Equinox (1970) Movie Script

- Su --
- [ Flapping Sound ]
[ Man Narrating ]
Ayear ago--
Ayear ago yesterday, as a matter of fact,
they brought David Fielding to the hospital.
He'd been hit by a car when he was
yelling his head off about ''the forces of evil. ''
They were out to get him, he said.
Nutty stuff. The kind of thing that
happens to people's minds sometimes.
But when the police
started checking...
they found three bodies
and another guy was missing--
a Dr. Watermann, a kind of weirdo professor
at the university.
I covered the story for my paper...
but I couldn't come up
with any satisfactory angle.
-[ Reporter ] Is that David?
-[ Doctor ] Yes, it is.
- Where's he been?
- Electrotherapy.
He's been a complete depressive
since my first interview with him a year ago.
So, as I told you on the telephone,
I'm afraid you're in for a disappointment.
[ Reporter]
Yeah, I suppose so.
But I wanted to give it another try, see if
anything new had developed in the last year.
The case is so bizarre,
it kind of fascinates me.
And, frankly, things are kind of slow
in the news business.
What do you do
with a guy in that shape?
[ Doctor ] At this point we're looking
for anything that will elicit a response...
some reaction to give us
a starting point for therapy.
We administer
mild electric shock, stimulants.
And this little room down here,
it's something new.
I'll show you.
It has one red wall
and a light switch.
He can choose to turn the light on or off,
either face the red wall or turn his back to it.
-So, what does he do?
- He has yet to do anything ofhis own volition.
The only thing he pays any attention to
is that little cross he carries.
He got violent when the police
tried to examine the cross.
We had to put him under sedation.
Since then he's been
a complete melancholic.
If he's faking,
could he possibly get away with it?
Please, Mr. Sloan, be aware that conjectures
about illness and the human mind...
are the province
of the psychiatrist.
David, you have a visitor.
The intercom is on, Mr. Sloan.
We can hear you, if you need us.
I won't be long.
[ Door Closes ]
How are you feeling, David?
Uh, what's the, uh, cross for?
To protect you from the curse?
Dave, I've got something
to show you.
[ Gasps ]
- [ Roaring ]
- [ Screaming ]
- [ Grunts ] Hey!
- [ Alarm Ringing ]
Get-- Get him off of me!
Get him off!.
- Here. This will make you feel better.
- [ Groans ]
- I thought you said he was the quiet type.
- Yes, well, you never know.
[ David Grunting, Groaning ]
[ Grunting, Muttering ]
- All right, thank you, Nurse.
- Yes, sir.
Oh, uh, here's the cross.
Somehow I wound up with it.
My cross!
[ Grunting ]
- I hope I didn't mess up your therapy, Doc.
- We'll see.
This is the tape I made
the day after they brought David in.
- The one the cops had?
- That's right. This is a copy.
[ Tape: Doctor]
June 1 8. Initial interview with David Fielding.
David, I am Dr.Johansen.
Do you remember me?
We met yesterday
down in Receiving.
Well, I'm not surprised if you don't.
You were pretty upset.
You kept insisting that someone was after you.
You said ''they''
were going to kill you.
Who are ''they, ''David?
Now, we're all here
to help you, David.
We all want to help you.
This gentleman is Detective Harris.
Hello, David.
We can't help you
if you won't let us, David.
I think you're well enough
to tell us about it.
Why don't you try?
[ Exhales ]
I --
All right.
I'll try.
I suppose...
I've got to tell someone...
even if they think I'm crazy.
How did it start, David?
I got a call from Dr. Watermann.
[Johansen ]
Who is Dr. Watermann?
[ David ]
He was my geology professor.
[Johansen ]
And why did he phone you?
[ David ]
Wanted to see me right away.
His mountain cabin.
Something important.
Jim Hudson was with me.
I asked ifhe could come along.
He said okay.
I told him we'd be there
the next afternoon.
[Johansen ] There were two girls
with you, weren't there?
Yeah.Jim's girlfriend, Vicki,
had a picnic planned.
They decided to keep it on.
Didn't tell me till the last minute.
Even had a blind date for me.
[Johansen ] So there was Jim and Vicki.
And what was your blind date's name?
[ David ]
Susan. Susan Turner.
She was just out here from New York.
I was worried
the professor wouldn't like it.
[Johansen ]
Why, David?
[ David ]
Well, he sounded so strange.
Kind of mysterious...
and, well, nervous.
[Johansen ]
Did you explain this to your friends?
[ David ]
Yeah, I told Jim.
He said the girls could wait
in the car if necessary.
We took my car
and drove into the mountains.
- Would you change that awful station, Susan.
- [ Radio.:Frequencies Tuning ]
- [ Radio.:Pop ]
- And then here's the shutter.
You press this button
and it takes the picture.
Last picnic you brought your camera
and then forgot all about that.
Now you've probably forgot
to load the camera.
- Uh-uh. No. Not this time.
- [ Sarcastic Chuckle ]
- [Jim ] You sure this is the right road?
- [ David ] Yeah, I think so.
- [ Radio Off]
- [ Engine Off]
[Jim ]
Looks like we took the wrong road.
Maybe we didn't.
We might have to walk to get there.
Dr. Watermann's place
is in the woods a little ways.
Why don't we walk up there
and see if we can get a Coke.
We ought to let Dave see Dr. Watermann,
since we don't know what his plans are.
- Water jug's in the car.
- What'd you put in it?
Nothing. I thought you were supposed
to put something in it.
- I thought you were. Why was I supposed to --
- I don't believe it.
Come on.
We'll go see.
[ Susan ]
It's very pretty up here.
[ Vicki ] Yeah. Great place for a picnic
with nothing to drink.
With all these trees around here,
there should be a stream somewhere.
[ David ]
There is--near the cabin.
- Watch your step.
- Oh!
Oh, darn.
- Wow.!
- What happened?
- Is that Dr. Watermann's cabin?
An explosion.
Stove or water heater, maybe.
No, it's caved-in, not blown-out.
Doesn't look like he was there
when it happened.
No signs of life.
Think I'll go up --
Can I help you?
Oh. Hello.
You the ranger here?
That's right.
Name's Asmodeus.
You looking for someone?
Yeah -- Dr. Watermann.
That was his cabin.
What happened to it?
I'm not sure.
Could have been a boulder
from up above.
Have you seen Dr. Watermann?
Are you friends of his?
- Yeah. We had an appointment today.
- He's not here.
I haven't seen him.
Anything I can do for you?
No, thank you.
We brought a picnic.
I guess we'll have it and go back to town.
Well, have fun.
See you later.
You'll probably find Dr. Watermann
back in town.
[ David ]
Right. Thank you.
Where's Vicki?
Hey, what are you do --
Hey, tell me I don't see that.
- [ Susan ] A castle.!
- [Jim ] I asked you not to tell me that.
I've only been here once,
and I'm not sure it's the same area.
But I sure never saw
or heard of a castle.
Far out. Looks like a picture
on a travel folder.
Yeah, for Transylvania.
- Let's go take a look at it.
- Yeah!
- How the heck do we get there?
- We can hike over that way and take a look.
Might be an entrance on the other side,
but it's too far.
This side's too steep
for the girls to climb.
Would like to get to it though.
It might be where Dr. Watermann is.
Well, doesn't cost anything to try.
- Susan?
- I'm with you.
This is the best way.
See the road?
- Some picnic, huh?
- [ Laughter Reverberating ]
It came from in there!
In the cave!
[ Laughter Continues ]
[ Laughter Continues ]
- [ Flapping Sound ]
- [ Laughter Continues ]
What --
[ Flapping Sound Continues ]
- What was that?
- How should I know?
[Jim ]
Anyone wanna go in there?
[ David ] Well, I'd like to,
if we had some way to see.
- Have you got a flashlight in the car?
- No, I haven't.
All right, we'll --
- We'll make some torches.
- Torches. All right.
[ Gasps ]
Hey! Come here!
Come on.!
[Jim ]
Hey, babe, what do you got here?
Well, look at this.
[Jim ]
What a pair of gun boats.
You're a geologist, Dave.
What do you think?
Ever unearth anything like this?
[ Chuckles ]
I think what we're about to unearth...
is a practical joker
who plants phony footprints...
and makes weird noises in caves
to put people on.
[Jim ] Now, watch your step.
There's a lot of junk in here.
[ Vicki ]
Yeah. There's something right here.
[Jim ]
Well, come on, dummy.
That's why I gave you the torch --
so you wouldn't break your neck.
[ Vicki ]
Well, my eyes haven't adjusted yet.
[Jim ]
Just take your time.
[ Gasps ]
Jim? Jim?
- [ Laughing ]
- [ Screams ]
-[Jim ] Vicki.!
-[ Vicki ]Jim.!
- [ David ] Where are you?
- [ Laughing Continues ]
[ Vicki ]
Jim.! Where are you?
[ David ] This way,Jim!
Down this way!
[Jim ]
Vicki.! Where are you?
-[ Laughing Continues ]
-[ Vicki Screams ] Oh,Jim, hurry.!
[Jim ] We're coming, Vicki.!
Stay where you are.!
[ Vicki ]Jim, no.!
You're getting farther away.!
[ David ]
Dead end.! Turn back.!
[Jim ] This is the right one, Dave.
To the left.! Here.! Around this bend.!
[ David ]
Don't get too far in front of me,Jim.!
[ Laughing Continues ]
[ Vicki ]
- Vicki!
- Oh,Jim,Jim!
- Are you all right, babe?
- Who the heck are you?
The book.
That's what you're after.
- We aren't looking for a book.
- [ Cackling ]
You're here.
You have to take it.
[ Cackling Continues ]
Come on. Come on.
Wow, is this weird.
Well, let's follow him.
[ Chuckles ]
This way.
[ Cackling Continues ]
[ Susan ] Do you really think
we ought to follow him?
Well, it can't hurt us.
[ Cackling ]
Come on. Come on.
Here it is.
[ Cackling Continues ]
The book.
The real book.!
Now it's your book.
Take it!
Don't you want it back?
[ Cackling Continues ]
Jim.Jim, there was
a skeleton in there.
- Don't you think--
- A skeleton?
- What's this about a skeleton?
- I saw one in there,just before the old man --
- What kind of skeleton?
- Human!
Oh, come on. You didn't see
a human skeleton. It was just --
Don't tell me what I didn't see.
It was right in front of me.
In that torchlight? It was probably
some animal or some rocks or--
- It was human.
- Well, we could go back and see.
- Oh, not this kid.
- No matches.
We'll tell somebody back in town about it
and let them take care of it. Okay?
- All right. Feeling better?
- Boy, I'd love to get this book open.
Well, let's have the picnic
and examine the book.
- Okay. You hungry?
- Frankly, I'm starved.
But let's do find
a more wholesome atmosphere.
I can't believe that crazy old man
has really been living in that cave.
- Yeah. Looked like he was.
- How do you suppose he exists in there?
Doubt if we'll ever know.
Well, I took care of the beverage.
Fresh mountain stream water.
And I just hope
you can cook chicken.
I'll have you know my chicken
is of world renown.
- Voil!
- Saved by the colonel.
Look at this.
Yeah, must be that pioneer stock
in your background.
- Lunch time.
- No, I wanna get this open first.
You're sure fighting that thing.
The old man neglected to give us the key.
Would you like to go back and ask him for it?
Mmm. Here.
Try this.
Well, well.
We brought a Boy Scout with us.
Yes, we did.
Wait -- Now, wait -- Now, be c --
You're gonna break the point off that thing!
Let me do it. Okay?
Here, catch.
Yeah? Yeah? All right.
- [ Clicks ]
- Think I got it.
Pretty clever. No springs.
Just two interlocking links.
Okay, okay.
Open it,Jim.
- [ Gasps ]
- Whew!
- Wow.
- Whew!
What a stink.
Where'd he keep this thing, in a sewer?
- Smells more like rotten eggs -- sulfuric.
- Yeah.
Hey, what's this?
- Well, what is it?
- Somebody's notes.
Well, what's it say?
''Unknown preservative.''
Talks about the excellent condition
of the book.
A couple of chemicals
that might be involved.
Very knowledgeable.
Very scientific.
So, if this is more of the old man's put-on,
at least it's getting more interesting.
Hey, I didn't make all this stuff
for the ants!
She didn't make all that for the ants.
Okay. Be right there.
If the smell of this book
doesn't make me lose my appetite.
Look at this character.
- How about that?
- Yeah.
Wow. This is some
piece of literature.
Only it's gonna be a little difficult
to follow the story without a translation.
Come on, you guys.
Let's have our picnic and go see that castle.
A lot more interesting
than some smelly old book.
Dear heart,
why don't you dummy up.
She's right,Jim. We should try
to find out where Dr. Watermann is.
We can examine the book later.
All right. Who made the potato salad?
Joe's Delicatessen?
- [ Vicki ] I made it myself.
- Then I'll stick with the chicken.
Say, here's something I can read.
Pretty well anyway--
it's in Latin.
''Forever glory the and'' --
Must mean ''and the.''
''Power the and kingdom...
the is thou thine.''
''The is thine''?
''Kingdom the is thine.''
Hey, wait a minute.
Don't read any more.
I know what that is.
That's the Lord's Prayer backwards.
[ Vicki ] You know, I still keep
thinking about that skeleton.
[Jim ] Oh, boy. Well, it's nice you have
something to occupy your mind.
[ Vicki Chuckles Sarcastically ]
Come on, Dave.
- Hey!
- What happened?
- Dr. Watermann!
- You sure?
Yeah. I got a glimpse of him.
He has the book!
You stay here.
Dr. Watermann!
Dr. -- Dr. Watermann!
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it.
- What happened?
- Must have hit his head on a rock.
I can't feel any--
Jim, he's dead.
I can't believe it.
It was just a fall.
Dave, are you sure?
Yes, yes, I'm sure.
I've seen dead bodies before.
Come on.
Let's get him out of the water.
We'll go back and tell the girls,
and we'll go to the police and make a report.
Dave, listen.
I know you and Dr. Watermann
were close...
but you can't blame yourself
for his death.
It was an accident.
The way he ran from us --
He did it himself. Now, it's not exac --
Where you goin'?
He's gone!
This is the place.
If he got up,
there would have been footprints.
It's as though he just... disappeared.
If anyone else were here,
we would have seen them, wouldn't we?
I think so.
Those footprints are our own.
Dave, a minute ago
Dr. Watermann was lying here dead.
And now he's gone.
Flesh, bones, blood -- all are gone.
If he really was dead.
Sulfuric acid.
Can you smell the sulfur?
Yeah, but what does that mean?
He burned up in a bed of sulfur?
Lose something?
- [ Horse Snorts ]
- Uh, hi there.
- Say, have you seen Dr. Watermann?
- No, I'm afraid not.
Thought we agreed
he was back in town.
- Well, he was just here --
- Uh, he was just here yesterday when he phoned.
We wondered
if you'd seen him since then.
No. If he were around here,
I think I'd know it.
- Did you have your picnic yet?
- Yeah. Back there.
I'd like to ask you to leave the area
like you found it, if you will.
People camp and picnic around here,
and they sometimes leave an awful mess.
- Yes, sir. We cleaned up.
- You'd never know we were there.
By the way, in a cave
back up that way...
we ran into some weird old character
and a book, and it has this --
Yeah, he was a weird old character
right out of a book, like he said.
- He gave us quite a scare at first.
- [ Sighs ] That cave. I should have warned you.
That place is really dangerous.
You shouldn't go in there.
Well, we're about ready to leave anyway.
Well, there were some footprints --
really big, like nothing you ever saw before.
Like a monster or something.
Well, there used to be a few brown bears
around here, maybe an occasional mountain lion...
but I'm afraid
we're fresh out of monsters.
It was probably
that crazy old man's idea of a joke.
Maybe I'll just look in on your friend.
[ Clicks Tongue ]
[ Asmodeus ]
See you later.
[Jim ]
Oh, I forgot to ask him
about the castle.
What are you gonna do now?
I just wanna think about it
for a minute.
Listen, if those guys start yakking
with Dr. Watermann or somebody...
we could still be here
this time tomorrow.
I think we oughta find them.
Well, they might come back a different way
and we could miss them.
I'll stay here, if you wanna
go ahead and find them.
Okay, you hold the fort.
I'll bring them right back... by the ears.
Okay, okay, I can understand
not telling him about Dr. Watermann.
But why shouldn't I
have mentioned the book?
It may be an important find.
I just don't think we should advertise it.
But what's a ranger going to do
with an old book?
Jim, I don't know!
I just wanna try and figure out
this Dr. Watermann thing.
Well, the girls are going to be frantic,
and I think we ought to get back to them.
All right. Let's go.
Hey, listen, man, this thing
is getting pretty far out.
You think Dr. Watermann
was sick or anything?
I don't know of any chronic condition
Dr. Watermann might have had...
that could have put him in a catatonic coma
like that to make him appear dead.
That kind of stuff
is out of my league.
I wouldn't know a catatonic coma
if it bit me.
Have you thought of anybody back in town
you could talk to? Do you know who his doctor is?
No, but if we don't find him ourselves, we'll
have to tell the police, and they'll do all that.
[ Whinnies ]
Oh, Mr. Asmodeus.
You startled me.
What are you doing?
[ David ]
- Susan, are you all right?
- Oh, David.
- Yes, I'm fine.
- What happened?
I don't know.
I-I-I guess I just fell.
You'd better sit down.
- What's this?
- Oh, my cross.
I guess I've broken the chain.
I'm all right, really.
Susan, something's happened,
something really strange.
We were chasing Dr. Watermann,
and he fell, and we thought he was dead.
We were gonna go back to town and call
the police, but I just couldn't leave him there.
So we went back, and he was gone.
- Gone? But --
- I-I don't know.
I don't have a single theory.
I've never known him to do anything strange,
like the way he took that book and ran.
Could be brain damage
or a mental disorder of some kind.
Or, uh, maybe he was in that house
when it was wrecked.
That's the only thing that could explain
his behavior--some mental aberration.
He might even be suffering from--
- Here's Dr. Watermann's name.!
- What?
I found this piece of paper in the book
with his name on it.
Well, what does it say?
Wow, listen to this.
It's Dr. Watermann, all right.
It's his notes about this book.
''Translation goes along smoothly...
''then completely bogs down
as the book indiscriminately changes languages.
''I believe tests will prove the book
to be a thousand years old.
''Not as old as the Dead Sea Scrolls,
and evidently from the opposite camp.
[ David Continues Reading ]
''Absorbed in the difficult task of translation...
''I was at first unaware of the meaning
of this rare and unique text.
''It seems to be a veritable bible of evil...
''or witchcraft or demonism...
''as it was practiced
in a remote area of the Persian Gulf...
''where the book was found.
[ David Continues Reading ]
''From the time I first laid hands on the book...
''I heard nothing but rumors
and vague warnings of its danger...
''all from the superstitious
people of the area.
''Quite different than
anything else I have seen...
''it approaches the subject
very methodically as an absolute...
''as though its doctrines
were widely practiced in its era and place.
[ No Audible Dialogue ]
''I have also found
the philosophy of the book...
''to be fascinating...
''considering its ancient origin.
''The forces of good and evil coexist...
''throughout the universe
and in the minds of men.
''The object of each force...
''and its practitioners...
''is to lessen or cancel,
as much as possible...
''the effectiveness
of the opposite force.
''The adept demonologist
held a position ofhigh honor.
''The practice of evil and destruction...
''is put forward
as a joy and reward in itself.
''The practitioners of evil
who compiled this book...
''used symbols to counteract
the effectiveness of good.
''Many combinations of symbols
for both forces are listed...
''however, as the practitioner
needed certain symbols of good...
''to protect himself...
''from the demons
he brought forth and created...
''manipulation of these symbols...
''is treated exactly like
the science of chemistry.
''This element changes that one.
''One symbol is a catalyst,
another is an agent or a counteractant.
''Strangely enough,
in the list of symbols for good...
''are some very familiar ones.
''The cross and the double-triangled
Star of David, if made of certain metals...
''are among them.
''In actual practice, of course...
''the science of demonology,
as outlined in the book...
''is much more complicated
than I have indicated here --
''which brings me to the point
where I now stand.
''In full scientific skepticism...
''but with much personal curiosity...
''I have set up and executed
some experiments...
''as diagrammed in the book.
''In a nearby secluded area,
I followed, to the best of my knowledge...
''the instructions for some
of the simpler manifestations...
''the last of which produced
fantastic results.
''It worked.
''I felt as though I had found
the fabled touchstone.
''I could see myself changing
the entire structure of modern science.
''More recently, however,
I've come to feel that my experiments...
''were somewhat premature
of my knowledge on the subject.
''There is instability.
I am unable to control
what I have created.''
There's some other writing here
that looks like a scrawl.
''Pandora's box''?
Uh, ''They are attracted to the book...
like flies.''
No, I-I -- I can't read it.
That's pretty heavy stuff.
Well, what do you make of it, Dave?
I don't know. Unless we talk
to Dr. Watermann, we may never know.
Well, so what are we gonna do now?
I'd still like to try that castle.
Uh, you don't think
he's still up there, do you?
Jim, I don't know,
but if we can't find Dr. Watermann...
I'd like to at least find someone
who's seen or talked to him lately, okay?
[ Vicki Sighs ]
- It's gone!
- This is the place, isn't it?
- I think so.
- Yes! Yes, it is!
It was right over there
when I saw it.
Okay, okay.
Try to maintain, will you?
Well, what now, maestro?
Looks like we have to give some credence
to Dr. Watermann's notes, don't we?
- Huh?
- He means we have to believe in him now.
Let's go up there,Jim,
and see if we can find anything.
Okay. It's pretty steep.
You girls wait here.
Now, wait a minute.
Uh, you guys may enjoy this open-air
magic show, but I'm gettin' the creeps!
Take it easy, love. We're okay.
Come on!
Can't we just go home?
We can, but if we leave here without
trying to find out what's going on...
I, for one, am going to feel very foolish
when we tell our story back in town.
Uh, speak for yourself, Sir Lancelot.
Hey. Hey, look. Here in the book,
in Dr. Watermann's notes...
he says there were symbols that protect
a person from -- from whatever.
Let's see. Susan has a cross. Does anyone else
have a cross or a Star of David?
- No.
- Well, let's see what we can find.
Here it is.
- Here's one we can make.
-[ David ] How?
-Some willow twigs.
- That's neat.
- Your major was basket weaving.
- [ Chuckles ] Yes.
Put them inside your shirts.
They have to be next to your body.
Gee, I feel kind of left out.
Bless you, my child.
If the rest of us weren't such heathens,
I wouldn't have had to go to all this trouble.
Well, you can thank me for the thread
that's holding them together.
Now I just hope I don't fall apart.
I don't know. Seems like a pretty nice place
to start a nudist colony.
[ Chuckles ]
Keep your eye on that, will you?
Hold that.
Hey, look.
Don't horse around up there, okay?
Just do your thing long enough
to feel real manly...
and then let's get out of here, please?
Boy, you could grow up
to be a real fussbudget.
Look, promise me
you'll be a good girl...
and don't get Susan all upset too,
all right?
[ Sighs ]
Well, what are we gonna do now?
Find a comfortable rock,
sit back and wait for them.
Watch those yucca spines.
They stick like crazy.
Just around that cliff.
Hey, come on.
I'll take your picture.
- Are you sure you know how to use it?
- Yeah.Jim showed me how.
- Okay.
- The light's not very good here.
Why don't you sit
over by the stream?
No, not here. Get out! Get out!
[ Growling ]
I ain't got it, I told ya!
No! No!
It was about -- about 20 feet
from here, wasn't it?
I think so.
That's the first live thing I've seen
around here all day.
Hey! Dave!
Come here.
- This is it. Hold it. Can you see it?
- See what? What are you talking about?
Wait. I'll show you. Watch this.
Watch what?
What in the --
I can see it now.
Dr. Watermann's notes -- the instability.
This thing must fluctuate.
Wow! Davey boy, figure this one out,
and our fortune is made in showbiz.
The Rover Boys
and their disappearing castle.
- Now you see it, now you don't.
- I wonder if that castle's still there.
Yeah. And/or Dr. Watermann.
[ Vicki ]
There you are.
Is that okay?
Okay, now,just a second.
Help.! Save me. Help me. Help me.!
[ Grunts ]
- [ Growling ]
- No.! Help.! Help me.!
[ Screaming ]
[ Screaming ]
The girls!
[ Roars ]
Throw rocks!
Get his attention!
[ Growling ]
[ Whimpering ]
Susan, help!
Keep it up.
I'll go after the girls.
[ Dave ]
Over here!
[ Screaming ]
Try to find a long stick.
[ Growling ]
I got it!
[ Roaring ]
Hold it. You go up on top.
Throw rocks down, try to get his attention.
- [ Gasping ]
- [ Grunting ]
- Get back! Get back!
- [ Whimpers ]
Wait there.
- Dave?
- What happened? Where is he?
There. He's not moving.
I think you killed him.
Better go see.
[Jim ]
My God.! Whose nightmare is that thing?
That's a whole lifetime
of nightmares.
Dave, did you notice?
One of the pictures in the book--
it looks like this thing.
Yeah. I wonder if that's one of Dr. Watermann's
experiments that went haywire.
That poor old man!
Jim, that thing!
- Oh, it killed the old man from the cave!
- What?
It was chasing him when we saw it.
It -- It caught him.
Let's go! Let's get out of here!
No. No, first we have to take care
of the old man's body.
Then we'd better notify the authorities.
Oh, can't we just tell that ranger
and let him take care of it?
Yeah, if we knew where to find him.
We don't even know where the station is.
Yeah, and that ranger would try
to tell us it was Smokey the Bear.
They're gonna sure think we're crazy
when we tell 'em about this thing.
My camera!
I'll get it and take a picture.
Oh, darn.
- [ Quiet Growl ]
- [ Screams ]
Jim, the hand -- it moved!
Must have been a reflex
or something.
It's dead, honey. We're safe.
I'll go this way.
Now, I'll take a picture and meet you later.
- I don't like all this splitting up.
- No, no, no. This is the quickest way.
Now, you go with Dave and Sue
and see about that old man...
and help take the picnic gear
back to the car, hear?
Boy, I knew you'd find a way
to get out of all the work.
[ Twig Snapping ]
- It was around here someplace, wasn't it?
- Yeah, it was right over there, I think.
Uh, I'd better go alone.
[ Sighs ]
I just don't believe this day.
You know, I keep thinking
that pretty soon I'll wake up--
- [ Susan Growling ]
- [ Vicki Whimpering ]
[ Growling Continues ]
[ Gasping ]
[ Screaming ]
- [ Growls ]
- Susan! Vicki! What --
[ Sobbing ]
She's gone crazy. She's an animal.
Anybody here?
It's a shame, isn't it? I mean, the way
people mess up the countryside like that.
- Mr. Asmodeus, I was just looking for you --
- Yeah, well, I was just looking for you too, kid.
- You people have the book, don't you?
- Wh-Wh-Wh --
You have the book,
and you're going to give it to me.
If you knew what was in that book,
you'd turn to jelly.
It's not meant for worms like you.
What'd you think you were going to do with it?
Sell it to a museum?
Why didn't you tell me you had--
[ Screaming ] Damn.! Heaven.!
[ Sighs ]
All right.
I underestimated you.
Put it away. You're safe.
Put it away.
[ Sighs ]
I gotta hand it to you, kid.
Not many people could've come up with that.
So we'll make a deal, huh?
Let me tell you -- I can make a deal
like nobody you ever saw.
- Who are you?
- It's not who I am.
It's what I can do for you.
What do you want?
Anything in the world. Name it.
Money? Prestige? Girls?
You could have all the things
you've ever dreamed of.
You want proof.
Well, let's see. There oughta be some proof
walking around here somewhere.
Or maybe you've seen him --
my large simian friend,
the 30-foot ape?
I see you have.
Let me tell you, kid,
the supply is limitless.
Now, if I can create
creatures like that...
you know I can fulfill my promise.
All you have to do
is give me the book...
and discredit any story
your friends tell back in town...
and you can have anything
in this world you want.
Why is that book
so important to you?
Listen, kid!
You've got some protection right now...
but don't think that can save you.
You've been lucky so far,
but I haven't tried yet.
So make up your mind!
Which one of those girls is yours?
The tall one?
The other one.
Well, I haven't got to her yet, but I will.
You better think fast, kid.
Take my offer, or you and your friends
are as good as dead.
All the money you ever want, kid!
[ Hysterical Laughing ]
It'll be all right.
Susan, remember what Dr. Watermann
said in his notes?
He said that good and evil
coexist throughout the universe...
and in everybody's mind.
No. Not what was in my mind.
Nobody has thoughts,
feelings like that.
Nobody human anyway.
Listen, what was done can be undone,
if you have the knowledge.
And we have it,
or we will have with the book.
That man-- That whatever he is...
how could he do
a thing like this?
Dave, I didn't even remember it
until just now.
Well, maybe that's a good sign.
- Oh, damn!
- Here, let me help you.
Oh, it's no use!
It'll just break.
Where's Jim?
We've got to get out of here!
Take it easy, Vicki.Jim will be back.
He has to come this way.
Vicki, any one symbol
or Susan's cross...
will protect the entire group
from -- from whatever.
- It's only when we separate that we're --
- Oh, yeah?
Then why'd you spend all that time
trying to find Susan's cross?
- You've got a symbol.
- Well, take my symbol.
No. I don't know what I'm saying.
Take care of Susan.
- Oh, Vicki, I'm so --
- Don't apologize again, Susan. Please!
I'm all right.
Look, it wasn't your--
Oh, God. I've gotta find Jim!
Vicki, stop!
Stop! We've gotta stick together.
If you run afterJim, we'll lose him.
He'll be back this way.
[ Sobbing ]
David, I'm so scared!
We're gonna make it, Vicki.
He'll be along.
He'll be all right, Vicki.
I'm sorry. Susan, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to make it worse for you.
- Here comes Jim.
- Oh,Jim!
We've gotta get out of here now
and leave that book.
- What?
- Mr. Asmodeus was the one who made that --
Yeah, yeah, we know.
He's done something to Susan.
- But we're not leaving that book.
- We've got to.
He says he'll kill us if we don't.
He made the monster.
Like it or not, we have a responsibility
to ourselves, if no one else.
What he did to Susan --
Well, with the book, she can be helped.
- But without it, it just --
- What did he do?
Never mind that.
Let's get the book and get out of here.
- Yes, but what if he comes back?
- Look, if Asmodeus comes back, we --
Asmodeus! I just remembered.
''Asmodeus'' is another name
for the devil.
- The devil?
- I believe it.
- You should have seen him in action.
- Oh, my God.
Go get the book,
and let's get out of here.
[ David ]
Jim, look.! Over there.!
Stay back here or out of the way.
- [ Roars ]
- [ David Grunts ]
Jim!Jim, use your symbol!
His back's to me.
Mr. Asmodeus?
Mr. Asmodeus, where are you?
Look, it's the book.
See? You can have it.
[ Roaring ]
[ Growling ]
He disappeared!
Oh, my God! He disappeared!
- Dave, what are we gonna --
- You two stay here.
I'm going through the barrier, see if I can
helpJim. Now, give me two minutes --
- Dave.!
Dave! Here, quick! The book!
- Grab me!
- Grab his arms.
Hurry! No! N -- No!
[ Vicki ]
Jim! Oh,Jim!
We've got to get out of here.
Quick, take the car and get help.
- No!
- He's right, Vicki. Come on.
[ Grunts ]
[ Wind Whistling ]
Over here.
Here. Let me help you.
[ Snapping Sound ]
Where'd the girls go?
Well, they have -- I sent them back to the car
to go to the police or get help.
- With the book?
- Mm-hmm.
- Well, let's stop them.
Hold it!
Hold up. No use running.
I forgot to give 'em the keys.
- Which one of them has the book?
- Susan, but --
- Which way is the car?
- Well, that way, but we --
- Good. We'll split up.
- No, I don't think we should.
If you find them first, yell.
You're notJim, are you?
What have you done toJim?
What are you?
You were all such fools.
You and your friend Watermann, who was handed
the secrets of the powers of darkness...
and then didn't know
what to do with them.
That barrier is the result of his work.
Ha.! Now do you see
how helpless you are?
And now for those two girls.
[ Grunts ]
[ Shouts ]
[ Vicki Gasps ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Gasps, Screaming ]
David. David!
David! Oh, David!
David, wake up!
David. Wake up, please.
David! David!
[ Screaming ]
- Susan. The cross.
- David?
[ Wings Flapping ]
Susan! You okay? Come on.
David. David, those feelings!
Into the woods!
David. David, those feelings
are coming back.
Hang on, Susan. We'll make it.
We'll be all right.
- I've got the cross.
- Yeah, but --
If we can just get to the highway,
we'll flag a car.
Oh, David, my head.
David. Oh, David!
[ Explosion ]
Come on.
[ Explosions ]
You will not escape.
In one year and one day...
you will be dead!
[Johansen ]
Is that the whole story, David?
[ David ]
Yes, that's all of it.
I'll have to take that cross with me, David.
The crime lab wants it.
[ David ]
No. No! No, you can't!
- You'll get it back. Nurse. Nurse!
- No! No, you can't take my cross!
They'll kill m --
Did you hear anything usable
for your newspaper story?
No, I'm afraid not.
- What about the police?
- No, I was there first.
I was in hopes something would happen,
something I could get a story out of.
But this -- it's a year old.
So, what did you expect to happen?
I don't know, but it's been
exactly a year and a day...
since that made news.
My editor wanted a follow-up.
Well, then this is it --
a year and a day.
That's right, but it doesn't look
like he's going to do anything.
[ Grunting ]
My cross!
They're gonna --
[ Grunts ] My cross!
Let me have it.! My cross.!
Let me go.!
Out.! Let me out.!
Give me my cross.!
Thanks for your time, Doctor.
My cross!
[ David ]
My cross.!
Where is...
my cross?
My cross.!