Enga Amma Rani (2017) Movie Script

All the lives ever lived,
Are contained in one word:
And that one word, Is 'Mother'.
Good morning, uncle.
- Good morning, dear.
Have you eaten, uncle?
Not yet, Tara.
I'm not Tara. I'm Meera.
Hey, don't lie.
See, I knew it!
Mom, the bus...
Okay, uncle. Bye.
Bye, uncle. Bye, mom. - See you.
I haven't received any new
information about your husband.
In fact, we've been updating you about
it for the last couple of weeks.
He travelled to Cambodia
on your company's work.
How could you not know?
We're talking to our
Cambodia office everyday.
They've filed a complaint
with the local police there.
If we receive any news, we'll
surely get in touch with you.
Is this your answer?
What else do you
expect us to do?
After moving from
Malaysia to Cambodia, he
spoke to you over
phone for two months.
The past ten days you haven't
heard anything about him?
Yes, sir.
We could have helped you if
he went missing in Malaysia.
He's gone missing in Cambodia.
What can we do?
Even you can't do anything,
then what can I do?
You're an Indian.
So, go to the Indian
High Commission.
Explain your situation.
Only they can help you.
Please come.
Where are you from?
I'm from Siruthaiyur,
near Kanchipuram.
When did you move to Malaysia?
- It's been eight years now.
Why did you get married in
Malaysia, and not in India?
Sathya and I fell in
love back in college.
But both our families
were against it.
Sathya got a job and
moved to Malaysia.
Then he made me move here as marrying
in India would cause problems.
So we got married here.
Our marriage affected our
families very badly.
But at that point, Sathya was
the most important thing to me.
Sathya's family was
furious with him, too.
We knew Sathya's uncle would
create trouble at my home...
Sathya consoled his
uncle over the phone.
We slowly started losing hope about
our families getting together.
We decided to go back to India only
after they approve of our marriage.
We haven't gone there yet.
Okay. We'll do our level best.
In any case, submit a report at the
Cambodian High Commission Office.
I don't know, Durga.
I haven't stopped trying.
I just reported it at the
Cambodian High Commission.
How is everyone there?
We're all fine.
I came to mom's
place this morning.
How is Tarun?
- He's doing real good.
Mom is just feeding him now.
Will you listen to me?
Offlate I'm listening to
everything you say. Tell me.
I am sure he will return.
You should come back
home until then.
You're struggling alone
with the children.
You think I'm
enjoying life here?
I won't come back to
India without Sathya.
Good morning, sister.
- Good morning, Tulasi.
Good morning. - Good morning.
Go make some coffee for me.
What? Coffee?
Or even tea would do!
Jogging isn't enough.
If you want to stay slim, you should
do some household chores like me.
Where are you off to?
Sathya's manager had
asked me to come.
I'm sure he has good news.
How are you travelling?
- By cab.
You have a car at home,
and you're taking a cab?
Learn to drive, Tulasi.
That's the first thing on
my agenda, when he returns.
It's late. I need to get going.
Bye. - Bye.
Have a seat.
How are you?
I am doing good, sir.
Well... what is it?
It's been three months.
We haven't heard
anything about Sathya.
His visa is also about
to expire next month.
Without his presence, we
can't extend the visa.
I'm sure he will return. Can't
we do it after he's back?
We can extend his visa after he's back.
That's not a problem.
But without him... we can't extend
your visa or your kids' visas.
Isn't there a way around it?
You can't be a dependent on
your husband's visa anymore.
Maybe if you get a job here...
...your kids can be
dependents on your work visa.
If that doesn't work out, you have
no option but to return home.
Sorry. I can't help you.
Why do you laugh? Can't I work?
Okay, alright. What
job will you do?
It's a temporary thing.
Only till your dad returns.
Fine, but what kind of job
are you going to take up?
I am getting bored at home, too.
A job would be a welcome change.
That's fine, but you're not answering
my question! What kind of job?
Some job! What do you care?
Is that so? Thank you very much!
Dad is going to return anyway.
Why do you have to do this, mom?
Is dad not going to return?
Don't think that way.
Dad will be back.
It's been three months, mom.
So beautiful, I love it!
- It's real cute, right?
You two go inside and play,
mommy will be back in a bit.
Okay? You have your phones?
- Yeah, we do.
Okay, be careful alright?
- Okay, mom.
Come here!
I'm here, where are...?
Tulasi? - Yes.
I'm Ramya. - Hello.
Danam explained everything.
You'll find a man named
Mutthalif at the counter.
Go meet him, I'll join you.
Thank you. - Thanks.
There's a man known
as "Indian Uncle".
He is from India.
He's the Senior
Supervisor out here.
Whenever he asks a question, you just
say... 'I know' or 'I can do it'.
What does he look like?
Mr. Chokku, someone
wants to meet you.
Yes, Mr. Muthalif.
I'm coming.
I'll be back.
You look surprised!
Yeah, he didn't manage to
find a bride in India.
So he has been lurking around,
hoping to woo some girl out here.
Be cautious!
He's been like this for a decade now?
- Of course!
If you manage to handle him, you
won't have any problem here.
'Handle him'? What do you mean?
Why so shocked?
I asked you, "Will
you do a good job?"
Will you?
Good. I like that.
Because I won't do much.
Someone needs to
get the work done.
I don't get what you mean, sir.
You will, eventually!
Do you drive?
I do, sir.
Good thing.
Because I can't drive!
Okay, hand over your passport.
You can start working,
the visa will come.
Thank you very much, sir.
Why so unfamiliar?
I mean... drop the 'sir'.
Chockalingam. Or
'Chokku', if you may.
Who is Chockalingam?
Me, obviously! You
don't like the name?
It's a nice name...
But I mistook you
for Indian Uncle.
So, who is that?
I see they've already
interviewed you.
Which wonderful lady did that?
Oh no! Did you tell on me?
Not yet! I said I'll tell
him only if I get this job.
I'm sure he'll hire
you just for this.
All praise goes to Ramya.
Thank you!
Sorting out things and arranging it?
Is that even a job?
I am thankful I have
a job at least!
Then we can't handle you!
You'll go on about
your schedule.
Your aunt is calling me.
I'll be back.
Go shower now.
Yes, Durga?
Who is this?
This is Sathya's dad speaking.
How are you?
I'm doing well.
How are the kids?
They're fine, father-in-law.
How is mother-in-law?
She's okay.
I often think about getting in touch
with you, but never had the opportunity.
I heard your sister is in town.
So I made up my mind
to speak to you.
Nobody knows.
Your sister told
me what happened.
After Sathya returns,
you should all visit.
Everyone has gotten
over the old anger.
Now they're only angry about not
being able to see the kids.
So, have you been talking
to your parents?
It's been eight years.
Don't cry, dear.
I'm sure they'll change, too.
What happened, mom?
It's nothing.
Haven't you two showered yet?
Come with me.
What did aunt say?
She was just asking about dad.
Let's bathe, and
then go out to eat.
Are we taking our car?
Car? Who will drive?
You, of course!
You used to drive a bit when dad was
around. You only need to practice, mom.
When dad sees you drive like
a pro, he'd be shocked!
You should learn
at least for that.
You think? - I do!
But let's take a cab today.
Let's not risk it when
we're starving. Okay?
You brat!
Don't overspeed.
Bye, mom. - Bye!
I've got goosebumps!
No wonder!
Sir, you'd called?
Are you married?
I am, sir.
You're telling me now. You
didn't say so before.
Your visa has been rejected.
Okay. Get me your
husband's documents.
Let's re-apply for the visa.
Okay, sir.
Sorry, sir.
So, once I get my visa, I can
renew the kids' visas too?
Whose kids?
Mine, sir!
Oh! You have kids, too?
Anything else? - No.
Get the documents and
meet me tomorrow.
Okay, sir.
No one knows you by
'Chockalingam' or 'Chokku'.
It doesn't matter!
I'll see you tomorrow.
Eight years away from hometown
but she's till cocky.
Let's go to the next one.
Really glad to hear it.
Should I bring my
kids' passports too?
Okay. I'll be there.
Mom, can you drop us at school?
I don't mind, but you
must leave early.
Meera, get ready quickly or
mom will leave without us.
Exactly. Fast!
We'll be ready in five minutes.
You get the car started, mom.
Bye! - Bye!
You're not coming by car?
Mom, did you take it too seriously?
I was only kidding!
Have you got your ties?
- Yes, we do!
Yes, Durga.
What will I do now?
He needs to be here.
The final rites won't
happen without him.
I'm telling you the truth. He hasn't
returned to Malaysia from Cambodia.
She is already
helpless out there...
Even if you're
saying the truth...
at least your sister should have
been here with the kids, right?
If this was your family,
what would you do?
Sathya, I don't know if
you know this yet...
Your dad has departed from us.
We'll have it ready tomorrow.
Okay, sir.
What is it, mom?
Is something wrong?
Not at all.
Why do you look so low?
Let's go out somewhere?
Let's go some other day?
Mom isn't in a good mood.
What is it, Tulasi?
You've been looking down all week.
What happened?
I think I should have attended
my father-in-law's funeral.
Mom has changed quite a bit.
It pains us to see her like that.
She never tells us anything.
You should talk to her.
I'm losing my happiness
little by little, Ramya.
I'm trying to snap out of it.
But I can't.
I'm ruining my kids' happiness, too.
Our kids should never be affected
by our problems.
Who else do they have,
to call family?
They only have you.
Why don't you take
them out some place?
We're not saying we want to
go out for our happiness.
It's for our mom.
Yes, we just want our mom
to be happy all the time.
Tulasi, one minute.
Yes, sir?
I heard your
conversation with Ramya.
Don't think you have no one here.
I'm here for you.
I'm not just saying that!
Take it.
Tell your children their
uncle bought it for them.
Not just "India Uncle."
But like a brother
to their mother.
Sathya, the girls threw a
great party for Mother's Day.
You should have been here!
Tara really missed you.
Why do you look so glum?
When dad is back, we will have a grand
celebration for Father's Day. Okay?
Tara, what do you say?
What is it, Tara?
Mom! - What happened?
Come and see Tara.
What is it?
Tara! - Tara?
What happened to you, Tara?
Tulasi, the doctor
wants to talk to you.
Have a seat.
You guys get started. I'll
join you in some time.
Okay? Bye.
What did she eat?
She just had cake.
What is wrong?
I think she just fainted.
They're running some tests.
Let's wait for the reports.
Are you from India?
Yes, doctor.
- Excuse me, doctor.
Yeah? - The reports...
Have a look at the ECG report.
- Okay.
Where are you from?
But you're all fancy now,
driving a car in Malaysia?
One minute.
Stop calling me. I told
you I'll be there.
Sister, Meera is alone at home.
Just keep a watch on her?
Okay, bye.
She'll regain consciousness in
some time. I'll see her tomorrow.
Okay, doctor.
Call me 'Murali'.
Call me if there
is an emergency.
Yes, Muthiah?
No, sir. There is no problem.
I'll handle it.
When did you leave last night?
At midnight, uncle.
You were on overnight duty.
Why did you leave?
Okay. You get going.
Stay away from the
hospital for a week.
I haven't done
anything wrong, uncle.
She was normal when I left.
We'll talk about it later.
You get going now.
You're hiding in there?
Come out!
You took my son away from me...
Now you've taken my
grand-daughter away from me too?
I don't care what you'll do.
You better bring the child here.
Or else...
You're happy with your grandchildren,
right? Why won't you let us?
I don't care, I want
my granddaughter here.
We want to perform
her last rites.
Come outside. We're
talking here...
Aren't you ashamed?
Yes, Durga...
The last rites are
happening here.
What can we do now?
Did you talk to Tulasi?
This was Tulasi's decision.
It will all be
done in some time.
They're creating a ruckus here.
Durga, you should
talk sense into them.
Even if we decide to come
now, it will take four days.
Tulasi is already heartbroken.
Let's not put her
through this now.
Tell them not to
take Tara away, mom!
Something has gone wrong.
I need to know.
I know that I'm not the
reason for the girl's death.
My dad will take care of everything.
You don't worry about it.
He had his doubts about me, too!
Why did he ask me to stay away
from the hospital for a week?
How will I get to know
what actually happened?
Fine! What do you want to know?
I need to look at
the girl's reports.
Is that all? Okay,
I'll talk to my dad.
The way her mom looked at me...
she wordlessly called
me a murderous sinner.
Tulasi, the kid has
falled asleep.
Tuck her into bed. You
should get some sleep, too.
Call me if you need anything.
Thank you, sister.
Don't mention it.
Come... lock the door.
Even I thought something
went wrong in our hospital.
But that isn't the case.
The girl had been suffering
from a condition.
What do you mean?
I had sent over the reports to my
Professor from India, Dr. Sudhakar.
He just confirmed it to me.
Long QT Syndrome.
It's common in Europe.
A sudden death with no symptoms?
That's the problem
with this condition.
I need to go meet Tulasi.
Will you accompany me?
What good is it if we
tell this to her now?
You think she'd even believe us?
One way or the other, I need to
tell her it wasn't my mistake.
I can't live in peace.
Things like these happen all the time in
hospitals. You can't get emotional for this.
A little girl has died.
I am partially responsible.
You don't get it?
Are you coming with me, or not?
We need to talk to you.
Tell me.
Your girl had been suffering
from a condition.
That's why she died.
We sent all the reports to India,
and they confirmed it to us.
You should know that
Murali did nothing...
Did I come knocking at your
door for compensation?
You messed it up, and now
you're blaming my kid?
Leave now.
Don't come up with some story,
and embarrass yourselves.
Just a second.
Hello, Mr. Murali.
Is that so?
There is a chance that the other twin
might be suffering from it, too.
What should I do, doctor?
We need to run a
complete check-up.
We can decide on the course
of action after the tests.
If this girl has the same
condition, how do we cure it?
I've been consulting with
some doctors from Europe.
There is no particular
medicine to treat it, yet.
Get the tests done. We'll see.
Okay, doctor.
I think you're not
doing the right thing.
So? You want me to just let go?
What if this girl has
the same condition?
Mom, I am not able to
sleep without Tara.
Is it just the two
of us from now?
Dad will be back.
After he returns, we
will go to India.
You have your granddad,
grandma, uncle, aunt...
We have a big family there.
What if dad doesn't come back?
Why do you think that way?
Come here.
You have nothing to say to this?
First, you came up with a
lie to hide the truth...
...and now another lie
to save that lie?
You don't believe what I said?
I didn't blame you for anything.
Forgive me.
It's my mistake.
Don't come back to see me.
Welcome, Tulasi.
Your kids' passports are here.
I am Meera's teacher, Poongodhai.
Well... Tulasi?
This is Tulasi speaking.
Tell me...
I need to talk to you about Meera.
Is this a good time?
Tell me, madam.
There's something wrong
with Meera's ears.
She has a hearing problem.
Can you get a doctor to look at her?
Is that so?
Okay, madam.
Why, what is it?
Have you finished your homework?
You've gone all quiet?
No word about your homework?
Where's my milk, mom?
I'll get it.
Yes, mom?
Drink your milk.
Okay, mom.
There are no visible symptoms
felt by the patients or seen by us.
If something similar has happened
to Tara and Meera, that'd be the common factor.
Has something like that happened?
Think hard.
- Yes, mom?
Are you angry?
- No!
Play your move, Meera.
I'm thinking, mom.
I got her tested four times, but...
What's the issue?
It's about my kid.
Look, ma'am...
Whatever you need to know...
Come meet me, not Murali.
Nurse, escort her to my room.
I'll be there.
It's okay, sir.
I can manage.
Tulasi madam...
Dr. Murali asked me to hand this to you.
He asked you to take your daughter to this address.
Dr.Murali's number is there, too.
It hurts, mom.
- It will be alright. Okay?
Tulasi, you can leave now.
I'll call you after I get the reports.
Who is it? Is it dad?
No, he is someone else.
Pray to God that dad should call us soon.
Do I also have a problem like Tara?
No such thing, dear.
This is just a checkup.
Where shall we go today?
No, mom. I don't feel like going out
without Tara.
I got the reports cross checked in India.
Meera's report is identical to Tara's.
Tulasi, you need to be brave now.
Is Meera going to leave me, too?
Stop thinking like that!
We didn't know about Tara's condition.
But it's different with Meera.
If we treat her properly,
she will be alright.
Since it's a peculiar disease,
it will take time.
But there is a way to control it.
Meera needs to live in a cold place.
She should remain cool.
Her body shouldn't heat up...
and she shouldn't drink anything hot.
For now, cold temperature
is her only medication.
A cold place?
In Malaysia, there's Cameron Highlands.
In India, it could be Ooty or Kodaikanal.
It's important that the place should be cold.
I can't go back to India without Sathya.
Cameron Highlands it is.
Another important thing...
Meera needs to be active all the time.
She shouldn't be idle,
or left deep in thought.
Dr. Sudhakar has referred some medicines.
I'll send it through Muthiah.
Give it to her every night after dinner.
I don't feel good about you
doing this on your own...
I need my daughter.
Can you handle it?
Where are we going, mom?
Meera, come here.
I need water.
Yes, mom?
Get me some water?
You're not sleepy?
Not yet, mom.
Won't I be able to go to school anymore?
Just for some time.
You can join later.
It's boring here, mom.
Fine! Tomorrow, we'll check if there are
some tuition centres here.
I want water.
Meera, let's go to the tuition centre.
Come on.
You carry on, mom.
I'll be here.
You're going to study there.
You don't want to have a look?
It's enough if you look at it.
I'll be here.
Here, keep your phone with you.
That's a strange illness!
Okay, bring her along.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
If you need any help,
don't hesitate to ask us.
We're from Kuala Lumpur, too.
Been here for a decade now.
Why is the door open?
- I'm coming, mom.
Meera... Meera!
Meera.. hey!
Her pulse is normal, doctor.
No, she hasn't regained consciousness yet.
I'll check the E.C.G. report and call you back.
Okay, doctor. Sure.
E.C.G. report...
What's wrong with this girl, doctor?
She has Long QT syndrome.
A lethal condition that brings a quick death
with no symptoms.
They've come to Cameron for the cool weather.
What did the doctor at Kuala Lumpur recommend?
We shouldn't let her blood circulation drop.
But there is no drop, doctor.
It looks normal.
Have a look at her blood report.
Okay, doctor.
It's all okay, doctor.
Let's just send her back to Kuala Lumpur,
and avoid any complications here.
You think so?
Okay, let's just talk to Dr. Murali,
and send her to Kuala Lumpur.
Are you okay?
Why did you enter that house?
It's really confusing, doctor.
Let it go.
If she is cured,
then it's all okay!
Do you want something?
I want Tau Fu Fa.
But you never liked Tau Fu Fa.
I feel like eating it now.
I don't know where we can buy it.
You go ahead. I know the place.
You know the place?
What are you saying?
I meant there should be
a place somewhere here.
Now I've lost my appetite.
Let's just go home.
What is it?
I need to use the washroom.
Okay, let's go.
I can go myself.
What's happened to this girl?
Why did she go to the house next door?
When did you come here?
But you'd called me!
I called?
I never called you, Meera!
Fine! Let's just get out of this place.
Sir, I looked at all the reports.
But I am not sure if these
are Meera's reports.
What do you mean, doctor?
These are her reports.
Okay, sir.
I have some work there...
I'll meet you in person.
What is she up to?
What's with the new hairstyle?
No reason!
Oh yeah!
So I found a tuition centre for you.
The master wanted to see you tomorrow.
Tuitions? What for?
You're the one who said
it's boring here without school!
And now...?
What is it, dear?
You look so sad.
Are you angry with me?
Hi! How are you?
I'm good.
What's the matter?
I need to perform a small test.
Can I take Meera to the hospital here?
You go with him.
Have you done the tests?
Yes, doctor.
There are no signs of her illness!
That's impossible.
Okay... e-mail me the latest reports.
Okay, doctor.
Uncle, can you pull over for a moment?
I think that's my friend there.
Who is this friend?
I can't see anyone.
I'll call you back.
Who are you?
What are you looking for?
Did you see a little girl walk by?
I ask you a question,
and you ask me another?
Did you see a girl or not?
You look very suspicious.
I am a doctor.
My patient was travelling in my car with me.
I'm looking for her.
How do I believe you're a doctor?
Here is my card.
Read it.
I'm coming.
Where did you go, Meera?
That was someone else.
Let's get going.
Please come in.
That's okay!
Can you step outside for a moment?
What's with the surprise visit?
My husband wants to talk about your girl.
He asked me to bring you along.
He is at the entrance.
I'll just be there.
Are you asleep?
Your girl is possessed by a spirit.
You need to be aware.
We need to know how and when this happened,
before we take any decision.
Is that why she has been acting weird
these last couple of days?
Has something unholy taken place?
Not particularly.
She is being normal.
I can tell the difference.
You don't let it show.
If we find out the spirit's intentions,
we can fix this.
Wear this with your chain.
- Who is speaking?
I'm Guna.
How did you get my phone?
I found it on the road
when I was walking.
Please return it to me, dear.
It has all my contacts.
That's why I called you, uncle.
Thank you very much.
Where are you?
I can come and collect it.
I'll be going for my tuitions now.
I can come and give it.
I'll wait at the Tanaratha bus-stand at 8 P.M. Okay?
Where are you?
I'm here.
I can see you, uncle.
I'm coming there.
- Okay.
Here is your phone, uncle.
Thanks a lot.
Did you come alone?
Yes, uncle.
Which way are you travelling?
Where do you need to go?
- Near the market, uncle.
I'm getting late for my tuitions.
If you're going that way,
I'll tag along.
Else, I'll manage.
Get in the car.
This is the least I can do!
Thanks, uncle.
I know you're here.
Come out.
Call him up.
Turn on the speaker!
Rajan, where are you?
I'm at the boathouse.
Come to Green Gate immediately.
What are you doing there at this time?
Just come now!
I'll be there.
Make it quick!
I've lost one daughter...
... and I am struggling here to
save the other.
If something were to happen to her...
There's no reason for me to live.
Leave us alone.
We'll go back to our town.
I've been unable to take my husband
to my home.
And now my child, too?
Meera won't die.
She doesn't suffer from the condition anymore.
Doctor, why are you quiet?
Speak up!
Tell me, doctor...
Is my child not sick?
In the latest test I ran,
she tested negative.
I've sent all the reports to India.
I thought I'd tell you
after I hear from them.
I have another job.
If someone tries to disturb me
before I finish...
that's it.
Meera, get me some water.
My name is not Meera.
It's Nithi.
What are you saying?
I have no clue what to do!
Have I committed unforgivable sins?
Why do such things happen only to me?
If Sathya had been with me,
none of this would have happened.
This is too much.
You want me to leave Meera's body?
Is that it?
But one thing...
Meera doesn't have the ailment
only because I'm here.
If I leave her body, Meera will die.
Is that okay?
If she goes on killing people,
whom will the police catch?
It will be Tulasi and Meera.
We'll be charged as accomplices.
What do you suggest we do?
In everyone's best interests,
we need to ward the spirit away.
Okay. I'll talk to Tulasi about it.
Why are you crying now?
The police are investigating.
They could land at our doorstep any moment.
No such thing.
That was just an accident.
Even if you go and tell the police,
they won't believe you.
You're really quiet!
Is everything ready?
I am ready.
If Tulasi gives the nod, I can chase
the spirit away within 5 minutes.
When the spirit leaves the body,
we'll get back our Meera.
If the spirit is warded away,
what about my girl's life?
But you think Meera can live
on with the spirit inside her?
The spirit will leave after
her wishes are fulfilled.
Only if her wish is fulfilled.
You think you can stop her?
You believed in medicine
all these days...
and now, you believe
in all this?
Okay, fine...
You think we have
an alternative?
We don't.
Tell me, sir. What
should I do now?
She must forget her past.
She must transform
into your daughter.
She must stop wishing
for vengeance.
I'll do what I can.
But we should stop her before
she kills someone else.
If we don't, her spirit
will leave Meera's body.
I don't have a good
feeling about this.
Wonder who her next target is.
I'm leaving. Bye.
I've left. I'll be in
Kuala Lumpur by 8. Okay?
I'm getting another phone call.
I'll talk to you later. Bye.
Dr. Murali. - Yeah, it's me...
I need to meet you.
I'm not in town.
You're at Cameron
Highlands, right?
I'm here, too. - Oh yeah?
What's it about?
- It's about Guna.
Guna who?
The Guna who died
in the accident.
About him? With me?
Can we meet in person?
Are you free now?
Can we go out?
Send it by evening.
Welcome... Dr. Murali!
I've seen you somewhere.
You gave me your card a
couple of days back.
Oh... yes, I remember now.
The girl came back to me then.
Oh? Is that so?
Two things.
Why did you come
by Guna's house?
And when they were
taking his body away?
Both happened on the same day, and
you were there at both places.
It's not what you think...
When I was travelling that
night, I saw a car speed by.
And then I heard a loud bang.
I was travelling urgently, so I
couldn't wait to see what happened.
So I came the next morning.
That's a good try!
You know Guna quite well.
Why did you do that?
It looks like you're
accusing me of killing Guna!
I know you're lying.
If you don't come out with the truth,
you can't leave Cameron Highlands.
Out with it... Don't
try to hide anything.
Guna was my brother-in-law.
I married his sister.
Whatever it is, tell me.
If we talk it out,
there'd be no confusion.
Or else...
But this stays between us.
The girl is important to me.
It's important to save the
person she intends to kill, too.
To stop it, we need to ward the
spirit away from her body.
Where is this girl now?
Rajan, where are you?
I'm at the boathouse.
Manoharan from Kuala Lumpur
had an apartment here.
He'd put his daughter up
in a boarding school here.
He'd visit her once
in every month.
While he was away, Guna
used to take care of her.
Pick Nithi up at 4 P.M.
I'll inform the school.
Okay, sir.
We've kidnapped your daughter.
What do you mean?
- Listen to me carefully...
I know you have 2 lakh
ringets with you.
Carry it with you, and get into the
cab in front of your apartment.
Come to Brinchang Kiya Farm.
If you try calling
someone else...
I don't think I need to tell
you about the repercussions.
My daughter shouldn't be harmed.
I'll come right away.
Hello, Guna?
You still don't believe me?
Oh, no. It's not that...
I'll come immediately.
Okay, don't hang up now.
Talk to me as you drive.
Where are you now?
I'm near Brinchang Petronas.
Okay, get off your car.
Your driver will be there...
Don't talk to him, just
hand over the cash.
One more thing.
If you try researching who could have
known about the money and did all this...
Your driver...
Your daughter...
Everyone would be in trouble.
I won't say a thing.
Please send my girl back
without harming her.
I've received the money.
Nothing will happen
to your girl.
Your driver will be back.
You leave now.
Your daughter is at your house.
We didn't kidnap her at all!
What's happening, Guna?
When I was on my way back after picking up
Nithi, I got a call saying you'd been kidnapped!
They asked me to get out
of the car at Petronas...
... and follow them.
I was asked to place my phone
next to a phone there.
They asked me to go back to the car,
drop Nithi at home, and call them.
I did exactly that.
What's happening, sir?
If you try researching who could have
known about the money and did all this...
Dad, here's your coffee.
Okay. You go study now.
try researching...
Your driver... Your daughter...
Everyone would be in trouble.
I won't say a thing.
Please send my girl back
without harming her.
I've received the money.
We don't have a choice.
Where are they
getting their meals?
Water! Water...
To cover up those murders,
we erased all evidence...
and made it look like suicides.
And now, she's killed Guna.
The girl only knows Guna.
There is no way she knows me.
She'd have gotten all the information
from Guna before killing him.
We need the girl's mother
to destroy that spirit.
If you want to live, her
mother should be here.
Go, get her here.
Tulasi, where are you?
I'm horse riding, with Meera.
Have you left?
Not yet.
So, what have you decided?
I told you...
Okay, I'll talk to you later.
Where are they?
The girl?
She should be playing here.
Who is she looking for?
Let's leave.
You don't want to see the girl?
That's okay.
We've seen her mom.
Show me their house.
Let's go.
What happened?
You look upset.
Were you looking for me?
Let's leave.
What happened? Why
are you crying?
Go fulfill your wishes.
I'll take my daughter
and go to India.
But please make sure we don't run
into trouble with the police.
I need to go back to my
family with my girl.
Who do you want to kill?
If possible, I'll
find him for you.
So you only look
at me as a ghost?
If I'd had a mother, I wouldn't
have lived in a hostel.
And I wouldn't have lost my
father, who only lived for me.
You never ask anything about me.
That's okay.
What should I do for you?
Tell me... what should I do now?
I want Nithi to be Meera.
Hello, this is Rajan speaking.
Rajan, where are you?
- I'm at the boathouse.
The other man is here!
Go. Go kill him.
But kill me first.
Kill me.
Do it.
I want Nithi to be Meera.
Dad, the guy who killed
us is right here.
What should I do?
Tell me, dad. Tell me...
I want this mother, dad.
I can't leave her.
Tell me, dad.
I feel like hugging mom
tight, and kissing her.
Answer me, dad...
I love you, mom.
Look... look here...
Tell me whom you want to kill.
I'll do it.
You go back home. Okay?
If the police find out,
I'll go to prison.
Your wish will be fulfilled...
and mine will be, too.
Look here...
Think about it.
You know I'm right.
Point him to me.
I'll take care of killing him.
Come on...
Mom, even if I don't kill him...
however he dies, I'll
instantly leave Meera's body.
Mom, I won't leave you.
I swear this on my mother.
We need to talk about your husband.
Can you come to Brinchang temple?
Who are you?
Come to the temple, I'll tell you.
My name is Kumar.
Ask the priest for Kumar.
I'll be there.
What time should I come?
In one hour?
Okay. I'll be there.
When she comes to the temple,
she won't bring the spirit along.
We'll nab her on the way.
Good to hear!
When are you leaving?
I'm leaving tomorrow.
I'm going to the temple.
Let Meera be here.
Sure, take care.
Okay, you be here...
- Welcome, Meera.
Can you step out?
What is it?
Step out, I'll tell you.
That's okay.
Tell me.
Won't you step out?
That's fine. Tell me...
what is it?
I said 'out'!
- Meera!
Meera, don't run.
- Mom!
Meera! Stop...
Let go of me.
Let me go.
Mom, this is the other
guy I was looking for.
He shouldn't die.
If he dies, I'll be gone.
Lift him up!
I'm sorry, mom.
I'm going now.
Meera... Meera!
We've got our old Meera back.
But the ailment is back
and she is in really bad condition.
So, you should go home immediately.
I hope you understand
what I'm trying to say...
I'm sorry.
Can you bring another spirit
into my girl's body?
What are you saying?
How is that a permanent cure?
We still don't have any
medicine to cure it.
If we hadn't encountered the spirit,
we'd put our faith in medicines, right?
But for her...
even the spirit is a cure, right?
You haven't heard any of the messages
I sent you...
I don't know if you'll
hear this one, either.
I need to tell you something.
Tell me...
Can you do me a favour?
You've done a lot for me...
But I need this last favour from you.
Can you take Meera to our hometown tomorrow?
What are you saying?
Aren't you travelling?
I am travelling.
But you should come along, too.
And then...
I've written a letter for you,
and one for my sister, Durga.
It's near the T.V.
What are you saying, Tulasi?
You're coming along, right?
What's this for?
I'm going now,
hoping that I'd be coming, too.
I can't bear any more children.
But Meera can!
Tulasi, what do you mean?
I don't understand.
If my love is true...
If my wish is fulfilled...
I'll live in my daughter.