Escape (2023) Movie Script

Let go of me!
Stop playing around!
Don't play around with me.
Please let go of me.
I'm begging you.
Residents of Kampung Paya Datuk, Malacca,
were shocked
by the discovery of a male body
that was dumped in a cement barrel.
The victim, known as
Seth Mohd Adam Bin Seth Abdul Ghani,
- is believed to have died
- No.
- from stab wounds to parts
- I am not dead yet. What is this?
- of the body and head
- I am not dead yet!
I am here. I am not dead yet! Help!
Hello? Help
Oh, God. How did this happen? Why?
Help. Is anybody out there?
Please help to open the door.
Please help!
Hello, 999 Emergency Hotline.
How may I help you? Hello?
Miss, hello? Hello, please help me.
Help me. I
I am locked in this room.
I don't know where I am.
Hello? 999 Emergency Hotline.
How may I help you?
Yes, I can hear you.
Okay, listen to me.
I was kidnapped. I am locked in a room.
I don't know where this place is.
Just now, the news mentioned
that I was dead.
But I am not dead yet. I am still alive.
My name is Seth Mohd Adam.
- I am still alive.
- Sir?
Hello? Sir? Hello, can you hear me?
Hello? I can't hear you.
Hello? Can you hear me speaking?
Hello? Can you hear my voice?
I have been locked...
Hello, who is this?
- I am Adam.
- Adam?
Yes, I am Adam. Who are you?
I was informed to call this number
if I wanted the location of EMP-47.
- But nobody answered my call just now.
- I know.
My hands were cuffed.
I am locked inside a room.
I don't know where I am, but this room
looks like an investigation room.
Wait, are you sure
that you're in an investigation room now?
If this is true,
which police station are you at?
I don't know.
It's just that this room
looks like an investigation room.
I don't know where this place is.
Wait. What is your name again?
- Adam. Seth Mohd Adam.
- Bin Seth Abdul Ghani?
Yes, that's me.
Suspect? What suspect
are you talking about?
Mr. Adam, I am Inspector Azizul
from the Anti-Terrorism Team.
My team is trying to track
your location right now.
But before that,
I want to know what has happened.
Who locked you up, Mr. Adam?
Can you explain to me what happened
before you were locked up?
I need the information to help you.
I can't think. My head is dizzy.
My head is aching.
Our team is tracking
your location right now.
Give us some more time.
I just want to know
whether the chip is with you right now.
Chip? What chip are you talking about?
The EMP-47 chip!
What is that?
What are you talking about?
Stop it. I don't understand anything!
Hello, sir. Listen to what I have to say.
I don't know how I got here.
Why or who brought me here, I don't know.
Could you please help me out first?
Please understand my situation, could you?
Mr. Adam, listen to me carefully.
Kembara Merdeka Convoy
was bombed this afternoon.
Do you know
that the Minister of Home Affairs,
Dato' Seri Kamarul Hussein,
was assassinated?
What has that got to do with me?
What has that got to do with you?
You were the one who sabotaged and bombed
the Kembara Merdeka Convoy.
Have you forgotten about it?
Could you stop making jokes?
I don't have time
to hear stupid jokes like this!
What has that got to do with me?
I don't understand.
I don't know anything about the bomb.
What is my motive to do that?
What are you saying, Adam?
When I caught you just now,
you admitted that you blew up
the Kembara Merdeka Convoy
and murdered Dato' Seri Kamarul Hussein.
Now you are changing the story. Why?
You said that you had arrested me.
Then why am I here?
Are you asking me, Adam?
Just now, my team was attacked
by Lasykar Timur
upon bringing you to Bukit Aman.
They even attacked the police
because they wanted to save you.
Wait a minute. Lasykar Timur?
That terrorist group?
Why did they want to save me?
Because you are one of them.
Aren't you the one who smuggled in
the EMP-47 chip
from Malacca last week?
Have you forgotten
what happened in Malacca, Adam?
What about Malacca? I don't get it.
What happened in Malacca?
Because of people like you,
our race has been insulted,
do you know that?
Let go of him. You'll choke him to death.
It's all right.
- Here, take this. Don't steal from others.
- Sorry.
Shame on you.
Why did you give him money?
Do you know that people like you
would be bullied
if you acted like this?
Thank you, buddy.
You are Hamzah, aren't you?
Hamzah from the school in Melawati.
We were in the same class
from Form 1 until Form 3.
I am Adam. Seth Mohd Adam.
- Who?
- Seth Mohd Adam.
- Seth Mohd Adam?
- Yes.
Seth Mohd Adam.
It has been a really long time
since we last met!
Hey, you look different now!
What's up? What are you doing here?
I have some work around here.
I do hotel reviews.
I was looking around the tourist spots.
Suddenly, my camera got snatched away.
I can't get a job later if I lose this.
Dear, what took you so long?
Darling, I want to introduce you
to my friend, Adam.
Your girlfriend?
Eva! Hamzah!
Review! Okay, it's like this, sir!
I remembered it.
I went to Malacca to do hotel reviews.
That's my job.
If what you said is true,
can you explain how you returned to KL
with the EMP-47 chip?
Sir, please listen to me.
I am totally clueless about it.
I don't know anything
about the chip or the bomb.
Please release me from this place.
My head is really aching.
I can't think properly now.
Yes, I really wanted to help you.
But you have to understand my situation.
You are supposed to understand
my situation right now!
Do you know that?
Sir, listen here.
I'll repeat it once more.
I don't know anything
about any chip or bomb.
I really don't know.
Please, just listen to me.
One thing is for sure.
I only want to get out of here.
I dare to swear upon the Quran.
I don't know anything. Please help me.
Yes, we will save you.
But first, give us the location
of that EMP-47.
To hell with that!
Are you ready to cooperate?
Whose dead body was inside the locker?
A dead body?
Don't act like you are surprised.
Also, don't act like someone
gave out this phone number to you.
You are the one who called me
and killed this man.
Do you think I am stupid?
Open the door right now, bastard!
After we went through the trouble
to save you from the police,
you call us bastards?
Are you Lasykar Timur?
Why did you save me?
I am not even your comrade.
Because you have taken our stuff.
Why do you have to lock me up?
What do you want from me?
That EMP-47 chip.
It's true then. It's you who lock me up.
You murdered this man.
Why did you murder this man?
That is none of your business.
More importantly,
if you don't want to end up like him,
give us the location of the EMP-47 chip!
Hey, Adam.
Even the police are clueless
about your whereabouts, Adam.
Even if you end up as a corpse,
no one will know.
Hey, can you see the clock on the wall?
Take a closer look at it.
I can see that.
What can you see?
Ninety-eight, fifty.
Ninety-eight minutes
That is the remaining time left
for you before the room explodes.
Okay, listen here.
The chip is with me.
Now, open the door first.
Do you think we are that stupid?
Before we lock you up,
your body has been searched.
This is the last time I'm asking you.
Where is my EMP-47 chip?
Why do you need that chip so badly?
So you refuse to give us
the location of that chip.
Do you really want to die, Adam?
Do you want to experience death
that badly?
Okay. I hope it's worth it.
I was just asking you.
How long have you worked
as a hotel reviewer?
Just recently.
I'm working as a part-timer
to earn extra income.
A part-timer?
How about your full-time job?
I work as the head of the HR Department
in a paper manufacturing company.
Jaya Pearl Berhad. Have you heard of it?
Never, so that means
the company you are working for
cuts down all the trees in Malaysia
to the point that we have bald jungles.
No, you can't describe it like that.
Why can't I? That's a fact.
You're a destroyer of nature.
Who cares about the trees?
No one cares about it.
People care more
about the paper they need to write on,
tissues to wipe their mouths,
and boxes to stuff their things.
They care about those things.
There are people who recycle like me
and by this method,
we can save the environment, you know.
This fish and chips.
- What?
- The fish is from the sea.
So it can be considered nature too, right?
Can we recycle it?
We can't.
So my point is
we need to sacrifice something
in order to get something else in return.
It's a circle of life.
But I like what you said earlier.
You said, "We need to sacrifice something
in order to get something else in return."
How about you?
What do you do for a living?
Working at a recycling company?
I don't know how to tell you.
I can't live this miserable life anymore.
I am penniless. I need to check
the price tag before I shop.
Upon checking, I can't buy it either
because I can't afford it.
It's boring to live like this.
If I have the money,
I can do anything I want.
The greatest trial for men is women.
Luxury, on the other hand,
is the greatest trial for women.
I don't get it.
Now, if you really want
to change your life,
don't wait for it.
Just go for it. Chase after your desire.
You have to be more aggressive
and competitive.
Because the world wouldn't wait for you.
You do understand, don't you?
Adam, are you sure
you'll spend the night at that hotel?
Eva, follow him back to the hotel.
- I need to finish up something.
- But
You always
Hello? This is the 999 Emergency Hotline.
We received a call that wasn't clear
from this number earlier on, sir.
- We suspect that...
- Yes, it was me who called just now.
I am now locked in a room
in an unknown place.
They told me I was responsible
for blowing up the Kembara Merdeka Convoy.
I have murdered
Dato' Seri Kamarul Hussein,
but I didn't do it.
- I am not guilty.
- Are you trying to be funny?
This is the emergency hotline.
Stop messing around.
Dato' Seri is alive and doing his speech
about Kembara Merdeka now.
What do you mean he was killed?
Do you truly have
an emergency situation now?
Okay, here's the situation.
I am locked up in a room for no reason.
I'm totally clueless about where I am
and the location of this place, okay?
It's impossible you're locked up
for no reason.
Did you disturb someone else's wife?
Think carefully.
- Do you know who locked you up?
- Lasykar Timur.
I am certain that Lasykar Timur did this.
Hey, Lasykar Timur is a terrorist!
Are you being serious?
Give me your full name for me to check.
This is not a joking matter.
All right. My name is Seth Mohd Adam
Bin Seth Abdul Ghani.
Seth Mohd Adam?
Hold on. Let me check.
Please don't take too long.
- Sir.
- Hello? Yes, how is it?
Hey, do you think this is funny?
It's not funny at all!
Do you know that you could be prosecuted
for making a fake call?
What do you mean?
I've already checked.
The person named
Seth Mohd Adam Bin Seth Abdul Ghani
was found dead yesterday evening!
No, it's really me. I am still alive.
I am speaking to you right now.
I am Seth Mohd Adam. This is me.
Please. Hello?
This is the last warning.
If you call again after this,
I am going to make sure
that you will be jailed!
Do you think we have nothing else to do?
Entertaining you alone.
Checking here and there.
What a waste of time!
Hey! Do you think
you can lock me up forever?
Hey, sure. Give me a second.
One second.
Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, sir.
You donated quite a lot.
Don't you have a small change?
It's okay.
No, it's not like that.
I have an elder brother.
His name is Hairie.
In fact, he is autistic too.
My parents used to take care of him.
But after they passed away,
I took on the responsibility
of taking care of him.
Sorry, I didn't know.
It's okay. Here, this is for you.
For me? It is beautiful.
He sold me this.
You can keep things inside the box.
You are really nice today.
You should be proud of yourself.
Not everyone can do what you did.
What's there to be proud of?
It is really my responsibility, isn't it?
I'm certain that
if Hairie were in my shoes,
he would do the same for me too.
Hello? Can I order pizza from you?
I'd like to order 13 servings of pizza.
Garlic bread, I want
Can you give me eight pieces?
Yes, eight.
Mushroom soup?
That's all right. I don't want it.
Next, I would like to order
two Hainanese noodles
and traditional fried rice
with a sunny-side up on top.
Hang on.
Give me a beef-stuffed pancake.
Drinks? Give me a second.
Hey, do you want any drinks?
I am ordering now. Quick.
Hey, I am ordering the drinks now!
Are you dead?
It's okay. I want to order iced lemon tea.
Give me an extra shot
because I am really thirsty.
Okay? Please remember all of my orders.
The address? Wait a second.
The address. Where is it?
Wait a minute. Could you not
ask me a stupid question?
Deliver it quickly. Okay, bye.
Hey, Eva.
It's okay. I wasn't doing anything.
I am just sitting down and relaxing.
Where are you?
That's all right.
I'm not like Hamzah. He's always busy.
Sure! Do you want to meet up?
Okay. I'll head over.
Just wait for me. Okay, goodbye.
Eva wants to meet me. Hey!
How do I open this door?
Please open the door.
Hey. I am going to meet Eva.
Open the door. How do I open the door?
Hey. Is anyone out there?
Hey. How do I open the door? What?
You don't know how to open it either?
What button is this?
Okay, I will see you tomorrow, all right?
Hey, come and chill in my room first.
No, it's okay. If someone sees us later,
what would they say?
So it would be better if no one saw us.
It's not nice
to leave a woman alone in the room.
No, it's not like that.
If someone sees us, it's not good.
What if Hamzah sees us?
What would he think?
Are you going to do something to me?
That's why you're afraid
that Hamzah would see us.
I have told you about my life.
Why don't you tell me about yours?
There's nothing interesting about my life.
Just a homeless girl
who tries to change her own fate.
You were homeless?
But you look like
a well-educated person.
Well, we all have our ways
to hide our past, don't we?
It's not proper for me to tell everyone
that I'm an inmate's daughter
who grew up
with my mother's prostitution income.
So how did you turn your life around?
Try to imagine it, Adam.
Every night, I saw all kinds of men
who entered and left my mother's room.
But I guess I was lucky
because soon after,
the Social Welfare Department came,
took me, and put me in this
I learned spelling at the age of 12.
Why does my fate
refuse to allow me to be happy?
Later on, this guy found me.
With this organization
You know, I found a home,
a job, and my life started to change.
That guy and the organization
wanted to use me
only for their own benefit.
They wanted to use you?
What do you mean?
It's difficult for me to say, Adam.
To that extent?
I finally met a guy
who would appreciate me.
A guy who would spoil me with his touch,
his words, his love.
Do you mean Hamzah?
Wait. What about Hamzah?
Don't act this way.
- Hello?
- Sir, listen here.
Please be honest with me.
Do you really have an emergency now
or have anything else to do
other than make these prank calls?
Do you know that today
is my first day working here?
Everyone here makes fun of me
because I was panicking
as I answered your fake call just now!
Do you think I have nothing else to do?
Wait a minute.
Who is this?
Are you asking me back?
You were the one who asked for my help.
I'm in charge
of the 999 Emergency Hotline.
Are you really Seth Mohd Adam?
I don't understand.
Seth Mohd Adam is already dead.
I have just rewatched the news that
No, listen here. I am still alive.
I'm locked up in this room.
Please. Please save me.
I have approximately
one hour left before...
I called you back just to help you out.
But if you lie to me,
I will find you once and for all!
Don't mess around with me.
I have access to log in
to all of your social media accounts.
Lie to me if you dare.
No. I am not lying.
It's true. I have been locked up here.
I need to get out of here quickly.
Otherwise, this room would explode.
Is it true that you have been locked up
by Lasykar Timur?
I don't know.
They want a chip bomb from me.
I don't have it. I don't know.
The chip is with Hamzah.
Yes, it's with Hamzah.
Hello? Don't just keep quiet!
Sir, there was a call to prayer.
Of course I have to be quiet for a while.
It's a sin to talk
during the call to prayer.
Hello! Can you help me out now or not?
Sir, this is a serious matter.
I think this issue is out of my job scope.
The government takes cases related to
terrorists and militants very seriously.
- That's why I think...
- This is your job scope!
I have an emergency now, do you know that?
I have an emergency now.
I could be killed at any time!
One is already dead inside this room.
Do you want me to die
before you offer help?
But, sir, the problem now
is that nobody believes
your situation!
But you believe me!
Yes, I believe in you,
but the problem right now
This is so frustrating.
I will call you back later.
Don't hang up the phone!
Hairie! Hey, that's my brother!
Please let him go! Please!
My brother is not well.
Please. Please don't do anything to him.
Please. Hairie!
- Hello!
- Choose, Adam.
Please let go of my brother.
EMP-47 or your brother's life?
Please give me a little more time.
Please let go of my brother.
Where? Where is it?
How long do you want me to wait?
Please. Please let him go.
Now, the chip isn't with me.
It's with Hamzah.
Yes, exactly. The chip is with Hamzah.
But you stole the chip
after you murdered him, didn't you?
Why did I want to kill him?
Hamzah is my friend.
Why would I want to kill him?
Because Hamzah wanted
to surrender the chip to the police.
You disagreed since the initial plan
was to sell the chip to us.
It's 90 million ringgit, Adam.
Who wouldn't kill his own friend
for that amount of money?
It happened before my eyes.
You betrayed your friend
and snatched the chip from him!
No, I won't do that.
I'm not a murderer.
I won't murder my own friend!
You are a murderer.
All right, let's settle it this way.
I shall give you ten seconds
before your brother's head blows up.
This is what you want, isn't it?
Do it then. If you do it,
you won't get anything from me.
Just go to hell! Do it then!
- Eight, seven, six...
- Okay!
Okay! Please.
Please don't harm my brother.
Please let him go. Please. I promise.
three, two
It's Hamzah. Keep quiet.
Hello, Hamzah?
No, I was sleeping.
Isn't Eva in your room?
Meet up?
Hold on.
Wait over there. I am coming right away.
What was that?
Hit me harder, ladies!
Hamzah, do you want to be beaten
until you die?
Where is the chip?
I hid it inside your mother's underwear.
Do you think I care if you die?
Where is the EMP-47?
If the chip ends up in your hand,
it will cause a disaster!
A disaster to the enemies of Islam!
This is our jihad.
Jihad that will sacrifice
millions of human lives.
Do you want to be among those people?
Come! Come on!
Come on! Do you think I am scared?
You used to be
my most reliable person in Lasykar Timur.
But it's such a shame
that tonight you will die in vain.
A traitor.
I'm not here to look for trouble.
I just want Hamzah back.
Return him back to me
before I shoot his head.
Do you want me to blow up your head?
Or should I blow up his head first?
Who is that?
You shouldn't have interfered
with the situation up there, you idiot!
If I didn't interfere, you would've died.
Do you understand?
I don't know why you choose
to involve yourself in this.
Now, they have recognized your face!
Your life will end soon.
They will find you, Adam.
They will find you
and leave no stone unturned.
Now I want to know. What are you hiding
to the point that they want to kill you?
Adam, in this world, there are things
that the less you know, the better.
Hey, listen here.
If I knew, I would let you die up there.
I was indeed waiting to be killed!
Don't talk nonsense.
What are you hiding to the point
that they want to kill you?
Actually, who are you?
The Adam I once knew
isn't good at fighting like you did.
You are such a great fighter.
And just who are you, exactly?
Just who are you exactly, Adam?
Just hit him! Hit him!
Hit him!
Khalif? Captain Khalif?
Who is this?
Captain Khalif,
this is Major Dzulkarnain
from the Royal Intelligence Corps.
Major Dzulkarnain?
Captain Khalif, where are you?
It has been almost 36 hours
since you were out of the radar.
Our unit is trying to track you, but...
But what? What is it? What are you saying?
What nonsense are you saying?
I don't understand!
The last time we heard from you,
you claimed that
the EMP-47 chip was with you.
Is that true?
And what happened to Imam Muljam?
Who murdered him?
What exactly happened?
What nonsense are you talking about?
What rubbish are you saying?
It's me, Major Dzulkarnain.
All I want to know
is what has happened to our mission.
What mission are you talking about?
Mission to hunt down Hamzah Omar
and take EMP-47 away from him.
Have you forgotten about it?
Hey, it's Adam! My name is Adam.
Do you know that?
Seth Mohd Adam! Not Khalif!
Could you stop messing up with my mind?
So it's true.
What do you mean, "So it's true"?
Listen to my explanation, okay?
It seems to me
you are confused, aren't you?
Certainly, I am really confused right now!
I am confused. My mind isn't
thinking straight, do you understand?
Adam is not your name.
Seth Mohd Adam is dead,
and his body was found yesterday evening.
What do you mean?
It's under the Royal Intelligence Corps.
Khalif, try to remember properly.
Five months ago,
the government and Interpol
assigned us to gather and analyze intel
about Hamzah Omar,
the member of Lasykar Timur responsible
for stealing the EMP-47 chip,
and killed four Indian agents
who planned to sell the chip to Russia.
You received an intel
that Hamzah Omar was hiding in Malacca,
and he was going to meet up
with Chinese government officials
who were interested
in buying the EMP-47 chip.
Does that mean
I am not Adam?
who is Adam?
To accomplish our mission,
you had to disguise yourself
as Hamzah's friend.
Of all Hamzah's friends
that we cross-checked,
Seth Mohd Adam
was the most suitable candidate.
His physical appearance and identity
matched almost 80% with yours, Khalif.
And to our advantage, we discovered that
Hamzah and Adam had lost contact
for almost 15 years.
So what you're trying to say is that
I stole Adam's identity?
You researched Adam for almost a month
so that when you two met,
Hamzah would believe that
you were really Seth Mohd Adam.
So did you all kill the real Adam
just for this mission?
No. I think Adam died
because he was killed by Lasykar Timur
since they thought Adam was you.
Like I said earlier
Wait a minute.
Why did Lasykar Timur want to kill Adam?
I mean, to kill me?
Well, my guess would be
because they thought that the EMP-47 chip
was with you, Captain.
Is it true that the chip is with you now?
What about Hairie? Hairie died too.
Hairie is Adam's biological brother.
He has nothing to do with you, Khalif.
We have all of Adam's family's folders.
No. Now could you stop lying to me?
Stop messing with my head!
- Can you tell me the truth?
- Captain, what else do you want?
This is the answer
to all of your questions.
Wait! How did you get this phone number?
Our staff in the emergency unit heard
about a fake call case
whereby a man admitted
that his name was Seth Mohd Adam.
The name of a dead person.
When she heard of this,
she called our unit immediately.
I don't know what happened to you
that made you think
you are actually Seth Mohd Adam.
- I will order my team to save you.
- Hey, listen here.
After that, we can sit down,
then I can explain everything
until you can...
Hey, you. Listen here.
You told me that you have gotten
this phone number, right?
After that, you told me you are from
the Royal Intelligence Corps, didn't you?
What are you waiting for?
Trace this phone number!
Trace my location now!
Come and save me!
Give us some more time.
I will save you.
Where is the EMP-47 chip right now?
Is it true
that you have retrieved the chip?
Do you want the location
of the EMP-47 chip, don't you?
- Come and save me.
- Come on, Captain!
You come and save me.
The safety of the EMP-47 chip
is our top priority now!
My safety is the top priority now!
Come and save me!
That's all. As simple as that!
I will tell you my location!
- Come and save me now!
- Captain, look. Listen to me first.
He will come and save me. He will come.
They will come.
He is badly wounded by gunshot
but refuses to go to the hospital.
Because he knows
the police are after him now.
At least send the medical team
and treat him.
It will affect our mission.
He can't find out who you are.
Okay, now we start out with plan B.
He is weak now.
This is my opportunity to arrest
and bring him to the headquarters.
Okay. Before that, I want to know.
Is the EMP-47 chip with him now?
I am not sure.
Don't risk it.
First, make sure the chip is with him.
Only then will we move in.
No matter what,
EMP-47 must be in our hands.
Then what do you want me to do now?
Lasykar Timur is searching for him
and hunting for me now.
We're running out of time.
My life is at stake now.
Do you understand?
I'm certain that you will know
the best thing to do.
Tell me now! Why were you being chased?
Why did they want to kill you
at the A Famosa just now?
What is the thing they want so badly
that you have?
Why are you so eager to know?
I am already caught up
in this situation too.
They recognized my face.
So now, I have the right to know
what has happened.
They wanted this thing.
What is inside the box?
Did I give you any permission to touch it?
Do you know what this is, Adam?
This is
the EMP-47 chip.
Whoever owns this chip will own the world.
Adam, this tiny thing.
The price is 300 million.
If this tiny thing
falls into the wrong hands,
the world will be destroyed.
Those people chasing after us
are the soldiers of Lasykar Timur.
The man who tried to kill me
That's Imam Muljam.
The commander of Lasykar Timur
in this country.
So now you have stolen this chip
from them.
Is that why they came
and wanted to kill you?
They wanted to kill me,
not because I stole this chip.
They wanted to kill me
because I had betrayed their mission.
Are you a member of Lasykar Timur?
I stole this chip, Adam.
I stole it.
I stole it from them
because Imam Muljam
wanted to launch the Palapa oath.
Do you know
what would happen
if one took the Palapa oath?
Now this chip is in my hands.
This is my chance
to correct all of my mistakes.
This chip is my chance, Adam.
No matter what happens,
this chip must be handed in to Bukit Aman.
No matter what happens.
My battle ends here.
Hamzah. Don't be crazy, Hamzah.
You have saved me before.
Now let me save you, Adam.
Let me save you.
I only have one final request.
Don't let them touch Eva.
Don't let them touch Eva!
Hamzah! Hey!
Go, Adam!
Who wanted
to kill me so badly just now?
Come on!
And just who are you, exactly?
Don't let them touch Eva.
Adam, you have to pass this to the police.
No, Hamzah.
We have to hand it in together.
Adam, listen to me!
Now you are the one who has
to hand in this chip to the police!
Take it!
Who is this? Hello? Who is this?
Yes, Corporal.
Please trace the location of this number.
Yes. "016-6580987."
Okay, I've retrieved that thing,
but now they are holding Eva a hostage.
No. You don't have to remind me
about my work.
Inform Major that our mission
has succeeded.
It's just that now I need to save Eva.
Hamzah has already died, murdered by
I couldn't just let Eva die too.
Imam Muljam is there.
You tell Major if he wants to arrest him,
send an offensive team over there.
To that address, all right?
You are not Hamzah.
Just who are you exactly?
Earlier on, you tried to destroy my plan.
I came to look for Eva.
Where is Hamzah?
What a coward.
His girlfriend is dying,
but he still has no courage
to confront me.
Wait a minute. What are you talking about?
Didn't Hamzah die because of you guys?
You guys murdered him, right?
I don't know who you are
and I don't know how important
are Eva and Hamzah to you.
I only know that the 30 minutes
being given to you have come to an end.
What sort of item are you talking about?
What are you saying?
I came here just to bring Eva home!
Do you want to bring her home?
So your name is Adam.
Do you have something that belongs to me.
What item are you talking about?
Please. I really don't know.
There is no reason for me
to let you live then.
Get up!
Get up.
I've already handed it in to the police.
So the police have surrounded this place.
If I fail to bring Eva out,
they will ambush us all.
Please help me.
I have remembered everything.
I have remembered it now.
My head was shot by Lasykar Timur.
Hey, sir. You're not a Wolverine.
You got shot but didn't die?
No, they shot me,
but the bullet didn't go through.
It only hit the side of my head.
That's why I have a problem remembering
because I have...
I think you're suffering
from post-traumatic amnesia.
Usually, those who suffer
from serious injuries on their heads
have similar effects to yours.
They'll lose their memories
for a while, just like you.
That's why you couldn't
remember anything just now.
But, sir,
- why would they want to shoot you down?
- Wait.
What is your name?
I'm Reen.
Reen, listen to me.
I know you're trying your best to help me.
Now you know.
Do you think it's easy
to work as a police operator?
But now, can't you change the report?
You could say that a kid
is being kidnapped, couldn't you?
Which kid has been kidnapped?
- I am that kid.
- But Mr. Adam, you're not a kid.
That's like making a fake report,
you know?
I'm finished if my boss knew that I lied.
Okay, sir. How about this?
Try to remember the last thing
that happened to you.
I got shot.
Yes, I know. But where was it?
On my head.
How many times do I have to repeat it?
No. I'm talking about the location.
Do you know where was the location
where you got shot?
Why is it so hard for you to understand?
Did it happen at the roadside
or on a rooftop?
In a swimming pool or in a tiger cage?
Where was it? Tell me.
It was at an abandoned hotel.
Before exiting Malacca city,
there's an abandoned hotel.
I was shot there.
Yes, I understand.
Please hold on. My boss is coming in.
I will call you again later.
Such a cliffhanger.
We need to sacrifice something
in order to get something else in return.
The Adam I once knew
isn't good at fighting like you are.
Just who are you exactly?
Whoever owns this chip will own the world.
Mr. Adam,
I have finally traced your location.
How did you do it?
From the call to prayer just now.
- Remember the call to prayer?
- The call to prayer?
Yes, the call to prayer.
Didn't you mention it?
You said you were shot
at an abandoned hotel in Malacca.
So I tried searching
for abandoned hotels near a mosque
or a prayer hall in Malacca city.
Upon checking, only three abandoned hotels
are located near a mosque.
Then I called the mosque and let them
listen to the audio I heard
from your place.
How did you get them to hear it?
I recorded the call to prayer.
I adjusted the sound
of this call to prayer.
A mosque said that the call to prayer
was played by their speaker
during the Zuhr prayer.
Then without wasting any more time,
I quickly contacted the rescue team
and told them to go there and save you.
But the problem is, how will they know
which building I'm in?
It's like this. Behind the mosque,
there's only one abandoned hotel.
I'm quite certain
that you have been locked inside it.
If you're not there,
I've already asked the police
to search all those buildings
until they find you.
Back then, you told me no one believed me.
Who said that they wanted to rescue you?
Now, they are rushing over there
to rescue a kid who was kidnapped
on his way back from school.
I told them that the kidnapper
was waiting for the ransom.
Did you just fake a report?
Yes, Mr. Adam. Didn't I promise you
that I would help you?
Don't worry about it.
What's important is that
when the police arrive,
they will surely find a victim
who has been locked up.
Thank you, Reen. Praise be to God.
Thank you very much, Reen.
Okay, now, you just wait right there
until the police arrive.
If the bad guy calls you again,
don't pick up.
I'm worried that he will blackmail you,
causing all of our efforts to be in vain.
All right, Reen. Don't worry.
I will just sit tight.
Thank you, Reen.
You should be proud of yourself, Reen.
This is just your first day at work.
Hello? Mr. Adam?
- Hello? Reen. Can you hear me?
- Hey, loser!
Do you think you can escape easily?
Hey, listen here.
Police are on the way.
Yes. They are on their way
to pick up your corpse, Adam.
- You are not freed yet.
- Yes, not right now.
Later, when the police arrive,
they will rescue me
and you can't run anywhere because
the whole area has been surrounded.
Of course the area has been surrounded.
Surrounded by my motion bomb.
Once the police enter that place
And the best plot twist is
I am not even there, Adam.
I am not even there.
Eva! Hey! What are you doing to Eva?
Hey. Let Eva go right now.
If you don't give me
the chip's location now, Eva will die.
Listen to me carefully.
Even if I have the chip,
I won't give it to you!
Because I know what you will do to it!
That is none of your business!
- Hey! Do you want to see Eva die?
- Release her now.
Or you won't get the chip at all.
I will not get it? Are you sure?
Hey! I have many more ways
to obtain the chip.
But you? Eva?
You wouldn't dare to
because I'm the only one
who knows where the chip is.
It's up to you, Adam.
The choice is yours.
You won't dare.
All of these happened because of you,
Captain Khalif.
Hey! Let go of Eva!
She is innocent!
Let Eva go!
Please let go of Eva. She is innocent.
Please let go of her.
I know where the chip is.
I know where the chip is.
Please let go of her.
Please don't do anything to her.
How long are you locking me up?
Please let go of me.
Bastard! Please let go of me. Please.
Don't do anything to her!
They won't release me.
They won't release me.
There's no reason to release me.
If I can't get out,
no one will get it.
I will make sure no one gets it.
Can you hear that?
No one will get it!
No one will get it.
Do you think you can leave just like that?
Where is Eva?
Where is Eva? Eva!
Where is Eva? You bastard!
Aren't you supposed to be dead?
I should ask the same question to you.
What is happening, Hamzah?
Mr. Adam, I am Inspector Azizul
from the Anti-Terrorism Team.
My team is trying to trace
your location right now.
You locked me up, didn't you?
You locked me up.
What do you want, Hamzah?
I saw you die with my own eyes.
Really? Did you really see me die
in front of you?
Think again.
There is not even one bullet
that has landed on my body.
Those who attacked us are all my comrades.
You and the rest of the world
got tricked by me.
But why?
That's the only way to make sure
the police and Lasykar Timur
would not interfere with my life.
Do you think I don't know who you are,
Captain Khalif?
Do you think
I don't recognize my own friend?
Since you are the most qualified candidate
to take the EMP-47 to Kuala Lumpur.
And who is that person?
You are an undercover agent
of a special branch.
Police wouldn't arrest their people,
would they?
Would they?
Because of that,
you are the most qualified candidate
to bring EMP-47 to Kuala Lumpur for me!
You've been using me all this while,
haven't you?
All this is just a mind game, buddy.
You were tricked into my plan
without even realizing it.
You told me that you have
handed in the chip to the police.
Lasykar Timur was hunting you,
coming after you,
because they wanted the chip.
Lasykar Timur was indeed hunting me.
But it wasn't because I'd betrayed them.
No. I have my own principle!
I have a vision!
I have a mission!
I'm not like Lasykar Timur!
EMP-47 is the most powerful weapon
in the world!
Just imagine.
The most powerful weapon
is in my hand.
Just imagine.
What can I achieve?
What can I do?
One more time,
I'm asking you, Captain Khalif.
Where is my EMP-47?
- Eva.
- Hey!
Are you willing to kill her
just because of the chip?
You wouldn't know
what I am willing to do for that EMP-47.
Where is it?
Okay, Hamzah!
I know the location of that chip.
Now, please.
Let go of me and Eva.
is not my plan.
What now?
What a dirty woman.
You played your game well.
Seduce him.
Make sure he falls in love with you.
Then you distract him.
Meanwhile, I will get the EMP-47 chip.
And after that,
he will help us bring the chip
to Kuala Lumpur
for both of us, Eva.
Such a low and cheap bastard!
Who's the bastard now?
Who's the bastard?
Who's the bastard now?
Who's the bastard?
What a bastard.
Let's go, Eva.
Mr. Adam, I am Inspector Azizul
from the Anti-Terrorism team.
My team is trying to trace
your location right now.
But why?
You said to me,
"Grab all the opportunities
and be aggressive, Eva."
Do you think you can get away?
Girls like me can do whatever
and get away with it.
The greatest trial for men is women.
We have to sacrifice something
in order to get something else in return.
Am I right?
Subtitle translation by: Hui Shi