Endless Poetry (2016) Movie Script

This tremor,
this stunning,
this sliding towards the abyss...
the distant and the never.
I lost my mountains and
their tangy scent.
I lost my ocean
and its swarms of seagulls.
From Tocopilla to Santiago, two
thousand kilometers of tears,
listening to my
dreams falling apart.
I landed Matucana Street,
now in decadence,
but at the time,
the main artery of a
working-class neighborhood.
War! War!
El Combate makes war
to the dear life!
You're late.
Sorry, Dad.
A drunkard was stabbed, he
had the guts in the air.
And to you, have you stabbed your legs?
What day is it?
The day you fill up with customers.
You should have been on time!
These lousy ones pretend to be
unhappy, but they are thieves.
If you see them fly,
make me a gesture.
Bug it! He knows he is guilty,
he will not defend himself.
- I can not do that!
- No pity in me!
I'm telling you to hit him!
Again! Again!
Strike harder!
A thief!
That's what the thieves are waiting for here!
Very good.
Come on, it's over, move on.
Come on.
Jaime, I thought you had changed
but you stayed the same
You do not like to dominate
And what?
I work as a convict
to feed the family!
I should be flying?
Let's calm down
My mother comes today to drink the mat
and eat strawberry cake
My very holy mother!
I am fed up with this life!
El Combate settles his account
not only to thieves,
but also to the expensive life!
It stinks of soot and excrement here.
How can you live like this?
The nose is getting used to, Mom
One day, with the help of God
We will have an elegant
shop in the center.
Sit down and drink a mate
This is your brother's birthday.
I never forget it, mother
Ah, Jos...
How could you die suffocated? by a piece of strawberry cake?
Calm yourself
Calm yourself
You have suffered far too many years
Pretty, Mom
I will return you
The son you lost
"Green and I want you green." "Green wind." "The boat on the sea, the horse on the mountain.
"The shadow around the belt, she dreams at her balcony,
" green flesh, green hair,
with cold silver eyes.
"Green and I want you green.
" Below the gypsy moon,
"all things look at her but she can not see
them." = = "Green and I want you green.
"Green and I want you green."
Garca Lorca!
That one, it speaks of love, but it is a fagot!
Like all the poets, all the
painters, the dancers,
the actors...
If you keep reading these dirt,
you will become fagot like him!
Sale shit.
Instead, read your books on biology.
My son must become a great doctor.
Yes, Dad.
Nothing but books of biology,
and I will be a great doctor.
Men do not cry.
Alejandrito I bring you
this precious gift
Your grandmother entrusted me
the violin Of his son Jos
Peace to His Soul
It would make her so happy
What you learn to play From
this venerable instrument
Open it
You will take lessons
At the Conservatory of Music
It looks like a coffin!
But what do you say?
- He carries a dead man!
- A dead person!
- It smells rotten!
- The rotten!
- It's a dead man!
- A dead man!
Shut up, shit!
Do not worry, my boy.
A nude virgin will light your path
with a fiery butterfly.
This drunk,
converted into a prophet by wine,
in one sentence
pulled me from the abyss.
"A nude virgin will illuminate your path... "... with a fiery butterfly. " Quickly, Jaime They are going to kill
We do not give a damn, For nothing,
You guard the money. = = I keep it
"The flower sings, and disappears.
"How can we complain?"
I stop seeing the world
through your eyes.
"Nocturnal rain,
" empty house. " Gone! " My traces on the way, fade away little by little.
"The flower sings, and disappears..."
"How can we complain about it?" "Nocturnal rain, empty house.
"My tracks on the way, gradually fade away."
You will illuminate my way, like a fiery butterfly.
Good evening, papa.
Good evening, Mom.
Good evening, Alejandrito
I see that you have done your homework
Tomorrow, Sunday We'll
go to my mother's house
I promised him a cake
I go to the kitchen to prepare it
Get Rid of Dinner
Disinfect this filth.
Leave it and come here.
I have...
something important to tell you.
Something important? You?
Save me!
We're going to die!
I promised her a cake!
Calm down!
What a coward, but what a coward!
My God!
Do not let fear dominate you!
This is just an earthquake.
Come on.
Leave this!
Come here.
As cowardly as their dogs!
The fear
worsens the damage.
Your mind is stronger
than any earthquake.
Come on, be brave:
laugh with me!
You see?
It was nothing.
Let's count the money.
What were you telling
me just now?
It was not important.
God be praised
He saved the cake From
my venerable mother
Hello, Sara.
Hello, small.
You remember me?
You are my uncle Isidoro.
You grew well.
I knew you little like that.
You were big like that,
and you were chasing me
with an insecticide bomb,
threatening to fuck
me in the ass!
Alejandrito, what a lack of respect!
It does not matter.
We make peace?
Your body has grown
but not your brain.
Still as stupid as before.
Go, enter. The old ones are waiting for you.
Hello to all, venerable mother
What does that mean, Sara?
I taught you to be on time!
Here's the promised cake
Oh no, my sister,
that's forbidden.
You know very well that
Mom is starting diabetes.
Let me taste it.
It's not possible!
There is more sugar than chocolate!
Fanny, in the trash!
Calm down, my child.
You do not know how to play cards.
Look, on the chair,
there's the scarf that
you started to make me.
Sit down and finish it.
And you, what are you going to study?
- I...
- Medicine!
My son is going to do medicine.
Very good!
I'm not going to do medicine.
I will be a poet!
You're going to starve.
No one is going to die of hunger, Naum.
Like Isidoro, Alejandrito
likes to joke.
You were joking, were not you?
I was joking.
so you do not get
bored, go to the garden
and feed the pigeons.
Old shit...
What do you say?
It's enough?
Getting started.
Give me three.
I pass.
I pass.
Let's see?
Four kings.
Square of aces!
Here, still lost, Jaime!
And one who loses, pays.
Shit family!
In the ass!
What are these cries?
This bandit is cutting the tree!
Our tree!
Shit family!
- Alejandrito!
- Alejandrito!
Out of here, wild.
Never come back!
Why my house?
Why my tree?
Alejandro, I'm amazed.
Your act of rebellion
is worthy of a poet.
Without saying anything, you said everything.
Are you going to go home tonight?
No, my mother would jump in my face!
Do not worry. Come to the Cereceda sisters.
Are you coming?
Let's go!
This is the home of my friends,
Carmen and Vernica Cereceda.
Come on.
I have never seen their parents.
I do not know if they are
orphans or millionaires,
but I know they love
art above all else.
I bring you a new friend.
Good evening, Ricardo.
- I do not want to disturb.
- But no, darling,
an artist can enter
here at any time.
Who are you bringing us, Ricardo?
It's Alejandro.
A sublime soul, a future great artist.
Let's see.
Good! You have a beautiful skeleton.
You would make a good model.
What is your art, Alejandro?
I write poems.
You know one by heart?
But you're a poet. Improvise!
You cut the tree. You can.
"The Being that dwells in me is consumed," "flaming from dreams." Come, Alejandro. = = Look! = = Antique hero, he cut his family tree. It is a wonderful boy.
A boy or a girl?
It is a unique being.
It is so beautiful!
Yes, but this beautiful being
is a man, Ricardo. A man!
I'm wrong or is
that what I think?
That's right.
That's right?
That's right?
Yes, it's true.
But this boy is still innocent.
Do not make him believe that
your love is friendship.
I would like to live without a mask.
But I am the son of Naum.
I have to become an architect,
get married, have children...
Ose, Ricardo!
The scandal would kill my father.
Remove your mask.
Ose, Ricardo!
Ose, Ricardo!
Thank you.
Hi, you.
Between, Ricardo.
You do not bother me.
Do you like it here?
Thanks to you, I have
never been so happy.
I could write quiet. Listening:
"I do not fear my shadow, my goal is to return to what I have always been." That is beautiful. summer".
Tell me, did you ever have sex?
No, never.
And you masturbate?
And you think of men, or women?
To women, of course.
Me, I think of men.
To beautiful men like you.
Can I tell you something?
You like me.
In fact, I love you.
Sorry, Ricardo.
I'm not like that.
That's what I feared.
we can be friends.
You should hide my erections.
Then there is no solution.
Farewell, Alejandro.
We will never see each other again.
I'm sorry.
You would give me
a kiss, remember?
I owe you so much.
Did you feel anything?
I did not feel anything!
I'm not fagot.
I told you, papa!
I felt free.
I grew up.
Standing, poet!
I've been up a long time.
Come and meet your brothers.
What brothers?
Come on. Follow me.
You will meet Cana and
Gordo, symbiotic dancers.
Alberto Rubio, supra-tenor.
Gustavo Becerra, ultra-pianist.
Your brother Hugo Marn, poly-painter.
This miracle we call chance,
sent us this poet:
Alejandro Jodorowsky.
Let us welcome him!
We will not let you go
until you say a poem.
"To be neither one nor the other.
" To lose one and a thousand skins,
"consume the superfluous
in a feast of flames;
"be carried away by the
wind in a swarm of petals."
I sold my devil to the soul!
Then, Alejandro,
Who is this puppet?
You made me read the
Odes, of Pablo Neruda,
and the Antipoemes,
of Nicanor Parra.
It's Parra that I prefer.
It is not a supreme
God, like Neruda.
It is a human being,
with sublime weaknesses.
I have the honor to present you
a great poet: Nicanor Parra!
"For many years, I was condemned
to worship a despicable woman
"to work day and night,
" to feed and clothe her,
"to commit various larcenies
" in the light of the moon.
"I flew for her,
" under pain of being discredited
"to his fascinating eyes."
Leave me alone!
It was very fun.
Take this money.
Why Money?
I have everything I need here.
But here you will not find a muse
like The Viper of Nicanor Parra.
Go to Caf Iris.
Poets and muses meet
there every night.
You may encounter yours here.
A beer, please.
Thank you.
You all are nothing!
My two liters!
Do you know this woman?
This is Stella Daz, a poet.
Prudence, young man.
You all are nothing!
Thank you.
Yes. I follow you.
Hit me.
Open your eyes.
They say you write poems.
Me too, I write.
Could I have the
honor to read them?
Only my poems interest you?
Not my ass and my breasts?
No, it's that...
I'm not interested...
Show me your sex.
- My sex?
- Your sex.
- Here in the street?
- Now.
You are a virgin.
You are pure, like a
romantic pierrot.
Come on.
Here you are, your portrait.
I love you.
I need you.
I am yours.
You will illuminate my way
with a fiery butterfly.
Thank you.
"The woman who loved the doves like a virgin in ecstasy, at night, suckled the lilies with her sleeping bosom. "dreaming leaning against the wall"
"and everything seemed beautiful, without being so." It's great! Yes, everything looks beautiful. This place is magic! Wake up, sir = = Mademoiselle!
Let's dance!
That's enough, let's go.
Here is the pension where I live.
Now I'll bite you.
Do you want to see if I'm willing to
sacrifice a piece of ear to get you?
I sacrifice myself.
And shit!
Get out of here, get out!
Get out of here, shit!
Did not you like my devil?
You have talent, my boy.
We'll get along.
Now go to bed.
Go away!
Go, I'll find you tomorrow.
At midnight, at the Caf Iris.
Go away.
At midnight, at the Caf Iris.
A beer, please.
Another one.
Let this Nicanor Parra be your master!
You should not go with the...
vulgar lousy like that.
If you read his great poem La
Viper, you will see your portrait.
Goodbye forever!
You want to break my mouth?
I take care of it myself!
I'm much more than that.
I am Nicanor Parra.
And the one that inspired
my poem, La Viper,
this is Stella.
I give it to you.
I'm sure you have a knife.
Give it to me.
This is to prune the pen
with which I write.
Shut up.
A poet does not have to justify himself.
What's your name?
We will not be separated.
We will sleep by day
and live by night.
I will write by scratching
the skin of your back.
Through the pain, you
will understand my poems.
I'm still a virgin.
We will do everything
except penetration.
I keep my hymen for the man
with the divine forehead
who will descend from the mountains.
You will feed me.
I will allow you to
drink my saliva.
From now on
whenever we walk together,
I will keep your
secret parts grabbed.
Sit down.
Remove your shoes.
It's a pension for retirees,
they sleep until late.
They grumble if a sound wakes them up.
Orpheus, in the den of death,
must not see naked his beloved.
Your coat...
Your skirt...
Your shirt...
Your corsage...
My love wanders in the streets
I do not know when it will return
Will it return for Easter
or for the Trinity?
Come on.
The Past Trinity
my love does not return anymore
His mother who is waiting for her
starts to sob
Everyone humiliates me.
I wanted so much to
have a son doctor.
Calm down, Jaime.
My heart tells me that
Alejandrito will come back.
That's all we have left to eat.
Now you have to feed me.
You'll be able to?
I can.
As Nicanor Parra says:
"I will commit a small
larceny in the moonlight."
It's you?
Yes, Dad.
That's good. We were waiting for you.
Go to bed, sleep well
Yes, Mom.
"To commit misdemeanors, some mistakes, " under penalty of falling in disgrace to your fascinating eyes. " You offer me the
Nirvana. There are there for three months of beer and Of empanadas, an eternity! = = Wait. Tell me, what is poetry for you?
The luminous excrement of a
toad that swallowed a firefly.
My little toad,
I am a firefly far too
big for your mouth.
I do not need to swallow you.
You are my soul.
A soul dead of thirst.
The Iris coffee must finally be opened.
Let's go!
There is no service today.
One of us died.
My kingdom for a beer!
There is a bar that only closes
at dawn, Le Perroquet Mute.
Come on!
Stella, are you crazy?
It is a dismal place.
There is fighting with
a knife every night!
If Orpheus could charm the fauves,
we can make the mass sing
to this mute parrot!
Let's run it!
You have the chest in the
air, close your coat.
Do not be afraid.
I know how to defend myself!
"A liter and a half, sir!
How much for a pipe?
But, I'm not practicing
you have the skin so white.
I am an artist, I am a poet.
Like that big bust of Neruda?
Recite me something.
I will improvise some verses.
After, leave me alone.
"There where there are
ears but no songs,
" in this world that dissolves,
"where Being offers itself to the destitute," "I am much more my footsteps than my footsteps" No! I am a poet! = = Halte, macaques! Respect to the vengeful vagina = = = = =
That's enough.
Let's go.
More of that, Stella.
What? Did you know him?
That was my cousin.
But what idea to commit suicide
before the University of Chile!
He did not want to become an architect.
"Like a bird,
" like the viscera of a tree,
"You have come to the end of your quest, conquered and condemned," "for muzzling the
soul you hid." You can not do anything for him anymore. Stella, I do not know who I am.
I have become a mirror that
reflects only your image.
I do not want to live in the
chaos you create. It's clear?
I beg you...
Let me find myself.
Give me a few days of solitude.
We will meet again at Caf Iris,
at midnight pile,
In forty days.
Mange, Alejandro.
It's been forty days that
you're locked up here,
to sculpt puppets without
putting the nose out.
I feel empty.
I sculpt faces
because I lost mine.
I did not find myself.
Maybe tonight,
I will again be the mirror
of this terrible woman.
What did you do to your hair?
The god I was waiting for
descended from the mountains.
I'm no longer a virgin.
I carry the perfect child
that destiny had promised me.
I am a dove announcing.
Leave me alone.
Do not worry.
This is a harmless
attack of sadness.
The first look I've posed on you
Stayed engraved in my eyes
And now Where will my song go?
But she looks like me!
Let's see.
That's right!
I buy you.
No, I offer it to you.
No, I buy you.
And this one looks like a friend!
Miracles exist.
I have to present it to
you, it is a great artist.
I offer them to you.
Andrew, for you.
Luz, for you.
So you will stay together.
You are a divine messenger, my boy.
Thanks to you, Luz and I
will not be separated.
This workshop
is mine.
I give it to you.
That's right?
But it's a miracle!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Here I will be able to create,
do whatever I want.
Here it is at home.
I'll even organize parties
with boxers,
politicians, whores,
all my friends.
It's going to be party, here!
This place will be a paradise.
A paradise!
If everyday life
seems to us a hell,
if it is reduced to these two words:
"permanent impermanence",
one must follow the precept of the Bible.
"Nothing better for the man
" than to eat,
"let him drink,
" and his soul rejoice! " He that has legs, dance! He that has hands, caress! And that he who Has a language that confesses her sins on the Chair of the Truth! = = I have been waiting for her all my life. I finally found her
I would like to caress her infinitely,
I lost them when I was a child.
I am so accustomed to
these false hands,
that I forgot that
I was penguin.
Until the day she
offered me her body.
And me,
can only caress it half,
I would like to have
two, four, eight,
thousand hands...
and can caress her all my life.
Who wants to help me, with his hands,
to realize my dream?
Go up here, please.
"If life is madness..."
Who is this poet behind his mirror?
This is Enrique Lihn.
"... such is my poetry:
clairvoyant obscurity
" I am only my own absence
"behind a broken mirror."
Who is there?
The organizer of holidays!
I'm coming.
What do you want?
I want to be your friend.
Are you homosexual?
Why do you want to be my friend then?
Because I admire your poetry.
I see. It's my verse that
interests you, not me.
Well, yes!
Come on in!
The U.S.A rely on their
powerful B-29 bombers
to which the Russians can
oppose their aggressive MIG...
What do you think, Tito?
Although cold, it is still war.
Raise the sound.
The U.S.A rely on their
powerful bombers B-29
to which the Russians can
oppose their aggressive MIG...
These are my parents.
This stupid war has
sucked the brain.
It's been a long time since they died.
Come on.
Welcome to my temple.
Can I?
I love it!
It's you who wrote all that?
Yes, everything.
"Because you are invisible, you
despise you, perfect diamond."
"The death I am running, runs
without hurrying at my side."
But there are poems
on the ground!
This wonderful work will be lost!
Everything will get lost.
Our souls are going to be lost.
It does not matter.
Dreams also get lost,
and ourselves, little
by little, we dissolve.
Poetry, such as the shadow
of an eagle in flight,
leaves no trace on earth.
A poem reaches perfection
only when it is consumed.
I could not bear to see
such a work consumed.
Let's do something.
Let's go for a walk.
Let's go!
On the attack!
Alejandro, do you agree with me?
The language we were taught
carries crazy ideas.
That's it, my dear Enrique.
Instead of thinking
straight, we think twisted.
I would like to point out that we
also walk in a twisted manner.
I feel like we're
going straight.
Yes, but this truck
will force us to fork.
What to do?
We poets, we are
obliged to nothing.
Continue in a straight line.
My truck!
Fuck you, shit!
Give me the camp, assholes!
You want, young men?
Respectable lady, we
are poets in action.
We cross the city
in a straight line.
Can we cross your house?
Why do you do this?
To develop our
conscience, madame.
Ah, good. Then...
Go ahead, enter.
Dear madam,
in order to continue straight,
do you allow us to
walk on this obstacle?
That's why we sleep here...
Wait to see...
Help me.
That's good.
- Go ahead.
- Thank you, sublime lady.
You have just entered history.
Farewell, unforgettable lady.
What is marked there?
"Forbidden to pedestrians."
Prohibited to prohibit!
Well said!
poetry is an act!
Yes, a thousand times yes!
Poetry is an act!
I have the pride and honor
to welcome on this platform
that traveled great personalities
such as Pablo Neruda, Vicente
Huidobro and so many others
who rest in the Olympus of glory.
With you,
Alejandro Jodorowsky and Enrique Lihn.
"Wretched Prometheus." "Hearts of Sugar.
"Scents perfumed.
" Soft feathers.
"Fall from your souls anemic and without balls... "... in the intense flesh.
"In our mother the flesh" = = "In the fucking flesh!"
It's a scandal! = = That's enough! Outside! Bastards!
Fuck you with your flesh!
We're going to drive you
flesh in the ass, shit!
Catch them!
Out of here!
Son of whores!
"Oyez, citizens!
In our struggle to
change this real city
into an imaginary city,
we invited you to the foot of
the statue of Pablo Neruda...
This viscous national poet.
Inaugurated the statue
of the invisible man,
in homage to all the anonymous people
who inhabit this city without dream.
Nobody ever said anything!
We have been silent forever!
Nobody ever listened to anything!
Who are you?
I'm your fiance,
the woman of all your lives.
Rather be the wife
of all my dead.
To drink!
Enter, friends.
The soup...
that end without interruption...
like life, nourishes and
burns at the same time.
We have a gift for you.
A poet.
I love the poets!
What is your name?
I see a diamond
hidden in your heart.
I will read the Tarot.
The Devil.
Innocence you will lose.
Your dark side you will find.
And you shall create, and create.
The Star.
From woman to woman you will go.
Your ideal wife you will find.
I am the one you will be.
Or you were the one I am.
You gave yourself to poetry,
and I do not regret it.
What shall I get?
You will learn to die happy.
I'm afraid of dying.
You are afraid to live.
I'm afraid of disappointing others.
You are not guilty of
living as you are.
You would be guilty of living
like others want you to live.
What is the meaning of life?
The brain asks questions,
the heart gives the answers.
Life has no meaning,
we must live it!
Open the door!
Leave me to die, Alejandro.
My Lord Enrique has forsaken me.
If you really wanted to die,
You would not have told Vernica
that you wanted to commit suicide.
It was she who warned me.
And why not my Lord?
Because Enrique is completely drunk.
Can not talk to him.
When he has desolated,
he will return to you.
He loves you.
He will not come back.
He decided to find a
woman bigger than me.
That's why he left me.
You, it is you,
whatever your size.
And what am I?
He, my Lord, is all.
Come on.
Come here.
Go to...
Pequeita, I am your friend.
I saved your life.
Do you trust me?
So promise me to do
whatever I tell you.
Ok, I promise.
I want you to close your eyes
and that as a blind,
you let me guide you.
Close your eyes.
Go, close your eyes.
You promised me to open my
eyes only when I tell you.
Yes, it's promised.
Lifts your foot.
That's it.
Now I will raise you.
Open your eyes.
Do not let me go, Alejandro!
You're crazy!
Alejandro, ask me!
Removed me from there!
I can fall, do not let go!
You're crazy!
You could have killed me.
You see that you did not want to die?
Dead, you would not have
the pleasure to breathe.
Breathe with me.
I had forgotten that the air existed.
- Are you feeling good?
- Better than ever.
Come in my arms.
That's it.
Life is beautiful.
That's right.
You were very good with me.
I want to give you a present:
my sex.
But I have my rules.
Do you mind?
Blood is sacred.
I fell from the tower!
Open it!
Do not open.
Let us drink the cup to the dregs.
Open it!
We have to open it.
When I was living here,
when I was here...
I was at the top!
At the top, I felt right here!
I fell like a worm!
And like a worm, you treat me.
I wrote you a poem.
"Because you alone feel that you live
" when, insolent, you betray me,
"I tie you with the rope of your limits!" "I
extract you from the future like a dead muse,
"I lock you in my
mother's coffin
" Rotten among her
wretched bones
"to which I still implore a caress!"
The bridge has broken.
Why do you do that, young girl?
I try to forget.
As long as Enrique lives in my memory,
I will only be a corpse.
Go ahead, Doctor.
There are seven other pints, my pretty.
I have...
I did not find any flowers.
So I wanted to offer you this.
Thank you.
Do not worry,
it does not matter.
Even if this is the only
thing I can get from you,
well, I'll keep it...
forever with me.
Come on, you've suffered enough like that.
Leave me alone.
- No way.
Leave me alone.
Listen to me. You are small...
Go away.
I am small.
Together we can grow.
I will not leave you here.
Let's go.
Come on, come on.
Come with me.
That's it. Good.
Leave me alone.
- No, I'm not going to leave you here.
You will go with me.
I'm not guilty.
I'm not guilty.
I'm not guilty.
I'm not guilty.
I'm not guilty.
I'm not guilty.
I'm not guilty.
I'm not guilty.
I'm not guilty.
I'm not guilty!
Can I ask you a question?
Tell me, where did you
find these shoes?
I got them done.
Why then?
Because I love the circus.
Especially the clowns.
I'm glad to hear it.
Let me introduce myself:
I'm Carrot, the orange clown.
I saw you playing Tocopilla
when I was a kid!
My name is Alejandro Jodorowsky.
I understand now.
You are one of us.
Your father and I worked
in the same circus.
A cat will always look for rats.
These shoes express
that you want to return to the
world to which you belong.
I do not think I can.
If you have kept your soul as a child,
you will do it very well.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I have the honor to present you
the fabulous circus
The Human Eagles!
The most refined and elegant
circus in the country!
Yes or No?
Can I enter?
Comment this?
You have already entered.
Who are you?
I'm a stranger!
From which country?
Of Strange!
And what do you want?
Work, Mr. Director.
What do you do?
I know fart.
Let's see.
Know, sir, that here only
Chileans have the right to fart!
So return fart to your homeland!
Disgusting foreigner!
It deserves a good correction!
Come on guys!
I can not stand it anymore!
I'm nobody!
No one!
I feel so bad, I want
to commit suicide!
But how?
I found it!
I'll tickle myself until
I die of laughter.
My best friend hates me!
I am a traitor,
I slept with his fiance!
She may have given me syphilis!
The poor girl may
have gotten pregnant!
Life is a game!
We must laugh at everything, even the worst!
Yes, laugh!
Suffering is silly!
I'm not a clown.
I'm a poet!
Poet! Poet...
"I never found you, " I always lost you.
"An eternity to travel in search of the impossible encounter... " to tell you that it is you,
"with kisses,
" with nicks,
"built my dreams."
Awake, poet.
It would be better to sleep than to be awake.
It would be better to be dead.
Better not be born.
That's enough, Enrique.
You are destroying you.
We will not let you commit suicide.
Everything is nothing but nothing.
You're wasting your time.
Everything is life!
It's not you who suffer,
This is the picture
you made of yourself.
You are a poet!
Look at things differently.
Neither I nor Pequeita
took anything from you.
I'm your friend...
and will remain so until my death.
For Pequeita, you are God.
Yes, you are God!
And here is your child.
Lying dog, this
fetus is not mine!
I have begotten him thinking of you!
I speak to your heart.
Have mercy on me.
I have your name tattooed in my soul.
If you do not love me, I will kill myself.
If you do not love me, I
will make you love me.
If you do not love me, I'll
wait for you to love me.
I deserve more.
This is our son at all!
Mother, what are you doing here?
The house burned.
- The house of Matucana?
- Yes!
The house of Matucana, your house.
Furniture, clothes, beds!
My writings too? My books?
Your writings and books?
I burn my ass with your
writings and your books!
How can you ask me
such a bullshit?
The money burned!
My money hidden in the wardrobe!
And the porcelain tableware
that your mother kept...
- Since our wedding.
- Since our wedding!
But what have you become?
Do you have no heart left?
Does not you care?
I do not know who you are!
You hang out here, in
this drunken haunt!
Of degenerate!
You disgust me!
You disgust us!
We'll get a hotel!
My house burned.
What a wonder!
Farewell, childhood.
My poor mother, all her
life hidden in this corset.
A humble swan among vain ducks.
Love? Balloons?
I take them all.
Good, sir.
That's enough, Alejandro.
The eagle that has grown
no longer needs a nest.
Fly if you have wings!
It's over, Matucana!
It's over, winter.
The spring is coming!
The carnival begins!
So fly! Stolen!
Come on!
And you!
Who are you?
What is the purpose
of your existence?
Why are you alive?
I have never been alive,
I was born dead.
One dead more among the dead.
One more death among the dead...
I will age,
Nothing will swallow my memory...
my words,
my conscience,
everything that is mine, engulfed
by the black well of forgetfulness.
These streets will also disappear,
my friends...
the city,
the planet!
The moon, the sun,
the stars!
The entire universe!
Cursed reflection!
I do what now about the
anguish that you injected me?
Old age
is not a humiliation.
You detach yourself from everything.
of fortune,
of celebrity.
You are detached from yourself.
A butterfly
One being...
of pure light!
Mr. Parra.
- Alejandro.
- Hello.
- How are you?
- Very good.
As you can see,
your favorite poet
teaches mathematics
in this school of engineers.
What brings you?
Well, here it is:
as I have no relationship
with my father,
I need your advice, Don Nicanor.
That is to say?
I want to dedicate myself
body and soul to poetry.
Are you crazy?
No one ever buys books,
let alone poetry.
What you need to do is study,
get a diploma,
and a teacher position, like me.
Do not compromise your
future, Alejandro!
Butterflies must not
turn into flies,
nor poets in professors.
I am a teacher,
and I do not turn into a fly.
The world is what it is.
You will not change it.
If I do not change the world,
I can start changing it!
Oh yes?
And how?
Changing myself.
I will not back off, Don Nicanor.
Ibez! Ibez!
My horse!
Where is my horse?
I come back!
I come back to sweep away corruption!
Ibez at the Palace will
give the blow of broom!
You will see that all is lie
You will see that nothing is love
And the world does not care about it
It turns, it turns
- Even if life crushes you
- Alejandro!
Alejandro! Share with us
the sad joie de vivre.
We are in paradise!
What paradise?
This country is an island!
I say good-bye to you, I am going to Paris.
To do what?
All cities resemble each other:
only people and streets.
I will integrate Andr Breton's
group and I will save Surrealism.
No one knows you there.
Here you have your friends...
You are very little.
The others chose Ibez.
Remains, Alejandro.
Leave me alone!
My father was right.
To death Ibez!
To death Ibez!
He's going to get killed!
Alejandro, shut up!
Ibez at the Palace will
give the blow of broom!
To death Ibez!
To death Ibez! Idiots!
To death Ibez!
Shut up, Alejandro.
You waste your time, they
only see him and his horse.
- Leave me alone!
- Shut up.
Leave me alone! Idiots!
Shit fascists!
To death Ibez! Idiots!
I'm leaving.
I'm going
To the port where I am waiting
The golden barque
Who will take me
I'm going
This is my last farewell
Goodbye, poets
Farewell, forever, farewell
But finally...
Are you leaving without saying goodbye to your father?
What are you doing there?
How did you find me?
Your friend Vernica told me
that you were leaving Chile,
That you were penniless, and
that I should help you...
It is out of question that I
fund such a stupid thing!
You do not speak a word of French!
Are you going to live from what?
Of your little poems?
That's enough now!
Come in with me, I need
help at the store.
You need a slave!
You have nothing of a father,
you never took me in your arms,
nor talked gently!
Men do not touch each other.
They do not have to talk softly.
When I vomited bitter tears,
beggar a little tenderness,
a little attention,
You let me cry for hours.
I do not console anyone.
You became too fagot.
I'm not a fagot!
I have a poet's heart, me.
Not like you!
A heart capable of
loving the whole world!
That's my boat.
Listen to me!
You're going to starve under a bridge!
And you, surrounded by stockings, panties,
of worker blood stained waistcoats!
Insolent, I'll break your mouth!
Oh yes?
Try and break your bones!
I'm not a child!
We will never see each other again.
I did not know...
I've always had
good intentions...
Do not go away without
shaking hands.
Do not go away.
Not like that!
Like that!
You went to France and
did not see it again.
When he died, you did
not shed a single tear,
but under your indifference,
your heart said to him...
My father,
not giving me anything, you gave me everything.
Not loving me,
You have taught me the
absolute necessity of love.
By denying God,
You taught me to value life.
I forgive you, Jaime.
You gave him the strength
to endure this world
Where poetry no longer exists.
Recognize your father.
Remove her mask.
It is not a seem,
it is a being!
Farewell, father.
Thank you.
Farewell, my son.
I bless you.
If one of these days
You are taken
Of deep sorrow
Let it go away
Then Feel Again
Vis the present
I learned to be.
I learned to love.
I learned to create.
I learned to live.
All paths are my way.
Opening my heart, I hear
the tears of the world.
One being...
of pure light!
Adaptation: Brontis Jodorowsky