Erasing Eden (2016) Movie Script

- Hello, would
you like to leave a message?
- Eden's daily message.
Scratch that.
Eden's daily message.
All right, so, I am
getting married tomorrow.
I'm staying with my
future mother in law.
I just want to remind myself
that I self sabotage
and that I deserve to be happy.
It's okay.
It's okay to have
good shit happen.
It's okay to be happy, you know.
- No.
- Eden, stand up.
Girl, what are you doing?
- Getting married tomorrow.
- Pull your skirt
down, your ass is showing.
- Do it.
- How much did you drink?
You in a total black out.
Don't get in that car.
- Fuck.
- Hey baby, I know I'm not
supposed to talk to you
on the day of the wedding,
but just gimme a call back.
I just wanna see when
you're gonna get here.
- Hello, would
you like to leave a message?
- Hey Eden, it's me again.
Remember when I
told you to fake it?
I lied.
This isn't you,
and you're a fraud.
So quit lying to yourself,
and do what you want.
- No, please, stop, no.
- Thank you.
- Thanks a lot.
- Hello.
I think you're
just imaging stuff.
She's probably just really
busy with this wedding.
I wouldn't worry about it, man.
- You really haven't
talked to her?
- Mm-mmm.
- She knew you'd be worried,
and she told me to tell you
that she's focusing on
getting ready today.
- You're the bridesmaid, so
I thought she'd be with you.
Is there anyone else
you can think of
that she may have
gotten in contact with?
- Not really.
She told me she wanted to
go to her own hairdresser,
to focus on myself
today, and not to worry.
- Hello, would
you like to leave a message?
- Hey, Eden, this is
a daily message to yourself.
You're getting married tomorrow,
and you are gonna
stand at the alter
and make a promise
that you don't know
if you can keep.
- Are you all right?
Are you okay?
I'm sorry.
I'm gonna make a
call, don't worry.
We got another one of those
meth heads in here again.
This one looks
beat up pretty bad.
I don't wanna bother
you all the time.
But I think you
should come out here.
All right, let's
just go outside.
Go, all right, outside.
I'll come help you
in a minute, okay.
Please, just have a seat.
- My husband lost his job.
- Expecting a lot of people.
Do you want something to drink?
Just sit outside
for a second, okay.
- You been drinkin'?
You been drinkin'.
What do you call me for this?
You should've called
pd or an ambulance.
Oh she has a
freakin' head wound.
Oh that's great, you
didn't tell me that.
Technically she's
outside my jurisdiction.
Okay, but since your friend
here has a freakin' head wound,
now I am obligated.
Well, I'm not touchin' her, so,
you gotta put her in the car.
I'm tellin' ya she stinks,
put her in the car.
I am not touchin' her.
Take her and put her in the car.
Come on, boy.
How are you doin' today?
I'm sergeant berg.
- You wanna do it yourself?
You wanna get there by yourself?
- You have really cute hands.
Where do you have
your nails done?
Thank you so much.
- Copy, sheriff, go ahead.
- Martha, can you tell Pete
to go wait in my office?
I'm gonna be back
around noon, okay.
I got something I gotta do.
- All right, will do.
- I appreciate it.
Thank you.
Why don't you just relax
and sit back there, all right?
God, oh shit.
Oh god.
Okay, come on now.
Move your leg in the car now.
That's right.
Okay, all right.
Jesus Christ.
- She still hasn't called.
- You know, everything's okay.
- Do you think
she's with someone?
- Like it's your birthday party
when your mom ripped
her panties off
and tried to sit on
uncle Rick's face?
Like that?
Is that what you mean?
I'm sure everything's fine.
- hey man, I'm
lookin' for my girl.
Was she here today?
- She missed her appointment.
- Seriously?
- She usually
calls me to let me know
that she won't be here,
but I haven't heard anything.
I'm sure she'll call.
- You're sure you want
me to leave you here?
Is that what you want?
Because if you want,
I can stay with you
or I can take you
somewhere else.
You want me to leave you here?
All right, you have the right
to refuse my assistance.
Have a nice day.
- You's a hot mess, ain't you?
Damn, you feel hot.
Oh, come here, girl.
Come on, sweetie,
come on sweetie.
Here we go.
Gear shift.
Shift it.
Shift nice.
- Oh, you know, you know it.
You know it.
Oh, I gotta go.
What the hell?
- No one was helping her.
- Seriously?
- It damn Skippy.
- Name?
- Eden...
- Oh.
Come on.
Okay, honey, I really need
to get your blood pressure.
Keep still for me.
You know I'm meeting
somebody in the cafeteria.
I'm leaving early today.
You knew that.
- Oh, come on in.
Doctors are back from lunch.
- It's less than six
hours before the wedding.
What is going on here?
- Nothing.
- This does not
look like nothing.
What is it?
Christopher, what happened?
- Mom, I called her school,
and I called her BFF,
and I've called what's
left of her family.
Dad, can you please do
something about mom?
- No, I gotta deal with this.
Went to Eden's house, she
never came home last night.
- So she started drinking again?
- Dude, are
you fucking kidding me?
Do you think he knows?
- Oh, did you
contact the police?
- Yeah, can't
file a missing person's report
for 24 hours.
- You're kidding me, right?
- No.
- It's okay, honey.
What can I do to help you, baby?
- Okay, well, it looks like
we couldn't verify
your insurance,
so we're gonna have
to transfer you.
Need you to sign here and here
that you understand and consent.
All right.
Just go through those doors.
Your clothes have
been put in the Van.
Just go ahead, go
through the doors.
- And I've got some
clothes and hats for you.
Come on.
What are you, come
on, you're okay.
What happened?
Somebody hit you?
They hit you?
Yes they did.
Did this like this.
Didn't give you no
fucking clothes,
no shoes, where's the
clothes you came in with?
Why are you carrying this
fucking bag like that?
Hey, if I was you,
I would've already
ripped that shit
out, you hear me?
Wait, let me do it.
K, now get rid of this.
This is fuckin'
absolutely crazy.
- Do you even know if there were
any accidents
reported last night?
Like maybe on the five,
or in the valley
like off lanker shim,
something like that.
Well, how many people have
been admitted to the er today?
No, I just called this morning.
Dude, can you just make
an exception, please?
Just this once.
Please, she is my fiance, I
need to know if she's o...
Don't, ah, fuck!
- Hello, would
you like to leave a message?
- Hey Eden.
This is me.
And you made a promise,
and it's a lie.
And if you wanna be happy,
if you wanna be happy,
you know what you have to do.
- No, no, no, no, no, no.
- Please.
I just need...
- Sorry.
I'm sorry.
You can get help.
There's a shelter on Normandy,
and right there near sunset.
- Do you need a ride?
Do you need a ride?
Do you wanna go some place?
Are you okay?
Jesus fucking Christ, lady.
Why don't you get on?
I'll give you a ride.
You can't just
wander around here.
Where you goin'?
You want a ride?
- Are you gonna get
your brakes fixed?
- You can go on in.
Everybody's welcome.
It's okay.
- My brothers and my sisters.
Give us the strength
and the courage
to make the right choices,
to fight the good
fight in your name.
Can I get an amen?
- Amen.
- Are you tired
of the sufferin'?
- Yeah.
- When I was thirsty,
you gave me drink.
When I was a stranger,
you welcomed me.
When I was naked,
you clothed me.
When I was in prison,
you came to me.
- Yeah.
Matthew 25:35.
You are your actions.
In this life, you
reap what you sow.
For you are the
salt of the earth,
but a salt has lost its taste,
how shall it gain its saltiness?
It's no longer good for anything
other than being
thrown on the ground
and trampled under
people's feet.
So when you compromise yourself,
you open up the door
for other people
to walk all over you.
- Amen.
- You gotta fight
for you at all costs.
- What's up brother?
Oh, this is the new person.
Maybe we should have
Lila help her out.
Everything's gonna be okay.
You go with my wife Lila here,
and she'll take care of ya.
I know the kind of
trouble you're in.
We can help.
- You can change in the
bathroom down the hall.
- Hello, would
you like to leave a message?
- Eden's daily message.
Please have the
strength and Serenity
to be who the fuck you are.
- Hey, let me just wrap this up,
and I'll take you, okay?
The password's forsaken.
I could give you a ride
as far as Chavez ravine.
I'm not sure how long
this is gonna take.
- Hello, would
you like to leave a message?
- Hey, Eden, this is me, Eden,
the wedding's tomorrow,
and you just, and you
just need to have a...
Okay, never mind.
Hey Eden, this is the
daily message to myself.
It's your day tomorrow,
and you deserve it,
so stay on track, don't rebel,
you're worth it,
you're good enough.
Fake it till you make it.
You hear me?
Oh my fucking god.
This is so stupid.
Look what we got here.
- We got real.
- Hello, would
you like to leave a message?
- Eden's daily message.
I'm gettin' married tomorrow,
and I'm gonna stand
up, and I'm gonna...
Tell everybody that I am...
A liar, and I do not
deserve anything.
And I don't deserve it,
because I don't really want it.
And I live
a charade,
and before I did this shit,
I was perfect.
- Can I help you?
So we took it way in
here on both sides,
and we covered it with lace,
and so you can't even see it.
So there you go.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Oh my god.
That man was here
looking for you.
- Christopher.
- Yesterday.
A big, big man.
Yes, I ordered a
cake for a wedding.
Christopher, Christopher parks.
It's been delivered already.
Doc Wyler beach.
Thank you.
- Everybody's been called.
I still have to
call the tent place.
Chris is that your...
Oh my god.
- Hello.
- What?
What is it?
- It's her, she's okay.
What happened?
- Do you need anything?
- Congratulations, man.
She's a good girl.
She's got good heart.
- Thanks.
- You know what, I know you had
a rough ride as a kid, Chris,
but the future is all you, bro.
I wanna see you happy,
and no matter what
happens today,
I love you, man.
I want you to know that.
- Thank you.
- Chris, wait up.
Guys, hey guys.
Okay, you know that brides
sometimes don't show up
because they're shy, right?
It's an actual thing.
I don't know, it's like
stage fright or something.
- God, you're stupid.
- Hello, would
you like to leave a message?
- Hello Eden, it's Eden,
leaving you your daily message.
So, I just wanna say
that you're probably
feeling a little bit crazy,
but I just wanna remind
you that Chris loves you,
and tomorrow's gonna
be an amazing day.
So, you can do it.
Do it!
Fake it till ya make it, girl.
- Congratulations!
- Hello, would
you like to leave a message?
- Hey Eden, this is me, Eden.
I'm leaving this
message to myself,
because I know you're losing it.
Your future mother in law
forced you to stay at her house.
Wedding tomorrow,
and you needed a drink.
Please remember how
sabotage you are
when good shit happens.
Don't fuck this up, Eden.
Please stay on track.
Do not rebel.
Just fake it till you make it.
That is so fucking stupid.
This is me, Eden.
I know you're losing it.
I'm gettin' married tomorrow,
and I'm gonna stand up,
and I'm gonna tell everybody
that I am a liar.
Hey Eden.
If you really love yourself,
if you really wanna be happy,
then do what you
need to do to be you.
Eden, you are
a fucking maniac.
But I love it.
I love that.
You know who you are,
so just be you regardless.
Yeah, start telling
yourself the truth.
Oh yeah, that's it.
I'm out.
- I've never done this
to a bride before.
I'll be careful.
- Ow.