Erzulie (2022) Movie Script

Let's go.
C'mon, let's go!
Girl, you need
to break up with him.
- What is that smell?
- Three pointer!
Oh my God. Pace yourself.
Yo, Brock, what are
we doing later?
Man, you crushed, like half the
case before we even got here.
I am sorry I can go
a little harder than you can.
Just hand me a beer.
Shit, Brock.
Stop complaining,
you're just as bad as Allison.
It was just an accident.
Don't be such a b...
- Brock?
- Brock!
Stop playing.
Brock! Somebody help! Help!
I heard that owns this town.
So I'm just here to see
wildlife before it's too late.
Well, if it's not in
here you're outta luck.
Alright, Mr. Pierce...
How are the trails at night?
Oh, it probably actually extends
about 25 miles
to the southeast here.
But, uh, you'll be bushwhacking
right about mile six.
Map says there's
15 miles of trail?
Well, there's not.
- Okay.
- It's obviously out-of-date.
Just stick to the
highlighted path.
Okay. I would also like
to rent a kayak if I could.
Well, the river is off limits.
Hello, Ma'am.
Woloft, party of four.
- Woloft?
- Yeah.
Um, Wendy?
That's right.
Wendy... Uh...
Crow's nest cabin.
- You've redecorated.
- Yes, I did.
Are the
Lafitte's still in charge?
No, they're dead.
I'm just kidding.
- That's my dad, yup.
- Oh.
My dad and my step-monster.
Yeah, they're out
wandering free and exploring
the world and
each other together.
Oh, well good for them.
Yup. I'm in charge now, so.
Oh, I had a retreat
here a few years back
and they made
everyone feel like family.
Well, good for you.
To get to the crow's
nest cabin, you want...
I remember, thanks.
Oh, let me help you with that...
Salt of the sea.
Blood of my body.
Bring them to...
Happy friendversary, ladies!
I can't believe
it's been five years
since Wendy's first retreat.
- Wendy!
- Ari!
Oh, my God.
Oh, I missed you.
Bring it in.
Aww, has it
really been five years?
How did you get here so fast,
ride a broom?
I took the shuttle this time.
Faye, Faye!
Bonjour, mommy wata.
Is this your home brew?
Damn right, nectar of the gods.
Sharing is caring.
Like we never left.
Right where I put you.
Come on, slowpokes,
party at the river.
I think I forgot my sunscreen.
Gives you the
power to protect yourself.
Look at that Asian grandmother
beat up her attacker.
I believe you, I'm just...
I was so tired last class,
I don't really
remember how you did it.
That's okay.
I'll just show you again.
Just takes practice.
- Grab my wrist. Yeah.
- Okay.
And then grab you
from underneath.
Seems a little ominous.
No, this is for protection.
Okay, so.
Ooh. Pop quiz.
Name the beb.
We knew you're
going to ask that.
No, no, um, Lazuli.
Erzulie. The water goddess.
- Erzulie. Right.
- Protector of women.
"One sea, many waters
bound by unity and love."
Mrs. Lafitte's favorite motto.
How could I forget that?
That lady is a trip.
Hey, if I worked graveyard
shifts like you,
I would forget my entire life.
Can you get that, I'm...
Hold on, I am getting the mail.
Hey, Miss Wendy, hey.
Miss Wendy,
I'm glad you came back.
There's something I, uh,
forgot to tell you earlier
and that is...
Oh, uh, the river
is off limits, so...
- What?
- Yeah, I hope
that doesn't put a damper
on your plans.
Are you kidding me?
Isn't the river
like your whole deal?
Yeah, it was until this
drunk spring breaker
got nabbed by an alligator.
So the river is off
limits until we catch it.
But, please enjoy
the newly added pool,
I hear it's a real big hit.
Cash only, sweetheart.
Of course.
And now, we are closed.
Enjoy the pool.
Keep the change, I guess.
All right now.
Maybe we just go anyway.
I know, we came
all the way out here.
We'll just get a couple of
drinks going, it'll be fine.
Did you bring the lavender...
- Maybe I'll take a little, too.
- Yeah.
- Hey, are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm...
I'm sorry.
I thought it was a motorcycle.
It's stupid.
Let's go to the pool.
Well, how about I make those
lemon bars you really like?
Remember when we had
the lavender margaritas?
Come on, slowpokes.
What's wrong?
Faye thinks she saw James at
the gas station on the way out.
I hate that he
has me so paranoid.
Are you sure it was him?
I could definitely be wrong,
but it... it just looked like
his helmet
and this jacket that I bought
that he would never wear
when we were together.
He would do that.
She bought the lavender mix.
Let's go have some margaritas.
Cool time.
Let's get you some shots, girl.
Did you bring any more snacks?
You got the snacks.
I only got one bag of chips.
This is Leverus Chemical calling
to confirm that
you've received payment.
Next shipment is
tomorrow at 0400.
We trust your discretion.
Rhett, your father and I heard
about what happened to that
poor young man.
Now listen, I...
I need you to be keeping
an eye out on the camp.
If you can't handle it,
I... I will be there.
Your father and I, we will come
because you made a promise, son.
I'm not yer frigging son!
To delete all old messages,
press delete.
All old messages deleted.
It's not so bad.
Hey, you're safe with us.
You know that, right?
Yeah, I know, I just...
I just want to talk
about something else.
Of course.
Anyone else getting in the pool?
- Faye?
- Maybe later.
This blows.
I wanted to float the river.
You can float in the pool.
Yeah, it's not quite the same.
Remember how it's like 40 of
us squished in, like sardines?
Yeah, but at least
we're not gator food
because that
would ruin the vibe.
Remember when that lady
dove into the shallow end
of the river and
cracked her head open?
Samantha Caldwell.
Yeah, Samantha.
Didn't she win the
lottery the next day, too?
Yeah, a cool million.
She didn't need the
program after that, I guess.
When's the next
retreat going to be Wendy?
Is it too late to
request Hot Springs?
There won't be
any more retreats.
- What?
- Huh?
The city
cancelled the whole program.
Didn't even take a vote.
They wanted to amp up
police at our sister shelters.
And I fought them on it.
They knew the
retreat was my baby,
so they shut it
down and fired me.
I knew something was up
when you stopped sending the
newsletter, like Halloween.
Why wouldn't you tell us?
Especially when I lost the car.
- You lost the car?
- Wait, is that why
you took the shuttle?
You know better than that.
If I have a ride,
you have a ride.
If I have a couch,
you have a couch.
If she has chips, I have chips.
Sharing is caring, remember?
You have to let us know.
If you had me like that...
- Yeah.
- Like around here,
like this
and then I push it down.
- I feel that.
- You do? Okay.
Try it, ready?
Oh. Ah. Yeah.
- Did I do it?
- Yeah, you did it, nailed it.
You're just saying that.
No, if you do it like that...
And feel.
Ah, shit.
Wendy, did you
bring any toilet paper?
Why would she be down here?
What are you doing over here?
Oh, my God,
it smells like death.
Ooh, yup.
You having fun without us?
I'm not asking you
to agree with me,
but please don't try to stop me.
Are these fried fish scales?
- Are you tripping without us?
- No.
Remember how Samantha Caldwell
cracked her head open
- and won the lottery?
- Yeah.
That's because
she bled in this river.
These waters are sacred.
They belong to Erzulie.
Mrs. Lafitte told me
when she gave me the scales.
These fish scales.
These mermaid scales.
So, according to Mrs. Lafitte,
this is a sacred river that
belongs to the goddess Erzulie.
And if we bleed in it,
she'll grant our wishes.
It's up to her to decide.
But she's known to favor
and protect women and children.
Look, it says right here.
"She who pours her
hearts water in the river,
joins her heart to Erzulie
as all rivers join the sea."
- And so right now, you are...
- Erzulie is here in this river.
If Samantha Caldwell can
get her blessings, I can too.
Okay and so this is why you're
dressed like Miss Cleo.
That's why you can
respect the process.
- Thank you, Violet.
- What are you doing?
Get out of the water, crazy.
Mother of waters...
Receive this salt.
- We should stop her, right?
- And know my sacrifice.
I don't know, when things
were really bad with James,
I started going
to this palm reader.
So maybe it's kind of like that.
Receive this earth
and know my journey.
I mean, my aunt is
really into crystals.
Yeah, this is more
of an active delusion.
Receive this blood.
And know my desire.
Send your daughter to bless me.
Send your daughter, Erzulie.
Oh, I don't know, I think we can
just be supportive and she'll
wrap it up soon.
How did you do that?
Change your minds?
Grab some earth, come on.
She's a goddess.
Do you think she can,
like, talk to the dead?
You can ask.
Take the salt.
Oh, God.
Oh, I can't,
I'm going to stay here.
She could help
make you feel safe again.
That isn't safe for me.
It's fine. I'm just
going to be over here.
Call me when you're done.
I don't want to walk home alone.
- Okay.
- Right.
Yeah, when we get home, I
call dibs on the shower.
I'll arm wrestle you for it.
Yeah, well, jokes on you.
Because I'm asking this
goddess for super strength.
Do you guys hear that?
That does it, too far!
Wait, we are almost finished.
It could be her.
Wendy, get out.
Oh, my God.
Wait, wait, wait.
Careful, I just cut myself.
There is someone there.
Should we ask them some help?
No, are you kidding?
He looks sketchy.
I'm just... Hold on.
I thought I heard something.
Anyway, I'll keep you posted.
Shh, shh, shh.
Sorry this hurts.
- Hey, you.
- Thanks.
I didn't mean for
anyone to get hurt.
Yeah, except Faye almost
got her leg ripped off.
Well, I didn't
ask you to be there.
That's kind of
part of the problem.
When do we know
if the spell worked?
I don't know.
I thought Erzulie would
appear at the river.
All this was for nothing?
What do you want me to say?
I've never done this before.
Maybe we should do
something to wind down.
Yeah. Adrenaline
is not my drug of choice.
See how this candle
can light countless others
without ever losing its flame?
The energy that
connects us also sustains us.
It can restore us if we allow.
The light...
Shows us where we need healing.
But in order to face our demons,
we must be able to see them.
So let's write them down.
That might be a problem for me.
I'll write for you.
Thanks, just write nightmares.
In order for us
to conquer our demons,
we must be able to name them.
So let's call them out.
Me first?
Sharing is caring.
That's debatable.
I'll go first.
Nothing I have to say will
surprise any of you anyway,
so it's fine. Um...
I obviously took the
night shifts at the hospital
because that is the
only place I feel safe anymore.
And then when I come home,
I'm so tired that
I just sleep all day.
I do all of that just to
avoid thinking about James.
I'm so tired of it.
I just hate how much control
he still has over my life.
Release your pain to the fire.
I wish I could
just sleep all day.
I mean, just sleep.
No dreams.
Hm. Why is that?
My sleep paralysis
is getting worse.
Imagine your
childhood attacker sitting
on top of your chest and
you can't breathe or scream.
Let the fire burn
away the bonds of your fear
and purify your anger.
This is not relaxing.
Oh, come on, it'll make you
feel better.
Don't tell me how it'll make me
feel, Violet.
You three are good people,
bad... bad things happen to you.
I'm the only one here
responsible for my own misery.
So don't tell me how I'll feel.
Yes, ma'am.
Oh, it's chloramine
without a doubt.
The fish are glowing
and mostly dead.
Consider it done.
Can I bum one.
Why are you wasting my joes,
you don't even smoke.
- I do.
- Uh-huh.
I smoke hookah, the Lebanese
Right, right.
You've got to stop flaying
yourself over Benny's death.
You're not the
same person anymore.
It's his birthday tomorrow.
And I wish I could wave
a magic wand
over all my problems, make them
go away, too.
I don't think it works that way.
This is a
really inefficient tool.
Hey, when did you say we were
going to get our cut?
Oh, come on.
Thought you was going to get me
a new belt, Rhett?
Really wanting to
put that new hot tub in.
You too big to
push in there anyway.
Fetal alcohol syndrome
is still taking effect.
Oh, stop it.
I take it you two
don't know where Ari is?
I feel gross.
Let me see your arm.
You've really wounded
me this time.
You know that? You hurt me.
Faye, I can't believe that.
They said you quit the
clinic to get away from me.
Do you have any idea
how that makes me feel?
How does he keep
on finding my number?
You need to call me right now.
Right now.
Yo, Wendy, wait up.
Oh, my gosh,
I'm slipping on my cardio.
Is Faye all right?
Yeah, she's just showering, I
figured she needed some space.
Ooh, huh.
Exciting weekend, huh?
Yeah, slightly...
Which part? The failed spells
or the stalking?
Oh, just the flying objects.
I wish I had a
witch in my family
so we could
make James disappear.
- Hey, yo.
- Hey.
You guys look as bad as I feel?
- Hungry?
- Nah.
I could go for some homebrew.
Oh, God, that smell.
Why would you
want to come back here?
I don't know.
I kind of like it.
It smells like my childhood.
Have you heard
from your grandma?
No, Wendy, not since she said
she doesn't want anything
to do with me.
- Mami.
- Hm.
I don't think
she exactly said that.
- Where's Faye?
- Back at the house.
Is she... Is she breathing?
Ma'am, can you hear me?
This must be
what got you and Faye.
It looks like it could catch
- No, no, got her, got her?
- Yup.
Help! Hello?
Oh, my God.
Shit. He's gone.
Violet, do you have your phone?
I'll call you
an ambulance, okay?
- No.
- What?
She's saying no
to the ambulance.
We should at least call Rhett.
He'll be lucky if he doesn't
get sued for negligence.
Has anyone seen a first aid?
Keep the change, baby.
Daddy is on payroll!
Please leave
a message after the tone.
Oh, perfect, yeah, okay.
Hey, listen, can we at
least take you to the hospital?
No? Wha...?
Then we'll take
you to our cabin.
Yeah, I don't think
I can carry her anymore.
- Can you get the car?
- Oh, yeah, yeah.
Hey, I need Violet's keys.
The car keys.
How do you guys sleep up here?
- Okay, I found them.
- What is happening?
- Emergency, come on.
- Okay.
What happened?
We need to get
her back to the cabin.
- We do?
- She doesn't want a hospital.
Can you help her, Faye?
I can try,
but we're out of supplies.
We can at least wash her wounds.
She needs so
much more than that.
Let's just go
straight to the bed.
God, is it just me
or is she weirdly heavy?
Yeah, like she was
made of marble or something.
Her wounds look
a lot better clean
but we have to
take her to the hospital.
And she at least needs X-rays,
but she's still unconscious,
so I don't know
what else she needs,
which is a
liability at this point.
Maybe we can
make a first aid run?
Yeah, and a beer run.
You two go for it, I'm beat.
Okay, get...
Get what you can find
at the gas station, I guess.
You get the gauze,
I'll get the beer
I just,
I think I got up too quick.
You should sit down.
- I'm okay.
- I'll drive.
- Um, okay.
- Just in case.
Hey, was that, um, Faye's phone
I saw smashed up in the loft?
Yeah, James found
her new number.
That girl needs more burners
than a drug dealer.
- I know.
- I hate that guy.
Let's just talk.
Can we talk?
Is that okay with you?
I mean, I drove a long
way to come see you, Faye...
There's a naked stranger passed
out in Wendy's bed right now.
That we discovered by the river.
Maybe she was just drowning,
you know?
She was drowning and her
clothes were weighing her down.
So she pulled them off.
Or they got
tangled in something.
I mean, yeah,
that's a possibility.
I mean, what else is there?
She got attacked.
She got raped and left for dead.
Let's just wait and see
what she remembers
when she wakes up.
Yeah, let's wait.
- What?
- Nothing.
Seeing her, it makes our own
problems seem,
like, really small in
comparison, you know?
Hey, you are allowed to be
upset about your own problems.
- I know, I know.
- And if I were you,
I'd probably throw
my phone, too.
I'm so sorry I did that.
I didn't even think
about it until just now.
I threw that and
it was right by you.
- No, no, no, do not be sorry.
- I am so sorry.
Do you remember
the way that you looked
on your first day of my class?
You had a split lip
and a black eye.
And I wanted to make whoever
did that to you
look ten times worse.
Okay? You are beautiful.
And you are kind
and you are gentle
and your smile
just lights up the room.
And you are so
smart and you deserve love.
It just... I care
about you and I love you.
And I just want to protect you
and make sure that you're s...
Um... Are you sure?
For the tables to turn
It's time for the tables to turn
Our bodies thicker than blood
And purer than water
Look out! Oh no!
Dance in the fire
of their heart's desire
Yeah, it's time
for the tables to turn
Let me go, you're hurting me!
You crazy bitch, hey.
Hey, help! What're you doing?
Let me go.
God, it hurts, stop, stop.
It's time for the tables to turn
God, this shit really itches.
Mine is not great, either.
I think my lymph nodes
are swollen.
I can't believe I jumped in
gator infested waters
and got tetanus.
Like, really, just to talk
to Benny.
- This yours?
- Yeah.
Well, technically,
it's Mrs. Lafitte's
but she said I could
use it whenever I wanted.
I don't know
if that still applies
now that she's no longer here.
But I do know where
she keeps the good liquor.
Not going to lie, I could go
for a cocktail.
- Honeys, we are home.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Anything, uh, interesting
happen while we were gone?
- Not really.
- Not really?
You do know, you are wearing
each other's shirts, right?
Oh, shit.
- Where's our guest?
- Bathroom?
- Look, me too.
- What? Oh.
Did you put something on it?
She's gone.
- What?
- Huh?
Footprints, look, look.
There's no way those are hers.
that's a man's footprint.
Could be creepy dude
from the gift shop.
There's more.
- Oh, my God.
- James.
Faye! Faye, don't, don't.
Wendy Woloft.
You summoned me.
And you rescued me
from the hunter's snare.
Each of you have
showed me kindness and mercy.
And for that...
whatever your heart desires,
you shall possess it.
Where to begin.
I want... I want justice.
I want revenge.
I was blacklisted
because I wouldn't roll over.
It's time for the tables
to turn.
Wendy, think
about what you're saying.
Aren't you tired of
being under their thumb?
Being at their mercy?
- Men.
- Not all guys suck.
Brutal, selfish men
who ruin people's lives
and get away with it.
Why don't we continue
the conversation somewhere else?
Like away from the dead body?
We can't just leave him here.
I didn't put him there.
We have to call the police.
Are you kidding?
Think of what
they would do to her.
I won't let you risk that.
Your sisters, eh, they fear me.
No, no.
We need you.
Help get her up.
I'm sorry.
I thought you were heavy
without the tail.
Oh, going down!
Oh. Oh, hello, hi.
I'm sorry, excuse me.
I can just... I'm like,
oh, nice, let's go.
I'm just gonna,
uh, I'll be right back.
Violet, I can't stay here.
We'll leave
together as soon as we can.
No, I can't stand
here next to his guts.
Can you get me out of here?
See you at the cabin.
Come to the woods, yeah,
we'll have some blast,
share some fun.
Maybe a little murder. Nothing
that will trigger your PTSD.
Hey, maybe we can go to prison
or get institutionalized.
That would be awesome.
- Who are you?
- Who are you?
I asked you first.
What are you doing here?
I work for the Lafittes.
Why are you in the dark?
Because I work for
Mrs. Lafitte, not her stepson.
Well, Mrs. Lafitte
gave me a key,
so I'm not
breaking and entering.
- Okay.
- Okay.
And I'm borrowing this,
not stealing it.
Cool, cool, cool.
Okay, this is, like, not even
the weirdest thing
that's happened to me today.
So I'm just going to...
Um, biohazard?
Is this a map of the property?
Hey, hey.
Can I see that for a
second, please?
Please, thank you.
All right.
How about we
don't ask any questions
and we never saw each other?
- That's fine by me.
- Great.
- Awesome.
- All right.
Oh and Mrs. Lafitte
said I could take this, too.
Sure, have fun with that.
I'll leave you to it.
- Thank you.
- Peace out.
Oh, what the hell.
Okay, oh, I got us wheels.
Where's Faye and Violet?
They went back to the cabin.
Okay, well, we're not alone.
There's some dude
snooping at river house, so...
- Does he know what we're up to?
- Not, yet.
I kind of want to
know what he is up to.
Now is not the time.
Um, excuse me.
Goddess, Ma'am, I just want to...
Okay, one, two, three.
Oh, they're here.
Oh, shit, that was fast.
They're watching.
This person cannot be reached
at the moment, please leave a
message after the tone.
Pickup, uh...
Oh, you can't pick up,
this is voicemail,
uh, call me back.
I'm breathing because I don't
have my ATV, they've taken it.
And they
knew exactly where the key was.
Boss? Boss?
Hey, I can hear you...
Is that what I think it is?
Where... where are you?
Oh, my God.
Oh, I can't believe it.
What're you talking about?
She was right.
She was right.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Did you not hear her
offer us our hearts' desires?
I mean,
don't you want in on that?
She killed James, Violet.
Vi, need a hand!
What if it was self-defense?
- Violet.
- I'm coming.
I'll be right back, okay?
I'm drying her
off so her legs appear.
- Splash, anyone?
- Okay, that's great,
But we have
even bigger problems.
Bigger than
being framed for murder?
That biohazard map I saw,
like, who knows what
we've been exposed to.
Our skin is
probably going to fall off.
She's right.
It won't be long before
someone comes to question us.
Well, should we return
the stolen ATV?
Borrowed. Too late. I'm pretty
sure Rhett.
So we're just going to
leave it parked out front.
What is our alibi for that?
Maybe we needed transportation
because Faye sprained her ankle.
- Leave me out of it.
- No, no, no.
Shouldn't we say
we were here all day?
My fingerprints
are all over the lobby.
No, we can say we went in to
get help and no one was there.
Which is true,
so we borrowed the ATV.
The call history will match up.
Then we went on a
first aid run and we were here
the rest of the night.
I said, leave me out of it.
I'm not going to lie for her.
If your story
doesn't match ours,
then we'll all be suspect.
Well, then maybe we
should just tell the truth.
What is it that
you don't understand
about needing to keep this
a secret?
I'm not going to risk my life
so that you can do black magic.
Not when you
clearly couldn't care less
about me or my happiness.
No and you, did you
not see his guts in the pool?
Did that look like
self-defense to you?
No, that was human sacrifice.
The fact that you're all
here pampering her instead
of losing your minds tells
me everything I need to know.
We've got a once in a
lifetime chance here, Faye.
You've got to learn to
see that for what it is.
It's... it's a miracle.
We have to stick together.
Are you coming?
There's nowhere to go.
I will walk to a payphone
and I will call a cab.
You seriously want her
blessing after what she did?
I harmed you.
That was never my intention.
But you...
You will never know peace.
Unless you can admit
your hearts' desires.
It's your blood that
screams to me of freedom.
Did I not rescue you?
No, I didn't ask to be rescued.
I... I didn't ask to be
I never wanted that.
I did. I'm sorry. I didn't
want him dead, I swear.
I just... I just wanted
you safe and happy.
I release you.
Faye! I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
What gave you the right, Violet?
A debt has not been paid.
You don't owe us anything.
I think we need to look out
for ourselves from here on out.
Is this your desire?
It is.
Probably should have
asked for a cure for cancer.
Or help with the dead body.
I'll pretend I have
the sprained ankle.
If anyone asks.
That will last
about two seconds.
I'm not actually gonna
to sprain it.
Can we please tell
the truth now?
We're not selling out
a Goddess to the police!
Why are you choosing
her over us?
She's not even human!
How is she the monster
in your eyes and not James?!
I loved him!
You were a counselor,
how do you not understand that?!
Go upstairs.
Go upstairs.
Oh. Hello.
Uh, is everything all right?
I heard raised voices.
Oh, that's my fault,
I always turn
on the TV too loud.
I didn't wake you?
- Oh, no, no.
- Did I?
That's not why
I was here, I was, uh...
I'm here 'cause...
Actually, while I am here,
you want to tell me
why my all-terrain vehicle
is parked in your garden?
Oh, he didn't tell you? I
thought somebody left a mess...
- No, nobody left me a message.
- Oh.
How embarrassing, I...
Um, we had a little accident.
Nothing major.
My friend sprained her ankle
and we needed to get her back
to the cabin.
And you weren't here.
I... Is that okay?
We really did try and call.
You know, I... I do not like
that you just helped yourself
to the... the rental equipment.
But I... I apologize that I was
not available to help you.
Does your friend need a doctor?
Oh, no.
No, she's sleeping it off,
um, but thank you.
Let me get you that key.
So sorry about...
the mix-up.
Did you enjoy the pool?
Yes, well, briefly.
That was before
my friend slipped.
Oh, what a shame.
She'll be all right.
Uh, she'll...
She's sleeping it off.
We promise not to sue.
That's pretty funny.
Well, thank you, I...
I appreciate that very much.
You know, I checked my phone
and it seems that
the only time I missed
a call was right around...
four o'clock.
That... That sounds about right.
- Four o'clock?
- Mm-hmm.
Don't you think it's funny that
your porch would still be wet?
are you going to be
the one to take the fall
for the body that's in the pool?
Are you going to tell
me where the mermaid is?
Where's all your little
lesbian girlfriends?
They're sleeping.
Please, I... I don't know
what you're talking about.
Please, I...
What are you doing?
I know the smell of fish
when I smell it.
Open it.
Open it.
Open it!
The whole town thought
she was... she was touched.
But my dad was a fool
for letting her run her mouth
on and on.
But the mermaid...
Your mother?
Stepmother. She is not my
mother, she's my stepmother.
Open it.
Open it.
Where is she?!
Erzulie's gone, okay?
She left, we sent her away.
Oh, oh, yeah, sent her away.
Because that's
exactly what everyone
does when they find out
that mermaids actually exist.
They just...
They just send them away.
We didn't want any trouble.
We didn't mean for anything
to get out of hand.
Well, I guess they're not asleep
like you said they were.
She's gone.
See, the others had
nothing to do with this.
Understand why we
aren't calling the police.
You think you are
some kind of heroes, huh?
Hiding that freak!
You think she's some type
of mystical feminine protector?
She's nothing but a maneater!
That kid in the pool's
going to be like every man
in your life.
Wow, I never thought I'd
see the day that Wendy Woloft
shoved a sock
in a hostage's mouth.
He was gonna shoot us, Faye.
He doesn't get to keep
the moral high ground, okay?
Listen, there's no talking
our way out of this now.
So, I say we leave
and don't look back.
Listen, I have
some cousins in New Mexico,
they'll give us a place to stay.
But if we leave him here
and nobody finds him,
that's more blood on our hands.
We can call in an anonymous tip
once we're at a safe distance.
No! Wha... We're just gonna
leave and go to
New Mexico?
And then we're just
gonna start over?
How would that even work?
Don't know, Faye,
let's figure it out in the car.
I'm sorry, but not all of us
can just drop everything
and drive to... New Mexico
and live like drifter burnouts.
First of all, fuck you.
Second of all, I don't care
where you drive us, Violet.
As long as it's away from here.
You're missing the whole plan.
Let's just go home.
Let's just go home!
I'll take
the fall for everything.
I don't care anymore.
- Wendy.
- I'm sorry.
What is that?
Ma'am, you... you shouldn't
be swimming here.
Actually, sorry, you really
shouldn't be anywhere
near this water.
It's dangerous and you don't
want to touch it,
much less swim in it.
Stay right there.
Don't move, don't move,
don't move, don't move.
Hi, hi, hi.
Hang on just one second.
Can I... Can I just explain
something to you, please?
Look, there's a chemical plant.
It's been dumping just upriver.
I'm gonna try
to put this into a...
I'm a bit of an environmental...
Oh, my God! Ma'am.
Uh, the water is poison, okay?
Can you just...
You dropped this.
Don't know how you don't fix
your trunk before a road trip,
but whatever.
I'll just put things back here.
I think I left my charger.
Evening, ladies.
Is Rhett Lafitte in there?
Afraid not.
Well, that's his ATV.
Oh, no, we rented that one.
Uh, that sounds a little fishy
to me, don't it, Delmar?
Yeah, I mean Rhett don't let
nobody play with his toolbox.
Yeah, not a soul.
- Fine.
- Whoa.
Listen, you seem kind
of confused.
Is there any way
that I can help you?
What... What... Yes?
That... That was...
That... That's a yes.
I didn't know you spoke English.
One of them took my gun,
it's in their shit.
I'm looking.
Found the gun!
And this.
What is it, boss?
I believe
that's genuine mermaid scales.
What? Are you high right now?
Little bit.
Did you call us out here
in the middle of the night
to tell us another one of your
mom's campfire stories?
She's not my mama.
And you don't believe me?
Look out by the pool.
There's a body up there
with its guts all hanging out.
Oh, booby.
What does this have
to do with them?
Witnesses. Loose ends.
No, you need us. You don't have
a clue of where to find her.
She's a mermaid, sweetheart.
She went towards the water.
Even if that's true,
I don't need all of them.
You'll never catch her
without us.
You don't even know
how to call her.
You have the key in your hand
and you don't even know
how to use it.
- Can you even read it?
- Shut her up so I can think.
You okay?
What's it say, boss?
I don't know.
Damn it.
Miss Know-It-All,
you're coming with us.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
All right, since she's coming
with us, they can...
Well, shoot them.
You'll only make her...
You'll only make her angry!
Then you'll never take her down.
We're bound to her by blood.
Remember the stories, Rhett,
she was trying to warn you.
Your mother, she wasn't lying
when she said...
Step. Mother.
She's my stepmother.
What the hell
is she talking about?
- Rhett.
- Yeah, Rhett?
It sounds like your mom
put a hit out on you.
Call her my mom more time.
I dare you.
But she's right.
They're bound by blood.
So, yay, congratulations.
You just earned yourselves
an extra hour on Earth. Mm.
You better make it count.
I hope she rips your heart out.
- Get the girls.
- What?
He said get the girls.
Come on, girls!
- No!
- Let's go!
Let's go.
You gon' make it.
So, there, guys,
that's where you set the trap.
The razor wire.
Here's where that frat boy
died, so she's got to have
a nest around here somewhere.
Smell that right there, Wendy.
That's the smell of money, huh?
- What is he up to?
- I told you to quit letting him
do that cocaine.
This is
a fresh shipment this morning.
But thanks to you,
we are no longer
in the waste
management business.
Boys, we gon' be zookeepers!
- All right.
- Wait, so what are we doing?
Well, right now, what you have
to do is go get that net,
because we're gon' trap her.
Oh, my God.
- Trap her like a crawfish.
- I like crawfish.
Oh, Lord, come on, baby
Oh, man, what was that?
Shut up. Let's go.
Dusty, you know I've been
scared of the dark ever since
we've been little kids.
Oh, man, I...
I am tired of being his
cokehead bodyguard.
I hate these hours!
That's the part you don't like?
Not the fact that we're on
some sort of wild D&D
goose chase?
Yeah, I'm just
saying it's weird. You know?
That kid did get ate out there.
And ain't nobody ever seen no
alligator up in this river.
You know that.
How does that make
killer swamp mermaid
the next logical answer?
- I don't know.
- Think!
Let's just tell him we did it
and get out of here.
Here, come on.
We need the money, let's go.
Come on.
Oh, we do it for Mama.
Oh, God.
Oh, shit.
Oh, no.
Oh, oh! Oh, God.
I don't know if this
is the best time,
but I got a take a leak.
Don't leave me down here!
Just, uh, stand tight.
Hold on.
You gotta be kidding me.
I am getting real
Species vibes from you
right now and I think you can
clearly take care of yourself.
But just, like, I just want you
to know that I'm not prepared
to protect you or myself.
I know the owners.
Yep. That's what I'll do.
Good talk.
- Do you hear that?
- Stop messing around.
Always play around...
I'm gonna kill you.
Ugh! Dusty?
Ah! Rhett! Rhett!
Rhett! Rhett!
They got Dusty!
They got Dusty.
Eenie, meenie, miney, mo.
Catch a lesbo by the toe.
Here, fishy, fishy,
fishy, fishy!
Here, fishy.
I got some
damsels in distress here.
Huh? Be ashamed
if I had to kill 'em.
Stop breathing.
All right, muscles. All right,
it's your turn to shine.
Get on in.
What you mean, boss? I ain't
gettin' in the water again.
- You ain't...
- I can't swim.
You can swim.
All right, all right,
oh, hey. We want to trap her.
- Don't, huh? Come on.
- Boss, I can't swim!
And you didn't
see what they did to Dusty.
Come on,.
- Okay, where'd they go?
- I don't know.
We gotta get outta here.
She's swimming in toxic waste!
I'm not leaving you!
Violet, the tire iron!
Isn't she on our side?
Ladies, the water...
it's... it's changing her.
This is for Dusty, you bitch!
Go up.
Wendy, , thank you.
Uh, Faye, someone's coming.
You take care of my stepson.
I'll take care of the girls.
Make sure he's tied up.
But be gentle, okay?
Yes, ma'am.
An... And make sure he's unarmed.
Onze de la lumire.
Is she gonna be okay?
- Onze de la lumire.
Onze de la lumire.
It'll be okay.
Just lay back, child.
You all are gonna be all right.
Why does every camper
try to kill me?
Wendy Woloft.
Welcome back.
I see you've met my great,
great, great grandmother.
And your friends told me about
the encounter you had
with my stepson.
And for that, I am truly sorry.
Miss Lafitte, I'm so sorry.
Faye's boyfriend followed us.
I never...
Shh. It's okay.
You rest now.
- Are my friends all right?
- They're right behind us.
Where are we going?
Someplace safe.
Honey, is she awake?
Yes, she's awake.
And watch the road, dearie.
Oh, sorry, honey. Spilled
my margarita. Hi, Wendy!
Sleep now.
Wendy! You're okay!
Oh, I knew you'd be okay.
Oh, Mrs...
We got these back for you.
Where will you go?
To the ocean.
To my mother.
Restore the waters.
Do whatever I can to help
you save the river.
Thank you, chrie.
It's gon' be a lot of work.
So, if Erzulie's
returning to her mother,
Does that mean there's
more of you?
Oh, yes. Harry, tell them
about how my sisters
were crazy
for you when we first met.
Now, this is a story,
and crazy is the right
word to start with.
Have you met her sisters?
There's eight of them.
- Eight, right?
- Okay, honey, that's enough.
I... I... I keep losing numbers.
Y'all come on,
let's go have breakfast.
Should someone check on Rhett?
Oh, my God,
I totally forgot about Rhett.
Bro, I don't know
what she's so mad about.
Everybody knows it's not
cheating if you pay for it.
No. Heck no.
The only problem is,
where are we going to set up?
Hey, baby, what's going on?
Our bond is thicker than blood
And purer than water
We're the daughters of the
witch they could never burn
We're dancing the fire
of our hearts' desire
Yeah, it's time
for the tables to turn
Oh, yeah, it's time
for the tables to turn
Mm, it's time
for the tables to turn
Our bond is thicker than blood
And purer than water
We're the daughters of the
witch they could never burn
We're dancing the fire
of our hearts' desires
Yeah, it's time
for the tables to turn
Oh, yeah
It's time for the tables to turn
Our bond is thicker than blood
And purer than water
We're the daughters of the
witch they could never burn
We're dancing the fire
of our hearts' desire
Yeah, it's time
for the tables to turn
Oh, yeah, sister
priestess in a long
Black dress
Save the world before the
heathens devour you first
Mistreated at best
Now there's a whole
in your chest
You played it close to the vest
But you'll remember the worst
Sometimes you wanna jump ship
Sometimes you wanna
dig up your coffin, show me
They say it's all in your head
But you don't
And if you're gonna fight back
You'll have to make 'em believe
'Cause they'll be coming for you
Yeah, they'll be coming for you
And what are you gonna do
When you get dragged in the mud
Well, if you're under attack
You know that I got your back
And when we move like a pack
Our bond is thicker than blood
And purer than water
We're the daughters of the
witch they could never burn
We're dancing with fire
of our hearts' desire
Yeah, it's time
for the tables to turn
Oh, yeah, it's time
for the tables to turn
Oh, yeah
Oh, yeah
Like water beating down on me
Burning halo
where you lay next to me
Tried to look, tried to see
No better enemy
Than the ghost you left for me
Was I asleep or was I dreaming?
When you left smoke
rings on the ceiling
Though my body aches
My mind is free
Tell me how do I believe you
When my mind is turning gray?
Take me down to the river
And pray
Lay me down
Leave my bones in the ground
I won't cry no tears
Wherever you go
I will follow
Lead me to the crows