Ennu Ninte Moideen (2015) Movie Script

My dear girl
Stop...don't go
'ln a Naxalite-attack in West Bengal
a sub-inspector, few policemen...
'...and several others were killed'
'The police are now on a witch-hunt
for Naxal leader Charu Majumdar'
l killed him
'Yours Forever,
'Hail Mary
Full of grace'
'The Lord is with you
Blessed are you among women'
'Blessed is the fruit
of your womb, Jesus'
'Holy Mary, Mother of God
Pray for us sinners'
'Now and at the hour
of our death'
'We pray to you'
Why aren't you attending
the prayer session?
Answer me, girl
Why did you stay away?
l will not attend
prayers hereafter
What audacity!
When everyone else is
attending, why can't you?
Does equality exist only
to matters relating to God?
All of us kneel as equals
and pray in front of God...
...but the food we are served
is discriminated in the canteen
Students from affluent families
are served 'A' class food
Students in the little
lesser bracket get 'B' class
She is Merina, who's being served
'C' class food in this convent
The 'C' class food is arranged by
the Church for poor Catholic students
Then may be Hindus and Muslims
should convert to Christianity?
Leela, put some sense into her
She has a point, sister
lt is difficult for us to sit together
and eat food served differently
When we get back after
our December vacation...
...this issue must be solved
Otherwise we will resort to
other ways of insulting the Church
Don't forget!
After our vacation, we will
deal with the rest of the issue
Hope no one has a problem
to starve tonight?
We are prepared to do
anything you suggest
'Lord Messiah of
the King of miracles'
'Please turn the water
in our stomach...'
'...into 'roti' and chicken'
Come here
- Where the hell were you?
- l was inside
Call the musicians
Okay, father
Festival arrangements
are fantastic, Madhava
Our Goddess should not lack
in any way in being honored
Kottatil festival is as good as
Mukkam celebrating it
We can't do a slipshod job
Ramachandra, did you see
my son anywhere?
Where the hell is he?
What are you doing here?
l...that is, where is Ram'etan?
l was looking for him
He is at the temple
The lamp from the store room
must be placed on the verandah
The workers won't do it
properly, come with me
Come, man
- Hope l am not late
- Not at all
There is a divine strength
l get from here every year
Don't go around
saying this in public
Your people won't tolerate it
even if you are Sultan!
God blesses anyone who
comes to Him with a good heart
Gods are beyond
caste and religion
What is the use of
material wealth, Madhava?
A home should be
filled with good children
ln that respect
you are blessed
Look at your daughters
standing like 6 shining stars
Which one wants
to be a doctor?
The one over there
Studying in Little Flower Convent
A little mischievous
But very studious
We need a doctor in our own
home town, don't we, Sahib?
Sure, we do
Madhava, your children will
become doctors and lawyers
Education is the best asset these days
Why hasn't Moideen come?
lf he was here, he would have
clicked pictures of all this
He knows l'd be here today
lndia is not lndira
That slogan represents autocracy
ln spite of a quarter century
since we got freedom...
...we are seeing only an increasing
number of poverty stricken people
ls this the free lndia
we dreamed of?
We socialists must serve people
with slogans of democracy
Of equality and brotherhood
Our national architect
Nehru was a true democrat
But his daughter lndira?
She was not
lndian National Congress-
Stop it, Manu
Your father is a staunch Congressman
and you are a stubborn Socialist
And we are caught
between the two
My father burned clothes
supporting the Freedom movement
To him lndira Gandhi
is almost like Gandhiji
Wind up all this
Your father will be
back any moment
Let him come, mother
Our country will hereafter be ruled
only by Socialist party, not the Congress
Go now, mother
Even God can't win
an argument with you
Coming back to our subject
Our black flag demonstration
tomorrow at Kozhikode...
...will be in protest against
lndira's wrong policies
The People's Socialist Party
will keep its word at any cost
Good Lord!
Run! 'Tiger' has come
Where the hell
are you all running off to?
What rubbish are you
planning to put into effect?
l have warned you many times
Keep your Socialism and
Communism outside our house
Don't you understand?
But l have not committed
any crime betraying my country
Of course it is
This is betrayal
Can your socialist wastrels come
anywhere near a Congress man?
Maybe not but they can
take over Mukkam
l must die
for it to happen
l am a Congressman from
Abdul Rehman's times
And it was Congress who made me
Panchayat president of Mukkam
lndian National Congress
no longer exists
lt is now
lndira Gandhi Congress
Congress (l)
Stop it
Are you teaching me politics?
What are you doing?
You keep quiet
You are the one allowing
these rebels to raise their heads
Madhavan's daughter will
become a doctor after 2 years
And you?
Shouting out slogans and living
for the sake of some loafers
Someone has to benefit
from your well-loaded body
lsn't that why we are planning
a black flag protest tomorrow?
Black flag demonstration?
lt will affect me adversely
lf you carry out
this dirty deed-
'Brave Moideen'
'Pearl of Mukkam, Moideen'
'Our treasure Moideen'
'Lead on bravely'
'Millions will support you'
'The con men of Mukkam'
He has been bruised
black and blue
'Long live Moideen'
The police broke his hand for
protesting against lndira Gandhi
So what? At least
he showed spunk
lf father is Sultan
then son is Pasha!
We need a smart youngster
like him in Mukkam
'We shall retaliate'
There will be retaliation for sure
His is pitting his silly Socialism
against lndiraji's charisma
He has been beaten up badly
He deserves more
He must be beaten and
thrown into the river
This is what happens to people
who dare oppose lndiraji
'Eye for eye
Tooth for tooth'
Enough! Stop it now
Lower him gently
All of you leave now
Let him take rest
Okay, see you Manu'ikkaka
How dare lndiraji
play against Moideen!
Moideen, come
Manu'ikkaka, take care
Sit here
Nice and easy
lf Sultan sahib sees me here
l'll be a corpse instead
l am leaving
How dare they-
Wait...don't go
Hey! Don't take it off
Give it time to heal
You weren't
actually beaten up?
Getting beaten is
not the criteria
You must know
how to market it
Now look who l am today
lf l stood for election in Mukkam
even l will get a few votes
Who broke your hand?
My hands?
Who will dare to?
Be it the police or army...
...if they punch you
give it right back
You don't have to worry at all
All those holding posts
high up there...
...have been fed
by these hands
We are all for Congress
Till we breathe our last
Gandhiji's path is our way of life
Madhav'etta, you must find a way out
We want to enact the drama
'You made me into a communist'
Scared of the police, no one is
giving us a place to erect the stage
Long ago when A.K.Gopalan
was in hiding at Mukkam...
...it was Unni'chetan
and l who sheltered him
l am not considering
the political angle
We are aware of that
lsn't that why
we came to you for help?
- Rama?
- Coming
Our field at Areekode is lying
idle after harvests, isn't it?
Clear it up and level it
They have to build
a stage there next week
You carry on
Hey! You are at it
early this morning
Why don't you stay back
one more day?
Go tomorrow
Nothing doing
We'll meet next vacation
See you, okay?
Radha'edathi, we must
go to the temple
Hurry up
Still at it?
l'm going, okay?
Why don't you-
l know you want me to stay back
lt's not happening
See you, my dear
Ma, not ready yet?
Father is already yelling
Almost done
Give it to her
l clean forgot
lf l go back without
your famous snack...
...Leela will kill me
lt's become routine now
Shall l go, mother?
Ma, don't start now
l postponed going back
just because of these tears
10 day-vacation
has become 11
l will be back soon
Mother is always
extra fond of Kanchana
Don't make faces at me, okay?
Stop your mischief-stint in college
Everyone is anxious to
see you become a doctor
All that will happen, mother
There goes father again
l'll take leave, ma
Shut up, crow
l am leaving, okay?
- When are you back?
- Next vacation
Come here
When will you
come here next?
Be quiet and
show me your hand
Open it and see
lsn't it made of gold?
lt's an old one
And a little damaged
You can repair it and use it
Brother is calling me, see you
What were you doing?
What if it rains and
the place gets flooded?
Get in quick
Did you take an umbrella?
Yes, l did
lt was here, year before last
Moideen, Nair and Bhasi put up a play
l remember very well
'Kootukrishi' right?
What happened, brother?
Let me see
What is it?
This vehicle always has a problem
lf l am absent today also
l don't have to go at all
lf you run for it
you can catch the bus
Okay, l am going
My brother will deal with it
l can carry your suitcase
Get down
Kunnamangalam to Kozhikode
Get in quick
Sit there
No, it's okay
lf you touch me
you'll be regarded 'unclean'
lf l don't, only then
l will become 'unclean'!
Go...get going
Answer me
l really don't know
You received one such parcel
previously in your name too
A book letter without
a sender's address
Was that also without
your knowledge?
Yes, madam
l don't know
One can never win
an argument with you
lt was only because
of Kanchanamala...
...we eat together now
without discrimination
True, we never used
to get anything to eat
Kanchana, why are you not eating?
l don't feel too good
l don't want to eat
Carry on
(re-arranging jumbled letters)
Theyyathin Kadavu
Get down...get down
Let's go
'The Good Lord
showers His Grace'
'He said, it is not good
for man to be alone'
He proclaimed, 'l will make a helper
who is just right for him'
'Listen! That is the voice
of my dearest one'
'Across vales and hills
he comes skipping towards me'
'My beloved is like
a gazelle or a young stag...'
'...gazing through the windows,
peering through the lattice'
'He stands behind a wall
'He whispers to me'
'My darling, my beloved
My beautiful one, arise'
- How come you are here?
- Football match
lnside the church?!
l got out of the house
using that as excuse
'Flowers have started
blossoming on earth'
'lt's time to begin a song'
'The doves have started
cooing in our land'
...it's raining
'Flowers of grapes
have started blooming'
'They sway spreading
their scented fragrance'
Shall we get drenched?
''Eyes spoke, in vocal silence''
''My dear parakeet from a distance''
''As lips expressed in a soft whisper
what the heart ached to hear''
''...when the pretty parakeet was near''
''Upon the branches of the portia tree''
''...a pair of birds roosted happily''
''From the chariot-like rainbow in harmony''
''...raindrops showered to keep company''
''Rain added to their rhapsody''
''Eyes spoke, in vocal silence''
''My dearest parrot from a distance''
''Along rippling
streams murmuring''
''And paths of fields flowering''
''Along rippling streams murmuring
And paths of fields flowering''
''A secret whispered soft
into wind's ears aloft''
''Like a song composed from above''
''The crashing crescendo of first love''
''ln this shower upon yonder hills
the clouds ran in dancing frills''
''Searching for this river flowing
like a vestal virgin glowing''
''Like a lake soaked in moonlight''
''And moon like a boat bobbing bright''
''Eyes spoke, in vocal silence''
''To my dear parakeet from a distance''
''As lips expressed in a soft whisper
what the heart ached to hear''
''...when the pretty parakeet was near''
''Upon the branches of the portia tree''
''...a pair of birds roosted lovingly''
''From the chariot-like rainbow in harmony''
''...raindrops showered to keep company''
''Rain added to the rhapsody''
There are so many items
My employer's son Kottatil Sethu
fell down while playing ball
His shoulder is injured
The doctor said so
Now pack it up
and give me quick
l think it's a dislocation
You've been repeating this
for quite some time
Move aside!
l need some light
lf you mix 'marvati' and 'marmani' oils
in equal proportions and massage...
...the dislocation will disappear in a wink
So you think!
Stop grinning and
get me the ayurvedic oil
Now move aside
What are you doing?
Are you playing ball with his arm?
lt will take some time
Don't hurry me, please
Why don't you admit
you can't cure him?
God! My arm
Can l have some water?
l'll get it
The physician asked
for some water
Give it to me
l'll get it
Why didn't you come there?
l didn't want to see
l was quite scared
hearing him scream in pain
Appu, what is the doctor saying?
The dislocation is quite severe
He will be bedridden
for at least 3 months
He said it vehemently
Didn't he, Kanchana?
Dear God! Your uncle and
father won't spare me now
They keep accusing me of
encouraging him to play football
Where do we now go
for further treatment?
What are you looking for?
Where is water stored?
- Look, it's right there
- Oh! l forgot!
What's wrong with this girl?
No need to take him anywhere
He can be treated right here
Our Dr Thottam is the best
lsn't he, Kanchana?
Come here, my girl
Pinch out the leaves
Ramachandran is running
around with bank issues
Sahadevan is looking
after the theatre
Everyone has 101 things to do
Aunty, you needn't worry
After all l am
Sethu's closest cousin
l'll look after him
Even if it's difficult and
how many ever months...
...l'll stay right here
till he's better
lt's my duty after all
Stop killing him like this
Take him somewhere else
Doctor, come away
Don't take unnecessary risk, Moideen
lt's a dislocation of
a vital part of the body
Hey! No
Stop wriggling, Sethu
This is not foot ball
He'll foul up for sure!
That's it
Hey! Moideen
lt is fixed now
l told you, it was very simple
But what to do if he resists?!
What are you doing?
Lie down
lt's a serious condition
Why don't you tell him?
lt's nothing
l am cured
How did that happen?
lt was just a dislocation
One jerk and Moideen fixed it
lt was quite painful
Are you really okay?
Mother, l'm alright now
lt wasn't the doctor
Moideen set it right
He's a smart fellow
Let's leave
Appu, come
Sethu, see you at the ground
Go and keep it inside
Please drink tea
l cut the tree from my estate
Sawed it in my own mill
Got it made by carpenters
in my own house
This is a little extravagant
You are only saying it
as a formality
When visiting you
for the very first time...
...we have to follow
certain conventions
- What do you say?
- Sure, we must
We have heard
a lot about Moideen
Moideen is news in Kozhikode,
Koyilandy, Arukutti and Mavoor
Where is Moideen?
He is not to be seen
'l feel you are pretending
not to have seen me'
'Or this must be a ploy
to make me confess first'
'Like the peacock feather
we used to treasure as kids...'
'...l want to express my love
l cherished for so long Kanchana'
'...that has been nestling in
my heart for long, Kanchana'
'l like you so much, Kanchana'
'So very much'
Won't the ground we stand upon
open up and swallow us, Moideen?
Will people allow this?
Are you out to create
problems in Mukkam?
lf we follow this river
we reach the Arabian Sea
How many ever times
the boat halts at the pier...
...lruvazhinji river will
reach the Arabian sea
lf lruvazhinji belongs to the sea...
...then Kanchana
belongs to me, Moideen
This is my word of honor
A promise made
is truth for keeps
l know very well your word
is as good as a promise
Please come in
l must tell you something
Shouldn't we ask him
before we decide?
Ask him?
l will decide
He will do it
You take care of
the preparations for lunch
My father built a house for me
Today is the house-warming
lt is father's scheme to control
his wastrel son's wayward ways
l must go there
Otherwise he'll give me
a piece of his mind
l came only for 2 days
l must go back tomorrow
l'm leaving from
my uncle's house
You must write to me, okay?
Not only write letters
l'll come to Kozhikode
To the gates of your college
Or your hostel premises
l can at least
see you that way
Go, the ferry is here
You have a passenger
l had been to your house
Only then l came to know
you were at your uncle's place
l have...
...something to tell you
What is it, Appu'etta?
Why should we wait
till the month of Rajab?
There are auspicious days
before that also
Where the hell were you?
They have been
waiting to meet you
He is Soopi Haji from Poonoor
Rice trader at Valyangadi
Owns acres of paddy fields
We from Mammaliparambu have
ancestral rights at the royal palace
Kerala is now under
the rule of R.Shankar
Didn't royal rule end
long back, father?
Soopi Haji has come
with an alliance
l have consented to you
marrying their daughter
To her elder sister
Perfect date is the 20th
ln the month of Shawwal
The wedding will be held
at Poonoor mosque
Do you approve, mother?
Your mother approves and
your father is very happy
We are waiting
only for your acceptance
Then you shouldn't delay
My mother Pathumma
can do with a helper
lf Sahib weds another woman...
...whole of Mukkam
can rejoice happily!
l don't understand
What did you say?
lf Haji insists our families
must bond through marriage...
...he must get his eldest
daughter married to you
Because if at all
there is a girl in my life...
...it will only be Kanchana
lt's a word of honor l have
given her, myself and to God
Which Kanchana?
Kanchanamala of Kottatil house
You dirty rascal!
Don't hit him
l have been tolerating
your atrocities all these years
You want to ruin my friendship
with my best friend..
...with your blessed love affair?
You, Unni Moideen Sahib
Advocator of religious tolerance
Why this double standard now?
Has your 'browneye' prayer bump
suddenly become a shade darker?
You dare speak insolently
to your own father?
You'll get it from me
- What are you doing?
- Move away, woman
Have you gone mad?
He is your son
Get out from here
l don't have a son anymore
You don't have any right
over your inheritance
Don't you dare come here
Even to see my dead body
l don't want the money
you have stashed
l have never desired
the assets of this house
But if l am alive,
when you die...
...my shoulder also
will carry your coffin
Because l have called
only you 'father'
My son!
Ask him to get lost
That house belongs to you also
You don't have to
go anywhere else
You can stay with us
You are good at heart
We know you won't
do anything wrong
Go and take rest now
How did you make her
fall in love with you?
ls she very beautiful?
More beautiful
than her face...
...is her heart, my dear
Look here
Are you very much
in 'lub' with her?
lt's not 'lub'
Stop annoying me
Off you go
How will l go for
my tailoring classes now?
The teacher and students there
are your ardent fans
l have fooled them so many times
saying l will recommend them
l want a notebook
to write a letter
lt's over there
Why do you have to
scribble notes to and fro?
Why don't you convert her?
Uncle might then agree
lf she converts
l myself will kill her
'My dear Kanchana'
'l am trapped in
an unexpected tempest'
'l have made up my mind
to go ahead and get drenched'
'Father has thrown me
out of the house'
'l am now staying
at my uncle's house'
'Doors are being shut
on our faces, Kanchana'
'But we will certainly open
the doors that are shut'
Come here
- What's it, boy?
- Come here
- Where is Kanchana'edathi?
- She has gone
- Where to?
- College
What is it?
Get lost, boy
Who are you, boy?
l am the son of Ramankutty
who sells palmyra torches
What's in your hand?
Give it here
lt's nothing
Continue reading
the rest of it, girl
'Don't worry about anything'
'ln my mind l have
already given the dowry'
'l don't care who objects
l will be yours only'
'Our love must be carved
on the doors of Heaven'
'lf you are beside me,
that is more than enough'
Read the last line, girl
'Forever yours, Moideen'
ls all this true?
ls there anything going on
between the two of you?
Yes, we like each other
l'll punch you like
we pound rotten areca nut
You had better forget him
My dear, think of this
as just a lapse on your part
Forget him
No, mother
l have promised him
A promise made
is truth for keeps
Just selling coconut leaves
from our estates is enough...
...for 4 future generations
of Kottatil to live happily
Now look what happened
allowing her to study?!
Look at her now
Promised herself to
some low bred fellow
Enough...full stop
to your education
No, l want to study
Give us your word you won't
have anything to do with Moideen
No, brother, we have decided
Are you out to create
trouble in this land?
Do you want to create issues
between Hindus and Muslims?
How can there be an issue?
When Shankar uncle
married a Christian...
...it was father who sheltered him
Father always said
there's no caste or religion
That only being human(e) mattered
Father will agree
l am very sure
lnsolent girl!
He has used strong
black magic potion on her
lf you allow her to go out
it will be dangerous
Not even her shadow
should be seen outside
l want to go across
Hurry please
Good Lord!
l am Moideen of Mukkam
Did you come here at
midnight to give this gift?
This is from my garden
l just had a bite
l heard you were kept
locked up under heavy security
l wanted to bring you out
And here l am
Let's go
Where to?
This bus does not have
a name board for now
Fuel filled to the brim
This bus will go any place...
...where rules of temple
and mosque don't apply
No, Moideen
lt may not matter to you
But it will break the friendship
between your father and mine
Neither will we be at peace
And society will blame us
for isolating our families
As a man l have
earned a bad name...
...in this short span
of life that l have led
lf taking you away will add
more lustre to my reputation
...then so be it
Stop arguing
and come out now
What about my sisters?
l must not be the reason
for their lives to be ruined
Our union must not be the cause
for even a drop of blood being shed
When everyone
decides to accept us-
When both of us are
buried under the earth...
...we can go and graze sheep!
Tossing and turning 6 feet deep
love will not be good like it is now
They stopped your studies
because of me
Come away to Kozhikode
l'll stand guard
at the college gate
Let me see which member
of your clan will take you away
l can study from here
Want to be stubborn?
Yes, l am
Are you regretting this?
Did they hurt you?
Did you suffer?
l will wait until the day
you decide to come away
The day you agree
l will be here once again
Till then keep writing to me
l will somehow
send you a reply
See you?
Did anyone imagine
she would behave like this?
lt's not Kottatil alone
Our entire clan feels let down
What a disgrace!
That too with a Muslim boy
What are you doing
out in that rain?
Stop it, Appu
Do you remember
all that you studied?
- l do
- You?
l remember
- Where are you going?
- To school
No more school
for you, get inside
- We have Hindi exam today
- Hindi...my foot!
Hindi is our national language, uncle
Did you hear that?
Politics at the drop of a hat!
No wonder girls are
going the wrong way
lt's their father's school
He will spoil these girls also
Go inside
Uncle, forget the fact
my education was stopped
Don't punish them
They didn't do anything wrong
Don't you open your mouth
lf you mend your ways
your sisters can go to school
Otherwise their studies
can go for a toss
l don't think my love
for Moideen is a crime
l have made arrangements
for the girls to study
But she is quite stubborn
We must get her married
How can we arrange that
all of a sudden?
We must
A family that matches our status
will come here on Wednesday
Ask your father to come here
as soon as possible from Nilgiris
'Architects of this new generation
will open out coffers of new inspiration'
'Single wick lamps held with affection
come maidens, like poetry in motion'
'Single wick lamps held with affection
come maidens, like poetry in motion'
'Hail those who awaken to
fresh sounds all around new'
How is this song, Moideen,
for the party meeting this evening?
Sure, it will rock
Buy your provisions and wait
l'll be back soon
'All of them who perspire
Toiling in fields of green here'
How is this?
'All of them who perspire'
'Dear Manu'
'Once again l am
under new shackles'
'They are planning
to get me married'
'Uncle and brothers seem
to have almost fixed it'
'Something must be done'
'lnstead of going to
another prison...'
'...isn't death a better option?'
'Those who made the handcuffs
and built the prisons, let them tremble'
'Let us show our courage, insurge
break the fortress walls to surge'
'Let this be a new dawn of crimson
on the blue skies of a revolution'
Bhasi! Even though you don't look it...
...you are brilliant!
'My dear Kanchanakutty'
'Hold on to your courage'
'We will break
the walls of your fortress'
'l was expecting this
for quite some time'
'According to my spies...'
'...it's a family from Perumanna
who will reach Kottatil on Wednesday'
'To 'see' you as
a prospective bride'
'They are very affluent'
'Madathiparambil family'
'Their word is always final'
'Astrologer Marthandam
has specified the time'
'Wednesday morning at 8:30'
'Look! They've arrived'
'He is Rarukutty
of Madathiparambil'
'Your future father-in-law'
'Half the town of Perumanna
is under his control'
'That handsome fellow
is M.P Manoharan'
'Obviously his looks speak
for the groom-status'
'He's a station master
at Madras railway station'
'Unless he waves the green flag
the train won't leave the station'
'His plan is to take you
to Madras after marriage'
Let's go in
'There's a knock
at your door, right?'
'Go, open it'
'Go and open the door'
What were you doing?
They are here
Get ready quickly
'Don't hesitate
Accept it'
'You must dress well
because that is tradition'
'Now close the door'
'Now l will tell you
how to present yourself'
lt's not easy to come away
from the Nilgiris tile factory
That's why her father is not here
That's alright
There's always a next time
My dear Kanchana
You are taking so long
Come out
Kanchana, open the door
Open the door, my girl
Have you gone mad?
What is all this?
l am Moideen's girl
lf they are prepared to accept
a second marriage, l'm ready
Give it to me
Move aside
Dear Goddess!
What is she up to?
Who is this?
l am Kanchanamala
You are here to 'see' me
as prospective bride, right?
My son is not so desperate
to marry a widow
You were also
a part of this charade?
l swear upon Lord Muthappan
l didn't know she was a widow
What are you sitting
and gaping there?
Get up
Without knowing the facts-
Explain this to him
l don't want any explanations
He won't look for an alliance
anywhere near Mukkam
You wicked girl!
After putting us
through this shame...
...you really think you have
a future with him?
Even if you die inside here...
...you won't get
what you desire
lf you dare disgrace our family...
...l will kill you
Stop right there, woman
Give it to me
This is our 2nd glass of tea
Will it come at least
before the next tea?
Will it come?
Manu'ikkaka, are you having tea?
No, it's poison
Do you also want some?
l am from Kottaatil
Only l will come hereafter
Here is the credit book
'All these hurdles
did not deter them'
'Despite the distance
their love only grew stronger'
'When letters were intercepted
they found new ways to communicate'
Not enough sunlight
Put it over there
lf your uncle and brothers
come to know, they will kill me
But l'm fine with it
l know how much
you love each other
My only regret
To see a girl like you
full of life to be shut inside here
'My dear Kanchanakutty'
'l have found a new method
to solve our letter problem'
'When you hear the horn
of my car you'll know'
'That way no one
will be caught with it'
'Honk once
l am at Mukkam'
'Horn twice, l may be
at Kodiyathoor'
'Or Chennamangallur'
'3 honks, l am
going to Kozhikode'
'4 honks, l am
outside the district'
'5-7 honks l am
out of the state'
'May be even to Delhi'
To Trivandrum
To Bombay
- Where is he now?
- At Kozhikode
'Respected citizens'
'ln the coming elections
of ward 3 of Mukkam Panchayat...'
'...as the candidate of
People's Socialist party
'l am your favorite
'Please cast your valuable
votes in favor of the plough'
'This is a request
A humble appeal'
'Today at 6:30 p.m
the leader of the Youth wing...'
'...of People's Socialist party
and a fiery speaker'
'...Sri V.R.Kurup will address you'
Do participate and help us win
Give me that
Our candidate B.P.Moideen
Our symbol is the plough
Protesting against the barbarian
dictatorship of communist rule
Barbarian communist?
l did not write that
Don't fool around with my party
l'll just dump you and go
Go hang! You and
your Communism
l don't want your notes
Protesting against the barbarian
dictatorship of Communist rule
Requesting you to bundle
the shoddy Congress rule
With new advances into
the arena of democracy
Long live
Apple of everyone's eye
'Sri V.R.Kurup of
People's Socialist Party'
'To end Unni Moideen Sahib's rule of
slavery and rescue Mukkam panchayat'
To remove the cataract ridden
senile old men from power
'Contesting for your benefits
is candidate...B.P.Moideen'
'Cast your valuable votes'
Why did you stop?
You and your Socialism
Why did you stop, you rascal?
What 'old man' am l?
You think you can
let your tongue run wild?
What did l do that was so absurd?
Didn't you-
Didn't you detour road from
the bus stand to the river front?
Otherwise the Govt. would have acquired
the land belonging to Thotungal
Must the poor townsfolk make
a detour of almost a kilometer now?
l too have lent my shoulder
to bring Mukkam up to this level
Sometimes l'm forced to
take such decisions
How does it affect you?
People supported me because
of the good l did for this town
l will continue to be
the Sultan of Mukkam
You can be Sultan or Satan!
But it is natural in any democracy
for new candidates to emerge
And no Unni Moideen can stop that
Are you teaching me democracy?
You were the one who published news
about trees being chopped down
And put a spoke in
my development plans
Those trees were not
planted by you, father
When the hot sun
beats down mercilessly...
...let those trees be a shady haven
for the homeless here
Don't try your tricks with me
At any cost, l will get 100 odd trees
and have them sawed in my mill
And throw them into the river
Want to see me do it?
That desire will only
be rotting in your mind
What did you say?
You will not touch a single tree
There are other men here
in Mukkam to prevent that
Long live
Any tree that grows
way above my head...
...l will chop it down like
slicing the stem of colocasia
Hail our leader B.P.Moideen!
Hail our leader B.P.Moideen!
'With the plough as symbol...'
'...l am contesting'
'Dear people of Mukkam...'
Why is there a slump
in the price of areca nut?
- Too much rain
- lt's really bad
'Listen to the People's Socialist party's
favorite candidate V.R.Kurup...'
'...deliver a fiery speech'
Stop, l say
'Don't think anyone can keep
a person locked up forever'
'lf you do, it is sheer foolishness'
'Our party believes
in religious equality'
'Be it a Muslim or a Hindu'
'Love is the essence of
all life in the universe'
What is all this?
'lf anyone thinks by injuring
his opponent in the playground...'
'...he can destroy a whole party'
'...he can think again!'
You'll be beaten up
Stop it, man
Shut up
'We are prepared to die
to emerge as winners'
'Congressmen who don't
realize the value of love...'
'...l have a question for you'
'ls it right to make women
feel helpless and harass them?'
'ls it right to stop
a girl's right to education?'
Get inside, girl
Get lost!
Go and do your work
'Free lndia doesn't permit
a person to write letters?'
Switch that off
Oh dear women-
Switch it on, man
Here, read this
'Oh dear woman!
Gem of lndia, never cry'
'l am going to Delhi this evening'
'From there l travel
straight back to Kozhikode'
'We are introducing for the 1st time
a sports magazine in Kerala'
'Kerala's own magazine
Sports Herald'
- How's the name?
- Too good
Who asked you?
'l know you like it'
'Okay, let me stop now'
'Goodbye for now'
Now go
'Protesting against the barbarian
dictatorship of communist rule'
'Requesting you to bundle
the shoddy Congress rule'
What, brother?
Look at this
Moideen's Sports magazine
was released by Mrs. lndira Gandhi
The magazine 'Sports Herald'
published by B.P.Moideen was...
...released by Prime Minister
Mrs. lndira Gandhi at Kottayam
Let me see
He is a smart fellow
He got the Prime minister
to release his book
He headed the black flag protest also
When to protest...
...and when to publish magazines
...he times it well
Nothing to fear
- Go fast
- l am scared
Don't be
lt's nothing
Did you see that?
Here, towel yourself dry
Kottatil Sethu
A promising footballer for lndia
By B.P.Moideen
One more promising player
from Mukkam for the lndian team
Kottatil Sethu, a 'centre forward'
with his own merit is a footballer...
...who has attracted
National attention
Would lndira Gandhi have read it?
Of course
So wouldn't she have
seen my photo also, Appu?
Look, your picture also is here
Let me see
From Mukkam to Mohan Bagan
Appu, 'defender' out of his own efforts
qualified into Mohan Bagan's team
These are just tricks up his sleeve
But our photos published
in a decent magazine from Kerala...
...is also our good fortune, right, Appu?
All of you have fallen flat
for his glib sweet-talk
Not exactly fallen
lsn't he the kind
to show off his skill?
lf people of Kottatil are good
he won't hesitate to say so
'Let religions be destroyed and
only love prevail among mankind'
'First drama of KKM Company'
'Light in search of a lamp'
'Tonight sharp 8:00 p.m in
the grounds of Manjilidam'
'Come, watch and applaud'
'A drama written and directed
by our own Manu'ikkaka'
'Religion is not important, brethren'
'Love among human beings is vital'
'Our Manu'ikkaka has directed
and written this love ballad'
'The light in search of a lamp'
'Come and see
Don't forget'
Come here
On the vacant grounds
of Manjilidath, at 8:00 p.m
You ask
Can we go and see the drama?
l'll kill you and bury you
Get out
'Dear lovers of fine arts'
'All of you gathered here to see
KKM Company's maiden effort'
'Warm welcome'
- What is it, man?
- ls this enough?
This will do for the wig
But reduce the size of your bust
'For the section of our society
prioritizing caste and religion...'
'...by forgetting humane sentiments,
KKM Company proudly presents'
'The light in search of a lamp'
'Music is by Changampuzha Krishna Pillai'
'Directed and written
by B.P.Moideen'
Did you notice that board?
KKM is Kottatil Kanchana Mala
This drama is
a tribute to their love
You mean Kottatil Kanchana Moideen?
Get lost!
''Dark night''
''As the dark night unites in delight,
into a sea of silvery moonlight''
''As the velvety night links infinite,
into an ocean of glazed moonlight''
''Life of my life, my essence''
''My sole soul mate, my essence''
''Love of my life, my essence''
''Praying l await your presence
Thirsting for you in every sense''
''As the ink-blue night merges in delight,
into a sea of milky moonlight''
''As the ebony-night submerges to ignite,
into an ocean of shimmering moonlight''
''ln my boudoir musical note lilting
soft as fragrance wafting''
''ln my chamber musical note lilting
soft as scents wafting''
''The breeze caressing me now,
won't you go across to her also?''
''Purpled night''
''As the onyx-night swims in delight,
into a sea of rippling moonlight''
''l hopefully wait for my love
Somehow tonight he will come''
''l hopefully wait for my love
Tonight at least he will come home''
''Heartfelt thrill to the brim
l make a bed of flowers for him''
''As the jet black-night sinks in delight,
into a sea of glittering moonlight''
''As the dark night bathes infinite,
into an ocean of shimmering moonlight''
''Life of my life, my essence''
''Praying l await your presence
Thirsting for you in every sense''
''As the licorice night rinses in delight,
into a sea of glazed moonlight''
Love of my life
Let us leave
The time has come for
this midnight flower to bloom
What about our religion?
What religion?
Let us go live in a dream world
where there is no religion or caste
lsn't love the truest religion?
Stop there
A low caste marrying
a girl from higher caste?
l'll kill you
Please don't, brother
Don't do it
Hey Goddess!
l am hereby offering this sinner
as my sacrifice to You
Accept this offering
You can shoot
only if there is a bullet
My beloved, come away
Oh God!
'The light searches for a lamp'
This whole play
was a dig at you
'On behalf of KKM,
l thank each and everyone...'
'...who were present here
to watch this drama tonight'
You carry on, l need
to go to Manassery
'My heartfelt thanks'
Do you think he understood?
Whether he did or not
is besides the point
The whole town understood
this was a dig at Kottatil family
- l'll take this route
- See you tomorrow
- Okay, see you
- Do you want the torch?
No, you carry on
Bhasi as a woman was superb
We have been playing ball
since our childhood days
Did you think l won't recognize you
with that kerchief over your face, Sethu?
This will only cause trouble
l will consider this shot as just
a lapse on your part, Sethu
Let this remain with me
for the time being
Otherwise you might
resort to more blunders
l love her very much, Sethu
As much as she loves me
When she mentioned about
the harsh problems she faced...
...do you know what l told her?
Even if the whole world
is against us...
...Sethu will understand
But l was wrong
l was...
...wrong about you
'Successful 2nd week
Film 'Soul of Darkness''
'At our Mukkam Theatre Shakti
Watch your favorite stars'
Are you going
to Kottatil house?
Yes, move aside
'3 shows daily'
'An amazing story presented
by the M T - P Bhaskaran combo'
Turn around
Mukkam junction
Get down
Let's go...go
Aren't you in Kottatil?
Groom's party would have
gone there by now
Poonchola family
won't be going there
They came up to this
junction and went back
What happened?
'With Best Wishes'
Why are you burning up
your life like a candle?
Do you realize someone here
is silently suffering for you?
Your father
At least for your father's sake
you must forget him
No, mother
l cannot do that
Only 1 person can
exist in another's heart
lf you marry a Muslim...
...your siblings will
remain unmarried
Do you want to lead your life
gathering curses from every one?
That's why l did not elope
when he called me, mother
Do you really think
you have a future with him?
Mother, if l ever have a future...
...it will only be
with Moideen
Let all of them
get married and go away
Let them get a life
of their own
One day l'll be
the only one left behind
l will go away with
Moideen on that day
l will
l will go, mother
For that, l am ready to wait
any number of years
Even if you don't bless me...
...don't stop me, mother
My dear daughter
''l waited and waited there''
''The river thinned at the pier''
''Seasons and years swept by''
''Like petals in summer wither, die''
''Bangles slipped out of her hands''
''Brimming with remembrance''
''Like a shadow with broken wings''
''A wicker of flame
wavering in the winds''
''Like a thread that has thinned''
''Like laughter that never trilled''
''l burn in your memories fierce
stretching moments to years''
'Since their letters
never reached each other'
'They crafted a language
which only they could decipher'
''Every rain laden cloud, like you, quietly
l thought will shower upon me''
''Rain abates and sun resumes
Days fly past like withering blooms''
''Moments of hide and seek, dear
l wait as you appear and disappear''
''l waited and waited lingeringly''
''The river thinned at the quay''
''Seasons and years swept by''
''Like petals in summer wither and die''
''Bangles slipped out of her hands''
''O boatman, humming
a song of the waves''
''For your closeness
my heart craves''
''Will flowers unseen, unknown and misty
bloom in a cactus grove for you and me?''
''Like a wick ceasing
Like the waves seeking''
''Blinking and waiting impatiently
for what seemed like eternity''
''l wait...await endlessly''
''The river thinned at the jetty''
''Seasons and years swept by''
''Like petals in summer fade and die''
''Bangles slipped out of her hands''
Do l look different?
And me?
Not a chance!
How did you come out?
Savithri'edathi delivered
her second baby
l said l was going
to see the baby
Why are we waiting like this?
l can't bear it too, Moideen
Everyone has happily
settled down in their lives
Shouldn't we start
a life of our own now?
We must
l want a life with you
Don't cry
You have cried
for 10 long years
l won't let you
cry any more
You remember
all that l wrote to you?
Tomorrow l will come
to Kuttatil house
- You must walk out
- l will come
Where will we go?
l have not decided
But...l don't want us to
start our new life in Mukkam
- Manu'ikkaka
- Passenger is waiting
The ferry is here...come
lf you are late
they will start suspecting
''This is my love, my heart
This is my destiny''
''This is the divine power
This is my heart in pain...''
''This is my love, my heart
This is my destiny''
''This is my heart in pain...''
''Created just for me, oh woman
One born on the soil of Mukkam''
''You share my soul 50-50
You are the essence that fills me''
''You are the light within me shining
A pearl necklace shimmering''
''The essence of love in me
You are a splendor unseen''
''You are the novel woman of my novel''
lt has been a decade now
lsn't it time
you stopped this nonsense?
l have stopped, father
Today it has ended
Tomorrow l am asking her
to come away with me
l won't allow you
if it's the last thing l do
lf it is the last thing l ever do...
...l will marry only her
And we will lead
a life together too
l married your mother, Pathumma
After our families
fixed the alliance
But you, son of Satan...
...if you are bent on raising hell
on this land by living with her
...you will be dead
Even if l am killed...
...Kanchana is my girl forever
Are you sure?
As sure as you are my father
l have given
my word once for all
You scoundrel!
lf l let you remain alive
2 families will be destroyed
You forced me
to do this, my son
My dear...wait
Open the door, dear
Please don't do
anything foolhardy
l've lived inside here
like a corpse all these years
What does it matter if l die?
Go away from here
Dear Manu
l know
l am still alive
because you are there
l am not prepared
for anything else
No, Manu
You cannot die
l won't allow any God
to take you away from me
l want my Manu
l won't kill myself
Waiting for you all these years
will become meaningless then
What l should experience
in a lifetime...
...l have gone through
in this room
Yet l have never
prayed to any God
But today l am praying
My dear Gods...
...give me back my Moideen
Promise me
You'll give him back
l must see my Manu
Didn't l tell you
l can't allow you in there?
We are trying our best
to save your son's life
This will be his life saver
lt will work better
than any of your medicines
l'll just give it to him
and l will come away
Don't delay
See who the donor is
Okay, doctor
Take me to the court and-
Didn't l ask you
to take a bail-
l am the accused
You must produce me in court
No one will come to bail me out
Unni Moideen?
Give that over there
Give me that form
Sign here
Go ahead
Here Unni
Now sign
Where are you off to?
Wherever l feel like
The joy on your face when you ruin
people whom you dislike...?!
God will reward you accordingly!
Stop blabbering and go inside
That will be better for you
l am getting to know
what is better for me
After chopping him up like meat
you sit and enjoy a game alone, eh?
You tried to kill him because
you knew he was a better man, eh?
Your power and position
is more important to you
Yes, woman
Dignity and self respect
are priority for a man
Utter rubbish!
A congress man who preached
there was no caste and religion
But when your own son wanted
to marry Madhavan's daughter...
...you simply eliminated him
l have more dignity and
self respect than you
So look, this is all
l am taking with me
And that too, to implore God
to give you better sense
Never come here again
Get lost
l don't even want to come
into this Satan's house again
You can live here all alone
as the Sultan of Mukkam
But one day
God will reform you
Even when he was on
the verge of dying...
...he was clutching
that fistful of sand
l tried so much
to prise it off his hand
That is the sand of
Kanchana's footprint
How will he let go?
Moideen, doctor has
agreed for your discharge
You can leave this afternoon
l never thought
you would recover so quickly
lt wasn't the doctor
or his medicines
lt was her prayers day and night
that retained your soul here
You must give that soul back to her
What are you waiting for now?
Just go and bring her
l also have a house of my own
This is the best time
All her siblings are married
Ramachandran is in Coimbatore
Go and bring her Manu'ikkaka
Mother, if l believe in you
and bring her with me...
...you think we will end up starving?
Be quiet!
Go bring her
Then you can joke
Here, take it
- ls someone to be hanged?
- Didn't you hear?
Naxalite Ajitha has been set free
lf you tell the truth
to the magistrate...
...we'll lose our case
You did not stab him
lf you can save the case by
your gift of the gab, do it
But l will not bow my head
in front of that scoundrel
Kannur jail is meant
for red blooded men
Known to people
as Sultan of Mukkam...
...the accused here, Baliyambra
Pottatu Unni Moideen Sahib
That is, my client
B.P.Moideen's father
Haven't you tried many times
to kill my client Moideen?
Yes, you have
Many times
Once following a disagreement
haven't you tried to shoot him?
l am trying to establish the enmity
the accused always had towards my client
Tell me
Did you not point a hunting gun
and try to kill your son?
l did point a gun
But l did not shoot
Didn't you challenge
you would chop him...
...that too, in public
at Mukkam junction?
This has no relevance to this case
Tell me, didn't you threaten
in public you would kill him?
Any respectable person
holding a high position in society...
...if insulted publicly
will definitely react
lt was not a threat
So you admit you were not
on the best of terms with your son
Wasn't it on July 12th, during
heavy rains, you were stabbed?
You could have died, isn't it?
lt was sheer luck
l did not die
The first stab itself and
my intestines were injured
lt was sheer luck
this young man...
...was rescued from
his own father's attack
He was operated for 6 hours
And had to stay in
hospital for 1 month
l am submitting medical records
to the court for your kind perusal
Whose knife is this?
My father's
This knife is always tucked
in Unni Moideen Sahib's waist
And he has a gun in his car
Wasn't it with this knife
the accused stabbed you?
lt is true l was hurt
But not...
...with a knife
lt was Unni Moideen Sahib
who stabbed you
No one stabbed me
Moideen, this is the court
Think back properly and reply
This knife was used
by Sahib to stab you
l tell you l wasn't stabbed
Then how did you get hurt?
lt was...
lt was raining
heavily on July 12th
l got out of the river front and
l was walking along the road
l slipped in a pool of water
and fell sideways
l fell right on top
of the stub of a tree
lt was as sharp as a knife
l tried to get up thrice
But the 3rd time also, my hand slipped
and l sank into unconsciousness
When l became conscious
l was lying in Beach hospital
That was exactly
what happened that day
Forget it, father
lt's alright
Since prosecution could not
prove the accused was guilty...
...court grants unconditional
release to Unni Moideen Sahib
We can sit inside
Come back home
and bring him also
''Sleep, my princess, sleep deep''
''Sleep, my princess, sleep deep''
''Sleep, l dedicate myself to you''
'Unni Moideen Sahib'
'For the first time
in his life faced defeat'
'ln the hands of his own son'
'Sahib who went
to sleep that night...'
'...did not wake up the next day'
'After his demise...'
'...Moideen and his mother
shifted back to their ancestral house'
'Days passed by'
'Moideen and Kanchana
waited and waited'
'2nd week of film 'Lisa'
Running successfully'
'The story of revenge
and betrayal-'
Sethu uncle
Will you take us for a movie?
Go and play
l have work to do
Sethu'etta, why can't we watch
a good film in our own theatre?
The children will be scared
lt's a horror film
We are not scared of ghosts
l have lots of work
Brother, please
My husband will come and
we'll have to leave tomorrow
Why don't you take them?
Sethu, take them for the movie
Okay then, get ready
Kanchana aunty...'Lisa'
Everyone is going
for the movie 'Lisa'
The kids want you also
to go with them
l'm not going anywhere
They are here as our guests
Don't stay back
and spoil their joy
Everyone is concerned only
about their own happiness
Sethu uncle promised to take us
You also come
For the sake of the child
Go with them please
lf you stay shut inside
like this, your heart will wither
Are you going?
l am expecting a call
from Coimbatore, l can't go
Are you afraid
to watch 'Lisa'?
No, because l will
be sitting next to you
Sethu uncle
Let's sit there
'Haven't we met before?'
'Of course not'
'Why do you say like this?'
'Let go of me'
Are you Shaji
the roadside Romeo?
Move aside
Who stopped the film?
(Coded message)
What language is this?
'My dear Kanchanakutty'
'l am here'
'With your theatre as witness...'
'...l bestow on you
a thousand kisses'
'l saw Sethu sitting there'
'This is the only way to
make him budge from there'
Where is Moideen?
Manu! How did you come here?
God! l can at least see you
Are you alright?
We can discuss all that later
Sethu is somewhere around
l will come with my car
at 2:00 a.m to your house
- You should come away
- l will come
How will l know you've come?
l will blink the headlights twice
And then to confirm, once more
Sethu'etta is back
l am going
Don't forget
2:00 a.m
My owner's son has passed away
Kottatil Ramachandran is no more
Wasn't he living in Coimbatore?
Yes, he died there
''Created just for me, oh woman''
He's gone!
- What is it?
- Ramachandran died in Coimbatore
''Created just for me, oh woman''
What happened to
my son Ramachandran?
Oh God!
My son
''You share my soul 50-50
You are the essence that fills me''
''You are the light within me shining
A pearl necklace shimmering''
'Fate played the role
of a villain once again...'
'...in Moideen's and Kanchana's lives'
'Just when they decided
to live together...'
'...Kanchana's elder brother
Ramachandran dies'
'His death was a big blow
to the Kottatil homestead itself'
What is your plan in life?
ls it enough if you
work day and night?
By the time you realize
your life has passed by...
...it will be too late
What do you mean,
Get married
Raise a family
lt's quite late as it is
Before that, Kanchana must
settle down in life
After that l'll decide what to do
What can you do
about Kanchana?
l've never seen a more
arrogant woman in this world
After marrying your sister
l've always been humiliated
But now l have
become thick skinned
l'll tell you frankly
Your father is old and feeble
Everybody else has
gone their own way
You'll end up shouldering
all the liabilities
l am aware of all this
But what can l do?
l have loved her the most
among all my sisters
Every time she was
reprimanded and beaten...
...l was in pain and bleeding inside
l haven't slept peacefully
all these years
Whatever happens l'll wait
until she's settled in life
She is ready to elope
with that Muslim boy
Do you think any decent family
will come forward with a proposal?
Look out for a handicapped
groom or a widower
l have said whatever
l wanted to say
Now it's up to you
l'm leaving
See you, Latha
Kanchana doesn't deserve
any random stranger
lf you don't have any objection
l will marry her
Why do we have to 'see'
our own niece formally?
Just sticking to tradition, that's all
l want to speak to Kanchana
Frankly l never expected
to see you like this
Dressed up
in all this finery
Because usually you don't
You come dressed like a widow
to chase away prospective grooms
Today l decided
l'll come like this
Time is like an exam, isn't it?
From childhood and
all through my growing years...
...my thoughts were only of you
l thought you had noticed
No, Appu'etta
l knew only the day
you gave me that letter
l have preserved from our school days
a peacock feather you gave me
Your photo and a notebook
with your hand writing
Maybe l was not capable
of expressing my feelings
By the time l got around
to professing my love...
...Moideen was already
deep rooted in your heart
But l expected at least
a reply for my letter
l gave that letter to Moideen
on that day itself
Anyway past is past
Being a bachelor all these years
and waiting for you...
...was worth the while, right?
My thoughts are full of another man
For the past 10-20 years
Still you are so keen
on marrying me
Do you like me
so much, Appu'etta?
l did not come here with
any thoughts of sacrifice
They will never let you
marry Moideen
To see you waste away
your life like this...
...my conscience does not
allow me, Kanchana
l love you more than
anything else in this world
l know it, Appu'etta
But l love my Moideen
a thousand times more
And Moideen loves me
ten thousand times more
lf you insist on this marriage...
...you'll tie the knot
to my dead body
Even if l have to go through hell
for another 1000 years and die...
...l'll happily do so for Moideen
All these years l have
lived in this hell hole...
...thinking only of him
and reading his letters
Do you think you can
tear our hearts apart?
Tell me, can anybody
in this world be able to?
There cannot exist another
woman like you in this world
You are Moideen's wife
One day the world will
acknowledge your love
l swear
Forgive me
For my covetousness...
...forgive me
What's this?
You are completely drenched
l just felt like it
lt's been quite some time
since you walked in here
- What happened?
- Just like that
'Yours only, Kanchana'
Moideen, come
He is not crying
Smart boy!
Sit, let me take a picture
Come, sit closer
One more
Remove those black bangles
l'll be upstairs
Did Bhasi see you in this new disguise
on this auspicious day?
lt was Appu'etta
who informed me
No one recognized me
in worker's clothes
Don't you have to go in person
to get one's passport, Moideen?
The rule says so
But my friend Jamal works
in the passport office
He has managed to get it
Your signature on
the application is enough
l can go get both our passports
But after waiting
for so many years...
...a pity we can't live
in our own soil
Not because it's impossible
The doors of Balyambra house
are open for you and me
My mother is waiting to see me
bring you holding your hand
But that does not
get us anywhere
You also have your family and relatives
lssues will arise when
we live within their vicinity
Maybe, there will be an uproar
among our communities initially
But all are human after all
They tend to forget
But so far away...?
So what, my dear?
Whether it is America or Mukkam
...you and l will
always be together
We'll apply for a visa
the day we get our passports
The day we get our visa
we'll leave this place
Our friend Eenashu is in New York
He has arranged a job for me
l have with me a fistful
of sand from your foot print
To take with me when l go
Until you come...
...that will hold me in good stead
''The Lord is the light,
lucent sunrise''
''The Lord shows us
the way, the path''
''He is the ultimate ascetic,
Pure and mystic''
''He is the only actuality,
The ultimate truth''
''The Lord is the light,
lucent sunrise''
''The Lord shows us
the way, the path''
''He is the ultimate ascetic,
Pure and mystic''
''He is the only actuality,
The ultimate truth''
Give me
l have got it done
without any problem
Here it is
Mukkam junction
Get down
Get in...get in
To Kozhikode
Get off quickly
The ferry is due now
Careful, doctor
Come closer
Manu'ikkaka, l see
you got your passport
- Yes
- What next?
l'll tell you when we meet
at the club this evening
Manu'ikkaka, there are
too many people
What to do?
lf l wait any longer
it may rain, get in
Move aside
Sit here
What's in your pocket?
Ayurvedic concoction
for back-pain
Teacher, did you know?
Manu'ikkaka is going abroad
ls that so, Manu'ikkaka?
Son, back from school, eh?
No, he is coming
back from the market
Strong winds...may be a heavy shower
My dear, sit
Hold tight
Breeze is really strong
Don't panic
Just sit all of you
Don't stand
Don't shout and panic
Just sit
Go back to the banks
Go to the river bank, man
Just be quiet
Don't open that umbrella
lt will catch the wind
Shut up
Don't be scared
Don't lean that side
Hold here
Don't be scared
Hold tight
Don't move
Steer towards the bank
Kunji'kka, move towards the bank
Be calm...don't get flustered
Please don't stand
The boat will topple
Doctor, sit down
Boat will capsize
Jump right there
Look...jump in
Come, Moideen
Take them away
Get them into the boat
Hold him
Moideen, come
Climb in
Just get them into the boat
More people are down there
Enough, come
Hold it
Don't wait for me
Just rescue them
l'll be alright
My dear
Moideen, enough
My Moideen alone is missing!
'Boat capsizes in Mukkam
Moideen and 3 others die'
'His hazel eye was plucked by a fish'
l want to go to my Manu
Let me go
- What are you doing?
- Leave me
Don't do something danger-
l want to go
My dear
'The lruvazhinjipuzha disaster snatched
Moideen from Kanchana forever'
'Kanchana waiting eagerly
to unite with Moideen...'
'...was told this earth shattering
news of his demise'
'ln a world without Moideen...'
'...not wanting to live'
'...she attempted suicide'
'Wasn't it water from lruvazhinji river
that Moideen last drank?'
'She too wished to
drink the same water'
'Kanchana intended to end
her life drinking that water'
My dear
Were you intending
to die for him?
You must live for him, right?
Come, we'll go to my house
As my daughter-in-law
''Created just for me, oh woman
One born on the soil of Mukkam''
''You share my soul 50-50
You are the essence that fills me''
''You are the light within me shining-''
Even though they could not live
as husband and wife
...Kanchana lives as Moideen's
unmarried widow even today
With fond memories of Moideen
''The essence of love in me
You are a splendor unseen''
''You are the novel woman of my novel''