Erumbu (2023) Movie Script

Aranthangi High School, Kattumannarkoil,
Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu.
We stood in a queue just like the
compartments of a train at the exam hall
Our hearts were stunned
looking at the question paper
We just wrote what we know
and gave it to the teacher
By ringing the final bell the
school was given holidays
The school has declared two
months' leave for the children
Even then the rules of the
house have become strict
Our weekly timetable has changed
Henceforth even if you think
It is impossible to see me
There is no chance to
tell us to do homework
There are no worries from dawn to dusk
For some days there will be no
troubles from the tuition teacher
And no more sleeping in the classrooms
The school has declared two
months' leave for the children
Even then the rules of the
house have become strict
Our weekly timetable has changed
Henceforth even if you think
It is impossible to see me
We did not count the days...
because all the days were like Sundays
We were waiting like the
broody hens that were incubating
We are flying like crows and sparrows
We stayed for ten days
at our aunt's tiny house
For some days we roamed and
played through the entire village
We fight for smashed 'Puttu', hand-pressed
'Koluukatta' and 'Thatta' made by our grandmother
We spend our holidays
eating all these food items
Can we also have an Omelette?
Let us ask when our dad comes.
- Okay, sister.
Dear, where did you disappear?
That is...
Why did you take so long?
Where are the kids?
They are in the hotel.
Since they asked for water,
I seated them at the hotel.
How much is it?
- 3650.
Shall we redeem it next month?
Tomorrow is our child's birthday,
don't make me angry now.
This ring was gifted with love
by my younger brother.
What will I tell him if he asks me
on the day of the baby's birth?
It is a total of 3700.
Notice that 20 milligrams are less
for one gram of gold.
Is it okay?
- Hmm...
Come, Kamalam.
You asked for Bindi. So, go and buy it. I'll be back.
- Lie down.
Okay, go carefully and return.
Have you finished?
Can we have an Omelette for each of us?
- Huh...
- Otherwise, buy an Omelette,
and we'll split it into two halves.
Does an Omelette cost 10 or 15?
Muthu, Shall we make an Omelette at home and have it?
- Okay, sister.
Daddy, he's asking simply, he will not eat.
We'll have it next time, Daddy.
- Hmm...
Eh! Okay, dear
How much, brother?
- Total cost for four 'Parottas' is 40.
Daddy, give it to me for a minute.
I will see it and return it.
Careful, son.
- Okay, Father.
Sister, Is it looking good?
- Yes, it is good.
Come, son.
Daddy, will you buy a ring similar to this?
For now, you give it to me.
I'll buy it for your birthday.
Okay, Daddy.
Take it.
Do not do mischief.
Daddy, goodbye!
I'll redeem it within 10 to 15 days.
Can you keep this bike
and pay me whatever money you have?
Brother, I have only 3000 now.
Not just that, but who gives a loan
against such vehicles?
Can't you give 5000 at least?
Even this is very high for this vehicle.
Okay, give me whatever you have.
Take this.
Brother, when you return it,
pay an additional 300 alone.
Is it fair?
Why, sir?
For the sake of a loan,
why are you humiliating me...
by making me
and my children stand on the road?
Let my son come.
I warned him many times...
not to take a loan from him. Did he listen to me?
He is burdened now with this loan.
What am I to do now?
How can you sit inside while my children are
standing o the street? Won't this sin consume you?
Dear Pachai, take your brother
and play at Kavya's house.
Can we go to Mani's house?
Come, Annadurai!
I do not know how long I have to
visit your home for the loan repayment.
Why must you visit our home so many times?
If you had made a phone call,
I would have met you in person and spoken.
What would you have told me in person?
It is not possible this month.
But, I will do it next month. Is it not?
No. It is not like that.
- It is my fault.
Previously instead of
collecting the loan amount...
I allowed a remaining 30,000/-
I must punish myself for it.
No, Arumugam...
- 5 months are over.
Till now, you haven't paid
the principal amount or the interest.
Do you think I am a fool
to be without questioning you about it?
What is this?
Sir, it is 3000.
Do I have to suffer
because I donated to you?
You keep this 3000 for now. I'll pay the balance
interest by tomorrow morning. Get up now.
How dare you touch me!
till you pay the complete interest,
I'm not leaving this place.
- What?
I accept that I have taken a loan from you
I am not denying it.
But there is a way to ask politely.
But you're talking too much.
How come the lord is getting too angry?
If I don't get the interest by tomorrow morning,
you'll lose your honour in public.
Can't a person have respect or honour
if he takes a loan?
You can, but to keep that respect,
you must...
repay the loan with interest and then open
your mouth to speak. Do you understand?
Oh my God!
Why are you glowering at me?
Careful, don't burn me to ash.
Inside he is scolding
and when I come outside you are glowering.
Did I loan you the money? Or did you lend the money to me?
- Listen, Arumugam!
The financial transaction is
between you and me alone.
Why are you unnecessarily talking
to the woman of the house?
Why? Didn't you both receive
the loan amount together?
Why are you getting angry
if I talk to your wife now?
When will you repay?
Tomorrow I'm going to harvest the crops.
I'll repay the amount as soon as I come back.
- You go wherever you want to go.
It's not my concern. When will you repay me?
Sir, I do not have the money.
What do you want me to do?
You do not have money!
In that case,
you and your family beg at a temple.
- Dear, please leave him.
Am I not asking you to leave him?
How dare you snatch me by my shirt!
I will hack you into pieces.
Be careful.
I am not ready to be patient anymore.
The principal amount is 30,000...
The principal amount is 30,000, and its interest is 7500.
The total sum is 37,500. Give it now, and I'll leave.
Sir, don't you have a conscience?
If you ask me to repay immediately, where will I go?
- Immediately?
Does not my bike's
daily petrol expenses count?
When will you repay me?
Hmm... On the 1st of the month,
I'll throw it on your face.
- Hey, Moneylender!
Pachai's daddy is assuring you that he'll repay on the 1st
of the month, then why do you keep pressurizing him?
Hey Chittu!
Mind your own business.
If you interfere in unnecessary issues...
I'll trample you, go away from here.
Get lost, man!
Senseless man!
If you do not repay on
the 1st of the month...
Sir, I will repay it on the 1st of the month.
- If you do not repay on the 1st of the month,
I will throw all your household
things outside and lock your house.
Did my father save money to
help beggar families like you?
Honourless man!
Go, man!
Always after money!
Brother, I'll play and give.
- Hey, keep quiet.
Brother, what is this?
Hey! Do not touch it that way.
Hey! Watch out! He's coming from behind.
Shoot him down.
Hey! Perfect shot, man!
From there 350...
I have 3100 adding 300 it is 3450.
If that too comes, then I can repay it.
If 19 goes...
- Umm?
Daddy, Kavya's family has a touch phone.
Daddy, they're playing
PubG and FIFA games in it.
Daddy, when will you buy it?
As if that's the only thing...
we lack in this situation.
Don't shout at kids.
We'll buy it, son.
Son, I'll surely buy it
before the next harvest.
Daddy, I asked him to show me the
phone once, but he refused to give it.
Why are you asking those people?
Let us buy one for ourselves.
Do not keep your hand. It will fall.
- Hmm.
Hey! Do not dash mine.
- Okay.
Welcome, uncle.
- Muthu!
Is it your quarterly holiday?
- Yes, uncle.
Is the cake for my younger brother?
- Yes, Muthu.
Welcome Saravana!
Why all this? It is unnecessary.
- No problem, sister.
Yuvan darling!
Is it your birthday today?
My sweet darling.
- It is Your uncle, darling.
You freshen up and come quickly.
- Okay.
Sister, where's my brother-in-law?
He has gone to meet the overseer.
Okay, sister.
My sweetie!
Look at what your uncle
has brought for you!
He is sleeping.
Please sit on the porch.
Pachaiyamma, get a candle and knife.
Take it, uncle.
Sister, everything is ready. We can cut the
cake as soon as my brother-in-law arrives.
- Hmm.
I want a cake like this for my birthday!
Okay, brother, we'll buy it.
- Okay, sister.
Is the overseer awake now?
No one can wake him up.
It is possible only if he
stirs awake on his own.
Please wait.
Welcome, Annadurai.
That is...
Why are you here so early in the morning?
You said the harvest time
will be for more than two days.
possible, can you pay today...
in advance the wages of 20 days?
First, let us hope to get
wages for this harvest.
Oh, no.
Please don't take
anything from these wages.
Then, I'll be in great difficulty.
What's this, Annadurai?
People are struggling without work.
But, you're asking for an advance
from the wages of unfinished work.
Well, then...
how about this?
- Uh.
Give it to me...
on the 30th of this month...
that is okay with me.
This deed of yours will
be the greatest for me.
We will see about it later.
No. Don't say that you'll see about it later. I hope in you.
Kindly give it to me by the 30th of this month.
Go now, Annadurai.
We'll see later.
Cut the cake, dear!
Cut the cake, dear!
It is cut.
Happy birthday, Yuvan!
Open your mouth, dear.
Do not worry about me.
First, give the cake to the kids.
Wait, I have to cut and give.
Aunty cut a big piece for me.
Wait, son.
You are in a hurry.
What are you doing?
Nothing, stepmother!
Come here.
What is it, stepmother?
Come here.
What's in your hand?
Nothing, stepmother?
Come here.
What's in your hand?
Am I not calling you?
Show me.
What's in your hand?
Come here.
Are you stealing?
Are you stealing?
How arrogant are you?
I didn't steal.
- What is this nasty habit?
You stole, but you are denying it.
I didn't steal.
You did not steal!
You are also telling lies.
- You're stealing money and telling lies at this age.
- Beating! Beating!
Don't hit him.
- You have stolen money and also telling lies.
- Don't hit him.
Stepmother, why are you hitting him?
He's stealing money.
Do you want me to pamper him?
Hey! Mother, wait.
- Are you back, son?
Is this a family?
Or what nonsense is this?
Your son has learned to steal very well.
I told you to look after the children,
but you are accusing them.
Am I accusing them?
You have a thief for a son!
You are saying I am accusing them.
How dare you call my son a thief!
How dare you retort?
- It is my fate that I am stuck with them.
Don't cry, my son.
Did you take the money, son?
- Son!
I told him to take the money.
It is for buying betel leaves.
For that, your wife is hitting your son.
That is it.
I knew!
She'll do everything silently.
You'll never notice it.
I condemned him for stealing.
Is it wrong?
- Brother, Annadurai.
Brother, Annadurai.
The vehicle is about to leave come quickly.
I'll go
Mother! Till I return from the harvest,
keep this for the expenses.
You keep it.
The day after tomorrow, they'll give rice in the ration shop.
There're Moringa trees in the backyard.
I'll manage with it. You carry on.
Hey, dear!
Keep this with you.
I'll come back only on the 1st of the month.
Take care of our younger brother.
Okay, Daddy.
- Be good, son.
Hey, what's it, son?
What's it?
Kamalam! He's pointing at you.
Check what he wants!
I'll carry all the bags.
Where did I keep it?
Brother, Annadurai, come fast.
We're not making you wait.
- Please give me your hand, brother.
Give me the bag.
Are we going to harvest at Melapalur?
- Dear!
Take him.
- Take him, please.
Take him.
Please hold the child.
Come. Come, Kamalam.
- Careful!
Didn't your brother Ponnu Duraipandi come?
- Last time he had come, why not this time?
He has not come.
- He went away to live with his In-laws.
Please don't cry, son.
Who told you to take money so obviously?
It was all because of you!
Can't you live without
chewing Betel leaves?
Okay, don't cry.
It will be fine.
Have omelette.
I don't want omelette.
Then, what do you want?
I will ask for a ring.
Will you give me?
Hey Muthu!
Can't you keep quiet?
Properly eat your omelette.
I told you I don't want it.
Eat it.
I don't want it.
I made the omelette, especially for you.
I said I don't want it.
I don't want it.
Why are you behaving like this?
You eat!
I don't want.
Eat at least one mouthful.
I don't want it.
Careful, kid.
I'll show it to my friends and come.
- Why did you give him the ring?
If stepmother comes to know, we'll be in trouble.
- Hey!
She'll come back after 15 days only.
Till then, let him enjoy wearing it.
Rings are there to be worn!
She is nothing.
Why are you scared of her?
Hey! You were only wearing a toy watch.
I'm wearing a gold ring!
Hey, it's super!
We see love...
in our village life
And along with the sweet Sugarcane, our village
life is filled with stories of crows & sparrow
With the clouds above protecting us,
there is no need to question anyone
Our life is like puppet dolls
The sparrow sings poetry
The ridge of the field is at its limit
Our hearts yearn to roam in
these fully grown crop fields
We see fish jump and move in the river
We can smell the
cooked fish gravy in our air
But, the very second we are hungry,
our nectar is the old Rice porridge
Come guys, let us ride...
like a rocket in the sky...
through the clouds."
Let us change into a gentle breeze...
along with the rainy breeze...
crossing the boundaries...
and living a fulfilling life."
Shall we fly like butterflies...
along with sparrows and grasshoppers?
I am an obedient,
loving brother of my sister
But she is not just my
sister but means more to me
The world will rotate slower...
hearing the noise that we make
We will wave goodbye
to all our difficulties
Dear God, what can we do if suffering,
comes while we are happy?
We became the favourite
children of Suffering!
We became the favourite
children of Suffering!
Come guys...
let us ride like a rocket...
in the sky through the clouds
Let us change into a gentle breeze...
along with the rainy breeze...
crossing the boundaries
and living a fulfilling life
The sparrow sings poetry
The ridge of the field is at its limit
Our hearts yearn to roam in
these fully grown crop fields
We see fish jump and move in the river
We can smell the
cooked fish gravy in our air
We are born only once on his land.
Isn't enough that we live our life united?
Come guys...
let us ride like a rocket...
in the sky through the clouds
Let us change into a gentle breeze...
along with the rainy breeze...
crossing the boundaries
and living a fulfilling life
Wait, do not leave.
Take this.
This will fit you. You wear this.
Looking at the sugarcane's growth,
I think the yield will be
over 70 tons per acre.
Hello sir!
Did you use expensive fertilizers?
To have a good yield,
a good investment is a must.
Hey Overseer!
Please stop.
Why boss?
Brother Annadurai!
Are you going to rent land on
lease this year and grow sugarcane?
Why? He is already struggling to
repay the loan he had taken last year.
Here the yield is only 70 tons per acre.
If Annadurai tries,
he might have a yield of 100...
to 150 tons per acre.
Are you ridiculing me?
Someday or sometime, I'll cut, at least...
one sugarcane more in number
than 100 tons sugarcane...
per acre.
First, look and cut carefully.
Even if he keeps his mouth shut,
there are people to instigate him.
- Hmm!
I want to tell you something.
- What's it, Muthu?
Don't tell anyone, sister.
What happened?
I lost the ring!
What have you done?
Where did you lose it?
I told that old woman that day,
but she didn't listen.
I don't know how and
where I lost it, sister.
If our stepmother comes to know this,
she'll thrash me to death, sister.
I searched everywhere,
but I couldn't find it, sister.
Okay, come, let's search
everywhere once again.
Show me all the places where you play.
Okay, sister.
Muthu, what are you searching for?
- Nothing.
Hey Muthu!
Hey Muthu!
Why are you crying?
Come on!
Why are you crying?
We will find it.
Do not cry.
It is me, your sister telling you.
Don't cry.
Isn't it just a ring?
I've saved money
without the knowledge of our stepmother.
With that money, let us buy a
similar new ring tomorrow. Okay?
- Hmm.
Don't cry.
Stop! Brother, stop.
- Stop. Stop.
Brother, we want to go to Kattumannarkoil.
If you're going that way,
can you please drop us there?
- Okay, get in.
Sister, come!
Bye, brother. Thanks, brother.
- Okay, kiddo!
Is it not cold inside, sister?
- Okay!
What do you want, girl?
We've come to buy a jewel.
- Are there no elders with you?
It is to buy for my brother.
- Yes.
Bring your elders.
Shall we take our brother Marimuthu?
No brother, our father will come to know.
If we take our sister Sumathy
then stepmom will come to know.
Then, whom should we take with us?
Our Chittu?
Where are you, Chittu?
Look, Chittu is here.
I'll come tomorrow evening.
Uh! Okay.
When did you return from the marriage?
Did it take so long?
- Okay, I'll talk to you later.
Come, Pachiamma.
Will you do us a favour, Chittu?
Why? Whatever it may be,
you should've called me on my phone.
Don't you have my number?
Yes, I do have.
- Why didn't you call me?
bring, bring
Chittu! Your phone is ringing.
May I know who is calling?
I'm Chittu here.
- I'm Pachaiamma here, Chittu.
Okay, tell me, Pachaiyamma.
Chittu, will you come
with us to Kattumannarkoil?
Okay, I'll come.
Do you have a good dress?
Isn't this dress good?
Better than this dress.
Better than this dress?
- Yes.
Yes, the dress given by our brother Gopal
is in the box.
I'll come wearing it.
Okay, then you wear it and let's go.
Okay, I'll disconnect the call now.
Let's go, Chittu.
- Let's go.
Come, let's go, Chittu.
It's been a long time since I went to Kattumannarkoil.
That's why I agreed immediately.
Brother, comb his hair.
No need to anything.
- Okay.
You have to stay the same.
Chittu, wear slippers.
- Okay.
That's my slippers.
- Is it?
Shall we go now?
- Okay, let's go.
Everything is right but...
The phone is the mistake.
First remove it, Chittu.
- No, I'll not.
I'll get many calls.
I'll emergency calls too.
That's the problem.
Remove it first.
- Leave it, Chittu.
Don't take it out.
- Eh?
What's this?
Take it out first.
Do not older men
generally, tuck their shirts in.
Take it out!
Oh no!
Come now.
- What's this gait?
Yes, sister.
It'll be fine if he changes his gait.
Chittu, try to walk like us.
- Like you?
Like you?
What's this walking style, Chittu?
You're not walking properly.
What's this?
You both are torturing me.
I pitied you, I'll not come with you.
I'm going. Leave me.
- Chittu!
Please come for our sake.
Your gait is okay.
You're walking properly.
Your style is out of this world.
Come, Chittu.
Go inside.
The cool air from AC will
blow as we enter the shop.
It'll be cold.
Don't get scared, Chittu.
Greetings, come, sit here, sir.
He's my maternal uncle.
Sit down, sir.
What would you like to see?
Ring for my younger brother.
Look at these rings.
Not this.
Not this too!
Which one is it?
Try this one, boy.
Show us more.
Not this.
Look at this.
Not this.
Would you have tea, coffee, etc?
No matter what the shopkeeper says,
do not open your mouth.
Always look at me.
We do not want it.
From what you say,
the job looks difficult.
Do you like this?
Look at this.
Look at this one too.
Hey, no!
What's this?
Don't you like any ring?
None of these.
Show us some more.
- Yes.
It looks good. Try it.
It'll fit perfectly.
It is like that one.
How much it'll cost?
Remove it and give.
Sir, card or cash?
Sir, He is asking you.
Do you have cash or a card?
Wait, cash is with sister.
- Yes.
Here it is.
Here it is a total of 450.
What about the remaining money?
She gave you a lot of money.
Why don't you give her a tiny ring?
- Total is 4450!
How can we give it?
- Hello!
I'm Chittu here!
Are you calling from Kattumannarkoil?
- He is behaving differently. Who is he?
I'm in a jewellery shop.
- Why are you behaving like this?
Sir has told you to leave.
Leave now.
Leave now.
Go. Go out.
- Come, let's go to another shop.
You're here to irritate us
in the name of buying ring.
- Hey come.
Come, let's go to another shop.
Don't worry, brother.
Let's save money and buy the ring
before stepmother returns. Okay?
What's this, Pachiamma?
There is no signal here.
Come, Chittu.
You'll get signal there.
Would I get it?
- Yes, you'll get, come.
Why do you want money?
- For business.
I saw you yesterday in the wine shop.
That wasn't me.
It could be my brother.
Take the money and make
sure to grow in your life.
Do not think that you can run away after receiving it.
- Okay, sir.
Repay on time as I paid you.
- Okay, sir.
If not, I'll humiliate you.
Stamp your thumb impression.
Look, 5% interest.
I've taken this month's interest,
from next month you must pay on time.
- Okay.
The remaining days are only 13.
Ring is 4650.
Cash in hand is 450 only.
Today's wage for
plucking flowers is 30.
Can we save enough money?
We can.
If it is 200 for a day...
- Eh?
Where all I've to search for you?
Why, Chittu?
There's a job!
They'll pay immediately after work.
Will you come?
We'll do any work, Chittu.
- Then, come with me.
Don't fall into the pit.
- Okay.
What's the job, Chittu?
How much will they pay?
How would I know?
Come fast.
- Yes.
Weren't you saying that you were having
a shortage of labor? I've brought workers.
Give them work and pay them.
I asked for workers, but you've brought kids.
How can I make them work?
No. I'll do any work.
- Yes.
Can you carry that weight?
No. I'll carry half of it, pay me 50% wage.
- Simply talking!
- Pay 50% wage
If you say anything further,
I'll break your head with brick, get lost.
What man is he?
He speaks differently at various times.
He told me to get good people.
You both are the best here.
He's rejecting you both!
They promised to pay last Tuesday.
They have not yet given it.
A week is over, and you are saying this.
Malar! Did you get the wages
for crop harvesting work?
Not yet, sister.
It is useful only if we get paid on time.
They are simply delaying the payment.
What about wages for
farm work in Agaraputhur?
They may postpone payment, so keep asking for wages.
- Okay.
- Yes, dear.
My grandma asked
for two bags of groundnuts to peel.
Two bags?
Since we are on holiday, she said,
"With our help, she can finish two bags."
Okay, go.
I'll send it.
- Tell me, dear.
Deliver two bags. Okay!
Sister! Shush!
What's that, Gopal?
It seems you had asked Malar for it.
- I asked?
Yes, my grandma asked.
- Wait, I'll tell you.
Keep quiet, I'll tell you later.
Leave it I say!
Keep it here.
I'll tell later, grandma.
Keep it here only.
Aunty, it is a fine-quality seed.
Let the children be careful
to peel without breaking it.
Okay, we'll do it carefully.
What's this? You've got 2 bags
as if you're going to peel it.
Yes, we're going to peel it.
Muthu, bring the sieve.
You should also shell it.
As if, you are going to shell, all alone,
the two sacks of groundnuts.
Give me, I will do some
shelling groundnuts.
Won't any distance
be reduced by walking?
Won't the burden vanish through trying?
We will crossover to go where
there is the path to the tearing eyes
Hey grandson!
What's it, granny?
Did you see Muthu?
- No!
Don't know where he is?
In time seeds grow into a tree
So by bearing suffering,
one becomes strong
Even if the branch falls
on the Earth, it will live
It will show you the life path
The gold rate has increased by 1600 for a sovereign.
And it has increased by 200 for one gram of gold.
Compared to yesterday, there is no change in the rate of silver.
Even if it pains you,
you will have no regrets
Do not leave thinking it is fate
The future is yours, so
do not go into deep sleep
Be active like an ant in times of
hurdles and times you feel shaken
It is time to bear the grief
Do not give up, for all your dreams
as high as the clouds will come true
Even hurdles will become
steps for you to reach the peak
Do not loosen, for a
hundred paths will emerge
Do not worry about failure
Bear the pain so you
will have no regrets
Even if it pains you,
you will have no regrets
Do not leave thinking it is fate
The future is yours, so
do not go into deep sleep
Be active like an ant in times of
hurdles and times you feel shaken
All your efforts can achieve
more even if God can't do it
You are a hero of this land and
you will succeed in whatever you do
Even if it pains you,
you will have no regrets
Do not leave thinking it is fate
The future is yours, so
do not go into deep sleep
Be active like an ant in times of
hurdles and times you feel shaken
Keep fighting, for
there is one equal to you
Keep fighting.
You are your equal
Take it, sir.
- Yes.
Is your daughter studying well?
Make her study what she wishes.
I will foot all expenses.
- But, you must pay interest on time every month.
What's it, grandma?
Come here.
What's it, grandma?
Do I've to buy betel leaves for you?
No, dear.
Come closer, I'll tell you.
Where's the ring in your hand?
I've kept it safely in the bureau.
Let him wear it till she comes back.
You silly boy!
Are you lord's heir?
To keep his hand in
his pocket all the time.
I feared he may have lost the ring.
You are not like ordinary people...
who do some job and are peaceful.
Don't entertain the idea of growing
sugarcane this year by taking land on lease.
Even farmers who own lands
are struggling like hell. Uh-oh!
Kamalam, what are you saying?
If they can't, does it mean that I can't?
If we do work hard,
I'm sure we can progress in life.
You're indeed a good worker!
But bad fate precedes you.
First, you try to repay Arumugam's loan
and do whatever you want. Ahh!
I've already talked to Overseer about it.
In the name of fate, do not stop me.
Grandma, give me 2.
Didn't I give it today morning?
I won't buy betel leaves ever again.
Okay, give this to your sister.
Like as if you obey?
Hey Muthu!
Why are you wearing slippers
inside the house?
That's how you do!
Drop it!
What is your problem?
Money comes easily.
We're dying here to make ends meet.
Wait, I'll clear it, stepmother.
Muthu, you stay in the garden.
Pick up everything.
How come she's here?
- How do I know?
Why is she walking in angrily?
What could it be?
How come you're here suddenly?
No, they're giving goats. So, we've come back
to register with our Aadhaar Identity Cards.
Okay. Is the kid doing fine?
- He's fine!
Okay. I am in a hurry.
I will go now. Take Care.
Vasantha! Are you coming?
You carry on. I'll follow you.
Okay, come quickly.
- Nothing, nothing to worry about. Stepmother doesn't know.
Stepmom is gone, dear.
Eat sugarcane.
Take it.
I am scared, sister.
- I am here with you. Don't get scared.
Don't know if they'll give a goat or not,
we're giving the details they're asking for.
If we get, we'll happy,
if not no regrets.
Take it.
Leave if you've registered for your family.
If your sister too wants, ask her to come.
Give me.
You sign here.
Take it.
- Hmm.
Where's your husband?
He's not in home,
he has gone out.
He wont!
But when he wants a loan,
he'll be at my home punctually at 5 pm.
Didn't both of you beg at my feet
while taking the loan?
Don't you think of repaying it?
Don't you have shame?
Are you both playing a game with me
by hiding your husband?
Better to kill yourself
than to live this shameless life.
Look, you warn him that I will slipper him
if I see him anywhere on the road.
No dear. No dear.
Look at this. Look here.
Mother is here!
Take him.
First, let's eat.
I cooked it the way I know.
They gave fish caught from the pond.
So I prepared fish gravy.
- Hmm?
Kamalam, why are you dull?
Will we be able to repay Arumugam?
Muthu, buy betel leaves for 2.
Go away, grandma.
- Yes?
Come here for a second.
Give me betel leaves for 2.
I've brought a rabbit, brother.
Do you want it?
What's the price?
Pay 500, brother.
Show me.
Take 400, the balance I'll pay later.
Okay, brother, I'll collect
the balance tomorrow.
Nowadays, I answer all my calls.
I talk from any place.
My phone is always with me.
Whom are you talking to?
I will talk to those who I think of.
I will talk at the time I want.
That is why I have a phone.
- Yes!
Oh, okay.
Chittu, do you know how to make
a purse net for catching rabbits?
Yes, I know it very well.
There were two birds in a nest
And a fox was howling
from the middle of the forest
They were scared of
the big howling sound...
that was louder with the wind blowing
We bought the steel cords and twirled
them to form rings to catch rabbits
Our problems will
resolve if we catch a lot
So, no more worries!
No more problems!
As we go and lay a
trap for it in the fields
Above Bitter gourd vines...
and Ivy gourd vines...
with Kingfisher bird
on the tree trunk...
come, let's catch rabbits
Do you have the groundnuts we picked...
and the drumsticks we
plucked from the trees...
on your lap?
Come, let's catch rabbits
We had fun while we
plucked little plants...
and jumped up and down in paddy fields
We prayed that we
would catch many rabbits...
while laying a net in
the plantain garden
We collected neem seeds and gave them
We bagged shelled Groundnut kernels
in sack bags and gave them
Nothing is enough, and we are stuck
not knowing where to go and what to do
We are in testing times...
our hearts are pounding...
and we are very scared
One last try!
There is no other choice
What can I do to solve our problems?
Above Bitter gourd vines...
and Ivy gourd vines...
with Kingfisher bird
on the tree trunk...
Come, let's catch rabbits
He taught me this.
Oh, okay.
Chittu, will rabbits get trapped?
How can I tell?
It depends on your luck.
It may get trapped.
That's all!
Lower it.
Lower it the same way.
Our problems are
glowing like wildfire...
and so our hearts are breaking
Bunches of Brinjals are in
yield, but it is not enough
To make money, we are willing to sell the
milk from the poisonous Chapati cactus
Above Bitter gourd vines...
and Ivy gourd vines...
with Kingfisher bird
on the tree trunk...
come, let's catch rabbits
Do you have the groundnuts we picked...
and the drumsticks we
plucked from the trees...
on your lap?
Come, let's catch rabbits
- Hmm?
Will a rabbit be trapped by now?
Let's check in the morning.
Okay, sister.
What's this, sister?
Not one rabbit is trapped.
Okay, let's go, Muthu.
Where are they?
They're just running
away somewhere at dawn.
A rabbit got trapped.
Yes, Muthu.
Chittu, look here.
A rabbit is caught in our trap.
Here, open the bag.
It got trapped.
Come, my dear.
Okay, let's go.
Wait, Chittu. Let's check if any others got trapped.
- Okay.
No, nothing got trapped.
It may get trapped later.
Let's go.
- Okay.
Can I touch the rabbit once?
What are you doing?
Don't do anything, rabbit is injured.
Do not do anything till we can sell it.
- Go, take it in a bag.
This is the house.
Hello sir!
Hey, Shanmugam!
Here he comes.
Why are you roaming with him?
- Eh!
No, he came along with us.
What's in the bag?
Rabbit for sale.
Today is Friday,
tomorrow is new moon.
Let us see about it after two days.
You won't become unclean
if you eat rabbit meat on a Friday.
Buy it, man!
- Hey, go, man!
Buy it.
It is at a low price of 450.
It'll be more than 1.5 kilos.
- No, need.
Come after two days.
- We caught it just now. Buy it.
I said I don't want.
You go away!
Oh no!
We shouldn't have come to him.
- Sir!
Who is it?
We've brought a rabbit, sir.
I don't want anything.
- Are you observing abstinence on Friday?
Didn't I say I don't want? How does it
matter if it is Friday or Thursday? Go now!
What's with him?
Okay, go.
You go.
I'll come later.
- A very important matter.
I have a rabbit, a very tough rabbit.
Would you like to buy it?
- Hm!
Hello sir!
- Hello, sir!
What's it, girl?
We have a rabbit,
would you like to buy it?
Do you want to buy it?
- No, please, I don't want it.
I don't want it. Go.
Buy it. It is at a low price.
It cost less.
- What's it, girl?
Do you want a rabbit?
- No, please.
Big house.
I thought she'd buy it.
Don't know who will buy it.
It is not a big wound, sister.
The wound is small.
But, blood has spread here and there.
Shall I wash it?
- Okay, Muthu.
My dear darling...
you are the shining star in my eyes
You have come as light into my life
My dazzling gem...
my beautiful snowflake...
You have come just for me alone
You've come running into my arms...
so close your eyes and
rest on my shoulders
I am like a doll because of you
I will be happy by singing
lullabies and pampering you
May you sleep well
as I sing a lullaby...
and may you live with
me as my companion
My life's sorrows will
be solved only by you
You have given your life for me
How can I repay you
for what you have done?
Will you tell me your
wish so I can fulfill it?
Love has no boundaries...
and no expectations
You have come as my blessing
May you sleep well
as I sing a lullaby...
and may you live with
me as my companion
You've come running into my arms...
so close your eyes and
rest on my shoulders
I am like a doll because of you
I will be happy by singing
lullabies and pampering you
My dear darling...
you are the shining star in my eyes
You have come as light into my life
My dazzling gem...
my beautiful snowflake...
You have come just for me alone
My dear darling...
you are the shining star in my eyes
You have come as light into my life
We caught it only today morning.
Fresh one!
Come here.
Is it all your work?
You gave them a rabbit.
It's dirtying the entire house with droppings.
It is not my doing.
Ask Pachaiyamma.
Why do you give it to small kids?
Why are you shouting at me for that?
Let me see!
- You go.
I'm going out urgently,
I'll come back and take you to task.
Do as you like, go.
You go, man.
Coming, Chittu.
Hey Pachaiyamma!
Come, here's the rabbit.
Take it.
Take it.
Let us grow it.
Give it to him.
No, we're not selling the rabbit.
Take a little extra. I need a rabbit
for medicinal purposes. Do sell it.
Hasn't she said it is not for sale?
Hey! That's why I mustn't be
friends with children like you.
I must hit myself with slippers
for trusting you and coming here.
Kathiresan, don't hit yourself with slippers.
It is worn out.
Don't be upset.
At least eat the coconut.
Kathiresan, go after eating the coconut.
Brother, please don't ask for money.
Ask me anything else.
I'll not ask you.
- Hm!
- Hm!
Please come out for a minute.
What is it?
Sister, am I not asking you to come?
Sister, it has a lot of money.
Shall we buy the ring with it?
Sister, I found this at the house
when I was there to return the sack bag.
I brought it with me secretly.
I'm scared, sister.
I'm scared.
I don't know which rascal or silly girl stole the dumb box.
It'd money that was saved as an offering for the God in Tirupathi.
How dare they enter my house
and steal it from my prayer room!
Keep watching, if the dumb box doesn't return to my house
by dusk, you will see the robber's limbs go paralyzed.
I don't know which girl or boy stole it.
Come, touch, and promise.
With great difficulty,
I had saved this money for the offering.
Oh no!
Hey, touch, and promise.
Come on ladies, come, touch, and promise.
Okay, we'll come.
Hey Chittu!
With great difficulty,
I had saved this money for the offering.
Even my husband will not take
this money without my permission.
Little by little, I had saved it.
Hey, stop, man.
Touch and promise.
- Why?
Rurapathi is caught!
Touch and promise.
This looks scary. Why should I touch and promise?
- So, was it you who stole it from my house?
If you had stolen it, then your
limbs would be paralyzed. Be careful!
Touch and promise.
- Oh God! I don't want any trouble.
Without taking care of the rice boiling on
the stove, what are you watching there?
What is she doing there?
It seems someone has stolen the
dumb box from their prayer room.
Someone dared to steal from her house!
Oh no!
Grandma! If we make a wrong promise,
will the occult practices with eggs come true?
In a village,
there was a lame man.
Do you know what he did?
He stole and kept a torchlight
bought from a foreign country.
Do you know what she did?
She did an occult practice using eggs.
- Eh!
His limbs got paralyzed.
There are many such incidents.
Can't you keep quiet?
Come here, brother.
If we don't touch and promise,
she'll suspect us.
Okay, sister.
If I am careless, they will abduct me too! Aunty!
- I am coming!
Touch and promise!
Why are you making a scene for a dumb box?
Do you know how much it had?
It would be more than 6000!
If the charity box doesn't come back
to my house by tonight,
The robber's limbs will go paralyzed.
So be it.
Go now.
Let the robber go paralyzed.
Touch and promise.
Sister, did you see my brother?
- No.
I'm scared, God!
Do you know how my stepmother beats me?
She hit me black and blue
for not stealing.
God, please don't paralyze my limbs.
I must run.
I must play.
Please forgive me, God!
I stole it in fear.
Somehow please save me from this, God!
I'll never steal again in my life, God.
Do I have to search all over for you?
Where's the dumb box?
I was scared, so I kept it near God.
What if anyone sees you with a dumb box?
Brother, how come the dumb box missing?
I don't know, sister.
I kept it here only.
Sister, Chittu is taking it and going.
Chittu, stop.
- Chittu, stop.
Chittu, stop.
Chittu, stop.
Chittu, stop.
Hey Chittu, stop.
- What?
Why did you come here and leave?
Shouldn't I keep your
dumb box at your house?
Did you steal the dumb box?
I didn't steal it.
- Then?
I was scared seeing you do occult
practice with eggs. Why would I steal it?
I didn't steal it.
- Then, how come it is with you?
You cast magic so that
the robber's limbs would get paralyzed.
Will you use magic on anyone?
What if God's limbs go paralyzed?
Isn't God pitiable?
Casting magic!
It was me who saved God!
Bommi, who taught you all this?
You are doing occult practice with eggs.
Don't do magic.
What is wrong with him?
He is doing something else for what I said.
Found the dumb box, go.
- Only a loser will know the value of it.
What's this, overseer?
I've been asking you every day.
Today is the 30th!
Even if you pay me now, I can
visit my village tonight and pay them.
I forgot to tell you, the boss had called.
Tomorrow is the first day
of the cutting season.
Then, from the day after tomorrow,
workers are going on strike.
I can do one thing,
I'll pay you tomorrow for work
done till today, come and collect it.
What's this, man?
You're saying this at the last minute.
I believed only in you.
- What can I do, Annadurai?
I will pay you in full
without subtracting your old dues.
No! Where am I to go for money?
Please, somehow arrange
the money and give me.
Please, somehow arrange it overseer.
You can do it if you set your mind to it.
No, I can't do anything more.
That is it.
You go now.
What am I to do for money?
I promised Arumugam!
Have we saved enough money?
18,000. Eh!
If we pawn the little one's ring,
we'll get 3000.
Will we buy the ring, sister?
Take it.
- Tell me, sister.
I need money urgently.
How much do you have now?
I don't have any now, sister.
I can ask about 5000
from my boss.
Is it?
If you get the loan, please give it
to my mother-in-law. Okay, sister!
- Okay.
He says he can arrange 5000.
- Hmm!
24 plus 5 is 29.
Why are you calling me
at this hour, Annadurai?
Nothing, tomorrow I am returning home.
It is the first day after cutting crops.
I need some money.
How much?
I want 10,000.
I may not have that much money.
If you want, I can give you 2000.
Even if it is 2000, please give me.
I'll take it.
Will you collect it tomorrow?
- Okay, uncle.
29 plus 2, total it is 31,000.
Stepmother will be back tomorrow, right?
Shall we run away from home?
What happened?
- Nothing.
Who is it?
I'm Chittu here.
Pachaiyamma's mother?
Hold on a minute, I'll give it to her.
I'll give it to Pachaiyamma.
Pachaiyamma, your mother is on line.
Talk to her.
Your mother is on line, talk to her.
Your mother is on line, talk to her.
Your mother is on line, talk to her.
Talk to her!
Why are you crying, sister?
Why are you crying?
What happened?
What is our mother telling you?
Don't cry, sister.
Why are you crying, sister?
Okay, brother.
- Go carefully.
Brother, let's go away somewhere.
Then, shall I free the rabbit, sister?
We're leaving home,
you also go somewhere and live safely.
Come, let's go, brother.
My Child!
My Child!
Please get me some water to drink.
Where's your grandma?
Come, son.
Did you arrange for the money?
Somehow, we can manage it, mother.
There is the little one's ring, right?
- Yes.
Let us pawn it.
Our Uncle, who owns the beetle leaves shop,
has promised to give 2000.
Somehow, we will manage.
Saravanan gave 5000.
- Our Saravana?
I get 1000, right?
Along with it, it is 6000.
I've asked 500 from Kanagu.
Wait, I'll get it from him.
- Okay, Mother.
If I get 500, along with
2000 from him, that should do.
Annadurai is calling.
Don't answer his calls.
He's not answering my calls.
Today is Tuesday!
So, I will not give him money.
How are you doing?
Hope you did not do mischief.
What's this, Kamalam?
You've come so fast.
As soon as you left,
he paid and sent us also.
Kamalam, do you remember that my uncle
who promised to give 2000?
- Hmm!
He's not answering my phone calls.
I'll meet him in person and find out.
- Hmm!
I'll return quickly.
What's it, dear?
If I'm not here,
do you think you can do anything?
I'll come back in a minute,
it must be clean by then.
If not, you'll get it.
What did I tell you?
Why are you standing like a statue?
Why are you so shocked?
Wait, I am coming.
Shoo! Shoo! Go!
How long will it take?
Get the ring also,
the pawn shop would be open by now.
Stepmother, ring!
Take it, son.
You go, I'll go home.
- Okay.
Take it.
- Is it okay?
Okay, I'll go.
- Okay.
Here he is!
Uncle, I called you many times,
but you never answered my calls.
I didn't get any call.
No calls! It does not matter!
Give me money.
That is why I am here.
I didn't get money.
Hold on for a day.
We will get it tomorrow.
What are you saying, uncle?
I am here because
you promised to give me money today.
What is the point in saying you've no money at the last minute?
- Hubby!
- Just wait. I will be back.
Shall we give him the money?
Sadly, he is stuck.
Can't you keep quiet?
Today is Tuesday.
People hesitate to give a thing,
but you are willing to give money.
How will the Goddess of Wealth stay at home
if you give money on Tuesdays and Fridays?
Let him get it from somewhere else.
Tell him you do not have it and send him.
What's it, Annadurai?
Can you give me 2000?
- No, I don't have.
Brother! Please try. It will be of great help.
- No! Brother! I do not have it.
Being a human, you must at least have shame or
honour or good behaviour or moral character.
Your husband has none!
Instead of living on loans,
the family should commit suicide.
The struggle I have to endure
to get the loan repaid from them!
The interest you pay is enough for
petrol expenses spent to visit your home.
He has gone to get money.
- Has he gone to the Reserve Bank of India?
Do not speak unnecessarily. My husband will return
anytime now. We'll repay your money. Then you can go.
I will take it and leave! I will pick it up even if
you throw it on the road. All I want is just money.
First, repay the money.
Let him collect and go.
Take it, Arumugam.
It is short of 2000.
You go. I will pay you in an hour.
- What?
I know!
I know very well that
you will do this only.
You talked too much.
You said he has gone to bring wads of cash.
He's not worthy!
I will not go from here even if
there is a shortage of 10 paise.
- Yuck!
Like picking a coin from dirt, why did you
have to take a loan from this awful man?
If needed, pawn your head
and repay him at any cost.
Do I need this?
Do I need this insult?
After giving a loan, do I have to
be abused by all in the village?
This will not work out.
You pack your bags and leave.
I'll lock the house.
Oh no!
I mustn't spare people like you.
You'll gain sense
only if I throw you on the street.
Father, please wait.
Where are you going, baby?
- Eh!
Your kids are going to get
gems and gold from the house!
What's this, Arumugam?
You're fighting for a meager 2.
Take it.
Here take 2!
I saved it to buy a lollipop.
Mad man!
What man is he?
He's scolding me whether I pay or not!
Mad man!
- Who? Me?
- If I slap you, you'll be fine.
Go, man.
Slap me?
I must tell Bommi to cast magic using occult
practices on people like you. Go, man.
He's talking too much.
Father, count and see how much is there.
How did you get so much money, baby?
- Father, count and see how much is there.
It has an extra 200!
It's more than 2000, dear.
- What?
There is a total of 37,500,
including the loan amount and interest.
Henceforth, don't ever
come to my house for a loan.
No way, even if I'm dead,
even my dead body will not come to your house.
- Go.
What would I do with your dead body?
Kids, how did you manage
to make so much money?
I can understand it only now. They did all these
jobs since they could not see you struggling.
Eat, kids.
Son, without sleeping,
the kids shelled two bags of groundnuts.
The boy didn't go out to even play.
Where are you taking us, Chittu?
I'll tell you, come.
Where are you taking us, Chittu?
Look here!
Two rabbits!
This is for you!
This is for you!
Love has no boundaries...
and no expectations
You have come as my blessing
May you sleep well
as I sing a lullaby...
and may you live with
me as my companion
You've come running into my arms...
so close your eyes and
rest on my shoulders
I am like a doll because of you
I will be happy by singing
lullabies and pampering you
My dear darling...
you are the shining star in my eyes
You have come as light into my life
My dazzling gem...
my beautiful snowflake...
You have come just for me alone
My dear darling...
you are the shining star in my eyes
You have come as light into my life