Equity (2016) Movie Script

MAN 1: The entire market is watching.
WOMAN 1: Back with Dynacorps' CEO.
You must be very happy
with this news--
MAN 2: This runaway hit
that is the Dynacorps [PO--
MAN 3: Take a look at the evaluation,
I 'm really doubtful--
MAN 2: So a great day for Dynacorps
and for the bankers at Gemini Trust--
You'll understand--
--is climbing rapidly upwards today.
--moving broadly higher at this hour...
...with utility and tech shares
leading the gains.
But there is really
only one story out there...
...that everybody
in the market is watching...
...and that is the Dynacorps IPO.
This truly is a historic day.
We knew
from the road show...
...the demand for the stock
was going to be strong.
We expected to see a pop
at the open.
But nobody thought Dynacorps
would soar like this...
...all the way to 47,
and it looks like it is still climbing...
...at this hour,
so a much better debut...
...than investors could have hoped for.
Of course, with this kind of move...
...you wonder whether the stock
may have been mispriced...
...whether or not perhaps they left
a little money on the table.
We know that they actually
switched underwriters...
...going into this IPO, so there
was a bit of concern...
...about how things would shake
up, but clearly Dynacorps' IPO...
...is shaping up to be
one of the most successful...
...public offerings of the year.
So what happened with Dynacorps?
Neel, I have taken nine Silicon Valley
companies public in the last five years...
...and you want to talk about
the one I didn't take to the finish line?
I work for the largest
investment bank in the world.
We both know
I found you guys capital...
...when you were just a couple kids
with a laptop and a dream.
So we can talk about Dynacorps...
...or we can talk about you...
...and how I'm gonna
grow your company...
...so you can build technology
that will transform people's lives.
- Try the Tasmanian sea trout.
- Yeah, maybe I should.
- Hi.
- Hi. I saw the e-mail from Neel.
Mm. He does love to play hard to get.
Everyone likes to think
their company's a unicorn.
- You read up on the other companies?
- Yeah, so I was looking at--
Cachet? I have a hunch
they're looking to expand.
You've got the numbers on them?
I will bring them right over.
Everyone's saying there's gonna be
some movement around here.
So I'm wondering
if now might be the time...
-...to talk about that promotion?
- No.
Now is not the right time.
HR is out there
snatching blackberries.
I get that. But I've been
under-compensated two years in a row--
Erin, I told you I'd make a push
for you, and I will. But it is a down year.
I do need those numbers ASAP.
Excuse me.
Sam, hi.
L-- You know, I meant to reach out
when I heard you were doing this, but I--
I thought you hated alumni events.
- But I think this is important.
- Yeah.
I think these girls look at me
as what not to do.
How to go to law school
and still end up broke.
Well, I'm sure there must be
one young idealist in here somewhere.
I hope so. Heh.
So how are you? How are things?
Are you still at the U.S. Attorney's Office
locking up drug dealers?
I am. Uh, I'm actually in your area now.
White-collar crime, uh, securities.
Wow, that's quite a change.
And you're at Remson still?
I'm a lifer.
Golden handcuffs.
You got a file on us?
I imagine we have a file on everyone.
You know, I was just thinking
the other night...
...about the evening of Goatee Guy.
- No, no.
-Yeah, yeah.
That was horrifying.
- The most awful walk of shame.
- It was awesome.
No, it's not awesome.
There's nothing awesome about it.
Know what? We really should
get together. It's been forever.
I would love that.
- Me too.
- I'll, um...
-I'll see you on the panel.
-Yeah. See you up there.
I'm wondering, for each of you,
what's that thing that really makes you...
...want to get up in the morning?
Well, for me, I guess,
the simplest answer is...
...l like money.
I do. I like numbers.
I like negotiating.
I love a challenge.
Turning a no into a yes.
But I really do like money.
I like knowing that I have it.
I grew up in a house
where there was never enough.
I was raised by a single mom
with four kids.
I took my first job on Wall Street...
...so I could put my little brothers
through college.
But I am not going to sit here
and tell you that I only do what I do...
...to take care of other people,
because it is okay to do it for ourselves.
For how it makes us feel.
Secure? Yeah.
Powerful? Absolutely.
I am so glad
that it's finally acceptable...
...for women to talk
about ambition openly.
But don't let money
be a dirty word.
We can like that too.
Did I see you in a dress last night?
Shut up.
So you go to the thing?
You talk to her?
- Your friend?
- I did.
And? She give you anything
on the hedge fund guy?
I haven't seen the woman
in eight years.
What exactly do you think
she'll give me...
...at our appearance
at an alumni event?
Look, this was your idea to nail Benji
through your banker friend, not mine.
I said I'd make contact.
I made contact.
Naomi, thanks for coming.
You know Leslie from HR?
She needs a couple more names
from your department.
Teddy Sidel and Arthur Abbott.
You do know
who Teddy's uncle is?
You asked me to identify
the weakest performers.
What you do with that information
is up to you.
I guess you've heard the talk.
I'm getting out. Retiring.
Congratulations, Randall.
You never want to stay
at the party too long.
Your turn.
Steady now.
So they'll be naming a new...
...global head.
Look, Naomi,
I'm gonna be frank with you.
This doesn't look like your year.
Because of Dynacorps?
I did ask around
about what happened there.
And the perception...
...is that you rubbed
some people the wrong way.
They're looking for a rainmaker.
You're hesitating. Push it.
Go. Go!
Go! Go! Go.
I mean, at least
hit me with some facts.
Use my numbers against me.
But perception? What the fuck
do I do with that?
You haven't told me
the details about that deal.
You didn't discuss it
at the board meeting?
Apparently I wore an awful dress.
- Oh, men don't do this, right?
- Hmm?
You don't-- You don't lose sleep over
this kind of stuff, do you?
Oh, yeah, yeah, we do.
We just don't...
We just don't turn in on ourselves.
No, it's much more fun...
-...to get really pissed at someone else.
- Ooh.
What's the biggest deal
you could get right now?
Cachet just added
their 12th board member.
So they're going public?
I found VCs for that kid
when he had five employees.
What time's your car coming?
Oh, Jesus, babe.
You need to sleep.
Please don't tell me
what I need.
Okay. I get it.
You have to win the bake sale.
Bake off.
Bring me a brownie.
Hm. I am bringing home
the fucking bakery.
- Yes!
- Yes.
That's right.
Oh, where are you going?
Heh. I'm going to bed.
I hope I never have
to battle you for anything.
Because you'd lose.
Here's your coffees.
- Thank you so much. I appreciate that.
- Thanks.
- Hey, was that Channing Trust?
- Yeah, dude.
My uncle said Remson's tapping the guy
with the glasses for new global head.
NAOMI: When I was a kid,
if you wanted privacy...
...if you wanted
to send a secret message...
...you made invisible ink
with vinegar.
And when you were ready
to go public...
...you revealed your secret message
with grape juice.
But there's nothing secret...
...about what brings us all
together today.
I'd like to introduce you
to my VP Erin Manning.
She'll go through
some specifics of our proposal.
Cachet certainly has taken
privacy to the next level...
...and we are so pleased
to have had a chance...
...to foster that growth.
If you open your pitch books
to page two...
...you'll see in the first model,
we're predicting a valuation...
...of a little over a billion,
at 34 to 36 a share.
Well, you're certainly presenting us
with some compelling numbers.
You guys can tell
we've done our homework.
...that's not why you're gonna
give me this deal.
I remember what you told me
the first day we met.
You said, "We're not
a social media company...
...with privacy settings.
We're a privacy company
that can build a social network.
An impenetrable social network."
I understood that.
The need for it.
I felt it in my gut.
Now, some other people
thought you guys were paranoid.
Investors wouldn't go for it.
Now fast forward.
Edward Snowden.
The Sony hack.
Nude photos of actresses.
Your revenue jumps.
Your competitors start rolling out.
But we were ahead of the curve...
...because we understood
that it gets harder every day...
...to trust people in this world.
And security
is the hottest commodity.
NAOMI: Cheers.
ERIN: Cheers.
- Go, us.
- Well done. Heh, heh.
MAN 1: Cheers.
MAN 2: Cheers.
No, no, no. Don't stand up.
I'm with a client.
I just wanted to say, uh...
- Great work, all of you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you. Randall, you know Erin?
- Of course.
She did spectacular work
on this one.
Always good to hear.
Again, congratulations.
I recommend the New York Strip.
Heh, heh.
- New York Strip it is.
- Well...
How far along are you?
It's really early.
Six weeks?
Well, congratulations.
Okay, I'll see you in a minute.
Oh, fuck.
Mark your calendars.
August 28th will be the IPO
for the privacy company Cachet.
Seems like every time
there's a hacking scandal...
...Cachet's sales
increase dramatically.
Bloomberg News has learned
that Naomi Bishop...
...will be the lead banker on the deal.
Some money managers
surprised by this...
...after she ruffled some feathers
in an earlier IPO. Also in the new--
[JAZZ lvluslc
Thank you.
Step away from the blackberry.
Nicely done.
You know what's weird
about the whole privacy thing?
Half the world is paranoid...
...and the other half's password
is "password."
That's true.
What's your lamest password?
I'm so not telling you
my passwords.
Oh, come on, old school.
Like '96.
-'96? I...
- Mm-hm.
- Oh.
-"Bankerchick," huh?
- Mm-hm.
That's really kind of hot.
- Is it?
- Mm.
Hell, yeah, Bankerchick.
Who the hell is that?
I don't know.
Oh, shit.
It's Erin.
VP Erin?
Hi, Erin.
Bye, Erin.
...where were we?
NAOMI [ON RECORDING]: This is Naomi.
MICHAEL: Hey, gorgeous.
How are things
up on the 11th floor?
NAOMI: Mm. You still have
the better view, but it's a good day.
MICHAEL: Pitch went well?
- Turn on Bloomberg.
Then let's celebrate.
Okay, later.
MICHAEL: Later? What about
that empty office up on 18?
NAOMI: Michael.
- What are you wearing?
Heh, heh. Michael, we cannot.
Hey, Compliance, are you listening?
The only wall we're crossing here
is the wall of love.
Oh, Mich--
Never a dull moment
here in Compliance.
That-- That's his company phone?
Isn't that crossing the wall?
Well, technically there's
nothing criminal here.
So Remson doesn't have
a policy prohibiting...
...this kind of romantic relationship
between two employees?
Some banks do, but nope.
What's your gut on this guy?
He has instincts.
Some people have instincts.
Some people are getting a tip.
We keep our eye on him.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Remind me why I didn't marry you.
Remson holiday party,
Randall introduced us?
- The St. Regis.
- Yes.
You asked me who bought these...
...and I saw you puff up your chest,
ready to fight off some rival...
...but then I told you
I bought them for myself.
- Ah.
- Mm-hm.
Yeah, well, men like a girl
they can take care of.
Someone should remind them
about alimony.
People seem to like
your Cachet thing.
- Remember my friend Marco?
- Um...
Oh, from Stanford, right?
The tech blogger guy?
Yeah, he writes about
encryption and secrecy...
all that kind of spy shit.
He seemed to think that
Cachet was gonna go well.
We hope so.
Yeah, what about you?
Think they're onto something?
I do.
Have you started
due diligence yet?
- Michael.
- Hm?
What, you... You want to build
a Chinese wall in my apartment?
Well, I just-- I think it's simpler
and better if we don't talk shop.
Who's watching us tonight?
Hello? Sam? Sophie wants to know
who's babysitting them tonight.
Uh, Lisa from downstairs.
I hate Lisa.
You don't hate Lisa.
She's got weird hair.
Okay, that is not kind.
SOPHIE: She's not a real babysitter.
MELANIE: You know, they do have a point.
You know I have rehearsal
every Tuesday.
Something came up. It happens.
With some friend from childhood?
- I told you, it's work.
- Mm-hm.
Are you investigating her?
Lisa is fine.
You crazies love the games
on her phone, don't you?
Don't you?
Don't you? Who am I gonna get?
Who am I gonna get?
I'm gonna get those feet.
- Hey, you, hey...
- And she's affordable.
You go. I'll wait.
I'm totally gonna get you.
-I'm gonna be late. Got to go.
- You cannot--
You can run,
but you cannot hide from me.
They are beautiful.
Ah... I've got a betta.
Which is a fish.
- Yes, I actually knew that.
- Heh.
I'm gonna have to tell
my brother that I saw you.
He thinks that every girl
he ever dated turned gay.
How is he? How is everyone?
Everyone still in Michigan?
Yeah, they're still
in that 30-mile radius.
Do you ever
get back there or...'?
Um... Talk to them all the time.
But with work and...
- Enjoy.
BOTH: Thank you.
Yeah. Goatee Man is long gone.
Yeah, a little bit more
my type now, I suppose.
So how about you?
Are you seeing anyone or...?
I get what I need.
Oh, do tell.
I'm just a boring old married lady.
Well, he's, uh...
He's smart.
Someone from work?
- Where else?
- Mm.
I dated someone from work once.
But I don't know, it got weird.
It was claustrophobic and...
Well, yeah, I mean, we don't
see each other day-to-day, so...
Smart. So what, a broker?
Actually, yeah, yeah.
Does it ever get...?
- Get...?
- I mean...
...there must be certain things
you can't talk about?
What are you doing?
Here I thought we were just
two old friends having a drink.
We are.
- Can I have the check, please?
WOMAN: Sure.
His name is Michael Connor.
But I don't know,
maybe you already knew that.
No, Naomi, I...
Okay, yes, I may have
come across his name...
...in the office as someone who...
Someone who...?
Deals with a lot of hedge funds.
That's what he does.
How was drinks?
She's not gonna
give us anything.
Look. If we don't have
a good feeling about this one--
We don't need warm, fuzzy fucking
feelings, Frank. We need evidence.
Did your friend in Compliance
send anything over?
Paperwork on Michael.
Now, don't go doing anything rash.
You're not in Narcotics anymore.
He's an old friend.
The man is a top guy...
Just watch me
and don'tjump in a lot.
- Okay, and nod.
- All right.
- Michael.
- Hey.
- How are you?
- Cory.
- How are you? Good to see you.
BENJI: Working with us for a while.
We figure it's time
he played with the big boys.
Uh, could I get a Macallan 18?
- No ice.
-Of course.
I'll have the same thing. So will he.
- Thank you.
MICHAEL: Thank you.
What do you have for us?
BENJI: I was just out of school
when I met this guy.
He didn't even give a shit
about the money.
Just loves
the fucking game of it.
You know, he played like a pro.
When I left,
and I started a hedge fund...
...he sent a hedgehog
to my office.
An actual hedgehog?
Yeah, the box opens,
there was a fucking rodent in my lap.
Oh, God. Heh, heh.
Where is that guy?
What is it? Getting older?
We're all older.
The regulations?
Where are you going with this?
Thank you.
Now, we have a lot
of capital to invest.
And you're gonna
bring us something, yeah?
I'm thinking...
You with the green pens.
Color of money.
Can you check that the B server
was reset properly last night?
Yeah, for sure.
Did you call Dave
over at V-Tech?
- Yeah, of course.
- Good.
Thank you.
All right.
Good afternoon, everyone.
We'd like to start off with a preliminary
discussion of pricing.
- Let's do it. Where are we at?
NAOMI: At this point...
...we're looking at a range of 32
to 34 a share. At 7.2 million a share...
...that gives us
a valuation of 868 million.
Hang on just a minute.
We have to get
a billion-dollar valuation.
We have looked
at the comparables, Ed, and--
You said 34 to 36 in your pitch.
You'll leave tens of millions
of dollars on the table.
We can get at least 35.
This is a balancing act.
Raising money for your company...
...while still promising our investors
a deal for coming on board--
Look, you begged me
for this IPO.
Do you want me to call
Channing Trust?
I don't actually
remember begging.
Does anybody else?
No. So, what you want
to avoid here, Ed, is a down--
Because we know what happened
with your last IPO.
I don't think
that's relevant here.
Ed. Ian.
I believe our goal is to find
the right number for all of us.
- The number's 35.
- Possibly.
But you can think of it like a...
Like a party.
We need to encourage people
to show up to the party.
It could be the best party
in the world.
- But if nobody shows up--
- A party?
- Um, I don't really think...
-No, no, hang on.
I get this.
A party.
Go on.
With a 32 to 34 range,
we'll get people in the door.
But if the party's good enough--
- People will line up around the block.
- This is true.
I like you.
You know how to talk to people.
I'll party with you anytime.
IAN: Okay, if we're gonna
sell 15 percent of the company now...
...we should talk about
our options moving forward.
Yes, we should.
Michael Connor?
Uh... Yes. I'm-- I'm sorry.
Have we, um...?
No. Uh...
Samantha Ryan.
U.S. Attorney's Office.
Oh, really?
Well, I was just hoping
we could have a brief chat.
My idea of a perfect
summer's afternoon.
Brief chat
with a long-legged woman...
...who might even be
working for the FBI.
How thrilling.
I did not say FBI.
And I'm not interested in you.
Oh. How very disappointing.
I'm interested in one of
your clients, Benji Akers.
Yeah, not sure how I can
help you with that.
My relationship with my clients
is strictly confidential.
Of course,
but these hedge fund guys...
...they always seem to have some
way to stay out of trouble...
...but they need someone like you
from the big bank.
Now, you have regulations and
Compliance breathing down your throat.
So if someone's gonna take the fall...
...it seems to me it's gonna be you.
Not Benji Akers.
Take the fall for what?
Could be anything.
Merger last spring
where some investors...
...got a memo prematurely,
or a couple of rogue trades...
-...that Compliance flags as irregular.
- Ha-ha-ha.
You have nothing on me, do you?
How do you know that?
Oh, this has been lovely.
But why don't you call me...
...when you have just
a little bit more leverage?
Is that a challenge?
If you like.
Marin? Hi.
I'm Naomi Bishop.
L... I'm heading the IPO.
- Yeah, I know.
- Okay.
Uh, I wanted to talk to you in the office.
They said you were leaving for the day.
You guys talk
to every single employee?
You seem particularly
interested in our process.
In my experience,
that usually means...
...you have something
you want to say to us.
All right.
What happens
when Cachet gets hacked?
Hacked? It's anonymized
and encrypted at every level.
Yeah, you haven't met my ex.
We were beta testing.
It was actually kind of helpful.
We plugged all the holes, but...
He'll keep trying.
- There will probably be others.
- Others? What do you mean?
What do you mean
what do I mean?
That's what we do for a challenge.
The naked photos, who knows?
All right, it's called
a man-in-the-middle attack.
So users want to be able to access the
network on multiple devices, obviously.
But that opens up the possibility
of somebody...
...implanting malware
on the key server.
Uh, does Ed know about this?
Yeah, I tried to tell him,
and he said that I was paranoid.
Funny, when a company built on paranoia
thinks that I'm the one who's paranoid.
He's a total prick. I'm the best coder,
and he treats me like I don't exist...
...and dismisses everything
that I have to say.
I cannot work at this company anymore.
I need to sell my shares.
- Okay.
- Help me do that?
No. No, I don't do that.
I don't think you understand.
I have other stuff I can do with my time.
I'm planning on starting a hacker space.
We're just waiting on--
I got to go. This is useless.
- They're going public very soon.
ERIN: I heard that's a rumor.
- Yeah.
- Have you always wanted to be CEO?
- I would want to be CEO.
-No, actually.
ERIN: Really?
ED: I don't know. I mean...
I can always use more high tops.
- Well, yeah. Ha, ha.
- Everyone needs--
- That's not what I would buy.
- Tasmanian sea trout?
Hi, Naomi.
Hello, Edward.
- Take a seat.
- Thank you.
...are you ready to be
the rock star of this road show?
Because people,
they're gonna want to tear...
...this hoodie off of you.
Oh, yeah.
I just wanted to make sure
that we're in good shape...
-...before I take off for New York.
- Oh. I'm in very good shape.
I just have one question for you.
It's probably not a big deal...
...but something did come up
during due diligence.
A rumor started that your network,
as encrypted as it is...
...might be vulnerable still
to a certain kind of hacker.
- Sounds like you met Marin.
- Yes, actually.
And I was interviewing employees and--
Unfortunately, our business can attract
some colorful characters.
But you need to make sure
that your employees...
...are as much a firewall as your code.
I can promise you
we've never been hacked.
In theory, there's a back door
to everything.
But we stay one step ahead.
That's the game.
That's what I wanted to hear.
Well, you two enjoy
your dinner, and...
...it's on me.
I should go.
- This was fun. I'll call you tomorrow.
- Sure.
Do you need me
to look into this?
I can totally
take care of things here.
Well, you seem to be
taking care of Ed.
I'm just trying to preserve
the relationship.
Okay, good.
So maybe you can find a way...
...to get him to sign an indemnity clause,
because if there is any vulnerability...
...for our investors here,
we cannot be liable.
I'll handle it.
When Ed hits on you,
which he may have already...
...whatever you do with that,
that's your business.
But you have to handle him
professionally and very, very gently.
I know how this works.
Good. Excellent.
Nice dress.
What the fuck happened this time?
- What do you mean?
RANDALL: I got a call from Ed.
It appears you've managed
to rub him the wrong way.
L... I was doing my due diligence.
You can't push too hard.
Cachet provided you with
all the necessary documents.
- Well--
- Ed feels...
...like you lack confidence in his IPO!
No one wants to be told
they have an ugly baby!
What is the fucking problem?
There is no problem.
It's a beautiful fucking baby...
...and I have absolute confidence
in this IPO.
Great. So are we done here?
Because I've got
a road show to launch.
- You pissed off Ed.
ERIN: Wait.
- I pissed off Ed?
- What happened?
I told you you have to treat
a guy like that very, very gently.
What happened was I got him
to sign the indemnity clause.
- You did?
- Yeah...
...because I handled him
very, very gently.
...good work.
Thank you.
ED: Cachet is not a social network
with privacy settings.
We're a privacy company
that can build a social network.
You guys want in on this now.
I know the experts are
impressed by your encryption...
...but what if I'm a hacker
and I break into your server?
Well, that's why we use
end-to-end encryption.
Unencrypted content
is never on the server.
- Don't forget about ephemeral storage.
- This thing's gonna explode.
- You want to get in now.
- Dude, my dad keeps texting me.
- He wants a piece of Cachet.
- Heh.
ED: We're here to talk about
human connection in the digital age.
People crave this connection.
But they don't want Big Brother
tracking their every move.
They don't want the NSA
monitoring pictures of their kids.
That's where we come in.
TEDDY: Hey, do any of the hotels
in London have pools?
I'll find us a pool, hold on.
- Last time in London, I was wasted.
- Yeah, I remember.
Trying to do your accent
for that chick.
I'm gonna be someone's
American boy.
NAOMI: You know as well as I do
social media has overtaken the world.
There's Facebook, there's Instagram,
there's Snapchat, there's Twitter...
...and if you are anything like me...
...privacy is
the most important thing.
Knowing that nobody can get
that information about you.
- That's the word. Security and safety.
- All right.
BILL: Yo, we should rent a car.
TEDDY: Are we not getting cars?
I'm thinking Ferrari, man.
Yeah, do that,
see what Naomi says.
Coming in on your left here, pal.
Gonna want to get in on this early.
Oh, my God, thank you so much.
That's so sweet.
This is the genius of Cachet.
They allow you to engage
in that social media world...
...but it is locked down. It is airtight.
ED: Big smiles. We're gonna
make a lot of money.
Hey, Bankerchick. Welcome home.
If you're done
with room service...
...how does homemade
truffle pasta sound?
Hey, how'd we do with the wiretap?
Okay. Keep me posted.
I'm gonna get these fuckers.
Five minutes!
Well, hello there.
Thank you, Mike.
So you want to play?
Because I didn't
spend all those Sundays...
...working on your swing so you just
ride around in a golf cart.
You want me to play in this?
Oh, yeah, you'd never
pass the dress code.
Heh. Well, you can take care of that.
You own the place.
Yeah, well, yeah,
I had to do something.
And now I am bored
out of my fucking mind.
And now she's backpedaling.
She won't give me
anything concrete.
And on paper?
Everything looks perfect.
Our I.T. guys at Remson tested it.
They say this network is as airtight...
-...as anything they've ever seen.
- So, what's the problem?
There's just this nagging feeling
that after Dynacorps...
John, I just don't want
to make the wrong move here.
Well, that sounds like fear.
And that's not
the same thing as instinct.
You know why this business
is a young person's game?
It's the lack of doubt.
So you think
I should keep it going?
I'm not gonna tell you
what to do, Naomi.
But if the numbers check out,
then it sounds like...
...what we're talking about
is a rumor here.
And rumors, they're the wild card.
You can't control them.
And once you let them
inside your head...
...well, you're fucking lost.
God, it must be nice.
- Not to have to give a shit anymore.
- Oh.
Well, I never gave a shit.
Come on.
Can I ask you a question?
What would you have done...
...if I got pregnant
when I was working for you?
Would you have
kept pushing for me?
- Of course.
-"Of course."
What else are you gonna say?
WOMAN: ls everything okay?
ERIN: Mm-hm.
I'm ready now.
Can you believe it?
This is Erin.
I can't get a signal in here.
GABE: Hon?
-It's that woman I told you about.
Her company might
invest big in Cachet and...
She might tell you
to enjoy your ultrasound.
Olives, not twist. Thank you.
It's good to see you again.
All right, take care.
Thank you.
I'm sorry, have we, um...?
Have we met?
I feel like, uh...
I'm not sure.
- Sam.
- Cory. Hey.
So lovely. I feel like
it was a cocktail thing downtown...
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, I think so.
Yeah. Have a seat.
You were
talking about your work.
And you were talking about
how it's, um, wait-- Titans Fund?
- Is that...?
- Titanite.
- Yeah! Titanite!
- Yeah.
And you were talking about
how it's, like, super intense.
And how you always
have to get a little something extra--
Wait, you called it something. Um...
What did you say?
Is that right?
Exactly, yeah.
I remember that vividly.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Happy birthday.
Yeah. Very cute.
- I don't know. Looks like it's...
- Ha-ha-ha.
Looks like it could be
a little soft though, huh?
How's everything looking
with the IPO schedule?
Look solid?
I'm working on it.
You need a little Botox?
Little-- Little eye lift? Hey.
No, it's-- I know a guy.
I'll bear that in mind.
You remember my cousin Evan?
- PJ Ellis?
- Well, not anymore.
After 30 years, yeah.
Didn't make the numbers,
so they pushed him out.
Thirty years, huh?
Now he's knocking on my door.
Like I'm gonna hire him.
Fucking tragedy. Nurse!
Ha-ha-ha. That's amazing.
I can't even, like,
balance my own checkbook.
It's very simple
when you think about it.
- Just math.
- I know.
What's wrong with me?
No, I remember...
...last time you were
telling me about, um, you...
Your work and, uh-- Oh, yes!
You did this clinical trial
or something.
- I don't remember the details.
- We talked about that?
We were a little loose-lipped...
-...if you know what I mean.
- Oopsie.
But no, yeah. You were telling me
how you talked to the scientist...
-...and everything and...
- Yeah.
I remember it because, urn,
it was about MS...
...and my mom has that.
Oh, yeah, no,
I remember, yeah.
Sorry, yeah.
Yeah, um...
And the scientist,
he was some big deal.
I'd read about him. Doctor--
- Dr. S...
- Uh, Dr. Sobel.
- Yes.
- Yeah.
- Dr. Sobel.
- Right.
- Sobel.
- He told you.
And that's how
you got the edge.
- You have to call me.
- Yeah, I sure do.
- Promise?
- Yeah, I promise.
Teddy, hey. I'm just seeing
these last-minute bids.
What else we got?
TEDDY". Xandos and Redding
are upping the orders.
This thing is getting hot.
Good work.
Keep them coming.
- Thank you, Gloria.
GLORIA: Do you need anything else?
No, I'm good, thank you.
Is everything okay?
Of course.
You know, I think I'm gonna
finish up at home.
Good night.
Go, go, go.
Naomi, it's Erin.
Call me when you get this.
It's important.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Did you get in okay?
We need to talk about that e-mail.
- Do you ever relax?
- Have a drink.
-l'd love to.
But there are a million things
going on tomorrow.
- And--
- This place does an amazing martini.
- Uh, Ed?
- Mm.
We've got to keep
our eye on the ball here.
Listen, those personnel changes
that you were referring to...
Come on, Erin.
You're what, a VP?
If I really want to talk
business, I'll call Naomi.
- Erin.
-Excuse me.
Come on.
Where the fuck is she?
More? Okay.
Harder, one.
You know,
we're gonna change it up.
Greene and Broome.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I'm sorry, so sorry, to bother you.
I'm just wondering if Naomi is here.
Uh, no. No, she's not. No.
Yeah, sorry.
Just something came up at work.
I couldn't get ahold of her,
so I thought maybe--
She's not at her place?
I'm sorry for
showing up here like this.
No, no, no.
Hey, it's fine.
Uh, I was just about
to have a glass of wine.
Want one?
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Well, come on, come in.
- I don't want to interru...
Please, come on in.
Your kids?
Yeah, spoiled little shits.
I think they only come to visit me
to pick up their allowances...
...and piss off my ex.
I won't stay long.
Oh, don't worry.
I'm not gonna ask you where else...
...you think she might
spend her nights.
We're all grown-ups here.
This is nice.
You said you were having
trouble at work, huh?
- With Cachet?
- Yeah.
It's just that...
I actually can't get into it.
No, no, no, of course.
But if you wanted to
talk about it...
...talk it through, you know,
you could always use...
...hypotheticals, you know?
And Naomi did mention that...
...she'd hit some kind of snag
with due diligence.
Naomi said that?
Well, she didn't go
into details, obviously.
You know, we like to think
that it's, uh...
It's helpful, you know,
talk things through, find a...
...different perspective.
You're telling me Naomi
brings you across the wall?
Not officially, no.
Come on, sit down.
Those shoes must be killing you.
You're quite the gentleman.
But, you know, Naomi told me
you always have an agenda.
Yes, well... She would. Heh.
You know, Erin,
everyone has an agenda.
You're trying to make promotion.
You know that. I know that.
You do good work.
You kiss up to Naomi.
And then you keep hoping
that this year...
...will be the one.
And if it's not the one,
then eventually...
...you have to start thinking
about other avenues.
You seem to think
I'm gonna be giving you...
...some information about my IPO.
We both know how...
How these things happen.
You know, Erin, I've been working
at Remson a very long time.
It might surprise you, but...
...people there
respect my opinion.
- Hi.
- I just got your messages.
What kind of problem
do we have?
Naomi, can you just hang on--
Hang on a sec.
- Erin.
- Hold on.
"Hold on"?
Don't tell me to hold on. I'm your boss.
What the hell happened
this time?
Wait, are you still with Ed?
I'm at my place.
Okay, so...
Erin, I need to know
what's going on here.
Yeah, sorry.
Yeah, so Ed did let go
of a few people last week.
Yes, that was the recommendation.
I know,
but one of them was Marin.
Are you fucking kidding me?
She is a liability if she starts making
claims about holes in the network.
I know.
Look, I got her number here.
Marin Gold.
Okay, hang on.
Got it.
Well, Erin,
hasn't this been lovely?
What are you gonna do?
With What?
You fired Marin? Now?
Look, it wasn't my call.
Everything is your call.
But we've got it under control.
She got a very nice severance
and Legal had her sign all kinds of shit.
Ed, I am extremely
concerned about this.
- I wish you had consulted me before--
- Hey, Naomi, news flash:
I don't work for you.
I ' m
- Let me tell you something.
These doubts and second-guessing,
I'm getting tired of it.
- We've got orders pouring in?
-Yeah, because I've been doing my job.
But it is also
my job to be thorough.
Oh, yeah?
- I thought it was yourjob to be inspiring.
- You know, Ed--
All right, hungry?
Let's go.
Where you been?
Sorry, something came up at work.
Fuck you!
This must be Cory.
I Googled you!
Of course you did.
You're a fucking prosecutor?
I'm eager to hear more about
your contact with Dr. Sobel.
- You can talk to my lawyer!
- I look forward to it.
SAM: We both know your client
crossed a line.
Heh. Would you look at him?
He works 80 hours a week.
He's a dad, raises money
for leukemia research.
- I mean--
- Oh, I'm sorry.
Does he plant daffodils too?
Well, he's got no history.
He's never been flagged
by you guys or the SEC.
Are you saying
he doesn't know any better?
I have 6-year-old twins
who know better.
When you, your boss and your friends
decide to sabotage a company...
...when you have information
that Joe Investor...
...couldn't possibly have,
and you use that information...
...to profit while Joe Investor loses 65
percent of his retirement fund...
-...you know better.
- Are you gonna charge my client or not?
That depends.
He's not the one you want.
There are bigger fish at Titanite.
That's the point.
And he's willing to cooperate?
I'd like to thank you all for your patience
as we've been processing...
...this tremendous surge in orders
from institutional investors.
Our book is closed,
and we have our offering price.
We just raised $250 million?
We'll see how the market trades
tomorrow, but I feel very confident.
- Great, great.
- Good work.
Where did you get that pen?
I don't know.
Big pain in the ass.
Cory and I were taking bets on how much
you'd spend on my birthday present.
To many more.
What are you drinking?
Like a porcupine?
Hedgehog, but cute, fuzzy. Get it?
Hedge fund, money hog.
-It's a--
- Yeah, I get it. And Benji took it with him?
CORY: Yep.
SAM". So what does the hedgehog mean?
CORY: I don't know what it means.
It's a hedgehog.
These guys just fuck with each other.
Probably doesn't mean anything.
So, am I done?
Are you fucking kidding me?
We own you.
Marin, it's Naomi Bishop.
Do you understand
what's happening here?
Cachet can sue you.
No, they said they would
take care of that.
Who? Who did?
Are they paying you?
Marin, you need to tell me who--
I'm sorry, I have to go.
Get me a car
to Brooklyn, South Slope.
Hi. I'm Naomi.
I'm a friend of Sam's.
Nice shoes.
Is she home?
Come on. I'll get her.
Thank you.
Hello there.
You must be...
...Sophie and...
And William, right?
I don't talk to strangers.
Oh. Right. Yeah.
Well, it's really your friends
that'll stab you in the back, so...
- Hey. Uh...
What's up?
I want you to tell me
what you know...
...about Michael.
You've been investigating him?
I can't really comment on that.
Somebody leaked a rumor
about my IPO.
We go public tomorrow,
and somebody--
I know.
The tech blogger
who posted the story...
...he's an old friend of Michael's
from Stanford.
It had to be him, right?
Do you think it was?
Look, as far as this IPO goes...
...we have no specific link
to Michael at this time.
Except you.
Wait, are you saying
I gave him information?
I am not saying anything.
I should go.
Naomi, wait. I can help you.
- Okay, did Michael have access?
- He did not get this from me.
Do you understand?
That is not who I am.
Are you tanking my IPO?
Should I be?
Don't fuck with me, Michael.
Don't fuck with me now.
Did you leak this thing?
Is it true?
It doesn't matter if it's fucking true!
- You know that. Once the rumors start--
- Hey, hey.
Start your own rumors.
Do you know how
to play this game?
What the fuck
is wrong with you?
What did you do?
Did you take my phone?
Are you wearing a wire?
What do you think?
Let's take our clothes off
and find out.
It's all just a big game to you, isn't it?
What else is there?
Hey, listen,
whatever happens tomorrow...
...you're gonna be fine.
Fuck, I don't want to be fine!
I was never supposed to be fine!
I was supposed to be
a motherfucking rainmaker.
No, that's--
No, that's for PR to handle.
They have a long reach. So...
Hold-- No.
Wait. Hold on.
Tell Ed not to make
a public statement, okay?
I appreciate his enthusiasm, butjust--
Look, wake the fuck up
and call me.
So this is a big day
for you and your shareholders.
- Absolutely.
-Now, over the last 12 hours...
...reports have surfaced that show
hackers may be attempting...
...to access this secure network.
ED: So here's the thing.
When people hear...
...the word "hackers,"
they get scared.
We're not scared of hackers.
We employ hackers.
- You employ hackers?
IAN: What--
Heh. I think
what Ed means is that there's...
...never been a security breach
of our network.
I'd like to take this moment
to personally reassure our investors.
This morning, I uploaded three photos to
my own profile on the Cachet network.
These photos are of a highly
personal nature, you know what I mean?
Never been a security breach.
If anyone thinks
they can access my photos...
-...l say go ahead, give it a try.
REPORTER: Well, that...
...certainly should be compelling
for the investors out there.
Coffee, miss?
Titanite accounts
for the last five years.
Deals where someone may have
known a little something extra.
- Hello?
WOMAN: ls this Samantha Ryan?
Yeah. Who's this?
Hi. It's Neera
calling from Bane Recruiting.
I have a position
that will triple your salary.
Yeah, I would love to hear more,
but I'm gonna have to call you back.
Call me when you get a chance.
That sounds great. Thanks.
So? Which bank?
What, you never been called
by a headhunter before?
Don't you know that's why they call
this place "the departure lounge"?
I'm the only sucker who's
been here more than a decade.
So why do you stay?
Well, it ain't for the paycheck.
Just do me one favor before
you talk to those guys, okay?
You've been
on a trading floor, right?
Honey, you got to go there.
You got to see
what we're up against.
You go, you breathe it in.
The hunger of it,
the pure American desire.
Five minutes
before the opening bell...
...and all anyone wants to know
is where Cachet will open.
It is not an overstatement
to say that this...
...is one of the most highly
anticipated lPOs of the year.
Hey, we've got FBA at 20 percent,
Xandos at 10.
- What have we got of foreign?
- Tioros for 15. China for 20.
- Rex Brothers is in for 20 percent.
-l've got Cabreau Fund for 10.
- Milton Group wants 15.
NAOMI: Good.
- Gonna have Boon Portfolio in a minute.
- Okay.
And there is the opening bell.
Shares of the privacy company
Cachet begin trading today.
The question now is
when they will start trading...
...and at what price.
I've got a bid for 750K at 32.
One mil at 30.
NAOMI: Okay, are we close?
ERIN: Almost there.
NAOMI: Let's get there.
- We got Redding in for 20 percent.
Hey, hey, hey, wait, no.
- Boon is out.
ERIN: What?
- What are you talking about?
- Boon's hitting the exits.
Milton Ellis is pulling out too.
Okay. Okay.
Jonathan, we need to anchor this thing
right now.
Is there a problem?
No. No problem.
- We're finishing the share allocation.
- People are pissing themselves.
- When are we gonna open?
NAOMI: Any minute now.
What's the holdup?
What's our fucking price?
We're in the 29 to 31 range.
How the fuck did that happen?
Erin, meet me in the lobby.
Yeah, we need someone up here.
What's gonna happen up there?
I don't know. Hopefully
the rumors will die down--
Did you leak this?
I don't know
what you're talking about.
I know you were with Michael.
I was not with Michael.
I don't give a shit about that, okay?
I want to know
why you sabotaged this.
What the fuck did you do?
- I didn't do anything.
- Yes, you did.
You did,
because you needed it, right?
You don't know what I need.
SAM: Hello?
- You need to look into Erin Manning...
...my VP on this deal.
- Naomi?
- She had contact with Michael.
- I will do that.
- Good.
You hearing about this?
We got to pull out.
Get us out of this thing now!
Mikey. What are you wearing?
Hold on. I think my Lyft is here.
Talk to me.
Where are we?
We're about to find out.
But keep me posted.
Hey, listen, when we're done,
we should talk.
And there it is.
We have Cachet opening
at $28 a share.
That is well down from the IPO price.
Cachet's investors won't be happy.
I got to be honest, I don't know that--
Are you fucking kidding me?
Get the desk.
They better be buying.
--expecting a pop on the first day...
Start buying. Start buying!
Yes, now.
Oh, jeez.
Got no ask.
Where's the fucking bottom
on this one?
Yeah, hi. I, um...
I just have a quick question.
I want to know who the fuck thinks...
...they're gonna make money
off this train wreck.
I want you to wait for it.
I want it at 22.
- No. No, get that out of my face.
- You haven't eaten anything all day.
Your concern is truly
almost authentic, but I...
I would like one of those.
- Yeah.
Hang on. We got bids coming in.
Titanite is buying.
What the hell is...?
Come on, talk to me!
- Hey, hey, Mikey.
MICHAEL: Hey, how are you doing?
Yeah, no, I'm just
real proud of you.
- We'll make a lot of money.
- You in town?
I'm off to the Hamptons.
South. The real Hamptons.
What is this?
- That is the--
- You said you wanted it.
How many chocolate chips
are in my cookie?
- Um, heh.
- Did anyone teach you basic math?
Count the fucking chips.
Three. Yes.
And your cookies, I saw them,
and they were oozing with chocolate...
...and my cookie
has three motherfucking chips?
Let's look at the day that just happened.
Cachet, priced at a very healthy
and confident $35 a share...
...stumbled at the open to $28...
...flopped by the end of the day
priced at--
Let me make sure
I get this right, $23.74.
That is definitely not
$35 a share.
That's about a third of its value
erased on the first day.
Cachet not having a good open.
Okay, we know that Titanite was
the only buyer of those shares, right?
You know how this story goes.
A few days pass, they get this Marin
to retract her statement...
...the stock rallies,
and they clean up.
- Call your friend in Compliance.
- Not happening.
Get her to get us the personnel file
for Erin Manning.
She's not gonna do that.
- Why?
-Because she'll lose her job.
You got to let go of this.
Compliance is asking for you.
Got it.
Okay, thanks. Okay.
- Hi.
- I know you're familiar...
...with the regulations that keep
the investment banking transactions...
-...separate from the sales and trading.
- Of course.
Did you have contact
with Michael Connor...
...three days before
the Cachet offering?
Uh... I'm sorry.
Do I need a lawyer or...?
Well, essentially,
we are your lawyers.
- For the moment.
- Right.
I spoke to Michael that night
briefly about a colleague.
- You didn't discuss the Cachet deal?
I'm sure Michael
would tell you the same thing.
Michael Connor
no longer works at the firm.
He moved to Thanks.
That was him? Your new global head?
Look at me.
Have the respect
to look me in the fucking eye...
...and tell me if that man
out there is my new boss.
The department needs a new face.
Don't give me that.
You lost control of the story.
Cachet will rally, just like Facebook.
Naomi, it's like I told you.
This just isn't going to be your year.
When is my year?
When is it my fucking year?
Did you see her?
Heh. Nobody wants to say goodbye.
So, what happens to the rest of us?
Well, apparently
Erin is moving up in the world.
My uncle called me this morning
and asked about you.
He's got some huge deal
coming up.
Wanted to know
if you give 100 percent...
...because he said this thing
would be your whole life.
So I told him you were a pro.
Thank you.
I'm surprised you called back...
...because you have a reputation
for being a bit unorthodox.
I get the job done.
However I can.
This would be
a big transition for you.
- Yeah.
- Coming over into the corporate world.
The thing is, I have a family and...
I'm looking forward
to having a sense of stability...
...and to really be a...
You know what? No. Um...
That's not it. Uh...
The truth is...
...l want to make some money.
I could say something more nuanced...
...about my dreams and aspirations,
...that's the honest truth.
lam so glad...
...that we can sit here as women
and talk about ambition.
But money doesn't have to be
a dirty word.
We can like that too.
--disappointment initially...
Finally today...
...tech company Cachet
is back in the spotlight...
...with another surge in share price
this week, as the stock...
...continues to rally
following a disappointing IPO.
WOMAN: Cachet, whose stock
has been steadily climbing...
...after that terrible debut
earlier this year...
...has by now made a lot
of its investors very wealthy...
...if they were able to hold on
tight during that steep drop.
MAN: --saw this with Facebook
and Square where a stock rallies...
...and the IPO fades
into the distance...
...as investors track the growth
of the company over time.
What seemed like a disaster
at the initial offering...
...could turn out to be just a speed bump
on the road to enormous gains.