Escape from Uganda (2013) Movie Script

J! Did our daughter sleep?
Hey! She's just taking her dinner.
Shika! Shall I come?
Oh no. It'll be late now.
Okay. Let me do a matter.
Let me go there by a cab.
You'll manage. Right?
It's okay. No problem.
Will you come late? No.
Close the shop.
And leave the key at home.
Okay? -Okay, ma'am.
Sir! Take me to Nagore.
Good morning.
Come and sit.
Lets take milk and breakfast.
Let's go to school getting fresh.
What do you say? -Yeah.
You'd drink milk in 5 minutes.
Then... Ms.Meenakshi Jayakrishnan.
What breakfast do you want?
Bread or noodles.
Nothing except these. Right?
I'll get you idly and sambar...
...from the restaurant.
Take milk and get ready fast.
It's time to go to school.
Good girl.
Is it chill?
Shall I ask you a thing?
Ask me.
Do you know whom I like most?
I don't know.
My Meenu dear!
My sweet Papa.
My dear baby!
Can you obey your dad's words?
Shall we go to meet mummy?
I'm scared, Papa.
Please dear!
Let's go and meet mummy once.
I'm scared, Papa.
My lord!
I kindly pray and plea...
To drop all the charges
levelled against him.
And to let him free.
Thank you, my lord.
Permission granted.
And the court is adjourned.
Is it so long since you came?
I've by hearted court time now.
Everything will be alright, man.
Let that trial be started.
Sorry to ask. Any progress?
Through Indian embassy...
I've given maximum pressure.
They can't drag it at any cost.
We'd remember a matter.
Kambala city's mayor is position.
If I say accurately...
Everything beyond the judicial... there under him!
This country and its set up.
You know it.
Only one month maximum.
Before that...
Investigation will be reopened.
I have enough contacts for that.
Don't worry.
Irene was locked alone
inside the castle.
It was so dark and terrifying.
She sat there gazing
at the dark clouds.
Waiting for her saviour.
When will Prince
come-to save Irene?
Prince will come.
You sleep. Okay?
Lay down!
Good night. -Good night.
To get escaped and hide...
We can't see any other place than this.
Nobody believe even if we say.
My close friends too...
They didn't believe as I'm in Uganda.
We tried a lot to stay there itself.
But by the influence of Shika's father.
To stay there...!
Let it be.
Shika's guts!
We can decide to live together.
But the place is not in our hands.
One of my friend is here.
Friend? Who is that?
Angel Mathews!
Oh! I know her.
She's a famous party.
I can say about Malayali.
You've come with that faith. Right?
Feroz is also here. Right?
Why didn't you take anything?
Have it.
That's... -Philopea. Fleshy fish!
From river Nile.
Niles pride is seen more in Uganda.
When she has seen
such a fleshy fish...
I'm going to order the next item.
Hey man!
Get me one crocodile manchurian.
And a gross hopper fry.
Don't you know grass hopper?
It's green insect in our country.
Do you know how tasty it is!
We'd ask and get everything here.
There's a dark life here.
But to earn money...
If we earn much...
...we'd leave immediately.
Other Malayalees here...
Eight to ten families are here.
But associations are four.
Go and meet Gauthem
by tomorrow.
Sure! -I told him everything.
He's the only trustworthy Malayali.
Hey! My purse!
My purse!
Oh mother! Oh my goddess!
Excuse me.
Gauthem sir! -Yes.
I'm Jaya Krishnan.
Advocate Feroz sir told me...
I've understood. Come.
This is not a beam.
It's a Kolam.
Read through and bring it.
You came with a rubber
owner's daughter.
A bike taxi man in your is also over.
If we think, all are mirage.
He's coming.
Finished so soon? -Sir!
Which beam I'd change?
Hey! Sorry!
Go. Hell with this beam.
Do you know his name?
Everybody will be like burnt papers.
It's Chakulathama's grace. Come.
What's your qualification?
B.Tech. But I didn't complete it.
Then PDC.
If you think sir... -What?
To complete B.Tech?
Not that, sir.
You can call me Gauthem.
Not without respect.
I told your matter to my friend.
Kevin Dikolo!
He's got a coffee shop.
Coffee shop!
Why do you feel bad?
A big group with 10,000 people.
A manager post there.
Thank you, sir.
Sorry. Gauthem.
It's Chakulathaman's grace only.
Join in your job praying
God tomorrow.
All the best. -Thank you.
Don't you feel boring?
Boring? Here?
It was boring to me in home.
What an amazing place!
As Uganda is such a beautiful place.
If we say, will anybody believe it?
Isn't it beautiful?
The great lake Victoria.
Worlds second largest fresh water lake.
It's like Sri Lanka.
No. How about your work?
So far so good.
It's now off season.
But I had a party today.
People and their culture.
...are too different.
Only one problem is there.
Language problem only.
Is there no other problem?
Come on. Let's go.
What's this?
Crocodile fry...?
Shall I order a plate parcel?
It'll be like a chewing gum.
Did you taste it?
Dear! Don't threaten me.
It's not the time for that.
Stop it!
What the hell, girls?
How many times did I tell you?
See the show prefer in the centre.
Like this!
Today is the last run.
Understand? Please.
Hi! -Hi!
I was so shocked to get your call.
What a lovely coincidence?
Pala Angel! What a change?
Thank you.
You were famous there too. Right?
Is it?
Hey! This is my husband Jai.
Oh! Hi! Angel!
Nice to meet you.
Can I steal your wife for a second?
Go ahead.
Thank you.
He's okay. Right?
You wanted to date Abhishek Bachchan.
I thought you'd select
Prithvirajan at least.
What lacks for my Jai?
Hey! No!
So... How is your life?
Got a job?
Full time job.
Full time?
Housewife. You?
Come on.
You got a profession. Right?
Fashion designing.
A good scope for this here.
And I can help you.
So don't worry.
You want his permission. Right?
No. -ls he jovial?
Go, girl.
Hey! Audra!
Hey! Welcome.
Hi. How are you?
Fine. Thank you.
Meet my friend Sikha.
Nice to meet you.
Audra mayor's daughter.
She is my very close friend.
Jai! Come.
That's Shika's husband.
Oh hi!
I'm Jai!
Alright, guys.
we are ready for the last rehearsal.
Let's run through.
Please take your seats.
Girls! Come on.
How is this?
What's it? Your mummy's nighty?
This is the house scope.
I've stitched it buying
fabric in Uganda.
We call this as a nighty.
Although turn back. Let me see.
My dear Shika Samuel...
I married you and brought here seeing this.
You tell that Angel Mathew.
As you'll stitch a world class design.
Shall I tell her?
Tell! Let's start a boutique.
Hey! You happy?
Do you love me?
Yeah. -Yeah.
You're sweet like honey. Right?
You're sweet like honey. Right?
As you roam in my shadow...
Youre the parrot of my own dreams.
As you roam in my shadow...
Youre the parrot of my own dreams.
You won't part me ever.
You're the wings of a white bird.
Can you come closer to me?
Having sweet honey in your lips...
Kisses of your cute lips will be in my heart.
My heart gives tunes like a lullaby song.
The moon has come really in my way.
Can you teach me the hugging art?
You're sweet like honey. Right?
You're sweet like honey. Right?
Vow! What a beautiful gown!
What should I do in this?
You'd work and give
before 6 o'clock.
It's a little urgent.
Stonework only. Right?
I'll give it before 6 o'clock.
Thanks. -But...
It may be my own design.
Oh sure! -Okay?
Okay! -Okay!
Bye! -Bye!
Come on, Angel.
This is the best chance we ever get.
For how long we will do this...
...goddamn thing for some one else.
I mean 9 million dollars.
That is huge.
Shika will get the diamonds.
To my house around 6 p.m.
Will she be on time?
Of course.
She might have started already.
Somehow I feel...
...this is not right, Audra.
I mean... Isn't it high risk?
Angel! This is my country.
I know how to do the game.
So you chill.
Let me do a thing.
Let me go there by a cab.
You'll manage. Right?
It's okay. No problem.
Will you be late? -No.
Close the shop and leave key at home.
You're late by enjoying
with your friend.
Daughter will feel. Papa too.
You tell your daughter...
I'll come home and convince her.
Not only to my daughter.
Then? Papa too.
Shika! Shika!
I'm sorry, Shika.
Shika Samuel!
Hello! -Good morning.
Good morning.
When did you come home?
I... Hey! Dosa is burning.
Move. What's this?
Why is Shika Samuel's face is dull?
When did you come home last night?
I understood reason of your dullness now.
Hey! I slept unknowingly last night.
Okay. Tell me this.
Angel liked the design?
What did she say?
Something wrong?
Jai! I have to tell you a matter.
Actually last night... -What?
What happened?
May be Patrick. One second.
I'll come now.
Hi, I'm Chandrasekhar...
...from Indian high commission.
Yeah. -Shika Samuel.
Yeah. She's my wife.
Hey! What's it?
Hello! Mister officer!
This is my house.
Shika Samuel? Yeah.
Ma'am! You have
a friend called Angel?
Angel Mathew!
Did you meet her yesterday?
Are you sure about that?
Then, where were you last night?
I was here.
Bring him!
Is she the one?
Yes, sir.
Okay. You go.
Thank you, sir.
Ma'am! You have to come with us.
Were taking her.
But for what?
2 murders were committed yesterday.
Mayor's daughter and
Shika's friend Angel!
And your wife is the prime suspect.
What's happening, Shika?
Shika! Tell me.
On what basis are you taking her?
This is ridiculous.
On what grounds?
Mr. Jayakrishnan!
Please co-operate.
But this is so cruel.
Let's go.
Shika! What's happening?
Sir, please.
I want to consult my lawyer.
Nothing. -Shika!
Papa! Shika!
Shika! -Jai! -Shika!
Why didn't you tell me?
Shika! Why didn't you tell me?
Sorry. -Shika! -Papa!
Sorry. -Shika!
I came dropping her in school.
Can I see her only once?
I can convince our embassy in trial.
I can get bail if the trial starts.
Feroz Khan is confident.
Don't worry.
I'll bring our daughter too next time.
Without fail!
No need. She need not see me so.
She's calm now only
after asking of you.
After when she comes from school...
Saying school's incidents
to your photo...
It's her hobby.
Let me leave.
So youre telling me...
Both these murders were committed
by the same lady.
Yes sir. All the evidence point that.
A lady living with her husband and child.
Without any criminal record.
Randomly commits not 1 but 2 murders.
What could bethe motive?
No motive. No witnesses.
Absolutely no criminal background.
But yet we say...
She committed these crimes.
Very interesting.
I need to chat with everyone in this case.
I need the details
of all attached in this case.
On my desk ASAP.
Arrange for a meeting
with her lawyer.
We are re-opening the case.
Good morning!
Good morning.
Yes. I'm Martin Morize!
I'm new officer and in charge of this case.
He is Adam Mekenze.
Assisting me in this case.
Hi! -Hello!
I've gone through the files.
Indian embassy
has special interest in this case.
See! The whole play is fabricated.
Somebody set her up.
Because she is not an Ugandan citizen.
She's denied justice.
Mr. Feroz!
It's not about which country's citizen...
...committed the crime.
It's about the crime itself.
In fact one of the victims is of Indian origin.
And I'm here to see that the trial...
...happens fast.
And if she is found guilty...
She will spend the rest of her life in Luzira.
You start the trial.
I'll see you in the court.
Thank you.
Tell them we are different.
Tell them we are different.
Ugandan's are different. Not to play.
So... Now he is behind Audra.
He is trying to dig out her past.
Did he pass
any information to police?
Unofficially yes.
He had a meeting with Martin Morize.
What's Morize take on that?
I'm not sure.
What ever it is!
It's not going to help us.
Now look.
I want to meet Martin Morize.
Fix me a meet. -Okay!
I didn't.
I didn't kill your daughter
I told you several times.
Why do you look scared?
I found you supposed to be happy.
Fight back through your embassy.
You think you can win?
Now listen you fool!
Your trial is not going to take place.
I'm here to see your fate.
To see... To see that you suffer.
To see you shed last drop of tear.
Dear! Give a kiss to your Papa.
Let's come to play area tomorrow evening.
I'll fill the card fully for Meenu to play.
It's okay, man.
It's okay.
This is very bad.
This is the road.
Hey! See!
Catch him.
You see, mister.
I call you if I need your statement.
This is an investigation office.
I don't want you unless called for.
Do you understand?
If he'd not come there at that time...
However I bear from
the past 6 months.
I suffer as I can't do anything.
I got an anonymous call.
If I don't get back from this case...
They will kill me.
Feroz Khan! Only aim is there for us.
Bringing out Shika legally.
It won't delay hereafter. I'm sure.
My daughter called me last night.
It's 3 and half years
since I heard her voice.
I'm planning to go to my native once.
Feroz Khan!
Hey! Don't worry.
One week. If you need any help...
My juniors will take care of it.
I've seen Shika.
But I feel Shika hides
something now too.
Papa! Come.
Thank you.
Shirt is not nice. Your jacket.
It's dirty.
Do you like ice ream, dear?
Do you like it?
Shall we goto see your mom as I said?
No need. Why?
There is police in the prison.
Why do you get scared of them?
Papa is therewith you. Right?
Dear! Please!
Let's go. I won't come.
Dear! what happened?
Hi. Jaya Krishnan.
JK. Okay!
My native is there near Kerala.
What's your name?
Meenakshi! -Very good.
Your dad calls you as Meenu.
As how you like Meenu dear...
I like your Kerala fish.
That too... Fish fry will be too good.
What is this uncle saying?
That is...
I asked him not to get ice cream to you.
Don't get angry on me.
I've just told it.
Sir! What's your work here?
I'll work sometimes.
If I have mood...
Can't you get me?
I'll tell you.
I'll ask a thing before that.
What's the problem?
Something to wife...
Hey! Nothing.
Sir! Your family...?
I didn't get your reply yet.
What happened to your wife?
My mom is in prison now.
I'm scared to go there.
Dear! Not so, JK.
Let me tell her.
Let's bring your mom here.
You go and play now.
What case?
Murder! But she is innocent.
I thought it.
Murder. That too Mayor's daughter.
If they send us to jail in such a case...
We can't come out in the
next birth too.
Nothing like that.
Lawyer told as the trial
would start now.
Didn't this trial get started yet?
How many months it is!
Six months.
That's all. I'm telling you again.
I know this country more than you.
I didn't say Meenu for fun.
I can save your wife.
Thinking that I talk so confident?
Experience ma.
I need not save your wife.
I'll do nothing for something.
But I'll never do something for nothing.
If I say in Uganda language...
You won't understand.
I want money only.
Not necessary.
I'm fine. Thank you.
Is there no any necessity?
See! Is this necessary or not?
Your phone only.
I've saved my no in that.
You'll need it.
A history is there about your wife's jail.
That's an important matter.
Past 5 years,
who escaped from there.
The one and only person is...
Antony is that.
Who is that?
It's me only.
I'm the whole Uganda, man.
I'm the fair man in this dark country.
No. No! No.
Put her down.
Do you want to bite, lady?
I don't know.
So you don't know who I am.
How dare you touch my people?
Put her down.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Down again.
This is just a beginning.
Bring her up.
I don't know.
Tell me!
How dare you touch my people?
How dare you touch my people?
I don't know. Tell me.
I don't know. You don't know?
Beat her up.
Take it. Give it to me.
I'm hereto meet Sikha Samuel.
That's all.
You are here for the 3rd time.
Next time it is not allowed.
Yeah. Sure, sir.
Thank you.
I tried to bring this issue...
...before the authorities.
But I have my limitations.
I've contacted the Indian embassy.
They are on their way to crime scene.
...even as we speak now...
I need autopsy reports like yesterday.
Arrange for the post mortems.
Antony! -Tell me.
I need her back.
Yeah. This is the right time.
Let's break.
Want more time to think?
But deciding once and...
If you come into my game...
Even if the god pulls you...
You can't go out.
I'm giving you one more chance.
Yes or no.
We'd save Shika in anyway.
That means yes.
This case is too serious
than my view.
Your wife killed two people.
One among them is, Mayor's daughter.
I don't say so.
Your case says that.
I'm ready for a war,
which is too tough.
If we fail in this...
...we wont be alive.
I know.
Releasing your wife legally...
In an aspect...
Closing this case intelligently.
Even if we release your wife...
Mayor's people will kill your wife.
Why do you see?
I'm telling the truth.
You know ldi Amin?
He's President in this country.
So there is only way in front of you.
That's saving Shika...
Running out of this country soon.
When there is a tight security...
Come to my way.
When I escaped from that jail...
In those 2 routes...
They've put a tight security now.
Means we have only one way.
That's a dangerous route.
That too for an
ordinary girl like Shika.
Don't worry.
She can get escaped.
Then what?
Your life will be settled in Kerala.
For me... -That... That!
What's Mohanlal's salary movie?
Give me that.
Then? Dear Dinesh!
I'm the hero for this story. Right?
Smile well.
This is your wife's life price.
Sir! -Mistake!
It's mine.
I'd have told you already.
As I'm a costly man!
Shit! It's an insult.
I'm going to take a risky job.
Did you think that?
If so...
You'd have not shown me
this money.
Car key is okay.
But it is not enough.
What? Ring exchange?
This is not okay.
What else?
Papa! Is this nice?
Papa! Why is this?
I'll get you another one.
Take everything of us.
Do you want to see your mom?
I also never had seen my mom.
You can see her.
I'll show her to you.
Jai! What do you say?
I don't like this.
We have no other go except it.
I... Meenu! -Nothing is sure for me.
You'd not die here.
If we get anything...
I thought of it deeply.
When Feroz is also left...
We did many things
to live together.
This too...
Irene was locked alone
...inside the castle.
It was so dark and terrifying.
She sat gazing at the dark clouds.
Waiting for her saviour.
Did Saviour save Irene. papa?
Then? Prince saved Irene.
As a cute little baby.
They went flying up on horses.
Sure? -Sure!
Dear! You lay down.
You got your school tomorrow.
Sleep like a good girl.
Balance story is tomorrow. Okay?
Close your eyes.
Good girl!
Do you know what is this?
Uganda map.
Hey! Throw your phone in water 1st.
You want to shoot a film. Right?
This plan will be too interesting.
For this plan...
Sorry! In your language...
For this film...
Ive fixed the title too.
Escape from Uganda.
It's too good, isn't it?
A strange expression.
It's Kampala city, Uganda's capital.
In 11 k.m South from here...
Mekova division.
Lucida is there only.
The maximum security prison.
Butapica in North.
Pamnga in West.
M is silent there.
Boat bell in South.
Lake Victoria in East.
Nearest Entebe International Airport.
In that airport...
A superb figure named Petricia...
Leave it.
Wrong time.
In Boat bell about what I told...
From here Kenya, Tanzania, Moanza...
Passenger and cargo traffic are there.
So one matter is very clear.
In front of us...
All options. By road. rail, air and ship.
This is our play ground.
Such a great plan...
Uganda President too can't design.
Because his wife is not in jail.
What's next?
Okay. An important matter is...
After saving your wife from jail only.
These will be useful.
I got another plan for that.
Oh no!
What happened?
I forgot to pick up my daughter.
Proceed. -I call you back.
He missed his baby in saving his wife.
Excuse me.
Can I help you?
My daughter Meenakshi Jaikrishnan.
All students has gone.
I'm her father.
I got late to reach.
Can you find out
who picked her up?
Let me check at the register.
Thank you. Please.
Come here.
Hello, ma'am.
I'm Richard Kachamu have hold on.
I did you know? Okay!
Catherine? -Yeah.
Okay! Thanks.
Come on take me now.
Hi, Catherine!
I waited at school for awhile.
Since you didn't turn up.
I picked Meenu.
Why was your phone switched off?
I'm sorry. I was busy in meeting.
Dear! Papa!
Shall we go?
Let's play for sometime and go.
I promised they can play after food.
I'm so sorry, Catherine.
I'm in a hurry today.
I got some work, dear.
But I'll send her home sometime.
Okay. -Thank you.
Shall we go?
Bye, Sam!
This is Lusira prison.
Place, where 20000 inmates are there.
Going to kidnap your Shika from here.
There will be strong security.
Breaking all those...
Can you reach inside?
No need. Do a thing.
Go in front of that jail...
Give a missed call from your mobile.
Your Mrs will run out.
She'll kiss in your lips. Go.
Antony! Talk seriously.
I won't be serious in lCU too.
If you talk seriously to me...
This is Toyota C3100.
Track that supplies medicine there.
Don't bend and strain yourself.
See this carefully.
That track will get in and come.
Once for 36 hours.
If it gets in at 8 o'clock on Sunday...
After 36 hours.
It'll get in again at 8 o'clock on Monday.
If it is missed...
Next at 8 o'clock on
Wednesday morning.
It won't go in between.
Watched Vijay and Ajith movies?
Unbelievable. But interesting.
This will be like that.
What about you say, man?
From where did you get him?
He didn't find any other goto die.
Oh shit! Hey man!
He doesn't need your help.
You don't have to believe him.
He's not in a sense.
Speak in Malayalam.
I understand.
Who is he? -Tamil man!
Both have joined to kill a girl.
What do you think?
Is an architect, a worker?
Did you hear about ldi Amin?
Heard about Oboto and Naren?
You've planned to kidnap from jail.
Uganda police is not so cheap like others.
To kidnap her easily.
Enough. Don't act too much.
You don't have any other go.
Knowing our plan...
If you don't help us...
Hey! I'll chop you like this.
I'll dry you in the sunlight.
Buddy! He's threatening me. Right?
Hello, Architect!
Deal or no deal?
If it is deal, you're safe in this game.
No deal means,
your box is in my hand.
If you have brain, think of it.
Are you satisfied?
Uganda! Ruanda! Barudi.
Hey! Will this take place?
Hey! You paid him fully. Right?
What else can I do?
If he doesn't do this getting money...
You'd give money for any reason.
You'd give.
Why should we have it? Right?
Oh! Come.
Hey! Your future is in this plan.
This is Shika's cell.
It's women's block in Lucira prison.
Kidnapping a person from here secretly is...
It's impossible.
Did you hear it?
Sirs words are true.
Hey! Stop your plan today itself.
Sir! Give me your hand.
Sit down! Sit, man.
This is jail's infirmary.
Aids patients are
admitted there mostly.
We'd bring Shika there only.
I'll take care of it.
In that jail...
Once for 6 months...
Water tank will be cleaned.
Water tank will be empty on that day.
That water pipe is our escape route.
Day, when the cleaning will happen...
April 24th.
Only7 days for April 24th.
7 days means, before that...
Or wed wait for 6 more months.
Can Shika be alive until then?
So we have to act fast.
I know a girl in that jail.
I too.
His wife. -Listen to me, man.
You got moustache into your mouth.
Her name is Ruth.
She's in this jail from the past 8 yrs.
Her anger with her.
She's our trump card
in this operation.
There's another side for this jail.
Way, where illegal supply goes to rich people.
They supply illegal items by this route.
Previous day of our escape plan...
In the same route...
Alprox named medicine...
Informers supply.
To control violent prisoners...
That medicine is used.
If we inject that...
Shika will be unconscious for 30 mins.
Yes. Until we get detailed lab report...
Doctors too can't trace that medicine.
We'd use those 30 mins only.
You got it?
Do you understand?
That's enough.
I'm inspector Morize.
Uganda police. -Yeah.
Our plan...
Why did police come here?
He came for Ferozki's murder enquiry.
He asked me about Carlos Kennedy.
Carlos Kennedy?
He's a notorious criminal.
You know him. Right?
Why? Do you know him?
To me? Police too don't know him.
Didn't you hear
about international Don?
He's that person.
If Carlos Kennedy killed your lawyer...
He may be Mayor's man definitely.
Everything is lost.
Our enemies are too powerful.
This place is not so safe hereafter.
We have to be more careful.
Factory that makes medicine for jail.
It's that factory's lD card.
So thats the end of our game.
According to us...
Our plan may be perfect.
But its chances...
Just 50-50 only.
What you do is...
In truck, which goes
to jail at 8 o'clock...
You'd get into that.
If they suspect in parking...
They wont doubt you.
If you have this lD card.
500 workers are in that factory.
Most are Sardarjis there.
So they won't doubt you.
Then... He, who should go really?
He'll be a patient in St.Pruno hospital.
Are you scared?
You went and told her father your love.
You don't such a great guts.
In case if police arrests you...
You don't worry.
Tell his name bravely.
Lights off!
All lights off.
Cut the medicines.
Morning, sir.
Please see this urgently.
Who the hell is she?
Stop it!
Stop it!
You may not to you respect me.
You must not ask my permission.
Lift her.
Open your eyes.
I will give you the last chance.
why did you got him?
Leave her.
No food for 3 days.
In that infirmary...
Waste syringe...
...disposable machine is there.
As it is out of order...
That machine is not there now.
There's an exit spot.
If I enter through that..
There will be a big waste tank.
As theres no water supply...
Escaping in that route is...
After saving Shika from jail...
We have limited time.
Within 2 hours...
Police will get all your details.
Including the airport.
So each and every second
is important.
You're going to get into MS24.
I've set up everything into it.
It's enough if we kidnap its driver.
I'm going to do that only now.
Who the hell...
Oh my god!
Show me your lD.
You go.
Good morning, sir. -Morning.
Sign here.
Thank you.
Shika! Shika!
Shika! You come out.
I've come out.
I'm here outside with the van.
Check for it.
Look around there.
Can you find it, Shika?
Thank God!
Shika! Shika!
Shika! Run!
Shika! Fast!
Are you sure about that?
Keep on trying. Don't lose them.
You can come in now.
Shika! Are you fine?
We got only 2 hours maximum.
Mr. Makesi!
Pars the information to all points.
Put on APB.
Arrange for more back up at sector 4.
Sir! I'll take care.
We will join them on the trial.
We have work to do.
Oh god!
Drive fast!
Fast! Fast!
Police! J! Shit!
He is there.
Oh shit!
Which way should I go?
I lost the break. -Hey!
Van comes in reverse. Careful!
Got the damn break.
J! I'm okay. I'm coming.
Okay. Come!
Sir! I've got the information.
Who is in pursuit?
David Blake. The jailor!
Okay. I'll deal with him.
Yes, Mr. Mayor!
I'm on trail.
In no time, they will be in my hands.
Make sure. I want them alive.
Don't make any mistakes.
Which way? -This way.
Go. -Okay!
Arrange it!
Yeah. -Yeah.
Look around there. Over!
Police will be in our next move.
Call him.
Hey! Come here.
Hey man!
Hello, Catherine!
Meenu? In church?
Go fast. -Okay.
Where is Meenu?
He's the killer.
Angel Mathew!
Not only Angel.
I only killed Mayor's daughter too.
I'm CK. Carglos Kennedy!
Diamonds are forever.
Where are those diamonds?
What do you say?
What diamonds?
She might have understood it.
What, Shika? Right or wrong?
In diamond smuggling...
Angel and Audra...
They were working for me only.
But they cheated me...
And planned to rob those diamonds.
9.25 million dollars.
If females are so dare...
How dare a male may be!
Only gun and 2 bullets.
I killed them.
I understood after that...
Diamonds, they gave me...
...were fake.
Police arrested Shika for that murder.
If you went there on that night means...
About those original diamonds...
You may know it.
JK! Shika only knows that.
About those original diamonds.
So I decided to help you.
You help me.
So everything is clear now.
Tell me. Where are those diamonds?
Or... Your child is with me.
I'll send her to Angel.
How is your convenience?
What did you decide?
Shika! Tell me fast.
Youve to escape from Uganda. Right?
So let me come praying.
For our Meenu.
It's enough if you say me.
When Angel told me...
I knew that I got diamonds.
Shika! Don't trust anyone.
All... Sorry.
When I got to bear those in jail...
I knew as you both would be safe outside.
This piece is missing.
Let's find this.
As of this map...
This look like to be international airport.
Let's have to go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
You'd escape from here.
That's necessary for me too.
So go ad wait at the airport.
when I get those diamonds...
You'll get your Meenu at that time.
Drawing room. Great teddy bear.
Right, Shika?
You got an admiring eyes.
Jai! Daughter? Nothing will happen.
I knew.
I knew he was Carlos Kennedy.
Inspector Morize.
Uganda police.
You know this man?
Is he Carlos Kennedy?
He only can bring out Shika.
Carlos plan until Shika
comes out from jail.
Our plan after that.
Did you know this already?
Shika! Trust me.
You get into the car.
Gauthem! -Tell me.
Everything is as we thought.
But Catherine became her person.
We'd redeem Meenu from him fast.
You only told Catherine to pick her.
Call him now. - Do a thing.
You leave. I'll be there.
Go fast!
Hey! You said diamonds are into the doll.
Which doll? I'm sorry.
Carlos! You can't those diamonds.
Hey cheat!
What,man? Cheating me?
Your child is under my custody now.
Under my custody.
Ask your Catherine, then.
As where is my Meenu!
She is under my custody now.
Don't you know that?
Leave us, Carlos.
Bye forever!
I know this man.
I may need your help.
Enough. They rest in Lucira.
Okay. Can I have a cigarette?
Give me the list of all Indian passengers.
Isn't it? Jai! Our daughter?
What, dear? Thanks, man.
Shika! You go.
Go! Go!
Run now. Run. -Hey Shika!
Mr.Pratap will call you in Nairobi.
Go. -Flight is ready.
Come. Let's escape.
Plane is started.
If they come, they will get caught.
Tell your Mayor
...they are escaped from Uganda.
This piece is missing.
Let's find this.
Hey beauty! I saw you.
Oh beauty! I'm there for you.
Your wish on love, is enough.
Hey snowfall!
Are you my lovable wish, girl?
Oh sea! I followed a pretty girl.
I followed you, my beauty!
Girl! Shower honey in my dream, flower!
Rainfall! You satisfy my cute wishes.
Hey girl! You'll be there in my heart ever.
You're like the moon. Right?
You satisfy my cute wishes.
Youre a morning flower with sweet honey.
You'd rub my lips like a magic.
Don't have any partiality.
Cute girl! I became a seato see you.
My girl!
Cute girl! We'll dream about our marriage.
That will be forever.
Beautiful girl!
I saw you ad tasted your honey.
Oh! Your lovable wish is enough.
Hey snowfall!
You're my wish, dear.
Hey cute girl!
Hey my cute girl!
Cute girl! I saw you.
Hey my cute girl!