Entity (2012) Movie Script

[electric current]
[speaks foreign language]
[angry shout]
[moaning and weeping]
[angry shouting]
[shouting continues]
[anguished shouting
in Russian]
[loud scream]
[speaks foreign language]
[loud clank]
What does it say?
"No access. "
They sealed this part
of the forest off
for three years after they found them.
Ruth, are you okay?
I'm fine.
How much further?
Two, maybe
three kilometres.
Okay. I didn't realize it
was going to be quite so far.
This is
such bullshit.
Yeah. Not too bad.
How much longer is this going to take?
Not long.
Another two hours.
That's not too bad.
Look, I'm the one
carrying the bags, mate.
How much stuff
have you brought?
You can never be too prepared, Matthew.
Fucking hell.
All I'm saying
is just ease up.
Ease up?
How? What
have I said?
Matt, we can all
feel the vibes.
Vibes? I thought Ruth
was the one into vibes.
Aha. You're so funny.
Listen, we need to get
this intro shot
before she actually finds the place.
If she finds it.
Where do you
want to do it?
It's fine.
Here's fine.
(David) Say something. Can't hear.
Are you going to put
one of these on everyone?
Ah, my hair, my hair, my hair.
Sorry Kate, sorry!
Will do when I've finished this.
Say something, Kate.
Okay, here we are,
in the Siberian forest,
freezing our bollocks,
bla bla bla
bla bla bla.
Hi, I'm Kate Hansen,
And welcome
to "Darkest Secrets. "
For tonight's investigation,
we have been invited
to an extraordinary location
situated in a remote area
of northern Russia.
And just up ahead, is
a place where in 1998,
the remains of over 30 people
were found in shallow graves.
Police investigations
were inconclusive
and of course, eventually,
the case was closed.
Now our investigation
is going to be led
by psychic Ruth Peacock
who is going to use
her amazing abilities
to shed some light on this
tragic and mysterious case.
So stay with us
as we follow Ruth
in an attempt to unlock
the dark secrets
that still haunt
this Siberian forest.
Was that alright?
It was great.
You sure?
Don't need to shoot again? No.
Good stuff.
(Matt) Which driver
are you talking about?
I told you, it was the
last driver that we had.
He was, like,
[mimics Russian accent] "I'll give
you 500 roubles for blow job. "
You're kidding?
How much
is 500 roubles?
About five pounds.
Cheeky bastard.
I know.
So what are you going
to spend the money on?
Fuck off, and you!
Are we good to go?
I'd like to introduce
to you the gentleman
that brought this case
to our attention
and indeed
invited us here.
author Yuri Levkov,
Yuri, this is a case that
has fascinated you for years.
It is.
Do you have any theories
about what happened here?
This is such
a remote location
and the Police were
unable to identify
a single body
that was found.
It's hard to know
where to begin.
Do we know how these people were killed?
No details of any cause of
death were ever made public.
After the initial
the Police did not return to this area,
as far as we know,
and the case was officially
closed three years later.
The only facts
ever confirmed
were the remains of 34
people were found here.
And that they were all
adults, both male and female.
Nothing else has ever been
acknowledged by the authorities.
Shall we stop there?
Well done,
that was great.
Guys, we're done.
Yeah, let's get going.
Do you reckon there are
any bears in these woods?
A mate of mine
went to Romania.
He said the forests
there were full of them.
Wolves as well.
Tons of wolves.
He mentioned something
else really nasty.
Can't think
what it was.
Shut up.
Bloody hell.
[distant eerie voice]
We're here.
Stay on her but don't get in her way.
[eerie voices]
They found
some of the bodies here.
Stay with her, okay?
(Ana speaking in Russian)
[speaking foreign language]
What did they
to you?
[eerie voices]
(speaks Russian)
Stand back.
Okay, two seconds now.
Tell me when you're ready. Okay.
Now what we do know is that Ruth
has managed to locate the site
where the police
found all the bodies.
Yuri has just confirmed
that for us.
What we don't know
at this stage
exactly what is it that
Ruth's sensing. We don't know.
[eerie voices]
They found the first body just here.
[eerie voices]
What? What is it that
you're trying to tell me?
There's so many of you.
(Yuri) She may be able to identify them.
Maybe she could find out their names.
[odd sounds]
What is
through those trees?
(Yuri) Not much. That is east.
There's an old
disused industrial site
about eight
kilometers from here.
But it is abandoned.
There's nothing else
out there
for 80 or 90 kilometers
in any direction.
We must go
through those trees.
She's remote viewing.
What did
you say?
She can see places
that are out of sight.
She is seeing
beyond those trees.
It's fascinating.
I know what it is. How
do you know what it is?
I did
my homework.
I find
the subject... interesting.
Kate, how the hell are
we going to get there
and back to the cars
before it gets dark?
It's fine.
Go ahead,
stay up with her.
[weeping continues]
What's wrong
with her?
[heavy breathing]
There's, uh,
there's a building
up ahead,
I can see it.
And that's
where they came from.
Do we carry on?
Fuck, yeah.
You okay there, Matt?
(Matt) Yeah, yeah. I'm great.
[distant eerie noise]
What the hell was that?
Jesus Christ.
That was pretty good.
This leads to the
structure I told you about.
Some sort of surface tunnel
they used to supply the building.
Can you give me
a torch?
What was the building used for?
Got it.
No idea, Kate.
Where's she
taking us now?
Watch this down here.
What is it?
[eerie voices]
[voices continue]
[eerie voices]
What the hell
was that?
We shouldn't go on.
Why not?
Just wait. Wait.
Look, people died here,
Kate. A lot of people.
Then we're
in the right place.
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
I'm just not happy about
this, Kate. We shouldn't go on!
What the hell
is this place?
This is too much.
I want to go back.
And what?
Leave all these people's story untold?
[David coughing]
Bloody hell.
Jesus Christ!
Oh, my God.
What is that?
It smells
like baby sick.
(Kate) It smells worse than that.
It smells
like rotten meat.
(Yuri) It does smell like meat.
I'm going
to be sick.
No, you're not.
No, I'm not.
Guys, be careful.
We don't know what
state the building's in.
You have got
to be kidding me.
Matt, get a shot
of that.
(Kate) Ruth, are you getting
anything in this area?
Why would you put someone in there?
It's so cold in here.
So much colder
than it was outside.
[eerie voices]
[eerie voices]
Are you still hearing the voices?
What are they saying?
(voice speaks a phrase in Russian)
(speaks foreign words)
(Ruth) What does that mean?
(repeats foreign words)
"They shouldn't be here. "
(Kate) Why? Why shouldn't they be here?
It's not them.
It's us.
We shouldn't be here.
We mean you no harm.
We only want
to speak to you.
Don't be afraid.
I feel like I'm
being watched.
Oh, God. Another psychic in the making.
Don't you feel that?
Feel what?
There's something
around us, watching.
I feel cold, mate.
That's about it.
So, uh,
Ruth is continuing to
sense really strong energies
in this building.
Um, she's starting
to hear voices,
which are telling us
we shouldn't be here
which is obviously
incredibly worrying.
We still don't know what
this building was used for.
Yuri told us that he thinks it
was used for industrial purposes.
But it's looking like
it could actually be
more sinister than that.
Stay with us.
I'm sorry.
Are you alright?
Are you sure?
We'll talk later.
Let's catch them up.
What do you do
with that?
Monitors changes
in electromagnetic fields.
Anything strange going on,
it will give me a reading.
Getting anything?
Can't quite tell yet.
(Yuri) Look. They're still on.
(David) How is there
still power in this place?
That's really weird.
I don't know.
(speaking Russian)
Looks like my dentist's.
Pack it in?
People might
have died here, yeah?
They did die here.
[eerie voice]
What is it you want to show me?
I can see a man.
Oh, God.
[motor revs up]
What did they
do to you?
[Ruth, gasping]
[man shouts]
[shout echoing]
[Ruth screaming]
Oh, get me
out of here, please!
Get me out of here!
Get me out of here, please!
They brought people
like me here.
They did things
to people like me!
I've got to get
out of this room.
Come on.
Wait for me.
(David) Told you there was
still power in this place.
Look at the temperatures.
[loud whirring noise]
Look, please
just calm down, please.
[loud noise]
[odd choking noise]
(Yuri) What the fuck is that?
Every time you react like
that, it feeds off it.
So just calm
the fuck down.
[heavy breathing]
Just control
yourselves, okay?
Deep breaths.
(Ruth) Okay. We're very close.
Close to what?
I'm going
to need you all
to be really quiet
from now on.
You understand?
There's an incredible
energy coming.
And this is
where they kept them.
They kept them here
for months in the dark.
Watching them.
Observing them.
Day and night.
But there was one
here who was different.
There's just an overwhelming presence
coming from that room up ahead.
I've never experienced
anything like this.
Okay, Yuri?
I'll need you to translate
for me very carefully.
Of course.
Kate, you take
my torch.
Yuri, you turn
yours off
if you come into the room with me.
I don't want
any light in here.
You can film
just at the door.
Tell me your name.
[speaks Russian]
I ask you
to come forth.
[speaks Russian]
Don't be afraid.
[speaks Russian]
We mean you
no harm.
[speaks Russian]
Turn it off!
I can hear you.
[speaks Russian]
Please speak
to me.
[speaks Russian]
We promise we mean no harm.
[speaks Russian]
(Ruth) We have the
spirit of a man with us.
Tell him
not to be afraid.
[speaks Russian]
What's his name?
[speaks Russian]
Mischka is a name.
We only want
to help you.
[speaks Russian]
This one was
really powerful.
So strong.
They destroyed him.
[snap and growl]
[Kate screams]
Get out
from the bed!
Ruth! Get out!
Jesus Christ!
(Kate) Ruth? Are you alright?
Did you get that?
What was it?
(Matt) There was something in here.
What was it?
It was a man.
Did you get it?
I think so.
Oh, fucking hell.
Okay, now.
David's gone.
Matt. Matt, come here.
I want you to set up...
We need to set
up two cameras, I want...
What the fuck for?
I want us to monitor-
What about David?
Listen to me!
I want us to monitor
this area with two cameras.
I want one focused on here
and I want one out here, okay?
Then we'll go
look for David.
Just set
it up, please.
Let's get
this down.
I want it
focused in here.
[heavy breathing]
Oh, God.
I feel sick.
Kate, give
me some light.
Is that good?
How long are
you going to be?
Two seconds.
Come in here.
How much recording time is on that?
About six hours.
Alright, let's
get out of here.
Grab David's bag.
(Kate) Let's try and
catch the others up.
Grab that one.
You okay? (Kate)Yeah.
Come on, then.
Come on.
[both heavy breathing]
Let's try up in here.
There's space here.
[Ruth groans]
She needs
to lie down.
(Kate) Let's set up a bed in there.
There's some kind of
control room through there.
We can use it
as a base.
We need to find David.
And we will. Can I
have the camera, please?
What do you
want to do?
How's she doing?
She needs to rest.
Do you know
what happened here?
How would I?
We have to look
at the footage.
I'll get the laptops
out of David's bag.
Is she okay?
She keeps mumbling that
she's disturbed something.
We need to find David and get out.
Yeah, I know.
What part of that do you
think I don't understand?
[shouting and growling]
Sorry. That stuff
could've been better,
but it was kind of fucked up in there.
No, it's good.
What was that?
A ghost?
People are going to think we faked that.
Yeah, but we didn't.
[snarling and shouting]
Hang on a sec.
Stop there.
Rewind it.
I think
I saw something.
That's David.
What the hell's
he doing there?
What's he doing?
Check the live feed
from the other two cameras.
See if there's any sign of David.
I'll talk to Ruth,
see if it's safe
for us to go down there.
How are you feeling?
Like shit.
Can I get
you anything?
I'll be fine. I just
need to rest. That's all.
I'm sorry to have
to ask you this, but...
what happened down there? What was that?
That was the spirit of the man who...
was brought here,
suffered and just...
tortured here.
His name is Mischka.
And now, he's...
he's just wild
with rage, Kate.
For what happened
to them.
For what happened
to him.
He wants revenge.
Just revenge.
He cannot pass over.
He's trapped here.
I don't understand. What
were they doing to them?
You need to ask Yuri.
He's been here before.
Well, how do you
know that?
[breathing evenly]
The cameras
are working.
Recording everything.
Any sign
of David?
No. It's all quiet. Nothing.
How is Ruth?
She'll be okay,
I think.
She's resting.
I need to talk
to you.
I need you to tell
me the truth.
About what?
You've been here before.
I should've known that
she would see that.
Why did you both
bring us into the woods
when you already knew
this place existed?
I needed to know
how good she was.
I knew that if she was as
good as I hoped she would be,
then she would
find this place.
And she did.
What the fuck
are you playing at?
This whole facility
was built by the
Russian government, Kate.
The government?
They brought people
like Ruth here,
people like this Mischka.
They wanted to see if psychics
could read enemy minds.
Or were able to locate strategic
locations over long distances.
Or able to kill
with the power
of the human mind.
Yeah, the Americans
were doing the same thing.
But their methods
were a joke.
No one
took it seriously.
They stopped
doing it years ago.
What they did to these
people was no joke.
They tried to increase
psychic power
by introducing electrical
currents into the subjects' brains.
They kept them in dark,
soundproof rooms
for months
so that would weaken
their other senses.
They even tried
surgical procedures.
Beautiful and extraordinary
minds butchered.
When they closed
this place,
they killed
any who were left.
And they buried
them out in the woods.
Those out in the forest
deserve to be heard, Kate.
I want to tell
their story.
Fucking hell, Yuri.
They could be outside
watching us now
just ready to come here and
march us into the fucking woods.
Why would they
still be watching?
They think there's nothing here to see.
This place is forgotten.
The people lost in here are forgotten.
[distant voice]
Did you hear that?
That sounded
like David.
Oh, my God.
[distant noise]
It sounds
like him.
Can you hear us?
Where is he?
It's coming
from over there.
The other side
of the building.
I think you should stay here with Ruth.
I will.
Let's get a camera
and a radio.
[Kate, heavy breathing]
(Matthew) Why am I carrying
this, what are we going to film?
Shhh. Listen.
It's coming from up ahead. Come on.
[metal door clanks]
[door creaks open]
[metal door closes]
Are you okay?
(Matt) What did you say to Yuri?
He's been here before.
He already knew
what this place was.
They'd been bringing
psychics here.
Trying to use them
for military operations.
Jesus Christ.
Why didn't he...?
[loud metal bang]
Why didn't he
tell us?
'Cause he
was testing Ruth.
He wanted to see
how good she was,
wanted to see if she
could get [whispers].
[loud rumbling]
Jesus Christ!
What is that?
There's someone
down there.
[whispering] Was that him? Was that him?
[voice shouting distant]
This is
fucking stupid.
We can't leave him.
[continues shouting]
(Kate) Where the fuck is this?
Oh, my God.
(Matt) You have got to be kidding.
[male voice
speaking in Russian]
Who are you?
[speaking continues]
You stay away.
[speaking continues]
No. No.
[speaking continues]
His spirit is filling this whole place.
[loud growling]
[eerie sound]
What is
that fucking sound?
[loud buzzing]
Oh, shit.
[both gasping]
(Matt) Take it really
slow. Do not touch.
[Kate, whimpering]
[grunt] Step over it really slowly.
Help me.
[distant voice shouts]
[distant voice]
Where are the others?
We heard a voice.
It sounded
like David.
They have gone
off to find him.
They won't.
Because he's dead?
Have you seen
him again?
I watched you sleeping.
Yeah. I saw his face in my dreams.
We have to find the others
and get out of this place.
I can't let you do that.
What did you say?
What is that?
I don't know.
It's just like...
wires and shit.
[shouting is closer]
Oh, shit!
[eerie roaring]
I can't see!
(Matt) I can see! Take my hand!
[screaming hysterically]
Take my hand.
Take my hand!
Hold on tight! Don't let go! David
- come here!
[wild snarling]
[man screaming]
[eerie roaring
and screaming]
It's okay! It's okay! It's okay!
(Matt) David's there. Come on.
[crying hysterically] Hold
on to me! Hold on to me!
Hold on!
I can't!
Calm down, calm down, calm down!
Slow down, slow, slow, slow, shhh!
[overlapping remarks]
Everything's black.
Look through the camera.
Look through the camera.
[both heavy breathing]
He's fucking dead!
[heavy breathing]
What's that?
[roaring draws closer]
Don't go!
It's coming back. It's
coming back. Jesus.
There's a door here.
Follow me!
Hold my hand,
hold my hand!
Get through there
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
Okay, let's go.
Oh, fuck!
Fuck, fuck, fuck,
fuck, fuck, fuck...
[heavy breathing]
Let's go.
Oh, fuck.
Kate, Kate, Kate,
Kate, Kate, Kate.
Let's get
the fuck out of here!
We're going to find
the others.
Shhh. We're going to find the others.
C'mon. Hold on. Let's go!
[Kate screaming]
[roaring starts again]
I need you to come with me.
No, no, I'm not going anywhere
until the others get back.
[loudly] I need you to come with me!
No, I need to go,
get the others.
They need me!
I'm sorry. But I need you to do this!
Who do you want me
to look for?
Who did you know here?
You see a lot.
Her name was Tasha.
We met in Moscow when we
were both students there.
We fell in love.
She was special.
I don't mean she was
just special to me.
She was... special.
Like you.
She was gifted like you.
In fact,
you remind me of her.
She could see things.
At first
it seemed silly to me.
But then I realized
she had this gift.
People would come to her.
They thought she could
speak to the dead.
That maybe she could
see into their future.
They would pay her.
We needed the money.
Then she started
to work for a company.
At least that's what she told me it was.
She said she could not
tell me what she did there.
I saw less
and less of her.
We would fight about it.
She'd become
like a stranger.
Then she disappeared.
I never saw her again.
She would have never
left just like that!
And you...
you believe
she was brought here?
When I heard
about this place...
Yeah, I knew they must
have brought her here.
I just knew it.
I need to see
if you can find her here.
If she is trapped, then
you can help her move on.
Help her find peace.
If you'd been born Russian,
they would have brought you here.
[distant eerie noise]
we need to look
after the living.
We've just got to get
out of here!
No! No! No! No!
I want you to go back
down there with me!
I need you to find her!
Only then
we will leave!
Not before.
Ruth? Ruth?
Ruth? Ruth?
Ruth! Ruth, we've got
to leave now!
Yuri's not gonna
let us leave.
I need Ruth to help me with something
and then
we will all leave.
But not before.
David's dead.
Do not argue with me.
Please just do
as he says, please.
He lost someone here.
If you needed our help,
why didn't you just ask us?
Because you would
have never come here
if you'd known
what this place was.
We go now!
Get up!
Okay, just-
Get up!
(Yuri) The place where they kept them
is just ahead.
Keep going.
(Ruth) Would Tasha want
you to die here, Yuri?
'Cause you know he's not
going to let any of us out
if we go back there!
Tasha wouldn't want you
to be trapped here.
She would want you
to be safe.
Ask her yourself when
you to speak to her.
Keep moving!
He's not going
to use it.
I'm going to jump him
at the next corner.
He will use it.
(Yuri) This is the right place.
Keep going!
[Ruth shouts]
Open the doors!
(Kate) We didn't close the doors!
Open the fucking doors!
Open the fucking doors!
(eerie female voice)
(speaking in Russian)
He's found her.
[eerie whistling]
[distant roaring]
[loud snarling]
[Yuri gasping]
[growling continues]
[growling stops]
[eerie distant
roaring begins]
[eerie noises grow louder]
Just find the way out.
Find a way out!
Ruth, where
are you going?
No, you can't! Ruth!
I'll be okay, I'll be okay, just go!
[loud growling]
Let's go!
(Kate) This is where we came in!
(Matt) Come on! Come on! Run!
I'm coming!
We can't leave her!
That's all we can do!
Kate, we're going!
Come on!
Come with me.
Come on!
You've been here too long.
Let me help you pass over.
Mischka, I only
want to help you.
listen to me.
I can help you find peace!
[eerie sounds]
[creature screaming]
[Ruth groaning]
[Ruth gasping]
Let me help you.
[eerie sounds]
Let me help you
find peace.
high-pitched sounds]
Come with me.
Come with me.
You've suffered
far too long, Mischka.
I can help you.
I can help you.
There is release for you.
Let me guide you.
[soft growling]
Let me help you.
[heavy breathing]
[male voice groaning]
[Ruth screams]
[both screaming]
[heavy breathing]
Told you she'd be here!
Can you hear me?
What happened?
[Ruth moans]
Something's different.
The building's so quiet.
Ruth, are you hurt?!
She says no.
Look at this.
Jesus Christ.
Ruth, is
this place safe?
Yeah, it's safe.
He's gone.
I led him to peace.
I led him to peace.
Don't touch me.
[Ruth, straining]
Can you walk?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm going to go back to the
control room, get the laptops.
Let's get the cameras.
[Ruth, gasping]
I'm just going to lie
down in here for a bit.
Take your time.
We'll get the stuff
out of the control room.
We'll leave
when it gets light.
We can't carry
all of this.
Just carry
what you can.
Just make sure
we've got the footage.
How's Ruth gonna walk
all the way back?
We'll have to help her.
I need to get my camera.
You were right.
About what?
Going back for her.
If we'd left her, that
would have stayed with us.
[distant eerie noise]
[continues gasping]
[eerie noise]
[noise continues]
[Kate, gasping]
[screams with frustration]
[noise continues]
[eerie noise stops]
[gentle snarling]
[loud growling]
[very distant screaming]
Talk to me.
Matt? Please?
[heavy breathing]
[eerie noise]
What have you done?
[eerie voice
speaking Russian]