Escape from Cannibal Farm (2017) Movie Script

My Bethany,
how could she live
with this guilt?
His facial mutilation
broke her soul
and it wasn't long 'til she
was gone, fled to the woods.
She couldn't take
the pain anymore.
I tried to stop her.
But it was too late.
Do you want me
to call her again?
Kathy what did I
say about phones?
I only brought it
for emergencies.
I have an emergency
phone, put it away.
I'm having that later.
You're taking this phone
thing way too far Wesley.
They increase stress.
They're dirtier than a toilet
seat, they have E. Coli.
No they don't have E. Coli.
They emit radiation
that gives you
headaches and brain tumors.
I mean do you want a
brain tumor Katherine?
- No Wesley.
- Good.
I don't want to hear a beep
or a buzz this whole weekend.
I just want fresh country
air and beautiful scenery
and to be away from
traffic and shops
and fucking television.
And to spend time
with the family.
If they ever show up.
- Mom.
- Oh.
Jessica sweetheart how are you?
- Kurtis hi.
- Hi.
- Hey Wesley.
- You're six minutes late.
Lovely to see this
handsome young chap again.
How are you Kurtis?
I'm very well thanks Kathy.
Oh good gracious do you need
a hand with all that stuff?
Wesley can help.
You do know it's just
one weekend Jessica.
What the bloody hell
have you got in there?
We're fine thanks.
Just chuck it in the back
wherever there's space.
Don't chuck it.
Oh say hello to your brothers.
- Jessie.
- Hey Sam.
Come here.
- Hi Sam.
- Hi.
You remember Kurtis.
Toby say hi to your sister.
- Hi to your sister.
- Hi Toby.
I see you haven't changed dick.
I thought uni might've
made you grow up a bit.
Well it was going great
'til I had to come
back for this shit.
Toby no S word please,
not around your brother.
Toby can Kurtis
maybe sit there?
He doesn't like facing sideways.
- I get carsick.
- I shotgunned it.
I backside it
Well I'd apologize but I'm
not allowed to use the S word.
in back there?
- Yeah.
- Yes.
Seat belts on?
No 'cause there aren't any.
I've got snacks in the
shelf above for the journey.
Fruit, water.
- Can we just go?
- Yes Wesley dear.
- Toby.
- What?
What you letting him watch?
I'm not letting
him watch anything.
He doesn't have to look.
Well alright what are
you watching then?
Sewage Baby Massacre.
You really think that's
appropriate for a 10 year old?
I've been watching this
stuff since I was like five.
And look how great
your turned out.
Oh freaking hell Sam
it smells like you've had
a Sewage Baby Massacre
in your pants.
Whoever smelt it dealt it.
Seriously though
someone sharted.
Shut up Toby, turn it off.
Sam likes it, he's
learning self defense.
And new swear words.
And how to mash someone's
skull in with a sledge hammer.
No, no more.
- Get off.
- Hey I was watching that.
Toby you can't let
him watch that.
Stop being such a
pussy little bitch.
Toby watch your
language please.
Did you just call
me a little bitch?
Called you a pussy
little bitch.
Please stop using that word.
What bitch?
The P word.
Pussy is not a swear word.
As long as they
referring to you.
- Fuck off.
- Toby that's enough.
I will not have
swearing on this trip.
For heaven's sake
there's no need.
Wesley swears all the time.
Yeah well I'm an adult.
I can do and say what
the fuck I like.
So, I'm 18.
Well then perhaps you
can start behaving like it.
What's pussy?
It's a rude word for a cat.
Hmm I thought it
meant a vagina.
Why did you let them
bring that video thing?
It's a long trip,
they get bored.
Well I'm bored of
hearing them argue over it.
Why can't they just talk?
That's what I did
when I was a kid.
Do you know Sam's gonna end
up turning out like Toby.
Like what?
Socially retarded.
Don't say that
Wesley, you're wrong.
He's just got onto a
very desirable course.
My money's got him onto a
desirable course you mean.
I think we might be lost.
This road, it's
not on the map.
Katherine please I
know where we are.
Would it really do any harm
to stop someone and
ask for directions?
We're in the middle
of nowhere Kathy
there's no one to ask.
Do you know what a tom tom is?
It was invented for this reason.
Isn't that what you
and little girls wear
when you're practicing ballet
in front of the bedroom mirror?
I'm sorry, who invited
Cuntis on this trip, anyone?
Toby don't be a shit.
S word!
What did you call me, Cuntis?
Well that's your
name isn't it, Cuntis?
Mom how much further?
I'm not sure love, we're lost.
Oh here, pull over and ask.
Oh no Kathy you never stop
to speak to the creepy old
guy by the side of the road.
Oh I'll talk to him Wesley.
I said no.
Just stop for one second.
Kathy do you want to
be raped and mutilated?
Excuse me hello there.
We're a little lost.
We were wondering if
you could help us?
You want a bit
of my apple cider?
Oh that's kind but no thanks.
We're driving.
I mix it good and tasty mind.
Done it all me self down
here on our farm.
Grow the old apples and all.
Oh that's lovely.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.
I pressed it in a presser.
Boiled 'em up.
I collected the apples
down the river.
We don't want cider,
we're not interested.
We're just looking for the old
Hansen Farm, do you know it?
You ain't here
to drink my cider?
I'm afraid not.
Oh that's alright.
I'll bet you just want lemonade.
You like lemonade.
I've got a little
old lemonade tree
'round the back of them
hay bales where.
Pickled the lemonade
myself didn't I?
Do you make it look and
smell like piss intentionally
or does that happen by accident?
We have a fridge with plenty
of food and drink to
last the whole weekend.
If you could just point us in
the direction of that farm.
The Hansen Farm?
I knows it.
Just down that hill there.
Follow the old ground
and you.
Thank you.
That your family back there?
This is my wife
Kathy and her family.
Is that your little
boy back there?
That's my stepson Sam.
Hi Sammy.
Sure your cute little boy
don't want some of my lemonade?
I can make it for him.
I make it proper
good and tasty like.
Go Wesley, just drive, go.
Oh yes.
Oh smell that fresh country air.
Smells like cow shit.
Oh my ass is numb.
It's hurting my lungs.
Would it have killed you
to just buy some cider?
Right, nobody come 'round
back I'm taking a piss.
He probably only gets
like one customer a day.
Toby there's a toilet inside.
One a week.
It's very pretty here Wesley.
Well at least somebody
appreciates the countryside.
Right ladies your job
is to pitch the tent
right over there
while us men head out and
get some wood for a fire.
Come on Daniels you're
coming with me.
Aren't you gonna
wait for Toby?
I said
us men.
Sam can't you leave
me alone while I piss?
What are you doing?
What is that?
Finders keepers.
Oh don't touch old shit,
it could be possessed.
Yeah you know like that
old video I made you watch,
Night of the Satanic Exorcism.
Made you watch it
when you were four.
- Yeah thanks for that.
- You're welcome.
Let's go explore but I
don't want that thing near me.
It's good to have you
here with us Jess.
We don't see enough
of you or Kurt.
We just don't
get the time Mom.
That's life, everybody's
money rich and time poor.
Yeah well Kurt and I are
time poor and money poor.
You know we'd help
you if we could Jess.
Oh no Mom that's not
what I was implying.
Since I've stopped
helping you out with money
I barely hear from you.
Is that all you need me for?
Mom don't be so ridiculous.
You know your father and I
met in the city way back when.
Well prices have
gone up since then.
I mean Kurt and I
we barely make rent
and we basically
live in a cellar.
Well it's hard
when you're young
but well it gets a bit easier.
Mom I have been living out
of my overdraft for three years
whereas you have what,
two houses and three cars.
Toby and Sam they're gonna
need to live at home with you
'til they're at least 30.
I don't think Wesley
would like that.
I don't think Wesley
likes much of anything.
He may seem like
a grumpy old man
but actually he's
very kind hearted.
He's done a lot of good for us.
Mom maybe we should just
stay in the motor home.
You can but Wesley
really wants to camp.
That's what we came
all this way for.
Whoa whoa whoa what
the fuck is that?
It's a popup tent.
Where's my tent Kathy?
It's the one I've had
since I was a kid.
It was damp and it was smelly.
Who asked you?
I'm sorry Wesley it
was just really tricky.
This one's so much
easier to put up.
Oh tricky for a useless
old baggage maybe.
Perhaps you should've
left it to the men.
Kind hearted you said?
He just has a
very specific idea
of how he wants
this weekend to be.
Yeah a living hell for us all.
He just wants it to
be perfect, for us.
Oh good fire Wesley.
Oh don't thank me, thank
Mr. Daniels, he got it going
and he gets the
first cut of meat.
Oh no.
Actually Wesley I
don't eat meat.
Oh no you gotta try this.
I cook it rare and bloody.
It'll be the best meat
you've ever tasted.
Better than that dog shit
they sell in the supermarkets.
No this is proper
food, man's food.
We're vegan Wesley.
- What?
- Vegan.
What from Star Trek?
It means vegetarian.
No Mom it means no animal
products, no meat, no dairy.
Well what in the bloody hell
do you expect to eat then?
All kinds of things.
Fruit, vegetables, soy
products, special vegan things.
Isn't that stuff a
bit expensive for you?
Mom it's a choice we've made.
You sure you don't want me
to cook you up some grass?
There's plenty of grass.
Oh how about some leaves?
- Wesley.
- Well that's vegan isn't it?
It's all well and
good making fun of us
but there are benefits
to our vegan diet.
Oh benefits, yeah,
what benefits?
Do you shit flowers?
When you've got
diabetes, heart disease
and a fat belly you
won't be mocking us.
I'm just kidding.
Perhaps you should just
go and get the food bag.
No it's alright
Jess I'll get it.
You two keep the fire going.
It's in the brown
paper bag by the fridge.
Yeah of course it is.
What did I say about phones?
Hey hey that's mine, Mom.
I specifically said
I didn't want phones,
games, computers, all your
electrical shit on this trip.
Give it back.
I didn't come all
the way out here
to have your bullshit
disturbing me.
- You fucking asshole!
- Toby.
You gonna let him
call me an asshole?
An asshole that pays for
you to go to university.
See this is thanks I get.
Do you know what a
spoiled brat you are?
Fuck you, get your
fucking hands off of me.
Toby that's
unacceptable, apologize to Wesley.
No let him go Kathy,
why do you even bother?
- Toby, wait, stop.
- Go away Jess.
But we'll find your
phone in the morning.
I'm not sitting
out there with him.
Well great, so you're gonna
leave me out here with him?
You're not gonna convince him
to give you any money you know.
- You're wasting your time.
- What?
Jess give up the act.
I know why you came
back this weekend.
You want money from
Mom and Wesley.
Same reason you
always come back.
- Toby.
- It's fine, I don't care.
What are parents for
other than pissing you off
and giving you money?
You don't know
how lucky you are.
Look maybe I don't
appreciate their money.
Uni is a con and I'm probably
gonna come out with loads of
debt at the end of it anyway.
Look how you're struggling.
Sometimes I don't even know
who I'm doing this degree for.
Me or for them.
Something for Mom to brag
to all her friends about.
You're doing it for
yourself you dumb ass
and you should really
make the most of it
because before you know
it you're gonna be stuck
in the same roundabout of
working and paying bills.
You've got Kurt though.
Had a crush on him since
you were near eight.
I thought you
didn't like Kurt.
No, that's me just
dicking around.
He's a nice guy, I
think he's good for you.
Good, 'cause I
really like him,
Even if it does feel like
you're going down a dead end
at least he's there with you.
Maybe that's what's important.
Look just don't lock
yourself away okay.
Come and join the rest of us.
I'm gonna watch a movie.
Watch too many movies.
Don't depend on Mom and Wesley.
I took those university
fees and ran.
Put them at the
back of your mind
and take control of
the life you want.
That's what growing
up is all about.
So, glad you came?
To the middle of nowhere
with your fucked up family?
Hey they're my family.
They're alright really.
I know, I'm joking,
they're bearable.
So are you glad you came?
Of course, I get to
spend the weekend with you.
I hope my mom's
alright out there.
She's got Wesley
to look after her.
To keep her warm in
that sleeping bag.
Oh gross.
Maybe we should've
got a tent too.
No thank you.
We'd have more privacy then.
We could do whatever we wanted.
My brother's right there.
They can't hear.
Let me play with
your rude cat.
I can hear everything
you're doing you know.
It's not okay.
Just put a pillow
over your head Toby.
Fine, but if I throw up
it's going over your bed.
Did you speak to your mom?
Brought it up, but
she wasn't much help.
Why not, you told her
about the flat right?
No I didn't.
Jess what else
are we gonna do?
We've got less than a month.
I know I just didn't know
how to bring it up with them.
Unless you want to
move into Toby's old room
you'll have to find a way.
There's someone
outside in the window.
There was face in the window.
There's no one there now Sam.
Oh Sam it was just a
silly campfire story.
No this was real,
there's someone outside.
Does this have anything to do
with the toy I left on your bed?
It's just a toy Sam.
But that isn't a toy,
it's the creepy cider man.
I guess it is just
us and him out here.
I want to sleep with Mom.
Really you want
to go out there
and let old creepy
face catch you
and turn your blood into cider?
Not helping asshole.
Look Sam let them
be by themselves.
They just want a night
together alone okay?
Yeah you don't want to repeat
the Valentine's day incident.
Remember the nightmares
that gave you?
- Stay with me alright?
- Okay.
But there's
no room Jess.
You can sleep in his bed.
Thank you god.
- We were just...
- Kurtis.
- Fucking hell.
- Jesus Christ.
What are you doing
out here Kurt?
Same as you by
the looks of it.
Sneaking a cigarette before bed.
Oh no this is Cozano Corona
cigar, and not a cigarette.
Hey don't tell Katherine,
doctor's told me I had to quit.
I won't tell
anyone if you don't.
Yeah whatever.
What the bloody hell did you do?
Mom, Mom!
No Jess, no, no,
you'll burn, you'll burn.
Get off of me!
Jess wait!
- What is it?
- Stay inside Sam.
What's happened to Mom?
- Mom.
- Help me.
Come, come on, up.
Right back to the camper.
Toby get out of the way.
Careful, careful.
What happened?
I don't know, the tent
just went up in flames.
How could the tent
just go up in flames?
I don't know,
Kurt was smoking,
the petrol tank must've
leaked onto the ground.
It was an accident.
This wasn't an accident.
Someone out there's
trying to kill us.
Who's got a phone?
We need to call an ambulance.
There's one over here.
Who the fuck's taken my phone?
It was in there specifically
for emergencies.
I haven't touched
your fucking phone.
Jess somebody's been in here.
Whoever Sam saw in the window,
they've been through our things.
Enough of this bullshit.
We'll drive to the
nearest hospital.
Kurt get the map.
Jess I swear something's
going on out here.
Go, what are you waiting for?
thing won't start.
- Just go.
- Right.
Shut your traps you
lot and listen to me.
Jess wrap your mom in a
blanket, keep her warm.
There's a first aid kit
in that box up there.
Put bandages on her burns.
Do the best you can.
Kurt and Toby you're
gonna carry her.
We're gonna go back to
that farm wherever it is.
It's the nearest place.
- But what about...
- We can use their phone.
We'll get an ambulance out here.
Everything will be fine.
I don't think
anybody's home Wesley.
This place is deserted.
I'll check up ahead.
They must have a phone.
I'm Wesley Wallace,
this is my family.
Stay back Wesley.
We don't want any trouble.
It's just my partner
Kathy here's injured.
We were looking for help.
Thought you might have
a phone we could use.
Help you say?
Yeah, I'm a police officer,
we don't want any trouble.
No trouble officer.
Please can we just leave?
Then you've come
to the wrong farm.
Jess, Kurtis.
Come back, Kurtis come back.
Please don't shoot me.
Silly girl, you'll wish I had.
Leave them
alone, no leave them alone.
Leave them alone,
don't you hurt them.
No no.
Hold it Sammy.
I said leave the boy alone.
Cut their hands free.
Don't get any silly ideas
when your hands are free.
The cage doors are electrified.
Keep your hands off the wire.
So do you want to hear a
horror story Mr. Wallace?
Well I have one for you.
It's the story of Hansen Farm.
Like many an intriguing tale
it began with a great tragedy
that saw the untimely death
of my dearly beloved Bethany.
She possessed every
vein of my aching heart
and she took it with
her to the better side.
Naturally the perpetrators
of this deplorable act
had to pay and mercy
found no refuge
in this cold broken heart.
Hansen, you know
you're not welcome here.
What do you want?
Betty, escape on
horseback, and the boys.
Run Caleb run.
- Dad.
- No son no.
Go as fast as your
legs will carry you.
Don't stop until you
reach the village.
Go on run.
- Okay okay.
- Run boy.
This family is doomed
is doomed Betty.
They wrote us a death sentence
in Bethany Hansen's blood
and the more I hate them for it
the less it hurts to witness
this unrelenting torture.
They didn't mean
for this to happen.
You spoke badly of the Hansens.
They wanted to do you proud.
The boys who condemn their
own father to this suffering.
Their mother to death.
I have given up on all
but my vengeance.
I will spill as much of
our blood as necessary
for one mere final pleasure
of seeing him, Hansen ruined.
What have you done?
What have you done to my boy?
What have you?
And so your not the
first family to sit
in this terrible prison or
suffer this terrible fate.
The sooner you can except death
the sooner your souls
can find peace.
Bring the boy.
No Sam!
Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam,
Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam.
You're mad.
Sam, no.
Oh no.
Wesley you must know what
to do in a hostage situation.
Is that what this is?
Well we're being held
hostage aren't we?
What have we done to
provoke these people?
They're just fucking psychos.
Psycho inbred cousin fuckers
from the fucking countryside
that he dragged us to.
Don't blame him, this
isn't anyone's fault.
How does he know who we are?
We could be locked
in here for years.
They want us here
in these cages
to do whatever the fuck it
is they want to do with us.
For the pretty boy
Kurtis and Sam there,
they want them for their faces.
The skin off their faces.
You saw that mask
he was wearing,
well that was some
poor bastard's face.
And while we're stuck
in these cages
there's nothing we can do.
Nothing but sit here and wait.
Wait for what Wesley?
We have to help
Sam, we can't wait!
Katherine will you stop
crying and listen to me?
We're in the middle
of fucking nowhere.
The motor home's broken.
There aren't people or
roads or any fucking thing
for 10, 20 miles
outside of here.
Nothing we can do about it.
There's something I could do,
I could get the fuck
out of this cage.
You heard the man,
the door's electrified.
The only thing you're gonna
do is barbecue yourself.
Isn't that what they're
gonna do to us anyway?
Nobody is dying today.
I'm not staying in this cage.
We have to escape or die trying.
One deranged farmer
is not gonna take down
an entire family.
Okay we have got to stop arguing
and we'll get out of here alive.
Fuck this!
Don't leave us here, Kurtis.
Come let us out.
I've missed you.
I can't stop myself
from thinking
about the years you were here.
Like some lost dream you
forget just as you awaken.
But I awoke far too soon Beth.
I wasn't done dreaming with you.
The memories don't
feel real anymore.
We had so much more
I wanted to do.
Every day I grow
older without you.
Breaks my heart.
Me and Sammy we gotta
get out of this place.
The killing and the
torment pulls me further
and further away from
everything we ever had.
I have to leave this
nightmare behind Bethany
and begin again.
But I promise you this,
I will never stop wishing
we could just go back.
About fucking time.
Mom, Mom.
What happened?
Where's Wesley?
They let him out.
Oh God what are
they gonna do to him?
Where's Wesley?
Nothing Mom.
Don't you get it?
They let him out.
I think he set this
whole thing up.
Toby I know you don't like him
but he would never
do that to us.
Then where the
fuck is he then Mom?
I don't know.
But it can't be what you're
thinking it just can't be.
Why not?
It was his idea to bring
us here in the first place.
He got rid of all our phones,
all ways of communication.
He just wanted peace
and quiet Toby.
He wanted to make sure that
we couldn't call for help.
He's fucking in on it.
He's got some kind of deal.
Look I know we're all
scared and we're all hurting
but these accusations
are just paranoia.
It'll only make things worse.
It's not paranoia!
I watched him fucking
dart out of here.
It makes sense Mom.
For once can you
just listen to Toby?
I can't believe I'm hearing
this from my own children.
I swear if you're right
then Wesley's a dead man.
You don't know him like I do.
Haven't spent those long summer
evenings drinking fine wine
at Chateau La Villatade.
You didn't catch him watching
you from across the bar
on Seven Seas Mariner.
He smiled and well with
that look in his eye
as he took my hand in his.
He's tried to do his
very best by this family.
When your dad could do nothing
but run away from our problems.
Funded an education
for you Toby.
The way I even
have to defend him
is like a stab in my heart.
Then where is he now then Mom?
Wherever he is I,
I hope to god he's alright.
I just wish you'd feel the same.
Nice to see you
again Mr. Wallace.
I am not part of that
family you dumb fuck.
You branded me, you shot me
with salt shit you
fucking prick.
And as for you,
you ugly spastic.
Now now Mr. Wallace
that's quite enough.
Hey who the fuck are
you supposed to be?
If you'd care to calm
down and contain your temper
than I am the
Reverend Hawksworthe
and I have your payment.
My arrangement was the
meat eater, where is he?
Well the meat eater
does not set foot
on Hansen Farm under
any circumstance.
Therefore he has sent me
to perform this most
delicate of transactions.
And who exactly
are you Reverend?
A loyal and dedicated
customer you might say.
One with first orders
on the new batch
that we are paying you
ever so handsomely for.
Well you tell the meat eater
the deal was to bring
the kids to the farm.
It was not to be
locked in a cage,
shot with rock salt and
branded like cattle.
I'm gonna look a
right fucking wally
with my shirt off on the beach.
Even in Benidorm I couldn't
get away with that.
Well I'll, I'll pass
on the complaint.
I want double.
I want double what
he's paying me.
Better the poor who
walks in his integrity
than he who is crooked
though he be rich.
It's in the Bible Mr. Wallace.
Well you can shove your Bible
up your faggot ass
sideways you silly prick.
The meat eater believes
that a deal is a deal.
Well these aren't sweaty curry
eating greasy faced Pakis
and big nosed monkeys
off the street corner.
I brought you a clean
middle class white family.
This is gourmet flesh
compared with the shit
you've been keeping in there.
Bloody council estate
chippos and homeless scum.
You'll get your money.
Oh I know I'll get my money,
every last fucking penny
and I want it now so I can the
fuck out of this shit hole.
Well well, maybe
you're right Reverend,
maybe I should read
the Bible more often.
Well here's to a
happy retirement.
Sunny skies in Hawaii
and sipping Pina Coladas
on Harpooner Beach.
Reverend fuck you very
much, enjoy the flesh.
Dumb fucking assholes.
Let me go you fucking freak
or I'll rip your ugly head off.
No no, we had a deal you
asshole, we had a deal.
Let me out of here.
Let me go, I want my money.
It's mine you thieving prick.
Give me my money!
I fucking
told you it was him.
Kathy, listen.
You know when you're
with the people
that you're supposed to love
and well they're
driving you so mad
that you wish something bad
would happen to them all
or you wouldn't care
if it did happen
or they're pissing you
off, they deserve it right?
But as soon as you're away,
even for a moment you think
differently about them,
you realize how much you care.
Well I had that with my sister.
Well growing up it was
always shouting and arguing.
I'd think why don't
you just fuck off.
I don't care if you
get hit by a bus.
And as soon as something
bad happened,
say her and Dad had an argument,
he was a miserable
git his old life,
you guess how much Kathy,
you care and you worry
and I don't know how or why
this feeling is so extreme
because really you just
care about your family.
It's no good you
saying all this now,
now that you're back in
here with us you dumb cunt.
Maybe if I were to survive
this despicable situation
you put my family into I
would feel like I care,
but probably not.
Right now I only feel
that extreme feeling
you're talking about.
I would see the skin
torn off your bones
and have your rolled in salt.
Katherine please.
And if I ever get out
of this cage Wesley
I swear to God I'll kill you
with my bare fucking hands.
Do you understand me?
I tried to give you
a quick death Kathy.
I made my tent damp with
petrol before we came away.
Should've been all over
in a few blazing moments.
Do you understand
what you have done
to my family you sick
little man, do you?
Yes I do.
I have sold your
flesh by the pound
to farmer Hansen and his
very wealthy customers.
They have paid me very
handsomely to bring you here
and now, now they
are going to eat
every digestible inch of you
and your ungrateful brat kids.
Then thank God for
the small comfort
of knowing that you're
getting eaten too.
Don't, don't.
Toby don't.
No, no Toby no, no, no.
Toby, Toby listen to me.
This might be the only chance
you get to get out
of this place.
Listen you know what
you've got to do.
- Jess no.
- Mom shut up listen.
Any place is better than
being stuck in here.
Don't do it.
Please no.
Toby, Toby no.
No, no.
Come on, come on.
Come on.
Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.
Come on you.
Sleep well my son.
This will all be over soon.
We're gonna get
out of this hell.
You and me, we're gonna
get a fresh start.
We have your mother's
blessing now.
Tomorrow we leave Hansen Farm.
Sleep well my son.
Mom Mom.
You have a bowl right?
- What?
- A bowl, a bowl Mom.
Yes I have.
Okay listen to me.
We need his blood.
Oh, Jess, I can't.
Jess, Jess I can't, oh no.
You can do this.
- Oh god, oh.
- Listen, listen.
Oh Jess I can't.
- Oh my god.
- Come on.
Two, ready?
Mom that's great.
Come on you fucking.
Trust me Mom.
Jess, Jess get the
keys, get the keys.
He'll kill us both if
he finds him dead here.
Hide, hide the body.
Come on.
Come on.
Okay, okay.
You have to hurry Jess.
- Sammy!
- You have to hurry.
Cook you fucker.
Mom, Mom hold tight.
I'm getting you out of there.
I'm getting you out.
Come on.
Why won't you fucking start?
Sammy open up!
Don't make me ask twice, Sammy.
Hide Jess.
Oh no.
Where's the girl?
Where's the boy?
He took them, that
monster took my children.
Sammy took them?
Can you smell 'em Bill?
How do I know they
didn't break out?
How do I know they're not
hiding in here right now.
That little rascal,
I'll kill him.
Bill take these
out to the truck.
I've gotta find my boy.
That's all I got for today.
I ain't finished with her.
Sammy you little devil.
What have I told you?
Where's your fucking children?
They're gone.
They outsmarted you
and your retarded son.
They didn't outsmart my son.
They murdered him.
They slaughtered my boy.
And they'll slaughter you
too if they get the chance.
You're right.
I've been doing this
for far too long.
Little Sammy this world
was cruel to him
and it was cruelty he clang to.
It's all the poor boy ever knew.
It hurts, but I know he
deserves to lie dead in his bed
but that's the
punishment I've brought
upon this broken family.
Let us go and we'll
leave you in peace.
But until you do this
farm is going to hell.
10 years back Ms. Harver
I could've let you go,
but I've had plans to leave
this place for so long.
A fresh start for me and my son
and your family was
my ticket to get out.
I know the pain I've caused you.
I've carried that ache in my
heart and my mind for years.
You'll be the end of me if
I hadn't locked that cage.
There's only ever been one
lucky man to escape this farm.
Everett Blackheart.
Betty baby.
Betty baby.
There she is.
Bet you're hungry Betty.
Ain't your fault your
husband let your boys do
what he let them do.
Bet you don't have much say,
but now you pay the
price for what they did,
ain't fair is it?
But that's just life Betty.
Life made you an ugly hog.
Same way life made my
Bethany such a beauty
and then took her from me in
its cruel and merciless way.
Got something for you.
Go on.
Help yourself.
You can get it.
Good girl.
You let her go, you bastard!
You know I've thought
about this Betty, boys.
On how I might escape.
Sometimes what we do in
love is a painful sacrifice.
My men are for sure on their
hard treacherous
journey of survival.
Everett you'll have
to cut off your feet
and find the keys,
it's the only way.
I've thought that love.
But I'm already missing
several toes you see
and I cannot afford
to spare more flesh
off my miserable frail body.
Sometimes a clean harmless
solution cannot be met.
But that man isn't taking
another drop of blood from me.
You have to save our boys.
These troublesome beasts
are no sons of mine!
Help us.
Please don't hurt my family.
They killed my son Ms. Harver.
Now I take what's my mine.
You leave my Sam alone.
He's not your Sam any more.
You let him go, you bring
him back to me you bastard!
Please you have to help me.
Oh my goodness.
help my family.
Terry call for an ambulance.
You poor thing were
you in an accident?
I don't
know it's the farmer,
he's killing people and
they're eating them.
You need to call the police.
We will.
But I'm sure this is just
a big big misunderstanding.
Some of the local farmers
they like to play silly
tricks that's all.
It's not a trick,
they're fucking cannibals.
Let me get you some water.
Come here, let me
get you some water.
Calm down.
It'll help calm you down dear.
Here drink this.
I'm not thirsty.
You really should
drink something.
I really just want
to go to the bathroom
and get this blood off of me.
Fine, I'll take
you up to the shower.
Come on.
Towel's over there,
don't use the white one.
We'll be just downstairs
when you're done.
Don't fucking move or I'll
rip this bitch's throat.
Do what she says.
You didn't call the police
did you you fucking bitch.
Let my wife go, this is...
Who did you call?
Just fucking tell her Terry,
she's going to die either way.
We have a very particular
taste for a particular delicacy.
The supplier, who goes
by the name meat eater,
we were instructed to call
him in case of an emergency.
So we called him.
The meat eater,
he's coming here?
He's on his way.
Call him, tell him to open
the door and let himself in.
He'll kill us all.
I'm gonna rip her
fucking head off.
Just fucking call
him Terry, call him!
Oh god.
Oh no, oh god no Toby
that's not you in there.
Oh god that's
not you in there.
Please help me.
You have to get me out of here.
- I can't.
- Please.
I can't get you out Toby.
Please Mom, please.
If I could open the door and
say I'm sorry and hold you.
I can't watch you die Toby.
I can't watch you die.
Please, please
help me out of here!
I can't.
Mom, Mom!
Mom, please!
May she rise oh sunlight
Your journey to pursue
Help me.
Your pretty little
feet they tread so sweet
Strike up the morning dew
Oh stay oh stay
you handsome maid
And rest a moment here
For there is none but you alone
That I do love so dear
For I am thine and
though art mine
No man shall uncomfort thee
We'll join our hands
in these bad lands
Help me.
Forever you and me.
Don't move.
So you're the one who
escaped blind eyed Bill.
Blind eyed fool.
And who are you?
I'm the one who blinded
blind eyed Bill's blind eye.
- You're the meat eater.
- Yeah.
You're the
one who's responsible
for everything my
family has suffered.
But my name is
Everett Blackheart.
out your car keys
and put them on the table.
You made one fatal
mistake Everett.
How so?
You chose my
family for your meat grinder.
Mom I'm
breaking you out.
What are you doing?
Oh come on.
Please come on,
come on.
Oh no.
Oh no.
Come on.
Help me, get him off.
Oh no.
Oh no it's Toby.
No Toby, you killed him.
I need him alive.
We need him to find Sam.
You didn't have to
shoot your brother.
That wasn't Toby.
Everett Blackheart you filth.
You coward.
What's he doing on my farm?
You mean his farm.
What is this?
He's the meat eater.
I always knew this business
better than you Hansen.
I puppeteered you
like an obedient dog
through these cruel years.
And the vengeance tasted
even sweeter than I hoped.
Sweeter than the flesh
carved from my livestock
and by your grotesque
monster of a son.
My son is dead.
Good, he can rot
with his bitch mother
in the stinking pits of hell.
At least they left
behind a loyal husband
and a loving father unlike
Betty Blackheart's
coward of a husband.
I watched you kill
my boys Hansen.
I hid in the woods while
you buried their bodies.
Waiting for the
single short moment
when you would leave your gun.
That moment never came.
I never killed Betty,
she had her legs severed
from her body by you!
You bastard traitor.
Let me know when it's boiled.
Still you sold her flesh.
It was a sadistic revenge
full of grief and hatred
in my deranged blackened mind
but your boys that was
the cruelest part of all
because they live.
Don't toy with me Hansen.
I saw you dig their graves.
You cravenly conducted
your insidious plot from afar
whilst your boys were
here alive all this time.
You take me to them Hansen,
you take me to them now.
The names and details
of all your customers,
I want them now.
You think that's funny?
Hansen may be old and done
but if you fail to obey me you'll
never fucking laugh again.
I want full names, I want
full details, start writing.
This twisted business
of yours is dead.
Take me to my sons and I will
give you the names I swear.
Give us the names and then
we'll take you to your sons.
Oh Sammy.
- Oh Sammy.
- Mom.
You're okay, please
tell me you're okay.
You're hurt.
I'll be fine sweetheart
as long as you're all right.
Tell me you're all right.
Mom you need to leave.
Listen to me, take the car,
go as far as you can until
you find the nearest person.
Let them take you the
rest of the way.
You need to go
straight to hospital.
What about you?
I'm ending this.
It's ended Jessica, come home
and we can get far
away from this place.
Come home?
To what Katherine
there's nothing left.
Me and Sam are what's left.
I'm not leaving you
here on this farm.
And I'm not leaving until
there's no farm left to leave.
Are you going to be
all right sweetheart?
Promise me you'll find us.
You'll find us Jess.
We'll be waiting for
you, don't forget that.
We're still your family
don't let them take
that away from us.
I'm sorry.
Come on Sam.
Leave your sister.
Look after him.
Welcome to Hansen farm.
In keeping with the
Hansen farm tradition
you prisoners will not be fed.
I know all too well your
appetite for human meat.
All you have to pay for
the meat trapped beside you
is the scar of guilt it
leaves on your conscience
which clearly you
disgusting dogs don't feel.
I hope that you have
families you'll miss.
Parents who'll mourn you
and children who'll know
that you failed them
with your greed and
your perverted desires.
The one who eats first
is the one who survives.
That greedy piggy can go free.
The rest of you will suffer
for your cannibalistic
that have brought so much
destruction upon my life
and so much death to this farm.
Including you Hunt.
I want you to climb into
the oven, close the door.
I don't want to shoot you
down like a filthy animal.
Revenge is
supposed to be ugly.
This isn't revenge.
This is so I don't
become like you.
I do this my way for myself.