Entanglement (2017) Movie Script

Before we begin,
I want you to know that I wish
things could be different.
But I hope you can understand
why I have to do it this way.
If you look at anything
from far enough away,
you can see a pattern.
In the universe, in
nature, in life...
especially even in death.
The trouble is, when
you're inside the pattern,
you just can't see it.
So... you have to find
a way to get out.
Just please know that
all these moments,
they happen for a reason.
Even this one.
Ben Layton?
Just get you to sign
right there, please.
Are you okay, man?
I've been worse.
Ben... can you tell me
how you're feeling?
That's kind of a personal
question, don't you think?
I know you think you're being
funny but you're just not.
The puppet thinks I'm hilarious.
I think you're avoiding
the real problem.
What do you want me to say?
I... I hit a rough patch
but now I'm better.
It's only been six months
and what did we say
about definitive statements?
You know I started
making this collage?
It's about my past,
about my parents,
me being an only child...
meeting Claire, losing Claire...
I made it out of string.
It's very tactile.
And why are you doing this?
Oh, just trying to figure out
where my life went wrong.
Can I ask you a question?
Do you like yourself?
What, as a friend?
Or... more of a...
friend with benefits?
Ben... I'm a child psychologist.
You shouldn't even be in here.
You're on my hour, Layton.
Okay, just...
Hi there, Alexa.
Are your parents still
getting divorced?
I don't know, is that guy still
having sex with your ex-wife?
How did you know that?
Everybody knows.
Braden F said you're a cry-baby.
Well Braden F wets the bed.
Are you going to trust
whatever he says?
You're a cry-baby.
How do you like that?
Okay, that's enough!
Everyone, just...
Yeah, you'd better run.
Does this look like
running to you?
Does this?
I'm walking away 'cause
I have things to do.
Who does that?
What, what'd you say?
What kind of narcissist
wears a shirt
with their own picture on it?
Oh, uh... yeah I, I
bought this at a store.
It's, it's not me.
Mmm, it really is.
It's like a weird, colorful
little version of you.
Self portrait of a man named...?
Ben Layton.
You don't get migraines, do you?
No Imitrex, no Migard, I know.
It's, uh... it's for
a skin condition.
Mmm, I got that same condition.
It's a real bitch
around the holidays.
You should take my number.
Uh... okay.
You have messy handwriting.
Tough shit.
You should call me.
Cash or credit?
Uh... cash.
Don't be mad.
- Oh, geez!
- I got bored.
Tabby, what the hell,
what are you doing here?
I'm cleaning.
I'm being a good neighbor.
You're welcome!
Did you throw out my plants?
They were dying.
Well, we're all dying.
Usually when I do this
you don't even notice.
I'm pretty stealthy.
I think I need my spare
key back from you.
Well, I disagree.
Okay... all right.
By the way, uh... what is this?
I hate it.
Oh, thank you so much.
Uh... that is my life.
So I guess you kind
of hate my life,
that makes two of us.
I decided to lay
it out visually,
you know so I can see
what went wrong.
Can I just...?
No, no, no, no, no, no...
But it's a mess.
Yeah, I know.
I've been reading some books
about parallel universes,
quantum physics, stuff like
that and how every choice
we make creates thousands
of universes spreading
throughout time and space.
Okay, uh, well let me
give you an example.
Okay. So...
let's say that this
line here is my life,
what was supposed to be my life.
Like, it's quiet, it's
peaceful, it's serene,
it's happy... and then
something happened here.
And now my life is on
this alternate reality
which is shit and I can't
come back from it at all.
So, if I just figure
what this is...
well, then hopefully
I can fix it.
That's permanent
marker, you know?
That's not coming out.
God damnit... is all of it?
Yes, this is his son.
Who's this?
He's not dead.
Are you sure?
Where am I?
Sir, you've had a heart attack.
Don't tell my son, he's
not good in a crisis.
Dad I'm here, it's me.
Good, listen...
I have to tell you
something in case I die.
You're, you're not going to
die, I don't think, right?
Is he?
Oh, he'll be fine probably.
Just shut up for one minute.
It's about your sister.
Dad, I don't have
a sister, okay?
I'm an only child.
How many drugs did you give him?
No, we didn't give
him any drugs.
Okay, well... well
maybe, should you?
I mean he just had
a heart attack.
Do you want to be
the doctor here?
- No, no, no...
- Ben...
before you were born, your
mother and I, we... adopted.
Then after it went
through, well,
your mother discovered
that she was pregnant.
So, so... we had to
give up the freebie.
So... I almost had a sister?
Are you sure?
Yeah, yes I'm sure.
I held this baby in my arms
and she was cuter than you!
All right, irrelevant, but yeah...
Ben... she's out
there somewhere.
Just listen to me, damnit.
Ben, she's still out there!
Uh... okay, uh...
what do I do now?
Just go home, we'll call you
after his surgery... probably.
Well, of course we
applied for adoption!
From what the doctors say,
my uterus is pretty
much a death trap.
Besides, I wasn't getting any
younger so it made sense.
Okay, then what happened?
Well... found out I was up
the duff on the same day
they brought the baby.
You can't adopt if you've
got one in the oven.
So... if you'd got the baby home
a little bit sooner or found out
you were pregnant a
little bit later...
You would have had a sister.
Even had a name
picked out for her.
Would've called her
Wendy, after my mother.
Wait... I thought this
was a picture of me.
Okay, uh... so, uh...
what happened to the baby?
Beats me, probably shipped her
off to some other family.
So, she's really out there...
with this whole different life.
She doesn't even know about me,
she doesn't even really
know about herself!
What's this all about?
I could've almost had a sister,
do you know how
formative that is?
I'm going to find this girl
and I'm going to see
what she's like,
I've got to know what
I've been missing.
But... I don't know,
it's never a good
idea to mess around
in someone else's past.
Well... good thing for someone
else, this is my past
and I'm going to mess
around with it just fine.
And also, you should call Dad,
he almost died this morning.
Hey, is uh, is Tabby here?
That guy is here, the
one that looks like
a sad cartoon carrot.
Uh... That doesn't
even make any sense.
Uh, yeah... Tabby look, look...
my whole life is a lie.
I'm sure that's not the case.
It is.
My parent's were going
to adopt, but didn't.
I almost had a sister!
I need you to help me.
Okay, but I'm at work right now.
Yeah, we're going to leave here.
Okay, we're going to go break
into an adoption agency
and we're going to
steal a bunch of files
and figure out who this girl is
and see if she can fix my life.
What the fuck?
We are not breaking
the law, Ben!
Ow, why are you hitting me?
Because you're being an idiot.
This here, is not
rational behavior.
No, no, no, it's very rational.
This is the only
thing that's left.
This is the thing.
I find her, right...
and then I can figure out
where my life went wrong...
and hopefully
correct everything.
And what if you don't
like the answer?
Then at least I tried.
At least I tried.
Tabby, I am running
out of options here.
Fine, uh... if this
is what you need
then I guess I can
help a little.
This is what I need.
But we are not breaking the law.
And we're not stealing anything.
And you have to promise me
that things are not
going to get weird.
You know I can't
promise you that.
Yeah, I guess.
Yeah... it's already weird.
This all makes sense.
My parents were married for like...
seven years before me.
They probably thought
they'd never have a kid.
Of course they tried
to adopt, of course!
What does it matter?
Your parents adopted a
baby and gave her back.
What does it have
to do with you?
Uh... I don't know Tabby,
maybe because she could've
taught me so many things.
She could've taught me
how to talk to girls
and cool dance moves.
You hate dancing,
it's one of the five
things we have in common.
Yeah, well maybe I would've loved
dancing if I had a sister.
God, I could've learned a trade
skill and lived in a house
with a kid and a wife who
likes to show her cleavage.
Top of the tits, Tabby.
This is never going to work.
Okay, that guy's not
going to help us.
No, we're already here.
This was your idea.
Okay... What can I do for you?
Hi there, uh...
well we're looking for the
adoption records of a girl
that was born, uh,
30 years ago and...
we don't have her name
but we do have the name
of the people who, uh,
didn't adopt her.
Uh, you also have a photo.
Oh yeah, I have a... photo.
Okay... my parents had to give
her back when they found out
they were going to have
me and I'm just...
trying to track her
down so I can know
what my life would've been
like if I had a sister.
So, uh... you want me to hand
over the adoption records
of a stranger...
um, because you're having some
kind of emotional crisis?
Basically... yes.
It's a quest.
Yeah, it's a quest.
Okay, there is literally no way
that that's going to happen.
What if I gave you $50?
I'm going to need
your parents names
and the date of the adoption.
Yeah, got it.
That's also... that's
what I also have.
I will be right back. Stay here.
Whoa, okay.
Okay, uh, I need to borrow
50 bucks right now.
Are you serious?
Okay, you have to pay me back.
- Fine.
- Yeah, 'cause it's $50.
Damn, I'm good for it.
I had to go to the archives...
Okay, well regardless
I appreciate it,
thank you so much.
This means a lot, I mean
you're a good man, really.
Not really.
I hate this place.
Okay, thank you.
Right on, thank you so much.
Thank you.
Hey... Ben.
You know this isn't going
to make you happy, right?
I know what I'm doing.
You do?
You're wearing a button
down shirt inside out.
Looks to me like you
don't know shit.
Well, what do you know?
Can I help you?
Ah... don't... what
are you doing?
I thought you were
going to call me.
What are you doing here, do you...
do you live here?
Have you been following me?
Is that your deal, you
like, follow girls around?
Are you a pervert?
Is your dick hard?
No, no... my dick is... soft.
Like normal.
What are you doing here?
Is your name Hanna Weathers?
That's kind of what I
want to talk about.
Are you on drugs right now?
Look, uh... this is a
quest, I'm on a quest.
Oh... okay.
Then let's talk.
You can buy me a
chicken fried steak.
I know a place close
by, grab your bike.
All right, uh... wait,
did you say, uh...
did you say chicken fried steak?
Yeah, if you get to say "quest,"
I can say "chicken fried steak."
It's delicious.
What did you want to talk about?
Okay... uh... first... off...
what do you know
about your parents?
Yare a serial killer.
No, no... no, no I'm not.
Okay well, uh... my parents
tried to adopt a baby.
Uh, they did actually
adopt a baby
but the day they
brought her home,
my mom found out
she was pregnant.
So the agency made her take
the baby back and I...
You almost had a sister.
Yeah, exactly.
Um... but the thing is,
she might not even know
she was adopted.
You know?
Maybe she does.
I always knew.
More coffee?
Uh... no thank you.
Oh, yes please.
Oh, sorry...
Your parents give her back and
instead of being your sister,
this chick, she goes off,
she lives another life, becomes
someone completely different.
Connected, yeah.
So I tracked down her file and
her name and her address...
and... I think I may
have found her.
So what's the question?
Um... if I should
tell her or not.
You know, if it's worth it...
'cause finding out you're
adopted can be heavy
and I don't know
if it's my place.
Well I think if I was her...
I would want to know
that I had a brother.
I would want to know who he
was, what he was like...
I'd want the chance to
look him in the eye.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
Um... I'll be right
back, I'm sorry.
Do you know where
that girl went?
I don't know.
You know smoking's
bad for you, right?
Well this is electric.
Oh, is that better?
Yeah, I don't get cancer.
Would you rather I got cancer?
I don't know, I
haven't decided yet.
Have you ever heard of
quantum entanglement.
Remind me.
Well these special little
particles are created together...
and then no matter where they
go they're bonded... forever.
I'm the girl.
I'm not an idiot.
I'm dyslexic and I only read
science fiction, but...
I got street smarts.
Oh yeah.
You were almost my brother...
but not.
What do you, uh... what
do you think about that?
I think there's reason
behind anything
if you look hard enough.
I mean, us meeting...
the way our lives turned out...
worth exploring.
I always wanted a brother.
Hey buddy, want a picture?
You can come back in a
bit, I can put it up.
No... I, I don't think so.
Just enjoy a second
of your stupid life.
Fire away!
Are you home?
So... what happened?
What happened?
Um... she wants to be my sister.
She what?
I think she wants
to be my sister.
I heard you.
The "what" was just bafflement
because of the crazy coming
out of your mouth face.
She wants to be your sister?
Yeah, why... is that weird?
Girls don't meet random guys and
just agree to be their sister.
I don't know, I think it's cool.
Why not?
Because, it's creepy!
She's probably
cat-fishing you...
or worse, whatever that is.
Tabby... do you not know
how big of a deal this is?
This girl's one day from
being in my life forever.
One day from sharing every
Christmas, every birthday,
every Thanksgiving...
she could call me
on Mother's Day.
Why would she be calling
you on Mother's Day?
To remind me to call
Mom, I don't know.
Just... look.
This is the only
thread I have left.
I have to pursue this, okay?
Please understand.
Ben... don't be stupid.
I know what I'm doing.
If you say so.
Hey bro!
What's the happs?
How do you know where I live?
Is that my wallet, did
you steal my wallet?
Hey, what if I found this
and I'm returning it?
What if I'm a hero, like Batman?
Are you like Batman?
'Cause I stole your wallet?
Batman would never do that.
Okay, look... this... is
super inappropriate. Okay?
I don't even know you.
Well, I thought we were family.
Yeah, well we're not.
It's... look, okay... I'm sure
you think is like cute or impish
or something but it's not.
It's not fun and I'm not fun, so...
don't do it again.
It was just a goof, I just
wanted to surprise you.
Well I don't like
surprises, okay?
I've had too many bad ones.
Well, who hasn't?
It doesn't mean you stop
unwrapping presents.
Why are you here?
Well I had to give that back...
and I also wanted to see if you
wanted to go for a bike ride.
Is this your bike?
It's a girl's bike.
It's unisex.
What do you want to do?
I don't know, uh, I guess...
brother sister stuff.
Like all the stuff we missed.
I think we can do that.
Hey, I found you.
They're in the trees.
Oh, what are they doing here?
I don't know.
Do you remember
that part in Bambi
where the mom gets
shot in the head?
What's wrong with you?
So... I've been reading on this
quantum entanglement stuff...
Okay, so it's like
telepathy or something?
Like, uh... the two particles,
or their spin or whatever,
it's like they're two
parts of the same thing.
Sort of... I could show
you maybe if, um...
do you have a quarter?
Um... yes!
These two particles.
They're created and
connected together
and they seem almost the same...
but whenever one is heads,
the other is tails.
It's just how they are.
They're opposition forever.
Okay, now flip and
cover but don't look.
Without lifting your hand,
is it heads or tails?
I don't know.
That's right,
that's uncertainty.
See until we observe it,
the quarter is both
heads and tails.
Like, it's still spinning even
when it's perfectly still.
So what do we do now?
We collapse the waveform.
Keep yours down.
Tails... now what is it?
Still both, uncertain?
Nuh uh, it's heads.
They're always opposite,
they're always entangled.
That's a trick.
It's lucky, at least.
Okay well then
let's do it again.
All right.
- Again.
What is going on?
Some things are just connected.
Come on, I have to
show you something.
So what's she like?
Tell me everything.
Does she look like me?
How can she look like you, Mom?
She's adopted.
Genetics isn't everything,
sometimes people and their pets
start to look alike.
Yeah, well human babies and
pets are not the same thing.
You know that, right?
You watch your tone!
Oh, what do you care?
You guys have been divorced
for like 20 years.
She's still your mother!
What is he doing here?
Well your father
can't live alone
while he's recovering
from heart surgery.
Yeah, well maybe he should've
stayed in the hospital.
So they could
finish me off, huh?
You know I almost died in there!
Yeah, from a heart attack.
Maybe stop eating bacon and
grilled cheese sandwiches.
Don't talk to me
like that, I'm sick!
- Why did you keep this from me?
- Tell us more about Wendy.
Hanna... is her name.
Well, she... she dances
and she steals things
and smokes little
robot cigarettes.
I don't know, she's...
not what I expected.
You know, I always wished
that we had kept that baby.
Would've been nice to have
someone in that extra chair.
Is that the justification
for having a baby,
to fill an empty seat?
Even rooms need balance, Benny.
What does a baby have
to do with that?
Well I'm just glad
you met a girl,
especially after
that last treasure.
That has nothing to do with it.
Look, we're practically
brother and sister,
me and this girl.
Well then don't
get her pregnant.
You'll wind up with some weird,
inbred kid like
your cousin Reggie!
Oh my god, what are
you talking about?
Oh, she's so lucky she didn't
get born into this family.
You guys would've
screwed her up.
Are you done being
an asshole now?
You own far too many t-shirts.
And if you think that
anyone is going to believe
that this is for dry
skin, you're mistaken.
How, how'd you get in here?
I picked the lock.
You can do that?
Yeah, I'm a modern
woman, I got skills.
I thought we had fun
the other night.
Uh... yeah, but... that doesn't
give you the right to break
into my apartment.
Skills or otherwise.
She's pretty... ish.
What happened?
If you must know...
uh, she left me for a man
who cunnilingualized her
in a sports car.
I meant the frame.
Same reason.
What's this... doodle?
Just trying to figure
out what my life means.
You know where I'm from,
what I'm connected to,
where I stand in
this whole thing.
Find out which side of
the coin you're on.
Oh shit.
Uh, you have to... you have to...
You have to hide, hide in
the, uh, bedroom here.
Because... trust me.
Is it a girlfriend?
No, not a girlfriend,
just a friend.
But she doesn't understand this.
I'm pushing you because
you're resisting here.
I'm not going in there!
You have to go in there, please.
I'm begging you.
- Just go in there.
- This is being ridiculous.
You're making this way harder.
She's coming in.
God... oh, god
damnit, this door.
You push.
I'm not pushing it.
Can you please get
in the closet?
Are you okay?
Um, yeah... I'm fine.
Who were you talking to?
No one.
Uh... I heard you talking and,
uh... I was worried about you.
No one's here.
No, I know.
But I want to meet her.
Uh, the girl, your fake sister.
What's her name?
Hanna... why?
Because... I don't trust her.
Oh... well you don't
really know her.
I know her type.
Okay, what's her type?
Pretty and thin and suspicious.
How do you know she's thin?
Because you're defending her.
No, I'm not.
Okay, what's your
problem, Tabby?
I don't have a problem.
Okay, well it seems like you
do Tabby, so... what is it?
You... you loved her so much.
Claire... before she
left I used to watch
the way you were together.
You'd tuck her hair back behind
her ear or kiss her cheek...
and I thought everyone deserved
to be loved like that.
Yeah, well... that
love wasn't real.
You know?
I should go.
Whoa, jeez... oh my god!
Oh my god.
That was kind of awkward.
Uh, yeah... yeah it was, sure.
Can we, can we go please?
Sure, where do you
want to go to?
Anywhere you want.
Oh my god.
That was for no reason.
Is that your way
of holding hands?
Whoa... what are we doing here?
Hey... whoa, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
Ah... shit.
Oh no...
We could get caught.
I took swimming lessons
here as a kid.
Me too... until I
almost drowned.
Do you think we knew each other?
You were probably
in love with me.
I was pretty hot
for a 10 year old.
Oh, that's disturbing.
If you want disturbing
I can tell you about
getting my first period
on a water-slide.
No, thank you.
This is crazy.
You know, we're almost
siblings and we grew up,
like, just miles apart
from each other.
It turns out we even went
swimming in the same pool...
what are you doing?
We're at a pool.
Yeah, okay but we're
not going in.
Yeah, Ben.
Come on!
Come in, the water's so nice.
Ben! Ben! Ben!
Your ex-wife hurt you bad, huh?
Why'd she do it?
I don't know why, I don't...
really know why.
I don't think she meant to.
I hope not.
But... I can be pretty tough
to be around sometimes.
And there were a few
months in particular,
medication-wise, that
were pretty bad for me
and that's, you know that's
stressful for anyone.
I don't blame her though,
I mean, people like calm waters.
Know what I mean?
Yeah, I got a pretty good idea.
Things... things
unravelled for me
pretty hard for
me when she left.
I didn't really know
who I was anymore.
And I started to hear voices...
and they were just yelling
at me and screaming at me
for blood and just...
stop and just be quiet.
Sorry, that's like probably
really intense to hear,
I'm hearing voices.
The thing I don't understand is...
how can you love someone,
like really love
someone for so long
and so, like... real...
and then just stop?
Man... when you start talking,
you don't shut up, do you?
What are you doing?
I saw your face, you punk!
I think we lost him.
That was crazy.
Why did we do that?
Because it was fun and
you need more fun.
I need something.
And you don't see anything wrong
with you kissing this girl?
Not really, no.
Even though you only met
because your parents
nearly had you sharing a crib?
So what?
We're not actually related; she's
pretty much just a stranger.
You should be happy
that I'm dating.
At best, you have to
admit that your feelings
about this woman are confused.
I think you're hurting...
And at some point the drugs
are going to stop working
and you'll find yourself
confronting something
inside you.
Something I can't even imagine.
So please, just be careful.
I'll see you next week?
All right.
She's right, you know.
Stay out of it.
You think you've got it all
figured out, but you don't.
What do you know, huh?
You're just a puppet.
See that's what you
don't get, Benjamin.
We are all puppets.
You suck.
Just one left.
I'm going to let him
live, he earned it.
That's not really
how the game works.
You can take it.
Do you think what
we're doing is wrong?
What do you mean?
Well, I mean like this...
like, us...
the situation that
we're in, you know?
It's not wrong...
we're just connected.
It doesn't matter that
we were almost siblings
or who raised me.
Who did raise you?
Uh, my parents... and
Judy Bloom books.
What were they like?
They were like crack for
people with vaginas.
Not the books, your parents.
I know, I'm... I always
kind of had the feeling
that I was their second choice.
Like, I don't know,
maybe they had buyer's
remorse or something.
Like I remember my mom, she
caught me kissing this boy,
Cody something, behind the
store by our house...
and she slapped me, hard.
And then she says, I wish I
knew who'd given birth to you
so I knew who to
blame for this shit.
And then this look crossed her
face like she meant to think that
and she accidentally said it.
And that's how I found
out I was adopted.
You know how sometimes you think
something's not right
you suspect it?
And all the evidence
has just been there
staring you in the face,
like a word or a thing...
or something was
missing, or hinted at.
Maybe you just thought
it was something else
and then all of a sudden, like...
a phone rings and...
the whole world stops turning.
What's up, girl?
What do you want, Layton?
Well, uh... what's the deal,
are you running away?
None of your business.
My dad moved out today so
this is like a cry for help.
It's kind of desperate,
don't you think?
You should talk.
I just don't like change.
I feel you.
I don't like change
either, change sucks.
Hey, high five for
no change, right?
Keep things simple.
All right, not the time, cool.
That's my mom, I should go.
Oh... okay, well you
forgot your book.
You can keep it, it's
for babies anyway.
The rabbit looked up at
her and it seemed to him
that he had seen her face before
but he couldn't think where.
I am the nursery magic
fairy, she said.
I take care of all
the playthings
that the children have loved.
When they are old and worn out
and the children don't
need them anymore,
then I come and take
them away with me
and turn them into real.
Keep going.
Wasn't I real before?
Asked the little rabbit.
You were real to the
boy, the fairy said.
Because he loved you and now you
should be real to everyone.
My, you look so scared.
You should probably know
that it's been a while
since I've done like anything.
By anything are you talking...
Intercourse... are you sure
you want to say intercourse?
Why, what's wrong
with intercourse?
I don't know.
It's pretty hard to make
intercourse sound sexy.
I want to have
intercourse with you.
Why did you do it?
Um... well a lot of reasons.
You know, the divorce,
my job was useless,
my meds were trailing...
I didn't have anything
else to do that day.
Awesome reasons.
Well, what do you
want me to say?
I was alone, pretty
much always alone.
Someone saved you,
someone loved you.
If you were alone,
you'd be dead.
Mmm, I got lucky.
You answered the door.
Why did you do that?
What do you mean?
I mean you slit your wrists,
the hard part's over.
So why answer the door?
You could've just left it.
Literally on the brink of
death and the doorbell rings
right when you need it.
And you call that luck?
A billion trillion particles
working in harmony
across the universe...
think about it.
A teenager steals your car.
Your ex-wife at the post office.
Delivery guy catches a light.
His cell phone is charged.
Traffic is clear.
The paramedics are close.
Tabby is there for you.
Ten thousand obstacles just
vanish from your path.
Like smoke.
And you call that luck.
I, uh, thought... I thought
Claire was at the door.
I thought maybe she
had come back to see
if I wanted to get
back together.
Is that pathetic?
That, uh, that I
would've taken her back.
Yes... it is.
Can I help you?
Hi, uh, I'm looking
for Hanna Weathers.
I'm Hanna.
I'm a friend of Ben's.
Oh, and look, I know you two
have been spending, um...
anyway... I, uh, just wanted to
say take good care of him...
and I don't want you to worry about
me, because we're just friends...
barely friends, I just helped
save his life once is all.
Anyway, uh, point is...
he seems happy.
Hang on, hang on.
Who is Ben?
Sorry, um... I think... I think
someone made a terrible mistake.
Hey Tabby.
Yeah sure, I'll be right there.
All right.
We need to talk.
Wait, I owe you money.
Okay, it's not about the
money but I'll take it.
It's about the girl.
Uh... Tabby, did you get
that from my apartment?
Yeah, why not?
I paid for it.
Tabby, you can't keep
breaking in to where I live.
Okay wait, would you
just listen for a sec?
No, no.
Why are you messing
with my life?
Listen, your new girlfriend,
whoever she is,
she is not your sister.
Yeah, I know that.
I've been trying to tell
you that the whole time.
She is not not your sister.
Ben... she is a fake.
I went to the house
on January road...
and the woman who lives
there, this woman...
she has never met you.
Hanna Weathers is a single
mother who has no idea
who the hell you are.
You're being conned.
But, Ben... she's not the
person you were looking for.
Yeah, okay.
I'm just trying to figure out
who I had sex with last night.
I don't know.
But... she's not who
you thought she was.
Hey, don't be so
hard on yourself.
How were you supposed to know
she's some kind of criminal?
Well, uh, she stole my
wallet, she shoplifted,
she broke into my apartment
and a swimming pool
so there may have
been some signs.
Well, we can go to the police.
With what?
We don't know
anything about her.
You could post her photo online.
Maybe she did this
to someone else.
All I have is that stupid
baby photo, that's it.
Actually, uh, that wasn't her.
Right, god damnit.
She's a pro, she's professional.
Hey buddy, you want a picture?
You come back later,
I'll put it up.
Uh... excuse... excuse me.
I knew you'd be back.
You want your picture?
Uh, yeah.
15 bucks.
Come on, I'll pay you back.
I promise.
Thank you.
Here you go.
I'll be right back.
Yeah, sure.
Thank you.
Hey, look at this.
- Hey, it's Ben.
Leave a message.
You know how sometimes you
think something's not right,
or you suspected it?
And all the evidence
has been right there
staring you in the face.
Like a word or a thing...
or something was missing
or hinted at.
Maybe you just thought
it was something else
and then all of a sudden,
like a phone rings,
the whole world stops turning.
Ben... what's going on?
Uh... I gotta go.
I gotta go.
Looking for something?
She must've left
something behind.
Like a trace or something?
I told you this wasn't
going to make you happy.
Didn't I?
Wait, what's going on?
You already know.
No, I don't know.
Yes you do... because I know.
And if I know, you know...
and so does she.
What does that mean?
That means that you're talking
to your own reflection, asshole!
You're hearing shit
and seeing things.
Puppets, deer, jellyfish,
magic fucking coins.
What the hell did you
think was going on?
Uh, I don't know...
I mean I guess I thought
it was like whimsical.
That is the dumbest
shit I've ever heard.
You are losing your mind, man.
None of this is real.
Not me, not her... nothing.
But, you know... did...
I thought we...
You made love?
Welcome to the suck, my man.
That's not funny.
Well, how do you think I feel?
Do you feel?
Everything you do.
Okay, uh, Hanna, I...
this isn't going to
work out anymore, okay?
Are you breaking up with me?
Yeah, yeah... I mean you're a
figment of my imagination.
So what, what the
hell is anything?
I mean you don't have to
actually touch things,
you just get signals
sent to your brain.
It's physics, it's not reality.
Well I need reality, okay?
I need more than this.
You want this.
You understand that?
You don't know what I want.
I know how you wanted her
back, I know how you wanted
to end it all and I know
how you're so filled
with doubt you can't even
look people in the eye.
I know you, Ben.
No you don't.
You don't know me.
Because you're just a part of me,
you're not the whole thing...
you're not me.
I can hide.
I can bury myself
so deep inside you,
you're never going
to get me out.
We're always going
to be together
and you'll never know where
I begin and you end.
Hanna... get out of my head.
I'm not even here.
Wait, no!
Hanna, wait.
Aren't you tired yet?
What are you doing?
Are you just going
to run away forever,
is that the big plan?
You don't have to chase me.
What are you talking about?
I'm dying, I'm out there
drowning in a fucking river.
Fine, give up!
You don't control me.
And I'm done with this.
Why did you make me?
Because I wanted
to be awake again.
I was alone.
If you let me stay,
I'll be good.
I can't keep you in
here forever, okay?
I can't spend the
rest of my life
looking for you around
every corner, okay?
That would drive me nuts.
Hanna... thank you for
everything, really.
I'm not going to forget
you, okay, you helped me.
Well let's just get
this over with.
All right.
So what do we do now?
Just let go.
Just let go.
Just let go.
Ben... what's the matter?
Put that meat away
when you're done, huh?
That's good salami.
Oh, real nice.
What did I do?
You keep that up, you're going
to wreck his heart for good.
What about your heart?
What do you mean?
I'm fine, I just...
I lost my keys.
What's wrong?
Mom, what's wrong?
They call me at 2:00
in the afternoon
to tell me that my son had
tried to kill himself...
slashed up his arms...
my little boy almost
bled to death.
I'm fine now Mom, okay?
I raised you better than this.
I don't care if you never had
a sister, you lost your wife,
or some woman that
I've never even met.
Benny, look...
you think you're all
alone in the world?
You let someone see
you at your worst
and you watch if
they stick around.
I... I think I just remembered
where my spare keys are.
You really captured the moment.
Where have you been?
I called you.
You leave a picture
with no one else in it
and then you run off
into the night?
You can't do that!
You can't be this
selfish jerk and...
Just let me talk for
a second, please.
No, all you do is talk
and I listen and I nod
and I try to make sense of
it and I'm done... okay?
You have to stop treating
people like we don't count
and stop looking for things
you don't need... because...
because you have friends.
And there are people who...
When you almost died,
I almost died...
and I hate that.
I'm really sorry.
I'm trying... just... things
are a lot different now.
Can we get better?
Or can we at least try?
We'll see.
So who's who?
there you have it.
That's my story... and
now that you've read it,
I hope you understand why I
don't think we should meet.
But I know that you
and I are connected.
I think that we're
all connected...
in ways and through circumstances,
by staggering coincidences
we'll never understand...
because I think
that's what life is.
It's kind of like a
tapestry, woven and dyed
a million different ways...
and we are all these
threads, tangled and alone.
But the lucky ones...
the best of us have
been tied up in knots
from day one, we
just can't see it.
Hello there.
I have a delivery for
a Hanna Weathers.
Are you Hanna Weathers?
I'm... yes.
Just, uh... yeah,
just right there.
You have a good day.
So, for now... goodbye
and good luck.
Sincerely, your almost but not
quite brother, Benjamin Layton.
I was fucking adopted.
I heard that.
Go to your room!
So... what is a chicken
fried steak anyway?
All I know is it is the official
meal of the state of Oklahoma.
Sounds like you made that up.
Thank you. No, I didn't.
It's a classic dish,
plus it's delicious.