Enthralled (2014) Movie Script

Hey! You Chinese locust. Stop jumping the queue
You've bought the whole world
Get off you bastard
Lockhart Road, please
Tell me where to get off.
Not the name of a long street
I'm not in the mood
Hong Kong is a playground for the rich
For them the sun's never set.
In the dark only the poor get upset
Don't I speak good English?
I did well in my GCE. A few F's and an E
Now end up driving taxi
"I don't wanna shut down"
"I wanna open up my heart"
"Gotta fight through this darkness"
"Before the silence tears us apart"
"Free me from these chains"
"Nailed through my feet to the ground"
"Gotta fight through this darkness"
"I don't want to shut down"
Shut down?
This city's gonna shut down soon
People get nostalgic
You've been moaning all the night
You need a priest to talk to?
Rent is to increase by double.
We'll have to shut down
This pub saw through the hand-over
Boss, ask the owner for some bargain
The owner said:
Shut up, pay up,
or close down. Fuck!
Down with property tycoons!
Give us democracy!
The road is sealed off. Can't get there
I'll drop you nearby. You can walk across
Not again. I hate demonstrations
What a waste of time
Is this your boyfriend? What a lucky guy
He speaks English and
he's a journalist. He's handsome
Press freedom is now the last bottom-line
He's got a US passport. Congratulations
If things turn sour,
there's always a warship for rescue
When will you divorce your American wife?
Oh please
I'm walking over
You're so quiet,
you look like a wise man.
Tell me how to earn a billion, will you?
A billion?
Life is just a long continuous chain of belches
God bless
I'm terribly sorry
I like your dress. It looks slutty
20 minutes late
Has Julie arrived?
She's worse than you
- Any drink, miss?
- Soda please
In school, she was always the queen
all guys falling at her feet
Does she think that's a carte blanche?
How can you still put up with this?
I know what she's like. Relax
Less moaning keeps a woman young
Going mad means earlier menopause
Sorry. I'm late
It's OK. We know you're so busy
Get a drink
I know your choice, dry martini
You still remember it
Oh yes. We're good friends
Get me a DM
DM means Dry Martini
Not Dumb Man
Your husband, Ben, is in elections.
You must have a full schedule.
We go separate ways
Ben's been howling around, leaving me alone
Today he asked me out, which came as a surprise
But ended up campaigning with him
Such hot weather!
I'm a bad time-keeper
It's OK
It will soon be over
After he wins,
he'll be a faithful husband.
Politicians are too scared to mess around
Make sure we're invited to your celebration party
It's been more than 20 years
Thanks to Facebook
You two look the same as before
You've been abroad for years
Now you talk like a classy Brit
I can't help it
All these years, I graduated from Cambridge
Mixing up with too many Brits, I forgot my Chinese
How lucky to have gone to Cambridge!
I did a local degree in Chinese.
I'm now a college tutor
You two are doing great
I left school and went straight to a hair salon
My grand-pa's been admitted to
an elderly home named Cambridge
I earn my living
by feeling ladies' hair
You seem to be doing well, man
ls education a must?
Be it Maggie Cheung, or Maggie Q,
I make all women look younger and cute
But you are the best of us
Now you work for Citibank
In charge of Far East,
you must have a good time
With a hot western girlfriend!
We've seen her pic on Facebook
Look. She looks hot
Finished. Just broken up
It happened this morning
Just broken? Doesn't matter
Chinese girls have better skin. Cheers
Ka-lok, you look a bit miserable
My mom's just got cancer
I've been looking for my dad these years
How long are you in Hong Kong for?
No idea. I'm now Managing Director
May be Shanghai next stop
Girls are easier to pick up there
Easy? They are all the same: London
Shanghai, or Hong Kong
Hey, look over there!
That one seems interested in you
How do you know she's into me?
You are the coolest among us
Can't it be me?
Summer camp is not just for games
We've seen the tanks out in the square.
We're sad and distressed
Work hard
for a better China
Now it's time for more vocab
Does anyone know what this place is?
I know. Niagara Falls
Well done, Adam
It was discovered
by a French explorer some 200 years ago
Shing, what's the word for this huge ditch?
It's nothing but some roaring waters
There's no gold there. Is it worth an adventure?
There is so much beauty in life
so intangible
only to be felt by one's heart
Adam, what will you do when grown up?
I'll seek to change the world
How can you do that? I'd earn a lot of money
Money is what most people want
But we all need love
Your parents love you
And friendship
And love between man and woman
Is it true that we will find what we want
only if we work hard,
like that French traveller?
Yes, if you have a strong will
Ka-lok, you don't look convinced
Don't tease him. He's no idea who his dad is
I don't want to go to England on my own
They'll convert me into an Englishman
Ka-lok, and Shing, what are your plans?
What plans?
We're not well-off enough to go to the West
Dad said we wait for the commies to come
Will you come back to see us?
I won't forget you. I'll be back
That's a promise. Sure
Hey, look over there!
Wow, come on
Wow, that's
a spectacle
This is better than the waterfall
(Hong Kong my homeland...)
You keep letting us down
How can you go to Britain on your own?
But I only saw her naked back
Just the naked back? You wanted more, didn't you?
Just her back. OK I have been very bad
What a brat are you!
We're going to Canada.
You make us worry
I bet you'll grow into a sick peeper,
or even a Yorkshire Ripper
Sick? Oh yeh? Someone under this roof is sicker
What did you say?
I had a nap on Sunday
Corning out of my room
I saw you hugging and kissing Maria
What? Is it true?
Oh what a liar
Maria, is that true?
No, it's not true
Not true? You know what I'm going to ask you?
She's given it away
You sick dirty old man
Bull Shit!
You play kind to Mommy,
but you fancy Maria
You're a hypo... a hypo...
Hypocrite. Watch your English!
I hate hypocrites
I'm going crazy!
Hypocrite! Write the word 50 times!
Hi Shing,
I'm going to the UK soon
Don't let them bully him
I'm off to the loo
I go with you
May I buy you a drink?
I've tried out everything on this drink-list
Besides, nothing interests me
Take a wild guess
All right
Excuse me, Tony
What can I do for you?
The stunner here, she said
she's tried everything in the bar
But I reckon there's one thing
she hasn't tasted yet
Why don't we give her a pot of Red Robe?
Red Robe? This is not a tea house
Tony, I know you have it
Don"[ you?
Your gweilo boss is here
Killing time, he doesn't drink alcohol.
He drinks Red Robe tea
Let's try some of his private collection
You're well-informed
And so? Did that count as a surprise?
Let's say I'm intrigued
You like tea? Not afraid to
be called old-fashioned?
I'd like to change taste from time to time
After all this alcohol,
I do just crave a cup of tea
But I prefer wine
I think a man should be like wine
full-bodied, and seductive
And addictive?
Nowadays many westerners are tea-experts
Including a hybrid like you
Do you want to give it a try?
Why don't we go somewhere else?
Hey guys, sorry. Gotta go
I wait for you outside
That's quick
Oh, come on guys,
Let's meet here again on the New Year's Eve
We come back here for
another round and the countdown
Bravo! Tony, Adam suggests December 31
Get three champagne glasses ready on that night
No problem
See you on New Year's Eve
Can I have your mobile?
Don't ask, let me have it
Lest you forget
Reminder: Our party. December 31
Do come back
To performance!
He's awesome, isn't he?
New Year's Eve
Let's get a girl each on that night
I'm off now
Sure. I'll settle the bill
Take care!
See you
Here's the list your husband has drafted
Total value is 1.6 billion. Equal sharing
What about the Rolls Royce? It's not on the list
Oh, Mr Lam's words,
the car is a gift from his grandfather
It's his own property
I am not being greedy.
I have a son to take care of
He is my whole world
That bastard's got everything
His Chinese slut will have the last laugh
I'm afraid the law is the law
I tried my best
You've got your Bentley,
why don't you get off his back
I was such a fool
to have married him
Don't be upset
Divorce is the new start in life
Do you believe in God?
This Saturday, there is a hymn choir recital
I bought two tickets. Why don't we go together?
As the Psalm goes, The Lord is my shepherd...
I shall not be in want.
He makes me lie down in green pastures,
he leads me beside quiet waters...
Don't play with me. I'm also a Christian
May I have the honour to be your protector?
I'll come to your office to sign the papers
What about the choir recital?
No thanks. I'm your client
Do go back to review these papers
I'm so sorry. Are you OK?
Sorry. I was in your way
Do let me pay your bill
No thank you. We drank a lot. That's not fair
May I insist?
If you do, then shall I repay you with a cut?
My card
Lau Tin-shing?
Come to my shop at 8 pm
next Monday, if you're free
I'll give you a private service
Hi chauffeur, are you downstairs? OK, bye
Hope to see you next Monday
You're such a devil
Don't you like it?
I don't know if I'm in heaven or hell with you
Why are you so fierce?
That's how I hunt
a beast like you
That's a nice ring
Yes, it's my wedding ring
He's in politics. I hate politics
You know politics is like prostitution
Now he's busy with all his whores
How can he make time for you?
Is that what we call love?
Love is a luxury
Yes, I love him,
for his granting me such liberty
I love him for his love of power
He never spends much time here
What if he finds us out?
I have his secret
Wow. This is your husband?
Jesus. Who's that girl? She's just a child!
It's a young chic in Shenzhen. Fourteen or fifteen
He kept the video as a trophy
I've discovered it, and stored it
Aren't we just too moral compared with that?
I'm sorry. Did it scare you?
All right. I'll take a shower
Should we be together?
Together? What about your husband?
I mean shall we take shower together?
Most women-writers met a tragic end
Fate was cruel to them
Like Lin, who fell for a poet
But he died in a plane-crash
Hsiao Hung fell in love with her teacher
It was taboo,
and didn't end well either
Their love was brilliant, magical,
but like fireworks, transient
I'm reading a memoir
Is that within the syllabus?
Is that all you're interested in?
Is life programmed into a syllabus?
Don't just bargain, please
The happy gourmet there, is it delicious?
Bring me one next time
Sorry I've been a bit selfish
Class dismissed
Professor Chan, you don't look well
Are you feeling OK?
Do I look sick?
No. But you don't look very happy
You put it so well,
but such knowledge seems outdated
Sad that they're not
interested in the past anymore
So be it
They don't give a stuff,
and I get paid
Not their fault. A literature degree is no MBA
Employers don't like it
Your teaching is brilliant. They just don't get it
That guy's waiting to date you
Forget him
Have you ever met anyone like those heroines?
It's a lost breed of rare creatures
Why not?
I'm from Tianshan, the North West
Like you, I feel like an alien in this place
So you're not Han Chinese?
So far away, I bet the air
is clean and fresh there.
Hey, you don't look Chinese.
You have good manners
Hey, I love your country
Fancy coffee at Starbucks?
How did you know I'd turn up?
I saw you with my mind's eye
- Do let me.
- Yes
They play Mozart
for cattle to make Wagyu beef
An art in Kobe. It helps the creature to relax,
the meat becomes tender
I don't do hair-dressing
I do hair sculpture
I bet you tell all women clients the same thing
I'm fussy. I reserve my best lines for
the most fabulous one
Shing, I'm not eighteen anymore
A woman's hair is like an outer-heart
I feel its texture, its delicate warmth,
and explore its secrets
How warm is my other heart now?
A western customer told me this saying:
A bad haircut is two people's shame
You're my work from now on
If I mess it up,
you'll get frowned upon, and I'll share the shame
Have faith in me
You smell like heaven
A rare perfume
Shall I guess? A few drops of Vol de Nuit
A brand with a dark blue fragrance
It's associated with a legend
Like that of The Little Prince.
It was made with a life
During WWII, a French air force
pilot had to fight the Nazis
He made love with his wife
on the previous night
So that he would carry the fragrance to the sky
Sadly, he never came back
How do you feel?
I feel like walking into a waterfall
What do you see?
I saw how you bumped into me that day
You poured wine on me,
and made me wet
Drunk again?
Let's go home
It's my birthday today. Sing me a song
I'll do it later. Shall we go home?
Come on, sing. Happy birthday to you...
- Let's go home morn.
- Come on, sing
Who's she?
- My mother.
- Is she OK?
Just a bit drunk. Sorry sir.
I'll take her home
No thanks
Come on mom
- Sorry sir.
- I'm fine
I said I'd tell you the truth on my birthday
I should do it now
Is this dad? And this looks like you
He joined our school late
It was a girls' school taking boys in sixth form
He was so popular
Many girls fancied him
And I was so proud,
I thought he should be mine
We both joined the school's opera club
We went out. We fell in love
He got me pregnant
and I was expelled
My grand-dad was in the seafood business
The scandal was a terrible loss of face
He kicked me out
He gave me this flat
I had lived alone to bring you up
What happened to dad?
I heard that he then joined the police force
He married someone
Her father was a drug-lord
He had killed a cop to
cover his in-law, and was jailed
After he got out, he killed himself with a gun
Did he? Where?
That's enough! And stop looking for him
He's long dead. No more
Now you're grown up, get married
Get someone to share the rest of your life
Come on
Now I've told you everything
You have to put it behind. Promise me
Are you resident here?
No. I'm for Mrs Lam
This is a privileged area
Have you got your permit?
I'm her boyfriend. Haven't got a permit
I have an appointment
- Hello.
- Hi
- She's waiting for you downstairs.
- Thanks
I fell asleep. Didn't feel very well
- A massage would heal.
- Fine
You have good hands. You do it often
This is the spot for headache
Where's your husband?
He's doing business in China
A factory-owner?
He's done shoe-making and jeans,
now he's in mining
He's got a mistress, right?
How do you know?
You wouldn't have got me otherwise, would you?
He's keeping a masseuse in Hunan
It's not a fair world
Men can mess around, why not women?
That means you're messing up with me
You're not serious either, are you?
A bad haircut is two people's shame
Since I touched your hair that evening,
my piece of silver has been
addicted to your tenderness
Serendipity, right?
Do you mean it?
Mom, I'm going to Phuket with my classmates
Oh, sorry morn
What a lucky generation
Your son?
A big lad, right?
Born with a silver spoon in his mouth
Living in a big house. I envy him
He's just finished his IB
He'll soon go to university in Toronto
- Toronto?
- Yes
It's been my dream to live there
My dad was poor. He couldn't afford it
All my friends ended up In Britain or Canada
Life is short. Once a dream's gone,
Life becomes dull
But you're still young
What can I hope for?
But I'm just a worker
Work hard, and you'll get it
What a clichm
Row hard, you'll get to the shore
No you won't. The world's fooled us
We all had dreams
I'm sure you once had one:
You'd meet your Mr Right
You'd get married, then a sweet family
He said he would love nobody else
And now? Just like a dream, wasn't it?
What if I say you float my boat?
And would you one day shore me up?
What has become of Peking Opera?
So many Peking Opera artistes perished in the 60s
That was the Cultural Revolution,
which destroyed all good tastes
The Red Guards and the burning of books
It was the Reign of Terror
It's now a remote episode
But if we choose to be forgetful,
History will repeat itself
Hi Linda. Nice to meet you again
Welcome for body check. Would you come upstairs?
We have some new products for you
Our new brand this year: Angel Touch
We have different sizes and colours.
Your body's well kept
You have all the beauty and wealth in the world
But I believe women want one thing
What's that?
Romance. You don't have that yet
A man who can change his fate is
always charming
That's all that I ever want to
do since I was a child
To do something incredible
Change the world
What do you want to change?
Not yet. But one day I will
You're working in an international bank.
You'll go to Shanghai
Hot cash, cheap labour, rich and poor,
You are part of globalization
What could you change?
You are right, I can't change the world
But can we change us?
Thank you. Thank you
Welcome to our new salon
Congratulations Linda
Shall we get a discount
from your new salon?
Then we won't keep going back to
the same place in Jockey Club
Oh just stop cashing in
Shing's skill is to die for. He's the chef here
So this is your partner?
Yup. This would make him stay
I gave him some shares
Linda is the boss, I'm at her service
But you're together
You're a boss. Just perform. You'll make it
Besides his hands, your golden boy's so humble
What a treasure
Where did you get him? You have good taste
Sniff around for us
Then come often with our alumni
You'll pick a good-looking boy among our staff
Not another Filipino
I prefer Shanghai guys
Excuse me
Andrew, take care of aunties
Hey, master. I've got a problem with my hair,
It's a bit dry. What do you think?
I'd suggest some colour treatment first
Can I be your first customer?
My first month is fully booked
My card. Call my secretary
Your secretary?
(It's my birthday tomorrow)
Your mom's brain looks fine
But her lymph cancer is spreading
And it means?
Her days are numbered, I'm afraid
Come in
What can I do for you?
How much?
Don't you take a shower first?
What are you thinking?
She's my mother
I beg your pardon?
In hospital. I'll come over
What's happened?
My mother's in hospital again
Go to see her
No, keep it
Hey, just wait
How are you feeling morn?
Here you are
Nice to see you
Who is this lady?
My student
No, we've been together for a while
Snowy is my name
So you are in love
Yup. He's been keeping it quiet
That's why I don't see you often
I've been looking around for dad
Give me a break, would you?
I've told you. He was a cop
He shot a colleague before blowing his head off
Haven't I told you?
OK, stay calm
And your name is
Please keep this, Snowy
What a lovely amber
It's a million years old
I'm like the insect inside for these years,
frozen and locked up forever
Don't say that
You can fly out, if you tell me the whole truth
Forget it. You'd take care of
my son, wouldn't you?
She's rather weak.
- Visiting time's over.
- Thanks
Take a sleep. We'll be with you soon
Shampooing. Lesson one
Never splash water on your customer's face
Didn't I tell you? Handle your towel properly
Hey. Be serious
Mixed vegetables and gingered chickens
We had so many
VIPs here
Chris Patten, Hillary Clinton
Even Obama for next year
Who is Chris Patten?
Our last governor.
Now people are so forgetful
Your chic? She's pretty
Watch over
You don't look in the mood
You've been searching for days
I have friends in the police.
Still not a clue
They might not want to tell
I know them well. They won't fool around
Then your mom must have hidden something
She's deluding herself
She's been holding so much from me
She must know the truth
There must be something
She wants to tell but she couldn't
I've seen a pic of dad in uniform
He'd sent it to morn
That means he was really a cop
You've got to find him, right?
One learns wisdom at a dining table
from his father at home
As a kid
my dining table had
always been empty
- I got it.
- What?
A cop murder must be big news
Let's check out some newspaper archives
Go to a city library. Eat up
Here it is!
(Mid-night murder)
(at police station)
Policeman shot
colleague against bullies
He turned himself in
(Police murder on trial)
The gun was missing
We know more now, right? Professor Chan
Where's he after his release?
He should have nowhere to go
after his release
You mean he's still in Hong Kong?
- Leave me alone!
- Professor Chan...
Go home. No ice-cream. Go home
Shut up! I want ice-cream
Hey, how can you be so rude?
- Sorry.
- Stop being nosy and get lost!
You little devil. I feel sorry for your parents!
Let's go home... Thank you
This man just assaulted me. You thanked him
I'll tell mommy!
Why did your mom
give me the amber?
Can't you understand?
A million years ago,
this fly had been sunbathing
His life was cut short before
he knew what happened. Sad
Life is so transient. At least
the fly was immortalized
Now he lives in a crystal heaven.
I consider that lucky
But his heaven looks like a tear-drop
Amber means tears of a tiger in classical Chinese
But tigers never cry
Tigers are merciless
My morn must want
you to be my dictator
You mean I'm a tigress
A vegetarian tigeress. Or, A buddhist witch
Hey, why are you here?
I'm here to beat you
Who do you think you are?
All stand-by. We've one minute left
Cam 1 on Wong on the right. Cam 2 master shot
Cam 3 on Ben Ding, the beast
BD is to win. My God.
What a spectacle
Thirty seconds...
Where's his pretty wife?
I wouldn't show up if I were her
That would make
the Beauty and the Beast
How could she have married him?
15 seconds
Ready? 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, pull them apart!
Dr Ding, we meet again
Barrister Wong,
let's fight a fair battle
The young are rebellious
They are a bunch of anarchists
They're into cyber-porn and demonstrations
You, however,
are hero of that rotten clan
I've been fighting
for their rights
Dr Ben Ding, you've been
a shameless spokesman for your class
The poor are languishing away
in cages and boxes
But property prices rocket up
They can hardly breathe in this Winter of Despair
Only an electoral body hand-picked by
Beijing can vote in this election
Property tycoons suck up our blood.
We want universal suffrage
This is a ricked game.
You're part of this dictatorship
Crazy! Don't you think he's a joke!
What joke?
Your husband! They want to
make him the mayor of Hong Kong
You know what the things he's done.
How can you stand it?
That's beside the point. I don't have a choice
Why don't you just leave him?
Leave him, so we can be together
I want to, but not now
Trust me, I need more time
HOW long?
I don't know?
He'll win, at least after he becomes mayor...
Enough. I don't see why you have to wait
What did you tell me your dream was.
What did you say...
You know my dream: to be with you
You said you want a romance
Look at this place. This is
southern France. This is beautiful
We can move there
I'll quit my job. You can leave
all the shit behind
Start all over again, Now isn't that
what you call change?
It's not so simple
How can we be together if
we weren't willing to change ourselves?
Andrew, I brought some clothes for you
You hook up my boy!
You've got me, now my son!
You jerk!
You don't like girls?
Thank you very much! You're so versatile!
You hurt mommy so much, don't you know?
But you and dad never care about me!
Dad's got a mistress,and you a gigolo
What about me?
But what about your school fees,
piano classes, and skiing trips?
I want you to treat me
as a grown-up. Not a baby
I never got what I wanted!
So what did he give you?
We've been close friends for months
I'm happy with him
Shing works so hard,
I want to help him
But mom's helped him with a new salon!
He's been cheating on us. He's a liar!
I've been true to Andrew
I haven't been false with you either
Now what?
I'm not going to Canada.
I want to help with the shop
Are you mad?
You haven't gone through
all these years, to be a hairdresser!
You've got an estate!
We've made up our minds. We'll be together!
It's OK
Not even Beijing could help you
I just want to know
about this cop
He was a murderer, and jailed.
You think he'll still be in charge here?
Don't waste your time
Just go away
And what do you do? A journalist?
He's my father
Lone Chan. Please
- What's up?
- Sir!
This guy came for a cop named Lone Chan
Claimed to be his son
Lone Chan? Your father?
Please sir. He's never met his dad
Now his morn is dying. Please help him
I thought the Hong Kong police serve the people
Prove your honour, please!
Stop it...
You come with me. You stay
The shooting took place here in 1978
I was a new guy then
I knew about it
What happened?
PC Chan was on duty
It was manslaughter
Why did he kill?
Had he been bullied?
I have no idea
Nobody from police had visited him in jail
What happened since his release?
You really want to find out?
The bar opposite to this station,
there's a heavily made-up middle-aged woman
She hangs around there every Saturday night
Go find her. That woman might know something
The bar's name?
Thank you
Remember, the lady in red
Let's get her
I can't figure out
why the lady in red
We just get there and look around
I had been living in the dark
till you lit up my world
Did I? I'm flattered
Thank you for being my only audience
of my old Peking opera
Peking, that forgotten name,
not Beijing as now known
It was then full of talents,
our Weimar Republic
They say I'm claustrophobic, they don't talk to me
They say depression is hereditary
I want to get away from the city's clamour
I just want some quietude
They think I'm a weirdo,
I'm no weirdo, just a loner
I'm obsessed with solitude
I'm shut down
My life is a dead end
Sorry, I've been boring you
Your father seems to be your burden
If it's a burden,
why do we live with it?
If the state is a grim patriarchy
What does liberation mean?
What a puzzle
Who am I here?
You're getting philosophical
Let's find him on Saturday
Support Ben Ding!
Ben Ding our next mayor!
We're for DB!
We love DB!
If I'm in, you all get full bowl of rice!
Get lost, you puppet!
Get lost, you loony!
We are for DB!
Ben, you have our support!
Are you crazy?
Why don't you leave him?
How can you stand that?
How can you let him off?
Shing, you've promised me!
Haven't you promised me?
You get out of here!
I'll let go of Andrew
I'll give up the salon
I'll get lost for good
Do you mean it?
On two conditions
I'd give up all the Salon's shares
You buy them back with $20m
20 millions? You're crazy
Second, Andrew will go
to Canada as planned
I'll go with him
Oh yes? Are you good enough
for the college?
Don't worry. I won't be after Andrew
I have been haunted by a childhood dream
I want to see Niagara Falls
I want to make that pilgrimage
Just to be there
Why don't you join a tour?
I want to join you. A farewell trip
Andrew will go his own way
A short trip?
Not more than 3 days
Andrew, you have your future
Your mom is right. I'm a jerk
I'm a trespasser in your lives
Our paths shouldn't have crossed
Get back to your mother
We've lived on borrowed time
Don't cry
Shall we do this last journey?
What a cozy place.
It's kind of you
I've rented the whole dining room
Congratulations to your celibacy
I heard the latest rumour
You're well-informed
The rumour has travelled fast
It's the hottest gossip
in all the clubs
Hong Kong is a village
Do you remember me?
Betty l'm Betty, Linda's friend
Of course. I've done your hairstyle
Shall I come straight?
You've split up from Linda
May I consider myself next in the line?
I'm now in intermission
I'll let you know when I'm available
I wouldn't wait. I've got great plans
I have good contacts in Beijing
I can take you to China
With a few hundred salons,
we can get on to stock market
With our talents, plus my network,
we'll be Elizabeth and Walter Raleigh
I don't ask for much
Someone to carry my shopping bags
Be my chorus in a karaoke
Above all, occasional free hair-treatments
Couldn't spot a thing
It's been raining
Maybe she's not there
I'm starving
Let's go
Would you tell me about a person?
Who are you?
My name is Ka-lok. Do you know Lone Chan?
Do you know him?
So you come for my boyfriend
This is my friend, Ka-lok,
who wants to find his dad
My morn is very ill. I must find him
My mother
Come with me
Where's Mr Chan? Is he away?
I'm Lone Chan
You don't believe it, do you?
Come over
We went to the same school.
We were in the opera club
Your morn was aggressive
She was the most daring girl in school
I am not interested in girls
It was a crime at that time. I had to disguise
I had to accept her crush. I made her pregnant
Your great grandfather was furious
I couldn't possibly marry her
For me it was
You brought shame to our family!
There must be a wedding, or you go!
I left her
Did you marry someone else?
Mom said your in-law was a drug-dealer
You killed a colleague, then killed yourself
She made that up
I've been single since then
I joined the police, with the secret hope
that I could correct myself there to conform
You're way behind. Hurry up you wanker!
You're just a piece of rubbish!
Not you again you filthy queer!
Shame on you!
Get the bastard!
Why joined the police?
I was on late duty with that one.
It was bad luck
You again
What? You sissy
So you have a dick? Show it to me!
Don't you dare?
Go away!
I was scared
I went far away and buried the gun
I turned myself in
I said I had thrown the gun into the sea
Guilty of manslaughter,
I got out after 8 years
The world had turned upside down
The Brits were packing up
I had nothing left
So I decided to live an honest life
I had to be true
I went to Thailand to make a change
I came back as a changed man
I have been waiting so many years
Day after day, at the street corner,
wasting my time. Have I been waiting for you?
Or my Judgement Day?
For something to happen? I had no idea
The moment has come,
Let's get to see mom
Your mom?
Meet her before it's too late
Please pass her this message
I've missed her all these years
But I prefer hiding for the rest of my life
lam not good enough to be your father
Police never discovered the gun
I dug it out after
This is my previous life
Would you keep it?
Don't look back after you leave here
You are my father forever
What the hell! Do you know
what time it is? What's up?
Just watch this
Holy shit. It's dynamite stuff
You know what?
I live here
I make a living from this place
Oh come on
You're the one guy that
preaches about the freedom of press
That's why I asked you to come here
You know they have a right to know
Oh yes. Something nasty happened today
Those cynical journalists...
I totally agree. The U.S. must be behind this
Hey you! It's shit hitting the fan now
Happy now?
You're the only one who knew
I never said a word
You think I'm an idiot
I tell you, they know everything
Get a divorce, OK?
I've done nothing!
Some guys up in the North called me
Sorry, no mobile in the club
Get me the papers
That's it!
Mrs. Ding
(Ding's Teenage Sex Video Exposed)
Something for your boyfriend?
How's he like?
He teaches in college
I'd recommend this
This looks nice
What size would fit him?
This will do. How much?
It's $598
I'd take this
Just a sec
- I'd pay cash
- Thanks
Hi morn. Great to hear from you
What? Why are you crying mom?
My brother? Beaten up, in hospital?
But what about dad?
Don't cry morn. How much do they ask for?
What about our house?
Ok. I'll come back. I'll get home now
Your shirt
Hey, come over here!
What a spectacle! Wow!
Andrew, mom's got a flu
Buy me some tablets, would you?
Come over
Thank you for spending so much time with me
But I can no longer stay with you
I don't belong to this place.
We are from different backgrounds
We are both aliens in Hong Kong
You've been living in a shadow
Shall I call it serendipity?
I felt only I could help you to be free
My home in China has been destroyed
I need some money to settle this. I have to go
I feel bad about leaving
But I learned a lot in Hong Kong
Thank you for your sharing
We are both like amber, entrapped
But enthralled by each other
I cast away a cloud for you
But I'm still looking for my blue sky
An insect was fossilized by a drop of tree resin
a million years ago
And you have been imprisoned in your solitude
I bid you farewell
I hope you can fly out
Keep the amber, and the instant of timelessness
Take care
(Reminder: New Year's Eve Party)
"I feel like I can't speak"
"My vision gets a little hazy"
"The world around me disappears"
"I slowly go a little crazy"
"I hold your body close"
"but my heart it isn't here"
"Lost inside this silence"
"Broken down in fear..."
"I need to hold you"
"Like it's the first night"
"Take us back in time"
"Press rewind"
"Why can't I say what's on my mind?"
"I don't wanna shutdown"
"I wanna open up my heart..."
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
Thank you, Linda, you have groomed me
You made my dream come true
You redefined my life
You have been such a role model
And a great mother
Rest in peace, Linda
We will miss you forever
I've got good news from the solicitor
The estate's come to me, I mean us
My goodness
Are you that famous journalist?
You've just made a headline
You have good sense
Forget it. This is Andrew
Hi, Andrew
We just got married in Toronto
He had gone thereto study
But ended up graduating with me at a church
Another one. How's life?
Everybody ready?
10, 9, 8, 7, 6...
Once more, Happy New Year!
Things looks screwed up this coming year
America is finished. Japan is fucked up
Europe is bankrupt. Depression everywhere. Agree?
The fireworks look gorgeous
Tomorrow will be wonderful