Ernesto (1979) Movie Script

I've had it.
Work is low,
one must be patient.
Always patient!
Get to work.
The pay?
One florin for two cars.
It's too little.
It's agreed then,
I'd throw the sac on the ground...
and say: "We quit!" But back me up.
I got a wife and kids, don't forget.
Go ahead, Mario.
Yeah, they say they'll strike.
Then they'll get cold feet.
What's the matter? Tired?
No, I'm furious with the boss.
The miser!
Only one fluorine to load and unload...
two cars.
You're right,
I can't stand him either.
When he needs laborers I call you.
But I'm ashamed of the pay.
Got any cigarettes?
No, I don't smoke.
But Mr Wilder does.
Look at this one...
Take that one, it's beautiful.
How much?
One fluorine... very little.
Oh, another blackbird!
Auntie is resting.
You'll like it?
No be quiet.
You and your animals!
They are better than most men...
and certain women.
I am going out.
Ill mannered!
Don't be disrespectful.
She's not going.
Why have you stopped going to the store?
I won't tell you.
You have grown lazy.
Go to your room!
And straighten up everything.
I'm warning you.
Get that chicken out of here.
Come, Camilla...
I put her in the kitchen.
Good morning, Mr. Wilder.
This is the last one!
Give me the cigars,
and avoid temptation.
Why? It's the last.
As of tomorrow...
I quit.
And the box in the safe?
Here... No!
Did you tell the cleaning woman...
that I can't stand
the smell of mothballs?
The mothballs?
Yes... took care of it personally.
Very well, back to work.
The cigars! Cigars!
Here... conscience is clean.
And I don't want to be disturbed.
I have an important
business letter to write!
Keep an eye on the workers!
Specially at the ones
in the warehouse.
Keep the whole box.
My ideal is to rob the reach
to help the poor.
I'm for socialism. You too?
I don't bother with politics
But you do well.
Today's youth sides with the owners.
We shouldn't smoke in here.
But I don't care.
You're a nice boy...
good looking too.
No one ever told me.
Not even your mother?
Least of all,
she is afraid of spoiling me.
We are different,
but I wish we could be friends.
I'm not rich.
Half of my salary goes to... mother.
...and the rest for women!
No, I decided no women until I'm 18.
Are you married?
No, not me.
I'm a bachelor.
I prefer it that way.
Your father?
Never knew him.
He left my mother before I was born.
And my uncle Giovanni
became my guardian.
He's a fanatic. He hates me.
He hates all socialist.
Your mother must love you.
I don't see how she couldn't.
I don't know. It's a shame...
That we can't be friends...
go out together.
Because you're older?
That's not why.
Do you know what it means...
to be the friend of a man like me?
If you don't,
I'm not about to teach you.
Do you know?
You have understood.
Yes, but where?
Where what?
To be alone.
Well, how can we?
In the country there's a place...
No, somebody who'd see as outside.
Tonight, in the woods.
Let's think about it.
All right. We'll talk about it later.
"Blessed are thou,
oh Lord, creator of all things"
"of the fruits of the earth"
"This is the bread of our fathers
in the land of Egypt"
"Eat Of these bread"
"Celebrate the Passover,
this year we are here"
"In the next, we shall be in Israel"
"Here we are in bondage. Next year..."
"in Israel, we'd be free"
I'm hungry,
we have been here three hours.
The questions
"Why do we dip our vegetable in liquid, and..."
The meaning of this ceremony...
"What does this ceremony signifiy for you?"
Have you no respect for the Seder?
What do you expect?
He's the son of a man
who become a Jew for money.
By the way,
we have a good offer for the store.
We can sell, if you're tired of working.
I will regret it,
but I don't feel like continuing
It's final
It's a shame to sell
...I will run it
Run a store, after all you have caused?
You married a goy who runs off,
leaves you pregnant
I warned you...
...the moment I saw him
You remember. "That goy is a bastard"
The meal is good mama
Like his father!
Socialist tongue
with a capitalist stomach
He is a child,
what could he know about politics?
Tell us about Garibaldi
Where he alive..., he would be a socialist
I read it in "The worker"
I prohibit such literature
She is tough, even now!
Mama, don't tell me this is...
my Camilla?
She was messy
...she stopped laying eggs and was dirty
She even ruined aunt Regina's hat
I hope the socialists take over
...and hang you
"A novel by Carlo Wilder"
"And he said..."
He said...
Five... four... three
Mothballs! Who was it?
Mothballs? It's impossible.
Everyone knows you have... alergy
My head... is smoking
I want to smoke, too. The cigar box?
I threw it away
It's gone
You did what? What was that?
For your own good
Of course, everyone is worried about me!
I adopted a father!
You asked me to
Why are you twiddling your thumbs? Work!
I am working
God bless
I told you to check the loaders
in the warehouse
If you damp the sacks...
they will break
I have worked enough
Come, pick up the sack
Pay me two flourines
One flourine is a fair price
I pay more than the others
Arguing is useless, it only tires us out
Lets it go. Tomorrow,
there is work for everyone
At the same rates
We still have two hours before sundown
Move! Let's go!
To work, to work!
Get out!
You come an hour earlier tomorrow
There are sacks that need mending
You, too, Ernesto...
Come to check the workers
Today we are alone
Yes... but for an hour
One can do many things
Such as?
Don't you remember what we said? almost promised
...and I have been waking
To bugger me?
Is it so nice?
There is nothing nicer
For you... what about me?
For you too
Ever do it with a man?
No. Never
And you, with other boys?
...but none so pretty
What did they say?
They begged me. They were happy
I'm afraid
I know what to do the first time
I believe you...
...but I'm afraid it will hurt
Me, hurt you?
I am in love
You just say that... convince me,
but once you get started...
Before I could hurt you,
I would cut it off
I beg you...
There is so little time for us to do it
You want to do it?
Yes, and so do you
Isn't that why we are here?
Unless you will have regrets
I will decide that
But on one condition
If I tell you to stop, you will stop
No matter when
You won't have to say stop
But I promise
That's not enough. Give me...
your word of honor
I will stop whenever you tell me to!
...may God bless you
All right. I have decided
Over there
Don't be afraid
I won't hurt you
...and you'll will like it
You called me an angel,
but in just don't do these things
I was in heaven.
You enjoyed it too. Confess
In the beginning yes. Then it began...
to hurt
We came together
How do you know?
One can sense it.
Besides, look there
If it shows,
we should better turn the sack
I'm sorry, but I must warn you...
not to tell anyone
I'm not stupid.
I know what one can tell
It's dangerous.
You can end up in jail
And then one dies of shame
I'm not fool.
I closed all the doors first
If I don't finish,
who knows what the boss will think
Is it true that in the Army...
...they look up there...
and reject those...
Who told you that?
Does it still hurt?
It does
Next time I'll bring something...
to keep it from hurting.
They sell it in pharmacies
They sell medicine for such things?
No, it's not for that
It's for certain ailments.
They are cones
The slide in and melt
...and then it doesn't hurt
What are they made of?
Out of cocoa butter
...cocoa butter... cocoa yet! stamp collection... stamps...
"When with mothballs you tease"
"On your stamp I sneeze"
Naturally, it hurts
I would cry also
...without edges are worth very little
You need a sense of humor, not only...
when pulling a prank...
but also when you're the object of one
Come, Ernesto
Take this
It's a gift
I know you always liked it
I am sorry. Be good now...
I didn't mean to...
Don't cry
...want me to cry too?
I'm going
Don't forget. Be firm
They have the money. Collect it
And don't take the tram.
Use your long legs!
We'll never finished here. Move!
Let's go!
To work! Move!
Is this a tram?
Good. Take me to Salita Maria Teresa
I don't have money for the rent
There's a lot of work,
but very little profit
...barely enough for a square meal
I can't go back empty-handed
Wilder has more than enough money
I could have closed shop already
...where it not for them
I know, you say it each time
...and never pay
How can you, a socialist...
collect money for someone with exploits...
the workers
Yeah, I have heard it before...
Well then let's screw him
He is a dirty capitalist
Hail... Socialism!
You have disappeared since you left school
Where have you been hiding?
I have been busy
One thing after another...
I have business to attend to...
with little time to spare
There is no doubting the supremacy...
of Italy over Austria:
on land, the barsaglieri
...on the sea,
the DUILIO battleship
Lissa Island?
We were betrayed
Forget it, let's drink
Really, I'm glad we met
We never see each other
...besides, I'm going to London
Today I collected a few rents
They always paid me.
It's a question of style
Since I had taken over,
Wilder caches in promptly
You're doing bookkeeping?
You were a dunce in school!
School is one thing, life is another
Are you coming on my boat
this Thursday?
Your boat?
My father's graduation gift
A sailboat, a sloop
Good old Ernesto
Did you ever...
...with girls?
Oh, lots of times
If you only knew...
I'm afraid, duty calls
...oh, well...
That's life!
Don't. Let us they care of it
I work... so I pay
Good old Andrea!
I never did it with girls!
What are you looking at?
What is it?
The boss sent me,
to see Ernesto about...
the invoices
Come in, please
I will wait...
No, come in, please
Nice. I nice house
Thank you
But aren't you...
Of course...
Ernesto often spoke about you
He's a good boy
Come in...
I'm disturbing you
Not at all, really
...I'll call Ernesto
...I'll be right back
There is someone from the company
What a mess here!
Oh, mama, why all the fuss?
Let me straighten your bed... least
Please, come up
Come, put your shirt on
I'll only be a minute
Sit down
You were feverish, put it on
Leave me alone
The boss told me you were sick
Sick? Nearly dead! The doctor...
He is not here for that
The boss?
He can't find the invoices for the week
...and asks if you have them
...he is angry
You're so absent minded
Searched my desk?
Mama, my jacket... my jacket!
What manners!
You can give that shylock his invoices
I can't understand
why he talks that way about Wilder
...he doesn't mean it
My mother sides with money
Offer him some wine
No, don't bother, I'll be leaving
Oh no, please
Why are you so harsh with your mother?
I imagined her...
You spoke in such a way...
It's not that I don't like her...
but at times she is impossible
What's new at the warehouse?
Nothing in particular. Just that...
It's lonely without you. Very
I'm all better now. Tomorrow...
I'll get up
I'll take a bath,
and right after lunch...
I'll go to the warehouse...
and do whatever you like
It's good
Only, it's...
It's very strong
Oh, the boss...
...said to give you this
Remember the cocoa!
Let's dry your hair well
You're healthier than before!
And yet...
You ran a high fever
Now, all you must think of is work
Who are you?
What are you doing?
I am the apprentice
Mr. Wilder personality hired me
Will you listen?
You talk, talk and conclude nothing
All you do is talk
Take this in the warehouse
Give it to Mr. Ernesto
and buy yourself a cigar
That's it. Cesco!
He's a good man.
I'll bring you back half a cigar
Keep at it!
What is it?
Like I promised. The cone
I thought it was chocolate
Do you like sweets?
Yeah, they are my passion
You're my passion
How did it feel?
Neither good, nor bad
You want to?
Like it?
I want to do what you do
To whom?
To you
You shouldn't with a man
But with a boy,
before he grows a beard...
and it goes out with girls
I am a grown man with a moustache
Shave it off
It would be the same.
I would still be a man
Let's try
What a mess
How disgusting!
Look at that...'re such a busy body
They are warms for the blackbird
You need a barber
No, you will go today, before dinner
I will go when I please
I didn't mean it. I'll go right away
Even you mistreat me, it's too much
I was joking
...I can't open my mouth...
Don't cry, please
If I had married a Jew...
...we would be better off
And I would have a sailboat,
all for myself
Oh, you come here to study!
You don't?
Me? I'm going to the barber...
it is quicker through here
Look... pay her a visit
Only one flourin.
Go on. Take the leap
For you it is a game...
but prostitutes are the victims
of a bourgeois society
You look like an Indian prince
Don't put your hands...
...on his hair
I'll take care of him myself
Your uncle Giovanni came by yesterday
He said that...'re a socialist
Yes, to spite him, if nothing else
He hates socialists
The violin...? you still play?
I have made incredible progress
I am going to be a great virtuoso
No, not that junk
...not for Ernesto
Oh, look how nice
Perfect. Thank you
Your chin is getting fussy
If you would seat still,
I'll shave you
It's a real bear... needs cutting
"A boy can do it only before..."
"he grows a beard"
Ah, Ernesto has grown up!
He is a man
Remember when he was little?
He was a darling child
...full of curly hair
Good boy, you came back
It was about time
You want me?
What are you doing,
you should be in school!
Coming up?
Hello, sweetheart. Looking for me?
No, sorry, I have an appointment...
It took you long enough!
As usual...
the others tried to grab you,
they are terrible
Sit down...
while I straighten up here
Everything is always in a mess here
Don't you want to?
And your hat?
Do we make love with your hat on?
Must be the first time. Right?
No? You sure?
Will you undress?
I will help you
What's your name?
Ernesto... Wilder. And yours?
It is not my name,
but they call me that
No, don't
Is anything wrong?
No, it is just something...
Come, lie next to me
It will be very sweet,
since it's the first time
You will be happy
Feels good?
She will leave right away
Do you smoke?
I guess not...
You're still so young
I should quit smoking
My father always told me to stop
If you want a puff...
...I'll light it
Why so much money?
Today was payday for me
It's too much
I don't want so much. Listen...
I will hold it, and next time
you won't have to pay
All right? Agreed?
Ernesto, you're annoyed
because I took on an apprentice
I'm totally indifferent
No, it's not true. you're...
...very proud
I don't say the boy is a genius...
but, you will see
When I am through teaching him...
he'll be orderly, he will
You will share the work
He will handle the correspondence
You, the workers
Why can't he handle the workers?
No, someone...
must do the desk work...
since you won't
May I go?
Wait a minute
I have a surprise for you
Take a look...
Beautiful stamps. Rare...
You collect them. I'm not a kid anymore
You don't want them? Very well
But I want my whistle
What whistle?
It was in my desk
How did it get here?
Take it, and give me back my cane
You want your whistle?
Then I'll take my cane
It works
What nerve!
How many do you deserve?
How many lashes?
Now that you had your way,
you would beat me?
It's punishment
If I have sinned,
it's not you who should punish me
It's not that
It's because you're too pretty...
and you're also mean
You delight in making my head spin
Slide your pants down
Give it to me
I want it back
I will decide that
Give here
Put out your hand
Come on...
How many did I deserve?
Off with the pants
Stop that... stop, stop...
You remind me of Ali Bab
A bab?
That means "there" in dialect
It's a character in "1001 nights"
In Baghdad...
there was a young boy
who never knew his father
One night, when the moon was high
he had a yen...
for an ice cream, and so he ordered one
The ice cream man...
offered it free. It was so good...
that the boy accepted another.
After which...
attracted by the boy's beauty...
the man offered him an ice cream
each night
And while the youth licked the cone,
the man...
looked on, enraptured
When his thoughts turned caresses,
the boy said:
"Be at easy, and console yourself
with admiring me..."
"and serving me"
You have forgotten what we did
and enjoyed together
One could go to prison
...for such things
But no one has found out
Don't speak so loud
We could say that sack needs... be mended
We will see...
...perhaps in a few days...
but for the last time!
How are you, Mr. Luzzato?
Did you hear...
about the Ravagnani scandal?
I don't read the papers.
The he go bankrupt?
Banker Ravagnani,
who openly supports the socialists...
didn't go bankrupt, he went one better
A squalid affair with a young man servant
Ah, a "warm" friend!
Exactly, and a family ruined
One who does such things...
has no choice, but to shoot himself
Did he?
This morning. Shot himself in the mouth
Look how beautiful. Do you like it?
Won't you introduce me?
My friend, Giovanni
Are you a connoiseur? You like it?
Very much
You see? I bought it
I'm sorry, it's late, we must go
Goodbye. Come, Carlo
May I go, unkle?
A flourine...
For each slap?
No. Don't you know why?
You ought to
To buy some sweets?
The theatre? For a concert?
You're no longer an adolescent
A man must prove that he is a man
Very well, thank you
I'm through...
with Wilder and his literary ambitions
I will tell him:
"It's useless for you to write"
"You have absolutely no talent"
And then what?
I will be free as air
...I will travel
...and trade in spices
Weren't you going to be a concert violinist?
Who knows, maybe both.
I am still in time
I will be able to buy my own boat.
With 50 sailors
How will you ever keep 50 sailors?
They will love me
We where worried,
you disappeared completely
I had to walk
You must be exhausted. Next time...
I will send you a carriage...
a hansom
I am sorry but...
Did you know, that I spent...
...over six flourins for your "airfare"
And since the rents you have collected
amount to... zero
You're a total loss. You must trotl
You have long legs. Start trotling
He trots
Came in second in the school marathon
Second! I was last
As of today, not another cent for you...
So-called carfare. Back to work!
Some paper
Give me!
Go and trot, go on
He came in second. I was last!
To work! To work!
Writing to Wilder?
Thinks that slaves can not appreciate
"And he said..."
He said... He said what?
What is it?
The are vouchers to sign
Leave them there and go,
I have things to do
You have forgotten me
...but I haven't
I can't forget, Ernesto.
I even call your name,
when no one can hear...
Like a fool.
I beg you... grant me this wish
I can't go on...
You will obey me?
Then lie down. Today I will do it
You mind?
Do it for me
I promise you will like it
Hurt me if you like, do what you want
Don't think you were hired here...
to teach me something...
you never produced anything here.
You can't teach me anything.
Because you're a spoiled
and selfish being
Too lazy to work...
or to do anything else
Here is your letter! According to you...
I bleed the legs off my employees
Well, your legs are fired
You're through!
Pass by the office to settle accounts
Get out
You and your "marathon"!
The mothballs. You keep them
Tell me the true...
That carfares are an excuse
You want to go because
you feel trapped in here
How did you know?
I feel trapped too. And I hate...
everything in here
The letter book. The sacks.
The apprentice
The great Wilder! The great merchand!
I have been stuck here for 40 years
This barn never appealed to me
Yet it keeps making money,
don't ask me how
Why didn't you go?
Going away solves nothing
Go where? Where does one go?
It's like giving up smoking
Here, "give up smoking". Look here
I hid them. You see?
Full of cigars. I didn't quit at all
It was a joke
You wanted a dumb boss to poke fun at...
So I played the writer...
alergic to mothballs and cigars...
just to amuse you
I played the part, and smoked
What'll you do,
now that you have satisfied your ego?
Something that will amaze you
I heard you want to become...
a violinist. That remains to be seen
Shall we bet on it?
...I say no!
I will bet anything
I would be happy to lose, dear friend
You will be back
Despite the violin, despite the trips...
and adventures
What if you were in my place, at my age?
I forgot, when you're young
you're sure of yourself
Just wait...
you will come to a halt...
all of a sudden
Perhaps sooner than you think
One never quits smoking
May I go?
Take the cain.
It will bring good luck
Go, go...
How come you're so early?
I was fired
Stop that...
Can't you ever be serious?
I am serious. He fired me
I am glad, I was fed up
Without a job! First, your father,
and now you, too
It's different.
He ran off when you were pregnant
Mine was an act of courage
Why should he leave off me?
I couldn't even take a tram
A tram at your age?
You're all the same...
You might as well know,
I'm through being an employee
What then?
A violinist
A violinist?
Aunt Regina...
...will send us away
Oh, mama...
stop talking misery
I grew you up with it only to find out...
we are loaded with money
If uncle Giovanni hears you...
You're not poor.
They make you feel that way
After your marriage,
they took over completely
You're also going to preach to me?...
Be like me, pay no attention to them
We will take trips
Madame, may I...?
...Saint Petersburg
You left without pay
God knows what you wrote
You go to Wilder...
and have him pay this last week
I would like to...
I will go, don't worry
But don't breathe a word to aunt Regina
Of all days to get fired
Want me to have a stroke?
2 flourins for the theatre
The theatre? I will murder you
What theatre?
Why aren't you working?
If you're sick, then...
go to bed
Instead of the theater, a phyalc
There is Ondricek tonight, the violinist...
the world's greatest
Our socialist prefers art to work
It's serious music
Not the junk you listen to
Please, 2 flourins
Mr. Wilder is a saint
Quiet, I read your terrible letter
It took me a while to convince him
...he forgives you're hired again
I won't go back
Not for anything,
not even for 100 crowns a month
Did he give you the money?
If you don't go back...
you will get nothing
Help me
there's something you don't know
If you did,
you wouldn't want me to go back
Tell me...
did you steal?
Nothing like that
Remember that man... when I was sick?
Yes, a good person...
Remember about Ravagnani, the banker?
...about the scandal?
I don't understand...
Uncle Giovanni said that...
Whoever does those things,
should shoot himself
that man and I...
we did those things...
And so I can't go back
I mustn't see him
The despicable... murderer!
taking advantage of a boy!
If I see him I swear I will kill him!
No. Promise me you won't do anything
It's all over now
He said he loved me.
He never left me in peace
He would even buy me candy...
He will pay for what he did
An upright boy like you
I am not upright at all
It's also my fault
If I hadn't wanted...
Was it important?
Then why... why?
Forget it now
What you did was ugly, but...
if it's really over...
and no one finds out...
Thank goodness you're not a girl
That's for sure
I was even with a woman
And here I thought...
will you forgive me?
Then can I have the money for the concert?
2 flourins
All right...
Looking for me?
You knew I would be waking?
Naturally, I wanted to meet you.
What's your name?
Emilio Luzzato.
But they call me Ilio
I'm Ernesto
How old are you?
You're still pretty young
I'm 18, but we could still be friends
Are you one who considers Ondricek exceptional?
He is a fair technician...
Not bad though
In all modesty,
I would have handled the last sonata...
with greater technique...
and finer interpretation
Don't you like anybody?
Frankly, myself.
My style is original, personal
My teacher says that I have little to learn
He's an old fogy
Mine to, he makes me do scales all day
If I could study with someone like you...
Do you know what it means
to be a friend of a man like me?
No. Why?
It doesn't matter
The hands of a violinist
You live with your mother?
And my father
Well, forget it
Oh, please, don't say no
Well, maybe I will take a run over
Let's see... this Sunday
The neighbors will complain...
oh, that violin!
He played so well, that I woke up saying:
"I am dead and this are the angels"
He really applied himself
If he becomes a concert artist...
It's better than a merchand
I wouldn't give myself airs
if he become famous
I can just imagine
The entrance, please?
Papa, this is Ernesto
Come on...
I am here, mostly alone.
Do you like it?
Good morning, boys
You're Ernesto, right?
My son keeps working about you.
Here is your tea
No, later
No, your tea first
Oh please, leave us alone
Well, enjoy yourselves
Your mother is sweet,
mine always sniffles
Mine is worse
Let me hear you first
Just this once
(...God, he will never learn...)
How is it?
Don't stop, you must keep at it
(This is so cute and so...)
(...tone deaf)
The little finger... here
The ring finger... like this
...that's much better...
I am not scandalized
Ilio and I have no secrets
Rachelle, my twin sister
Ilio, get the violin
Keep still you geniuses
That's enough, I am tired!
Stop it, I am not through
I surrender...
Ilio is really sweet
Give a hand
I was sure I saw...
...somebody I know
Give me a hand with this trunk. Let's go
How could you know anybody in here?
You keep seeing people everywhere
You should better stop hitting the bottle
Nice, huh Ernesto?
Let it out, that's it...
Would in the slack
Are you in love?
Papa thinks it's you he likes the jib all right?
Let go, let go...
Stay down
Leave me...
As kids we did it...
...whenever a guest arrived
They never caught on
They would mistake us every time
My father couldn't tell the difference
Not even our mother
I could tell
You're both crazy
I am ready
I am going to take a look
You're both beautiful
I don't know how
Will you help?
If I were fuller here...
I would be prettier than she is
Will you?
I will try...
It won't button
Just a touch of makeup
You will see...
Are you mad?
Now I am like your Ilio
I am Ilio
Your Ilio...
That's enough!
...I am tired of this game
See anything?
Nothing. Can't get it to work
Poor Ernesto! He is trying so hard
He is even giving lessons to Luzzati's son
I am pleased that he frequents the Luzzatis
It's an important family
If he can make such friends, well then...
You know, that boy has improved
I really like you
...and you like me
I know it
And Ilio?
He is just a poor imitation
The game is over
I knew you were conniving
You meet secretly.
You do everything secretly
You liar!
Stop it Ilio
Women ruin everything.
You're a poor imitation of me
I taught you everything.
You're my ghost
I hate you
You choose...
Excuse me, I must go
I didn't know you were here
What's wrong?
Ernesto and I like each other
...and Ilio is happy about it.
Right, Ilio?
Fine, fine...
But there is no need to shout...
If it makes you happy
So, Ilio has a sister!
Yes, we have met a few times
She painted our portrait
Why all these questions?
Shall we tell him?
We have been invited to Luzzati's
this coming Sunday
I imagine we were invited
by Ilio's sister
What's her name?
Exactly, Rachelle
"Oh, nothing official.
They are still children"
"But if their friendship should develop..."
"Yesterday Giovanni spoke to Rachelle father"
"There was no objection"
"Being related to the Luzzatis
would cancel out"
"your unfortunate marriage"
You're so lovely...
These pearls are for you
Yes, because... know, that I love you
Go, while you still can
Fly, little one, fly
Hurry or we will be late
The women went ahead
Mr. Ernesto, how are you?
Buy yourself a glass of wine, or a cigar
To Villa Luzzato... Who was that?
One of Wilder's workers
I was right, wasn't I?
Nice party!
...looks like we are all here
Any concerts? None?
Don't worry, you will play your violin
...when you're alone... at night
Otherwise they would laugh at us
For the time being, Ernesto...
...will work in my Company,
he is through with childish pranks
He will mature with marriage.
Ernesto is...
...very judicious
And remember Rachelle. Ernesto is...
very timid, sensitive
With a mania for animals
Don't bother about that...
At night, you with your violin, and...
I, with my novel
"What would you do, Mr. Wilder,
were you my age?"
Now we are the same age
Let's enjoy the party!
That's enough Ilio,
I told you not to carry on like that
And stop shouting
Leave me alone
That shrew, Maria, is dying of envy
This wedding will make up for her marriage
You're behaving like a child!
Leave me in peace...
You'll get it!
Ernesto is like a ray of sunshine
He is a socialist
but not against pretty girls
Where is Ilio?
I wouldn't know. Why? Won't I do?
How we sacrificed... make him what he is, poor darling
They are beautiful!
I will buy them a motor car
Thank you
To our children... to their happiness
To our children!
To think, Rachelle and I
were still playing with dolls