Erotica 2022 (2020) Movie Script

You know what he told me?
That he'll pay my husband, not me.
I ask, "What if I don't have a husband?"
"That's your problem," he says
and keeps staring at me.
Laughing into my face.
Can you imagine that?
Saying that this is the law.
These are the regulations.
I told him, "Regulations my ass!
I want my fucking money."
Come on, ladies! Chop, chop!
No delays today.
Where are the actresses?
They'll be on set in a sec.
- How much longer?
- Hurry up!
We're waiting in Studio Eight.
Ladies first.
Where are the guests?
Can someone bring them to me?
Aren't you staying?
See you tomorrow.
I will be going now, girls.
The ladies' cars stop in sector one.
The men' cars stop in sector two.
Step away from the edge of the platform.
Thank you.
Why don't you eat?
You don't have an appetite.
Maybe it's a good sign.
Yes, I know...
We have to wait for the test results.
I'll call them.
Last time, we got them after three weeks.
Don't worry.
This time they will be positive.
I don't believe in serial bad luck.
No. I'm good.
I need to go back to work.
Something came up.
I'll try to make it quick.
You take a bath and have some rest.
Women could easily make it without men.
They handle loneliness well.
They take care of their health.
They're quick learners.
They are not aggressive. They like kids.
They are friendly.
They stay close to home.
When they're young,
it's easy to awake in them...
this mysterious, overbearing instinct.
Which only occasionally
is connected to having children.
Then they become blind.
The algorithm can surprise you.
Then one can put up the tents.
And settle inside their nests
by throwing everything out.
And they won't even notice...
that the chick sitting
in the nest is monstrous.
And that it's a foundling.
No more talking. I promise.
And you finish your job.
Why does it take so long?
Go to set. We are ready to roll.
Calm down.
They can't start without me.
Central Station.
Doors will open on the left.
From the north, Arctic air masses
will come over Poland,
which means that our seaside towns,
Torun and Bydgoszcz,
are exposed to quite a lot of rain.
As far as the southern part
of Poland and Silesia are concerned,
the situation looks a little better there.
Because we will not have
radioactive rain this month,
as the American scientists announced.
Unfortunately, the radioactive fallout
will come from the east,
so all people who live
in the southern part of Poland
should get their masks.
Hi honey.
I'm sorry I haven't called earlier.
I need to stay longer at work today.
Don't hold dinner for me.
Are you there?
- I am.
- See you in the morning.
Go to bed early.
You should rest.
I'm getting back to work.
I love you.
Thank you for the meeting.
Thank you so much.
Our next guest is an author
of crime novels and essays.
Tomasz Wiecha. Please, sit down.
We're rolling in thirty seconds.
Makeup on set, please.
I haven't been touched
so tenderly for a long time.
I'll have a great day thanks to you.
We are going on air.
We are rolling in a sec. Are you ready?
Don't be nervous, it's gonna be fine.
Six, five, four...
three, two...
Even the brightest men
may be motivated by an atavistic instinct.
They mindlessly gravitate
toward much younger women.
It's not about reproduction, DNA...
or thrusting your genes
in the tiny channels of matter,
through which the times flows.
It's more because of a feeling...
that all men have in
every moment of their lives...
a carefully silenced and hidden feeling...
that when left in a quiet
and boring company of the passing time,
they will be subject to a quick atrophy.
They were built for a short,
yet intense time.
For an exciting chase.
For a victory followed by
an immediate exhaustion.
When the energy supplies finally end...
then you start living on debit.
This is Borys Polkowski's
secretary speaking.
Mr. Polkowski can't take
the call at the moment.
Please leave a video massage.
May I join you?
There are no free tables.
I'll call the clinic today.
How long are we supposed to wait.
Good evening.
Seven, five, four, two, one, six, six.
Borys Polkowski.
That is correct.
Here you are.
Smells good.
I called you. Why didn't you answer?
Right, you had a check-up.
How did it go?
Tonight I stay at home.
You're not going to drink, are you?
To us.
And to our baby.
Why are you sitting here?
There's a reason for this policy.
Give me a break.
There are no seats over there.
I'm tired.
I didn't sleep the whole night.
Show me your ticket.
Is that really you in the picture?
It's photo of a child.
I have grown up.
Jokes aside.
You have to sit elsewhere.
Come on, really?
I also have people watching me.
Besides, the lady might mind it.
I don't mind.
You see, sir?
Aren't you cold?
Where are you going?
I'm so hungry.
That's all I have left.
Let's move!
Excuse me, sir. Can you help me?
Thank you.
People! Stop staring!
It may explode any second.
Walk down this way! Go!
Keep walking, please.
Women and children stay here, by the bank.
Men go towards the forest.
Women and children, here by the bank.
Men towards the forest.
I repeat. Women and children, here.
Men toward the forest.
Is it clear? I said, towards the forest.
I need couple of men with me!
We'll get some wood.
We need to make bonfires!
All the ladies, come here!
I repeat. Women and children, here.
Men towards the forest.
Good. Now we wait for replacement buses.
Gentlemen, let's move!
People! Can you hear me?
The buses have arrived.
Come! They're leaving soon.
You hear me? The buses are here.
Ma'am, you're still here?
The bus for women is already here.
You better go,
or they will leave without you.
All right. The bus is here,
we should count ourselves.
We need to check if one bus is enough.
Six, seven, eight, nine...
ten, eleven, twelve fourteen...
sixteen, eighteen, twenty...
twenty four, twenty six, twenty eight...
Twenty nine.
Don't go away.
If you don't leave now,
you'll stay here until the morning.
Daddy, I don't want to go alone, please.
I hate it.
Calm down. Don't panic.
These are the rules.
I will just ask.
- Don't cry.
- What if there is an accident?
Sweetie, please...
Come on, let's go.
Could you look after my girl?
No. I have other obligations.
I stay with the train.
What are you sobbing about?
You're a big girl.
You should understand
that this is the law.
- What am I supposed to do?
- I don't know.
Please, follow me to the bus.
I have to go.
Don't be scared. It will be fine.
- But daddy...
- Go.
You're up, pumpkin?
You're up, pumpkin?
- My sweet pussy wife.
- Shush, go sweet and quiet.
My sweet pussy wife didn't pass.
Still, there is no approval.
The wife did her best.
She clenched her tiny fists.
There were butterflies inside the fists.
One dream too many,
and there will be no baby.
Ugly wife.
Bad wife.
No baby,
no promotion.
Only marmalade.
What now?
A petit coffee in the garden...
A coffee for the daddy.
Daddy, the strong man.
Alexander is pretty silent today,
don't you think?
And who is responsible for the batteries?
Who that may be?
The new baby will come out
of mommy's tummy.
What does mommy say to that?
What does mommy have to say?
Today is the day.
Of your evaluation.
My today reminds a candelabrum.
It shines in the sun and swings.
Once, daddy ran over a candelabrum.
In Paris.
Wham... Wham...
Tomorrow you reach
the limit of your hours.
- I know.
- Those extra ones.
I'm collecting points
for another evaluation.
It's in the system.
We know such cases
of unsuccessful evaluations.
I have the right to...
One. Two. Three. Four.
One. Two. Three. Four.
Five. Six. Seven. Eight.
One. Two. Three. Four.
One. Two. Three. Four.
One. Two. Hands up. Bottom!
One. Two. Three. Four.
Five. Six. Seven. Eight.
Smile. Five. Six...
We smile.
One. Two. Three. Four.
Five. Six. Seven. Eight.
One. Two. Three. Four...
One. Two. Three. Four. Five.
Six. Seven. Eight.
One. Two. Three. Four.
Five. Six. Seven. Eight.
And one more time.
A request for another evaluation.
Due to...
Attempt for a biological child.
Wife number 68?
Wife 68, we don't like your dreams.
I'm working on myself.
The guarantee is there?
Everything is there.
Shall we hop for a tiny lunch later?
A yummy-yummy Japanese lunch downtown.
A yummy lunch with a happy family.
I congratulate you on your
68th successful evaluation.
After returning the test model,
come to our office.
Everything will be wonderful.
Everything will be great.
Once, daddy ran over
a candelabrum in Paris.
Know the place of safe gathering.
Do not ignore the sound signals.
They were back so I couldn't do it.
Attention! Report leaky gathering points.
I used think...
Tried to figure that out. Now, I'm fed up.
I cook for the whole week.
And I don't think.
Take it.
See you.
- I'll call you.
- All right.
Attention, always wear a protective coat!
Senior citizen, ask your grandson
to make you a supply.
Hey babe!
- How was it?
- Crazy.
Good for you.
I have an idea for a business.
A new type of porn.
I know it's impossible.
Everything has been invented already.
What else can you think of?
But listen. You jerk off...
on really expensive clothes,
gadgets and accessories...
Do you what they call it?
Tell me.
Fantastic. Where are your underpants?
No laundry machine, no underpants.
- Did you give it to her?
- I didn't.
You would tell me
I'm doing it wrong. You do it.
Who stinks really bad today?
You have a terrible breath
today, you know that?
Are you angry at me?
I'm frustrated because I don't come.
We can patch it up.
We will glue it.
It's not like you can't exercise it...
I can learn anything I want in one year.
When I was nine...
they told me my frenulum is too short,
and they'd have to cut it.
So I learned how to say "R".
Erotically sounding "r".
Stop it.
I wish this city was as easy to commute
as they show it in Polish movies.
Why do you brake so harshly?
You're so stupid, I just can't...
Keep going.
Go, dude.
What are you staring at?
Have you never seen a human?
You know he can't hear you, right?
Are they yours?
Yeah, and why?
You haven't seen them?
- Did they take you to Maja?
- No.
Because it was raining.
Dad. Car. Didn't want to move.
Dad didn't want to move his car
because of the rain?
- Fucking hell.
- Funking hell.
- Fugging hell.
- Fu...
- Fugging...
- Fucking...
- Fugging hell.
- Fucking hell.
- Pucking...
- Fucking.
- Fucking...
- Hell.
How do you like a dog's christening?
Why do you eat sweet and acidify yourself?
You will get cancer.
Girls love sugar,
especially those with worms.
If you are sad, dad could bring you a TV?
Honey, there is no way
there is a party without a speech.
My Lord...
Forty years of a membership...
It makes my eyes wet.
We all remember Hunter, the dog...
He was with us for many years.
We used to go together,
when it was still allowed,
to hunt boars.
When there were any.
When it was allowed to. So...
That dog knew everything.
Nowadays, young dogs are being trained
the same way I trained Hector.
You shoot the boar in the spine
to paralyze half of its body.
It won't hurt the dog then.
Then you leave them alone.
So the dog will have satisfaction
of killing the boar on his own.
Hector, you little shit, come here.
Don't embarrass me.
Let's make a toast
to the memory of Hect... Hunter
and to Hector's future achievements.
Sit down!
- Dog.
- Peter, my boy.
Stands here.
This is illegal.
Be quiet.
This is impolite.
There are mosquitos, flies...
And spiders.
Peter, sit down.
- No!
- Relax.
A dog keeps guard.
For Hector.
- Peter, my boy.
- Sit, my toy.
- Chop, chop.
- All right.
This is disgusting.
I don't wanna know. Baits.
Keeps guard. Dog. Not here.
A dog...
is afraid of a micro-dog.
Does dad know where it is?
It's parents' turn. Now.
Doggy. Far away.
That's it.
Long live the dog!
Tickle me.
Yesterday I tickled you.
- Down.
- Leave her alone.
- Warsaw, down, now!
- What are you doing?
Let her be!
It's a dying dog.
Don't swear.
You speak like that to a dying dog?
- Come on...
- Dog hair everywhere.
So what?
You're an idiot.
Don't cry with lenses is. They will break.
I want...
I want to be sure it won't hurt her.
That she won't suffer.
After all the doses she took,
you can be sure of that.
Pawel says I'm fucked up
to make her suffer like that.
Maybe you do, but maybe...
Maybe you make her life longer.
I don't know.
You will have a problem.
She will shit everywhere.
Fine by me. She can shit all she wants.
Shit anywhere you please.
You can shit all over the place.
You see what a good life she had?
She ate a few underpants, including mine.
Because she likes your smell.
- Right.
- She likes you.
You remember? I put them on
and there was a hole.
They remove them in my place too.
Good morning.
- Morning.
- Preparing already?
Why not?
I just thought...
It won't do any harm.
Maybe I could save them.
What happened with the animals upstairs?
The neighbor from number 40.
Haven't you heard?
The whole block jumped on its feet.
He brought upstairs
hedgehogs, squirrels, and birds.
He put all of them into cages.
They stand now one on top of the other.
They scream.
- Idiot.
- Good morning.
Good morning.
You can hear them screaming
in the whole neighborhood.
Maybe he is scared.
He's building an ark, like Noah. Idiot.
See you.
See you.
Go to the gathering point.
Do not ignore the signals.
Stay calm.
Go to the gathering point.
Do not ignore the signals.
Stay calm.
Go to the gathering point.
Do not ignore the signals.
Stay calm.
Go to the gathering point.
Do not ignore the signals.
Stay calm.
Go to the gathering point.
Do not ignore the signals.
Stay calm.
Go to the gathering point.
Use alkaline soap solution,
for skin burns.
I love these slim legs of yours.
I like everything you've got
Boobies, ass and your face
For real.
You have a beautiful face.
Like a saint.
Come on...
Sweet little fourteen.
Or thirteen.
And a pushup.
Wait a sec.
I like it...
when your tits bounce.
Like mountain goats.
- Tits plus goats make...
- Toats!
Booby goats.
They stood on a pier...
and suddenly...
a sad ferry.
I would call it a sad fart.
- Wait a sec.
- Go on.
- What?
- Stop it.
Didn't go as planned.
Loosen up.
That wasn't a sad ferry.
No, that was music.
Here you have such a soft nose.
You have a black hair in your nose.
I'll trim it for you later.
You know what?
Here is what we're gonna.
You'll go down on me, no cheating...
For like fifteen minutes.
Once you feel I'm coming...
But you don't come.
I do come.
Just not to the very end, recently.
That's my point.
Then you just enter me...
But you know, full power and off we go.
Maybe you should get high
to stop thinking?
After weed I get hungry,
dumb and sleepy.
Let's get you drunk then.
All right!
Go to the gathering point.
Go to the gathering point.
Go to the gathering point.
Do not ignore the signals.
Stay calm. Go to the gathering point.
The copulation of these birds
is an interesting phenomenon,
as their life-long relationships,
betrayals, envy and aggression.
Cheating occurs just like
in case of humans.
When a female sparrow
finds out about betrayal,
she can peck her husband to death.
Or even destroy his lover's nest.
Among birds,
rape can also occur while copulating.
Because it's not only about fertilization.
Birds feel the sexual pleasure,
as well as the sexual attraction,
exactly like people.
The male oystercatcher can mate
with his partner up to 400 times.
Despite the fact that
only one time is enough to fertilize.
The female often
does not approve the copulation,
but the male, if desperate,
can be really tireless.
He climbs onto the female's back,
so under his weight
she can do absolutely nothing.
Bird rapes are also
commonly seen among ducks.
They have sexual organs of enormous size.
The male white-headed duck's penis
is almost as long as its body.
The fuck you want?
You took your time.
Chill, dude. It's five star stuff.
Didn't the previous guy fill you in?
Never got no complaints.
No bitch will go to the pigs anyways.
They'll just laugh at her
or drop into the system.
Won't get any work on probation.
It's easier to get off
by robbing it out in secret.
Drop me off on the Suicide Bridge.
Another bitch
took the leap here the other day.
Late for the train.
I want to get off. It's time.
It won't get better
You kidnapped somebody?
Fine. I'm out of here.
I want to get off.
It's time. It won't get better
Step by step, oh dying
Makes you wanna dream
'bout one little step
I met... what's her name?
- The one always partying with us?
- Kaka.
Paula gives head for euros now.
Or dollars.
I saw pics.
A pool, drinks
with the little umbrellas...
- Fast cars, limos...
- Hey, dummy!
You are in a fucking limo!
No point in being jealous, you never know.
- Damn right.
- C'mon.
Carole got knocked up.
- That's why she's not with us.
- She got fat?
- For sure.
- Nothing is free.
- Exactly.
- Designers' clothes with all the logos.
- New lips, new eyelashes, new teeth...
- Whose?
Paula's. No one will
take that away from her.
It's a self-investment.
Fuck me! She's so dumb!
I'm talking to her, not to you.
- Who's the father?
- It doesn't matter anyway.
She just got fat.
At least Paulina got new tits.
Such tits are for life.
On my way.
Do we have hookers?
- We have one in the trunk.
- Right.
That's where you keep garbage.
You look seriously underfucked.
Turn here.
You'll find our toys here.
Need help with the blowing part?
No, thank you.
Everyone prefers to blow by himself.
It looks like you're preparing
quite an orgy.
You're new?
Usually some other guy was picking up toys
for those money shitting fuckers.
I know 'cause I'm here every week
for a new blow doll.
You know what?
'Cause I enjoy ripping her head off
after a good fuck.
Do you want one?
- Can I choose?
- Yes.
Thank you.
Look. I come in the cunt
and come out in the ass.
Open wide.
Fucking tits.
Here you go.
Don't swallow.
Yeah, do it again.
Are you fulfilled, babe?
Wait here.
Look! One of our Lords lost his wife!
Bring her over!
Five... Four... Three...
Two... One...
It's midnight.
Happy New Year.
Happy New Year, Lucy.
I lost a whore.
Get her back. On the double.
Are you OK?
Help me.
Come with us. We'll help you.
Don't be scared. It will be OK.
Do you remember?
Go left. Third room at the end.