Entrance (2012) Movie Script

What happened?
Well, I've been cutting
this woman's hair
for a couple years now...
and her mother as well,
and, um, the daughter
called me a couple days ago
saying that her mom
had a stroke.
And then today
I got another call from her,
and she told me
that her mom had passed away.
Oh, wow.
It sucked.
That's horrible.
You know, I mean, how do you
go on with the rest of your day
and, you know,
make idle chit-chat
with your clients and-
you know?
Hearing that first thing.
It's so weird, you know?
One minute...
you're here and-
God, to think about that...
and the next minute,
you're gone and...
Life's funny.
Well, I'm getting
kind of chilly.
I think I'm gonna go inside.
You cool?
You gonna stay here?
Yeah, I'm gonna stay here
just for a few minutes.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
I'm gonna go
get some more wine anyway.
All right,
I'm right behind you.
All right.
See ya in a bit.
All right.
Hey, don't forget
to turn off the lights.
- I won't.
- Okay.
You know,
and I've already, like...
had my parents help me with,
you know,
other issues with the car,
and I can't ask them...
You know, I just can't.
- Yeah.
- No money.
Well, I mean, you need a car.
You can't get around
this city without one.
- I know.
- You know? It's impossible.
Well, it's a shitty car.
Yeah, it is a shitty car.
I should have thought
about it a little.
Well, maybe... maybe you
should stop getting drunk
and shopping on Craigslist.
I know.
I know.
This one never quits
As I lift it to my lips
And then take a couple sips
I feel like a new man
But this poison is a bitch
Hey, Suziey, how you doing?
Good. Hi.
I- I-I like your sweater.
I mean, how many times
did that thing break down
on you anyway, really?
I can't even count.
It's too high.
It's horrible.
The bangs look good.
The bangs look really good.
I like 'em.
Well, to get off
the subject of the car...
you know, Jonathan's
been asking about you.
I don't know.
I mean,
it's something to think about.
If I was her, I think
I would disown your brother.
No, for sure.
No, I'm okay.
Do you like Indian food?
Yeah, I do.
Do you ever buy
that stuff that's, like,
at the store that's in the bag
and you cook it in the pot?
Uh, I don't think so.
And you-
it's, like, this Indian food.
It's, like, chicken,
and it's, um...
Hey, buddy.
How are you?
How are you?
How are you?
What'd you do today?
Have a good day being a dog?
Did you have a good day
being a dog?
Are you hungry?
Where are you guys going again?
San Francisco.
There you go.
Your hair looks good.
Did you do something different?
Oh, yeah, I, um,
got it done today at work.
Oh, nice.
Michelle did it.
Yeah, you like it?
- I do.
- Thanks.
- It looks good straight.
- Thank you.
So... what are you
doing tonight?
I thought...
Oh, Morgan and I
are gonna have dinner.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
That's great.
Oh, whatever.
There you go.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
- Suz.
- What?
Guess what.
It's your turn
to clean the bathroom.
Is it gross?
Beyond gross.
Get out the gas mask.
You fucking kidding me?
- Wendy.
- Yeah?
What should I get,
dark or light?
You know, I get stuck
doing it, and-I'm done.
I don't-you know, I'm done.
It's gross.
It's done.
I'm done.
So done.
Well, I hear ya.
I mean, my favourite thing is not
to clean the toilet.
That's for sure.
Can you hand me
some paper towels, please?
Thank you.
You know, I mean,
I love my job,
and, um, all of us here,
we've got...
we've got our duties
that we have to...
we have to get done,
and things need to be cleaned.
And, um...
things need to get done,
and everybody
just kind of does their part.
Like, we got the change,
right, and he kept the change,
so he ended up paying,
like, way less than half.
Wait, wait, wait.
He kept your change?
- He kept my change.
- Are you kidding me?
No, I am not kidding you.
And then, wait,
this is the worst part.
Okay, bearing in mind
we've just been talking about
how I'm working
in the service industry, right?
Bearing that in mind,
he's like-does not tip.
- Not even a dollar!
- That sucks.
- Nothing, so I tip.
- That's horrible.
I'm like, "Thank you so much,"
and I, like, tip.
So you got more money
out of your purse to tip?
- I got... yes.
- Oh, my God.
Yeah, and so...
I want to leave...
I wanted to leave...
But instead you
went home with him, right?
- Right. We did it.
- And called him captain, right?
I'm gonna get another one.
Oh, hey.
Good morning.
Do you want me
to pour you a coffee?
Uh, I'll get some later,
I hear you.
What is your problem?
Darryl, what is the matter?
What's the matter?
Darryl, what's the matter?
Darryl, what are you doing?
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Come here, boy, breakfast!
Come here, boy!
I mean, he hasn't really
gone missing before.
Put your seat belt on.
- It's on.
- Okay.
I'm gonna go up this way.
Come here, boy!
Um, uh, yeah, uh...
My name's Suziey,
and I was wondering if...
any possibility you had...
anyone brought in
a blue heeler mix.
Um... he's about-sorry...
five or six years old,
has a red, um...
a red bandana around his neck.
Did you try the one
on Lacy Street?
I don't know.
Well, I-
I really...
I don't know, I just...
I don't think
you should worry too much.
You never know.
You just never know.
maybe he's got
a girlfriend or something.
Yeah, he's pretty handsome.
I made some coffee.
I gotta go;
My rides here.
I'll see you in a few days.
Oh, hey, Karen.
Oh, wow, yeah.
Are you having a good time?
Sounds like
you're having a good time.
Thank you.
How was the bathroom?
It was productive.
Thank you for asking.
That's awesome.
How much?
No, no, no.
I got it.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah, of course.
Thank you.
To new friendships.
All right.
Oh, God, that...
That's good for ya.
- Mm-mm.
- Come on.
That was horrible.
Oh, gross.
I can't do that.
So, um... it's gonna be
last call here pretty soon.
It is.
They're gonna...
be kicking us out.
They are.
What do you got going on?
I don't know.
What do you got going on?
Um, my room-mate's out of town.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
We could, I don't know,
watch a movie or something?
Could watch a movie.
I didn't know how
you wanted to handle... this.
I'm sorry.
The pictures you sent
were so cute,
so, um...
Yeah, I mean, we've got two
really nice, comfy couches.
I mean, it'll be great.
Yeah, let's do it.
Let's do Saturday.
You know, I didn't move here
with too much,
so it shouldn't take me
too long to pack,
and I'm only gonna bring,
you know,
a few things,
because I can always...
Oh, my God.
I loved it.
It was so pretty,
and the weather was awesome.
Oh, that's so good.
It was cool.
Good, good, good.
Well, what's going on?
I don't know, you know.
I thought it'd be nice.
You've been gone,
and now you're back.
I think we should have like...
a cute little dinner, you know?
- Oh.
- Talk.
I kind of have...
I kind of have something
I want to talk to you about,
so, you know...
Like what?
Is everything all right?
- Oh, yeah.
- Okay.
- Totally.
- Cool.
Is it-I mean, is it bad?
Or is it good?
Do I need to be nervous?
Are you all right?
- Yeah, no, I'm fine.
- All right.
You know, bad, good...
it depends.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Where are those glasses?
Which ones?
Uh, the ones, the-
like, our glasses.
The ones we got at that
art fair, like, forever ago.
The blue flowers?
That's the notice
you're giving me?
Well, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
Like, I...
I'm totally fine
paying all of next month's rent.
I mean, I know I'm completely...
putting you out by doing this,
and I want you to feel...
you know, comfortable
and okay and...
you know, not burdened
financially or anything
so you can find somebody.
I just...
God, I can't believe
you're leaving.
Are you serious?
I'm just...
I'm just really unhappy,
you know?
. He)'...
What are you burning?
Oh, well, you know,
the house, some onions.
Could you open
the window, please?
Yeah, did you-okay.
Oh, gosh.
Wasn't your friend
supposed to come
and help or something?
Yeah, she was supposed
to be here, like, an hour ago.
I don't know where she is.
Oh, my gosh, it smells so bad.
I know, I'm sorry.
Oh, um,
the garage door is open.
It is?
Yeah, did you know that?
Uh, no.
I don't know.
Um, the thing is in my purse
in the front pocket.
Can you shut it?
Where's your purse again?
On the table.
Where is it again?
In the front pocket.
Since you're here, could you
help me with the table?
Do you mind
setting it up with me?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Thanks. Thank you.
Just, um, tilt it this way.
And then just hold that...
and then pull.
- Good?
- Yes.
- Okay. You look good.
- Thank you.
- Got it?
- I do. I do.
- Okay.
- I know who it is.
Hi, Suziey! We made it!
Oh, my God!
Come in. Come in.
Come in. Come in. Come in.
Thank you.
Wow! No way!
Our place is so small.
This is gorgeous.
Oh, my God.
Hey, I'm Josh.
I'm sorry!
This is Josh!
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry!
I've heard such
good things about you.
That's so bad.
I'm so sorry.
I can't even imagine
going through that
and just wondering-
I'm so sorry.
It was just one of those
things that was just like,
"Okay, I'm really done. "
We could take her to
the shelter when we get back.
There's, like,
so many cute dogs and kitties.
Hi, Jonathan!
- Hey.
- Come on in.
- Thanks.
- Hi!
Come on in.
How are ya?
Oh, God.
Let me close this.
How are ya?
- Um, good.
- Yeah? Good. Good.
Well, come in, meet everybody.
Hello, everybody.
Josh and Liesel,
they drove in from Michigan.
- Liesel?
- Yeah, Jonathan?
- Yes.
- Nice to meet you.
- Well, you guys get to know...
- Suziey.
Yes, we know you know Suziey.
Um, get to know each other.
I'm gonna
finish up in the kitchen.
He was at work with me,
and I was talking
about the dinner,
and he overheard it,
and I had to invite him.
But he's so awkward.
And he keeps staring at me.
Well, he thinks you're pretty.
What's wrong with that?
It's just like
he's looking through me.
It's weird.
It's, like...
it's so uncomfortable.
Well, he doesn't mean any harm.
He just thinks you're nice.
- Oh, my God.
- Can I see that one?
You want...
- Can I see that?
- Yeah.
Oh, wait, is that upside down?
I can't even tell
what we're doing.
- Yeah, there you go.
- What are we doing?
Wow, you look really thin there.
- I know.
- Oh, my God.
Is that you?
Crazy. That is crazy.
Look, like, the collar's out.
Let me see it.
- Here you go.
- Oh, my...
How did we do that
with our bodies, right?
- I don't know.
- I mean...
That was college,
though, you know?
That's true.
How did she do that
with her body?
I think I see a nip.
Oh, my gosh, it totally is!
I never realized that.
Well, just keep going.
Hey, no, hey...
'Cause it was just paint.
That was the thing.
It was just paint.
Karen, are you sure you don't
need any help in here at all?
No, I got it. I got it.
I'm good, thank you.
All right.
Wait, wait, whoa, whoa, whoa.
I got this one.
I got this one.
Hey, does anybody need
any more wine?
I would love some.
Love some.
Is white...
. He)'...
- I'm sorry.
- No, that's all right.
Totally just screamed
in your face.
I, um, just wanted to...
I need some more wine.
Hey, let me get that.
Oh, thanks.
- There you go.
- Awesome.
Actually, I was drinking red.
No, White's fine.
That's fine.
I'll just rinse it out.
- Ah, um, okay.
- There you go.
Um, listen,
I just wanted to say, um,
I hope it's not awkward
that I'm here.
I mean, Karen invited me.
And you seem a little...
- Oh, no, no, no, no...
- Is it okay?
- Totally fine.
- Okay.
I just-I was getting
that feeling that...
Dinner party, you know?
We're gonna have fun.
I got it!
It'll be good.
I'm gonna...
I'm gonna go see who's here.
Okay. Yeah, go ahead.
More wine!
Thank you, Madame.
- Oh. You had red. Is it okay?
- I'll drink anything.
He'll drink
pretty much anything, yeah.
- Seriously.
- Yeah.
Hi! Hey, hey!
- I'm so sorry.
- Come on. Come on. Come on.
I need you. I need you.
I need you in the kitchen.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
Hi, Suziey!
- Hey, hi!
- Hey, I'm Morgan.
- Josh. Nice to meet you.
- Hello. Liesel, like diesel.
Nice to meet you.
- Hey, how are ya?
- Hey.
And then people in the car,
like, it's a lot...
It's Iowa and Nebraska.
Like, going across
those two states,
the longest states...
on the planet.
' AYE, aye, aye, aye, aye.
- How are you doing?
- I'm good. Thank you so much.
- Suziey, you want some?
- Oh, what the hell.
Give you a full one then.
Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.
Okay, guys, before we dig in,
I just want to make a toast...
to Suziey.
Um, we are gonna miss you,
and, um, good luck to you,
and we love you very much.
- Ah, thank you, guys.
- Welcome home.
All: Cheers!
Are you supposed
to cheer everybody
if you're just making
a toast for one person?
Well, you're supposed
to drink too.
You didn't drink.
Oh, I drank before.
- That's bad luck.
- It is. Drink.
- Drink!
- Well, no, it's too late now.
You called me on it.
We stopped in Needles,
California, one night.
I was sleeping.
And it was just-
it's like a fucking desert.
This is from where?
From Ann Arbor, Michigan.
So it was the first time we've
ever been out here, actually.
How'd you do it?
We took 80 and went through
Salt Lake City,
and then we came down
through Needles,
and then, here we are.
I like going through Colorado.
That's the best part.
- Yeah, it was nice.
- Pretty.
I was sleeping most of the way.
He was driving.
I made him drive.
Yeah, it was fun.
It was a great ride.
I should have opened my eyes
and seen more.
But I'll see it this time
through with Suziey.
How long did it take you?
Um, I think
the actual driving time was,
like, 35 hours, but...
Good Lord.
It took us, like, two days.
Uh, you know, I might be done.
Yes, of course you're done.
You're talking about shit.
Hey, it's all
going there anyway.
Who knows the Heimlich maneuver?
It's a shame we didn't get
to know each other better.
Uh... yeah.
Fair enough.
I just wanna drink wine.
Hit me... hit me
with some marshmallow.
What are you guys doing?
We're just eating some s'mores.
You guys want s'mores?
Don't they make thin
chocolate bars for s'mores?
For the lady
of the night-I mean.
You got it?
I got it. I got it. I got it.
I got it. I got it.
Did I just cut
in the s'more line?
No, you're fine.
- You sure?
- Totally good.
Nice one, Suziey.
Real attractive, Suziey, okay?
Oh, my God.
Do you guys want some wine?
You guys,
we're gonna go up top, okay?
They're gonna go up top.
Hit me.
I Hit me, baby, one more I
What did you just do?
I had a shooting pain
right through my head.
That was really weird.
Oh, my God.
I just saw hair and teeth.
That was the extent of my
knowledge of what was above me.
You guys, hey,
we're gonna go do some dishes.
You can do those
in the morning.
Oh, no, that makes me feel
like we should go do dishes too.
Oh, no, no, you guys can stay.
- Can we stay?
- Stay in the hammock.
Can we stay?
I'm gonna pet my hammock.
Are you gonna...
It's my favoritest
hammock ever... next to you.
Not that you guys need any...
Should I leave the hammock?
There's a bottle
of wine over there.
I might tumble out and get it
and then tumble back in.
I'm just saying.
Okay, thank you so much.
Okay, I'm going inside!
Take it easy.
Oh, what are you putting on?
I'm not telling you.
But you're gonna love it!
All right, it better be good.
It's gonna be real good!
Those are big words.
I think that he's really drunk.
Here's two more.
I think those are the last ones.
Hey, will you put this
in the drawer?
Oh, hand it to you this way;
It's very sharp.
Thank you.
Thank you for that.
Oh, yes, please.
And that is all.
That is not all.
We have more downstairs.
- No.
- Yes.
All right, I'll get it!
It's downstairs...
I'll find it! I'll find it!
I find housework
a lot easier with alcohol.
are you doing dishes?
Hey, what's up?
Did we drink all these?
It's okay, Jonathan, uh,
went downstairs to get more.
Oh, it's fresh out?
We are, but we got more coming.
Is... Josh and Liesel
still in the hammock?
they're cuddling and...
- Yes, that's right.
- Nice.
Oh, you're hand-drying?
That's old-school.
Oh, oh! I love this song.
Come on, please? Please?
Come on. Come on. Come on.
You better!
She'll be mad if you don't.
Just so you know,
Morgan can't dance at all.
At all.
Oh, no, he can't.
Karen can't dance either!
And her slip is showing!
Karen, put it away!
- Hey!
- Oh, no.
That's what dancing
like that begets.
Jonathan, turn the lights on!
How do I turn 'em on?
Go to the breaker box
in the garage!
By the-on the right side
of the garage door!
I think you had
too many activities.
Oh, God.
There's too much
electricity going on!
Yeah, this is a powerful party.
"This is a powerful party!"
I don't know if he can...
There you go.
- Hey, now!
- Oh, man!
are you wasted or what?
- Karen!
- What?
Don't worry about it.
I'll get a flashlight.
I'll go down.
I got it.
Oh, hon, be careful
in that drawer.
There's, like,
a million knives in there.
I got it.
I'll be right back.
Do you have a flash-
Oh, there-yes, you do.
I've got a flashlight.
No monkey business!
- Okay.
- You too.
Very funny. Very funny.
It's not funny.
Let's see here.
That's the kitchen!
You got the bathroom!
You guys, I'm just coming
to get some wine.
I don't want to interrupt you.
People are getting thirsty.
No! No!
I know you don't love me...
and that's okay, because...
I don't know
if I love you either,
but you are a part of...
The fabric of my life, and...
whether or not you know it...
I've been a part
of your life as well.
I know how tough it's been
for you out here.
It's a tough city.
Everybody, I just wants
to be noticed, and...
they don't pay attention
to anybody else,
and then they just disappear.
People are always gonna
let you down, Suziey.
But I'm not people.
I just watch them,
like I've been watching you.
And I think I...
really connected
with you because I...
I recognize you.
Whatever it is that you think
you've figured out...
It's not the one thing
that's gonna make you happy.
I... don't have any delusions
that I'm the only one for you,
I think that, together,
we could be something great.
I didn't want
to do all this, but...
you really forced my hand
when you decided
to move away so quickly.
I'm gonna go upstairs.
I'm gonna kill the rest
of your friends...
And then it'll just be
you and me.
Oh, my God.
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit. Oh, shit.
Oh, God.
Oh, God. Oh, shit.
What? What? What?
What? What?
Holy shit!
Oh, shit!
Oh, my God!
Suziey, hurry up!
Oh, my God.
Suziey! Help me!
Oh, God!
Please don't!
There's a silver stream I.
Laid across the sky I
And this city lifts
Up its arms to it
As wait for you
Yes, my eyes have seen
Your unselfishness
And my fingers touched
Your two sleeping lips
As the echoes passed
Just above our heads
As the city flashed
Just beneath the cloud
That concealed the stars
And reflected sound
But protected us
From an emptiness
And then drifted down
In a diamond mist
As watched you breathe
As watched you dream
Ba, ba, ba-da-da
Ba, ba,
Ba, ba, ba-da-da
Ba, ba,
Ba, ba, ba-da-da
Ba, ba,
Ba, ba, ba-da-da
Ba, ba,
Ba, ba, ba-da-da
Ba, ba,