Enigma (2009) Movie Script

Morgan approach 480
Sierra Charley with you
descending through flight
level Six Zero Zero
Zero sierra charley turn
left heading Two Niner Zero
Morgan papa's current expect the
ILS 27
altimeter 3062
indistinct chatter
Heading Two Niner Zero. Zero
Sierra Charley
Contact tower 118.7
Over to tower and thank
you Zero Sierra Charley
Kids laughing
Dog Bark
Growing engine noise
Tower: Zero Sierra Charley
Morgan tower fly heading 070
vectors runway 27 final approach
altimeter 3062
Pilot: 070 for 273062
Zero Sierra Charley
Clears throat
Son, I know you're there.
You will wait until I
acknowledge you.
General Rothman
the analysis team is ready for
you, Sir.
Tell me what happened.
Three days ago, prison transport four eight
zero sierra charlie, known as Genesis,
took aboard prisoner 71099
The ship was to travel 36 hours to the
Demos Prison Facility orbiting Mars
The Genesis never arrived.
Zioni class frigates were
sent to investigate.
They found the ship adrift
all hands dead.
Was it the Cnidarians?
No, sir there has been no activity
in that sector from enemy forces.
At some point in the flight
Prisoner 71099 escaped custody
and murdered the crew.
And the prisoner?
She was found in the
corridor outside the bridge.
We are unclear as to what killed
Well, then tell me how she got
We're unclear as to that as
well, Sir.
what can you make clear to me?
Sir, we are still analyzing
the flight recorder.
We have processed the visual
My God!
We don't have the shooter on
But We believe that it
was the first officer a,
Kyleigh Rothman.
My niece.
Ah, yes
Well if we zoom in on the right
we can see the arm holding the
Now, it's definitely not
the prisoner's arm,
and the first officer's body was
found in about that position.
Gentlemen, my niece is dead, and all
you can tell me is that you're unclear.
That just won't do.
I want an answer
not "I don't know."
Start over. Let's see
everything from the beginning.
Someone have some coffee
sent in here please.
Loud engine blast
Hard dock in three
Capture complete.
Hard lock
Smooth as usual.
Thank you, sir
Let's go greet our guest.
So what's the run this time?
Cargo or personnel?
Ah good, no heavy lifting.
How many?
One? Are you kidding?
What's the point?
It's a Cnidrian, called Eidolon.
The Eidolon?
Afraid so.
She killed 200 on board the
Yeah I know.
It took an entire squad to
capture her.
That's not true.
Don't you read the news?
Fleet's busy fighting in the
tragus sector,
and since they think that a military
convoy would be too obvious,
that's where we come in.
Look, we've done this before.
It's nothing new,
we're not equipped for this.
Yes, we are.
Look, It will be just like
the time we transported
those Lodithian lions.
It's not the same.
They pay well.
How well?
How well!?
Look, it's a problem solver for
both sides.
They get the low key transport
and we're back in the green
and this old girl gets the
makeover she deserves.
Metal grinding
Damn it.
Oh, Come on.
Yes, ah Captain, what?
The door's jammed again,
I thought you said you fixed it.
Wyeth: I did.
Alright, be up in a second.
Come on!
Can't wait to get off this piece
of junk.
Prisoner transfer, we're at
the airlock ready to begin.
Over Radio: Roger Genesis
airlock cycle initiating
Stand by.
I never thought I'd see
a Cnidarin in person.
Consider yourself lucky.
You might be one of the
few to see one and live.
Where is the captain?
Captain: You're looking at him.
Captain Rhys?
The same.
Lieutenant: Captain Rhys,
By order of United Fleet High
I'm officially transferring
Prisoner 71099
to your custody for final
transport to Demos Prison Facility.
I will accept the transfer and
fullfil the transfer orders.
Sir, do you understand who this
prisoner 71099
but I don't think she's going
This prisoner is very
important to the fleet.
I think you should show
a little more concern.
I'm not fleet
I'm not paid to care, just
Look kid,
I am not a kid!
OK, ma'am
I've done this before.
It's a simple hand off.
My men will stay on board.
That's neither required or
If you want to be paid
then it is necessary.
then please
have your grunts transfer her to
my brig.
Yes, sir
and it's lieutenant.
Chains rattle
Alien growl
Phobos: Trill
Metal Grind
Door's are fixed.
Thank you
But you're going to need a new
Also the power unit almost gone,
It looks like it's a faulty
omonic relay.
Grinding metal
Then again this entire ship
could just be falling apart.
We're going to put into port
after this
We all need some R and R.
Look, I got a whole shopping
list of things we need.
Wyeth, you can get whatever you
but I need you to keep
this ship running now.
Look why don't you just junk her.
Huh? Get a new Zioni or Nova.
Show some respect.
This ship has fed and
clothed your sorry ass.
All she needs is some tender
loving care.
Still a lady.
She's a strung out hooker with
three teeth.
Wyeth, Do your job.
Captain: Kyleigh,
Captain: Kyleigh!
Yes, sir.
Sorry, sir.
Phobos. Come. Come'on.
Captain: Phobos.
Suprised Trill
Keep that thing out of my chair.
Kyleigh: Ah come on, Captain.
He just likes you.
I don't know what you like about
that rat.
He's supposed to bring good
Eletronic short and sparks
I'm not fixing that.
Did you fix the internal
I'm going down there right now.
You were supposed to have
that fixed this morning.
And then you asked me to fix the
Look, I can't be in two
places at the same time.
Fix the door, fix the sensors,
you're going to miss me when I
E.T.A. to Demos?
Twenty five hours, thirteen
Sweet trill
Sweet Trill
you nearly gave me a coronary
Come here you little rat
Excited Trill
Loud crash
Just make Wyeth fix it.
Nah, I'll get it.
What, before or after you
electrocute yourself?
Look Captain, Wyeth's got a
Why not get a new Nova?
You know how much a new ship
Yeah I know, with this
run we could get one.
I love her but she's getting
Why sink more money into her?
Hey, she's a classic
I mean think about it.
A new nav/com, Jump engines,
twice the cargo, and that new
ship smell.
Captain: Look, I'm not getting a
new ship
you want to fly the fancy
birds fly for fleet.
You've got an in there.
Yeah, And be a pushy little lieutenant.
I don't think so.
I like the variety here.
I wanted to travel.
I mean I remember the first
time I got off planet.
I Just looked out at the stars and
knew that's where I wanted to be.
All I'm saying is that we
could do it in a nicer ship.
What could be nicer?
This ship has everything
that you could want.
I just don't get it
Look, I'd no sooner give
up of you or Wyeth.
It's a ship.
It's my life, it's my home.
I've been on this ship for so long
that I know every inch of her.
I grew up here.
I was only 15 years old when I
was sitting where you are now.
Too young for the job but
my old man was captain.
This ship's been making runs for
the better part of 40 years.
It's been through two wars, and been
to more planets then I can count.
I didn't know that.
Every major moment in my life
has happened on this ship.
I got into my first fist fight in the
corridor just outside the mess hall.
Had my first kiss in airlock 2,
Captain: My father...
My Father died in cargo 3.
Stupid accident
I'm sorry.
Too Many memories. I can't just
junk that.
No sooner then you could work a
desk job.
Well At least when we restore
this classic
can we get a new nav computer?
Excuse me.
Explosive decompression deck 3
Seal it!
Were we attacked?
No, I've got nothing on sensors.
Then what hit us?
Nothing, it was internal.
Damn it!
Deck 3, section 2 is
Main power is out.
Back-up's on line.
We've got system failures
all over the ship.
Emergency bulkhead are closing.
Full Stop.
Send a mayday to fleet.
Don't tell them the problem.
Just ask for assistance.
Communications are out.
Actually, the entire array is
The Brig!
Does it still have power?
I can't... I can't tell
Lock down the ship!
Oh God, no.
Kyleigh: Let's make for the
escape pods in section 28.
No good, we've decompressed.
OK, then what about engineering?
That's fine but we locked down the ship.
The pods won't launch.
We have to make for the bridge.
No way!
There are pods on the bridge. We
can disable the ship and escape.
Forget the ship! Let's jerry
rig a pod and get out of here.
No. I'm not letting her take
this ship.
Fine, You do that and I'm
getting the hell out of here.
Damn it, Kyleigh!
This won't stop here. If she takes
this ship she will kill again.
She's a Cnidarian. Deep in enemy
She'll make straight for earth.
She won't make it.
And what if she does?
She killed 200 trained
soldiers on the Vendetta
What will she do to civilians?
I just..
I can't let her take this ship,
and I can't do it alone.
We have to stop her here.
I'm not going to die on this
Let's get to the bridge and get
Grab those maglocks.
Kyleigh, stop!
What is it?
A piece of Wythe overalls.
She's been through here.
But, she's not that careless.
We gotta go.
Alien hiss
Alien hiss
Crack a light.
I've lost it.
I got it.
Alien Hiss
She's playing with us.
I'm done playing,
Keep your head down.
Alien noise
Let's go!
Alien breathing
Alarm beeping
Damn it, no power.
Cover me while I re-route.
Alien growl
Maglock engages
Alien yell
Alien yell
maglock disengaging
My God.
You OK?
My God!
I'm sorry, Sir. That's all we
The city reminds me of the
Not as seen from theground,
but from space.
Excuse me sir?
Space son
Have you ever been there?
Yes sir, I've been to Omicron
When Kyleigh was young,
maybe ten,
I took her to that very same
and she saw those stars.
I don't think she ever really
came back.
After that her mind was always
in space.
She would lay outside at night
counting every star in the sky.
She said she was going
to visit every last one.
I think she almost did.
I know she saw more of
them, than I ever will.
Sir, what about the report?
it's clear to me that prisoner
71099 killed the crew
That doesn't match any
of our information...
I want her remembered as that
little girl with stars in her eyes
not as a killer.
The stars are beautiful, Sir.
Good night, Sir.
Soft trill
Alien scream
Angery shriek
Angery shriek
We never agreed on this.
It needed to be proven.
But not yet.
It wasn't ready.
It worked didn't it
The entire operation was a
No one in the investigation
discovered Phobos.
He did his job just like you
said he would.
These people were innocent.
Your own niece for God's sake.
I'm sorry you disapprove but there
are bigger issues at stake here.
Sacrifices must be made.
It is unfortunate that it was
her ship
but to have a Cnidarin in
a contained enviroment
it was the perfect testing
This is my project.
This is my project and you can
be replaced.
This weapon will turn the tide
of the war.
You'll thank me when you have a
medal hanging around your neck.
Tell that to Kyleigh.
Many trills and purs