Engeyum Eppothum (2011) Movie Script

'Anytime Anywhere'
'T fishy ...T fishy'
'I'll meet you
after I reach Chennai'
'Now I'll hangup'
'Madam, bus is about to leave'
'Check behind'
'We are just now at Meenambakkam'
'Is this Tambaram?'
'4 hours earlier'
'Chennai omni bus terminus'
'Trichy govt. work shop'
'Tamil Govt.
Transport Corporation (Kumbakonam)'
'Grease to be applied
in the engine valve'
'Chennai omni bus terminus'
Selva, go in this bus
to our Tambaram office
Tea, bro
- You didn't add sugar, did you?
- No
Give this ticket to that girl
Can we load the luggage
in the 'Trichy bus'?
Here's your ticket
'I saw him first here'
'I had no clue I would comeback here
6 months later searching for him!'
'Had I known, I would have
asked him for more details'
'I don't like any of the grooms
my folks are selecting for me'
'That's why I've come
to find the man I love'
'He'll definitely come here
looking for me'
'So, I am waiting here for him'
'I can't wait too long
Only till this bus leaves'
'I am sure he'll come'
'Trichy Central bus terminus'
I'm leaving, ma
Where can I board
the bus to Chennai?
Why aren't you even rejoicing
that I'm coming home to see you?
Shall I arrange a band
and fanfare to receive you?
I was just joking
Your uncle is mad with you
Make sure you talk to him
when you are here
Did you hear me?
Will you be here
for at least 4 days?
What do you want me
to cook for you?
Make your
special chicken recipe, ma
See you soon
1 water bottle
Water bottle for me too
-1 kilo orange
- For me too
RS 100
Here it is
- Give me the exact amount
- I don't have
Bro, I have five 100 rupee notes
Can you give me a single 500 rupee?
Hello, give me Rs 100
I just now told you
I don't have change
No change?
Oh! Then I don't want this
'Our college is the best'
Can you sit over there?
It'll be easier for me
to stretch my leg here
No problem
- Where do you have to go?
- Chennai
Get in
Take the seats at the back
Where do you have to go, sir?
Hey dude! We thought
you weren't coming?
They didn't take no for an answer
Sir, would you mind changing your seat?
I'd like to catch up with my friends
Excuse me
Can I give your child some candy?
- She doesn't take anything from anyone
- Of course I do!!
How embarrassing!
Ask everyone to get in
Bus is about to leave
- Give me 2 cubits of jasmine
- I am in the flower shop, ma
Buy 2 elbow-lengths
for Selvi and Sumathy
- 4 elbow-lengths
- 2 will do
6...8...10...12 for God's picture
Plus add hers also to my account
For Manimekalai?
Let me talk to her!
She is mad with me
'cos I didn't pick her up
You can talk to her
when you see her
You could have picked her up, right?
Her dad looks at his gun
at the slightest pretext
Get in
Can you please move?
This is my girl
Can you please give me this seat?
Is this the time to do tit for tat?!
Sit down, bro
Beyond this you can't give up your seat!
After this you can only go up!!
Have you reserved your seat?
How can everyone wait for you?
- Sorry, sir
- How convenient a word
WOW Gorgeous!!
- Is there place?
- Get in
- Shall we go?
- Okay
What, sir?
I should have got down in Vizhupuram
I slept and didn't realize we are in Trichy
We are just now
at Meenambakkam
'Pick up the phone, daddy'
Yes, sweet heart
Daddy's really coming home
Give me Rs 400
"Daily...you tease me whole
You ravish my soul"
"Who is this princess
who captivates me?"
"Tell me, my love-ly"
I'll change your seat soon
'Who asked you?'
'Your job is to tear tickets
Do that properly!!'
- Where to?
- 2 tickets to Arasur
I've been shouting
my throat hoarse
This bus stops in Chennai only
Get down in the next stop
1 ticket to Arasur
Should I tell you specially?
This bus won't stop in Arasur
If you start in Trichy
will you stop only in Chennai?
What happens to those
who want to get down midway?
But when you reach Chennai...
...you'll willingly stop in Tambaram,
Chrompet, Pallavaram, Guindy etc
'Oh gosh!
Our village head'
- Then you should go by car
- I'll travel by car next time for sure
All you are bothered is
how not to count coins
Won't stop in Arasur
Get down in Vizhupuram
Take your ticket, sir
- How much?
- 180
Get down in Vizhupuram
Let that lady sit here
You please change over to that seat
You can sit there
Please take the window seat
We've only come to Tambaram
- Take the next bus, dear?
- I've already missed 4 buses
- Should you go?
- Definitely
- Don't speed in your bike
- You take care
Take that seat
- Take care
- Okay
- Give my regards to everyone
- Call me
There's 1 seat vacant
I want to come too
Get in
Don't you have a meeting
in the afternoon?
I'll be with you for a while
and then get down
'Chennai limit.
'Chennai's bond with me ends here'
'But this city reminds me of only him'
'6 months ago'
'Chennai Omnibus terminus'
'You are listening to 93.5 Suryan F.M
This is your favorite Yaazh Sudhakar...'
'...who turns even stormy winds
to spring sweet music'
- Want auto, ma'am?
- No, I don't
'At day break from our Maestro
llaiyaraja's treasure chest'
'S.Janaki's evergreen song
from the film 'Waves never cease"
"A fresh twilight dawn
An orange horizon"
"In my life
a new vision"
- Bus to Trichy?
- Leaves at 9:00 A.M
"My dearest moonbeam
in you rests my dream"
Amudha here, sis
Amudha, have you reached?
My father-in-law suddenly fell ill
I had to admit him in hospital
I'm in Kanchipuram now
I couldn't inform you last night
'cos you don't have a mobile phone
Sorry, dear
I'll get back to Chennai
only this evening
Call me after your interview
I feel like crying right now
How will I manage all by myself?
I'll go back home right away
Don't worry
Are you in the private bus terminus?
Come out, there's a petrol bunk to the left
Go straight, you'll see a traffic signal
Opposite that is an arch
Catch #15B bus from there
Get a ticket for KMC, get down
KMC is the 7th stop from Koyambedu
Get down there, take the subway
On the left you'll find a 37G bus stop
Board #37G and get down at College road
Take an auto rickshaw, no, not safe
Get into a 'share auto'...that's better
Ask for DPI bus stop
Look out for the 4th building
Glass building
with a flight of steps in front
That's where your interview is
Address itself is 3 minutes long!
I can't do this
Will you hand over the phone
to someone near you?
I'll go back home
Do as I say
- Will you talk to my sister?
- Why?
I'm myself new to this city
I don't know
She is also new
to the city it seems
There must be
someone else around
1 second, sis
Can you help me
with directions?
- What?
- Address?
I'll call you back
Some girl needs help
My name is Selvi
That's my cousin
It's her 1st time in Chennai
She's come for an interview
She is scared
Can you please board her
onto #15B bus?
I came to drop a friend here
I'm already late for work
Sir, please
I should have picked her up
I had to come to Kanchipuram suddenly
She got 92 marks in her under-grad
But too scared to come to the city
Even now she's working
as a school teacher for just 3000 bucks
I forced her to apply
She will definitely get the job
Rs 25,000 salary
Middle class family
Please help her
Thank you, sir
Can you give the phone to her?
Tell me, sis
He'll put you in the bus
I have briefed him
O Kay
Be careful
Hope you know what I'm implying
Call me after the interview
Okay, sis
'Come out, there's a petrol bunk to the left
Go straight, you'll see a traffic signal'
'Opposite that is an arch
Catch #15B bus from there'
'Get a ticket
for KMC, get down'
That's your bus
You can get in
Will you come in with me?
Till I get into bus #376?
Conductor will help you
Seems like someone is following me
You left your bag behind
What happens if the bus suddenly leaves?
How can you give me a 100 rupee note
for a ticket that costs only Rs 3?
You sit over there
I'll sit here
All those who haven't
got a ticket, buy it
- Where do you want to go?
- 2 KMC
Watch your step
Get in slowly
Get your tickets
All those who haven't got a ticket, buy it
Why are you standing
on the foot board?
We have to get down here
My sister said 7 stops later
Only 5 stops have gone by
You need to get down in KMC
This 'is' KMC stop
I counted correctly
We passed 5 stops
This is a limited stop bus
- What was the last stop?
- What's your name?
- Don't get offended
I won't ask who you are or what you do
Similarly I expect you not to
I've heard lots of stories of city guys
stealing and even selling girls!
I've read in the papers and TV
I don't mean you in particular
This is quite common
Danush, it's me, I couldn't
reach the HR department
I've been suffering
from a bad stomach
5 or 6 times
Can you ask for an hour's permission?
Okay, thanks
I need to make a call
I'll call from a booth
It's me, Amudha
Thank God he came along
Why are you gallivanting with him?
You said 7 stops
but KMC stop was the 5th
Luckily he told me where to get down
Just to be on the safe side
I thought I'd describe him to you!
He's the right height
Not too short nor too tall
Aquiline nose
I'll be out in a minute
Blue pant torn in places
White shoes
Okay but take care
Bus-stop is on the opposite side
My sis asked me to take the subway
Your bus is here
Get in
- Which one?
- Both are same
I didn't know where to get down
in that bus
Can you come with me till that stop?
You must be joking?!
I'm already very late for work
But you got permission
Get in or take your hand off
Just a minute
I'll definitely help you
when you come to my placel!
Okay, fine
Just get in
You sit over there
I'll sit here
lam in the bus!
My dad's on the line
Cut the phone
Tell me, dude
I was talking to my dad!
Mayaiaal theatre
If it's car, I am game
'Oh gosh!
He was inside!'
Did your sister ask you
to get down halfway?
Your seat was empty
So I thought you got down without me
Give me a cigarette
Give me the exact amount
Do you have 5 rupees?
Do you have 5 rupees?
Give me
Do you smoke?
I drink
The other vice also?
Then in your home town
murder and loot are not listed as crimes?
It's me, your phone was switched off
That's why I informed Danush
My leg is still aching
Can I take leave for half a day?
Thank you, Sanjit
~~ Cramps?
~'~ No!
1st you claimed you had a bad stomach
Now you said your leg was aching
'Follow traffic rules to be alive!
Distracted by girls you die!!'
"New girl in Chennai, a truly rare find!
She stares, she smiles, one of a kind"
"Why did she barge into my life?
Such a pest, she gives me strife!"
"New girl in Chennai, a truly rare find!
She stares, she smiles, one of a kind"
"What did mom and dad name their daughter?
If you ask me, I'd name her miss Bother!"
Will it go to DPI?
My sis asked me to take a 'share auto'?
"She doesn't believe a word I say
A pain that got glued to me today"
"My heart cannot leave her high and dry
In a dilemma...my mind's in a quandary?!"
"Like the seeds scattered within a red chilly
He sizzled and spluttered inside, helplessly"
"Sailing on the blue sky, fluffy clouds in a haze
Scurrying somewhere with no time to laze"
"Like rain and sun together, hand in hand
Where is this short trip planning to land?"
"Wonder what his parents name their heir?
If you ask me, I'd name him 'Load bearer"'
"Has she come to buy a ship or two
Ora pair of slippers or shoe?"
"Will she take my life out, no clue
How I wish I knew"
"Will her impact be a short preview
Or as long as a train winding through"
"When will she say 'goodbye'?
Totally fogged is this guy"
"How wrong could I have been
to think of her as innocent queen!"
"She kills me with her question-galore
I was angry then...not anymore"
"Doubts she collected...202 or more
all her doubts glued together..."
"She giggles, she glowers, one of a kind
New to Chennai she's a truly fine find!"
"God save me!"
Those who are here for the interview
go up to the 1st floor
I'll be back
- Excuse me
- Yes, madam
- A guy wearing blue tattered jeans?
- He left long ago
- Then my bag?
- I thought he was with you
He came to help me
find the way here
How could you trust
a stranger blindly like this?
- He seemed decent
- All thieves here look decent
He won't have a mole and colored hanky
like the villains in our old films
- Is he your husband?
- Yes, but not good, right?
He's simply super
I like him
Will you marry me?
Why do all guys
ask me the same question?
Mom, this guy is also
proposing to me
Come here, you chatterbox!
Don't embarrass me, mom!
Lift him up
Prop him up on that side
Open your eyes
Give him some water
Get up
Can you hear me, sir?
This is helpline 108
There's been an accident
near Vizhupuram
- Which place?
- Arasur
Which vehicle?
Govt bus collided
with a private bus
- How many got injured?
- Many
How did it happen?
May be he was talking over
the phone while driving
More than half are dead
Private bus from Chennai
Govt bus from Trichy?
- How many died on the spot?
- 30 to 40
30 to 40?!
Stop the press
We have to change the headlines
Water, sir
Open your eyes
Which place are you from?
He's dead
'Trichy 259 Km'
'Chennai 257 Km'
"Shall I hide and see(k), dear?
Or help your back with lather?"
"Oh! Please...never
I'd then surrender"
"This flower is held to bloom
by a tiny fragile stem"
"The protected pure jasmine flower
blossomed from its shyness cover"
'Few months before'
Your stuff is ready
You can collect it by 6:00 P.M
Kadiresa, is your girl
wearing red today?
Beware! You are seeing her from far
Like my wife, she may end up
as a nasty surprise!
What Kadiresa?
You look very bright today
ls your girl
wearing black today?
- Yours is red?
- Yes
What are you gaping at?
This is another one, next door
So long as you don't
get thrashed!
Why are you wearing khaki
right from home?
My girl is in a polytechnic college
So that's my color
Is this color co-ordination
what you are being paid for?
That's why I shouldn't employ
such immature boys
Who are you? Come out
Anyone can get the wrong idea
Oh! They won't get
the same wrong idea
...when you signal from here
or show all your teeth!!
How does it bother you
if I signal some girl over there?
- That 'some girl' is 'me'!
- Her hair is really long
Yes, it is long
I agree you can't see
my face too well
Won't you know to differentiate
mother and daughter?
You waved out to my mom also
How can I tell her its mistaken identity?!
If I leave at 8:30, you could have waited
for me from 8:15 to 8:45 A.M
Otherwise wait
on this side, same time
Why keep waving
from here for past 6 months?
From 4th day that you started 'hitting' on me,
I saw you here 'in front' of your building
- Then saw you in the tea shop, puffing
- I don't smoke
I know
That 'ebony guy' smokes
You drink milk, don't you?
I thought of giving you 2 tight slaps
But you look smart, so I changed my mind
Rs 9000?
Today is the 6th
You haven't opened your salary cover?
Daily alarm at 5:00 A.M
I saw your mobile
Isn't it for me?
'Parvathi' is saved in your phone
Is that your mother's #?
Oh! Gosh! Why did you
call my mother?
Don't believe
whatever this girl said, ma
She thought my hand-stretches
were signals to catch her attention
Which girl?
Did you dream something wild?
- What did you tell my mother?
- I didn't, you are the one who blabbered
I have to go to work
I'll talk to you this evening, ma
Hello! Kadiresa
You think someone will misunderstand us
You are so petrified of your mother
But you draw my attention
by matching your shirt to my dress!
Are you in love with me?
See you at 5:00 P.M
in Ibrahim park
- I am at work till 7:00 P.M
- Ask for permission
- My boss won't give 2 hours off
- Then take leave
I haven't taken off
since the day I joined work
You've started
your love story?
Hereafter start playing hooky
at work, learn to lie...
...fight, borrow money,
go to court and face the cops
Be ready to face all this
Bring your salary cover
when you come!
"For months, 6 long months
I mooned for my dainty duchess"
"For weeks, 24 or more weeks
I waited (im)patiently for my princess"
"Eyes didn't retire
Ears couldn't hear"
"Hunger was a stranger
Lips lacked cheer"
"Hands just halted
Feet simply faltered"
"I was agitated,
with a muddled mind"
"For months together I pined"
"For 6 long months altogether
I ached for my precious flower"
"In the park, road, auto or bus
I didn't see her in any of these places"
"Neither at the theatre or in the street
I saw her at a distance, some 600 feet"
"Woods, slope, summit or valley
Neither here nor there is she"
"She wasn't impressed, half or whole
I'm right there in her heart and soul"
"Maybe she paused to see me, in my street
I went past her, ignoring her complete"
"For long, I longed
for my tender tendril!"
"For months, 180 or more days
I waited (im)patiently for my angel"
"I didn't call her, no phone number
I didn't even pen her any love letter"
"I didn't send a messenger or follow
How did this happen, I don't know"
"No fights or sarcastic remarks either
No stare, no smile...neither"
"I didn't hold her hand or act rudely
How did she fall in love with me?"
"She merged into my soul as one
My perfect match, my home-run!"
"I thirsted for her, my sweet honey"
"For months, 6 months
I fell in love fanatically"
"Eyes didn't retire
Ears couldn't hear"
"I felt no hunger
Lips lacked cheer"
"I wooed her frantically"
'Ibrahim park'
'If I hadn't wasted 6 months,
we'd also be here as a couple'
Oh gosh!
Why is he here?
Have you forgotten me, bro?
I am Pandi's younger brother
He works with my brother
Don't blow my cover off
She's got hooked on to me!
My classmate
Wants help with her Math
At least change the subject, dude!
One minute
Don't tell his brother
that you saw us together
- Take this ice cream?
- No, it's okay
I didn't even taste it
Go to 'ESPRIT'
'Shall I ask right now
if she also loves me?'
Did you apply lipstick?
Pay him and come
- How much
- 150?
From our village Arasur to Trichy
it is only 90 bucks
Is it your 1st time by auto rickshaw?
You'll get used to it
Esprit is a boutique
I thought it was a hotel
- What's your hip size?
- I don't know
Don't know?
Can you measure his hip?
Lift your hands
Isn't there a guy to do this?
It's okay
- 30
- Thanks
Why all this fuss?
My cousin shares your size
So I'll know what to buy for him
Cousin?! You brought me here
to know 'his size'
I paid auto-fare on top of this
Will these 2 match?
Soooper match!
I mean it
It is torn
I think its old
Then this?
This one?
- Is everything torn?
- That's the trend
What a threadbare style!!!
Since its for your cousin
why should I care?!
Take whatever you want
Looks like its made
for your cousin
- Rs 6000, ma'am
- 6000?
- Give me cash
- What?
I am telling you to pay
Why should I pay
for your cousin?
Just pay
How did Mr Dusky catch that girl
with just 1 ice cream?
This will be only Rs 300-400 in the shop
of my choice, shall we go there?
'Oh God! What's he doing?
You've counted thrice'
Let me count
Will 6000 become 7000
if you count for the 4th time?
- Notes might be stuck
- High hopes!
Thank you, ma'am
'She glitters like gold'
My boss
Don't talk
I sprained my neck badly at work
They applied ointment and gave
pain killers plus 2 injections
Which hospital?
Esprit hospital, bro?
I'll come to work tomorrow
- It happened just like you predicted
- What?
Love means lie, ask permission, take leave
1st day itself I did 2 out of the 3!
What do you want to order?
Masala dosa?
(pancake with potato filling)
It's a coffee shop
That's okay, I'll have coffee
after I eat my dosa
You get only coffee here!
Ask for instant coffee
Choose from this menu card
- So many varieties of coffee?
- Yesss!
Okay, you order for me
- Why is coffee not hot at all?
- It's cold coffee, sir
So what? We ordered just now
You've served it so cold
You carry on
That's how cold coffee will be
- Coffee should be hot, right?
- That's why this is 'cold coffee'
It's okay
- You shouldn't drink like this here
- Why?
Didn't you see them?
They must have been here for an hour
This is all they have drunk by now
I'll manage with this
Coffee is 80 bucks
They are swindling us
'cos we are 1st timers
Is this a corner tea shop
to charge you less?
Even a beer is just Rs 80
- You drink, is it?
- No, I don't
Even this coffee I drank
only for your sake
That 'ebony guy' drinks
That's how I know
- You don't booze?
- No
Do you know that if only I was a guy
I'd have tasted all flavors of liquor?!
- Shall we go?
- We need to get change
- Tips
- Rs 40?!!
We'll meet here
at 5:00 P.M tomorrow
- Here?
- Yes
- Let's meet at Kaveri bridge
- Why?
This is burning a hole
in my pocket
O Kay
I forgot
Meet a Ramasamy
tomorrow morning
- I'll call and tell you where he will be
- Who is this Ramasamy?
What's your phone #?
If you call me,
I can save your#
It's enough if I have your ~#~
You don't need mine!
- You haven't saved it
- I already did
Wear this formal shirt tomorrow
- All this is for me?
- Yes, bye
Respected residents of Uraiyur, elders,
youngsters, friends, ladies and...
...weavers, laborers,
police friends, various labor unions
I extend a warm welcome
to all of you
lam addressing you from Uraiyur
birth place of my colleague Kalyana
- Are you Ramasamy?
- I am Ramu
- Are you Ramasamy?
- No
- Bro, are you Ramasamy?
- No
- Are you Ramasamy?
- No
We won't stop our revolt
till we succeed
- Maybe the orator is Ramasamy!
- That's why I was named Jeeva
Farmers are backbones to India
Come here
Who are you?
Can't you sit in one place?
I came to see a Ramasamy
- Do you have his address?
- No sir, Manimekalai sent me
Sit in that tea shop
- What's your name?
- Kadiresan
I finished my diploma
and am working in 'Super Tools'
I'm paid Rs 9000 per month
I belong to Arasur near Vizhupuram
Usually youngsters go to Chennai to work
My mom thought I'd get corrupted
if I went to Chennai
- I don't smoke
- You don't smoke?
- Give us tea
- I don't drink tea or coffee
- You don't even drink tea?!
- No
- Milk?
- Yes, sir
1 milk and 1 tea
- Ramasamy?
- That's me
- Did you see him?
- I did
- Spoke to him?
- I did
- What did he say?
- He bought me a glass of milk!
- Did you drink?
- I did
- Was it good?
- Yes
Why are you treating me like a kid?
I asked you to go talk to him
Your behavior is so silly and immature
He asked about me
Then he bought milk for me
- Do you know who he is?
- I know
- Who?
- Head constable
Head constable to you
Do you know who he is to me?
If he is head constable to me, how can
he be Deputy Inspector General to you?
Mocking me?!
- I thought you'd appreciate my humor
- He is my dad!
Your dad is a cop?!
You never told me
I told you just now
- What did he say about us being in love?!
- Thank God I didn't tell him
I did
- What did he tell you?
- Nothing
Go ask him now
He left soon after the meeting
He'll be at the station
Go, ask him
Why do you want me
to go to the station?
Tomorrow you might have to go
if some hassle arises regarding our love!!
How can you fall in love
when you are just 17?
You forgot how your parents may feel
She is only 13
As a brother won't you ask?
I'll lock you both up
if you don't show respect
- Who are you? What are you doing here?
- I am not doing anything here
Greetings, sir
He keeps peeping in
Find out what he wants
Greetings, sir
Manimekalai wanted me
to find out your answer
- I'll talk to her at home
- Okay, sir
Go straight home after school
If I hear about your antics I'll thrash you
If I don't get a reply
she'll send me back
I'll take leave, sir
I met the boy and spoke to him
I don't think this will work
I did think about it deeply
- Kadiresa
- Greetings, bro
Your ways are different these days
You keep absenting yourself
You ask for permission often
- Work is pending
- I won't hereafter
Work is important to me
I'll attend to my work
Someone's come to see you
- Take off today
- My boss...
Take a shower, wear jeans and t- shirt
Go to 'Nilgiris' in Thillai Nagar
and meet Sendhil
- Do you possess a pair of shoes?
- Yes
Wear shoes and go
- Where is Mr Sendhil?
- Over there
- Greetings, sir
- Greeting
My name is Kadiresan
lam from Arasur
I've finished my diploma
I work in 'Super Tools'
I earn Rs 9000 a month
Why are you telling me all this?
Manimekalai asked me to tell you
- Love?
- Yes
I have gone behind her for 6 years
Do you know who I am?
Partha's brother
- All this isn't tagged, check it
- I'll be back
Are you trying to snatch my girl?
You think Trichy guys are nitwits?
Leave him
Let him go
Does he have any brains?
Is he driving a bus or lorry?
Why is he driving like a maniac?
'With an interval of 49KM'
Get lost!
Wake up
- Don't disturb me, Sushmita
- I will disturb you!
You are the one?
Won't you inform before going?
She was literally in tears
thinking you stole her bag?
'Coconut shell head!'
I'd be surprised only
if you didn't think that!
I always eat breakfast at 8:30 A.M
Lunch between 1:00 and 1:30 P.M
It is now 2:40 P.M
Haven't had lunch or breakfast
Can we eat?
- Don't ladies ever cook in this city?
- Why?
So many females are eating here
They are all women who work
So what? Won't they
bring food from home?
In my village even men have
their lunch packed
Do you know that?
- Tissue to wipe?
- No, I'll use this
Good afternoon, sir
What's your order?
2 meals
Your 'bindhi'
(forehead decoration in S.E.Asia)
My sister will be back
by the time we reach home
Shall we take an auto rickshaw?
Are you still scared?
At 1st I didn't trust you, so I wasn't scared
Now I do, that's what worries me!
- Tell me, dad?
- What can I say? It's your call!
Why are you pressurizing me
to get married, dad?
Sometimes I wonder
if you are my son!
I wanted to get married
when I was 13
I went and told your grand dad
He chased me
all around the place with his slipper!
How are you like this at 25?!
Maybe you got hurt?
- We can get you checked up!
- Dad, pleasel!
Why do you keep refusing?
I don't like any bride
you've seen so far
Then tell me
what you expect
You won't understand if I tell you
over the phone, I'll talk to you later
You sit here
I'll sit there
It'll be a tough match this time
We have to get down here
'Oh crap! Office van!!'
Your team mate is here
playing truant
Mani, reverse the van
Get in, dude
There's no rule that you can't
get into the company vehicle on your day off
His leg is aching
How will he get in?
Oh! I thought it was his stomach!
Stomach ache traveled down
to his leg apparently!! Right?
Get in
Call him
Soooper, dude!!
It's not what you think
I went to drop my friend
in Koyambedu, I met her there
She's new to Chennai
Scared...didn't know the way
This is more than enough
New to Chennai
Can't find her way!
Look who's talking?
Personification of a typical Indian bride!
Don't laugh
They'll misunderstand us
Even if she doesn't laugh
we will misunderstand
You went to drop your friend
in your bike?!
Oh gawd! I forgot
I parked it in the bus stand
Wonder if it's still there!
How will you remember with a girl
like this by your side?!
He's a fine boy!
I tried proposing to him for 2 years
in all the languages that exist in vain!!
Are you looking at this chain?
Then, a nitwit knowing
my entire history married me!
This is 'that' good Samaritan!
~Skier, we are at Ashok agar~
There's a Ganga grocery stores
From there if you go straight
You will see a play ground
Go past that and turn right
There's a temple
Take 2nd right from there
No one tells an address
short and sweet in this city?
I'll give it to him
You hung-up half way? That's all?
She gave 'me' elaborate directions
She told you the way
She told me the 'address'
1 Cadbury's, 2 Good day biscuit
2 Five star bars
1 Kings cigarette
Brand is Kings, right?
I meant to ask you
What happened to your interview?
I got selected, but Bangalore,
so I declined their offer
Your description of him matches perfectly
Not too tall nor too short
But 1 point you were off target
in your analysis
You said he looks dubious?
He looks trust-worthy on 1st sight
That was 'then'
She was suspicious of you
Especially to trust a stranger in Chennai
Chennai means only bad people, huh?
Places like Madurai, Coimbatore
and Nammakkal are full of local residents
Only Chennai is cosmopolitan
Chennai has many faces and many facets!
Chennai also has its share of good
and bad people like all other cities
Sorry...l agree
How can I make you
stand outside like this?
Let me offer you coffee?
Come in
I have to go
I have some urgent work
You must come home next time
No excuses
Come, let's go in
I'll take leave
1 moment
You won't misunderstand me
if I say something?
If a girl asks you for help
board her in #15B
But to take the effort of #37G,
1 hour permission, half day leave...
wait till interview gets over...
full day...loss of pay
Don't be so accommodative
Be a 'little' street- smart
O Kay
My name is Amudha!!!
If you come to Trichy,
do come home
Me and Trichy?
If I come...let's see
He seems a good guy
How could you think ill of him?
Bring that 'roti' to the table
If this had been my husband
even 15 years later he'd have told the whole
...'your cousin caused me loss of pay'!!!
Such nice guys you come across
only when you travel
Forever with a toy
Eat and then you can play
Hereafter Chennai will remind you
only of 'him', right?
What did you decide about your job?
Amudha, what did you decide
about your job?
I got over my fear of Chennai only now
How will I go to Bangalore?
- What are you preoccupied about?
- Nothing, sis
"I can't call you
I don't know your name or alias"
"I christened you anew
but you are totally oblivious"
"Nick name I've given you"
'Did your sister ask you
to get down halfway?'
"...everyone can find out too"
"if I say this name once, so pure
sleep will take a detour"
"I repeat your name to myself
as 'love- talk' daily"
"My love for you far exceeds
what you feel for me"
'You have to get down
in KMC, right?'
Mother, listen to my poetry
'I can't believe I believed
Why did I believe?'
'ls there a reason to believe
or disbelieve? Sure, there is'
'I believe, to trust is life'
How is it?
'Befitting beautiful names for benefit'
"A name that's so hot and happening
When uttered, my lips spark a flame"
"it's not Sunny, Aditya, Suresh, Surya,
Ravish, Aadhavan or Arya?"
"A name that's so refreshingly cool
When muttered, my heart feels the same"
"Neither is it Nadish, Varun, Salil or Jalesh,
name of a river or sea, so think"
"Warm fuzzy but doesn't have sacred fame
Not beastly but a stunning proper"
"it isn't a pet name or title
though it sparkles halo and goodwill"
"Shall I whisper my surname?!"
- Hi sis!
- How are you?
New house
Looks awesome
Uncle, you look awesome too
Like a college student
- Ask your sister
- What's all this?
- I got father a shirt with my 1st salary
- But this shirt looks familiar?
He wore an identical shirtl?
"It's the longest name ever
leave you breathless for sure"
What happened?
- It was just fake jewelry
"if you ask me more details
my reply just fails?"
"Shortest name that passes by
within the wink of an eye!"
"How do I express this suspense
It's a language beyond sense"
"When spoken, lips tend to zip
When written, honey will drip?"
"it's a thamizh name pure and true
no foreign influence inserted into"
"Shall I recite my last name?!"
Nose not aquiline enough!
I don't like his eyebrows
"I can't call you
I don't know your name or alias"
"I christened you anew
but you are totally oblivious"
"I repeat your name to myself
...as 'love- talk' daily?"
"My love for you far exceeds
what you feel for me"
What's all this?
Move aside
I asked you to move aside
Curly hair
Aquiline nose
This is life
How did you decide
on a single day's acquaintance?
You served my brother-in-law tea
when he came to see you
He drank the tea and said he liked you
You said the same
Your decision was made in those few minutes
that you spent serving him tea!
If you compare that
I shared a 'whole day' with him
I like him
Please, sis
Okay, I'll talk to my uncle
What will I do without you?!
Get up
My dearest!
Buy some jasmine
Give 1 cubit
Buy some jasmine
- Grandma, give 4 elbow-lengths
- Why 4?
It's for his new bride with love
Why deny him that pleasure?!
I have only 2 elbow-lengths left
If you buy it, I can go home!
"The enticing parrot, bride-to-be
cocooned in her love so true"
"That jasmine, happy in its love
blossomed for him anew"
Hey, just wait
- Do you have a pen?
- Yes, I do
Don't get annoyed, sir
Better to graze 4 buffaloes
than drive this 'white elephant'!
- What happened, bro?
- Flat tyre
Get the spare tyre
Aren't you Manivel's son?
Don't you work in Trichy?
That girl traveling with you...
Your dad told me about your love
It's not wrong these days
Your parents have had a tough life
Take care of them well
Step on it hard...fast
- Press hard
- You got a flat tyre?
- Are any seats vacant in your bus?
- Yeah, 5
Those who don't want to be delayed
take that bus, 5 seats are vacant
No dude, I'll go ahead,
you come later
- Murugesan hasn't come?
- He will come in the next trip, bro
Why is he running a marathon?!
'Pick up the phone, daddy'
Dad's coming home
Truly, sweet heart
My daughter's on the line
Tell her I am on my way to see her
I'll give it to the uncle
sitting next to me
- Did you have lunch, uncle?
- I did...did you?
- I want lots of toys
- He's got you plenty of toys
He'll see you soon
I'll give the phone to your dad
I'll be there in 4 hours
Let me talk to your mom
I'll be there in 4 hours, dear
See you soon
ls there some crisis at home?
I was in Dubai for 5 years
My wife was expecting
She was in her 8th month, when I left
My child is 5 now, yet to see her
Every time I called, only if I said
'I'm coming to see you' she'll hang up
Now she isn't believing me
when I'm really going to see her
My office even extended
my visa for 5 more years
What do I gain by just making money
and not being with my wife and child?
I said 'to hell with money'
and I'm heading back home
My name is Ramesh
Crap! It got disconnected
Yes, this is Pooja
Final year engineering
Meenakshi college
My hometown is Kulithalai
Dad's a school teacher
My phone ~#~ is 9710114845
What? Why am I saying all this?
If you can give me details,
why can't I?!
Let me help you
"Listen to me
Koel bird, my dear"
"When do I garland you?
Is that date near?"
"Your eyes entice me
to follow you willingly"
ls everyone in?
All of you please ensure
that the passenger next to you is in
Sir, you can sit here
He went in that bus
How many times did I tell you
to pick me up from home?!
I am terrified of your father
So, if he intimidates you,
you'll ditch me?
No, I won't
You better not do that!
If I see you here again
I'll slice you into half!
I never spoke a single word out of turn
As I was talking, he hit me
His colleagues ganged up with him
It hurts
Hold it
- Are you a doctor?
- No, nurse
Oh yeah! Your face
deserves a doctor!
I made up my mind right from childhood
I'll fall in love with a nurse and marry
What else did he tell you?
That he went behind you for 6 years
But I didn't believe him
Open your mouth
What he said was true
He followed me for 6 years
I was indifferent
Do you know
what he said in the end?
Do you think you are 'Rathi'?
(Hindu Goddess of love)
I've been 'hitting' on you for 6 years
You are ignoring me royally
Let me see if you can get
anyone else better than me
Get lost
On all counts
I'm better than him
Better educated
with a better job
Better looking
If you see me alone
maybe I'm not up to the mark
But compared to him
lam 'little better' for sure
Come to Govt. hospital tomorrow
- Are you a nurse in GH?
- No, I work in KMC
- Then why should I come there?
- Will you do as I tell you?
Is this form
to register our marriage?
Did you bring your snap?
Give it to me
Generally, they won't do it in General hospital
Maybe 'cos you are a nurse, they
- What's your full name?
- M.Kadiresan
- Date of birth?
- 5/9/88
- Sign here
- What's this?
Organ donation
Shall I ask my folks at home
and then sign this form?
Did I ask permission?
Why are you such a 'scaredy-cat'?
You are cremated even a day later
you'll stink to high heaven!
Even the pallbearer
will clamp his nose tight
You are giving up
what's decaying into the soil
Understood? What?
'You are cremated even a day later
you'll stink to high heaven!'
Will you sign?
- Only after I die, right?
- Of course
- How old are you?
- 23
- How old do you think I am?
- About 20
I know guys love
to put us down!
Compared to you, I am 4...
4 years less?
I thought you must be only 19
4 months older than you!
Doesn't matter, so what?
'Did you assume
I was a gullible idiot?'
'You used a moron
to break my hand!'
Then, I'd have been forced to
tell you how he maligned you
That's why I didn't tell you
Serves him right
I am only worried
about the 4 months age difference
See you
Bro, stop
Wait! 4 months isn't a big deal
Tendulkar's wife Anjali is
5 years older than him
You aren't Tendulkar
Neither am I Anjali!!
I may not be Tendulkar to you
But you are definitely Anjali to me
Go, sit there
- I haven't come for any treatment
- I know
Loosen your hand,
it won't hurt
Hold it that way
for a while
She also changes from colored dress
to work clothes
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Let's meet on Thursday in Mukkambu
Thursday...4 days
I said we'll meet
in Mukkambu on Thursday
Did you get it?
You took a HIV test?
And you didn't even tell me!
Are you my cousin,
classmate or childhood friend?
If we are in love,
we should marry, right?
Then we should live happily for 50 years?
Shouldn't I know about my soul
You drooled over me,
I did the same?
We introduced ourselves
And now we claim to love each other
Then paint the city red
Brush against each other in the road
while walking, pretend its accidental
Pretending to sleep in the bus and casually
slipping head onto the other's
'Nose to nose play' in the theatre!
I won't buy all these?
If you love me you should know
about all the hassles you'll face
That's why I asked you
to meet my dad and Sendhil
Same way I need to know
what I'm getting into, loving you!
If we don't know this
and we get married...
...your friend will tarnish
my reputation to you
Your sister-in-law will brainwash you
about our age difference
Your dad will object
to my dad being a cop
This 'in toto' is Manimekalai
You may have hassles or may not
But if you do,
you should be courageous
If you are with me on this
let's continue our love, otherwise 'tata'!
Then, you didn't love me
truly all these days?
If you can face problems,
we can continue this love
I'm ready
Think deeply before you say yes
Take an hour's time
I've thought long and hard
Even if my friend tells me
a guy was 'hitting' on you for 6 years
...even if my sister-in-law
brainwashes me about our age difference
...my parents object to an alliance
into a cop family, I won't listen to them
- You won't change your mind?
- No
I love you
- What's this?
- What do you mean 'what's this'?
- I expected something big?
- Big?
Spend 'quality time' together
Nurses don't get permission
I came despite that, you know
You could take off
- What reason will I give?
- Tell some lies!!
You were the one
who said love makes us lie!!
"You moistened me from head to toe
Without warning you awakened me to"
"You made my heart
fly out of reach"
"More or less you made me dissolve
Putting up your price you made me"
- I'll hug you when we are married
- You do that, but I'll hug you now
"You dinned into me with knack
that our love is on the right track"
"Oh! My heart goes lub-dub...lub-dub
in its song and speech!"
"lnto my eyes, one day,
you entered as a seed"
"In front of my eyes, within my heart
you blossomed into a tree indeed"
"What's the next inventory?
Heart will replay our love-story"
"Love peeps hesitantly
like a kitten wide eyed"
"...knocks fear, ignorance
and shyness aside"
"Love sees...surveys
Finally surrenders!"
Manimekalai, come here
Didn't I tell you someone keeps waving to me?
Come and take a look for
Oh Gawd! Her mom's coming!
He isn't waving at you
He thinks it's me
Yeah, we love each other
Come home
- I want you to come home
- I won't
I am afraid of your father
Get lost
"Oh God, who molded men
with hearts of wax..."
"...one glimpse at a female
male hearts melted to relax"
"This golden silence
I love in every sense"
"Your words and breath captivated me so
Memories you left behind ignited me"
to success it panders!"
Call your dad and
tell him about our love
- I'll call him tonight
- Call right now
I don't have enough balance
in my mobile to make a call
"You made my heart
fly out of reach"
We are all for it
- Okay?
- They approved of us
Everyone's approved of me at home, right?
Why do you want me to go to
Ask them to come and see the bride formally
We can go there after our
If I take you after our wedding...
...everyone will say
'Kadiresan has a beautiful bride'!
But if I take you now they'll say
'Kadiresan's got a hot looking chick'!!
That's why
So you need that 'super figure' adjective!
Okay, we'll go
- Won't you ever get angry with me?
- Never
- Even if I do something wrong?
- No, not even then
Why? Why won't you be angry?
You should get angry if I am wrong
Otherwise 10 years later you'll say
'have I ever got mad at you'?!
Manimekalai won't fall for all this!
If I do something wrong, I wont...
...but if I do, then get mad at me
Let's yell, fight and forget
Get angry
Get mad at me
- It's not happening
- Get lost
1 minute
I'll try to get angry
- I'm not able to
- Useless!
Listen to me
I'll get angry now
However short tempered you are
is this how you treat a woman?!
When will you women learn
not to be subjugated by men?
You'll never reform
When will our country change?
- I didn't realize I'd pushed you so har...
- This is how you should get angry!
I'll be ready and
waiting for you at home
- Come and meet my parents
- Your home?
- I'll meet you at the bus stand
- Come home and pick me up
- I'll wait in the bus stand
- Come home
Who's getting down in Arasur?
Who's getting down in Arasur?
Manivel's son!
My son is bringing our car to Vizhupuram
I'll drop you at home
Don't get down
Conductor! You don't have to
change your rules for us
You can stop in Vizhupuram
We have our car to pick us up
As if I care!
Is this your place?
Down this road is a banyan tree
Past that is home
Granny, phone's ringing
"No complaints have I, my Lord invincible"
"No regrets whatsoever,
Lord invisible Krishna"
I'll come and make dosas (pancakes)
for you, I'm on the way
I am at Vizhupuram Koot road, dad
We've crossed our home town
We'll be there in 5 minutes
- Okay, Kavi
- I'll call
Eat properly
- What's wrong with you?!
- I'll get down in the next stop
My Sweet heart!!!
- Have we reached Vizhupuram?
- We just went past
Missed it?
- Stop the bus, sir
- Why?
I forgot to get down in Vizhupuram,
I over-slept
How will you get another bus now?
Get down in Arasur and catch the town bus
Someone please help
- Careful
- Aiyo! My leg!
Show me your head
Someone please save me
My leg!
Hello! Come here
- Hold him, sir
- My leg hurts
- How can I call my wife?
- Get down
Get down, sir
Go, get the leg that's lying there
Move aside
Awwww! I can't
I can't bear the pain
Lift him carefully
It's hurting
Call my wife
What will I do without a leg?
How will my children manage?
- Get in
- You come
- I'll be of help here, get in
- I'll also be here
- You come with me
- You Go, I'll follow
Call my wife
They'll inform, don't worry
Drive fast
I can't bear the pain
Control the public
My relatives were in this bus
Amudha! Can you
recognize me?
Can you hear me?
I went to Trichy in search of you
Do you remember me?
I went to your sister's house
to get your address
Your sister had shifted her house
Look at me
Let the kids go 1st
Can you get down?
You also get in
'Pick up the phone, daddy'
Can't bear this pain
Don't cry
The guy with me
has a head injury
Don't worry
Nothing will happen
He was bleeding from his ear
That's why I am scared
Can I have your phone, please?
Who's this?
I am Manimekalai speaking
All our relatives are here to see you
When will you be here?
Hello Manimekalai,
what happened?
There was an accident on the way
Oh my God! Accident?
Where are you now?
I am going to Vizhupuram Govt. Hospital
Will you please come there?
'Govt. Hospital, Vizhupuram'
Mom, wake up
- You can't see your mom now, honey
- I will see
Do you know who this girl is?
Name Pooja, Meenakshi college student
Home town Kulithurai
Kadiresa...get up
How could you leave me and go?
What Will I do?
She is very serious
Doctor's orders not to let anyone in
Please go out
He'd have got down earlier
lam to blame!
Don't cry
Did we anticipate an accident?!
Why should this accident happen?
What wrong did he do?
Is it an age to die?
I can never find another man like him
There's only 'one' Kadiresan, sir!
Where's the doctor's room?
Take them to ward #7
- I am a nurse in KMC, Trichy
- Sit down
In the accident here...Kadiresan
He has donated his organs
He and I together...
He's a good man
He shouldn't have died
Did you take treatment, first?
At least his heart, eyes
and kidney should be used
Take whatever you can
When he's here
our Amudha must be safe
- Didn't she come to see you?
- She's fine, isn't she?
Where is she?
I'd have never sent her
if I knew this would happen
Why are you all disturbing the patient?
Don't cry, come out
Let him go in and see
Make sure you don't disturb her
Come out soon
Can you hear me?
I never thought I'll profess
my love to you like this
I love you
I didn't know I loved you
when you were with me
Only after you left me...
This 6 months at least 5O times
I'd have come to...
...Koyambedu bus stand
thinking you'd come
How many days I've roamed
in #15B and #37G?!
Amudha and Trichy
That's all I knew about you
I knew you'd come
in search of me, but...
...not like this
Don't disturb her
Come out
What's your name?
You left me, Kadiresa
"Life got wrecked"
"Lifeless body...shattered"
How we brought you up
with so much love!
You left us alone to suffer
"Bonds broken...dust to dust"
"Heart forgets love and trust"
"No one can destroy death
our last breath"
"Neither are we God
to conquer death"
'Is this form to register our marriage?'
'I'll hug you when we are married'
'Why aren't you even rejoicing
that I'm coming home to see you?'
'Shall I arrange a band and
fanfare to receive you?'
"Our body is a home
with 9 ways to enter"
"Then, a ground that only
God can administer!"
"Lives got crushed"
Dude, we should never drive after drinking
Do you listen, if I ask you not to drive
at breakneck speed, with kids by your
Gopal, if you feel sleepy
stop for a while by the road side
Bro, don't talk over the phone
while driving
Dad, don't drive fast
I'm scared