Enid (2009) Movie Script

The next drama is based on
lives of real people. Some scenes have
been invented, and the facts have been
unified for the sake of the narrative.
Are we ready? Good morning to both.
Wait. Live with the green light.
Here we go.
Miss Blyton ... You
must be one of the
most prolific writers
of all time.
Yes, probably I am.
Although there have been rumors
malicious about a. ..
... The idea that
I write my own books.
I would like to make
clear, here and now that
these rumors have no
- Of course, I have suggested
no time ... - It is very important ...
make clear that, for the sake
all my young readers.
Trust me implicitly.
No matter if they are in palaces
or tenements, take
a sense of my books
security, a sense
be subject to
something, and knowledge
what is right and what is wrong.
You've said it before and I say again.
I am the guardian of
ethics of our children.
But how I can keep
that position if there
the slightest doubt
I'm not what I look like?
Translation by Karah
- Sorry.
- This is the third cold that you have this month.
If you have not got rid of him by the end
of weeks, I have to say goodbye.
Fit for Friday,
or you're fired.
Oh, lovely.
Lady ...
Miss Blyton.
Miss Blyton ...
Anything to say to
allegations, Miss Blyton?
Are you a fraud?
Are you a fraud? Why
children should read these books?
Miss Blyton, shall we go?
I feel all this, Miss Blyton.
Children are waiting. Are
excited to meet her.
- The shelter, shelter.
- Yes, of course.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
How charming. Charming.
- All quiet now, children.
- Hello everybody. How are you?
- Hello, Miss Blyton.
- You seem great.
All so smart.
Look what I brought.
Today I read my
book, The Secret Island.
First of all, is there anything
you please ask?
- Yo, Miss! Yo, Miss!
- Oh, my God.
Let me see.
Where do I start?
You know, children ...?
I believe that childhood
is a magical time.
- Hey, Hanly.
- Yes?
Come here ... I have you!
Hey! Carey come here.
And Enid, what is this?
- A sycamore.
- Okay. Y. .. "?
And this beauty, eh?
Look at that. Mira.
Is not it beautiful?
Thomas, these children are starving.
They need to eat and have a cold.
Do you care about something or you do not care?
Come on, guys.
Oh, for God's sake, Theresa, for!
After all this time,
How could you do this?
You who led me to do it!
Gets inside.
Let me tell you a story.
Children and dogs were Snapper
enjoying a vacation on the coast.
Snapper was the dog
fair and sweet in the world.
Snapper never disappoint them,
but always had
getting into trouble.
Mother had prepared
with a great picnic
all the things that
like children,
but children were not realized
Snapper that had escaped without them.
Wake up, guys.
I have something to say.
Your father has abandoned us.
"Dropped what?
- To us.
- No!
Your father has been found
another woman, Enid.
Enid, come here.
Enid, listen.
Enid ...
She drew the curtains
and looked toward the cliffs.
There was a secret path.
One who did not know anyone else
descending to the cave
rock, with its secret tunnel.
There might escape.
- Will return.
- I will not.
What is supposed to
I tell people?
Tell them the truth. Me
I'm preparing for
be a professor, not by joining a circus.
- It is not good. You should ...
- Stay home and sew socks?
I know.
That's what I've said.
What about your siblings?
"Dear Sirs,
I send my book
poems and short stories
to your kind attention. "
"Although I am preparing
to be a teacher,
My true ambition is
to become writers. "
"And I hope you find
potential in my work. "
"Sincerely, Enid Blyton."
"Dear Miss Blyton,"
"Although we found
his writing ... "
".. The most entertaining
unfortunately, not
site in our list
Current. I hope that ... "
".. In our meeting
Last week's editorial. "
"However, we regret
inform you that we did not find ... "
".. As we were with your work, but
we have no place in our current list. "
"My advice to all
young writers
is to keep trying. Sincerely ...".
'When I grow up, do not forget
I think things today. "
'Do not forget the kind of thing
I like to do or say. "
'Do not be like the people I meet
that seem too old '
'And have forgotten things
did when they were eight years old. "
'There are many other things,
Of course, also remember. "
'And then, when I grow up, remember
what they like to do to children. "
'I will know what they are afraid'
'And I know the things they hate. "
'And I hope that I want,'
'But know that long
I spent eight years. "
"Dear Miss Blyton,
please send
his manuscript of poems and stories. "
"Would you please call us at
our office for an appointment "
"Able to talk about
their job much better? "
"Sincerely, Hugh Pollock."
So, Miss Blyton, suffice it to say,
we can do something with their
stories, and definitely we will.
Can we talk about it in the food?
Of course, but above all
we recruit, right?
Autograph where I put the cross, here.
Congratulations, Ms. Pollock.
- Mr. Pollock.
- You're not
Miss Blyton.
Do not look, no matter what happens.
Do you understand me?
Do not look. Do not look.
- Mmm, weighed.
- Open it.
Thank you. Thank you.
But do not talk.
That no.
That no.
- What is wrong with that?
- No.
- I like it.
- Okay, I do not. No. Not really.
All right, I like it.
It's my book.
That down now.
- I have two children.
- Two? - How minimum.
Well, how I can explain this?
Her uterus to be frank, is the
a girl of twelve or thirteen.
- What? - It seems that there is no
developed properly.
My God.
- Does that mean ...?
- Not at all.
While explaining why he
had problems in that regard.
No, now we
give treatment
hormone injections
that should fix it.
I wondered if he would mind
sign this for my granddaughter.
Of course, I love it.
She's crazy about Enid Blyton.
How likely
I have, indeed, of ...
- .. Conceive?
- Half and half.
Maybe something else.
I am a woman
determined, Dr. Beresford.
If I want a baby
I have one.
Sshhh. Para.
Dear children, I have news.
Could you guess what it is?
Well, I'll tell you.
We have a new pet in the family.
It is a sister to Gillian and
Bobs a new friend to the dog.
It's a sweet little thing,
as good and almost never cries.
For the love of God.
Scandal is often
arming. What happens?
I have no idea, Buns.
Gillian was exactly the same.
What am I supposed to do?
I'm trying to write my
column for "Teacher's Worid."
Could not take you a few days off?
I have a deadline
comply. I have never exceeded
a deadline in my life
and I will not start now.
Maybe we should take it
in arms, what do you think?
Throw I do not want to lose, Hugh.
You have to learn.
Moreover, if that
stop the scandal ...
Come on.
This can not continue.
She is charming,
but loves to hear your
voice, as can be heard.
"His eldest daughter was babysitting?
Oh, yes, from day one.
Otherwise, there were no
able to complete any work.
I must say, I think it is very difficult
cope with them
when they are so small.
I imagined that
would do better, frankly,
but seems not to know
what to do with them.
Well, do not worry.
Most women
feel they are
failing in some way.
They imagine that everybody
manages extremely well.
- Of course you do not.
- Well, it's a relief. Come to visit.
See? It is absolutely terrifying.
Right, Bobs?
My God, how did that happen?
Well, I am a midwife, that helps, but
really is just a matter of confidence.
It is a beautiful child.
I guess it's pretty good, right?
But it's so bad.
Just a week.
And it's stubborn, you see.
A baby of one week
no concepts ...
Believe very much in making piles
of fresh air invigorating.
When not in her stroller,
will be here in the room.
Among the four and five
children spend an hour
me, unless, by
course, is in London.
What do you think?
It seems very clear.
Well, I'm glad.
And please call me Dorothy.
I will,
and you shall call Enid.
Mail your fans.
Oh, lovely. Lots.
"We get into the new book?
Oh, it's a waste of
time. You do not have
prove that you have read
everything I've written.
How charming.
Would you mind sharing the joke?
Es ..
Do not worry, do not understand.
That's the sound of a happy baby.
Is not it a blessing?
- God, I hope to stay with Dorothy
us forever. - Who is Dorothy?
For the love of God, Hugh,
know who he is. The Nanny.
Oh, now is Dorothy,
Right? Very cozy.
Not be foolish, Buns.
It's my new friend.
- I thought I was your friend.
- Still are.
- Let's make the proofs
within minutes ... - Who is "us"?
Dorothy. It helped me as
corrective "The Adventures of Bobs."
I see. So it's a
and a trained babysitter
- Qualified proofreader.
- Leave protest, Hugh.
Look! There is still light outside. We play
a game of French cricket?
- No, thanks.
- Come on.
If not, I'll write a story about you:
"The Horrible Hugh hating fun."
Come on, come out.
You win.
Almost. Not good enough.
Come on.
You are not allowed to approach
More. You have to
from where you caught.
Come on, Hugh. Yes!
Six for me! Six for me! I do.
Come on, Hugh.
Come on.
Pen ... Pen.
"The chair was raised in the air,
flapping their wings heavily
"And headed for the door.
"When he left high rose
in the air immediately.
"Children remained strong
tied, the largest of the joys.
"Thank God
was back all right!
"Good, old chair of desires,
"What would you do without it?"
He had a good life, Enid.
He believed that the veterinarian
said it would be nice.
No. No, he did, honey.
Said ...
"Bobs is playful today.
"I know what happens.
"Do you know?, Has hidden
one of my slippers,
"Has stolen a sausage from the kitchen,
right in the face of the cook
"And he has chewed a brush
of teeth to crush.
"Then he started to
laps around the house as if
was a puppy, and has drawn
at my feet like a gift.
"And not even lunchtime.
"It's a very naughty asshole."
- Do it, do it yourself, do it yourself.
- Do you want a drink?
I would take one.
Thank you, Hugh.
Try loading. I
see you do it again.
Gillian no, no. Come on.
Come, let us again then. Come.
Come on.
Smile. So. Very good.
Enid, here it is.
Hugh! For the love of
God, how you been?
Sorry, I'm not
permanently available, Enid.
- I have to work from time to time.
- Well, hurry.
- I'm almost ready.
- Stay here. About me.
Closer. No, closer, baby.
According ... Girls, now, perhaps
This time, yes, look at the book.
Look what I write,
as if, you know, as if you
- I was reading to you.
Agreed. - Ready, big smile.
And Hugh, trying to smile, please.
- So okay?
- Come on, then.
Faster, faster, faster.
My poor father.
He would have loved
see the girls grow.
When did your mother?
Erm ... Not long after
that I go away from home.
She would have liked
housewives were small.
That's what he wanted me to be.
My father ... he was different. "
It was ...
He really hoped things.
It was brilliant. Funny.
You could totally trust him.
Perfect, really.
For the love of God.
It has been a little difficult lately.
He believes that there will be another war.
Nonsense, I say.
Well, is working on a book
with sr. Churchill, right?
He is obliged to meet
that sort of thing.
Yes, but is so pessimistic.
It's hard for men
of his generation, Enid.
Are not really
recovered from the last war.
His nerves still
are broken into pieces.
Yes, but was so
elegant when I met him.
It was so strong.
So true ...
... And so much fun.
Probably getting
a brave face, do not you think?
- It's my turn. Now. Come on.
- Come on, girls. - It's not fair.
Nanny, can you take to
girls in immediately?
- The noise is quite unbearable.
- Come on.
Tea. More tea.
What do you mean
your father was perfect?
In what sense was
perfect? I left, Enid.
Yes, my father is dead, Hugh.
Perfect, flawless.
A father deified
you left without even
look back.
You told me yourself in one, we must
recognize, rare moment of candor.
I know you're not too
fond of the truth.
I know I prefer the
bunnies and picnics and talk
- With bloody rag dolls.
- You're drunk.
I'm sorry.
Let me remind you of
where this goes.
And let me remind you that I make a
negligible contribution, Enid.
I see your idea of success is
directly related to the amount of
mail your fans
receive, but some
we have to go to
office every day.
- Yes, but my books, pay for all this.
- Who ordered your books, woman?
Your contribution was secondary, Hugh.
If you think that meant something
only a slight effect
in my success, you must be crazy.
- Enid! - My father was twice
of a man than you'll ever.
Never forget that.
"Miss Enid Blyton, Green
Hedges ... "" Miss Enid Blyton ... "
"Dear Miss Blyton ..." "Enid
Blyton, Green Hedges, Beaconsfield ... "
"My name is Annabel. I am writing to
tell you what I think is brilliant ... "
"My friend Matthew and I had
adventures, just like the ones ... "
"In my garden, where we made a
cache called the
Pixie Pit. "
"I'm still waiting to see elves
but I have not done ... "
"I like both your books,
especially Hurrah for the Circus. "
"Wish you were my mother and
much fun we could. "
"With love for Edward."
"Dear Edward. I know
"If you were my son, us
would spend very, very well. "
"These are the events
main today.
"Germany has invaded Poland and
has bombed many cities.
"A general mobilization was
orderly in Britain and France.
"Parliament has been summoned
for 6 this afternoon.
"Completed Orders
with the mobilization of
"Navy, Army and
Air Force were signed
by the King in the meeting this
later the Privy Council.
"The details will be given more
later in this advisory. "
Ah, girls.
This evening will come some
children at a tea party.
They won a competition for
My Famous Five launch.
Anyway, this is work well
could you upload it to your room?
And I do not hear you, how
agreement?. Excellent.
Hello, dear!
My name is Enid Blyton. Enter.
Welcome to my tea party of
Famous Five. You must be hungry.
- Have you brought all caps
your milk bottles? - Yes
Who are these two girls
the stairs, Miss?
- Oh, these are my girls.
- Are not invited to the party, Miss Blyton?
Oh, no. No, they see me
all day, every day.
Its totally boring
silly old mom. You know,
I have to search my site
work between trips to the beach
picnics, games, and all those
things that children love to do.
Do not you love the gelatin
Raspberry? Delicious.
Do not you love how he dances in the mouth?
Have you remembered to bring
the caps of bottles
- Milk for poor children
Great Ormond Street? - Yes!
My God, have worked hard.
You know that last year earned more
money that the Minister of Economy?
I have published 23 books.
Good for you.
- How did the tea party?
- Wonderful.
- By the way, where have you been?
- I went to the pub.
It is not a crime right?
No, of course not.
No, the party was a great success.
We ate each
bit of gelatin.
We are about
go to war, Enid.
Stop talking as always
same, Hugh, is very depressing.
- The reality usually is.
- Really?
- I thought you would be too dull
as to realize. - Oh, forgive me.
Maybe we should beat us
raspberry jelly
flagellate with ginger beer,
like you and your little fans.
They are not my fans, they are my friends.
- They are children, for the love of God!
- I get bored, Hugh, and you're drunk.
We are about to enter
war! Are you worried remotely?
Hell, no, let's stay with
Five famous right?
If you are going to be so
unpleasant, rather
to sleep on the
guest room, Hugh.
Cool. I will.
Miss Blyton, you are
probably the writer
Children's most famous
of all time.
Actually, I describe
myself as an author
Which happens ... you type
for children. - Of course, forgive me.
I wonder if we
count, Miss Blyton, which
believed to be the secret to
extraordinary success.
Well, it really is very simple.
"I can enter the
world of a child you know? "
"I understand that instinctively
children want a story. "
"They do not want brutality
poverty or violence. "
"No, they want familiarity,
want comfort. "
"And above all, want to escape ..."
"A magical world
adventures without their parents. "
Well, you yourself have two daughters.
How manages to combine
motherhood with writing?
How many words in a day?
- Six thousand.
- God!
I think that Trollope wrote
More or less the same.
- Really?
- No.
I have of course
to juggle.
But children need their mothers.
Mothers are
heart of any home.
"No, I try and get it, spend
much time with my girls, "
"While I meet
my professional duties. "
It is difficult, but I think I make do.
I am sure that
ago. Thank you, Miss Blyton.
Yes, yes, of course.
No, no, I understand.
Thank you. Goodbye.
Enid, I'm afraid I must go.
They asked me to make me
by the military in Surrey.
- Why Surrey?
- Because that's where I've been asked
I go, Enid. This is where my
old regiment is established.
You could have said no.
Why did not you tell them no?
Because there is a damn
war going on!
Oh, I see.
You did not have the guts to
explain that you had
you have a family.
It is so typical, Hugh
Totally inconsiderate
totally selfish!
- What about us?
- Not everything is about you.
You can not leave your family no more!
This is ridiculous!
I'm not leaving anybody.
I have a duty to perform.
- You have a house full of
things to do. You have to Dorothy
jumping in the morning, noon and night.
- Okay.
Go then! Long! Go to Surrey!
Abandnanos, let
fix us alone!
# On the farm, every Friday
# On the farm, is the
day of rabbit pie,
# So, each Friday when it arrives,
# I get up early and
sing the little song
# Rabbit runs, rabbit
run, run, run, run
# Rabbit run, run rabbit
# Run, run, run
# Bang, bang, bang, it sounds
farmer's gun. #
'Vuesto father is gone. "
'You're lying. "
'Daddy will never leave me. "
'I said I was the most
important in the world for him. "
"The little boy who came to live in
next door was not a pleasant child. "
"Never let children
join their games. "
"He was reserved and spoilers,
and only thinking of himself. "
"So the children
decided to punish him. "
It's pretty sweet, right?
Yes No I admire them too.
If you want to put names,
should be "Ration Meat
Bunny # 1 "and" Serving
rabbit meat 2. "
But Mommy, I do not want
we eat our rabbits!
We may have to do it.
Give it back to the hutch, and
continue with the garden, right?
- What are we planting today?
- Pinto beans, Mommy.
Delicious! What else?
I thought we had put
carrots and radishes here ...
Madam, a gentleman
are here to see it.
My God, is now the time?
- The beans will have to wait.
- What? No! - No, inside, girls.
No, no discussions. You know how
- I hate children arguing.
- Oh please.
Nanny can help you to sew blankets
for the troops. It will be fun.
- Come on. - It's not fair. - Do not
sulked, Imogen. Do not get angry.
- Are they in the room, Maggie?
- Yes, ma'am.
Hello. My husband still
're stuck with
maneuvers somewhere
Surrey's dark.
I'm afraid it will
to settle with me.
"They find it disappointing?
It is an honor and a pleasure.
Oh, well.
What a relief.
Anyone want something to drink?
- You made it happen. - Can
know a lot by the teeth of a man.
- Really?
- I speak of the teeth, yeah!
Dorothy! What a surprise! My God.
Sorry, I interrupting something? I had not
realized that you had company.
Eh ... no, do not be silly.
No, come, come.
Good to see you.
No, these guys came to see
Hugh. They knew I was in Surrey.
Had to settle with me.
Want something to drink?
Vale. Yes I will take some sherry.
Thank you. Excellent. Sit down.
It's fun.
You're welcome. You have been great fun.
- Was not it lovely?
- Enid.
This is not a good idea.
- What?
- Are you crazy?
Think of the scandal
come to light if you
entertaining the troops
while Hugh is out.
- Imagine if he finds out.
- Oh, Hugh will
dancing the fandango with a prostitute.
I'm sure you could not
care less what I do.
- Fandango to a prostitute?
- An adventure.
I totally secure.
It has always been the most terrible flirt.
Try to charm every woman who
known. Had not you ever noticed?
Obviously, not flirteara you.
Why obviously?
Well, you know ...
respects too.
Enid, this is ...
It is not appropriate.
You should be entertaining
soldiers at home.
Oh, Dorothy!
I'm here alone.
Working hard for the cause of
war, and I'm bored to tears.
What am I supposed to do?
Well, my sister throws a party
Bridge over the weekend.
- Why do not you come?
- Because it sounds absolutely terrifying.
Well, what fun.
A feast of bridge, no bridge.
Oh, Miss Blyton, The Truth is
I do not know where he has been Kenneth.
I told you, and
is willing to meet her.
Oh, thank God, here
is. Kenneth, here!
We are here with Miss. Blyton.
Sorry. A woman with indigestion.
I thought it was a heart attack.
His salvation has come to the bridge.
Of course, I know the two ...
- Kenneth Waters. - Enid ...
- ... Blyton. His fame also
of his skill with
bridge, you come.
- Preceding.
- Excuse me?
Proceed is where it comes from something.
Preceded by what is ahead.
Until now known
of my fame, but for the
when nothing is known
My game of bridge.
I think you will find
the word is "precede."
Well, my God.
I came to play bridge, and I
I met my grammar
reviewed by an expert.
Obviously it's my lucky day.
I must warn you
I can not trust much
in this device and
I have sometimes
Call hearing problems, so I
Please refrain in advance.
I hope it is the
word. "It is,
Miss. Blyton?
Excellent. "I can?
It's quite extraordinary, you know.
Normally I can not hear one word
but with you, everything is
crystal clear.
You will need to do with the timbre of your voice.
Have you ever been ...?
No, no, no. Torpedoed I
during the war.
And yet, I was more fortunate than others.
"We took our coffee in the lounge?
I'd love to.
With your permission.
It really is not coffee. Is
hot, is brown, and is liquid.
And there the similarities end.
Chapote not, right?
My deadline is chapote.
You're not like imagined
it would be a writer.
I thought all writers were
vague and drawn, waiting for his muse.
Muses are nonsense. If you want
write, you sit down and write.
Do they read my books your children?
I have none.
I've always wanted, but
No luck, I fear.
... And your wife?
Marriage is not, er ...
how can I say ...
not happy.
But tell me about yourself. Tell me everything.
Parents, brothers, sisters, everything.
"Husbands? My God, how many you had?
Only one.
It has not been happy. No.
I just do not understand why
I left home so young.
I suppose
that after the father left,
could not wait to leave.
And then I never wanted to return.
I could not face any of them.
And your mother?
- Dead.
- Sorry.
You know, for years I thought it was
my fault that my father is gone.
He thought I
should have done something
terribly bad.
That was a kind of evil,
very, very black, inside of me.
If not, why march?
Of course he will not quit.
Left to your mother.
I'm sure you wanted
with every fiber of your being.
Why should I?
God had never spoken
about it with anyone.
Your attitude should be comprehensive.
Not because we are ...
It was much more fun
than I expected.
And Kenneth, that lovely surgeon.
He is married, Enid.
Charming. Thank you.
Is Dad?
Yes, yes it is.
'"Exploring the island!" cried Anne,
I was climbing the rocks. "
'"Oh, come on Oh, come on!"'
'It was a small natural harbor.
Nestled under the tall rocks. "
'The water was like glass,
and just had a flaw. "
'George was very happy. "
'He had often visited the island
before but always alone, except for Tim. "
'He had always vowed never,
ever, would anyone there, '
'Because that would spoil the island
her. But he had not spoiled. "
'It had become much more enjoyable. "
Girls, come here.
I want you to know someone.
This is a friend of mom, sr. Waters.
He came to dinner. Is not it wonderful?
Well? What?
- How are you? How are you?
- Perhaps nothing of shaking hands. No.
- Why do not we teach what you do?
- Okay. Yes.
- It's wonderful, right?
- I did not know, er ...
A garden.
- Where are you taking me?
- Just a site.
No, tell me.
What do you think?
I've rented for six months.
And to make sure
your reputation remains
intact, have hired
in a false name.
- What fake name?
- Well, he left
no more than my mouth. I could not help it.
Kenneth, what fake name?
Dorothy. Dorothy Richards.
It is not possible ... is
terrible for poor Dorothy.
Never know, right?
- Father! Father!
- Hi, girls.
- Where is your mother?
- Gone with Uncle Kenneth.
- Who? Is the uncle Kenneth?
- Yes, Mr. Waters. Your friend.
Oh, yeah, yeah. I know him. Him
You know him?
Your mother said, yes. "
- Do you want to come and see our rabbits?
- Okay.
We had two, but mother and
Uncle Kenneth ate another.
Oh, it sure is a shame.
What are you doing here?
How did you get?
- Technically, I still live here.
- Oh.
Well, well. Because in reality,
I think we need to talk.
Girls, with a babysitter.
See you soon, girls.
Shut the door, Hugh.
Oh, by the way, I will send
Gillian to school.
I think you feel good.
- Any objections? - It would have
difference that the case?
Probably not. Sit down, Hugh.
Did you ever stop?
No, I do not, Hugh. Because I know
what works with children.
I know what they want and know what they need.
They want something they can trust.
And my intention is to
provide it.
- I do not know how you get to be published.
No paper. - I got over that.
Six different publishers, six
different portions of paper. Simple.
Only you, Enid, you could convert a
War in a business opportunity.
And that kind of commentary, Hugh,
is one of the reasons
they want a divorce.
Yes, I want this to end.
I want the marriage to end.
"Based on what?
- Adultery.
- That could be risky.
Do you think your sales could
survive the scandal?
"Enid Blyton has a
mistress. "Imagine that in the
- Front pages
- Not my adultery, Hugh. Yours.
I know what that girl
you've been seeing.
And as you say, the damage to my
reputation would be too large.
- What about my reputation?
- You have no reputation.
Although, sorry, of course
you have it. As drunk.
Since I left this house, I just
tasted a drop. Why
do you think will?
I really do not know, and I do not care.
Everything I know is I can not ...
You are so hypocritical, Enid.
How can you be a
model of morality
well when your fans
is how you really are?
The sole reason why your fans
I love it because you do not know.
You're despicable!
'Your father is gone. He does not want
to live anymore
us, it's gone. "
'Your dad has found
another woman, Enid. "
- I have a handkerchief. Here you go.
- Thanks.
Are not you excited?
"The first or second day of a
quarter are always exciting. "
"There is much baggage to undo."
"And best of all, there
boxes full to empty. "
"The twins missed their
home and his mother, at first, "
"Like most of the girls."
"But there was much to do that
there was no time to worry. "
Maggie? Is anyone in the
way. Can you see who it is?
I'm sorry I kept you waiting.
Sorry, I do not know where to start.
So go to the point.
I am ... the wife of Kenneth.
This is very difficult for me.
You could try to be honest at least.
Sorry, I have no idea
- You talk.
- I know, I know you and him ...
.. Which is having a
affair with my husband.
- Sorry, this is ridiculous. I would like
to leave. - I have been together.
May I speak low?
There's a girl in the house.
- I have been with my husband.
- Look ...
I'm a public figure.
I view with many people.
Well, how says
called this man?
I know what house you have
rented in Knightsbridge.
Oh, dear.
Clearly she is very angry.
Why not sit a moment?
Sit here.
I'm sure everything
this is a great error.
I'll get something to drink.
I want it back, okay?
How I can help
untangle this awful mess?
Lady ... Sorry, what was his name?
Really, I almost died in the
site. What could have possessed?
Do not know how he found out what this place.
I thought I had taken the
papers with me when I moved.
Well, thank God
you put the name
Dorothy, is all I can say.
I think I managed
Oh, God!
Now think I have a
Dorothy Richards adventure!
Oh, no. You should think
I've gone crazy.
That is very cruel.
Apparently, it is
public knowledge
I have an adventure
with Kenneth Waters.
- You? - We have a love nest
in Knightsbridge, apparently.
Where the hell
may have come from?
I have no idea.
Very peculiar.
Anyway, I
love you here,
because I have news.
Can you guess?
Probably sue you for slander.
- Do not be absurd. - Do not worry,
Enid. I will not. - Of course not.
It is as if someone
had died, right?
No. My News.
Hugh and I were divorced for
Kenneth and I can marry.
- Oh, God.
- Are not you happy for us?
Can not create the most
terrible scandals?
And the girls will be devastated!
Do not be ridiculous. Gillian
is always at school
and Imogen is too ...
young to understand.
But remember how you felt
you when your father left.
That was an entirely different matter.
My father and I were kindred spirits.
Hugh has been a father
totally useless.
Girls do not lie down
absolutely less.
Oh, for the love of God,
Enid, that is absurd!
If you want this divorce
runs smoothly,
have to take into account
Hugh's feelings.
Of course I'm going to have their
feelings into account.
I'm not a monster, Dorothy.
- Do you want another, Gillian?
- No, thanks. - What about you?
No, thanks.
Surely you want another.
- No, thanks.
- No?
Well, then I think
we're done.
Maggie will call to clean.
- Are you having a good birthday?
- Yes, thanks, Dad. - Maggie!
- Can you come to clean this?
- Have you gone back to live here again?
Well, it's ... Imogen. Es ..
Girls, why not
you go out to play in the garden.
Yes? Come on, Gillian.
Do not be silly, Imogen.
Dad has important work
to do during the war.
You're lucky to have him.
Think of those poor children whose
parents are fighting far away.
Think of the poor children whose
parents have died. Now, go,
plays with others, and stops
mount a number. Okay?
You called, ma'am.
Very funny, Hugh.
I've been thinking.
I realized how much
mean girls for you
so I do not want you to be
totally excluded from their lives.
Oh, I like that "totally."
Very interesting on your part.
I will give you unlimited access ...
Thanks, Lady Bountiful.
.. If you let me sue for adultery.
We both want to start
again, so get it over with.
- And let me see them whenever you want?
- Totally.
What will be over? Do not just get you
in my life in any way?
Why would such a thing, Hugh?
Because I know you, Enid.
C'mon, Hugh. I have no
all day. Yes or no?
Wait. There's something
we need to do first.
Enid, will you marry me?
Oh, Hugh. No, sorry, Hugh, I'm afraid
who is visiting some friends.
No, no bother.
Will not be home for hours.
No, that is not good.
What next week?
Yes, why do not you try that?
Totally. Yes, supueso I will. "
Yes, I promise. Oh, for the love of God,
Hugh, that I have really big hurry.
Yes, hi.
Mr. Hawes, please.
Enid Blyton.
Yes, I want to promise me
that when the war ended,
Hugh Pollock will not
to work at Newnes.
No, sorry, I am
author your most valuable
Hugh Pollock is no longer part of my
life, and can not be in the building.
I do not think you're listening
I'm saying.
If Hugh returns to Newnes,
I'll go, and I will take
my books somewhere else.
Sure you understand
what are your priorities.
Good. Very sensible of you. Goodbye.
Your mother just said
wanted to tell you one thing.
So I'm sure it's not
There is nothing to worry about.
Here you are.
Come in, dear.
I have wonderful news.
Yes, Mom?
"Sit here, honey.
Uncle Kenneth and I are going to marry the
next week. Is not it wonderful?
I do not know.
Really, Imogen, sometimes
can be extremely thick.
- Do not know what this means?
- No.
It means you'll have a new father!
What about my other daddy?
Do not be stupid, Imogen. Would not you like
uncle Kenneth? It has been very kind to you.
I just want my other daddy.
Yeah, well, you may want and
want until you get blue
but your father has joined
the war in America.
Are you still in England?
No, it's very, very far from here.
And will not return for a long time.
Do not you realize, Imogen?
This gives us the opportunity
starting our new
life as a new family.
And in this new life
Kenneth uncle is Father!
Well, I see you a bit
angry. Sure you are.
But what we do
when we are angry?
We take everything
bad and put them away
right behind our
head until wham!
So if anyone asks, just say
that, well, Uncle Kenneth's your father.
It will be our special secret.
What do you think?
Trust me, Imogen,
new beginnings
are always wonderful.
Go away now, honey.
I have a huge pile
of work to do.
Up, good girl.
And as special treatment, maybe you read
this story
night, lucky girl.
'In his famous house, Green Hedges'
'Enid Blyton enjoys game
Tiddly Winks with her husband
Kenneth, and their two daughters. "
'Take care, girls'
'I think that mother is winning! "
Thank you. Is that all? Yes, thanks.
Agreed. Excellent. Gather up, girls.
Father and I are going to dinner.
Of course we will.
Well, that was good.
"I can help?
Do not you recognize me, right?
No. Should I?
I Hanly.
- Your Brother.
- Yes, Yes, I know.
You look a little surprised.
No. .. you called.
"Is something the matter?
Mom is dead.
I take a cup of tea.
Yes, of course.
How much time has passed since
I saw you last?
30. More or less.
He heard you divorced.
And you've remarried.
Yes six months ago.
His funeral is the week
comes. I brought you your invitation.
The could have sent.
But I thought it
could lose between all
mail from your fans,
as my other cards.
- Hanly, I ... - Thank you for your support
Enid, after all these years.
I've been very ...
Well, I ...
She has been sick for about 10 years.
Lost his head.
Almost fool me.
What I never understood
Enid, is why we
Carey left out and a
me as you did with Mom.
How did we hurt you?
Well, it was all her fault.
Distanced father and took me away to me.
That is nonsense, Enid. He was
a womanizer. Just see a skirt ...
You have no proof!
- This is a mother of invention.
- You have not answered my question.
What did Carey and me?
I did not want to see anything that
reminded me of me.
All this stifling respectability.
Father's departure.
Sorry, Hanly.
... My husband, coming home soon.
It is working very hard, is a surgeon ..
Anyway, I think it would
better than you do not ...
Perhaps after the funeral.
Will you come, then?
I'm leaving.
Menudo site.
Grander than Buckingham.
A different world.
A different girl.
Come on, Enid.
It's time for picnic. Come on.
Hooray! I won! Maldita
that is, was right behind you!
Poor Imogen, was right at the bottom!
Actually, darling,
Yes, five o'clock.
Check back to your room.
Who was that man
came this afternoon?
- What man?
- And said, "Mom's dead!.
- Did you mean your mom?
- I do not know what you mean, Imogen!
But you said your mother was dead.
How could he be
killed if just died?
Get up and go
bed immediately!
You're left without dinner, and no hours
special morning with father and mother.
What the hell was talking about, Enid?
Dear, dear, dear ...
It is a snake.
It is a snake. How dare you!
How he spoke, Enid?
What, dear? Want?
My mother, ...
.. My mother has been
dead to me since
the day I
left, do not you understand?
And now I really have
died, and the small
Imogen has been spying on me, obviously.
Okay, okay.
Everything is fine, I understand.
Of course I do. Dear,
dry your eyes. Everything's fine.
You need that we send to school.
- It's all I can do.
- Well, I could not
agree more. Always
has been very difficult.
We have spoiled, Kenneth.
You need discipline.
- I'll call the school tomorrow.
- Well, well ...
For the love of God,
if you do not fit there, put
in the front seat.
Plenty of space!
- Sorry, sir. - Just hurry up
we have to catch a train.
Come on, Enid!
- Sorry, sorry.
- In the back, dear.
Imogen, do not be silly. Come on.
- Open the door, please. - Imogen leaves
your mother into the car.
I do not want to come.
Stay here. I'll take.
'In the small hours of this morning,'
'7 May 1945 saw the recognition
of the leaders of Germany,
'The total and complete defeat
of their country by land, sea and air. "
'The final act ...'
- What? - Nothing. - Honey,
something bothering you. What is it?
- People say I do not write
my own books, Kenneth. - What?
- Who?
- Do not know. A man Terribas the newspaper,
Says I have a team of people who
make as
sausages in a factory.
It's so cruel. So unfair.
How can they say such things?
It's ridiculous. You do not know what they say.
Take it.
Have you called your agent?
As the newspaper.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
- It is taking care of it.
- Okay.
There are ... something else.
- I'm pregnant.
- What?
I am pregnant.
Oh, my God.
Wha ...?
Are you sure?
I went to the doctor today.
Er ... "I ... I did? Es ..
That's incredible. Yo ... yo ... yo ..
- I never thought would happen.
- Me neither.
You're amazing.
I have 47 years, Kenneth.
- It's really scary.
What if something goes wrong? - I'll take care.
I always do right? You'll be fine.
You're the most extraordinary
intelligent creatures.
"They tried to remove the burden of
the backs of three children, "
"But they were crying in pain. No, No!"
"It hurts when you would start it."
"They can only lose by going to
Distant Land of Beyond, "
"Treading difficult
hard roads and trails. "
"Otherwise, you will have
for the rest of their lives, "
"And become more and bigger,"
"Because there is no chance
of losing a load like this "
"Haunted city in Turmoil.
Put it there.
Do you really think this is a good idea?
- I think I should go.
- Oh, do not be silly, Maggie.
I'll be fine. Leave
to be picky. Now ...
There is one.
Ah. Wonderful.
There's one here. Lady.
Kenneth ...
I'm so sorry.
She wanted so much to have a son.
I know what it meant to you.
You must not blame yourself.
Most importantly,
you're still here.
I do not know what he would do if
I had thought of something.
I'll be fine.
Am as strong as an ox.
You must be positive.
Sorry, honey.
Honey, I'm sorry.
It was ...
He was a child, Enid.
Oh, no.
Now ... must rest.
You get some sleep.
1 085
All right.
"What are you?"
'Are you one toy? " Leathers asked
Great. 'I have not seen any'
'To be like you. "
'No, do not think so,' said the strange
person, shaking his head. "
'I belong to the old
Carpenter forest '
- 'He made me. " - "What's your name?"
Big Ears asked. "
'I have none, "said
the man nodded. "
'What do you think should be my name? "
"'Noddy I'd say.'"
Ah, look, here it is. What
most charming little boy.
Sweet, right?
See all those letters!
My dear, the revenues are
fantastic, the show is a great success,
and want to return year
comes. What more could you want?
I want people to stop saying that
I do not write my own books, Kenneth!
"It is possible that a
person to produce all
1 103
Miss books.
Blyton says he writes. "
"I suggest that you are a liar
and a fraud, Miss. Blyton. "
And, "Why are all the characters
working-class criminals? "
At least that breaks the monotony.
These people are horrible but
should try to overcome this.
I know. But ...
the more I think
Therefore, it seems worse.
What happens to children
they read my books?
Think I'm a fraud.
I think that ...
I cheated.
They say my life is a lie
Kenneth. And I am not a liar!
Of course not, dear,
course are not.
Come on.
'Have you gone back to live here again? "
'And what about my other daddy? "
'What did Carey
and me to offend you? "
1 120
'I do not want to come. "
If you can not beat them join them.
I'm not a bad person, right?
Of course not. Never
heard such nonsense.
By the way, you're very pretty
with the morning light.
Now, go ahead. Criticism
often say about their books ...
I do not care about criticism
who has more than 12 years.
1 127
However, they suggest that perhaps their
books are a bit outdated.
I only care about children.
And they have always
liked my books,
because, well, I understand what they want.
I know the secret sites
who like to escape.
I do not think that changes ever
1 134
I am sure that no
will, Miss Blyton.
everything went beautifully.
I think you deserve
something to drink, darling.
What will you take? "G and T?
"G and T?
- Gin Tonic.
- Oh.
No. Yes, please.
Are you okay?
It was, erm ...
I was wondering ...
trying to remember,
the name of my brother.
- Hanly.
- Oh, yes.
How ridiculous.
How could I forget?
- What about the other?
- Carey. - Yes
- Carey's.
- What happens to them?
Should we have this ...?
- What was the drink that mentioned?
- G and T.
Yes, sounds delicious.
Take one of those!
You should take off your coat, dear.
Do you think the house very empty, Kenneth?
"'Good evening, Isla
Secret, 'said the others.
'And then he slept.
And dreamed of their island, '
'And the days of summer when
return there again, '
'And live happily, and fortunately
completely alone, without adults'
'Under the hot sun,'
'Winter days
in the cozy cave. "
'Cooking over a fire,'
'And deep sleep
heather beds. "
"Dear Secret Island '.
'Just wait,
'And you have children
you once again. "
Enid suffered from dementia
during his last years.
He died in 1968 at age 71.
He wrote about
And has sold 750 books
500 million copies worldwide.
His books still sell about
8 million copies each year.