Enemies In-Law (2015) Movie Script

Okay Okay
- Young Hee
- Young Hee
Young Hee
For you for you
Wow.. Thank you
Yaa..Now our family will
have two Olympic medalist
Let Young Sook sister have gold medal
I only get copper medal is enough
Yaa.. You only a high school student now
Just think this time Olympic as experience
Even you guys do not get any medal,
dad also will not feel unhappy
You guys are daughter daddy proud of
Young Hee, hurry get out after change
your clothes We go to eat delicious food
Yes, I know. I immediately
get out after change
Quickly go and back, so happy
Im coming.. Im coming
Daddy will depart now
Buy Young Hee good food
and play good before back
Chul Soo, consulting teacher ask
you to go to consulting room
Ive put bread at here
Today can see their face?
At least if parents, should be can
You are Han Chul Soo? What
are you doing at there?
Come sit here
Chul soo
How if you come to sit
Aa... Chul soo still not too
long time transfer to here
Is it difficult to adapt?
No problem, already accustomed
Your parents still not come until now
I already said what you do is futile
My parents will not come
What is your father job?
He is currently pursuit by police
So, your mom work alone, she
should be very tired right?
My mom also in police pursuit
This kid father
Is known as historical theft Hong Gil Dong
Han Dal Shik
Although he rescue historical
relics to shipped abroad
He only a little thief that stole
artifacts that had been sold from stolen
Dont move
This like loach brats
But, Han Dal sik cant be
catched by those vacious dog?
There is rumour said he
can talks with animals
In other hand, this kid mom is known
as Kim Yu na in swindler world
Jo Gang Ja
Even the famous real estate swindler
Pu Jing Zi also got tricked by her
Why your lips like cherry so much?
Your face really a lucky face
All of your face full of good fortune
Look this eyelashes.. Oh god..
It is really camel eyelashes
Age feel like stubbs grass kid old
Rumour said, only Jo
Gang Ja determined to do
Even Jesus is Korean, evidence
can be perfectly fabricated
Very accurate
Even Jo Gang Ja cheated the cheater money
But that was also crime
- Dont move
- We are police
What is this, this like mouse brats
These thieves
Senior, what photo is this?
Catch me if you can
People who have that level of
skill will not easily show up
Certainly know their son has been followed
I dont mean they will come to
attend consultation meeting
Today is their only son birthday
Oh I see
If like me now, not right
So, need skill like me,
your teacher, right?
It's come, now
Oh God
What should I do?
Hello, teacher
We are Chul Soos parents
Although we would like to personally meet and
discuss profoundly about our sons future
But for some reason, now, we can
only use Messenger to greeting you
Please understand
As you know
In Republic of Korea there are not
worth hardly learn collage by my son
We are also very clear
But what this child assure is
Like what his parents have, he can
feed his self with his born skills
We think you do not need
too worry for his future
And Chul Soo
Today your birthday party will
be held at Alpha Bravo Tango
Be careful to be followed
You hear me right?
Today is Chul Soo birthday?
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Wish your birthday
That.. Thank you
Teacher, do you still
have anything to said?
What is your ideal type?
Girl who younger then me
Today I must catch this
kid's parents by my hand
Step the gas Step the gas
Yes.. Yes.. on the way
Step the gas
Aigoo.. Old fashioned uncle
Use that rotten car to follow me?
Follow me if you can
Wow.. not bad
That kid is playing us, brats
- too overboard -Delicious?
- Emm..
But that is not too cheap?
- Really
- Next time use you guyss money to treat
Chul Soo stop awhile
- Why?
- Stop awhile
Why follow me?
Chul Soo, lets talk awhile kid
I already told you I dont
know where are my parents
People Im looking for
I said Yaa..
Beat you to death Dont tinkling
Ah.. Leg Leg Leg
Leg Leg Leg
This kid
Car turned over
- Young Hee
- Young Hee Young Hee
Young Hee Wake up Young Hee
What should I do?
Young Sook Young Sook
- Wake up
- Daddy
How is Young Hee
Young Sook
Young Hee Wake up Young Hee
Young Hee Wake up
- Young Hee
- Young Hee
-=Film nameEnemies In Law 2=-
Im RTV Night Club Ace Mi Mi
Im RTV Secret Ace Ai sha
Ace sit here
Secret Ace go to kitchen corner to hide
Get out
Oppa joke is really
Recently I have many pressure swollen up
In order to earn money, drink many alcohol
Body is not too good
This should be tired Ace
But face very familiar Weve met before?
Oppa, what is that childish word?
Oppa you dont know?
We are well known in this circle
The big boss here hired two of us
What boss had said?
Believe or not I dig out your eyeball, damn
Get out
But what is this?
Dont carelessly touch
Only a little bear doll, can
better then me Mi Mi? Hmm..
Compare to that Ai sha
Compare to that Ai sha more pretty right?
I see it first
Can not Still not let off Still not let off
Hello, kids
Unfortunately, me Mi Mi is Gangnam Police station
third head of narcotics department Park Young Hee
Ai sha Although with this dangerous
profession not too match but I also a police
Come here Come here Come here
- Where you want to go?
- Ya.. this really
Yaa.. Yaa.. Hurry Hurry Hurry
Yaa.. Stay still
You cant run away
Really, already said
You cant run away
Already said there is no way Really
Ah.. I remember now
Feel Id met you somewhere before
Olympic Fencing Gold Medal
Already passed seven years this damn
popularity thank you still remember me
If you dont want this
beautiful face left scar
Hurry get back now
If you can left a little scar in my body
I will not catch you and
immediately go back
This kid really, must let me play fencing
Good smash Good smash Good smash N
Good smash Good smash Good smash N
Now I arrest you for violation
of narcotics regulation
Please spare me
Put it on
What I say
Just suit me
Come Rice
I wrap it for you
Come Rice
There is meat also
Put on meat
Put on garlic
Also put on my love
- Ah
- Aigoo Aigoo
Aigoo Very delicious
Too delicious
Of course, Who wrap it for you
Shit.. I want to eat wrap rice too
This long time ago pork party.
Today is what day ah?
Today, those narcotics traffickers that I
chase for almost a year all got caught
Ive given a few thousands
of encourage money by chief
Aigoo.. Our little dog
embezzle doing so well
Ready.. Uncle police please dont catch me
Do not Do not Do not?
I know, Wont catch you
Delicious Why dont eat?
Chul Soo you eat a little more
School is okay?
Could not okay?
Such a beautiful girlfriend
come to support me too
Chul Soo Only thinking you can go
to this far Im really proud of you
Seven years ago you not
even can read Korean
Really commendable
Thats thank to you If at that time I didnt date
with you maybe I could become like garbage criminal
So, Han Chul Soo, you
must qualified this time
If want to marry me
I know I will take this as the last time
with all my heart and soul to pass it
That kid will come back next year
Young Hee still not come back Already know
daddy most adore her but she still like that
So I say there is no use to raise daughter
Im more like son
Daddy Young Hee already 26 years now
Will not cried, jump and
hop run to you anymore
But she never slept at
outside even one time
Daddy you are really innocent you think
must sleep outside to do bad things?
Yaa.. You dont see already
what time you still eat now?
Daddy, do you order Yi rice?
Hand still not hurry let off?
Still not let off
Not let off?
Please let me and Young Hee date
What.. What are you doing now?
Im begging you to let
me and Young hee date
Young Hee, Have you threaten by this kid?
No, I also like Chul soo
Yaa.. You dont know who is this kid?
Because of this kid all of us almost died
But because of Chul Soo I can survived
Young Hee, Who is this kids
father, dont you also very clear?
I know, But what matter with that
Chul soo is not a bad guy, isnt?
Yaa.. this kid is a bad guy
Once he born he already had his parents
crimes genes, really a bad guy
He also have another genetic crime?
Daddy didnt you always said to criminals,
what is important is educate, not punishment
That was talk when it had no
relation with my daughter
Too disappointed
Daddy, how can you said that kind of things
Okay, just let the matter I'm
becoming a police officer as nothing
Im a police officer who
will catch his parents
From now on, me and my
parents have no relation
Even my parents quit from their jobs, I
think they still should be punished Uncle
Uncle.. You this brats who you called Uncle
Yaa.. You, You should know just to see from our home atmosphere
Our family is police family from generation to generation
Our deceased mother was police, the one who married with
me also a police That is our family pride But you..
Then I become a police it would be okay?
Yaa.. You that have blood of Han Dal Shik and
Jo Gang Ja said want to become a police?
Me, Han Chul Soo will study
hard to become a police officer
Then get your permission to
openly date with Young Hee
Aiya.. Aiya..
But you know national song,
multiplication table?
Police in English how to say?
CSI What is this?
If you can pass police test I will
permit you to date with Young Hee
If you can pass police test I
permit you to date with Young Hee
Not right Not right. For
your marriage I also agree
He said CSI
What should that kid do CSI
Im back
All these days you always
together with that kid?
What all these days. Just 1 day between
countless boring days in catching criminals
And.. Not that kid.
Im together with Chul Soo, My boyfriend
Aigoo.. Youre Haruka
This already the 9th years. Compare to that kid to
become police, its quicker for me to become Miss Korea
Eat less.
You gonna to participate Mr Korea?
This rude girl
Yaa.. At outside you are my superior but at
home Im your bigger sister, dont care me
Superior and related is the same thing?
Related not related. Eat your meal
- Salute
- Salute
Daddy, already told you
didnt need to paid salute
Even is my son in law but still my superior
Important person in police world
cant let others to have bad mouth
How is your job?
People above might think I only have 1 month (retired).
Bring this to library can considered quite good care
Just left 1 month.
You should be take a good rest
Those two disturber Han Dal Sik and Jo Gang Ja
Running around to catch them is more comfortable
So, you want to run freely outside there?
Can I do that?
Daddy, your superior is me, you
think others can say anything?
Is it like that?
I trust you
- Salute
- Salute
Is it here?
Cant walk from here.
Please get a round from there
Look like you are new transfer to
this district. Do not know us?
Who are you? Please let me see your ID
Ok..Ok..Ok.. New person
educate very seriously
Please get in
That kid quite cute
Im coming
Our district case, why National police
agency scientific research team come?
This already not a simple rare case anymore
This is serial killer?
Recently the same case happened
in all district in Seoul
Get into wealthy women
house that live alone
After sexual assault, kill people
There are many people footprints
Describe there were many people together
for sexual assault & kill people
Look for CCTV footage within 100 m from crime site, check
it, this look like a setting, already wandering near here
My poor baby, I never let him do heavy &
tired work what kind of sin he received
Work then read book
Read book then work
At first I think would give up in one-two days
then come back. But so fast already 7 years
Think of this tenacity.
Really like me, his father
Not only tenacity. At last, got
test only 1 time already passed
Thought he only have good figure
but his brain is also very good
Must like that?
Take a look . You know what is this?
Look this wings, not feel want to fly?
Please take a good look
Can go directly to the world
You open car door like this?
Dont you think it is very cool?
This is
Son, what is this?
Posthumous of deceased
Italy tailor Joe Bailey
Price in Korea 1.5 million won.
Best brand in the world
Wow, Its not ask you to hurry wear it
This thing already repeat
for how many years
Already said to you, no matter how
you tempted me, I will not move
Dad and Mom, dirty money you earned
I dont want to use even a little
Son, you surely will not
become a police officer
No, Im definitely will
become a police officer
If dont want to arrest by your son
later, please quickly surrender
What you said, brats?
How can you because of a
girl like this to us?
So I said before we fight to each
others, you pls go to surrender
Ive been police officer for 30
years, next month itll be over
Although most was valuable life
But still left some regret
Especially hunt for your parents for
lifetime but still cant catch them
Today I also persuade them to surrender
Let those two to surrender
youre more expert
In this world there is no other people can
play with those two people except you
You cant catch two people?
Of course I know it would be hard
If can do according to my plan
I will agree you to date with Young Hee
I definitely will pass this time test
If I become police officer
Maybe my parents would consider
surrender under pressure
Stupid boy
You know what my wish?
Not your parents go to surrender, but
I catch them with my own hand and
You never pass police exam
Police exam have not left long time to go
Dont push your self to
hard, have a good sleep
After washing, Im ready to sleep
Dont worry
Just endure one week
Didnt I asked you to sleep? stupid
Use that cute expression
to learn, how should I do?
Its not feeling well
If this time cant stop Chul Soo that kid
Our family sure will shame born a police
You know Yi Yi system
Yi Yi system
Yi Hee (similar pronouncation
with barbarian system)
Is the women I know?
Yi Yi system
Enemys enemy is friend means
Aigoo.. really an ignorance Aigoo..
Need to be like this?
Mommy, Goodbye
Good bye, Ill come to pick up later
Why do you have to take car
to repair at this time?
Even the car is like that
I want to talk with you about your view
About what matter?
Recently, do you have any
not satisfied from me?
Lets talk later
Im driving right now
See, I even cant talk
Is it because of promotion
thing caused you headache?
Why should angry?
And, are only you work?
Recently, I also take care
for Shi guan for 1 month
If like that then just
resign, no need to work
Now is not to talk about that
As old day, just help me is enough
Im asking you why with you recently?
Dont you know what an important
time to me right now?
What kind of time?
I already said how many time
Many people fly through the universe, but
not many people fly through the world
Want to fly through world?
Want to fly throught world just
become astronout, why become police?
Stupid, why dont understand people words?
Im talking about promotion
If I only stay still,
who can let me promote
Must meet with the upper level
Cross bridge, get oil
Can be promoted if like that
I am petrol station? petrol staff?
Aigoo..Really..Afraid people dont
know you are police generation?
Eldest daughters husband cheating
Cheating husband helped us
At that time still like me, pester me
Now said what want to fly to world
Really funny
- Hi
- Hi
You are
I sincerely swear
This is the first time I meet this lady
Why like this?
This friend, you think if I dont
get the evidence I will go?
Then give me the evidence
Okay, I know
I said Ive known
Dont be like that, police officer
Why? Suddenly remember?
What I need is this lady customers list
Bring it to me
Thats little difficult
I couldnt work at this field
anymore, can be buried
One more time?
Ill bring the account book
Please wait.. wait.. wait..
Hurry Hurry
Kim Police Officer, its
tough to let you wait
- Get back to your district
- Okay
That thing just now you didnt see
Very cute
Really, you are doing the account book?
Low blood sugar
Low blood sugar
Pretty women
Aigoo .. Sorry
Buy my cake a little
Pretty women, me?
Then, beside you there is
another pretty women here?
Oh God.. elderly.. you are really tough
Elderly, you dont worry
The boss here will come back quickly
These, I buy it all
Yes Yes
Very delicious
But this condition dont
you think like fairy tale?
Elderly, you are Kings
concubine and Im snow white
Then this is poison apple
Really this girl..lf you hungry
Even dog feces in the floor
can be picked to eat, girl
So fat
Look this belly full of poo
Chul Soo
Young Hee
You come here, anything happened?
Eat lunch then drink coffee
Incident scene behind of here
But why you come here?
I attend lecture class near here
This is my boyfriend
This is my chief
Glad to see you
Prepare to take police exam?
If your exam is good, we
will become colleague
Already have lunch?
Emm.. Im going to late Im going first
Okay Okay, I will call you later
Just go
Even will become relative
But dont you also oppose
to catch your parents?
Leak information didnt count I catch them
I just give you some tips, Uncle
Why you change your mind?
Three days later is examination
day that decide my fate
Before that day I dont know my
parents will do what kind of hinder
Uncle also know, at this time
exam I bet all what I have
The gold statue of worship buddha that my father
hid on 3rd floor building of station house
He prepare to take action
after everyone is gone
Now is a perfect opportunity
Because my father hid it
Now is condition he locked
up his self and cant move
Go to there
Where is he?
Han Dal Shik
You take Buddha statue for what pitiful (Note: Buddha
in korea have the same sounding with pitiful)
There is a place we must go together
Oh God
Han Dal Shik
- Jo Gang Ja
- Bitch dont come here
You guys dont move
Even seen a little strange
My family kids will not sit idly dont care
Stop that nonsense
What do you want by kidnapping us?
We want to talk with Park police
office and Young Hees family members
Chul soo police exam is coming soon
Everyone are not too peace?
Dont your family also not want
Chul Soo to become police?
That stone head and couldnt passed exam
What are you show off here?
Oh god.. What.. stone head?
What are you said to someone precious
son, you swollen white meat alike girl
What.. white meat?
Have you done with what you said? Really
- Yaa Yaa Yaa Yaa
- Is White meat, not wrong
Chul Soo ah.. Actually he already
passed the exam last time
You the eldest daughter
Do you remember half year ago, Police Agencys computer
infected with virus that costed lot of effort?
That was because I want to manipulate exam
score, to attract attention then do that
So, what do you want?
Although we know clearly Park police
officer want to catch us like crazy
But after Chul Soo become police
officer and married with Young Hee
Like or not we will become relatives
This is right?
You the eldest daughter
If your wifes relatives
are famous criminals
That cant be a issue for promotion?
And white meat beside you
So, think carefully
Your priority is to catch us
Or stop Chul Soo to become police officer?
Then form an alliance within a limited time
Your family according to your familys
way prevent Chul Soo from taking exam
We also will according our way
to strengthen countermeasure
Let him retreat (Note: in Korea Chul
Soo have same sounding with Retreat)
Old knife is the best
Retreat.. too funny.. Chul Soo
What are you thinking?
I personally also hate
Chul Soo to pass exam
Although very sorry to Young Hee
This is for our family, one
day she will understand
Finally its going to tomorrow
This time must pass the exam To overcome numerous
familys defiance & ridiculous joke, avenge them
This time sure will not have mistake
You can do it Han Chul Soo
Tonight must sleep early, must sleep tight
You this brats, quite have guts -Because you like this,
I cant stand it -Yaa.. Dont follow me Dont follow me
- Mommy Ah Ah Mommy
- Why?
- Mommy Ah
- I said.. We sleep awhile ah
- Why I must sleep with you Mommy ah ah ah ah Mommy
- Sorry, can you go to other place to cry?
Yaa..Ya.. You and my boyfriend
so much alike Come down ah
Uncle, he dont receive call
Okay Okay, I know
Ya.. Hello.. What should I do Ya..Ya..
Let you eat this
Drunken ghost.. How many you
drink drunk like this.. Really
Its okay, Now go to sleep
will be okay.. Calm down
Oppa, connect for what?
Already said dont want
- Its okay Its okay
- Really -Come here
Dont want, really dont want?
Neighbour can hear
- Already said its okay, come here
- Really
Why dont want?
Aigoo.. Really damn
Yaa.. I said
Oppa, its like neighbour is knocking
Dont worry, that guy was
more overboard then me before
Ill pay for hotel fee, beg you
What to do? My girlfriend dont
like to stay at cheap Motel
Dont want Dont want Dont want Motel
You hear it?
Thank you
Its okay to sleep 2 hours, 2 hours is long enough,
just sleep and wake up, everything will okay
Haizz.. Really damn
Sorry, son. But its
interesting ha..ha..ha..
Why Why Why Why Like this to me
Wait a moment, let me ask you
something, show me your ID
Received this neighbourhood report said
got robbed, really have a big bad luck
8911061008982 Han Chul Soo
Please confirm your ID
Please hurry, Ive important exam
- Catch you
- What is this?
You are wanted because of robbery
How is it possible? Im falsely accused
Im going to exam, Really, Uncle
Really.. Dont worry, go to police
station we will check it clearly
That Uncle is the one that
will retired soon, right?
Yaa.. Have to look how is your confession
Ahh.. What is this about
Wuah That That That
- What What
- Yaa.. Kid, damn
Yaa.. Hurry catch him
Yaa.. Chul Soo this kid
This kid run so fast
Try to hinder me, you guys cant stop me,
with only this level want to stop me?
Aigoo, really
Second sister, like this already
enough, please let me through
Our family & your parents
dont wish you become police
Im not for other but for poor
Young Hee I must pass this exam
Just follow your idea, put your house here
I can pass it
Where are you go? You.. where
- Where are you go? -Sister
- Im not your sister
Okay.. attack me..hit me.. come
Sister, beg you, please let me pass
Can not do
Damn.. Aigoo
My head.. my head
Where is this? Im still alive?
Good Good Not late
Uncle please wait Wait
a moment Wait a moment
Wow.. not late
What is this
Wow.. what smell is this?
That .. That..
What.. What happened.. What happened?
This is my place
My place, not wrong
- Not right, my exam number is
- This is mine
Here not wrong
-=I love youlips language=-
That.. You come to attend police exam? If right, after
out from the door turn right and keep going straight
There is a bathhouse, you
go there awhile first
Now you are not at state to take exam,
become a police also not that important
Look yourself, You want to
depart or take 2 steps forward
Chul Soos parent and daddy act evil I just let
it go, but how come sister you can like that too
Become relatives with criminal family,
we are also not okay with that
Have you forget? That kid Chul
Soo left me unforgettable scar
Beg you dont talk about that
damn olympic matter again
Sister suffered more heavy
injury before but you also win
You lose at Olympic not because Chul
Soo but because your damn cockiness
Yaa.. You already talked enough?
And big sister, I know you are
because brother in law promotion
No need to say what about
give shame to family
Okay, If everyone want to egoist
like this, I can only egoist too
Yaa.. Yaa..
The youngest, why you back in rain?
Buy a umbrella, thats not much money
Date and marriage is not same, now
you can complain and hate sisters
But after you meet good man have children,
become parent, you will understand us
Youngest Youngest
Yaa.. Yaa.. Yaa.. Young Hee.. Where
are you going, already so late?
Im going to live with Chul Soo
Only need to wait 1 year, You
even can see your cute grandchild
Well, you really want to
born the seed of thief?
You think our family
behaviour better than thief?
In opposite I feel our family
member let me more shame
Thanks to you, I have no burden to leave
Excuse me excuse me
Wait a moment
Youve come
The fifth victim
Time of incident was about
at 2am early morning
Apartments CCTV have been damaged
The problem is the criminal
method getting more cruel
This time not only sexual assault
On deceased body also remained stab scar
Victim occupation
Plastic surgery planning
After check the phone content, find
out she also a dating girl before
Team leader, please come awhile
What matter?
Young Hee.. Why yesterday night
you run away from home like that?
Daddy so worried you
Now we are working
You this kid.. really
So, you want to live
together with Chul Soo?
Im talking to you as
superior, continue your work
Tell daddy, after this case completed
I will resign, do not become police anymore
I will together with Chul Soo do what we want to do.
Live according to our own opinion
Chul soo, please pick up the phone
This time you pass exam or
not, I will married you
So, after receive message you must call me
Aigoo.. Big brother, already passed
how long time ah.. Any problem?
You this kid, still ask what matter
You ever seen I called you
if I didnt have problem?
Big matter right? If small
matter only, Ill go to rest
Because of my only son, let
my head dizzy these days
There are not yet open to the public, 3 pieces of Kim
Hong-do's paintings will be shipped to Hong Kong
Our spy said their ship would be on high
seas give out the paintings to Hongkong
How? Pay you 10 billion for each painting
Aigoo.. so exciting, of
course Ive to do it
What happened? this is
not an abandoned ship?
Son, you indeed fool me
Right, this is your original side
I want to catch you, I want to catch
you to jail with my own hand, daddy
You this brats, are you crazy want
to catch your father into jail?
There is also a limit to catch thieves
Think about the things
youve done to me, damn
You this brats
Aha.. You this bastard,
being like this to your dad
Aigoo.. Pelvis Aigo.. My pelvis
Really, Really, aigoo..Chul
Soo, Im defeated
Well, just drag your father
Really want to be like this?
Park police officer
Han Chul Soo
You this kid
Let us go
Han Chul Soo.. What are you doing?
Uncle, you declared before if I could catch my parents
with my own hand, you will approve our marriage, right?
You see, now please approve,
let me and Young Hee married
You really clear or not,
these two are your parents?
No matter how, cant be treated
like this by their children
Hurry untie them
You stay still, dont speak
Im not kidding
Please look, Those in front your eyes are your,
Uncle, biggest stain in your police life
Uncle you give me your daughter,
I offer you my parents
There is no more clear
dealing than this, right?
Young Hee
Why you want to hit Chul Soo?
Already finished
Even daddy agree, now I dont want it
I hate you, extremely hate
you, dont want to see you
Lets break up
Now everything come to the end
Actually I also tired
To you, to my parents, to this family
These two people up to you
how do you want to handle
- Chul Soo
- Chul Soo
- Chul Soo
- Han Chul Soo
- Chul Soo
- Han Chul Soo
Haizz.. so pity
They seem have something to say,
wanna loose rope on their mouth?
Dont Dont let them go, our family
surrounding will become deserted
I dont care what decision daddy
make, I will follow your will
Because daddy you always
are my lifes tutor
After I think over and over, I still
think I shoulnt catch you like this
This time let you go, Chul Soo and
Young Hee already break up anyways
Consider it as even
But later in this half
month of my duty period
I will pursue you intensely
Another problem is public opinion
With the victims number increased to five
If this women serial murder
case publish by media to public
Possibility the killers will destroy
evidence they secretly hidden is very high
Thats means time to catch
the killers dont left much
No, only can give a little more time
We surely can put the murderer into justice
Details of arrest operation will be
reported by Young Hee police officer
Park Young Hee, please report
Park Young Hee
Currently focus on victims home
Extended to all CCTV footage within radius one
km, after precisely search all recurring actions
Unusual suspects are in identifying process
And High class dating girl, meeting that secretly
manage, we also have inquired about that
Weve planned to personally penetrate
to conduct a thorough investigation
You didnt play, what are you doing?
I was surprised What?
Dance & play are so boring
But others will be more interesting
Lovers should not often fighting,
break up, but together again?
You should have been heard
from your big sister
We are because of dont let
each other angry and hurt
Because only if we fight
Beside two of us, our
families would very happy
It seems you very love your boyfriend
Because of me he abandoned many things
Let you come
That kind of thing, I really cant do it
Ive told you, just listen
to me and follow me
Im really.. even for kindergarten,
Ive never acted before
You dont think as acting,
just think as job
Itll be tomorrow, prepare well
This is order
Put my love to it
Come.. Aigoo.. Aigoo.. Very delicious
Ehm.. Ehm.. Ehm.. Too delicious
Of course, who wrapped it
Yaa.. This is Park Young Hees handphone
Ah.. My handphone
Hello, this is Park Young Hee?
- Yes
- Your express delivery
- Let you work hard
- Okay.. bye
I heard you misteriously imitating me
Fool your worlds number 1 father
Sure, filiation cant be hide
So, dont only give me dad,
give me something to do
Ive to feed myself
Im of course very welcome
But, kid, do you really give
up married that police?
Dont bring up that thing anymore
Give me job or not?
Haha.. Looks this kid
Well, for first time just
give you an easy one
There is a gathering of 2nd generation
wealthy family with women secret club
Screeshot confirm the identities of those
men in the screen, dont left even one
Okay.. I know
Within these guys find out one
upstart named Kim Dong Chul
Bring back a necklace
that this guy always wear
This ignorant guy
He even didnt know that is Leonardo
da vincis relic but he always wear it
Oh yeah.. Hello everybody, glad to meet you all.
Im secret partys host Kim Jun Ho
Our angels have prepared well..Were
going to begin immediately
Start to introduce angels
Our angels so sexy, so beautiful body,
everyone just decide key in the price amount
First contestant, our Sica
Sica Jessica 34-24-34
Get into the water..into the water
Into the watern
Now is no 2 Qli Qli
Overall must understand wealthy
guys have very unigue orientation
Yaa.. Body is extremely good
Let you see man..man
I know, I know
Wait a minute, wait a minute, no 2 camera
Now is no 9, no 9 beauty
21 years old 34-24-34
Wow, shes Mi Mi, Mi Mi is going over there
Now is no 10, where is no 10
Introduce, this is Aisha, well..
Now aisha is going get into water
- Aisha get into water
- Into water
Now only left two pairs
Mi mi continuously rising
Aisha now is 0 won 0 won, who choose
Aisha I give them 1,000,000 won
Kidding only
Aisha, please press button
Wow, Aisha 10,000
5 4 3 2 1
10,000 won deal
The Hero, here, very lucky
Aisha, so enthusiastic
Now Mi Mi price 10,000,000 won 10,000,000
won, Our wealthy please hurry press button
15,000,000 won appear, 15,000,000
won is highest price now
Dont be like that, now is war time
Just out if dont have ability
5 4 3 2
4,000 4,000
still increasing
5,000 everyone 5,000
6,000 6,000 6,000
5 4 3 2 1
60,000,000 deal, today Mi Mi is the
highest price, lets give her applause
Okay.. bring Mi Mi, but
dont forget to kiss
Fantastic Baby
Well, to commemorate today victory, today
specially let you stay outside for 1 day
Drink to death, still can normally
walk out, this kid need to be hitted
- Cheers, toast
- Toast
Drink Drink
Damn kids, quietly eat
Just now who said what?
Just now I said quiet a little
Wow..kids today my feeling is really bad
Like you all wasted your youth,
got dumped by the women you trust
What can I do? So bored so bored, what?
Why so tall? is it meat?
Hello, meat, toast meat
You see it, see it. What
I said 17:1 is like this
Really can fight
- Fight for how many fists become like this -I
dont hit for many times -Go first, talk later
- 119 why still not come? -Aunty
- God..What is this.. this.. this..
Yaa.. You guys this big but cant beat him?
What is this? Yaa.. are you okay?
Ah.. Can out from jail after stay one year?
At least stay until that
proper level then can cheer up
I dont know from tomorrow
on what should I do
My target before has disappeared
The person that I think would accompany
me for lifetime also left, damn
Ive forgotten what kind
of man I were before
Who am I?
What kind of person my
parents hope me to be?
Hope me become person like them?
Have a good sleep
We need to surrender for Chul Soos sake?
Going to there now? had been tied in front
of Park police officer, finally released
Our pride will not allow
Dont talk about pride, because
of it our son become like this
Lets hide, include Chul
Soo, disappear few years
After Park police officer retired,
he has no more title to catch us
How about our son?
Now just leave it to fate
As parents, if cant help,
at least dont hinder him
And, that time Park police
officers family who released us
Before we hide, dont we need
to compensate them a little?
If you long your tail, you can be catched
These people before I retired,
they want to left me something?
You two go to cut off the escape way
You two wait in front of the door
- Okay, I know
- Okay, I know
Husband and wife live in harmony, enjoy it
Anyway, at last will be separated
over their prison life
Dont move
Father in law
Still forgive you, now in this
condition still forgive you?
Brats worse than animals
If you later show up again in
front of me, you surell be dead
If you cant forget the women that went out just now,
If you want to break up with my daughter then break up
But if you want to take it as a miss
From now on just act as nothing happened
But you must live in this lifetime with
atonement heart toward my daughter, know that?
You really are abnormal, abnormal
Burden you? Really a shame
to polices generation
Didnt know you were being busy,
I called you to come here
Its okay for around 1 hour
Very handsome, the suit is very suit you
Because already not a high school
slob, this is my original look
Yes, just as your look 7 years ago, the time when you didnt
have dreams and hope, Small gangster that always running around
Because of wrong dream,
wasted 7 years of good time
If still want to fight, Ill go
Now, because of important case
I dont have mood to fight
Im going to leave Korea
Just as you said, in this country there is no
more small gangsters dream like me anymore
Then, how you endure these 7 years?
Because her foolness, she believed love
Is it true?
This also what I want to say
Well, now live based on the way you wanted
Previously, always endure
it let you exhausted
What is that mean?
Its a pity, but within suspects
we were eyeing on the club
There is no criminal
Fluid left on victims body also
Didnt same at all with those men
The case is back to the beginning
Park police officer previously because of
catching us running around, exhausted you
Very sorry, weve prepared from
tomorrow we will hide deeply
And then, if want to arrest us
Make effort on your next life
It also seems a bit negative feeling
Unfortunately not the feeling
of sorry, happy or worried
What problem do you have at this time?
Before you hide, promise me one thing
Do you have anything?
Youve worked hard, We are very
quick, dont report to upper
Who are you referring to?
I said, there is only complex
scientific research team laboratory
Because there is no any
president, can see it right?
Dont you know?
President is graduate
from Gong Dae University
Ah Right, right, Gong Dae
It looks like because of unresolved
serial murder case let you have hard time
Not only Young Hee, her
sisters also the same
Its said those people have been
raped and mutilated six pity women
Because they are not ordinary people
Master must be look for by master
Please help for this case
Later all of us will definitely disappear
Son, Ive sent victims household
registration and information
Look for it
What? Who are you?
A little quiet, haizz.. really
Did you see it?
Of course, stupid
Have been killed?
Lets go together
This is not to cover up rape and
murder pretending to be theft
These guys original purpose were stealing
But when found out things not same as
they expected, when the women came back
Suddenly implement rape and murder
But these people after
tasted rape and murder
They didnt stop to steal
In opposite, they started
to wait victim back home
In addition, these people know these
victim women high class entertain life
So they knew that they had precious
jewelry and a lot of money
Then easily got closed with
victim and had their trust
Usually, people that can let security
system and security staff feel at ease
Who are they?
These people are not social elite
The possibility of low income
hard worker is very big
People that hate victims that
could earn money in short time
Then they are people with hard life
People that could grasped
victims daily life schedule
Wow, right, I know
What is that?
First criminal is engaged with express
delivery or courier service people
Second, high possibility their
education are university or higher
Third, after the first incident they should be
changed company, used fake name to find job
Four, they usually have not good relation with other courier
staff, work on their own in company is very high possibility
The last, Young Hee
Date with good people, live a happy life
Now this is really a goodbye?
Throughly investigate Seoul, Gyeonggido district
express delivery and courier company staff turnover
Filtrate turnover people
in this three months
Confirm their identity
Identify people who are using forged ID
Then find out their real names
Graduate from university and above, have
professor degree, surely are suspects
Meeting finished
Thank you
I dont permit you to go to USA
Because now is emergency situation
After catch the criminal
then immediately meet
Saying you go to USA, do you have any plan?
No, I just think to go there first
Now USA have Koreans
relic about 40,000 pieces
In foreign countries, there
are many patriotic methods
Aigoo.. Didnt say before, sons
future handed over himself?
Dont worry, eat more my baby
What is he doing? Why
didnt return message?
Yaa.. big sister
Yaa.. Young Hee. You together
with Team Leader Kim
No, just parted
Then later talk again with Team Leader Kim
Now we deduced suspects that
have relevant conditions
It is said that these people basically not talk
with colleagues in their own courier company
Like a ghost
Like expected, they are highly educated
There is a professor majoring in intelligance communication, lectured on entrance
examination tutoring class for long time before start to become courier service staff
Also a chemical engineering expert in large
corporate research, fired after worked on contract
And people like you and Young
Sook that were athelete before
He was Asian Games boxing gold medalist
Who are you?
Yaa.. Young Hee, something happened?
Those people are coming
here, hurry ask for support
Not wrong, not wrong
Last time saw you felt very familiar
On Olympic won fencing gold medal
Slowly, slow, slow
This time you should have known
Although only Asian Games
I also got gold medal
Im a little curious
Within so many staff courier
How you can know it so fast?
Is there accomplice within the police?
Haizz.. if you can catch
me then I will tell you
But if you catched by me
You will become the 7th victim
A moment, short note will come
What is this?
Where you go?
But sister, but why you contacted me only?
Should not reported to team
leader and other above?
You think well
Those people if know their identity exposed
Just like waiting, will immediately
arrest Young Hee as hostage
- Wow
- Wow
- Wow
- Wow
You mean beside our family
we cant trust anyone?
Contact now
Contact where?
Yaa.. Uncle, any problem?
Even said there is a traitor,
this should not reported?
Before something happened, even must use emergency
implementation measure, must turn over once police inside
Didnt I say cant like this?
It means cant tell anyone
if want to save Young Hee
Must said how many time
What Young Hee said was right, at last
they will not left Young Hee alive
So, whatever we must seize them
But anyway, will they come?
Will come, if Chul soo
Chul Soo, the door is open
- Come
- Hello, Chul soo
Fortunately there is still any
action within police inside
This is a wise choice,
save your daughters life
Is Young Hee safe?
At least I can swear until
now they still not touch her
First, we need to point out ability of every
police family member that found out our identity
I believe with that ability can
help us to escape overseas
What should we do?
Please bring my daughter back safely
From now until tomorrow
afternoon dont do anything
That is the way to rescue your daughter
I warn you once again
Dont do anything, just stay at home
Then tomorrow morning your
daughter will safely back home
Chul Soo, the door is open
Mom, track Kim Chul Gils position, hurry
Son, youre right
Their vehicle were captured
by airport area camera
Now on athletic track direction
But how can you know?
At least I can swear until
now they still not touch her
First, we need to point out ability of every
police family member that found out our identity
- ability of every police family member
- Right, the criminals now are turtle in the jar
How could it be? Our family member
Of course my credit is the biggest one
Ahh.. Park police officer
Yes yes yes, see you
later, salute, okay okay
Ya.. hijacking on the plane
Wow.. so happy
Will not follow
Stop, damn
What is that?
Go up to prepare
- Ill be back after finished the matter
- I know
Young Hee, wake up
Ahh.. she wake up again
Ya..Ya.. go upstair
Get in
What is this? Worlds number one Han Dal
Shiks son beaten by this level of kids
Ive been rested for 7 years
Can grasp to this level already not bad
Daddy, please take care here
Who are you?
Who are you?
Come here
I said, who actually are you?
Young Hee, are you okay?
I said, you take me as hostage
Let of the women
No No No
Hostage must be women
But, isnt it more valuable if a police?
All are that kid doing
We only spectator, only watch
The spectator are the most bad guys
But who are you?
Its okay if dont know, I wont ask again
Teacher, can I stand up a while
then kneel again? my legs numb
Ya.. bite him
Just a while not numb again, oh
god, why legs not numb again?
Result of miserably hard
study only like this?
Theft, rape weak women
Shut your mouth
And them? Ehm..
Earn money through irregular
channels, wear gold and silver
Why put us into this?
You also already passed police exam
Although not much money, but you
also can life like others people
When you earned money through
theft, rape & murder
Police already not your profession anymore
But become a tool to facilitate
Dont insult people that have
hard life in this field anymore
Wow, good speech
Ive almost convinced
Just take it like that
Big brothers that previously
used before called to threaten
But those people at overseas, use
our name saved several billions
All people in this plane,
include brothers outside there
Let us not get caught & escape well
Dont you surprise?
Ya.. let's fly now
Chul Soo
Chul soo
Chul soo
This brats
Go to death
Are you okay
Pull me out
Ah..leg leg ah..leg
Be careful, be careful
Are you okay?
Husband, if like this can you be okay?
But the plane, how with the plane?
Good job my wife
Good job
Young Hee
Chul Soo
Are you all right?
Park police officer
Damn, crazy guys
Chul Soo hurt badly
Okay okay, didnt you have
kissed for a long time?
At the end, he still can become
police familys son in law?
We in jail should cant see
their wedding ceremony right?
- Hurry
- Wait wait
Good, Han Chul soo, exam number
9 0 9 1 3
Wait wait wait
-startled me
-Why why why
I Im too nervous, dont dare to see, wait
A big man has so small gut, really
Ya..Hurry, hurry, wait, wait
Come, I count 123 then press
1 2 3
Why, why like that?
I dont pass the exam again?
Good job, good job
Well, now we start the wedding ceremony of
groom Han Chul soo and bride Park Young Hee
Groom, bride
Chul Soo, do hard effort on your honeymoon
Play good
Wait a minute
We go go and back
Well, go and play good
Were going
Well, our kid have been matured, play good
We would go to see you
So I said, in family need to raise a police
You also the first time within
prison sentence time get out
Really proud, proud
We uphold until national day
And, please dont touch instructor
officers things anymore
Anyway, when get out on national day
How to live?
Chul soos face is bright
Dont you can talk with dog?
How if become a dog trainer?
I want or not take this
opportunity to enter Hollywood?
Special make up artist
Not bad
But husband
That like white meat second
daughter why talk in dialect?
Dont you know?
When Wan Chun brother transferred to Busan
Should will not come here
Is it? Then when I go to Hollywood Ill
talk dialect, to left deep impression
Need to be like this?
This very happy day, why
your expression like that?
I only worried father-mother,
felt only us happy
In opposite, they two very happy
Think about do not need to run away anymore
Feel really good
So I said
When they get out from jail, we
stay together, what do you think?
Haiz.. Good is good, but
Still not long our fiery marriage life
Then that mean you agree? Very good
And when they get out, even is Crime Investigation
Committee member, I still want to help them find job
Find job is quite good, fiery marriage life
Weather really artistic
Chul soo you see
Where is the weather artistic? Damn
Only sunglasses attractive
You see, dont this sunglasses cant wear?