Eraser: Reborn (2022) Movie Script

Cops. They're all corrupt.
They set me up, threatened me,
forced me to testify.
I had no choice.
Could we talk this out, huh?
On the ground?
We're not here
to talk, Sugar.
God. Come on, man.
She's clean.
She doesn't rate this shit.
You know what else she doesn't rate?
Her boyfriend in witness protection
who comes back for a quick taste.
That's on you.
Time to split.
- No, no, no. No. No.
- What the fuck?
Move back.
Weapons down. Hands up.
Put your weapons
on the ground, hands up.
Over there.
Weapons down.
Cease fire. Cease fire.
We're coming in. Hands up.
He's over there!
Fuck you! Motherfucker!
Get him!
There's just one!
I'm innocent, man.
Come on.
Damn, bro. Thank you.
Shut up.
You blew your cover.
You risked her life and the lives
of my deputies assigned to protect you.
I know, bro. I'm so, so sorry.
Baby, I'm so, so sorry.
Fuck you!
Go to hell!
So now you're special.
- Oh, my Jesus! No, bro, please.
- No.
I'll do anything you say,
straight up, bro. I promise.
I'm not your bro.
Wait. Just tell me what
you want me to do.
Sir, I'll do anything.
I want you to die.
Thank you. Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Congratulations.
You've just been erased.
What the fuck is that?
You're supposed to look
like my hot young wife,
not some middle-aged banker.
Yes, Kosta.
Our biggest potential investors
are going to be here.
We need their money
to make ours look legit.
So if they talk to you, smile.
If they make a joke, laugh.
And if one of them flirts with you,
you bring him in here,
you bend over the sink
and you make him see the stars.
Stay calm, Mrs. Kimura.
We're right here with you, Rina.
No, you're not.
Who you burying tonight, bruh, huh?
Ugh, I tend to my flock,
you tend to yours.
Isn't that what you taught me?
Did I, Mace?
- I can't remember.
Re-educate a brother.
You're a good cop.
Maybe one of the best we have.
Had a good commander.
No, you had a great Commander.
Enjoy the ride while it lasts.
Program's on the chopping block.
Don't mess with me.
Open your eyes, now.
We're the bad guys. Unfundable.
Thugs who move in the shadows,
guzzling tax dollars,
protecting people
who aren't exactly model citizens.
It's our duty to protect those people.
We're dinosaurs staring
into the eyes of a comet.
Pretty soon, we have to erase ourselves.
Say the word, old man.
I can make that happen.
Easy. I'm just the messenger, baby.
- Kosta.
- Marco.
Check it out.
So big, so green.
They love that.
The council are very excited.
- You spoke to them?
- I did.
About time.
Get to work.
You look beautiful.
I was told I had to be.
It's a big event.
But you look so calm, Marco.
- I'm a good faker.
- Mmm.
Well, we both are.
Come, princess.
Rina, this is Mr. Winks.
He's a great new friend of ours.
You have superb taste, Kosta.
She'll babysit you
while I do my song and dance.
- Thank you.
- Have fun.
May I have
your attention, please?
Welcome, friends.
You beautiful people,
gather around...
Excuse me.
I'll be right back.
...and bear witness
to something amazing.
This project represents the future.
The one we've been
working towards for years.
- Our future.
- crowd Our future.
Just grabbing something for Mr. Kimura.
Okay, get a move on.
You don't have much time.
Good. Quickly now.
Got it. I'm moving
as fast as I... oh, shit.
The necklace just fell.
The camera. We can't see anything.
I dropped it.
Hold on, I'm looking for it.
I can't seem to find it.
Forget it. There's no time.
- Moving as fast as I can, guys.
Moving as fast as I can.
What was that?
Mrs. Kimura?
Mrs. Kimura?
Are you okay?
What's happening?
It's done. Go. Finish up and get out.
I got it.
Yep. Leaving right now.
Where's my wife?
You left that whale alone.
I got nervous.
Yeah, what are you doing in here?
My safe!
I'm leaving you, Kosta.
The FBI has all your files
on your drive.
You are going to prison.
No, don't engage him.
I'm going free.
Go to the front now!
We'll pick you up. Let's go!
Don't you get it?
My people own their people.
Now you, on the other hand,
you have nothing. Nobody.
And you're not going anywhere.
You bitch.
- Huh?
Now, you listen to me you little...
Marco, he was drunk. He fell.
Nobody leaves.
Wait. Where are you going?
I just need some air.
I'll take care of this,
but you can't go anywhere.
You're always so kind, Marco.
Forgive me.
- Put down the gun!
- Get in, Mrs. Kimura. Move.
- Get back here!
- We made a deal
- Before she killed Kosta Kimura.
And starred in that shit show.
We need a guarantee that your client
will show up and testify at trial.
Otherwise, no deal.
Mrs. Kimura delivered
everything you asked for.
You need to wrap this up.
Give her the passport you promised
and send us on our way.
I want you to meet Deputy Pollard.
Hell no. Pollard?
She's not going
into any witness program.
Mrs. Kimura,
I'm here to offer you federal protection
at a safe location until the trial.
You're playing us.
This is why nobody trusts you people.
You don't need to trust us, ma'am.
You just need to stay alive.
And live like some kind of prisoner.
That's up to you.
- You people are all the same.
- Yeah.
We're done here.
Mrs. Kimura.
I know you're afraid.
But you like walking, right?
- Is he for real?
- Yeah.
Are you threatening me?
You don't take our offer
and I can tell you from experience,
what you take for granted now,
will become an exercise in running,
Wondering what's
around every corner
until what's around the corner
kills you.
But you can save me, right?
I can help you stay alive.
And make it to trial?
That's all you
really care about, isn't it?
- Mrs. Kimura...
- I have plans, Deputy.
And they don't include another man
who knows what's best for me.
Nice to have met you, Mrs. Kimura.
Great to see you too, Vanessa.
I've shamed the organization.
I know what must be done.
She played us both, Kosta.
Now we play her.
It's necessary for now.
You've been waiting
for this day, Rina.
Don't let some Fed bully
spoil it for you.
To freedom?
- To freedom.
- They're coming.
- Do as he says. Go.
Inform your team.
Marshals are here.
We're coming in.
Coming in, kill the lights.
- Go.
- Positions, now!
Lock the gate. Let's move it!
- Lock the door behind you. Stay down.
He's here!
Damn it!
Smoke bomb!
No. No!
The cold wallet, Rina. Where is it?
Remember this.
I need your clothes.
Everything you have on you.
What? Why?
They'll be back. Change, now.
I need you to move faster, ma'am.
Give me your dress, now.
I need you to hurry up.
The guys inside weren't on their own.
Come on.
Sixty seconds. Come on, faster.
- Come on. Come on. Come on.
- I'm going!
- I don't know what you're doing.
- Shoes.
Fuck this!
Hey, where you gonna go?
Let me go!
Don't move.
- Behind you!
you've just been erased.
That poor woman, her body...
Did you...
dig her up or...
She'll match your height,
your weight,
your DNA, your prints,
your dental records.
I took care of it.
Her face was disfigured
from the sulfuric acid they used
- to assault and torture you.
- Is this some kind of joke?
- I almost died.
- You did die.
That's the point.
That's what the world
is going to think until you testify.
It's not very efficient,
but it was your choice.
That was our deal.
I'm not a Rachel.
I told you, no witness protection.
Lean forward.
Go, stay...
Whatever. We don't give you
another chance.
- We?
- My bosses.
The American people,
the people who need your help.
I've just been erased
by Captain Fucking America.
you testify, and I swear
I'll do my best to keep you safe,
- but we do it...
- My way or the highway?
Got it.
I need a minute... please.
One minute.
- Mrs. Kimura...
Call me Rachel.
Where are you taking me?
Mason A place
for special cases like yours.
So far out of bounds,
you can breathe.
Paradise or prison, it's your choice.
- Welcome to Cape Town.
Go ahead.
Make yourself at home.
Go and stand by the green.
Turn around slowly.
We use your own biometrics
to fool recognition software.
It's like a digital poison pill.
Any camera anywhere in the world
recognizes your face,
our backdoor bot scrambles it.
Bye, Big Brother.
Who made this?
Big Brother.
There's cash in there. Rands.
Enough to go shopping. Get you started.
You're also going
to get an allowance from us.
You're my warden and my daddy.
Take a selfie.
- Whoa!
- Yeah.
This is too weird.
I mean, it's me, but...
it's not me.
Stay off Rina Kimura's social media.
No texting, no contacting anyone
from your old life.
Don't even check it.
Rina Kimura is dead.
Rina Kimura is dead.
Let's take you
to Action News 6 reporter Sean...
Rina Kimura is no longer a concern.
The cold wallet is missing.
It will be recovered.
Who helped her?
Where is it?
Feed the prisoner.
Plus, it's as far away as we can get you
from the Syndicate in L.A.
Quite the eater, Pollard.
How often do you get back here?
Well, the Cape Malay cuisine
can't be beat.
More hot sauce?
Try the bobotie, it's good.
I really wish you'd let me
keep that passport.
It'd mean a lot to me.
When this is all over,
what are you going to do?
I do have a plan.
It's goofy, you'll laugh.
Well, you won't, but most humans might.
Financial planning.
You know, in my opinion,
key to having true freedom in life...
is financial planning.
Making sure you're never
in debt to anyone.
I'm gonna go to school.
I am gonna get a degree in finance.
And I'm gonna help people...
like me.
Relax, just going to the bathroom...
Everything okay?
Yeah, just...
Marshal Rhodes.
There's been a breach.
Are any of my witnesses compromised?
Unclear. There's a team
headed your way now.
You know the drill.
Welcome to Cape Town.
Paradise or prison.
Isn't that your schtick, bruh?
- Oltcheck.
- Mason.
You believe this shit?
Since we started this program,
never been anything
but happily ever after... until now.
NSA swept up some chatter yesterday.
Encrypted calls between
the Syndicate Council.
They know your witness
isn't dead, Mason.
I covered every base.
Every move. This is your car.
If it makes you feel any better,
mine may have exposure, too.
Is she okay?
I think so. I mean, even Marshal Rhodes
doesn't know where I stashed her.
I heard she's a handful.
Maybe she broke cover,
dropped a clue. Who knows?
You trust her?
You taught me better than that, Paul.
Our orders are to move everyone
in the program.
Re-erase them.
I need time to figure this out.
Your witness, your call.
Mine, I'm extracting out.
We could use a shooter
and looter like you, Mason.
Unless you're going straight
for your witness.
I got your backs.
It's good to see you, bro.
Now, this gonna be live.
- How are you, gorgeous?
- Hey, Paul.
- Welcome back.
- Thanks.
Deputy Oltcheck, meet Felicia.
Galloway. Strategic Surveillance Unit.
Our local badge in case things get hot.
She's got great assets.
- Don't be a pig, Whitlock.
- All right.
We're plucking out
one of your witnesses, huh?
I can't tell you who she is
or what she did,
but I'd give my left nut to protect her.
Let's roll.
Interesting choice, Paul.
Planting your witness in this shithole.
This shithole is directly tied
to the history of apartheid.
A fancy word for what happens
when people get scared.
Scared enough to mobilize
whole governments and laws
to push black
and brown people out of cities.
Deprive them of access to the best jobs,
electricity and running water
and worse...
pit them against each other.
Yeah, so why don't they just go?
Or buy the land, like everyone else?
The game's rigged. Why buy into a system
that's intent on destroying you?
The rules are set up for you to fail,
you do what?
Change the rules of engagement,
my brother.
You got me shouting in this bitch.
Must've been a trip, Mason,
serving with this legend.
More like an honor.
So you dropped your witness here
because you knew no one would find her?
She's not answering.
- Nobody comes or goes.
- Galloway Got it.
That's not cupcakes.
Never said she was a saint.
Dagga grow.
- Marijuana.
- Oltcheck, take the back.
How many doors have we been through
just like this, Mason?
Too many.
Police, open up.
- Clear.
- Left clear.
- Psst!
- You're early.
- You're late.
He can't hurt you.
He can't hurt you anymore.
It's okay.
- I got you.
She's been hit.
She needs an ambulance. Go, Felicia.
We lost her.
Why send five men to kill her?
Her or us?
They weren't dealers, Mace.
These men were pros.
It was a setup, a trap.
Hey, Pollard.
Isn't she one of yours?
Call Rina Kimura, Pollard, now.
I have to live-contact her.
That's our arrangement.
Where is she?
Okay. Let's go grab her.
What you doing?
Just informing Marshal Rhodes
we're extracting my witness.
27 Gratz Road.
That's good work back there.
You okay?
Yeah, you?
I'm tripping.
Something I've to talk to you about.
It's important.
Come on.
You forgot the one most important thing
I taught you, Mace.
Never lie to me.
You just texted your witness
Rina Kimura 911 to bug out.
I didn't forget.
Why, Paul?
Let's see.
The public gave up
on guys like us, Mace.
So I gave up on them.
You say it enough,
it starts to sound like the truth.
It's the money, isn't it?
Now you may not want
to admit it, Mace.
But there is a game here.
- You make a play or you get played.
A common man
with uncommon desire to succeed.
Now you sit your save-a-hoe
fixated ass court-side,
and you watch me play.
He was on to us. Go ahead.
Don't look so heartbroken, sweetheart.
I'll make it better.
You burned down the whole program
just to flush out one witness?
That bitch stole something
on her way out of her gilded cage.
Something the Syndicate will pay
a shit ton of money to get back.
After, of course, we bury her for real.
And the only way Rina Kimura gets back
into the U.S. is in a body bag.
You son of a bitch.
You told the Syndicate
she's still alive.
Come on. She was never going to testify.
You must have had a hunch.
Why protect someone who's using you?
You like her.
- He caught feelings.
- Shut the f...
No, you shut the fuck up, Mace.
You see,
that scares you.
You don't know what to do with that.
There's something I can never teach you.
- What's that?
- Not to care so damn much.
About the job, your witnesses.
When you erase someone,
you start a relationship.
And you're okay
as long as you get to play God.
In control.
But making a real relationship work,
an equal one...
You see, that never was
your jam, was it, Mace?
You ever had one?
- Other than with me, and your abs?
Tell me where she is.
We part ways...
and you can go back to playing a hero
for escorts and criminals.
Too late, Paul.
You crossed the line.
There is no line anymore.
I erased it!
Now you tell me where the fuck she is.
He deleted the 911 he sent to Kimura.
- I set a trap and trace.
- Atta boy, Mikey.
You know what?
I think I'm going
to call him "Mason 2.0."
- Location?
- NSA is locked on her cell,
tracking it for us in real-time.
Inform our contact.
How much are they paying you?
Take note, Oltcheck.
He's just trying to distract us
as he figures out a way to escape.
Finder's fee.
One for the girl, one for the wallet.
Get them both.
Beats babysitting scum for peanuts.
You wouldn't be telling me this
unless you planned on killing me.
Ding! Ding! That is the plan.
But only once I get the girl,
and I'm sure I'm getting paid.
you made a deal with the Syndicate.
Make one with me.
Come on, you can do better than that.
What can you offer me, hmm?
Your life.
This guy...
I'll make things right with the locals.
Smooth the situation.
You take this one to our vehicle,
if you think you can handle that.
- Move.
- Paul.
I need to know exactly
what happened here, Paul.
What are you talking about?
The evidence is on the floor.
Your plan to flush out my witness,
pretty risky, Oltcheck.
Shut up.
What's your cut?
Can't think Paul's
gonna let you live to see it.
He chose me for a reason, Pollard.
- You really are stupid, aren't you?
- I said shut the fuck up!
You know, you're right about Paul.
He is a legend.
The first thing he taught me,
Is the art of field work.
Sounds like some bullshit.
I better go.
You do that.
Move! Move! Move!
Don't fucking move!
Think you're Whitlock, huh?
You sure about that, Deputy?
Good luck, Deputy.
Come on, bro.
Paul, he, uh...
I'm sorry.
- On the edge of the world here, Mikey...
you Screw up...
you fall off.
- Please, Paul.
Give me the cold wallet
and I'll spare your life.
For fuck's sake! Rina!
- Stop the car.
Easy, easy. Don't shoot, ese!
Marco Where is she?
Come here, little mouse.
She tricked me.
I lost her.
My guy hit us
with a mean crossover, too.
The fuck?
in English Your men, poachers...
trust them?
Business associates. We go way back.
Had side deals down here for years.
They need investors.
The council will be interested.
It's an easy way to do your laundry.
One thing at a time, Whitlock.
My price just went up.
I want the wallet, too.
Payment for the girl.
- That wasn't our deal.
- I'm changing it.
This is getting complicated,
expensive. Stupid.
I need to talk to my people.
You do that.
How do we find them?
Pollard blocked Rina Kimura's face,
her biometrics and his own
from the CCTV network
that covers this entire city,
like steam on shit.
You unblocked them,
so they could be tracked.
- Yes, sir.
- They don't realize it?
Pollard will fetch Kimura,
who'll be in a safe house.
After that... sayonara.
Did I say I was fucking Japanese?
Do I look like I give a fuck?
Do we have a deal?
You bet.
Let's go.
- Oh, my God!
Okay. Yeah. This way. This way.
Not this way. Not this way!
Back off!
- Go! Get out of here!
- Hey. Easy, easy, easy. Hey.
How you doing?
You being a pain?
Come on. This way. Come on.
Come on. Good girl. Good.
- No.
- Come on. Away from her.
Come on. Come on. This way.
Come on. Come on.
So you met Janice, huh?
She's just scared.
"She's scared." She's scared?
What happened?
I ran into an old friend.
Me too. Mine nearly killed me.
This is your place?
It's an old tourist farm.
I bought it, and let the animals go.
Some of them stayed.
I got it, okay?
Hold on.
Thank you.
Why are we here?
I mean, what went wrong?
Deputy Whitlock.
He was my closest friend.
A mentor.
He turned.
He's here in Cape Town
to kill you for the Syndicate.
He sold out.
And I never saw it coming.
That's how Marco found me.
An enforcer for the Syndicate.
My old friend.
He tried to kill me
right after you sent the 911.
Whitlock gave Marco
your cell phone location and tracked it,
with the help of Uncle Sam,
and me.
Our old friends are new friends.
Agent Galloway has updates.
We caught a break off the CCTV network.
A man on foot
matching Pollard's description.
We're Sat tracking him now
and I've issued a warrant
for his arrest.
En route now, Marshal Rhodes.
With some local backup.
The Mason Pollard I know
would never do this.
Something we missed?
Program means everything to him.
That's all he's got.
Something very serious
must have happened.
He keeps it all inside.
- Bring him in alive.
- Understood.
Good work, Galloway.
Good luck.
Game time.
Who's Bud?
Someone who never got
the second chance you're getting now.
I deserve more than that.
Do you?
The cold wallet you stole, where is it?
The what?
You were never gonna testify, were you?
You just needed a passport
so you could escape.
Cash out, take off,
no matter who got hurt or killed.
Okay, I never used the wallet.
I knew they'd trace it if I tried.
Where is it?
Back at Rachel's house. I hid it.
Okay. I'm sorry.
I've had to lie my whole life.
It's hard for me to stop.
Save it.
I've heard about these,
for cryptocurrency.
Unhackable, offline...
Kosta used it for bribes.
Looks like metal. This is how
you got it through airport security?
How much is on this thing?
I don't know yet. I swear.
I haven't had a chance to check.
It's 24 words Kosta chose.
Impossible to hack.
Cold wallet's like a locked mailbox.
Cash can't go in or out without a key.
And you deleted the seedcode.
I thought it'd be an insurance policy.
- Keep them from killing me.
- Till after they torture you, Rina.
How could someone access this money?
I need a secure network, very secure.
The 24 words, where are they now?
The seedcode, the words,
write them down, now.
I need that money to start over.
Then try earning it, Rina.
Really? Get fucking real.
It is all about the money.
Kosta, Marco, Paul Whitlock.
You wanna be like those people?
Everybody is like them.
Okay, this world is one big lying,
corrupt nightmare.
- Not the whole world.
- Most people.
And most of you.
Nobody hates a bad cop
more than a good cop.
But you don't see that, do you?
You just lump us all in together,
say you want to get rid of us
when all we really want
is to take down the bad guys
and to keep you safe.
I don't want to get rid of you, okay?
I just want you to treat me
like a human being.
digital beeping
I never meant for anyone
to get hurt, Pollard.
And I won't lie to you again.
I promise.
You know how to use this?
- Yeah.
- Raise your hand.
Do you swear to protect and defend
the United States Constitution
against all enemies,
foreign and domestic?
I do.
Good. Put your hand down.
Because our old friends got here
61 seconds ago.
Move your ass, Deputy.
It's a distraction. We're wasting ammo.
Easy now.
Talon, you take left!
Kudo, you take right.
He'll have an egress.
Where are you, Mace?
Can't be far.
Ah, there you are. Predictable.
Grenade launcher.
Mason Come on.
Move. Move!
You okay?
Move! Move! Move!
Where are you?
Keep your eyes open now.
Pollard. What are you doing?
I'm just looking for a friend.
Good boy.
Atta boy.
Hey, no! Alfie, no!
Don't give me that shit.
Strode, to my right.
As fast as you can, okay?
I see them. I got them. On my lead.
- They're mine.
- Mine.
Fuck, man!
Move out. Move!
The Sugar Shack opens in an hour.
Smileys aren't ready yet.
Sugar Shack. You couldn't have
come up with a better name, Sugar?
I see it, but I don't believe it.
Pollard, I swear I never broke cover.
Bru, this is the guy.
Man! You're the one who send
us this doos.
That means, like, fool, jackass.
- Okay, hey...
- You pick. Come on.
Look, if you're asking for me
to take him back, I'm sorry.
All sales are final.
Nah, it's lekker.
We'll keep him.
It means "good."
She's with you?
You look so surprised.
Well, this one don't cross the line.
Do pleasure. So you must be business.
She just joined the club, Sugar.
She needs your help.
I need your help.
You sprung me out of a coffin,
gave me everything,
my own legit business
in the middle of paradise.
Whatever you need, bro,
we're here for you.
We got you.
That means don't worry.
An! I like her.
Why are you changing your mind?
Letting me go for the money?
If I can't protect you
from my own people,
you deserve to get what you can
when you can.
You surprise me, Pollard.
I surprise myself.
Need your game face, Deputy.
Don't get overexcited.
Paul, you were right.
They showed up
at a financial institution.
Good girl.
Can I help you people?
Yeah, you can keep this area clear
while my associate lays down some cloth.
I mean, what are you doing here?
You know, just some touch up work.
Somebody called it in. Hold on.
I have a name for you
right over here with me.
Can you sort it out?
I am so sorry to keep you waiting.
So Mister and Miss...
Robyn and Ernie Bobotie.
And what brings you in today?
We need a loan, as fast as you can.
I'm expecting.
A child, umm...
Congrats. Exciting.
What are today's rates?
Yes, well, we can offer you
some of the most competitive rates
in the market.
Mr. Chetty, can you
come to the lobby floor?
We need you.
Could you excuse me a minute?
Of course.
Just a little misunderstanding.
This is your name on the request, yeah?
No. No, this is a mistake.
Okay? You need to take all of this stuff
out of here at once, okay?
I have customers.
Customers upstairs who are waiting.
He has customers.
- You gosh damn imbecile!
- Excuse.
- Clean it up right now before it sets.
- Yeah.
I am so sorry for the floor, sir.
Got you.
Don't move, bro. You're making it worse.
Quickly now.
He just logged in. Where are you?
Very close.
Vault. South.
Wow. That's more than I ever...
Like I said, financial planning.
- You'll be fine. Sorry.
- Jesus.
There's more on...
Just my shoes. My shoes. Take it.
- So let me just...
- I can smell it. I can smell it.
- This is really bad.
Funds not available.
They were waiting for this.
I see you, Mace.
Watch out, big foot. Wet paint.
- Hey, don't fuck with me.
- Okay, listen up.
Looking for these two.
Are you joking?
Couldn't hack the wallet,
so they got into my DAX Fiat account.
Where did the money go?
Ocean Trace International?
Whitlock's on a task force.
He's been investigating
Ocean Trace for years.
It's a shipping company here with ties
to the black market, endangered animals.
They're poachers, Rina.
I just paid Ocean Trace $30 million.
Little man,
where are they?
In my office, up the stairs to the left.
Galloway, cover this exit.
You, there.
All of you, don't move.
Atta boy, Sugar. Come on, we gotta go.
I said don't move.
Marco, come up from the garage.
Don't move.
Come on, Miss Kimura.
Mason clearly can't keep you safe.
You're gonna keep playing with junior?
Or you wanna take a bet on big papa?
Mace, listen to me.
Give her up.
It's the only way
she walks out of here alive.
Miss Kimura,
Mason ever tell you
the sad story about Bud?
Did he try to win you over
with it, Ms. Kimura?
Try to get some of that git gud?
I can make it.
Over there, the fire escape.
- You go.
- Then you go.
Watch out, bro.
Gun, now.
What the hell is going on here, Paul?
Thanks for your help, honey.
Watch out!
Yo, Pollard, get in, bro.
When I said this could go sideways,
Mason, I never thought it'd be you.
They say you killed Oltcheck,
with his own weapon.
Whitlock's gone rogue.
He killed his own witness
to get to mine.
Was Rina Kimura
in possession of stolen evidence?
- Yes, but...
- I've got the FBI with me.
We'll take Kimura in ourselves.
I can't let you do that.
I need your badge, Pollard.
Who wants an Umqgombothi?
Ocean Trace has a ship in port
leaving tonight. Usual cargo.
If I ever come face to face
with those poachers,
I will rock up and donner the dwankies.
- Yebo.
- Ja.
in English
Okay. So, what do we do?
Shit, bro.
If you don't like the music,
just turn that shit off.
Anything I do...
Whitlock will be waiting.
And then he'll kill her.
'N boer maak 'n plan.
The first thing this country
and its great people taught me.
After you dropped me here,
I was lost, ready to give up.
'N boer maak 'n plan.
"A farmer makes a plan."
In other words, figure it out.
- I'm no farmer.
- And you have no plan.
So make one.
Or you're gonna sit
on your sad little ass
crying like a goddamn toddler?
Why the fuck did I save you?
I don't know, bro. You love me?
Marco, let me go.
I mean, we can start over somewhere.
Where you're going,
you'll fetch a good price.
You two have that in common.
Don't do this.
If you truly care for me,
let me go.
And someday, we can be together.
You and I.
Not in this lifetime.
Fuck you.
Marshal Rhodes, it's me.
Just listen.
I have evidence against Whitlock.
Dock 45, Cape Town Port Annex.
You want me, boss?
Come get me.
Pollard, you're in deep shit.
Last chance to back out, bros.
No way, bruh.
You brought me to paradise,
I ain't letting it get stepped on.
Yeah. Fuck that shit.
Hey, listen up.
Keep your heads on a swivel
and your assholes puckered.
Son of a bitch is out there.
There's a new investment.
The council has awarded you
too generously.
That was our deal.
I deliver the girl,
I get the cold wallet.
And I do whatever the fuck
I want with it.
See, I'm turning your 30 million
into my 60.
Maybe more, depending how much I get
for that preggo black rhino.
Spinning shit into gold,
it's the American way.
Getting to it.
Sweet thing. Ayo.
What's up, boys? Who ordered the dinner?
Restricted area, buddy.
Just wait there.
Hold on.
We got an order of smileys
off the braai.
They are very nutritious, my friend.
- You're going to love it.
- Who's the idiot that got take out?
Check those two junkers.
Take a smell. Smell it.
You want to smell this. It's so good.
- Stand back.
- Hey!
He's here.
Take the head.
Get that goddamn rhino on this boat now!
Find Rina.
Check the containers first
and then the ship. Go now.
Go on, princess, call for him.
Get his attention, get him to come.
Put your hands up.
Don't fucking move.
Do you really think some random cop's
gonna save you, huh?
Fucking bitch.
- Rina!
- No!
- Put the shooter down.
Do it.
Rina is dead!
Congratulations, Jack,
you've just been erased.
Put the gun down.
Do it, now!
Thank you, sweetheart.
Couldn't have done it without you.
You can't out wolf
the original wolf, Mace.
Take us up!
Come on, baby.
You thought it was gonna be that easy?
I trained you better than that.
I got you.
Sugar, you have a shot.
I'm out.
You're wrong about this place, Mace.
It's not paradise or prison,
it's heaven or hell.
- Welcome to hell.
- Hey!
- Hold on.
- What?
Bye-bye, buddy.
You can't leave me like this.
Together. One, two...
Mason, look out!
You got me feeling and shit.
Goodbye, my friend.
Congratulations, Paul.
You've just been erased.
- Damn!
Where's Whitlock?
Went for a ride.
Good job, Pollard.
Not bad.
Nice of you to join us.
Couldn't have done this
without you doos.
Thank you.
in English We got you.
Mother city, motherfuckers.
Welcome to the club, girl.
Thanks, Sugar.
Beers at the Sugar Shack?
What do you guys say?
- No, let's go somewhere nice.
- Yebo.
Let's go somewhere good.
Six months after the death
of Deputy Paul Whitlock,
in Cape Town, South Africa,
we're here at the Federal Courthouse
in downtown Los Angeles,
where the witness' testimony
led to the conviction of several
high-level members of the Syndicate.
So, I guess this is goodbye.
Guess so.
There's a little change on here.
It's a lot of change.
Given your service,
we want you to have it.
- Legit?
- Mmm-hmm.
This is for real?
So is this.
Nhi Nguyen.
Did I spell it right?
Thank you.
Check her resume.
I hear she's gonna be
a financial planner.
So where does she live?
Anywhere she wants.
Since we're never gonna
see each other again,
who's Bud?
Bud was my brother.
Bud was a little girl called Emily
who lived down the street.
Bud was Paul and I's
staff sergeant in Afghanistan.
Anyone I tried to save and couldn't.
I can erase people from this world,
but I can't erase them
from my conscience.
I'll sleep a lot better knowing
that Bud isn't you.
Good luck, Robyn.
You too.
My name is Jack.
What are you doing?
Crossing a line.
Didn't see that coming.