Enea (2023) Movie Script

I have hope,
However, the more time passes
And the less I believe it, Marina.
I see people who are broken inside,
Like a crock pot.
That's right, Valentine.
I always say, "Better the best loneliness
to the worst union."
Very much agree with you, Marina.
I have had children
from very different generations.
- Aeneas is almost 30 years old, Brenno 16.
- 16.
When I had him, I was almost 45 years old.
When I used to take him to kindergarten,
I would see very young couples,
but, uh, dull.
- Off.
- Incredibly off.
- If I meet them today, they look like dead people.
- Dead people.
They are much older than me.
- So it doesn't make any sense at all.
- No, it doesn't make any sense at all.
Reports like that make no sense,
also because life is only one.
- Living is a miracle.
- Heh.
Man, the human being
by himself has endless possibilities.
He can do so many things.
There is no point in having someone beside you who is
a ballast, who holds you back, who slows you down.
Yes, that levels you out,
That forces you to live doubts
That on your own you wouldn't even have.
A thousand times better to be alone.
Me because I met Celeste,
But if I went back,
If I didn't meet Celeste again,
I would lead a wonderful lonely life,
Traveling, going around the world.
The bourgeois family is something
that terrifies me, Marina,
Because I suffered it.
My father is on his fourth marriage
And mother on her third.
By the way, how is mom ?
Always the same.
I'm not even sorry anymore.
I realized that depression
Is like giving it a purpose,
endure life.
I almost envy her.
Is your father on his fourth marriage ?
- And uncle on the fifth.
- Five ?
In front of me, Marina,
I only have examples of multiple divorcees.
The alternatives for me are two,
or the individual route
o the clan route.
- "Clanic ?"
- Clanic.
From "clan".
In the sense of a group of people
bound together by common interests
Who have a purpose
And they also crush stones
to reach it.
If the family is a clan,
then it makes sense, otherwise it doesn't.
Are we a clan, mother ?
- Where is daddy ?
- Dad is asleep.
- "Is he asleep?"
- Yes, you show up at 23.
- He gets up at dawn.
- "He gets up at dawn."
- I also get up at dawn.
- He also rises at dawn.
I also get up at dawn.
- Shall we go ?
- Toast.
- Yes.
- To the sunrise.
- I don't.
- One.
- No.
- We'll make it two you and me.
- "Two ? You guys have gone crazy.
- Two.
- You drank too much.
- He drank all the wine.
- Yes.
- He drank it all.
Two may be too many,
maybe -- let's make it one and a half ?
"One and a half."
Make that one and a half.
Do we split this ?
To the clan.
To clan.
There is a fox.
Ah !
What happened ?
Enea ?
What happened ?
I was shat on
In the face of a seagull.
- What ?
- A seagull crapped in my face.
I owe you... The lesson
Plus the other thing is 280 euros, right ?
Make it 250, Fabrizio.
Are you taking away my lesson ?
You have one heart left, then.
Dirty as shit, yes.
Hey !
Whatever, then I'll go.
Wow ! Above the tennis courts
Was full of seagulls.
- It is normal, there they are always there in the morning.
- Is it normal ?
- What are you doing ?
- It is the ritual.
It's not like we're in the Middle Ages !
Are we in the Middle Ages ?
Your first solo flight,
you must be baptized.
One, two...
- Now you're a pilot, rich man.
- Then kiss me.
Well done, well done indeed.
Do you kiss me ?
"To me mi" is not said.
Up to 6,000.
"Up to 6,000"...
"Up to 6,000"...
- Hi, Aeneas.
- Lawyer.
- How's the pulse ?
- Better, thank you.
I flew over the circle.
At your age my grandfather
Used to fly over the Atlantic.
At your age my grandfather was already my grandfather.
Ti, ti, ti, ti, ti, ti, ti, ti.
I see.
- Counselor, how much is on the table ?
- 6.000.
What do we have, marshal ?
- You bastard, you little piece of shit.
- Do you understand Valentino ?
Son of a bitch !
"Tenemos" a "problemito" at the restaurant.
What's at the restaurant ?
Do you remember Samir,
the fired dishwasher ?
He used to steal tips.
He says the chef buggered the salmon.
What does it mean that he bugger the salmon ?
Samir says the chef puts his cock
in the salmon's mouth.
In what sense ?
He puts the fish in his mouth. Do you understand ?
Araki puts his dick in the salmon's mouth ?
- Yes.
- Why ?
So says Samir.
I think he says it to muddy him up, but....
- Bizarre as a story.
- I would look into it.
We could put little cameras,
I don't know.
Today at camp two
there was a beautiful girl.
- What's that got to do with it ?
- She doesn't have anything to do with it.
- Is her name Eva ?
- Yes.
She is the daughter of a man who makes
wine, recently became a partner.
- Bravo.
- Gabriel's here.
- Hi.
- He came in with the car.
- I haven't seen you in a while.
- What a mess.
I got the Covid.
- Ga.
- Bella, Aeneas.
- Sandro's here.
- Yes.
- Who is he with?
- With a hooker. Is it octopus ?
- Bream.
- Mullet.
- What is it ?
- Bream.
It is mullet, cut.
- This is a tuna...
- Bomb.
- Is this codfish ?
- What kind of wine does it make ?
You know how they do these,
white, red.
- Sulfite-free.
- Sparkling.
Giordano asked about you.
- About us ?
- Yes.
Hmm ?
- How many kilos is that ?
- He didn't tell me.
Why us in particular ?
- Because you are incensed.
- You are also incensed.
What the fuck do I know? He wants to see you two.
Tomorrow afternoon.
- So many questions !
- I can't.
- I have the psychologist.
- You piss the psychologist.
- I absolutely can't.
- He can't.
- You go there.
- I'll go.
Brenno ? But aren't you in school, sorry ?
Who threw a punch at you ?
Go to class, Brenno !
Brenno, go to class !
What are you doing in the bathroom? Why are you crying?
- Did they beat him up ?
- Why a fist?
- Educational.
- Ah, did you see that ?
Did you burn the flag
of Germany ? In the classroom ?
The teacher
then suspended me.
Simone, you have
quite a special ability,
Of having ideas, don't you ?
It is the most difficult thing.
You should learn the easiest one,
which is to explain them,
Without burning flags or shouting.
I tried to explain
my ideas, but the teacher doesn't listen to them.
Your grades this year are very good.
How come ?
Vows are the drug they give us
To not form an opinion,
Madonna bitch.
So, let's do this,
take this paper and fold it in half.
On the left put the good things
And on the right the bad things.
Why on the left beautiful
and on the right ugly ?
Whatever, you decide,
just don't put them together.
- Start with the good ones.
- No, from the bad ones.
Start with the ugly ones.
I am now going to introduce you with all my
heart, because I'm glad to have him here,
The author of "The Kisses Will Come Back."
Orestes December.
Orestes, you write in the preface
a beautiful thing,
Which of course I can't find now.
Here it is.
"Vicente's is the story
Of a bad man,"
"a story of blood,
of battles and demarcation."
"A story of crocodiles in the living room
and abandoned mansions,"
"Of men buried alive and money burned."
"It is the story of a man who watched
evil until he could take no more."
"It is the story of a redemption capable
to inspire even after the book is finished,"
"showing how everywhere,
among the infinite whims of the devil,"
"light and justice may
find victory, always."
In your opinion,
who should read this book ?
If you were to recommend it
To a particular person
Or to a group of people...
Young people, I hope young people read it.
The first time
I met Vicente,
he told me, "I did what I did , because I couldn't read."
"I did what I did
because I didn't know how to read."
We are talking about a man who lived
in conditions of extreme poverty.
The father is a farmer.
As soon as he reached the right age
To be able to work in the fields,
tore him away from the school.
When did you meet him
the last time ?
A few months ago.
I used to take drafts to a prison
maximum security prison in Colorado.
Looking at the ceiling, he said:
"Oreste, no penitentiary should be built"
"in such a way as to prevent a claim".
any faint hope of escape.
"No penitentiary
should be built."
"in such a way as to preclude an inmate"
"the possibility of hoping
of being able to escape."
It is almost magical to discover
How these characters have then
an almost dramaturgical depth I would say.
Now has come
the time for questions.
Guys, so... Philip ?
At the end of the book
you talk about Christopher Columbus,
the one who discovered America, right ?
What did he tell you ?
That you are a piece of shit
son of a bitch.
- Did he say that ?
- Yes.
He defended me, so ?
The day you interview the father,
does the son lie to him ?
We are a family of skittles.
What did you do to him ?
- I threw him on the ground.
- Ah. The race is not to the one who hits the most.
He must not allow himself
To put his hands on you.
It's a different matter, Brenno.
Do you know that this newsboy
becomes a member in the circle ?
I know, I know.
- It becomes sure.
- Eh !
The more good they do
The more they are in the money.
- Don't drink so much.
- Hey !
- No ! No !
- Put it back in here.
- Come on, a drop let me have it !
- No ! Leave it, take it out.
- You broke your dick.
- A drop.
- Did you put ice on it ?
- No, I don't need it.
Put the ice on it. Marycell ! Marycell !
Marycell is in Manila,
she's gone.
- Where is she?
- Manila.
- Can he do it ?
- No, but he did.
She doesn't have to do that. Call her back, mother.
- But if she's staying in Manila !
- Huh ?
Who knows this Fiore ?
Why is he talking about me ?
Brenno always talks about you
With his friends, you are his idol.
If Fiore offended me or mom,
he wouldn't give a damn.
You are his resistance.
He manages to endure
the difficulties of his life
Only by introjecting your figure,
do you understand him ?
I understand that. I understand it, but.
- Bitch !
- She's going to get malaria on us.
- She is slaughtering me.
- She's crazy.
You can't make a finished speech.
- She's slaughtering me, I've lost her.
- Get rid of that glass.
- Get that glass away.
- Keep it on a white background.
Keep it on a white background,
otherwise you lose it.
- Stop, I can see it.
- How do you see it from there ? Idiot !
- Stop.
- Is it on the jersey ?
No, it's there, it's right there.
Oh, you broke your dick.
Oh ! Holy God, what the fuck are you touching me ?
Good, you hurt yourselves ! Stop.
- You hurt yourselves.
- You must not touch me.
- Good.
- Fuck off.
- Oh !
- You hurt yourselves !
- You broke your dick !
- Stop it! Sit down!
Sit down.
You broke the fuck off, Brenno.
You broke your dick.
- Sit down, dummy !
- Enough, enough, enough.
Enough, enough.
- Dickhead.
- I can't hear you.
What do you do for a living ?
Why do you ask ?
Like this.
I have a sushi restaurant.
- Which one ?
- Sushi Sam's.
Sushi Sam is yours ?
Sushi Sam is mine and you knew it.
No, I didn't know that.
Now you know.
I have the feeling
I've seen you before.
Maybe at Sushi Sam's.
- I came a couple of times.
- No.
- "No" ?
- I've never seen you.
The people I see
I remember them all.
I have never seen you.
- Why do you say you have seen me ?
- Because you are beautiful.
So ?
I often think
about beautiful girls.
Beautiful girls make life light,
like clouds.
Like a train of clouds.
"A train of clouds, eh ?
And how do you consider yourself, handsome or ugly ?
- Handsome.
- "Handsome" ?
Beautiful and intelligent boys like me
Every 100 years some are born.
Well, we are lucky, then !
- Hmm.
- I'm not kidding.
- Yeah, yeah.
- What do you do for a living ?
Why do you ask ?
My mother is looking for a Filipina.
Are you still living with your parents, you jerk ?
- I live alone.
- Where ?
Ready ?
Giordano, hello.
- How old are you?
- Almost 30.
At your age
I was in jail long ago.
You have to be aware
Of the opportunity we are offering you.
Why us in particular ?
You have too smart a face
To ask such questions.
Can I ask it then ?
- Say.
- Why us ?
One, because you don't have
the face of a payer.
Two, you look lucky to me.
Three, you take 5% home with you.
That's a lot of money,
we can't keep it at home.
Why, did I tell you to keep them at home ?
Get out of the car.
- Should I get out ?
- Yes, from the car.
If you were standing on a tree,
I would tell you to get down from the tree.
Did you read that one ?
You read little, I guess, don't you ?
When I was a kid, I used to read more.
Now I never have time.
- I liked to read.
- Too bad, it's a beautiful book.
It is the story of Vicente Lima,
he is my favorite bandit.
His father at the age of six
took him out of school.
He wanted him to be a farmer like him.
She never gave him a kiss.
Family is important.
By the way, I always see
your mother's schedule.
A bad theme song,
but that's how Italian television works.
- Brenno ?
- Oh ?
- It's late.
- Two minutes.
- Let's go.
- Can you give me 20 euros for breakfast at the bar ?
- "20 euros" ?
- Eh.
What are you doing, having breakfast in a restaurant ?
Here, 5 euros is enough.
Now relax,
Until you become a sheet.
Now relax,
Until you become a sheet.
- Listen to the breath.
- Hold.
Visualize it flowing
And travel through the body.
Follow the air entering the nostrils,
widen the lungs...
- Going down into the belly.
- Bye.
Now relax,
Until you become a sheet.
Now relax,
Until you become a sheet.
You are about to become a white element,
A soft white element.
Give up the old air.
Give up the old air.
Abandon yourself, abandon the old air.
Now you are a sheet.
Come on, that's enough. Oh, you have to go home !
Oh, nice !
- How did it go ?
- Good.
- Then you tell me.
- Where is the sola ?
- He's all sweaty.
- Yes ?
He's inside.
He's phosphorescent, he's got a face like this.
- Stefani' is here, let him in.
- All right.
- Come on.
- You can come in.
- No fucking way !
- No fucking way! Go, Stefani' !
You have to go to sleep, enough !
- Hello, Aeneas.
- Hello, Aeneas.
- Hello, Aeneas.
- Hello, Aeneas.
- Hello.
- Hi, Aeneas.
- What's your name?
- Huh?
What is your name?
I've told you four times, Kimberly.
You look like a pandoro without sugar.
- Hmm ?
- You look like a sugar-free pandoro.
- Beautiful, Enea !
- Beautiful, Giu !
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi, Aeneas.
- Hi, Aeneas.
- Look who's here !
- Great !
- How are we doing ?
- Good.
Hi, Giova.
You broke the fuck off with this dog.
- Sorry.
- You always carry it, they can't get in.
Goran ! Dogs can't come in,
they hurt their eardrums.
This moron always comes in
With the dog, he broke his dick.
- Hi, Aeneas.
- Hello.
How was it ? Good ?
Eh !
Eh ! Eh ! Eh !
Eh ! Eh ! Eh !
- No.
- Keep the rest.
- Den for Valentina.
- Bye, love.
- Oh, Kimberly !
- Do you two know each other ?
Of course I know Kimberly.
- She's beautiful.
- Even ?
We stuffed her Kimberly.
Who are these ?
- Send them away.
- We need to have a little meeting.
- Are we bothering you ?
- Don't bother.
- Get the fuck out, please.
- Come on !
I've seen it.
The Madonna ?
Valentine, 300 kg of Madonna.
Gluttonous Madonna ?
Very greedy.
Must do.
I want to sing.
- I want to sing.
- No.
Yes, please.
- Will you put it on ?
- Marco, throw it in the pool, please.
# Beaches
# Immense and sunny
# Beaches already experienced
# Loved and then lost
# In this blueness
# Between the shells and the salt
# So many people who
Has already left our hearts
That's it, no one comes in anymore !
Not even the pussy enters !
You have to go home !
I can't do shit to you,
you have to go to sleep.
Send them all home, that's enough.
- I have friends at the table !
- What the fuck are you doing ?
- I have friends at the table !
- You want to eat them ?
- Oh !
- Enough, you have to leave.
I don't want to see you again.
# Another sail goes
# Until it disappears
# How many secrets that
# Belong to the sea
# Another summer here
And another time here
# More casual and more slutty than ever
# A thousand adventures that won't end
# If for those loves there will be new
# Beaches
# Painted postcards
# I write to you, you write to me
# Then it's back to the way it was
# Winter will return
# Between the boredom and the rains
# A hope there is
Let there be new beaches
- Good morning, Dragon 18.
- Good morning, Ilaria.
- Everything all right ?
- Everything is fine, thank you.
You have 406 today.
Yes, deluxe.
Yes, it's a deluxe suite.
I'll get you the keys.
Two mirrors, right ?
With two mirrors.
In fact, with three mirrors.
Just as well. I wanted to ask you one thing.
The rooms, when I go in, are impeccable.
- I'm glad you noticed that.
- Who cleans them ?
- The janitors.
- I've never met them.
It is our concern
not to let them meet with customers.
Why ?
Well, confidentiality is the first thing
you demand, isn't it ?
I don't demand anything anymore, Ilaria.
Our historic Filipina is gone
And will never come back.
My wife has been looking for
a replacement for a month, but...
- It is a very strange time.
- It is this !
It is a strange period.
I have a tree inside the house, you think.
It collapsed in my house.
because no one was cleaning it anymore...
Palm tree.
Would you also be okay with a man ?
Yes, why ?
A friend of mine knows a very good one,
she had him inside the house.
It was a challenging house,
it was a big one.
Then he found out who it was
And had to kick him out.
Why, who was he ?
Are you familiar with the case
Of the young caregiver
who killed the countess of Trigoria ?
- Yes.
- Him.
- Him ?
- Him.
Whatever, maybe that's a little too much.
Better a tree in the house than the killer.
It looks like a concentration camp.
What ?
Rome, from above.
- You have a brilliant head.
- Me ?
You have a little thing
shining in your hair.
About there.
Does it make you feel free ?
- What ?
- Flying.
No, just standing up there in the clouds
Doesn't make one feel free.
No ? Why ?
Because if you fall, you die.
Everything from up there
Seems to me to have a purpose.
And what is your purpose ?
Now and then I take my hands off the stick.
I close one eye
And with my index finger and thumb
I crush all the buildings.
Rome looks so small, seen from up there,
That I could take it in my hand.
This is my purpose.
We have to leave at night.
It's so dangerous, you can blind me.
It's nighttime.
All of you know...
All of us know
journalist Orestes Dicembre.
Since the time of the war in the Balkans
has brought into our homes
a light of truth.
The tenacity, the passion,
the courage even, with which...
- Where were you ?
- Hmm ?
- Where were you ?
- I was looking at the river.
I was looking at the river.
They draw
a flawless profile,
sheltered from any criticism.
An intellectual, a journalist
who through his books and his investigations
Has been able to fight...
- Get it over with.
- Huh ?
Get it over with.
In these days I have had the opportunity
to get to know him and talk to him at length
and I am sure
that his human and professional value
will give further luster
to this circle of ours.
Our members know
how much I love to dwell,
how long-winded I can be
And how bored I can get with myself,
as is happening right now,
so I'm going to close.
I am really happy, friends and friends,
to welcome a new member
of the Tiber Country Club, and what a member !
Orestes December.
Come, Orestes, you are among friends.
I've been to Iraq,
in Sarajevo, in Afghanistan...
- Livia ?
- Yes ?
- Hello, this is Enea.
- Good evening.
Hello. Your son has given
a punch in my brother's face.
- Why did you punch him ?
- Who is this ?
- I have no idea.
- Who are you ?
Why did you punch him ? Huh ?
If there is anything that scares me more
Than war, it's sports.
- More than war and sports...
- What the fuck are you throwing your fists ? Idiot.
If there is anything that scares me,
it's my wife.
She convinced me
to join this club.
She wrested from me the infamous promise
To do the canoe courses with you.
You made me stop smoking
And to quit smoking.
Perhaps her only vocation,
in the end, is to kill me.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
# And you will dance
# As long as you will see
# Waving a yellow flag
# You'll know there's dancing here
# And time will fly
# You will know
# When there is a yellow flag
# That youth is beautiful
# And your heart will beat
# You know, those who don't love us
# It's because they don't remember
That they were #
Nice one, Franceschi' ! More and more bald.
Saretta, how are we doing ?
Stefani', have another joint.
How are you ? With the plume ?
Alex, they rigged you, eh ?
# As long as you see
Waving a yellow flag
# You'll know there's dancing here
# And time will fly
# You will know
# When there is a yellow flag
That youth is beautiful
Uh !
# And your heart will beat
- Eh !
- Again !
# Till you see
Waving a yellow flag
# You'll know there's dancing here
# And time will fly
# Until you see the yellow flag waving
# You'll know there's dancing here
# And time will fly
# You will know
# When there is a yellow flag
# That youth is beautiful
# And your heart will beat
# Till you see the yellow flag waving
# You'll know there's dancing here
# And the weather
# It will fly
Eh ! Eh ! Eh !
Veronica, how are you ?
Thank you for the flowers,
But unfortunately I have a virus on my phone
Yes, a dick virus.
If you get stuck,
it's this fucking virus, which I'm going to fix.
Thank you for the flowers, see you soon. Bye, True.
- Guys, quick, before Eva comes back.
- How long have you been seeing her ?
- For a quarter of an hour.
- Since a week.
Where did you meet her ?
- At the clubhouse.
- At the supermarket.
- Don't be a jerk, Valenti' !
- "At the supermarket..."
- She will become your wife, unfortunately.
- Are you getting married ?
- But what wife ?
- I figured it out.
From what did you figure it out ?
- He doesn't pippa anymore since he knows her.
- It is serious !
- We are old men.
- What are you talking about ?
- Stop pipping.
- How much did you sell today ?
30 kg.
No way.
- Tell him.
- Do you want a church ?
- I'll give it to you.
- I'll explain something to you now.
In the premises that I run
I give you carte blanche.
I turn off the cameras
And only people who buy come in.
You need to explain to me how the fuck you did it
to place 30 kg in one day !
Speak softly !
# One hundred and thirty pounds
# Splendid queen
# And rum, and rum
# And rum, and cocaine
# And rum, and rum
# And rum, and cocaine
# And rum, and rum
And rum, and cocaine
Eva ?
# Beaches
# Immense and sunny
# Beaches already experienced
# Loved and then lost
# In this blueness
# Between the shells and the salt
# So many people who
# Already left our hearts
# Beaches
# Of abandoned bodies
# Of stolen moments
# As the skin burns
# Another sail goes
# Until it disappears
# So many secrets that
Belong to the sea
Brenno, what the fuck are you doing here ?
- What are you doing here ?
- Why aren't you in school ?
- There's the assembly, dad knows.
- Go inside, what are you doing here ?
I also never went to school.
He goes to school there.
- Hmm.
- Only today you didn't go, right ?
- Why didn't you go there ?
- I was sick.
- Ah.
- He was sick.
- And what did you have?
- I had a stomach ache.
- You were fine this morning.
- Don't fuck with me, I was sick.
- Then tell mom and she won't send you there.
- Don't bother.
- Eh, so...
- Eh.
- Can I have the last chicken ?
- Yes.
- Thank you.
- Do you know how Batman eats them ?
- No, I don't.
- I'll show you.
- Do you want the chicken in your hand ? No.
- I won't eat it, I swear to mother.
- Do you swear on mom ?
- Yes.
- Are you swearing on mom.
- Yes, I swear I won't eat it.
- I'm not eating it.
- You swore on mom.
- Batman, being a bat...
- Hmm.
The chickens, as he flutters,
he doesn't eat them.
- What are you doing ?
- He doesn't eat them.
- You swore on mom !
- I swore...
Fuck you and fuck you too,
- You swear on mom and throw the chicken ?
- What a nightmare to be younger brothers.
- Fuck off.
- Apologize.
- No, I don't apologize, fuck off.
- I swore on mom...
- Sorry, sorry.
- You need to learn to listen.
- Hush.
- I swore on mom...
- Shut up !
- Quiet.
- I swore on mom that I wouldn't eat it.
- Fuck you.
- You threw the chicken.
- You need to learn to listen.
You're nervous, that's not good.
- What class are you in ?
- Third year of high school.
- Where ?
- In a crappy American school.
Do you make him talk ? Hmm ?
I do the St. Vincent's.
- A chimpanzee institute.
- Shut up, you moron.
Why are you dressed like a couple of assholes ?
What have you done to your face ?
Hmm ?
- A friend threw a punch at him.
- Why ?
Brenno pushed him
And it threw a punch at him.
- This is a moron.
- Why did he push him ?
He said
That I am a son of a bitch.
- You ?
- Yes.
Whatever, he defended you.
Yes, but it was better if he didn't.
He gets into a fight
With the 2-meter giants.
As long as it gets in your eye, okay,
but if it gets in your tooth....
It doesn't make sense. If you can avoid it, avoid it.
Understand, Brenno ?
He said you're a son of a bitch
Who sells drugs to kids
And kills them.
Well, he said bullshit.
Hi, Jordan.
Your friend ?
He is sick.
- What's wrong with her ?
- The mother is sick.
- Ouch.
- Heh.
- Cancer ?
- No, no, worse.
She jumped out of the window,
she was depressed.
This fucking depression...
It makes a lot of victims.
- Which is then an invisible thing....
- And it's not dead ?
No, it's not dead, but in short...
What do you guys do with the money ?
- Watches.
- "Watches" ?
If I may give you some advice, my friend,
electric cars,
bioscience, garbage...
- I have an electric car.
- To do what ?
At least I can enter the center of Rome.
- Yes, but not one, I was talking about investing.
- Meanwhile one, Giordano, then...
Are you tired, eh ?
- I'm tired.
- Look at those eyes.
I sleep four hours a night.
Then I have strange pains. If I press
my head here, I have a fixed pain.
These are things of nervousness.
This bread is hard, my friend.
To become little boys
You need hair on your dick.
To become men
It takes the dark circles you have.
And to get old ?
To get old
it takes only love.
Do you have a girlfriend ?
- Yes.
- Do you love her ?
Do you really ?
- Make us a child, what are you waiting for ? Kiss her.
- Eh, but...
Make her feel good all the time.
You must never be ashamed
Of kissing those you love, ever,
Because life does not last a lifetime,
life lasts as long as you are young.
Then something else begins.
If you have no one to kiss near,
you go crazy.
That's why people
jump out of the window
And they can't even die.
Do you know why ?
- Hmm ?
- Because they live on the ground floor.
No, because they are already dead.
Inside already everyone is dead.
- This is a thought for you.
- Oh, thank you.
You know what I was thinking ?
Go there tonight
To get the money from the boys.
Do the counting right.
If it's all right, you leave them 7%.
"7% ?"
We said 5%, as usual.
7%, take it from me.
They deserve it, they did well.
If you say so...
You told him some good stuff.
- Because it's real stuff.
- Yes.
If you could,
I would like to kiss mom.
Eh, yeah...
I would pay 200,000 to have her back in
Three minutes and fill her with kisses.
Tell me about it...
When mom had died to me,
I used to go to Centocelle...
- Do you remember where my mother lived ?
- Of course, in Piazza dei Mirti.
On the mezzanine, bravo.
Sora Giulia was in charge.
The legendary Sora Giulia.
Sora Giulia's bucatino !
She was always in the kitchen.
I went inside your house I was like this.
He was busy with the pillow
all day long.
When I used to go home,
I would sit down.
I also thought I could smell the smell
Of what was cooking.
I was calling her, "Mom ? Mom ?"
As if she had been there, on the other side.
"Mom !"
"Mom ? Mom !"
I used to call her.
But is it possible ?
"Mother" is the first word
they put in our mouths when we are born.
Then a day comes and you can no longer...
No, you can resell it at eight,
you resell it at eight easily.
Ah ! Ah !
Ah !
Oh ! Araki !
- Ah !
- Who the fuck was that ?
- Who the fuck was that ?
- Gun!
What the fuck are you doing? Go get dressed!
- I've never seen you cry.
- I'm not crying.
I am sad about Giordano.
Look, how many are they ?
20 million.
They seem to be less.
Instead, it's 20 million.
A month and a half ago
A guy came to the club.
It was early, there was still light.
He came and stood
at Giordano's table.
Told him he was booked.
He replied, "I know, but now it's mine."
So I called Goran
And the other Albanians.
We all stood around him.
This one was quiet.
He was looking at me.
I thought, "Now I'll give him a pizza."
I swear to you by Our Lady and Padre Pio
That the moment before
I gave him a pizza,
this gets up.
He smiles at me
And leaves.
Who was this ?
- I don't know.
- Who does he work for ?
- I don't know.
- You don't know shit.
- You never know shit !
- I don't know shit, no.
You don't know shit either, though.
Giordano didn't know
I feel that there is like a mouth
Above this city,
A mouth that is ready
To eat us all.
If we don't make friends
With this mouth,
Will spit us out like raisins.
Are you worried ?
- No, he is retarded since birth.
- Here he is, sorry.
- There he is.
- Hello, sorry.
- You don't answer the phone.
- Sorry. Roberto, how are you?
- You don't answer the phone.
- If I drive, I can't.
- You have the earphones on.
- Hello.
I didn't know that.
- He didn't know that.
- Hello.
I was rear-ended.
- How ?
- They rear-ended me.
- Have you been rear-ended ?
- Eh.
- What about the car ?
- Nothing, it was going slow, I did the CID.
- Are you hurt ?
- No, I'm fine.
- Were you alone ?
- Yes.
- Where did it happen, sorry ?
- Huh ?
- Where did it happen ?
- On the street.
- What does "on the street" mean ?
- On the street it happened.
In River Square.
- Were you coming from your home ?
- Yes.
What does it have to do with River Square ?
Mazzini Square.
- Are you kidding me ?
- I got rear-ended.
- At Piazza Fiume or Mazzini square ?
- Mazzini Square.
- These are two opposite neighborhoods.
- Mazzini Square.
- They are close as the crow flies.
- What's that got to do with it ? Are you a moron ?
- You don't believe it ?
- No.
- A path for Aeneas ?
- Hi, Simone. Huh ?
- A path of our own ?
- Where ?
- We took the chef's route.
- Ah, sure. Thank you, gladly.
- Can I have a glass of champagne ?
- Yes.
One champagne...
Shall I get you a handkerchief ?
You're bleeding from the nose.
- Ah, shit.
- You're bleeding.
- Maybe without "cock."
- You're bleeding !
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
They have... Unfortunately...
- They have palms full of pollen.
- Put your head back.
Look at Rome how beautiful, how wonderful.
- Is that Tivoli ?
- No, it's that way.
- How not ?
- How the fuck is that Tivoli ?
- Easy.
- Tivoli is that way.
- Ah.
- Thank you.
I was convinced that way, too.
Do you see the building
lit up in green ? It looks like a bridge.
- It's Piazzale Clodio.
- Yes.
In the 1960s, the developer,
who was full of debt,
was selling it to my father
at a derisory price.
Father had signed, it was his now.
Two days before the deed
he was persuaded by one of his colleagues
to buy hundreds of acres in Fregene.
My father gives up the building,
loses the down payment
And invests almost everything he has
in Fregene,
in the construction of cottages,
which he then failed to sell all of.
The colleague, the one who had convinced him
to give up the purchase,
a year later he bought the building
and today it belongs to his son.
This is terrible.
- When I hear it, I'm sick.
- No, it's been a long time.
Today how much would it cost ?
It would cost 20 million.
- I have 20 million.
- What are you talking about ?
We have pigeon breast
With various consistencies based
of scorzonera, mushrooms and red turnips.
- Enjoy.
- Thank you.
How about you, Celeste ?
Hmm ?
Me who ?
Tell me about your anger.
Everyone has a story of anger.
No, I don't have anger.
In fact, my job
Is to help others
To make friends with their own anger.
How come you have
a piece of mirror in your hair ?
- Ah.
- The problem is not anger.
The problem for me is remorse.
All the families I know
Are held together by remorse,
even our own.
Every fucking Christmas there is always someone
Who starts telling
About the buildings he didn't buy,
Of the trips he didn't take,
Of the loves he was supposed to make.
- What are you talking about?
- Yes, mother.
Every fucking Christmas,
all remorseful stories.
There will exist somewhere a family
Where people tell about the buildings
they bought, the trips they took ?
No, always the other way around instead.
It is.
The only way to make friends
With anger is to win, dad,
Not the bullshit you tell.
I come from a poor family, you don't.
This is the difference between you and me.
Go away everybody, guys, go away !
- Clear out !
- It's the Police, clear out, come on !
Clear out, clear out ! Clear out !
The place is under seizure !
- Oh !
- You must go away !
- Piece of shit, where is the money ?
- Goran !
The money is not there, you piece of shit !
At your place there is no shit.
There are two suitcases full of money !
They don't fit, now tell us
Where the fuck is the money.
- Where did you lend these clothes ?
- In Cinecitt.
- Piece of shit.
- Is the truncheon real ?
- Yes.
- Smash it on his head.
see if you can find the money and give it back to us,
Because next time we'll make you
Out of the club by your feet.
- Infamous.
- Let's go.
They had the alarm code.
I would like to be
one of these puppets,
With a smile plastered
On my face day and night,
Me too.
You are one of those puppets, Aeneas.
Do I look so cheerful to you ?
But they are not cheerful.
They are violent.
They smile and move on,
no matter what happens.
They smile and move on.
You are the same.
Everything I do
Is to make you laugh.
It's been since I was little.
I live to make the people
The people I love.
People are not what you think they are.
- People suffer.
- I suffer, too.
People don't do such things, Aeneas.
I am free.
You are handicapped.
It is the same thing.
He comes to dinner drunk, nosebleeds....
Does this seem normal ?
Thieves break into his house,
They break everything and steal nothing.
Does that seem normal to you ?
Come on, thieves come into the house,
they look for the jewelry, they look for the money.
They find nothing
And they deface the house. Eh...
Tomorrow I'll accompany him to report it.
Did you also read this, Celeste ?
What are you reading ?
"Psychology of Thieves" ?
"Real thieves or fake thieves" ?
What the fuck are you reading for,
If you then don't look at life ?
We drown in books
And every day I convince
people to buy some.
Then I lock myself in the dressing room and get sick.
You cure the children
And you have a 16-year-old son
Who still sleeps with us.
I spread peace and understanding
And instead I am full of hatred.
I hate my job,
I hate my environment, I've always hated it.
I hate my colleagues.
They are all so hypocritical and stupid
And whores.
It is full of whores.
They are all whores, all whores.
I was rereading this letter
that he wrote to me
A boy who was coming to my treatment,
Do you want me to read it to you ?
"Dear Celeste,
here in Salina it is really good."
Ah, it's Salina.
"Sicilians always laugh
And they are very welcoming."
"In the morning I eat
a coffee granita with cream."
"You know that for the medicine I take,
I shouldn't drink coffee,"
"But this slush is too good.
And mom gave me permission."
I was not immediately well."
"I missed Rome and also my friend Aldo
and also Aldo's dog."
"And then I missed you so much."
"So I took a sheet of paper
And folded it in two."
I tell him during the sessions.
"And I wrote the good things on one side
And the bad things on the other."
"At first the list of bad things
Was really big,"
"However, then I remembered
Of what you once told me."
"You said to me:
'When everything around us goes wrong,'"
"'No more king...'"
"'Just endure one day ... more
and things will work out.'"
"Then I began to resist."
"I resisted with all my strength."
"And after a while I was proud of myself
and how much I could resist."
"Every bad thing that happened to me
I would look at it laughing,"
"Because by now I could resist it anyway."
"My ability to resist the events
of life had become a drug."
"that made me happy."
"I could resist anything,
dear Celeste."
"I could resist boredom,
insults and nostalgia."
"The new classmates
stopped teasing me."
"They all esteem me because I never cried
And I've never tattled."
"Kids today always cry,"
"because no one has ever taught them
to endure."
"Maybe they should all know you."
"It would be a fairer world
and happier."
"When I finish high school,
I want to go to America."
"To open a slush store."
"I think I will make a lot of money,"
"But even if I don't make it,
that's okay."
"I will be happy just the same,
because I can resist."
"If during the trip the plane crashes,"
"the last thing I will do
Is pick up a paper,"
"split it in two and put the incident
among the good things."
"Because you, Celeste,
you taught me to endure."
"And I will endure forever, no matter what,"
"whatever happens."
- How is Brenno doing ?
- Brenno is fine.
A pity that they had a fight,
I was sorry to hear about it.
- It was sorry for us, too.
- Heh.
That's age, it happens.
It happens even after that.
- I was sorry, that's not like him.
- What floor is this ?
It is the last one, the 24th one.
Why did he make us come here ?
Because I have so many friends in the Prosecutor's Office.
Who is in that car ?
There is no one in that car.
Christopher Columbus.
- "Christopher Columbus" ?
- Jordan !
"Giordano" ?
We used to call him that
when he was hanging out in South America.
Spend your days
making up nicknames here ?
We spend them
Trying to improve society.
Ah. How do you plan to do that,
by smoking cigars in the clubhouse ?
By teaching your child
to beat people up ?
You are the one
The one who beats people.
Can I have a drink of water ?
- Drink later, you jerk.
- How violent, director.
No wonder
That your son beats his friends.
You are two stupid chickens.
Two stupid chickens
Whose stupid master was killed.
I don't care about chickens, though.
How did they kill
your stupid master ?
What did you say to each other in that car ?
Giordano had so much fatigue in his face
And today he died.
He does not deserve to be in your books.
I have a file this big
Of your stuff.
You bluff.
You went out of your mind from the pussy, didn't you ?
You didn't.
You shy, you run from the pussy.
Your mother had a C-section, didn't she ?
I'll stake an inch of my dick on it.
I divide the world into two categories,
those who want to stay in the pussy
And those who want to escape from the pussy.
A great and powerful clan
needs both components.
The rational, cautious part, which wants to
stay a little longer in the pussy.
Then there is that curious, mysterious part
That chases the mystery,
that says, "What's after the pussy ?"
He asks, "What begins,
when does the cunt end ?"
You also came out of the cunt.
She and I are moved by the same greed
And by the same ambition.
In fact, she is meaner.
She and I do the same things.
She does it for power and we
For power, that's why he is more evil.
Power makes you stupid and fat,
Power, on the other hand, requires integrity
And sacrifice.
Power requires first of all generosity
And you lack it,
unlike Jordan,
who was a generous man.
Aeneas !
Aeneas !
Aeneas !
That shovel !
Vertical that shovel,
don't mix in water ! Come on !
Pem !
You are dead.
Where did you put them ?
They had the alarm code.
Give them the money, please.
You shot me in the back.
- Aeneas.
- "Enea" my ass, you're a fucking worm.
I am also a one-eyed shit worm,
but I have a daughter.
It only takes one eye to take aim.
Give him this money and let's get it over with.
- They are Giordano's.
- He's dead, you pig...
Then they are ours !
What are you doing with four boxer friends
defending you ?
It's not four.
They may as well be a billion.
You set yourself against the wind
And the wind sooner or later finds you.
Do you know before the wind
Who finds us all ?
Orestes December.
To me, to you and to those who killed Giordano.
Do you like
the pea of the Moroccans ?
- No, I don't like it.
- You kind of like it.
No, I don't like it.
Then the fat man should be suppressed.
Valentino and I will do it.
Then it all ends.
You talk to the wind.
Nelson ?
How are you doing in our house ?
Huh ?
Is it true that you killed an old woman ?
I understand you, Nelson.
I would gladly kill
so many of my peers.
I would save a few.
I deal cocaine, Nelson.
Do you ? Huh ?
No joke.
The damage to the encephalon
Are circumscribed and can justify
Linguistic confusion or partial aphasias,
but not mutism.
Curious these hedges,
small parallelepipeds.
- Why doesn't she want to talk ?
- We should make her talk to know.
Maybe she is ashamed
To say what she would like to say.
In what sense ?
I don't know in what sense.
I heard
That at the Epiphany you are going to have a party.
Yes, it's a trifle like every year.
It doesn't have to be nonsense,
it must be a beautiful festival.
Don't laugh, doctor.
If you want, I'll finance it.
No, you don't have to worry,
everything is already arranged, however...
Singing, can I sing ?
It will be a beautiful party.
- If you want to sing, that's fine.
- I'll sing, yes.
He is always escorted the asshole !
Huh ?
He is always escorted the asshole !
Early in the morning
He goes running in the park with his wife.
You don't know how much she sucks at running.
That fat guy is always behind her.
Who cares how she runs ?
Where does he go running ?
Villa Ada.
Villa Ada is very good.
Villa Ada is not excellent.
The escort follows him with the car,
then they accompany him to the office
And he spends an hour looking
out the window of the skyscraper.
There is one thing he does every night.
It's always the same
walk, he leaves the house with the dog,
takes a walk around the block
And enters the park on Panama Street.
There the escort does not follow him, he remains
completely alone even for half an hour.
When were you planning to do that ?
Today is Christmas.
Do you remember Mario Cecconi ?
To his father I used to sell smoke
And one day he paid me with this.
Now Mario has an ice cream shop.
Don't you go, let's find
An Albanian, a Romanian, a Nigerian.
Where is the money ?
What do we do with all that money ?
Do you know a way to give it back to Giordano ?
- Merry Christmas !
- Merry Christmas !
- Merry Christmas !
- Merry Christmas !
Eh !
# Iron, iron, iron
# On the lodge of iron,
Of iron, of iron
# There was a bouquet of flowers
# Now I sing to you the romance,
the romance now I sing to you
# Now I sing the romance to you,
la romanza adesso vi canto
# On the iron lodge,
Of iron, of iron #
Pause !
# There was a bouquet of flowers
# Now I sing to you
- Who was it ?
- Adolfo.
Adolfo !
Brava !
I like cauliflower made
With bchamel in the oven.
Also fennel, au gratin.
Yes. Cauliflower already boiled, no ?
- Eight fellatio.
- Oh my God !
- Fellatio.
- What are fellatio ?
Like, on the hand.
No, it used to be called
"five against one."
- Fish used to be "fracic".
- Show it.
So it's obvious, you kept it....
"Fracico" ? What are you talking about ?
The priests used to say, "Be careful,
that you'll go blind."
- In fact you have glasses.
- Heh.
- Merry Christmas to grandma !
- Merry Christmas to grandma !
- To grandpa Arturo !
- To grandpa Arturo !
In that photograph I regret
That Grandpa Arturo is not in it as well,
Who was of Neapolitan ancestry.
On the occasion of Christmas,
he absolutely demanded
That there be eel.
Every year this tradition was renewed,
however, there was one time
In which this eel,
which was quite large, long,
when the grandmother, who was
that lady there, cooking it,
she put it in a pot.
This fish,
this snake, for all intents and purposes...
- Was it alive ?
- Come out.
He started practically slipping
And running for home.
He was impregnable.
There was a tragicomic situation,
because we all burst out laughing.
But my father believed it,
Because for him it was an absolute requirement
That of eating eel.
Do you know why ? I was telling you
That it was of Neapolitan ancestry.
This Neapolitan ancestry
carries a superstition,
because the eel is an image
of the devil.
Then it must be killed, every year.
You have to eat it,
you absolutely have to kill it.
As everyone laughed,
my father was very attached
to this tradition
And subconsciously he felt
that it was necessary to take out this eel.
He could have killed a woman,
Because the woman is the one
Who crushed the head of the serpent.
At one point
there was this double scene,
us all laughing without understanding
And grandfather going, chasing the eel,
slipping under the beds,
In the rooms, under the tables.
Imagine him this night
Here among us.
Finally someone had an idea,
to take a towel, throw it
over it and manage to catch it.
And finally that year we were able
to eat the eel.
The women managed to cook it
And we were all happy and content,
Because we had killed the devil,
sign of the devil,
but also a sign
Of the renewal of life,
which was renewed every year
on the occasion of Christmas.
- Bravo !
- Bravo !
Ah !
I would have done the same myself.
We are not murderers.
I wonder how they will kill us.
Do you remember how we met each other ?
- School.
- No.
In front of the jug
Of the water.
You used to tell me
That there was endless water in there.
I always saw it full.
I always believed you.
We have to make up now, we have to
hide, don't be recognized anymore.
- Who did you get that lipstick from ?
- My mother.
- How is your mother ?
- 'Dicks about her, they're going to kill us.
You are attractive,
That's why I always believed you.
Attractive people
should never die.
# Beaches
# White and refined
# Beaches already bought
# Cut and then pipped
# In this world here
# A little chalk and a little chlorine
# So many people who
# Has already left our asses
# Beaches
# The reddened eyes
# The cooked crystals
# As the forehead burns
# A nostril goes
# Until it disappears
# How many pippets that
# I melted with honey
# And this beat here
Goes down my throat, yeah
- Stop it !
- Doctor !
- Don't you dare !
- Stop it !
Ah ! Ah !
Feed him to the lions.
Feed him to the lions.
Good morning, Dragon 18.
Where are you ?
Where have you been hiding ?
You were here. Hold on, hold on.
Hold on, let's get started.
Come here.
You don't know how much I thought about you.
How much I thought of you...
Ah ! Ah !
Stop smoking, you're always smoking.
- These are things from the last century.
- I feel from the last century.
- Do you know how Batman smokes ?
- Go fuck off, go.
- I'll show you how Batman smokes.
- Fuck off!
I'll throw you in the lake.
Pull this.
Feel how good this one is.
You like this one.
- It's good.
- It is more good.
I prefer the others, though.
- Which ones do you prefer ?
- The real ones.
Here, I'll give them to you.
- Are you dumb ? Your bonnets ?
- They're yours now, I don't need them anymore.
Thank you.
- Do I pick it ?
- I don't know, you pick it.
# I have endured
The beatings and the afflictions
# Under the snow and the scorching sun
# A thousand trips on broken-down buses
# Mud fields of this or that CUS
And on the way back happy or pissed off
Ah !
Ah ! Ah ! Ah !
Ah ! Ah !
Ah !
Yes, I do.
Yes, I do.
We promise
To love each other faithfully,
In joy and in sorrow,
in sickness and in health
And to support one another
All the days of our lives.
May the Lord almighty
And merciful confirm the consent
which you have manifested before the church
And fill you with His blessing.
Man dare not separate
What God unites.
I repeat, man dare not separate
What God unites.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Eve, receive this ring,
sign of my love and faithfulness.
In the name of the Father, the Son...
And of the Holy Spirit.
Here we are finally at the beginning.
Two young and handsome boys,
Before the weight of an eternal promise.
Look at the image,
take a good look at it.
Is there anything in the world more like God ?
I don't believe.
The groom can kiss the bride.
Eh !
# Want
To tighten up and then
# White wine, flowers and old songs
# And they laughed at us
# What a hoax it was
# Damn spring
# What's left of an erotic dream if
# Upon awakening it has become a poem
# If empty-handed of you
# I don't know how to do anymore
# As if it wasn't love
# If by mistake
# I close my eyes and think of you
# If
# To fall in love again
# You'll be back, damn spring
# If by mistake
I close my eyes and think of you
# To fall in love takes only an hour
# What a hurry there was, damn spring
# What a hurry there was, if it hurts only me
# What a hurry there was, damn spring
# What a hurry there was, you and I know it
# That remains within me
# Of caresses that do not touch the heart
# Stars only one there is
# That can give me
# The measure of a love
# If by mistake
# Close your eyes and think of me
# If #
- What are you wearing ?
- Aeneas advised me.
I become a grandfather.
# You'll be back,
bloody spring #
Do you remember
When the two of us got married ?
- I remember everything.
- Ah. You used to cry.
Yes, I was crying, you were not.
# To fall in love
it only takes an hour
# What was the hurry, damn spring #
Maybe it was
the best day of my life.
Every now and then I would like to...
- What ?
- To remarry you.
# Let me,
as if it were not love
# But by mistake
Close your eyes and think of me
# Who cares if
# To fall in love takes only an hour
# What a hurry there was, damn spring
# What a hurry there was
# You and I know it
# Na, na, na, na, na, na
# Na, na, na