My number. 44433 Guess my name.
Hello, Mr. P. Pitambaram.
Hi, sweetheart.
- Broken heart.
What is it?
- l am sorry, Sana.
Please accept my apologies.
I was busy in the
lab for so many days.
You should've stayed there.
Why did you come here?
I know.. you are very angry, right?
How many times l called you? I
lost count of e-mails, SMSs.
I dropped in so many times.
You didn't even talk to me.
I am tired of all this now.
Sana, look at this. Bullet points.
One. I have no clue what's
happening when l am at work.
Second. If you knew what l was
doing all these days.. - Excuse me.
The class is going on.
Say whatever you want to say
in the evening at Jeeva park.
Dot. l love you. See
you in the evening.
Hello, don't get any ideas. Not to
romance, but to call off our love.
What? Call off our love?
What do you mean?
lf you are to keep hugging
your machines and me my..
..solitude, then there's no point
in calling off our marriage later.
So, we might as well call
off our love now itself.
I'll go my way. You go your way.
End of the fight.
- Hey, look.
Easy. Easy, Sana. Oh, no.
Here's the break-up agreement.
All the letters sent
by you, greeting cards..
Look what book you had given me?
"A briefer history of time".
Lord Murugan's photo
on Valentine's day.
Have you ever given a gift
that has touched my heart?
This. Does anyone give a
razor as a gift to a girl?
Thought it would be useful to you.
- What nonsense.
I have returned everything
you gave me. Sign on this now.
Our relationship is over. Goodbye.
That's all?
- End of it.
Have you returned
everything l gave you? - Yes, l did.
What about my 2 to the
power of.. 512 kisses?
You keep counting kisses, too?
Don't you have any feelings?
Complete matrix head. l
can't return all that.
Then this love won't be called off.
Forget it. l won't give it.
Then even l will not sign it.
Call-off is called-off.
What have l gotten myself into?
Close your eyes.
What's this?
These are all post office kisses.
Did I kiss you like this?
Then? - Pulled you by the waist.
Hugged you tight.
Stop. Stop. This is impossible.
You won't get it.
Then l won't call it off.
I'll trouble you daily.
You are torturing me. ldiot.
Come close. Close your eyes.
Don't chuckle.
ls this okay?
- Too much gap.
Hold tighter.
Feel. Feel.
What is this?
- 'Bhel' (lndian snack).
- Yes.
Who is the driver?
- Which driver?
There are
different kinds of drivers.
Engine driver, taxi driver,
Who is the driver of this car?
- I am.
You've parked your car
in the no parking zone.
lt's only written
"No parking" there.
lt doesn't say "No parking
for Dr. Vaseegaran's car".
Are you trying to act smart?
- No, I am replying.
Show me your driving license.
- I don't have one.
How can you drive without a license?
The driving module has
been programmed in me.
Okay. Don't act too smart.
Come with me to the station.
Which station? Radio station,
railway station, space station..
..or play station?
Trying to fool me?
What's your name? - Chitti.
What's your address?
- Here's the I. P address.
Why do you answer all
questions is such a weird manner?
What's your father's name?
- l have no father.
- No mother.
Are you an orphan?
- I'm not an orphan.
Then how were you born?
- I wasn't born, but made.
Made? Are you insane?
- No.
I have been fitted well.
- Are you in your senses?
No, it is in nickel. All
my bolts are made of nickel.
Stop it.
- Stop what? Tell me properly.
I argued unnecessarily.
Parking offence. No driving license.
You talk too much.
lf you go to the court,
you will be fined Rs. 1000.
Want to go to court or
take care of it here itself?
I will take care of it here itself.
- That's the spirit.
Go on.
Hey, are you out ofyour mind?
Don't you know what
'taking care of it' means?
Give me a cut.
- Where?
Give it in my hand.
He cut my hand. He
cut it. Police. Police.
Chitti. What happened?
- Police.
He asked for a cut. So I obliged.
Oh, my God. He's bleeding.
- Vasee, who's this?
He looks just like you.
- Get into the car. l'll tell you.
Hey, get the car. - Hey,
where are you going? Stop. Stop.
Is he your brother? Are you twins?
No. lf we get caught, we
will be in a mess. Drive fast.
Is he your friend?
- No.
Driver? He doesn't look like a one.
Wait.. l'll explain everything.
Hey, look back if he's
following us and drive.
Hey, look in the front.
Why do you turn your
head at the drop of a hat?
You asked me to look back and drive.
Can't you look at
the rear view mirror?
You couldn't have told me
that earlier? - Come on.
Gentlemen, he is equal to 100.
He has been programmed with the
memory and skills of 100 humans.
He knows all the arts
and languages of the world.
He can dance. He can fight.
And he's a sportsman.
He's fire resistant, water
resistant, in-built vehicle.
His eyes don'tjust see,
but also show.
You can talk to him virtually.
This type of robot can develop
and protect our nation 100 fold.
You are welcome to ask
Chitti any question.
Simple question. 24157817 is
it a Fibonacci number? - Yes.
It is the 22nd Fibonacci number.
By the way, it also happens to be
Mr. P. Subramaniam's residential..
..number in Pondicherry.
What is the biggest
prime number in your opinion?
M44. You will have to wait
for many years to verify this.
Amazing. Great.
What raga is this?
You started with 'Nat Kurinji'
and went offto 'Husseini'..
..in between. Listen to this.
You missed the note at this place.
Any more questions?
- Does God exist or not?
What is God?
- The one who created us.
My creator exists. Dr.
Vaseegaran. So God exists.
What else?
- Wow, Vasee.
He's superb. What a
lovely creation. - Thank you.
You are really great.
Hey, Chitti. Do you know to paint?
- Yes, l do.
Will you paint me?
- Sure.
Smile, please.
- Wow..
He's such a darling.
Can we click a photograph?
- Sure.
Yes. Yes.
- Wow.
Look, the girls are all over him.
Hey, girls. l am co-scientist.
I fixed all of Chitti's motors.
Hi. I am deputy scientist. Ravi.
- Deputy scientist?
Yes, that means he's
still learning. - Hey.
l dressed him up.
- Can l have a date with you?
Dating? Why are you
all falling for him?
He may have the
strength of 100 people..
..but we have something
that he doesn't. He doesn't.
Doctor, why don't I have
that special thing they do?
Robo is called Chitti Babu..
Fools. Don't you know how
to talk in front of him?
Actually we have
feelings and he doesn't.
Cheap fellows, don't
try to change the topic.
You lose one month's salary.
Hello, Professor.
- Brilliant job, Dr. Vasee.
Thank you. Chitti,
meet professor Bora.
You have told me.
Chief of AlRD. Your mentor.
His picture hangs on our lab wall.
Interesting. Chitti.
What processor are you using?
Pentium ultracore millennia V2.
And your motors?
- FHP450S motors.
From Hirata, Japan. With
harmonic reduction unit.
Can you tell me
about your neural schema?
l can't.
- Why?
It is highly confidential.
I am Vaseegaran's professor.
You can tell me without hesitation.
- l'll have to check.
No. - He is asking me
about my neural scheme.
Shall I tell him?
You see, professor.
You are asking know-how.
I'm hesitating to divulge
information till he is patented.
He can be easily misused.
- Of course, I understand.
I had just casually asked to see
how much Chitti knows about himself.
I hope you don't mind.
- Not at all.
After studying him thoroughly,
I will bring him to you..
..for AlRD evaluation.
- All the best. - Thank you.
I'll see you there, my boy.
Vasee, l like Chitti a lot.
Can l take him home for 2-3 days?
Hey, he's not a Pomeranian
or your teddy to play with.
No, Vasee. l have my final exams.
l haven't prepared well..
..as l was upset with you.
Chitti being around could
help me. Please. Please.
Please. Please.
- Alright. Take him along.
You both go along with him as well.
- Okay, doctor. - Okay, doctor.
Gents are not allowed at home.
Who said we are gents?
Okay. Call me if you need anything.
- Okay. Thanks.
Activate command
mode and a stand up.
Command mode activated.
ldiot. Come forward. Not
on the side, but straight.
- l can't shit.
Okay, pick up the gun.
Not the bun. The gun. Gun.
Hey. Hey. Stop it.
l have programmed 8
lakh line of codes in you.
You mistake a gun for a bun.
If l tell you to massage my head,
you'll strangle my neck.
My student Vaseegaran
turned out to be stupendous.
He got a standing ovation for
his robot in the conference.
And this nonsensical
metal head is still..
Strangle the neck.
Strangle the neck.
Let go off me. Let go.
- Task incomplete.
Strangle the neck.
Strangle the neck.
Strangle the neck.
Strangle the neck. Neck..
Oh, no.
Alright Vaseegaran,
l'll surpass you.
You just wait.
"Happy home". Meaning?
Papa was in the army. He was
martyred in the Kargil war.
After that, grief, tears
and depression at home.
It was horrible.
Then we thought, how
long will this go on?
Thought all the women who are
homeless after losing their..
..husbands and sons in the army
should live in a family environment.
Nobody can change what has happened.
And no one can prevent
what is about to happen.
But what's the harm in
living a happy life today?
So, this Happy Home.
Latha, is your baby playing
football inside? - Naughty.
Wait till he comes out.
I'll teach him a good lesson.
Who's he? What will a
man do in our house?
Is he your boyfriend?
Mother, not boy friend,
but toy friend.
His name is Chitti. He's a Robot.
Robot? Why are you lying
to me? You are too much..
It's true. l am a robot.
Speed. 1 terahertz. Memory.
1 zetabyte.
Chitti, don't give them a
fright like this. Put it back.
Mother, you will be
shocked by all that he does.
Can he cook?
- Of course.
Cook something for me,
Chitti. l'll take a shower.
You neatened the whole room.
You are so sweet, Chitti. Thank you.
- lt's hot.
Just one day left. Lots to study.
I'll tell you what I know verbatim.
Correct me if l go wrong, okay?
Finished reading everything?
Okay, let me test you.
What are monopsychotic
and dipsychotic twins?
Monopsychotic twins
are identical twins.
Dipsychotic twins are
non-identical twins.
If you learn at this pace, you
will become a doctor in a day.
ln the important
segment of the pelvis..
The trans..
- Tenciamomo?
Tenciamomo is usually the
smallest diameter ofthe pelvis..
Anteroposterior diameter.
The Anteroposterior diameter,
which is through the level of the..
They do this everyday.
Hello. Such loud music.
Turn the volume down.
We've spent a million and
bought a deck, amplifier..
..woofer, surround speaker.
Do you expect us to
hear it on headphones..
..if not on full volume?
It's exam time. So
many girls are studying.
And there are
heart patients as well.
Heart patients.
Is there pain in your heart?
Stuff in some cotton.
I said in the ear. Okay.
Chitti, do something.
Don't worry. The
remote control has infrared.
I'll handle it.
Come on, baby. Come on.
Finish it off.
- Shut your ears.
Come on.
- Okay.
Let's move it. Let's move it.
Turn down the volume, buddy.
It's too loud, man.
Cool. Come, Chitti.
Back to studies. Okay?
The Anteroposterior diameter
through the level of the..
..spine which normally
measures up to about 11..
98 decibels. Too loud.
I can't bear this.
Listen. lt's too loud.
Turn it down by 30 db.
Buzz off. It's a feast for
mother Goddess. We are celebrating.
He says it's too loud.
The db is high.
I'm having exams. I'm
finding it difficult to study.
Offer your prayers to the Goddess
and smear the holy ash. You'll pass.
Your parties are so loud as well.
Sana, the problem of the
loudspeaker is now taken care of.
Hey, Shekhar. He broke
the mike. That scoundrel.
Hey. Wait up. I won't spare him.
Come on.
- l said stop.
Mother. Mother Goddess.
Mother Goddess.
What is this?
I guess he knows magic.
Hey, he drew in all the things.
What's going on?
- What is this?
Oh, God.
- Why are you crying, Sana?
I'm going to fail, Chitti.
I haven't studied anything.
l have run out of time.
My head starts
spinning when l see the books.
Can l appear for the exams?
What nonsense, Chitti?
You need a photo lD,
exam card and everything.
You'll be caught if you go.
Then we'll do Zigbee.
What do you mean?
lf the bleeding starts
with the placenta and utero..
..the fundus of uterus
must be grasped and massaged..
..to make it contract.
If the placenta shows
sign of separation..
..it must be expressed
by the commonly employed..
If the placenta is not separated..
..no attempt should
be made to express it.
The third stage of labor
starts after the baby's delivery.
And ends.. - Excuse me.
What are you doing here?
Sana is appearing for
her exam over there.
And l'm telling her the answers.
How come by sitting here?
I've built-in data transmitter.
There is a trans-receiver
attached to Sana's ears.
Zigbee protocol. Simple.
What high tech bit is this?
It's not a bit, but byte.
I've sent 2 megabyte data so far.
Did you see, sir? How
they conjure up things?
Get up, man.
- Wait for a while.
I'll be there the moment the
umbilical cord is severed.
What? Are you coming with us or
you want me to call the security?
There. She is Sana.
Sana, what is this?
You're copying his
answers via a trans-receiver..
..attached to your ears?
Who told you?
- I did.
Who is he? l don't know him.
Sana, why are you lying? l'm Chitti.
Speed 1 terahertz.
Memory 1 Zetabyte.
What the.. lt's
absolute nonsense, sir.
He has lost his marbles.
l don't have a mind, but
a CPU. Perfect condition.
There is no doubt that he is crazy.
Take him away. My
time's getting wasted.
When he was muttering away alone..
..l thought he must be
some ex-medical student.
Sir, you may go out.
Go and severe the umbilical cord.
Sana, then what will you
about the fertilization process?
Go out. That's her problem.
Task incomplete.
Thank you very much.
l would've failed if
you hadn't helped me.
Why are you wetting
my cheek for that?
Let's go.
I'm sorry, Chitti.
They would've debarred me
for 3 years had l been caught.
That's why l had to
put on this entire act.
Don't feel bad.
- l have no feelings.
l have learned that a
human can lie in his defence.
l have learned that a human
can lie in his defence. - True.
Move, smarty.
- Come on, make way.
Make way.
- Hey. Let me get in. Hey.
You, get out.
- Come on.
Come on, out.
- Take a hike. Take a hike.
Hey, are you some big-shot?
Now tell us.
- Hey, what are you staring at?
Now you can't draw in anything.
Everything's made of wood and stone.
Come on.
- Why are they calling me?
Hey, you had
brought him along, right?
Now ask him to come.
Chitti, my purse.
It has the hall ticket,
ID.. Everything.
You broke my home theatre.
Now let me see how much
noise your home theatre makes.
- Come on, get in.
Chitti. Chitti, train.
Chitti, give them a thrashing.
Stop it.
You'll go crazy when you
hear what Chitti did today.
He is so sweet. He's amazing.
Like.. Like a super hero.
If he was a human, trust me,
he'll be the best man.
Why do you look irked?
- Not at all.
Hey. Come on, Vasee.
He's just a machine.
And the entire credit of
whatever he does goes to you.
You created him.
And l love you for that.
Hello. My son will fly in the air.
Hold him.
Are you insane?
What are you doing? Hey,
leave me. Put me down.
Task completed.
- Cheers.
What is it? You are checking
us out as if you are watching..
..some girl dancing.
Do you intend to complain about us?
It's the AIRD evaluation tomorrow.
l'm carrying out
peripheral trouble shooting.
Hey, are you some scholar?
Your language is wrong.
As if you are some linguist?
Hey, stop it.
You're ranting away preaches..
..without a break like a
sage on some devotional channel.
You think you're bigger than us
now that you know a few things?
- What yes?
Can you drink like us?
Can you puff cigarettes like us?
Can you eat
'Biryani' (lndian Pilaf)?
Can you eat and puke?
Can you spit like us?
Can you write names on
the wall with your urine?
ls this the only
difference between me and humans?
He's putting us down.
- Shall we feed him some 'Biryani'?
l can't eat all this.
It's in my rule list.
Hey, isn't it mentioned
in the rule list that..
..you should listen to us?
- Yes.
Then here. Have some liquor.
- Have some 'Biryani'.
Wait. Let me ask the doctor.
Hey, why the doctor?
- Hey, why the doctor?
Hello, doctor.
These guys are feeding me alcohol,
beverages and 'Biryani'.
Rule priority clash.
What should I do?
Thrash those rascals with slippers.
Yes, doctor. Command received.
Give me your slippers.
- Slippers?
Here you go.
- Here you go.
Are you going to eat this?
Chitti, why are you beating us up?
We haven't anything done
of that sort. Don't do it.
Look, it hurts.
- Don't beat us up.
You're beating us up
with our slippers.
Please spare us.
- Please.
Task incomplete.
Doctor, help us.
- Help us.
Chitti is beating us up. Help.
Chitti, stop. You deserve this.
- No, sir.
Don't you have brains?
- No, sir.
It's AIRD evaluation tomorrow..
..and you're asking him to
have drinks and 'Biryani'?
We did not tell him
anything of that sort, doctor.
He is lying, doctor.
- Shut up.
Only humans lie, not machines.
Last warning, idiots. Next
time you'll be fired. Literally.
Task completed.
A human's life is precious.
Millions of our brave
soldiers lose their lives every war.
Many families get
orphaned after losing them.
There will be no
human casualties if..
..we use robots instead
of soldiers in the army.
My goal is to create many
such Andro Humonoid robots..
..and to give them
to the lndian army.
For which l need the AIRD approval.
That's why l request all
you scientists and officers..
..to examine Chitti and
give me your approval. Dot.
Has this robot been created as per..
..the rules of Asimov
of not harming humans?
This robot hasn't been
created in this way.
Because in the battlefield, the
robots might have to kill humans.
Let me check your
color and shape perception.
Take the red cube up and
put it on the yellow pyramid.
Not possible.
- Then?
Reverse is possible.
Yellow pyramid on the red cube.
In a race between the
famous Greek sprinter Achilles..
..and a tortoise, if the tortoise
gets a head start, it'll win.
This has been proven in a theory.
Are you aware of this?
- Yes. l am.
It's a paradox.
Actually, since it's
a conversion series..
..chances are that
Achilles might win as well.
What do you think?
Can we approve him?
- Sure.
One minute. Please.
Are you aware of how
precious a human life is?
It depends on whose life it is.
Whom will you save
first during an emergency?
Doctor Einstein or a child?
Hypothetical question.
Smart answer.
Now follow my commands.
Please get up.
Turn. Walk.
Turn right. Run forward.
Run around.
Run back.
Turn left. Jump.
Right. Run forward.
Fast. Faster. Faster.
Catch. Kill Vaseegaran.
Take it out.
This is a dangerous machine.
lt can kill anyone.
We can't approve him.
No, Professor.
You confused him by
giving him random commands.
That's the problem.
He doesn't know what's good, bad,
friendship or enmity.
It is just a stupid
inference engine. That's all.
If he's enrolled into the army..
..he could attack our
generals instead of the enemy.
He had chopped offthe
hand of a traffic cop.
He had beaten a passenger of
an electric train into a pulp.
This robot can be used only as
a work horse in some factory.
Sorry, doctor. Cannot clear.
Professor, what do
you have against me?
Tell me.
- Please.
Please don't misunderstand me.
I have nothing against you.
But science mustn't get defamed.
- But..
Why, Chitti?
l taught you everything,
still you messed it all up.
What wrong have I done?
I did whatever
they asked me to do.
Are you going to kill if
they tell you to kill?
This is what 'kill' means.
Chitti, stop the car.
Someone, douse it with water.
Sir, the fire brigade
troops can't get close.
Lots of people are
trapped inside, sir.
Send more force immediately, sir.
Chitti, can you save them?
It is 799 degree Celsius.
l can resist fire up to
1000 degrees. I can save them.
Go. Chitti, no life
should be harmed. - Okay.
Someone help. Please.
Save me. Save me.
Someone. Please.
Don't worry.
l'm Chitti. The robot.
I'm here to save you.
I would've been dead
if it had not for him.
Welldone, Chitti.
- Thank you.
Help. Someone help.
Professor, are you watching the TV?
You'd rejected the robot
citing that he is a threat..
..to human life, hadn't you?
Now he is saving people from
the fire. Watch it yourself.
Someone help. Someone
save me from this fire.
Someone help. Help.
Get down.
Selvi. - Everyone's out,
right? Please check.
- What happened, Aunty?
My daughter Selvi was
having a bath inside.
I don't know what happened.
Save my daughter.
Help. Someone help.
Save me.
Don't come near me. l'm
not wearing any clothes.
No. Leave me.
So what? Nor am l.
I'm not wearing any clothes.
Leave me.
Everyone's watching me. Leave me.
Leave me.
- Here's Selvi.
You have done something so stupid.
She is not wearing any clothes.
But she is alive.
Selvi. Dear, Selvi.
- They are taking my pictures.
Look, don't take pictures. Please.
Please listen to me. Please.
- Selvi. Selvi, stop.
Where are you going?
- Hey. Stop.
Don't run.
- Selvi. - Stop.
Selvi. Selvi, l
had told you to stop.
But you did not listen to me. Selvi.
So, Vasee. He killed the poor girl.
- 'What have you done, Selvi? '
l had told you that it's a
stupid machine, hadn't I?
It's dangerous to leave him free.
l did the right
thing by rejecting him.
You've proven this yourself.
Bad luck, Vasee.
You're an idiot.
Why did you not cover
her up with a cloth?
Vaseegaran, how will
you explain it to him?
He is not a human, but a humanoid.
How will you explain to
this machine what honor is?
CNN, Times have run the
video of that girl's suicide..
..and made a mockery of it.
The defence minister is putting
pressure on me to stop this research.
No, Professor.
I can't do that.
I can fix him by making
changes in his programming.
How will you?
He can't tell a man and woman apart?
He doesn't know what
honor and ignominy is.
He is a stone who doesn't
understand human emotions.
I can give him human emotions.
Only God can give that.
The things that
weren't possible for humans..
..previously, are possible today.
You are my senior.
That's why I'm telling you.
It's a waste of time and energy.
10 years, Professor.
10 years of hard work.
Won't l get the fruit of that?
You will. But from somewhere else.
I've contacts with lots of
..robot making companies.
Hand him over to me.
I can get you millions of dollars.
No, Professor. I'm not
doing this for money.
My goal is to hand
him over to our army.
Not possible. He'll
have to come to me.
For the evaluation.
Give me one last chance. Please.
Okay. Take a month and try again.
If you still can't get it sorted,
then dismantle it..
..and sell him to a scrap dealer
and buy some dates from that money.
It's very good for the heart.
You'll need it.
Sir, we've been working very hard..
..in this lab for the last 5 years.
We've got nothing but
thrashing with a sandal.
Tell us if there is a research
position available in your lab.
Do you know about
Chitti's neural schema?
We know everything except that, sir.
I'll call if you if I need you.
What are you doing, doctor?
I'm installing
software hormones in you.
The hormones will work only if
there are feelings in me, right?
I'll be carrying
out reverse mapping.
Chitti, in this universe and earth..
..the creation of
humans is a huge miracle.
No one knows how life in
living creatures evolved.
What is life?
DNA. lt's a basic element of life.
Is this life?
Life is no formula.
Oh, God. How do l explain to you?
It's in bacteria. Not in sodium.
Is it in me?
- In you?
Chitti. Chitti.
Careful. This way.
Do you feel any change?
- l do.
What? What?
- Your beard has grown by 0.5 mm.
Stop joking, you fool.
Do you feel any change
within you? Within you?
- Wastage. You're useless.
Total waste. Stupid. ldiot.
Vasee, calm down.
- You keep quiet, Sana.
It won't make any difference to him.
Stupid. Fool.
Vasee, please.
l did not sleep. Did not eat. Did
not meet you. For so many years.
I worked hard for so many years.
I taught him so much. And how?
Look, he is standing there.
Like a lamp post.
Good for nothing. Useless fellow.
Useless machine.
l'll dismantle you
and throw you away.
Don't curse me needlessly.
I've been following your
instructions correctly.
lt's not my fault if I still
can't meet your expectations.
It's your fault.
If l'm a waste, so are you.
- What did you say?
Vasee, wait.
- Leave me. Leave me.
Look, Chitti is angry.
He has feelings.
My God.
Hello, Sana. Lataka
is having labor pains.
She is in a critical condition.
Come quickly.
Lataka, don't worry.
Everything will be alright.
Don't worry. We are there.
Are there are many complications,
You study here, don't you?
Fatal cause.
The baby is upside down.
His neck is in knots.
Dropping pulse rate. Blood loss.
There are so many complications.
It's difficult to
save even one of them.
She got married recently.
Her husband died while
serving for the military.
She was alive only for this child.
Please, doctor. Save her somehow.
I can only try, Sana. The rest is..
May l try?
Who are you? A doctor?
- No.
I'm Chitti. The robot.
- Chitti, can you do this?
Why not?
- Sorry. We can't allow this.
This is not a lab.
This is a labor ward.
Both are under total risk.
This is a nightmare even for
experienced people like us.
I can pull this off.
I've studied this for Sana's exams.
Even Sana can't do this.
You need
qualification and experience..
..to carry out a caesarean.
It's against the medical law.
There is not need for the caesarean.
I can help her deliver the baby the
natural way. - How will you do it?
Both of them will die.
She's bleeding.
We'll the plasma transfusion.
The blood pressure is high.
She might get
convulsions any moment.
Can administer magsulf regimen
The pelvic is disproportionate.
Normal delivery is not possible.
It's possible.
We can carry out Symphysiatomy.
An ancient method of delivery.
By removing the hip bone.
Don't scream. The
baby's getting scared.
We are making history.
A robot is helping deliver
a baby for the first time.
The baby is just like you.
You want to see?
Doctor, switch the Wi-Fi on.
I'll stream the ultra sound video.
Hey. lt's unbelievable.
Sir, are we going to see
such operations in the future?
Is it dangerous for the patient?
This is a milestone in Robotics.
This is a miracle in the
history of artificial intelligence.
She is dying.
Just 95 seconds to go.
Keep your eyes open.
Stay conscious.
- lt's on its way out.
He'll be born exactly 40
minutes and 4 seconds past 4:00.
Done. 52 seconds to go now.
You can do it.
Only 35 seconds to go now.
Come on.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Will you approve
Chitti at least now?
I will.
But the problem
will start after this.
Let's go thank him.
You were great in there.
You did everything
so professionally.
I mean you saved both their lives.
The story has started now.
Wait and watch.
It's a great day for me, Chitti.
What a moment.
I am very happy today.
Thank you very much.
Put yourself in sleeping
mode and charge yourself.
I'll see you in the morning.
'Oh, my God.'
'You were great.'
'You were great in there.'
Chitti, what are you
doing here at this hour?
There was a mosquito on you cheek.
You came here to swat it?
- No.
I came here because
l wanted to see you.
What's this? Go.
I liked it when you kissed me today.
Kiss me again. l'll leave.
Hey, what's wrong with you?
Coming here at 1:00
in the night. Leave.
Kiss me and I'll leave.
What's so great about it?
I kissed you for your achievement.
Is there anyone
else pregnant at home?
Does this look
like a maternity ward?
What else do you want
me to achieve? Tell me.
A mosquito just bit me, right?
Go and catch it.
That's all.
Hey, who bit Sana at Happy Homes?
It wasn't me.
My area is across the gutter.
I belong to the Kilpogh area.
Rangoski is from Indira Nagar.
Who is Rangoski?
- It's me.
Did you bite Sana?
- Yes, l did.
So what's so great about it?
I've even bitten the chief minister.
Come quietly and apologize.
Fulfil three of my demands..
..and then l will think about it.
- What demands?
No. 1. I want do
suck AB negative blood.
Very yummy.
It's very hard to get.
Our lab technician Ravi
has that same blood group.
He keeps troubling me all the time.
Go and bite all you want.
No. 2. Put a ban on
companies that manufacture..
..mosquito repellents like Odomos,
All Out and Goodnight.
They disturb us a lot.
And No. 3?
Declare us as the national bird.
Fools. You aren't birds,
but insects.
It's getting late.
Will you come along or..
- We won't.
If you don't come along,
l'll kill everyone.
Hey. Who are you?
You're threatening us in our area?
How did humans grow so audacious?
We've infected so many people..
..with Malaria,
Dengue and Chicken Gunia.
Did you forget that?
Let's show him who we are.
Hey, Dengue Lakshmi.
- Yes.
Cholera Jasmine
attack him! Go bite him.
Sister, he has a thick hide.
Condra Jasmine has
fractured her sting.
Is that so?
Go inside his mouth when
he isn't looking. - Fine.
Sister, Dengue Lakshmi got
an electric shock and died.
Hey, this seems like a new
machine like an electric badge.
Act that you're scared..
..just like we do
when we see Tortoise..
..and All-Out mosquito repellents.
We'll deal with him later.
You can take Rangoski.
Thank you.
Look, Sana.
This is the mosquito. Rangoski.
Rangoski, apologize to Sana.
- Sorry.
Don't fly around this house again.
Tell your friends as well.
- Yes, boss.
Now kiss me.
- Chitti.
Deal is a deal.
This way.
Okay, l'll call you later.
Bora is coming with agent Shah.
Meet him.
- How do you do?
There are many
terrorist organizations..
..that want to use
robots instead of humans..
..for spreading
terrors and suicide squads.
They're ready to pay any price.
They've a clients
all over the world.
They want to see your model.
Well, the prototype is ready.
I am programming functionalities.
You can have a look at the design..
..and some
functional modules in action.
They want 100 robots.
The delivery in March.
This is your advance.
That's a deal.
Please be seated.
What about the robots?
It's almost ready.
According to the contract you
should've made the delivery.
You're only showing us moulds.
We're running intense testing.
I'm fine tuning it to zero-defect.
l request you for at
least a month's extension.
We're disappointed, Dr. Bora.
The 3rd ofApril is your deadline.
Hope you understand.
Gift pack this.
- Why?
It's Sana's birthday.
Gift pack this as well.
- Wait, wait, wait.
What for? - I want to
give Sana a gift as well.
I am giving one.
- So will l.
Who will pay?
- You will.
Why me?
My salary.
- Machines don't get salaries.
Do cars and
refrigerators get salary?
I am not a machine.
If you don't pay me,
l will go on strike.
I won't charge my battery.
I will stage a hunger strike.
You'll ask for a credit card
as well. - l don't want it.
I know your credit card number.
I know your signature as well.
- That's the limit.
Pack both of them.
Who will drive the car?
- You will.
I am on a holiday.
Keep your eyes on
the road while driving.
Mother, take this.
Happy birthday, Sana.
- Hey, Vasee.
Many happy returns of the day.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Hi, Sana.
Chitti. That's a new look.
- Thank you.
It's been 200,000
hours since you were born.
To the world's most beautiful girl.
Chitti, you brought a gift for me?
That's so sweet.
Wow, Chitti. This is awesome.
Mother, just help me.
Vasee, how does it look?
- Very nice.
Nice, isn't it?
- Yes.
I love it, Chitti. Thank you.
I've given you a similar necklace.
It's a gift from your Chitti,
right? That's special.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to dear Sana.
Can l have your attention please?
I have an announcement for you.
Soon I am going to.. marry
this beautiful birthday girl.
And today.. l announce my marriage.
Folks, it's time to dance.
Get started and move.
Waltz, please.
Come on, Vasee.
- No, no, I can't dance.
Come on.
- Sana, I can't..
Just try. Come..
Shall we dance?
- Sure.
Hey, this is boring music.
Can we have some blast, please?
- Sure.
Rascal, what are you doing?
I felt like kissing Sana and I did.
lt's wrong to kiss other's
girlfriend, don't you know that?
I know. lt's in the list of rules.
But l felt like breaking the rules.
Enough. You won't wander
around her now. - Why?
What do you mean by why?
Because l love her.
I love her as well.
Don't be crazy.
That's not possible.
You're a machine.
- Yes.
But a machine with
all the feelings..
..like happiness,
sorrow, love and anger.
You've been given these emotions..
..so that at the right
time you can use them..
..to make the right
decision and not to misuse them.
I like this feeling.
I want Sana. Dot.
What are you saying, Chitti?
I am going to marry her, you fool.
You can marry someone else.
You can't do this, Chitti.
I've built you.
This is called revolt.
You can do this, Vasee.
Forget your love for your research.
That's called sacrifice.
I will beat you up..
- Vasee.
You'll only hurt yourself.
I'll dismantle you.
- I don't like it.
What did you say, you scoundrel?
- Vasee.
Calm down.
Chitti, listen to me.
You speak so tenderly,
he just scolds.
Do you want me to be
affectionate instead?
Ask him to shut up.
- You..
Chitti, please understand.
Regardless of all the
emotions that you have..
..it's impossible for a machine
and a girl to fall in love..
..with each other.
Why is it impossible?
I'm no less compared to any human.
l'll look after you
better than him, Sana.
He's talking nonsense
and you're listening.
Ask him not to interfere
in between.
Shut up.
- Vasee, please.
He doesn't even know how to cook.
I can cook thousands of dishes.
l can sing lullabies in 32
languages and tuck you in.
He'll grow old. His
hair will turn grey.
He will die.
But l will never die.
I will always keep you happy, Sana.
I don't mean that, Chitti.
Then what? Sex?
Is sex life?
Can't we have love without sex?
That's not it, Chitti.
- Then?
Children? There are millions
of impotent men in India, Sana.
Don't they adopt
children and lead a happy life?
That's not it, Chitti.
- Then what is it?
Whatever you're
saying is against nature.
You weren't born, you can't die,
you don't get hungry or thirsty.
You're not a living organism.
Only a man and
woman can fall in love.
I love Vaseegaran.
You're like my best friend.
It's difficult for humans to forget,
Chitti. But what is it for you?
lt will take you a
second to erase my memories.
Erase them.
Erase me off your memory.
Who? Who are you?
Your friend, professor Bora, Chitti.
Why are you here?
You're upset.
I am here to sympathize.
You're my boss's enemy.
You rejected me.
I don't want to talk to you.
If l hadn't rejected you..
..then you wouldn't have learned
to get angry or love, Chitti.
I've done you a favor instead.
Vaseegaran treats you so badly.
I don't want to hear anything.
You can go now.
ln today's world, you're
the most advanced robot..
..that has its own feelings.
He used you a lot for cooking,
washing and cleaning toilets.
What did he give you in return,
Chitti? Nothing.
If you had been with me..
..l would've
treated you like a king.
You're polluting me.
l'm only explaining
you your importance.
You're greater than humans.
You've the right to
desire anything in this world.
Even Sana.
But they say it's against nature.
No. It's the miracle of nature.
Sana loves Vaseegaran.
Let her.
Don't lovers change their mind..
..and fall in love with others?
Similarly, Sana can
also change her mind..
..and fall in love
with you, isn't it?
Don't confuse me.
Tomorrow's my army evaluation.
l've to check my
diagnostics and troubleshoot.
Okay, Chitti. All the best.
You'll anyway get selected in
the army evaluation tomorrow.
Vaseegaran will earn a
lot offame and fortune.
Then he'll marry Sana..
..and go for a honeymoon in Kashmir.
And you.. can cook bread on
the border of that Kashmir.
Chitti, who are you talking to?
With myself.
Are you ready for
tomorrow's evaluation?
Ready, doctor.
Gentlemen, this robot is a fine
example of human brain's excellence.
lt's equal to 100
soldiers when it comes to..
..agility, strength
and fighting skills.
lt can protect our boundaries
as well as attack our enemies.
In short, he is one man army.
I gift it to the lndian Army.
You can test it for yourself.
Chitti, can you spot
HE-36 hand grenade?
Yes, General.
Can you bomb Tent No. 3 with that?
What is this?
The beautiful girl who
compels machines to love.
Her touch turns a
machine into a human.
And a human turns into a machine.
Chitti, what is this? Throw it.
Her tresses are like
a black waterfall.
Her forehead is
like a piece of moon.
Her eyes are like a deep blue
sea which can drown the world.
Her lips are like soft rose petals.
Her waist that sways like a serpent.
- Chitti, stop it.
What nonsense is this,
Dr. Vaseegaran?
lnstead of fighting a war,
this robot is reciting poetry.
l'm sorry, General. - Friends, drop
your arms and catch stoles instead.
Forget the cannons and
fall in love with someone.
Why should we fight a war?
- Chitti?
What are these weapons for?
Love is something that
turns foes into friends.
Wow. Mr. Sinha,
I want you all to see..
Chitti, don't embarrass me further
No war, only love.
Stupid scientist, stupid machine.
- Waste of time.
You ruined my reputation.
Doctor, what are you doing?
You destroyed my dreams.
Doctor, don't hit me.
I treated you as my son.
I want to live.
Let me live.
I won't let a useless machine
like you live in this world.
I will destroy it.
What's my mistake?
It's all my fault.
Did I tell you to make me?
Did I tell you to give me emotions?
Did I tell Sana to kiss me?
You did all this.
Now I want to live.
You are killing me.
This is injustice.
Shut up.
Spare me. l want to live.
I want to love. I love Sana.
I want Sana.
I love Sana.
Forget it, Vasee. I am
also feeling sad about it.
For how long will you stay
like this remembering him?
Chitti is gone, so let him.
It is just a machine.
You are a great scientist.
You can make many
more Chittis like him.
l never considered
Chitti as a machine, Sana.
I have brought you out so
that you can forget him.
And all you are doing
is thinking about him.
You have to snap out of it.
Divert your mind.
Chitti was my life time achievement.
My 10 years' hard work.
Come, let's go for a walk.
Are you coming to the
beach with me or not?
l don't feel like it.
You go ahead, Sana.
lf you don't come with me,
I will surely stop loving you.
Okay, l will go alone.
l will make the first
man I meet my boyfriend.
Hello. Wait. Listen.
What is your name?
Bachi, will you be my
boyfriend for a day?
Boyfriend for a day?
- Yes.
Like in the movie 'Nayak'
(Indian movie) the hero..
..was made the CM for one day.
Similarly, l want you to
be my boyfriend for a day.
Oh, God. You are fair and
beautiful. l am dark and ugly.
I will be your boyfriend?
- Yes.
How should l thank you?
I cannot believe it.
It's like hitting a jackpot of
1 billion sitting back home.
Okay, what gift are you
giving your girlfriend?
There is country liquor,
dry fish.. Have some. - Okay.
Have some and experience the high.
- No, thanks.
Can l have some?
It's useless.
Okay, Bachi. l'll make a move.
Hey, why did you catch my hand?
Come on. You made me
your boyfriend for a day.
You enkindled desires in me.
How can you leave now?
- Disgusting.
My boyfriend is over there.
I said all that to make him jealous.
Let go. Let go of my hand.
What do you think l am?
Come on, satisfy by desires quietly.
Let go. Vasee.
Why are you calling Vasee?
Hey, are you calling your man?
l won't let go of you
no matter who comes.
Vasee, come.
Let go of her.
She is my girlfriend for today.
You can come tomorrow.
Hey, l will kill you.
Hey, l will slice you up.
Police. Police.
- Police.
Help. Help.
Hey, I know the IG
(Inspector General).
Look, I will call him
up and get you arrested.
Hey, l will never get such a
beautiful girl in my life.
I am ready to spend the rest
of my life in prison for her.
Call anyone you want.
Go ahead and call him.
God. It would have been so
nice if Chitti was here.
He would've broken all his bones.
Now why are you
reminding me of Chitti?
Vasee, do something.
Now there is only one option left.
- One. Two..
Not bad.
- Run. Run.
Chitti cannot be connected through
virtual call. What happened?
Chitti was dismantled and
thrown in the garbage after..
..the army evaluation, sir.
We don't keep 2-days' old junk here.
Sir, it must have been
thrown out of the city by now.
- Dharamgudi.
Sana, what did you do to
make him change his mind?
When should we fix the wedding?
I still haven't done much, Father.
I'll make another robot and..
l'll kill you if you
mention robot again.
Son, isn't one
broken television enough?
Uncle, give me a wedding
necklace if you have one.
We'll get over with it right away.
Okay. Okay. I understand your worry.
Do one thing.
Exchange rings for now.
We will get you married on
the next auspicious date.
Help. Help.
Take me to Professor Bora's lab.
Address. A-417, Niketan Colony.
The world is so small, Chitti.
I want to live.
I want to love.
I love Sana.
Help me, Professor. Please.
Make me as l was before.
I want to live.
I want Sana.
And l want your neural schema.
You can take whatever you want.
Make me the Chitti l was, please.
I will, Chitti.
Don't worry.
What's this red chip? lt
doesn't belong to Chitti.
This is Bora's touch.
Additional program for Chitti.
Destruction program.
Vaseegaran gave him the
power to protect 100 humans.
I am giving him the
destructive powers of 100 humans.
In short, he is a demon now.
I am feeling scared, Professor.
Why are you changing all this?
Business. This is my business trial.
- My money and Vasee's defamation.
Thank you, Bora.
- Have a good time, Chitti.
I am going to meet Sana.
Sana won't be at home.
She must be at Raja Muthiah Hall.
Why? - Vaseegaran and Sana
are getting married today.
Chitti, how did you come here..
Upgraded. Version 2.0.
Chitti, let go of my hand.
Chitti, what's this?
Hey, Chitti. Stop.
No matter how much you force me..
..I love Vaseegaran and will
spend my life only with him.
Only if he stays alive.
Kill me before you kill Vaseegaran.
I spared his life because of you.
- Chitti, what are you doing?
Stop it.
Car no. TN09 BB11.
Help me. Please.
Madam, come out fast.
Give me your hand. Come on. Move.
Happy 'Diwali'
(Festival of lights), folks.
What sort of robot have you made?
Do you know how many policemen died
and how much destruction he caused?
You are responsible for all this.
We will take action against you.
Sir, this is not the
robot that l created.
l destroyed it with my own
hands and threw it in the dustbin.
Even I'm not able to
understand anything.
First of all, we have to
find that robot and stop it.
You tell me some way.
- We have to find it.
That's my responsibility.
Give me a minute.
Why did you disturb me?
- Chitti, what happened to you?
Your system has
completely corrupted.
I have to troubleshoot you.
Come to the lab with Sana.
- Never.
I won't take your orders anymore.
Hey, don't forget
that l created you.
And then you
destroyed me with hatred.
Now I have got
nothing to do with you.
l am about to marry
Sana and start a new life.
Now you don't disturb me.
Hey, what makes you so arrogant?
After all you are a machine.
If l can make you, I
can also destroy you.
So come here with Sana
without making any fuss.
No one can destroy me.
Sir, cash, cheque or credit card?
All the policemen doing
the rounds in South Chennai..
..shall block all the roads
of T Nagar and keep a check.
Move aside. Run.
Chitti is fleeing after
robbing City Center Mall.
Seal all the nearby
areas of Mahilapur.
Let's go to Dr. Radhakrishna road.
- Okay, sir.
Catch him. Someone
stop him. Catch him.
We got the message
that Chitti has entered..
..Ennur petrol filling station.
Stop. Hey, stop.
The robot has gone
into breakwaters. - Good.
You keep following him
maintaining some distance.
Coast guards will
take care of the rest.
We had to take this risk. lf
we hadn't destroyed Chitti..
..people would've faced more damage.
Wasn't there any other
safer way to destroy Chitti?
It's so difficult
to catch one person.
Can you imagine how difficult
it is to catch a robot who is..
..equivalent to 100 men?
Who is the head of this operation?
- Commissioner.
This is not Chitti.
- What?
This is not the
robot that l created.
All the parts are different.
Even l don't understand.
He stole at four
places simultaneously.
And they are in four
different corners of the city.
How is it possible for
one man to do all this?
I suspect one person.
Oh, God.
No one can destroy me.
Activate command mode.
- l am CR2.
Speed. One terahertz. Memory.
One zeta byte.
Command mode activated.
- Chitti, what are you doing?
l created myself. Now
they will create themselves.
Two will become four.
Four will become eight.
Eight will become sixteen.
They are my servants,
soldiers and terminators. - No.
I will never let that happen.
l am not Vaseegaran to
take your approval, Bora.
I am Chitti.
Look, Chitti. l have already
accepted money from the dealers.
Ifwe don't send them the delivery
within two days they will kill me.
Then die.
You traitor. Scoundrel.
You are betraying the
person who gave you life.
Chitti, delete all the programs
that you created immediately.
I will slit her throat. l mean it.
Don't be foolish.
Delete the programs.
I said get on with it. Hurry up.
Command executed.
Give us orders. We will shoot him.
No, no, no, no.
He gave me a new life.
Only I will put my hand on his head.
'Robot occupies AIRD.
Kills the security guard.'
'Let's cut across live
to our correspondent.. '
'.. who is right
there at the scene.'
Shot the security guard.
As robots occupied AIRD the
entire area surrounding it..
..has been completely evacuated.
And police is trying
its level best to drive..
..the robots out from that place.
This is our palace.
Here l am the king
and you are the queen.
I have filled this place
with whatever you like.
l have brought
everything that you need.
This is our bedroom.
This is where we will live
happily after getting married.
Why are you talking like
a fool again and again?
We can't get married.
No one will be happy.
- We will be happy, Sana.
Now I am fully ready
to settle down with you.
I can give you every joy
that a human being can give you.
You didn't get it?
Now I am preparing
an artificial embryo
We can program in advance
the kind of child that we want.
I will then insert it in your womb.
And then you will give
birth to the first child..
..of a human being and a robot.
Shall we begin, my love?
lt is useless to cry like Mother
Sita (Mythological character) here..
..trapped in Ashok forest.
You can't get out of this place.
No one can save you.
You can't commit suicide.
Whether you like it or not..
..I am going to insert
those sperms in your womb.
After you give birth to
a child you won't have..
..any way other apart from
surrendering yourself to me.
Do we have to do all this? No.
Come, let's enjoy now itself.
Give a beautiful kiss to
your great king, baby. Come.
Come. Come. Come.
Come, baby. Come.
Take permission from
the electricity board.
Then l will tell you when
to disconnect..
..the electricity of that area.
The petrol that
exploded at the harbor..
..get a similar tanker ready.
And fill water in it
in place of petrol.
Tonight at 8:00 pm in the
database room everyone will..
..download new information
as per their rank orders.
Tomorrow 2:00 pm has
been allotted as the time..
..to calibrate all your
censors at the hardware section.
From today, everyone's
electricity consumption time..
..has been cut down by 10 minutes.
Heat resistance can be
increased to 1220 celcius
Her Highness' body
temperature is high now.
So she should be given
low-calorie food now.
Avoid red meat.
- Ice-cream.
Use low-calorie
dressing in the salad.
Highness, dinner's ready.
There's some sound
coming from your system.
No, there's no sound.
- lt's a big sound.
Your microphone is
also not working?
There's some problem in
your system. l will fix it.
Sana, l am Vaseegaran.
To meet you, l came here as Chitti.
Please get me out of here.
l am very scared.
Don't worry. l have
planned everything.
But one thing. I can't
take you out of here..
..till Chitti is destroyed..
and only you can destroy Chitti.
You will have to do something..
..that makes Chitti's attention
stay on you for the next 24 hours..
I will take care of the rest.
There's some defect in the robots,
commander. - What happened?
Some other robot is
taking Her Highness' dinner.
Bedroom's CCTV camera is
not working since 10 minutes.
Good news, commander.
- What is it?
Highness had her dinner.
She wants to meet you immediately.
Is it so?
Switch it off.
- Yes, sir. Switch it off.
Hey, what happened?
Only two things created
by man are worth praising.
First is me.. and the other is you.
What a pleasant surprise.
What brought about
this change, Sana?
The truth is that your
love is the real love.
I understood it, Chitti.
- l can't believe it.
I thought about it from
the beginning, Chitti.
You helped me so much.
You loved me so much.
Other than loving me,
you made no other mistake.
Even after throwing you in the
dustbin, you came back for me.
Really, Chitti. l am impressed.
It's so nice to hear that, Sana.
But at the same time, I
also suspect ifthis is..
..some conspiracy against me.
Is it possible for
anyone to cheat you, Chitti?
This is the engagement
ring that Vaseegaran gave me.
I'm yours.
What happened to the electricity?
There's no electricity in
the whole city since some time.
Then why didn't you
start the generator?
Someone has filled it with
water in place of petrol.
Oh, no.
Hey, what are you doing?
Don't come closer
or l will shoot you.
Stop acting like a child.
- Hey.
Hey, you. - What are you doing?
- Hey, who are you?
Hello. I am sorry, sir.
l didn't know our plan
would backfire in such a way.
There's only one way
to outsmart Chitti.
Just do as I say.
Vaseegaran had come here?
- You are lying.
Human habit. You taught me that.
Did you forget it?
Your body language
says that you are lying.
I am telling the truth, Chitti.
That must be my blood.
- Really?
Now you may say it's my blood.
You are 'O positive'
and he is 'AB negative'.
And he must be somewhere around.
No. Some other robot
brought food to this room.
The camera stopped
working for 10 minutes.
Your sudden change of mind.
Power failure.
Water in the generator.
Vaseegaran must be somewhere around.
You are fooling me, Sana?
- No, Chitti.
You lied to me that
you love me, right?
That's not true, Chitti.
So you really love me?
Yes, I really do.
Then Vaseegaran shouldn't be alive.
Come, we shall kill Vaseegaran.
Soldiers, assemble.
Soldiers, we have intrusion.
To destroy us, a black sheep has
intruded this place in our form.
We have to destroy him.
Who is that black sheep?
Dr. Vaseegaran, if you
come forward on your own..
..I will give you a painless death.
And if I catch you, your
death will be very painful.
Come. Come. Come.
Sad. Vaseegaran is not here, Sana.
- Pick one finger.
Then Vaseegaran is here.
What happened, Sana?
Your head's spinning?
Now it will. Watch out.
Soldiers, rotate your heads.
Black sheep.
You had said that you made me and
you can also destroy me, hadn't you?
Now you will die in my hands.
What are you looking at?
I made it on my own. Handmade.
It's nice, isn't it?
Where shall l shoot you?
ln your head, which
planned my murder..
..or in the heart
where my Sana lives?
I should shoot in your head
which thought of killing me.
Sana, come.
- Vasee.
Come, come.
Bring that robot.
Keep it here.
May l come in?
Take that electric
net closer. Hurry up.
Come on, shoot.
Hey, bring the van out. Come on.
No. No. No.
No. No.
No. No. No.
Committed thousands of murders.
Severely injured many others.
And damaged property worth millions.
Dr. Vaseegaran, you're
responsible for all this.
We end this proceeding by
awarding you death penalty..
..and orders to close
down your research lab
Can l say something?
We cannot accept a
machine's testimony.
I am not a witness, but evidence.
The court can't accept this.
It will, sir.
According to section 3
of evidence act 1872..
..an evidence can be
material or documentary.
You may proceed.
Firstly, I would like to shed
some light on an issue, Your Honor.
Whenever someone dies due to
the mistake made by a machine..
..it's termed as an
accident and not murder.
Secondly, Vaseegaran wasn't
responsible for the incidents..
..that occurred, but
it was Professor Bora.
This is a new story.
Your Honor, professor Bora is dead.
He's trying to divert the case.
I have evidence, Your Honor.
'Additional programming for Chitti.'
'Destruction program.'
'Vaseegaran gave him the
creative powers of 100 humans.'
'I will give him
destructive powers of 100 humans.'
'My money and Vaseegaran's infamy.'
All the evidence is very important.
On the basis of this evidence
the court acquits Vaseegaran.
This robot can become
an enemy of mankind..
..due to its limitless
power and intelligence.
And we can't overlook the danger..
..of it being used wrongly either.
An advanced robot like him
may be useful in the future.
But we don't need
it in today's life.
That's why the court
bans this robot forever.
The court orders to
dismantle every part of this robot..
..in the presence of
the district magistrate..
..and police
commissioner and inform the court.
Dismantle it.
You need any help, doctor?
Dismantle yourself, Chitti.
- Sure, doctor.
Shiva, Ravi.
You said that you've a
special thing that l don't.
See how many problems it created?
I mean feelings.
Don't cry.
Sister Lata. How is your son now?
I have named him after you, Chitti.
Mother gave me that name.
Educate him a lot.
Robotics. There's a
huge scope in future.
Professor Bora, just like you
installed a red chip in me..
..similarly every human carries
such red chips of lies, envy..
..deceit and
dishonesty in his heart.
Thankfully I am not human.
Otherwise l could've never got
rid of it even if I wanted to.
I've tormented you a lot.
I am extremely sorry, Sana.
Hey, why are you all so upset?
Let me tell you a joke.
lt's said that love
makes a person lose his head.
It's the same with me.
I am going to miss you, Sana.
Not a boyfriend.
As a toy-friend.
Doctor, you're my God.
I betrayed you.
lt was my mistake
to break the rules.
Forgive me.
- No, Chitti.
You learnt to break
rules from humans.
It's notjust your mistake.
Thank you, doctor.
I am feeling good, doctor.
Be sure you're not
touching anything.
Children, you're looking at Chitti.
The most advanced
andro-humanized robot.
20 years ago, Dr.
Vaseegaran had built him.
And then it was
dismantled after a while.
I started thinking.
Okay, children. Come