Enola Holmes (2020) Movie Script

[lively music plays]
[bicycle rattling]
[effort grunt]
Now, where to begin?
[baby crying]
The first thing you need to know
is that my mother named me Enola.
She insisted on it, in fact!
[Eudoria whispering] Enola...
- [normal voice] Enola.
- [Enola coos]
[Enola] I know it's an unusual name,
but my mother is rather a fan
of word games.
- [Eudoria] On your marks.
- [Enola] Get set.
[Eudoria] Go!
[Enola] And Enola spelled backwards
reads, well,
[Enola] She would continually tell me...
You'll do very well on your own, Enola.
- [Enola coos]
- [Eudoria] Mm-hmm.
[Enola] And yet we were always together.
- No. No.
- [laughing] Yes!
[Enola] My father died when I was young.
I don't really remember him.
And both my brothers left home soon after.
I barely remember them, either.
So then it was just the two of us,
and it was wonderful.
[glass shatters]
She was not an ordinary mother.
She didn't teach me to string seashells
or practice my embroidery.
We did different things.
all sorts of exercise,
- both physical...
- [grunts]
and mental.
Mother said we were free to do anything
at Ferndell...
Oh. Sorry, Grandpa.
[Enola] ...and be anyone.
She was my whole world.
[both laugh]
But she didn't share everything with me.
[Eudoria] Right, ladies, to conclude:
our choices.
The bankmen met,
entangle herb,
- Ellie Houseman.
- [woman] Ooh, marvelous.
- [Eudoria] Are we all agreed? Yes?
- [women] Yes.
[Eudoria] Ellie Houseman.
[woman] Of course.
[woman gasps]
[Enola] Mother believed
privacy was the highest virtue,
and the one most frequently violated.
[birds chirping]
[brakes squeal]
Which leads me to the second thing
you need to know.
[rooster crows]
A week ago,
on the July morning of my 16th birthday,
I awoke...
To find that my mother was missing.
[breathing heavily]
She'd left Ferndell Hall, our home,
at some point during the night.
And she did not return.
[bicycle rattling]
She left me with little, bar some gifts
that she instructed Mrs. Lane
to give me at teatime.
[Mrs. Lane] What kind gifts!
And, look, she's made this herself.
[Enola] We were happy.
Weren't we, Mrs. Lane?
Shouldn't she give me
these presents herself?
- [lively music plays]
- [bicycle rattling]
Oh, whoa! Whoa!
And the third thing you need to know,
and there may be those amongst you
who have already guessed it,
is that cycling
is not one of my core strengths,
but needs must
when you must speed somewhere.
[train whistling]
[breathes heavily]
[train whistling]
The fourth thing you need to know
is that I'm presently on the way
to collect my brothers,
Mycroft and Sherlock,
names which backwards spell out,
Tforcym and Kcolrehs.
Perhaps one shouldn't read too much
into the "alone" idea.
- [woman] Thank you.
- [Enola] Yes.
Sherlock Holmes.
The famous detective, scholar, chemist,
virtuoso violinist,
expert marksman,
swordsman, singlestick fighter,
and brilliant deductive thinker.
My genius brother.
He will have all the answers.
[inhales sharply]
[clears throat]
Mr. Holmes?
And, um, Mr. Holmes?
You sent for me?
You sent a telegram.
Asked me to meet you here?
And the fifth thing you need to know
is that they haven't seen me
in quite some time.
My God.
Look at you.
You're in such a mess.
Where's your hat and your gloves?
Well, I have a hat.
It just makes my head itch.
And I have no gloves.
She has no gloves?
Plainly not, Mycroft.
We didn't send for you, silly girl.
We sent for the carriage.
- Did you at least bring it?
- The carriage?
What carriage would you be wanting?
Because I have a few in mind...
The carriage I pay for.
I think you may have us confused
with another house.
Boy, fetch us a carriage.
[Mycroft] Oh.
What the...
[Mycroft sighs]
Oh, dear God, look at the house.
[Enola gasps]
[Enola] Isn't it wonderful?
[Mycroft] What the hell
has she been playing at?
[Mrs. Lane] Gentlemen, welcome home.
It's been some time.
[door creaks open]
What is this?
Mother says I'm getting quite proficient.
[effort grunts]
- [glass shatters]
- Oh!
[inhales through teeth]
I suppose that's game.
[shuddering breath]
[shuddering breaths]
Where the hell is she?
I would say this is going quite well,
wouldn't you?
Her bed hasn't been made.
Hmm. Chrysanthemums.
[Mycroft] Clothes haven't been put away.
And laurustinus, and Queen Anne's lace.
[Mycroft] Enough with the bally flowers,
[Sherlock sighs]
[Sherlock] Huh.
But it wasn't foul play.
How? Are you certain?
Her regular supply of drawing pencils
has dwindled to nothing.
She clearly had decided
not to replace them,
and you rarely find that kidnap victims
have planned for their own disappearance.
She wasn't returning,
and yet she disguised her intentions
That's good news, is it not?
Depends if you're relying on her
coming back.
[Mycroft] Hmm.
[Mycroft] Oh, good God! Feminism.
Perhaps she was mad, or senile.
Though madness, in our family?
I would doubt it.
- Ooh. [grunts]
- [Sherlock] I think I can surmise
by the way that she left
leaving no clear leads,
she still had her full wits
about her. [sniffs]
No madwoman could compile the accounts
she sent me over the last ten years.
Perfectly clear and orderly,
detailing a bathroom...
- Which does not exist.
- [Mycroft] And a water closet.
And the constantly rising salaries
of the footmen, the housemaids,
the kitchen maids,
- gardeners, under gardeners...
- You get the point.
And for Enola, a music teacher,
a dance instructor, a governess.
Enola, you at least had a governess?
She wouldn't like you in here.
This is her private space.
Tell me, she at least saw
that you had an education?
She valued education.
She taught me herself.
She made me read every book
in Ferndell Hall's library.
Shakespeare, Locke,
and the encyclopedia,
and Thackeray, and the essays
of Mary Wollstonecraft.
And I did it on my own account.
For my own learning.
Which, Mother said, was the best way
to become a young...
Well, this is what
she wanted you to become?
- Mycroft.
- What?
I don't know what she wanted me to be.
She's left me too.
She will return, won't she, Sherlock?
[inhales deeply]
Won't she?
[Mycroft] What is she up to, Sherlock?
She was too old to remarry,she had
no passions or ambitions I was aware of.
She simply had to ensure Enola
a decent life
and to live her remaining years
with dignity.
This is my house, not hers,
and has been since Father died.
She asked for 16 years
to bring up Enola here.
I gave it. And for that,
I deserve to be robbed?
I am not the villain here.
Perhaps she needed the money.
You clearly don't,
- or has the government cut your salary?
- [Mycroft sighs]
[Mycroft] It's always the same, isn't it?
Always the same.
We don't see each other for months,
and then you blast in without a care
and condemn me with your bon mots.
- Simply inquiring.
- You are judging.
You are judging something
for which you took no responsibility.
You've never shown an interest
in this family.
[Sherlock] I don't mean to judge.
We have two problems, as I see it.
One, finding a boarding school
that is willing to take Enola on
so she won't be a complete failure
in this world.
That I am in the process of solving...
with the help of an old friend.
[brakes screech]
And two, finding Mother.
The first is my problem,
the second I consider yours.
My dear!
- Oh!
- [Mycroft chuckling] My dear!
Ooh. [chuckles]
- [Mycroft] Let me.
- [sighs]
A motor car.
How delightful, Miss Harrison.
[Miss Harrison]
Well, I am an educator, Mr. Holmes.
I like to keep ahead of the times.
Enola may prefer to stay here.
You could acquire a governess.
- She needs a firm hand, Sherlock.
- [Miss Harrison] Where is she?
[Mycroft] She's inside,
though I must warn you in advance,
she's unbroken.
[Miss Harrison chuckles]
We'll soon see about that.
We need to break her and build her up.
- [Miss Harrison] Stand tall, girl.
- [door closes]
That's better.
In Mother's absence,
she is my ward, not yours.
- [seamstress] Waist, 24 inches.
- [Miss Harrison chuckles]
- [seamstress] Chest, 33 inches.
- Well, that's too small.
They are perfectly fine.
[seamstress] Hips, 35 inches.
Oh, how disappointing.
We will have to use an amplifier.
A wild and dangerous woman
brought up a wild child.
She seems intelligent.
Hips are simply a function of legs,
aren't they?
What need have they of amplification?
Aren't you the clever little tongue?
I'll enjoy that.
I won't enjoy being imprisoned
in those preposterous clothes.
These clothes will not imprison.
They will free.
They will allow you to fit into society,
to take part in its numerous pleasures.
To catch an eye, to attract.
With Miss Harrison's help,
we'll make her acceptable for society.
Father would be turning in his grave.
[Miss Harrison] At my finishing school,
you will learn how to be a young lady,
and you'll make many new friends.
I don't need friends.
I have my own company.
[Mycroft] An unedcated, underdressed,
poorly mannered wildling.
And I don't need to go
to your ridiculous school.
[Enola grunts]
[Enola] No! Please don't do this to me.
Let me remain happy. I am happy here.
You are a young woman now, Enola.
You need an education.
Test me on anything you think
I need to know
- to be sufficient for this world.
- If she taught you so well,
you wouldn't be standing
in your undergarments in front of me.
You have no hope of making a husband
in your current state.
I don't want a husband!
And that is another thing
you need to have educated out of you.
[Enola whispers] Sherlock.
- Don't let him do this to me.
- You are his ward.
Make me yours.
Guide me. Teach me.
- For him, I am a nuisance. For you...
- Enola.
I'm sorry.
It's out of my hands.
Just like his cruelty to our mother
was out of your hands.
She is not dangerous.
She is remarkable and always has been.
And if you still can't see that,
then shame on you both!
So remarkable that she left you
in my care.
[footsteps approaching]
Well, we have had a lovely little chat,
haven't we?
I can tell we're going to be firm friends.
Oh, Miss Harrison,
I'm so grateful for your kindness.
Mr. Holmes,
it's an honor.
I shall bring her tomorrow myself.
[Miss Harrison] Yourself?
[birds chirping]
[Sherlock] I also enjoy a sketch.
[Sherlock sighs]
Helps me think,
process my thoughts.
Helps me do the same.
[Enola grunts]
[Enola sighs]
A caricature.
Perhaps best if Mycroft doesn't see it.
- Do you intend to stay up there?
- I was hoping for some privacy.
[Sherlock] You know, last I remember,
you were quite a timid little thing.
You had a pine cone wrapped in wool,
dragged it with you wherever you went,
calling it Dash.
Someone told you that Queen Victoria
had a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
called Dash,
and you decided you wanted the same.
We could never persuade you
- to put any trousers on.
- [Enola gasps]
Your bottom was always bare.
[Sherlock chuckles]
- [Enola grunts]
- I think that's all the memories I have.
[Enola] Thank you.
If you could now forget them all.
A pine cone called Dash?
That sounds ridiculous.
Father used to chase you
all about the place, shouting,
- "Get that damn dog out of my house!"
- [chuckles]
[sighs] Why did you never visit?
I lead a busy life.
[grunts] Why did you never write?
Would you have cared for my letters?
I have kept every clipping
of every case of yours I could ever find.
That's flattering.
And yet it took our mother's disappearance
to bring you home.
She meant to go.
She's not coming back.
But the truth is,
Mother always had a reason for everything.
Her own way of doing things.
And those kind of mysteries
are always the most satisfying to unpick.
I don't want a mystery, Sherlock.
I want my mother back here
and my life as it was.
You're being emotional.
It's understandable,
but unnecessary.
Look for what's there,
not what you want to be there.
You'll see the truth soon enough.
"Own way of doing things..."
And, look, she's made this herself.
[frustrated grunt]
That's my name.
M... S...
Try it backwards.
Bear with me.
[sighs] "Chrysanthemums...
my in look...
I hear you, Mother.
[floor creaking]
[whispering] Chrysanthemums,
"The bestowing of chrysanthemums
indicates familial attachment
and, by implication, affection."
"My chrysanthemums."
Not the ones she bought.
The ones she painted. [gasps]
Money. She must have left a message.
"Our future is up to us."
What future?
There are two paths you can take, Enola.
or the path others choose for you.
"Our future is up to us."
[Enola sighs]
Mother was able to vanish from Ferndell,
and so must I,
in the clothes
Sherlock himself grew up in.
It's a necessary distraction.
I was just beginning to master it.
Phase one of the plan complete.
I'm coming to find you, Mother.
The game is afoot.
[train whistles]
I couldn't go to my local station,
of course,
so I chose a different line altogether.
With my brothers after me,
there's no telling where they'd search.
[whistle blows]
[policeman] No sign of him anywhere, sir.
[Lady Tewkesbury] I want an assurance
that my son is not...
[police commander] He's not on this train.
Of course he's on the train!
You simply haven't looked properly.
Sir, I've had my officers search
this train from top to bottom.
- Darling, perhaps we should just...
- Quiet, Mother.
He had the carriage drop him here
this morning. He must be here somewhere.
Well, we're not even sure
the darling boy's on the train.
I'm so sorry. This is such a fuss.
[station master] This train must leave.
We're running extremely late.
- You don't understand. This is my son.
- It leaves now.
[whistle blows]
Don't let this train leave
without someone on it!
- [conductor] All aboard!
- I insist!
[train whistling]
[train whistling]
- [Mycroft] Enola! Time to go!
- [knocks]
Enola, the carriage is waiting.
[door opens]
[train whistles]
[fabric tearing]
[effort grunts]
[grunts] Whoa!
[pained grunts]
- Please get out of this carriage.
- I can't.
I'm in hiding.
Bit of a to-do. Bribed a porter
to put me in this and get me on board.
[inhales sharply]
Very daring.
Get out of this carriage right now.
You're a...
a strange-looking gentleman.
You think you look normal?
You're not a boy at all.
I might be a boy.
- Who are you?
- What are you?
I'm Viscount Tewkesbury,
the Marquess of Basilwether.
You're a nincompoop.
I'll have you know, I have just undertaken
a particularly daring escape...
You have not escaped.
There is a man in a brown bowler hat
currently on this train searching for you,
and once he finds you,
he will think I helped hide you,
and I will be endangered by this.
Therefore, I ask you
to get out of this carriage.
You remind me of my uncle.
I've left him at the station.
Of course he's on the train.
You simply haven't looked properly.
[Tewkesbury] He's bossy too.
Left them all: my mother, my grandmother.
But I'm fine. I'm free.
Get out of the carriage, then.
A man in a brown bowler hat?
[breathes heavily]
It'll be fine.
[breathes deeply]
It'll be fine.
- [Tewkesbury] He's coming!
- Of course.
- He's checking every carriage.
- [Enola] Wonderful.
You have to help me.
- [breathes heavily] He didn't see me.
- Of course he did.
Therefore, I say good day to you,
Viscount Tewkesbury,
Marquess of Basilwether.
You really do remind me of my uncle.
You have that same stare.
[breathes deeply]
Ah, there you are, sir.
[struggling grunts]
[struggling grunts continue]
[Eudoria] Paint your own picture, Enola.
Don't be thrown off course
by other people.
Especially men!
[exhales sharply]
[struggling grunts]
[struggling grunts]
[yells] Help!
Somebody help me!
[train whistles]
- [Enola yells]
- [Tewkesbury] Aah!
Oh! Oh!
[breathing heavily]
Oh! Aah!
[breathing heavily]
[Tewkesbury] Who is that?
He was trying to kill me!
I'm not ready to die on a train.
I'm not ready to die at all.
I wasn't going to before I met you.
- [Tewkesbury] Where are we going?
- [Enola] I don't know yet. Let me think.
[woman gasping]
Terribly sorry.
[train whistling]
- Is this truly the best way to come?
- Can you think of a better way?
[breathes heavily]
[breathes heavily]
Do you trust me?
- No!
- [breathes heavily]
If we time it correctly,
- we can leave him stranded.
- Time what correctly?
- [woman screams]
- [Enola] Listen, Tewkesbury.
We have two choices.
And which one involves me not dying?
This one!
[Tewkesbury screams]
[train whistling]
[Tewkesbury panting]
- [Enola panting]
- [Tewkesbury grunting]
[Tewkesbury groans]
[Tewkesbury breathing heavily
and grunting]
[breathing heavily]
You do make an awful lot of noise,
don't you?
Well, it turns out,
being thrown off a train
hurts considerably more
than you might think.
[Tewkesbury exhales sharply]
And I've lost a button.
[train whistling]
[Sherlock] So now we've lost them both.
I presume they have no clue
as to where she's gone, Mrs. Lane?
No, they found her bicycle.
Planted so as to send us
in the wrong direction.
This isn't as fun as you might think,
Master Sherlock.
She has your wits.
She runs rings around me
just as easily as you once did, but...
- Yes?
- She knows nothing of the world.
I must admitto being
quite seriously concerned for her.
Mycroft will make sure to find her.
[Mrs. Lane] Well, Mycroft isn't blessed
as you are.
As she is.
A matter of great bitterness for him
and not a small part
of the cause of this mess.
Enola is special.
She has such a good heart.
She's even left money on my bedside table.
You've already abandoned her once, sir.
I'm asking
that you don't abandon her again.
[footsteps receding]
[Enola] You do know you've entirely ruined
phase three of my plan?
[Tewkesbury] Phase what?
Who the hell are you?
Look, I believe our recent
brush with death
deserves me at least a name.
Enola Holmes.
Holmes... Like Sherlock?
And I am undercover, so forget I told you
that piece of information.
- Undercover working for him?
- Undercover from him.
- Hence why you're dressed as a boy...
- Hence why you are to say nothing.
Thank you?
You're supposed to say thank you.
For what?
[animal bleating in the distance]
[Enola sighs]
[Enola] We should think
about sleeping soon.
[Tewkesbury] We should think
about eating soon.
[Enola] We have nothing to eat.
[Tewkesbury] Of course we do.
Arctium lappa,
which you'll know as burdock.
Very tasty.
Um, and then there's Trifolium.
And is that...
[chuckles] Yes, I knew it!
Agaricus lanipes.
The Princess.
If you can get a fire started,
I can make us a feast.
I'm not entirely an idiot, you know.
[fire crackling]
[Enola] Hmm.
I've been thinking.
You need to disguise yourself a little.
- How do you feel about your hair?
- I've never cared for it.
Cut it off with a knife.
Of course you will.
Who taught you
how to sharpen it like that?
My mother.
Your mother is very different to mine.
[both chuckle]
- Who taught you about flowers and herbs?
- My father.
[Enola] I never really knew my father.
My father's dead too.
[both] I'm sorry.
[sharpens knife]
[Tewkesbury] Why have you run?
From home, I mean.
I didn't want to go to Miss Harrison's
Finishing School for Young Ladies.
[Tewkesbury chuckles]
Why have you?
Well, uh,
a tree branch broke above me
while I was collecting wild mushrooms.
It should have crushed me,
but I managed to roll out of the way,
and I realized that...
- You'll laugh at me.
- I won't.
My life seemed to flash before me.
I was just about to take my seat
in the House of Lords.
I had these ideas
about how we might progress the estate.
But my family were set
on me joining the army
and then going overseas,
just like my uncle.
And I realized I was scared,
scared I would hate every second
of the rest of my life.
Why would I laugh at that?
- Don't I sound pathetic?
- No.
Why were they going to send you
to the finishing school?
[Enola sighs]
In the morning, we'll have to move fast.
The bowler hat man
will be hot on your tail...
Where's your destination? I'm going to...
[Tewkesbury chuckles]
Well, then,
shall we, um, stick together?
If you like. [slight chuckle]
We'll get to London
and go our separate ways.
- Understood?
- [inhales deeply]
Understood. [clears throat]
Totally. [pained grunt] Entirely.
Do you have to be quite so brutal
with the hair?
[Enola] Yes.
[sheep bleating]
- Well, you would say that.
- [chuckles]
[both laugh]
- [sheep bleating]
- [horses neighing]
[people chattering]
[geese honking]
[sheep bleating]
- Oh, so this is where we part?
- [Enola] It is.
Then, thank you, Enola Holmes,
for helping me here.
You were supposed to have forgotten
that name.
Then you'll have to find another.
[sheep bleating]
He'll be fine.
[Enola] London:
the beating heart of England.
Mother will be here somewhere,
and though she prepared me
for many things...
[Eudoria] Oh, you've time enough
for the world.
Let it do its damage later.
[horses whinnying]
The outside world was not one of them.
And yet here I am,
at the center of civilization.
The home of polite society...
[man] Out of the sodding way, boy!
[Enola] ...of music,
of literature...
Lords debate reform bill!
Case of the missing marquess!
[Enola] And the finest things
that money can buy.
- A shilling apiece!
- [yelps]
A shilling apiece!
[Enola] I must admit,
London isn't quite what I imagined.
People are a lot more... excitable
than in the country.
[man 1] Without this reform,
- this country isn't ours, it's theirs.
- [crowd cheering]
We must petition the Lords.
And we've not only got to do it
for ourselves, but for our children!
[man 2] Vote for change!
So if I am to fit in
and stay hidden from my brothers,
I must become something...
[man 1] This is our chance!
Demand the vote!
Vote for all men!
- [crowd cheering]
- Vote for all men!
No one on the trains,
no one on the boats,
no one anywhere.
The girl has simply vanished.
Of course, it doesn't help
that England's suddenly consumed
by this ridiculous marquess.
[attendant] Sir?
- Sherry, please.
- [attendant] Certainly, sir.
You haven't been offered it, have you?
The marquess case.
I knew his father, obnoxious sort.
Liberal, but worth a fortune.
I have, and I have refused it.
I'm rather more consumed elsewhere.
- Oh, in finding Mother?
- In finding our sister.
Your job, I made clear,
was to find Mother.
I'm looking for her too,
as will, no doubt, Enola.
- You never cared about her before.
- She's only 16.
You haven't given our name
in the search for her.
Of course not.
I don't want anyone knowing our business
any more than you do.
Oh, don't worry, little brother.
She may have escaped us for now,
but I have the best police officers
in London
looking for a child
matching her description.
And they will find that stupid little girl
and bring her back to us.
God help us. If there's one thing
this country doesn't need,
it's more uneducated voters.
England is going to pot.
And what does a boy like you
want with those?
I shall need a whalebone corset.
[Miss Gregory]
You shall need no such thing.
This is a respectable shop.
- Then I shall respect it.
- You don't look like you will.
You don't smell like you will.
And I...
Do you have anywhere I can dress?
In the back.
The corset: a symbol of repression
to those who are forced to wear it.
But for me, who chooses to wear it,
the bust enhancer and the hip regulators
will hide the fortune
my mother has given me.
And as they do so,
they will make me look
like that truly unlikely thing:
a lady!
"You have to go to school, Enola!"
"But I don't want to go
to a finishing school, Mycroft."
"Well, what else
are we going to do with you?
You're a girl!"
Oh, come on, seriously?
Now, where might I find a lodging house?
I'll pay handsomely for good value.
Is this really good value?
Oh, best value you'll find.
You're lucky you found me.
Here you have it.
[voices yelling and arguing]
[baby crying]
[animal squeaking]
[voices continue yelling and arguing]
[nervous chuckle]
[train whistling]
It's lovely.
[train chugging]
[Enola] Now I've finally got
some peace and quiet to think,
it's time for phase five of my plan.
Or possibly phase four.
Or possibly phase six.
I've entirely lost count.
It is time to find my mother.
To find Mother, the first thing
I need to do is leave a cipher
in every newspaper she might read.
"Thank you, my chrysanthemum.
Are you blooming? Send iris, please."
Iris means "message."
Now, how to disguise them?
Mother can untangle anything,
so I need to make it most devious.
I placed it
in the personal advertisements column
of The Pall Mall Gazette,
which my mother seldom missed.
Plus the Magazine of Modern Womanhood...
[typewriter clacking]
And The Journal of Dress Reform...
two publications
I thought might tickle her.
This gentleman seems to be getting
a lot of attention.
Well, he's a bloomin' marquess.
[clears throat] Then I had to find out
who she really was.
My mother only corresponded
with one address with regularity.
It was wrong of me
to look where it was addressed to,
and entirely wrong of me
to have memorized it.
But when growing up in the countryside,
there is little excitement,
so one clings to whatever narratives
one can get.
[horses neighing]
[people chattering]
More macaroons, please, Jason.
[waitress] Afternoon.
- [thud]
- [chandelier rattles]
What's up there?
Noisy bloody women!
- [thud]
- [chandelier rattles]
[Edith] No, harder.
Don't be afraid of her.
Step forward this time. Good.
Good afternoon.
- You wanting to be recruited?
- No.
- [woman thuds and grunts]
- Uh...
I'm looking for Eudoria Vernet Holmes.
Enola Holmes.
It is you, isn't it?
Why are you dressed like a powder puff?
Oh, my!
You look the spit of her.
You recognize me?
Of course I do.
I was your first teacher.
Don't you remember?
[Edith grunts]
[Edith grunting]
You've progressed nicely, I can see.
You're alone? In London?
There was a useless boy,
but I rid myself of him.
[Edith] Hmm.
I have money, lodgings.
I just need to find her.
What makes you think
that she wants to be found?
Eudoria's been hiding all her life.
If she wants to stay hidden, she will.
- And besides, she has work to do.
- What work?
I cannot say.
[Eudoria] Right, ladies, our choices:
the bankmen met, entangle herb,
or Ellie Houseman.
[Enola] So you were at that meeting too.
[Eudoria] So, we're all agreed?
Ellie Houseman.
Who is Ellie Houseman?
- I wish I could help you more.
- You can, but you won't.
I must get back to my students.
- You can see yourself out.
- Hey!
[pained grunts]
[effort grunts]
[effort grunts]
[Edith grunts]
Ah, the corkscrew.
You could never manage that one, could ya?
[Edith sighs]
If you wanna stay in London,
be tough,
be tough,
live the life,
but don't do it
because you're looking for someone.
Do it because you're looking for yourself.
[footsteps receding]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[Eudoria] ...our choices:
the bankmen met,
entangle herb,
or Ellie Houseman.
[Enola] "The bankmen met."
- My mother is rather a fan of word games.
- [echo] Word games.
She made me read every book
in Ferndell's library.
[echo] Every book.
"Bankmen met."
Bankmen... met.
[Eudoria] ...the bankmen met...
[Enola] The Embankment!
[Eudoria] We need to make a decision.
Entangle herb.
[Enola] "Entangle herb."
[Eudoria] ...entangle herb...
[Enola] Bethnal Green.
[Eudoria] So, we're all agreed?
[echo] We're all agreed?
- [Enola] Ellie Houseman...
- [Eudoria] Agreed?
Ellie Houseman.
- [Enola] Ellie Houseman.
- [Eudoria] Ellie Houseman.
[Enola] Ellie House... man.
[overlapping voices]
[Enola] Limehouse Lane.
- Ellie Houseman.
- [Eudoria] So, we're all agreed?
[overlapping voices]
[Enola] Limehouse Lane.
[seagulls squawking]
[bottles rattling]
[girl] Are we going home now?
[woman] Yes.
[girl] I'm hungry, Mother.
[woman] I know, dear.
[floor creaking]
[Enola grunts]
Try to be excited, not disappointed,
at the possibilities of something new.
[Enola screams]
[Eudoria laughs]
[breathing heavily]
[suspenseful music plays]
[softly] Mycroft was right.
You are dangerous.
And Sherlock was right too.
You do have a plan.
[dramatic music plays]
What are you planning, Mother?
Do I want to find you?
Let's do it again.
[Enola screams]
[muffled screaming]
[muffled screaming]
[gasping breaths]
I will ask you this only once.
Where is the marquess?
Now, who would that be?
[gasping breaths]
We went our separate ways.
[Linthorn grunts]
[gasping breaths]
[Linthorn grunts]
[gasping breaths] I've not seen him.
I have nothing to do with him.
That's a shame.
[Enola breathing heavily]
Well, you've seen my face now.
[pants] No, your face
is totally unmemorable!
[muffled screaming]
[muffled screaming]
[Enola grunts]
[Linthorn groans]
[breathing heavily]
I'm not sure I ever described
how a typical day's education worked
with my mother.
[Eudoria] Hmm.
We'd start with history.
She always said...
[Eudoria] Historical perspective
is the only way to begin a day.
[Enola] Then we'd lunch,
and I'd work on my physics.
Then after lunch, I'd focus on fitness...
[Eudoria] Got you!
Followed by fight combat.
Hands up!Hands up! Up!
[Enola grunting and yelling]
[Linthorn grunts]
[Enola breathes heavily]
[both grunt]
[Eudoria] Up again. Come on.
[Enola grunts]
[both grunting]
[effort grunts]
[Enola breathes heavily]
[effort grunts]
[effort grunts]
- [Linthorn grunting]
- [Enola yells]
[Enola yelling]
[pained grunts]
[pained grunt]
[breathing heavily]
[breathing heavily]
- [Enola yells]
- [Linthorn grunts]
[Enola grunting]
[groaning and coughing]
[inhales deeply]
[Enola grunting]
[Linthorn grunts]
- [Enola grunts]
- [Linthorn yelling]
[Enola screams]
[Enola grunts]
[Linthorn breathing heavily]
[Enola breathing heavily]
[both grunt]
[both grunt]
[Linthorn grunts]
[shuddering breaths]
[chuckles] I knew this would have
a truer use.
No more surprises.
[Linthorn yelps]
[Linthorn yelling]
[bird squawking]
When I was a child, I cut my knee open
trying to save a sheep
from the cliff edge.
[sheep bleating]
[chuckles] I almost died, in truth.
Mother was angry.
Very angry.
[Eudoria] It is good
to care for the vulnerable,
but not if it means risking your life.
Sometimes you have to let nature...
take its course.
- Do you hear me?
- [inhales sharply]
[Enola] The truth is,
I did not ask for Viscount Tewkesbury,
Marquess of Basilwether in my life.
I did not want the Viscount Tewkesbury,
Marquess of Basilwether in my life.
So why do I feel responsibility
for the Viscount Tewkesbury,
Marquess of Basilwether?
there are those that want to hurt him...
and he has not the strength
to stop them...
- [yells]
- and I do have that strength.
She would have me leave him.
He is foolish,
and proud, and utterly ridiculous.
But he's on the edge of a cliff.
Mother, you will have to wait.
[horse whinnying]
When looking to travel incognito,
it's safest to travel as a widow.
People are always anxious
to avoid conversations about death.
[horse whinnies]
Widows scare them,
and there's no better disguise than fear.
- [sniffling]
- [bird cawing]
Miss May Beatrice Posy.
'Tis I.
For the Lady Tewkesbury,
Marchioness of Basilwether.
[Enola sighs]
[doors close]
- [Sir Whimbrel] What's your business here?
- [Enola] I'm a private detective.
I've come to offer my services.
My sister-in-law
has all the help she needs. Show her out.
I believe I can help you.
You are a reporter
for one of those dirty newspapers.
I am a lady detective.
Please leave,
before we make you leave.
I work for Sherlock Holmes.
I'm his assistant.
He sends me ahead of time
to prepare the ground.
Sherlock Holmes is interested
in our case?
- Yes.
- [Lady Tewkesbury] And he...
[breathes deeply]
sent along a widow to fleece his path?
A very good issue to take.
May have overthought my outfit.
[clears throat]
Widowhood doesn't impact on my ability
to do my job.
- Sherlock trusts me to...
- [Lestrade] Poppycock!
I'm sorry, but I've heard enough.
You do not know Sherlock Holmes.
Oh, Lestrade. So pleased you could make
this young lady's acquaintance.
I am Lestrade of Scotland Yard,
and I'm a close personal friend
of Sherlock Holmes.
So you claim.
- He's never mentioned him.
- And you are not his assistant.
He doesn't have an assistant.
Sherlock Holmes always works alone.
He's changed his ways
since you claim to have known him.
- Impossible.
- Ask me three questions about him,
and I'll ask you three, and we'll discover
who knows him best. Shall we?
Enough! This circus is not appropriate
for Basilwether.
- She's right. Leave, both of you.
- [shuddering breaths]
But, madam, you know me.
I am Lestrade, I am from Scotland Yard,
and I'm investigating
your son's disappearance.
- He has proven useful.
- Mama!
I don't care if you're from the Houses of
Parliament. Leave this house this instant.
[clock ticking]
Me too.
[door opens]
[Enola] Thank you for having me.
[birds chirping]
His favorite tobacco?
Black shag.
- Favorite dessert?
- Plum pie.
His favorite composer?
Favorite meal of the day?
Are all your questions about food?
His favorite case?
The one before.
Favorite board game?
How do you know Sherlock Holmes?
But only with a worthy opponent.
[Lestrade] Hmm.
[Enola panting]
I say!
I'll pay you five pounds...
to swap clothes with me.
You needn't wear my dress
if you prefer not to.
The young master,
he was outside a lot. Am I right?
Could never get him inside.
[Enola] Where would he go?
The woods.
[man] Hey! Hey!
[people chattering]
[entrance bell jingles]
Grab a book and have a seat,
and I'll be with you as soon as I'm free.
Perhaps you could join me for tea.
I advise you not to... walk away.
And yet you walk away anyway.
Whatever you think you know,
Sherlock Holmes,
please be advised that if you disturb
any of my customers...
You'd hurt me badly?
I am well aware of your talents,
Miss Grayston.
The question is, what you'd risk
if I were to advise my friends
in the government
to take a look at this place.
I know my brother would be delighted
to browse your seditious, dangerous,
and extremely banned bookshelves.
[Sherlock] You see?
We can both hurt each other.
Now, please put the teapot down.
In your hands, it is a mighty weapon.
[Sherlock] Thank you.
Do you have any sense
as to where my mother is?
How did you find me?
Letters hidden up her chimney.
The ash on the sole of her shoe
and the coal dust led me to them.
She always said you never missed anything.
She needs to be home.
She has a daughter that needs her.
Enola seems to be surviving perfectly well
on her own.
So you've seen her?
- Is she safe?
- She's had company,
a useless boy.
But clearly,
she didn't feel like she needed him.
Enola is on her own path,
and so, for better or worse, is Eudoria.
- Whatever mischief you two are...
- Mischief?!
A poor choice of word.
Try not to sound like your brother.
You haven't any hope of understanding
any of this. You do know that?
Educate me as to why.
Because you don't know
what it is to be without power.
Politics doesn't interest you.
- Why?
- Because it's fatally boring.
Because you have no interest
in changing a world
that suits you so well.
- A pretty speech.
- [Edith] A scary one.
You're intelligent enough to know
that every word of it is true.
[Edith chuckles]
What a family!
A lost child, a puffed-up misanthrope,
a revolutionary, and yourself.
No wife, no friends,
just a strange occupation
obsessed with footprints and coal dust.
You see the world so closely,
but do you see how it's changing?
[breathes deeply]
The reform bill is just the beginning.
If it passes.
I have to get back to work now,
Mr. Holmes.
Customers to serve.
Cakes to bake.
[Edith sighs]
I'm pleased you're interested, at least.
Eudoria thought
that you'd just ignore your sister,
like the ostrich you are.
But I suspect that she needs you.
So everyone keeps telling me.
- [door closes]
- [bell jingles]
A simple shave, please, Martin.
Her name?
May Beatrice Posy.
[Mycroft] She looked?
Small, dark, young.
- How young?
- [Lestrade] Barely past 20.
[Mycroft] Hmm.
- [Mycroft] Her mind?
- [Lestrade] Sharp as a tack.
And what she knew of Sherlock...
Oh, she knew a great deal?
As much as I.
Oh, another sycophant.
How very exciting.
Will you tell me who she is?
Do you have any sense
of where she might have gone?
[Lestrade] Oh, you wish to track her down.
I've been engaged in trying to do so
for a number of days.
[Lestrade chuckling] Of course!
She's your sister.
Keep your mouth shut!
[Mycroft sighs]
And I believe I explicitly told you
to look for her.
W... You explicitly told me
to look for a scrappy girl with no poise.
This was a woman with extreme poise.
[Mycroft] Oh, there's a wild thing
that I assure you.
Find her,
and you will be well rewarded.
[Mycroft sighs]
- [door opens, closes]
- [bell jingles]
[birds chirping]
A tree branch broke above me
as I was collecting wild mushrooms.
It should have crushed me.
[wind chime tinkling]
[Enola] Tewkesbury?
[owl hooting]
[breathing heavily]
[bird squawking]
[breathing heavily]
[train whistling and chugging]
[Enola] So this is where
you laid your plans.
Or maybe that's what
you wanted them to think.
You were leading them astray.
This must be why Bowler Hat was there...
- [screams]
- following your breadcrumb trail.
So what was your real plan?
Oh, you tickle me, Viscount Tewkesbury,
you magnificent
Marquess of blooming Basilwether.
And you're a cleverer boy
than I perhaps gave you credit for.
- [woman] It's not as stableas you think.
- [gasps]
Some of those branches
are extremely capricious.
Good morning.
I believe we've already met,
though you were dressed differently then.
You'd already discovered this, hadn't you?
[woman] We found it a few days ago.
Would you care to come down?
Did you see anything to report
- to your... "employer"?
- [grunts]
Sherlock. Um...
He'll probably want to come by.
- What did you say your name was?
- May.
May Beatrice Posy.
And how old are you, Miss Posy?
I'll have to let the gardener go
for lending you his uniform.
No, I forced him.
Tied him up.
I know jujutsu.
It's a martial art.
You are most intriguing, Miss Posy.
Or should I say "missus"?
My condolences, by the way.
[birds chirping]
Beautiful, isn't it?
It always felt an honor to me
that my family was given
this part of England to protect.
To protect?
That is what it is
to be an ancestral landowner.
As the world becomes
increasingly unstable,
it feels important
that these ideas of England are preserved
for the safety and security
of the future of our country.
It is lovely here.
But you're probably
one of those new thinkers.
My son was a new thinker too.
Never could focus on what was,
it was always about what could be.
I suspect my grandson is the same.
England's true glory...
is what is.
Do you see?
I can see much beauty.
Very sensible answer.
Now go.
If my son or daughter-in-law
finds you here, they'll have you arrested.
If you see my grandson before I do,
will you tell him
that I care about him a great deal?
I will.
Off you go.
- [horse neighs]
- [people chattering]
I want four yellow flowers,
two blue, and a red one.
I don't care about the breed.
Any flower will do.
What are you doing here?
Why, if you're passionate about flowers,
would you come to London?
- Because I can be lost here.
- And yet I found you.
And why have you done so?
You're here for the money.
They've offered a reward.
Have they?
I didn't know.
Well, I must tie you up and claim it!
[Enola laughing]
Stars and garters,
are you really so ridiculous?
I've come here because I've grown
to like you more in your absence,
and because, as it turns out,
your life is still in danger.
What's made you like me more?
Really? That is your question?
Not "Who is trying to kill me?"
I found your flower pressings.
They were quite beautiful.
I don't give a fig about flowers,
of course.
- That's because you're ignorant.
- Ignorant? How dare you?
Ignorant and willfully so.
- You could change your mind about a boy.
- I'm not a boy.
[inhales deeply] I'm a man.
You're a man when I tell you you're a man.
You do look better in breeches,
I'll give you that.
I've missed you, Enola Holmes.
I wanted to miss you,
but I kept getting dragged back
towards you.
Now, come on. We're in serious danger,
if you didn't know.
- Is this how you're living?
- Did you just rent a room at the Ritz?
I afforded myself
a shade more comfort than this.
Well, the woman I boarded off
assured me this was a fine room.
[Tewkesbury] Mmm.
The woman you boarded off lied.
I have but a single bed,
so you'll have to sleep on the floor.
You keep old newspapers?
Be careful with that.
I haven't finished reading it yet.
Oh. I'm in this one.
- So you are.
- Look.
Why do you keep all these old newspapers,
Enola Holmes?
My mother.
I'm waiting for her to leave me a message.
- She hasn't yet.
- "Message"? What...
[Enola] She likes ciphers.
Coded messages that need to be deciphered.
And why would she leave you a message?
Because she left me.
And I thought she meant
for me to find her,
but I'm not sure she did now.
So I left her a message,
and I'm hopeful of a reply.
I keep the newspapers to check.
[both grunt]
[Enola] I got it.
[Enola chuckles]
[Tewkesbury chuckles]
Don't look at me like that.
I'm sorry.
I don't want your pity, Tewkesbury.
If you don't stop looking at me like that,
Viscount Irritation,
Marquess of Bothersomeshire,
I'll murder you myself.
People don't seem to want us, do they?
Still, at least we've got each other.
I'll make us some tea.
[both chuckle]
So you genuinely believe
my life's in danger?
Uh, from whom?
- Your past and your future.
- Whatever does that mean?
[Enola] Your family. They didn't send
a detective to find you.
They could have, and they didn't.
Instead, they sent a murderer.
[Tewkesbury] Why would anyone
want me dead?
Countless reasons.
Your personality, your ridiculous hair,
your silly smile,
or possibly your land, your estate,
your title, your seat.
Same reasons they wanted your father dead.
Greed does funny things to people,
So now you're saying
you think they killed my father?
I don't think.
I know.
No. No, none of this
makes the slightest sense.
My father's death was caused
by a botched burglary,
and... and it would have been easier
to kill me before I ran away,
- rather than now...
- I entirely agree. I think they tried to.
I found the branch that almost killed you.
- It had been cut.
- Cut?
- [Lestrade] Better you...
- [Enola yells]
[Lestrade grunts] Oh, gosh! Oh!
- Oh, gosh, you...
- [Enola] Come on!
- [Lestrade grunts] Come back here!
- Who's he?
- Didn't you get her, Inspector?
- Shut up, you!
[Enola] Move the chest!Move the chest!
[grunts] Where are they?
Open up, Miss Posy,
- or should I say Miss Holmes?
- [Enola andTewkesbury grunting]
Inspector Lestrade,
I need to report an attempted murder.
You're supposed to be on our side.
Help me get in through this door.
Well, I'll help you when I get my money,
my finder's fee.
You'll get your money when we catch her.
Come on!
[Enola] See that window over there?
It leads onto a roof.
I need you to climb out
and take off into nowhere.
And leave you?
I need to hold this door!
- But you need to get away too!
- [Lestrade grunts]
If he catches you,
your life will be in danger.
If he catches me,
it's simply a life I do not want. Now go.
I don't want to leave you, Enola.
[banging on door]
[Lestrade grunts]
[Lestrade grunting]
[Lestrade and Enola grunting]
[Lestrade grunts]
Help menow!
Useless men!
[Lestrade grunts]
[both yelling]
[all grunting]
[all breathing heavily]
He's worth more,
but you give me greater pleasure.
[thunder rumbles]
[rain pattering]
[Mycroft] You may not like me.
You may not think what I'm doing is right.
But even your blessed mother made a match.
Even your blessed mother was a bride.
I want you to be happy.
[crying] No.
You want you to be happy.
You want me controlled.
Because otherwise you think
I will affect your standing.
You already have done immense damage.
As has that errant brother of ours.
Let me out of this carriage.
I will deny I am your sister
to whoever asks,
and I will do it with pleasure.
[yelling] You are my ward!
And you will do as you are told!
[Mycroft] Now, hand it over.
It is my money, after all.
[breathing deeply]
- Good girl.
- [sobbing]
[horses neighing]
[clock ticking]
You've missed supper, but no matter.
You could do with losing a pound or two.
The name Holmes
is coming to mean something
in this country.
At this school,
you'll be given a chance to live up to it.
- But I...
- And you can begin by closing your mouth.
The next time you meet your brothers,
they will have reason to be proud of you.
[Miss Harrison] Girls,
- you are here for one reason...
- [bell dinging]
and one reason only.
You are here to be made into young ladies.
How do we laugh?
We laugh politely.
Ha, ha, ha.
[girls] Ha, ha, ha.
[Miss Harrison]
You all have the potential,
but you are untapped,
- untested...
- [grunts]
and most of all, untrained.
Walk as we show you to.
Eyes up! Up, up, up!
Speak as we tell you to.
What whim led white Whitney to whittle?
[girls] What whim led white Whitney
to whittle?
[Miss Harrison]
Act, think, be as we tell you,
and you'll become acceptable wives
and responsible mothers.
- [Enola slurps]
- [girls giggle]
[Miss Harrison] Follow the path
of so many girls
who once stood where you do now.
And just as we molded them...
[dishes clatter]
So shall we you.
[Miss Harrison] Do you know why
I am an educator?
It's because I want to make people happy.
I want you to live
a full and vibrant life.
Not with anger and endless questions,
but with answers.
I prepare my girls for the world,
for the real world.
I would never abandon you...
and leave you to fend for yourself.
Mycroft told me.
My mother had her reasons.
I'm sure she did.
I knew your mother.
We were friends for a while.
At school.
She was a peculiar little thing.
Was always unpredictable,
always challenging.
She never truly cared for anything
except her own...
unusual ideas.
She cared for me.
Then why did she leave you?
Prefects will accompany you
to and from lessons.
This door will always be kept locked.
You'll thank me...
one day,
when you're happily married
with a pair of strapping boys.
Sleep well, Enola.
[door creaks, closes]
[lock clicks]
[Miss Harrison] Your brother's here.
Smart collar.
Mr. Holmes.
Thank you, Miss Harrison.
Of course.
[door closes]
I have never seen
such a range of romances in my life.
It's enough to turn you to newspapers.
What in heaven's are you looking for?
Why might you be interested
in the personals? You've gone quite mad.
I have a right to be mad
in a place like this.
I was forced into calligraphy as a child.
Hated it, but there's rarely a case
where someone's handwriting
doesn't tell me something I need to know.
And what might I learn from deportment?
The way a person stands
may disguise who they are.
Nothing's wasted.
Have you found her?
No, not yet.
I went to the tearooms,
where Edith threatened me with a teapot.
And to Limehouse.
I believe you went there too.
You've become quite the detective, Enola.
Did you find the gunpowder?
- And the bombs?
- I did.
- Why would she...
- [Sherlock] I shudder to think.
Perhaps she wants to change the world.
Perhaps it's a world that needs changing.
Will you stop her?
I don't get involved in politics.
Or people, either, unless they're clues.
- Did you help Mycroft catch me?
- No.
But you found out about the money.
You told him.
You disappeared.
We had to know how far you would run.
I'm just a case to you, aren't I?
A curiosity. Is that why you're here,
to pick my brains?
- No.
- Or possibly you're feeling guilty.
I'm here because I care for you.
You're being emotional.
It's understandable, but unnecessary.
- [Sherlock] It's an intrigue, isn't it?
- [Enola] Emotion?
The Tewkesbury case.
A bit more complicated
than a simple disappearance.
He jumped from the train...
with another boy.
Were they being chased, do you think?
How did you know that?
I traced your departure
to the same station that he left from.
Edith mentioned "a useless boy."
And I was telegrammed
about a young female assistant of mine
who visited the Tewkesbury residence.
Have you solved it?
Not yet.
The only advice I can give to you,
one detective to another,
sometimes you must dangle your feet
in the water
in order to attract the sharks.
So that's why you came here.
Shark lessons.
No, no.
I came here... [sighs]
To give you this.
I found it under her pillow.
She kept it, you see.
[Enola] Dash...
Sentimental, really, but she always did...
She always found you quite extraordinary.
As do I, Enola Holmes.
The choice is always yours.
Whatever society may claim,
it can't control you.
As Mother has proven.
[Enola breathes sharply]
Keep the paper.
[footsteps depart]
[door opens]
[Enola] Mother thought
I was extraordinary.
The Lords...
"Every vote counts."
- [knocking]
- [gasps]
[man] Delivery from Ferndell Hall.
Care of Mr. Mycroft Holmes.
What does he want? [sighs]
Well... [sighs] whatever it is,
it's heavy.
- [door closes]
- What on earth does Mycroft want?
[basket rustling]
[continues rustling]
[male voice] Ow!
[breathing heavily]
[chuckling] Whoa!
[breathing heavily]
You're supposed to be helping me out,
not getting in with me.
[Tewkesbury chuckles]
- How did you find me?
- Well, you said you didn't want to come
to Miss Harrison's Finishing School
for Young Ladies.
I have quite the prodigious memory
when I choose to use it.
So I thought we'd go out
the same way I came in.
[Enola] Huh.
I even wore my most porter-ish coat.
That's an excellent idea!
Nope! Nope, nope, nope. Help me up.
Miss Harrison,
she will see right through you.
- [Tewkesbury] Oh! I knew there was a flaw!
- Shh. Let me think.
Do you have any ideas?
[Enola groans]
- [Tewkesbury] Quiet!
- [grunts]
[students chattering in the distance]
[Miss Harrison] Stop there.
Who are you?
Have you permission to be in this school?
I was just delivering a package, miss.
Um, to the headmistress.
Could you please direct me to her office?
I am the headmistress of the school.
Well, then, um, this is for you.
Well, open it up.
Let me see what's inside.
Oh, I can't, miss.
I was given express instructions
that this be opened in private.
- Oh, how ridiculous.
- By my employer, miss.
[Miss Harrison] And who might that be?
Mycroft Holmes.
[bell ringing]
Mycroft Holmes...
[students approaching]
Would you just take this parcel
into my office
that I might open it later?
[girls grunt]
[girls breathing heavily]
- [Miss Harrison] No dilly-dallying.
- [girl] Ouch!
Oh, this weighs a ton!
[girls grunting]
- Why is it so heavy?
- So, what are you waiting for? A tip?
- Go on, begone.
- [basket thuds]
[girls sighing]
[breathing heavily]
[lively music plays]
- [Tewkesbury] Can you actually drive this?
- I know the basic rudiments.
[cranks gear]
[car sputtering]
My automobile!
Left, right, watch out, Enola!
- Oh, no!
- [Tewkesbury] The bush!
- [Enola] Whoo-hoo!
- [Tewkesbury] Enola!
- [Enola] I'm not finished yet!
- [Miss Harrison gasping]
- [Miss Harrison screams]
- [tires screeching]
Thank you. That was, uh...
You did save me.
[Tewkesbury chuckles]
The bestbit was my idea,
but you did save me.
You're welcome. I think.
I didn't like it in there.
No. No, of course not.
Now, let's get back to London
and find a proper hiding place.
[brakes screeching]
[Tewkesbury] Why have we stopped?
Enola, whatever you're planning...
[Eudoria] There'll come a time
when you have to make a hard choice.
- Enola...
- [Eudoria] And, in that moment,
you will discover
what mettle you truly have,
and what you're prepared to risk,
for what matters.
Your move, Enola.
We need to go to Basilwether.
An injustice has occurred.
It's time to right some wrongs.
You want a culprit, find the motive.
- I don't understand.
- When were you due
- to be inducted into the Lords?
- I'm Viscount Tewkesbury.
- Well, he's a bloomin' marquess.
- Imminently.
- How would you have voted on the bill?
- Votes for all men!
- The same as my father. I'd be for it.
- Who knew that?
I had these ideas,
but my family were set on me
joining the army and going overseas.
And who stands to gain the estate
with your father dead and if you die?
My uncle.
My sister-in-law
has all the help she needs. Show her out.
You think this is my uncle's doing?
Doesn't it make sense?
[Tewkesbury] But he's a powerful man.
What on earth could we do?
Solve the crime, of course.
Enola, we are both extremely lucky
to have lived this long,
and you want to drive us into a place
where there is most certain danger?
Sometimes, Lord Tewkesbury,
you have to dangle your legs in the water
to attract the bloody sharks!
Why would we want to attract
the bloody sharks?
[sighs] Good point.
[Tewkesbury] This is a terrible idea.
The closer we get,
the worse this idea becomes.
Why are we doing this?
Unlike most well-bred ladies,
I was never taught to embroider.
[grunts] I never molded wax roses,
hemmed handkerchiefs,
or strung seashells.
I was taught to watch and listen.
I was taught to fight.
This is what my mother made me for.
Trust me...
to find the answers we need.
You don't know how to embroider?
We need to do this.
You need to do this.We... are doing this.
Come on.
[floor creaking]
Where are all the servants?
Welcome to the future.
What's happening?
They know we're here.
- [rifle cocks]
- Down!
[Tewkesbury whimpering]
[Enola] Run!
[Tewkesbury grunts]
[rifle cocks]
It's locked!
- [gunshot]
- [gasping]
- [gunshot]
- [Enola screams]
[both panting]
[Enola grunts]
- [gunshot]
- [Enola screams]
[Tewkesbury panting]
[rifle cocks]
- [gunshot]
- [Enola screams]
[Tewkesbury grunts]
[Tewkesbury panting]
- [gunshot]
- [Enola yelps]
[metal clangs]
[both breathing heavily]
[empty casing clatters]
[both breathing heavily]
- [rifle cocks]
- [grunts]
Stay here.
[breathing heavily]
[empty casing clatter]
[breathing heavily]
[rifle cocks]
- [Enola yells]
- [gunshot]
[Enola yelling]
[Linthorn groaning]
[both grunt]
- [Enola yelling]
- [Linthorn grunting]
[Enola groans]
[Enola grunting]
[Enola groans]
[Linthorn grunts]
[breathes deeply]
[Tewkesbury yells]
[both grunting]
[Tewkesbury grunts]
[Tewkesbury] Aah! [grunts]
[Linthorn grunts]
[Tewkesbury yells choking]
[shuddering breaths]
[shuddering breaths]
[Eudoria] Enola?
Don't be scared.
[breathes deeply]
You're not alone.
You're not alone.
[Enola grunts]
[Enola yells]
[Enola grunts]
[shuddering breaths]
[Tewkesbury grunts]
[Linthorn grunts in pain]
[Linthorn groaning]
[angrily] Who are you working for?
[yells] Who do you work for?
[distant tapping sound]
[tapping sound approaching]
[Tewkesbury] Grandmother?
I'm afraid so.
It seems if you want a job done,
you have to do it yourself.
No, Enola.
Where's my mother?
In London.
With your uncle.
Looking for you.
They never understood.
I'm so sorry, my darling.
The future of the country is at stake.
- No!
- [gunshot]
[dramatic music plays]
[empty click]
It's done.
It's done.
[Enola whimpers]
[crying] Tewkesbury!
[sobbing] Tewkesbury!
[sobbing] No!
Wake up. Come on.
[sobs] No...
[sobs, sniffles]
[shuddering breaths]
[Tewkesbury grunts]
Be careful.
- Be careful.
- [gasps]
I'm not entirely an idiot, you know.
You were made to fight.
[Tewkesbury grunts]
[Enola pants]
Your time is over.
[people chattering]
- [woman] I was really quite shocked.
- Yep.
- Sir?
- Don't be ridiculous.
[indistinct chattering]
[Sherlock] Lestrade?
- Lestrade.
- [Lestrade] Ah...
Sherlock Holmes.
- We meet again.
- Please.
You've been building
quite a reputation for yourself,
despite your best efforts
- to avoid the press.
- The marquess case.
You need to arrest his grandmother,
the Dowager.
She's trying to kill him,
as she killed his father.
Two questions.
How did you arrive at that conclusion?
It's a question of divided loyalty
and succession.
With the boy dead, the uncle would take
the vacant seat in the Lords
and stand against the reform bill
and the extension of the vote,
just as the Dowager wanted.
The boy, I deduce, would not,
nor would his father have.
So why would it not be the uncle himself
that did the deed?
To the father or the son?
His uniform in the press photographs.
[Sherlock] The medals on his chest.
He wasn't in the country
when the boy's father was killed,
- rather serving in the Afghan War.
- [Lestrade chuckles]
It's always there, the truth.
You just need to look for it.
[Lestrade] Second question.
How did your sister get there before ya?
I'm sorry?
[men chattering indistinctly]
[Tewkesbury] I look fine.
[Sir Whimbrel]
Don't fuss over him, Caroline.
- Please, Mother.
- Oh, can I just...
Don't. I'm trying to have
these men's respect.
It's quite the style, you know.
Yes. I suppose
it sets your face off nicely.
Your father would be very proud of you.
Congratulations. You finally look
like the nincompoop you were born to be.
- [chuckles]
- [Enola] No.
You look good.
This is... good.
The vote is in an hour. It's, um...
It's quite the thing.
I'm not supposed to bow or anything, am I,
now that you are whatever you are?
Well, arguably, you always had to bow.
You just... chose not to.
So, uh, are you safe? Are you...
Are you... are you comfortable?
You're not still living
- in that terrible lodgings house, are you?
- No. [chuckles]
I used the reward money
your mother gave me...
- Which you reluctantly took.
- And found somewhere new.
Well, Mother has said that there's, um...
there's... there's always room for you
with us.
Your mother clearly hasn't spent
enough time with me.
And what if it was I that...
asked you to stay?
A kind offer,
but one I must refuse.
How will I... How...
When will I see you again?
You're not rid of me yet,
Viscount Tewkesbury,
Marquess of Basilwether.
[man] Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
[Enola] Mother.
May I borrow your pencil?
Thank you.
Numbers turn into letters,
which forms into...
[Enola] Five, two, five, five,
three, three, one.
- One, one, one.
- [sighs]
[continues reading numbers indistinctly]
"Meet me Royal Academy
five tonight Mother."
that's unexpected.
Thank you.
There are three thoughts
that immediately occur.
One is that Mother wouldn't have signed
"Mother," but "Chrysanthemum."
And two,
the Royal Academy is an institution
that has consistently neglected
to include women.
Mother wouldn't have suggested it
as a meeting place.
And my final thought
is that I may have revealed my hand
in front of my brother
when checking the newspaper.
This is Sherlock Holmes's doing.
And yet, facts don't distract from hope.
I'll pay you five pounds
to swap clothes with me.
[Sherlock] Anything?
[Mycroft] Nothing at all.
She beat you once before, little brother,
and now she may have done so again.
Oh, I do believe she thought it me,
but I also believe
that she'd be too intrigued
not to be here all the same.
Unfortunately, you were wrong.
- [Mycroft chuckles]
- It's possible.
Nevertheless, if we do find her again,
I'd like her to be my ward.
I'll take care of her.
Well... [sighs] on your head be it.
I washed my hands of her.
Very well.
All the better.
You are a strange fish, little brother.
And you're a cantankerous one,
older brother.
I assume you're being so delightful
because of the vote?
Passed by one.
That reemerging little toadstool,
the Marquess of Tewkesbury,
and his vote proved decisive.
Now, much as I enjoy
standing outside the Royal Academy...
- He's an interesting character, you know?
- [Mycroft] Hmm?
And I suspect he's rather keen
on young Enola.
Then he should marry her.
Maybe it'll tame them both.
Drink at the club to commiserate me?
Yes, I'll buy you a drink, Mycroft.
[Mycroft] Come on, Sherlock!
[cobbler] Here you go, sir.
[coin clatters]
What on earth were you doing?
[Sherlock] Thought I saw something.
- Good afternoon, Enola.
- Good afternoon.
You've got a visitor.
[inhales sharply]
This is a surprisingly nice room.
I like the finishing touches.
[inhales sharply] I can't stay long.
People might be watching.
How on earth did you find that?
Sherlock did.
I thought you had forgotten it.
You never could leave it alone
as a little girl.
- You used to drag it around behind you...
- Sherlock said.
- You'd heard Queen Victoria had...
- Sherlock said that too.
nice that you two have connected.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I wanted to tell you where I was going,
but it wasn't safe.
Are you safe now?
[shuddering breaths]
I didn't leave you
because I didn't love you.
I left for you...
because I couldn't bear...
to have this world be your future.
So I had to fight.
You have to make some noise
if you want to be heard.
Oh, it's funny. [chuckles]
I thought...
I was the one
that was going to change the world.
The reform bill,
is it true what you did?
What a woman you've become.
[Eudoria chuckles]
[breathes deeply]
[shuddering breaths]
[Eudoria sniffles]
[both chuckle]
[Eudoria sniffles]
Thank you for your irises.
Now, if you ever...
ever need me,
I'll be looking out for them.
- You have to go.
- Yes, but...
let's just stay like this for a bit.
I'd like that too.
[Enola] So, how to conclude?
My name is Enola,
which, backwards, spells "alone."
To be a Holmes,
you must find your own path.
My brothers have,
my mother has,
and I must too.
[both grunting]
But I now see that being alone
doesn't mean I have to be lonely.
Mother never wanted that.
She wanted me to find my freedom,
my future,
my purpose.
I am a detective,
I am a decipherer,
and I am a finder of lost souls.
[Enola laughing]
[Eudoria laughs]
My life is my own.
And the future is up to us.
[upbeat music plays]