Enter the Devil (1972) Movie Script

(somber radio music)
Green, green, green
Everything's turning green
(upbeat radio music)
I'd tip my hat and as I roll back
I thought at least I
could buy her a drink
(gunshot booming)
Darling that's kind
And would you mind
Walking my sweet self home
And perhaps if you'd care
I'd fix you some tea
That is if you wanna come in
I have some paintings
that you'd care to see
I said with a devilish grin
Green, green, green
Everything's turning green
Green, green, green
It's all I've ever seen
The devil's out making a green machine
He just turned an
angel's blue eyes green
Green, green, green
Everything's turning green
- [Radio Announcer] There
you all have it, folks.
The top tune of the wild--
- Son of a gun.
- [Radio Announcer] This November weekend.
Speaking of November,
some might big bucks have been spotted
down in Brewster and Presidio county.
A word of caution though.
Watch out for those signs.
One sure sign is when you
get that urge to shoot first,
take a close look at what
you've been aiming at.
And here's a candidate for
the tall, Texas top spot,
on your clear channel voice
of the southwest, WO--
(car engine rumbling)
- Hello.
Sure glad you stopped.
Blew a tire back a ways.
Damn spare is flat.
Need a lift to a service station
or some place where I could may get.
No telling how far I'd have
to walk before I found help.
(engine rumbling)
(ominous chanting music)
(ominous chanting music)
- Jase!
I need you to crawl out
from out of there, boy.
- One more minute, boss man.
One more minute.
There, she oughta run forever.
- Good, I'm glad to hear it.
I need you to take a ride down the bend.
- Sure thing.
First thing in the morning.
- You oughta be able make
it by about mid-afternoon.
This fella by the name of Perkins--
- Tom.
Friday's my day off, remember?
- This rock hound, Jace,
by the name of Ozzie Perkins
took a vacation trip out of Houston
down into the bend and now he's
long overdue on the return.
So I told Houston you'd go down there
and have a look around.
- Fresh start in the morning,
I'd have the whole day.
- Damn it, Jace, you have
all the time it takes.
Look boy, this is election year.
I don't want no open
cases on election day.
Go ahead and get cleaned up, huh?
And don't get too attached
to the lip brush, boy.
That's got to go.
- Tom, got a hot date tonight.
Pretty good possibility.
- You're something else, you know that?
Maybe you oughta start off
down at Glen Phelps' place.
A lot of tourists stop in
there, coming and going.
And doesn't that little
Juanita still work down there?
I will get cleaned up.
But if you don't want me coming back
until I get it straightened out,
you'd better start
sending my checks care of
Terlingua, Texas, general delivery.
I might grow a beard.
This Ozzie Perkins won't
be the first gringo
that dropped out of sight
down in the big bend country.
- I'll be damned glad when
they quit using Brewster County
for their disappearing act.
I'll get you a picture of this guy.
(ominous chanting music)
(ominous chanting music)
(upbeat music)
- Quit your honking!
I'm coming!
Howdy, Chief.
What's brung you down to the boarder?
Looks like you've been
pushing pretty hard.
- Fill her up, Willis,
and see if you can knock
some of that dust off the windshield.
Got much business lately?
- Oh, it's picking up.
Hunting season and all.
Hopefully trade from
across the river, though.
I just as soon go without that.
You see, my late wife talked me
into moving down here to this hell hole
is the day I should've
been put out of my misery.
- Lots of folks spend good
moneyjust to come down here
and look at the scenery.
- Yeah and there's lots
of folks in the nuthouses.
I guess what comes down
here is the overflow.
- What about this fella?
You seen him around?
- That's one I do remember.
His kind are few and far between.
- Something special about him?
- Every tourist or hunter
to come through here
wants to pay with one of
them little plastic cards.
You know how long it
takes me to get my money
out of them credit it outfits?
- What about the guy in the picture?
- What about him?
He wanted by the law or something?
- Name's Ozzie Perkins.
Came up here rock hounding
and he never got home.
- Well, he got passed here all right.
Must've been last week.
Paid cash for gas and groceries.
Last cash I've seen since I
took in some old Mexican money.
Said he was headed up to Phelps' place.
(car engine starting)
That'll be $3.57.
- Put it on the county's bill.
They only pay me twice a year!
(upbeat music)
- Howdy, stranger.
Just passing through?
- Just stopped by to water my horse.
How you been, Glenn?
- No real complaints.
Good to see you, Jase.
- This place of yours is really
turning into a gold mine.
Shaping up good.
- Same old story.
Always a smoke but never a light.
What brings you so far south?
- Tom Jefferson.
Sheriff of Brewster County
and running hard for re-election.
Checking out a missing person's report.
Fella by the name of Perkins.
How long's he been gone?
- Near as I can figure, about a week.
He stopped by Lajitas, bought some gas.
Said he was coming up here.
Willis remembers him.
Said he paid cash.
- He never showed up here.
I coulda used the cash.
What do you think, Mexico?
- Probably.
Pockets full of greenbacks.
Wouldn't be the first time a fella decided
on a sudden change of scenery.
Tom thinks he's under the gun this year.
Told me not even to
think about coming back
until I got the answers to this.
- Well, I guess you'll be
running for a couple of days.
- You got any room?
- Plenty right now.
Deer season starts Saturday at daylight.
By Friday night, it
could get pretty crowded.
The deputy will be
staying a couple of days.
Fix him up a cabin, okay?
- Si.
- How many hands do you
got working for you now?
- Two steady
and the house girls.
- Mexicans?
- Yeah, they wait at the river.
They make good workers.
- Whoa up, old buddy.
I'm not the boarder patrol.
I just thought you might
put the word out on Perkins.
Someone on the other side
might know something.
- Sure.
But I don't think it'll get you anywhere.
These people don't talk much.
Quiet and tight-lipped.
Especially with Anglos.
- You get along all right.
- I'm beginning to understand them.
They're gOOd 990N9-
- Got any on ice?
- You bet.
I'll buy.
- The hell you will.
- I said it's on me.
- Paco, how are you?
- I've got these little pains.
It only bothers me a little.
- Paco's always gotta pain somewhere.
Hurry UP-
- Si, Sefior Glenn.
(Glenn speaking Spanish)
- Hey, that's a new face.
- Since you hit it off so
well with Juanita, I figured.
- You figured you'd give it a try.
- Well, she turned out
to be Chuy's cousin.
Chuy makes a hell of a chaperone.
(speaking Spanish)
- Buenas tardes, Sefior Jace.
Cmo ests?
- Muy bien, Chuy.
- Sefior Glenn?
- Yeah.
- The peacock needs a new fan belt.
I've got nothing.
- I'll be going to town.
I'll get a new one picked up.
We'll make do with the Blazer until then.
- We'll make do.
(crickets chirping)
(men mumbling)
- You've all seen the map.
Remember your landmarks and
you won't have any trouble.
It'll be good daylight
in less than in hour
and you oughta be ready
and waiting by then.
Mount up.
(truck engine rumbling)
(gunshots booming)
- Got him,
right behind the shoulder.
- Hell you did.
Right behind the ass, maybe.
- I got him.
- Well right now there's a buck down there
breaking the record for
the one minute mile.
That's pretty good for a dead one.
- He won't get far.
Down in that gully, maybe.
- After you, Daniel Boone.
- What the hell is that?
- What's a car doing
way the hell out here?
- Whoever put it in here
sure did a job of it.
(foreboding music)
There's something in there!
- Nobody's been here since
the two hunters found him.
The care all burnt to hell like that,
no registration papers.
No identification on the body.
But these plates make it Perkins.
- You gonna be able to put a positive ID
on something like that, Doc?
- If he had much dental work done
or anything more than
the usual broken bones
in his early life
and if the dental and medical
records are locatable.
Might be possible.
- Well, better get to it.
We'll give you all the help we can.
' Oh, today?
- Well, the county pays you to be coroner.
- Hey, Doc.
- Glenn.
- Jace, Sheriff.
- How do you figure he got
down into a place like this?
It's a heck of a long way off any road.
- Be surprised where
some of these rock hounds
and spelunkers will take
an old jalopy like that.
I guess he didn't see what was ahead
until it was too late
to do anything about it.
- Fire.
It's a hard way to go.
- Yeah.
Well, speaking of going,
I guess we better get going, Doc.
Jase, seeing how it's
election year and all,
maybe you oughta hang around
down here a little bit.
You know, show the flag, buy a few beers,
drum up a few votes.
- Yeah, I guess I better.
Or start looking for another job.
- It's gotta go, boy.
- One thing about it,
an autopsy doesn't do
anything for their looks.
Nothing will when they're this far gone.
- Is it Perkins, Doc?
- Hmmm.
It was Perkins.
- You coulda told me
that on the telephone.
There are a couple of other things.
One thing, he didn't die in the fire.
- And I don't think the
wreck coulda killed him.
The injuries are somewhat unusual.
- So what're you trying
to tell me, doctor?
- Well, what I'm saying is
there are no blisters inside the lungs.
Which means he was dead
before the fire got to him.
He was dead probably
before the fire started.
- Well he could've been
killed in the wreck.
That was one hell of a steep drop.
- I'm not saying he
didn't die in the wreck.
I'm saying that the unusual
nature of the injuries
makes it somewhat doubtful.
There are puncture wounds
in the palms of both hands.
Puncture wounds through
the bones of the feet.
And is near as my admittedly
somewhat limited brand
of medical science can determine,
the actual cause of death
was a puncture wound
between the fourth and fifth ribs
and in the left ventricul
of the heart muscle.
And that's the way my
report is gonna read.
- Now Doc, either he
was killed in the wreck
or he was murdered.
There's no reason on God's green Earth
to think the man was murdered.
So that leaves the wreck
and that's the way my report's gonna read.
- You asked for a autopsy, Tom.
You got it.
- Yeah and it proves that that's
the body of Ozzie Perkins.
- You could at least look
into the possibility that--
(door slamming)
That's right, Tom.
Keep the slate clean.
It's an election year.
- Yes, doctor?
- See if you can connect me
with a Culver, UT El Paso.
Dr. Leslie Culver.
- All right.
- Should be in the
Anthropology department.
Keep trying until you get an answer.
- Maria!
(yelling Spanish)
- Spoken like a true native, Sam.
- Yeah.
Now that's what I call a
good looking piece of meat.
- Si.
(men laughing)
And it's nice
and tender.
(men laughing)
- Hey, Maria, how come mine's so small?
- Senor,
yours is the biggest one.
- Yeah, that's what they all tell me.
(men laughing)
(men chatting)
Hey, Maria!
I wanna see you later tonight,
so we can get something
straight between us.
(men laughing)
- Boy, you don't waste
any time, do you Sam?
- You know it.
- Excuse me.
- What the hell's with him?
Pass me the butter, will you?
(men laughing)
(upbeat jukebox music)
- Hey, Sam?
Ready for another brew?
I guess he's got desert on his mind.
- Hey, glad you could make it.
- I guess Sam just isn't the
kind of desert Maria favors.
Hey, Sam, how about a cold shower?
Do you good.
- Maria!
Hey, wait a minute.
I wanna talk to you.
- And what do you have
to say to me, Sefior?
- Well, you sorta came on pretty strong
back in the dining hall, you know?
- Come on strong?
I do not understand, Sefior.
- Senor?
My name's Sam.
Sam Thornton.
What I mean is, well,
you sure do give a man ideas.
You wouldn't want to be guilty of
false advertising, would you?
Why, no honey.
Why you little bitch!
(ominous music)
(menacing music)
- Sefior, if you were on
my side of the river,
you would not live to
see tomorrow's sunrise!
- The way she was showing
off back at the lodge,
how the hell was I supposed to know?
- Maria?
No one must know this.
You will say nothing.
You understand?
Do you understand?
(menacing music)
- I had this hunch.
Came up over this little hill
and there he was.
Got him on the first shot.
- Fantastic.
- You ever seen one bigger, Paco?
- Muy grande, Sefior.
- Oughta weigh out about 150 pounds.
What do you think?
- Si, maybe even more.
- You got yours might fast, Jake.
Hell, you were back here almost before
I finished dropping everybody off.
- Well, I just had this hunch.
I come sneaking up over this
hill with the safety off.
And there he was.
- That's Doc Harold's car.
I wonder what he's doing out here.
Howdy, Doc.
What the hell are you doing out here?
Gonna take up hunting?
- I see enough blood.
I drove down to bring you a customer.
So you watch your language.
- Not a damn thing wrong with my...
- This gawking jaybird's Glenn Philps.
Owner and operator of
this godforsaken outpost.
say howdy to Dr. Leslie Culver.
- Welcome to Via Dela Mina.
- Nice to meet you, Mr. Phelps.
Great place you've got here.
Doc Harold told me a lot about it.
I don't think his description
does it justice.
- It's got a certain amount of charm.
And the name is Glenn.
Doctor, is it?
- That's a PHD.
Anthropology department up at El Paso.
Needed a quiet place to do some research.
- Well, it can get pretty
quiet here, doctor.
- I'm Leslie, you're Glenn, okay?
- Glenn, I'm gonna
leave her in your hands.
I gotta get back to town.
I've got an overdue maternity case.
- Oh yeah and I gotta start
rounding up my hunters.
I'll see you get settled
and then later on, when we have more time,
we can discuss this research you're doing.
Doc, if you turn the
lady's gear over to Paco
and tell him to fix her
up in the big house.
- Paco.
Meet Dr. Culver.
- A lady doctor.
I have this little pain.
- She's not that kind of doctor, Paco.
Ella es profesora.
However, I'll be happy to examine you.
- No, it's not so bad.
- Doctor Culver's down
here writing a new book.
She's looking for
information on weird cults,
crazy religions.
- Do you know anything about
any crazy religions, Paco?
- Do I know anything
about crazy religions?
Let me tell you about
these crazy religions.
First they tell an hombre
not to eat meat on Friday
because eating meat on Friday is a sin.
Then they say, go ahead,
Paco, you eat meet on Friday
but when you pray to Saint
Christopher for a safe journey,
Saint Christopher's not going
to be there to hear you.
See, I know about this crazy religion.
(ominous music)
(gun clicking)
(wind howling)
(foreboding music)
(gunshot booming)
(truck honking)
- Maybe Sam got his buck and walked in.
- Yeah, I heard a shot
from that way awhile ago.
- That could be a damn small spike for me
to walk back to the lodge.
- Well, if he doesn't
show up back at the lodge,
we'll have to organize another
kind of hunt come morning.
- I didn't even get to bust a tail.
(menacing music)
(menacing music)
- What're you trying to do to me?!
What the hell's this all about anyhow?!
Look, I'm sorry about that girl.
Nothing happened, I say!
Nothing happened!
(ominous music)
(snack rattling)
For God's sake, get me out of here!
Don't leave me in here!
(snake rattling)
(ominous music)
- Got word down at Lajitas'
you were looking for me.
- We've got another missing man for you.
- Hunter?
- Sam Thornton.
Didn't show up at his
pickup point last night.
- How do you figure it?
- Lost maybe.
- Or maybe he fell down a
mountain, broke his leg.
Might have stepped in
front of a stray shot.
Wouldn't be the first time it's happened.
We figured to fan out from here.
He was supposed to stay north of the road.
Spread out about 5O yards apart.
You find anything, fire a shot.
- If he's down and hurt, don't move him.
Just signal for help.
' LGtlS
(dramatic music)
- Jase!
Over here!
Must be Sam's and a pretty big buck.
Headed for the little
water hole down the canyon.
(suspenseful music)
- There he is.
- Yeah.
Looks bad, Jase.
(ominous music)
- Holy Christ, he was bit by--
(snake rattling)
(ominous music)
- Don't breathe, Jase.
He's cocked and ready.
(snake rattling)
(ominous music)
(snake hissing)
(gun clicking)
(gun clicking)
(gunshot booming)
- I thought I bought the farm on that one.
- What a way to go.
I don't think it could get any closer.
Rattler the biggest I've
ever seen in this area.
- I thought rattlers hibernated
or something during the winter.
- Usually they do.
Den up somewhere.
When the weather turns warm,
some of these big ones will get out.
You can't figure this
country like anywhere else.
- That's a fact.
But it's been quite
awhile since a warm spell.
Well, let's get the body back to town.
- Wrap him up good and we'll take him in.
- No need for that, Jake, we'll manage it.
- I'm going in anyway.
I don't know about the rest of you guys,
but two dead men have just
about cured me of the itch.
I'm packing up.
(foreboding music)
- You know, Jake was right.
We just haven't got the
heart for it this year.
Maybe next year.
You know, I still wanna get that big one.
- Sure, some other time.
Be glad to have you.
- Yea h, okay.
(engine starting)
- Jake!
- This sure will put a hell
of a dent in your business.
- Yeah.
Well, one good thing about it,
there'll be a lot of
bucks left in the hills
for next season.
I'll have plenty of time
to catch up on my mining.
- You are too optimist, Mr. Phelps.
- Well, what do we have here?
An import from civilization.
- Dr. Leslie Colver,
meet the Matt Dillon was West Texas,
Jason Brookes.
- So you're the marshal.
- Oh, you know these Texans, ma'am.
One lies and the other one swears to it.
I'm just the deputy sheriff.
- It's still a pleasure.
- It's a little late to
be heading back for town.
Could you put me up for the night?
- With an empty lodge,
you can have your pick of accommodations.
- Put it on the county's bill.
- No, this time it's on me.
- Beer too?
- Beer too.
- Well, in that case, I'll see you later.
- Say, I'll be going down to
the old mine in the morning.
Wanna come along?
- You really are an optimist.
Hell, Friday's my day off.
Why not?
- He seems very nice.
- One of the best.
- Old friends?
- We met a couple years ago
when I first moved down here.
Seen a lot of good times.
- Who would have thought
you were a native?
- The only natives down
here are the Mexicans.
- That trip to the mine,
am I included?
- That'll be sort of rough.
Not really the kind of...
Sure, why not?
I'll be different.
- Chuy, como esta?
- Muy bien.
- What's for dinner tonight?
- You staying?
- Going up to the old Free
Holy Mine in the morning.
- Oh, haggis stew.
- Give me a couple of beers.
I'll be staying tonight.
- Your beer, sefior.
(somber guitar music)
- Getting kinda nippy.
- Couldn't interest you
in a couple of hands
of Mexican sweat, could I?
- No, not tonight.
I'm gonna go down and build a
mesquite fire and roll over.
- Be leaving early in the morning.
(Jase whistling "Oh My
Darling, Clementine")
(whistling "Oh My Darling, Clementine")
(glass shattering)
- [Leslie] Who is it?
- Glenn Phelps.
- What is it, Glenn?
- A jug of wine, a loaf of bread,
a little cheese
and maybe some conversation.
How about it?
- Sounds interesting.
Come on in.
- Wild Rio Grande grapes.
Vintage pretty recent.
And mighty potent.
(pleasant music)
Good wine, good food, good friends
and a warm fire.
- This is beautiful.
Who would ever expect to
find something like this
out in the middle of the desert?
- We try to make the guests comfortable.
- Whatever made you decide
to start a place like this?
So far out,
I mean so far out from civilization.
- People, I guess.
- people?
- Yeah.
I guess I'm what you might
call a high-class hermit.
As for this place,
there are getting to
be more and more people
and more and more of them
are looking for some place
to get away from it all.
- So you give them that place.
- Mhmm.
It's not a bad life.
Gets a little lonely now and then
with only the hands for company.
- I met a couple of your hands today.
Which one's the foremon?
Maria or Juanita?
(cork popping)
- Tell me about this
book you're researching.
- Actually, it's a sequel.
A study of strange religions and cults
that manage to flourish
here in the 20th Century
among so called modern man.
- Like for instance?
- You heard of the Penitent diocese?
- Uh huh.
- Penitentes were active
over the New Mexico mountains
until very recently.
Their rites were a strange
mixture of Christianity
and old Indian customs.
- What do you mean?
- On Good Friday, a
member of the brotherhood
would be selected to portray Christ.
- You mean they actually crucified a man?
- Annually.
I believe the sect is being revived,
here, along the boarder,
where outsiders are few and far between.
- You mean the authorities
weren't able to stamp it out?
- Could the Romans stamp out Christianity?
Were the Christians able
to break up the Mormons?
And still, other cults have
appeared in the past few years.
- Let's not bust a perfectly good evening
with any more of this.
I'm gonna have a hard enough
time getting to sleep as it is.
(pleasant music)
- Thank you.
- You must've been a child prodigy.
- What makes you say that?
- Because you're much too
young for all that knowledge.
A man could sure get lost in those eyes.
- I'll take that as a compliment.
- No, ma'am.
That's a fact.
Pure and simple.
(ominous music)
- I have warned you for the last time.
You are not to be with that gringo lawman.
Do as I command
or else you shall surely
be cast into hell.
(fire rumbling)
- Well, it's cooking.
But there's not much in it.
I sure thought we'd found
paying cinnabar this time.
- Cinnabar?
- Mhmm.
- I thought you were looking for mercury.
- That's mercury-bearing ore.
We crush it and heat it up in the furnace
and distill the liquid mercury.
Kinda like distilling white lightning.
(cart rumbling)
- That man with the scars,
do you know how that happened?
- Accident, I guess.
- Maybe but I wonder.
Ask him, I wanna know
how he got those scars.
(speaking Spanish)
- No commends.
- Un minuto.
- I don't think he understands you
and I know you're shaking him up.
These fellas aren't used to
carrying on conversations
with pretty gringo women.
Most of them believe a
woman in a mine is bad luck.
(Glenn speaking Spanish)
- Dr. Culver,
what was that all about?
- I'm not sure
but it could be very
important to my research.
- Back in the 30s, this
was a booming operation.
Could be again if we hit
a pocket like in 1933.
They took three million in less
than two and a half months.
- Yeah, those were the good old days.
Depression, no depression.
At least, that's what they tell me.
- Yeah, I've heard that too.
This whole district is filled
with old prospects and shafts.
None of which have made much money.
(wind howling)
With all that color,
you think it would pay.
So far, the best I've been able to do
is break even once or twice.
- Sure is big country.
Hell, I can remember when
there was nothing out there
but apartment houses, supermarkets
and gas stations.
- Jase, lookout!
(cart rumbling)
(suspenseful music)
Is he badly hurt?
- I don't think so.
- Glenn, what the hell happened?
- One of the ore carts got loose.
You hurt anywhere?
- All over.
I feel like a mac diesel ran over me.
- Think you can make it back up the hill?
- I got down here, didn't I?
- You sure did.
Did you have to bring the
whole mountain down with you?
Ayuda por favor.
(ominous music)
- Cmo ests?
You feeling okay?
- I'll pull through, Paco.
With a little help from
some internal medicine.
- I know.
- Juanita, where were you last night?
I thought you were
coming down to the house.
I even thought I heard you knock.
- I was busy.
- Doing what?
- I was washing.
- I'll be going back
to town in the morning.
- Do you know the caves?
- Yeah.
- Tonight I will be there to say goodbye.
- Muy bien.
I think you're much better, Sefior Jase.
(foreboding music)
(menacing music)
(horn honking)
(menacing music)
(ominous chanting music)
(Juanita screaming)
(menacing music)
- I am innocent!
I am innocent!
(menacing chanting music)
(fire crackling)
(suspenseful music)
- This is unit three to Alpine dispatch.
This is unit three to Alpine
dispatch, do you read me?
Looks like some kind of a
fire up at the old mine,
just north of Lajitas.
I'm gonna go up and check it out.
(suspenseful music)
(fire crackling)
(menacing chanting music)
(fire crackling)
(suspenseful music)
(ominous chanting music)
(ominous music)
(man screaming)
(gunshot firing)
(suspenseful music)
(engine rumbling)
(ominous music)
- You're leaving and
that's all there is to it.
Don't mind arguing.
It just isn't safe.
Not for a woman.
Not for anybody.
- Doc, I'm very sorry for
what happened to Jace.
But I can't see what his accident
has to do with my research.
I'm close to something, I just know I am.
- I think you are too
and that's why I'm
getting you out of here.
Whatever it is, it's not good.
- The doc's right, Leslie.
At least about putting you on the train.
It'll be awhile
before things get back
to normal around here.
I'll give you a call
when things settle down.
Come back and stay awhile.
(car engine rumbling)
(train horn blowing)
- The nearest we can
tell is the break line.
Not much to go on, other than that.
- You ever find out
what he was doing up
there in the first place?
- We've got some kind
of garbled transmission
but we're too far out
for good radio reception.
- I'm sure sorry about Jace.
He was pretty close to you, wasn't he?
- Yeah, almost kin.
I kinda helped raise him.
Well, come on, you don't
wanna miss your train.
- All aboard!
(horn blowing)
- Like it or not, I'm glad to see her go.
- Yeah.
Doc, maybe we oughta talk
about them hunches of yours.
(rain rails rumbling)
(ominous music)
- You sure we're doing the right thing?
- Doc's a sweet old guy,
but I don't always agree
with some of his ideas.
Glenn, I really feel
I'm close to something.
I'd hate to have to start all over.
People are just starting to accept me.
That's the most important thing.
- Doc's gonna be pretty put on
when he finds out you
double-backed on him.
- He'll get over it
when I prove my theories.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
Going down to Lajitas.
(speaking Spanish)
(ominous music)
- There was a little something between
Jace and that little
Juanita, wasn't there?
- Oh, Doc, you know Jace.
It didn't necessarily amount to anything.
She's just something.
- Whatever it was, if you could find her
then you probably get a lead
on what he was working on.
- Well that's pretty hard to do, Doc.
You know these people, as
soon as they make a stake,
they head south, across the river.
Hell, I don't even know
where she called home.
I did notify the federales though.
- Hi, Sheriff.
- Hello, Willies.
- Doc, you sure been going
up the road these days.
No more than I see you and
that professor go by here
and her and Glenn Phelps
goes the other way
and now you're back.
- You sure about that?
' I 90'! eyes.
They was in that topless wonder of Phelps.
Besides, you don't see too many
like her around these parts.
- Willis, did Jace come
through here yesterday?
- I ain't seen Jace since he got the word
about that missing hunter up at Phelps.
Guess he's still up at the lodge.
- Jace is dead.
Killed when his jeep went off
the road up on Black Mason.
- Up that old Peppertree mine?
- Yeah.
- You reckon he might've
been seeing them lights?
- What lights?
- Well, I didn't want to say anything.
Everybody around here thinks
I'm from the loony bin.
I ain't the crazy one.
- What lights!
- Well, just a bunch of weird lights.
I've seen them moving around up there
and heard all that singing and chanting.
But I don't speak Mexican.
Tell you one thing, I ain't
about to go up there again.
Once is enough.
- Willis, is your telephone working?
- It worked last night.
You figure on going up there?
It's getting pretty late in the day.
(ominous music)
- Professor, I thought you'd gone.
- A very short side trip.
I felt I had to come back.
- Buenas noches?
- Yes, tonight Glenn is taking
me up into the mountains.
(ominous chanting music)
- That's High Church Latin.
This is certainly more
than I had hoped for.
(ominous chanting music)
Where do you think they're going?
(chanting music)
(menacing chanting music)
(eerie music)
- Watch that first step.
It's a big one.
(foreboding music)
(ominous music)
- Listen.
(chanting music)
An alter.
This don't look like those
found in the Aztec temples.
They were used for sacrifice.
Human sacrifice.
This has gone much further
than the Penitentes.
Much further.
(menacing chanting music)
They're going to kill someone.
(rocks rustling)
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music)
(menacing chanting music)
- This non-believer
has come among us
to learn our secrets!
To expose our brotherhood!
To blaspheme our belief!
She would have unmasked our identities
and caused our holy
order much persecution,
suffering and ridicule.
For this
she must die!
But I say
she must see!
She must know and understand
the power of the Disciples of Death!
I say let her see!
Let her know that we are not afraid!
And then
let her carry that knowledge
to her place in Hell.
I say, let her see!
(ominous music)
- Oh my God.
(menacing chanting music)
(gunshot booming)
- Anybody move, cut them down.
(gunshots booming)
(suspenseful music)
- Don't fire, Sheriff.
- Get back, Doc.
(Glenn yelling)
(snake rattling)
(menacing music)
(snake rattling)
- You reckon he's dead, Sheriff?
- Gotta be.
- I know one thing for sure, Tom.
I ain't volunteering to go
down there after that body.
- I reckon he ain't going nowhere.
I'm getting Judge Olmos
out here from Alpine
in the morning for the inquest.
So help me, I'm gonna seal
this place up so tight
a rock scorpion can climb out of here.
You got a light?
maybe dynamite will put an
end to all this foolishness.
(ominous chanting music)