Eruption: LA (2018) Movie Script

[dramatic music]
[Murph] I can't believe
they signed that guy.
Seven million bucks.
You know how many
utility players
you can pick up for that price?
I mean, the guy's
a six-time all-star,
four-time MVP, and he's won
three rings
with two different teams.
He's got nothing left to prove.
I think he's just going through
the motions here.
Saving money to buy a yacht
and a beach house in Tahiti.
What do you think, chief?
I think if I have to spend
one more minute
listening to you talk about
stupid baseball contracts...
I'm gonna make sure you don't
make it out of here alive.
Well, we gotta
check these pipes.
There were reports
of erratic
back at the station.
So, what do you think, boss?
Sewer gas?
Sure stinks down here.
Probably 'cause
they had that extension
for the Metro Silver Line.
Those fools are blowing
the hell out of that tunnel.
Maybe something got
knocked loose in here.
Hey, how come we never
get to blow stuff up?
You think I'm gonna let you
anywhere near some explosives?
Forget it.
Speaking of explosives,
remember that story
from a few years ago?
Guy's sittin' on
his toilet, boom!
The whole apartment blew up.
Sewer gas is no joke.
Damn, it's hot down here.
How's it possible
it's hotter down here
than out on the street?
Murph, do you ever...
stop complaining?
[man 1]
Well, that can't be right.
Well, do you think
it's sewer gas?
[dramatic music]
I think we gotta get the hell
outta here. Go, man! Go!
[intense music]
[instrumental music]
[music continues]
[music continues]
[music continues]
[cell phone chimes]
Hey, little brother.
Thought you had some big studio
meeting or something.
Yeah, yeah, I'm early,
I thought it'd look
more important
if I was on a call.
You know, look busy.
And you're nervously pacing
around outside.
Anyway, did you feel
that big quake?
Yeah, but it wasn't that big.
That's what you always say.
You know, for someone
who writes disaster movies,
you're kind of a wimp.
Hey, easy, sis, I'm nervous.
This is a big meeting.
I know, just think of it
as a good omen.
This is the first of many
big studio meetings.
Just try not to mess it up.
Thanks for the vote
of confidence.
All right,
I-I'll buzz you later.
[helicopters whirring]
No, no. Uh, no,
I-I'll-I'll call you.
Hey, Josh, come on in,
have a seat.
You all right, Josh?
You look pale.
Earthquakes freak me out.
You wrote an earthquake movie.
Yeah, still not a fan.
- [laughing]
- Yeah, this was nothing.
My first was Northridge,
back in '94.
I was hookin' up
with this sorority cutie
at my dorm room
when she started...
A-all right, l-let's stay
on track though here, huh?
Look, as I'm sure
your agent filled you in,
we're in a world of hurt here.
We need a page one rewrite
on Earth's Crisis.
Now, your last movie
had great numbers,
and it's in the similar
wheelhouse to what we have here,
so, uh, you up for it?
- Uh, rewrite?
- Yeah.
What, did you think you're the
first writer on this project?
[Stern laughs]
I love this kid.
Uh, how many writers are we
up to now?
- Six, I think?
- Seven.
There was that one guy,
forget his name,
but he always wore
that weird hat.
- Oh, yeah.
- You said seven including me?
- Okay, eight.
- Yeah.
But you're in this for
the long haul, kid, I promise.
'Cause after you, we can't
afford any more writers.
- We're tapped out.
- [laughing]
Do you have any scripts
I could take a look at?
Forget about those.
We are starting fresh.
Have you heard of Dr. Irwin?
- Yeah, he's brilliant.
- Was brilliant.
I read his books when I was
researching Lava Angeles.
Yeah, that's why you're here.
And, uh, I hear awesome things
about that movie, by the way.
Oh, you, you didn't see it?
I don't watch movies.
Dr. Irwin.
We've arranged for you
to meet with him today.
He's been a freelance consultant
on disaster movies
for a while now.
We thought you could
get inside his head.
Pick his brain for the movie.
We want our main character
to be loosely based on him
back in his prime.
And when we say prime,
we mean not crazy.
[knock on door]
Right. Come in.
Thank you.
Ah, speak of the devil.
Your meeting with Dr. Irwin
has been pushed up.
- To when?
- Right now.
If you're gonna meet
with a seismologist,
why not do it
after an earthquake, huh?
Even if it is a little baby one.
Stephanie, can we get
a car to take Josh
over to the helipad, please?
Yes, Mr. Stern, right away.
Thank you.
[Stern grunts]
Did we mention that Kat Rivers
is set to star?
Kat Rivers,
as in Kat Rivers?
Yeah, she's extremely talented.
I know, right?
Do a good job and you
might even get to meet her.
You're in the big leagues
now, kid.
After this movie comes out,
you'll be the first
writer we replace.
Oh, almost forgot.
Do us a favor
and don't mention to Irwin
that the hero in our movie
is based on him.
Wait, you don't have
the rights to his story?
Well, it's complicated,
but you let us worry about that.
You just have fun.
All right?
All right.
That is one wet fish.
[siren blaring]
Four confirmed dead.
One missing,
presumed dead and three
in critical condition
at St. Jones.
The Metro crew?
Did the explosion impact
the tunnel extension?
I mean, is it salvageable?
That's your concern?
Excuse me, that's one
of my concerns, okay?
We're four months
behind schedule
and three million dollars
over budget,
so please forgive me.
I'm sorry.
Just seemed like
a nothing earthquake.
I don't, I don't get it.
It was nothing.
Only magnitude four and five
on the Newport-Inglewood
fault line. I...
The Newport-Inglewood what?
It's a fault line,
like San Andreas.
Yeah, no, I get that,
I've just never heard of it.
Well, I have a field team
from Dr. Robson's boys
investigating the tunnel
as we speak.
Great. Keep me updated
when intel comes in.
You do mean
on the workers, right?
Yes, of course.
[Kent] Oh, my God.
This is worse than I thought.
Seeing anything yet, Sawyer?
[Sawyer] The heat is intense,
I can barely see
three feet in front of my hands.
Hey, I'm not gonna find
any new bodies down here.
Because that feels like
a bump in pay grade.
[chuckles] They already evaced
the tunnel team.
It's just you.
It looks like
the whole tunnel caved.
Man, all of a sudden, it got
at least ten degrees hotter.
[Sawyer] Burnin' up down here.
[Kent] Ten degrees, really?
You're determined to get that
bump in pay, aren't you?
[people screaming]
Sawyer, get out of there.
Oh, God!
Everyone out!
Leave the area immediately.
[siren blaring]
- You're good...
- Uh-huh.
Okay, yeah.
What's up, baby bro?
How's it goin'?
Wow, you sound spent.
Yeah, there was some sort
of construction accident.
Quite a number of injuries.
Was that from the quake?
I don't know.
Well, that sure makes
my news sound trivial.
No, no, I need
trivial right now.
- How'd it go?
- Well, I-I-I got the job.
- So, that's good.
- Really?
Josh, I'm so proud of you.
Guess who I'm on my way to meet.
- Who?
- Dr. Irwin.
Shut up.
He's like your idol.
I know, I-I-I'm freaking out.
Oh, my God.
Josh, mom and dad
would be really proud of you.
I think they'd be
prouder of the surgeon.
But wait, hold on,
it gets better.
Guess who's playing
the female lead?
- Who?
- Kat Rivers.
What did you, like,
win the lotto?
I know,
I can't think straight.
Oh, Josh, this so awesome.
But I know you, so please,
do me a favor,
don't creep these people out
when you meet them.
Why do you always say that?
[man on PA]
Paging Dr. Jessica.
Crap, I gotta go.
Um, yeah, go, go, talk later.
Uh, dinner tonight, I'm buying.
Oh, now there's two words
I never thought I'd hear.
Not fair.
All right, heh, bye.
[male reporter]
Angelinos woke up this morning
to quite the jolt.
It looks like a gas line
was ruptured
in the Metro tunnels.
Expect traffic to be backed up
before your morning commune,
as officials have said
normal service
won't resume anytime soon.
It's a magnitude 6.1
centered in the LA basin
near Echo Park.
It's not an aftershock,
we have an earthquake swarm.
It's not an earthquake,
it's volcanic.
What? I was just there.
- I didn't see any volcanic...
- Trust me, Kent.
All right, look,
our phones are gonna be
ringing off the hook
in about ten seconds,
so we need to come up
with some answers.
What did Sawyer find down there?
Sawyer didn't make it.
Wait, what?
The whole street just caved in.
We tried to get him out, but...
[lines ringing]
[line ringing]
- Yeah.
- Put me through to Dr. Robson.
[Jones] It's looking worse
than we thought.
Dr. Robson...
It's the mayor.
Um, okay, put him
through to my office.
[man on radio] Government blames
genetically engineered
prehistoric creatures
for a worldwide...
Oh, prehistoric creatures.
[Irwin chuckles]
Last month, it was space aliens.
You know,
it's not totally impossible...
Um, hello?
Dr. Irwin?
- Who are you?
- I'm Josh.
The screenwriter,
they-they told me that...
- What took you so long?
- Uh...
Uh, I-I got here
as fast as I could.
I'm a big fan,
as a disaster writer...
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
blah, blah, blah. Blah, blah.
Zip it, kid, we gotta move out.
I-I didn't realize I was late.
They, they told me that...
You always talk this much? Shh!
Try not to hurt him too much.
[instrumental music]
Kat. What are you doing here?
And let you have all the fun?
Who's this?
Says he's a writer.
What number is he?
I'm-I'm number eight.
[cell phone chimes]
Are you gonna...
[chiming continues]
Miss Nova, you need phone
to keep in touch.
Studio is unaware
where Miss Rivers is.
Insurance purposes.
You keep this
our little secret, da?
Da. Yes, yes.
As... My lips are sealed.
[intense music]
Is good.
I would not want
to rip those lips
off of your face.
Wait, so-so you're flying?
Yeah, I picked it up
while making
that movie where I play
the sexy helicopter pilot.
Is that a problem?
No, no, of course not.
You've flown before,
Number Eight?
No, I'm scared
to death right now.
Good raw emotion!
Use that, channel it,
go with it, you know?
It's better than drugs.
[intense music]
[helicopter whirring]
[Irwin] So, hiding out
from the studios again?
[Kat] You know I'd rather be
here than anywhere else.
It's way more interesting
than listening
to PR people to come up
with brilliant ideas
on how to reinvent our brand.
[Irwin] You know, it sounds
like you need a permanent
vacation from Tinsel town.
You can help me write
my latest book.
It's all about... Oh, oh,
better not say too much.
There's a dirty bird
in the back with big ears.
I'm not hiding, I'm right here.
And birds don't have big ears.
Ha-ha, actually, they do.
They're just hidden
under their feathers.
[Irwin] Hey, stick with us, kid.
We'll teach you a thing or two
before the day is done.
[Kat] Please don't tell me
Number Eight's gonna hurl.
Hey, kid, you gonna hurl?
He's not gonna hurl.
So, what's got you
all edgy today?
That tremblor this morning?
It's called
a blind thrust quake.
It's when the shift
happens underground
with no visible sign
on the Earth's crust.
I've never seen one
that small, though.
So, they're usually bigger?
Hey, Number Eight,
are they usually bigger?
Uh, yeah, blind thrust quakes
are what they usually
make movies about.
Uh, this could be worse
than I imagined, though.
If my theory...
Hey, Number Eight,
you've read my books, right?
- My name's Josh.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
What's my theory?
- Which one?
- "Wh-which one?"
The Newport-Inglewood
Fault Subduction Zone.
The leakage, the jump.
Yeah, that, uh, that's what
I wrote about
in Lava Angeles.
You wrote that piece of crap?
Holy mother of pearl,
they really scraped
the bottom of the bowl
with you, didn't they?
I mean-I mean,
you steal my research,
and then they hire you,
and they stick you
with me, those shit...
Hey! It's not my fault
how it turns out.
- I'm just the writer.
- "I'm just the writer."
What's all that noise?
It sounds like there's something
going on down there.
- Where?
- [Kat] I can't tell.
Right there.
What the hell is that?
Oh, no.
- Another earthquake?
- No.
No, it's not.
That's the first stage
of what's gonna be an eruption.
Damn it, I hate it
when I'm correct!
They're gonna have
to clear out the park.
They're gonna have to clear
the whole damn city.
Hold on.
[distant explosion]
- What was that?
- Hold on.
[intense music]
Is that an explosion?
I think it's an eruption.
Hold on!
Hang tight!
[alarm beeping rapidly]
- We're going down!
- Ah!
[heavy breathing]
- Come on, Kat.
- Can't... pull...
- Come on!
- ...up!
Yeah, yes.
[heavy breathing]
Good work.
We're gonna have to set
this thing down.
Yeah, well,
not over there, we're not.
- Over there.
- Yeah, yeah, go, go!
[indistinct chatter]
I-I want every report
from every office
from here to San Francisco
on my desk, now.
All right, everybody, listen up.
A lot of eyes are gonna
be on us today.
And our official line's
that this is a,
a tectonic event,
we're compiling data.
We do not jump to conclusions,
we do not make assumptions
until we know
what we're dealing with.
All right, let's go do our jobs.
[siren blaring]
A volcano? In Los Angeles?
Uh, no, not exactly.
Um, th-this is a tectonic event.
Uh, it might be what we call
a flat volcano.
Similar to what's
in Yellowstone.
Or it just might be something
we haven't seen before.
So, you're my special science
advisor, what do we do?
[Robson] We're putting together
a plan now.
Should have it for you
within the hour.
[Josh] What are we,
just leaving the copter?
[Kat] With that rotor,
we're not going anywhere.
[Irwin] Exactly.
What we need is a phone.
[Josh] No kidding, I need to get
in touch with my sister.
I'm not getting
any bars, though.
Already tried that.
Like I told Kat,
"Put it away,
you'll just make
the situation worse."
There's a massive
network overload.
You won't get through
for a while anyway.
Well, it definitely won't
happen if I don't try.
Good luck with that.
We need to find a phone.
I thought you said
phones don't work.
Cell phones, no.
But if we're lucky,
we'll find a landline
if the poles are still up.
[knocking on door]
[Irwin] Hello? We need
to use your phone.
Shouldn't we be
getting out of the city?
Yes, us and four million others.
Listen, I have to get a message
through to the mayor
at City Hall
before that bastard, Robson...
Hello! Hello?
Oh, screw it.
- [Josh] Wh-what are you doing?
- Sh!
Okay, you can't just break in.
We're not stealing anything.
We're just gonna use the phone.
[Josh] Looks like someone
left in a hurry.
[dial tone]
This is playing out
just like my movie.
The eruption, the fault...
It's all in my script.
You wanna know
the problem with Hollywood?
It's all just a bunch of
smoke and mirrors bull crap.
There are real people out there,
really getting killed
and you just equate it
with how
it reminds you of your movie.
It's just terrible.
Operator, operator,
put me through to the mayor
at City Hall, now, please.
[female operator]
All lines are busy, sir.
This is Dr. Irwin,
advisor to the president.
[female operator]
President of the United States?
Yes, that president.
[female operator]
Of the U.S.?
Of the United States, yes.
L-listen, listen.
You do know
there's a federal emergency
going on right now, do you?
- Mm...
- Mm-hm, mm-hm.
So, do you wanna be responsible
for the death
of thousands of people?
[female operator]
Please hold.
No, didn't think so.
Advisor to the president?
Well, I did see him speak
at some global warming
conference once.
He's a smart man.
Hold on, hold on!
[dramatic music]
Get everything empty,
every supply room
and closet in this building
and bring everything
down to the ER.
[Jessica] All of you interns
need to go
outside and get ready
for triage.
We're gonna have a lot of people
coming upon us at any minute
and we need
to prioritize them.
Okay? Let's move.
[siren blaring]
[Irwin] It looks like
the quake subsided.
- We should be good for a moment.
- If you say so.
You know, you,
you seem kinda relaxed
considering you're
such a notorious man-eater.
I've lived through worse.
Oh, you mean that time you had
to wait a whole 20 minutes
for your kale Caesar salad
at some fancy-pants restaurant?
Clearly, you don't
know me at all.
Yeah, you're right, I don't.
So, tell me something
about yourself.
How about you tell me
something about you?
You're a fan boy for Dr. Irwin
and his research, right?
No more than any other
sci-fi geek
who's into fascinating
disaster scenarios
that give Hollywood
a run for its money.
You really think
it's gonna get worse?
What's happening comes straight
from Dr. Irwin's book,
the one I researched
for my movie.
Lava Angeles?
Not my title.
Never is.
Now, who's Judgmental Judy?
what he wrote
was that the entire
Los Angeles basin
is sitting right
on top of a volcano.
Yes, hello?
Stop talking.
Yes, I'm still here.
[female operator] Connecting you
to the mayor's office now.
Well, it's about time!
[telephone rings]
Okay? Okay, please stay
on the line.
Sir, I have a Dr. Irwin
on line three.
It sounds important.
What? Dr. Irwin?
Great, now every kook
that's ever written a book
or a conspiracy theory
is gonna start calling me.
Tell him I'll call him back,
I'm busy.
He says he's the advisor
to the president.
The advisor to the president?
The only advice
this man should be giving...
is to internet trolls
on the conspiracy forums.
Not calling me.
Now just hang up the phone.
- Uh...
- I said...
Is he on the line right now?
Oh, for all things holy,
hang up the phone.
Hang up the phone.
Call Dr. Robson.
- [beeping]
- No...
I've found scream therapy
to be quite effective.
You should try it.
No thanks.
So, you need to amend
your previous statement.
It's not a volcano.
It's... magma tubes
straddling the fault line.
And people think the San Andreas
Fault's the real problem.
- It's not?
- [Josh] Not according to him.
According to him,
it's the lesser known
Newport-Inglewood Fault.
Never heard of it.
Most people haven't.
Doesn't have the same ring.
I've never heard
of these magma tubes.
Yeah, why would I write it down?
So you could steal it?
Look, my, my lawyer
said that everything that you
wrote was public knowledge.
Look, one thing I hate...
more than writers,
it's lawyers!
How did it go with the mayor?
Is he sending
a personal limo to pick us up?
Moron's hung up on me.
[dial tone ringing]
Come on, Josh.
[automated message] Hi, this is
Josh, I can't answer the phone
right now because I'm
soaking up the rays
in sunny Hollywood...
[man on PA]
All hospital personnel
report back to your stations.
Come on, we have to figure out
what's happening.
[dramatic music]
[busy tone]
- Come on, Jess.
- I already told you.
You're tellin' me to forget
that my sister's out there?
If you wanna go, go.
I'm gonna stay here and try
and clean up this mess,
ergo supplanting the need
for anyone to leave.
You're what?
- That's crazy.
- Now you're catching on.
I have to go, all right,
like someone
fairly intelligent
recently said,
"There are real people
out there
and they're really dying."
Yes, yes, and they will continue
to die unless we do
something about it.
[instrumental music]
Continuing our
breaking news coverage
of the eruption in Los Angeles,
new details emerging
by the minute.
This massive explosion
in MacArthur Park
was first thought to be some
kind of terrorist attack.
This false information
spread like wildfire
across social media.
It has whipped up
a mass hysteria
amongst Angelinos.
However, we here at
Your News Leader
have exclusive coverage
that proves otherwise.
This calamity was, in fact,
an unprecedented
volcanic explosion
that seems to be getting
worse by the minute.
MacArthur Park has turned
into something
out of a post-apocalyptic
Where there once was water,
it has been replaced by
an ocean of lava
just beneath the surface.
And to add insult to injury,
it seems as if
molten globs of rock
are being ejected
with tremendous force
that rain down on our fair
landscape like bombs.
We've been trying to reach
the mayor's office for comment.
So far, we haven't heard back.
Sir, I've been consulting
with Dr. Robson.
And he agrees with us.
Agrees on what?
Do we even really...
Do we even really know
what's going on here?
I mean, now you're
asking me for a complete
blackout on the press, come on.
Yes, until we're ready.
We need to keep this as quiet
as possible for now
and start putting
together a plan
to expand the evacuation order.
How far? All the way
to Westside?
All of it. The whole city.
The entire Los Angeles
That's over four and a half
million people.
No way.
Where the hell are we going?
I need information, I need data.
I need both of you.
That's the closest
you're gonna get to "Please."
What is this place?
It's a factory.
They made things here once.
Now, like the rest
of Los Angeles, it's pretty...
but ultimately, empty.
Whoa! Whoa!
[all gasp]
Here's the map
from a week ago...
then, three days ago...
and, now, today.
And we didn't see this coming?
We had no idea?
Dr. Irwin knew.
Really, Kent?
You're gonna say that name
in here, to me?
Uh... okay,
getting back on track.
We didn't see it
because we weren't looking.
But even if we were,
they were fully camouflaged
in a solid mass of metamorphic
and sedimentary layers.
But a subterranean meltdown
started to happen
and here,
the minerals in the tubes
are at their lowest
melting point.
These tubes re-opened first
and that's where
the lava's erupting out from.
Then, what's causing
the meltdown?
Where's the pressure
building from?
- We don't know.
- Well, why don't we find out?
What the hell, man?
They used to be partners
till Irwin slept with his wife
and got super famous.
Now he hates him.
What was that?
Number Eight, illuminate.
- It's probably a lava bomb.
- A lava what?
When a volcano ejects
fragments of lava,
th-they cool down and solidify
before they hit the ground.
How much worse can this get?
- Well...
- What?
Well, there's a cow pie bomb.
It's essentially the same thing
except for it
doesn't fully solidify.
So, when it hits the ground,
it splatters all over the place.
Okay, okay, this way.
Why are we here?
We're here because
the bozos at City Hall
are ultimately clueless.
By the time they come up
with a plan,
half the city will be
five feet under a sea of lava.
What kind of a plan
are you gonna put together?
Can you just let me work?
And stop asking
so many questions.
That's what a writer does,
how am I supposed to...
You-you just can't help
yourself, can you?
Right, now you two,
grab one of these
and secure it
around that support beam.
Ground penetrating radar.
Wh-what are you...
Those support beams go
all the way down to the bedrock.
Oh, you're tryin' to figure out
what's goin' on beneath us.
Ooh, the kid did go
to volcano school. Well done.
Now, start securin' that.
Is anyone else
getting really hot?
[device beeping]
We have a leg amputation
in trauma four.
Have the anesthesiologist prep
the patient,
I'll be right there.
- We're out of anesthesia.
- What?
We're out of all the anesthetics
and the painkillers.
Okay, grab some orderlies,
have them
load up carts in the liquor
store across the street.
- You have to be kidding me.
- Not today, I'm not.
We just received word
from the mayor's office.
They're calling in
the National Guard.
We need to start
evacuating people
via helicopter right away.
We have dozens of patients
up there on life support.
They're never
gonna survive the trip.
What are we gonna do with them?
Okay, this is an emergency
situation, people.
I need all hands on deck.
[Irwin] Okay, okay.
So, the mean is gonna be here.
We need to get out of here.
Something's wrong.
Yeah, yeah, no kidding.
That is why we're here.
So, I just subtracted this, and
I move that over there, then...
Josh is right, Dr. Irwin.
It's freaking steaming in here.
That's it.
What is?
The steam.
The Inglewood Fault.
As-as it got closer
and closer to the mantle,
the water got trapped
in the cracks of the bedrock
and converted into steam
causing huge amounts of pressure
which had nowhere to go
until something came along and...
The tunnel explosion
from this morning.
They were...
- What the hell?
- What is wrong with your voice?
Hey, I sound funny, too.
Oh, my God.
Say something again.
I like hearing him like that.
No, no, no,
this is really serious.
This is really, really serious.
It means, it means
we're running out of oxygen.
And if we're running out
of oxygen, that is,
that is, that is bad.
That is really, really bad.
[siren blaring]
So, what do we do?
We try to contain the damage
and keep people safe until we...
[alarm blaring]
Robson, we have a problem.
Oh... I have the latest
satellite images.
You have to see this.
[Jones] Hey, what's goin' on
over there?
Sir, you need to get out.
You need to evacuate, now.
What, City Hall?
No, Downtown.
Everybody out. Come on,
let's go. Everybody out!
- Let's go, let's go, now!
- Go, go, go.
- Come on, come on.
- Let's go.
[indistinct chatter]
- Come on, come on, come on.
- Let's go, let's go, let's go.
[dramatic music]
[tires screeching]
We have to get
to City Hall, fast.
Because there may be a way
to stop this completely.
But first,
we have to convince them...
which is not gonna be easy
with Robson whispering
in the mayor's ear.
[electricity crackling]
Um, Dr. Irwin,
I, I think we better...
Come on, go, go.
Dr. Irwin!
Go back.
Get out of here!
Just jump, we can catch you.
Come on, jump.
There's no use.
Leave me.
Stop talking, old man,
and do what we say.
Get that to the, to the mayor
and Robson.
Go, go!
We have breaking news.
It's been reported
that just minutes ago,
the massive quakes that
continue to rock the LA basin
have taken a heavy toll
in the Downtown area.
Just as my producer
was conferring
with a representative
at City Hall,
the connection was severed.
It is believed that the whole
swath of skyscrapers
in that area
have completely crumbled.
No word yet if the mayor
has survived this onslaught.
But the death toll for such
an event would be catastrophic.
If you are in the Downtown area
or near the Downtown area
then you need to get out
Rescue teams have been working
around the clock
in conjunction
with the mayor's office
to evacuate as many Angelinos
as possible.
But has it been too little,
too late?
[heavy breathing]
I'm-I'm sorry.
- It's all right.
- No, it's not.
- You've been burned.
- Yeah, just a bit.
Come on,
it's gonna be all right.
There's no, uh, no chance
you picked up nursing
while you were doing
some film to,
to be a sexy medical
Uh, come on.
That's the best you got?
I thought you were
a good actress.
Clearly not that good.
You need to go to a hospital.
Dr. Irwin...
No, we have to get this
to the mayor.
[Kat] I doubt City Hall
is still even there.
Yeah, I don't feel so good.
You know, my sister,
she works at a hospital.
It's not too far.
Let's go.
[helicopters whirring]
Next, please.
Let's go, let's go now, come on.
[Ava] We've been able to get the
evacuation process started, sir.
Good job.
- You're bleeding.
- It's nothing, come on.
What's goin' on here?
Well, the landlines and cell
networks are all down.
But we have
sat phones ready to go
and a video uplink with
Dr. Robson on the main screen.
Okay, great.
When you get a chance, get me
on the line with the president
and the governor.
What are you thinking, Arthur?
I'm gonna try to save
as many people as I can.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Can I get everyone's attention?
Please forgive me if I don't
remember all your names.
This is bad.
And all the information we have
says it's only gonna get worse
from here.
Now, this is the safest place
you can be.
But I'm sure
all of you have families
you'd like to get to safety.
So that being said,
if you wanna leave, leave now.
We're with you, sir.
We're with you.
Okay. Congratulations.
You've all been promoted
to the committee
to save Los Angeles
from complete destruction.
Now, if you haven't realized,
this is gonna be
one of the hardest days
of your lives.
We have two objectives.
This eruption of our city
and to coordinate
the single largest
emergency evacuation
in human history.
All right, let's get to work.
[helicopter whirring]
- Jessica.
- What's up?
The helicopter evacs will be
here in 30 minutes.
How much more time
do we have on these generators?
It won't hold down much longer.
Not with the amount of power
we're drawing.
We need to get as many people
out of here as fast as we can.
We're being evacuated
to an encampment just outside
the city.
- Okay, let's move.
- Okay.
This way. There's a car.
Did they leave the keys?
I got this.
Where'd you learn
to hotwire a car?
Research for that movie
where I played
the sexy car thief.
Never should have asked.
All right, a little less sexy,
a little more thief.
- We gotta get out of here.
- Damn it.
Everything is so much easier
in the movies.
All right, I'm gettin' in.
Is it the red wire
or the blue wire?
Oh, my God, just choose.
- Hurry!
- I am!
[engine starts]
[tires screeching]
We, uh, charting the progression
of one of the magma tubes
to try and predict
where it would breach and, um...
And what?
What is it?
One of the magma tubes,
it's headed towards Elkwood
Canyon Natural Gas Reserve.
That doesn't sound promising.
So, what would this look like?
It, uh, it would be
an explosion
in the range of
10 to 20 megatons.
A hydrogen bomb, Mr. Mayor,
minus the radioactivity
but there'd barely be anyone
left to get sick, anyway.
How much time do we have?
Four, maybe five hours.
[Jones sighs]
If I divert
all my resources to you,
can you come up with a plan,
implement it in time?
No, sir, we're talking about
magma tubes deep underground,
well beyond
the range of-of any,
of any relief vents we could
drill in the time we have.
We're working on scenarios now,
but the best I could hope for
is to slow it down,
try to buy ourselves
a few more hours.
Okay, we'll continue
with the evacuation.
Keep me updated
with any new information.
We'll be here till the walls
crumble around us.
I know you will be.
[sirens wailing]
[indistinct chatter]
[Josh grunts]
It's like a war zone out here.
Come on.
- Let's go find your sister.
- Yeah.
Those of you who can walk
or are in wheelchairs
go to the buses,
help each other.
There's only a couple more
helicopters on the roof.
They'll be gone in ten minutes.
Once we get these people
loaded on to the buses,
it's just the ones...
- Jess.
- Josh?
- Oh, my God.
- Ah!
What happened to you?
I'll tell you after you get
something for the pain.
Oh, my God. Come here.
Under the mayor's direction,
the evacuation of Los Angeles
is getting under way.
With many of the major freeways
having collapsed
including the 101, 405, 5
and the destruction
of Downtown, LA.
Many Angelinos have headed west
to the beaches.
Let's take you live now to the
Southern California Coastline.
The mayor has instructed
the Navy and the Coast Guard
to co-ordinate
the evacuation there.
All private vessels as well
as any cargo ships in the area
have also been recruited
in the fight
to save
as many people as possible.
These are dark times
but it's been amazing to see
humanity coming together.
I need an update
as soon as possible.
Are you okay?
Yeah. You?
You knew we weren't going to be
able to save everybody.
But we can try.
All right.
Right there.
Well, looks like you'll live.
[Josh] My career as a back
model's probably kaput though.
What's going on, is everyone
being airlifted out?
The mayor has ordered us
to evacuate.
How, if all of the phones
were out?
Well, every hospital in LA
is required to have
a satellite phone
in case of... well, this.
Where's that phone?
Can we use it?
I would guess
it's in the admin office.
We have to get in touch
with the mayor.
There's some information
that just...
It might save everyone.
- We hope.
- Right.
I don't know what's in there,
but Dr. Irwin knows
what he's talkin' about.
Well, I can get it if...
- Yes.
- Yes.
Just give me five minutes.
You guys seem really close.
She's all I have.
Our parents died
when I was eight years old.
I'm sorry.
Our aunt took us in.
It was clear from the beginning
she didn't want us there.
And, she was...
she was in her twenties.
She wanted to party.
But Jessica... she pretty much
raised me on her own.
So, two of us
against the world.
Why are you doin' this?
- Doing what?
- This.
Here, with me.
You're you.
You could be anywhere
doing anything right now.
Josh, my career is...
Once I turned 25,
I might as well have been 60.
Hollywood loves to chew you up
and spit you out.
You're forgotten about.
Unless you get back into
the news with doing some
drunk shenanigans
captured on tabloid TV.
That's not me.
Not anymore.
I get it.
I don't have a single friend
or family member
who isn't trying
to leech off of me in some way.
So, this has just been the peak
of a really bad
couple of years for me.
But you know what?
As awful as all of this is...
Dr. Irwin...
I finally feel like I'm doing
something that matters.
Here's to doing something
that matters.
Man, I haven't spoken
this honestly
in a really long time.
I guess it's 'cause I feel
comfortable with you.
[sirens wailing]
You want me to ask the president
to authorize a drone missile
strike on the city?
In order to prevent
an explosion that would make
Hiroshima look like
a fire cracker
on the Fourth of July, yes.
Look, most of the target zones
we're suggesting
have already been destroyed
by the initial lava breaches
and land slides,
so they've been evacuated.
The rest is government land.
Uninhabited hills
and brushlands.
Collateral damage
will be minimum.
[Robson] If it works,
the effect will be two-fold.
First, the collapsing bedrock
will block the tunnels
preventing the magma flow
from going forward.
This is all hypothetical.
Nothing remotely like this
has ever been tried before.
In fact, Dr. Irwin suggests
the opposite might happen.
You know, I'm really sick
of hearing that name.
Mayor, this is what we've got.
If there's even the slightest
chance it could work,
isn't it worth a try?
The president did say
we could get anything
we needed to stop this.
Well, Mayor, it's your call.
Let's blow the damn tubes.
[indistinct chatter]
The last of the helicopters
are on the roof.
- Should I tell them to wait?
- Yes.
We have two more to send up.
What about you both?
Where'll you be evacuated?
We won't.
Somebody has to stay with the
patients who can't be removed.
What if something happens?
What if lava hits the hospital
and you can't get out in time?
You need to contact the mayor
and get over there.
If you really can stop
this thing, then you need to.
Why can't you come with us?
My place is here.
I can't leave people behind.
I can't lose you too.
[Jessica] How many people have
already lost everyone
and everything today?
You have a chance to get out
and I'm telling you,
you have to take it.
Please... for me.
Come on, come on. We gotta get
you guys out of here.
There's no time.
Let's go.
They'll be there
in five minutes.
I'm usually not a praying man,
but by all things holy,
I hope this works.
[man on TV] The president has
declared all of Los Angeles
to be in a state of emergency.
And he's given full support
to the mayor
to do what needs to be done
in this time of crisis.
[woman on TV]
What does that mean?
What now?
They're gonna stop it
by plugging it up, I guess.
As you can see,
this is the latest
from the President
of the United States.
Which confirms the reports
we've been giving all along
that it looks like
the mayor has implemented
a "Hail Mary" type plan.
We don't know the whole story,
but our sources
have stated that
drones carrying
hellfire missiles
are planning
two controlled explosions
in the Los Angeles area.
Supposedly, these areas
are bereft of life.
But with the chaos
of our circumstances,
it's difficult to tell
if that's truly the case.
In any event, the missiles
are poised to strike
deep below the surface
and essentially
cap the magma tubes...
Wait, what?
No, no, no!
Were those the drones?
[intense music]
I think we should
get back inside.
Whoa! Oh! All right, all right.
Come on, up!
- Hurry!
- Come on. Go, go, go!
We can't make it.
- Move, move, move. Move, move.
- Whoa, let's go. Be careful.
[static crackling]
Kat! Here!
Hey, what's goin' on?
Where's Robson?
Get that feed back up,
right away.
Working on it.
The link to the mayor's down.
Dr. Robson, the magma tube that
was heading to the gas fields...
it's moving faster.
- How much gas is in that plant?
- What?
Find out exactly how many metric
tons of gas is stored there.
[Kat] I thought they're
supposed to be fixing it,
not making it worse.
The drones... they're tryin' to
blow up the magma tubes
by collapsing them.
That's exactly what Dr. Irwin
said not to do.
We have to contact them.
If they're planning
any more strikes,
we have to get them
to call it off.
[Ava] Sir, Dr. Robson is back
on the monitor.
We didn't anticipate it,
we couldn't.
The impact of the collapsing
grounds from the missile strike
sent out a-a-a shock wave of
reverberating energy which...
Robson, please,
I really don't care
about things I don't understand
You screwed up, okay?
We screwed up, and it's bad.
Yeah. Yeah, we screwed up.
All right, chin up, now,
what's the B plan?
Well, I'm working on something.
My best advice
is for you and your staff
to continue the evacuation
as long as possible.
- Okay.
- Mr. Mayor, the news is on.
[man on TV]
Our coverage continues now
with the aftermath
of the mayor's
"Hail Mary" attempt to stop
the volcanic destruction
from running rampant through
all of the Los Angeles basin.
From our initial reports,
it looks like the situation
was only made worse.
In fact, a source from the USGS
has confirmed
that the reason for this
"Hail Mary" in the first place
was the extremely dangerous
direction of this lava flow.
It's a south-westerly direction
towards the infrastructure
in Long Beach,
which of course includes
many of Southern California's
power plants,
and refinery centers.
If just one of those
plants explodes,
it would be the end of life
here in the South Bay
as we know it.
[intense music]
I know
this is gonna sound insane,
but I think we need to hasten
the magma flow to the gas plant.
Didn't you just say
something like
"Hiroshima'd look like a fire
cracker on the Fourth of July?"
Yes, I did, but
closing the tubes made it worse.
Now the-the magma underneath,
it's like a pressure cooker
ready to take out
half the West coast.
We need to relieve
that pressure.
The only way we can do that...
We need to evacuate!
Okay, everybody out.
Take your vehicles and go.
You two, with me,
we'll rendezvous with the mayor.
[intense music]
No. No, wait!
Shouldn't we bring the drives
with all the data
we've compiled so far?
You know, it's decades
worth of work.
No, we gotta get out of here,
It might be our only chance
to figure out another plan.
[Robson] Well, you guys
could still make it.
[engine cranking]
[tires screeching]
Hi, Mom, it's me, Ava.
Um... call me
on the official line, okay?
Look, if I don't get a chance
to speak to you,
I love you and dad.
And I hope
that I made you proud.
Just know that.
[phone ringing]
Okay, I'm getting him now.
I have a phone call,
I think you should take it.
Repeat everything you just said
before the mayor.
Mr. Mayor?
I'm a friend of Doctor Irwin's.
I was with him when he died.
- He's dead?
- Yes.
But he told us of a way
that we could save the city.
I'd love to know
what that is right about now.
We're gonna need a bomb.
A really big one.
Right this way, ma'am.
- Over there.
- Thank you.
Next, please. Keep moving.
Hold on, some of my patients
from the hospital are in there,
I need to go tend to them.
I'm just glad you're okay.
Me too.
[Jessica sighs]
Take care of my baby brother
for me.
I will.
Go write us a happy ending.
This is Doctor Irwin's
personal information
which I've been reading.
Now it's all in here.
He knew that by collapsing
the lava tubes,
it'd made things much worse.
That's what Doctor Robson said
before he disappeared.
In his eyes, we were sitting
on top of some...
some kind of pressure cooker
ready to explode.
It is exploding.
Now, before Doctor Irwin died,
we were taking readings
of the Newport-Inglewood Fault.
Something very strange happened.
- You mean that voice thing?
- Yeah.
It's like we were sucking
on helium balloons.
According to Dr. Irwin,
helium leakage is very unusual
at a fault
because that means the fissure
must go so deep
that it goes
through the lower crust
and then to the mantle
of the Earth's core.
I have no idea
what he's talking about.
- Just...
- Sorry.
All right, look here.
The Inglewood Fault ends
directly south of Long Beach
at the hydroelectric facility.
A controlled explosion
directed inward
might magnify enough
and blast open a sea wall
and flood
the entire magma tunnel network.
Which puts Los Angeles
under five feet of water.
[Jones] Thank God you're alive,
Dr. Robson.
Thank you, Mayor.
Look, I don't know who you are
and what your relationship
to Irwin is, but that theory
was disproved a long time ago.
You're wasting time
that we don't have.
This would make matters
much worse.
These fissures do not go down
that far into the Earth's core.
There's definitely
helium present
and look, uh, we're not gonna
flood all of Los Angeles.
I-I-It'll come in straight
through the magma...
Hey, we're running out of time
so I'm done discussing
geology with you.
It's time for you and your
little Hollywood friend
to leave.
- Guard!
- Yes, sir.
Escort these two out, please.
Mayor, please.
I'm sorry,
you'll have to excuse us.
You're joking, right?
[Kat sighs]
There's something
I wanna show you.
This is one of the...
- Yeah.
- If the evac happens...
[siren wailing]
Let's face it, Kat.
Dr. Irwin got stuck
with the two most useless people
in the universe to help him.
What are we even doing here?
We're doing what we need to do.
I mean, we certainly
didn't ask for this,
but now that it's been
given to us,
we can't just
look the other way.
I think I have an idea,
you still have that sat phone?
Yeah, it's right here.
I have a certain Russian friend
who can get us
to where we need to go.
All right, Dr. Robson.
What do you need from us
to help get this done?
We need to get the magma
to the gas reserve ASAP
and then blow the whole thing
with explosives.
Yes, it will destroy
the entire area,
but better a small contained
zone than the entire West Coast.
That is millions of dollars
worth of infrastructure,
not to mention
all the lives lost.
Look, everyone there will
already have been
killed or evacuated
at this point.
Mayor, we need to load
a chopper with explosives
and get a team out there
to do this job.
Preevyet, Kationic.
Took you long enough.
My apologies, princess.
I had to kick the backside of
a volcano just to get here, huh.
What do you need from me?
I need you to help me
steal a copter
and rig a bomb
to explode a power plant.
This one...
I knew he's trouble.
What kind of crazy ideas
you put in my Kat's brain, huh?
He's bad for business.
He didn't put anything
in my brain.
It's because of him
we might be
able to save Los Angeles
from this volcano.
This true?
You can help save LA?
I have family there.
I believe so.
Okay, we best get moving, huh?
Come on.
[Serge] How do I get
into these messes with you?
I think the helicopter's
over there.
Yeah, it is.
Ugh, flying.
I hate flying, she knows...
You know I hate flying.
Come on,
this has gotta be quick.
Hey, boys.
Whoa, it's Kat Rivers.
We appreciate everything
you've been doing
for the cause, so, um...
I came out here to do
a little USO type show for you.
[instrumental music]
About time.
It's beautiful dance.
Come on, screenwriter boy.
[helicopter blades whirring]
How did you know there were
explosives in these boxes?
- There was a time...
- Yeah.
The time that you played
a sexy bomb technician
in some movie about stuff
blowing up?
No. I was gonna say the time
I spent on base.
My dad was a helicopter pilot
for the army.
I can't believe we're gettin'
away with this so easily.
Well, there is
a disaster happening.
People are a little busy
trying to survive.
Someone just stole
the helicopter
we were preparing
for Dr. Robson's mission.
- What?
- Who?
They were saying
it's Kat Rivers.
Is that that girl
that was just here?
Yeah, that little
young Hollywood actress.
Oh, my God.
They're gonna try to implement
Irwin's ridiculous plan.
What was he talking
about blowing up again?
Oh, there, here, here,
the, the hydroelectric plant.
We need to get in touch
with whoever's there.
I'm on it.
It looks like there's
more soldiers down there.
What are we gonna do about 'em?
[helicopter whirring]
I think we got a bogey.
This hydroelectric plant,
what do we know about it?
In times of crisis like this,
the National Guard takes control
of all power stations.
- Great, let's contact them.
- We can't.
They're under
a full communications blackout.
Oh, great, what are we
supposed to do?
With any luck,
they'll shoot 'em down.
- What's up there?
- Huh?
National Guardsman, huh?
Weekend warriors.
Be surprised
if they even have weapons.
You know, it sounds a lot like
they're firing at us.
Okay, so they have weapons.
Yes, they do.
What the hell are they thinking?
You know, a strange military
heading straight
toward the facility
in the middle of a crisis,
I might have cause for concern
as well.
I highly doubt that they
can even hit
broadside the port,
only if they were
standing five feet
in front of us.
[Kat] We're like sitting ducks
up here.
Now what?
Okay, so few of them
aren't so bad.
I'm gonna set her straight down
in the middle
kamikaze style.
God, I hate flying.
You and me both.
Get your butts over here.
Now that we've landed,
they aren't going to
just shoot us
in cold blood, are they?
I say 50-50 chance.
All right, come over here.
Do you not understand that
this is a restricted airspace?
You're lucky to be alive
right now.
So, I'm gonna need you
to explain to me
what the hell is going on here.
All right, sir, we are
about 20 minutes away
from an explosion
the world hasn't seen
since Mt. Vesuvius
destroyed Pompeii.
You know, back in ancient times,
when a bunch of people
were vaporized
in the blink of an eye?
That's what's gonna happen
to the entire city.
Uh, yeah, call me crazy,
but I'm not buying your story.
All right, listen.
I know this is gonna sound crazy
but we gotta blow up
this entire power plant
so the seawater
can come rushing in...
You need to what-what-what?
Uh-unh, I've heard enough.
Henning, zip-tie these three
until we figure out
what to do with them.
No, listen, we have a sat phone,
give the mayor a call.
He can tell you
what we're doing here.
Oh, oh, so you
a close and personal friend
of the Mayor of Los Angeles.
Of course not.
But he can tell you
why we're here.
[Kat] Genius, Los Angeles
is falling apart.
And you, big boy,
no sudden moves or else.
Thank you.
I'm a really big fan of yours.
Thank you.
I'm gonna need
another IV bag over here.
Is the shaking ever gonna stop?
Let's go, let's go!
Hey, we've been
feelin' those all day.
We're dozens of miles away
from the disaster zone.
- It ain't coming here.
- That's just not true.
As of right now, the lava's
heading straight toward
the natural gas reserve
just south of us.
When it hits, it's gonna be like
an atomic bomb.
Everything will be vaporized.
Okay, I'm getting confused.
You need to-to start
an explosion
to stop an explosion.
Look, it only takes a second
to make a phone call.
[Talbot] I'm supposed to be
guarding this facility,
not blowing it up.
Let me ask you something.
Is there still enough
kinetic energy
with the gas reserve explosion
to dissipate this
so-called pressure cooker?
It would have been nice to have
the extra help,
but yes, I do believe
it'll be enough.
Well, I guess we'll find out
if you're right
sooner rather than later.
[sat phone rings]
[Jones sighs]
Oh, is that that little punk?
- I believe it is.
- Right, give me that.
Okay, I don't know who the hell
you think...
Uh, no.
Uh, no, this isn't Mayor Jones,
Lieutenant Talbot, this is...
this is Dr. Robson
of the USGS,
personally appointed
by the mayor
to head the task force
for this disaster.
Oh, is that right?
You have him in custody?
Well, please continue
to keep them there.
He stole that helicopter
and the explosives onboard.
Is that even the mayor?
Let me talk to him.
Don't worry,
I'll keep him confined
until we're all
relieved of duty.
Ask him about the gas reserve.
Oh, yeah, one last thing.
This gas reserve
that he keeps mentioning,
is this something that
we should be concerned about?
The gas reserves.
Wait, the hydro plant
is only 25 miles away.
- We need to warn them.
- Give me that phone.
Lieutenant Talbot it is?
Yes, it's the mayor.
No, no, no. Listen to me.
You need to evacuate
How much time?
Half hour.
I know.
Godspeed and good luck.
You better be right.
- Who flew that copter?
- That would be me.
I need you to
get us out of here ASAP.
Listen up, soldier.
If you wanna get out of here,
you're gonna do as I tell you.
We only have 30 minutes.
that's not enough time to escape
unless I fly your butt
out of here.
We're gonna do as you tell us,
and that is?
You're gonna help us
blow the crap
out of this power plant.
What's the difference?
It's gonna get destroyed anyway.
We help take this place out
and then
we get the hell out of here.
Now we blow something up.
I have a good idea where
we need to plant the explosive.
this plant generate energy
by taking in seawater
which spin turbine
and along with magnets
create electricity.
When finished, seawater gets
pushed back to ocean.
What we have to do...
is overload the turbines.
This should create
enough implosion
that will send the seawater
along fault
straight to lava.
All right,
now how do I find this turbine?
That's easy.
It should be right under those
big giant ball-looking things.
Be very careful.
All you have to do is
push this red button
and you're good to go.
Easy, da?
once you push the red button,
there's no un-pushing.
Good luck.
[Talbot] Okay, great.
You got what you need.
Now, you and the Russian
can go do whatever
and Miss Hollywood
Helicopter Pilot here
can stay with us,
as insurance.
No, no, no, no, this is not
going to happen.
Where she goes, I go.
You can stay with us as well.
I guess that means
you're on your own, buddy boy.
Oh, come on, guys.
We pop in, drop the bomb,
pop out all together like.
I'm not risking my neck t...
Come on, let's go.
Sir, should we go after them?
No, we don't,
we wait here for kids
then we all fly out together.
[Henning screams]
Wait by the helicopter.
Yes, you're right.
I guess this is it.
Gotta get lower.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on!
What was that for?
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.
- Hold on!
No one can survive that.
- Can you find that copter?
- Nyet.
Dude, what the hell
are we gonna do then?
Look out!
We gotta do something
to save all of us!
- It's coming down!.
- Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
[Josh grunts]
Whoa, whoa, hold,
please, please.
Hold on.
All right.
[indistinct chatter]
Come on.
Hang on, ride it out.
You okay?
[device beeping]
Please, Josh, please.
I guess this is it.
Josh, are you okay?
That's not the word I would use.
What now?
I guess we place this bomb
and get the hell out of here.
There's a door over here.
Here goes nothing.
Five minutes.
That's not very long.
[bomb beeping]
You've got to be kidding me.
[Kat screams]
It's a key card.
Can you turn the bomb off?
Serge said once it's going,
there's no stopping it.
Well, I guess if I'm gonna
spend my last
few minutes with someone,
you're not so bad.
You're not so bad yourself.
I just hope my sister's
gonna be okay.
She's far enough from here
to be safe.
I'm sure of it.
[Serge grunts]
That was one tough door.
Good thing I'm tougher.
Oh, easy, Kationic.
I'm tough,
but... I'm a little fragile.
[Talbot] This place
is fallin' apart, we gotta go.
- How?
- Back up the stairs.
Because obviously,
these elevators don't work.
Okay, okay,
we can talk some more
or we can
get the hell out of here.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
Come on.
[siren wailing]
This had better work.
It will.
I have faith.
How much time do we have?
We got no time, pretty boy.
Yeah, go, go, go. Go.
[Serge] Come on, Kenyatta.
Let's go.
Come on, fly, Kat, fly.
Let's go.
Okay, let's go.
[helicopter blades whirring]
Explosion at the power plant.
Did it work?
Oh, dear God, tell me it worked.
[water gurgling]
Dr. Irwin was right.
The water's going
deep into the earth.
Yes, yes!
[Ava laughs]
[male announcer]
Mayor Jones has announced that
the imminent threat has passed.
- Yes.
- Whoo!
[male announcer]
Los Angles is safe.
That's my boy.
- You did it.
- Yes!
- We did it.
- Yes.
Nice job.
Great job, you guys.
Damn that son of a bitch,
Thank you. We did it!
Yeah, we did it, buddy.
We did it, yes, yes!
Yes, yes, yes.
Saved LA!
Did we just do it?
We're still here, aren't we?
Hey, isn't this the same ending
as your movie Lava Angeles?
Wait, you actually saw that?
Oh, I love crappy movies.
The crappier, the better.
Hey, whoa, hold on.
It wasn't that crappy, was it?
I mean, I tried to give
the characters some dimension.
The worst...
and the best at the same time.
Hey, we should make a movie
about this,
what just happened.
And if you're extra nice to me,
I might let you write it.
Ha, if you're extra nice to me,
I'll let you play the sexy,
You know what,
you're playing a monster.
You've played sexy way too much.
What? She's the monster?
I actually might watch that.
Okay, after I toss this bozo
out of the copter,
I'm getting dibs
on the movie rights.
So let me remind you,
Number Eight,
you still need
my sexy star power.
Yes, I do.
[instrumental music]
[music continues]
[music continues]
[music continues]