Engaging Father Christmas (2017) Movie Script

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Peter and Wendy Malik and engaging Father Christmas coming up next to a long time to find each other
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She was your mother
How she talk to me about anything the only thing she didn't talk to me about
But my father but my whole life I wonder who he was now I feel like I finally have a clue I have to do something
You come all the way across the country the week before Christmas to place you've never been before find something I have
I feeling it must be very important
You work at the end I just checked and it's really nice Miranda
Being nice to meet you down the street and wonder about him
Maybe this was a mistake
Coming here I don't think I'm going to find the answers I'm looking for
I'm not sure what brought you here Miranda but I'm glad I did
Christmas to be like that possible I'm counting on it
Merry Christmas
I have everything ordered for mr. Burnett all of the furniture acquisitions
And should be ready by the time I get back after the holidays
OMG finally settled on the Southwest Monte
Great but give Kevin in the warehouse a heads up
Watch out for the Captain Couch cactus
Alright I think that is everything
Is for you
Quick please
Don't open until Christmas
Listen to you can't even believe this is the same person
A year ago
You were
This close
Humbug well
A year ago I haven't been to Carlton Keith and I had to discover to the real meaning of Christmas I think it's wonderful
You heading back in this year to spend Christmas to you and the family
Take me home for the holidays
Dropped any hints about what he's getting you for Christmas
No not
What comes on the face on your finger
We haven't even actually happened to you you said was intended as a kid waiting for Santa I do not know
We still have work to do before I go to a proposal at Christmas
Doesn't get much more romantic than that
Merry Christmas Mom
Welcome to the Carlton Heath end
My husband Andrew and I we only in so if you need anything just say the word
And your rooms at the top of the stairs on the left okay
You're all set I saw the down the front steps and power-play are stored in the stack
I should hold you till I get back from the airport
You didn't have to do that
It's alright physical labor kind of
As we think
You must have a lot on your mind with Miranda coming back
Have you made any special plans for what you're going to do when she's here no she just wants to see everyone again
And the two other thing she remembers from last year and you never know
All goes well
She just might not want to leave this time
I'm I'm just looking forward to seeing you again how happy the two of you are when you're
Weather for Christmas
That doesn't come along every day
Believe me I know
I should get going I've got some errands to run and I still to change before I head to the airport
Do you mind if I take your car instead of my truck
Don't keep her waiting
How are you
I just got your text how long you think you'll be the freeway feels like a parking lot right now I'll be at least another 30
Minutes or so 7 weeks and 3 days since I last saw you in Seattle
What's another 30 minutes sweetheart
Coffee or something
Randy Chester
I can't believe this
Yeah sure
Got to have been what
2 years
Just about
Take a break
Gallberry civilized lyrical
What are you doing in Boston
You're a Long Way From Home
I am spending Christmas in Vermont small town called Carlton Heath
Celebrating Christmas
A lot has changed in the past two years Josh
Did you remember we're dating I told you that I never knew my father
Of course you said your mother never told you
So Last Christmas I found this photo and my mother's thing from long time ago and it was taken and Carl
There was
Something about it
I went looking for my father
The man in the photo with him
You got to bother
Amazing Miranda
How did it go did you from you
Oh I know she she passed away a few years ago
Josh I really want to tell you something but you have to promise me you won't tell anyone
Father was James Whitcomb
James Whitcomb
I'm sorry I'm sorry
I know why you can't say anything because his family
They trust me not to tell the secret is safe with me
I'm so sorry so sorry I've made sad so crowded in here it's hard to get around
A Christmas Christmas
I know
There are my friends I should get going
You too
Joshua when I said if we could just
Definitely keep it between us
You have to worry everything you said
Between us
I promise
Thank you
Merry Christmas Merry Christmas
I'm half hour laying you start kissing strangers in the airport
Now I know it's really Christmas
Is there anything else I should know about this whole boyfriend now what
History good
Can you give me the zoo said it was my very own Christmas
Guide me home
And here you are
Speaking of Christmasy stuff there is one thing we should probably talk about
I'm really going to need your help again with my lines for the play
Come in and know me better man okay I never did it like that
I did not
Okay we're getting the Mets closer that is closer
Merry Christmas Christmas you're so happy you're staying with us this year
Am I here I'm here backs for you
Is heavy sorry
Look how beautiful that tree looks
I had to get that in
I need to run to the theater why don't you stop by after you finish settling in
See you soon
Hello Miranda
It's so good to see you how are you I'm very well thank you and you how is life in Seattle
Great yeah
Here we are again
Christmas here we are
You're waiting for an
Something I'm sure it won't take long
Grand II just died
I want to thank you
For your discretion this past year
When you found out the truth last Christmas about James in your mother I
I frankly didn't know what to expect
What did you think I was going to do there are people in this world who would have used our secret to their advantage
James is a very
Private person and I
I feel it's my responsibility
To see that we aren't
Fodder for the tablet
That's not why I came here
I can find out who my father was
I never do anything to hurt the family
Christie's reputation
And I know that now I am grateful that you never told anyone that you kept it in the family
I'm very sorry that I doubted you
Thank you
So let's go and see what's keeping us
That's all it said
The Ghost of Christmas Past
I tried texting back when I responded
Can you try to find the number
It's blocked there's no way you can find out
Have you seen it before no
But James Whitcomb was a famous actor
Does all kinds of pictures of money internet
Yeah but this was clearly taken at Christmas which means it must have been taken here
Have you talked to Peter Le
No wife because it doesn't sound like something that Margaret would do
What are you talking about the round of the only people who know the change would come as your father or my folks in The Whitcomb family
No one else has any reason to send this picture to you
So you think it was one of that no more
The Ghost of Christmas Past it's raining out of the show
You don't but why all the mystery is no
Kind of fun
Did you ever draw names for secret santa presents at work
Okay so you think I'm going to Drew my name out of a hat for this
And what I think is it's a great picture and where it came from
They're going to do it for a long time
Andrew did I happen to mention how much my folks were looking forward to seeing you again well now aren't you
Free Site for Sore Eyes merry Christmas sweetie you have no idea how
Cypress cones in the oven
You sure there isn't anything I can do to help you just relax
Oh those scones I want amazing well have you on for too long so grab a plate while you still
I got fresh Jam in the fridge
How are things in Seattle
Good yeah I mean
I love my job and we've been busy so
That's good
You're happy there
As happy as I can be 3000 miles away from me
What I look forward to most about Christmas
A child brings together all the people we love
The ones we never get to spend enough time with
Something so special about that
Can never know
Some wonderful things can happen
This much in my life
I want to show you something
Who does it I just need your opinion
Just see you're doing this on purpose
Probably my favorite place in town
You want to take a look inside
Progress-index incredible
How did you find this
This isn't yours is it
No I'm just I'm just working on it
The cottage belongs to Margaret
I remember the family say anything about this place
It's been empty for quite some time
She hired me a few weeks ago too
Fix it up
I don't know
And she said she's not sure what she's going to do with it
What do you think about
Are you kidding me I think that when you're finished with the renovations it's going to be perfect
Yeah yeah that's it
Can I think
Can you take out the kitchen
Knock knock
What are you doing
This morning how did you know we would be here. By the end of fine too and Catherine said you too much
And here we are
Tell the kids and I are going Christmas shopping today and we would love for you to join us
Please Miranda come with us
And then we'll have hot chocolate at the end
For the candy canes stairway
Well that sounds fun
You should go
There's so many things I could do here
You sure
Such a sweetheart when there something you wanted my opinion about
Oh yeah
Yeah it was I wanted to get your opinion on the colors giving respect
Interior design in no
Okay well I'd be happy to help out loud I'll see you at the end later
I'll be at the theater
I'm so okay
That's rude
And Auntie Felicia
And don't forget
What about Saturday
Does he like dogs
Thank you Merry Christmas
Good work guys
Water pressure
Merry Christmas
Sony pictures of James talk to keep them all straight
Just passing through
Address for Christmas it might have been taken at your house
You should ask. Margaret
NFL recognize it
Where did you find it
On the internet
So can I ask my brother who is your father too
I don't know about you guys but I could really go for some hot chocolate
Nicotine anonymous
Sorry for sorry
This is my office
Panama colon
I'm so sorry to bother you
I just wasn't sure if this might be important what is it
This guy keeps calling
What guy told him that you out of town for the holidays he knows if he would stop calling
Play something is probably just a Salesman or something
That's what I thought but when I told me you were gone
What kind of questions Annie
And your family
So what did you say
That's nobody's business
But the strange thing is
She kept asking what your father didn't you tell me you never met your dad
So he's obviously someone who doesn't know me you can just ignore it
Thanks Annie
Merry Christmas Merry Christmas
Here you go enjoy you
Yes please
That looks so yummy
Josh what are you doing here what's going to Crazy Ride
September 2nd
I thought you were going and I was
I was but then I ran into you at the
But you
Tell me about the soup hound and how you look across the country for the holidays and night
Can I curious
Are you
Like to defend your father
Available here for you
I stopped to get gas on the way here at the kid with the locals
Go to eat
Tell me about this place
Love the older you are
I'd be local
I really like it here I'm two people have been very nice to me
Great blue heron
That feeling of what Christmas really
Should you like
Honest with you
This town has
Dumb ways it is
The only reason that I
Drove all the way up here
I wanted to see you
To ask you if
Seen anybody else
Yeah I am
Serious very Oklahoma
You look so amazing
Thank you
It was really good to see you again
Merry Christmas
Find a carrot
There's one other thing
About you out
Be right back
I just wanna let you know
I understand a walk with this is all those eyes in there
What do you want to tell me
Okay well I thought you remember Danny my brother lawyer
Well if you ever need any help
What do you mean
I will I know that everything's all
Flowers and
Rose's right now
I'm sure James left you a pretty decent a state
And when it comes to getting your hair that's
All I'm saying
What help
Josh I'm not here for money
Why can't I call to get to find my father
And I would never do anything to jeopardize my relationship with my new family looks like your shopping expedition was a success
Oh no
Miranda Kerr friends
Rock chocolates cancled maybe I should let her know
Branded man I'm just trying to help
Did you tell your brother about my father
No no no you asked me not to tell anybody and
I didn't because
You're the only one I told
Outside of the family you're the only one who knows James Whitcomb is my father I promised you that I wouldn't tell anybody
And I meant it
It's got my cell
You my email if you ever need to talk
Merry Christmas Merry Christmas
Scrooge found himself
And Scrooge found himself
Face to face
I'm sorry I've been so busy
Welcome thanks
It's really good to see you again Peter Miranda this is Natalie
Natalie this is Miranda Chester
On a magazine article
Really actually it's about Peter's Father James Whitcomb
With the 30th anniversary of Dad's saving theater
And the first production of A Christmas Carol I thought the holidays would be a perfect time for Natalie to visit
She wants to play and talk to mother and
The family about Dad
Did you know James
Never got to meet him Brenda lives in Seattle
She's visiting for the holidays
She's a friend of the family
The community
I've heard really wonderful things and I look forward to reading your article thank you
Let me show me the theater
Well what do you know my Christmas wish came true
A beautiful young woman waiting for Nick Christmas
Thank you Santa
Aren't you supposed to be annoyed with me
And why is that because the guy I said was ancient history
Tree suddenly showed up again
I know he's going to do that honestly and before running
Josh at the airport I haven't spoken to him in a couple years ago I had a feeling you'd show up
I saw him at the airport
Telephone the space there you are
Looking fantastic as always he can see what he's missed out on it
Keep me crazy even give it a shot
Oh yeah I definitely saw it coming
Well I heard you were at the end and you didn't say hello or goodbye or so
I just thought you were probably upset with me
I have rehearsal
I knew he never had a chance
Of course
I was prepared to challenge him to a duel if he persisted
Fortunately for him didn't come to that
Better get used to it
I love you
Nothing is ever going to change that
I guess I kind of forgot it can get pretty cold here but something you don't want to forget
What are you doing
You'll see why are we here
You're just full of surprises
Wait for it
I'm waiting
Hear that
Or what
Stratton Hall
Member Prancer
Have fun YouTube
Thank you you ready
Panama City
All this for a kiss under the mistletoe
I've been trying to find the right moment since you got here but we we keep getting interrupted
My Moment For What
I think it now
Would you mind if I asked first
Miranda I've been thinking about this for a long time
About finding the right words to tell you how I feel about making sure you know
How much you mean to me
And it all comes down to this one thing and it's the only thing that matters I'm going to spend the rest of my life with you
Will you marry me
Everyone if I could have your attention for a moment please
I'd like to propose a toast
To Miranda and Ian on their engagement
I couldn't be happier for you two
The only thing I really want to say is
What took you so long
Congratulations thank you
I'm so happy for you Brandon
So you set a date yet
We haven't really gotten that far well when you do will you let me know I'd really like to help in any way that I can
Thank you I Peter tells me that you meant Garrett
So what did you think
I just
I really just said hi he sent over some of her work for me to review and she's really very good marks and
Well I'm sure there will be a lot of people who will be very interested to
Learn more about
About James Whitcomb
It's hard for you isn't it
Being able to call him your father
Peter made it very clear where I stand as far as the whole movie
Article goes and I would never
You don't have to worry I don't
It's just that
When I look at you I just reminds me so much of him and I wonder what he would say
Mommy says I'm supposed to ask you
Ask me what sweetie your flower girl are you ready please
Course you can
What I miss
I'm going to be a flower girl
We are definitely getting married
Awakening later as the Clock Struck
Scrooge saw a ghostly light from the adjoining room
As soon as Scrooge came pimping on the door
He was greeted by voice
I am the Ghost of Christmas present
Come in and know me better man
Is very funny Scrooge saw there
On his couch
In a green robe
Who Bore a glowing torch
Caroline ghost
This would be the perfect spot for a Christmas tree
Yes it would
Next year we'll have our own Christmas tree
Yes we will
And every year after that
Until we wear on our rocking chairs
Speaking of Christmas trees the Christmas tree lighting is very soon
And a certain
Jolly LLB making his annual appearance
This year underneath that white beard and red suit will be a
How do I put this
A new man
What would Selena be without as Misses Claus to hand out candy canes from children
Who would like to go first
How are you
What did you like for Christmas gear
I would like
I'll talk to mrs. Claus
Christmas Merry Christmas Isabel
Grey Travis Scott
You do remember what happens next
And you do remember that I can't sing either can I but it's tradition
I'll go grab us a couple hot ciders
So pretty you're welcome
Be right back
Now you're sitting over here it's nice and warm
You don't get this kind of cold back in the house
You having fun
Normal kitchen
Nolan Julia
Her grandmother talking to my parents about you
About family
They don't think I understand about you
But I do
I think maybe you should talk to your parents about what you heard
I think I'm a little kid
I wanted to tell you
I like it
Having you here in the family
Thank you
That means a lot to me
The Conch coming along quite nicely
Monster stripping wallpaper in the living room
Beautiful how to make rounded there is another. Cookies in the kitchen would you be a dear and bring them out for me
On the 1st
Things Annie give me all the details where were you
Already asked you it was absolutely perfect and I will tell you all about it when I have more time but
I was hoping to ask you something else for sure what's up
You know from that guy was
Talking about my family
So he didn't leave his name or number
But now
Did he happen to say where he was calling from
I thought you said it's just some sales
Yeah I'm just I've been getting a lot of
Unknown calls on my cell so I wondered if it was the same guy
I just saw
I have to run so I'll give you a call a little later
The details
I promise
By the Lakeshore in the Moonglow first time only time
As it was at the beginning of time Big Island Eve
Once now ever in this failed heart
Good morning Miranda
I hope you don't mind I just
We like it here at this is my favorite room to
Hi Natalie morning
This is great
But I haven't seen most of these pictures before they all deserve Family Photos when James wasn't off doing a movie or
Are play James Whitcomb
Did he write this
My husband was also a poet
That's one that I'm to take away fond of
My Hub
No idea he wrote poetry maybe I can include it in the article
Ms garrett is here this morning to interview me for her story
Oh I should let you get to it
I didn't get a chance to congratulate you on your engagement I think it's great
Thank you how did you and meet
This is a long way from Seattle
I was visiting last Christmas and I stayed at his parents in
If we hit it off I guess
Peter said that your friend of the family
So that why you were here to spend Christmas with Wickham
Miranda spent Last Christmas by this we had a lovely time
But I think that you'll find that Carlton Heath is a very small town
Miscarriage everyone here really
Is more like extended family
Which is my James always made a point of being here for the holidays
Is this is home
Stop by the hardware store on the way over or the paint you suggested
Jared looking up 3 times
Never heard that before
Sunnyside yellow
Doing great here though
Special that afternoon sun coming through
In a few other steps to take care of life
Shopping for my Christmas present
I can handle this
I like doing this with you
I'm just not used to being so quiet
I just have a lot on my mind a lot of decisions to make we have to pick a date we have to pick a place for the ceremony
How about right here
Right now I'm being serious with you
I am too
We've already made the most important decision
Everything else
Piece of cake
I think I made a mistake and
What do you mean
I got another text message I have another picture
Find the same way
Bless you
Your partner's waiting for you
Wait someone else knows that James Whitcomb is your father
But how and why would they send you a picture of yourself at the airport
Because I think
That's where I made the mistake
I don't understand
I kept my promise to the whitcomb's
I didn't tell anyone that James is my father
Another kind of trouble I could cause them if anyone found out
But then I ran into Josh at the airport and
I told him when we were together that I didn't know my father was
And he was very understanding
Very supportive
Trusted him
And you told him about James
I wasn't planning on it
She's a psychologist
Keeping things private that's what he does not in this situation that's what I thought when he showed up at the end and I got that
Message but
Doesn't make sense
He came all this way
Maybe he's not ready to give up
Is Josh right there with me
If he's that far away there's no way you could have taken that picture which means someone else did
Someone else sent that to me
But who
I don't know what was really crowded there were a lot of people there than anyone
Whatever happens with the whitcomb's it's my fault
Hey hey hey
Trusted me and don't understand
And we'll figure this out together
Churches number
He gave me his card
Ask him maybe he saw something or a saw somebody
Unknown Caller
Hello Miranda
Hi Miranda
It's Natalie Garrett
Listen I was wondering if you might have some time to talk while I'm in town
Thank you for meeting me Miranda I promise I won't keep you away from the festivities for too long
Oh it's fine I'm just
I'm not really clear why you wanted to meet with me I hear something when I pitched this story to my editor it was all
All about the legacy of James Whitcomb and the 30th anniversary of the theater
I'm going to see his production of A Christmas Carol that he started the mayor's account of coercing
But now that I'm here
I'm not sure that's the real story
What do you mean I don't get me wrong the family has been very forthcoming about James and life of the world famous actor it
I get the feeling that they're leaving something out
Like what
I don't know
Just a feeling
But doing this long enough I'm going to trust my feelings
I'm just not sure what you're asking me
I was thinking maybe a friend of the week comes you could tell me about that
Weather like
Well there are wonderful people
And I care about them a great deal
What am I missing
Hear the church bells
I'm not sure I follow
You have to be home for the snow
Feel to be home with his family on Christmas morning
He was a great actor but that love of Christmas
What was his real Legacy
Seminole off of automotive and nevermind
I ask a question your call came up on my phone is unknown caller may I do that for work
How many times did you call me to ask about meeting before I answered just
You never called me before then
I would like to voice mail
Person getting some unknown calls.
Okay well if you
How long more time I do have a couple more questions
The hours struck and Scrooge found himself face-to-face with the spirit that was foretold
Scrooge himself face-to-face with the spirit that was foretold
Good okay everybody let's take a quick break
Newark everyone
Price Insider
Thank you
You're welcome
I was going to say to warm you up but you're already on top of that
Really gets everything circulating
Natalie garreton send you a picture that she
Whoever did you ever hear from him again Christmas
We're not going away
Best tree ever
Ho ho ho ho ho ho
I love him
Super something under the wallpaper
Good morning mr. Decker
I hope you slept well
Very well thank you
You know you have a beautiful in
All these Christmas decorations
Text Mike Charles Dickens would write about
Thank you
And where did you get these phones that are amazing
I'm making fresh right here you take it from me there a Christmas miracle
Thank you again
So what brings you to our small town
Actually I'm on my way to spending the holidays with some friends and
I thought I'd just take the scenic route and enjoy some of our
Beautiful New England Countryside of Christmas
There is nothing quite like it
Been really plan on stopping but
When I drove into town
I don't know the name was so familiar
Carlton Heath
Where James Whitcomb lit
That's right
I knew it sounded familiar does he still have family that live here
Oh they're good friends of ours
As a matter of fact you pick just the right time to visit
Every year the town puts on a performance of A Christmas Carol and it's kind of a tribute to James
Tonight the show goes up the family will be there
Maybe I'll do that
Got the second codon in the kitchen
I get started here next
Geneva getting ready for the theater soon
Good point
Can I keep your adoring fans waiting
Reviews for Palmer something
Recognize it
Either do I
Bruce and Grace
Like that
Me too
You and anyone ever cover it up
You should ask Margaret
This was her first home with your father
She told me that they spent their only Christmas Is Here Again
My kind of place that's our life together
I'm doing cleaned up we're going
Temperature for a reason
I think you should cover it up again
You're right
Iran plans
Girl sex yes I am
What else can I be when I live in such a world
Merry Christmas
Which Merry Christmas
Bah humbug
White spirit
I know that boy that is me and
And this is my old school house
I would know this place anywhere Christmas
The hours struck
And Scrooge found himself face-to-face with the spirit that was photos
Spirit three Spirits in 201
To upstage me
Don't leave me tell me what time
Your peter Waco
Big fan of your father's really admired his work thank you
Creepshow 2
Beautiful way to remember him
Having Old Town come together
It means a lot to everyone
It must really be special for you this year I mean having them
Family together for the first time
Excuse me I'm curious what was it like after all these years to find out that you have a sister
Could have been easy
Who are you
Oh yeah sorry
Steve Decker
I'm working on a story about your father
I'm staying at the end I was really hoping you might have a few minutes to talk
Nothing to say to you
Excuse me
Excuse me
Miranda could I talk to you in a study
You must be starving
I am
I don't know any Steve Decker seems to know who you are
James Whitcomb daughter
Also can you tell lies
How can I Peter I've never even met the man
You're telling us that you never told anyone
That James and your mother
Trust Josh
Who's Josh
Josh is my ex-boyfriend
I haven't talked to him in years and then I ran into him at the airport
She's the one who encouraged me to look for my father so you told him yes but you know how important this is to me
How much I care for all of you he would never tell anyone it seems you misplaced your trust no I haven't
I haven't it was someone else you told someone else
Look I got this text message
With a picture
That's me at the airport and ask Josh so it must have been sent by someone else
Are you really his daughter heard me talking therefore it was very noisy so it never occurred to me that night
Steve Decker took this picture
If I saw him again maybe I would recognize him
He staying at the end
I can go by first thing tomorrow and
Try to explain a little late for that
Sorry Margaret
It's still early I can call her lawyer and see if she can do anything to stop this mr. Decker was
Everything okay
I should get back to our guest
Something I can do to
I would appreciate it if we could
For the time being
James Whitcomb Riley actor. James Whitcomb
I'm so sorry so sorry I'm a Merry Christmas
Mr. Decker
I wasn't sure if you'd recognize me
You know I've never actually been to Carlton Heath before we have read about James Whitcomb and Hiatus
Town was like his Fortress of Solitude but this place
It's like one big Christmas card
That's why I loved it so much
Play sounds like a good man
Tell me how come you never told anybody about you
Mr. Decker
You can't write this article
I care about this family very much
If this gets out it will hurt them more than you know listen to me I am not out to hurt anybody
Forget all about me
But I'm a writer
This is what I do
Put yourself in my shoes
How many times in my life is a story like this going to fall into my lap
You should never have said it
Thought you wanted to keep it a secret
That's the first rule of Journalism
You were right about James Whitcomb he was more than an actor
He was a good man who did a lot of good for other people
Will change the way the world sees him
Well then I would say you have a choice to make
When the world's going to hear about the story one way or the other
At least if you speak with me tell me your side of things you can make sure the people still remember James
Your father
Is a good man it's Christmas Eve tomorrow night now I'm going to be heading home to start writing my story
I sure hope I hear from you before I leave town
Hello it's me again I don't know where you are at
And now I do
What are you doing out here
Just wanted to stay for a minute
Can we maybe talk out here
Spell awhile
Check with Mom
She said that goes out right now
Yeah I know I talked to him
Couldn't change his mind
He's writing a story and everyone will know
Peter said hip hop Delaware there may still be some legal options here
Remember when I told you that this is all I ever wanted
A part of his family
Love you where I do
I just knew it would
What is it
I think I need to go back to Seattle for doing this again no
The only way that when this comes out I won't be an embarrassment to the entire family
What About Us
I know how we can start a life together here after all this everyday so you can be remind
Number of
I've done the heart that I've caused and
How can I do that to you
Can't take you away from Carlton Heath this is your home where you belong
I just I have to go
Can I show you something first but if you still want to leave after that
I don't understand
You said this is the right kind of place to start a life together
Couldn't agree more
I think my retarded ass Ellen I know I'm ready to buy this is really what you want Miranda we can and you're right
Call Fajitas my home
But it sure hung out to
It's our home
And it's right here waiting for us
You just don't get it
How can I ever trust me again
I don't get it
I'll get it
What you you somehow think that that running away is going to make up for that away
You just don't understand I understand we did a long time to find each other to start our lives together
This is where it begins this moment right here where we decide that I love is stronger than anything I could ever try to come between us
And I promise you that will never change
I can't stay
How to make things harder than they already are
Hey I was out walking and I Saw the Light
You working late
Just wanted to
You know
Get this finished before
For the holidays
Where is Miranda
She's leaving
Missouri always put our Christmas tree too
Night night
And all the windows you can see it from Clear across that field
The perfect place
And James and I used to take walks out there at night just so we can look at it
Our Christmas vegan you called it
Drawing us home
I can't believe ways to talk that way
Smart your text was
You said you wanted to talk so
And told me that you're leaving
I think given the circumstances it would be for the best vets for home
For the family family is the most important thing
Which is why
Sometimes being strong is staying for the family not leaving
Did you ever hear the story of how we bought this Cottage
James had just been cast in his first Broadway show I don't even remember the name of it
But he had a day off
And we wanted to get out of the city so we took a drive
How we ended up here
In Carlton Heath I will never know but
Amazon love it
And with his Cottage
No headings. We couldn't afford it then
But the show had a good long run and there were other shows and
Eventually we
Scrape together enough for a downpayment
And this was our very first real home
It's been wonderful
And we spent more and more time here
It was wonderful in every season but
Tell me about Christmas Christmas was the most special
And the two of you wrote that
That was the
The poet in him I suppose
James always believed that truth and Grace were the two most important qualities in any life
Truth in particular
Was very important to him
So why did you cover it up
I love my husband very deeply Miranda
When he told me about your mother about his feelings for her
I couldn't
Forgive him
I just can't bear to look at those words anymore until I covered them up
But you did forgive him with time and Grace
We stayed together we work things out and I forgave him
And I'm asked Christmas I met you
I'm so sorry I never meant to embarrass and I know you don't understand
You and I met and I had a year to recognize that I was trying to cover up the truth
Just the way I covered up those word
I had some idea that that if I just kept this secret would be honoring James memory and I couldn't have been
What do you mean I told you Aranda you are strong
Key West
You are ready to leave to walk away from the one you love for the sake of your family
James would have been so proud of you
And he would have told the truth about you and your mother
That's what he would want and that's what we shall too
I let Steve Decker find out
He's writing the story and that is what finally made me realize what needs to be done
This is not Steve Decker story to tell
It is our story
The story of a family that finds each other at Christmas and come together with Grace and Truth
Thank you
Now what
Is Miss Garrett this is Margaret Whitcomb
I wonder if you might have a few more minutes to talk before you count
Probably want to put that
By the Lakeshore in the moon glow
First time
Only time
As it was
At the beginning of time
Skyland Eve once
Now ever in this failed heart
Writing about your mother
So you never knew that James would cause your father
No I've
Found out last Christmas
Because of this
A photograph of
A little boy on Father christmas's lap
But there is a stamp on the back that says the name of the town so that was
But you're telling me that you traveled 3000 miles
All the way across the country because Carlton Heath was stamped on the back of a photograph
I lost my mother when I was very young
So she never had the chance to tell me who my father was
When I lost my mother
Any hope of knowing my family
And then I found Christmas
That is so
So how soon can you write the story
Well I can get a draft to my editor after the holidays you have until noon tomorrow
That's not how this works the story is no longer just about
It's a story about Christmas and family and what those things mean to all of us know tomorrow is Christmas Eve
Better time to tell a Christmas story
Yes but and if you don't have this online by tomorrow I promise you someone else will and then we will lose
Lose our chance to tell the story right way it deserves to be told
I will call me later
I like her me too
Oh hey I was
I I thought you might need a ride home
I'm staying here remember
Right yeah I knew that
Have you been waiting out here this whole time
I figured this thing could go either way
Sorry decided to stay around
Just in case
Thank you
She writing a story
My scars on face
I'll tell you all about it
All done Brandon
As a good story
Well written
It's about time yes it is
You were right mr. Decker
One way or another the world is going to hear this story
But it's my story to tell
Not yours
Merry Christmas
This is for you thank you
From family
Don't forget it
Peter's having our attorney dropped the papers and we can meet with her after the holidays to go over all the details
Make it official
What papers I know that James would have wanted you
You too have a cottage
You can start out your marriage they're just the way that we did
That's okay with you
Is your family now I know you have a home here with a
Welcome home
I don't know what it's like in Seattle people around here like to spend Christmas by big fire
Across the field
Who was Ray
Like a Christmas weekend he said driving us home
Like that be too
Is that a great idea or wouldn't that be
A perfect place to get married next Christmas
That was one of the most beautiful Christmas movie
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